Express Toy Auction
30th January 2018 at 10:00

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1.      Play-Worn Dinky Toys Commercials, Comprising pre and post-war, Austin flat bed trucks, with two canopies, and a collection of platform trailers in various colours including some re-paints, P-F, (Qty) £80-120
2.      Play-Worn Dinky Toys Commercials, Comprising pre and post-war, Austin vans one advertising Nestle, Trojan vans advertising Chivers, Cydrax, Dunlop and Oxo , a Morris van advertising Capstan (repaint) in various colours, together with three reproduction boxes, P-F, (Qty) £80-120
3.      Play-Worn Dinky Toys Competition Cars and Others, Including pre and post-war, Hotchkiss, H.W.M. and Alfa Romeo racing cars, Austin A105 in blue and cream livery, Porsche 356A, Jaguar Coupe (repaint) and others, P-F, (Qty) £80-100
4.      Play-Worn Dinky Toys Commercials, Including pre and post-war, Mechanical Horse with and trailers, Austin Taxis, Morris Royal Mail vans, 23D Petrol Tankers, Bentley 30F Ambulance and Daimler example amongst others, P-F (Qty) £100-150
5.      Play-Worn Dinky Toys Commercials, Including pre and post -war, Aveling Barford road rollers, 420 flat bed trucks, Bedford 410 Tipper trucks, Dinky Service Commer pick-up truck, buses, and others, P-F (Qty) £100-150
6.      Play-Worn Dinky Toys and Supertoys Commercials, Comprising post-war Guy trucks, Foden Mobil Gas tanker, and flat bed trucks, Leyland Octopus and Comet flat bed trucks, Big Bedford and Bedford flat bed trucks, P-F, (12) £80-120
7.      Play-Worn Dinky Toys and Supertoys Commercials, Comprising post-war Bedford 'Delivery Service' car transporters, Guy Lorries advertising 'Ever Ready' and ' Slumberland', Blaw Knox bulldozer and Coles 20 ton lorry mounted crane, P-F, (6) £60-80
8.      Play-Worn Military Dinky Toys and Supertoys, Including, 697 Field Gun Set, 660 Tank Transporter(2), 661 Recovery Tractor, 623 Covered Wagons (2), 673 Scout Cars(2), 670 Armoured Car, 692 Medium Gun and 736 Hawker Hunter, all with boxes, together with various unboxed examples, P-F Boxes P-F, (Qty) £100-150
9.      Lesney Yesteryear Models Comprising,' Sand and Gravel' steam wagon, No 2 B-Type bus, No3 trolley bus, No1 traction engine and No 14 Duke of Connaught, F-G, (5) £30-40
10.     Play-Worn Dinky Toys and King-Size Matchbox, Including Dinky 195 Jaguar 3.4 saloon (with box), and Model T Ford, Matchbox K8 'Farnborough Measham' car transporter, K5 BP racing transporter, and K2 Scammell heavy wreck truck, P-F, Box P (Qty) £40-60
11.     Play-Worn Corgi Tv and Film Vehicles, Comprising, boxed 267 Batmobile (minus rockets), Green Hornets Black Beauty (with reproduction spinners), Kojaks Buick Regal and OO7 Aston Martin DB5 (minus figures and bullets) P-G, Box F (4) £100-120
12.     Play-Worn Post War Dinky, Lesney and Others Commercial, private and military vehicles including French Dinky Simca Cargo 'Bailly' and tracteur panhard 'Societe Nationale' ky Austin Devon (pink and green livery), Lesney 'Matchbox Car Transporter, Matchbox Garage box, and Crescent Toys 1267, 'Mobile Space Rocket' (with box) together with others, P-F, Boxes P-F (Qty) £80-120
13.     1960s and Later Playworn Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox and Other Vehicles, Commercial, private, military and examples from television and film including, 1978 Kenner X-Wing fighter (2), Dinky 1976 USS Enterprise, Corgi Monkeemobile, 007 Diamond are Forever Moonbuggy and U.N.C.L.E. Oldsmobile Super 88 amongst others, P, (Qty) in two boxes £50-100
14.     Play-Worn Post War Dinky Toys, Commercial, private and military vehicles and aircraft, including 7.5 cm Tank Destroyer, Coles Hydra truck and UFO Interceptor amongst others, P-F, (Qty) £50-100
15.     Play-Worn Post War Corgi, Matchbox and Others, Commercial, private, military vehicles and aircraft, including Corgi Whizz -Wheels Dragster, Matchbox K43/44 SpeedKing and Zylmex Super Scope K701, P-F, (Qty) £50-80
16.     Play-Worn 1960s and later Corgi and Dinky Toys, A collection of models mostly relating to film and television including Dinky Ed Strakers Car, and Corgi Buck Rogers Starfighter, and 007 Lotus Espirit, P-F, (Qty) £50-80
17.     Play-worn Post-War Die-Cast, A collection of commercial, private and military vehicles, including Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox and Lonestar amongst others, together with a number of Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox catalogues, P-F, Catalogues F (Qty) in three boxes £80-120
18.     1980s and Later Franklin Mint, A collection of unboxed 1:24 scale models of vintage cars including 1988 Stutz Black hawk and 1986 Silver Ghost, together with a 1991 Danbury Mint Rolls Royce and other smaller scale models, P-F, (Qty) £40-60
19.     Pre and Post-War Play-Worn Die-Cast, Examples by Spot-On, Dinky, Matchbox Lesney and others including , Spot-On Super Charged Bentley, Dinky 210 Alfa Romeo with box (damaged), and Matchbox Lesney Pontiac Convertible, Ford Thunderbird and Aston Martin DBR5, P-G, Boxes P (Qty) £50-80
20.     Post-War Play-Worn Die- Cast, Including examples by Dinky, Corgi, Tootsie Toy, Tomica Matchbox and others some in original boxes and some repaints, P-G, Boxes F-G (Qty) £50-80
21.     Corgi, Exclusive First Editions, and Dinky Buses, Coaches and Others, Vintage and modern examples including, boxed Corgi Classics and Original Omnibus, Eight boxed E.F.E. boxed Dinky DY-S10 1950 Mercedes- Benz Omnibus Type 0-3500 and other boxed examples,(20) together with unboxed models including Tekno Mercedes-Benz O302 Coach and white metal models amongst others, F-E, Boxes P-E,(35+) £50-80
22.     Post-War Play-Worn Die- Cast, Including 1:24, 1:18 and smaller scale models, by Maisto, Franklin Mint, ERTL, Matchbox and Corgi amongst others, P (Qty) £30-40
23.     Boxed Modern Diecast, Including, Corgi Mini Mania (CC86525), Atlas Editions Eddie Stobart and others, Vanguard Ken Thomas Haulage (KT1002), Matchbox, Dinky, boxed miniature aircraft and others, together with a Brooklin white metal model Chrysler Imperial (BRK.79) with damaged windscreen, P-G, Boxes F (Qty) £40-60
24.     ERTL, Universal Hobbies Tractors, and others, ERTL 1:16 scale John Deere Model 'H' (15034) Farmall H (4441) and Case 'L' tractor (450) together with Universal Hobbies 1:16 scale Fordson Power Major (all boxed) and other modern diecast and tin models some boxed, F-G, Boxes P-G, (Qty) £50-80
25.     Early Matchbox Models and others A collection of un boxed examples including a car transporter No37 Carrier Bantam, No34 Volkswagen Van and others together with a boxed Lesney Coronation Coach, P-F, Box P (Qty) £40-60
26.     Tekno, Siku and Joal Buses and Coaches, All boxed including, Tekno 1:50 scale D.A.F. SBR 3000, DVM Holidays coach, and Mercedes-Benz coach (0302) Siku M.A.N. Coach British Caledonian Airways (3417) and Joal 1:50 scale Scania-Irizar bus, F-G, Boxes F-G, (9) £50-80
27.     Conrad, NZG Modelle, Old Cars and Louis Surber Coaches, All boxed including, Conrad M.A.N. Coach (09.38069) NZG Modelle Neoplan Skyliner, (280) and Volvo B10M (82110), Old Cars Ferrari Domino GT Orlandi coach, and two Louis Surber Renault Coaches iliade and (5001), F-G, Boxes F-G (9) £60-80
28.     Conrad GMBH Volvo F12 Tanker, Boxed 1:50 scale Volvo F12 Intercooler tanker (4314) with factory packaged wing mirrors, (marked 280620 on blue Volvo box), E, Box F-G £50-80
29.     Sunstar, Minichamps and Other Vintage Coaches, All boxed including Sunstar 1947 Bedford OB Yelloway Motor Services 1:24 Scale, Limited Edition coach with certificate (missing wing mirrors and with detached windscreen wiper and bonnet flap), Minichamps Setra S8 Reise Bus (439080086), NZG Modelle 03500 Mercedes Omnibus and a Dinky Matchbox Example, F-E, Boxes F-G (4) £50-80
30.     Corgi Classics Buses and Coaches, All boxed including, Greyhound Scenic Cruiser (US54409), Bedford VAL Wallace and Arnold Tours (35305), AEC Regal coach (97190) and Peter Pan Trailways (98422), G-E, Boxes G-E (17) £100-150
31.     Exclusive First Edition Buses and Coaches and Others All boxed 1:76 scale examples by E.F.E. together with various other boxed examples by Diapet, Tomica, Majorette, Lledo and Siku amongst others, G-E, Boxes F-G, (35+) in two crates £60-80
32.     Corgi and Original Omnibus, All boxed Corgi, Corgi Classics and Original Omnibus, mostly buses and coaches but including some commercial vehicles (some loose in boxes), G-E, Boxes F-G, (35) In two boxes £50-80
33.     Dinky Toys Military Models and Others, Play-worn examples including Supertoys 660 Tank Transporter, 626 Military Ambulance and 651 Centurion Tank together with others including Lone Star Armoured Car and Mobile Fighting Unit amongst others, Crescent Toys plastic British soldiers in desert fatigues and lead battle ship models, P-F, (Qty) £60-80
34.     Matchbox Lesney, Triang Minic and Others, Play-worn examples including Matchbox Routemaster No5, Ford Prefect No 30, Triumph T110 No 4, Lambretta TV 175 No 36 and Removals Service Van, Triang Minic M703 R.M.S Queen Mary and other later models by Corgi together with a number of lead Napoleonic soldiers cast in relief, P-G, (Qty) £50-80
35.     Dinky Toys Competition Cars and Road Cars, Play-worn, pre and post-war examples with some repaints including, 23E Speed of the Wind, 236 Connaught, 109 Austin Healey, 108 HG Midget 172 Studebaker and 27F Plymouth Woody estate, P-F (Qty) £50-80
36.     Dinky Toys Commercial Vehicles and Aircraft, Play-worn examples with some repaints including 555 fire engine, Supertoys Guy truck, 261 telephone service van, Austin Nestles van, Mobilgas Studebaker, 702 Comet and York aircraft amongst others, P-F (Qty) £60-80
37.     Burago Competition Cars and Others, All boxed, including 1:25 scale Burago Peugeot 205 T 16 (0124) and (0113) and a number of 1:43 scale examples, together with examples by Matchbox, Corgi, Maisto, Solido and others, packaged Lucky Toys plastic friction Golf GTI and Audi Quattro a similar super rally Porsche and a large plastic Sauber C8 showroom display model (16" long unboxed), G-E, Boxes P-G (Qty) £60-80
38.     Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, Various examples including, Great Beers of the World, Fire Engines, A taste of France and Yesteryear, (all boxed) together with a cased limited edition 'Connoisseurs Collection' with certificate, and others including Corgi Vanguards, and unboxed matchbox, F-E, Boxes F-E, (50+) In two boxes £50-80
39.     Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, A collection of vintage private and commercial vehicles, all in original cream boxes, G-E, Boxes F-G, (100+) In three boxes £50-80
40.     Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, A collection of vintage private and commercial vehicles, all in original burgundy boxes, G-E, Boxes F-G, (140+) In five boxes £70-90
41.     Corgi Classics Buses and Coaches and Others, Including Guy Arab Double Decke Bournemouth (97205), Swindon Corporation Guy Arab Utility set (34301) and Thames Valley Police set (08006), all boxed together with boxed Days Gone Pickfords set and unboxed buses, F-E, Boxes P-G (Qty) £30-40
42.     Corgi Classics and Atlas Editions, All boxed including Carters Steam Fair Scammell Highwayman with trailer and Caravan set (16501) together with four Atlas Editions WWII model tanks, G-E, Boxes G-E, (5) £40-60
43.     Dinky Toys, Three boxed examples including 971 Coles Mobile Crane, modern 1953 Austin A40, and modern Bedford van 482, together with four un boxed examples P-E, Boxes P-E (7) £30-50
44.     Fire Service Vehicles and Others, Part and complete white metal models of fire service vehicles by RSH Models and others, Code Three Corgi and Lion Car fire service vehicles, a white metal gun carriage set, boxed Dinky Toys 755 Lamp Standard, boxed Budgie 236 Routemaster bus and boxed NZG Modelle, Kattendozer Cat D4E (205), F-G, Boxes F-G (Qty) £50-80
45.     1970s and later Vehicles some Play-Worn, Commercial and private, vintage and modern vehicles, including examples by Corgi, Matchbox, Lesney, Lledo, Exclusive First Editions, Oxford Diecast and others, all unboxed, P-G, (Qty) in three boxes £60-80
46.     Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, A collection of vintage private and commercial vehicles all in original cream boxes, G-E, Boxes F-G, approximately 200 in four boxes £100-150
47.     Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, A collection of vintage private and commercial vehicles all in original burgundy boxes, G-E, Boxes F-G, approximately 135 in three boxes £80-100
48.     Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, A collection of vintage private and commercial vehicles all in original burgundy boxes, G-E, Boxes F-G, approximately 145 in three boxes £80-100
49.     Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, A collection of vintage private and commercial vehicles, in two tone yellow and pink/purple boxes (40+) and two tone wood grain boxes (50+) G-E, Boxes P-G (90+) in two boxes £80-120
50.     Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, A collection of Vintage private and commercial vehicles, in yellow boxes printed with coloured images, three with stencilled images with poor contents, F-E, Boxes P-G, (40+) £60-80
51.     1980s Matchbox Vehicles, All in original mostly blue, or gold (limited edition) boxes, including vintage and modern private and commercial vehicles, G-E, Boxes G-E, (110+) £50-80
52.     Boxed Lledo and Other Promotional Models A boxed collection of Vintage and modern commercial and private vehicles mostly with advertising including a number of Coca-Cola examples some in plain boxes, G-E, Boxes P-G (140+) in three boxes £60-80
53.     Boxed Lledo Models, Mostly Days Gone By, vintage private and commercial vehicles all in original boxes, G-E, Boxes F-G, approximately 170 in four boxes £80-100
54.     Boxed Lledo Models, Mostly Days Gone By, vintage private and commercial vehicles all in original boxes, G-E, Boxes F-G, approximately 170 in two boxes £80-100
55.     Boxed Lledo Models, Mostly Days Gone By, vintage private and commercial vehicles all in original boxes, G-E, Boxes F-G, approximately 170 in three boxes £80-100
56.     Matchbox Dinky and Models of Yesteryear, A collection of Matchbox Dinky vintage and modern private and commercial vehicles, including Classic British Sports Car Series II set, together with Models of Yesteryear, Fire Engine Series, Great Beers of the World, A Taste of France, Wells Fargo Stagecoach 1875 and a Pills, Potions and Powders set, all boxed,G-E, Boxes F-G (60+) in two boxes £50-80
57.     Boxed and Packaged, Vintage and Modern Vehicles, Commercial and private vehicles by various manufacturers including, Vitesse, Saico, Elicor,Husky, ERTL, Brumm, Hotwheels, Matchbox, Corgi, Maisto and modern Dinky amongst others, G-E, Boxes F-G, (80+) in two boxes £60-80
58.     Boxed Vanguards, A collection of vintage commercial and private vehicles 1:64 and 1:43 scale, including some limited edition and gold examples, G-E, Boxes G-E, (40) £60-80
59.     Burago, Corgi, Matchbox Dinky, Somerville and Maisto All boxed including Burago 1:18 scale 1961 Jaguar E Cabriolet (3516), Corgi Classics gold plated Morris minor (02002) and E-Type Jaguar (02802) (2), Corgi Detail Porsche (92966), and Precision Cast Mk 11 Austin Healey, (G50081) Dinky Matchbox limited edition pewter 1967 E-Type jaguar, DY921) Somerville white metal limited edition Fordson Van Model Auto livery, all 1:43 scale and a 1:18 scale Maisto gold plated 1986 Harley Davidson (37360) G-E, Boxes G-E (9) £50-80
60.     Oxford Diecast, A collection of vintage and modern, commercial and private vehicles many with advertising, all boxed including limited edition examples, G-E, Boxes F-G (180+) in three boxes £80-120
61.     Oxford Diecast, A Collection of vintage and modern, commercial and private vehicles many with advertising including a large number of buses, all boxed, G-E, Boxes F-G (200+) in two boxes £100-120
62.     Corgi Classics, A collection of 1:43 scale models comprising mostly vintage advertising vans some limited edition all in original grey boxes, G-E, Boxes P-G (75+) in two boxes £60-80
63.     Corgi Classics and Other Corgies, A boxed collection of 1:43 scale models comprising mostly vintage Bedford OB coaches in grey boxes, a Guinness Past and Present set (59565), together with a number of 'Mobil' 1989 vintage and modern competition and road vehicles, and others G-E, Boxes F-G (60+) in two boxes £60-80
64.     1970s and Later Dinky , Corgi and Matchbox Models, A boxed collection including, Dinky 284 London Taxi, and 278 Plymouth Yellow Cab, Corgi 422 Riot Police armoured car and others including buses and Eddie Stobart vehicles, together with Matchbox models including, K-70 Porsche turbo, K-95 Audi Quattro, buses and others, G-E, Boxes P-G, (25+) £50-80
65.     Exclusive First Edition Buses and Coaches and Others, All boxed 1:76 scale examples vintage and modern vehicles, G-E, Boxes G-E, (75+) in three boxes £140-180
66.     Corgi Original Omnibus and Tramlines, All boxed 1:76 scale vintage vehicles, many with advertising, including some limited edition examples, G-E, Boxes F-G, (45+) in three boxes £80-120
67.     Corgi Classics, All boxed, commercial vehicles and buses including, 09803 ERF 8 Wheeled Rigid truck, 97950 Guinness Foden Tanker, 97940 ERF Flatbed 'Eddie Stobart' and CC25901 Connoisseur Collection Aec Routemaster, G-E, Boxes G-E, (19) £80-120
68.     Corgi Classics, All boxed buses and coaches, including 97741 Island Transport Jersey Bedford OB coaches, 97174 Burlingham Seaways Yelloways, D94923 Howard's Tours Bedford OB and 97190 AEC Regal coach, G-E, Boxes G-E, (16) £50-80
69.     Corgi Classics, All boxed vintage buses and trams, including 97262 Double Decker Tram Blackpool, 96986 Thornycroft Bus Brighton, 96985 Thornycroft Bus 1 East Surrey and C89 60 Years of Transport, G-E, Boxes G-E, (15) £50-80
70.     Corgi Classics, All boxed vintage and modern vehicles, including 97897 Billy Smart's Circus Scammell highwayman and trailers, 97700 Jaguar through the Years, Limited Edition York Fair set and 97396 Chevrolet Highway Patrol, G-E Boxes G-E, (22) £50-80
71.     Boxed Diecast Vehicles, Vintage and modern private and commercial vehicles including examples by Lledo, Atlas, Corgi, Matchbox, Cararama, EFE, Oxford Diecast and others, together with a small number of unboxed models, F-G, Boxes P-G (70+) £50-80
72.     Corgi and ERTL, A boxed collection including, 04501 Gold Plated Mini, 59902 Concorde, 04439 Rover-Unipart Mini Tony Ragona, 59556 Guinness Tanker, 59508 Eddie Stobart Scania, A Century of War CS90026 The Somme, and CS90024 Vietnam, Corgi Aviation, AA32502, 32001, 33001 and 49004, together with other Corgies and ERTL Thomas The Tank Engine, 1237, 4597 and 4605, G-E, Boxes G-E (16) £50-80
73.     Boxed Lledo Models, Mostly Days Gone By, vintage private and commercial vehicles all in original boxes, G-E, Boxes F-G, approximately 200 in three boxes £100-150
74.     Boxed Lledo Models, Mostly Days Gone By, vintage private and commercial vehicles all in original boxes, G-E, Boxes F-G, approximately 200 in three boxes £100-150
75.     Boxed Lledo Models, Mostly Days Gone By, vintage private and commercial vehicles all in original boxes, G-E, Boxes F-G, approximately 160 in three boxes £80-120
76.     Military Aircraft, A collection of Del Prado type 1:72 scale military model aircraft all in original packaging (50+), together with a boxed index card set War Planes Collectors Club by Iris Publishing and seven boxed Corgi 1:72 scale military aircraft comprising, CS90564, CS90566, CS90561, CS90571, CS90585 and CS90567 (2) G-E, Boxes G-E, (50+) in three boxes £50-80
77.     Exclusive First Editions, A boxed collection of 1:76 scale vintage and modern buses and coaches, including some limited edition examples and gift sets, G-E, Boxes F-G, (55+) in three boxes £150-200
78.     Vanguards, A boxed collection of 1:43 scale vintage and modern police vehicles including a number of limited edition examples such as PC2002 Police Panda Cars of the 50s and 60s and HB1002 Heartbeat Collection, G-E, Boxes G-E (19) £80-120
79.     Vanguards, A boxed collection of 1:43 scale vintage and modern commercial and private vehicles, including military, utilities, competition models and limited edition examples such as BR1002 British Rail service vans of the 50s and 60s and MC1002 Monte Carlo Rally Set, G-E, Boxes G-E, (33) £100-150
80.     Oxford Diecast, A collection of 1:76 scale vintage and modern commercial and private vehicles including Oxford Commercials, Military, Railway Scale, Automobile Company and Fire, together with limited edition larger scale examples 'Oxford Roadshow' all in original plastic cases, G-E, Boxes G-E,(70+) in two boxes £60-80
81.     Corgi, Days Gone By Trackside and Classix, A collection of 1:76 scale vintage and modern commercial and private vehicles including Corgi Trackside, Lledo Days Gone By (some limited edition) and Classix all in original boxes, G-E, Boxes G-E (90+) in two boxes £100-120
82.     Corgi Models, A boxed collection of vintage and modern commercial and private vehicles, including Classics buses and coaches, and others, Original Omnibus, some limited edition and other Corgies, G-E, Boxes F-G (35+) in two boxes £80-100
83.     Corgi Portland Blue Circle Cement Vehicles, A boxed collection of vintage and modern vehicles some limited edition including, CC10101 Foden FG 8 Wheel Platform Lorry, 80005 Sentinel Platform Wagon, CC12709 ERF ECS Feldbinder Tanker and 29101 Guy Invincible 8 Wheel Platform Lorry, and others G-E, Boxes F-E, (13) £50-80
84.     Automobile Association and RAC Models, A boxed collection of vintage and modern vehicles by various manufacturers 1:43 scale and smaller including trackside, including Corgi, Oxford Diecast, Lledo, Vanguards and others, G-E, Boxes G-E (35+) £50-80
85.     Royal and Military Models, A boxed collection of Royal Family commorative vehicles by Corgi and Lledo, including buses, commercial vehicles and minis, some limited edition (20), together with various vintage military models by lledo,(25) G-E, Boxes G-E, (45) in two boxes £60-80
86.     Corgi TV and Film Models and Others, All boxed, Comprising, 36502 'The Italian Job', CC05301 'The Dukes of Hazard, TY95101' Little Nellie', CC01701 and CC07301 'Heartbeat' and CC7403 and CC01601 'Last of the Summer Wine' together with a collection of boxed vehicles including Burago 1:32 scale 2011 Mclaren Mercedes Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton (2), and others by Cararama, Lledo, and others some unboxed, F-E, Boxes F-E,( 20+ boxed, Qty unboxed) in two boxes £50-80
87.     Boxed 1:18 Scale Jaguar Models, A collection of six comprising, Road Signature, 1971 E-Type, (blue) 1971 E-Type (white), 1975 XJS, ERTL 1948 XK120, Welly 1999 S-Type, and a Model Icons Mark 2, G-E, Boxes F-G (6) £60-80
88.     Boxed 1:18 Scale Jaguar Models, A collection of four comprising, Burago Gold Collezionne, 1959 MK II, (green) 1959 MK II, (black), 1959 Mk II, (silver), and a Sun Star Jaguar XK140 Drophead Coupe, G-E, Boxes G-E (4) £60-80
89.     Boxed 1:18 and 1:24 Scale Maisto Models, A collection of seven Special Edition Jaguar models comprising, 1999 S-Type,1998 XKR, 1959 Mk II, 1996 XK8, 1990 S-Type and an X-Type, together with a 1:24 scale 1992 XJ220 and Premiere Edition 1:18 scale Aston Martin DB7 Vantage, G-E, Boxes P-E (8) £60-80
90.     Boxed 1:18 Scale Models, A collection of six comprising, Revell Messerschmitt KR200 (08957) and Wartburg 311 Cabriolet (08428) Corgi Limited Edition (95105) MGF, Chrono 1970 Triumph Spitfire (H1042) and Tonka Polistil, Maserati 250F and Ferrari 500F2, G-E, Boxes F-G, (6) £50-80
91.     Boxed 1:18 Scale Film Models, A collection of three comprising, Austin Powers Shaguar by Joyride, OO7 Jaguar XKR Roadster (Die Another Day) and Corgi 2000 DC Comics Batmobile, G-E, Boxes G-E (3) £50-80
92.     Boxed 1:18 and 1:24 Scale VW Beetle Models, A collection of six comprising, Burago 1955 Beetle, 1998, New Beetle(3342), Maisto Special Edition Export Sedan, Road Legends 1967 'Flower Power' Beetle and 1:24 scale 1967 Beetle,G-E, Boxes F-G (5) £50-80
93.     Volkswagen Beetle and Camper Van Models, A Collection 1:43 scale and smaller models, some limited edition by Vitesse, Cararama, Jouef, Road Legends, Hongwell, Burago a Corgi 1992 Collectors Club VW Type 2 van, and others, G-E, Boxes F-E (30+) in two boxes £50-80
