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Tuesday 4th April 2017 at 10:00
Monday 3rd April 2017 10:00-16:00
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Lot Description and Estimate Images Sold For

A George V silver trophy cup by D & J Wellby, thick gauge with twin handles on black painted base, engraved for the Royal Thames Yacht Club 1933, approx 23.5 (2)
Estimate: 220-280


A George V silver Christening set from Asprey & Co, comprising egg cup and spoon in a fitted case (3)
Estimate: 60-100


Three Edwardian 9ct gold items of jewellery by Henry Allen, including a locket on rope twist chain and later clasp, a fringe necklace with pink stones and seed pearls, and a solitaire ring with garnet in box (4)
Estimate: 150-250


A George V silver cigarette case, with engine turned design, together with a French walnut snuff box containing snuff (2)
Estimate: 50-80


A collection of British coins, including a Victorian crown and more, along with a cased set of three George V, VI and Edward VIII medallions (parcel)
Estimate: 50-80


Three Art Deco and later lighters, one black and chrome example with integrated cigarette case by Ronson, another by Parker Beacon, and a gilt pocket lighter marked Penguin (3)
Estimate: 50-80


A collection of jewellery and other items, including a 14k marked Naval brooch, a coin bracelet, dress studs and cufflinks, a branch coral necklace, Art Deco paste jewels and more (parcel)
Estimate: 60-100


A collection of jewellery and silver plated items, including a 9ct gold bangle, AF, 6.2g, two gold cased ladies watches, a stylish silver and smoky quartz Finnish pendant, together with other jewels and silver plated flatware and items (parcel)
Estimate: 120-180


A Victorian silver open faced pocket watch, having ornate engraved dial, supported on a fancy link watch chain
Estimate: 60-80


A group of four vintage and modern 9ct gold items of jewellery, including an arm bangle, AF, a small brooch, a St Christopher pendant and an eternity ring, approx 20g
Estimate: 180-220


A collection of vintage and modern jewellery, including a Middle Eastern filigree bangle, a branch coral necklace, a white metal and moss agate dress ring, various necklaces, brooches and much more (parcel)
Estimate: 100-150


A collection of jewellery and other items, including a modern Chinese lapis lazuli bracelet marked 14k, a small lacquered jewellery box, a silver and white metal charm bracelet, a silver spoon, and more (parcel)
Estimate: 80-120


Two modern silver ruby and white sapphire rings, together with a Scottish stag brooch and a boxed Duchesse ladies dress watch (5)
Estimate: 80-120


A George V silver and tortoiseshell capstan inkwell, London 1917, bearing engraved initials, hinge damaged (2)
Estimate: 80-120


A vintage yellow metal watch chain, curb link with snap watch clasp to one end marked 9ct, 11g
Estimate: 100-150


Two pairs of 9ct gold earrings, both of knotted form on post backs, 6g, with a box (5)
Estimate: 60-100


A pair of modern 18ct gold earrings from Mappin & Webb, of circular form, in a Mappin & Webb box (3)
Estimate: 60-100


A group of four vintage and modern wristwatches, including a mid sized Technos, a Bulova automatic with date aperture, runs but lacks crown, a Rotary in box and a silver trench style example (5)
Estimate: 80-100


A collection of jewellery, including a 9ct gold bangle, 4g, several silver pendants, a silver brooch and necklace and more (parcel)
Estimate: 60-100


A Victorian mourning brooch and five 9ct gold items of jewellery, the bullseye agate brooch with box back, together with three brooches, and two damaged rings and two vintage boxes (8)
Estimate: 150-200


A vintage rolled gold Waltham ladies full hunter fob watch, together with two gold plated watch chains, one with 9ct gold and bloodstone spinning seal, and a gilt vesta case (4)
Estimate: 60-80


An Edwardian period silver caddy spoon and other items, possibly Dutch, with import marks for 1901, together with a silver ladies fob watch, a Royal Artillery sweetheart brooch, a small Russian footed beaker, and more (parcel)
Estimate: 60-100


Two 9ct gold bangles, one marked Chester with buckle design, approx 22g (2)
Estimate: 200-300


A collection of coins and silver, including a rectangular cigarette case, 6.5 ozt, two silver spoons and a quantity of coins to include a good Jubilee Head Shilling, EF, a 1951 crown and more (parcel)
Estimate: 80-120


