Monthly Antiques & Collectables
Tuesday 4th April 2017 at 10:00

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1.      A George V silver trophy cup by D & J Wellby, thick gauge with twin handles on black painted base, engraved for the Royal Thames Yacht Club 1933, approx 23.5 (2) £220-280
2.      A George V silver Christening set from Asprey & Co, comprising egg cup and spoon in a fitted case (3) £60-100
3.      Three Edwardian 9ct gold items of jewellery by Henry Allen, including a locket on rope twist chain and later clasp, a fringe necklace with pink stones and seed pearls, and a solitaire ring with garnet in box (4) £150-250
4.      A George V silver cigarette case, with engine turned design, together with a French walnut snuff box containing snuff (2) £50-80
5.      A collection of British coins, including a Victorian crown and more, along with a cased set of three George V, VI and Edward VIII medallions (parcel) £50-80
6.      Three Art Deco and later lighters, one black and chrome example with integrated cigarette case by Ronson, another by Parker Beacon, and a gilt pocket lighter marked Penguin (3) £50-80
7.      A collection of jewellery and other items, including a 14k marked Naval brooch, a coin bracelet, dress studs and cufflinks, a branch coral necklace, Art Deco paste jewels and more (parcel) £60-100
8.      A collection of jewellery and silver plated items, including a 9ct gold bangle, AF, 6.2g, two gold cased ladies watches, a stylish silver and smoky quartz Finnish pendant, together with other jewels and silver plated flatware and items (parcel) £120-180
9.      A Victorian silver open faced pocket watch, having ornate engraved dial, supported on a fancy link watch chain £60-80
10.     A group of four vintage and modern 9ct gold items of jewellery, including an arm bangle, AF, a small brooch, a St Christopher pendant and an eternity ring, approx 20g £180-220
11.     A collection of vintage and modern jewellery, including a Middle Eastern filigree bangle, a branch coral necklace, a white metal and moss agate dress ring, various necklaces, brooches and much more (parcel) £100-150
12.     A collection of jewellery and other items, including a modern Chinese lapis lazuli bracelet marked 14k, a small lacquered jewellery box, a silver and white metal charm bracelet, a silver spoon, and more (parcel) £80-120
13.     Two modern silver ruby and white sapphire rings, together with a Scottish stag brooch and a boxed Duchesse ladies dress watch (5) £80-120
14.     A George V silver and tortoiseshell capstan inkwell, London 1917, bearing engraved initials, hinge damaged (2) £80-120
15.     A vintage yellow metal watch chain, curb link with snap watch clasp to one end marked 9ct, 11g £100-150
16.     Two pairs of 9ct gold earrings, both of knotted form on post backs, 6g, with a box (5) £60-100
17.     A pair of modern 18ct gold earrings from Mappin & Webb, of circular form, in a Mappin & Webb box (3) £60-100
18.     A group of four vintage and modern wristwatches, including a mid sized Technos, a Bulova automatic with date aperture, runs but lacks crown, a Rotary in box and a silver trench style example (5) £80-100
19.     A collection of jewellery, including a 9ct gold bangle, 4g, several silver pendants, a silver brooch and necklace and more (parcel) £60-100
20.     A Victorian mourning brooch and five 9ct gold items of jewellery, the bullseye agate brooch with box back, together with three brooches, and two damaged rings and two vintage boxes (8) £150-200
21.     A vintage rolled gold Waltham ladies full hunter fob watch, together with two gold plated watch chains, one with 9ct gold and bloodstone spinning seal, and a gilt vesta case (4) £60-80
22.     An Edwardian period silver caddy spoon and other items, possibly Dutch, with import marks for 1901, together with a silver ladies fob watch, a Royal Artillery sweetheart brooch, a small Russian footed beaker, and more (parcel) £60-100
23.     Two 9ct gold bangles, one marked Chester with buckle design, approx 22g (2) £200-300
24.     A collection of coins and silver, including a rectangular cigarette case, 6.5 ozt, two silver spoons and a quantity of coins to include a good Jubilee Head Shilling, EF, a 1951 crown and more (parcel) £80-120
25.     A vintage 9ct gold open faced pocket watch, in Dennison case hallmarked to outer and dust cover, approx 84g £250-350
26.     A collection of silver and silver plate, including a pair of Walker & Hall tongs, a silver sifter cap, a four piece tea and coffee set and more (parcel) £80-120
27.     A vintage silver open faced pocket watch £40-60
28.     A very large collection of costume jewellery, with bead necklaces, bracelets, bangles and loads more, approx 15kg in two boxes (parcel) £60-100
29.     A group of gold and yellow metal items of jewellery, including a bar brooch and another brooch, two signet rings, a ring lacking its stone, most with damages, approx 12g and a damaged 18ct gold ring in two halves, 2g (8) £150-200
30.     A collection of Victorian and later silver and silver plated items, including a six part cruet set from Mappin & Webb, AF, pair of silver filled dwarf candle holders and more (parcel) £80-120
31.     An Edwardian 22ct gold and opal ring, stone worn, hallmarked, 3.3g £60-100
32.     A Victorian silver open faced pocket watch, by Patrick Manfield of Sackville Street in Dublin, marker lever to enamel dial £70-90
33.     Two 9ct gold part watch chains, one now as a bracelet with open twist links, the other with small links and watch snap clasp, 15.3g (2) £150-200
34.     A collection of stamps and first day covers, including a Winston Churchill Centenary set in album, four albums with FDCs, three albums of modern postcards, and more (parcel) £100-200
35.     A modern 9ct gold pendant on chain, set with clear stones and modelled as two interlocking hearts on a fine chain, 2.5g £50-80
36.     A George V silver and glass dressing table pot, together with six silver coffee spoons with bright cut design, two Elkington & Co silver plated items, and more (parcel) £50-80
37.     A collection of ladies and gents watches, including two 9ct gold cased examples, a retro Timex, a boxed gold plated Rotary and more (parcel) £60-100
38.     A collection of silver and other jewellery, including a silver fork, small photograph frame, bracelets, earrings, brooches, and much more (parcel) £100-150
39.     A carpenter built mahogany artist's box, dated 1917 to plaque on lid, containing a Winsor & Newton's artist's watercolour tin and pencil set, a meershaum pipe in case, another pipe and a knife, together with a pair of cased binoculars and three vintage cameras £60-100
40.     A good collection of modern silver and other jewellery, including a silver Hot Diamonds bracelet, a pretty heart shaped pendant on chain, four rings and more (parcel) £60-100
41.     A collection of silver and plate, including a three piece silver cruet set in box, a canteen of kings pattern flatware, a nice boxed set of six mother of pearl handled dessert knives and forks, four piece tea set and more (parcel) £60-100
42.     Three modern necklaces, one of a romantic theme having stained pink heart shaped baroque pearls with a silver pendant having a gold heart, together with a green stained pearl necklace with matching earrings, and a large hardstone bead necklace (5) £50-80
43.     Two Edwardian and later silver vesta cases, one circular, the other of typical form (2) £50-80
44.     A 14ct gold and a 9ct gold spray brooch, of abstract design and set with two clear stones, marked Germany 14k, 4.1g, and the 9ct gold example with garnets and a seed pearl, hallmarked, 5.8g (2) £120-180
45.     A collection of silver and silver plate, including a glass whiskey flask, cracked, a silver miniature salt and pepper, a three piece silver dressing table set in case, a cased set of four dress studs and more (parcel) £60-100
46.     A modern Baroque freshwater pearl necklace from Avalon, in box, together with a simulated pearl necklace and two gold plated bracelets from Amerikaner (5) £60-100
47.     A collection of works of art, including a small Black Forest carved bear, a pipe tamper leg, a Parker Junior fountain pen and other pens and pencils, a policeman's truncheon, a pair of lorgnettes and field glasses and more (parcel) £70-100
48.     A vintage green hardstone bead necklace and earrings, together with a carnelian bead bracelet (4) £40-60
49.     A Schoolboy collection of stamps, dating from the early 20th century to the 1970s, in three albums, some loose, with a vacant stamp book (4) £40-60
50.     Two 9ct gold and gem set rings, one being a five stone garnet ring, the other with an opal, chipped, and small blue stones, approx 5.5g (2) £70-100
51.     A cased set of six silver handled butter knives, together with a plated coffee pot (8) £40-60
52.     A group of five 9ct gold items of jewellery, including an eternity style ring and a wedding band with inset clear stones, along with three brooches, approx 15g (5) £150-250
53.     A collection of small Swarovski and other crystal ornaments, including a miniature rocking horse, pestle and mortar, kettle, and more, AF (13) £50-80
54.     A group of 9ct gold and yellow metal jewels, including a medallion, a reticulated fish charm, a pendant with pearl, a bracelet, two chain necklaces, a part of a watch chain and a pendant with a garnet, approx 22.5g (8) £200-300
55.     A canteen of silver plated cutlery from Mappin & Webb, in oak canteen box, fiddle and thread pattern for six settings, mostly complete, lacks tablespoon, cheese knife and one or two others (parcel) £60-100
56.     A modern 9ct gold necklace and bracelet, with shaped links, approx 13.5g (2) £120-150
57.     A group of Victorian and later silver and plated items, including two pairs of cased silver napkin rings, a boxed three piece cruet set, six teaspoons in case, a silver stand, and more (parcel) £120-180
58.     An Edwardian period 9ct gold watch chain converted into a bracelet, now with two rows of curb links and united by a heart shaped padlock clasp, 9.8g £100-150
59.     An 18ct gold solitaire ring and other items, approx 1.3g, together with a modern silver proof 1983 Canada dollar in case, a 1922 US Liberty dollar, F, a vintage Parker foutain pen and another by Senator, a 1977 crown and a ladies gilt watch (7) £60-100
60.     A modern Middle Eastern Yellow metal cross pendant, presented on a nice 9ct gold chain necklace, approx 7.8g £100-150
61.     A collection of Victorian and later silver plated items, including two sets of fish eaters, other flatware, a white metal fork, toast rack, sifter, teapot and more (parcel) £60-100
62.     Four gold and gem set rings and a pair of 9ct gold hoop earrings, including a cluster example, a full eternity ring, a three stone crossover and another with elephants to tablet, approx 11.7g (6) £120-180
63.     A George V silver cigarette case, together with a Norwegian silver and enamel coffee spoon, silver backed hair brush, a silver caddy spoon marked Chester, a silver mustard, also Chester and a glass and silver match strike, a pair of plated grape shears, five plated spoons, two coin sets, a ten shilling note and a foreign bank note (16) £100-150
64.     A pretty early 20th century silver gilt and enamel ladies fob watch case, the back with blue enamel and gilt leaf decoration, marked to inner £50-80
65.     A 9ct gold gatelink bracelet, united by a heart shaped padlock clasp, approx 11.8g £120-150
66.     A collection of Victorian and later jewellery, including a silver bangle, a vintage 9ct gold brooch in H. Samuel box, a Scottish hardstone and silver arrow brooch, a 9ct gold stick pin in case, and more (parcel) £70-100