94.     Boxed Formula 1 and Road Cars, 1:18 and smaller scale including Hot Wheels Jordan Mugen Honda 199 Launch Version (Damon Hill) 22822, and smaller scale models including Heritage Classics 5017 Williams Renault FW16 Damon Hill (5017) and cased model helmet HF025 Damon Hill, Formula 1 model 1988 Mclaren MP Ayrton Senna, Minichamps VW Cabriolet 1200 (052031), VW Cabro Soft Top (052040) VW Kafer (052101) and others by Brumm, Corgi Detail, Saico and so on, G-E, Boxes G-E, (14) £80-100
95.     Vintage and Modern Vehicles, Including commercial and private examples, some boxed by Corgi including Classics, Lledo, Cararama, Road Legends, Vanguards and others (25+) together with unboxed examples including VW models, F-E, Boxes F-E (Qty) In two boxes £50-80
96.     Automobile Association and RAC Models, A collection of twelve 1:72 scale examples commercial, civilian and RAF including, 72TM007, D.H. 82A Tiger Moth, 72C0M002 De Havilland DH 88 Comet, and 72TM005, D.H.82 Tiger Moth and others, G-E, Boxes with card sleeves G-E,(12) £60-80
97.     Boxed Military and Other Aircraft, 1:72 and smaller scale collection including, Corgi Flight and 100 Years of Flight, Oxford Aviation, Hobby Masters, 72 Aviation and others, F-E, Boxes F-E, (15) one packaged £50-80
98.     Boxed Corgi Aviation Archive, Military and civilian aircraft, some limited edition, 1:72 and1:144 scale examples including 48601 Bristol 175 Britannia 102 Laker Airways, 47503 Lockheed Constellation Air India, 49402 EE Lightning F2 and 49501 Battle of Britain Memorial Flight in case ( one nose cone and propeller detached) amongst others, G-E, Boxes F-G (10) £80-100
99.     Boxed Corgi Aviation Archive, Comprising, limited edition 1:72 scale AA36105 Canadian Vickers SA-10A Catalina 4th Air Rescue USAF 1949, 1:32 Scale AA33901 Supermarine Spitfire MK1A 609 SQN, (damaged propeller) and Bomber Legends1:144 scale AA31604 Handley Victor SR.MK. 2 1968 RAF Wyton. in plastic case G-E, Boxes and sleeves G (3) £100-150
100.    Boxed Diecast Model Vehicles, A collection of vintage commercial and private vehicles, comprising various manufacturers such as Corgi, Exclusive First Editions, Original Omnibus, Matchbox (Special Edition Horse Drawn Heritage) Lledo, Oxford Diecast and Others, including Corgi 13601 Eddie Stobart Foden S21B 'Mickey Mouse' with trailer and Atlas Edition Eddie Stobart models, and Great British Buses, G-E, Boxes P-E, (70+) in three crates £80-120
101.    Vintage and Modern Vehicles, A large collection of unboxed die cast models including commercial and private examples mostly by Matchbox and Lledo together with a collection of empty boxes etc, F-G, Boxes P, (100s) in five boxes £100-150
102.    Playworn Post-War Diecast Vehicles, A collection of commercial, private and competition models including examples by Spot-On, Dinky, Corgi, Zebra Toys, Britains and others together with a number of vintage tin models including Minic US Army Jeep, and others, P-F, unboxed (60+) £80-120
103.    Playworn Post-War Diecast Models, A collection of commercial, private and military vehicles, comprising examples, by Dinky, Corgi, Seerol Toys, and Lonestar including Dinky 150 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith and Superior Rescuer Ambulance, Corgi, Ford Consul, Seerol Routemaster and Lonestar London Taxi, P-F, unboxed, including some repaints (20) £50-80
104.    Playworn Post-War Diecast Models, A collection of commercial, private and competition vehicles, including Dinky 660 Tank Transporter(2), Vanwall British Racing Car, Corgi, Lesney, and others together with a Triang plastic friction drive bus and 1950s racing car, and others, P, (Qty) £50-80
105.    Boxed Buses and Coaches and Others, Including examples by Exclusive First Editions, Original Omnibus, Matchbox, Corgi, and unboxed examples including a Dinky Toys Vanguard, P-G, Boxes P-F (Qty) £40-60
106.     Matchbox Commercial Vehicles, All in original boxes, comprising, Series 10 'Pipe Truck', Series New 11 'Scaffolding Truck', Series 37 'Cattle Truck' Series 58 'DAF Girder Truck' and Series 60 'Office Site Truck' G-E, Boxes G-E (5) £40-60
107.    Solido Vintage Vehicles, All in original boxes or plastic cases, 1:43 scale, including commercial, private and military vehicles mostly from the 'Age D'Or' series, G-E, Boxes F-G, (75+) in two boxes £120-160
108.    Brumm, Rio and Matchbox Dinky, All boxed 1:43 scale models comprising vintage private, commercial and competition vehicles, including Matchbox Dinky DY-S10 1950 Mercedes Benz Type 0-3500 Omnibus, Brumm Revival and Series Or and Rio Continental models G-E, Boxes P-G, (40+) £80-120
109.    Corgi Aviation and Hornby Minic Ships, All boxed including, 1:72 scale AA35005, Gloster Meteor, 1:44 scale, 48502 D.H. Comet 4, 47606 Vickers Viscount 806, 47201 Avro York, 47503 Lockheed Constellation and 1:250 scale Schabak JU-52 and DC-3, together with Minic Ships 1:1200 scale M902 Ocean Terminal Set, and M715 R.M.S. Canberra and M704 SS United States, G-E, Boxes F-G, (10) £50-80
110.    1:18 Scale Burago and Hotwheels, All boxed comprising, Burago 3002 Mercedes Benz 1931, 3033 Ferrari 250, 3011 Ferrari 250 GTO, 3358 Ferrari 360 Modena together with Hotwheels, 1984 Ferrari Testorosa, 1988 F40, Ferrari 333SP and another damaged, P-E, Boxes G-E (8) £60-80
111.    Moko Lesney Tractor, A Moko Lesney Massey Harris 745 D tractor in red livery with rubber tyres marked Lesney some chips to paintwork, G, £100-120
112.    Dinky Supertoys and Corgi, Two play-worn Dinky Foden flat bed trucks, a Foden tanker in two tone blue livery and a boxed Corgi Classics 12501 Blue Circle Cement Foden four wheel rigid truck det, P-G, Box F (4) £40-60
113.    Play-Worn Britains, Dinky, Corgi and Others, Military and commercial vehicles, including Britains field guns, 660 Mighty Antar tank transporter, 651 Centurion tank and 967 TV Mobile control room, together with Corgi tractor and Landrover, figures and others, P-F, (Qty) £80-100
114.    Corgi Classics, A collection of Bedford type OB Coaches in varying liveries all in original grey boxes, G-E, Boxes F-G (20) £40-60
115.    Exclusive First Editions, A boxed collection of limited edition 1:76 scale London Transport and Green Line bus sets, G-E, Boxes G-E, (7) £40-60
116.    Corgi, Matchbox, Lledo and Others Mostly unboxed commercial, private vehicles and aircraft, including a Corgi Fuji Films se and Matchbox K-13 Aircraft Transporter, amongst others £40-60
117.    Exclusive First Editions, A boxed collection of 1:76 scale vintage and modern buses, coaches and commercial vehicles, including some limited edition examples together with 00 scale examples , G-E, Boxes G-E, (45+) £100-150
118.    Lledo Days Gone By and Other Similar Models, A boxed collection of vintage commercial and private vehicles mostly by Lledo G-E, Boxes G-E, (180+) in three boxes £100-150
119.    Lledo Days Gone By and Other Similar Models, A boxed collection of vintage commercial and private vehicles mostly by Lledo G-E, Boxes G-E, (200+) in four boxes £100-150
120.    Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, A boxed collection of vintage commercial and private vehicles, together with three framed and glazed limited edition montages Yorkshire Steam Wagon, (2 one with loose pieces) and Leyland Titan TD1, G-E, Boxes F-E, (100+) in three boxes £60-80
121.    Corgi, Starline, Onyx and Others, A boxed collection some limited edition, including Corgi Connoisseur collection and Precision cast classics, Jaguar E Types and GS0081 Austin Healey 3000 MK 11, Starline DKW Monza, Onyx F1 and Indy 90, Collectors Classic C1-2 UG Ford 1953, Franklin Mint T Bird, Model Box Jaguars and Revell Detail Corvette Art 213, G-E, Boxes G, (12) £50-80
122.    Corgi Classic Models and Classic Cars, A boxed collection of 1:43 scale vintage and modern commercial and private vehicles all in clear plastic and card packaging G-E, Boxes P-G, (70+) in two boxes £60-80
123.    Vintage and Modern Vehicles by Various Manufacturers, Commercial, private and military vehicles 1:43 scale and smaller mostly in boxes or packages including examples by Matchbox, Solido, Rextoys, Burago, Dinky, Maisto, Cararama and others and a number of special edition models Coventry Diecast model club, Maidenhead static model club, Corgi collector club and others, G-E, Boxes P-G, (80+) in two boxes £80-120
124.    Corgi Classics, A collection of 1:43 scale vintage commercial and private vehicles some limited edition all in original grey boxes, G-E Boxes F-G, (45+) £80-120
125.    Corgi Classics, A collection of 1:43 scale vintage commercial and private vehicles some limited edition all in original grey boxes, G-E Boxes F-G, (45+) £80-120
126.    Burago, Polistil and ERTL, A boxed group of 1:18 scale Jaguars including, Burago 3016 (2) E Cabriolet 1961 red, 3026, E Cabriolet 1961 Green (loose in box), Polistil XKE red and green together with an ERTL 1948 XK120, F-E, Boxes P-F, (6) £50-80
127.    Maisto, Anson, Chrono and ERTL, A boxed group of 1:18 scale cars including, Maisto Special Edition, 1967 Chevrolet and 1953 Studebaker, Anson, Cadillac Seville, Chrono H1040 Triumph Spitfire, and ERTL, 1966 Ferrari, G-E, Boxes P-F, (5) £50-80
128.    Burago, Guiloy, Majorette, and Others, A boxed collection of 1:24 scale vintage and modern competition and private vehicles including, Burago 0532, 1987 Ferrari F40, and 6105, Williams FW O8C turbo, Guiloy 64538, Ford Scorpio, Majorette 4206, Peugeot 405 Paris -Dakar amongst others, G-E, Boxes P-G (9) £50-80
129.    Corgi Classics, Collectors Classics, Vintage Glory and Others, A boxed collection of vintage Commercial, private and military vehicles, some limited edition including D35/1 Battle of Britain 50th anniversary, C88 Transport Through the Ages, R9501 Thornycroft and Ford T Model delivery vans, C90 Ford the General Utility and CC20204 Foden Dropside Wagon, amongst others G-E, Boxes G-E, (29) £80-120
130.    Corgi Classics Buses, Coaches and Trams, A boxed collection, some limited edition, including, OM99156, 70th Anniversary of the Blackpool Balloon Tram, 97750 East Kent I AEC Regal and I Bedford OB, 9706 I AEC Bus I Bedford OB Coach and 43504 Blackpool Balloon Tram Illuminations Special amongst others, G-E, Boxes F-G, (15) £50-80
131.    Corgi Classics, A boxed collection of vintage commercial and military vehicles, some limited edition, including, 17701 Pickfords Scammell Constructors and 24 wheel low loader, 97781 Tate & Lyle Foden Tanker and Bedford O series, D14/1 Dandy Special Edition and Limited Edition York Fair Set (2) amongst others G-E, Boxes G-E, (13) £50-80
132.    Corgi Classics, and Others, A boxed collection of modern commercial, private and emergency vehicles, some limited edition, including LR2002 Land Rover G4 Challenge, 94171 The Mini Italian Job Special Edition, D53/1 Rally Cars, 97700 Jaguar Through the Ages and C1231 Mars Volvo Globetrotter amongst others some relating to Windsor Swappett, G-E, Boxes P-G (30+) £50-80
133.    Sunstar Buses, A boxed pair of 1:24 scale double decker buses by Sunstar both limited edition, comprising 2904: RMC 1453-453 CLT: The Original Greenline Routemaster and 2901 : RM8-VLT 8 : The Original Routemaster both with certificates and unattached wing mirrors sealed in original plastic bags, E, Boxes G-E, (2) £100-150
134.    Pre-War and Later Play-Worn Vehicles, A collection of vintage and modern commercial, private and military models including examples by Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, Manoil, Lesney, and Maisto amongst others P, (Qty) £80-100
135.    Corgi and Lledo Circus, A boxed group including, 1:50 scale CC20401 The Southdown Gallopers, Lledo, GF 1002 Scammell Ballast Box- T Whitelegg with Helter Skelter and Lledo BS1002 Billy Smart's AEC Mammoth Ballast Box with Generator Load and Big Top, (2) G-E, Boxes F-G, (4) £60-80
136.    Corgi Aviation and Schuco, A boxed collection of military and civil aircraft some special edition, including 1:72 scale AA99110 DH Mosquito & Supermarine Spitfire, and 1:44 scale models including 47304 The Dambusters, 47301 Battle of Britain, 48501 D.H. Comet 4B British European Airways and other Corgi models together with a Schuco Star Jets 1:200 scale, Finkenwerder Airbus A321-100, G-E, Boxes G-E (10) £60-80
137.    Corgi Aviation Archive, AA39502 Limited Edition Short Stirling Mk 1 BF372, OJ-H, 149 Sqn RAF, F/Sgt Middleton V.C. 1942 1:72 scale in original box and apparent original condition, E, Box G £80-100
138.    Corgi Aviation Archive, AA32602 Limited Edition Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Avro Lancaster- EE176,' Mickey the Moocher' Spitfire MkIIA-P7350 & Hawker Hurricane- LF363 1:72 Scale in original box and apparent original condition, E, Box F-G, £80-100
139.    Corgi Aviation Archive, AA35501 Hawker Hurricane MkI A- P3576, GN-A No 249 Sqn, Boscombe Down August 1940 1:32 scale in original box and apparent original condition, E, Box G-E £50-80
140.    Corgi Aviation Archive, AA32619 Limited Edition, Avro Lancaster B Mk.I (Special) W4964 'Still Going Strong!) 9 Sqn RAF, Operation Paravane, September 1944, 1:72 scale in original box and apparent original condition, E, Box G £80-100
141.    Corgi Aviation Archive, AA33910 Limited Edition, Supermarine Spitfire MkIa R6885, EB-Q,Pilot Officer Eric Stanley Lock, No 41 Sqn, Catterick, August 1940,1:32 scale in original box and apparent original condition £50-80
142.    Schuco Dornier Do X 1929 1:72 scale in original box and apparent original condition, E, Box E £120-180
143.    Corgi Aviation Archive, A Boxed group of 1:144 scale limited edition military aircraft comprising AA31502 Bristol Britannia 312F, AA35603 Hawker Sidley Nimrod, AA31401 Comet 4 and AA48505 DH Comet 4C all in apparent original condition, E, Boxes F-G, (4) £50-80
144.    Exclusive First Editions, A boxed collection of 1:76 and OO scale vintage and modern buses and coaches including limited edition and wartime examples, G-E, Boxes F-G, (70+) in two boxes £150-200
145.    Corgi Original Omnibus and Tramlines, A boxed collection of 1:76 scale vintage and modern buses , coaches and trams some original omnibus without card sleeves, including limited edition examples, G-E, Boxes F-G (50+) in two boxes £100-150
146.    Corgi Classics, A boxed collection of vintage and modern buses, coaches, trams and commercial vehicles including a number of limited edition examples, including 97189 AEC Regal Coach and D52/1 Charrington Brewery, G-E, Boxes G-E, (19) £50-80
147.    Corgi, Dink Matchbox, Lledo, M.A.N. and others, A boxed Collection of vintage and modern private and commercial vehicles, some limited edition, including Corgi omnibuses, Matchbox Dinky DY-S 10 1950 Mercedes-Benz Type 0-3500 Omnibus, Lledo BB1002 Brewing in Britain, Scammell van and Whitbread Brewery and M.A.N. Erster diesel Lastwagen amongst others F-E, Boxes P-G, (20+) £50-80
148.    Play-worn Model Vehicles, Vintage and modern commercial and private vehicles, mostly un-boxed some 1:18 scale examples and aircraft, including Corgi, Burago, Matchbox, Solido, Hotwheels and others together with a boxed Matchbox 75, new 73 Mode A Ford in good condition, P-G, Boxes P-G, (Qty) £50-80
149.    Rally Cars, A collection of 1:43 scale rally cars mostly by Ixo, Trofeu and Vitesse, but including, Minichamps, Solido, Jadi, and a number of code 3 specials, all contained in 24 division Perspex display cases, F-E, (143) in 6 cases £100-150
150.    Set of Four Glazed Model display Cabinets, Four matching wooden framed wall hanging display cabinets with glass sliding doors, and glass shelves with fixed shelf points, each cabinet 36" wide 24" high and 5" deep, previously used to display 1:43 scale vehicles, F-G, (4) £50-80
151.    Technic Lego, Collection of loose Technic Lego including a part built Ferrari Formula 1 car (8386) and a motorbike, G, (Qty) £50-80
152.    Lego Shell V-Power Sets, A collection of twenty-seven sets all sealed and un-opened in original packaging, comprising sets 40190, 40195, 40194, 40193, 30195, 30190, 30193, 30196, 30191, 40191 and 40192 (two of each) 30194 (3), 30192 and 40196 (one of each) G-E, Packaging G-E (27) £50-80
153.    Constructed Lego Sets, Collection of mostly un-boxed and complete Lego City and Lego System sets some with instructions helicopters, police Station, speed boat, bus, pizza restaurant, Big Ben, prison, emergency vehicles and others including 7075 pirate ship incomplete in box, 6549, 7903, 6549, 6514, 4002, 7641, and 6598 all with instructions, and Lego Star Wars 75131 and 75164 with instructions, G-E, Box F, (Qty) £100-150
154.    Loose Lego, A large quantity of 1980s and later, loose Lego contained in six crates, F-G, (Qty) £100-150
155.    Pre and Post-War Play-Worn Tin and Other Toys Including, Marx red tin pull-along trunk with a bell, Triang No 2 tractor, Lesney diecast 745D Massey-Harris tractor with plough trailer, boxed Nulli Secundus remote control helicopter, boxed Conveyancer plastic fork lift truck (damaged) by Victory Industries and other toys, P-F, Boxes P (Qty) £50-80
156.    Victory Industries Electric Scale Model, 1:18 scale Austin A40 Somerset in grey plastic battery powered with part of front number plate missing, in original box, F, Box P £40-60
157.    Triang Pick-Up and Crane, A Triang by Lines Bros pressed steel pick-up truck in red livery with svivel crane and rubber tyres impressed and transferred makers marks (17" long) together with a Triang by Lines Bros pressed steel Jones KL 44 Crane also in red livery with transfers and rubber tyres and black bucket (17" tall) F-G, (2) £50-80
158.    Schuco Varianto Elektro models and 1960s Matchbox, Including a 3118 Station Car with box in turquoise livery, Express 3114 van in red livery, and 3116 Shell van missing rear battery cover, together with a collection of play-worn matchbox by Lesney including military examples, P-F, Boxes P-F (Qty) £100-150
159.    Play-Worn Meccano and Tin Toys, Post-war un boxed Meccano and a number of manuals including a German language manual sets 0-3, together with a collection of vintage clock work tin toys including an elephant on a tricycle, P-F, manuals F (Qty) £50-80
160.    Post-War Tin Toys and Others, Clock work drumming monkey with felt outfit (not working) clock work cat made in US Zone Germany (intermittent operation), clock work hopping bird (working) small dressed doll with composition body, missing one foot and detached porcelain head and pre-war nursey rhyme happy families part card set P-F (Qty) £80-100
161.    Post-War Meccano and a Mamod M.M.2. Steam Engine, Collection of unboxed meccano together with three boxes Gears Outfit 'B', Accessory Outfit 4A and 5A and a boxed Mamod M.M.2 stationary steam engine, P-F, Boxes F (Qty) £40-60
162.    Post-War Toys and Games, Including, a boxed tin Mettoy Supertype child's typewriter, pull-along wooden toys including a Chad Valley horse and another by weekin, Airfix No2 building set (incorrect box), Spears Contemporary Brick Layer Kit B, Cannonball board game by Bell, Chad Valley Sooty's Electric Quiz, a collection of model train manuals and ABC guides, soft toys including a small straw filled teddy and others, P-G, Boxes P-F (Qty) £80-120
163.    Post-War Meccano and Chad Valley, Wooden case containing Meccano, with various manuals and a boxed No 1 clockwork motor with key, together with a boxed Chad Valley No 3 girder and panel building set with planning manual,, F-G, Boxes F, (Qty) £50-80
164.    Post-War Meccano, Wooden box of loose Meccano together with manual remnants, P-F, (Qty) £40-60
165.    1960s I-Spy Pocket Books, A collection of over forty 1960s I-Spy volumes published by News Chronicle including Un-numbered, numbered and colour series, F-G, (40+) £40-60
166.    Subbuteo, A boxed collection including, 1960s Super Set with celluloid players ( one broken and one goal broken) and various documents including 1967-68 'Table Soccer' manual, 1968-69 price list, and 1973-74 price list and catalogue, together with C132 throw in figures, C131 corner kickers, C105, C102 and three sets of 00 scale players, G, Boxes F-G (Qty) £50-80
167.    Subbuteo, Including a 1960s Continental Club Edition set in box Everton and Liverpool with hand written players names on box (players incomplete) together with three boxed sets of OO scale players Peru, West Ham and Wolves all with hand written additions to boxes, and documents including 1970-71, 1969-70 price list, Subbuteo catalogue and advanced rules F-G, Boxes F-G (Qty) £50-80
168.    1970s and Later Toys, Including 1970s Playmobil, Fisher Price toys including boxed Frisky Frog and Little Snoopy, Mettoy plastic cased solid state record player and boxed Walt Disney movie viewer, boxed Garraro intercom house phone, and Philiform by Philips construction pieces amongst others, P-G, Boxes P-G, (Qty) £50-80
169.    Meccano, Fischer Technik, Joustra and Others, A collection of 1980s Meccano including military examples in 4M set box, with Meccano Army multikit manual, Boxed Meccano Elektrikit (incomplete), boxed Fischer Technik 100 set with various manuals and Hobby 1 set with manual, an E.X-100 electronic erector kit, and a boxed tin and plastic, Grue A Montage Rapide (mobile crane) by Joustra, F, Boxes P-F, (Qty) £50-80
170.    1970s Lego, Meccano and Others, Box of 1970s basic Lego, with a number of leaflet manuals, a boxed Meccano Super Junior Set No 2, a Marx Toys Bullseye pinball in box, a Viewmaster, and board games including Formula 1 and Battle of the Little Big Horn both by Waddingtons amongst others F-G, Boxes P-F, (Qty) £50-80
171.    Post-War Games and Toys, Including wooden pull-along examples, Merit Merry Milkman game, Bestime Little Noddy's train game, soft toys including a Chiltern Toys Panda and Chad Valley rabbit, Stingray plastic waterpistol and others, P-F, Boxes P-F, (Qty) £50-80
172.    Airfix Motor Ace and Motor Racing, A boxed collection including, Motor Ace model M.R.11 set (cars damaged or repainted), banked track set, lap recorder and crossover, P-G, Boxes F-G, (Qty) £50-80
173.    Scalextric by Minimodels, Set No 1 by Minimodels Havant for Triang, with track and accessories, two cars No 7 and 8 and vinyl 45 'Roar' with sounds of TT and Grand Prix racing, P, Box P (Qty) £50-80
174.    Corgi Whizz Wheels and Scalextric, Boxed Whizz Wheels Power Blaster Racing Speed Set, with cars together with various Scalextric cars including C 126 John Player Special, MM C 54 Lotus box and other models by Dinky, Corgi and others, P-F, Boxes P-F, (Qty) £50-80
175.    Scratch Built Model Van, Fortuna Projector and Casdon Shop Till, A wooden scratch built vintage Kit- Kat van 20" long, boxed Fortuna toy projector with slides and a Casdon luxury plastic toy shop till, G, Box G, (3) £40-60
176.    Model Buses and Coaches A collection of mostly 1:87 scale but includes some larger, plastic and diecast examples by various manufacturers such as Wiking, Brekina, Herpa, EFSI, Reitze, Old Cars, Mini Car and Others, many with boxes, F-G, Boxes F-G (Qty) In two boxes £50-80
177.    Model Trams and Others, Five OO Scale plastic model trams some by Hadfield Plastics, and others, F £20-30
178.    Gyro Force Helicopter and Atlantic Yacht Racing Boat, Boxed radio controlled Gyro Force helicopter with remote by FG Flight together with a boxed sealed radio controlled racing yacht by Heng Long, and a boxed Techniplus digital proportional radio control system by Acoms G-E, Boxes F-G, (3) £50-60
179.    Remote Control Cars, A boxed group comprising, Tyco Ford Focus, MARC Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and a Dickie Speilzeug Porsche 911 Turbo, all with remote controls, G-E, Boxes F-G (3) £50-60
180.    Boxed Star Wars Toys by Hasbro and Micromachines and others, Star Wars Episode 1 Naboo Fighter (contents factory sealed), and Sebulbas Pod Racer (factory sealed) together with eight Episode 1 shop sealed micromachines, boxed Hasbro Zoids command wolf Irvine model kit, boxed Polar Lights Star Trek Nemesis Scorpion model kit and a boxed Air Hogs air pressure plane and others, P-E, Boxes P-G, (Qty) £50-80
181.    Nintendo DS and Various Games, Boxed Nitendo DS, two Sega remote controls, and games including Nintendo Wii Mario Kart, Super Mario and A Boy and His Blob, 3DS Street Fighter, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon, Playstation 2 Phantasy Star Universe/ Ambition of the Illuminus (2) Armoured Core 3, Soulcaliber III and PS3 Juiced 2, together with unboxed games, F-G, Boxes G, (Qty) £40-60
182.    1980s Games Workshop Apocalypse Board Game, In original box, sealed Warhammer 40,000, Space Marine Combat Squad, two Warhammer books, sealed Splendor and Codenames board games, comics and other items, G-E Boxes F-E, (Qty) £40-60
