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Tuesday 4th April 2017 at 10:00
Monday 3rd April 2017 10:00-16:00
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Lot Description and Estimate Images Sold For

A Black Forest Hare tobacco pot, the carved hare on hind legs, with hinged head, on base next to carved tree stump
Estimate: 100-150


A Chinese blue and white plate, having central male figure, surrounded by four panels of various scenes, separated by animals, with floral border, having six character marks to base, approx 25cm in diameter
Estimate: 60-100


A large Doulton Lambeth vase by Mark Tabor, on brown ground with floral decoration, marked GTH, 579, approx 425.5cm H
Estimate: 300-500


A Victorian plated oil lamp base, of column design, with cameo of possibly a warrior to the front, decorative capital holding the bowl with engraved swag design, approx 54cm H
Estimate: 70-100


A pair of Cantonese vases, having scene with multiple figures around the centre, surrounded by floral decoration, with applied handles and dragon design, unmarked to the bases, approx 26cm H (2)
Estimate: 150-250


A Beswick Red Rum figure, with Brian Fletcher riding, from the Connoisseur collection (1)
Estimate: 120-180


A group of nine Royal Doulton Character jugs, including Athos, Catherine Howard, Christopher Columbus etc, together with a White Horse Scotch Whisky advertising figure (10)
Estimate: 50-80


A large collection of penkives, including mother of pearl, white metal, horn, antler and novelty examples (parcel)
Estimate: 80-120


Jeremy Galton, oil on board of a still life, depicting fruit and flowers, dated 1993, approx 31cm by 23cm, framed and glazed, together with a Jeremy Galton publication entitled 'Color' (2)
Estimate: 80-100


Carla Tak, an abstract painting, constructed with vibrant colours, forming this abstract piece, signed and dated 97 to the lower right, approx 78cm by 53cm, framed and glazed
Estimate: 80-100


Barbara Robertson, lithograph/line drawing, entitled Hellebories Niger, approx 56cm by 38cm, framed and glazed
Estimate: 40-60


A Russian copper devotional relief, depicting warriors on horse back, with semi-precious hardstones inset, within wooden frame, approx 65cm by 44cm
Estimate: 50-80


Terrance Conram red and alloy table, the abstract/modern table having red top on three short alloy legs, AF
Estimate: 50-80


An assortment of Beswick horse figures, various breeds and sizes, together with a Beswick cow figure (parcel)
Estimate: 80-100


A selection of Beswick Beatrix Potter character figures, comprising Tom Kitten, Timmy Tiptoes, Foxy Whiskered Gentleman etc (parcel)
Estimate: 100-150


A Kosta Boda green glass vase, by K.Engerian, number 7040772, the tall vase having impressed heart to centre, approx 46cm H
Estimate: 40-60


An assortment of Beswick Beatrix Potter character figures, including Mr Jeremy Fisher, Peter Rabbit, Miss Moppet, Old Mr Brown etc (parcel)
Estimate: 100-150


A Bohemian glass vase by Julius Muhlhaus, the Haida Bohemia enamelled glass with floral decoration, approx 12cm H
Estimate: 60-80


An oil on board, depicting a street scene, by Bladon, signed to lower left, approx 37cm by 49cm, framed
Estimate: 40-60


A large Lladro figure, entitled Time For Reflection, marked C-16 JU to underside, in fitted box (1)
Estimate: 60-100


A Lladro figure, entitled Someone to look up to Mother and Girl Child, marked 6771 to base, in original fitted box (1)
Estimate: 40-60


A Victorian oak tantalus, having brass fittings, with three moulded glass decanters and stoppers (1)
Estimate: 70-90


A selection of silver plated items, including a teapot, bread fork, plus silver top bottles, together with a selection of other items including military buttons (parcel)
Estimate: 60-80


A vintage leather suitcase, in green canvas cover, with Waterloo labels (1)
Estimate: 40-60


A framed and glazed print of The King's School Canterbury, showing various buildings and the dates that they were built, approx 85cm by 59cm
Estimate: 30-50