67.     A German silver basket and a collection of silver plated items, the basket with pierced folded rim, marked 800, together with a good selection of plate including a Mappin & Webb trumpet vase in box, two three piece tea sets, an Art Nouveau stand and more (parcel) £100-150
68.     A modern 9ct gold locket pendant on chain, oval with engraved front, approx 13.5g £120-180
69.     An Art Deco silver milk jug from Mappin & Webb, together with a modern silver Armada dish, a modern silver business card holder in soft case, and a George V silver paper knife, approx 9.5 ozt (5) £100-150
70.     A 9ct gold cased ladies wristwatch from J.W. Benson, elongated octagonal case, presented on a rolled gold bracelet £80-120
71.     A modern 18ct gold gentleman's wedding band, having nicely engraved scroll outer, the inner marked Lord Watch Over Us Always, approx 6.4g £120-180
72.     A set of five George V silver dressing table items, including two clothes brushes, two hair brushes and a hand mirror, mirror loose and a silver plated comb, AF (6) £60-100
73.     A large 9ct gold mounted carved shell cameo brooch, of oval form with bust of a young lady detail £80-120
74.     A modern silver plated clockwork nursery music box christening gift from Christofle, in box, together with a Tiffany & Co quartz travel clock, AF (3) £50-80
75.     A collection of jewellery, in a black jewellery box, including a 9ct gold and a silver St Christopher, two silver crosses on chains, a glass and paste cross pendant, other silver jewellery, three watches and more (parcel) £60-100
76.     A collection of silver and other jewellery, including a silver and enamelled flower brooch, a heavy curb link chain bracelet, a bangle, necklaces and more (parcel) £60-100
77.     A pair of good modern cut glass and silver mounted decanters, having bulbous bodies with mushroom style stoppers, hallmarked Birmingham 1962 (4) £100-150
78.     Three 9ct gold cased ladies wristwatches, two on leather straps and one on an expandable strap (3) £80-100
79.     A 9ct gold signet ring and flattened link necklace, approx 4.5g, together with a collection of costume jewellery and a bag of modern 50 pences (parcel) £60-100
80.     A modern silver limited edition commemorative plate, in fitted box, approx 8 ozt, with paperwork marked The Queen Mother Armorial Plate (3) £80-120
81.     Two 18ct gold and diamond rings, one a three stone crossover with further diamond to each shoulder, the other a cluster style example, approx 6.8g (2) £200-300
82.     A pair of George III silver tablespoons, together with another similar example, and a Victorian silver dessert spoon, approx 7 ozt (4) £80-120
83.     A collection of eight vintage and modern wristwatches, with ladies and gents examples, including an Avia Day Tyme automatic, appears to run, plus a bracelet to match one of the watches, others and a pocket watch (parcel) £50-80
84.     An Art Deco flapper bead necklace, having several strands of small white glass beads having tassel and green and gilt bead panels, in Biggs of Maidenhead box (2) £60-100
85.     A collection of British & World coins, including a bag of pre-1946 shillings and other pre WWII coinage, a good example of a 1937 crown, along with a 1724 farthing, F, other copper coins and tourist money and coins (parcel) £100-200
86.     An Art Deco 18ct white gold and diamond ring, the tablet in the form of a tied bow, centred with a brilliant cut and set with further stones, approx 3g and sixe N 1/2 £120-180
87.     A 9ct gold gatelink bracelet, with heart shaped clasp, together with a 9ct gold locket pendant on chain, approx 11.5g (2) £100-150
88.     A 1970s silver ashtray, together with a George V silver bon bon dish (2) £60-80
89.     A collection of fourteen silver proof coins, relating to the European Football Championship 1996, some with certificates, in blue box with lift out tray (24) £150-250
90.     An 18ct gold and seven stone diamond ring, approx 3.6g, together with two 9ct gold and gem set cluster style rings, approx 3.5g (3) £100-150
91.     A George V silver mustard pot, with spoon, together with a small George V silver trophy cup (3) £60-80
92.     A group of three gold and gem set rings, each in 9ct gold with clear stones, one a half hoop, one solitaire and one cluster style, approx 4.8g (3) £100-150
93.     A good collection of Robinsons and other Golly enamel badges, approx 157 in total, with some pinned to Golly Brooch Collection felt pennants, other in plastic packets (parcel) £200-300
94.     Three 9ct gold and gem set rings, one a classic cluster, another half hoop eternity and one a cluster style, each with red and clear stones, approx 6.6g (3) £100-150
95.     A cased modern four piece silver dressing table set from Walker & Hall, Sheffield in black fitted box, comprising hair brush, hand mirror, clothes brush and comb, AF (5) £80-120
96.     A gold opal and diamond dress ring, together with a small 14ct gold ring with clear stones, approx 5.5g (2) £100-150
97.     A modern cultured pearl necklace and earrings set, the single strand with two white pearls spaced by a 9ct gold bead, having earrings with 9ct gold post and pendants supporting a single white pearl (3) £50-80
98.     An Edward VII half sovereign and jewellery, the gold coin dated 1907, F, together with a 9ct cased gold trench style lady's wristwatch, several brooches, a compact and two simulated pearl neckalces (parcel) £120-180
99.     A Georgian period silver toddy ladle, having oval bowl with bead rim, engraved initials to underside, repaired, on a long turned wooden handle £60-100
100.    An opal and yellow metal wire pendant, also in the lot a blue star sapphire pendant, in a 925 marked mount and chain £60-80
101.    A Victorian silver gilt scent bottle, of tear shaped design, with chased decoration of birds within flowers, with sprung hinged clasp, London 1873 makers EC £120-180
102.    A George V silver twin handled sugar bowl, of oval design with feathered rim, on four bun feet, Birmingham 1922, 6.7ozt £70-100
103.    A German white metal Art Deco cigarette case, having engine turned decoration to the front and back, an American rectangular compact with tree design, a tortoiseshell circular example, a small German pot and cover and a print in gilt frame £50-80
104.    A pair of early 20th century white metal and paste drop earrings, of oval form with bow spacers and clips (2) £40-60
105.    An early 20th century rope twist yellow metal chain, with lozenge hexagonal spacers, with two green hardstone pendants, 13g £120-180
106.    A 19th century yellow metal and enamel circular pendant, in the Holbein style, of circular pierced design with central green stone, black and white swag enamel edge, also a 19th century green stone posy ring (2) £60-80
107.    A pair of 19th century piqué drop earrings, of tapered triangular design with inlaid gold and silver floral decoration within an indented border, supporting a lozenge spacer and ear hoop 6cm £150-200
108.    A 9ct gold dress ring, set with a large oval cut synthetic colour change alexandrite in four claws, pierced gallery, size K, also an amber and cultured pearl necklace, the dark oval graduated amber beads alternately set with pearls on a 9ct marked gold cluster clasp (2) £100-120
109.    A modern 18ct gold nibbed Parker fountain pen, with blue marbleised body and cap, in olive wood box £50-80
110.    A five strand graduated cultured pearl necklace, with a diamond and white metal slide clip clasp together with a zircon dress ring and a costume set (5) £200-300
111.    An 18ct gold diamond cluster ring, the central claw set stone surrounded by an oval of diamonds in rubbed over settings, ring size M £150-200
112.    A diamond three stone ring, the illusion set stones in white metal on a yellow metal shank marked 18 ct, ring size Q £60-80
113.    A modern 18ct gold Alexandrite and diamond dress ring, the oval claw set stone with diamond set shoulders on an 18ct gold hallmarked shank, Alexandrite 1.23 cts, with certificate, ring size N £120-180
114.    A modern 18ct gold Padparadscha sapphire dress ring, the oval cut stone in claw setting on white gold hallmarked shank, central stone 3.4 cts, ring size N £120-180
115.    A Persian silver and enamel fringe necklace and bracelet, together with a similarly decorated cross and a paste set double clip (4) £40-60
116.    A Victorian sapphire and diamond horseshoe bar brooch, set with old cut diamonds and cushion cut sapphires, 6 g, together with a paste set horseshoe stick pin (2) £60-100
117.    A modern gemset dress ring, the central rose quartz in four claws flanked by blue sapphires and green stones on a white metal shank marked 750, ring size O £120-180
118.    An emerald and diamond line bracelet, the oval emeralds alternately set with small brilliant cut diamonds all in yellow metal with snap clasp £150-200
119.    A modern diamond drop pendant, on a 9ct gold two colour mount and fine gold chain together with a CZ example set in silver (2) £80-100
120.    A gentlemans cornelian signet ring, of plain oval form, on yellow metal, ring size K £40-60
121.    A 9 ct gold stick pin, with gypsy set diamond together with a pair of modern garnet and yellow metal oval drop earrings (3) £80-100
122.    A set of five George III silver boats, of oval form with high loop handles on pedestal support and oval reeded foot, with dog engraving to body, hallmarked London 1788, makers mark HC, 19ozt, rubbed and repaired (5) £180-220
123.    A small collection of empty leather jewellery boxes, to include earring, brooch, cufflink, travel bag and christening set examples (8) £40-60
124.    A collection of fountain pens, penknives and smoking ephemera, including a Parker Victory with 14K marked nib, two silver propelling pencils, an amber cigar holder, a meerschaum and amber cheroot holder, cigar cutter etc £80-100
125.    A pair of 19th Century white metal spectacles with oval glass lenses, fold out arms and extending hinged ear piece, marked with dog head strike mark £100-120
126.    A pair of Danish yellow metal pince-nez spectacles, a pair of late 19th Century lorgnettes in case and a pair of dark glasses £60-80
127.    A collection of gold dress studs, some plain, others with engine turned buttons, total weight 10g £100-120
128.    A set of six agate buttons, on white metal mounts, in fitted case, together with a gold stick pin with crescent tooth mount to top another similar example etc £60-80
129.    An early 20th Century Waltham silver cased trench watch, Birmingham 1930, together with a chrome cased Rotary example, a circular trench watch with white face, arabic numerals in black with 12 in red and three other watches £120-180
130.    A white metal and enamel continental bangle, with lily of the valley design set with seed pearls together with a pair of white metal filigree ear clips and other costume jewellery £60-80
131.    A continental 14 ct gold and turquoise dress ring, together with a pair of turquoise drop earrings, a pair of micro mosaic ear clips with Venetian winged lion design and other items £150-200
132.    An Edward VII miniature silver toast rack on four bun feet, together with a clover shaped ring tree, a silver mustard pot and cover, Sheffield plate coaster etc £70-90
133.    A Victorian ebony and silver pin box, dated Birmingham 1897, together with a small collection of African bead necklaces, shell examples, and three boxes £40-60
134.    An Edward VII silver topped nail buff, Birming 1908, also a silver handled button hook, two sets of bone handled fish eaters with silver collars, and a pair of field glasses £40-60
135.    A clover seed pearl bar brooch in yellow metal, a leaf example, two yellow metal earrings, a coral brooch and a silver ring 9g (6) £70-90