A vintage 9ct gold open faced pocket watch, in Dennison case hallmarked to outer and dust cover, approx 84g
Estimate: 250-350


A collection of silver and silver plate, including a pair of Walker & Hall tongs, a silver sifter cap, a four piece tea and coffee set and more (parcel)
Estimate: 80-120


A vintage silver open faced pocket watch
Estimate: 40-60


A very large collection of costume jewellery, with bead necklaces, bracelets, bangles and loads more, approx 15kg in two boxes (parcel)
Estimate: 60-100


A group of gold and yellow metal items of jewellery, including a bar brooch and another brooch, two signet rings, a ring lacking its stone, most with damages, approx 12g and a damaged 18ct gold ring in two halves, 2g (8)
Estimate: 150-200


A collection of Victorian and later silver and silver plated items, including a six part cruet set from Mappin & Webb, AF, pair of silver filled dwarf candle holders and more (parcel)
Estimate: 80-120


An Edwardian 22ct gold and opal ring, stone worn, hallmarked, 3.3g
Estimate: 60-100


A Victorian silver open faced pocket watch, by Patrick Manfield of Sackville Street in Dublin, marker lever to enamel dial
Estimate: 70-90


Two 9ct gold part watch chains, one now as a bracelet with open twist links, the other with small links and watch snap clasp, 15.3g (2)
Estimate: 150-200


A collection of stamps and first day covers, including a Winston Churchill Centenary set in album, four albums with FDCs, three albums of modern postcards, and more (parcel)
Estimate: 100-200


A modern 9ct gold pendant on chain, set with clear stones and modelled as two interlocking hearts on a fine chain, 2.5g
Estimate: 50-80


A George V silver and glass dressing table pot, together with six silver coffee spoons with bright cut design, two Elkington & Co silver plated items, and more (parcel)
Estimate: 50-80


A collection of ladies and gents watches, including two 9ct gold cased examples, a retro Timex, a boxed gold plated Rotary and more (parcel)
Estimate: 60-100


A collection of silver and other jewellery, including a silver fork, small photograph frame, bracelets, earrings, brooches, and much more (parcel)
Estimate: 100-150


A carpenter built mahogany artist's box, dated 1917 to plaque on lid, containing a Winsor & Newton's artist's watercolour tin and pencil set, a meershaum pipe in case, another pipe and a knife, together with a pair of cased binoculars and three vintage cameras
Estimate: 60-100


A good collection of modern silver and other jewellery, including a silver Hot Diamonds bracelet, a pretty heart shaped pendant on chain, four rings and more (parcel)
Estimate: 60-100


A collection of silver and plate, including a three piece silver cruet set in box, a canteen of kings pattern flatware, a nice boxed set of six mother of pearl handled dessert knives and forks, four piece tea set and more (parcel)
Estimate: 60-100


Three modern necklaces, one of a romantic theme having stained pink heart shaped baroque pearls with a silver pendant having a gold heart, together with a green stained pearl necklace with matching earrings, and a large hardstone bead necklace (5)
Estimate: 50-80


Two Edwardian and later silver vesta cases, one circular, the other of typical form (2)
Estimate: 50-80


A 14ct gold and a 9ct gold spray brooch, of abstract design and set with two clear stones, marked Germany 14k, 4.1g, and the 9ct gold example with garnets and a seed pearl, hallmarked, 5.8g (2)
Estimate: 120-180


A collection of silver and silver plate, including a glass whiskey flask, cracked, a silver miniature salt and pepper, a three piece silver dressing table set in case, a cased set of four dress studs and more (parcel)
Estimate: 60-100


A modern Baroque freshwater pearl necklace from Avalon, in box, together with a simulated pearl necklace and two gold plated bracelets from Amerikaner (5)
Estimate: 60-100


A collection of works of art, including a small Black Forest carved bear, a pipe tamper leg, a Parker Junior fountain pen and other pens and pencils, a policeman's truncheon, a pair of lorgnettes and field glasses and more (parcel)
Estimate: 70-100


A vintage green hardstone bead necklace and earrings, together with a carnelian bead bracelet (4)
Estimate: 40-60


A Schoolboy collection of stamps, dating from the early 20th century to the 1970s, in three albums, some loose, with a vacant stamp book (4)
Estimate: 40-60


Two 9ct gold and gem set rings, one being a five stone garnet ring, the other with an opal, chipped, and small blue stones, approx 5.5g (2)
Estimate: 70-100

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