183.    Victory Jigsaws, Model Kits and Others, Boxed Victory Jigsaws including Flying Scotsman, Good Companion examples including The Master Cutler, vintage model kits including Aurora Old Timers, Revell Highway Pioneers, Scalecraft Jaguar E Type and similar packaged example, other kits and reference books, P-G, Boxes P-G, (Qty) £50-80
184.    1950s red and green Meccano, various components including plates, strips, clockwork motors, nuts, bolts, disc and other items, F-VG (large qty in three boxes) £50-80
185.    1950's Red and green Meccano and Accessories, various items including gears, chains, funnels, pulleys, wheels, discs strips, wheels, tyres, brackets, large and small plates, Transformer T20 (boxed), generally G (qty) £60-80
186.    Tri-ang Scalextric Marx Meccano Circuit 24 and other Slot Cars and Accessories, Scalextric Lotus JPS, Datsun, Mclaren and BMW (all poor), with controllers and large quantity of track including lap counter, Meccano Circuit 24 Panhard, in red (1) and blue (1) and a green Cooper with a spare chassis and two controllers and track, Marx Racing Cars in red (1) and blue (1) and one controller together with some track, Minic Motorway road/rail crossing and Matchbox Motorway Track, P-F (qty) £40-60
187.    Graupner, Keil Kraft, Pegasus and Larry Jolly Model Aircraft Kits, All boxed examples comprising Graupner Mosquito (4243), Keilkraft Ladybird, Pegasus Models Minilord and a Larry Jolly Models Electricus 2 metre electroglider, all opened but in apparent original condition, F-G, Boxes P-F (4) £100-150
188.    Aviomodelli, Keil Kraft, Comet, Veron and Sterling Aircraft models, All boxed examples comprising Aviomodelli Victor radio control aeroplane, Keilkraft Phantom Mite, Spitfire (2) and Ajax, Comet P-51D Mustang, Piper Cub and North American Trainer, Veron Tiger Moth(2), and Mini Concord together with a Sterling Models, Hal Kriers Great Lakes Special, all models opened some in apparent original condition some as found, F-G, Boxes F-G, (12) £80-100
189.    Aircraft Model Kits, A collection of boxed and packaged examples, including balsa wood models by various makers such as Aero Club, Contrail, PZW, Premiere, Veeday, Bentom and others together with various model parts including a Hales/Cox Babe Bee, Cox Pee Wee and Quickstart Spitfire model engines and a Humbrol Moon Shadow model kit fishing boat, (some kits sealed) P-G, Boxes P-G (Qty) £50-80
190.    A large Marblehead Radio Controlled Yacht, in white with dark blue keel, with masts, sails and remote control equipment, all set in a large wooden box with lift off lid, masts fitted to inside of lid £200-400
191.    Revell and Bandai Model Kits, A boxed group, including a 1:24 scale Revell Metz DLK 23-12 Mercedes-Benz 1422 fire engine (7504), Garrett 1919 Steam Traction Engine (8026) and 1914 Dennis Motor fire engine (0538055) both 1:16 scale by Bandai, all three unmade with some or all bagged parts and instructions, G, Boxes F-G (3) £50-80
192.    Costructo and Sergal Wooden Ship Model Kits, A boxed group, including a 1:65 scale Frigate 'Grimsby' and 1:50 scale H.M.S. Bounty both by Constructor (both with factory sealed contents) and 1:47 scale 1754 bomb vessel 'Racehorse' by Sergal (793) with part factory sealed contents and instructions, G-E, Boxes G-E (3) £80-100
193.    Revell, Bandai and Airfix Model Kits, A boxed group comprising, Revell 1:25 scale Batman Forever Batmobile 6720 ( shop sealed), and Batboat 6722 (opened), Bandai 1:100 scale Winged Gundam O action figure kits (2) one shop sealed the other open but with shop sealed components, together with Airfix Luke Skywalker's X-Wing 10177 (1983), Snow Speeder 10172 (1982) both shop sealed) and A08011 TSR.M2S Stratos 4 (contents shop sealed) G-E, Boxes F-E, (7) £60-80
194.    Bismarck Model Kits, A boxed collection comprising, Airfix 08205 1:400 scale Bismarck/Tirpitz (shop sealed), Academy 1453 1:350 scale (shop sealed), Heller 81078 1:400 scale (2) both with some shop sealed contents, Kangnam 22000 1:400 scale (shop sealed contents) and Lindberg 70825 1:350 scale with partial shop sealed contents, G-E, Boxes F-E, (6) £80-100
195.    Airfix and Revell Models Kits, All boxed aircraft models including, Airfix 1:48 scale A05123, A05117, A07112 all with shop sealed contents, 1:72 scale 04045, 04036 (shop sealed contents) and 10999 opened together with Revell 1:32 scale 04688, 04712, 04284, 1:720 scale 04802 and 1:200 scale 04820 all with shop sealed contents, F-E, Boxes F-G (11) £60-80
196.    Hawk and Airfix Model Kits, A boxed group including Hawk 1:245 scale 70816 Graf Zeppelin (in apparent original condition) together with Airfix 10301 1:72 scale VE Day 60th anniversary (some contents shop sealed), A10105 1:48 scale BAC TSR-2 (2) both with shop sealed contents and 14001 1:24 scale P51-D Mustang (shop sealed) G-E, Boxes F-E (5) £60-80
197.    Vintage Airfix Model Kits, A boxed collection of aircraft models including, 1:24 scale 1201 Spitfire 1A, and 1:144 scale Boeing Clipper, together with ten 1:72 scale examples including Short Sunderland, Invader and others all opened with partial sealed contents, F-G, Boxes F (12) £50-80
198.    Airfix Figural Model Kits, A boxed collection including 1:12 scale Bengal Lancer, thirteen, 54mm models of historical soldiers, two in sealed packets, a 1:32 scale Waterloo French Infantry set, and a Hales 11" Buccaneer Pistol, some sets in shop packaging, G-E, Boxes F-G, (17) £50-80
199.    Vintage Kits by Airfix, Starfix, Revell, Merit , Frog and others A boxed and packaged collection including, Airfix 1:32 scale M5C Jaguar 'E' Type ( shop sealed), Starfix 1:700 scale Concorde (opened), Revell H-193 BOAC 707 (opened), Merit 1:48 scale Bristol Bulldog (contents sealed), Various Frog 1:72 scale aircraft models (some with sealed contents) and an Inpac P202 Hawker Fury (sealed contents), and others G-E, Boxes P-G (20+) £80-120
200.    Airfix Model Kits, Vintage and modern examples including 1:48 and smaller scale models comprising ships, planes cars trains and others such as, 09253 1:130 scale Cutty Sark, 04401 1:24 scale James Bond Autogyro, 03407 1:32 scale Ferrari, 00 scale Harrow locomotive and 4103 1:48 scale Hawker Fury amongst others some models with sealed contents, mostly opened four small aircraft models shop sealed, F-G, Boxes P-G (20+) £50-80
201.    Matchbox Aircraft Kits, Ten boxed 1:32 scale examples of PK-505, DH-82A/C Tiger Moth all opened, G-E, Boxes F-G, (10) £50-80
202.    USA and Other Plane Model Kits, A boxed collection of vintage and modern planes, including 1:48 and smaller scale models by various manufacturers including, Pyro, Monogram, Hobbycraft, Curtiss, Glencoe Models, Upgrade (New Zealand), Williams Bros, Aurora and AMT, some with sealed contents, one shop sealed, F-E, Boxes F-G (17) £50-80
203.    Revell, Artiplast and Esci Model Kits, A boxed collection including 1:48 scale and smaller vintage and modern aircraft, some with sealed contents, one shop sealed, F-E, Boxes P-G, (20+) £60-80
204.    Japanese Model Kits, A boxed collection of 1:48 scale and smaller models all vintage and modern aircraft by Tamiya , Fujimi, Otaki, Academy, Kitech, Hasegawa, Nichimo and others, some with sealed contents, one shop sealed, F-E, Boxes P-G, (25+) £80-100
205.    Heller Model Kits, A boxed collection of vintage and modern aircraft 1:48 scale and smaller including 60421 (shop sealed), twelve 1:72 scale examples including 310 Constellation, and 1:50 scale examples, some with sealed contents, two shop sealed, G-E, Boxes F-G, (15+) £50-80
206.    Italeri and Novo Model Kits, A boxed and packaged collection including 1:24 scale and smaller comprising vintage and modern aircraft, ship, cars and others, some with sealed contents, F-E, Boxes P-G, (25+) £50-80
207.    Matchbox Model Kits, A boxed collection of 1:32 scale and smaller including vintage aircraft and cars, some with sealed contents, four shop sealed, G-E, Boxes P-G (25+) £60-80
208.    Continental and British Model Kits, A boxed collection of 1:48 scale and smaller vintage and modern aircraft, ship, cars and others by various manufacturers including Lindberg, inpact, Supermodel, KP, Playfix, SMER, Nu-Bee and others some with sealed contents, one shop sealed, G-E, Boxes F-G, (25+) £50-80
209.    Heller, Minicraft and Hales Model Kits A boxed group comprising, Heller 1:200 scale, 893 La Sirene and 1:75 scale 815, Nina, (both with partially sealed contents, together with Minicraft 1:26th scale, 11101 Stephenson's Rocket, (sealed contents) and Hales 1:72 scale Fowlers Showman's Engine (sealed contents) G-E, Boxes G (4) £40-60
210.    Tamiya Volkswagen Beetle, Shop sealed 1:10 scale R/C Racing Car (58173) by Tamiya 1996, G-E, Box G £80-100
211.    Revell Classics VW Kafer 51/52 and Other Model Kits, A boxed 1:16 scale 7488 kit by Revell (some sealed contents, together with G Gate 1:18 scale die cast and plastic VW Beetle, Imai B-1321 1:24 scale VW Beetle and LS for Amerang 1:32 scale Volkswagen 2204 (all with partial sealed contents) G-E, Boxes F-G, (4) £60-80
212.    Tamiya, Burago and Academy Model Kits, A boxed group comprising 1:24 scale 24151 Jaguar Mk II Saloon (3) and 24159 Jaguar MkII Racing Saloon, Burago 1:24 scale Jaguar XK120 Roadster 5502 (2) one shop sealed, and 1:18 scale Mercedes 300SL (7013) together with Academy Minicraft 1:16 scale 1935 Morgan, (all with partial sealed contents other than the one shop sealed example) G-E, Boxes G (8) £50-80
213.    Vintage and Modern Car Model Kits, A boxed group including Estes 1:43 scale Dodge Viper Great Garages display kit, Revell 1:24 scale Mercedes 300 (7204) Academy 1:10 scale Harley Davidson police bike (1549) Imai Fab 1 (1B-093) shop sealed and AMT Matchbox 1:25 scale AC Cobra and others (all with partial sealed contents other than the one shop sealed examples) G-E, Boxes F-G (9) £50-80
214.    Boxed Model Kits, Vintage and modern military vehicles, including aircraft, tanks, submarine, armoured vehicles and others by various manufacturers such as Airfix, JB Models, Italeri, PM Models, Revell and others all opened, together with three shop sealed examples of aircraft by Kitech, P-F, Boxes P-F (Qty) £30-50
215.    The Model Slipway 'Bonny and Kelly' Twin Screw Clam Dredger, A boxed scale model (3/8 to 1ft) construction kit for free running or remote control contains fibre glass, die cast, white metal and silk screen printed parts, in apparent original condition with instructions and plans. G, Box G £50-80
216.    Zora Corvette and Scale works, Boxed 1:32 scale white metal 1955 Corvette in red livery by Action Performance from the Zora Arkus-Duntov Collection together with boxed Scaleworks 1:43 scale die cast Craig Breedlove's Spirit of America land speed record jet car and 1963 Spirit of America example (2) G-E, Boxes G, (3) £50-80
217.    Britains Timpo Crescent and other makers Plastic Wild West Figures Stage Coaches and Farm and Wild Animals Timpo Covered Wagon, Stage Coach, Medicine Wagon, Indian Canoe and Tepee, Crescent metal Stage Coach with plastic horses, variety of Britains, Crescent and Timpo figures and some Hong Kong copies (50+), P-F, wagons not complete, together with Britains, Cherilea and Hong Kong animals, fencing and Windmill (80+) F (qty) £50-80
218.    Britains Deetail Knights and other figures, Deetail Mounted Knights (8) Timpo mounted Knight (1), Britains plastic base mounted Knight (1) and one horse, various foot (8), F-G, Britains plastic Mounted Guards (5) and various Airfix WW11 Soldiers and Dinky Toys 6 Pounder Anti Tank Gun, F-G, some Knights not complete (qty) £50-80
219.    Large quantity of plastic Figures by various makers all sizes, including Marx/Hong Kong large scale WW11 (4) Indians (2) and Spaceman, standard size including Crescent and Britains ACW (17), Lone Star, Crescent and Britains WW11 (50), Lone Star Knights (25), Britains Romans (8), large qty of Cowboys, Indians and guards by various makers , together with various Airfix 00 Gauge Figures, Paratroopers (boxed) and unboxed Africa Korps, Japanese and Russian Infantry and others, P-G, large qty) £60-80
220.    Britains Farm Vehicles Farmers Animals and other items, including Ford 5000, 6600 and 135 (2, one lacks bonnet hood) Tractors (4), Baler and cart, Tedder, Seed Drill, Plough and other items, Corgi JF MS-105 and Trailer, Dinky Harrow and Matchbox Muir Hill Trailer, quantity of Britains Farmers, Farmworkers, Fencing, walling and Floral Garden items, generally F, some parts missing (large qty) £50-80
221.    Farm Buildings Vehicles Farmers and Animals by various makers, including wooden Farmhouse, Barn and stable, Corgi Land Rover and Rice Pont Trailer, MF 6-5 and Power Fordson Major Tractors and drivers, trailers and equipment, Britains plastic Sty, Hen Coop, F G Taylor Furnace, Anvil, Horse, Farrier and water pump, Animals and Farmworkers by various makers and collection of Britains Trees and Floral Garden, P-F (large qty) £50-70
222.    Wooden Farm and Britains card Haystack and Farmers Animals and other items, possibly homemade Farm with House, sty and stable on wooden base, Britains card Haystack, various Farm and Zoo Animals, Trees, Fences, Milk Churns, Sacks and Farm workers, Lawn mower, Well, Wheel barrow, Hut and Troughs and other items, F-G (large qty) £50-70
223.    Britain's lead Hunt figures and TG Camel Ride, Britain lady riders(2), three standing Huntsmen, Fox Hounds (7) and Fox, Timpo Dogs (2), Cat (1) and Britains Kennel together with T & B Zoo Camel ride with Keeper, two children and Camel (one leg poor) and a smaller Camel, F-G (23) £40-60
224.    Dinky Toys Britains and other makers Street furniture and figures, including Dinky, Police Box, Telephone Booth, Post Office Pillar Box, Colour Traffic Lights (4), Belisha Beacons (2), Spot-On Bus Stop, Mobilgas Pump and four Hilco? Gauge 1 figures including M Policeman, Milkman (one arm damaged), two passengers and a Sailor, F-G (qty) £30-50
225.    Britains and other makers plastic Farm and Zoo Animals and other items, various Zoo animals including Giraffe, Elephants and Bison (25+) together with large quantity of Farm workers (13) and Farm animals by Britains, Cherilea and others (110+), Fencing (60+), Show Jumpers/Riders (4) and a few bales and Milk churns, generally F-G (large qty) £50-70
226.    Johilco Coronation Coach Britains Guards various lead Soldiers Knights Farm Animals and Sacul Porter, Johilco Coach and Horses with 35mm scale mounted and foot soldiers, in original box, four sets of Britains London Souvenir each with three figures, Guards Band possibly by Crescent (20), English made Knights set, various makers Shire Horses and Sheep, large street lamps (4) and Sacul Porter in green coat with coster mongers barrow, Taylor and Barrett metal windmill , in original box, P-G , card packaging/box F-G (qty) £50-70
227.    Corgi Golden Jubilee Coaches and Little London Figures, 1952-2002 Queen Elizabeth State Landau set, in original mauve box, 1977 Silver Jubilee 1902 State Landau Set, in original window box together with Little Lead London Coldstream Guards Band Ltd Ed 178/1000 twelve piece set, in original box, VG-E, boxes F-VG (3) £40-60
228.    Various Makers Queens Coronation Coaches, 1952-2002 Queen Elizabeth State Landau set, in original mauve box, 1977 Silver Jubilee 1902 State Landau Set, in original window box, Crescent 1977 Royal State Coach (2, one in original box) and State Coach only and Matchbox 40th Anniversary Gold State Coach, both in original boxes and unboxed 1973 Lesney small scale Coronation Coach and State Landau, G-E, boxes F-VG (8)) £60-80
229.    Britains WW11 Infantry and Guards and other items, WW11 Infantry (29, 4 lack heads), Guards (20, 5 lack heads), Wells Brimtoy tin Coronation Coach and Tri-ang Minic Jeep (both poor)two lead waterline model ships and other items, P-G (qty) £20-40
230.    Britains Guards in Winter Coats and Deetail Knights, Deetail Knight mounted (5), Foot (1), Lead Guards with long coats (4), various Scottish Guards including Band (21) and six unpainted figures, F-G (37) £30-50
231.    Stadden Collection Figures and other items, Stadden HP98 3rd East Kent Foot Soldier with flag 1811, Royal Hampshire 95th Rifle Brigade 1810,, Gerry Ford AA Patrol and Sentry Box 1945-1967 and Fire Service with four Firemen, both in original boxes and Oryon World War 11 5003 RAF Aces, in original window box, E, boxes VG (5) £60-80
232.    Del Prado Napoleonic Figures, approx. 50 figures including a canon (in three parts), all in original bubble packs, E, packs VG (approx. 50) £70-100
233.    Hand painted Pewter Soldiers of the Queen Collection, including Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, First Dragoon, 24th Foot, Second W. India, Fanes Horse, 95th Foots Ram, and others, VG (25) £30-50
234.    Royal Hampshire and other Pewter Figures, including Royal Hampshire single figures mounted on wood circa 1800-1850 (8), five sets of un-named double pewter figures on wooden base and three other single figures unattached from green wooden bases, F-G (16) £30-50
235.    Royal Hampshire and other Pewter Figures Hastings English Civil War and later, including Royal Hampshire Figures (3) Pewter Hastings (2), War of the Roses (1), ECW (4), three others and three large figures, Piper Gordon Highlanders, Military Foot Police 1896 and Archer, all mounted on wooden bases (green bases unattached), F-VG (17) £30-50
236.    Royal Hampshire and other Pewter WW11and later Figures, including SAS, Royal Irish Hussars, Paratrooper, Military Police , Gulf War and others together with a large Infantry figure, G-VG (13) £30-50
237.    Corgi Forward March Hand painted Metal Figures and London Blitz Diorama, Figures including Civilians at War, Heroes and Leaders (11) together with CC59164 London Blitz Diorama 1940, all in original boxes, E-M, boxes VG (12) £40-60
238.    Del Prado Napoleonic and WW11 boxed Foot Figures, Napoleonic (approx. 35) and WW11 (approx. 88), all in original bubble packs, E-M, packs VG-E (approx. 123) £140-200
239.    Del Prado Napoleonic and WW11 loose Foot Figures, Napoleonic (approx. 47) and WW11 (approx. 98), F-G, a few with damage, (approx. 145) £70-100
240.    Hinchcliffe Duncan Models and Bygone Age and other Farm and Military Kits Hinchcliffe HE and HF white metal Horse kits and Hobby's Canon and Limber Kit, Blackberry Way Road Rail Tank Kit and Mobile Milk Tank Carrier Wagon Kit, Duncan Model Shepherd's Hut, 2-Wheel Farm Tip Cart, Wooden Barrel Water Cart and Market Float and Bygone Age Coal Merchant's Trolley, all in original boxes/packets, E, boxes VG (10) £50-80
241.    Collection of Fantasy Glamour and Military white metal kits by various makers, including Mascot Models Busty Babette, Room with a view and others, Phoenix Girl, Mermaid and Highwayman, Minifigs (various), Fine Art Cheyenne Girl, Hinchcliffe, PMD, Knight of Crecy by Al Charles and others, all unmade, most in original packets, G-VG, packaging F-G (qty) £50-80
242.    Action Man and Cherilea Vehicles two Action Man figures and another similar with quantity of Action Man clothing and Accessories, together with Cherilea German Motorcycle and Side Car and unmarked Jeep and trailer, F-0G (qty) £40-60
243.    Merrythought and Chad Valley Teddy Bears, Merrythought teddy Pyjama Case with stitched nose and glass eyes, zip to back and label to lower pad (becoming detached)generally f-G, together with a mohair 1960s Chad Valley teddy bear with stitched nose, glass eyes and jointed limbs, P-F worn body and pads (2) £20-30
244.    Large collection of late 50's- 1960s hard and soft plastic Dolls, including BND London, Roddy, Chiltern, Alitoy, Rosebud, Kader and others including various Hong Kong, together with quantity of clothing and accessories, F-G, some dolls damaged/missing limbs, (30 + complete dolls with various parts/accessories) £30-50
245.    a homemade two story Dolls House, finished in cream with green detail, opening to front together with a few pieces of plastic furniture, F £20-40
246.    A large Craft Products Miniatures USA kit built San Francisco Dolls House, constructed in wood, four storey house with verandaand balconies, electric lighting and original building instructions, G-VG, built and finished to a good standard, height 1200mm, width 600mm, depth 700mm £50-80
247.    Various Soft Toys including Noddy and Dolls, large Merrythought Noddy with velvet face, felt clothing and spring neck, P, moth damage and staining, Howdy Doody's Mr Bim Monkey/ Zippy? In yellow and black with rubber face, hands and plimsols, F, some moth damage, together with Pearly King and Queen small Dolls, Tea Cosy Doll, two Topsy Turvy Dolls and Dovina Dutch Doll, F-VG (8) £50-80
248.    A pair of German clockwork musical Monkeys and Yonezawa Bubble Blowing Elephant, one Monkey playing Cymbals and other a drums, in original boxes labelled Lustige Urwald-Musik, G, some moth damage, boxes G and Yonezawa Jumbo the Blowing Bubbles Elephant, in original box, F, not tested, battery compartment clean, box F (3) £50-70
249.    A Pelham Puppet 'Macboozle', with round wooden head, black velvet jacket and tartan kilt and bottle and instructions, in original plain box with and white label, VG, box F £20-30
250.    Lima 00 Gauge BR green Diesel Railcar and Super Sprinter, Cass 117 3-Car DMU Power, Trailer and Centre coach and BR blue/grey 2-Car Super Sprinter, all in individual boxes, VG, boxes G (5) £60-80
251.    Hornby 00 Gauge Diesel Locomotives wagons and Scaledale Accessories, unboxed 0-4-0 orange Bagnell Diesel Shunter and various wagons (9, three boxed), Scaledale Single Tunnel Portals (2) , Portal Side walls (2), Railover River Bridge, Magna Waiting Room, Milk Churns (3 packs ) and Gravestone with Woodland Scenics 24' underlay, all in original boxes, G-E, boxes VG (21) £40-60
252.    Hornby 00 Gauge Rolling Stock and Accessories, Hornby Lima and Mainline unboxed wagons (10), Hornby 4-wheel Track cleaning coach, and kit built Van (lacks wheels), Hornby Station building and Signal box with added detail and lights, unmade R8004 Engine Shed, in original box and Britains Trees spares (lacks bases), F-VG, box G (17) £30-40
253.    Bachmann 00 Gauge London Transport Goods Train, LT maroon L99 0-6-0 Pannier Tank, LT low sided wagon and Brake Van, all in individual boxes, VG, boxes F, all grubby (3) £40-60
254.    Lima and Tri-ang 00 Gauge Diesel Railcars and other models Lima GWR Express Parcels and Passenger Railcars, in original boxes, unboxed Tri-ang BR green DMU, Power (boxed), two Trailers and Centre Coach, K's kitbuilt GWR brown and cream Autocoach, F-VG, Tri-ang grubby and some detailing, boxes F-G (7) £50-70
255.    Tri-ang Hornby Dublo Airfix and Lima 00 Gauge Steam and Diesel Locomotives, Hornby Dublo 'Bristol Castle' converted to 2-Rail, Tri-ang R152 Diesel Shunter (boxed), black 0-4-0T, Deely maroon 0-6-0, black Dock Shunter, black Jinty (two both poor), kitbuilt Airfix Prairie on Tri-ang chassis, pair of kitbuilt Pannier Tanks one K's other on a Tri-ang chassis, Hornby Tolgus Tin 0-4-0 and Lima black and LNER green 0-6-0 tanks, in original boxes, P-F, several with damage and Jinties lack motors, boxes F (13) £50-70
256.    Hornby Lima Airfix GMR Mainline 00 Gauge GWR and BR WR chocolate and cream Coaches, Lima BR WR (6), Hornby GWR (4), Auto and Centenary Coaches (2) and Mainline Collett, all in original boxes, VG, boxes F-G, some grubby (13) £50-70
257.    00 Gauge Coaches Trucks Kits and other Accessories by various makers, Wagons, Lima (50, Hornby (2), Wrenn (2), Playcraft (1), all in original boxes, various makers unboxed (14), unboxed Hornby black Breakdown Crane (lacks match trucks) and Coach, LMS Coach and GNER Coach (lacks one bogie, 1960's onwards unmade Airfix kits, Prairie, Drewey Shunter, Girder Bridge, Station, Fencing and various Trucks, all in original boxes, card headers (16), Faller Girder Bridge and Tunnel Mouths, Superquick unmade Town Shops, Goods Depot, Island Platform, Detached Houses and Water Tower, in original packets, F-E, boxes/packets P-G, some boxes grubby (qty) £50-70
258.    Hornby and Lima 00 Gauge Locomotives, Hornby R078 GWR 'King Edward 1', R761 GWR 'Kneller Hall and R072 BR green Class 25 Diesel, all in original boxes, unboxed Lima BR green Class 55 D9003 'Meld' and Airfix BR green AIA AIA, G-VG, boxes F, grubby (5) £60-80
259.    Airfix 00 Gauge Great Western Suburban Set, comprising Prairie Tank, two coaches, track and transformer, all in individual boxes, in original set box with instructions and No 1 Catalogue, E-M, appears unused, boxes VG-E number '1' in feltip on lid £40-60