136.    A pair of George VI silver salad servers, in the Art Deco style, having oval bowls and tapered handles, in a fitted case £50-80
137.    A pair of Cohr Danish white metal candle holders, the dish sconces, on a tripod support, marked to base Cohr Sterling Denmark, together with a pair of toast racks, a pair of silver plated Edwardian salad servers, a hotel plate hot water and other items (a parcel) £40-60
138.    A small group of jewellery and hat pins, including an 18ct gold sapphire and diamond Art Deco ring, a 9ct white gold wedding band, four stick pins, a silver and mother of pearl fruit knife, a brooch, and five hat pins in a box (12) £80-120
139.    A Mont Blanc Meisterstück biro, together with a leather Mont Blanc pen wallet also a Mont Blanc pencil and a Cartier pencil, biro, pencils caps (af) (4) £60-80
140.    A Jorgen Jensen pewter and paste drop pendant, marked to reverse no.220, signed Jorgen Jensen Denmark, on a metal chain £40-60
141.    An Art Deco 9ct gold and platinum dress stud set, with mother of pearl fronts and blue stone centres, (cufflinks missing) also an Art Deco 9ct gold dress set the white gold and black enamel in octagonal mounts, both cased £60-80
142.    A pair of silver cufflinks by Björn Wexkström for Lapponia, having square textured fronts, with marked posts and hinged backs (2) £40-60
143.    A George V silver trophy, one handle off, on ebony base, an open faced silver cased Waltham pocket watch with silver chain, a pewter teapot and 1914 WWI Christmas box £60-100
144.    A modern silver pierced hexagonal dish, London 1959, also a continental white metal and meerschaum pipe, a set of continental table wear, a pair of candlesticks and other items £60-100
145.    Six George V Scottish silver spoons, fiddle shape Edinburgh 1913, 10ozt, together with silver plated flatware Old English pattern with the 'The New Palace Steamers Ltd' £80-120
146.    A George V silver cased cruet set, pierced design with blue glass liners, together with another set with pie crust rim having blue glass liners £100-120
147.    A Sterling marked white metal cased fruit spoon, the silver gilt bowl with floral decoration with green man to terminal, marked to reverse Sterling, 5.9ozt (2) £60-80
148.    A collection of silver plated cased flatware, including a cased canteen, cake forks, cased salad servers, a circular tray and other items etc £60-80
149.    A 9ct gold Waterman's fountain pen, with engine turned design in fitted leather case (2) £100-120
150.    An Edwardian 9ct gold magic pencil, with floral engraved design, also a pair of oval 9ct gold cufflinks, a garnet and seed pearl bar brooch, a swallow three bird seed pearl brooch, a pair of silver cufflinks, a plated pair and a cased silver napkin ring (10) £100-150
151.    A Garrard & Co silver plated four piece tea set, together with a Charles Boyton silver teaspoon, a cased silver teaspoon, a silver plated mounted horn, plated rose bowl etc £50-70
152.    A cultured pearl necklace, with a 585 stamped yellow metal and diamond set clasp £100-150
153.    A silver Scottish thistle citrine mounted brooch, together with a silver Scottish smokey quartz mounted pin and another silver and silver gilt paste set stags head brooch (3) £70-100
154.    A yellow metal sapphire and diamond cluster ring size P, with matching earrings set with dark blue stones and czs (3) £150-200
155.    A heavy gilt metal curb link chain by Christian Dior, with baton and ring clasp £50-80
156.    A pair of emerald and diamond cluster ear studs, in 9ct gold, a pair of oval coral ear studs and cultured pearl studs with stone drops £70-100
157.    A silver marked and cultured pearl floral spray brooch, together with a silver lapis bracelet, silver mounted cameo, a Michaela Frey silver and enamel pendant, tigers eye and silver brooch and various other items of costume jewellery £60-100
158.    A George VI silver trophy cup and cover, having twin handles, of octagonal form with pineapple finial to cover, Sheffield 1940, 9.6 ozt £80-100
159.    A Victorian silver sugar bowl, having embossed scroll design with two open cartouches filled with family crest and the motto be ready, London 1878, 4ozt £50-80
160.    A collection of gold dress studs, some with engraved fronts together with a tortoiseshell and silver mounted calling card case with concertina mauve interior, a red leather jewellery box and a quantity of shells, (6g gold) £80-100
161.    A quantity of silver and silver plated items, including a Victorian pin tray with embossed design depicting dancing cherubs, a silver Georgian milk jug, an engine turned silver napkin ring, silver plated toast rack and various other items including a vizagapatam inlaid jewel box £100-150
162.    A 19th century gold and enamel mourning brooch, with central panel of plaited hair together with a George V silver twin handled trophy cup, Birmingham 1930 £60-80
163.    A George V silver three piece batchelor tea set, of oval shape with lobed, fluted section, ebonised handles and finials, Sheffield 1923, 13ozt £120-180
164.    A pair of cased Edward VII butter dishes and knives, of shell form, in fitted case, Birmingham 1906 £50-80
165.    A Victorian mother of pearl and silver plated Alexander Clark fish service, in fitted case for twelve together with a matching pair of servers in case, all having silver collars £100-120
166.    An Edwardian frosted glass and silver plated barrel shaped biscuit barrel, together with a silver and cut glass sugar sifter and other items of plate £40-60
167.    Three silver hallmarked money clips, a mother of pearl bangle, silver button hook and an enamel half farthing £50-80
168.    Three gold stick pins set with diamonds, turquoise and seed pearls, together with a silver mounted jasper ware brooch £60-100
169.    An art deco cut glass decanter and stopper, together with an Edwardian brass and copper cut glass mounted inkwell and another (3) £60-80
170.    A Christian Dior ostrich egg and laquered brass pot pourri, with plaster lobed knop on circular spreading foot, marked Christian Dior to side, 30 cm high £60-80
171.    A Daum Nancy 'Tip' cameo glass vase, the ovoid body and inverted neck with North American scene of moose and deer in winter landscape, 22.5 cm high £60-80
172.    A Georgian period Sedan clock face and movement, mounted in a mantel clock together with two 19th century drum movement time pieces (3) £100-150
173.    A taxidermy zebra foot table lamp on hardwood base, 56 cm high max £40-60
174.    A 19th century boxwood and paper fan, with printed scene of musicians and cavaliers, the reverse with open cartouche depicting landscape together with a boxwood stamp box, a stainless steel drawing set and various other items £60-80
175.    Three masai disc shape necklaces, with multiple bands of coloured glass beads, a leather and beadwork belt, two daggers in red hide scabbards and a large machete in leather and wooden mounted scabbard £60-100
176.    A Royal Worcester hand painted cabinet plate by Powell, centred with a goldfinch upon thistle, together with two Royal Worcester figures modelled by Doughty, 'Only Me' and 'Mischief' (3) £100-150
177.    An interesting 19th century Middle Eastern brass box, having ornate scrolling foliage to oblong box with shaped ends, repaired to lid, 25cm £50-80
178.    A bluejohn carved bowl, the shallow circular bowl supported on a turned three section pedestal stem on a circular spreading foot, 12.5cm high £150-200
179.    A collection of silver plated items, including a circular tureen and cover with ornate handle, a rectangular example with gadrooned rim, a large oval Sheffield plate twin handled tray, a three piece silver plated tea set, a pair of oversized sugar tongs and other items £50-80
180.    An Edgar Lincoln Edwardian mahogany coin cabinet, with fitted drawers, together with a small quantity of British and world coins including a 1761 Danish Skilling, a 1759 2 Real Fernando, paper money and others £70-100
181.    A carved wood chess set, in the Staunton style in natural and black (33) including case £60-80
182.    A Japanese Meiji peroid ivory carved hair brush, the all over floral design with signature plaque to handle, also a pair of hardwood silver mounted monogrammed gentleman's hair brushes (3) £40-60
183.    A collection of Edwardian Nelson ephemera, together with The Navy & Army Illustrated 1896 annual £40-60
184.    A 19th century carved and turned ivory chess set, the complete set with beaded decorated queen and king surmounted with a cross, the rooks with crenulated top fluted columns and flags, in natural and stained red (32) £800-1000
185.    A large collection of Nigerian carved and incised seeds and calabash, includings bowls, spoons and other items £40-60
186.    A 19th Century Royal Copenhagen twin handled dish, with floral spray heightened in gilt, 28cm diameter together with a dated hand painted Danish bowl from 1919, 16 cm diameter £40-60
187.    A collection of British and continental 20th Century pottery, including two Carter Stabler Adams Poole pottery items, four Danish pottery pieces by L. Hjorth, a Nigerian ibuja iton glazed pot and cover etc £60-80
188.    A Chinese famille rose rice bowl, decorated with students and teacher together with two 19th Century British pottery coffee pots and an English porcelain floral painted incense burner (all af) (4) £50-80
189.    A late 17th Century English Delft pint tankard, possibly Bristol, 15 cm high £60-80
190.    A pair of Brazilian 1940's hardwood figural carved bookends, modelled as traditional men at work, inscribed to base with date and having come from the Rio Grande do Sul, 27 cm high together with a pair of South American engraved brass horse stirrups £100-120
191.    An Edwardian mahogany and brass kidney shaped twin handled tray, with central shell inlay together with two Danish teak fruit bowls, a pair of Danish nutcrackers etc £40-60
192.    A quantity of glassware, including a pair of French moulded glass decanters modelled as barrels, a pink art deco vase, a Bohemian flashed vase with floral engraving, two paperweights etc £100-120
193.    An early 20th Century leather Gladstone bag, with brass Chubb lock, together with a small leather suitcase with travel labels (2) £70-90
194.    A large 19th Century oval papier mache tray, having central floral spray design with gilt floral raised edge, 84 cm across £120-180
195.    A quantity of lace collars and cuffs, including borders in cream, white and black £40-60
196.    A collection of 19th Century and 20th Century baby and childrens clothes, including christening gowns, linen shirts, jackets and clothes by Treasure Cot with mother of pearl buttons, and a 1900's travel cot etc £120-189
197.    A large quantity of table and bed linen, including a patchwork bed throw, crochet tablecloths, Damask duvet covers, table cloths etc (contained in two boxes and a suitcase) £100-120
198.    A Stockman dress makers bust, on adjustable tripod stand, Marked Stockman 14, 166 cm high £80-120
199.    A collection of gentlemans and ladies dress clothes, including a Dunn & Co Opera top hat, a Woodrow bowler, a quantity of gentlemans dress shirts, ladies dresses, gloves etc all in a Globe Trotter suitcase £100-120
200.    A 1920's Leopard skin, the complete skin with carved wooden mouth, being lined to underside, no visible makers marks, AF £150-250
201.    A collection of various glassware, including an engraved beaker and saucer, a toasting glass, an inkwell, a spiralled glass horn and others (parcel) £60-80
202.    An Art Deco wall mount of Romeo and Juliet, painted in pastel colours and heightened with gilt, AF £50-80
203.    An Anita Harris ceramic figure of Confucious, modelled as the figure sitting on a throne reading a book, signed by designer to base, also marked S.Johnson, plus other marks £60-80
