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Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd March 2017
Day One Lots 1-566
Day Two Lots 567-1094
Tuesday 21st March 2017 10:00-16:00
Wednesday 22nd March 2017 10:00-16:00
Thursday 23rd March 2017 Morning of Auction
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Lot Description and Estimate Images Sold For

A Gauge 1 North Eastern Railway 3-rail Electric 4-4-0 Locomotive and Tender, in NER green as no 1621, VG, complete with wooden carrying case
Estimate: 300-400


A Gauge 1 LNWR 2-rail Electric 4-6-0 Locomotive and Tender, in lined LNWR black as no 819 'Prince of Wales', made by G.B.Spurgeon of Bedford (inscribed under tender), overall G-VG, axle drive gear needs realignment with worm
Estimate: 300-400


A Gauge 1 Great Central Railway 3-rail Electric 4-6-0 Locomotive and Tender, in GCR lined green as no 1167 'Lloyd George', made by Alan Curtis of Spalding (no 360490), with supplementary pick-up skate to tender, VG, front guard irons slightly bent
Estimate: 400-500


A Part-made Aster Gauge 1 Spirit-fired Live Steam 'Lion' 0-4-2 Locomotive and Tender Kit, limited edition no 230/800, believed complete but not checked exhaustively, overall G-VG (2 boxes)
Estimate: 200-300


An Aster Gauge 1 Spirit-fired Live Steam 'King Arthur' Class Locomotive and Tender, finished in SR malachite green as no 768 'Sir Balin', VG, appears little used
Estimate: 300-500


An Aster Gauge 1 Southern Railway Coach, finished in SR malachite green, VG, roof a little grubby
Estimate: 100-140


A J and M Models Gauge 1 Southern Railway All-Third Class Coach, finished in SR malachite green, fitted with compensated bogies, VG-E
Estimate: 140-180


A J and M Models Gauge 1 Southern Railway Brake/Third Class Coach, finished in SR malachite green, fitted with compensated bogies, VG-E
Estimate: 140-180


A Wilag Gauge 1 Continental Wagons-Lits Coach, 580mm long, in CIWL blue/cream, VG-E
Estimate: 140-180


An Aster Gauge 1 Spirit-fired Live Steam 'Schools' Class Locomotive and Tender, finished in SR malachite green as no 901 'Winchester', G-VG, spirit pipe connection from tender missing, light corrosion around cab area, one scratch to left side of tender
Estimate: 300-500


A Gauge 1 Spirit-fired Live-Steam Caledonian Railway 0-6-0 Locomotive and Tender, finished in lined CR blue as no 828, partially repainted in a slightly different shade, featuring a double-acting single inside cylinder, pressure gauge and burner, G-VG, in wooden carrying case
Estimate: 400-500


A Gauge 1 Spirit-fired Live-Steam Caledonian Railway Express 4-6-0 Locomotive and Tender, finished in lined CR blue as no 903 'Cardean', featuring a twin inside cylinders, water pump, screw-operated reversing and burner, VG
Estimate: 500-700


A Gauge 1 Spirit-fired Live-Steam Caledonian Railway 4-6-0 Locomotive and Tender, finished in lined CR blue as no 918, featuring a double-acting single inside cylinder, pressure gauge and burner, G-VG
Estimate: 400-500


A Bing Spirit-fired 'Lokomobile' Live Steam Engine, similar to cat no 10/117/1, with brass boiler 6" long, single cylinder with piston valve and lubricator, spring drive belt to left-side rear wheel, complete with spirit burner, chimney and safety valve (all appear original), BW trade mark embossed on underside of firebox, overall G-VG, some scorching to firebox and rear wheels, whistle missing wooden handle
Estimate: 100-150


A Hornby 3½" Gauge Live Steam 'Rocket' Set and Coach, with gas-fired locomotive, tender, track and accessories in original set box, overall G, appears little used, one track piece broken, box lid F, splits to two corners, together with unboxed G104 coach, also G, some minor damages (2)
Estimate: 100-140


A Collection of Lionel Wide (Standard) Gauge Electric Trains and Track, a recent 'Barn Find' including an a.f. 2-4-2 steam locomotive and bogie tender, 0-4-0 no 8E electric locomotive, 2 red carriages and baggage van, 4 freight stock, together with track, control equipment and signals, all P, mazak parts all badly fatigued, some rusting to other parts, generally grubby (qty)
Estimate: 150-200


A Carette/Bassett-Lowke Gauge 2 (2" gauge) LNWR Refrigerator Van, in tinprinted off-white finish with black detailing and grey underframe, no 1909 with legend 'To be returned to Liverpool', VG, wheels slightly loose on axles, roof possibly repainted
Estimate: 50-80


A Bowman O Gauge Live Steam '234' Express Locomotive and Tender, in LNER green with no 4472 to tender, G, some careful retouching to loco paintwork, complete with safety valve, level plug and original burner but missing brass handrail wires and domed crank-pin nuts, tender G, possibly over-varnished, supplied with original instructions (3)
Estimate: 80-120


