Express Toys & Trains Auction
Thursday 16th November 2017 at 10:00

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1.      Franklin Mint 1930 Bugatti Royale Coupé Napoléon, 1:24 scale, with certificate, a Corgi 813 1955 MG TF, Matchbox Y-19 1936 Auburn Speedster, a selection of Rextoy limousines and others, some in original boxes and packaging, G-E, boxes P-G (14) £50-70
2.      Playworn Diecast, aircraft, industrial and military vehicles predominantly by Dinky and Matchbox, including a Dinky 735 Gloster Javelin, 651 Centurion Tank and a Matchbox No.11 Petrol Tanker, P-F (20+) £30-50
3.      Corgi London Transport Routemaster Buses, assorted colours and displaying a range of adverts, together with a Dinky 289 with 'Esso Safety-Grip Tyres' white label, F-E (19) £30-50
4.      Corgi London Transport Routemaster Buses, comprised of a 469 (4), 470, 475, 476 (2), 477, 478, 479 and 480,assorted colours and advertisements, in original boxes, G-E, boxes F-VG (12) £40-60
5.      Diecast Buses & Commercial Vehicles, assorted scale models by Matchbox, Corgi, EFE and others, including a Corgi Classics 24501 J&A Smith of Maddiston Leyland, Matchbox 46b 'Pickfords' Removal Van and 14a Ambulance, together with and a small selection of 1980's diecast catalogues, some in original boxes, P-E, boxes F-G (60+) £60-80
6.      Corgi Bus and Coach Sets, from the 'Classic Commercials', 'Classic Public Transport' and 'Connoisseurs Collection', including a 34901 Manchester Corporation Leyland Royal Tiger and a 97070 Silver Service set, in original boxes, some with certificates, G-E, boxes F-VG (9) £40-60
7.      Corgi Buses & Coaches, including a 469 London Bus 'Cadburys', C858/2 Thornycroft Bus and a D46/1 British Railways 'Transport of the 50's & 60's' set, in original boxes, G-E, boxes F-VG (20+) £50-70
8.      Corgi Coaches & Buses, from the 'KMB', 'City Bus', 'Original Omnibus and other series, including a 42707 Van Hool Alizee and a 44601 Leyland Atlantean, together with a Matchbox Super Kings K-15 souvenir Jubilee Bus, in original boxes, G-E, boxes F-VG (20+) £40-60
9.      Modern Diecast, historical vehicles, cars and racing cars by Rio, Matchbox, Lledo, Minichamps and others, including a Corgi 04425 Horiba Mini and a Bburago 3001 Rolls-Royce, some in original boxes, P-E (30+) £30-50
10.     Playworn Dinky, 1:43 scale cars, aircraft, industrial and commercial vehicles, including a Dinky 230 Talbot Lago Racing Car, 715 Bristol 173 Helicopter 109 Austin-Healey 100 and a Supertoys 965 Euclid Rear Dump Truck, together with a small number of Corgi and Lone Star vehicles, some repainted and modified, P-F (35+) £60-80
11.     Matchbox MOY and 1-75 Series, cars, commercial and military vehicles, including a 41 Jaguar 'D'-Type, 75a Ford Thunderbird and a small quantity of military vehicles by Corgi, Crescent and Lone Star, some repainted and modified, P-G (35+) £40-60
12.     Dinky Farm Vehicles, comprised of a 310 'Massey-Harris' Tractor, 320 Halesowen Farm Trailer, 321 'Massey-Harris' Manure Spreader and a 322 Disc Harrow, F (4) £30-50
13.     Tri-ang Minic No.13M Vauxhall Tourer, light grey body, silver chassis with shell petrol can, white tyres, clockwork motor functioning at time of cataloguing, together with a Tri-ang caravan, P (2) £30-50
14.     Corgi Major 1111 'Massey-Ferguson 780' Combine Harvester, red/yellow body, yellow metal wheels, in original box with internal packaging, together with boxed 51 'Massey-Ferguson' Tipper Trailer, red chassis, yellow body, red metal wheels, VG, boxes G (2) £30-50
15.     Matchbox 1-75 Series, cars, commercial and military vehicles, including a 6c Euclid Dump Truck, 69a Commer Van 'Nestles', 62b Commer TV Service Van and others, together with a Corgi 420 Ford Thames Caravan, some models are repainted, P-G (15+) £20-40
16.     Dinky & Matchbox, cars, agricultural and commercial vehicles, including boxed Matchbox 19 Aston Martin Racer and Dinky 234 Ferrari and 131 Cadillac Eldorado, with a quantity of diecast petrol pumps and signs, some models are repainted, P-VG, box F (25+) £30-50
17.     Franklin Mint General George S. Patton's M4-A3 Sherman Tank, 1:24 scale, metal structure with a steel link track, opening hatches and mounted turret, in original box, VG, box G £40-60
18.     Matchbox Superfast, selection of racing cars, including a 21 Ferrari F50, 48 Firebird SE Racer and a 2 BMW 850, majority in original packaging, some showing signs of damp, G-E, packaging P-G (20+) £20-30
19.     Britains No.08735 Land Rover Series 1, dark green, olive plastic tilt, comes complete with wooden base with a metal plaque, in original box with instructions, E, box G-VG £20-30
20.     Corgi Novelty Vehicles, from Mr Bean, Knight Rider, Only Fools and Horses and more, including a 266 'Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang' and a 57403 Ko-Jak Buick with white metal Kojak figure, in original boxes, some showing signs of damp, G-E, boxes G-E (10+) £70-100
21.     Modern Diecast, cars, industrial and commercial vehicles by Corgi, Matchbox, Cararama, Vanguards and others, including a Corgi AEC 508 forward control 5 ton Cabover, Vanguards 60003 1955 Dennis F8 Fire Engine and a Matchbox 50 Articulated Truck, majority in original boxes, F-E, boxes F-VG (45+) £60-80
22.     Corgi Superhaulers, including a TY86602 Scania Cab & Fuel Tanker 'Esso' and a TY87006 DAF Short wheel Base & Close Coupler Trailer 'Pickfords', together with a CC12222 Livestock Transporter 'Oliver's Transport Ltd', in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-E (10+) £60-80
23.     Corgi 'Eddie Stobart Ltd', including a CC13201 DAF XF Super Space Cab-Curtainside 'Eddie Stobart ltd, Carlisle' and a 59503 Scania Curtainside Trailer, together with TY86705 Volvo Skeletal Trailer and Atlas Editions H4663 Volvo FH Fridge Trailer, in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-E (7) £40-60
24.     1:18 Scale Diecast Cars, three by Bburago (3343, 3013 & 30317), ERTL American Muscle 7256 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air, Motor Max 1949 Buick Roadmaster and a Signature Models 1955 Chrysler Imperial, in original boxes, VG-E, boxes F-VG (6) £60-80
25.     Corgi Classics, public and commercial vehicles, including a 18402 Bedford O Series Artic 'Terry's Chocolates', 97123 Bedford O Series Van 'NSPCC' and a 22801 Bedford TK Elliptical Tanker with Diecast Petrol Pump 'Shell/BP', in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-E (9) £40-60
26.     Corgi Emergency & Commercial Vehicles, including a D822/12 Bedford box Van 'Toymaster', CC12408 Volvo FH12 Curtainside De Boer 'Doorenbos Transport' and a CC13213 Daf XF Space cab, 3 axle low loader & Locomotive tender load 'allely's Heavy Haulage Ltd', in original boxes, VG-E, boxes F-E (10+) £100-150
27.     Modern Diecast Emergency and Commercial Vehicles, 1:43 scale models by Lledo, Minichamps, Vanguards, Matchbox, EFE and others, including a Minichamps Ford Transit, EFE 2011DL Bedford OB Duple Coach and a Matchbox MOY YFE18 1950 Ford E83W Van, in original boxes and packaging, G-E, boxes F-E (45+) £70-100
28.     Burago 1:18 Scale Cars, Seven boxed examples (3032,3009, 3006x2, 3011x3) including Ferrari 250 GTO, Jaguar SS 100 and Ferrari F40. G-E, boxes G one 3006 box poor £50-80
29.     Playworn Diecast, Commercial and Private vehicles, Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox and others, Including Dinky Toys Thunderbird 2, Corgi Chipperfield's Circus Animal cage and Tractor unit, Matchbox BP Foden breakdown tractor and others, P (40+) £80-100
30.     Playworn Diecast, Commercial and private vehicles, Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, Lesney and others, Including Crescent Toys Tractor, Matchbox BP Kingsize racing car transporter, Dinky Bentley S2 and others, P (50+) £30-50
31.     Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox, Some boxed examples including Matchbox King series K-13 Concrete truck, Dinky 436 Atlas copco compressor lorry, and Matchbox Y5 Bentley and Y6 Bugatti. And unboxed Dinky Foden trucks, Dinky Bedford Tipper truck and Dinky Police Humber Hawk amongst others, P-F boxes P-G (15+) £50-80
32.     Diecast Military Vehicles, Eight boxed examples including Corgi 906 Saladin Armoured car and 907 Sdkfz Rocket launcher, Dinky 683 Chieftan tank and Solido Leopard tank, and unboxed examples by Dinky, Corgi and others together with boxed Cowley plastic battery operated battleship P-E boxes F-E (23) £80-100
33.     Corgi Major Chipperfield's Circus, boxed 1123 animal cage with lions, together with an unboxed International 6x6 truck, F box F (2) £40-60
34.     Dinky Toys, Three boxed examples including 971 Coles Mobile crane, modern 1953 Austin A40 and modern Bedford van 482, together with four unboxed vehicles. P-E boxes P-E (7) £60-80
35.     Motor-Pro, 1:43 Ford Sierra Cosworth models, cast metal 1990 Lombard RAC Evans/Davies Ltd Edition, composition 1990 RAC/Rouse LTD Edition, 1989 Circuit of Ireland Mcrae/Arthur Ltd Edition in original boxes P some parts detached, boxes G (3) £20-30
36.     Playworn Matchbox, Collection of mostly 1980s Matchbox vehicles in three carry cases, P (120+) together with four Wade Natwest piggy banks mother, daughter, baby and son. (son damaged) missing one stopper P-G £60-80
37.     Modern Articulated Lorries, Collection of diecast and others including two Conrad examples an 0029 Mercedes and Volvo log transporter, and three by Siku. Together with collection of commercial and private vehicles to include boxed Vanguard 1:34 Vauxhall PA Cresta, boxed Oxford Editions and Matchbox, and unboxed examples including Corgi, Burago and Conrad, G-E boxes G-E (40+) £100-150
38.     Corgi Classics, boxed 16501 Carters Steam Fair Scammell Highwayman ballast with closed pole trailer and caravan set, E, box G £40-50
39.     Modern boxed Diecast, Corgi 40th anniversary gold plated limited edition 04501 Mini, Corgi set of four limited edition D53/1 rally cars, Corgi 97101 Vics Tours Bedford OB Coach together with other corgi and Lledo examples, G-E, boxes G-E (8) £30-40
40.     Automobile Association Vehicles, Mostly repainted and unboxed, Including a white metal painted recovery vehicle, Budgie towing tender, Dinky 412 recovery van, Ertl Landrover, and others, together with various motorbikes and figures some lead examples by Steve Flowers F-G (40+) £100-150
41.     boxed Automobile Association Vehicles, Eagle Collectibles 1:18 scale LWB Landrover, twelve boxed corgi examples including AA services set, Seven 1:43 scale Vanguard examples, together with others makers and Seventeen Oxford commercials and other trackside examples 1:76, 1:43 and 'N' gauge scales, G-E, boxes G-E (50+) £100-150
42.     Lledo Days Gone Fire Engines Horse Drawn Vehicles and Vans, various Vans (32), Horse Drawn (35) and Fire Engines (26), all In original boxes, E, boxes VG (93) £70-90
43.     Lledo Days Gone Model Vans, approx 150 Vans including The Golden Age of Steam series, all in original boxes , E, boxes VG (150) £100-140
44.     Lledo Days Gone Model Vans and Cars, various cars and vans, all in original boxes , e, boxes VG (approx 105) £70-90
45.     Lledo Days Gone Model Buses and Coaches, including several Hamleys and GWR, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG, (85+) £70-90
46.     Lledo Days Gone Model Vans, various types, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (110+) £60-80
47.     Lledo Days Gone Model Cars Horse Drawn Vehicles and Sets, Horse Drawn (36), various cars (55+), sets including Hersey's, Commonwealth Games 1986 and 4x triple vehicle sets (6), Vans including Exchange and Mart, Hersey's and Coke (16), all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (120+) £80-120
48.     Lledo Days Gone Model Vehicles Sets, twenty sets including Bryant and May, Famous Stores, British Railways, M & S, NYMR, Quantas and others including Military, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG (20 sets) £60-80
49.     Miscellaneous Diecast including Lledo God Plated Set Corgi and Hartoy, Lledo Film Industry Gold Plated four vehicle set and Rolls Royce Ltd Ed Set, Budwiser (6), Royal mail and others including Collectors Club models, Pearl Harbour Set, Canadian Provencial Service Set (13 in one despatch box), all in original boxes (30+),Hartoy models, in original bubble packs (8) and Corgi North Wales Bus 1994 and Gas Van, both in original window boxes (2), E, boxes VG (40+) £60-80
50.     Playworn Diecast, Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox and others including Corgi Major Chipperfield's Circus international 6x6 truck, boxed Corgi 1977 Queens Jubilee state Landau set Tri-ang tin plate tipper truck (roof damaged) and many others, P-G boxes G Qty £50-80
51.     Post-war Diecast, boxed Brumm York to London coach and horses set, boxed Matchbox 17 The Londoner double decker bus, two boxed Lesney No 4 models of yesteryear steam wagon and others F-G, boxes F-G Qty £20-30
52.     Dublo Dinky, boxed 068 Royal Mail van, three unboxed examples Bedford flat bed truck, Bedford articulated flat bed truck and Austin taxi, together with other die cast, Merit railway accessories and Airfix P-G boxes G Qty £50-80
53.     Dinky Toys, Supertoys Heinz 57 Varieties Big Bedford van, Foden flatbed truck and 20 ton lorry mounted crane together with Dinky Toys Commer, Nestle's Austin van, Austin Devon and others P-F, (10) £50-80
54.     Playworn Diecast, Matchbox, Corgi, Dinky and others including Tri-ang SS United States, commercial, private and military examples contained in an old pine blanket box P Qty £50-80
55.     Corgi Aviation Archive Scale 1:72, boxed Limited Edition AA38603, BAC TSR2, XR220, RAF Museum Cosford, together with boxed Limited Edition AA38602, BAC TSR-2, XR222, Imperial War Museum Duxford, both sealed in original interior plastic packaging in apparent original condition, E, boxes G-E (2) £60-80
56.     Corgi Aviation Archive Scale 1:72, boxed Limited Edition AA34802, Vickers Wellington Mk.X-HZ950:Z, No 99 Squadron Burma, together with a Limited Edition AA33307, War in the Pacific, Boeing B-17G- 44-83514, Confederate Air Force Arizona Wing, ' Sentimental Journey' both in original interior packaging (Wellington sealed) in apparent original condition, E, boxes G-E (2) £80-100
57.     Corgi Aviation Archive Scale 1:32, boxed Limited Edition AA33908, 70 Years of the Spitfire, Supermarine Type 300 - The Prototype Spitfire, K5054, Eastleigh, 1936, together with boxed Highly Limited Edition Deluxe Working Model AA33905, Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1A Sqn Leader Brian Lane No. 19 Squadron, RAF, both in original interior packaging, (Deluxe Edition sealed) in apparent original condition, E, boxes G-E (2) £80-100
58.     Corgi Aviation Archive Scale 1:72, boxed Limited Edition AA37202, HP Halifax B.III - LK797/LK-E, No. 578 Sqn, Burn, 1944, together with boxed Limited Edition, Sights and Sounds, AA32612, Avro Lancaster MkIII (Special) AJ-G, ED932, Guy Gibson, 617 Squadron, The Dambusters 1943, both in original interior packaging (Halifax sealed) in apparent original condition, E, boxes G-E (2) £80-100
59.     Corgi Aviation Archive Scale 1:72, boxed Limited Edition AA36103, RAF Coastal Command, PBY Catalina MkIVA - JX574, No.210 Squadron, RAF Sullom Voe, Shetland 1944 (with dinghy rescue diorama) together with boxed Limited Edition AA27501, Short Sunderland MkIII EJ134, No.461 Squadron RAAF, 1943 both in original interior packaging in apparent original condition, E, boxes G-E (2) £80-100
60.     Corgi Aviation Archive Scale 1:72, boxed Limited Edition AA32616, Lancaster B1 Day Bomber (Grand Slam) - 617 Sqn YZ-J U Boats Pens Raid at Farge, Germany, 1945, together with boxed Limited Edition AA37201, HP Halifax B.Mk.II Series 1, 35 Sqn, RAF, TL-S (W1048) 1942, both in original interior packaging (Halifax sealed) in apparent original condition, E, boxes G-E (2) £80-100
61.     Corgi Aviation Archive Scale 1:72, Two boxed examples US35206 and AA38702, boxed Sky Guardians Europe, De Havilland Sea Vixen and boxed BEA Armstrong Whitworth, all in apparent original condition, and boxed Forces of Valor U.S. P-51D Mustang A/F, together with three boxed Airfix kits including a sealed BAC TSR-2 1:72 Scale, 070004 example and two BAC TSR-2, 1:48 Scale A10105 examples both with factory sealed parts, and boxed 1:32 scale Xtreme Wings JU-87B/R Stuka in apparent original condition. P-E, boxes F-G (9) £50-80
62.     boxed Corgi, all vintage domestic and commercial vehicles, including twelve Corgi Classic models, six Cars of the 50s, seventeen Corgi Classics, a Limited Edition Four National Resource Van set and others G-E, boxes F-G (40+) £50-80
63.     boxed Corgi, all modern domestic and commercial vehicles, including Datapost Despatch Centre set, Parcel Force van set, four Austin Mini special edition sets and others F-G, boxes F-G (30+) £40-60
64.     boxed Vehicles, Two boxes of vintage and modern domestic and commercial examples, various manufacturers and scales including Matchbox, Maisto, Lledo, Corgi, Vitesse, Vanguard and others, F-G, boxes F-G (90+) £50-80
65.     Corgi Buses & Coaches, Two cartons of un-boxed vintage and modern mostly double decker and Routemaster examples, together with a smaller number of vintage and modern coaches F-G, (90+) £60-80
66.     Exclusive First Editions Coaches and Buses, Collection of un-boxed vintage and modern 1: 76 scale examples, F-G, (70+) £50-80
67.     Buses and Coaches, Collection of boxed modern examples mostly 1:87 scale including Majorette, Efsi, Bova and others boxed N Gauge examples by Oxford and Schuco, and collection of un-boxed buses and coaches by Matchbox, and Tomica amongst others F-E, boxes F-E, (70+) £50-80
68.     Packaged Buses and Coaches, Collection of small scale examples including Hot Wheels, Edocar, Corgi Juniors, Matchbox, Efsi, Siku and others F-G boxes F-G (60+) £50-80
69.     Matchbox Buses and Coaches, Collection of boxed and packaged 1970s and later small scale examples including Best of British, Limited Edition Collectors Models, Superfast and others F-G boxes F-G (60+) £40-60
70.     boxed Double Decker Buses, collection of 1970s and later examples including Corgi Routemaster, Matchbox Superkings, Zylmex Routemaster and others G-E, boxes F-G (25) £40-60
71.     Corgi Buses & Coaches, A 1980s and later boxed collection, including vintage and modern, Routemasters and others G-E, boxes P-G (28) £40-60
72.     Corgi Buses & Coaches, boxed collection of vintage and modern vehicles including Connoisseur Collection Yelloways Bedford vale set and London Transport Routemaster, Timpsons AEC Regal Coach, Thornycroft J Type Bus and others G-E, boxes G-E (16) £40-60
73.     Corgi Original Omnibus, boxed collection of vintage and modern vehicles G-E, boxes G-E (45) £60-80
74.     boxed Exclusive First Editions Coaches and Buses, Two boxes of 1:76 scale vintage and modern vehicles, including seven Limited Edition sets and an R.T.L. Story set G-E, boxes G-E (70+) £100-120
75.     boxed Buses and Coaches, Two boxes of vintage and modern vehicles including examples by Trux, Joal, Lledo, Vitesse, Siku, Britbus amongst others G-E, boxes P-G (80) £60-80
76.     Dinky Corgi and Spot-On, all playworn including Dinky Motocart, Corgi Walls Commer 5 Ton truck, Spot-0n Austin A40, and others P, (9) together with boxed Lledo models and boxed Pelham puppet Gypsy girl, F-G, boxes F-G Qty £50-80
77.     Pre-war and later Diecast, Mostly playworn, commercial and private vehicles, including Corgi Proteus Campbell Bluebird, boxed Matchbox Model A van, Lesney Thames Trader No 7, Mettoy, Etsi, Vilmer, Dinky and others P-F, Qty £50-80
78.     Post-war Diecast, Mostly playworn, commercial and private vehicles including Matchbox king size Laing Scammell 6X6 Tractor and No 8 trailer, boxed Schuco Piccolo Mercedes Benz bus, Corgi, Solido, Siku, Metosul, Guisval and others, P-F, Qty £60-80
79.     boxed Far-East Buses and Coaches, mostly Honk-Kong by various manufacturers, including, Corgi Limited Edition Olympian, China Motor Bus, A20, M Tech Super Highdecker, Hato Bus, ABC Model, Metro Cammel Weyman Metrobus, Exclusive First Editions Daimler China Motor Bus, Driver Training Bus, and others G-E, boxes G-E, (35) £100-150
80.     Far-East Buses and Coaches, Mostly boxed, various manufacturers including Tomica Dandy, F19 Chessington Zoo London Routemaster, KMB, radio controlled ' 'The Wright Bus', Tomica F29 Volkswagen Microbus, F37 Neoplan Bus Skyliner, F15 London Bus and 79 Fuso T-23 One Man Operated Bus, Kyosho, Tomix, and others, G-E, boxes G-E Qty £80-120
81.     boxed Matchbox, Nine examples including, Matchbox 75 Mobile Home 54, Caravan 31, Camper 38, Hondorora 18, and Chevrolet Van 68, Superfast New 40 Guildsman 1, New 27 Lamborghini Contach and New 41, Siva Spyder and Rolamatic New 28,Stoat, together with others mostly packaged Majorette, G-E, boxes F-G, Qty £80-120
82.     Minichamps, and Vanguards, all boxed, Minichamps 'The Kennedy Car' 1961 Lincoln Continental, five Vanguard Vauxhalls including a gold plated 100 years of Vauxhall Victor, together with a French Atlas Editions Tin-Tin Ford Zephyr Taxi 'L'ile Noire', a Matchbox EM-10 fire engine, and three modern tin plate fire engines, G-E, boxes G-E (11) £40-60
83.     Corgi, The Queen Mother's Century, Including State Landau Coach and Horses set No. 37003 (2) and a Tram No.36709, in original boxes, E, boxes G (3) £80-100
84.     Minichamps, 1:18 Scale all boxed including Ayrton Senna Lotus Renault 97T-1985, Brabham BMW BT52B Test Paul Ricard-1983, and Lotus Honda 99T-1987, together with Nelson Piquet Brabham Ford BT49C-1981 and M Andretti, Lotus Ford 79 1978, E, boxes G-E (5) £80-100
85.     Minichamps, 1:43 Scale all boxed including Ayrton Senna Lotus Renault 98T 1986, L Hamilton Mercedes AMG Petronas Abu Dhabi 2014, J Hunt Maclaren Ford M23 Japan 1976, M Schumacher Mercedes AMG Petronas Valencia 2012 and others, E, boxes G-E, (14) £120-160
86.     Minichamps, 1:43 Scale all boxed rally, competition and sports cars including Ayrton Senna Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Rally Test 1986, Ford P68 Nurburgring 1968 Irwin/Rodriguez, Porsche 911 S ADAC 1000Km 1971 Kremer/Neuhaus, and three Top Gear examples amongst others E, boxes G-E (17) £150-200
87.     Minichamps, 1:18 Scale all boxed including Ford Capri I RS 2600- 1970, Ford Focus RS-2010, Mercedes-Benz 300SL-1954, Ford Focus RS500-2010 and Land Rover E, boxes G-E, and a 1:12 scale Yamaha SR500 motorbike F, box F (6) £80-100
88.     Minichamps, 1:43 Scale all boxed road cars including, Ford Fiesta XR2 Schwarz, Ford Capri Le Mans Grun, Renault Alpine A110 yellow and a Ford Fiesta marine blue amongst others E, boxes G-E (12) £100-150
89.     Minichamps, 1:43 Scale all boxed road cars and competition cars including, Lexus LFA orange, Dodge Monaco fire department, Auto Union Type A German Grand Prix 1934 and others F-E, boxes P-E, (16) £100-150
90.     Hot Wheels Batman, all boxed 1:18 scale Classic Tv Series Batmobile, Elite models Batman Forever Batmobile and Arkham Knight Batmobile, together with Elite models 1:43 scale Arhkam Knight and Batman Returns and 1:50 scale Dark Knight Trilogy, G-E, boxes F-E (6) £60-80