204.    An Anita Harris Art Pottery bowl, having multiple vibrant colour decoration, together with Anita Harris ceramic bunny figures (3) £70-100
205.    Three Anita Harris ceramic figures, including Three Men in a Boat, a Jester and another, all marked to base, two marked S.Johnson (3) £100-150
206.    Two Lead Crystal ceiling chandeliers, one larger than the other, both with small hexagonal crystals and larger drop crystals, both on a brass frame (2) £80-150
207.    Two sets of six egg cups, including a Cauldon example, together with a selection of pair set and miscellanious ceramic egg cups (parcel) £40-60
208.    An assortment of egg cups, comprising ceramic, carved wooden, hardstone and more, various styles and designs (parcel) £40-60
209.    A collection of various egg cups, mainly blue and white examples, together with a blue and white plate with four egg cup placings (parcel) £40-60
210.    A Meissen triangle player, the female figure dressed in a skirt and blouse set with head scarf, marked with crossed swords to base, and number 60223, approx 13cm H £60-100
211.    A Staffordshire pottery figure of a Hurdy Gurdy player, the male figure wearing period clothing, approx 23.5cm H, AF £50-80
212.    A pair of 19th century Derby Merchant and Wife figures, AF, together with a 19th century figure of a seated Dog Trainer, AF (3) £70-100
213.    A pair of Sampson gold anchor porcelain figures, of children and pets, together with another continental figure of a courting couple and another of children catching birds (4) £80-120
214.    A small selection of Venetian Studio Art glass, all in burnt amber colour, comprising two bowls and two vases, together with a blue Murano glass vase (5) £50-80
215.    An assortment of studio glass, mainly large vases, all of different styles and designs (parcel) £60-80
216.    A group of five small glass animals, including a curled snake, a rooster, a deer with trumpet vase, an elephant and another (5) £40-60
217.    A selection of Mdina pink glass vases, together with a Caithness example, plus an assortment of other studio glass items (parcel) £40-60
218.    Two Venetian glass figural decanters, one with clear body, both with applied blue glass, the other of different design, both with stoppers forming the heads of the figure (4) £50-80
219.    A Stromberg clear glass ice bucket, together with a large amber with black spot bowl, plus a selection of other art studio glass (parcel) £50-80
220.    A Zecchin Murano glass beaker, of vibrant design with crimped edges, together with an unmarked glass vase of similar design (2) £60-100
221.    An Ivory Tokyo School Deity, the small male figure holding small horse and another object, dressed in long jacket and headdress, with character mark to base, approx 14cm H £100-150
222.    A late 19th century brass carriage clock, having white enamel dial with black Arabic numerals, with brass face, having embossed swag and floral design, column decoration to the corners (1) £40-60
223.    A 1960s Whitefriars orange glass vase, referred to as a mobile phone vase, approx 17cm H £50-70
224.    A Wedgwood Hathaway Rose pattern part dinner and tea service, comprising teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, meat plate, six plates, nine side plates, five other plates, gravy boat and tray, two tureens and covers, six cups and saucers and nine small plates (2 boxes) £50-70
225.    Four Royal Doulton female figures, comprising Ninette 2379, Top 'O' the Hill 1849, Soiree 2312, and Innocence 2842, together with five pirate Doulton Character jugs (9) £50-80
226.    A hand painted ironstone plate, having floral decoration, together with two Hornsea vases, both of different design, plus an amethyst flash glass bowl, a ruby drinking glass and a Royal Doulton dish (parcel) £50-80
227.    A pair of Carltonware vases, having turquoise lustreware glaze with raised gilt spiral design, together with a Carlton Ware Rouge Royale dish with gilt and hand painted leaf and berry design (3) £80-150
228.    A German ruby flash glass decanter, having lapidary cut design, with trees and deer, together with a Holmgaard waisted decanter, both with stoppers (4) £50-80
229.    A Royal Copenhagen hand painted blue and white tea set, with associated milk jug and sucre, comprising teapot and cover, side plates and cups and saucers (parcel) £60-80
230.    A mixed set of lustre glass hock and wine glasses, with orange glass and sprialled stems, together with two inlaid boxes and two framed cameos (parcel) £40-60
231.    A collection of pens and drawing instruments, mainly ball point pens, including Parkers, plus protractors and other instruments (parcel) £60-80
232.    A Double Diamond 'Works Wonders' Beswick figure of a running man, together with a Wade Boots money box, and a Jubilee Stout ashtray (3) £50-80
233.    A collection of vintage penknives, together with a selection of razors, including Gilette, button hooks, nail buffers and more (parcel) £80-120
234.    A Chinese red silk dress, having floral embroidered design, small in size, no labels £40-60
235.    An assortment of twenty glass paperweights, various sizes and design, including some showing fish and waves (20) £50-80
236.    A collection of paper ephemera, including stamps, cigarette cards etc, together with some badges and a Player's Navy Cut cigarette tin (parcel) £60-100
237.    A Wedgwood Blue and white Jasper biscuit barrel, having white metal handle and lid, together with a Royal Crown Derby musical jug, a glass barrel plus a cermic Chicken egg waiter (parcel) £50-80
238.    An ostrich feather cape, together with a leather bag, two pairs of spectacles, an over blanket and other similar items (parcel) £40-60
239.    Two Lead Crystal ceiling chandeliers, both on brass frames, slightly different design, AF (2) £80-150
240.    A Royal Albert Haworth pattern part teaset, comprising eight cups and saucers, eight side plates, and a serving plate, together with a Wedgwood vase, an Arthur Wood vase, and a Chinese bowl £50-80
241.    A silver framed table mirror, having swag design to frame holding a rectangular bevelled edged mirror, together with a brass lamp of column form and a leather case of various fashion buttons (parcel) £50-80
242.    Two Bristol Blue glass items, comprising a tankard style cup and a small bowl, boxed, together with a blue studio glass vase (parcel) £50-70
243.    D.A Greatorex, watercolour, depicting Corfe Castle from the west, together with two other watercolours, one depicting a valley scene and the other of a flock of ducks flying over marsh land, all framed and glazed (3) £60-100
244.    An Art Deco watercolour of a female in a Kimono, the young girl in a green and blue kimono holding a hand fan, in decorative oak frame, approx 9cm by 24cm £50-80
245.    An original piece of cartoon artwork by Harry Hargreaves, depicting the Electrical manufacturers race, together with his book and information on the artist (3) £60-100
246.    A Doulton Lambeth jardinere on stand, having floral spray and swag decoration on a dark blue ground, marked x4476 or x4478 to the jardinere and 1466 to the stand, approx 104cm H, AF £300-500
247.    A group of three Oriental hardwood carved masks/faces, one of a female having a dragon and a large bird within her hair, one of a bearded man, plus another, AF (3) £100-200
248.    A Limoges porcelain plaque of The Madonna, in blue and white by M.Haufuasse, signed to the bottom right corner, approx 27cm by 32cm, framed, AF £120-180
249.    A Doulton Lambeth plant pot by Frank Butler, having repetitive, floral design, in blue and brown, marked to base, FAB 364, with other potters marks, approx 17cm H £100-200
250.    A pair of Victorian foot stools, square in shape, with florally embroidered crimson material on mahogany base, on turned feet (2) £40-60
251.    A Black Forest Hare tobacco pot, the carved hare on hind legs, with hinged head, on base next to carved tree stump £100-150
252.    A Chinese blue and white plate, having central male figure, surrounded by four panels of various scenes, separated by animals, with floral border, having six character marks to base, approx 25cm in diameter £60-100
253.    A large Doulton Lambeth vase by Mark Tabor, on brown ground with floral decoration, marked GTH, 579, approx 425.5cm H £300-500
254.    A Victorian plated oil lamp base, of column design, with cameo of possibly a warrior to the front, decorative capital holding the bowl with engraved swag design, approx 54cm H £70-100
255.    A pair of Cantonese vases, having scene with multiple figures around the centre, surrounded by floral decoration, with applied handles and dragon design, unmarked to the bases, approx 26cm H (2) £150-250
256.    A Beswick Red Rum figure, with Brian Fletcher riding, from the Connoisseur collection (1) £120-180
257.    A group of nine Royal Doulton Character jugs, including Athos, Catherine Howard, Christopher Columbus etc, together with a White Horse Scotch Whisky advertising figure (10) £50-80
258.    A large collection of penkives, including mother of pearl, white metal, horn, antler and novelty examples (parcel) £80-120
259.    Jeremy Galton, oil on board of a still life, depicting fruit and flowers, dated 1993, approx 31cm by 23cm, framed and glazed, together with a Jeremy Galton publication entitled 'Color' (2) £80-100
260.    Carla Tak, an abstract painting, constructed with vibrant colours, forming this abstract piece, signed and dated 97 to the lower right, approx 78cm by 53cm, framed and glazed £80-100
261.    Barbara Robertson, lithograph/line drawing, entitled Hellebories Niger, approx 56cm by 38cm, framed and glazed £40-60
262.    A Russian copper devotional relief, depicting warriors on horse back, with semi-precious hardstones inset, within wooden frame, approx 65cm by 44cm £50-80
263.    Terrance Conram red and alloy table, the abstract/modern table having red top on three short alloy legs, AF £50-80
264.    An assortment of Beswick horse figures, various breeds and sizes, together with a Beswick cow figure (parcel) £80-100
265.    A selection of Beswick Beatrix Potter character figures, comprising Tom Kitten, Timmy Tiptoes, Foxy Whiskered Gentleman etc (parcel) £100-150
266.    A Kosta Boda green glass vase, by K.Engerian, number 7040772, the tall vase having impressed heart to centre, approx 46cm H £40-60
267.    An assortment of Beswick Beatrix Potter character figures, including Mr Jeremy Fisher, Peter Rabbit, Miss Moppet, Old Mr Brown etc (parcel) £100-150
268.    A Bohemian glass vase by Julius Muhlhaus, the Haida Bohemia enamelled glass with floral decoration, approx 12cm H £60-80
269.    An oil on board, depicting a street scene, by Bladon, signed to lower left, approx 37cm by 49cm, framed £40-60
270.    A large Lladro figure, entitled Time For Reflection, marked C-16 JU to underside, in fitted box (1) £60-100
271.    A Lladro figure, entitled Someone to look up to Mother and Girl Child, marked 6771 to base, in original fitted box (1) £40-60
272.    A Victorian oak tantalus, having brass fittings, with three moulded glass decanters and stoppers (1) £70-90
273.    A selection of silver plated items, including a teapot, bread fork, plus silver top bottles, together with a selection of other items including military buttons (parcel) £60-80
274.    A vintage leather suitcase, in green canvas cover, with Waterloo labels (1) £40-60
275.    A framed and glazed print of The King's School Canterbury, showing various buildings and the dates that they were built, approx 85cm by 59cm £30-50
276.    A string of Carnelian beads, together with a selection of early 20th century ivory items, including beads, paste set bangle, a fish, crocodile and more animal figures (parcel) £60-100
