Monthly Antiques & Collectables Auction
Tuesday 2nd May 2017 at 10:00

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1.      A 20th Century cased silver cruet set, marked Birmingham 1991, by Bishtons Ltd, comprising salt & pepper plus mustard pot with blue glass liner and spoon £50-80
2.      A collection of various silver plated items, to include a chafing dish, flatware, cruet, water jug, tureens and covers and other items (parcel) £50-80
3.      An assortment of gents and ladies modern wristwatches, all of various design and size, an assortment of makers (parcel) £60-100
4.      A 9ct gold and pearl love heart pendant, on fine gold chain, together with a silver fob, a Scottish silver brooch, a silver and enamel brooch, plus a selection of other silver jewellery (parcel) £60-80
5.      A Victorian silver plated Britannia metal tea urn, having engraved and embossed floral swag decoration, with twin handle design, on ball feet, approx 43cm H £40-60
6.      A selection of Victorian and later coinage, comprising an 1889 crown, mounted in a white metal pendant on chain, a 1951 crown, a half crown, a shilling and other coins (parcel) £60-100
7.      A vintage silver pen, marked London by JM & Co, together with a silver dwarf candlestick, a silver topped glass jar, a silver pear and a six pence (parcel) £50-80
8.      A miniature aviation silver ingot set, comprising 50 miniature ingots, depicting various planes, measuring 15mm by 10mm, framed and glazed, with booklet, together with three framed and glazed Royal Mint proof sets (2) £100-150
9.      A mahogany canteen of Kings pattern plated flatware, including carvers, forks, knives and spoons, with related paperwork £60-100
10.     A Mappin & Webb silver dish, marked London, together with a silver bowl on legs, a napkin ring and two silver bottle tops (5) £100-150
11.     Three items of 9ct gold jewellery, including an octagonal locket on chain, a cluster style ring with oval cut central set green stone, surrounded by smaller round cut stones, plus another ring, approx 9g £80-150
12.     A small assortment of costume jewellery, comprising a yellow metal twist link chain, a lady's wristwatch, clip on earrings, gem set rings, pendants on chain etc (parcel) £40-60
13.     A selection of various silver jewellery, including a gem set heart pendant on chain, an assortment of rings, and earrings (parcel) £40-60
14.     A selection of modern wristwatches, including ladies and gents examples, various makers and styles (parcel) £60-100
15.     A Gentleman's lot, comprising a selection of yellow and white metal cufflinks, a yellow metal Rotary wristwatch, a tie clip, a Ronson lighter/cigarette case etc (parcel) £50-80
16.     A collection of modern commemorative silver and other coins, including The Queen Mother's 80th Birthday collection, various commemorative crowns and others (parcel) £50-80
17.     The silver Empire Stamp collection, the 25 silver ingots in the form of 25 stamps from around the British Empire, in fitted case, together with paperwork and book by James Morris (2) £150-250
18.     A collection of modern pocket watches, from The Heritage Collection, mainly in white metal, all of various design, some half hunter, some full hunter (parcel) £100-150
19.     An Art Deco silver and paste set ring, together with two silver butterfly wing pendants (3) £60-100
20.     A silver plated glass cooler jug, having moulded glass design, together with a pair of white metal collared decanters, one stopper missing £100-150
21.     A pair of 14ct gold and cultured pearl dress studs, approx 2g £60-100
22.     A cased set of six silver teaspoons, marked Birmingham by Cooper Brothers & Sons, together with a selection of silver spoons and a pair of broken silver tongs (parcel) £80-120
23.     A selection of silver plated items, including an epergne, various dishes, WMF bowl and other items (parcel) £60-100
24.     A collection of silver and silver plated flatware, comprising forks, knives, spoons and other items (parcel) £80-120
25.     A small selection of designers/sports wristwatches, comprising Accurist, Ellesse, Seiko Diesel etc (10) £60-80