91.     Hot Wheels, all boxed 1:18 scale Back to the Future Time Machine with Mr Fusion (2 one an Elite Model) and Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5, together with Elite models 1:43 scale Aston Martin DB5, Back to the Future Time Machine (2), Knight Rider K.I.T.T. and K.A.R.R. E, boxes G-E, (8) £60-80
92.     Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari, all boxed 1:18 scale including, Alonso 2013 Chinese Grand Prix, 312 T2 Monaco GP 1976, Alonso 150, 2011 Turkish GP and 458 Italia GT2 E, boxes F-G (4) £50-80
93.     Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari, all boxed 1:18 scale including La Ferrari, 250 GT Berlinetta Passo Corto SWB, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd 512S and Eric Clapton 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, F-E, boxes P-G (4) £50-80
94.     Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari, all 1:43 scale including, 458 Italia, 599 GTO, F2012 F. Massa, and 312 B2 M Andretti Germany GP 1971, together with one Lamborghini Aventador example, G-E, boxes F-G,(14) £60-80
95.     Kyosho, 1:18 scale boxed Black Shelby Cobra 427S/C together with boxed 1:18 scale Black Lamborghini Countach LP400, E, boxes G-E (2) £50-80
96.     Kyosho, 1:18 scale boxed Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, together with boxed 1:18 scale Black Lamborghini Countach LP500R, E, boxes P-E (2) £50-80
97.     Revell, all 1:18 scale all boxed including Volvo P121 Amazon (08866), P 1800S (08895) and VW Sirocco GTI (08833) together with Burago Jaguar 'E' Coupe , Izod Honda Darrara Indy Car and Maisto Yamaha Factory Racing No 46 Motorbike, G-E, boxes P-F(6) £50-80
98.     Grand Prix Rally and Competition Cars, all boxed 1:43 scale by various manufacturers including, Hotwheels 2000 F1 Ferrari, Brumm 1980 F1 Ferrari Gilles Villeneuve, Ebbro Taisan Porsche 911 Le Mans 2000, Ixo Ford Focus Wales Rally 2006, Norev Aston Martin Le Mans 2010, Kyosho, Corgi and Vitesse amongst others, E, boxes F-G (28) £60-80
99.     Land Rover and Range Rover, all boxed 1:18 scale including Kyosho green Defender 90, Gt Autos Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Defender 90 and 110 Station Wagons (both with damaged wing mirrors) F-E, boxes F-G (4) £50-80
100.     Eddie Stobart Great British Jockeys, Five boxed 1:76 scale examples by Oxford Diecast including, James Doyle, Frankie Dettori, Luke Morris, Andrea Atzeni and Graham Lee, together with Oxford Haulage, N Gauge Eddie Stobart Volvo and Mercedes curtainside trucks, boxed Hayton Coulthard Transport Ltd 100 year anniversary set also by Oxford Diecast and two others, E, boxes F-E (10) £50-80
101.    Vanguards, all boxed 1:43 scale including, VA 12000, Volkswagen Golf GTI MK1, VA 11203, Austin A40 Farina Countryman, VA03305, Ford300e Thames Van and VA06625, Ford Transit Van MK1, E, boxes F-G, (15) £50-80
102.    Corgi Aviation Archive, Six boxed examples including, AA36507, Hawker Typhoon, AA32513 Junkers JU87 R2, AA32018, Hawker Hurricane, AA34310, Focke Wulf FW19A-3, AA30509, Vickers Viscount 700 and AA38107 Sopwith Camel Capt M.B. Frew, together with boxed Forces of Valor U.S. F-14A Tomcat, and two others F-G, boxes F (9) £50-80
103.    boxed Road Cars, Commercial and private vehicles mostly 1:43 scale including, Tickford, Ford Focus RS, Oxford Ringtons Tea van, Corgi, Motorcycles de Lyon van, Burago, Citroen 2CV, Vitesse, Mini 1100 1979 and Ebbro, Toyopet Cororna 1960 amongst others G-E, boxes F-G, (30+) £50-80
104.    Starline Norev and Kyosho, all boxed 1:43 scale road cars, eight by Starline including, Fiat 8V Zigato-1952 and Opal Capitan 1958, four Kyosho models including, Nissan Skyline 2000 turbo and ten by Norev including, Nissan Navarra Haribo Dragibus and Caterham Super Seven, E, boxes F-G, (22) £60-80
105.    Dinky Lonestar and Budgie, Including Dinky, Lunar Roving vehicle and Alvis Scorpion and Striker, boxed Lone star Routemasters and Schuco Piccoll example and boxed Budgie Hansom Cab, together with others and boxed modern clockwork tin Bugatti T-35 Racer. P-G, boxes F-G Qty £80-100
106.    Pre-war and later diecast, including playworn Dinky toys, Britains farm accessories, and boxed Matchbox Lesney Models of Yesteryear, P-E, boxes G-E, (60+) £40-60
107.    Autoart Resin Specialist Kyosho and Brumm, all boxed 1:43 scale including, Autoart Signature Lamborghini Miura SV, Resin Specialist MR Spider SW20 1996-99, Kyosho Aston Martin Vanquish and Nissan GT-R Spec V and Brumm 250 GTO AND Alfa Romeo 2300, E, boxes G-E (6) £60-80
108.    Corgi Vanguards, Eighteen boxed 1:43 scale examples including VA12704, Peugeot 205, VA06619,Ford Transit Castrol van, VA09301, MG ZT trophy yellow and VA02500 red and black Mini Cooper together with other boxed and unboxed vehicles, P-G, boxes P-F (25+) £50-60
109.    Corgi Buses & Coaches, all boxed including, Silver Service, Aec Regal and Bedford OB Coach, Gosport and Fareham Aec Regal and Aec Bus and Birkenhead Guy Arab, E, boxes G-E (17) £100-120
110.    Sunstar OC and Minichamps, all boxed, Including 1:24 scale Sunstar Routemaster, RT113 Routemaster and Bedford OB, Duple Vista Coach, Original Classic s1:24 scale Bedford Duple OB Coach and Minichamps 1:43 scale Mercedes Benz O321H "Jagermeister" E, boxes P-G, (5) £80-100
111.    Matchbox and Lledo, all boxed Models of Yesteryear, Days Gone By, including commercial, private, military and trackside, G-E, boxes F-G, (150) £80-120
112.    Lledo Showmans and Circus, all boxed including, Billy Smarts Big Top (BS1002), Anderton and Rowland Carousel (AR1002), and two helter skelters (GF1002), together with two boxed Whitbread Brewery sets (BB1002), E, boxes G-E, (5) £50-80
113.    Corgi Circus and Fairground, all boxed including, Carters Steam Gallopers (CC20402), Carters advance publicity set (06601), York Fair Pantech and Type OB Bedford coach, two Chipperfield's four vehicle sets (31703) and Chipperfield's Liberty Horses (31901), E, boxes G-E, (6) £60-80
114.    Corgi Vintage Glory Trams Coaches and Buses, all boxed, Including Fowler B6, Pickfords, Road Locomotive low loader and cylinder, (80102), London City Council Tram, (C991/1), and Burlingham Seagull coach (97172), E, boxes G-E, (11) £50-80
115.    boxed Corgi, Including, GPO Morris Minor van and AEC Cabover van, British Rail transport of the 50s and 60s, Battle of Britain Anniversary set and La France fire vehicle set amongst others, E, boxes G-E, (17) £50-80
116.    boxed Corgi, Including, Hesketh 308 F1 Car, Ferrari 1962 Tourist Trophy set, CSMA 75th Anniversary set and American La France Aerial Ladder Truck amongst others, E, boxes G-E (24) £60-80
117.    Franklin Mint Minichamps and Norev, 1946 Chevrolet Ski lodge truck and 1956 Continental Mark II, both 1:24 scale boxed as new together with Minichamps, Kennedy Car and Norev De Gualle presidential cars, E, F-E (4) £60-80
118.    Polistil Majorette Maisto and Jouef, all boxed including 1:18 scale, Polistil Morgan and BMW 328, 1:25 scale Polistil Beetle and Raid Afrique 2CV and 1:24 scale Jouef 1935 Mercedes Benz, Majorette Bugatti and Maisto Jaguar, G-E, boxes P-G, (7) £50-80
119.    Burago, all boxed including 1:18 scale 1997 corvette airbrushed with Mt Rushmore livery limited edition 32/66, (3356), Jaguar (3006), Alfa Romeo, (3008), Jaguar (3018) and Mercedes Benz desk tidy/ model (3002) together with 1:24 scale Mercedes Benz (0522) and (1509) and Porsche 924 (9105) E, boxes P-G, (8) £60-80
120.    boxed 1:18 Models, Including UT Models Willys Jeep, Corgi MGF, Hotwheels Jordan Mugen Honda (Damon Hill), Road Legends Chevrolet Bel Air and Nomad and a Chromo Triumph Spitfire, E, boxes P-G, (6) £50-80
121.    Corgi James Bond, all boxed including, Moon Buggy and figure set, four piece film canister set, Gyrocopter and gold plated Aston Martin amongst others, E, boxes G, (19) £50-80
122.    Franklin Mint, 1980s and later all 1:24 scale and packaged including, MG, Mercedes, Cadillac, Maybach, Chevrolet and Jaguar, together with two Cresley collection examples and another, G-E, (9) £50-80
123.    Brumm, all boxed 1:43 scale diecast and plastic including, Old Fire, Serie Oro , Special, Serie Revival and Historical amongst others, G-E, boxes F-G (35+) £50-80
124.    boxed Diecast, 1:43 scale ,various manufacturers commercial and private vehicles including, Vanguard, Onyx, Maisto, Buragkuo, Siku, Majorette and others G-E, boxes F-G, (30+) £50-80
125.    boxed and Packaged Diecast, 1:43 scale and smaller, various manufacturers commercial and private vintage and modern vehicles, including, Rio, Matchbox, Corgi, Lesney and others, G-E, boxes F-G, (90+) in two boxes £60-80
126.    ERTL Vitesse Eligor and Rextoys, all boxed 1:43 scale, commercial and private , vintage and modern vehicles, G-E, boxes F, (40+) £50-80
127.    Matchbox Dinky Collection and Corgi, all boxed, 1:43 scale and smaller, commercial and private, vintage and modern vehicles, including Corgi Classics, legends of Speed and others and Matchbox Nigel Mansell Collection 1992, MC-23 Porsche Collection and SuperKings K-76 Volvo Rally Support, G-E, boxes F-G, (50+) in two boxes £80-100
128.    Solido, all boxed 1:43 scale and smaller, commercial and private, vintage and modern vehicles, including Limited Edition liberation of France 1994, Age d'or and others, G-E, boxes F-G, (65+) in two boxes £100-150
129.    Playworn Diecast, all un-boxed commercial, private and military vehicles including examples by Corgi, Britains, Matchbox, Polistil, Lesney, Tonka and others, P-F, (Qty) in two boxes £50-80
130.    Playworn Diecast, all un-boxed commercial, private, military and film/television related vehicles including examples by Corgi, Hornby Minic, Matchbox, Polistil, Lesney, Solido and others, including reproduction Corgi Toys boxes, P-F, (Qty) in three boxes £80-120
131.    Corgi Jean Richard Circus, all boxed including Land Rover and Animal Trailer (30), Human Cannon (1163) and Circus Set (48) together with Dolphinarium (1164) , G-E, boxes P-F, (4) £50-80
132.    Dinky Husky and Corgi, all unboxed and playworn, comprising seven Dinky racing cars including a Ferrari 312-B and Mclaren M8-A, together with a 486 Dinky Beats Morris Oxford, Husky Models Chitty Chitty Bang bang and Corgi 007 Lotus Espirit and 1972 Ermintrude model F, (12) £50-80
133.    Brooklin White Metal Models, all boxed white metal, including BRK 54, 1953 Streamline American Caravan, Top Marques AC77, MGB GT, Spielwaren Danhausen AMR 1426 , Triumph TR2, and another together with an RAC motorbike side car and rider and boxed set of AA patrolmen by Gerry Ford Design 1993, F-G, boxes G-E (6) £50-80
134.    Playworn Dinky Toys, Comprising an Austin Taxi, Fordson Flatbed, two AEC double-decker buses and two flat bed trucks, P, (6) £40-60
135.    boxed Fire Service Vehicles, Including Road Monster Gift Sets by Autocraft, Matchbox Motorcity, Motormax Fire Station Set, Autocarro Fiat fire engine, ERTL D10N Bulldozer, Siku and others together with packets of Starlux and Toyway fire fighting plastic figures, G-E, boxes G-E, Qty, in two boxes £50-80
136.    boxed Corgi Classics, Mostly commercial vehicles including coaches, buses, lorries, trucks and others, G-E, boxes, G-E, (75+) in three boxes £100-150
137.    boxed Corgi, Mostly commercial vehicles including coaches, buses, lorries, trucks fire engines and others, G-E, boxes, G-E, (45+) in four boxes £60-80
138.    Lledo Days Gone, all boxed vintage vehicles commercial, private and military together with other similar examples, G-E, boxes G-E, (150+) £80-120
139.    Lledo Days Gone, all boxed vintage vehicles commercial, private and military together with other similar examples, G-E, boxes G-E, (150+) in four crates £80-120
140.    Lledo Days Gone, all boxed vintage vehicles commercial, private and military together with other similar examples, G-E, boxes G-E, (150+) in five crates £80-120
141.    Mixed boxed Vehicles, Including vintage and modern, commercial, private and emergency vehicles, various manufacturers and scales including Kentoys, Motormax, Matchbox, Verem, Cararama, Richmond Toys, Brumm, Lledo, ERTL, Polistil and Road Champs amongst others, F-E, boxes F-E, (100+) in six crates £80-120
142.    Mixed boxed Vehicles, Including vintage and modern, commercial, private and emergency vehicles, various manufacturers and scales including Autocraft, Motormax, Matchbox, Verem, Cararama, Richmond Toys, Corgi, Onyx, Lledo, ERTL and Oxford Diecast amongst others, F-E, boxes F-E, (100+) in six crates £80-120
143.    boxed Corgi Toys, 445 Plymouth Sports Suburban Station Wagon, 419 Ford Zephyr Motorway Patrol and 436 Citroen Safari, together with other playworn Corgi, Dinky and Matchbox, P-F, boxes P-F, (Qty) £50-80
144.    Mixed boxed Vehicles, all of Continental manufacture, various scales, including vintage and modern, emergency and fire service vehicles including, Majorette, Mercury, Joal, Verem, Gamma Mini, Kacosa, Norev, OMO (Made in the USSR), Efsi and boxed plastic example made for Hess, G-E, boxes F-G, (45+) in four crates £80-100
145.    Corgi Heroes Under Fire, boxed collection comprising seventeen 1:50 scale examples including a Detroit commemorative set (US99150) G-E, boxes F-G, (17) in three boxes £80-100
146.    Corgi Fire Heroes, boxed collection comprising twenty six, 1:43 scale examples including a Classic American Apparatus Set no 5, G-E, boxes F-G (26) in two crates £50-80
147.    Corgi American Fire Service, boxed collection including a Mack CF Arial ladder, Milwaukee (52102), E-0ne Bartlett, Illinois (54903) and a Mack B Wrecker, Chicago (53602) G-E, boxes G-E (10) in two boxes £50-80
148.    Corgi Forward March, all boxed 1:32 scale including a limited edition London Blitz Diorama 1940 with metal figures, an ARP Rescue Party Member and National Fire Service Member, E, boxes G-E (3) £50-80
149.    Corgi Nine Double Nine, all boxed limited edition1:50 scale, emergency vehicles, including AEC Turntable Ladder , Perth Australia (CC10307), Dennis F12, Birmingham (CC13007) and a Landrover 110 Manchester (CC07707) amongst others, G-E, boxes G-E, (23) in two boxes £60-80
150.    Matchbox Vintage Fire and Fire Engine Series, boxed collection of 1:43 scale, vintage international fire service vehicles, G-E, boxes G-E,(50) in three boxes £50-80
151.    Corgi Premier Models, all boxed limited edition 1:50 scale American fire service including a Huey Iroquois Helicopter, Los Angeles,(US50402) Mack CF Aerial Ladder allentown (52103) and a 151 A1 Mutt Utility Truck (50102), amongst others, G-E, boxes G-E, (16) in two boxes £50-80
152.    Corgi Classics and Heritage, all boxed international fire service some limited edition, including American La France Aerial Ladder Truck (97321), Simon Snorkel Engine, Cleveland County (97399) and Land Rover Pompiers Des Ardennes (07415) amongst others, G-E, boxes G-E, (16) in two crates £50-80
153.    Corgi Classics, all boxed international fire service, some limited edition including, Cardiff AEC Ladder Fire Engine (97385), Chevrolet Chicago Fire Chief (97389), Mack CF Pumper Neptune (98485) and an AEC Water Tender Dublin (97359) amongst others, G-E, boxes G-E (31) in two crates £80-100
154.    Corgi Classics Heritage and others, all boxed international fire service, some limited edition including, Corgi 50, Dennis F125 Simon Snorkel SS263 Hydraulic Platform, Bedfordshire, (AN13009) Lionel Ville, Seagrave Fire Engine (US50505) La France Aerial Ladder Truck (97320) and an E-One Rescue Washington (52204) amongst others, G-E, boxes G-E (26) in two crates £80-100
155.    Corgi Classics, all boxed international fire service, some limited edition including, Chicago Mack B Series Aerial Ladder Truck (52701), Cyclone II Rescue E-One (52201), AFS Bedford CA Personnel Carrier (05604) and a Jersey City Mack CF Pumper (52001) amongst others, G-E, boxes G-E (23) in two crates £60-80
156.    Corgi Classics Buses and Coaches, all boxed British Isles, some limited edition including Barton 1908-1989 (D41/1), I AEC Regal (97186), Tellus Midland Red Plaxton Coach (91915) and Island Transport (97741) amongst others, G-E, boxes G-E (24) £80-100
157.    Corgi Classics, Buses Coaches and Corgi Tramlines, all boxed British isles, some limited edition, including Granville Tours OB Bedford coach (97108), AEC Bus Set (96990) Yorkshire Rider Series Huddersfield (91860) and 150th anniversary of the penny post (D37/1) amongst others G-E, boxes G-E, (25) £80-100
158.    Corgi Classics Buses and Coaches, all boxed British Isles, some limited Edition, Including, W Alexander Guy Arab and Leyland Tiger, (97076), The Ribble Leyland Tiger (97192), Aec Regal Coach(97189) and Metrobus -Airbus(91702) amongst others, G-E, boxes G-E, (18) £50-80
159.    Corgi Classics, all boxed British Isles, commercial and domestic vehicles, some limited edition, including Northern Collection Slumberland Beds (Q57/1), Greene King (D51/1), The Beano, Bash Street Kids and Dandy amongst others, G-E, boxes G-E, (35) in two boxes £80-100
160.    Corgi Original Omnibus, all boxed, 1:76 scale, including Buses, Coaches and trolley buses, some limited edition, vintage and modern vehicles, G-E, boxes G-E, (50+) in three boxes £80-100
161.    Eligor, all boxed International fire service vehicles, 1:43 scale, pre and post-war, G-E, boxes G-E,(40+) in two boxes £50-80
162.    Vitesse, all boxed mostly international emergency and fire service vehicles, vintage and modern 1:43 scale including Retro Vitesse 230 Saurer Type C Pompiers De Bale, and Saurer S4C 1952 Feuerwehr Basel amongst others and two examples by Rextoys, G-E boxes G-E, (25+) in two crates £50-80
163.    Siku, all boxed international fire service modern vehicles, 1:55 scale including, Hydraulic Crane Truck(4110 and (4010) and a Water cannon and trailer (2921), G-E, boxes F-E,(10) £50-80
164.    Siku, all boxed international fire service modern vehicles, 1:55 scale and smaller including, Mobile Crane (2914), Fire Equipment truck (3512) and Rescue Helicopter (224), G-E, boxes F-E,(30+) in two boxes £50-80
165.    Solido, all boxed international fire service post and pre-war 1:43 scale vehicles, including Age d'or, Toner Gam II and IV amongst others, G-E, boxes P-G, (45+) in three crates £60-80
166.    Solido, all boxed international fire service vehicles, 1:43 scale, pre and post-war, including Toner Gam and Toner Gam I, G-E, boxes F-E,(40+) in two boxes £60-80
167.    Franklin Mint Fire Engines, all 1:18 scale including, 1916 Ford Model T, 1954 American La France, 1922 Ahrens Fox, and a 1965 Seagrave, 1912 Christie front drive steamer, all with stands some packaged, G-E, (5) £60-80
168.    Fire Brigade Models, all boxed 1:50 scale limited edition modern Up fire engine collectors models made for Paul Slade, FBM 3004, 3007, 2710, 3001A, 2707, 2705, 2712, 2710, 2704C, 2708, 2702 ,2701 ,3001B ,2704B ,5003, 3006, 5001, and another damaged. G-E, boxes G-E (18) £60-80
169.    Exclusive First Editions, all boxed 1:76 scale vintage and modern, buses and coaches, G-E, boxes G-E (60) in four crates £100-150
170.    Exclusive First Editions, all boxed 1:76 scale vintage and modern, buses and coaches, G-E, boxes G-E (60) in four crates £100-150
171.    Exclusive First Editions, all boxed 1:76 scale vintage and modern, buses and coaches, including some Deluxe examples G-E, boxes G-E (55) in four crates £100-150
172.    Exclusive First Editions, all boxed 1:76 scale vintage and modern, buses, coaches and commercial vehicles, including some Deluxe examples, G-E, boxes G-E (56) in four boxes £100-150
173.    Exclusive First Editions, all boxed OO scale vintage and modern buses and commercial vehicles, G-E, boxes G-E, (60) in three crates £100-150
174.    Exclusive First Editions, all boxed or packaged, 1:76 scale cars, commercial vehicle, buses and coaches, including eighteen boxed sets some limited edition, such as Last days of Southdown gift set, London Transport Museum sets and the Tate and Lyle Story, G-E, boxes G-E (36) in two boxes £80-100
175.    ERTL, collection of boxed 1:30 scale, fire truck money banks comprising four models, 1937 Ahrens-Fox , 1955 Ward La France, 1948 American La France and 1926 Seagrave example, G-E, boxes G-E, (18) in three crates £50-80
176.    Del Prado, collection of packaged international fire service and emergency vehicles, various scales, together with collection of Fire Engines of the World magazines, G-E, Packaging F-E,(100+) in four boxes £80-100
177.    First Gear, boxed collection of 1:30 scale North American fire service vehicles comprising, Dodge power wagon Ma. Division, 1957 international R-190 tanker Chicago and FDNY, 1960 Mack model B pumper Chicago,1957 international R-190 dry goods van FDNY, 1952 GMC wrecker Columbia and FDNY, G-E, boxes G-E (7) £60-80
178.    First Gear, boxed collection of 1:30 scale North American fire service vehicles comprising, 1960 Mack model B pumper, 1951 Ford F7 fire truck, Mack AC Bulldog tanker, 1949 Chevrolet panel truck, 1953 Ford pick-up, 1952 GMC full rack stake truck and GMC 1958 tow truck, all FDNY, G-E, boxes G-E (7) £60-80
179.    First Gear, boxed collection of 1:30 scale North American fire service vehicles comprising, Dodge power wagon FDNY, 1957 international R-190 fire truck West Point, 1952 GMC tanker North Pole, 1951 Ford F-7 fire truck Dyersville, 1960 Mack B-Model pumper Cumberland Valley, 1957 international R-190 fire truck Boston and Mack 1960 B-Model pumper Newark, G-E, boxes G-E (7) £60-80
180.    First Gear, boxed collection of 1:30 scale North American fire service vehicles comprising, International 4400 with EMS rescue body Dallas, Mack 1960 B-Model pumper B.F.D., Mack 1960 B-Model pumper Chicago, International KB-8 dry goods van FDNY, 1960 Mack B-61 tow truck Chicago, 1960 Model B-61 Mack tractor and trailer FDNY and 1953 White 3000 Tractor with tank trailer Marion Vol, G-E,B0xes G-E (7) £80-100
181.    boxed Fire service and other vehicles, 1:18 and smaller scale including Eagle Collectibles Land Rover Serie III 1:18 Dorset Fire Brigade, Tonka Polistil 1:25 Nissan fire patrol, Gama Super Magirus Deutz fire engine, ERTL 1955 Ward LaFrance fire engine, Burago 1:24, Williams FW 08C turbo and others G-E, boxes F-G, (10) £50-80
182.    Matchbox Corgi and Dinky, all boxed fire service vehicles including Matchbox Superkings K-112 Fire spotter plane transporter, and K-39 Snorkel fire engine, Corgi 703 Hi-Speed fire engine and Dinky Toys 263 Airport Fire Rescue Tender, amongst others together with a number of matchbox Superfast boxes and others, G-E, boxes F-G (qty) in two crates £50-80
183.    Fire Service kits, boxed collection of white metal pre war fire engine and related kits including examples by Highway models, Pirate models and Bygone Age, a number apparently un-opened, F-G, boxes F-G (14) £50-80
184.    Fire Service Vehicles, collection of pre and post war vehicles including code three examples, all in display cases and boxes some marked K.H. Norton Leicester F-G, boxes F-G, (30+) £60-80