277.    G Leslie. Oil on Board, a 19th century study entitled Ruddy Milk Maid, in decorative gilt frame, approx 29cm by 33cm including frame £100-200
278.    A Royal Doulton female figure, entitled Patricia, HN1434, approx 21cm H, AF £40-60
279.    A watercolour entitled Fisher Folk, by R.D Brien, together with two coastal scene watercolours, all framed and glazed (3) £50-80
280.    An oak banjo barometer, the well carved oak frame holding the barometer and thermometer, unnamed £40-60
281.    A pair of Flemish School watercolours, both by T.Montimen, depicting buildings overlooking a canal/river, signed by artist to lower left, approx 15cm by 25cm, framed and glazed (2) £50-80
282.    A Russell of London Naval barometer, the brass body on gimbal mounting, with thermometer down stem, with weighted bottom £120-180
283.    N.L. Deaville, a pair of watercolours a horse and cart riding a seaside path and the other of a rural river bed surrounded by fields and trees, approx 35cm by 15cm, signed to lower right, framed and glazed (2) £40-60
284.    A collection of silhouettes, some framed, one on plaster, together with a small group of miniature portraits, AF (parcel) £120-180
285.    Frank Henry Mason RI. RBA (1876-1965), pencil sketch of a sailing boat out at sea, from his studio collection, framed and glazed, approx 9.5cm by 12cm £80-100
286.    A vintage crocodile skin carry case, together with three leather examples, one having an Orient Line sticker to the side (4) £100-150
287.    A group of four vintage miner's oil lamps, including an E.Thomas & Williams example, all AF £60-80
288.    A collection of smoking ephemera, including table lighters, hardstone and glass ashtrays etc, plus a small selection of hip flasks (parcel) £150-200
289.    Frank Henry Mason RI. RBA (1876-1965), a pencil sketch of a sailing boat out at sea, with figures on the boat and low flying birds, from his studio collection, framed and glazed, approx 17cm by 12cm £80-100
290.    A small selection of silver plated items, including an egg waiter, a lidded pan, a crumb scoop, cased set of forks etc (parcel) £50-80
291.    A collection of various time pieces, including a nice Seiko stop watch, a skeleton pocket watch, a white metal trench style wrist watch etc (parcel) £60-100
292.    A dry point etching by H Gordon Warlow, showing an impressive church/cathedral, together with another of a set of stairs leading to a big door, plus two prints (4) £50-80
293.    A selection of prints by Elyse Bahaiuas, all depicting sea life creatures, including fish and crabs, some framed, some rolled (parcel) £40-60
294.    Anthony Page, oil on canvas, set design for Henry IV, Part I, Act III, Scene I, showing an orchestra on a cloud with a condutor with a record for a head, in front of mountains, dated '47, rolled £100-150
295.    An assortment of various pens, including fountain and ball point, mainly consisting of Parker (parcel) £120-180
296.    Two Mardi Gras New Orleans posters, one for 1983 the other 1987, both having fine art work, one designed by Andrea Mistretta, rolled (2) £60-100
297.    Three 1950s artist posters, comprising Peintes Lithographes Galerie du bac 1954, Cite des artes et des fleur 1954 and Theatre Antoine la Gitane de Richepin, all rolled, AF £50-80
298.    A stamp album, containing a vast quantity of stamps from around the world, including Great Britain, Japan, Portugal, Sweden etc (parcel) £60-100
299.    A pair of Gino Polli His and Her watches, both in mixed metal with roman numerals to the dials, in fitted retailers box £40-60
300.    A cheetah pelt rug (Acinonyx jubatus), lined with floral material, missing an eye and suffering from fur loss in places 200 cm L approx. £80-120
301.    A young giraffe skin rug (Giraffa), 202 cm L £150-250
302.    A Zebra skin rug (Equus quagga), 280 cm L £150-250
303.    A Zebra skin rug (Equus quagga), 250 cm L £200-300
304.    WITHDRAWN -

A pair of mid-20th century tiger skin rugs with head mounts by Van Ingen & Van Ingen of Mysore, with 'Notice' label and stencilled number 1-33412 to the underside, and bearing the date Oct 1947 towards the front, the tigress with number 2-33412 to the underside (2) £500-800
305.    A cheetah pelt rug (Acinonyx jubatus), no lining 170 cm L approx. £100-150
306.    A large Royal Doulton Flambé ware tiger, stamped to the front paw 35 cm L £150-200
307.    A large Royal Doulton Flambé ware fox, signed [Charles] Noke to the underside along with the Flambé stamp, produced in the inter-war years 24 cm H £120-180
308.    A collection of Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures, from the Tudor Collection, including King Henry VIII, Kathryn Howard, Catherine Parr, and more (16) £80-120
309.    A collection of Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures, mainly from the Robin Hood Collection, including Robin Hood, King John, Little John, and a castellated stand (10) £60-100
310.    A Royal Doulton Flambé ware crouching fox 22 cm L, plus a Flambé ware seated fox 10.5 cm H (2) £100-150
311.    A collection of Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures, from an assortment of themes including Wedding Day, Bridesmaid, Little Miss Muffet, Boatswain, and more (19) £100-150
312.    A small group of Royal Doulton Flambé ware, including an egg and cup, a small standing duck, a tall standing duck, and a recumbent duck (5) £120-180
313.    A collection of Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures, from an assortment of themes including Flamenco, Graduation Day, Judge, and more (14) £60-100
314.    A Royal Doulton Flambé ware pair of monkeys, signed [Charles] Noke to the underside along with the Flambé stamp, produced in the inter-war years 7.5 cm H £80-120
315.    A collection of Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures, from an assortment of themes including Flamenco, Graduation Day, Judge, and more (13) £50-80
316.    A small group of Royal Doulton Flambé ware, including an Elephant 14 cm H, an Elephant and Calf 9 cm H, and a Penguin 15 cm H (3) £120-180
317.    A group of Royal Doulton Flambé ware hares, two are recumbent with one having raised ears and the other flat, plus a smaller stretching hare, and a lop eared rabbit up on its haunches (4) £100-150
318.    A Royal Doulton Flambé ware seated cat, marked to the base 13.5 cm H £60-100
319.    A group of three rare Royal Doulton Flambé ware figures, one being a prototype production of Sympathy marked Property of Royal Doulton Table Ware Ltd. Not Produced for Sale 30.5 cm H, plus smaller format Peace, and Awakening 21 cm H approx. £200-300
320.    A mixed lot of Royal Doulton, Wade, Beswick, and more (parcel) £50-80
321.    A Sven Palmqvist for Orrefors "Kraka" hand blown vase, c.1950; in clear, amber and blue glass, internally decorated with control bubbles and glass filaments in the form of a net 31 cm H £250-300
322.    A Victorian transfer printed pottery Cretan War commemorative dish, AF, together with a Samson porcelain armorial plate and a pair of Chinese porcelain Imari palette plates, one repaired, one chipped (4) £60-100
323.    A late 19th century rendering of a St. Nicholas of Myra icon, after an example from the St. George nave in the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George, signed lower left 30 cm x 22 cm, in later gilt frame £150-200
324.    A pair of Chinese carved hardstone horses, in sea green jadeite, on shaped and carved wooden bases (4) £50-80
325.    Two late Edo period Hiroshige prints, one of Kanda Myojin Shrine, the other a spring scene with cherry blossom and pine 22cm x 24.5cm, framed and glazed (2) £50-80
326.    Adam Barland (fl. 1843-1875), oil on canvas of figures in a pastoral scene, with mother and daughter with cows and dog, signed lower left and 46 cm x 41 cm, in gilt frame £100-150
327.    Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, Macmillan & Co, 1872, with illustrations by John Tenniel, red and gilt binding, tatty, with ink inscription to inner £50-80
328.    A 19th century Chinese bronze water spouter, the circular bowl with two applied handles, well rubbed, having raised design to well, 39cm diameter £100-150
329.    Arthur Ackland Hunt (1841-1914), watercolour 'Fetching Water', of a fisherman's wife, barefoot with pottery ewer, pictured standing by a coastal building with sail boats in the distance 35.5 cm x 25.5 cm, framed and glazed £100-150
330.    Charlotte Audrey Fawley (British b.1934), oil on canvas study of an operatic performance, subject unknown, signed lower right and with Boathouse Gallery label verso 51 cm x 38 cm, in gilt frame. This lot may be subject to Artist Resale Royalties £50-80
331.    Of John Bratby R.A. (British 1928-1992) interest, a collection of books, and associated literature, relating to the life and times of the artist, as well as correspondence between the artist and collector (parcel) £50-80
332.    A pair of hardstone bonsai trees, one with pink blossom, the other white, plus a pair of Chinese celadon glaze ceramic ducks (4) £40-60
333.    John Bratby R.A. (British 1928-1992), graphite pencil on paper 'Goat', signed and titled lower left and with 'bought from the artist' written verso 29.5 cm x 21 cm, framed and glazed. This lot may be subject to Artist Resale Royalties £150-200
334.    Sophie Ryder R.A. (British b. 1963), screen print 'Lady Hare and Her Dogs' artist's proof number four, signed in pencil to the border with dedication 'to Natalie with love from Sophie 2001' 40 cm x 55 cm £100-150
335.    Sophie Ryder R.A. (British b. 1963), pair of linocut prints 'Standing Lady Hare' 31/300, and 'Standing Minotaur' 31/90, each signed and dated '97 in pencil to the border, and with dedication 'To Natalie from Sophie' 23 cm x 12.5 cm (2) £40-60
336.    Sophie Ryder R.A. (British b. 1963), limited edition solar print 'Seated Mother and Child on Sea Vegetables', number 3/36, dated 2002, and signed in pencil 26.5 cm x 21 cm £50-80
337.    A pair of Japanese Taisho period hexagonal cloisonné vases, decorated with Egyptian motifs in commemoration of the discovery of the Tomb of the boy king Tutankhamun in 1922 by Howard Carter 12cm £180-250
338.    A pair of Japanese Taisho period octagonal cloisonné vases, decorated with Egyptian motifs in commemoration of the discovery of the Tomb of the boy king Tutankhamun in 1922 by Howard Carter 12cm £180-250
339.    Two Chinese root carvings, each modelled as a seated elder with sceptre, wearing a hat 15.5cm and smaller £80-150
340.    A Chinese porcelain Nankin Cargo tea bowl and saucer, together with a large Chinese export porcelain bowl AF (3) £50-80
341.    A Chinese porcelain stick stand, decorated with figural landscapes in underglaze blue, edged in enamel 48 cm H, together with a large porcelain planter, and saucer; plus a south east Asian carved wood mother with children figure group 54 cm H (3) £60-100
342.    A Demartial & Tallandier of Limoges dessert service AF, comprising comports, plates and stands in a pale celadon glaze decorated with flowers and butterflies, plus a pair of small Staffordshire chimney dogs, and an early 20th century floral cabinet plate (19) £50-80
343.    A collection of pottery and porcelain, including two Evesham Vale Worcester tureens, a pair of parian figures AF, and an unusual studio pottery jug (parcel) £40-60
344.    An Utagawa Kunisada woodblock triptych, laid down as one continuous scene, plus a pair of Chinese silk paintings AF (3) £50-80
345.    A large collection of green wares, including Wedgwood leaf dishes, Beswick campagna vases, comports, and more (parcel) £60-100
346.    A good copper coal bucket, with brass mounts, and on paw feet, plus other fireside companions, and a copper bed warming pan (6) £50-80