A string of Carnelian beads, together with a selection of early 20th century ivory items, including beads, paste set bangle, a fish, crocodile and more animal figures (parcel)
Estimate: 60-100


G Leslie. Oil on Board, a 19th century study entitled Ruddy Milk Maid, in decorative gilt frame, approx 29cm by 33cm including frame
Estimate: 100-200


A Royal Doulton female figure, entitled Patricia, HN1434, approx 21cm H, AF
Estimate: 40-60


A watercolour entitled Fisher Folk, by R.D Brien, together with two coastal scene watercolours, all framed and glazed (3)
Estimate: 50-80


An oak banjo barometer, the well carved oak frame holding the barometer and thermometer, unnamed
Estimate: 40-60


A pair of Flemish School watercolours, both by T.Montimen, depicting buildings overlooking a canal/river, signed by artist to lower left, approx 15cm by 25cm, framed and glazed (2)
Estimate: 50-80


A Russell of London Naval barometer, the brass body on gimbal mounting, with thermometer down stem, with weighted bottom
Estimate: 120-180


N.L. Deaville, a pair of watercolours a horse and cart riding a seaside path and the other of a rural river bed surrounded by fields and trees, approx 35cm by 15cm, signed to lower right, framed and glazed (2)
Estimate: 40-60


A collection of silhouettes, some framed, one on plaster, together with a small group of miniature portraits, AF (parcel)
Estimate: 120-180


Frank Henry Mason RI. RBA (1876-1965), pencil sketch of a sailing boat out at sea, from his studio collection, framed and glazed, approx 9.5cm by 12cm
Estimate: 80-100


A vintage crocodile skin carry case, together with three leather examples, one having an Orient Line sticker to the side (4)
Estimate: 100-150


A group of four vintage miner's oil lamps, including an E.Thomas & Williams example, all AF
Estimate: 60-80


A collection of smoking ephemera, including table lighters, hardstone and glass ashtrays etc, plus a small selection of hip flasks (parcel)
Estimate: 150-200


Frank Henry Mason RI. RBA (1876-1965), a pencil sketch of a sailing boat out at sea, with figures on the boat and low flying birds, from his studio collection, framed and glazed, approx 17cm by 12cm
Estimate: 80-100


A small selection of silver plated items, including an egg waiter, a lidded pan, a crumb scoop, cased set of forks etc (parcel)
Estimate: 50-80


A collection of various time pieces, including a nice Seiko stop watch, a skeleton pocket watch, a white metal trench style wrist watch etc (parcel)
Estimate: 60-100


A dry point etching by H Gordon Warlow, showing an impressive church/cathedral, together with another of a set of stairs leading to a big door, plus two prints (4)
Estimate: 50-80


A selection of prints by Elyse Bahaiuas, all depicting sea life creatures, including fish and crabs, some framed, some rolled (parcel)
Estimate: 40-60


Anthony Page, oil on canvas, set design for Henry IV, Part I, Act III, Scene I, showing an orchestra on a cloud with a condutor with a record for a head, in front of mountains, dated '47, rolled
Estimate: 100-150


An assortment of various pens, including fountain and ball point, mainly consisting of Parker (parcel)
Estimate: 120-180


Two Mardi Gras New Orleans posters, one for 1983 the other 1987, both having fine art work, one designed by Andrea Mistretta, rolled (2)
Estimate: 60-100


Three 1950s artist posters, comprising Peintes Lithographes Galerie du bac 1954, Cite des artes et des fleur 1954 and Theatre Antoine la Gitane de Richepin, all rolled, AF
Estimate: 50-80


A stamp album, containing a vast quantity of stamps from around the world, including Great Britain, Japan, Portugal, Sweden etc (parcel)
Estimate: 60-100


A pair of Gino Polli His and Her watches, both in mixed metal with roman numerals to the dials, in fitted retailers box
Estimate: 40-60


A cheetah pelt rug (Acinonyx jubatus), lined with floral material, missing an eye and suffering from fur loss in places 200 cm L approx.
Estimate: 80-120

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