185.    Fire Service Vehicles, collection pre and post war vehicles including a number of fire engines , all in display cases some marked K.H. Norton Leicester F-G, boxes F-G (19) £80-120
186.    Fire Service Vehicles, A number of packaged fire engines by Playart and Model Power, together with collection of un-boxed vehicles by Majorette, Matchbox, Lledo, Lesney and others, F-G, boxes F, (50+) £50-80
187.    Fire Service Vehicles, Various manufacturers un-boxed including, Majorette, Richmond, Lesney, Corgi, ERTL, Matchbox, Lone star and others, together with Matchbox Superfast F, boxes P, (60+) £50-80
188.    Fire Service Vehicles, Various manufacturers un boxed including, Lion Car No 49 Commer fire truck Rutland Fire Service, Corgi Major Chubb Pathfinder Airport Crash truck and Holmes Wrecker, Matchbox Speedkings K32/40 Shovel Nose, code three models and others F-G, (15) £50-80
189.    Corgi Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 1991 example (98751) together with boxed 25th anniversary 1992 example (B0615) with plinth and a 1991 window box. G-E, boxes G-E, (qty) £40-60
190.    Eddie Stobart and other vehicles, Five boxed1:76 scale Eddie Stobart haulage vehicles including, Scania transporter and R440 Topline Drawbar Unit together with an N gauge example all by Oxford die cast, collection of boxed Vanguard models and others including un boxed models P-G, boxes P-F (qty) £50-80
191.    Commercial Private and Competition Vehicles, A mostly boxed collection of 1:43 and smaller scale models including examples by Minichamps, Corgi, Matchbox, Brumm, Maisto, Lesney, Rio, Cararama, Exclusive First Editions and others F-G, boxes F-G (60+) in two boxes £60-80
192.    Britains Military Guns, boxed 120mm B.A.T. Gun ( battalion anti-tank) with some original shells (9720), unboxed artillery Howitzer 155mm field gun (2064) with some damage and mobile anti aircraft searchlight (1718) with some damage, P-F, box F (3) £50-80
193.    Brimtoys and Die Cast Vehicles, tin clockwork Green Line Transport bus with working motor (no key) together with a Chad Valley manure trailer and boxed cars including Solido Corgi and others F-G, boxes F-G (10) £40-60
194.    Dinky Toys Commercial Vehicles, all un boxed including Supertoys Foden Regent tanker, Foden refuse lorry, Austin Atlantic, Superior Criterion Ambulance, 5.5 gun and anti air craft gun. P-F, (6) £50-80
195.    Modern Die Cast Vehicles, 1:18 and smaller scale examples including Burago, Corgi, Matchbox, Lledo and Solido including 45 boxed examples P-G, boxes P-F, (60+) in two crates £40-60
196.    Britains and Corgi, boxed Britains Vintage Tractors Fordson E27N Major (8715) together with boxed Corgi Thames Valley Police Set (08006) two boxed Corgi Classics Buses (97205,34301) and others, F-E, boxes F-E (qty) £40-60
197.    Nulli Secundus Helicopter, 1950s in original box with instructions and leaflets remote control helicopter in red livery apparently complete together with Minibrix complete building set 2 in original box with Tudor Minibrix instructions F-G , boxes F, (2) £40-60
198.    Monsters in My Pocket Display stand and Monsters, large number of muti coloured rubber monster models many marked MEG China NBR together with a Tri-angular moulded plastic 51 division display stand inscribed 'The Original Monsters in my Pocket' each division with a monsters name above, F-G (qty) £40-60
199.    Pelham Puppets, Three examples all in original boxes including Mother Dragon A1, Clown SS6 and Pierrot/clown in brown cardboard box together with a vintage painted wooden castle with draw bridge and moat , F-G boxes P-F (4) £40-60
200.    Meccano Instruction Manuals and Books, Collection of Meccano manuals including No 1, No 4, No 5 and others together with the Meccano Anthology 1991, The Great book of Dinky Toys 2004, The Great book of Corgi Toys 1989, The Minic book 1987 and others G, (qty) £40-60
201.    1960's Japanese tinplate Military Command Jeep, potentially by K Toys, military green, beige interior and base plate, friction drive, together with an assortment of money boxes, plastic figures and boxed Britains 1261 Petrol Pump model kit, P-VG, box G (qty) £30-50
202.    Tri-ang Minic Electric Ocean Liner 'RMS Orcades', light brown plastic hull with white superstructure and red rudders, in original box, F-G, box P-F £20-30
203.    Minimodels Scalex Tinplate Ferrari 4.5L, friction drive, red body, green seat, racing number 3, Tri-ang Minic No.2 cars, red plastic clockwork Sports car with brake and 4-speed gear box, two additional tinplate cars and early blue plastic racing car, P-G (5) £40-60
204.    Shackleton Dyson Trailer, dark green with red wheel arches, two additional trailers, Tri-ang Tipper Lorry, red/blue, clockwork motor, bare metal hubs with black tyres, a Britains 127F Fordson Major Tractor (damaged and missing driver) and a homemade green wooden water carrier, P-G (6) £60-80
205.    Cambrian Radio Controlled Model Spitfire Kit, pre-cut balsa and ply parts with veneered foam wings and a Airsail De Haviland Chipmunk radio control aircraft kit. Its brand new in the box 100% complete and unstarted. Kit features full size plans, Die-cut wing, fuselage, and tail parts, in original boxes with instructions, unchecked for completeness, VG-E, boxes G (2) £40-60
206.    SKK Japanese Dumping Truck, battery operated, red/orange tinplate body with plated trim and lithopinted interior, F £10-15
207.    Mettoy Tinplate Shell Garage, three tiers, red and yellow lithoprinted structure with three orange ramps between each floor and a wind up lift tower to roof top car park, faded and rusting, P £20-30
208.    American Morgan Cycle LLC Streamlined Tricycle, red metal structure, white wheels, black leather seat, frontal steering, (one pedal and lamp missing) and a handmade wooden Royal Mail van, F-VG (2) £50-80
209.    1960s-1980's Palitoy Action Men, five figures (one dismantled), a selection of clothing from the royal guards, skydiver, combat soldier and other outfits and accessories including a SLR rifle, gas mask and oxygen pack, P-VG (qty) £30-50
210.    1960's & 1970's Board Games, including a Merit 'Blow Football', Airfix '123 Up', Parker 'Spill and Spell' and more, in original boxes, unchecked for completeness, F-E, boxes F-VG (10+) £30-50
211.    Robertson's chalk Golly Musicians, playing clarinets, saxophones, drums and other instruments, G-VG (8) £15-20
212.    Deluxe Johnny Seven O.M.A. (One Man Army) Weapon, part of the 'Topper Toys' series, unchecked for completeness, together with a Palitoy Action Man Tank, F-G (2) £40-60
213.    1990's Girl Power Spice Girls Figures, plastic models of Posh, Ginger, Baby, Sporty and Scary Spice, together with a set by Tops Co. G-VG (15+) £10-20
214.    Palitoy Action Man Helicopter, No.34714, snap together with realistic rotor action and working winch, unassembled, in original box with instructions, an empty Palitoy Action Man Machine Gun Emplacement box, belt feed machine Gun and sandbags Marx 1960's Noble Knight Series boxed 'Victor - The Armoured Horse' (incomplete), alongside a Noble Knight and collection of additional action man diecast weapons, P-G, boxes P (qty) £30-50
215.    Three Tri-ang Jumbo Hay Trailers, diecast examples with red body and four removable yellow panels, red plastic hubs, Wrenn battery operated Wonder-Boat, three Bilotoy sets and a selection of games, Lego and railway accessories, in original boxes, F-E, boxes P-G (10+) £30-50
216.    Hornby Shipwright H101 Santa Maria Ship Kit, containing pre-formed wooden parts, cast cannons and fittings and iron-on transfers, together with a Revell H-1285 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL kit, 1:12 scale, in original boxes with instructions, unchecked for completeness, G-VG, boxes P-F (2) £30-50
217.    1950's Meccano, plates, wheels, girders, gears and more, in an assortment of colours, together with a set of instructions for multiple constructions and a power unit, P-G (qty)

218.    Matchbox Motorway 'Switch a Track' Lay-by Roundabout, red/orange roundabout with a quantity of grey and green track, unchecked if functioning, G £5-10
219.    Schuco 3007 Clockwork Submarine, red tiplate, grey hull with rear propeller and rudder, grey plastic vanes to front, clockwork mechanism unchecked, together with a 1970's Japanese Yonezawa 'Jumbo the Blowing Bubble Elephant' automaton, battery powered with upholstered Elephant above the tin plate base, F (2) £40-60
220.    Tri-ang Hi-way Series Open Lorry, TM 6276, blue/white pressed steel, in original box, G, box F £30-50
221.    Marx and North Western Products Pinball Games, wooden and plastic, 1960's Alps tinplate Greek Crown Bus, lithoprinted and battery operated and a 'His Master's Voice' Gramophone Pick-up No.25, P-G (4) £30-50
222.    A Waco Japanese medium size one arm bandit machine, constructed in metal and uses 25c/10p coins or free spins, height 400mm, width 240mm, depth 220mm, VG, together with a Grandstand Pinball Wizard, in original box, VG, box F, both in working order at time of cataloguing (2) £50-80
223.    Pre-war Primus Engineering and Meccano, 1923 Primus engineering No 2 outfit, boxed pre-war Meccano and post-war Meccano outfit No1 and No2, and Loose Meccano, together with manuals including 1914-15 Meccano prize models catalogue, and a 1920s Primus Engineering Tank and other models manual with collection of post-war Meccano magazines ,all sets incomplete, P-F boxes P-F Qty £100-150
224.     Post-war Meccano, boxed Gears outfit B, and another, boxed No 1 clockwork motor with key, part built traction engine with crane, and various loose Meccano all contained in a case, together with a box of post-war Meccano manuals, magazines, and others, P-F boxes P-F Qty £50-80
225.    boxed post-war Meccano, Four sets comprising Outfit no1, Outfit no 6, and Motorised Crane construction set, all with the majority of components present, and another Motorised crane construction kit, factory sealed. F-E, boxes F-E (4) £80-120
226.    Post-war Meccano, A Crate of loose Meccano, various components including strips, wheels, brackets, plates, etc in mixed colours. P Qty £30-40
227.    1940s Meccano magazines, Pre-war and post war examples some bound together in albums, together with collection of Edwardian and later postcards, P-F Qty £20-30
228.    Victory Industries Plastic VIP Vosper R.A.F crash tender, In original box with Mighty Midget electric motor (un-tested), together with other post-war plastic and tin toys including a die cast Corgi Ford tanker, P-F, box P Qty £50-60
229.    Aero-Modeller Magazines, Collection of 1960s editions a 1964 Battle of Britain souvenir magazine and other ephemera, F-G, Qty £20-30
230.     British Marx No 375 Climbing Fireman, With original box, on printed tin base and two section tin ladder, the fireman with plastic body, (part of one hand missing) and clockwork climbing mechanism, in working order, F-G, box P £50-80
231.    Post-war Tri-ang Railways Catalogues, Three 1960s volumes, 6th,7th and 8th, editions, together with a 1963 Tri-ang railways catalogue, 9th edition, Tri-ang Scalextric 3rd edition catalogue and others, F-G, (9) £20-30
232.    Victory Jigsaw Puzzles, Eleven boxed plywood examples including Road Vehicle, Winchester Cathedral, Geographical, Coronation and others, four boxed Chad Valley plywood examples including Caerphilly Castle, Britains Mightiest, ( both steam engines), St Julien and Windsor Castle, together with various other boxed jigsaws, (all unchecked for completeness) P-G, boxes P-G Qty £50-80
233.    Vintage Marbles, Collection of clear and coloured examples, together with collection boxed of pre-war and later games, including wooden chessmen, card games, The Esdell Series table tennis, Bing Pygmyphone with fifteen records, horn, sound box and key (not working) and others, P-F, boxes P-F Qty £60-80
234.    Post-war Games and Toys, A box including Subbuteo Continental Club Edition, Palitoy Action Man accessories, (mostly weapons some clothing) boxed Meccano, and other toys. Together with a box of loose Scalextric including ten vehicles (all damaged) track, and accessories P-F boxes P-F, £50-80
235.    Pre and Post-War Toy and Game Catalogues, 1937 Acorn Models Swansea Meccano catalogue, collection of 1950s-1970s Meccano magazines, twelve 1960s-1980s Lego assortment catalogues, ten 1970s-1980s Matchbox, Dinky and Corgi catalogues and others F-G Qty £40-60
236.    1950s Tin Pedal Car, Tri-ang style, in red livery inscribed lightning in white, with white steering wheel, plated metal windscreen, white wheels and black tyres playworn condition. F £60-80
237.    Schuco Toys, 1950s Tin plate Schuco garage, three wind-up cars models 1750, 4001, racing car, and others together with a Tri-ang Minic Toys windup blue racing car with key in running order P-F (7) £50-80
238.    Meccano Outfit No 3, boxed post-war set, with many original components, (box poor), together with boxed Tri-ang Arkitex Set No A HO/OO scale model construction kit, with many original components, in good condition, seven 1950s/70s Rupert the Bear annuals (P-F), and a small box of Brooke Bond and other trade cards P-G, boxes P-G Qty £50-80
239.    Modern Model Buses and Coaches, Collection of tin and plastic examples including boxed friction powered Greyhound coach, Solido Renault TN 6C, Continental Railways Silver Eagle Coach, 1977 Woolworths Silver Jubilee, Routemaster in silver livery and others F-G, boxes F-G, Qty £50-80
240.    Model Buses and Coaches, Mostly 1:87 scale plastic models including forty plus boxed or packaged examples by makers such as Wiking, Herpa, Busch, Brekina, Mini-Car and others, some unboxed, F-E, boxes F-G, Qty £80-120
241.    Model Buses and Coaches, Mostly 1:87 scale boxed plastic models including examples by Herpa, Reitze, IHC, Bachmann, Wiking, Busch, Trident, Roco and others, G-E, boxes F-G, (60+) £100-120
242.    Captain Scarlett Thunderbirds and Stingray, all boxed as new Vivid Imaginations, Spectrum Cloudbase, Spectrum Command Team, Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle, Captain Blue, Scarlett and Black large talking action figures, eleven small action figures and two diecast models, together with two unboxed talking figures and an opened pursuit vehicle, Carlton, Thunderbirds radio control Fab-1, Matchbox Rescue Pack, ten action figures and a diecast vehicle, all boxed as new and five boxed as new Matchbox Stingray action figures G-E, boxes G-E, Qty £80-120
243.    Reference Books, Collection of toy collectors books including History of Locomotive Kits Vol 1, Robert Forsythe, More Miniature Merchant Ships, John Bowen, British Toy Boats, Roger Gillham and Toy and Model Trams of the World Vol 1, and others G-E, Qty £30-50
244.    *Post-War Continental model street lighting and road signs, Mostly French, cast aluminium, but including some lead and diecast, together with modern clock work tin toys including San Francisco tram, airship and flying boats and others, and nine models of steam locomotives and tenders, P-G, Qty THIS LOT ATTRACTS IMPORT VAT ON THE HAMMER PRICE AT 20% £30-50
245.    Atari, 1980s Atari video computer system games consul, together with two pairs of joysticks, and twelve boxed games including, Star Wars Jedi Arena, Kaboom, Night Driver and Yars Revenge amongst others together with Lledo days gone by, F-G, boxes F, Qty £30-50
246.    Model Kits by Revell Airfix Frog and others, Examples by Revell including a Junkers JU-52, five by Airfix including a Spitfire VB and a Frog, Trinity House Lightship amongst others all unmade some sealed in original plastic, together with four boxed modern tin plate models by Kovap Retro, P-G, boxes P-G, (16) £60-80
247.    McDonaold and other Plastic Toys, 1980s and later collection of unboxed various toys including a large number of McDonalds and Burger King examples contained in four boxes, P-G, Qty £50-100
248.    Tin Plate Toys, Including Limited Edition of Ipswich 1:13 scale models of Vintage 'Old Crock' cars in the manner of George Carette, together with boxed Franklin Mint, tin clock work John Deere tractor and Coca Cola motor trike, G-E, boxes F-G, (4) £50-80
249.    Tin Plate Toys, mostly boxed, battery ,friction and clockwork examples made in china and japan including vintage cars, motorbikes fire engine, rocket and train G-E, boxes F-G, (16) in two boxes £50-80
250.     Model Kits BY Airfix Heller and others, including AMT, ERTL Startrek U.S.S. Enterprise, Airfix Charles W Morgan ship in a bottle, Heller Peugeot Turbo 20 Paris-Dakar and a Revell British Sovereign of the seas amongst others all unmade, together with boxed British Airways Concorde desk ornament by Wooster, F-G, boxes F-G, ( 16) £50-80
251.    Quantity of boxed Toys various examples including a number of tin clockwork models, plastic toys, diecast, figures and vehicles some radio controlled amongst others, F-G, boxes F-G, (30+) in two boxes £50-80
252.    Scalextric and other Plastic Models Three Tri-ang Scalextric cars, Jaguar D-Type, Austin Healey 3000 and a Porsche all for spares, together with various Minialuxe models, Corgi Dolphin 20 four berth cruiser, Britain's Plastic stage coach and horses , model steam cruiser and others £60-80
253.    Danbury Mint Models, The River Crossing, Mariners Cove and Sid and Ivy's cafe Last of the Summer Wine, a Franklin Mint Sgt Peppers model, Cast metal Uncle Sam novelty money box and various miniature diecast post boxes and petrol pumps amongst others £50-60
254.     1990s and later Star Wars, Eight figures including three deluxe examples by Kenner and a Dewback and Sandtrooper set also by Kenner, two comm talk figures by Hasbro, a Darth Maul Mega Collectible figure, and three Micro Machine Star Wars vehicles, Rebel Blockade Runner, Millennium Falcon and Rebel Flight Controller with Luke's X-Wing, all in original packaging, E, boxes G-E, (15) £50-80
255.    Thunderbirds Dr Who Stingray Captain Scarlett and Batman models, all boxed (some re-sealed) including Matchbox Thunderbird 2 Electronic playset, four figures and Fab 1, Vivid Imaginations, Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle, Matchbox Stingray submarine, Kenner Batwing and ERTL Batman returns batmobile, together with Corgi Dr Who 40th anniversary gift set, Dalek Rollamatics, Micro-Superstars Dalek and talking Dalek, G-E, boxes F-G, (14) £50-80
256.    A 1950s Tri-ang style Tin Pedal Car in blue livery with white plastic steering wheel, cast metal spoked wheels and black tyres playworn condition. F £40-60
257.    Airfix Marx and Meccano, Eight sets of 1960s OO gauge Airfix figures, Afrika Corps, Civilian, Infantry and others a boxed Marx Sooper Snooper, modern Meccano conversion sets, plastic crusader castle, 1960s football programmes and others, F-G, boxes P-F, Qty £50-80
258.    French Meccano, all boxed including sets zero, one and two, with many original components, together with various French Meccano manuals and boxed radio controlled Harley Davidson, P- F, boxes F, Qty £50-80
259.    Hot Wheels Burago and Maisto, boxed Hotwheels, 1:18 scale 150 Ferrari Canadian Grand Prix 2002, other 1:18 scale and smaller models by Burago and Maisto amongst others, together with a model of a Citroen 2CV, and various remote control competition cars, P-G, boxes F-G, in two boxes £50-80
260.    Tri-ang Excavator, Yellow and blue tin plate with balloon rubber tyres marked Tri-ang with original box Tri-ang Toys, Lines Bros, Merthyr Tydfil, some rust spotting and wear, F-G, box F £40-60
261.    Tri-ang Milk Truck, White and red tin plate with rubber tyres marked L Bros Ltd, complete with 28 plastic milk bottles, some rust spots and wear, F-G £50-80
262.    Tri-ang Circus Van, Blue and red tin plate with rubber tyres marked Tri-ang, L Bros Ltd with good transfer decoration, with eight original plastic wild animals on wheels, and others, some wear, F-G Qty £60-80
263.    Lego Norev Timpo and Airfix, Vintage Lego fire engine 3" long, Norev 1:43 scale Magirus DL 30H fire engine (No 97), Timpo Toys horse drawn steam fire pump 'Clay County Fire Service' and boxed Airfix H.M.S Cossack 1:50 construction kit, G, box G £50-80
264.    Wiking and others plastic Scale Model Vehicles, boxed collection comprising commercial, emergency and private vehicles, mostly 1:87 scale including Wiking, Revell , Herpa and others G-E, boxes G-E, (65+) £80-120
265.    Wiking and others plastic Scale Model Vehicles, boxed collection of commercial and emergency vehicles including many fire engines, mostly 1:87 scale by various makers, Wiking, Preiser , Revell, Busch, Concept, Brekina and others G-E, boxes G-E, (50+) £80-120
266.    Roco and Herpa plastic Scale Model Vehicles, boxed collection of international fire service vehicles, mostly 1:87 scale by Roco and Herpa, G-E, boxes G-E (55+) in two crates £80-120
267.    Roskopf Wiking and others plastic Scale Model Vehicles, Collection of international fire service vehicles, mostly 1:87 scale by Roskopf, Wiking, Revell, and others F-E, boxes G-E (35+ boxed 50+unboxed) £60-80
268.    Bing British Projector, 35mm hand cranked tin toy projector with three film reels in canisters in worn condition, together with two Pelham puppets and other items P-F, ((qty)) £40-60
269.    Scalextric by Hornby, Large quantity of track and accessories and hand controllers, including two John Cooper Mini Cooper competition cars and a Ninco Go- Kart and Kart F-1 (2) F-G ((qty)) in three boxes £40-60
270.    Captain Video and other 1950s and later Comics, Various editions including No 2 Captain Video, No 55 Space Commander Kerry, No 18 John Wayne adventure comic, Movie Classics including The Conqueror No 9, (10) Classics Illustrated including No 2 Ivanhoe (33), Told in Pictures, all in Pictures, Thriller Picture library, Kit Carson's 1958 Cowboy Annual and others P-F, (90+) £60-80
271.    Scalextric Matchbox and Corgi and other makers Catalogues and playworn vehicles, Including Matchbox 1969 (2), Corgi 1970 and 1972, Airfix Betta Bilda and together with collection of Merit 00 Gauge boxed station accessories including Scammell trailer and container and playworn Dinky Corgi and Lesney including a Dinky Hindle Smart Heleos, P-E, ((qty)) £40-60
272.    Tri-ang Minic tinplate clockwork Vehicles and other models, Tin mechanical horse and Pantechnicon (30M) in original box and key , working motor, areas of rust to body work perished tyres. Together with a tin Green Line London Transport bus with original key (not working) inscribed Dorking and Bisto on rear, some rust and perished tyres, and a plastic Vauxhall Vega Major Touring Coach by Roxy Toys No 383 made in Hong Kong in box inscribed Clifford Toys. Model very good box missing end flaps. P-E, boxes F (3) £40-60
273.    Montreal Olympic Games Promotional Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear 4' tall with moveable arms and legs. It was the promotional mascot for the Olympic Games 7" single by the band Montreal Ted and his Athletes released by EMI Records. It was used to promote the record and appeared on Blue Peter. He is wearing a T shirt with Union Jack, shorts and has two pin badges, his picture and Montreal, F
Generally good condition although one arm has been repaired.