347.    An American painted wood mantle clock, in the form of a black slate mantle clock, with marble effect columns 45 cm W £40-60
348.    A large collection of pictures and prints, including facsimile E.H. Shepherd illustrations (parcel) £40-60
349.    Margaret Anderson (1926-1998), oil on board woodland scene, signed lower left 45.5 cm x 56 cm, in white painted frame; together with a John Stacey oil on board 'Chalky Uplands: late afternoon' of similar dimensions, and a North European school oil on canvas harbour scene (3) £80-100
350.    A group of watercolour paintings, including artists such as Dorothy Gilmore, Desmond Wimsett, Hartnell Beavis, and more (7) £80-100
351.    A 1930s needlepoint sampler, together with a selection of needlepoint tapestries (7) £60-100
352.    A Chinese brass goblet shaped censer on stand, together with a brass buddha on stand (4) £60-100
353.    A Victorian water and bodycolour portrait, of a grieving widow, a Gladys Peto coloured lithograph landscape, plus two smaller watercolours , and a print of a tiger (5) £60-100
354.    A tinted Daguerrotype photograph of a boy in lace collar, mounted in a tortoiseshell slip frame, together with a rosewood framed silhouette of a gentleman (2) £50-80
355.    A collection of 19th century and later prints, and pictures (parcel) £40-60
356.    A mixed lot, including an engineers micrometer, scale rules, a carved oak panel, a mosaic box and more (parcel) £40-60
357.    A collection of popular literature, including the full set of C.S. Lewis The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe series titles, Tolkien's The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, The Complete Lewis Carroll, The Complete Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne, The World of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, and more (parcel) £50-80
358.    Augustus Walford Weedon R.I. (1833-1908), watercolour woodland brook scene with rabbits, signed and dated 1875 lower right 45 cm x 73 cm, framed and glazed £180-250
359.    W.E. Fox (late 19th to 20th century), oil on canvas of river and town with church in background, Shropshire Town, 39cm by 54cm, framed and glazed £80-100
360.    20th century European School, oil on board, Landscape with Cottage, 45cm by 68cm, in gilt frame £40-60
361.    William J. Boase Smith (1842-1896), pair of watercolour Welsh mountain landscapes, one featuring figures in traditional Welsh dress meeting in front of a lakeside churchyard with a mountainous backdrop, the other of a figure on the stone bridge at Betws-y-Coed dated 1864, and signed W.J. Smith 39 cm x 60.5 cm, in arched slip mount, framed and glazed (2) £50-80
362.    William J. Boase Smith (1842-1896), a graduated set of three watercolour landscapes, one possibly of Caerphilly Castle, another perhaps of Helvelyn, one signed J. Smith, another signed W.J. Smith 39 cm x 60.5 cm and smaller, each with arched slip mount, framed and glazed (3) £60-100
363.    Michael Norman P.S. S.W.Ac. (b.1943), pastel on paper, estuary landscape 'Toward Otter Head' on the Shetland Isles, signed lower left, and titled to the gallery label verso 33.5 cm x 53 cm, framed and glazed. £50-80
364.    A collection of reference books on carpets, covering such titles as Indian Carpets, Oriental rugs, Oriental Rugs of Afganistan, and more (parcel) £50-80
365.    Books: A Week at Killarney, Mr. & Mrs. S.C. Hall, published London 1850 by Virtue & Co., full gilt calf binding; together with A List of the Free Holders and Free Men Who Voted at the Election for Members of Parliament for the City and County of Bristol MDCCXXXIV (1734) Done from Mr Coster's Poll Book, Mr. & Mrs. John Brown at Home, and the Poems of John Donne (4) £80-100
366.    A pair of 18th century cordial glasses, together with four 19th century examples (6) £80-100
367.    A collection of 19th century and later lead crystal, and glass, including Stuart, Webb, and more (2 boxes) £60-100
368.    A small group of studio glass, plus a 19th century lapidary cut ewer, and a hardstone bunch of grapes (8) £40-60
369.    Books: three Ian Fleming first edition James Bond books, including On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Thunderball, and Gold-Finger; no dust covers (3) £80-150
370.    A mixed lot, including smoker's pipes, an opera hat, coins, porcelain, and more (parcel) £60-100
371.    A quantity of table linen, some crocheted, plus a waistcoat and jacket (parcel) £40-60
372.    A wrought iron wine dispenser, with etched glass reservoir, plus a green glass lemonade set, and two vases (14) £60-80
373.    An antique silk Tibetan braid headdress, decorated to the top with shi, and with floral ornamentation throughout 110 cm L, mounted in display £100-150
374.    A collection of 19th century and later Chinese porcelain, including some with character marks, and a small cloisonne teapot (parcel) £100-150
375.    Four 19th century tiles, one in puce the others in cobalt blue, plus two pieces of Mason's ironstone, and a Cork Glass Co. finger bowl (8) £40-60
376.    A mixed metal lot, including wick trimmers, candle snuffers, wick trimmer trays, pepperpots, and more (parcel) £60-100
377.    A Mintons ewer and bowl, plus some Copeland, and other blue and white (6) £40-60
378.    Three pieces of 19th century and later Chinese porcelain £50-80
379.    A Chinese porcelain ovoid ginger jar, with calligraphic decoration in underglaze blue, character marks to the base 22 cm H £50-80
380.    Five sets of framed prints after Lawson Wood, together with five other framed prints (10) £60-100
381.    Johann Christoph Volkamer art print 'Ships and Pineapple', together with 'The Fine Art of Dining' hardback book by Graham Rust, and a facsimile print by the author (3) £40-60
382.    A pair of early George III pewter plates, marked LONDON verso, and with crowned rose device 22.5 cm dia. £120-180
383.    A pair of George Jones style majolica candelabra bases, having been converted to electric lamp bases one remains with bulb fitting to the top AF 36.5 cm H £400-600
384.    A Ridgeway style early to mid-19th century dessert service, with floral painted reserves to a buttermilk ground, edged in gilt (19) £100-150
385.    After John Opie R.A., mezzotint scene from Shakespeare's Henry the Sixth, together with two further prints (3) £50-80
386.    A late 17th/early 18th century King James bible, to the Most High and Mighty Prince James by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland… £300-500
387.    A colour lithograph of ducks and geese, titled 'Water Wildlife' and indistinctly signed to the border 42.5 cm x 59 cm, framed and glazed £40-60
388.    A 1960s canteen of flatware, together with an Edwardiain double burner paraffin lamp, and a cased King James bible (3) £40-60
389.    A black slate mantle clock, a Smiths Bakelite mantle clock, and an Art Deco travel clock in Harrod's case presented by the Ladies of Royal Scots Greys to Mrs Elliott 1937 (3) £50-80
390.    A vintage map of the Quantock Hills, together with a marine map of the coast off the Eastern Quantocks 82.5 cm x 79 cm and smaller, framed and glazed £40-60
391.    Charles Pinet (1867-1932), three signed etchings; Rouen Cathedral, Pont Neuf, and Porte Guillaume, each with blind stamp, each 29 cm x 20 cm, framed and glazed £60-100
392.    A Hollerith punch-card tabulating machine, plus cards £40-60
393.    A collection of 24 glasss paperweights, mostly unmarked, but including a Caithness 'unselected' example (second), and a Highland Arts example (24) £60-80
394.    An early Brexton picnic set, c.1935, in red Rexine £50-80
395.    A collection of hand painted Poole Pottery, plus a Poole Pottery 1950s floral vase (5) £50-80
396.    A Royal Crown Derby pot pouri, in the Imari palette with pierced minaret lid, c.1915 £200-250
397.    A Royal Crown Derby tea canister, in the Imari palette with hexagonal body, and lid, c.1915 £150-200
398.    A Royal Crown Derby vase and cover, in the Imari palette, with domed lid, and on four legged base £120-180
399.    Benjamin Cheverton for the Arundel Society reduced copper plaque, of the Horsemen in the Panathenaic Procession from west frieze of the Parthenon, part of the Elgin Marbles, dated 1853 and stamped verso 26.5 cm x 42 cm £50-80
400.    A Wedgwood part tea service, in the Charnwood pattern, consisting of Sandwich plate, nine side plates, nine cups and nine saucers, cream and sugar, together with a Regal, part coffee service consisting of Coffee pot, cream and sugar, eight cups and saucers, and eight side plates. Parcel £40-60
401.    An Aladdin Paraffin lamp, with funnel and green glass shade, together with a Minton bone china figurine " Spellbound" and five brandy glasses. £30-50
402.    A Mixed lot of Copper and Brass, including , Copper kettle and reptile skin patterned jug, horse brasses, brass trowel, small barometer, brass dishes, Carved Tribal wall mask and more, Parcel £40-60
403.    A Cast Brass Paraffin lamp, with detachable reservoir and glass shade together with two brass table lamps, and seven Royal Worcester Millennium 200AD boxed commemorative plates. Parcel. £40-60
404.    A 1900's print, The Leopard Skin, with four children looking down at a leopard skin rug, 48cm x 73cm in glazed Oak frame. £60-80
405.    A collection of Beswick farm animals, including, Hereford Bull, Charolais Bull, foal ( Another star), Black faced ram, and more (9) £60-100
406.    A group of Wade Nat West Pigs, mostly Baby (6) and Annabel (5) Maxwell (1), together with three shaving mugs and Widecombe fair mug ( 16) £50-80
407.    An 18th century oil on panel bucolic scene, sunset with cattle and boat 19 cm x 30 cm, in gilt frame £80-120
408.    A group of Royal Doulton Toby Jugs, including, Dick Turpin, Schubert, Sancho Panca, Auld Mac, Scrooge, Mozart, and more ( 9) £40-60
409.    A group of five pine trays, splice jointed, and with stencilled numbers beneath (5) £40-60
410.    A collection of Wade Whimseys, approx seventy pieces including animals, birds, fish and circus. Parcel £40-60
411.    A small quantity of miscellaneous desk items, comprising a quantity of architectural drawing tools, two Parker fountain pens and other items (a parcel) £50-80
412.    A stoneware large fruit bowl by Winchcombe pottery, with ash glazed interior and half exterior, heightened with iron glazed designs, seal mark to base 29cm diameter £50-80
413.    A large collection of Russian ceramic Animals, approx fifty including Bears, Horses, Dogs, Deer, Birds and more (2) £80-120
414.    A modern Minton Bone China dinner service, the white ground decorated with a cream border, gilt and blue edge, comprising twelve dinner, lunch and side plates, eight twin handled soup bowls and saucers, twelve tea cups and saucers, a sandwich plate, teapot, sugar bowl and cover, milk jug, nine coffee cans and twelve saucers £100-150
415.    A Naomi Blake FRBS (1924- ) Resin bust of Mrs Landaw, supported on a plinth base, also in the lot an abstract fibreglass sculpture on wooden plinth base, cracked to one side, 53cm & 51cm high £60-100
416.    Two Georgian period carved ivory fans, one example with silk leaf painted with young ladies heightened with sequins and having carved and pierced sticks with painted designs, the other with painted paper leaf of two young gentlemen and three ladies in a landscape, some damaged, together with a fan box (3) £100-150
417.    A selection of Wade ceramics approx thirty pieces including Viking long boats, Tortoise, ash trays and pipe rests and more. Parcel. £40-60
418.    A collection of boxes, including a sewing box, a cribbage board, a set of bone dominoes, and a jewellery box with contents (parcel) £40-60
419.    A mixed lot, including rulers, marine tools, stamps, and more (parcel) £40-60