260.    Airfix and Mainline 00 Gauge Steam and Diesel Locomotives, Airfix GWR Prairie Tank, Class1400 0-4-2 Tank and BR green A1A A1A Diesel and Mainline LNER green J72 0-6-0 Tank, all in original boxes, E, all appear unused, boxes VG-E (4) £40-60
261.    Lima 00 Gauge Railcars and Siphon Vans, GWR chocolate and cream No 22 Passenger Railcar and No 34 Express Parcels, GWR Siphon G and Palethorpes Siphon G, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (4) £50-70
262.    Lima 00 Gauge Steam Locomotives, GWR 'King Henry V', Prairie Tank GWR green and BR black, Pannier Tank GWR green and BR black and Midland Railway maroon 2-6-0 No 13000, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (6) £80-100
263.    Lima 00 Gauge Diesel and Electric Locomotives, LMS black 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter, BR maroon 'Western Gladiator', BR green Class 55 'Meld', BR green Warship Class 'Sharpshooter' and BR blue class 87 87005 'City of London', all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (5) £80-100
264.    Mainline and Airfix GMR Steam and Diesel Locomotives, GMR GWR 4073 'Caerphilly Castle', Mainline BR green Standard Class 4 75001, GWR green and BR green Collett Locomotives and BR blue Class 45 1CO-1CO Diesel Locomotive, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (5) £70-90
265.    Airfix GMR 00 Gauge Steam and Diesel Locomotives, GMR GWR green 4073 'Caerphilly Castle', Airfix BR green 4079 'Pendennis Castle' and another altered to gloss green GWR and BR blue Class 31 31401 Diesel, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (4) £60-80
266.    Airfix HO Gauge Wild West Locomotives and Coaches, Union Pacific 4-4-0 No 119, Central Pacific 4-4-0 'Jupiter' and two Central Pacific Trap Door Coaches and one Exploding Car, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (5) £50-70
267.    Airfix HO Gauge Wild West Locomotive and Coaches, Central Pacific 4-4-0 'Jupiter', Central Pacific Trap Door Coach and Exploding Car, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (3) £30-50
268.    Lima 00 Gauge Steam and Diesel Locomotives, BR blue Class 33 D6524 and BR green D6506 Diesel Locomotives and GWR green 6000 'King George V' and LNER green 8920 0-6-0 Tank Locomotives, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (4) £60-70
269.    Wrenn 00 Gauge Tank Steam Locomotives, unboxed BR black 2-6-4T 80033, LNER green 0-6-2T 9522 Dublo coupling, LMS maroon 0-6-0T 7420 and SR green 0-6-0T 1127 Dublo coupling, G-VG (4) £60-80
270.    Wrenn 00 Gauge BR chocolate and cream Pullman Coaches, W6001 Car No 73, W6002 'Aries' and W6000 Car No 77, all in original boxes, unboxed Car No 77, Car No 73 and 'Aries', G-E, boxes G-VG (6) £40-60
271.    Wrenn 00 Gauge Goods Rolling Stock, including J Bly, S Harris (2), Watneys Van, Sita Wagon and Clay Cross Ore wagon, all in original boxes and 22 other trucks most in homemade boxes, F-E, boxes G-VG (28) £60-80
272.    Graham Farish 00 Gauge GWR green Locomotives, 0-6-0 Pannier Tank 9410 and 2-6-2 Prairie Tank No 8103, both in original boxes, E, Pannier Tank E, Prairie G, paint loss on one side of cab roof, boxes F-G (2) £40-60
273.    Graham Farish 00 Gauge GWR and SR Coaches, SR (6) and GWR (6), all in original bubble packs, VG-E, packs G-E (14) £70-90
274.    Graham Farish 00 Gauge LMS and LNER Coaches, LMS ( 6) and LNER (6), all in original bubble packs, E, appear unused, packs VG-E (12) £60-80
275.    Graham Farish 00 Gauge Goods Rolling Stock, various SR, GW Vans, PO wagons and Brake Vans, all in original bubble packs and two loose wagons, E, bubble packs, VG (24) £50-70
276.    BR maroon 00 Gauge Coaches by various makers, Suburban and Mainline by Bachmann (3x boxed) , Dapol (2x boxed), Mainline and Airfix, generally F-VG, one poor, boxes F (18) £60-80
277.    Wrenn Tri-ang and Lima 00 Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Wrenn W2231 BR green 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter, in an original box stamped green diesel, F-G, one step broken, part in box, box F, together with unboxed Tri-ang BR green A1A A1A and Lima BR blue Deltic Class 9006 'The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry' Diesel Locomotives, F-G, 9006 Damage to one cab and burn mark (3) £40-60
278.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge Rolling Stock, including D12/21 GWR Coaches (3), LMS (2) and BR blood and custard (2), TPO Mail Van Set, various trucks (16) and D12 Matt green Tender, all in original boxes, together with three unboxed coaches and four wagons, all items have been very well looked after and are generally VG-E, boxes G-VG (31) £80-100
279.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge 3-Rail Track and Accessories, including Turntable, large qty of points and track, various switches, isolating rails, Transformers (2), Buffer Stops, D1 Signals, Loading Gauge, Level Crossing (2), Signal Cabin, all in original boxes together with a few loose items, VG-E, boxes G-VG £50-80
280.    Trix Hornby-Dublo Merit Airfix and other makers 00 Gauge Accessories, Trix Manyways Platform awnings, narrow platform and Crane, in 3004 box, early unboxed Crescent Signals and later Signal Gantry (broken), Graham Farish Pullman Coach, Brake Van and Van, Trackmaster Open Wagons (2), Merit Poplar Trees, Tri-ang Bolster Wagon, Pair of Teeaness Coach bogies, Peco Coupling, all in original boxes, unboxed Dublo Water Crane and Double Arm Signal and Airfix Platform Accessories, generally G-VG, boxes F-G (qty) £40-60
281.    Hornby-Dublo and Tri-ang Hornby 00 Gauge 3-Rail Locomotives, BR green 'Duchess of Montrose' Locomotive and tender and an early green horseshoe motor 0-6-2T repainted in Southern green No 919, F-VG, repaint to an amateur standard , together with a Hornby BR blue Hymek No D7063 converted to 3-rail operation with Dublo Style couplings, G (3) £50-70
282.    Hornby 00 Gauge Locomotives, Class 86 'Phoenix' (lacks Pantograph), SDJR blue 4-4-0 No 44 and LNER green B12 No 8544 and BR black 0-4-0T No 4, F-G (4) £50-70
283.    South Eastern Finecast unmade 00 Gauge C12 4-4-2T Locomotive Kit, with wheels and etched chassis components, in original box, VG, appears complete, box G £30-50
284.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge 2-3 Rail Rolling stock and 3-Rail Accessories, Goods wagons (11, including six tank wagons), Footbridge, Buffer Stops (7 in 4 boxes, maroon Switch, all in original mainly blue striped boxes together with quantity of boxed and loose 3-Rail track and points, F-VG, boxes F-G (qty) £40-60
285.    A Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge converted to 3-Rail 'Denbigh Castle' No 7032 BR green, with instructions (Running Trains dated 3/57), well presented in a red storage box, G, clean conversion, tender with replacement wheels £40-60
286.    Bachmann 00 Gauge 0-6-0 Tender Locomotives, 31-850 LNER black J39 1974, 31-865 BR black J39 64838 and 31-318 LNER black J11 5317, all in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-VG (3) £70-90
287.    Bachmann 00 Gauge Locomotives and Tenders, 31-826 BR green 43xx 2-6-0 6384, 32-575 LMS black Ivatt Class 4 3001 and 32-557 BR green Class A1 60144 'Kings Courier', all in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-VG (3) £80-100
288.    Bachmann 00 Gauge Locomotives and Tenders, 31-136K BR green Class D11 62683 'Hobbie Elliot' exclusive to Bachmann Club and 31-726 GWR green City Class 3433 'City of Bath, both in original boxes, E, boxes VG (2) £60-80
289.    Bachmann 00 Gauge National Railway Platinum Collection Locomotives and Tenders, 31-725NRM GWR City Class 3440 'City of Truro' Ltd Ed 410/1000 and 31-930NRM MR maroon Midland Compound No 1000 Ltd Ed 13/1000, both in original NRM silver boxes with plinths, E, boxes G (2) £80-120
290.    Bachmann 00 Gauge Rolling Stock, various PO wagons and Vans, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (22) £60-80
291.    Hornby 00 Gauge GWR green Locomotives and Tenders, R2828 Dean Single 4-2-2 3064 'Duke of Edinburgh' Ltd ED 1200/2000 and R2916 Class 2800 2-8-0 No 2812, both in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-VG (2) £60-80
292.    Hornby 00 Gauge A4 Commonwealth Collection Ltd Ed and Locomotives and Tenders, R2910 BR green 60010 'Dominion of Canada' 51/1000 and R3008 BR green 60011 'Empire of India' 195/1000, both in original boxes with sleeves, E-M, wrapped in tissue unused, boxes VG-E (2) £80-100
293.    Hornby 00 Gauge BR and GWR green Locomotives and Tenders, R3191 4-6-2 Standard 9F 71000 'Duke of Gloucester' Special Ed and R317 GWR green Class 72xc 2-8-2T No 7202, both in original boxes with sleeves, VG, boxes G-VG (2) £80-100
294.    Hornby 00 Gauge National Railway Museum The Great Gathering and Goodbye A4 Locomotives and Tenders, R3196 The Great Gathering LNER blue 'Mallard' and R3251 The Great Goodbye LNER blue 'Mallard' and R3255 BR green 'Dwight D Eisenhower', all Ltd Ed 326/510, in original boxes with sleeves, E-M, appear unused, boxes E (3) £150-200
295.    Bachmann 00 Gauge London Transport and SECR Locomotives and Tenders, 32-217 LT Class 57xx maroon 0-6-0 Pannier Tank L89 and 31-460 SECR green C Class 0-6-0 592 Locomotive and Tender, both in original boxes, E, boxes VG (2) £60-80
296.    Bachmann 00 Gauge BR WR MK1 Coaches and Rolling Stock, various WR brown and cream coaches (10), WR maroon (2) and seven BR wagons including Guards Van, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (17) £80-120
297.    Tri-ang and Tri-ang Hornby 00 Gauge Battlespace Helicopter and other Rolling Stock, R128K Helicopter Car with set of Commandos, in original scenic box together with 22 other items including Flat wagon with three Minix Vans, Freightliner wagon, Murgatroyds Tanker and TC Tanker and other, all in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-VG (23) £50-80
298.    Tri-ang and Tri-ang Hornby 00 Gauge Coaches and Accessories, R382 Pair of built Composite maroon coaches, R425 Full maroon Brake r330 Sleeping Car maroon, R727 (2) and R728 blue/grey coaches, R283 Platform Figures ( in a box), RT297 Cleaning brush, R414 Double Track Level Crossing, R402 TPO Set, R588 Island Platform Set, all in original boxed, a few unboxed items and Crescent Signals (3, two boxed), generally VG-E, boxes G-VG (qty) £50-80
299.    Tri-ang 00 Gauge Locomotive Railcar Rolling stock and Accessories, R157 BR green DMU and R158 Trailer Car, R52 BR black 'Jinty', WR coaches (2), Blood and Custard (1), various trucks (4), Station Booking Hall and Platforms and Ramps, all in original boxes and large quantity of unboxed Super 4 track and a few unboxed trucks and accessories, F-E, boxes F-G (qty) £80-100
300.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge 2-Rail Locomotives, BR green Class 20 Diesel, and Class 08 Diesel Shunter, 2-6-4 Tank 80033 and poorly repainted BR black 0-6-0 Tank, P-F (4) £60-80
301.    Trix 00 Gauge Locomotives, BR green Warship Class 'Vanguard' Diesel Locomotive, two BR black 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives and Tenders, F-G (3) £40-60
302.    Tri-ang 00 Gauge Locomotives, CR blue 4-2-2 Stirling Single No 123, in part original box, Unboxed SR 2-Car EMU 2-Bil, 2-6-2t (one green, one black), BR black 0-6-0 Jinty (2), Deely 3f, blue 0-4-0 tank and Hornby MR 4-6-2 Single No 14010, P-G (15 including tenders (15) £80-120
303.    Hornby and Bachmann 00 Gauge SR and BR Locomotives, Hornby BR black Schools class renamed 30922 'Marlborough' and Bachmann SR green N Class 2-6-0 1404, and separate BR black 8-wheel tender, G (5 including tenders) £40-60
304.    Mainline 00 Gauge unboxed Locomotives and Tenders, BR black 4-6-0 75006 (4) and green 75001, BR green 46100 'Royal scot', BR black 4-4-0 40569 and SDJR blue 4-4-0, BR black 2-6-0 5328 and BR black 0-6-0 Tank 68745, G (17 including tenders) £100-140
305.    Hornby and Bachmann 00 Gauge Tank Locomotives, Hornby 2-6-4 42363 and 2-6-4 67772 (lacks cab roof and front bogie), black 0-6-0 Jinty , 0-4-0 LMS Saddle Tank 16023 and BR Pug 51235, Bachmann BR weathered black 2-6-4T 80120 (damage to both buffer beams), F-G 6) £50-70
306.    Hornby 00 Gauge Locomotives and Tenders, BR green 4-6-0 45515 'Caernarvon', BR black 4-6-0 45455 and lined black 45422, G (6 including tenders) £40-60
307.    Hornby and Dapol 00 Gauge Locomotives and Tenders, unboxed Hornby BR black Ivatt 2-6-0 46400 (lacks front bogie), BR green 4-6-2 70000 'Britannia', (replacement nameplates, some glue residue), BR black 0-6-0 44313, Dapol BR black 4-6-0 'County of Merioneth' and N Gauge BR black M7 30128, in original box, -VG, box G (9 including tenders) £80-120
308.    Hornby 00 Gauge BR black Class 28xx 2-8-0 Locomotives and tenders three examples No 2857, G (6 including tenders) £50-70
309.    Tri-ang Hornby Dublo Lima 00 Gauge Locomotives and Coaches, Tri-ang R156 SR Suburban Motor Coach, in original box, TC Single Ended Diesels (4, two powered) silver and silver/red coaches (6), poor blue 0-4-0 Diesel body, Lima 00 Gauge GWR Pannier Tank (poor, in original box) and HO BR blue Class 33, Hornby-Dublo 'Duchess of Montrose, and two BR black 0-6-2T, one in pieces and one boxed, BR 0-6-0 body only and Ratio kit built Johnson body only, P-VG, boxes F (20 including tenders) £50-80
310.    Tri-ang Hornby and other makers 00 Gauge Rolling stock, including Hornby LNER Clerestory coach, Hornby, Tri-ang, Lima, Playcraft, Grafar, Mainline and kitbuilt by Peco , K's and Ratio plus some HO American Stock cars, one Tri-ang and four Hornby, in original boxes, P-VG, boxes F (50+) £60-80
311.    Hornby 00 Gauge R1048 'The Western Pullman' Train Set, comprising BR green 'Cadbury Castle' four Pullman Cars, track, controller, trackmat, instructions DVD, together with R8017 Track Pack C, both in original box with outer despatch box, E, wrapped in tissue, unused, box VG £70-90
312.    Hornby-Dublo 00 Gauge Train Set and Accessories, 0-6-0 Goods Set comprising black 0-6-0t , three trucks and track, in original box, 2218 2-6-4T, green short Suburban Coaches (2, one unboxed), Trucks (2), in original boxes and quantity of boxed and loose 2-rail track, F-VG, boxes F-G (qty) £50-70
313.    Hornby-Dublo Tri-ang Master Models Dublo Dinky and other 00 Gauge Accessories, HD Dinky Toys 051 Station Staff (5), in original box and 14 HD plastic figures Workmen and Station Staff (some with glue on bases)with other plastic and metal figures, Master Models Kiosks (3) and Signs (2), Dublo Dinky Land Rover, Horse box with horse and Tractor, Lesney Singer, Morris Pick Up, Thames Van, Pickfords 6x 6 Tractor Unit, Minx and Boat and Trailer, Merit Trees and Lamps (boxed) and various plastic accessories, generally G-VG, boxes G £40-60
314.    Bachmann 00 Gauge Private Owners Wagons, 24 individual wagons, in original boxes and 5 sets with three PO wagons, in original boxes, E, boxes VG (29 boxes, 39 wagons) £80-100
315.    Dapol 00 Gauge mainly Private Owners Wagons, 42 wagons including green Utility Van, a couple of other van, four Ltd Editions and two West Wales Wagon Works, all in original boxes, VG-E, boxes VG (42) £80-100
316.    Hornby Mainline Airfix and others 00 Gauge mainly Private Owners wagons, Hornby (10), Mainline (4), Airfix (1), GMR (1), Graham Farish (1) and Replica (1), all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (18) £40-60
317.    Hornby 00 Gauge SR green Locomotives and Tenders, R380 Schools Class 928 'Stowe' and R374 Battle of Britain Class 21C166 ' Spitfire;, both in original boxes, VG-E, boxes VG (2) £60-80
318.    Bachmann 00 Gauge BR blue weathered Diesel Locomotives, 32-775 Class 37/0 37038, 32-401 Class 25/3 25279 and 32-476 Class 40 40075, all in original boxes, VG, boxes G (3) £60-80
319.    Bachmann 00 Gauge BR green Diesel Railcar Packs, 32-515A Derby Lightweight 2-Car DMU and 31-326 Class 105 2-Car with speed whiskers, both in original boxes, E, boxes VG (2) £100-140
320.    00 Gauge Buildings and Accessories by Tri-ang Hornby Dublo and others, including Tri-ang 0-6-0 Pannier Tank and 0-4-0 Tank, Hornby BR blue Class 25 Diesel Breakdown Crane, various trucks and two coaches, Hornby Dublo 0-6-0 Tank Engine and truck, various Tri-ang and Hornby Station Buildings and platform with seat, People, Signals, Transformers and other Accessories, F-G (qty) £40-60
321.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge 3-Rail Locomotives, unboxed BR green 'Duchess of Montrose' and Class 20 Diesel Locomotive, both VG-E, together with unboxed SR Utility Van and box only for D1 Loading Gauge, G (5, including tender) £40-60
322.    Tri-ang 00 Gauge Locomotives and Coach, BR green 4-6-2 'Britannia', BR blue Class 37 D6830, SR 1st/3rd Coach, TC 4-6-2 Tender and Fleischmann DB black bogie Tender only, F-G (6 including all tenders) £30-50
323.    Tri-ang 00 Gauge Train Set and Accessories, R3X Goods Set comprising Jinty, four trucks, standard track and controller, in original box, R50 BR black 'Princess Victoria' and Tender R55 B B Diesel and two points, all in original boxes, unboxed A unit and three silver and red TC coaches, together with some Britains Trees and Hornby 0 Gauge Signal, F-G, boxes P-F (qty) £50-70
324.    Hornby 00 Gauge Tank Wagons and Coaches R300 GWR Pannier Tank, R252 LNER J83 0-6-0 Tank, R223 Pullman Coaches (4), R421 (3) and R424 (1) BR crimson and cream coaches, all in original boxes, together with unboxed Tri-ang 0-6-0 Jinty, G-E, boxes G-VG (11) £50-70
325.    Trix Twin HO/00 Gauge pre-war American outline Rolling Stock, Caboose, red Union Tank wagon, Box Car and three Lumber wagons two with loads, VG (7) £30-50
326.    Trix Twin 00 Gauge pre-war LNER green 'Pytchley' Locomotive and tender, together with eleven LNER teak style coaches and additional tender, F-G (14 including two tenders) £50-70
327.    Trix Twin 00 Gauge pre-war LMS SR and LNER Locomotives and Rolling Stock, SR black 0-4-0 tender locomotive, green coaches (3), Vans (2), UD Tank wagons (2), Esso tank wagon and Guards Van, LMS maroon 0-4-0 Tender Locomotive and black 0-4-0 Tank, LMS coaches (3), LNER and LMS wagons (19), Signal box and wooden Level Crossing, all in two Set boxes, F-VG, boxes F (qty) £50-70
328.    Trix Twin and Trix Express 00/H0 Gauge Railcar and Tank Locomotive, 20/58 crimson and cream 2-Car Diesel Flyer, in original box, VG-E, box G-VG together with unboxed Trix Express green 5391 0-4-0 Locomotive and tender, F-G, connecting coupling missing, £80-120
329.    Trix 00 Gauge pre-war Track and Accessories and part of 3-rail layout, Trix Bakelite track and points (qty in two large track boxes), Manyways Goods Shed, Transformers (2), Train Controllers (3), Switches (12), Light bulbs and fittings (5 not Trix), two length of inclined track on brick style embankment fully ballasted 3-rail track with siding section and points section and fencing, F-G, some damage to painted paper undersides of embankment (qty) £40-60
330.    Hornby 00 Gauge Train Sets, R1023 Virgin Trains 125 Power , Trailer and Centre Cars only and R1057 The Royal Train 'Princess Elizabeth Locomotive, Tender and three coaches only, R1013 Eurostar Power Trailer and two centre coaches only and R1076 Virgin Trains Pendolino Power, Trailer and Centre coaches only, all in original set boxes, VG-E, Sets have no track or Accessories, boxes G (4) £100-150
331.    Hornby 00 Gauge (Margate and China) Coaches, Margate various SR 6), BR crimson and cream (1) and GWR (2), China, R255 The Master Cutler' 4-coach set (sleeve torn) and R4379 Southern Suburban 1957 3-coach pack, all in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-VG (16) £80-120
332.    Hornby 00 Gauge (China) Goods Rolling Stock, including R6183 Breakdown Crane Set, R178 (2) and R174 (1) SR Utility Vans, R6223A China Clay 3x Hopper Set, R6311 Blue Circle depressed wagon, R6286Bews Seacow (2) and various others, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (21) £100-140
333.    Hornby 00 Gauge Margate and China) Goods Rolling Stock, including R6280, R6279 and R6153B wagon packs, each with three wagons per pack, various LBSC, SR and Loadhall Brake Vans and other wagons, all in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-VG (34 wagons) £80-120
334.    Lima 00 Gauge Coaches, BR SR (16), GWR (1), BR maroon (2), BR crimson and cream (4) and blue/grey (1), all in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-VG (24) £80-120
335.    00 Gauge Coaches by various Makers, including Tri-ang (8), Kitmaster (2), Hornby Pullmans (6), Hornby intercity (1), Bachmann Inter-City (6), maroon (1), SR (1) Lima Parcels (1), Network Southeast (1), Airfix maroon Autocoach, Hornby Intercity 3-Car Set, one bogie incorrect, all unboxed, G (31) £70-90
336.    The Works 00 Gauge Pullman Observation Coach, in chocolate and cream livery, VG £40-60
337.    Wrenn 00 Gauge Brighton Belle Pullman Coaches, Vera', 'Audrey' and Car No 87, one in a Wrenn box (possibly incorrect), VG, box F creased (3) £30-50
338.    Bachmann 00 gauge Wagons, various wagons including China Clay, Private Owners, BR Steel wagons and others, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (36) £80-120
339.    Mainline Airfix Heljan Wrenn 00 Gauge Coaches and Wagons, Airfix BR Inter-City blue grey coaches (6), wagons (6), GMR Siphon H and two trucks, Wrenn Grain wagon, Mainline Parcels Van in maroon (1) and blue (1) and various wagons (10), Heljan 4-wagon Dogfish set and six Hoppers, all in original boxes, E, boxes G-VG (36 boxes) £100-140
340.    Bachmann 00 gauge Wagons, various types including open wagons, China Clay, wagons with hoods, Tank wagons, Private Owners and others, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (45) £100-140
341.    Bachmann 00 gauge Bogie and other Wagons, including Bolster wagons, Well Wagons, China Clay wagons with hoods (3 boxed sets, three wagons per box), Bullied BR green and crimson and cream coaches, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (18 boxes) £80-120
342.    Bachmann 00 gauge Wagons, including China Clay, Hoppers, open wagons , Cattle Truck and others, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (43) £100-140
343.    Bachmann 00 gauge Coaches and Wagons, including Queen Mary Brake Vans (8), Seacow Hopper (4), Royal Mail Full Brake, Thompson Full Brake, Intercity Brake, BR Bullied green (2), all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (18) £80-120
344.    Dapol 00 Gauge Coaches and Wagons, including GWR Cornish Riviera Coaches (2) BR maroon Suburban (4), Short bogie Parcels (2) Private Owners, Hoppers, Grain and others, all in original boxes, VG-E, boxes F-VG (40) £100-140
345.    Lima 00 Gauge Passenger and Goods Rolling Stock various items including BR red and cream Parcels coach, Siphon G, Short bogie Parcels (3), 4-wheel Parcels (3), 6-wheel Tank wagons (11), 4-wheel SR Horse Boxes (2), bogie Hoppers (4), Network south east Coaches (4), BR green Suburban brake (1) and others, all in original boxes E, boxes G-VG (30) £100-140
346.    00 and HO gauge Accessories, including Bachmann HO Gauge Gandy Dancer, Metcalfe Building Kits (9), Wills Scenic kits (8) Parkside Dundas wagon kits (4), Cambrian Wagon Kit, Ian Kirk LNER Buffet Car kit, South East Finecast Tank wagon Kits (2), Prototype Model Bridge Kit, Smallbrook Works wagon Kit, Model Rail UK Colour Light Signal, Ratio Concrete Hut Kit and Roxey Mouldings Platelayers Hut kits (2), all in original boxes/packets, E, boxes VG (qty) £60-60
347.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge 4318 Packing Vans, nine vans for the Breakdown Crane, all unused in original boxes with packing rings, E-M, boxes VG-E (9) £60-80
348.    Hornby 00 Gauge Silver Jubilee Train Pack, R2445 'The Silver Jubilee' comprising Class A4 'Quicksilver' and three coaches, Ltd Ed 1157/2000, in original box, E unused and wrapped in tissue, box VG-E £100-120
349.    Hornby 00 Gauge Coronation Scot Train Pack, R2788 comprising LMS blue streamline 6224 'Princess Alexandra' and three coaches, Ltd Ed 869/2000, in original box with despatch box, E-M, box VG-E £100-120
350.    Hornby 00 Gauge Train Sets, R1019 'Flying Scotsman', comprising LNER 4472 'Flying Scotsmans' three coaches, track, points and controller and R1065 'Northern Belle', comprising LMS 6233 'Duchess of Sutherland' and three Pullman Coaches, track, points and controller, both in original boxes, E, boxes G-VG (2) £100-150
351.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 3-rail Trains, including A4 'Sir Nigel Gresley', Duchesses of Atholl and Montrose, Bristol Castle, each with respective tender, and green and black 0-6-2T's and a BR 2-6-4T, in regular liveries, all P-F, mostly over-varnished, together with a modest quantity of 3-rail track and assortment of rolling stock, mostly P-F (qty) £100-140