Only one was ever made. £40-60
274.    Pin Cushion Dolls, Four 1950s and later Continental porcelain pin cushion dolls in the form of ladies in traditional costume (two with minor chips) and a modern example F-G (4) £30-40
275.    Modern Porcelain Doll Parts, A large collection of bisque porcelain dolls body parts including heads, limbs, torsos, hair etc all modern various sizes in six boxes F-G ((qty)) £100-50
276.    Roddy Pedigree 1950s and later Dolls, Mostly plastic dressed examples including a jointed 'Roddy' doll (20 in tall), jointed D.I.L. doll (20 in tall split to head) and a, black jointed 'Rosebud' doll, (17 in tall) all criers not working, together with a Pedigree dolls head, another large plastic jointed doll (25 in tall) and others P-F, ((qty)) £50-80
277.    Tri-ang Pedigree Dolls, Two 1960s Pedigree plastic jointed dolls one a white crying example (not working) in floral dress and bonnet the other a black doll with closing eyes in floral print native costume, both 15in tall with minor splits to heads F(2) £30-30
278.    Steiff Hedgehog Family, Mecki, Micki, Macki and Mucki all in original clothing with Steiff cloth tags (minus name tags) adults with articulated arms 7 in tall (7627/17, 7628/17) children 5 in tall (7627/12,7628/12) F-G (4) £100-150
279.    Bearhouse Bears Steiff and Keel Toys Bearhouse Bears Stanley snow leopard by Charlie Bears with a bow (17in tall BB153054B) Steiff American Kennel Club black Labrador puppy (079153) and Keel Toys grey and white kitten Kayla G-E, (3) £30-40
280.    Charlie Bears, 2006 limited edition Anniversary Edward with brown plush fur and bells, (16in tall CB1145885) 2011 Charlie with grey plush fur, bow and bell (13.5 in tall CB114757) and Pam with two tone brown plush fur and bells (13.5 in tall CB194758) all designed by Isabelle lee together with Anniversary Jack limited edition bear with brown plush fur and bell designed by Heather Lyell (CB114883A) all without carry bags G-E (4) £40-60
281.    Charlie Bears by Isabelle Lee, 2013 Jumble bear with multi-hued brown plush fur and mohair with silk neck bow (CB131360) 19.5in tall, discontinued, together with 2015 Charlotte bear with long golden plush fur and silk neck bow (CB151507) 22in tall, both with carry bags G-E (2) £40-60
282.    1940s Teddy Bear Knitting Bear and others soft toys by Pedigree and Merrythought, Jointed mohair teddy with stitched nose (missing eyes) with general wear and worn pads, ex growler, (20in tall), a 1950s automaton plush covered seated knitting bear with spectacles and a felt apron on a plastic stool with plastic hands and key wind to back (6in high) in working order, straw filled seated dog, Merrythought spaniel, Pedigree duck and another P-F, (6) £60-80
283.    Merrythought and Chad Valley Teddy Bears, Merrythought teddy bear pyjama case with stitched nose and glass eyes, zip to back and label to lower pad (becoming detached) otherwise good order, together with a mohair 1960s Chad valley teddy bear with stitched nose and glass eyes and jointed limbs, generally worn with worn pads (11 in tall) P-G (2) £30-40
284.    Tri-ang Gee-Bee and Hobbies Dolls Houses, Mettoy Tin Dolls House, F, lacks Garage, Gee Bee House and Hobbies Style House with front garden, F-G £50-80
285.    A large Craft Products Miniatures USA kit built San Francisco Dolls House, constructed in wood, four story house with veranda and balconies, electric lighting and original building instructions, G-VG, built and finished to a good standard, height 1200mm, width 600mm, depth 700mm £100-200
286.    A large Steiff Panda Bear, F, some moth damage £50-70
287.    Ceramic Doll's Head, painted features, blue flirty eyes, dark blonde hair covered by a lace bonnet, a dismantled bisque body and an incomplete child's 'The Cow Jumped over the Moon' tea service, P-VG (qty) £40-60
288.    A Steiff Limited Edition Bear with neck Mechanism 1931, 541 of 3000, in original box with certificate, 1989 £120-150
289.    A large Steiff Limited Edition white Teddy Bear 1921, 631 of 1921, in original box with certificate, 2004 £150-200
290.    Six large size TV Muppets, Miss Piggy Height 1150mm, Kermit 1200mm, Fozzy 1000mm, Animal 1600mm and Gonzo 1000mm, generally G, require some cleaning (5) £100-150
291.    Britains and others playworn Pre -War Lead Figures, Including British and French troops, cavalry and Highland Regiment, together with a Dinky Whiteley bomber, and Britains farm animals and accessories and a number of Mickey Mouse magic lantern slides, P-F, Qty £50-60
292.    Britains Del Prado and others playworn Pre-War and later Lead figures, Various manufacturers Britains, Del Prado, John Tunstill, Steadfast and others including British army, native troops, Continental troops, sailors, civilians and many more, P, Qty £50-80
293.    Britains and others playworn Pre-War Lead FarmFigures and animals, Figures, animals and accessories including a glasshouse, covered cart and horse, dog kennel, hay stack fences and others including Britains, P-F , Qty £30-50
294.    Britains and others playworn lead Farm items, including Britains, Taylor and Barrett, Carts, Hedges and other items, some boxed P-F, boxes P-F (qty) £40-60
295.    Pre-War and later Britains Farm animals and Soldiers, Mostly farm animals, cast and hollow lead, together with some lead figures including Guardsmen and others by different manufacturers, P, Qty £20-30
296.    Post -War Timpo Toys and Britains Figures, Plastic models of cowboys and native Americans, Roman, and some military by Timpo, including some vehicles, together with plastic Britains Hong Kong and Great Britain, and Deetail on diecast plinths and others, three boxes of Airfix Waterloo infantry (un-painted), post-war disassembled plastic castle and a number of pre-war hollow cast lead farm and wild animals, P-G, Qty £50-80
297.    Britain's Deetail Knights, mostly knights some mounted, coloured plastic on die cast plinths, some later full plastic Britain's examples and others P-F, Qty £30-40
298.    Britains Road Series 9V Castrol Oil Bin and 10V Shell Oil Bin, Britains plastic animals, small scale birds, cows, bears, warthogs, deer and other animals, two boxed sets of Britains soldiers and small number of railway figures and foliage, P-E, boxes P (qty) £40-60
299.    Large Quantity of Plastic Soldiers and Military Figures, assorted scales, dressed in traditional and contemporary attire in various poses, including examples by Lone Star, Britains, Crescent and others, P-VG (qty) £20-30
300.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles,, Cased F.D.N.Y. battalion 44 gift set comprising four vehicles and two cloth badges (12821) together with boxed Interschutz 2000 official show model fire truck (12226) E, boxes G-E (2) £50-80
301.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:32 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles including, MT-55 Freightliner trucks, FDNY Special Operations Command (14005), LA County Hazardous Materials Squad (14008), Chicago Scuba Team (14001) and Boston Fire Communications and Command (14007), E, boxes G-E, (4) £60-80
302.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles including, Aerial scope tower ladder trucks New York (12735 and 12730) together with Ladder Towers Inc fire trucks Washington, L.A. (12672, 12664 and 12670), E, boxes G-E, (5) £60-80
303.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles including, Pierce 100ft Platform trucks Chicago and Massport (12909, 12911 ) American La France Tower ladder truck Yonkers NY (12745), Sutphen tower ladder truck Orlando (12930) and Seagrave aerial ladder truck NY (12658) E, boxes G-E, (5) £60-80
304.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles including, 'Preserve The Honor ' Towering Inferno, San Francisco Seagrave Aerial ladder Truck (12967) together with a Backdraft Chicago Mack CF rear mount ladder truck (12495) and Backdraft Ward La France Pumper (12392) E, boxes G-E (3) £60-80
305.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale North American fire service limited edition vehicles including, LDV Milwaukee and Chicago fire department Command vehicles (12531, 12532) together with E-ONE Titan 8X8 Crash trucks Vancouver, Ontario and Denver International Airport ( 12172, 12170, 12171(2), E, boxes G-E (6) £60-80
306.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles including, Pierce Heavy rescue trucks Saddlebrook and New Orleans (12711, 12718) together with Seagrave Rear mount ladder trucks New York (12720 (2) 12721(2), E, boxes G-E (6) £60-80
307.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service vehicles limited edition vehicles including, Pierce Heavy rescue trucks Tallman volunteer Fire Dept and Village of Hoffman Estates 40th Anniversary Fire Dept (12715,12716) together with Saulsbury Heavy rescue trucks New York (12701,12707, 12705, 12703) E, boxes G-E,(6) £60-80
308.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale North American fire service limited edition vehicles including, Oshkosh Crash trucks Calgary, Metro Dade County, Philadelphia, Greater Toronto Airport and Chicago (12157,12154,12151,12148,12150) E, boxes G-E (5) £60-80
309.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service Suburban and Command limited edition vehicles, including Metro Dade, Virginia Beach, Newark, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, L.A. and New York, ( 12375, 12368, 12408, 12419, 12402, 12374,12400, 12417, 12403, E, boxes G-E, (9) £60-80
310.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles comprising Pierce fire engines, Cedar Hill, Dearborn Heights, Messa, Virginia Beach, Metro Dade, Winter Park ,Seminole County and Mason Ohio, (12880,12768,12761,12767,12760,12762, 12770,12777) E, boxes G-E, (8) £80-120
311.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles comprising Pierce fire engines, Los Angeles City and LA City Dash sidemount pumper (12888, 12892) together with Mack fire engines, Chicago, New York (4) and Yonkers (12348,12370,12350 (2),12359,12371) E, boxes G-E, (8) £80-120
312.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles comprising E-0ne, fire engines, Washington DC , Clark County and Boston (2),(12339,12342,12340,12344) Luverne engines both Chicago (12316), Sutphen engine, Orlando (12290) and American La France engine, Jacksonville (12135) E, boxes G-E, (8) £80-120
313.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles comprising, Seagrave fire engines, City of Windsor, Los Angeles and New York (4) (02450,12303, 02453,12302, 12300,02453) together two Los Angeles fire engines (12391, 12957) E, boxes G-E,(8) £80-120
314.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles comprising, Freightliner engines, pumper and ambulance, Baltimore, Chicago, Jacksonville and Orange County, (12580,12111,12082,12110) together with Crown Firecoach engines, Orange County, Los Angeles and Honolulu, (12954,12950, 12955) and a Ferrara Inferno Pumper (12330) E, boxes G-E (8) £80-120
315.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition ambulances comprising, Washington, Long Beach, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston and Dallas, (12060,12057,12103,12065,12053,12055,12105,12102) E, boxes G-E (8) £80-120
316.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles comprising, New York, Ambulance, Scuba Unit, F-350 ambulance and fire scene unit, (12107,12000,12101,12108) together with Chicago Ambulance and Engine, (12506, 12318) Boston engine(12393) and Ferrara Inferno (12257) E, boxes G-E (8) £80-120
317.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles comprising, F.D.N.Y fire station set Seagrave pumper and aerial scope tower ladder truck (12190), F.D.N.Y. Centennial set with Seagrave engines (12208) and a loss Angeles City Crown Pump Set with Firecoach engines (12951) E, boxes G-E, ( 6 in 3 boxes) £60-80
318.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles, 'Fire and Rescue' including New York Seagrave engine 59, Mack C engine 305, Seagrave engine 305 and Mack rescue 2 (12840,12503,12837,12554) together with 'Preserve the Honor' New York Seagrave engine 231 and American La France engine 34 (12835,12139) E, G-E (6) £80-120
319.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles 'Preserve the Honor' comprising L.A. Ward La France engine 16, Chicago American La France engine 124, Jacksonville Freightliner tanker 28, Miami Freightliner rescue 2 and Ventura county American La France engine 50 (12397, 12863,12631, 12084, 12143) E, boxes G-E (5) £80-100
320.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles, 'Fire and Rescue' comprising Beverley Hills American La France century engine1, Boston E-One Cyclone engine 30, L.A. CA Freightliner engine 79 and Glendale CA Pierce Quantum Engine 21, (12862, 12337, 12085, 12755) together with 'Preserve the Honor' L.A. Bell 412 Helicopter (12600) E, boxes G-E (5) £80-100
321.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale American fire service limited edition vehicles 'Fire and Rescue' comprising Boston E-0ne rear mount ladder engine 25 and New York Seagrave aerial scope engine 1 (12847, 12738) together with 'Preserve the Honor' Chicago Peirce rear mount ladder engine FDE314, Boston E-0ne rear mount ladder engine 23, and New York Mack CF aerial scope ladder 41 and Seagrave aerial scope ladder 120 (12916, 12960, 12515, 12737) E, boxes G-E (6) £80-120
322.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale limited edition Chicago Firehouse Engine Co 78, model building, ( 13103) E, box F (1) £50-80
323.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale limited edition F.D.N.Y. Firehouse Engine Co 235, model building, ( 13100) E, box F (1) £50-80
324.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale limited edition Boston Firehouse Engine Co 24, model building, (13105) E, box F (1) £50-80
325.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale limited edition Washington D.C. Firehouse Engine Co. 10 Truck Co. 13, model building, (13106) E box F (1) £50-80
326.    Code 3 Collectibles Fire Service Vehicles, boxed 1:64 scale limited edition Burning Building with nine figures, model building (13099) E, box F (1) £50-80
327.    Minichamps, all boxed 1:43 scale limited edition German fire service vehicles including, VW 1200, VW T2 Pritsche and Hanomag Kurier Prischenwagen, all Dortmund, VW T1, Solingen and MB Unimog 404 TLF8, Aachen E, boxes G-E (5) £50-80
328.    Minichamps, all boxed 1:43 scale German fire service vehicles including, Magirus-Deutz Merkur LF 16 and TLF 16, both Dortmund, Opel Blitz 1,75t Dehleiter DL18, Sinsheim and MB Unimog 1300L TLF8/18, Stuttgart E, boxes G-E (4) £60-80
329.    Minichamps, all boxed 1:43 scale Mercedes Benz German fire engines including, L322 DL30, LoD3750 KS25, 1113 Aerial Ladder.1966 and LoD3750 DL26, E, boxes G-E (4) £60-80
330.    Minichamps, all boxed 1:43 scale Magirus- Deutz German fire engines including, Merkur 150 DL30, 150A LF16, TLF16 and TLF A 16, E, boxes G-E (4) £60-80
331.    Minichamps, all boxed 1:43 scale Magirus-Deutz German fire engines including, Merkur 150 DL30, TLF 16.1959 and DL30, E, boxes G-E, (3) £50-80
332.    Minichamps, all boxed 1:43 scale Magirus-Deutz German fire engines including, 150 D 10 LF 16, 6500 S.1954 and S 6500 Drehleiter DL30, E, boxes G-E, (3) £50-80
333.    Schuco, all boxed 1:43 scale international fire service vehicles comprising, Mercedes Benz Unimog 406, Hanomag Garant feuerwehr, Borgward B 2500, Opel Blitz S 3t Feuerwehr and Mercedes Benz L322 Feuerwehr, (03157, 03241, 03462,03071, 03265) E, boxes G-E (5) £60-80
334.    Schuco, all boxed 1:43 scale German fire service vehicles comprising, three fire engines Borgward B 2500, VW T2a and Opel Blitz S 3t (03461,03341,03073) and two limited edition examples Mercedes Benz Unimog 4045 TLF 8 FFW Hedelfingen and 4045 Funkkoffer (03395,03391) E, boxes G-E, (5) £60-80
335.    Schuco, all boxed 1:43 scale limited edition, German fire service vehicles comprising, three Volkswagen T2a, Bus Bayreuth, Doppelkabine Frankfurt and Westfalia- Pritsche, (03228,03346,03334) and a Mercedes Benz L 319 and Opel Reckford E (02807,03423) E, boxes G-E (5) £60-80
336.    Schuco, all boxed 1:43 scale limited edition, German fire service vehicles comprising, four fire engines, Ford Taunus Transit and Transit FK 1000, Mercedes Benz L319, VW Kastenwagen T2a and DKW Feuerloschwagen (03192,03351,03195,03212,02409) E, boxes G-E (5) £60-80
337.    Schuco, all boxed 1:43 scale limited edition, German fire service vehicles comprising four Iveco Magirus fire trucks, HLF 20/16 'New Face', RW 'New Face', LF 16/12 and RW 2 (07133, 07134,07131,07132) E, boxes G-E (4) £60-80
338.    Schuco, all boxed 1:43 scale limited edition, German fire service vehicles comprising, Iveco Magirus Super Dragon X8, Opel Blitz S 3t mit TSA 8, Mercedes Benz Unimog U 300 and Mercedes Benz L 322 (07135,03065,04645,03263) E, boxes G-E (4) £60-80
339.    Signature Series, all boxed 1:43 scale international fire service vehicles pre and post war comprising (43001,43003,43002,43006,43005,43007,43010,43004,43008, 43009, 43011) E, boxes G-E (11) £50-80
340.    Signature Series and Solido, all boxed International fire service including Signature series 1:18,1914 Model T fire engine, (20038) and 1:24 scale 1938 Ford fire engine, (20058) together with solidi 1:18 scale Ford Citerne (8005) and Ford Pompiers (8003) E, boxes G-E (4) £50-80
341.    Hot Wheels Elite, boxed 1:18 scale 30th anniversary Ghostbusters ECTO-1 with figures and accessories together with a 1:43 scale boxed Back to the Future time machine with Mr Fusion E, boxes G (2) £50-80
342.    Hot Wheels Elite Minichamps Spark and Kyosho, all boxed competition and sports cars comprising, Hot Wheels 1:18, 458 Ferrari Speciale, Minichamps limited edition 1:43 Porsche 914/6 Le Mans 1970, Aston Martin V12 Zagato ADAC 24h 2011 and Audi R8 ADAC 24h 2010, (400706540, 437111303, 437101949) Spark model Ford Fiesta WRC Monte Carlo 2012 (wing mirror detached) together with Kyosho Toyota Supra safety car and limited edition Nissan Skyline Fuji Speedway pace car (03343,03704) F-E, boxes F-G (7) £60-80
343.    Minichamps and Brumm, boxed 1:18 scale 1992 Ford Escort Cosworth, together with 1:43 scale Porsche 911 speedster (400069530 wing mirror detached), limited edition Ford Capri III 2.8i and Ford Focus RS 500 (400082226, 400088106) together with a Brumm 1:43 scale Ferrari 250 GTO (R508-04) F-E, boxes F-G (5) £50-80
344.    Spark Resin Specialist and Brooklin, all boxed comprising, Spark 1980 Lotus Elite (S2213), Resin Specialist Toyota MR2 Twin Cam 16 (RS-76503) and Brooklin Lansdowne Models 1936 Bentley 4 door saloon (LDM.106) G- E, boxes G-E (3) £60-80
345.    Corgi Hauliers of Renown, Both boxed 1:50 scale, Special Edition Scania R Moving Floor Trailer Eddie Stobart Biomass, Carlisle (CC13765) together with a Limited Edition Stobart Seddon Atkinson Strata Curtain-side Carlisle (CC15403) E, boxes G-E (2) £40-60
346.    A Chad Valley Fordson Major Tractor, in blue livery with rubber tyres, F, play worn £40-60
347.    Corgi Matchbox and others playworn Vehicles, Commercial and private examples including Corgi Major Ecurie Ecosse racing car transporter, Corgi Rover 90, Spot -On Morris 1100, Matchbox, Lesney and others together with boxed Corgi Limited Edition Lotus Evora GT 4 (CC56601) (2) and Skyfall OO7 Aston Martin DB5 (CC04310) P-E, boxes G-E (qty) £100-120
348.    Corgi EFE and others boxed Commercial Vehicles, by various makers including Corgi, Exclusive First Editions, Oxford Diecast, Matchbox, Lledo and others, G, boxes F-G, (30+) £40-60
349.    Tri-ang/Hornby OO Gauge Trains, including GWR 'Lord of the Isles' locomotive and tender, BR green 'Flying Scotsman' and tender, BR black B12 4-6-0 and tender, yellow 0-4-0T no 6 and blue 0-4-0DS, boxed R515 GWR Pannier Tank, together with 9 coaching stock including black engineer's clerestory and mail coach, a quantity of wagons including red ICI bogie tanker no 357, a good quantity of series 4 track including points and turntable, controller, station platforms and other scenic items, the majority F-G, playworn (qty) £100-140
350.    Bachmann OO Gauge Steam Tank Locomotives, both in BR black, comprising ref 32-082, a class 56xx 0-6-2T no 5639 in weathered state, and 32-207 0-6-0PT no 9761 in clean condition, both with late totems, both VG-E, boxes VG (2) £70-100
351.    Bachmann OO Gauge Steam Locomotives, both in BR liveries, comprising ref 32-306, a class 2253 0-6-0 and tender no 2253 in clean black with early totem, and 32-138 a 4575 class 2-6-2T no 5550 in lined green with late totem, both VG-E, boxes VG (2) £70-100
352.    A Bachmann OO Gauge 'Local Suburban' Set and DMU Pack, the set ref 30-015 with ex-GWR 0-6-2T no 6622 in BR green (loco appears to be fitted with Hornby DCC chip) and two maroon coaches with track and controller, in original set box, VG-E, one curve rail missing, together with a 32-911 class 108 3-car DMU in BR green with yellow warning panels, VG-E, boxes all G (2 sets) £100-130
353.    Unboxed OO Gauge Ex-GWR Tank Locomotives by Bachmann and Others, including Bachmann 0-6-0PT no 4666 in weathered BR black (appears to be fitted with Hornby DCC chip), Mainline 0-6-2T no 6652 and Lima 0-6-0PT no 9420 in 'clean' black, and GWR green 0-4-2T no 1466 by Airfix, varying F-VG, some rusting to handrails (4) £60-90
354.    Two Hornby Limited Edition OO Gauge Western Region Train Packs, comprising R2795 'The Red Dragon' set (LE 1081/1500) with 'Rougemont Castle Locomotive and 3 coaches, together with R2173 'Branchline Train Pack' (LE 0494/1250) with 0-4-2T no 1432 and two maroon autocoaches, all VG-E, boxes G-VG, some spotting to outer lid (2) £120-160
355.    Hornby OO Gauge ex-GWR Hawksworth Coaches, all in BR maroon, comprising R4409, R4410 (2), R4411, R4412 and R4413, all E, boxes G-E, 2 boxes with damage/repairs (6) £70-100
356.    A Hornby Digital 'Elite' Control Console, in original box with power supply and connections, together with a small group of contemporary catalogues, all VG-E, box VG (qty) £70-100
357.    Two Lima OO Gauge Diesel Multiple Units, a 2-car and a similar 3-car set, all in BR green, all VG, boxes F (5) £40-60
358.    BR Maroon OO Gauge Coaching Stock by Various Makers, assorted suburban and main line coaches by Bachmann, Mainline, Airfix and others, mostly G-VG, one with serious damage, 5 in boxes (18) £100-140
359.    GWR and BR WR OO Gauge Coaching Stock and Wagons, including 4 Airfix-type Autocoaches in various liveries, 7 BR mk 1s coaches, 2 siphons, 2 Tri-ang clerestories and an SR utility van, together with a kit-built ex-railmotor autocoach and assorted wagons, mostly G, (23) £70-100
360.    A Large box of OO Gauge Scenic items, including made-up and unmade building kits by Ratio, Airfix and others, foliage, cork bark, paint tinlets and Railmatch spray cans, smaller layout accessories and other items, mostly G, unmade kits not checked (qty) £50-70
361.    Hornby OO Gauge Tank Locomotives, including Chinese-made BR black 'Jinty' 47646, and 11 'Margate' 0-4-0's including 2 blue 7178's, 3 'Pug' saddle tanks and others, mostly G, 2 repainted, unboxed (12 in display box) £70-100
362.    Tri-ang-Hornby OO Gauge Locomotives and Tenders, including boxed LMS maroon 'Princess' and blue Hymek diesel, unboxed green Princess and tender, 3 Jinties, 2 2-6-2T's, LBSC 0-6-0T, black 0-4-0T, 2 blue 'white-stripes' class 31's, blue class 37, together with two B12 4-6-0's lacking tenders, two odd tenders and a clockwork 0-4-0T, varying P-G, mostly playworn, some repainted/renumbered (19 inc loose tenders) £80-120
363.    Unboxed Hornby and Other OO Gauge Diesel Locomotives, including 3 Sulzers (two D7596 and one D7571) and 1-Co-Co-1 D172 'Ixion' in BR green, 2 class 58's in Railfreight grey/red and one in Mainline blue, 37698 'Coedbach' in Coal sector livery, and large-logo 50043 'Eagle', varying P-G, mostly playworn and some with damage, D172 with bogie wheels missing (9) £70-100
364.    Unboxed Hornby and Other OO Gauge Diesel and Electric Locomotives/Units, including a 4-car 'Eurostar' train, 2 class 91 electrics with matching DVT's (both with broken pantographs), and 11 HST 'end' cars, the majority with powered bogies, not necessarily as matching pairs, together with a Lima SNCF Cinema car, varying P-G, mostly playworn and some with damage, Eurostar set missing articulated bogie, 'Virgin' HST car has one bogie missing (20) £70-100
365.    Unboxed Hornby Bachmann and Other OO Gauge Freight Stock, including tank wagons, vans, open wagons and others, mostly G, some with minor damages (qty) £70-100
366.    Unboxed Hornby-Dublo and later Hornby Trains and Scenic Accoutrements, including Wrenn 0-6-2T body with coal and large safety valve casting, repainted 2-6-4T body and sundry rolling stock, Lima Deltic, BR green ex-GWR railcar and diesel shunter, 2 distraught Bachmann Ivatt 2-6-2T's and 0-6-0PT, 2 later Flying Scotsman locos only, (both lack powered tenders), a SR malachite green 'Fighter Pilot' loco and tender, 2 Mainline Collett 0-6-0's without tenders, a damaged LBSC 'Terrier', with various scenic items, varying P-G (qty) £80-120
367.    Two Hornby Railways OO Gauge Train Sets, comprising R778 'The Flying Scotsman' set with LNER green 4472, four teak coaches, track and controller, together with R824 'Intercity 225' electric set, with 4-car 225 unit, track and controller, contents F-G, 225 pantograph mostly missing, set boxes P (2 sets) £70-100
368.    Two Hornby Railways OO Gauge Train Sets, comprising R825 'Tunnel Freight' set with electric 92 022 'Charles Dickens' and container wagons, track and controller, together with R824 'Intercity 225' electric set, with 4-car 225 unit, track and controller, contents F-G, all pantographs damaged/missing, set boxes P (2 sets) £60-90
369.    Two Hornby Railways OO Gauge Train Sets, comprising R1095M 'Hogwarts Express' set with 'Hogwarts Castle', 2 coaches station track and controller, together with R1000 'GWR Mixed Traffic' set, with 0-6-0PT, rolling stock, track and controller, contents G, set boxes P (2 sets) £70-100
370.    Tri-ang-Hornby and Hornby Railways OO Gauge Train Sets, comprising T-H RS51 'Freightmaster set with class 31 and wagons, Hornby R546 Inter-City set with 3-car HST, R672 Industrial Freight set with 0-4-0ST 'Pug' and wagons, and R1157 'West Coast Highlander' set, mostly ditto, contents mostly G, not checked for completeness, set boxes P (4) £100-140
371.    Hornby OO Gauge Pullman Coaches, 14 Pullmans, all in traditional umber/cream livery, including 3 Chinese-made 'Fleche D'Or' coaches, mostly G-VG, unboxed (14) £70-90
372.    Hornby Bachmann Mainline and other OO Gauge Coaching Stock, Approx. 35 assorted coaches/bodies in various liveries including BR red/cream, SR green and others, with 2 four-wheelers, P-F, approx 12 have one or both bogies missing (qty) £70-90