A Stuart Turner 'ST' Oscillating Steam Engine and Catalogues, the engine with double-acting cylinder and lubricator, base and cylinder painted green, NB engine only, no boiler, G-VG, together with S-T catalogues 1921 and 1935-6 and a more recent Reeves catalogue, undated, F-G (engine + 3 catalogues)
Estimate: 50-70


A 2½" Gauge Stanier 'Coronation' Class LMS Streamlined Tender Only, in LMS blue with silver lining, with water pump fitted and streamlined fairings, overall G, rear end of tank loose from underframe, some smaller areas of paint loss, NB - Tender Only, No locomotive
Estimate: 70-100


A 2½" Gauge LNER Gresley Teak Brake/3rd Corridor Coach, well-finished in scumbled-teak finish as no 62767, made by F J Newman of Gainsborough, with removable roof and battery-powered interior lights, G-VG
Estimate: 140-180


A 2½" Gauge Battery-Electric LNER Gresley Class B17 Streamlined 4-6-0 Locomotive and Tender, built on a heavy-weight underframe possibly from a live-steam locomotive, adapted for radio-controlled electric operation, and finished in LNER green as no 2859 'East Anglian', (one of the two B17/5's streamlined in the famous 'A4' style to run the heavy Liverpool St - Norwich trains) overall F-G, considerable cracking to loco paint finish and some areas of paint loss, comes complete with battery charger and 'Hitec' 3-channel radio control unit (4)
Estimate: 300-400


A Display Model Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 class Electric Locomotive, to approx 52mm Gauge, Raymond Loewy's iconic design classic, in original PRR deep chestnut brown livery as no 4840, this is a static wooden model possibly made for promotional purposes in the 1930's, overall G-VG, some slight separation of wooden constructional sections, a little rubbing and minor damages to some handrails
Estimate: 400-600


A Mamod O Gauge Live Steam RS1 Railway Set, with green 0-4-0T locomotive, two wagons and all accessories, box dated 18 April 1980, VG-E, never steamed, box VG-E, with original outer box
Estimate: 100-150


An Incomplete Schoenner Gauge 2 (54mm) Live Steam 'Storkleg' Locomotive Only, a classic 2-2-0 in remains of red-lined green livery with polished boiler, with reversing operated from cab, whistle and regulator, P, front buffer beam, safety valve, burner, tender, one cylinder cover and other small parts missing, both sides of valve linkage disconnected, various steam and exhaust pipes disconnected, generally grubby
Estimate: 100-150


A Bing for Bassett-Lowke Gauge 1 Live Steam '112' Tank Locomotive, nicely repainted in 'NER' green with no 112 to tank sides, as repaint G-VG, some areas of chipping to tanks and footplate, complete with original spirit burner, whistle in cab and control extensions to rear, missing small operating tag for track-operated reversing
Estimate: 200-300


A Bowman M101 Stationary Engine and O Gauge Brake Van, the engine on dark green base approx 11" x 9" with brass boiler 3" diameter x 6" long, single cylinder oscillating engine with large flywheel and detachable chimney, G-VG, slight corrosion to safety valve and level plug in original box, box G-VG, together with a Bowman models O gauge LNER brake van, F (2 contained in wooden box)
Estimate: 70-100


A Gauge 2 (2") Travelling Post Office Car by Unknown Maker, made in wood with cast-iron bogies, originally with operating pick-up/set-down apparatus (currently disconnected), and labelled 'FMR' to sides with no '10501' to solebar plates, overall P-F, all buffers and one door missing, split in wood to 'operating' side
Estimate: 40-60


A Gauge 1 or Larger Bing Station Project, with embossed brickwork, separately attached tinprinted window details, candle holders inside and telegraph cable supports to roof, with lower walls finished in turquoise-blue, upper storey in white, with red and gold window surrounds respectively, P, with areas of paint loss and rusting, damage to canopy with one support missing, other damages to front fencing and roof telegraphs, some loose parts inside
Estimate: 80-120


A Carette Overtype Stationary Steam Engine, restored in green, grey and black, overall boiler length approx 8", with single slide-valve cylinder, 2½" flywheel, whistle and dummy governor, complete with safety valve and original burner, F-G, one governor ball missing, water gauge blanked off, slide valve appears seized
Estimate: 80-120


A Carette Horizontal Hot Air Engine, with 2½" flywheel, original spirit burner and pedestal-mounted lineshaft, all on a wooden base, overall G, engine mounting plinth repainted, one lineshaft mounting loose and one lineshaft key missing
Estimate: 70-100


A Stuart Turner Type Horizontal Steam Engine, with 3½" flywheel, slide-valve single cylinder approx 1" bore x 1" stroke, slip-eccentric reversing, mounted on a wooden base, overall F-G, wooden plinth may be more recent addition, some surface rusting to flywheel
Estimate: 70-100