352.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Boxed ex-SR Steam Locomotives, comprising R2204 rebuilt MN class 'Bibby Line' no 35020, R2218 WC class 'Wilton' no 34041, both in BR green, and R3107, BR black T9 no 30313, mostly VG-E but Wilton has detached pipework and T9 has damage to cab, boxes VG (3) £100-140
353.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Boxed ex-SR Steam Locomotives, comprising R2221 BoB class 'Tangmere' no 34067, R3115 WC class 'Exeter' no 34001, and Pete Waterman collection R2905 'King Arthur' class 'Sir Meliagrance' no 30452, all in early-crest BR green, all VG-E, boxes VG (3) £120-160
354.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Boxed ex-SR Steam Locomotives, comprising R3328 S15 class no 30843, R3304 Drummond 700 class 'Black Motor' no 30316, and R2355 'Q1' class no 33037, all in early-crest BR black, (R3304 is factory-weathered), all VG-E, boxes VG (3) £120-160
355.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Boxed ex-SR Steam Locomotives, comprising R2621 N15 class no 30799 'Sir Ironside' and R2831 T9 class 'Greyhound' no 30726, in weathered late-totem BR green and black respectively, both VG-E, boxes VG (2) £80-120
356.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Boxed ex-SR Steam Locomotives, comprising R2220 BoB class '92 Squadron' no 34081, and R2219 WC class 'Blackmoor Vale' no 21C123 both in malachite green, 34081 as early BR condition, 21C123 in SR colours, both VG-E, boxes VG (2) £80-120
357.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Boxed 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives, comprising R2234 'King' class no 6002 'King William IV' in late BR green, with Stanier class 5MT 'Black Fives' R2250, no 45253, and R2258 no 44781, in early-crest and weathered late-totem BR black respectively, all VG-E, boxes VG (3) £100-140
358.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Boxed BR (SR) Train Packs, comprising R3162 2-car 2-BIL set representing unit no 2134, together with BR Pull-Push set R3087 containing black M7 class 0-4-4T no 30029 and two coaches, both sets VG, boxes G-VG (2) £100-140
359.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Boxed SR 1934 'Brighton Belle' 5-car Train, comprising R2987 Motor and Trailer cars 88 and 89 pack, with individual coaches R4512 car n0 86, R4513 'Doris' and R4514 'Hazel' to make up the 1934 unit, in Pullman Umber/Cream livery, all G-VG, some missing roofboards (5 cars in 4 boxes) £120-160
360.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Boxed ex-SR Steam Locomotives, comprising R2274 N15 class no 30800 'Sir Meleaus De Lile' and R2712 T9 class 'Greyhound' no 30724, in early-crest BR green and black respectively, both VG-E, boxes VG (2) £80-120
361.    Hornby (China) and Bachmann OO Gauge BR Blue Express Steam Locomotives, both from the preservation era, comprising Hornby R2171 Rebuilt Bullied 'Canadian Pacific' no 35005, and Bachmann 32-550C 'new-build' A1 class 'Tornado' no 60163, both in lined dark blue livery with early crest, both VG-E, boxes VG (2) £100-140
362.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Boxed ex-SR Steam Locomotives, comprising R2169 MN class 'Clan Line' no 35028 in BR green with late totem, and R2622 'King Arthur' class 'Sir Pelleas' no 30778, in early-crest BR green, both VG-E, boxes G (2) £80-120
363.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Boxed SR 'T9' Class Steam Locomotives, comprising R2829 and R3108, T9 class 'Greyhounds' no 314 and 708 respectively, both in SR black with 'sunshine' lettering, both VG, boxes F-G (2) £ 70 -100
364.    Hornby (China) and Bachmann OO Gauge Ex-GWR Steam Locomotives, comprising Hornby R3006 2-8-0 no 3864 in weathered BR black, with Bachmann 31-828 43xx-class 2-6-0 no 5370 and 32-201 an 0-6-0PT no 8763, both in lined BR black, all three with early-crest, all VG-E, boxes G-VG (3) £90-120
365.    Bachmann OO Gauge SR/Ex-SR Steam Locomotives, comprising 31-464 'C'-class 0-6-0 no 593 in SR black livery and 35-077 an E4 class 0-6-2T no 32556, in BR black with early-crest, both VG-E, boxes VG (2) £100-140
366.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR (LMR) Steam Locomotives, comprising 31-211 'Patriot'-class 4-6-0 no 45543 'Home Guard' in lined BR green with late totem, and 31-979A a Standard class 3MT 2-6-2T no 82001, in BR lined black with early-crest, both VG-E, boxes VG (2) £90-120
367.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR (LMR) Steam Freight Locomotives, comprising 31-478 'Super D' class 0-8-0 no 49287, 31-626 class 3F 0-6-0 no 43762, and 31-881 a class 4F 0-6-0 no 43875, all in BR black with early-crest, all VG-E, boxes VG (3) £120-160
368.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR (LMR) Experimental Diesel Locomotives, the famous 'LMS twins', ref 31-995 no 10000 and 31-997 no 10001, both in late-totem BR green livery, both VG-E, boxes VG (2) £100-140
369.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR (SR) Electric Units, comprising 31-376 class 416 2-car EMU set and 31-266 class 419 Motor Luggage Van single unit, both in BR green livery, both VG-E, boxes VG (2) £90-120
370.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR Electric and Diesel Locomotives and DMU, comprising 31-676 class 85 electric locomotive in early blue as no E3058, 32-679 class 45 diesel in green as no D95, and 32-516A Derby Lightweight 2-car DMU in BR green 'speed whiskers' livery, all VG-E, boxes VG (3) £100-160
371.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR Shunting Locomotives, comprising 31-335 class 03 diesel in early black as no 11226, 32-101 class 08 diesel in green as no D3729, and 'Junior series' 30-921 freelance 0-6-0 Saddle Tank in BR black as no 8, all VG-E, boxes VG (3) £70-100
372.    A Group of Earlier OO Gauge Locomotives by Various Makers, including boxed Mainline class 2P no 40568, with unboxed Airfix 4F LMS 4454 (parts missing), a kit-built 4F no 43888, three tank locomotives and other items, varying P-G (qty) £70-100
373.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR (LMR) Steam Freight Locomotives, comprising 31-176 'Crab' class 2-6-0 no 42765, 32-257 'Austerity' class 8F 2-8-0 no 90015, and 32-285 a class 3F 'Jinty' 0-6-0T no 47410, all in BR black, two with early-crest, all VG-E, boxes VG (3) £100-140
374.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR Steam Locomotives, comprising 31-106A '4MT' class 4-6-0 no 75003 in green, 32-301 'Collett' class 0-6-0 no 2260 in plain black, and 32-350 a standard class 4MT 2-6-4T no 80061 in lined BR black, two with early-crest, all VG-E, boxes G (3) £90-120
375.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR (Ex-SR) 'N class' Steam Locomotives, comprising 32-151, 32-152, and 32-154, all in lined BR black as 31860, 31813 and 31843 respectively, two with early-crest, all VG-E, boxes G (3) £100-140
376.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR (Ex-SR) 'Lord Nelson' class Steam Locomotives, comprising 31-405 and 31-409, both in lined BR green as 30852 'Sir Walter Raleigh', and 30865 'Sir John Hawkins' respectively, both with early-crest, VG-E, boxes F-VG (2) £90-120
377.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Hawksworth Coaching Stock, a rake of 6 different coaches in red/cream, and a similar rake in BR maroon, all VG-E, boxes VG (12) £120-160
378.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge BR Crimson/Cream Coaching Stock, comprising 3 Maunsell coaches, 4 Gresley coaches including 2 sleepers, 12- and 8-wheel Restaurant cars, and two suburban coaches, all VG, boxes G-VG (11) £100-140
379.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge BR Mixed Coaching Stock, comprising 3 Southern Suburban 1957 coaches and one other in green, 12-wheel Restaurant car, Gresley buffet car, suburban brake/composite and two ex-LMS parcels vans in crimson livery, another Gresley buffet car in blue/grey, and six luggage/utility brake vans (3 bogie and 3 4-wheel) in blue, green or crimson, all VG, boxes G-VG (16) £120-160
380.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Lighted Pullman Coaching Stock, comprising 3-car 'Golden Arrow' set R4196, with 12-wheeled cars 'Monaco' and 'Car no 294', third class car no 35 and Pullman luggage van R4451, all in Pullman umber/cream livery, all VG, boxes VG (7) £100-140
381.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Lighted Pullman Coaching Stock, comprising 12-wheeled cars 'Neptune', 'Car no 98' and 'Car no 294', and third class car no 55 all in Pullman umber/cream livery, and Southern Railway green luggage vans R4535 and R4340A, all VG, boxes VG (6) £90-120
382.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR Green Diesel Locomotives, comprising 32-060 class 42 'Warship' in weathered green D801 'Vanguard', 32-402 class 25/3 in green as no D7672 'Tamworth Castle', and 32-400 class 25/3 as D7645, all VG-E, boxes VG (3) £90-120
383.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR (ex-LMS) 'Porthole' Coaching Stock, comprising ref's 39-450/55/65/70/75, all in BR crimson/cream livery, all VG-E, boxes VG-E (5) £70-100
384.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR (SR) Coaching Stock, comprising Mk1 restaurant car ref 39-253, 7 other Mk 1 coaches, 3 full brakes and a GUV van, all in Southern Region green livery, and two more unboxed, all G-VG, boxes G-VG (14) £100-140
385.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR Coaching Stock, comprising 4 SR green Bullied Coaches, 4 Thompson full brakes in different liveries, 6 Mk2 coaches (4 green + 2 others), 3 'GUV' vans in different colours and a Mk 1 Pullman 'The Hadrian Bar', varying G-E, boxes F-VG (18) £100-140
386.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR Mail/Parcels Stock, including 3 Mk1 'POS' Vans in Post Office red, Royal Mail Letters red, and BR blue/grey, 4 Rail Express Services vans, a Royal Mail full brake and two PMV vans, all VG-E, boxes G-E, (10) £80-120
387.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR Lighted Pullman Coaching Stock, comprising 1st and 2nd class Kitchen cars, with respective Parlour cars, all in grey/blue 'reversed' livery, and a blue/grey 2nd class bar car, all VG-E, boxes VG (5) £70-100
388.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR Maroon Coaching Stock, comprising 2 Thompson Coaches, 3 Mk1 Restaurant cars, 2 Full Brakes and 5 other Mk 1 coaches, 2 Mk 1 GUV vans, an ex-LMS 50ft Parcels van, all boxed, and an unboxed Buffet Restaurant Car, all VG-E, boxes VG-E (16) £100-140
389.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR (WR) Brown/Cream Coaching Stock, comprising 3 Mk1 Restaurant cars (one unboxed), 2 Full Brakes and 7 other Mk 1 coaches, all VG-E, boxes VG-E (12) £80-120
390.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR Carmine/Cream Coaching Stock, comprising 3 Collett (WR) coaches (one unboxed), 1 Bullied and 1 Thompson coach, Mk 1 Restaurant Car, 2 Full Brakes and 6 other Mk 1 coaches, all VG-E, boxes VG-E (14) £90-120
391.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR Blue and Blue/Grey Coaching Stock, comprising 2 Mk 1 Restaurant Cars, 2 Full Brakes, 6 other Mk 1 coaches, NKV van and ex-LMS 50ft Parcels van, all VG-E, boxes VG-E (12) £80-120
392.    Bachmann OO Gauge Weathered Freight Stock, comprising 6 three-wagon sets, including 'Invicta Rail' exclusive China Clay hoods, others include vans, mineral wagons and conflats, all factory-weathered, all G-VG, boxes G-VG (18 wagons in 6 boxes) £80-120
393.    Bachmann OO Gauge 'Private Owner' Freight Stock, one dozen PO wagons including 7 Bachmann Club editions, all G-VG, some with additional weathering/loads, boxes G-VG (12) £50-70
394.    Bachmann OO Gauge 'Large Filler' Tank Wagons, seven black Mobil tankers (ref 37-675) and 4 black Esso wagons 33-677, all G-VG, boxes VG, with two unboxed silver Esso tanks, G-VG (13) £50-70
395.    Bachmann OO Gauge Assorted Tank Wagons, seven traditional tankers including 7 Bachmann Club editions, with 4 boxed TTA wagons and two more unboxed, all G-VG, boxes G-VG (13) £50-70
396.    Bachmann OO Gauge SR/ex-SR 'Queen Mary' Brake Vans, eleven bogie brake vans, including three different SR versions, EWS, NSE, S&T versions and others, mostly VG-E (one with damage to one corner), with boxes, boxes G-VG (11) £80-120
397.    Bachmann OO Gauge 13-ton Steel Sand Wagons, twenty-three examples in various liveries, some factory-weathered and some with added weathering, mostly G-VG, with boxes, boxes G-VG (23) £60-90
398.    Bachmann OO Gauge 5-plank China Clay Wagons, nineteen examples in various liveries, most added loads and weathering, mostly G-VG, with 25 boxes, boxes G-VG (19 with 25 boxes) £60-90
399.    Bachmann OO Gauge Assorted Boxed Freight Stock, one dozen including vans, cattle wagons and others, G-VG, some possibly with added weathering, boxes VG (12) £60-90
400.    Bachmann OO Gauge Assorted Boxed Freight Stock, one dozen including cattle wagons, Presflo cement wagons and others, G-VG, some possibly with added weathering, boxes VG (12) £60-90
401.    Bachmann OO Gauge Assorted Freight Stock, eighteen including 11 shock-absorbing opens and vans with boxes, 6 assorted steel tippler wagons and one vent van, G-VG, some possibly with added weathering, boxes VG (18) £70-100
402.    Bachmann OO Gauge Assorted Boxed Brake Vans, including ex-SR, ex-Midland, ex-GWR types and BR designs, in various BR-era liveries, all VG, boxes VG (12) £60-90
403.    Bachmann OO Gauge Assorted Boxed Brake Vans, including SR, LMS, GWR and LNER vans and BR designs, in various liveries, all VG, boxes VG (12) £60-90
404.    Bachmann OO Gauge Assorted Departmental Vehicles Freight Stock and Brake Vans, including 4 departmental coaches/vans in olive green or black, three 3-wagon sets with Presflo, Esso Tanks and departmental high-side wagons, unboxed London Transport Brake van and 2 open wagons possibly ex-set, and various other brake vans, some unboxed, together with 5 empty boxes, mostly VG-E, boxes VG (qty) £80-120
405.    Bachmann OO Gauge Assorted Freight Stock and Vans, including conflats with containers, fruit vans, open wagons, hopper wagons and others, most with original boxes, G-VG, some with weathering/extra detailing, (7 boxed + 19 unboxed + 15 empty boxes) £70-100
406.    Bachmann OO Gauge Assorted Freight Stock, 47 wagons, the majority mineral wagons but including 4 bogie vehicles, most with original boxes, G-VG, some with weathering/extra detailing, boxes VG, (qty in 2 boxes) £140-180
407.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR Class 411 '4-CEP' Electric Multiple Unit, ref 31-426, a 4-car unit in Sothern Region green, G, coupler fittings to centre coaches need attention, box F-G £70-100
408.    Lima OO Gauge Assorted Departmental Vehicles and 6-wheel Tankers, including 11 'Seacow' bogie hoppers in various colours (2 axle-sets missing), 12 ex-GWR tank wagons ditto, and others, mostly G-VG, some with added loads or weathering, boxes G (22 boxed + 6 loose) £80-120
409.    Assorted OO Gauge Coaching Stock by Hornby Mainline Airfix and Others, the majority in BR steam-era liveries but with a few LMS/GWR items, including express and suburban coaches, full brakes and others, mostly G-VG, (12 boxed + 14 loose) £80-120
410.    Assorted OO Gauge Baggage and Parcels Stock by Hornby Triang Mainline Dapol and Others, the majority in BR steam-era liveries but with a various SR/GWR and BR blue items, including GW siphons G and H, SR utility vans, Dapol 6-wheel 'Stove' vans, full brakes and others, mostly G, some overpainted or otherwise modified, (11 boxed + 22 loose) £90-120
411.    Dapol OO Gauge Assorted Freight Stock, comprising 15 boxed wagons of various types, 4 more unboxed, and 10 empty boxes, mostly G, some with weathering/extra detailing, (qty) £50-70
412.    Hornby and Flangeway OO Gauge Departmental Vehicles, including 4 'Seacow' bogie hoppers, 5 'Trout' wagons, 4 'Shark' brake vans, a breakdown crane set and 2 Flangeway 'Mermaids', mostly G-VG, most with added loads or weathering, all bar 2 with boxes, boxes G-VG (7 boxed + 10 loose + 8 MT boxes) £80-120
413.    Hornby OO Gauge Freight Stock and Brake Vans, including 12 boxed assorted Brake Vans, 2 WR horse boxes, 5 other boxed wagons, 8 unboxed wagons and Breakdown Riding Coach, and 4 empty boxes, mostly VG-E, some unboxed items with added weathering, boxes VG (19 boxed + 9 loose + 4 MT boxes) £100-140
414.    Mainline and Airfix OO Gauge Freight Stock and Brake Vans, a quantity (35+) of earlier wagons and vans including tankers, coke wagons and others, mostly G, many with added weathering, most with boxes, boxes G (qty) £60-90
415.    A Large Quantity of Kit-built and Modified OO Gauge Rolling Stock by Various Makers, including a GWR bogie full brake van by AJ Models, two 4-wheel GW coaches by Ratio, mineral wagons brake vans and many others, most weathered or otherwise modified, mostly F, some with damage or parts missing (qty in 2 trays) £100-140
416.    OO Gauge Rolling Stock Kits by Various Makers, including Midland coaches and others by Ratio, wagons by Parkside, Airfix, Cambrian, Slaters, W&T and others, in original packagings, appear G-VG but contents not checked (35+) £70-100
417.    OO Scale Road Vehicles by Various Makers, buses, trucks, cars, tractors and other items by Oxford, Lledo, Classix and others, including some in boxes, mostly VG, many with boxes (qty in 2 boxes) £70-100
418.    OO Gauge Spare Parts by Various Makers, a large quantity of spare bogies, wheelsets, couplings and other items, together with a number of rolling stock items for spares or repair, model boats and other parts, mostly G-VG (qty) £50-70
419.    OO Scale Buildings and Scenic Accessories by Various Makers, including approx. 10 boxed resin-cast buildings by Bachmann and Hornby, many other unboxed buildings including a scratch-built row of cottages and others from kits, together with unmade kit buildings, paints, scatter materials and many other layout items (qty in 3 boxes) £80-120
420.    Peco OO Gauge Track and H&M Controllers, a quantity of Peco track including 15+ points, crossings and other items, together with two H&M 'Duette' controllers and a 'Clipper' unit with box, and a boxed but mismatched Hornby-Dublo Mail Van set, with 2-rail box and track unit but 3-rail mail coach, and a box of EMPTY rolling stock boxes mostly by Replica railways, overall F-G (qty) £40-60
421.    A Hornby OO Gauge R1036 'Smokey Joe' Goods Train Set, with 0-4-0ST locomotive, 4 wagons, track, controller and trackmat, VG in original box £40-60
422.    A Mixed Box of OO Gauge Railway Items by Hornby-Dublo Hornby H&M and Others, the H-D 3-rail comprising incomplete 'Duchess of Atholl' and BR black 0-6-2T Locomotives, with Atholl tender, two LMS coaches, GW open wagon, track and other items, all P, with Hornby (Margate) B12 black locomotive with some transfers missing, station, signal box and water tower, a Routier 'Brakeman' controller, H&M selector switch unit and various other controllers for Hornby O Gauge and Dublo mostly G (qty) £50-70
423.    Hornby 00 Gauge Train Sets, R1102 'The Cornish Riviera Express', comprising GWR green 'Cardigan Castle', three coaches, track, point, track mat and controller and R1048 'The Western Pullman' comprising BR 'Cadbury Castle', four Pullman Coaches, track, points and controller (no CD or track mat), both in original set boxes, VG, boxes F-G £120-160
424.    Hornby 00 Gauge Train Sets, R1094 'The Royal Scot' comprising BR blue 'City of Bristol' and four coaches, track, points, track mat and controller (does not include station) and R1040 'The Mallard' comprising BR blue 60022 'Mallard' two coaches, track, points, track mat and controller ( no DVD), both in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-VG (2) £120-160
425.    Hornby and Bachmann 00 Gauge Train Sets, Hornby R1101 'The Blue Highlander' comprising CR blue 0-4-0 Tank engine, three trucks, 4-wheel coach, track, points, lineside accessories and controller (unused) and Bachmann 'The Coaler' comprising GWR 0-6-0 Pannier Tank, three trucks, track and controller, both in original boxes, E-M, boxes VG-E (2) £70-90
426.    Hornby 00 Gauge Train Sets, R1087 Venice Simplon Orient Express British Pullman comprising BR green 35020 'Bibby Line', three Pullman Coaches, track, points, track mat and controller and R1119 'The Golden Arrow' comprising BR green 'Boscastle' three Pullman coaches, track, points, track mat and controller, both in original boxes, E, boxes VG (2) £140-200
427.    Hornby 00 Gauge Train Sets, R1057 'The Royal Train' comprising LMS crimson 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' three coaches, track, points and controller and R1103 'The Mallard Passenger' comprising LNER blue 4468 'Mallard', three Pullman coaches, track, points and controller (lacks small transformer) unused, both in original set boxes, E-M, boxes VG (2) £140-200
428.    Hornby 00 Gauge BR Locomotives, R2717 BR green Britannia Class 70015 'Apollo', R2785 BR green Class 9F 92220 ' Evening Star' and R2229 BR black Class 8F 4 8154, in original boxes, E, boxes VG (3) £120-160
429.    Hornby 00 Gauge BR and GWR green Locomotives, R2280 BR Castle Class 5073 'Blenheim Castle' and R2937 GWR County Class 1006 'County of Cornwall', both in original boxes, E, boxes VG (2) £80-120
430.    Hornby 00 Gauge Tank Locomotives, R2214A GNR green 0-6-2T '1763', R2674 LMS maroon 3F 0-6-0T '7413', R2325B LNER lined black Class J83 0-6-0T '9819' and R2375 Virgin Class 06 0-4-0 Diesel Shunter, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG together with Margate Hornby R051 GWR green 0-6-0 Pannier Tank 8751, in original box, F lacks lettering and chimney cap, box F-G (5) £80-100
431.    Bachmann and Mainline 00 Gauge Steam Locomotives, Bachmann 31-855A BR black J39 0-6-0 '64897' and 31-550 BR green V2 60800 'Green Arrow' (damaged a/f) and Mainline 954158 LNER black Class N2 0-6-2T 4744, all in original boxes, F-VG V2 A/F, boxes F-VG, N2 cellophane poor (3) £60-80
432.    Hornby 00 Gauge Coaches, including R4128 and R4128A Coronation Scot, R4332 (2) and R4333 LNER teak, R4179 and R4182 BR crimson and cream ( both boxes lack inserts) and LMS Royal Mail Coach, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (8) £80-100
433.    Hornby 00 Gauge Train and Wagon Packs, R2670 comprising GWR 0-4-0T and three trucks, R6227 Breakdown Crane Pack (2), R6290 GW Brake Van and four PO wagons and R6289 BR brake Van and four ICI Tank Wagons, all in original boxes, E-M, appear unused, boxes VG-E (5) £80-100
434.    Piko HO Gauge Steam Locomotives, DB black, BR015 4-6-2, BR642-6-2T and BR24 2-6-0, all in original boxes, E,appear unrun or test run only, boxes G (2) £60-80
435.    Piko HO Gauge Steam Locomotives, DB black, BR52 2-10-0 19-20 and BR86 2-8-2T, both in original boxes, E, appear unrun or test run only, boxes G (2) £50-70
436.    Piko HO Gauge Diesel Locomotives, DB maroon BR130 005-2, BR110 025-4 and green with white stripes BN150 04-0 Shunter, all in original boxes, E, appear unrun or test run only, boxes G (3) £50-70
437.    Schicht HO Gauge Coaches, blue MAV (2), blue/white Rekowagen (3), all in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G (5) £30-40
438.    Piko and Marklin HO Gauge wagons, variety of 4-whell and bogie wagons including Tankers by Piko (26), Marklin 4617 and 4419 (2) and Dietzel wagon(1), all in original boxes, VG-E, most appear unused, boxes G-VG (29) £80-120
439.    Siba Signals Permot Points and other HO Gauge Accessories, Siba electric Semaphore Signals (3), Colour Light (5) and electric Level Crossing, Permot 2-Rail electric Points (10 (in five boxes), Berliner Bahnen switch blocks (9) and three Controllers, ITEMOS 513/701 Diorama with Grounded Van and tree, all in original boxes, E, all appear unused, boxes G-VG (qty) £40-60
440.    Pre-war Marklin HO Gauge short bogie Coaches, repainted two tone green with early couplings, F (3) £30-50
441.    Pocher American HO Gauge Old Timer Locomotive and Coaches sand other makers Crane and Rolling Stock, Pocher 4-4-0 V & TRR 'Genoa' and two coaches, Athean Santa FE Crane and SP match truck together with various SP Trucks and Stock Cars (5) with Norfolk and Western Caboose, G (10) £60-80
442.    Primex HO Gauge 3017 2-Car S-Bahn Railcar Set, in red and cream, in original box, E, box VG £60-80
443.    Marklin HO Gauge 37345 SBB CFF FFS Cargo 421 397-1 Electric Locomotive, in blue and red, in original box, E, box VG £60-80
444.    Marklin HO Gauge 34831 Electric Goods Drive Car, LAG 895 in grey, in original box, E, box VG £60-80