373.    A mixed box of Continental HO Gauge Locomotives and Stock, including Märklin 3-rail 'Swedish' 2-C-2 electric, P, one wheel and coupling rods missing, Lima DB Bo-Bo diesel, Jouef SNCF Bo-Bo diesel, Tyco Burlington Northern Co-Co diesel, and a possibly kit-built Conrail American Co-Co diesel, together with a steeple-cab loco body only, an SNCF coach and two tank wagons, mostly F (9) £50-70
374.    OO Gauge GWR/ex-GWR Locomotives by various makers, including Hornby-Dublo 3-rail 'Bristol Castle' and tender, F, general playwear, a Bachmann 2-rail 'Dunley Manor' no 7811 without tender, F-G, one connecting rod detached, a Mainline standard class 4 tender only in BR green, F, centre wheels missing, and a kit-built outside-framed 4-4-0 locomotive only, P, poorly made and finished as no 3453 (3 locos + 2 tenders) £60-90
375.    American HO Gauge Steam Locomotives by various makers, comprising a 4-6-0 and tender by Varney, as Northern Pacific no 5117, another 4-6-0 by unknown maker (cast loco body with plastic cab and tender), as B&O no 1320, and a Rivarossi 0-8-0 switcher no 102 with non-original Lionel tender, all F, 102 is missing smokebox door, all with minor playwear (3 locos + 3 tenders) £60-90
376.    OO/HO Gauge 2-rail Track by Hornby-Dublo and Fleischmann and Kitmaster Models, including 20+ H-D points and other rails, 40+ Fleischmann points, 2 double-slips and other track pieces, track mostly G, ex-layout condition, with 6 made-up Kitmaster locomotive models, made and painted to a good standard, most with boxes (6 models + qty track) £30-50
377.    American HO Gauge Roundhouse Rolling Stock Kits and an O Gauge 'Prairie Rocket' Train Set by Timpo, comprising 11 unmade kits for coaches, wagons and dummy 'Galloping Goose', (kits unchecked), two made-up coaches in Southwestern RR green), and the battery-operated O-gauge set with 4-4-0 locomotive, tender, coaches and track, mostly G-VG, (13 + set) £50-70
378.    A Hornby (China) OO Gauge 'Hogwarts Express' Train Set, comprising 'Hogwarts Castle' locomotive no 5972, tender and two carriages all in Hogwarts railways red livery, together with track, controller and 'Hogsmeade' station, all VG, in original set box polystyrene liner (outer sleeve trackmat and instructions missing) £50-80
379.    A Tri-ang RS1 OO Gauge Train Set, including lined BR black 'Princess Victoria' no 46205 with sintered iron 'low-relief' driving wheels, tender, two maroon/cream coaches, series 3 track, battery controller, oil bottle, 7th edition catalogue and service dealers leaflet, in original set box, mostly F, box P £40-60
380.    A Modest Collection of OO/HO Gauge Hornby-Dublo and Other Trains, including H-D 3-rail 0-6-2T 69567 in BR black with 2 SR green suburban coaches, 2 red/cream coaches, 5 wagons, track, level crossing and buffers, together with a Tri-ang (2-rail) 'Princess Elizabeth' loco only, Minic car transporter RM922, and a Märklin 3-rail 3029 0-6-0T locomotive, mostly F-G, (qty) £40-60
381.    A Modest Group of Continental-style Set-piece Scenic Accoutrements by Faller and Noch, including boxed Faller House Nr 219, G-VG, some paint loss to curved end, with unboxed sawmill Nr 229 with powered mill wheel and light, Flower Shop and Greenhouse Nr 220, with slight damages, a Noch pond with trees surrounding item Nr 772, and a small partially-completed house, mostly G-VG (5) £30-50
382.    A Wrenn OO Gauge 'City of London' Locomotive and Tender, the locomotive no 46245 in BR maroon, G-VG, tender body screw detached and rear coupling hook broken off, in similar but non-original Wrenn box £60-80
383.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 3-rail Locomotives, comprising boxed Type 1 Bo-Bo diesel no D8000, G, some glue or other marks to body, box F, together with LNER green 0-6-2T no 9596, F, transfers rubbed and smokebox retouched, and a repainted 'Duchess of Atholl' and tender, P, one front buffer broken (4 inc tender) £60-80
384.    A Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 3-rail 'Bristolian' Set Track and Other Items, the set including 'Bristol Castle' locomotive and tender no 7013 in lined BR green, 2 BR red/cream coaches, 2 WR coaches, instruction leaflets and other paperwork and various signals, set box P, together with boxed WR super-detailed coach with one end loose, a fair quantity of 3-rail track, Mail coach and track unit (needs repairs), station units, level crossings (2), signal box and other items, majority F-G, most buildings repainted (qty) £60-80
385.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 2- and 3-rail Breakdown Crane Set and Rolling Stock, comprising boxed 4620 crane set with four jacks, box F, lacks interior packing pieces, with 4 wagons in blue boxes, unboxed NE open wagon, van and brake, 3 super-detail wagons and 10 others, together with a Wardie parcels/left luggage office and small group of Merit accessories, mostly G (qty) £50-70
386.    A Märklin HO Gauge 3-rail SK800 Streamlined 4-6-4 Locomotive mit Tender und 354 Gepackwagen, the loco in silver-lined black, F, part of one coupling rod missing, tender coupling pin missing and generally dusty/playworn, the packwagen in green, F, with general light corrosion throughout (3) £70-100
387.    Jouef HO Gauge Trains Buildings and H&M Controller, comprising Jouef 8422M centre-cab electric locomotive in blue as SNCF no BB13001 with ref 5103 and 5104 'modernised' SNCF coaches in green and an 'Evian' van 6263, all VG-E, boxes VG, together with assembled HO scale goods shed and signal box, both G, and a H&M 'Clipper' controller, F, top strip missing, untested, (7) £50-70
388.    Tri-ang/Hornby OO Gauge Trains, including R350 SR L1 class 4-4-0 locomotive and tender, and R868 SR M7 class 0-4-4T, both VG-E in original boxes, boxes F, together with unboxed GWR 4-6-0 'Garth Hall' and tender (one pair bogie wheels missing), LMS 'Jinty' 7606 (embellished), both F-G, together with a group of coaches and wagons including 3 Farish SR wagons, a modest quantity of series 4 and system 6 track including points, and various station parts, inclined piers and other accessories, the majority F-G, some with painted embellishments (qty) £150-200
389.    Märklin HO Gauge 'Blue box' Continental Freight Stock, including 12-wheeled well wagon with load, tankers, vans and others, including ref no's 4008/4618/4624(2)/4632/4665/4674/4675/4677/4679/4685/4688/4692/4695/4696 and 4699, all VG-E, boxes VG (16) £80-120
390.    Märklin HO Gauge 3-rail 'Blue Window box' Continental Electric Locomotive and Freight Stock, including ref 3157 an '0-6-2' pantograph electric in cherry red as DB 160 001-4, together with 6 wagons including Seca tanker, banana van and others, comprising ref no's 4414/4421/4432/4473/4561 and a DB side-tipping ballast wagon (possibly not Märklin) in part of original packaging, all VG-E, boxes VG (7) £70-100
391.    Märklin HO Gauge 'White Window box' Continental Freight Stock, including 12-wheeled well wagon 4617 with transformer load, others including ref no's 4631(2)/47262/48751/48441/94139/00754-22 and an un-numbered special for Stuttgart Xmas Market 2002, all VG-E, boxes G-VG (9) £60-90
392.    Märklin HO Gauge 3-rail 'Blue box' Continental Steam Locomotive and Coaching Stock, including ref 3096 an 0-8-0T locomotive in black/red as DB 81 003, together with 6-wheeled clerestory coaches 4004 (2) and 4005, later 6-w coach 4079, 4-wheel 4100 and 4101, and bogie coaches 4066 (Swiss), 4139 (DB) and 4164 (Dutch), all VG-E, boxes VG (10) £70-100
393.    Empty Märklin HO Gauge Locomotive boxes, all sadly lacking contents, including train pack box 2858, double electric loco box 3300, electric loco boxes 3030, 3055, 3159 and 3167, steam loco boxes 3085, 3092, 3108 and digital 37131, diesel boxes 3122, 34231, 36811, digital 36803 and 36805, with coach boxes 3028 and 4068, all G-VG, all EMPTY (17) £30-50
394.    Bassett-Lowke Hornby Dublo and other vintage Model/Toy Train Catalogues, including Bassett-Lowke 1936 (F), Marklin 1957 (G), Tri-ang/Hornby 1963, 1964 (2), 1965 Amalgamation brochure, 1967, 1968 (2), 1969 and 1970, mostly G, four Hornby-Dublo catalogues, Wrenn 4th and 7th editions with 3 loco instruction books, Foster's Hornby-Dublo book (revised edition) and a small group of Locospotter's and other badges, G (qty) £50-70
395.    Collection of Model/Toy Train Reference and other Books, including Graebe's Hornby O Gauge and Foster's Hornby-Dublo books, 'The Story of Wrenn' by Gunter, Ramsey's 8th edition price guide (2 vols), 'Toy Railways' by H Marsh and others, together with a limited edition (500) print VSOE train publicity with folder, mostly G-VG (qty) £50-70
396.    Collection of Rail-related Builders Plates and other items, comprising Aluminium specification plate from track crane 99709 by Thomson Rail Equipment, an uncommon but repaired and repainted GR Turner 1942 wagon plate, a light blue/white enamelled armband badge, a tyre profile gauge part no 29010701, a cast brass plate approx 3" x 2" no 1193 and a small Acme thundered whistle marked NBR under mouthpiece, mostly G, (6) £50-70
397.    Collection of Railway-related Books and Maps, including 'The Splendid Book of Empire Railways, BR Operating manual for Sulzer locomotives D5176 and D7500, RH&DR 1946 timetable and guide, Ian allan ABC's of Narrow Gauge and Model Railways, all VG, with many others, a March 1935 map of London a Suburbs railways including 'big four' and LPTB lines (F, some creases split and cover missing) and four 6" x 8" photographs by Rev PJ Morse (3) and HC Casserley (1), mostly G (qty) £20-40
398.    Railway Modelling-related Books and Catalogues, including Wild Swan, OPC and other detailed studies suitable for modellers, various model railway catalogues including Bassett-Lowke 1951, Hornby 'Toys of Quality 1957' and others, 4 Ian allan ABC's circa 1950 and many others, mostly G-VG (qty) £40-60
399.    Railway Colour Albums and other Books, Numerous albums by Jane's, Ian allan and Irwell Press and others, mostly VG (qty) £40-60
400.    A large collection of Railway Books, including 'Railway Holiday' Spain and Italy, two Middleton Press albums, a number of TRPS and FRPS magazines and many other books, mostly G-VG (qty in 3 boxes) £70-100
401.    The Model Engineer & Electrician Magazine 1906-1920s, later issues headed 'The Model Engineer & Light Machinery Review', approx 150 issues dated between 1906 and 1928, with gaps, P-F, some pages/covers loose and staples rusty £30-50
402.    Static Model Locomotives and Plaques by Atlas Editions, seven model locomotives in approx TT scale (two duplicates), together with a box of printed metal plaques, all VG and three items of unboxed N gauge stock, P-F (11) £20-30
403.    Past Auction Catalogues by Christies and others, including 'Trains Galore' and British Engineerium sales, mostly VG, two are special bound copies with hand-written prices achieved and running totals, a few are duplicates (qty) £20-30
404.    ANNOUNCE,One GWR other BR WR, A pair of British Railways Guards lamps, both in black , one with revolving red and green lens and one with red only, F, both with paint loss and rust (2) £30-50
405.    Classique moulded Coal Famous Engines, , Matchbox Lesney 'Duke of Connaught' and Fowlers Steam engine with later Pannier Tank, F-VG (8) £20-30
406.    Great Western Railway related books, including Rail Centres Exeter by Maggs, History of GWR No 2 and No3 by Semmens, GWR Goods wagons by Atkins, Beard , Hyde and Tourret, Vol 1 and 2, GWR Coaches by Harris, GW Siphons by Slinn and Clarke, GWR Iron Minks by Lewis (and letter from Lewis) ,Lloyd, Metcalf and Miller, Freight Wagons & Loads GWR and BR WR by Russell and Express Trains by St John Thomas, G-VG (10) £20-40
407.    Cast Iron Railway Sign 'Penalty for not shutting the Gate 40/-, in original condition G, some paint loss and rusting £30-40
408.    Ian allan ABC Books, BR Locomotives 10000-39999 1949, LMS Locomotives 1943, Southern Locomotives Nov 1946, LNER Locomotives 1948, Southern and LMS Electric Locomotives, BR locomotives 40000-59999 1948, Southern Locomotives Nov 1945, LNER Locomotives Nov 1943, all with markings, BR Diesels 1958, Electric Trains Jan 1948, Narrow Gauge Railways 1961, Stanier Pacifics of the LMS 1948,and Burridge Nameplates of the LMS, minimal marking , F-G, all books have B & W. W.M.R.C stamp on inside, one on front cover (13), £20-30
409.    Tri-ang Hornby Dublo Meccano and other Model Railway Catalogues and ephemera, Catalogues, Tri-ang 1-9, Dublo 1957-1958, 2-Rail 1st and 2nd and various leaflets, Trix, Peco and other leaflets, Tri-ang TT 1st and 3rd Catalogues, Meccano Full Range catalogues 19tt Lowke MR56 and 1958, Roco 1998, Book of Trains by Davies, Manchester MRC Guides, Bassett Lowke 7th Edition, various Model Railway Guides, TT-N-Z Guide, Rivarossi History Guide and The Trains on Avenue De Rumine by Levy, F-G (qty), £40-60
410.    Bradshaw's Railway Guide and other Railway Books and Magazines, 1986 reprint of Bradshaw's 1922 Railway Guide with cover, all about Railways by Hartnell 1920, Manchester Tramways by Yearsley, Locomotives of Sir Nigel Gresley by Nock 1945, Locomotives of the NER by Maclean circa 1905, Locomotives Old and New LMS Sept 1947, Locomotives of BR Great Western Group by Casserley circa 1960,Model Railway News Locomotive Album, BR SR Working Timetable of Conditional Train Services 1980-1981,London Tramway Twilight by Harley, various leaflets and Railway Magazine from 1937-39 (17), F-G (qty) £30-50
411.    An Enamelled Omnibus Request Stop Plate and Repro Railway Signs, the stop plate measuring approx 10" x 13", double-sided with black on white legend, G, some small chips and overpainting to edges, together with 3 modern repro railway signs and a genuine mk 1 coach window notice, all G (5) £30-40
412.    Collection of Great Western Railway Journals, published by White Swan from 1992 onwards, an almost complete run from Issue 1 to 84, (missing no's 53, 56, 69, 74 and 81), but including the 'Cornish Special' edition, all G-VG (qty) £40-60
413.    Collection of Original Great Western Railway Publications and Modern Books, GWR originals including 'Great Western Progress' (1935), two on Swindon Works, 'War Record of the GWR' (1922), Rulebooks on Train Signalling (1936) and Fog signalling (1945), mostly F-G, together with a batch of modern books mostly on Somerset and Dorset area trains, and others including 'Mapping the Railways', all G-VG (qty) £40-60
414.    A Reproduction Cast-Iron SE&CR 'Trespassing' Warning Notice, unpainted, measuring 26" x 16", F-G, rear of casting with many small blow-holes and slight surface rusting £30-40
415.    A Blue Wool-mix BR 'Double-Arrow' Era Winter Coat and Matching Hat, The coat of medium jacket length with blue collar surround, 4 buttons, 2 black/silver label badges and 2 blue/red cloth arm badges attached, VG, slight discolouration to collar trim, together with matching cap with embroidered double-arrow red/silver badge and silver braid, size 7? (metric 59), VG (2) £50-80
416.    Railway-related Collectable Items including Badges and FDC's, including 3 railway commemorative medal sets by Overton, Farrell & Sons, a Pen-Y-Darren locomotive individual medal, various first day cover stamp sets, cigarette card sets, Hornby Railway Company and Meccano Guild lapel badges, paperwork, and three post-war O Gauge signals, mostly G-VG (qty) £30-50
417.    A large collection of Railway Books, including Malcolm Root's Railway Paintings, several on Industrial Railways, American Railways, Railway Accidents and many others, mostly G (qty in 2 boxes) £40-60
418.    Graham Farish N Gauge GWR Locomotives and assorted Freight Stock, comprising 2-6-2T no 3105, a 94xx 0-6-0PT, 5 boxed wagons by Farish and Dapol, and 11 unboxed wagons, mostly G, boxes F-G (18+) £60-80
419.    Three Graham Farish N Gauge GWR 4-6-0 Locomotives and Tenders, comprising 6023 'King Edward II', 5042 'Winchester Castle' and 6960 'Raveningham Hall', all G-VG, boxes F-G (3) £60-80
420.    A Graham Farish N Gauge GWR AEC Railcar and Coaching Stock, Railcar no 19 in GWR brown/cream, 6 non-corridor bogie coaches and two 4-wheelers, together with a Dapol Auto-coach, 2 Lima GWR coaches, all in boxes, mostly G-VG, boxes F-G, and 2 others unboxed, P-F (14) £50-70
421.    Graham Farish and Minitrix N Gauge LNER Locomotives and Coaching Stock, including Farish green 4472 'Flying Scotsman', Minitrix blue 4498 'Sir Nigel Gresley', together with 2 Farish and 2 Minitrix LNER teak coaches, mostly in boxes and G-VG, boxes F-G, (6) £70-100
422.    Graham Farish and GF (Bachmann) N Gauge Pullman Coaching Stock, comprising 5 BR Mk 1 Pullmans including 'Eagle', 'Emerald', 'The Hadrian Bar', Car no 332 and Car no 347, all VG-E, boxes G-VG, together with 2 earlier GraFar UK-made Pullman cars, both G, boxes F (7) £50-70
423.    N Gauge Track Controllers and Layout Construction Accessories, a quantity of track, mostly Peco streamline including 10+ points/crossings, a Gaugemaster Model D controller and two others by Graham Farish, foam underlay and assorted construction tools, mostly G, some ex-layout (qty) £60-80
424.    A Large Collection of N Gauge Buildings Kits and Scenic Appurtenances, by many different makers, including buildings by Graham Farish, Faller and others, complete and unmade road vehicles by Hornby (Lyddle End), Slaters, P&D Marsh and many others, assorted Scenic materials including trees, scatter materials, paints, model people and many other layout items, most unused and in original packagings, kits unchecked (qty in 3 boxes) £100-140
425.    A Graham Farish N Gauge class 37 Diesel Locomotive and Unboxed Rolling Stock, the locomotive 37 699 in Railfreight 'sector' livery with 5-pole motor, G, one buffer missing, in non-original box, together with 2 Dapol GWR coaches and 9 assorted wagons by Grafar and Dapol, mostly G-VG, unboxed (12) £40-60
426.    A Tri-ang TT Gauge 3-car Diesel Multiple Unit, with T190 power car, T136 trailer car and T137 centre car, all VG in original boxes, boxes VG, together with 5 unboxed fright wagons (8) £70-100
427.    Tri-ang TT Gauge Scenic Items and Track, including platform units, Booking Halls (3), Cattle Docks (2), Inclined Piers, Signal Gantries, level crossing, signal boxes and many other items, with a small quantity of type B rails, mostly G-VG, many items in G-VG boxes £70-100
428.    Hornby Fleischmann and other makers N Gauge Locomotives Rolling Stock and Accessories, including unboxed Fleischmann DB black 0-8-0 Locomotive and tender, DB Class 212 Cargo Switcher, six wagons, quantity of Fleischmann ballasted track and two controllers, various road vehicles by Wiking, Oxford, Woodland Scenic and others in original packaging (10 packs + a few loose models), various packs of figures, animals, motor scooters and other items by Noch, Peco and Woodland Scenics (13 packs + a few loose items), Hornby Lyddle End, East Station, Platforms, War Memorial, Fire Station, Canal boat , Keepers Cottage and Bridge, Summer House, Castle Ruins, Graham Farish Station Masters House and Waiting Room, Woodland Scenic Trees, all in original packaging, Ratio and Peco kits, generally VG-E, boxes G (qty) £100-150
429.    Fleischmann N Gauge 9152 Electrically operated Turntable, in original box VG, lacks instructions, box G £60-80
430.    TT Gauge Track and H&M Control Panel, large quantity of Peco TT flexi track (45+ lengths), various Wrenn TT Fibre sleeper track (20+ some smaller lengths), Fibre points (10), double track crossover and two diamond crossings, various buffers, wooden panel with three H&M Controllers, cut-outs and triple switch, F-G (qty) £40-60
431.    N Gauge and 009 Peco Flexi Track, six lengths 009 and four lengths of N Gauge, G, (10) £10-20
432.    An Assortment of N Gauge and Other Kits and Track, including an 'Artitec' Train Ferry kit with one made-up and one unmade boat 'Fehmann', 2 Pola Lifting bridge kits, Vollmer town hall, other N gauge scenic kits by Kibri, Faller, Brawa and Japanese makers, together with two Revell 1:144 helicopter kits, a OO scale Corgi bus depot, and a bundle of Fleischmann 'Piccolo' N gauge track (qty) £40-60
433.    Dapol N Gauge 'Terrier' and M7 Class Locomotives, Terriers in LBSCR Ochre livery as 'Waddon', SR green as no W8 'Freshwater', and lined BR black as no 32646, all VG-E, boxes VG, together with SR green M7 no 37, VG-E in part box (4) £100-140
434.    Graham Farish (UK) N Gauge Express Locomotives and Tenders, including two ex-LNER A3's in BR green as no 60052 'Prince Palatine', GWR green 'Raveningham Hall', and SR malachite green no 21C17 'Belgian Marine' (missing cylinder block), otherwise G-VG, 2 in boxes (4) £60-80
435.    Graham Farish by Bachmann N Gauge Diesel Locomotives and Multiple-Unit, comprising class 04 diesel shunter no D2228 in BR green in original box, weathered class 08 no D4192 also in green and in a non-original box, and unboxed class 158 2-car set no 158 758, all VG-E, 158 with one coupling loose (4) £60-80
436.    A Group of Earlier N Gauge Locomotives by Lima Minitrix and Farish, including Lima Sulzer diesel, two class 31's, two Fowler 0-6-0's with tenders, Minitrix 2-6-2T, and two Farish GWR 0-6-0PT's, one lacking wheels, mostly P-F, some with damage or parts missing (qty) £60-80
437.    collection of N Gauge Rolling Stock by Various Makers, including 2 boxed Farish WR coaches and a brake van, and a quantity of unboxed coaches and wagons by Grafar, Peco, Lima and others, mostly G, some with minor damages (qty-50+) £80-120
438.    Hornby N Gauge 'Lyddle End' Buildings Track and Scenic Accessories, buildings include St James Parish Church, Engine Shed, Goods Shed and 10 others, all in original boxes, VG, a quantity of Peco track including 5 points, level crossing and other pieces, boxed Gaugemaster Model 'D' 2-track controller, unboxed series 100 controller and other layout items, mostly G-VG, a few 'ex-layout' (qty) £70-100
439.    Wrenn OO Gauge Locomotives, comprising ref 2221 'Cardiff Castle' and W2235 'Barnstaple', both in BR green, both VG-E, boxes G-VG (2) £90-120
440.    Wrenn OO Gauge Locomotives, comprising ref 2221 'Cardiff Castle', F, handrails rusty and tender re-labelled 'Great Western', with 2224 an 8F 2-8-0 no 48073 in BR black, VG-E, boxes F-VG (2) £70-100
441.    Wrenn OO Gauge Locomotives and Freight Stock, comprising 'R1' 0-6-0T's ref 2206 in plain black (decals removed) with blank smokebox number plate, W2207 in SR green as no 1127, together with SR green and BR blue CCT vans and three GW Mica B refrigerated vans, all VG-E, boxes VG (7) £70-100
442.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 2-rail BR Black Locomotives, including 8F 2-8-0's 48109 and 48073 (Ringfield), both in original boxes, together with unboxed late 0-6-2T no 69550 with coal to tender and small s/valve mounting, all F-G, playworn and a little grubby, boxes G (3) £80-120
443.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 2-rail 'Barnstaple' Locomotive Coaching Stock and other items, the locomotive 'Barnstaple' in BR green with tender, F-G, tender appears over-varnished, together with 6-wheeled 'Stove' Van and 2 Eastern region full brake coaches in BR maroon, all VG, 6 Pullman cars and one older WR Restaurant car, all unboxed, together with parts of a Co-Bo diesel loco (lacks body shell) in original box, (box G-VG), three empty 8F loco boxes, P-G and a 1st edition Hornby-Dublo Trains book (Foster), F-G, lacks dustjacket (16) £80-120
444.    Unboxed Graham Farish OO Gauge GWR Locomotives and Pullman Cars, including three 2-6-2 'Prairie' Tank locomotives, and a 94xx 0-6-0PT with H/D chassis fitted, a Gaiety 57xx 0-6-0PT with Tri-ang chassis, all F-G, together with 5 Pullman cars, P-F, some parts detached or damaged (qty) £60-80
445.    Graham Farish OO Gauge GWR Locomotives and Rolling Stock, the majority boxed, including a 2-6-2 'Prairie' Tank locomotive, a 94xx 0-6-0PT (H/D couplers fitted), both G-VG, together with 4 GWR coaches (2 unboxed), 1 LNER coach and 4 vans, G-VG (11) £70-100
446.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Steam Locomotives, including R763 'Ex-Caledonian' 4-2-2 no 14010, R353 LBSC brown 0-6-0T, R059 GWR open-cab Pannier and two R051 57xx Pannier Tanks, all VG, boxes G-VG (5) £60-90
447.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Steam Tank Locomotives, including R158 GWR black Pannier, R059 GWR open-cab Pannier, R041 and R300 57xx Pannier Tanks, together with 0-4-0T's R162 'Dunraven' and R173 'GWR150', all VG, boxes G-VG (6) £60-90
448.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Steam Tank Locomotives, including R158 GWR black Pannier, R059 GWR open-cab Pannier, together with 0-4-0T's R162 'Dunraven' and R057 Caledonian, R752 Stewarts & Lloyds and R779 'Desmond', all VG, boxes G-VG (6) £60-90
449.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge GWR and BR Steam Locomotives, including two R313 GWR 'Hagley Hall's, R761 'Kneller Hall' and another missing chassis, R349 'King Henry VIII', together with R033 'Britannia' and two R852 Ivatt moguls, in GWR and BR green respectively, all VG, (NB one loco missing chassis), boxes G-VG (8) £100-140
450.    BR-era OO Gauge Steam Locomotives by Airfix and Mainline, comprising 2 lined black 2-6-2Tanks both no 6167, Fowler 4F and tender no 44454 and lined green 0-4-2T no 1466 by Airfix, together with three black 0-6-0's by Mainline, Pannier tank no 5768 and J72's 68745 and 69001, all VG in original boxes, boxes G-VG (7) £80-120
451.    OO Gauge Steam Tender Locomotives by Bachmann and Replica, comprising Bachmann 31-551, 2-6-2 'Green Arrow' no 60800 in lined BR black, together with Replica Railways GWR Modified Hall class locomotives 6976 'Graythwaite Hall' and 6998 'Burton Agnes Hall', both in GWR green, all three VG, boxes G-VG (3) £80-120
452.    LMS OO Gauge Steam Locomotives and Coaching Stock by Airfix, comprising lined black 'Royal Scot' no 6103 'Royal Scots Fusilier', Fowler 4F no 4454 in plain black, together with 2 corridor and 4 non-corridor coaches in LMS maroon, all VG, boxes G-VG (8) £60-90
453.    BR-era OO Gauge Diesel Multiple Units by Lima, comprising 'Golden Series' 4-car HST set in blue/grey with yellow ends, along with 2-car blue/grey 'Heritage' DMU pair and another pair in green livery, these in individual boxes, all VG, boxes G-VG (5) £60-90
454.    BR blue-era OO Gauge Diesel Locomotives and Multiple Unit by Replica Airfix and Hornby, comprising Replica class 45 128 1-Co-Co-1 and Airfix class 31 401, both in blue, along with 3-car blue/grey 'Heritage' DMU set ref R403 by Hornby, in original boxes, all VG, boxes G-VG (3) £60-90
455.    BR OO Gauge Diesel Locomotives by Mainline and Hornby, comprising Mainline 03-class 0-6-0DS D2179 in green and 03 382 in blue, together with Hornby R352 'Western Courier' in maroon and R074 'Hymek' D7063 in 2-tone green, all VG, boxes G-VG (4) £70-100