420.    A small collection of 19th century pottery, and porcelain tankards and tea ware (6) £50-80
421.    A group of Beswick dogs, approx fifteen pieces including, Boxer, Springer, Labrador, German Shepherd, Dalmatian and more. Parcel £60-80
422.    A 19th century Staffordshire tea bowl and saucer, plus a porcelain box, and other porcelain (8) £50-80
423.    Framed postal memorabilia, including two envelopes, each with a penny red and postal mark for 1863, plus a red wax seal, and a Lowndes printed stamp 34.5 cm x 37.5 cm overall £30-50
424.    A collection of Beswick Beatrix Potter character figures, BP3c back stamp, including Foxy Whiskered Gentleman, and Tom Kitten; plus some Royal Albert examples (10) £100-150
425.    A group of Beswick Birds, approx twelve, mostly Owls including, Barn Owl, Gold Crest, Grey Wagtail, together with Royal Doulton Whyte and Mackay figures Snowy Owl, Tawny Owl, Buzzard and more. Parcel. £30-50
426.    A mother of pearl Duvelleroy fan, in original silk box, plus an array of bone, ivory, and bamboo examples (9) £100-150
427.    A modern reproduction steel suit of armour, with brass rivets and rosettes, in the medieval style £400-600
428.    A Royal Doulton Series ware jug, together with a Burleigh ware 'Sally in our Alley' jug, and a pair of Denby vases (4) £60-80
429.    A large group of Wade Character figures, & Royal Doulton, approx twenty six, including Scooby-Doo, Bo-Peep, Fred Flintstone, Wilma, Toad, Spike and Tike and more Parcel . £40-60
430.    A German oak mantle clock, a metronome, and a box of glass magic lantern slides showing scenes of Rome (3) £60-100
431.    A pair of Victorian black and red hardstone tazzas, one with a repair to the stem, and a box of grand tour plaster reliefs with gilt edges (3) £80-120
A Jaques Staunton chess set, the king 9 cm, the pawn 5 cm £200-300
433.    A collection of 20th century world stamps, and a philatelist's loose leaf collecting book (parcel) £40-60
434.    An 18th century book 'The Child's Delight', by B. Keach, printed by William and Joseph Marshall £40-60
435.    A Kutani bowl, showing scenes of domesticity, six character marks to the base 24 cm diameter. £40-60
436.    A pair of Wedgwood & Co. Art Deco style plates, together with a pottery milk jug (3) £30-50
437.    A set of six Coalport coffee cans and saucers, with neo-classical silver mounts, hallmarked for Chester 1904 (12) £70-100
438.    A ruby glass Murano style fish, together with a boxed set of 'Chance' glass beakers (7) £40-60
439.    A pair of Dresden gourd shaped vase and covers, decorated with fete gallant scenes to the reserves, and with floral painted panels to an eggshell blue ground, marked to the base, the lids AF 35 cm H £70-100
440.    A collection of mid to late 20th century Wedgwood blue and white pottery, including coffee cans and saucers, dessert bowls, tea cups, and more, plus green glass finger bowl (parcel) £50-80
441.    Benjamin Cole (British 1697-1783), the front view of the Royal Palace Kensington, painted for and sold by Henry Parker, London, hand-coloured engraving 27cm x 40cm; together with 'St Olave, and St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Southwark' map published according to Act of Parliament 1755, a later printing of the same map, and a colour engraving 'City of London' street scene (4) £80-100
442.    A Victorian watercolour lake scene with fishing boats, possibly lake Garda, plus two pencil sketches after Jean Pillemans (3) £50-80
443.    A collection of Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures, including Romeo & Juliet, Little Miss Muffett, Tutankhamun, Emperor, and more (15) £80-100
444.    A large group of Russian ceramic animals, approx fifty including dogs, bears, penguin, deer, birds and more (2). £80-120
445.    Three vintage Stamp albums, The Lincoln Album, The Empire and Simplex Junior, containing Victorian examples from UK empire and world together with later examples (3). £50-80
446.    A Large Victorian Slate and Marble Clock, with decorative side columns, cream chapter ring with black Arabic Numerals French eight day barrel movement by Jules Rolez Paris, striking on a gong, Key and pendulum present. £60-100
447.    A Royal Doulton Bunnykins Shipmates base, in resin together with eight figures including, Pirate, Captain, Jane Seymour, Sundial Bunnykins, Emperor and more, all in original boxes. £60-80
448.    A collection of works of art, including boxed Mah Jong set, treen, mother of pearl inlaid spectacle case and more. £60-100
449.    A large wicker log basket, probably a laundry basket with the lid removed, 50cm x 75cm x 35cm. £30-50
450.    Vintage Tea Chests, a group of six vintage tea chests, ideal for storage. (6) £40-60
451.    A good group of Beswick Farm Animals, including, Donkey and Foal, Goat, Fox, Tamworth Sow, Wensleydale Dale Sheep and more some in original boxes, (15) £80-120
452.    An interesting Edwardian Oak desk tidy, together with a Walnut & Glass Ink well, Walnut sewing box and Oak boxed part cutlery canteen by Walker and Hall Sheffield. (4) £70-100
453.    A Royal Worcester Evesham Vale pattern service, consisting of eight 27cm plates, eight 21cm plates, eight 17cm bowls, eight cups & saucers, eight mugs, Teapot, sugar and cream. £100-200
454.    A Robert Welch Old Hall Stainless Steel Tea service, consisting of Teapot & tea strainer, Hot water pot, sugar bowl and spoon, Cream jug, serving tray together with a Chichester Stainless steel, fruit bowl, and three serving dishes and lidded tureen. Parcel. £80-100
455.    A group of Royal Crown Derby Paperweights, including Cat, Robin, Duck and Wren. (4) £100-150
456.    An Oak Art Deco Wall Plaque, of circular design with central motif of a warriors head with visored helmet.AF £30-50
457.    A group of Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures, most in original boxes including, Mystic, Romeo, Sir Lancelot, Congratulations, Sir Gawain, Birthday Girl and more (16). £80-120
458.    A Royal Doulton Rose Elegans part Tea Service, consisting of Sandwich plate, four 23cm plates, five 16.5cm plates, six cups and saucers, Cream & Sugar, four 17.5cm bowls, four 13cm bowls, two egg cups. Parcel £60-80
459.    A Stainless Steel Old Hall Tea Service, consisting of Teapot, Hot water pot, strainers, Cream and sugar, pot stand, serving tray and cruet set. Parcel £40-60
460.    A collection of Beswick dogs, including, Boxer, Labrador, dachshund, Cavalier spaniel, beagle and more approx 23, most in original boxes. £80-120
461.    A Royal Worcester hand painted cabinet dish, Signed Price, with floral pattern and gilt edge approx 9cm together with a Hadleys miniature tyg £80-120
462.    A Royal Lancastrian Richard Joyce ovoid vase, with russet lustre glaze, impressed base together with a larger example by Royal Lancastrian in Orange numbered 3185 with impressed name to base E.T.R., Regal Ware cylindrical vase with pastel lustre and Gilt, Sadler ER II Coronation mug (4) £80-120
463.    An Arabia Dinner Service, manufactured in Finland, designed by Ulla Procope in the Ruska pattern, consisting of 36cm oval plate, large lidded tureen and plate, seven 20cm plates, six 13cm diameter deep bowls with plates and six 17.5cm bowls Parcel £40-60
464.    An Ovoid stoneware vase with drip glaze, in cream, green and blue signed to base, together with a squat ovoid green vase with drip glaz , signed to base, a white Spode vase and a Jasper ware style teapot (4) £60-80
465.    A collection of Wade figures, approx twenty six, including, Rattie, Australian Olympic Catkins, Gypsy Catkins, Alice, Clown Catkins, Santa Hedgehog, Mole and more. £60-80
466.    A group of vintage handbags, including a cream leather Fassbender example, art deco marcasite embroidered evening bag, clutch bags, pyjama case and bead encrusted bag and embroidered belt, together with fur wrap ,muff and selection of long evening gloves. Parcel. £60-100
467.    A Large Greek Kilim carpet, with all over floral Vitruvian scroll pattern in red and blue, approx 250cm x 200cm, (some damage to hessian backing). £200-250
468.    A Greek Kilim carpet, with stylised boxed flora design and matching border, mostly pink and green, approx 280 cm x 170 cm together with two smaller examples of a matching design approx 84 cm x 134 cm & 87 cm x 138 cm, hessian backed. (3) £180-250
469.    A pair of Greek Kilim carpets, with bordered box design and repetitive tree and bird with flowers segments, mostly green and pink, 124 cm x 186 cm, hessian backed. (2) £100-150
470.    A collection of vintage scarves, including cotton and silk examples by Thirkell, Jaeger, Macdhui, approx forty together with a 1940's style Mitzi Lorenze hat. Parcel. £100-150
471.    A small collection of 19th century ceramics, including small trumpet vase, a pair of "moto" beakers, "Flowers that never Fade", twin size reversible egg cup, floral goblet and more ( 7) £40-60
472.    A Vintage Hand Cranked Telephone, of German origin with painted cast iron base box and cradled hand piece, bearing the Jydsk Telefonaktieselskab logo, together with a Rees Mace Bakelite speaker and a Bakelite BBC input signal speed regulator (3) £40-60
473.    An interesting collection of wooden curios, including Cork lidded barrel, wooden clamp, pestle, brass and wood money box, Black forest "Cat" nut crackers, African hide cased bottle, hide covered tins and more. Parcel £50-80
474.    A group of Vintage Clothing, approx twelve dresses, five blouses, two leather coats, assorted lingerie and ladies night garments Parcel.(two boxes) £100-150
475.    An Eastern fine weave woollen carpet, a Mihrab, with central Persian regal figural design with decorative border in red ground approx 160 cm x 110 cm, together with a small oval Chinese mat (2). £300-500
476.    A Rhino Horn Walking stick, with hallmarked silver ferrule 90 cm long together with a hallmarked silver topped Malacca example (2). £60-100
477.    A Lepidoptera display, in hinged pine box with collection of mounted Butterflies and Moths. £30-50
478.    A Victorian Slate Mantle clock, with marble decoration, gilt dial and roman numerals, Ansonia eight day movement striking on a gong. AF £60-100
479.    A large African Sculpture, in hardwood, of a woman with flowing dress and a man sat at her feet £40-60
480.    A large Chinese bowl, with famille rose style decoration, character marks to base, 41 cm diameter. £60-100
481.    A group of Eleven Botanical prints, mostly Peter Draper, of Fruit and Nuts, showing leaf and branch type along with produce, framed and glazed (11). £40-60
482.    A Pair of Royal Doulton Tankards, in the Night-watchman pattern, marked D4746 to base (2) £100-150
483.    A wrought Iron fire grate, with bulb illumination and imitation coals. £30-50
484.    A small collection of Blue & White ceramics, including lidded preserve jars, sauce boat, jugs and dishes, mostly Willow pattern style by Booths, Green & Co and G Jones. Parcel. £50-80
485.    A Mixed lot of ceramics, including, Masons "Brown Velvet" ginger jar, Royal Worcester "Rosemary" cup and saucer, pair of Victorian overprinted plates, and four Masons plates. Parcel. £40-60
486.    A collection of Gaudy Welsh china, consisting of Teapot, plates, jugs, beakers and cups and saucers, together with a quantity of wire plate stands and a reference book by Howard Y Williams. Parcel (2) £80-120
487.    A collection of blue and white English pottery, mostly of a "Willow Pattern" type, including serving plates, dishes, some miniature plates, larger bowl, tureen and more. Various manufacturers including, Wedgwood and Spode. Parcel. AF £50-80
488.    A French slate and marble mantle clock, with eight day movement with brocot escapement, white chapter dial with Roman numerals together with a Smiths oak mantle clock AF (2) £30-50