445.    Marklin HO Gauge 34210 DB maroon V140 001 Diesel Locomotive, in original box, E, box VG £68-80
446.    Marklin HO Gauge DB and SBB Coaching Stock, including 4369 SBB Restaurant Car, 4365 SBB 2nd Class, 4332,43721 and 4171 DB Coaches, 4314 DB 4-wheel Coach and 41351 K.bay Sts Express München 3rd Class Passenger Coach, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (7) £80-120
447.    Marklin HO Gauge Goods Rolling Stock, including 48012 DB Cargo Hoppers (2), 477711 Timber bogie wagon, Shell and Aral Tank wagons, Barrel Wagon and others, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (14) £80-120
448.    Marklin HO Gauge Car Transporters and Wagons with Vehicle loads, 4233, 4234, 4084 and 4712 (2) Car Transporters with 14 vehicles, 4424 and 4474 Wagons with Tractor Loads, 44241 with Road Roller, 46063 with Fire Chief VW and 46285 with two lorries, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (10) £100-140
449.    Life-Like and Tyco HO Gauge Trains, Life-Like Train Set comprising Single Ended Diesel two trucks, Caboose in 200 Years Anniversary livery with transformer, in base of original box and three buildings which were originally part of the pre-formed 4-section layout ( not included), together with six items of Tyco Rolling stock, in original boxes, G-VG, boxes G (qty) £40-60
450.    Marklin HO Gauge Locomotives DG green 3039 E40 210 and 3034 E41024 Electric Locomotives, in original boxes together with unboxed DB black 4-6-2 01 097 Steam Locomotive and tender, F-VG 3039 some paint flaking on one side, boxes F-G (4 including tender) £50-70
451.    Hornby 00 Gauge Rolling Stock, including R127 Castrol Tank Wagon (4), R6424 Car Transporter and various open trucks, Van and Brake Van, all in original boxes, E-M, boxes VG-E (21 + one Bachmann cattle truck) £80-100
452.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge 'Stove' and other Coaching Stock, maroon 6-wheel Passenger Brake Van 'Stove', Full Passenger brake van, five Pullman Cars, all G-VG, short maroon Suburban Brakes (2) and Gresley brake, F (10) £70-90
453.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge BR SR green Corridor Coaching Stock, four 1st/2nd and four 2nd/Brake coaches, G-VG, three with foxing (5) £80-100
454.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge Horse Boxes and Bachmann Queen Mary Brake Vans, Dublo green Horse Boxes (2, one with a horse) and maroon Horse Box (repaired) green Utility Van (lacks glazing), Bachmann SR and BR Queen Mary Brake Vans, F-E (6) £30-50
455.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge BR SR full length Suburban Brake coach and short Suburbans, 4082 Suburban Brake, VG, together with four short suburbans coaches (two brakes) VG (5) £40-60
456.    Hornby Dublo and Trix 00 Gauge Coaches, eight Dublo BR, LMS and LNER Teak coaches, P-F, together with three Trix Southern Railway green SR coaches, All 3rd, Restaurant Car and Brake, G (11) £20-30
457.    Large collection of Hornby Dublo and other makers 00 Gauge goods rolling stock, 90 Dublo 2 and 3-rail wagons including SR open wagon and two GW Cattle Trucks, together with a few Tri-ang Bachmann, Airfix and Lima wagons, P-G, mainly F (100+) £80-120
458.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge ICI Bogie Tanker, together with two white ICE Tank wagons, Power (2), UD, Traffic Services and Esso Tank wagons, F-G, all grubby (8) £30-50
459.    A rare Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge Track Cleaning wagon, VG £100-150
460.    Graham Farish 00 Gauge Coaches, SR (6), LNER teak style (4), all in original bubble packs, E, boxes VG (10) £50-70
461.    Hornby 00 Gauge China and Margate Pullman Coaches, China, , 'Niobe', Car No 161 and Car No 166 , all with lighting (not tested) , Margate Golden Arrow blue/grey Pullman Coaches (3) and China SR green full parcels coach, G-VG (7) £50-70
462.    Hornby China 00 Gauge Coaching stock, BR maroon 'Manxman' (9) and three others, VG (10) £60-80
463.    Hornby China and Margate 00 Gauge Coaching stock, China Gresley crimson and cream 'Master Cutler' (2), LNER Teak (6), BR Mk 1 blood and custard and Margate Inter-City blue/grey (3), VG-E (12) £60-80
464.    Trix 00 Gauge BR Passenger Train Set and other Locomotives, Trix Set comprising BR green 4-4-0 'Pytchley' Locomotive and Tender, and three blood and custard coaches, in original set box, together with unboxed Warship Class Diesel 'Vanguard' and BR black 0-4-0 Tank Engine, G-VG, one side of Warship with damp marks, box G £50-70
465.    Trix 00 Gauge Meteor Diesel Express 3-Car unit, in maroon and cream, with instructions, in original box, G, cream areas poorly repainted, box F, lacks lid £60-80
466.    Trix 00 Gauge Goods and Passenger Rolling Stock Accessories and Literature, various goods wagons including Crane Set, Weltrol wagons, Tank wagons, Well wagons with boiler, transformer and Cable Drum loads, all in original Trix boxes, (10), various unboxed wagons (11), WR Coaches (2) and Pullman Diner and Saloon, in original boxes, accessories including Yard Lamps (3), Derelict Coach, Buffers (2), Colour Light Signals (4), various Switches (9), Carbon Brushes, Collector Shoes, many in original boxes, literature including various Gazettes, Catalogues, Instructions and Permanent Way Manuals, generally F-VG, boxes F-G (qty) £60-80
467.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge accessories, including 5085 Surburban Station, 5020 Goods Depot, 5005 Engine Shed (windows glued in place), D1 Signal Box, Island Platform (2) and Footbridge, all in original boxes, unboxed Signals (2), Loading Gauge, Water Crane, Containers (2), Meccano sacks (3), Cable Drums (2), 1962 Catalogue and Station Staff (6), G-E, boxes VG £80-120
468.    00 Gauge Accessories by various makers, including Merit Goods depot (built) and Hedges ( boxed)Tri-ang Girder Bridge (lacks centre joiners, repainted Signal box and Waiting room, Airfix Water Tower and Travelling Cranes (built), Corgi Radar, T&B ? Haystack, scratchbuilt Oil depot and platforms, together with a large quantity of plastic accessories by Merit, Airfix, Tri-ang , Playcraft and others including Figures, loads, fencing, signs and other items, F-G (qty) £40-60
469.    00 Gauge Accessories by Master Models Britains Liliput Tri-ang and others, including Master Models Signal Gantry, Fencing, Kissing Gate, Sign, Police Box, Platform Trolley and loads, F G Taylor plastic Street Lamps (6), Merit Schoolboys (boxed), Tri-ang Minic Telephone Booth, RAC Hut and Model Land Wood Hut, Britains Liliput Tractor and Harrow, Horse and Cart and various figures and animals, Trix Telegraph Poles and other items, F-VG (qty) £40-60
470.    Triang-Hornby OO Gauge RS8 and RS24A Train Sets, The Midlander' and 'Polly' Freight sets respectively, RS8 with series 4 track and RS24A with system 6, contents F-G, Midland cab transfers missing, boxes F (2) £50-80
471.    Triang-Hornby OO Gauge R553 'Caledonian Single' and Coaches, the locomotive and tender as CR no 123 in blue, both in original Triang boxes, together with two boxed CR R427 and one R428 coaches, all VG-E, and another R427 coach unboxed, F, white areas discoloured (6) £60-90
472.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Boxed Steam Locomotives, comprising two R150 LNER B12's, one R857 Ivatt 2-6-0 in black and a R055 LMS crimson Fowler 2-6-4T, all VG, boxes G (4) £60-90
473.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Boxed GWR Steam Locomotives and Clerestory Coaches, comprising R313 'Hagley Hall', R761 'Kneller Hall', R759A 'Albert Hall' (in open-fronted box), R392 'County of Bedford', two R122 and one R123 clerestory coaches, all G-VG, boxes F-G (7) £70-100
474.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Boxed BR Diesel Locomotives, comprising R352 'Western Courier' in crimson, R072 class 25 in green, R758 'Hymek' in blue, three R156 (green) and one R152 blue 0-6-0 shunters and one R253 dock shunter in black as no 3, varying G-E, boxes G-VG (8) £70-100
475.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Boxed BR Steam Locomotives, comprising R552 'Oliver Cromwell' and, R861 'Evening Star' in green, R061 'black five' in LMS black with alternative nameplates included, and SR green R154 'Sir Dinadan', all VG, boxes G-VG (4) £70-100
476.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Steam and Diesel Shunting Locomotives, comprising boxed R353 LBSC brown 0-6-0T, R052 LMS red 'Jinty', and R755 black 0-4-0T no 6042, all VG, boxes G-VG, together with unboxed green class 31 and 08 diesels, red Dock shunter no 3, maroon R254 steeple-cab electric (sans pantograph) and a Fleischmann German 0-4-0DS no 1306 in red with Triang couplers fitted, all G-VG (8) £80-120
477.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Steam Tank Locomotives, comprising boxed R59 2-6-2T in BR green, G-VG, some foam residue, box F, with unboxed LMS red 'Jinty' 7606, lined black Jinty 2021, three BR black Jinties all 47606, London Transport red 'Pannier' L90, with green 0-4-0T no 27 and blue (Nellie) missing nameplates, mostly G-VG, some transfer loss (9) £70-100
478.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Steam Tender Locomotives, comprising boxed R450 4-4-0 in LMS black no 690 and BR green 'Princess Victoria', both G-VG, boxes G, with unboxed LMS red 'King George VI' no 6244, LNER green 4472 'Flying Scotsman', both VG, lined green L1 4-4-0 no 31757, BR black 'Princess Victoria' and repainted LMS crimson 'Princess Elizabeth', mostly G-VG, (2 boxed + 10 inc tenders) £80-120
479.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge LMS/LNER Steam Tender Locomotives and Coaching Stock, comprising unboxed LMS 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' in maroon, with 13 assorted LMS/LMR crimson coaches, 8 in boxes, and boxed LNER green 'Cheshire' no 2753 with 6 assorted boxed LNER 'teak' coaches and 2 more unboxed, overall G-VG, boxes mostly G-VG (24 inc tender) £80-120
480.    Triang and Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Coaching Stock, including 7 boxed GWR coaches and 3 unboxed, 2 boxed SR green, 7 boxed BR red/cream, with 5 unboxed Triang Pullman cars, one by Hornby, with green Triang suburban coach and a red utility van, all G-VG, boxes G (27) £100-140
481.    Triang/Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge 'Blue Pullman' Diesel Units, comprising 2 pairs (1 powered, 1 unpowered) driving ends in original blue/white, 2 pairs with yellow ends, 3 centre coaches, and a further original pair of end cars lacking motor bogie, overall G-VG, unboxed (13) £90-120
482.    Triang/Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge BR green Diesel Multiple Units, comprising 2 pairs (1 powered, 1 unpowered) driving ends in BR green all unboxed, G-VG, together with 2 boxed R334 centre coaches, both VG-E, boxes G-VG (6) £70-100
483.    Triang/Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Boxed Freight Stock, comprising 3 R670 Palethorpes vans, 2 R671 LMS milk vans, Eastbourne Hobbies van, Horse Box coupling converter and 16 others, all VG, boxes G-VG (23) £70-100
484.    Triang/Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge 'Unboxed' Freight Stock, comprising 39 assorted wagons in home-made boxes, black Engineers coach, Freightliner with 2 containers, cattle wagon, Cory mineral wagon and others, mostly G-VG, (65+) £90-120
485.    Triang/Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge 'Transcontinental' Locomotives and Stock, including boxed R653 Continental 2-6-2T locomotive with moulded cabside plates 131TB 12 and single dome, VG-E, box G-VG with original instructions, together with unboxed 2 powered double-ended diesels in blue/yellow and 6 matching coaches, TR7192 searchlight car complete, VG-E, and 17 other T/C wagons, mostly F-G, 4 in boxes (27) £100-140
486.    A Collection of Part-dismantled Triang/Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Locomotives and Spare Parts, including 2 continental 4-6-4T's, BR 2-6-2T's, Princesses, 'Hiawatha's', L1 and 2P 4-4-0's, three diesels and others, some largely complete but all lacking parts or requiring re-assembly, together with some brand new packeted spare parts (coupling rods and the like), and assorted rolling stock, some repainted, all "requiring attention" or for spare parts, varying P-G (qty in 2 boxes) £100-140
487.    Boxed Lima OO Gauge Trains, including BR green 0-4-0DS no D2785, 6-wheeled tank wagons in various colours, Palethorpes Siphon G, open wagons, horse boxes and others, all VG, boxes G (21) £50-80
488.    Boxed Airfix/GMR OO Gauge Freight Stock, twenty-seven assorted 4-wheel vans, open wagons and conflats, with 2 bogie GWR siphon wagons, all VG, boxes F-G (29) £70-100
489.    Boxed Airfix/GMR OO Gauge Coaching Stock, comprising 5 GWR 'Centenary' coaches, 2 GW Autocoaches and 2 'B-set' coaches, all in brown/cream livery, with 3 BR blue/grey mk 2 coaches and 2 accessory boxes from a set, all VG, boxes G-VG (14 boxes) £50-80
490.    Boxed Mainline OO Gauge Rolling Stock, comprising 35 four-wheeled wagons including tankers, vans, open wagons and others, with 3 BR blue/grey mk 1 coaches, all VG, boxes G-VG (38) £90-120
491.    Boxed Trix/Liliput OO Gauge Plastic Rolling Stock, comprising 3 brown/cream un-named Pullman cars in blue boxes, 14 different PO open wagons in various-type boxes, and an earlier TTR tinplate full brake in BR maroon, mostly VG, boxes G-VG (18) £70-100
492.    Playcraft/Jouef HO Gauge Rolling Stock, including SNCF coaches (5), luggage van, 2 four-wheel suburban coaches, 4 boxed wagons, 4 boxes passengers, island platform, small clockwork diesel locomotive, switches and other items, and an American Life-Like Crane wagon, mostly VG, approx. 60% in original boxes (qty) £50-80
493.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 2-rail Freight Stock and Parts, including 47 assorted wagons in home-made boxes, mostly G, and approx. 17+ unboxed with sundry parts/spares, mostly P-F (qty in 2 boxes) £70-100
494.    Hornby-Dublo and Other OO Gauge 2-rail Locomotives Coaching Stock and Parts, including unboxed 8F 48109, green R1 31340, both G, a repainted 2-6-4T in GWR green, an incomplete late Farish GW 2-6-2T, a Gaiety 0-6-0PT body on H-D chassis, one Western and one Southern Region 'super-detailed' coaches, and a modest quantity of spare parts in uncommon original boxes varying F-VG (qty) £70-100
495.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 2-rail 'Red Dragon' Set Track Controllers and Scenic Accessories, the set ref 2021 with 'Cardiff Castle' locomotive and two WR coaches, all VG, in set box, box P-F, together with level crossing, island station, boxed extension platform fences (7 in 2 boxes), other scenic accessories, various H-D controllers and a quantity of 2-rail track, mostly F-G (qty in 2 boxes) £80-120
496.    Triang/Hornby Track Controllers and Scenic Accessories, including turntable, large quantity of system 6, series 4 and series 3 track, Triang scenic accessories (some boxed), various H&M, Hornby and H-D controllers and other layout items, mostly F-G (qty in 3 boxes) £50-80
497.    Airfix and Kitmaster OO Gauge Railway Kits, including partly-made Italian Tank, unmade 0-4-0ST, Prairie Tanks (2), Railbus and Mineral wagon, all VG, with made-up Schools, Mogul, 9F, Rocket, tank wagon and other items, (mostly F), together with a box of unused Peco-Simplex couplers and other accessories, G (qty) £30-50
498.    Triang OO Gauge Diesel Trains, comprising individually-boxed 3 Blue Pullman Cars (Power car, Trailing and centre car) in original 'Nanking blue', together with an A1A-A1A diesel in BR green, all in original boxes, G-VG, boxes G (4) £50-70
499.    Triang and Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge Rolling Stock, including 2 SR green coaches, 2 converter wagons, 7 other small wagons, boxed well wagon with crane load, two boxed H-D wagons and three other items, mostly G-VG, majority in boxes, boxes G, one or two flaps missing (18) £50-70
500.    Triang and Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge Train Set Track and Scenic/Layout Items, including Tri-ang 'Jinty' goods set in part original box, boxed turntable for standard track, ore hopper set and mail set for series 3 track, boxed H-D metal girder bridge, controllers, Triang track of various types (Std/S3/S4), scenic items by Merit and others, mostly G-VG, slight rusting to some steel parts (qty) £70-100
501.    A French HO Gauge 3-rail Electric Railcar by PMP, in red/cream livery with spring steel couplings and 'jewelled' headlights, overall G, a few small chips and rubs to paintwork, some corrosion to internal ballast weight £100-140
502.    An Uncommon Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge Rail Cleaning Wagon, in black with white lettering, unboxed, lacks cleaning wicks £50-70
503.    A Collection of OO Gauge Trains by Hornby and Others, including Hornby (China) class 466 2-car unit in Connex colours (G-VG), three older BR blue diesels by Triang-Hornby and Airfix, parts of 4 Triang 'Jinties', approx. 20 very assorted coaches, approx. 20 wagons, track, controller and some scenic items, mostly F, some items repainted (qty) £100-140
504.    Hornby (China and Margate) Grafar and Bachmann 00 Gauge Trucks, eight Bachmann 38-386 12T Fruit Van BR Bauxite, all in original boxes, in two despatch boxes, M, boxes E, unboxed Hornby China including, RMC Hoppers (3), ESSO Dalkeith Tank Wagons (3) and various open trucks, Brake Van and ESSO fuel oil Tank wagon, Bachmann Cattle Trucks (3) and Grafar NE open trucks (2),, generally VG (41) £60-80
505.    Tri-ang Hornby 00 Gauge Locomotives for spares and Coaching Stock, Locomotives including LNER Flying Scotsman (Cab badly damaged) , Britannia (2), 2-6-2T, all spares only with several parts missing/broken, together with ten coaches including CN Observation Car, SR Suburban Brake and Composite (both re-wheeled) and others, F (21 including Tenders ) £40-60
506.    Large collection of Hornby and other maker 00 Gauge Station Buildings and card buildings, including Hornby Canopy Station and large quantity of card buildings including Garages, Engine Sheds by Metcalfe, Superquick and other makers, F-G, some buildings with damage (qty) £40-60
507.    Large quantity of 00 Gauge Track and points and Accessories by Peco and Hornby, including Thirty 0ne mainly Hornby Points (16 boxed), Isolating Track (2), Uncoupling Track (4) all boxed, 20+ Point Motors in huts, 32 switches and large quantity of track and Peco Turntable (requires TLC) , mainly modern and in clean condition together with some Tri-ang Super 4, generally VG, boxes VG (large qty) £100-150
508.    Large quantity of 00 Gauge Lineside Accessories by Hornby Merit and others, including hundreds of figures, platform accessories, Lamps, seats, fencing, barrels, Telephone Booths, Harburn items including Gardens, Animals, Water Cranes, Loading Gauge and many more accessories including large number of trees, most unboxed, generally VG (large qty) £50-70
509.    A pair of Gaugemaster Model D Twin Track 00 and N Gauge Model Railway Controllers, both in original boxes, VG, glue marks on knobs, boxes G (2) £40-60
510.    Tri-ang and Hornby (China) Streamline Locomotives and other items, Tri-ang blue Coronation 6220 and BR green 'Britannia', Hornby LMS maroon 'Duchess of Devonshire and Virgin 0-4-0 Diesel Shunter, together with three LMS MAROON Coaches and two static models of Mallard and Class 80 'Coronation', all unboxed, F-VG (12 including tenders) £80-120
511.    Bachmann OO Gauge GWR/SR Steam Locomotives, comprising 32-003Z special edition 'Pitchford Hall' in GWR green, and 32-160 N class Mogul 1406 in SR olive green, both VG, boxes G (2) £70-100
512.    Bachmann OO Gauge LMS Steam Locomotives, comprising 32-175 'Crab' 2-6-0 in LMS crimson, and 32-827 Ivatt 2MT class 6404 in post-war LMS black, both VG, boxes F-G (2) £70-100
513.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR Locomotives, comprising 32-525A 'Deltic' 'The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry' in two-tone green (number decals 55 002 largely removed), and 32-825 Ivatt 2MT class 46521 in BR green, both G-VG, boxes F-G (2) £70-100
514.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 2-rail 3-car Southern Electric Unit, in BR green with motor coach, driving trailer and centre coach, overall G, motor coach has one bogie side frame missing, home-made replacement supplied loose (4) £100-140
515.    Triang OO Gauge GWR 4-2-2 Locomotives and Tenders, five largely-complete locomotives with tenders, some repainted/renamed including 'Westward Ho' and 'Sir Richard Grenville', together with a spare tender, loco chassis and front bogie, some with damages or parts missing (qty) £80-120
516.    BR Crimson/Cream OO Gauge Coaches by Bachmann Hornby and Others, including 8 Bachmann Thompson Coaches and one Collett type, 5 Hornby Gresley coaches, and one BR mk 1 by Mainline, all G, unboxed, some minor damages and most paint-marked underneath, unboxed (15) £60-90
517.    A Rake of Eight Hornby OO Gauge Midland Clerestory Coaches, comprising 6 1st/3rd composites and 2 brake/3rds, all in crimson livery, mostly G-VG, one with underframe detached, all with painted initials underneath, unboxed (8) £50-70
518.    R-T-R and Kit-built OO Gauge GWR Locomotives, comprising two Hornby open-cab pannier tanks 2744 and 2783, and Dean Goods 2468, together with kit-built Dean Goods 2449 (in BR black), small 'prairies' 4409 and 5552, and 0-4-2T 1459, the kits from K's or similar products made to a fair standard, overall F-G (7 locos + 2 tenders) £100-140
519.    Lima OO Gauge GWR/Ex-GWR Railcars, comprising passenger cars in brown/cream (repainted) and BR crimson/cream as W22, together with parcels car W34W in BR maroon, F-G (3) £50-70
520.    Triang OO Gauge 'Yard Switcher' Diesel Locomotives, comprising two 'TR 20071' (Transcontinental series) locos in red, one with original box, two Dock Authority versions in black and two in red, all no 3, and another in yellow lacking decals, together with a spare motor bogie, mostly G, (7+bogie) £60-80
521.    Jouef HO Gauge Trains, comprising 231C pacific and tender in green, 141R loco and tender in black, 040TA tank locomotive in green, and 8 assorted Wagons-Lits coaches, mostly F-G, unboxed (qty) £60-90
522.    Scratchbuilt OO Gauge BR Diesel Locomotives, all with brass or tinplate bodies and mostly commercial bogies, comprising representations of D5909 (Baby Deltic), D8204 (class 20?), centre-cab Clayton diesel class 17 and SR overhead/3rd-rail electric, all in green, slightly overscale and semi-freelance, together with a Blue Pullman motor coach lacking bogies, mostly P-F (5) £70-100
523.    K's and Other OO Gauge Kit-built Locomotives and Parts, all incomplete, including GWR 0-6-0ST and 0-6-0PT bodies, another 97xx 0-6-0PT body, parts of 2 'Aberdare' 2-6-0's (one with chassis & motor, neither with tender), a dismantled K's steam tram locomotive kit with motor, and a home-built 'tram loco' from Triang/Hornby parts, mostly F (qty) £50-70
524.    Scratchbuilt approx. 23mm Gauge Locomotive and Railcar Projects, both part-made from 4mm scale parts but to a curious scale, comprising a 2-4-0 locomotive with Mashima motor and gears and 4-wheeled tender, the other a steam railmotor with plasticard coach body and brass framed motor unit, both P-F, part-built with assorted components (qty) £50-80
525.    Triang/Hornby OO Gauge Multiple Units, including a Southern EMU pair, Blue Pullman cars, DMU components, the majority overpainted or modified, together with a box of 'chopped' bodies and other parts, includes 6+ assorted motor bogies and 4 Blue Pullman centre cars, mostly P-F (qty) £80-120
526.    Kitmaster and Airfix OO Gauge Kits and Made-up Models, including largely unmade Kitmaster Stirling Single, Airfix Mogul, 0-6-0ST, and 'City of Truro' , the latter with a good quality chassis/motorising kit, unchecked but appear essentially complete, together with made-up Midland Pullman set, uncommon continental coaches by Kitmaster, and various other kit parts, mostly F-G, with 6 original boxes (qty) £50-70
527.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 2-rail Trains, including 2 8F 2-8-0 locomotives, one R1 0-6-0T and spare body, 3 super-detail coaches (G), assorted older coaches and freight stock, mostly P-F, some repainted or with damages/parts missing (qty) £60-90