456.    GWR OO Gauge Steam Locomotives Coaching Stock and Railcar by Various Makers, including Hornby 'King' class 'King Henry VIII' and four R122/123 Clerestory coaches, Airfix/GMR Prairie tanks (2), three 'B-set' coaches and one Centenary Stock, Lima 'Express Parcels' railcar no 34, and a Mainline 0-6-0PT no 5764, all VG, boxes G-VG (13) £80-120
457.    BR Diesel-era OO Gauge Coaching Stock by Replica and Airfix, including Replica Mk 1 coaches, three in charcoal/buff 'red stripe' livery and one Network SE blue/white, together with 5 Airfix blue.grey Mk 2 coaches, all VG, boxes G-VG (9) £60-80
458.    Four-wheeled OO Gauge Freight Stock by Mainline, Twenty-five assorted wagons including vans, open wagons, hoppers and others in various liveries, all VG, boxes G-VG (25) £90-120
459.    Airfix and Lima OO Gauge Rolling Stock, including three steam-era BR coaches and 8 assorted wagons by Airfix, together with four freight stock by Lima including 2 'Sea-Lion' hoppers and blue CCT van, all VG, boxes G-VG (15) £60-90
460.    Four-wheeled OO Gauge Freight Stock by Bachmann Dapol and Hornby, One dozen assorted wagons (8 Bachmann, 2 Dapol, 2 Hornby) including China Clay and mineral wagons, in various liveries, all VG, boxes G-VG (12) £40-60
461.    Unmade OO Gauge Rolling Stock Kits by various makers and HM3000 Controller, various wagon kits by Ratio, Cooper Craft and Cambrian, PC transfers and lineside kits, in original packets, together with a H&M 'Power Control Centre', all VG, boxes G-VG (qty) £60-80
462.    A Case of Unboxed OO Gauge Steam Locomotives by Various Makers, comprising Wrenn BR black 2-6-4T 80033, Tri-ang green 'Princess Elizabeth' 46201 and tender, Mainline lined green Collett 0-6-0 3210 and tender, all in BR liveries, together with GWR green Hornby 0-6-0PT no 8751 and Airfix 'Prairie' no 6110, all in a custom-made wooden cabinet, all G, some with old foam attachment from box lining (7 pieces in box inc tenders) £70-100
463.    Three boxes of OO Gauge Rolling Stock by Various Makers, including 3 Trix plastic coaches, 2 Airfix and 1 Hornby, all in GW/WR brown/cream, together with 6 Tri-ang wagons and 11 more assorted by Hornby and Mainline, all G, in bespoke wooden cases (23 items in 3 cases) £40-60
464.    Hornby 00 Gauge Accessories and Track, including Terminus Station, Dunster Station, Country Station, Fencing Set, Level Crossing and Signal box kit, Tunnels (3, one Noch), large quantity of track including eleven points, various lineside accessories including Huts, point motor and HM 2000 controller and others, with other items, generally G-VG, some items unopened, boxes F-G (qty) £60-80
465.    Hornby 00 Gauge Rolling Stock, including Pullman Coaches (4, two unboxed), R234 45 Ton GLW Closed Van (10), R164 Operating Royal Mail Set, Breakdown Cranes ( 4 sets, three boxed), all in original boxes, unboxed, 4-wheel coaches (5), various wagons (17, two boxed), generally VG-E, boxes F-VG (40+) £80-100
466.    Hornby 00 Gauge Steam and Diesel Locomotives, R080 BR green 'Princess Elizabeth' and R782 BR black 0-4-0T 'Smokey Joe', both in original boxes, unboxed BR black 4-6-0 '45422' Locomotive and tender, BR green 0-6-0T '68680' and three 0-4-0 Tank engines and BR grey 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter, G-E, boxes F-G (9, including loose tender) £60-80
467.    Hornby 00 Gauge Diesel Locomotive and Multiple Units, including Eurostar 4-Car set, Kent Line 2-Car Networker in Network Southeast livery, 4-car HST in Midland Mainline turquoise, grey and tan livery and BR blue Class 37 'British Steel Teesside', all unboxed, G (11) £60-80
468.    A Tri-ang OO Gauge RJX Transcontinental Train Set and Accessories, the set with 4-6-2 Transcontinental locomotive 2335 and tender, 3 freight wagons, together with a box of related accessories and Airfix kits (Set + Qty accessories) £60-80
469.    A Trix Twin Railway OO Gauge 3-rail AC Set, ref 1/334 with BR dark blue locomotive 46256, tender and three red/cream coaches, in original set box, together with Permanent Way formation no 915, P/Way Manual, Many-ways Through Station set in original box, crane on base no 715 and a box of metal figures, all G-VG, boxes F (5 boxes including sets) £30-50
470.    Tri-ang OO Gauge Electric and Diesel Units, including SR '2-Bil' unit in green (motor and trailing cars), together with a 3-car 'Blue Pullman' in blue with white windows and yellow ends, all F-G, 2-Bil cars have different BR emblems and holes in 'blank' ends (5) £60-80
471.    Tri-ang and Tri-ang-Hornby OO Gauge Freight Stock, collection of wagons in various liveries, including a Giraffe-less TR937 wagon, mostly G, some a little playworn (approx 30) £40-60
472.    Tri-ang and Tri-ang-Hornby OO Gauge Passenger Stock, including 4 boxed Mk 1 coaches in BR (SR) green and one unboxed, 3 unboxed in LMS red and 4 earlier Pullman cars, varying G-VG, (12) £40-60
473.    Tri-ang and Tri-ang-Hornby OO Gauge Steam and Diesel Locomotives, including boxed R398 'Flying Scotsman' in LNER green (tender drive version), VG-E, box G-VG, R751 Co-Co diesel D6830 in original box, and unboxed A1A-A1A diesel D5572, both in BR green, and '7P' Class 4-6-2 'Britannia no 70000 and tender, all G-VG (5 inc tender) £60-80
474.    A Large Collection of OO Gauge Scenic/Layout Accessories and Track, including 2 boxes Peco Flexi-track (Nickel-Silver box appears unused), Tri-ang-Hornby trackside accessories, Grand Victorian Suspension Bridge (not checked for completeness), some Continental kit-built station buildings and many others, mostly ex-layout, with assorted road vehicles and other items (qty in 2 boxes + track) £70-100
475.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Diesel Locomotives, comprising R2645 class 56 no 56 013 in BR blue, R2646 no 56 049 in Railfreight grey, and R2792 class 153 DMU no 153 374 in East Midlands Trains colours, all VG-E, boxes G-VG (3) £90-120
476.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge Bullied Pacific Locomotives, comprising ref R2260 'BoB' class 34070 'Manston' in lined BR green, together with R2315 'WC' class 34037 'Clovelly' in early BR malachite green, both VG-E, boxes VG (2) £90-120
477.    Hornby (China) and Bachmann OO Gauge BR green 4-6-0 Locomotives, comprising Hornby R2728 Royal Scot class no 46120 'Royal Inniskilling Fusilier', together with Bachmann 32-001 Hall class no 6937 'Conyngham Hall', both VG-E, boxes VG (2) £90-120
478.    Bachmann OO Gauge Southern Region Coaching Stock, comprising 6 Bullied corridor coaches in BR Southern Region green, with two BR Mk 1's and one Mk 2 coach in blue/grey livery, all VG-E, boxes VG (9) £70-100
479.    Bachmann OO Gauge Southern Region Coaching Stock, comprising 8 BR Mk 1 corridor coaches and one Mk 2 coach in Southern Region green, all VG-E, boxes VG (9) £70-100
480.    Bachmann OO Gauge Western Region Coaching Stock, comprising 11 BR Mk 1 corridor coaches including Restaurant car and Full Brake, all in Western Region brown/cream, all VG-E, 9 in boxes, boxes VG (11) £90-120
481.    Bachmann OO Gauge Maroon Coaching Stock, comprising 12 BR Mk 1 corridor coaches in maroon, (6 Eastern Region, 2 WR and 4 LMR), all VG-E, boxes VG (12) £100-130
482.    Bachmann and Hornby OO Gauge Carmine/Cream Coaching Stock, comprising 10 BR (LMR) Mk 1 corridor coaches by Bachmann, and 2 WR examples by Hornby, all in maroon, all VG-E, boxes VG (12) £100-130
483.    Bachmann OO Gauge Carmine/Cream Coaching Stock, comprising 11 BR Mk 1 corridor coaches by Bachmann, (8 Eastern Region and 3 SR), all in maroon, all VG-E, boxes VG (11) £90-120
484.    Three Historic OO Gauge GWR Locomotive Models for 'Outside-Third' Rail Operation, possibly by Bond's or similar, comprising 'County of Merioneth' no 1019 and tender, F-G, corrosion to tender wheels, in wooden box, together with 0-4-2T no 4817, both in GWR green, and black 0-6-0PT 57xx class on Essar (Stewart-Reidpath) 0-6-0 chassis, tank locos both F, dusty, unboxed (3) £70-100
485.    Tri-ang-Hornby and Farish OO Gauge Locomotives, comprising two Tri-ang 0-6-0 diesel shunters in BR blue, both D3035, 0-4-0 Tank locomotives no 7 in lined blue (names missing) and 25550 in bright red with large chrome dome, together with a Hornby (China) 'Thomas' 0-6-0T, all unboxed, and boxed Graham Farish 94xx 0-6-0 Pannier Tank in GWR green, VG, box F-G (6) £50-80
486.    OO Gauge Locomotives and Rolling Stock by Lima Mainline and Others, including Lima GWR Passenger and Parcels Railcars no 22 and 34 respectively, Lima 'Prairie' 2-6-2T Locomotive 4589 and four GWR coaches, a Mainline 'Warship' diesel in BR green as no D824 'Highflyer' and four Jouef BR blue/grey mk 3 coaches, two Airfix/GMR wagons, all in original boxes, all VG, boxes G-VG, together with seven empty boxes for Lima and Hornby stock (14 items + 7 empty boxes) £70-100
487.    Hornby-Dublo 2-rail Track, including electric and hand-op points, 'Simplec' points, diamonds, short curved and straight track sections, all in original boxes, VG, boxes G-VG, and a quantity of unboxed curves and straights, G (qty) £30-50
488.    Scenic Accessories in OO and HO Scale by Various Makers, including Hornby stations and other items, many buildings from kits of British and Continental origin, paints, scatter materials and other items (qty in 4 boxes) £50-70
489.    Mainline OO Gauge Freight Stock, eleven 4-wheeled wagons by Mainline including 'David Jones', 'Gas Light & Coke' and others, and one by Graham Farish, all VG-E, boxes VG (12) £40-60
490.    Mainline and Lima OO Gauge Freight Stock, nine 4-wheeled wagons by Mainline including 'allsopp's' van, 'United Molasses' tanker and others, and six 'Ebbw Vale' open wagons by Lima, all VG-E, boxes VG (15) £60-80
491.    Mainline and Airfix OO Gauge GWR 'Centenary' Coaching Stock, a rake of 12 coaches, including 7 by Mainline and 2 by Airfix/GMR, all VG in G boxes, and 3 more unboxed, G-VG (12) £70-100
492.    Mainline OO Gauge GWR Locomotives, comprising 'Dean Goods' no 2516, Collett 0-6-0 no 3205, and 0-6-2T no 6697, all G-VG, boxes F-G, one window split (3) £60-80
493.    Mainline OO Gauge GWR Locomotives, comprising unboxed 'Dean Goods' no 2518, with boxed Manor no 7819 'Hinton Manor' and Churchward 'Mogul' no 5322, all G-VG, boxes G, (3) £60-80
494.    Dapol OO Gauge GWR Locomotives, comprising 'County' class nos 1011 'County of Chester' and 1029 'County of Worcester', and 'Terrier' 0-6-0T no 6 (ex WC&PR), all in GWR green, together with no 4099 'Dorchester Castle' in lined BR green, all VG, boxes F-G, one with split window, one creased to corners (4) £80-120
495.    Bachmann OO Gauge GWR Locomotives and Coach, comprising 'Bradley Manor' no 7802, Collett 0-6-0 no 3202, both in GWR green, and 1st class coach no 8109 in brown/cream, all VG, boxes G-VG (3) £60-90
496.    Airfix/GMR OO Gauge GWR Locomotives and Coaching Stock, comprising 'Caerphilly Castle' no 4073, Prairie Tanks no 6110 (2) and Collett 0-4-2T's no 1466 (2, one weathered), all in GWR green, with 2 'B-set' coaches and an Autocoach, 5 items in boxes, mostly G-VG, boxes F-G (8) £60-90
497.    Unboxed OO Gauge Rolling Stock by Various Makers, including 7 assorted coaches in GWR/WR brown/cream, a Lima 'Palethorpes' Siphon G van, and 30+ unboxed wagons by assorted makers, some from kits, some incomplete or damaged (qty) £60-90
498.    Kit-built OO Gauge GWR Locomotives and Railcar, comprising 94xx 0-6-0T with unknown body on Tri-ang-Hornby chassis, F, a K's 55xx class 2-6-2T as no 5542, F-G, and K's GWR Diesel railcar in brown/cream as no 21, F-G, bogie mountings need re-fixing (3) £70-100
499.    A Kit-built 'K's' OO Gauge GWR 'King' Class Locomotive and Tender, nicely finished and lined in GWR green as no 6015 'King Richard III', VG-E, in original kit box £70-100
500.    A Kit-built 'Jamieson' OO Gauge GWR 61xx Class Tank Locomotive, a classic 'Prairie' tank, nicely finished in GWR green as no 6120, with additional details by Crownline models, VG, in original chassis kit box £50-80
501.    Two Kit-built OO Gauge 2-4-2 Tank Locomotives, from unidentified kits, comprising GWR 2-4-2T no 3612 in lined green with scratchbuilt chassis, and LMS (ex-LNWR) Webb 2-4-2T no 10868 in maroon, both F, both with parts detached/missing (2, + loose parts) £60-80
502.    Two Kit-built OO Gauge Ex-LNWR Locomotives and Tenders, from GEM or similar kits, comprising 'George the Fifth' class 4-4-0 and tender in plain black, un-numbered, together with 'Jumbo' 2-4-0 'Penrith Beacon' in LMS crimson with an incomplete black tender, both F, both with parts missing (2 locos + 2 tenders) £60-80
503.    Hornby and Other OO Gauge Trains, including a Hornby R694 GWR Passenger train set containing 0-4-0T loco and 3 coaches, with additional track pieces and freight stock, boxed, mostly G, loco has chimney cap missing, together with a modest quantity of vintage Wrenn 2-rail trackwork including double crossings and other pieces, F (qty) £40-60
504.    Collection of Model Train Controllers, all with 12v DC output, comprising 3 H&M 'Duette' type dual controllers (one 'upright' and 2 'horizontal' type), a H&M 'Powermaster' controller with additional switch fitted to top, a H&M 'Commander Module' for panel-mounting (in original box) and a Dyke & Ward PC-3 Super controller, in original box, all F-G, boxes P-F sold strictly as 'works of art' (6) £30-50
505.    Tri-ang and Hornby OO Gauge Tank Locomotives, including boxed R52 Jinty, R052 LMS Jinty and R255 blue 0-4-0T 7178, all VG, boxes F-G, together with four unboxed Tri-ang/Hornby Jinties (one LMS red version), Highland 0-4-0ST 'Loch Ness' and a Crescent unpowered 0-6-0T repainted black, unboxed items F (9) £50-70
506.    Tri-ang Hornby and Trix OO Gauge Tender Locomotives, comprising boxed Hornby R154 'Sir Dinadan' in SR green and R063 'Britannia' in BR green, both VG, boxes F, together with BR black early Tri-ang 'Princess' 46201 and Trix 'thick-flanged' 2-rail standard class V no 73000, both G (6 inc tenders) £60-80
507.    Hornby and Other OO Gauge GWR Locomotives, comprising boxed Hornby R077 GWR 0-4-0T, VG, box F-G, an Airfix 0-4-2T1466, F, pickups modified and decals rubbed, Mainline Collett 0-6-0 no 3210 (gears disconnected) and a kit-built Collett 0-6-0 and tender no 2260, also lacking drive gear, both P (6 inc tenders) £30-50
508.    Wrenn Tri-ang and Lima OO Gauge Diesel Locomotives, comprising Wrenn 0-6-0DS no D3523 in BR blue, G-VG, in possibly incorrect box, box P-F, one end split, together with a Tri-ang class 31 in gloss green as D5572, G, and Lima 'Deltic' in BR blue no 9002, P-F, damage to one cab (3) £40-60
509.    Hornby Mainline and Lima OO Gauge LNER Locomotives, including boxed Hornby R855 'Flying Scotsman', R252 class J83 0-6-0T in LNER green and R396 class J13 0-6-0T in GNR green, together with an unboxed J83 in black as no 3111, Lima J50 no 8920 in green and boxed Mainline class J72 68080 in lined BR/LNER green, mostly G-VG, Lima body loose, Hornby boxes G, Mainline P (6) £70-100
510.    Lima 00 Gauge BR Western Diesel Locomotives, sand 'Western Enterprise', maroon 'Western Gladiator', repainted tan 'Western Pathfinder' and green 'Western Pioneer', all in individual blue storage boxes, G-VG (4) £50-70
511.    Hornby 00 Gauge Trains, R357 LMS Patriot Locomotive 'Duke of Sutherland', R066 LMS Duchess class 'Duchess of Sutherland' (2) and GWR green 'Albert Hall' together with six Pugh & Co Coal wagons, all in original boxes, G-VG, boxes F-G (10) £80-120
512.    Hornby 00 Gauge Locomotives, R304 Toplink LNER blue 'Mallard', R239 BR black Class 4P 2-6-4T '42363', R2095A BR green 0-4-2T No 1421 and R2096 NCB red 0-6-0ST 'Harry', all in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-VG (4) £80-100
513.    Hornby 00 Gauge Train Packs and Tri-ang Coaches, R2025 Great Express Western Passenger Train, comprising GW green 'County of Somerset' and three coaches, R2079 Kentish Belle, comprising BR black 'Downside' and three Pullman Coaches, both in original boxes, R4100A maroon Autocoach, in original box and unboxed Tri-ang Pullmans (4) and GW coaches (2) and kitbuilt Airfix crane, F-E, boxes G-VG (10) £120-160
514.    Bachmann 00 Gauge Steam Locomotives and Tenders, 32-300 GW green Collett Goods '3202', 32-153 SR lined green N Class '1824' and 31-203 LMS black Rebuilt Patriot class 5526 'Morcambe and Heysham', all in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-VG (3) £70-90
515.    Bachmann 00 Gauge BR Steam Locomotives and Tenders , 31-552 V2 Class 2-6-2 'Durham Light Infantry', 31-287 Royal Scot Class 'Manchester Regiment' and 31-156 Jubilee Class 'Invincible', all in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-VG (3) £70-90
516.    00 Gauge UK Outline card buildings by Superquick and other makers, including two road Engine Sheds (2), four road Engine Shed, The Railway Hotel, Platforms, Platform waiting rooms and Canopy, Power House with Chimney, Goods Depot, Water Tower, Signal box, Garage , Shops, Huts and Inns, G, all made to a good standard, some with damage but generally good (qty) £30-50
517.    Hornby 00 Gauge Turntable and various makers 00 Gauge Track and Points, R070 electrically Operated Turntable, in original box, F-G, not complete, box F-G, Peco, 21 lengths unused SL-100 Streamline Track, twenty-two Peco points (13 with point motors), six Diamond crossings, Hornby points (11), quantity of curves and straights by Hornby and Peco, Peco Fencing (unused) various Buffers and two Level crossings and quantity of logs, generally G-VG (qty) £120-160
518.    Rivarossi HO Gauge American outline Locomotive and various makers Freight Cars, 5407 AT & SF black and grey Pacific 4-6-2 No 3423, in original box, together with various freight cars by IHC (9), Bachmann (1) and UMD (3), and Klein Model Bahn (1), all in original boxes, VG (15) £60-80
519.    Rivarossi American HO Old Timer Loco and Rolling Stock, 5416 4-4-0 Virginia and Truckee blue 'Genoa' Locomotive and tender, in original box and 6900 Old Timer V & G Passenger Set comprising two Coaches, baggage car and Barnum's Advertising Car, in original box, VG-E, boxes G-VG (2) £50-70
520.    Bachmann HO Gauge Southern Daylight Locomotive and Model Power Southern Daylight Coaches, Southern Pacific black, orange and tan 4-8-4 (GS4 Daylight) No 4449 Locomotive and tender and Model Power SP Daylight Coaches (5), all in original boxes, VG-E, boxes G-VG (6) £50-70
521.    Rivarossi 54398 HO Gauge Union Pacific 'Big Boy' Locomotive and tender, 4-8-8-4 black livery No 4008 in original box, Digital, E, box VG £100-140
522.    Rivarossi HO gauge Union Pacific coach sets, 6922A and 6923B 1920's Sets each containing four Coaches/Baggage cars, in original boxes, E, boxes VG (2) £60-80
523.    Tri-ang 00 Gauge 4-Car EMU, repainted light green, with four packs of South Eastern Diecast flush windows and Model masters Decals set, original buffers in a bag ( 4 coaches + 5 packs) £30-50
524.    VEB HO Gauge EM14 Eisenbahn-Modellbrau Zwickau, 2-Car articulated Railcar in orange and cream, in original box, VG, box F £30-50
525.    Marklin HO Gauge 3-Rail Zeppelin Railcar, in silver with orange propeller, VG £30-50
526.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge 3-Rail Train Set and Accessories, EDP 13 2-6-4 Tank Passenger Set, comprising BR black locomotive No 80054 and three maroon Suburban coaches and track, in original set box, Turntable, Colour Light Signals (3), D1 Through Station and Island Platform, Signal box, various items of track and two transformers (one unboxed), all in original boxes, F-VG, boxes F-G (qty) £60-80
527.    A Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge 3-Rail LT21 BR black 2-8-0 Locomotive and Tender, No 48158, in original box, G-VG, box F-G £30-50
528.    Tri-ang Hornby and Hornby 00 Gauge SR Locomotives, unboxed, Tri-ang BR green 'Winston Churchill', T/H Southern green M7 No 328 ( in original box) and 4-6-0 'Sir Dinadan No 795, Hornby Schools class Southern green 'Stowe' and BoB Class ' Spitfire', all appear G-VG, box P (5) £80-120
529.    Hornby 00 Gauge BR and GW green Steam Locomotives and Tenders, unboxed, BR 4-6-2 'Britannia' , 2-8-0 'Evening Star' and 2-6-0 Ivatt and GWR 4-6-0 'Albert Hall', all appear G-VG (4) £60-80
530.    Airfix Tri-ang Bachmann and Hornby Steam Locomotives, unboxed, Airfix LMS black 0-6-0 Fowler No 4454 and 4-6-0 'Royal Scot Fusilier' No 6103, Tri-ang blue 0-4-0 'Nellie', Bachmann 'Gandy Dancer' four wheel electric hand trolley and two Hornby 0-4-0 Saddle Tanks, red 'Desmond' and blue CR, all appear G-VG (6) £60-80
531.    Tri-ang and Tri-ang Hornby 00 Gauge Coaches, unboxed, Tri-ang SR green EMU Centre Cars (2), GWR Clerestory Coaches (2), Pullman, BR maroon (1), Hornby blood and custard (4), SR green (2), 4-wheel (7), LNER teak (4) and GW chocolate and cream (4), all G-VG,(28), together with a Road Ltd Ed 1:18 Scale 1950'S Pick up, in original box, E, box VG (29) £60-80
532.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge Coaches and Rolling Stock, D12 coaches, maroon (4), blood and custard (2), SR green short suburban with open windows and metal couplings (2), Fruit Van, SR Horse box with all doors, Refrigerator Van and Trackmaster open wagon, F-G (12) £20-30
533.    A Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge 2-Rail BR green West Country Class 'Barnstaple' locomotive, with an incorrect Tri-ang Battle of Britain tender, F £30-50
534.    Tri-ang 00 Gauge Locomotives, R59 BR green 2-6-2T and R52 BR black Jinty, both in original boxes, unboxed 'Winston Churchill' Locomotive and tender (in a R258 box) and BR black 3f 0-6-0 Locomotive and tender, t/H BR black M7 No 30027, F-VG, 3F Tender with repair, boxes F, general wear (5 locos, 3 tenders) £50-80
535.    Tri-ang Hornby 00 Gauge Stephenson's Rocket Train and Rivarossi Old Timer, R346 comprising Rocket, Tender and 'Despatch', in original box, G-VG, box F-G, insert torn and taped, unboxed Rivarossi 4-4-0 Old Timer, in Virginia and Truckee black, red and gold, G, lacks rear coupling (2) £50-80
536.    Bachmann 00 Gauge , SR green 4-6-0 Lord Nelson, No 850, with Gold Plated nameplates, Ltd Ed 2599/3000, in original wooden presentation box, VG-E, box VG £60-80
537.    Tri-ang Hornby 00 Gauge models and spares, unboxed Tri-ang 3-Car DMU, blue 0-4-0 Tank Engine (lacks nameplates), Hornby R2534A GWR 0-6-0 Pannier Tank no 2748, R645 Level Crossing, in original boxes, two empty Hornby boxes, Corgi Tram bodies and four motors by Branchlines (Canon 5607), KTM DH105 and Anchoridge MGS 5-Pole Motor, in original boxes, together with two Airfix Kits, Polish Lancer and French Grenadier, unused, in original boxes, F-E, boxes F-G (qty) £60-80
538.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge Coaches and Freight Stock, 4037 Pullman Car, 4626 Presflo Wagon (2) 4627 ICI Salt Wagon (2) and 4675 Chlorine Tank Wagon (2), all in original red stripe boxes, unboxed LNER Teak coaches (4) WR coaches (3), Pullman (3) and BR maroon brake (1), F-VG, all wagons grubby, boxes F, wear to most (18), together with 5037 Lineside Notices, in original packet, six wheel Diesel bogie (in parts) and 3-Rail Brake van , in blue striped box, F-VG, boxes F-G (21) £40-60
539.    Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge BR SR green Coaches, Suburban Brake (2), Suburban (1, lacks under carriage) and Corridor 1st/2nd (small area of paint loss around one door), small area foxing to one Brake, roofs grubby, G-VG (4) £80-100
540.    Large collection of 00 Gauge 2-Rail Track and Points by Peco Fleischmann Hornby Dublo and other makers, Dublo (20 boxes various curves and straights including 2460 Level Crossing), 2905 Connecting Clips (10 packs), Peco Points (4, boxed) and 60+ unboxed lengths, Fleischmann, 6158 3-way electric points (2, boxed), 6133 straights (3 boxes) and unboxed full lengths (19), 6941 Switches (8 in two boxes), Mehano 00/n crossing (2, sealed), Hornby unboxed curved points (2) F-VG, boxes F-G (qty) £80-100
541.    Hornby 00 Gauge R795 Lord of the Isles Train Pack, comprising GWR Locomotive and three coaches, in original presentation box, VG-E, box G £50-70
542.    Hornby 00 Gauge R794 Advanced Passenger Train Pack, comprising 5-Car set with Pantograph in original set box, VG, box G, together with R410 Operating Turntable Set, in original box, G-VG (2), £60-80
543.    Peco 00 Gauge Track, approx 40 lengths of Peco flexi track, F-VG most appear unused (40+)

544.    Wrenn OO Gauge Diesel Locomotives, comprising 2 W2232 Shunters and 2 W2230 Type 1 Bo-Bos, all in BR blue, and a W2231 Shunter in green, all G-VG, one in non original box, one box P-F, other three G-VG (5) £100-140
545.    Hornby OO Gauge BR Blue Diesel Locomotives, comprising R068 class 25, R402 and R751 class 37's, with R075 and R316 class 47's (the latter is 'Lady Diana Spencer' special edition), all VG in VG boxes (5) £70-100
546.    Hornby OO Gauge BR Blue Diesel Locomotives, comprising R068 class 25, two R751 class 37's (one is older T-H model), with R075 and R404 class 47's, all VG in VG boxes (5) £70-100
547.    Hornby OO Gauge BR Green and Blue Diesel Locomotives, comprising two R072 class 25s, R060 class 47 and R778 class 52 'Western Harrier', all VG in VG boxes (5) £60-90
548.    Re-finished Hornby OO Gauge BR Green Diesel Locomotives, all originally R354 class 47 locomotives, now as 47079 'G J Churchward', 47484 'Isambard Kingdom Brunel', 47500 'Great Western' and 47628 'Sir Daniel Gooch', all in lined GWR-style green livery as running in 1985 with etched name and number plates, all VG, boxes G (4) £90-120
549.    Kitbuilt/Modified OO Gauge GWR/ex-GWR Steam Locomotives, comprising super-detailed Hornby-Dublo 'Castle' no 5071 'Spitfire' in BR green, together with kit-built 'heavy freight' 72xx class 2-8-2T no 7235 in GWR green, both VG, a couple of small parts detached (3 including tender) £120-160
550.    Kitbuilt OO Gauge GWR Steam Railcar and Coaches, comprising an unpainted but substantially completed steam railmotor, 3 kit-built GWR auto-coaches in various period liveries, all G, together with an Exley GWR brake/3rd coach, F-G, roof detached (5) £70-100
551.    Lima OO Gauge 'Yeoman' Hopper Wagons, a rake of 12 ref 305635W wagons in grey with blue/white lettering, all VG, boxes G-VG (12) £50-70
552.    Airfix and Lima OO Gauge GWR Coaching Stock and Siphons, including Auto-coaches (2), B-set coaches (10), Siphon H's (4), Siphon G's (7) and one other coach, all VG, boxes G-VG (24) £100-140
553.    Airfix and Lima OO Gauge BR Blue/Grey Coaching Stock and Vans, including Airfix Mk II coaches (14), and Lima parcels express vans (3), Siphon G's (5), CCT vans (5) and full-brake coaches (3), all VG, boxes G-VG (30) £100-140
554.    Lima OO Gauge Freight Wagons, eighteen assorted wagons including 2 six-wheel tankers, private owner coal wagons and GWR horse boxes, all VG, boxes G-VG (18) £60-80
555.    Jouef OO Gauge BR Blue/Grey Mk II Coaching Stock, ref 5751 (6), 5752 (11), and 5753 Buffet cars (4), all VG, boxes VG (21) £90-120