489.    A Pair of Dresden figures, of a Male flower seller and Female, together with an early English pottery cup with Chinoiserie decoration AF. £60-80
490.    A Clothes peg Ming Qing Dynasty soup spoon, together with a selection of Asian ceramics including, Cylinder vases, Blue and White teapot, bowls, lidded vases and more. AF £60-100
491.    Four stamp albums, two Norfolk Island loose page albums by Kabe, two Czechoslovakian loose page albums by Schaubek, all with pre-printed pages used/unused without stamps (4) £40-60
492.    A pair of early Worcester lobed dishes, with blue and white floral "Chinese" decoration with imitation Chinese marks to bases. AF £80-100
493.    Taschen-The Parrots, The complete plates (42) by Edward Lear, unopened original packaging. £60-100
494.    A Qianlong Export Chinese Milk Jug, of helmet form with blue and white "willow pattern" type. £100-150
495.    An Austrian 1950's-69 Stamp Collection, in loose leaf album, mostly complete for period covered, excellent/uncirculated . £50-80
496.    A collection of thirty modern Royal Mail Stamp books, varying from 4 pound, 5 pound and 6 pound contents, various themes such as military, authors, transport and others (30) £70-100
497.    Five interesting vintage cable samples, the largest example with paper bound copper wrapping in tiered sections leading to metal and plastic sleeve, two sub marine examples and two more, possibly from a salesman's sample set (5) £50-80
498.    A small Art Nouveau period porcelain figure of a bathing beauty, together with a Richton porcelain figure of a pottery seller, a German porcelain plate with peacocks, two fans and more (8) £50-80
499.    An Art Deco period lamp, having gilt spelter figure of a young lady holding a glass sphere shade on a black marble base £80-120
500.    A small Afshar Khorgin bag face carpet, with stylised floral geometric design in rusty browns to a blue ground 58 cm x 72 cm £40-60
501.    An Anatolian carpet, with raspberry edged hook bordered guls to a muted purple ground (fading to grey) 110 cm x 170 cm £50-80
502.    An antique Kazak carpet, with diamond medallion patterns with hooked borders to a blue grey ground, within an orange geometric multi-border 113 cm x 216 cm; together with a smaller example in a dark blue and grey palette 81.5 cm x 125 cm (2) £180-250
503.    A Dutch marquetry wall mirror, with scrolling floral border 60 cm x 49.5 cm £60-100
504.    A small glazed wall cabinet, finished in gold and white paint 56.5 cm H £40-60
505.    A modern reproduction continental vitrine, domed front with hinged door, gilt metal mounts and painted panel front, on four supports, £40-60
506.    A reproduction serpentine cabinet, with a pair of panel doors above a brush slide frieze drawer and faux drawer hinged panel door, supported on bracket feet, 151cm by 72cm £50-80
507.    A 19th century fire screen, with central panel in the aesthetic style with flowers and birds on a gilt background, within an ebonised frame, together with a modern three fold example and a cottage brass fender 96cm across (3) £60-80
508.    A 19th century stained beech aesthetic writing desk, with leather top (af) two frieze drawers, turned legs, brass and ceramic castors 91cm wide £20-30
509.    A 19th century mahogany glazed fire screen, with framed bead work panel having grape and vine design to a red ground, brass carry handle, 75cm high £50-80
510.    A mahogany inlaid bedroom chair, with decorative back splat, together with an oak low armchair, wheel back splat and caned seat (2) £50-80
511.    A brass and cut glass electrolier, with eight external lights and two either side of the stem, together with a modern black painted hall lantern and a small box of drops (3) £60-80
512.    An Indian square inlaid occasional table, decorated with a dancing lady within a landscape surrounded by a decorative frieze on cabriole supports, 41cm square by 39cm high £40-60
513.    A cast iron fire basket with a pair of decorative fire dogs, also a curved cast iron fender £50-80
514.    An Edwardian oak tub chair, crimson upholstery £50-80
515.    A large red ground Persian Tabriz carpet, with stylised blue floral multi-border 500 cm x 300 cm approx. £300-500
516.    A fine weave blue ground Tabriz carpet, with light blue floral multi-border 200 cm x 130 cm approx. £250-400
517.    A red ground Tekke Turkmen carpet, with three rows of guls within a russet, black and brown multi-border 190 cm x 120 cm approx. £50-80
518.    A bright red ground tribal Kazak runner, with six stylised medallions within a triple border 325 cm x 85 cm £50-80
519.    A blue ground Persian Kazak runner, with seven medallion pattern within a beige and claret triple border 230 cm x 74 cm £50-80
520.    Two small Shirvan carpets, one with a cream ground, the other with a bright red ground, approx. 130 cm x 85 cm £80-100
521.    A modern blackamoor coffee table, with glass top 130 cm x 70 cm x 49 cm H £80-100
522.    A nest of four red lacquer tables, with gilt decoration 70.5 cm H £50-80
523.    A 19th century continental pier mirror, of two part construction, and with camel hump arched top, in grey with gilt acanthus 145 cm H £100-150
524.    A 1950s melamine topped table, and two utility chairs £50-80
525.    A Victorian walnut pedestal occasional table, with rectangular top £40-60
526.    A small Victorian mahogany inlaid table, with shelf stretcher, on porcelain casters £80-100
527.    A pair of oak bedside cabinets, probably c1960 with single drawer over cupboard door (2) £50-80
528.    An ebonised pier cabinet, with Sevres style porcelain plaque £120-180
529.    A retro 1970s chrome and glass extendable dining table, the rectangular top on four supports with two sliding glass panels and a lift up central glazed section, AF £100-200
530.    A W.A.S. Benson style console table, with painted brass Art Nouveau base, and later mahogany top £50-80
531.    A Victorian mahogany stick stand, with three round apertures and original tray £40-60
532.    A small oak Welsh dresser, with elevated plate rack £180-250
533.    A wall mounted mahogany glazed gun cabinet, together with three oak gallery gun stands (4) £80-100
534.    A vintage shop shirt display case, complete with shirt drawers £200-300
535.    An 18th century and later oak panel box settle, the older panel chest with later carved back is dated 1699, though more likely a 1930s addition 115.5 cm W £100-150
536.    An 18th century oak bench settle, the panel back with inlaid bog oak and boxwood floral marquetry is supported by shaped arms on bobbin supports, over an open frame base 120 cm W x 55 cm D x 138.5 cm H £150-200
537.    An early 20th century walnut pedestal desk, with leathered caddy top and peripheral cushion moulding, on twin pedestal supports with shaped plinth 134 cm W £80-100
538.    A William IV Thomas Tomkinson mahogany square piano, stamped with makers name and number 9497, having lifting hinged top to ivory keys with makers plaque over flanked by fret carved rectangles and inlaid satinwood scroll and floral detail, supported on four tapered, reeded legs culminating in brass castors, having two labels to interior from A Rhodes and dated 1839, 180 cm wide x 71 cm deep x 88 cm high £300-500
539.    A modern cherry wood dining table, the rectangular extendable top and additional leaf with inlaid band (2) £50-80
540.    Phillipe Hurel 'Datcha' designer dining table, in natural oak with six pillar base united by a saltire stretchered support, with plank feet 219.5 cm L £600-800
541.    An Amish Furniture Makers of Pennsylvania USA cherrywood dining suite, comprising a draw leaf table, and twelve dining chairs in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright £180-250
542.    A modern Persian large carpet, with label to reverse Parnian Collection, Farrahi Carpet, Atlas parttern in semi-dull polyester, 400cm by 300cm approx £30-50
543.    A late 19th century carved walnut sofa, with stuff over cushion seat and back, central carved oval pierced design on decorative supports, 188cm wide £120-180
544.    A tall Indonesian style two door cabinet, the iron strapped doors surmounting two small base drawers 172.5 cm H £80-100
545.    A large Indonesian style carved frame wall mirror, finished in dark stain 183 cm W £50-80
546.    A continental stripped pine Lancashire style chest, with blanket box top behind a blind drawer over a single drawer, on onion feet 117 cm W £70-90
547.    A stripped pine blanket box, with iron strapped corners 91.5 cm W £40-60
548.    A 20th century stripped refectory style table, with four turned legs united by an H-stretcher 182.5 cm W £80-100
549.    A small stripped pine arch top coffer, together with a pine framed mirror (2) £60-100
550.    A modern teak curved garden bench, 106 cm W £60-80
551.    An 18th century oak panel chest, with wire hinges and plank top 137.5 cm W £120-180
552.    A George III mahogany chest, of two over three drawers, with two hidden frieze drawers, on splayed bracket feet 117 cm H £180-250
553.    A Victorian mahogany gentleman's compactum wardrobe, the arch panel doors flank a central bank of drawers with locking hinged baton 147.5 cm H x 183 cm W £100-150
554.    A Moroccan or Indonesian temple door, carved with lotus flowers and in bright paints, the door is on four legs with a glass cover as a table 213 cm x 81 cm x 80 cm H £100-150
555.    A large 20th century Indonesian style carved open bookcase, finished in dark stain 169 cm H £100-150
556.    A large 20th century Indonesian style carved low bookcase, with twin banks of drawers flanking an open central shelf section 185 cm W £100-150
557.    A wooden tobogan by Davos, together with a Jaques crocquet set (2) £80-120
558.    A Victorian mahogany elevated bookcase cabinet, with glazed upper section, over cupboard doors £100-150
559.    A Victorian walnut mirrored breakfront chiffonier, with marble top, and associated mirror back on turned supports £200-300
560.    A Victorian mahogany wind-out dining table, opening to fit a leaf and half leaf, on reeded legs to porcelain casters 103 cm W £60-80
561.    A late Victorian/Edwardian satin walnut single wardrobe, with mirrored door and single drawer beneath a flared cornice £50-80
562.    A 19th century comb back Windsor country chair, constructed in beech with an elm seat £100-150
563.    A set of four vintage Scandinavian design bar stools, with loop handles, and wrought and welded iron stretchers uniting the three legs (4) £120-180
564.    A Brights of Nettlebed single drawer oak coffee table, with shelf stretcher, together with a rush seat oak framed armchair (2) £80-100
565.    A Victorian Chesterfield sofa, recently re-upholstered in traditional materials, on later shepherd's casters 178 cm W £80-120
566.    A late Victorian dapple rocking horse, on red painted swing base, with head slightly turned and mouth open £150-200
567.    A Victorian walnut Davenport desk, with galleried top and arched panels AF £80-150
568.    A Victorian rosewood firescreen, with needlepoint tapestry kestrel in ornamental gardens £80-150
569.    A Victorian mahogany spoon back chair, with cabriole legs to porcelain casters £50-80
570.    A bentwood caned rocking chair, in the style of Michael Thonet. £40-60
571.    A Victorian prie dieu style nursing chair, with barley sugar twist back supports £20-40
572.    A Victorian oak gothic revival wine cooler, with pitched lid decorated with bunch of grapes knop, lead lining removed £80-100
573.    A Victorian rosewood writing slope, plus three small stools, one with carved seat (4) £60-80
574.    An 18th Century oak panel chest, with wire hinges, 113.5 cm W £100-150
575.    A pair of faux stone console tables, together with a matching oval coffee table, 130 cm x 70 cm and smaller £100-150