528.    Wills Finecast OO Gauge GWR Kit Locomotives and Parts, most part-built, including 28xx 2-8-0, 47xx 2-8-0, 'County' class 4-4-0 and 'De Glehn' 4-4-2 Locomotives with respective tenders, the De Glehn with a nickel-silver chassis kit, together with parts of others, mostly F-G, not checked for completeness (qty) £70-100
529.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Steam Locomotives, comprising 'County of Hereford' 4-4-0 and tender in GWR green, Ivatt 2-6-0 and tender in weathered BR green, together with China-made GNR 0-6-2T no 1763 in GNR green livery, G-VG, Ivatt is substantially weathered (3) £60-80
530.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Bullied Steam Locomotives, comprising West Country 4-6-2 'Blackmoor Vale' and tender in SR malachite green, with Q1 class 0-6-0 and tender no C8 in 'sunshine' black, both VG, (2) £70-100
531.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Southern Railway Steam Locomotives and Coaching Stock, comprising N15 class 4-6-0 'Excalibur' and tender, T9 class 4-4-0 and tender no 729, and M7 0-4-4T, all in olive green, together with 3 Maunsell coaches, all VG, (6) £120-160
532.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge GWR Steam Locomotives, comprising 'County of Carnarvon' 4-6-0 and tender in post-war GW green, 'Llanfair Grange' 4-6-0 and tender, and 2-8-0 no 2812 and tender, both in 'shirtbutton' green livery, all VG, (3) £120-160
533.    Triang/Hornby OO Gauge Multiple Units, including a Southern EMU pair, 3-car Blue Pullman set, 3 DMU pairs in green and two centre cars, and one DMU pair in BR blue, mostly F, some damages (15) £70-100
534.    Hornby OO Gauge Tender-Drive Steam Locomotives, comprising LMS blue streamlined 'Coronation', BR black five 45192, and 9F's 92166 in black and 92220 'Evening Star' in green, F-G (8) £70-100
535.    Triang/Hornby OO Gauge Pre-grouping Steam Locomotives, comprising Caledonian 'single' no 123, GWR 'Lord of the Isles', Midland Railway 'Compound' no 1000, each with respective tenders, and LBSCR 0-6-0T no 100, all G (7) £70-100
536.    Wrenn and Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge Locomotives and Tenders, Wrenn 'Castle' class 4-6-0 no 7002 'Devizes Castle' in G-W green livery, F-G, in P box, together with a repainted H-D 'City of London' now as 'City of Manchester', a 2-rail converted/re-wheeled 'Duchess of Atholl' in LMS maroon, both P-F, and parts of a GW 'Bristol Castle' (qty) £80-120
537.    Triang Hornby and Other OO Gauge Steam Tank Locomotives, the majority repainted or modified, including green M7, black and green 2-6-2T's and another converted to 4-6-2T, LMS black 'Jinty', SR green 0-4-0T, all by Triang, with a Hornby-Dublo R1, Lima J70 and two Airfix 14xx 0-4-2T's, mostly P-F (10) £60-90
538.    Triang Hornby OO Gauge Steam Tender Locomotives, the majority repainted or modified, including green L1, black and green B12 4-6-0's, LMS crimson 'Ivatt' 2MT, two LMS crimson 'Princess' locomotives (one lacking tender) and a GWR Hall class 4-6-0 mostly P-F, green B12 has kit-built tender (13 inc tenders) £70-100
539.    Triang Hornby OO Gauge Steam Locomotives, including LNER green 'Flying Scotsman', BR green 'Britannia', with respective tenders, a GWR Pannier tank, LNER 8477 tank, and Railway Children GN&SR 0-6-0T, all F-G, some grubby (7 inc tenders) £60-90
540.    Triang OO Gauge Well Wagons, an extraordinary group of 21 R118/R213 bogie wagons in various colours and numbers, including 8 'TR' (Transcontinental) versions, orange 41917, brown 41913, khaki un-numbered version and others, mostly G-VG (21) £50-70
541.    Triang and Wrenn OO Gauge Pullman Cars, including a dozen Triang Pullmans with various names (mostly G but 2 repainted), seven Wrenn cars including 'Aries' (2), Car No 73 (2), Car No 77 (2), all G, one other renumbered, and a H-D version as Car No 79, both P-F (20) £60-80
542.    Triang-Hornby OO Gauge BR Blue/Grey Mk 1 Coaches, comprising 4 1st/3rd composites, 3 brake/3rds, 6 sleeping cars, 5 full brakes and 3 Buffet cars, all G, most with painted initials underneath (21) £70-100
543.    Triang-Hornby OO Gauge BR Mk 1 Coaches, comprising 3 BR red/cream, 1 BR carmine/cream, 1 BR green buffet, 1 BR maroon full brake, 6 BR maroon sleeping cars, 2 SR green and 4 LMS crimson coaches, all G, most with painted initials underneath (18) £70-100
544.    Triang OO Gauge 4-wheeled Wagons, including a large group of 40+ open wagons (4 by Trackmaster) with many uncommon colours and numbers, with flat wagons, grain wagons, Engineer's hoppers and others, mostly G (74) £70-100
545.    Mainline OO Gauge 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives, comprising boxed LMS maroon rebuilt 'Scot' no 6100 'Royal Scot' and GWR green 'Hinton Manor' no 7819, both G-VG, boxes F-G, together with unboxed BR green 46100 'Royal Scot' and tender, G (4 inc tender) £50-70
546.    Triang/Hornby OO Gauge Pre-Nationalisation Coaches, comprising 3 Stanier LMS crimson, 5 Maunsell SR green coaches, and short clerestories including 4 Midland Rly, 3 LNER, 4 GWR (one repainted) and black Engineer's coach, all G, most with painted initials underneath (20) £70-100
547.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Gresley Coaches, comprising 16 in LNER teak, F-G, some with repainted roofs or other modifications, with another 7 in BR maroon, G-VG, most with painted initials underneath (23) £90-120
548.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge 'Builth Castle' and Eight Hawksworth Coaches, the locomotive R2389 in GWR green as no 4086, coaches R4500 (2), R4501 (2), R4502, R4503 and R4504 (2), all VG in original boxes, boxes VG (9) £120-160
549.    Hornby (China) and Other OO Gauge 'King' and 'Castle' Locomotives Project Box, with eight loco bodies, various chassis and modified parts, 5 tenders, assorted etched nameplates and other items, most by Hornby but including parts by Lima and others, P-F (qty) £60-80
550.    Triang and Hornby OO Gauge Freight Stock, including open wagons, flat wagons, horse boxes and many others, some repainted, varying P-G (qty) £40-60
551.    French Hornby O Gauge Clockwork 'Etat' Railcar and Signals, the railcar a 2-car unit in Etat red/blue/cream livery, with key, F, some retouching to roof, cabin and general playwear (mech tested ok), and three signals comprising red disc, green disc, and red/white rectangular signals, F-VG (5) £100-140
552.    Hornby O Gauge Clockwork Locomotives and Coach, comprising LNER black No 1 tank locomotive 826, post war type 101 LNER green tank loco no 460, both F, mechs ok, general playwear and damages, together with no 1 special Pullman car 'Aurora', F (3) £70-100
553.    Hornby O Gauge 'OAG' Vans and Brake Van, comprising nut-and-bolt Midland Railway luggage van in grey with tabbed letters, F-G, roof resprayed, one handle replaced, together with NE white refrigerator van, P-F, and a NE brown brake van in original box, G-VG, box missing flaps at one end (3) £70-100
554.    Hornby O Gauge Unboxed 'OAG' Freight Stock, including 4 tank wagons, LMS crane wagon, nut-and-bolt cattle wagons in LMS and LNER colours, 2 different 'McAlpine' rotary tippers, SR and LNE open wagons and NE brake van, mostly F-G, general playwear (13) £80-120
555.    Hornby O Gauge Freight Stock, including 4 tank wagons, LMS and LNER flat wagons with containers, 'Meccano' red open wagon, 2 barrel wagons with green and yellow barrels respectively, and fourteen others (five in possibly incorrect boxes), mostly F-G, general playwear (23) £100-140
556.    Hornby O Gauge Freight Stock and Snowplough, including No 2 Cattle Wagons in LMS and LNER colours (1 boxed), boxed no 50 'Saxa' salt wagon, yellow and blue snowplough, Hudson side-tipper, SR van, 3 brake vans and 3 others, mostly G, general playwear (12) £100-140
557.    Hornby O Gauge Tank Wagons, Fifteen tankers (all different) on T3 or T4 bases, including Power Ethyl, Pratts (orange), Redline-Glico (with box), Pool and others, mostly G, moderate playwear (15) £100-140
558.    Hornby O Gauge M Series and Other Items, including green M1 clockwork locomotive, 2595 tender, two M1 Pullman cars, M1 wagon, two M stations, footbridge, telegraph poles, with similar items by Brimtoy, a small group of lead figures, spare wheels and other items, mostly F-G (qty) £60-90
559.    Hornby O Gauge Trackside Items and Clockwork Track, including boxed No 2 'Windsor' station with green base and ramps, G-VG, box F-G, a no 1 engine shed, double-track level crossing, 2 late green-roofed signal boxes, 2 water tanks, 3 boxed signals, buffers, track and other items including a small quantity of modern flexi-track, mostly G, (qty in 2 boxes) £90-120
560.    A Bing for Bassett-Lowke O Gauge Clockwork 'Duke of York' Locomotive and Tender, in LMS crimson as no 1927, P-F, mech tested ok, considerable playwear and substantial retouching (2) £70-100
561.    A Bing O Gauge Clockwork 'Apollo' Locomotive and Tender, in Midland Railway crimson as no 5000, F, mech tested ok, considerable playwear, modification to footplate and some retouching (2) £70-100
562.    A Bing O Gauge Clockwork 'King Edward VII' Locomotive and Tender, in LNWR lined black as no 1902, G, mech tested ok, moderate playwear, rods and smokebox door are replacements, tender is slight mis-match being Continental type (2) £50-70
563.    A Kit-built O Gauge Electric LMS '2P' class 4-4-0 Locomotive only, fitted with electric motor and worm drive, appears non-insulated coarse-scale wheels so for 3-rail operation but lacks pick-ups, body from white-metal components finished in BR black as no 40569, P-F, lacks tender, cab roof detached and other minor damages £50-70
564.    A Bassett-Lowke O Gauge LMS 12-wheeled Dining Car and Saloon Coach, both in LMS crimson, the Diner as no 13210, the saloon with interior detailing un-numbered, both G, moderate playwear and slight damages to roofs, retouching to saloon roof (2) £70-100
565.    A Pair of Bassett-Lowke O Gauge LMS Corridor Coaches, both in LMS crimson, comprising 1st class no 2784 and brake/3rd 2783, both G, moderate playwear and slight damages, together in an old Hornby set box lacking labels £70-100
566.    Bing O Gauge GWR 'Shortie' Bogie Coaches, all in GWR dark brown livery and numbered 9821, comprising one 1st/3rd composite and two full brakes, all G, moderate playwear and slight damages, two with odd replacement wheels fitted (3) £80-120
567.    Bing O Gauge LNWR 'Shortie' Bogie Coaches, all in LNWR brown/ivory livery and numbered 132-33, comprising four 1st/3rd composites and one full brake, all G-VG, one coupling and three door handles damaged, one with Hornby plastic wheels fitted (5) £120-160
568.    Bing and Bassett-Lowke O Gauge 'Shortie' Bogie Coaches, comprising a Bing 1st/3rd composite in Midland crimson as no 9821, and one full brake in LNER 'teak' as no 264, together with a B-L LNER teak 3rd class coach no 235, all G, moderate playwear and a few scratches (3) £80-120
569.    Early Carette and Bing O Gauge 4-wheeled Coaches, comprising two Carette 8" GWR brown/yellow coaches no 1229, both G-VG, another similar but P-F with retouching and corrosion, a similar full-brake in LNWR brown/ivory, P-F, and two Bing coaches in GWR/LNWR liveries, F (6) £70-100
570.    Early Bing O Gauge LNWR Bogie Coaches, both in brown/ivory, comprising 1st class coach 1985 with pre-1908 couplings, with full brake no 35, both F-G, roofs repainted, all wheels replaced, general playwear (2) £60-90
571.    Early Bing O Gauge Midland Railway Bogie Coaches, in crimson with yellow lining, both 1st/3rd class composite coaches (un-numbered), F-G, some corrosion, general playwear and minor damages (2) £60-90
572.    An Early Bing O Gauge Continental Speisewagen Bogie Coach, in orange/teak livery with green lining, hinged clerestory roof, G-VG, moderate playwear £60-90
573.    Three Early Bub or Issmayer O Gauge Continental Coaches, all 1st/2nd class composites, two in blue with cream lining, one in red-brown, all F-G, various scratches and playwear (3) £60-90
574.    A Wells Clockwork O Gauge Locomotive with Bub or Similar Rolling Stock, the locomotive a pre-war LNER 0-4-0T with spiral-spring motor (appears defunct but body G-VG), together with 3 brown coaches, 2 brake vans, 2 Dining Cars, timber wagon, NYC&HR hopper wagon, refrigerated van and tank wagon, mostly G, moderate playwear (12) £60-80
575.    JEP O Gauge Rolling Stock, comprising early clerestory-roofed Wagons-Lits bogie coach no 4682 in teak/wood-grained livery, F, with corrosion particularly underneath, together with later crane wagon, 'Stef' Refrigerator van, and 4-wheeled double-barrel wagon £70-100
576.    Bing and Marklin O Gauge Vans, comprising Bing 'Explosives' van in red with white lettering as no 163581, G-VG, together with a brown Marklin van no 2882, re-touched from GN to NE, probably a factory updating, G-VG (2) £60-80
577.    Bing and Carette/B-L O Gauge Freight Stock, comprising early Bing 'Shields and Brown' tank wagon in printed blue, three later tank wagons, LMS brake van, Lime & Cement wagon and five assorted open wagons, all F-G, together with remains of a NE fish van, P (12) £70-100
578.    Bing and Other O Gauge (or Larger) Trackside Accessories, including Bing wayside station, viaduct with ramps, Train Indicator with four destination plates, and early German signal, together with two double-arm signals and a bell signal by other makers, mostly F-G (9 inc ramps) £60-80
579.    A Bassett-Lowke O Gauge Electric 'Standard' 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive, in gloss LMS lined black as no 78, 3-rail pickups adapted for outside-3rd rail operation, otherwise G-VG, mechanism possibly substituted with later B-L design £90-120
580.    A Leeds (LMC) O Gauge Electric 'Standard' 4-4-0 Locomotive and Tender, in Southern Railway malachite green with yellow lining as no 1788, 3-rail pickups adapted for outside-3rd rail operation, otherwise F-G, one coupling rod missing, drive mechanism and wheels need attention, a few chips to paintwork (2) £70-100
581.    A Hornby O Gauge Early Post-war No 2 LMS Passenger Coach, in original box dated 6.48, G-VG, very slight corrosion to one corner, box G, two small tears to one side of lid £60-90
582.    Hornby O Gauge Early Post-war Boxed Freight Stock, including blue-printed 'Shell' tanker and NE refrigerator van in buff boxes (5-46 and 2-48 respectively), a SR No 1 Cattle Truck in 5-48 box and 5 others in 'austerity' red boxes all 1948/9 productions, all VG except one flattruck with container (F-G), boxes all VG (8) £70-100
583.    Hornby O Gauge No 2 Freight Stock, comprising bogie brick wagon in NE brown, with brick load inside and a quantity of spare bricks in bag, a yellow/green bogie bolster wagon with timber load and a brown/blue well wagon with remounted bogies, otherwise all G-VG, slight creasing to brick wagon (4 inc bag of bricks) £60-80
584.    Bassett-Lowke and Other O Gauge Rolling Stock Items, including B-L 6-coupled electric mechanism (spur-geared) arranged for outside 3rd-rail pickup, a B-L LMS brake van in brown, two LMC or similar open wagons, a part-built finescale 0-4-2 locomotive chassis (probably GWR 14xx class), assorted wheel sets and other items, F-G (qty) £60-80
585.    Bassett-Lowke and Other O Gauge Track and Scenic Items, including Bassett-Lowke goods shed and cattle dock, both G-VG, a quantity of outside 3rd-rail electric track with 4 points, large box of unused sleepers, Milbro and Bonds track items, home-made buffers (one with Hornby lamp) and yard lamps, B-L , Shenphone and other controllers and transformer equipment including M242 dual 24V 6-10A unit, mostly G (qty in 5 boxes) £70-100
586.    Repainted Marklin O Gauge Electric Locomotives, comprising two centre-cab 0-4-0 electrics, both heavily repainted in khaki-green with orange or yellow lining and modified internally, apparently for 2-rail dc operation, P-F (2) £70-100
587.    Repainted Leeds (LMC) O Gauge Electric Sentinel Railcars, comprising two steam railcars both heavily repainted and with windows and interior detailing, original motor bogies modified for 2-rail dc operation, F-G (2) £70-100
588.    Bassett-Lowke O Gauge Tinplate Freight Stock and Signals, comprising 4 assorted open wagons including MR loco coal, two different LMS brake vans, all F, some rusting, with three B-L signals (one with double arms) with retouching, and three station nameboards 'Howard', (12) £50-70
589.    Leeds Milbro or Similar O Gauge Wooden Freight Stock and Signals, comprising 12 assorted open wagons, repainted tank wagon, 4 vans including GWR 'Damo B', and a cattle wagon, all P-F, with corrosion and other damages, (18) £50-70
590.    Hornby O Gauge Trains for Restoration, including clockwork M3 GWR tank locomotive, mech tested ok, wheels u/s, SR no 1 passenger brake, No 2 LMS High Capacity Wagon and two GW Loco coal wagons, No 2 LMS cattle wagon and many 4-wheeled types, with a bundle of platform fences, overall P, with rusting, overpainting and various damages (qty) £70-100
591.    Bassett-Lowke Repainted O Gauge LMS Mail Vans and Coaches, comprising two '1924' mail coaches, three B-L corridor coaches and one Bing-type, all substantially repainted/modified, including plastic wheels for 2-rail operation, all P-F (6) £100-140
592.    Bassett-Lowke Repainted O Gauge Post-war 'Standard' Coaches, comprising three composite coaches and one brake/3rd, all substantially repainted/modified into yellow-lined maroon (LMS/LMR colours), including plastic wheels for 2-rail operation, all P-F (4) £60-90
593.    Bassett-Lowke Repainted O Gauge Post-war 'Standard' Coaches, comprising four composite coaches and one brake/3rd, all substantially repainted/modified into yellow-lined maroon (LMS/LMR colours), including plastic wheels for 2-rail operation, all P-F (5) £90-120
594.    Bassett-Lowke/Exley Repainted O Gauge LMS Coaches, comprising two composite coaches, one 1st, one Restaurant car and two brake/3rds, all substantially repainted/modified into LMS yellow-lined maroon, including various bogies and wheels, all F (6) £100-140
595.    Leeds and Milbro O Gauge Wooden LMS Coaches, comprising three 16" coaches, three paper-sided 13" coaches by LMC (or from Leeds components), and two Milbro 18" coaches, one 1st/3rd and one Dining Car, all P-F, with rusting to steel parts, general paint loss and fading to 2 paper-sided examples (8) £70-100
596.    Leeds O Gauge Wooden Pullman Coaches, comprising 'Iris', 'Doris', 'Hazel' and 'No 96', all with LMC paper-sides, and a scratch-built similar car no 99, hand painted, all P-F, most substantially retouched, with rusting to steel parts, some bogies non-original (5) £50-80
597.    A Modified Leeds O Gauge 2-rail Electric Wooden 5-Car Pullman 'Brighton Belle', comprising Car no 86 with twin Lima motor bogies, driving trailers no 85 and 88, and saloons no 87 and 'Hazel', all with LMC paper-sides, all F, substantially retouched/over-varnished, all bogies replaced with Lima ones (5) £80-120
598.    Modified Triang 'Big Big' O Gauge 2-rail Electric Hymek Locomotives, both in BR blue without decals, both modified with dual motor bogies, additional weight and 2-rail pickups, F (2) £40-60
599.    Lima O Gauge 2-rail Electric Class 33 Locomotives, comprising two in BR green as no D6506, and two in BR blue as D6524, each fitted with twin motor bogies, overall G-VG, in original boxes, boxes F (4) £80-120
600.    Lima O Gauge 2-rail Electric LMS Steam Train Set, in original set box, comprising black 4F 0-6-0 no 4545 and tender with two LMS maroon coaches and circle of track, together with two more unboxed coaches, overall G-VG, set box P (3) £70-100
601.    Lima O Gauge BR Mk 1 Coaching Stock, Four coaches in SR green, in original boxes, comprising three composites S15865 and one brake/3rd S1297, all G-VG, boxes F-G (4) £60-90
602.    Lima O Gauge BR Mk 1 Coaching Stock, Five coaches in GWR colours, in original boxes, comprising three composites 5015 in brown/yellow and two brake/3rd's 5103 in brown/cream, all G-VG, boxes F-G (5) £60-90
603.    Lima O Gauge 2-rail Continental Diesels and Freight Stock, comprising 2 SNCF 4-wheel diesels in green, 2 boxed container wagons, 2 Esso tank wagons, 7 unboxed vans and 2 open wagons, all G, (15) £70-100
604.    Pola Maxi O Gauge 2-rail Continental Diesel and Freight Stock, the 4-wheeled jackshaft-drive diesel in DB green/red as no V20 002, with 5 assorted vans, all F-G, loco grubby, one van coupling changed (6) £60-80
605.    Lionel American O Gauge 3-rail Diesel Locomotive and Rivarossi Continental Freight Stock, the switcher diesel in Minneapolis & St Louis red/white as no 8866, F-G, light rusting to steel frame, unboxed, together with 4 boxed beer/refrigerator vans and one Shell tank wagon, all G-VG, boxes P-G (6) £60-80
606.    Narrow-Gauge O Scale Track and Coaches by Fama and Marklin, comprising Fama 23mm gauge 'Alpenbahn' track in two boxes, with 2 points,16 rack sections and ten other pieces, all G-VG, together with three Marklin 'Minex' 16.5mm gauge ng coaches (boxed) and a small bundle of Marklin straight rails (6) £50-70
607.    Hornby O Gauge 3-rail Track, including approx. 30 double-track curves, 'Y' points, parallel points and other pieces, mostly F-G (qty in 3 boxes) £50-70
608.    Hornby O Gauge Clockwork Locomotive Components, including No 1 tank locomotives SR no 29, GWR 4560, No 3 'Flying Scotsman' electric body only, and parts of others, varying P-G, together with a small group of scenic items (qty) £50-70
609.    Buco and Other O Gauge 3-rail Track, the Buco including a pair of points, 16 curves and 2 short sections, all G, together with a box of 2-rail track by various makers (some by Peco) and various rail lengths (qty in 2 boxes) £40-60
610.    A Part-constructed O Gauge (Narrow Gauge) Live Steam Peckett 0-4-0ST Locomotive, from an unknown kit part constructed and modified by David Hick, with boiler, axles and wheels, cylinders and other fittings, with various drawings and notes showing modifications, F-G, possibly incomplete, and together with another smaller-scale Peckett body in tinplate (qty) £60-80
611.    Hornby O Gauge Clockwork No 51 Set and other items, the set in original box with green locomotive no 50153 and tender with three BR red/cream coaches, all G-VG, together with individually boxed no 40 locomotive, no 50 'Saxa', Cattle and side-tipping wagons, two other wagons unboxed, signal and other track items, mostly G-VG (qty) £80-100
612.    Four Boxes of Peco Streamline O Gauge Flexi-Track, with code 124 Finescale rail, 3 full boxes and four other lengths, making 40 in all, VG-E, unused (4 boxes) £70-100
613.    A Collection of Triang Lima and Hornby O Gauge Trains, including an incomplete Big Big 'Blue Flier' battery-operated diesel locomotive, freight wagons, track and other accessories, a Lima diesel freight set with 2-rail electric 0-4-0DS loco in BR blue, 3 wagons and track, together with a small quantity of Hornby O gauge items including no 50 low-sided wagon, several items in original boxes/packagings, mostly G-VG, boxes P-G (qty in 2 boxes) £60-80
614.    A Mixed Box of O Gauge Clockwork Rails and Other Items, including Bing wooden-sleeper track, small bridge and points, Chad Valley diamond crossing, Bing buffers and various other tracks (qty) £20-30
615.    A Hornby O Gauge Clockwork No 3 Locomotive and Tender, in GWR green as no 4073 'Caerphilly Castle', F, cast top-feed fitting added to boiler (in addition to original brass bonnet), general playwear, some old retouching to black areas, mech u/s (2) £70-90
616.    A Hornby O Gauge Clockwork SR No 1 Tank Locomotive and Rolling Stock, the loco no 29 in SR green, P-F, odd/damaged wheels and one side rods missing, mech ok, together with Colas tank wagon (modified), SR cattle wagon, Milk traffic wagon (post-war), 5 other wagons and sundry other items, mostly F (qty) £100-140
617.    A Hornby O Gauge No 101 Tank Passenger Set and Other Items, the set in LNER colours, together with 5 goods wagons, additional track including four points, and buffers, in original boxes, mostly G, loco mech has detached weight in governor, some track a little rusty, set box VG, other boxes F-G (qty) £60-100
618.    abs Models 43two1 GWR 0 Gauge unmade wagon kits, six kits including 293 and 294 Coal Wagons, 259 Shunters Truck, 287 Timber Truck, 297 Conflat and 296 5-plank open, all in original boxes, E, three unopened, not checked, boxes VG (6) £80-120
619.    abs Models 43two1 LMS 0 Gauge unmade wagon kits, three kits, vacuum fitted 3-plank dropside, (2) and 698 Standard one plank open, all in original boxes, VG-E, not checked, boxes VG (3) £50-70