556.    Hornby OO Gauge GWR and Other Coaching Stock and Wagons, including R440 GWR Mail Coach sets (3), Clerestory coaches (4), Pullman Cars (7), Royal Train coaches R451/5/9, 12 assorted wagons and 3 other GWR coaches, all VG, boxes G-VG (32) £90-120
557.    Hornby and Tri-ang-Hornby OO Gauge Freight Stock, including 14 Ferry Vans, 3 Freightliner wagons, R402 BR blue/grey Mail Coach set, Bowaters china clay tanker and many others, all VG, boxes G-VG (62 boxed + qty unboxed Tri-ang) £100-140
558.    A Quantity of OO/HO Scale Street or Yard Lamps by Rotafast, comprising 17 single units and 29 doubles, all on lattice girder standards approx 7.5" high, in original blister packs, VG-E, packets G-VG single pack cards cut down in length (46) £60-90
559.    A Quantity of OO Scale White Metal and other Kits by Various Makers, including 3 Foden steam wagons by EAMES, various other small road vehicles by Langley, W&T and others, lineside buildings and accessories by Ratio, Mike's Models, Wills, Cooper Craft and others, VG, most in original packages but unchecked for completeness (qty) £60-90
560.    A Large Quantity of OO Scale Plastic Wagon and Coach Kits by Various Makers, including 6 Peco 'Wonderful Wagons', others by Slater's, Pendon Models, Cooper Craft, Cambrian and others, VG, most in original packages but unchecked for completeness, together with assorted odd wagon bodies, wheels and other components (90+) £100-140
561.    OO Gauge Flexitrack and Scenic Accoutrements by Peco and Others, including 25 lengths Peco SL-100X and 10 Scaleway type J rail lengths, all unused, together with a large number of scenic kits by Airfix, Keil Craft and others, Scenic materials including trees, scatter materials, Bilteezi card models and other items, mostly G-VG (qty in 2 boxes + track) £70-100
562.    A Hornby (China) OO Gauge R2560 'Lord of the Isles' Train Pack, 25th anniversary edition (LE no 1393/2500) with Dean Single locomotive, tender and three clerestory coaches, all VG-E, box F-G, some tears to flaps £60-80
563.    A Hornby (China) OO Gauge R2560 'Lord of the Isles' Train Pack, 25th anniversary edition (LE no not known/2500) with Dean Single locomotive, tender and three clerestory coaches, all Mint, box M, unopened £70-100
564.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge A4 Class Locomotives, comprising R2721 'Sparrow Hawk' no 60018, with Railroad series R2784X 'Mallard' no 60022, both in BR green, both appear to be DCC fitted, VG-E, boxes G (2) £80-120
565.    Hornby and Bachmann OO Gauge A4 Class Locomotives, comprising China-made R2535 'Woodcock' no 60029, Margate-built no 60019 'Bittern', the latter in Liliput box, together with Bachmann 'Dominion of New Zealand' no 60013, all three in BR green, all VG, boxes G, a little grubby (3) £80-120
566.    Hornby OO Gauge Class B17/4 Locomotives, comprising China-made R2209 'Darlington' no 61652, with Margate-built R2014 'Liverpool' no 61664, both in BR green, VG, boxes F-G, a little grubby (2) £50-80
567.    Mainline OO Gauge Bogie Freight Stock, mostly of GWR wagons, including bolsters and well wagons, four with boiler loads, all VG-E, boxes VG (20) £60-80
568.    Four Kit-Built OO Gauge GWR Locomotives, including Bulldog class no 3375 'Sir Watkin Wynn' and tender, G-VG, 0-6-0 Pannier Tank no 905 with open cab, ex Taff Vale 0-6-2T no 600 (on Hornby-Dublo R1 chassis), and Collett 0-6-0 no 2257 and tender, all F-G, some with minor damages or parts detached, in two Liliput loco boxes (4 boxes) £90-120
569.    Three Unmade OO Gauge GWR Locomotive and Railcar Kits, including 'The Great Bear' and dual-purpose 850 class/633 class tank locomotive kits by M&L models, together with a 2-car Railcar kit (nos 35/36) by Westward, all require wheels and motors to complete, VG, all in original packagings but not checked exhaustively for completeness, boxes G (3) £90-120
570.    Unboxed Commercial OO Gauge Steam and Diesel Locomotives, including Tri-ang R354 GWR 'Lord of the Isles' 4-2-2 and tender, Mainline Collett 0-6-0 no 2213 and tender in BR black, Tri-ang class 31 and 35 diesels in BR blue and 0-4-0T no 5042, all F-G (7 inc tenders) £50-80
571.    Bachmann OO Gauge Southern Steam Locomotives and Tenders, comprising Mogul 31843 in lined BR black, another in SR Malachite green as no 1854, and Lord Nelson class no 856 'Lord St Vincent' also in malachite, G-VG, some dusty, 31843 with one step detached, 856 lacks poly insert to box, boxes otherwise F-G, some small tears (3) £90-120
572.    Bachmann OO Gauge London Midland Steam Locomotives and Tenders, comprising 'Parallel' Scots 45528 'REME' and 46168 'The Manchester Regiment', both in lined BR green, together with rebuilt Scot no 6100 'Royal Scot' and Jubilee no 5684 'Jutland', both in LMS crimson, G-VG, 45528 missing one cab window and 5684 missing chimney, boxes F-G, some small tears (4) £100-140
573.    Bachmann OO Gauge London/North Eastern Steam Locomotives and Tenders, comprising 'A4' class no 4482 'Golden Eagle' in LNER green, A1 class no 60114 'W P allen' in early BR apple green, together with another A1 no 60158 'Aberdonian' and V2 60800 'Green Arrow', both in lined BR green, all G-VG, 4482 missing front bogie wheels and 60114 missing tender drawbar, boxes G, (4) £120-160
574.    Bachmann OO Gauge Western and Standard Steam Locomotives and Tenders, comprising GWR no 7805 'Broome Manor' in green, together with 6990 'Witherslack Hall', Standard class 4 75014 and Ivatt 2-6-2T no 41243, in lined BR black, all G-VG, 7805 has damage to chimney, boxes F-G, some flaps torn (4) £90-120
575.    Mainline and Airfix OO Gauge 4-6-0 Locomotives and Tenders, comprising rebuilt Patriots 45536 'Private W Wood V C' in BR black, 45540 'Sir Robert Turnbull' in apple green and 7812 'Erlestoke Manor' in BR black, all by Mainline, together with Airfix 'Pendennis Castle' no 4079 in BR green, all G, boxes P-F (4) £80-100
576.    Lima and Bachmann OO Gauge Locomotives and Railcar, two Lima 'Crab' 2-6-0's in LMS crimson as no 13000, a Lima GWR Express Parcels railcar no 34 (unboxed) and Bachmann B1 4-6-0 no 61132 in BR black, in a Replica box, all G, boxes F (4) £50-80
577.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Locomotives and Tenders, mostly Pacifics including SR malachite 'Spitfire' and 4-4-0 'Stowe', LMS maroon 'Duchess of Sutherland', BR green 'Morning Star' and 'Duchess of Atholl', and BR lined blue 'Princess Helena Victoria', all G-VG, one with a front coupling missing, boxes mostly F (6) £100-140
578.    Unboxed Hornby and other OO Gauge Locomotives, including LNER green 'Flying Scotsman', SR green 'Sir Dinadan', BR green 'King John' and mogul 46521, together with Bachmann 45670 'Howard of Effingham' also in green, and a Hornby-Dublo 3-rail 2-6-4T 80054, all F-G (11 inc tenders) £70-100
579.    Hornby OO Gauge Tank Locomotives, comprising GNR 0-6-0T no 1241, GWR 0-4-2T no 1427, 'Terriers' W11 in SR green and 32670 in BR black, all VG, boxes G, and LMS crimson 2-6-4T no 2312, G, box P (5) £70-100
580.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge 'West Country' Locomotives, R2219, 'Blackmoor Vale' no 21C123 in SR malachite, together with R2218 'Wilton' no 34041 in BR green, both VG-E, boxes F (2) £70-100
581.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge 'Bullied' Locomotives, R2169, 'Clan Line' no 35028 in BR green, together with R2355 'Q1' class 0-6-0 no 33037 in BR black, both G-VG, Clan Line has damage to one smoke deflector, boxes G-VG (2) £70-100
582.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge London Midland Locomotives, R2226, 'Princess Margaret Rose' no 46203 in BR green, together with R2360 'Black Five' class 4-6-0 no 44762 in weathered BR black, both VG-E, boxes G-VG (2) £70-100
583.    Hornby (China) OO Gauge LMS and S&D Locomotives, R2225, 'Princess Arthur of Connaught' no 6207, R2179 streamlined 'Duchess of Gloucester' no 6225, both in LMS maroon, together with R2217 '2P' class 4-4-0 no 44 in S&DJR Prussian Blue, all VG-E, boxes G-VG (3) £100-140
584.    Hornby OO Gauge Western Locomotives, including Margate-built R2019, 'Saint Patrick' no 2927 in GWR lined green, China-made R2097 'County of Gloucester' no 1015 in lined BR black both VG-E, together with R2213A 'Prairie' 2-6-2T no 6156 in BR black, G, boxes G-VG (3) £90-120
585.    Hornby OO Gauge Eastern Region Locomotives, including Margate-built Footballer 4-6-0, 'Liverpool' no 61664 in BR lined green, China-made R2201 'Robert the Devil' no 60110 in lined BR blue and R2178A class N2 0-6-2 Tank no 69546 in BR black, all VG, boxes P (61664) others VG (3) £90-120
586.    Hornby OO Gauge A4 Class Locomotives, including Margate-built R294, 'Walter K Whigham' no 60028 in BR experimental 'purple-blue', R286 'Wild Swan' no 60021 in lined BR green and China-made R2059 'Mallard' no 4468 in LNER garter blue, all VG, boxes F-VG (3) £90-120
587.    OO Gauge Coaching Stock and Other Items by Various Makers, including Bachmann Bullied brake 2nd, two GWR Collett 3rd class and LMR mk 1, Hornby LMS 'Coronation Scot' maroon composite, Pullman Car, LNER teak sleeping car, GWR mail coach (missing trackside apparatus), an LMS 4-wheeler and a small quantity of rails, mostly G-VG, some in incorrect boxes (9 + track) £50-70
588.    A Marklin HO Gauge 3-rail Digital BR52 Steam Locomotive, ref 3415, a 2-10-0 in DB black as no 52 3329 with bogie tender, believed to be Digital-fitted, VG-E, box G, small tears £70-100
589.    A Marklin HO Gauge 3-rail Digital BR86 Steam Locomotive, ref 33961, a 2-8-2 Tank locomotive in DB black as no 86 217, believed to be Digital-fitted, VG-E, box VG £70-100
590.    A Marklin HO Gauge 3-rail Digital BR194 Bonneted Electric Locomotive, ref 3422, a Co-Co locomotive in DB blue as no 194 178-0, believed to be Digital-fitted, G-VG, slight damage to one pantograph, box G-VG £60-90
591.    Two Marklin HO Gauge 3-rail Digital Diesel and Electric Locomotives, comprising ref 3439, a Bo-Bo electric in DB green/black as no 139 165-5, together with 3374, a Bo-Bo diesel in DB cream/blue as no 216 188-3, both believed to be Digital-fitted, VG-E, boxes VG (2) £100-140
592.    A Marklin HO Gauge 3-rail Delta-system 'ICE' Electric Train Pack with Additional Coach, ref 29765, a 3-car unit in white with red stripe as DB no 401 065-8, appears to be 'Delta-control' fitted, complete with clip-together track and European controller, in original set box, together with an extra coach ref 43741 and Delta controllers 6604 and 6605, all VG-E, boxes VG (4) £90-120
593.    Marklin HO Gauge 3-rail DB 'Cargo' Container Train Pack and Other Freight Stock, ref 34090, a powered 5-part container transport unit in DB red as no 497 3 003, in original set box, together with wagon packs 48040 and 46122 and three individual tank wagons, all VG-E, boxes F-VG (6) £90-120
594.    Marklin HO Gauge 3-rail 'White box' Freight and Passenger Stock, including wagon pack 48784, 10 assorted wagons including beer vans, 5 four-wheeled coaching stock and 5 bogie coaches, various periods and liveries, all VG-E, boxes G-VG (23 items in 21 boxes) £100-140
595.    Marklin HO Gauge 3-rail 'Clip-together' Track and Digital Control Equipment, the track including set 24904 with curved points and 2 sets 24095 with points and double-slips, with a plethora of individually boxed points, ramps, and other track items, all VG-E, boxes VG, together with digital control and decoder units, some boxed, all VG (qty) £90-120
596.    Older-Style Marklin HO Gauge 3-rail Track Locomotives and Stock, the metal-based track set 5192 with curved points, 2-6-0 steam locomotive 3003, V100 diesel 3072, all boxed, with unboxed V160 diesel, assorted coaches and wagons (some boxed) and two controller units, mostly G-VG, boxes F-G (qty) £90-120
597.    Older-Style Marklin HO Gauge 3-rail Track and Accessories, the metal-based track including curved points, double slip, girder bridges and many other parts, wires, plugs and signals, mostly boxed and G-VG, boxes G-VG (qty in 2 boxes) £70-100
598.    A Bachmann OO Gauge Limited Edition 'Mallard' Set, LE no 0729/1000, containing Mallard in LNER garter blue as no 4468, and another as BR green no 60022, in wooden presentation case with certificate, VG-E, case G-VG, slight corrosion to box fittings £100-140
599.    Bachmann OO Gauge ex-LNER Steam Locomotives, including 60007 'Sir Nigel Gresley' in lined BR blue, 61002 'Impala' in early BR apple green, and V2 class 2-6-2 no 60807 in lined BR black, all VG, boxes G-VG (3) £100-140
600.    Bachmann OO Gauge BR-era Steam Locomotives, comprising B1 class no 61241 'Viscount Ridley' and standard 4 no 75059, both in BR black, together with class J72 0-6-0T no 69023 in 'retro' NER green, all VG-E, boxes F-G (3) £90-120
601.    Bachmann OO Gauge LNER and LMS Steam Locomotives, comprising J39 class 0-6-0 no 1974 and tender, and J72 0-6-0T no 2313, both in lined LNER black, together with class V3 2-6-2T no 7684 in LNER green, and Ivatt 2-6-2T no 1206 in LMS black all VG-E, boxes F-G (4) £100-140
602.    Bachmann OO Gauge ex-LMS Steam Locomotives, comprising rebuilt Patriot 45585 'Planet' and Jubilee 45552 'Silver Jubilee', both in BR green, the latter with cab stripe, both VG, boxes F-G, slight damp damage (2) £70-100
603.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge A4 Class Locomotives, including R294, 'Walter K Whigham' no 60028 in BR experimental 'purple-blue', R286 'Wild Swan' no 60021 and tender in lined BR green and unboxed 'Bittern' no 60019 in BR lined green, all VG, boxes F (4 inc tender) £90-120
604.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge A4 Class Locomotives, including R313, 'Golden Eagle' no 4482 in LNER Apple Green, with unboxed 'Silver Link no 2509 and tender in LNER silver livery, all VG, box F-G (3 inc tender) £70-100
605.    Tri-ang and Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Bullied Pacific Locomotives, including R310, 'Lord Beaverbrook' no 34054 in BR Green, VG-E, box VG, with unboxed Tri-ang 'Winston Churchill' no 34051 in BR green, F-G, slight damage to cab and tender coupling loose (3 inc tender) £60-90
606.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge LMS Steam Locomotives, including boxed 8F no 8027 and black 5 no 5379, both in black, Compound no 1000, Patriot no 5533 'Lord Rathmore', Fowler 2-6-4T no 2312 and 'Jinty' 16440, together with Lima 'Crab' no 13000, all in LMS maroon, mostly G-VG, boxes P-F (7) £120-160
607.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge LNER Steam Locomotives, including boxed B17/4 'Doncaster Rovers', Hunt no 222 'The Berkeley', Shire no 2753 'Cheshire', and 0-6-0T no 8477, all in LNER green, boxed J52 0-6-0T no 3980 in lined black, together with an unboxed B12 4-6-0 no 8509 and tender (with some damage to cab) and J83 no 8473, both green, mostly G-VG, boxes P-G (8 inc tender) £120-160
608.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge BR-era Steam Locomotives, including boxed B17/4 'Leeds United' in green, Shire no 62700 'Yorkshire', Black Five no 45422 and Ivatt 2-6-0 no 46400, all in lined black, together with unboxed ex-LMS pacific 46248 'City of Leeds' in maroon and 9F 2-10-0 no 92220 'Evening Star', mostly G-VG, boxes P-F (8 inc tenders) £100-140
609.    A Mixed Lot of OO Gauge Locomotives and Stock, including Dapol 0-6-2T LNER 4744 in black, WD 0-6-0ST no 160 'Warrington' in plain green, both boxed, together with unboxed Hornby LMS 0-4-0ST 'Pug' 11232 and 3 'Caley' saddle tanks, a Lima J50 0-6-0T and 9 wagons by Bachmann and Hornby, mostly G-VG, boxes F (7 locos + 9 wagons) £80-110
610.    Hornby OO Gauge Special Edition Steam Locomotives, as issued with Doulton plates but with the plates missing, comprising LNER blue A4 pacific no 1 'Sir Ronald Matthews, and GWR 'King Henry VI' no 6018 in GWR green, both VG-E, with certificates, boxes VG, lacking plates (2) £60-90
611.    A Hornby OO Gauge A4 Class 'Sir Ralph Wedgwood' 3-Locomotive Set, in special edition box and 3 certificates, the models showing LNER garter blue no 4469, wartime black NE no 4466 and BR green no 60006, all VG-E, box G-VG, together with two empty card boxes for the locomotives (3) £120-160
612.    A 'Swirl of Scotsmen' in OO Gauge by Hornby, Five models of the famous Flying Scotsman, including LNER green with NER-type tender, ditto with corridor tender, BR green versions with and without 'German' smoke deflectors (one with damage to chimney), and a special edition 'as preserved 1972-5' with two tenders, together with a set of 3 coaches, a spare loco body and 'second tender' body only in blue/grey, all G-VG, most in boxes, boxes F-VG (8) £120-160
collection of Empty OO Gauge Train boxes, for Bachmann rebuilt 'Scots' (2), assorted wagons and others by Hornby, varying P-G (qty) £10-20
614.    OO Gauge Scenic Accessories, including a factory-made Ratio LMS distant signal, telegraph poles and other items, together with approx 15 bags of assorted scatter materials, unopened, G-VG (qty) £10-20
615.    Lima and Tri-ang OO Gauge Trains, comprising Lima 'Golden Series' GWR 'King George V' and three WR coaches in train pack box, F, box F, together with 2 incomplete Tri-ang locomotives, coaches, wagons and scenic accessories including viaduct and water tower, all P-F (qty) £50-80
616.    Two Hammant & Morgan 'Duette' Railway Controllers, both in original boxes, G, untested, together with a bundle of Hornby 'series 6' flexitrack, F (3) £20-30
617.    Peco 00 Gauge Points and Track, including 60+ points, mostly large radius, one double slip and one diamond crossing, 20+ point motors, and a large bundle of Flexi-and other rails, mostly G-VG (qty in 1 box + 1 bundle) £100-140
618.    Wrenn OO Gauge Locomotives, comprising LMS 8F 2-8-0 no 8042 in black, F, box P, together with renamed and heavily weathered rebuilt Bullied 'Whimple' no 34025 in BR green, P, in W2235 'Barnstable' (sic) box, box F (2) £60-90
619.    Tri-ang Hornby and Airfix OO Gauge Steam Locomotives, including Tri-ang L1 4-4-0, 'Albert Hall' 4-6-0, re painted LMS maroon 'Princess Victoria', Airfix GWR 2-6-2T and 0-4-2T, Hornby open-cab 0-6-0PT and re-finished M7 0-4-4T, mostly weathered or completely repainted, P-F, some in non-original boxes (9 including tenders) £70-100
620.    Locomotives and Coaching Stock by Various Makers, including Hornby SR green 'Sir Dinadan', Mainline BR black Collett 0-6-0, Lima ex-GWR railcar in carmine/cream, an unmade South-Eastern Finecast SR T9 4-4-0 kit with added chassis kit, motor, wheels and transfers, together with 3 Lima green mk 1 coaches, 2 Hornby MR clerestories, 2 GWR coaches and 4 more by Airfix and Grafar, one unboxed, mostly G-VG, boxes G-VG (15) £100-140
621.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 3-rail Freight Stock, Fifty assorted post-war wagons in modern boxes, including various pre-nationalisation vans and open wagons (mostly LMS), tank wagons and others, mostly F-G (50) £80-100
622.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 3-rail BR Steam Locomotives, comprising 'Bristol Castle', gloss 'Duchess of Montrose', both in green, with black 2-6-4T and 0-6-2T, all in original boxes, G-VG, slight corrosion to Castle boiler fittings, boxes F (5 inc tender) £100-140
623.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 3-rail LNER/LMS Steam Locomotives, comprising boxed 'Duchess of Atholl' and tender in LMS maroon, G-VG, box F, with unboxed LNER garter blue 'Sir Nigel Gresley' and tender and LNER 0-6-2T No 9596, both F-G, Gresley tender top distorted, 9596 with chips and wear (5 inc tenders) £90-120
624.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 3-rail Coaching Stock, including Gresley 'teaks' (6) and BR (3), Pullman cars (3), LMS maroon (5), red suburbans (3) and green dittos (2), together with 6 goods wagons, varying F-VG, seven pieces in boxes, boxes P-F (28) £70-100
625.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 3-rail BR-era Coaching Stock, including boxed red restaurant car and maroon coach, both VG, boxes G-VG, together with 10 unboxed red/cream coaches, 9 brown/cream and 2 more maroon coaches, varying P-VG (23) £70-100
626.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 3-rail EDP11 Set and Scenic Items, the set containing BR green A4 locomotive 'Silver King' and tender with two BR coaches, track and oil bottle, together with a TPO set, D1 through station, D1 island platform, signal box, level crossing and other items, mostly G-VG, boxes F-G (qty) £80-120
627.    Hornby OO Gauge 'Ex Caledonian' Locomotive and Stock, comprising boxed R763 4-2-2 locomotive and tender in LMS maroon as no 14010, VG, box G, with 5 four-wheeled coaches, two brake vans and a small bundle of rails (qty) £40-60
628.    Early Tri-ang OO Gauge Clockwork Locomotives and Parts, including black L&Y saddle tank no 748, green 'Transcontinental' ditto, red T/C diesel shunter, an ex-Trackmaster 0-6-2T and three spare loco bodies, together with a later 0-4-0 'top tank', mostly F-G, some decals rubbed, diesel with retouched paintwork to front and other minor damages (8) £70-100
629.    Marklin 16V Controllers for HO/OO Gauge Trains, comprising four 6647 transformer/controllers, one 66191 and one 60052 transformers, and a small Hornby power unit, mostly G-VG, some with European plugs fitted, untested (7) £30-50
630.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 2-rail 2217 Tank Locomotive and Other Items, the 0-6-2T in late BR black livery with coal to bunker and small safety valve, G, box P-F, together with a green R1 class locomotive (chimney top missing), two Pullman cars, Mail set, a 'Woodside' wooden station building, 2-rail H-D track and other items (qty) £100-140
631.    Jouef and Lima OO/HO Gauge Diesel Trains and Accessories, comprising Jouef Turntable set with SNCF diesel no 67007 and three wagons, together with a Lima Scottish Motorail set with class 37012 'Loch Rannoch', 2 coaches, Motorail wagon track and controller, and a separately-boxed Lima breakdown crane, all F-G, boxes P-F (3 boxes) £40-60
632.    Mainline OO Gauge 4-wheeled Freight Stock, the majority Private Owner coal wagons, all VG, boxes VG (31) £70-100
633.    Mainline OO Gauge 4-wheeled Freight Stock, a similar lot, the majority Private Owner coal wagons, all VG, boxes VG (31) £70-100
634.    A 'Korean Brass' HO Gauge American 2-8-0 Locomotive and Tender by Alco Models, reference G-1, the 'consolidation' type with straight chimney stack and bogie tender, G-VG, in original box, box G-VG
Announce Korean not Japanese £80-120
635.    Marklin HO Gauge 3-rail German Express Locomotives, including a SK800 streamlined 4-6-4 and tender, together with pacific 4-6-2 no 01 097 and tender, both F, both with some areas of corrosion esp SK800 tender, this loco also has one coupling rod displaced, both in original boxes, boxes F (2) £120-160
636.    Kit-built OO Gauge 4-6-0 Locomotives and Tenders, comprising LNER green B1 class no 1158 and BR green Jubilee class 45625 'Sarawak', both built to a good standard, both with Rovex-type motors, both G (2) £70-100
637.    Kit-built OO Gauge Midland/LMS Locomotives and Tenders, comprising ex-L&YR 'Highflyer' Atlantic 4-4-2 no 10328 in early LMS crimson livery, and MR 'compound' 4-4-0 no 1000, both built to a fair standard, P-F, both in need of repairs though most major parts appear to be present (qty inc loose parts) £60-90
638.    A Kit-built OO Gauge Midland Railway Kirtley 0-6-0 Locomotive and Tender, reasonably well-made from a K's kit and painted in MR crimson as no 2398, fitted with Portescap motor/gearbox, overall G, centre tender wheels missing, in original kit box £50-70
639.    A Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 3-rail EDG7 Goods Train and Other Items, including LMS black 0-6-2T no 6917 with sans-serif decals, 3 LMS wagons, controller and track, in a wooden case with remains of the original set box, together with boxed turntable, boxed LNER teak coach and an unknown level crossing with tinplate base and cast metal gates, mostly F-G, loco has coupling rods detached but included (2, box + turntable) £40-60
640.    Wrenn and Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 2-rail Locomotives, comprising Wrenn BR matt green 'City of Birmingham' no 46235 with type 1 chassis, G, some small chips to paintwork, together with H-D BR green 'Denbigh Castle' no 7032, F, general playwear and detritus around chassis and wheels, both unboxed (2) £70-100
641.    Tri-ang-Hornby and Other OO Gauge Trains and Layout Accessories, including three Tri-ang tank locomotives, collection of rolling stock by Tri-ang and Hornby-Dublo (some 3-rail), Scenic accessories including a H-D platform extension, various continental and other kit-built buildings and a H&M 'Duette' controller, mostly F-G, some with damage/playwear (qty in 2 boxes) £70-100
642.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 3-rail Locomotives and Coaching Stock, including LMS 'Duchess of Atholl' in interesting repair box numbered 14843 and tender 14844 with correspondence dated 16/11/61, boxed D8000 diesel, unboxed 60022 'Mallard' with 'Flying Scotsman' headboard and tender, 6 boxed coaches, 3 unboxed and a TPO/Mail set, including mailbags in packet and operating switch, mostly G, some playwear, boxes slightly damp (qty) £90-120
643.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 3-rail Locomotives and Freight Stock, including two standard 2-6-4T locomotives (both 80054) and a dozen assorted wagons in a G19 set box, together with boxed 4620 breakdown crane set (lacks 2 jacks), 9 other boxed wagons and four super-detailed unboxed ones, mostly G, boxes F-VG (15 items inc set boxes) £70-100
644.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 3-rail Track Buildings and Other Items, a fair quantity of track including electric points, buildings including plastic engine shed and extension (both boxed), station and island platform (ditto), various Tri-ang and other buildings, and a tray of assorted components including a Zenith motor bogie and parts of a Tri-ang SR EMU coach, P-F (qty in 2 boxes) £70-100
645.    Hornby-Acho and Jouef HO and OO Trains, including H-A ref 6365 USA 0-6-0T in green as SNCF 030TU20 and BB 16.000 electric locomotive, both G-VG, boxes G-VG, together with a Jouef boxed Cockerill crane set, BR class 45 diesel in blue (OO gauge), all VG, and two Jouef unboxed SNCF diesel locomotives, both G (6) £70-100
646.    Hornby-Dublo Unboxed OO Gauge Super-detail Freight Stock, including Crane set with 4 jacks, UD 6-wheel tankers, Presflos, Prestwin, Saxa salt, Banana Vans and others, mostly G-VG (40+) £60-90
647.    Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge Super-detail Freight Stock, including boxed Crane set with 4 jacks, and unboxed UD 6-wheel tankers, Presflos, Prestwin, Saxa salt, Banana Vans and others, mostly G-VG (40+) £60-90