A Scratchbuilt/Restored 3¼" Gauge 'Live Steam' 4-2-2 Train 'Set' in the Style of Steven's Model Dockyard or Similar, the brass locomotive possibly a reproduction, with twin outside cylinders and Stephenson motion with lever reversing from cab, a massive brass steam dome with single Salter-type safety valve (parts missing), backhead with regulator and German pressure gauge by Schäffer & Budenberg, the 6-wheeled tender with water and spirit tanks and parts of a non-functioning burner attached, both painted in GWR lined green, together with two 6-wheeled coaches, believed to be originals restored in GWR brown/cream with dark grey roofs, one being fitted with brass extensions to detach couplings from roof level, overall as restorations G, locomotive has various small parts missing and motion very stiff, tender coupling and burner arrangement incomplete and incompatible, coaches both lack axlebox castings to one side, one with paint flaking to one end (4)
Estimate: 500-800


Two Spare Tenders for Large-Scale Steam Locomotives, comprising a 3½" gauge primitive 4-wheel type overpainted in bright green, appears to incorporate a water or spirit tank , P, together with a gauge 2 (2") bogie tender with reasonably well-engineered outside-framed bogies and open-topped body, in plain black, P-F, top of body bent at front end, together with a model firing shovel approx 9" long and a brass locomotive splasher in MR maroon (4)
Estimate: 70-100


A Gauge 2 (2") Great Western Railway Live Steam 'Great Bear' (Sic) Locomotive and Bogie Tender, believed to be by Carson, circa 1911-14, and beautifully repainted in GWR lined green by Chris Littledale of Hove, the locomotive featuring twin outside cylinders with inside slip-eccentric valve gear, cast iron footplate including steps, water tubes above firebox, water gauge and regulator, pressure gauge and spirit burner missing, overall as restoration G-VG, but would need work to operate, (NB Name-plates appear original castings but omit 'The' of the prototype), tender with cast-framed bogies and replacement (non-functioning) spirit tank also G-VG (2)
Estimate: 500-800


Two 2½" Gauge Wooden Freight Stock, comprising a NE brake van no 13987 with sprung axleboxes, possibly from a kit and finished in bauxite brown, together with a LMS Carriage Truck in maroon with no 2506 to solebars, both G, latter with 2 wooden strips detached (2)
Estimate: 40-60


A Small Group of Gauge 2 (2") Freight Stock and Other Projects, comprising Carette GNR brake van no 10959 in red-brown without roof, GWR Mica refrigerator van, GWR grey vent van and Greaves Lime/Cement wagon, a Märklin MR 5-plank open wagon, all P with wheels and/or couplings missing and other damage, together with a 'shell-shocked' GWR 2-4-2T locomotive body and a wooden bogie wagon underframe, both P (7)
Estimate: 50-70


A Small Group of Gauge 1 Freight Stock Projects, comprising Carette LNWR 'Crewe' Brake Van body shell only, three Märklin MR refrigerator meat vans, all P, all lack wheels, and a Märklin Continental bogie flat wagon P-F, two axle sets missing (5)
Estimate: 40-60


A Lionel 'Standard' Gauge 0-4-0 3-rail Electric Locomotive No 8, in dark red livery with brass detail plates, F, generally grubby, missing various small parts, one axle cover supplied loose (2)
Estimate: 50-80


A 5" Gauge Live Steam Narrow-Gauge 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive, based on a Clark's kit, with extended frames, cab and tanks to builder's own design in 1/16" brass, built by vendor in 1989 and beautifully finished in lined chocolate-brown livery as Fareham Light Railway no 2, named 'Gerrit', featuring copper boiler, twin outside cylinders with cab-operated drain valves, screw-operated reversing, mechanical lubricator, water gauge, pressure gauge, injector, water pump below front footplate, vacuum-operated braking facility (for train brakes), overall VG-E, No Boiler History
Estimate: 1500-2500


A Fleischmann Model Tablet-fired Stationary Steam Engine, with single oscillating cylinder, dummy governor, water gauge, safety valve and whistle, mounted on light metallic green base, engine plinth in green and cream, complete with chimney and tablet burner tray, G-VG, unboxed
Estimate: 40-60


A Substantially-Repainted Bing Gauge 2 spirit-fired Midland Railway Locomotive 4-2-2 and Tender, 1902 Cat Ref 13340/2, page 63, with twin inside oscillating cylinders, regulator to dome, original burner and safety valve, in crimson livery, as repaint G, slight rusting to tender wheels
Estimate: 2500-3000


A Repainted Bing Gauge 4 spirit-fired Midland Railway 4-4-0 Locomotive and Tender No 7093, with twin outside cylinders, as repaint F-G, boiler loose, some corrosion around cab, front guard irons cut off and coupling missing
Estimate: 1500-2000


A Part-Built 2½" Gauge Freelance 4-4-0 Locomotive and Tender, including a rolling chassis with twin outside cylinders, lever-operated reversing, axle-driven pump and bogie, with a copper boiler and brass smokebox, and box of additional parts including a spare cylinder casting, smokebox saddle and other materials, together with a 6-wheel tender with brass tank and sprung axles, mostly F-G, boiler P-F with some dents and poor jointing, no history (qty)
Estimate: 300-500

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