620.    abs Models 43two1 various 0 Gauge unmade wagon kits, five kits, 899 LSWR Brake Van, 849 BR ex LSWR Well Wagon circa 1920, 871 LBSC Double Bolster, U87 Blue Circle Cement wagon U86 Ferrocrete Iron Body Cement Van , VG-E (two boxes unopened), boxes G-VG (5) £70-90
621.    Slater's 0 Gauge Wagon kits, unmade kits, 7034 Midland Brake Van, 7056 Tank Wagon, 7040P Parkgate open wagon, 7073 6-wheel Milk Tanker with Transfers, 7043 SR 6-wheel Brake Van and 7033 BR 20-Ton Brake Van, all in original boxes, E, not checked, boxes G (6) £60-80
622.    Slater's 0 Gauge Coach and Utility Van kits, D492 MR/LMS 6-wheel Clerestory Third Class and 7C02 6-wheel Clerestory Third Class, 7C020 SECR/SR 4-wheel Luggage Van, 7C021 Van B bogie Van and 7C022 SR/BR Utility Van C/BY, with three sets of Peco wheels, all in original boxes/packaging, E, items appear excellent, not checked, boxes VG (5 coach kits, three sets wheels , £80-120
623.    Slater's 0 Gauge Wagon kits, including MR Fruit Van, Coke Wagon (3), large Cattle Wagon, Box Van, long Cattle Wagon,10T Brake Van, GW Cattle Wagon, all unmade and built and painted 10T China Clay and GW Gloucester 6-plank open, all in original boxes, VG-E, kits appear complete, some with transfers, not checked, boxes G-VG (11) £50-70
624.    Various makers 0 Gauge Wagon Kits, unmade Parkside Dundas GWR Covered Goods Van and 12Ton Fruit Van, Vulcan GWR Shunter's Truck, Peco GWR various Brake Vans (4), Coopercraft Loco Coal Wagon and 7-plank open wagon, Meteor Models LBSC Brake Van, Slaters's Type B Container (2), Freightman SR 1929 9ft wheelbase van, and various Peco wagon wheels, all in original boxes/packaging together with built and painted Coopercraft GW 5-plank open truck, VG-E kits appear complete, not checked, boxes G-VG (18) £60-80
625.    Slater's 0 Gauge 4-wheel GWR Clerestory Coach kits, 7C04 3rd Class, 7C05 Full Brake, 7C06 1st/2nd Composite and a pair of 7C07 Brake Third, all in original boxes, E, all appear complete, not checked, boxes VG (5) £100-140
626.    A kitbuilt E K Models 0 Gauge GWR Brake/Third Central Corridor Coach, metal and plastic construction, built and painted to a very good standard with initials EK on base, E £80-120
627.    Four Lima 0 Gauge BR maroon Coaches three superdetailed, three unboxed Lima coaches converted to BR maroon with flush glazed sides and superdetailed to a very good standard together with on unaltered LMS maroon coach, in original box, VG, box G (4) £80-120
628.    Oakville Model 0 Gauge 1361 0-6-0 Dock Saddle Tank kit, in original box, E, appears unopened, not checked, box G £80-120
629.    Springside 0 Gauge GWR 14XX/48XX 0-4-2 Locomotive Kit, in original box, E, appears unopened, not checked, box G £100-140
630.    Various 0 Gauge Building and Accessory Kits, Highland Castings Small Goods Shed, Duncan Models GWR Lamp Hut, Slaters Conflat Type A, white metal kits ,Animals, Milk Churns Bogie Kits by abs, Duncan Phoenix, Fencing and gates by Slater's and Parkside Dundas, Seat by Mikes Models and Signal by Ratio and other kits, all in original packaging, kitbuilt water crane, VG-E, all appear complete, not checked, packaging generally VG (qty) £60-80
631.    Various 0 Gauge Lineside Accessory Kits, including Peco Road Bridge side and two walls, Tunnel Mouth and two walls (2 packs), Phoenix Figures (6), abs Buffer, Shunters Truck and Freightman Special Pack, Websters Fence Posts (4), Signs, Churchward etched bicycle, Scalelink Hand Cart and Guttering, Duncan Models Swans, Saddle Stones, Hurdles and many other kits by various makers, all in original packaging, VG-E, all appear complete, not checked, packaging VG (qty) £60-80
632.    Various 0 Gauge Accessory Kits, including Slater's Limestone Ballast (3, two light), True Scale Scenixs Ballast, PLM Stone walls, (2) and load, Prototype LMS Signal Box, Kittle Kits Footbridge, Invertrain Station Kit based on Abbotsbury, all in original boxes/packaging, and a few bags of scenic grass, VG-E, kits not checked, boxes G-VG (qty) £30-50
633.    *A K-Line O Gauge 3-rail American 'Pacific' Locomotive and Tender, ref K3330, in AT&SF black as no 3420, with smoke and 'Real Sounds', VG-E, box G, This lot attracts import VAT on the hammer price at 20% £70-100
634.    A Hornby 0 Gauge Clockwork No2 Special Tank Locomotive and Pullman Car, loco in GWR green No 2221, F-G, bogies replaced, driving wheels flaky, buffer beams repainted and retouching elsewhere, tested ok at time of cataloguing. Pullman 'Lorraine', F, roof repainted, couplings and wheels replaced, general wear (2) £60-80
635.    French Hornby 0 Gauge 3-Rail Electric Track and Accessories, track including two pairs of points, diamond, curves and straights, ( all bright), together with Demontable station 'Marseille' and plastic tunnel, M Series barrier crossing, two boxed disc Signals and other items, some with parts of original boxes, generally G-VG, minor damage to station, (qty) £50-70
636.    French Hornby 0 Gauge 3-Rail Bonneted Locomotive and Rolling Stock, unboxed 0-4-0 Electric Locomotive in plain gloss grey with repainted? cream roof, Wagon Lits Dining Car 4218 (boxed), green Fourgon No 1-S, yellow tarpaulin wagon 'Saint-Freres and blue/red open wagon with vigie, in original boxes, unboxed green Timber wagon and JEP bogie Crane, generally G-VG, Crane F, boxes F-G (7) £50-70
637.    A Bing for Bassett-Lowke 0 Gauge clockwork L&NER Ivatt 4-4-0 Locomotive and tender, in lined green No 504, F , tested ok at time of cataloguing, Cab replaced, tender coal rails repaired, retouching to boiler, crazing to varnish , general playwear (2) £80-120
638.    M.M.I Model Makers 0 Gauge finescale kitbuilt BR maroon MK1 Full Brake Coach, No W81256, in original box VG, built and painted to a very good standard, two windows detached, box F-G £150-200
639.    A Finescale O Gauge American Locomotive Shed Kit by IHC, to make a 2-road shed, contents not checked for completeness, G £30-40
640.    A Rivarossi O Gauge 2-rail American 4-4-0 Locomotive and Coaches, the loco repainted in Sierra RR grey, with tender and four scratch-built short clerestory old-time coaches, all F-G (6) £80-120
641.    A Rivarossi O Gauge 2-rail American 4-4-0 Locomotive and Coaches, the loco repainted in Sierra RR black/red, with tender and four scratch-built full-length bogie coaches in maroon/cream, all F-G (6) £80-120
642.    A Scratchbuilt O Gauge Finescale 2-rail Ex-LNWR 4-4-0 Locomotive and Tender, with Plastikard body finished in LMS black as no 25376 'Snipe', F, some damage to handrails and cab (roof detached) and corrosion to tender coal (2) £70-100
643.    An Aristo-Craft G Gauge American 4-6-2 Locomotive and Tender, ref 21408, in Union Pacific RR colours with sound tender, VG, boxes F-G (2) £100-140
644.    An Aristo-Craft G Gauge American 'Doodlebug' Classic Railbus, ref 83101, single-ended bonneted railcar in Denver and Rio Grande Western RR yellow with black trim, VG, box F-G £80-120
645.    A Bachmann 'Big Haulers' G Gauge American 4-6-0 Locomotive and Tender, special 10th Anniversary edition in White Pass black as no 10, VG, box G £60-80
646.    A Bachmann Spectrum G Gauge American 0-4-0ST Porter Locomotive, ref 82097, in Westside Lumber Co black with red trim, VG, box G £60-80
647.    A Bachmann Spectrum G Gauge American GE 45-ton Bo-Bo Diesel Locomotive, ref 81896, in Midwest Quarry & Mining Co black, VG, box G-VG £70-100
648.    A group of Scratchbuilt Gauge 1 German Freight Stock, including four vans and three open wagons in various liveries with Marklin couplings, F, made to a good standard, painted to an amateur standard, (7) £60-80
649.    Scratchbuilt Gauge 1 German Electric Signals and 3-Rail Track, comprising two flip-over Disc Signals, rotating Signal, Single and Double arm Semaphore, Yard Lamps (2), all with operating solenoids and working lights, together with a scratchbuilt Signal Box to control these and electric track including six points (part Marklin) and small quantity of original Marklin track, overall F-G (qty in two boxes) £50-80
650.    Parts and Drawings for a 3½" Gauge 'William' 2-6-2 Tank Locomotive and another, to a freelance design by Martin Evans, parts include chassis frame with buffer beams and stretchers, pony trucks, driving wheels, (two fitted, four loose), water pump, machined cylinders and other parts, with a complete set of seven drawings for same, mostly G, some surface rust to steel parts, drawing sheet I (general arrangement) visible but faded, together with a quantity of rough castings, loco and tender frame plates for an unidentified locomotive, probably a BR Standard Pacific ('Britannia' or Clan), F-G, steel parts rusty, some brass castings marked 'Goodwin' (qty) £50-100
651.    A Mamod Live Steam Spirit-fired TE1 Traction Engine, non-reversing with exhaust regulator, whistle, canopy, scuttle and spirit burner, F-G, dusty, unboxed £50-80
652.    A Mamod Live Steam Spirit-fired SR1 Steam Roadster, an uncommon early version with spirit burner and screw-in level plug, G, grubby £50-80
653.    An Aristocraft American Gauge 1 Alco RS-3 Diesel Locomotive, a Bo-Bo in 'Rio Grande' black livery with yellow-orange lining as no 5201, G-VG, with connecting cable to front bogie, operating system possibly modified, box G £70-100
654.    A Bachmann Spectrum American Gauge 1 'Consolidation' Steam Locomotive, an outside-framed 2-8-0 with tender in 'WP&YR' black livery as no 7, G-VG, slight corrosion to cast parts from damp storage, box F £100-140
655.    Bachmann American Gauge 1 Rolling Stock, comprising boxed Jackson Sharp baggage van in green ET&WNC livery, G-VG, box F, with unboxed black tank car and brown caboose, both F, possibly repainted (3) £70-100
656.    LGB American Gauge 1 Coaching Stock, comprising two 'Colorado and Southern' old-time coaches in green, and Southern 'combo' car passenger/brake, in original boxes, all G-VG, boxes F (3) £80-120
657.    Gauge 1 Rolling Stock by Various Makers, including 4 boxed narrow-gauge Iron Mt coal cars by AMS, 4 unboxed weathered side-tipping wagons by LGB/Marklin, a boxed bogie coal hopper by USA trains and BP tank wagon by LGB, mostly G-VG, boxes G (10) £90-120
658.    Two LGB-based Gauge 1 Diesel Locomotives, possibly from kits, comprising an 0-6-0DS in yellow, and a Bo-Bo in crimson, both without decals, operating systems possibly modified, both F-G, Bo-Bo with several parts loose/detached (2 + loose parts) £100-140
659.    An LGB-based Gauge 1 'Single Fairlie' 0-4-4 Steam Locomotive and Radio Control/Battery Wagon, possibly from a kit, painted in crimson, without decals, and with a control wagon by Peter Spoerer (believed to relate to this loco) with instruction sheet and R/C control unit, all G, minor damage to loco handrails, (3 + loose parts) £80-120
660.    A Roundhouse Models Gauge 1 'Criccieth Castle' Diesel Locomotive and Controller, finished in glass black with nameplates supplied loose, an 0-6-0DS complete with operators handbook and R/C control unit, VG, in original box (2) £100-140
661.    Dual Gauge 1 or O Gauge Narrow-Gauge W&L Rolling Stock, by British Model Supply and others, comprising boxed BMS Goods van and Brake van with alternative gauge wheelsets, both VG, boxes G, together with kit-built 6-ton van and cattle wagon, both G, slight rusting to steel parts unboxed (4) £70-100
662.    Dual Gauge 1 or O Gauge Narrow-Gauge W&L Rolling Stock, by British Model Supply, comprising boxed pair bolster wagons, flat wagon, two grey open wagons and a brown van (possibly L&B Rly), most with alternative gauge wheelsets, all VG, boxes F-G, (6 in 5 boxes) £70-100
663.    Dual Gauge 1 or O Gauge Narrow-Gauge L&B Bogie Rolling Stock, by British Model Supply, comprising boxed open wagon and a van, both in grey, with alternative gauge wheelsets, both VG, boxes F-G, (2) £60-90
664.    Gauge 1 Bogie Rolling Stock by Garden Railway Specialists, comprising two bogie 'Wisbech & Upwell-style' open-veranda coaches with interior detailing, both in green, (one in original box), together with a grey bogie van, un-decalled, all G-VG, box F, (3) £70-100
665.    A Large Collection of LGB and Other Gauge I Track and Other Parts, Mixed lot of track by LGB, Accucraft, Peco and made-up, including 5 LGB large radius points and others, large box of straight and other tracks, mostly F-G, ex-layout condition, together with a box of assorted components including 'Train Engineer' control system, an LGB loco body no 2, unpainted Preiser figures, O gauge (NG) wheelsets and many other parts, varying P-G (qty in 3 boxes) £70-100
666.    Early Gauge 1 Four-wheeled Rolling Stock by Bing Bub and Carette, comprising Bing short wheelbase gas tank wagon and incomplete/part-stripped crane wagon, long wheelbase German 'work wagon' (missing crane), and stripped-to-bare-metal open wagon, together with a Bub 'Packwagen' in green and a Carette coach in dark green, all P-F with corrosion and various damages or parts missing (6 + one crane jib loose) £100-140
667.    A Gauge 1 moulded Elastolin Tunnel, measuring 14" overall length x approx. 11" to highest point, surmounted by a small church/tower and with a watermill to one side overall G, some small cracks to structure and minor section missing at base of one tunnel mouth £50-70
668.    Lone Star 000 N Gauge Set and few items Tri-ang TT, EL 50 Goods Set comprising BR green Diesel D5000, four wagons, oval of track, in individual boxes with Instructions and Guarantees, in original set box, G-VG, boxes F-G, Set box P, TT Shell and Milk Tank wagons, in original boxes and 14 pieces of Type B track, G, boxes F (qty) £40-60
669.    Liliput Roco and Eggerbahn 009 Gauge Locomotives and Rolling Stock, Liliput green 0-6-0 Steam Tank Engine WB5 'G.Thommen' four 4-wheel coaches (two unboxed) and Van, Roco Atlas 4150 H0e green 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter and four miming wagons (in one box), Eggerbahn blue 4-wheel coach, all except two coaches in original boxes, F-VG, one unboxed coach with damaged roof, boxes F (8) together with Graham Farish N Gauge platforms and buildings and Peco N Gauge People, Tunnel Mouths and walls together with unmarked Bridge kits, some in original boxes, F-VG, boxes G (qty) £60-80
670.    Peco and Other N Gauge Track and Layout Accessories, including 10 unused large-radius points and 6 small radius, with Minitrix power connectors, Peco short-length trackage, track cleaner, fishplates, 3 boxes of Aurora bridge piers and sundry other items, mostly G-VG (qty) £50-80
671.    A Collection of Small Workshop Equipment, including a 'Unimat 1' Lathe with assembly instructions, an Avonside Works 'Chassis 2 Lite' assembly jig for small-scale locomotives, a Badger Airbrush set and another by Humbrol, all G, not checked for completeness (4) £70-100
672.    A Large Collection of Model Railway Catalogues and Service Sheets, including Triang catalogues from edition 5 onwards, TT gauge issue 4, various Wrenn catalogues, Lima O gauge, OO, Mainline, Airfix and many others, together with photocopies of most Triang and Hornby Loco servicing sheets and other items, mostly G (qty) £50-70
673.    A Full Set of RCTS GWR Locomotive History Books Wagon Plate and Other Items, the books comprising 14 volumes of the definitive RCTS history, together with a slightly-modified cast-iron brake van builder's plate (GWR 17438) and five decorative pottery plates by Bradford Exchange and Doulton, mostly GWR subjects, all G-VG (qty) £40-60
674.    A Framed Silver Print Photograph of Virginian RR 2-6-6-6 Locomotive No 900, in frame measuring approx. 10" x 21", showing the right hand side of the locomotive and tender in ex-works condition, known as the 'Blue Ridge' type, built 1945, G-VG, some small chips to frame £40-60
675.    A Signed David Shepherd Fine Art Print of 'Nine Elms - The Last Hours', unframed, measuring approx. 19" x 34", signed by the artist, VG, rolled £30-40
676.    A Blue/White Enamelled 'No Smoking' Sign, believed to be from a railway location, measuring 18" x 16", the legend including 'No Matches No Naked Lights Allowed', G-VG, small chip below 'K', discolouration around edges £50-70
677.    A Set of Six Blue/White BR Station Signs, comprising Enamelled plates 'Waiting and Ladies Room', 'Gentlemen', 'Ticket Office' and 'Passengers should Padlock Rear Wheels of Bicycles', various sizes, together with similar-styled plastic examples 'Private' and 'Staff Only', overall F-G, general chipping and minor damages, more substantial damage to Waiting Room sign (6) £80-120
678.    A Group of Telegraph Insulators, comprising three marked LNER (one of which is on metal spigot), one BR(W) and one brown GPO example, F-G (5) £30-50
679.    Railway Wagon Builder's Plates, comprising oval MCCW plate 1936, 8" long, GWRy. 20 tons 114809 (11" long, probably from a 'Toad' brake van), and white-on-red Chas Roberts plate dated 1965, 11½" long, all F-G, slight rusting (3) £80-120
680.    Railway Wagon or Other Cast Iron Plates, comprising two BR(D) -1966 1736A plates, both 10" long, a G.W. rectangular plate no 94837 approx. 13" long with fixing bolts, and an odd-shaped plate marked 'LSC C Ld. No 6', P-F, all complete but dirty/rusty (4) £60-80
681.    Railway Locomotive 'Front End' Plates, comprising a red-on-white double-sided 'Repairs - Not to be Moved' plate 19" x 7" with lamp-iron mounting offset, G, together with a home-made 'The East Anglian' Headboard painted in white on blue, again with lamp-iron mounting, P-F (2) £50-70
682.    LNER and BR Carbide/Acetylene Hand-Lamps, two of similar design, the LNER example P-F, mostly unpainted, with cracked glass and missing jet, the BR one painted black, G, rather more complete (2) £50-70
683.    LNER and BR Oil-Lit Hand-Lamps, comprising 4-aspect LNER lamp in green, a largely-similar BR(W) example in black, both G but grubby, together with a rectangular LNER lantern with brass ownership plate, and a square lantern without ownership markings, these two P-F with considerable rusting, with a small bundle of spare curved aspect glasses (5) £80-120
684.    Three BR Guards/Tail Lamps, all in white with red lenses, both complete with oil burner units, one repainted, F-G, some rusting, together with a spare red lens with bezel, (4) £70-100
685.    A Pair of BR Head/Tail Lamps, both in black with white lenses and optional red slides, both complete with oil burner units, F-G, some rusting, together with two spare red slides, (3) £60-80
686.    A Group of Oil-Lit Signal Lamps, including one SR, one LNER and 6 others of various designs, all with reservoirs and burners, all F, grubby and rusty (8) £80-120
687.    A Group of Oil-Lit Signal and Other Lamps, four assorted lamps including BR(E) tail lamp, P with cracked lens, an Adlake amber lamp, F, missing base and burner unit, and two unidentified round lamps, one with copper oil tank and burner but one curved glass missing, the other complete but very dirty, so both P-F (4) £50-70
688.    A Group of Oil-Lit Level Crossing and Other Lamps, three assorted lamps including Adlake crossing lamp, G, an Adlake amber lamp, G-VG, with base and burner unit, and a large lamp painted red, with wide and bullseye lenses to opposite sides, presumably also a crossing lamp, G (3) £80-120
689.    A Box of Battery-operated BR Handlamps and Spare Components, including 3 substantially complete lamps, a fourth body, and numerous colour-changing units, spare bulbs and other parts, F-G (qty) £50-70
690.    Two Blue/White Enamelled Signs, believed to be from railway locations, 'Public Telephone' measuring 33" x 12", F, some chips and discolouration, with another 'Southern' measuring 28½" x 6", P, substantially rusted and chipped (2) £60-80
691.    Two Black/White Enamelled Signs, from railway locations, 'Engines Must Not Pass This Board Until Authorised' measuring 14½" x 12", black lettering on white ground, G-VG, with a signal designation plate 'CO 5' measuring 12" square in white on black, G, back face overpainted in grey (2) £50-70
692.    Ex-BR Signalling Items, including two enamelled repeater signal arms each measuring approx. 21" x 6", one standard 'Home' format with vertical white band on red complete with 1985 Nottingham Stores issue ticket, the other with horizontal white band on red ground, with a disc signal face, damaged CI ball-and-spike finial, plunger switch in wooden box, small train-in-section indicator (possibly home-made) and a bell-code sign, varying P-G (qty) £80-120
693.    A Collection of BR Uniform Clothing and Satchel, comprising three unused 'unsleeved vests' (waistcoats) all with plain plastic buttons, an unused overall jacket, a used waistcoat with long sleeves, an all-weather coat, all in a fairly small size, and leather satchel/case embossed 'BR' to front, varying F-VG (7) £70-100
694.    A Group of Cast Iron Wagon Overhaul Plates, including 'LMS Wolverton 1927', 'Due for Paint 1958' and '1961', three 'Gently Repaired' plates, 3 'Inter Repair' plates including one octagonal, mostly G (9) £70-100
695.    A Group of Cast Iron and Aluminium Wagon Builder's Plates, including rectangular 'GW 99837', LMS Standard 1948 (round), Shell-mex & BP ownership plate no 3365, and oval aluminium plate 'SR 55664 Ashford', all F-G, some rusting to iron plates (4) £70-100
696.    A Group of Cast Iron Wagon Builder's Plates, all 'D-shaped', including GWR 80499, LNER 1946 Darlington no 289474, BR Wolverton 1958 no B777893, and LMS 30 ton 49284 previously repaired, otherwise all G, some rusting (4) £60-80
697.    A Collection of Tickets and Other Paper Items mostly relating to Barmouth Area, including Pre-grouping (Cambrian Rly, L&NWR), GWR and BR-era tickets, a few Mersey Railway, Ffestiniog Rly and others, a substantial group of Barmouth Bridge tickets and others, Luggage and other labels from various locations and lines, blueprint signalling diagrams for Barmouth North and South 'boxes, with publicity leaflets and other documents from the area, varying F-VG (qty in green folder) £70-100
698.    A Large Collection of Train Tickets, many of Edmondson card type from Eastern lines, early preserved railway tickets, a few pre-nationalisation (including an uncommon LMS with slot-in advertising insert), paper issues by London Transport and others, some being only 'retained' halves, F-G (qty in biscuit tin) £50-70
699.    A Collection of BR Jugs and Fire-related Items, including large white/blue enamelled BR (M) jug, two red-painted fire-extinguisher containers, one elderly GWR, the other BR(M), a damaged 'Pyrene'-type extinguisher, a smaller jug (rusty) and three sundry notices, mostly P-F (8) £50-70
700.    A Group of Railway Signs, including enamelled 'Electric Trains Stop' sign, 'Loading and Unloading beyond this sign forbidden unless wires are made dead', a metal-mounted sign showing Eastern Region lines and stations from Liverpool St and Fenchurch St stations, and a destination blind covering the same area, varying F-VG (4) £70-100
701.    A Great Eastern Railway Metal Towel Case and Other Items, the case measuring 20" square x 10" deep, labelled 'GER Harwich and York Trains Towels' to front, together with a GER-marked 'clipboard', a white-on-black enamelled sign 10" x 12" 'All Season Tickets to be Shewn', and two leather pouches tagged 'Colchester to Marks Tey' and 'Frinton to Clacton' respectively, all P-F (5) £50-80
702.    A Group of Signalling-related Items, including a small telephone-connecting box (appears to lack handset), a Main Line Block switch in wooden case, an indicator switch by R E Thompson & Co showing Out/In with bell (glass missing and switch cover broken), 4 LMS telegraph insulators and a BR document folder with rewiring details from 1982, all P-F (8) £50-80
703.    Monochrome Railway Photographs, with two framed prints showing GCR 4-6-0 426 'City of Chester' and LMS 7F 0-8-0 no 9571 respectively, part of an un-known group photograph, and a box of approx. 200 postcard-sized photographic prints, all early GWR locomotives, from HMRS, SLS, Photomatic and others, all G-VG (qty) £80-120
704.    A Box of Railway-related Souvenirs and Other Items, including 17 pottery mugs from various preserved railways, 2 full sets of Wills's 'Railway Equipment' Cigarette Cards and one of 'Railway Engines', the latter stuck into album, 4 modern repro horse brasses, assorted framed prints and an album with various BR badges and tickets, mostly G, (qty) £60-80
705.    A Collection of Railway-related Artefacts, including a large-size K's oil feeder and a BR (M) oil can, 3 'Victory' for BR long-handled paint brushes, assorted coloured lamp aspect glasses, a BR coach lampshade, a 'Pilotman' armband and lookout man's horn, a green flag, enamelled 'Private' sign and sundry other items, mostly F, some grubby (qty in a wooden drawer) £70-100