648.    Modified Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 2-rail Locomotives and Stock, including a re-wheeled 2-rail converted LMS maroon 'Duchess of Atholl' and tender, repainted GWR 'Castle' as no 5085 'Evesham Abbey' and a scruffy 'Denbigh Castle', together with a rake of 10 repainted utility vans as GWR 'Fruit D' type with chalked inscriptions and other details added, mostly P-F (13) £70-100
649.    Modified/renamed Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge 2-rail Castle Class Locomotives, Four locomotives, all with ½" motors, renamed/numbered as no 4016 'The Somerset Light Infantry', 5031 'Totnes Castle', 5069 'Isambard Kingdom Brunel' and (7032) 'The South Wales Borderers', all with etched plates except 7032's number, three in original H-D boxes one of which has repair label 36392 (4) £100-140
650.    A Mixed Lot of OO Gauge Trains Kits and Accessories, including a Mainline standard 4 4-6-0 and tender in black, G, a double-ended railcar based on Airfix railbus components, F, boxed HM loco tester, 5 kit-built GWR bogie vehicles by Mallard, CCW or similar, various made-up Airfix kit wagons, unmade Airfix 'Schools' and 'Pug' kits, two Dinky Toys 790 Granite Chippings packs and other items, mostly F-G (qty) £60-80
651.    Novo O Gauge 'Big Big Train' Sets, comprising Passenger set with blue 'Hymek' locomotive and two blue/white coaches, Freight set with 0-4-0 steam loco and 3 wagons, each set with track and accessories (Passenger set missing some station parts), together with an original Tri-ang 'Blue Flier' locomotive, all G-VG (2 sets + loco) £70-100
652.    Hornby and other Clockwork O Gauge Trains, a large box of 'distraught' Hornby and other items, including LMS red locomotive 5600 (P, no. 40 tank mechanism fitted, lacks tender), a Brimtoy BR black locomotive and tender, and collection of incomplete or damaged rolling stock, all P-F, together with a box of straight rails, F-G (qty in 2 boxes) £40-60
653.    A LGB G Scale (US Market) Passenger Train Set, ref 25301, containing 0-4-0T locomotive and 2 coaches in 'Lake George & Boulder' red livery, with track and US-market controller (NOT suitable for UK use), all VG, one straight track missing, in original set box, box G-VG £80-120
654.    An American Gauge 1 Alco FA-1 Diesel Locomotive and Power Supply, the loco by Railway Express Agency in Southern Pacific 'Daylight' colours, VG-E in original box, box G, some crushing at one corner, together with an American 'PS3' power supply unit by PH Hobbies Inc (NOT suitable for UK use), VG (2) £60-90
655.    A Bachmann 'Big Hauler' Locomotive and two LGB Freight Cars, the locomotive a 'Porter' 0-4-0T in unlettered black with red trim (ref 11398), together with special LGB open wagon ref 41220 with black and white Steiff bears as load, and a 43590 'Beetle Express' wagon with two VW beetle cars (old and new) as load, all VG-E, boxes VG (3) £80-120
656.    Hornby O Gauge Clockwork Locomotive Stock and Track, including post-war green MO locomotive and tender (mech tested ok), GW brake van, 4 gas tank wagons and one other, a quantity of clockwork track and boxed Meccano E020 20volt electric motor, trains F, motor G, box F (qty) £30-50
657.    Peco Streamline O Gauge Points, two Nickel-silver 'Y' points, in incorrect box, both VG £20-30
658.    A LGB G Scale AT&FS 0-4-0 Locomotive and Tender, in black No 1217, VG £80-120
659.    LGB G Scale Steiff Bear Trucks, 41000 Bear with sledge, in original box, unboxed open truck with black and white bears, low sided 2000 truck with two bears and train and flat truck 2001 with baby bear in pen and mother bear on a sofa, 4)VG, box G ( £100-200
660.    LGB G Scale Rolling Stock and Accessories, 40510 truck with Fork Lift, 10310 Buffer Stop, 55016 Hand Controller and 55106 Transformer, all in original boxes, unboxed Santa Fe Tank wagon, Caboose and Signal box, G-VG, boxes F-G (7) £50-70
661.    LGB G Scale Track and Aristocraft Points, various lengths LGB short curved and straight track, Aristocraft left hand points (2 both boxed) and unboxed right hand point, LGB Point Motors (2, both in original packets) unboxed Track Bumper and two controllers, F-G, boxes F (qty) £50-70
662.    Five Vintage O Gauge Rolling Stock by Bing and Bub, mostly Continental, including blue 3rd class coach by Bing and another by Bub, a short LNWR coach with opening doors, a Bub German open wagon (faded) and late Bing barrel wagon with Bub-type couplings, all F, barrel wagon lacks barrels (5) £70-100
663.    LGB G Scale Track, 11000 x12 Curves (2 boxes), 12100 and 12000 R/H (1) and L/H (1) Points, in original boxes, unboxed short straights 12'' (4), double straights 24'' (5), VG, boxes G (qty) £60-80
664.    Bachmann Spectrum 0n30 Gauge Locomotive and Trucks, 28196 0-4-0 Gas mechanical shunter (DCC ready), 26863 Little River Logging Co Pulpwood Car and 26877 Sandy River & Rangeley Lake Pulpwood Car, all in original boxes, E, boxes VG 26877 still sealed (3) £50-70
665.    Hornby 0 Gauge clockwork No 3 Locomotive 'Caerphilly Castle' in GWR green, P-F, lacks operating rods (clockwork tested well), lacks gears to both pistons, paint loss , some dents and generally playworn £30-50
666.    Lima 0 Gauge Locomotive and various kitbuilt Private Owners coal trucks, LMS black 0-6-0 Locomotive and Tender, in original box, VG, box G, together with eight PO wagons by Three Aitch Mouldings and others, all built to a good standard, G (9) £50-70
667.    Bassett-Lowke or similar Coarse-Scale O Gauge Track, including a raised-third double track turnout, 2-rail 'scissors' crossing, along with 5 other points units and rail sections, some brass and some steel rails, F-G (qty) £40-60
668.    A Bachmann 'Big Hauler' Gauge 1 American Diesel Locomotive and three B&O Coaches, the Bo-Bo locomotive no 2003 in B&O blue/grey/black livery, together with three clerestory cars in 'Royal Blue Line' colours, all F-G, a little grubby (4) £80-120
669.    A Bachmann Gauge 1 American 2-6-0 Locomotive and Tender, representing an 1876 Baldwin of the Denver & Rio Grande RR, named 'Cochetope', unboxed, VG, one cab step detached (2) £50-70
670.    A Cheddar Models Gauge 1 (G Scale) Live Steam 0-4-0T Locomotive and LGB coach, representing Henschel 25701 in green and black, gas-fired including tank and burner, radio-control servos fitted under cab but lacks control unit, together with an LGB German 'Steirer Bar' coach, both F-G, generally grubby, loco with serious corrosion to footplate/cab area (2) £100-140
671.    A Hornby O Gauge No 2 Straight Tunnel, in remains of original box, VG, box P £20-30
672.    Lionel O Gauge (027) Electric Trains, including 1668E streamlined 2-6-2 locomotive and tender, 2 wagons, caboose, 99n signal, 4 electric points and other tracks, mostly G-VG, front face of signal with Mazak 'fatigue', rolling stock in P boxes (qty) £80-120
673.    A Post-War Hornby O Gauge Clockwork LMS Passenger Train, with LMS maroon locomotive no 5600 and tender, 3 coaches and key, all G-VG, unboxed, mech tested ok at time of lotting (6 inc key) £60-80
674.    Hornby O Gauge Clockwork SR No 1 Locomotive and Freight Stock, comprising SR green 0-4-0T no 29, G, mech tested ok, together with 13 wagons, mostly post-war, including SR milk van and brake van, F, one lacking wheels, others with minor damages, two in boxes (14) £70-100
675.    Hornby and Other O Gauge Buildings and Accessories, including post-war boxed signal box and signal, goods shed (green roof), pre-war station with ramps and other items, together with a Wells-Brimtoy tunnel, three coaches, a small amount of track and a flock of lead sheep and fences, mostly F-G (qty) £50-70
676.    Hornby O Gauge 3-rail Track, including turntable (1 exit road missing), two double-track crossovers, approx 20 points and a large box of straight rails, all G, (qty) £60-80
677.    Bassett-Lowke and Hornby O Gauge Electric Mechanisms and other items, including a B-L post-war DC 'Compound' motor unit with wheels and rods, an incomplete B-L pre-war 4-wheeled mech, an incomplete Hornby No 2/3 20-volt motor, a Hornby 6v motor with external brushes (also incomplete) and another possibly by Leeds, together with a front bogie, compound cylinders, boxed 'Ellemsee' signal and a small batch of repro Hornby-style transfers, F-G (qty) £100-140
678.    An Unmade Tenmille Models Gauge 1 SR 10 Ton Utility Van and Part-made Open Wagon the unmade kit ref 'G', with moulded plastic and wooden parts, complete with wheelsets but not otherwise checked for completeness, together with a 7-plank open wagon mostly made-up and painted black, F, assorted paints, tools and other parts (qty) £60-80
679.    A Hornby O Gauge Watchman's Hut and Very Assorted Other Items, the Hut with Brazier but lacking fireirons, G, in non-original box, a small posse of unpainted lead figures, modern grey Fergie tractor model, a Lemax Christmas scene, Tri-ang controller, and various boxes of light fittings, small motors, LED's, and OO gauge parts, mostly G (qty) £30-50
680.    Two Tubes of LGB ref 1000/5 Brass Rails, single rails in 1.5metre lengths, 38 in all, in original LGB card tube packagings, G-VG £40-60
681.    collection of O Gauge Signals for Restoration, including 5 'scale' type by Bassett-Lowke or similar, 4 Hornby and one Bub junction signal, all P, distressed (qty) £30-40
682.    A Hornby O Gauge Clockwork No 2 Locomotive and Tender, a 4-4-0 in LNER green, F-G, mech tested ok but governor ineffective, together with boxed matching tender 2711, G, box F, winding key and a Hornby Trains leaflet dated 9/27, F (4) £80-120
683.    Hornby O Gauge Early No 2 Wagons Track and other items, including boxed 'inverted' GW timber wagon with square-cut stakes complete, LNER trolley wagon, LMS Cattle truck and a no 1 OAG LMS tarpaulin wagon, all circa 1928 with large droplink couplers, G-VG, boxes P-F, together with sorry remains of a no 0 locomotive, assorted later wagons (all P) and a quantity of track and other parts, F (qty) £60-100
684.    An Early Bing O Gauge Set box and Parts, the box overall P with damp damage, but with an attractive front label showing a GWR-style 4-6-0 locomotive and train leaving a tunnel (wrong line for UK!), together with an LNWR black tender, two coaches and a spare roof, all battered and missing most couplings, so P (box + 4 items) £40-60
685.    Hornby O Gauge Clockwork No 51 and 55 Sets, including green no 50153 with 3 coaches, and black no 60199 with 5 wagons respectively, each with track in original set boxes, mostly G, both mechs tested ok but green loco missing one coupling rod, boxes P (2 sets) £70-100
686.    Hornby O Gauge Post-war Freight Stock, including boxed no 50 series 'Saxa Salt', flat wagon, open wagon and unboxed brake van and furniture container wagon, boxed no 1 Manchester Oil tanker, refrigerator van and more, MO and M1 tenders (no locos) and other wagons, a modest quantity of clockwork track, level crossing, boxed points and water tank, mostly G-VG (20 wagons + track) £70-100
687.    Two Model Live Steam Marine Engines and Other Items, comprising a Cheddar Models 'Pintail' twin-cylinder engine with vertical boiler, with original box, instructions and accessories, a single-cylinder engine with horizontal boiler by Marten Howes & Baylis, a box of accessories for a Cheddar 'Puffin' engine, a plastic kit Garrett Showman's Engine (in need of reassembly), a part-built wooden boat hull and other items, mostly G, MHB engine seems partially seized (qty) £70-100
688.    A Hornby O Gauge Clockwork No 45 Tank Goods Set, with late-totem no 40 tank locomotive no 82011, three no 50 series wagons, track, key, catalogue booklet dated 2/63, all in original set box, mostly VG but with fading to red lining of locomotive, mech tested ok, box G-VG, split to one corner of lid £50-70
689.    LGB and Other G Scale Trains and Track, including Blue LGB 0-4-0T Locomotive, two coaches and Shell tank wagon, Bachmann American 4-6-0 locomotive, tender coach and four wagons, together with a Gaugemaster controller and quantity of LGB and Bachmann Track and Scenic accessories, trains F-G, track F, mostly ex-layout condition (qty) £150-200
690.    A Mamod TE1 Spirit-fired Live Steam Traction Engine, an early example with non-reversing exhaust regulator, complete with instructions, steering extension and funnel, overall G, slight corrosion around some boiler fittings and spring drive belt missing, box G-VG £40-60
691.    A Wilesco Live Steam Showman's Engine and Timber Trailer, both in red livery, engine appears totally unused, both in original boxes, both E, boxes VG-E (2) £100-140
692.    A Wilesco Live Steam Steamroller (Dampfwalze), in green/red livery, engine lightly used, still with water in boiler, in original box with accessories and oil can, G-VG, box F-G £70-100
693.    A Wilesco Live Steam D310 Foden Steam Tractor, in brown 'Astell Bros' livery as 'Mighty Atom', engine possibly steamed once, in original box with accessories and instructions, VG-E, box G-VG £100-140
694.    A Wilesco Live Steam D430 'Locomobile' Steam Engine and Z431 Horses, in black & brass finish, unused, in original box with instructions, E, box G-VG, a little damp damage, together with Wilesco 2-horse team, with black horses and harness, VG-E, box VG (2) £100-140
695.    A Wilesco Live Steam D22 Twin-Cylinder Stationary Steam Engine, in black & nickel/silver finish, unused, in original box with instructions, VG, box G, some animal damp damage £70-100
696.    Hornby O Gauge Clockwork No 20 and No 30 Trains, comprising No 20 set with green locomotive 60985, key, tender, two wagons and track in original set box, together with individually boxed no 20 rotary tip wagon, No 30 locomotive with key (G-VG), tender, two no 31 coaches, a No 50 brake van, and a pair of 1' radius points, mostly F-G, both mechs tested OK, boxes F-G (8 boxes inc set) £50-80
697.    Two Hornby O Gauge Clockwork Train Sets, comprising M1 set with red 3435 locomotive, tender and two Pullman cars with track, an MO set with non-reversing green locomotive 2595, tender and two red open wagons, with 9" radius track and clips, both sets with keys and 'Royal Scot' labels to lids, together with boxed pair 1' radius points including a Hornby Railway Co 'welcome' letter addressed to Alastair, all VG-E, boxes G-VG (3) £70-90
698.    A Hornby 3½" Gauge Live Steam 'Rocket' Locomotive and Tender, unboxed, with gas burner and gas bottle to tender, F-G, left piston appears seized, lacks instructions or other accessories £60-90
699.    Finescale O Gauge Kit/Scratch-built Wagons, comprising three open wagons in SECR black, 'Norchard' grey, and mineral wagon light grey, a ventilated van in grey and XP fruit van in bauxite red, with a double-ended 20T wooden brake van, F-G, a little dusty (6) £30-50
700.    A Finescale O Gauge 2-rail Scratch-built Early LMS Diesel Shunter, representing jack-shaft driven 0-6-0DS in LMS black as no 7062, with brass or nickel-silver body and 'Raynes' motor unit, G, a little dusty £60-80
701.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Steam Locomotives and Coaching Stock, comprising R374 'Spitfire', R380 'Stowe' and three coaches in malachite green livery, together with R154 'Sir Dinadan', R868 M7 class 0-4-4T no 245 and 6 coaches in Maunsell green, all G-VG, M7 has bogie wheels replaced, all in original boxes, boxes F-VG (13) £120-160
702.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Diesel Locomotives, including class 47's R319 'The Queen Mother' and R316 'Lady Diana Spencer' special editions, R307 'County of Norfolk', R250 class 58, R402 class 37 'William Cookworthy', R072 class 25 and R080 class 29, in various BR liveries, all VG, boxes G-VG (7) £90-120
703.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Diesel Locomotives, including R778 'Western Harrier', R250 class 58, R751 class 37, R072 and R326 class 25 with R080 and R084 class 29, in various BR liveries, all VG, boxes G-VG (7) £90-120
704.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge BR Red and Green Diesel Locomotives, including two R352 'Western Courier', both red, with R074 and R758 class 35 'Hymek's', R072 class 25 and two R080 class 29's, in BR green, all VG, one Western unboxed, boxes F-VG (7) £90-120
705.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge BR Multiple-Unit Diesel Trains, comprising R687 3-car DMU set in green, M, sealed in original packaging, with two R688 matching trailer coaches, together with an R332 3-car HST set in original livery with supplementary coaches R426 Open 2nd and R427 Buffet 125, all VG-E, boxes VG (6 boxes) £70-100
706.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge BR Multiple-Unit Diesel Trains, comprising R687 3-car DMU set, with one R688 matching trailer coach, another 3-car DMU set R698 in white/blue, together with an R332 3-car HST set in original livery with supplementary coach R427 (Buffet 125), all VG-E, boxes VG (5 boxes) £80-120
707.    Hornby (Margate) OO Gauge Rolling Stock, including Palethorpes 6-wheel vans, Shell/BP tankers, Caledonian 4-wheel coaches and others, together with scenic items R140 and R186, all VG, boxes F-VG (18 stock + scenics) £50-80
708.    Bachmann OO Gauge GWR Locomotives and Coaching Stock, comprising no 7802 'Bradley Manor' and 'Mogul' 9319, both in GW green, together with 6 Collett coaches in brown/cream, all VG-E, boxes G-VG (8) £80-120
709.    Dapol and Replica OO Gauge GWR 4-6-0 Locomotives, including two Dapol 'County of Worcester' and one 'County of Stafford', with Replica 'Burton Agnes Hall' and 'Graythwaite Hall', all in GWR lined green, all VG-E, boxes VG (5) £120-160
710.    Airfix OO Gauge GWR Branch Line Trains, including six 0-4-2T's no 1466 and 6 Autocoaches, together with 'large prairie' 2-6-2T no 6110 and 4 'B-set' coaches, all VG-E, boxes VG (17) £70-100
711.    Airfix OO Gauge GWR Main Line Trains, including 'Caerphilly Castle' no 4073 in lined GWR green, four 'Centenary stock' coaches, two 'Siphon G' and three 'Siphon H' vans and a loco coal wagon, all VG-E, boxes VG (11) £70-100
712.    Airfix and Dapol OO Gauge Steam and Diesel Trains, including two LMS black 4F's, both no 4454, two class 31 diesels in BR blue, both 31401, Dapol class 56 diesel 56001 in 'sector' livery and a western region Siphon G van in maroon, all VG-E, boxes VG (6) £60-80
713.    Lima OO Gauge BR Diesel Locomotives, comprising class 73's nos 73123, 73125 and 73142, class 33's nos 33025, 33027 and 33056, together with 0-6-0DS no 09026, in various BR liveries, all VG-E, boxes VG (7) £70-100
714.    Lima OO Gauge BR Diesel Locomotives, comprising class 20 no 20171, class 50's nos 50007 and 50043, class 55's nos 9006 and 55022 together with 0-6-0DS no 09026, in various BR liveries, all VG-E, boxes VG (7) £70-100
715.    Lima OO Gauge BR Diesel Locomotives, comprising class 33 no 33027, class 50's nos 50007 and 50020 and another re-numbered 50006 'Neptune', and class 37 no 37012 'Loch Rannoch' together with 0-6-0DS no 09026, in various BR liveries, all VG-E, boxes VG (6) £60-90
716.    Lima OO Gauge BR Diesel Locomotives, comprising 'Western' class 52's nos D1003 'Pioneer' (green), D1023 'Enterprise' (desert sand), D1071 'Renown' (blue) together with class 42 Warship no D843 'Sharpshooter' and class 37 no D6755, both green, all VG-E, Warship has slight scratching to nameplates, boxes G-VG (5) £60-80
717.    Lima OO Gauge BR Diesel Locomotives and Stock, comprising two 'Western' class 52's no D1003 'Pioneer', a 3-car DMU and class 09 Shunter no 3004, all in green livery, two WR 'Siphon G' vans in maroon and an Engineer's Dept Mess coach and Air Compressor Van, both khaki, all VG-E, boxes G-VG (10) £60-90
718.    Lima OO Gauge BR Diesel Locomotives and DMU, comprising class 20 no 20171, class 50's nos 50007 and 50043, class 55's nos 9006 and 55022, a 3-car DMU, together with 0-6-0DS no 09026, mostly in BR blue livery, all VG-E, boxes VG (10) £100-140
719.    Lima OO Gauge BR Diesel Multiple Units, comprising 4-car DMU in plain blue (Western region), a 2-car 'Super-Sprinter' no 156443 in blue/grey and an HST power car no W43168, all VG-E, boxes VG (7) £70-90
720.    Lima OO Gauge GWR Locomotives and Stock, comprising two 'King George V' steam locomotives, three 'Prairie' 2-6-2T's all no 4589, BR black 0-6-0PT no 9420, diesel railcar no 22 in brown/cream, 6 assorted GW coaches and four short 'NKV' bogie vans repainted in GWR colours, all G-VG, boxes G-VG (10) £90-120
721.    Lima OO Gauge Coaching Stock and Vans, including 8 maroon mk 1 coaches, 3 in WR brown/cream and 1 SR green (lacking bogies), 7 'Palethorpes' Siphon G vans and 5 GWR examples, 6 'NKV' vans in maroon or maroon/cream and 2 maroon CCT vans, all G-VG, boxes G (30) £100-140
722.    Lima OO Gauge BR Blue Coaching Stock and Vans, including 6 mk1 coaches, 6 mk2's and 1 mk3, all in blue/grey, together with 4 'Parcels Express' full brakes, 4 standard and 2 'Enparts' Siphon G vans, 4 'NKV' express parcels vans and 6 CCT vans, all in plain blue, all G-VG, boxes G (33) £120-150
723.    Lima OO Gauge Freight Stock, including 9 BR ferry vans, 6 rail carriers, 3 GWR and 1 SR Horse boxes, 3 different tank wagons and 4 others, all VG, boxes G-VG, some with slight fading (26) £70-90
724.    An Uncommon Lima HO Gauge South African Electric Multiple Unit, a 4-car electric multiple unit with power car 8907, in maroon/grey, all VG, boxes G-VG, (4) £100-140
725.    An Uncommon Lima HO Gauge South African Diesel Locomotive, ref 208134LG, a Co-Co diesel no 34 228 in maroon with yellow stripe, VG-E, box F, some tears and one puncture hole £100-140
726.    Mainline OO Gauge GWR Steam Locomotives, comprising 2251 class Collett, 43xx Mogul, 57xx Pannier Tank and 66xx tank, all in GWR green, all VG-E, boxes VG (4) £70-100
727.    Mainline OO Gauge GWR Steam Locomotives, a similar lot, comprising 2251 class Collett, 43xx Mogul, 57xx Pannier Tank and 66xx tank, all in GWR green, all VG-E, boxes VG (4) £70-100
728.    Mainline OO Gauge GWR Steam Locomotives, comprising 2251 class Collett, 7819 'Hinton Manor', 57xx Pannier Tank and 66xx tank, all in GWR green, all VG-E, boxes VG (4) £70-100
729.    Mainline OO Gauge GWR Steam Locomotives, comprising two 2251 class Colletts, 7808 'Cookham Manor', 43xx Mogul and 2301 class 'Dean Goods', all in GWR green, all VG-E, boxes VG (5) £90-120
730.    Mainline OO Gauge Steam Locomotives, comprising Rebuilt Patriot 45536 'Private W Wood VC', 7812 'Erlestoke Manor' and 0-6-0T 68745 in BR black, together with Jubilees 45532 'Illustrious' in BR green and 5687 'Neptune' in LMS lined black, all VG-E, boxes P-VG (Illustrious box missing outer sleeve, Neptune box with split glazing (5) £80-110
731.    Mainline OO Gauge BR-era Steam Locomotives, comprising Rebuilt Patriot 45536 'Private W Wood VC', ex-GW Mogul 5328, Collett 0-6-0 2213 and Pannier tank 5768, all in BR black, together with Collett 0-6-0 3210 and Standard class 4 no 75001 in BR green, all VG-E, boxes VG (6) £100-130
732.    Mainline OO Gauge BR-era Steam Locomotives, comprising Collett 0-6-0 2213, Pannier tank 5768, Standard 4 no 75006 and J72 no 68745, all in BR black, together with Standard class 4 no 75001 in BR green, all VG-E, boxes VG (5) £90-120
733.    Mainline OO Gauge BR Green Diesel Locomotives, comprising Warships D824 'Highflyer' and D825 'Intrepid', together with 03 shunter D2179, all VG-E, boxes VG (3) £60-90
734.    Mainline OO Gauge BR Green Diesel Locomotives, comprising Warship D824 'Highflyer', class 45 no D100 'Sherwood Forester', together with 03 shunter D2179, all VG-E, boxes VG (3) £60-90
735.    Mainline OO Gauge BR Blue and Green Diesel Locomotives, comprising class 56 084, class 45 no 45039 'The Manchester Regiment', and 03 shunter 03 382, all in BR blue, together with green 03 no D2179, all VG-E, boxes VG (3) £60-90
736.    Mainline OO Gauge BR Blue and Green Diesel Locomotives, comprising class 56 079, three class 45's nos 45039 'The Manchester Regiment' (one renumbered 45007 - F), class 45 no 45 048 'The Royal Marines', and 03 shunter 03 382, all in BR blue, all VG-E except renumbered one, boxes VG (6) £90-120
737.    Mainline OO Gauge BR Blue Coaching and Van Stock, including 5 mk 1 coaches in blue/grey, and ten 50' NFV parcels vans in plain blue, all VG-E, boxes VG (15) £60-90
738.    Mainline OO Gauge GWR and BR (WR) brown/cream Coaching and Van Stock, comprising 4 Collett coaches, 1 Centenary coach and 7 siphons, in GWR colours, together with 5 BR mk 1 coaches in WR brown/cream and 3 siphons in BR maroon, all VG-E, boxes VG (20) £90-120
739.    Mainline OO Gauge LMS and BR (LMR) maroon Coaching and Van Stock, comprising 4 LMS 57' coaches and 6 50' parcels vans, in LMS colours, together with 9 coaches in BR maroon, all VG-E, boxes VG (20) £90-120
740.    Mainline OO Gauge 4-wheeled Freight Stock, including tankers, vans, open wagons and others, all VG, boxes G-VG (33) £80-120
741.    Mainline OO Gauge 4-wheeled Freight Stock, a similar lot, including tankers, vans, open wagons and others, all VG, boxes G-VG (33) £80-120
742.    Mainline OO Gauge 4-wheeled Freight Stock, including tankers, vans, coke wagons and others, all VG, boxes G-VG (33) £80-120
743.    Mainline OO Gauge 4-wheeled and Bogie Freight Stock, including tankers, vans, coke wagons and others, together with 2 Crocodiles and a Macaw, all VG, boxes G-VG (37) £100-140
744.    Kit-built OO Gauge GWR Locomotives, from K's kits, comprising 'Bulldog' no 3416 'John W Wilson' and Churchward Mogul no 6332, both made to a good standard and finished in GWR green, in their original kit boxes, G (2) £80-120
745.    Kit-built OO Gauge GWR Main Line Locomotives, each with commercial (Tri-ang or H/D) chassis, comprising 1016 'County of Hants', 4918 'Dartington Hall' (with damage to cab), and 6000 'King George V' (lacks tender and some name/no plates), otherwise F-G (5 + loose parts) £70-100
746.    Kit-built OO Gauge GWR Goods Locomotives, comprising 2-8-0 no 2835 on H/D chassis, 0-6-2T no 5682 on Tri-ang chassis, and Dean Goods 2573 with K's kit chassis, all G, Dean tender drawbar damaged (3 locos +2 tenders) £70-100
747.    Kit-built OO Gauge GWR Branch Line Locomotives, mostly from K's kits, including two 'small prairie' 2-6-2T's both no 4407, 0-6-0PT no 5703, and 0-4-2T no 1436, all G, (4) £60-90
748.    Early OO Gauge 2-and 3-rail Locomotives by Trix Gaiety and Trackmaster, including two Trix (TTR) GWR 0-6-2T's no 6664, one repainted in GWR green, the other original but missing totems, with an 0-6-0T no 32103, a Gaiety 3-rail 0-6-2T and 2-rail 0-6-0PT (with H/D chassis), and a clockwork Trackmaster 0-6-2T with key, varying F-VG, 2 with boxes (6) £70-100
749.    A Mixed Lot of OO and HO Gauge Trains by Various Makers, including a Lima German (DB) 2-8-2 locomotive and tender, boxed with red areas retouched, Jouef North British D6100 diesel in BR green, boxed Roco Continental track-cleaning wagon, 3 Hornby Pullmans and BR red/cream full brake, and approx 10 assorted unboxed Lima freight wagons, mostly F-G (qty) £30-50