26.     A four piece silver plated tea set, having floral decoration, together with a rectangular engraved silver plated serving tray £60-80
27.     A collection of modern pocket watches, from The Heritage Collection, mainly in white metal, all of various design, some half hunter, some full hunter (parcel) £100-150
28.     A canteen of silver plated flatware, by Smith Seymour Ltd, containing various knives, forks and spoons (parcel) £40-60
29.     A Georgian Old Sheffield plated tankard, the single handled design with heart finial, with markings to top £60-80
30.     A silver mounted glass oil and vinegar jug, together with a cased pair of silver napkin rings, a silver pin cushion jewellery box, a silver and tortoiseshell example, plus a similar clothes brush (parcel) £80-120
31.     A George V silver pastry fork, marked Sheffield, by TL, together with a Georgian sugar spoon, a Russian silver spoon and a scroll back silver spoon, plus seven oriental coins (parcel) £50-80
32.     A large collection of gents and ladies wristwatches, various style, including Sekonda, Casio, Ben Sherman, Ingersoll etc, approx 50 (parcel) £50-80
33.     A selection of silver and other jewellery, including curb link chains, ingot pendants, brooches etc, together with a filigree box, with floral decoration (parcel) £50-80
34.     A Spanish silver model of a pheasant, approx 37g £60-80
35.     A large collection of silver plated items, to include an engraved serving tray, a footed wine coaster, small dishes etc, together with some ceramics and glass ware (2 boxes) £60-80
36.     A cased silver manicure set, marked Birmingham by G&C Ltd, together with a silver manicure set on stand, a three piece silver and shagreen dressing table set, plus a silver photograph frame (parcel) £100-150
37.     A pair of James Dixon & Sons silver and ivory knife rests, marked Sheffield 1900, together with another carving knife rest, a silver and treen taper holder, a silver and glass butterfly mounted paperweight, plus a boxed Danish spoon (parcel) £100-150
38.     An assortment of wristwatches, including gents and ladies examples, various makers, approx 50, AF £50-80
39.     An Elizabeth II silver three branch candelabra, marked Birmingham 1975, by A.T Cannon Ltd, having filled base, approx 22cm H £120-150
40.     A cased champagne glass set, complete with white metal casters, together with a cased bottle opener, knife set and canteen of cutlery, plus an empty canteen (parcel) £40-60
41.     A group of Silver items, including hallmarked Mustard pot (no liner) matchbox cover and napkin ring, chain bracelet with heart shaped lock clasp, set of six decorative marcasite style buttons in case and more. Parcel. £60-100
42.     An 18ct gold and white Sapphire and ruby Heart pendant, with 9ct gold close curb chain, total weight 20.3g £300-500
43.     A group of Hallmarked silver spoons, including, Caddy spoon, Dessert and teaspoons 5.61ozt (11). £60-100
44.     A group of 9ct gold QVC rings, together with a pair of 9ct gold hoop earrings and silver and amber ring 9.4g (7) £100-150
45.     An assortment of sports/designer wristwatches, including Umbro, Sekonda, Pulsar, Adidas etc (10) £60-80
46.     A group of Georgian & Later Mustard and Sauce spoons, including some with gilt bowls 3.8ozt (12) £60-100
47.     A pair of Silver Hallmarked Bon Bon dishes, with pierced design and decorative scroll worked edges (AF) together with two turquoise necklaces and ring (Parcel) £60-80
48.     A small collection of Silver dress jewellery, including rings necklaces and locket together with white metal items. (Parcel) £60-100
49.     A 9ct gold bangle, 9ct gold revolving disc pendant and 9ct gold dress ring 14.8 g, together with costume jewellery and watches. Parcel. £200-300
50.     A large array of modern wristwatches, including Ben Sherman, Accurist, and many others, approx 50, AF £50-80
51.     An Edward VII 1909 Half Sovereign, together with a George V, 1915 example. (2) £180-220
52.     A collection of Coins and Stamps, including two jubilee head crowns 1887, VF-EF and 1892, F, a George III crown, worn, later crowns and copper, 3 stock books of George V and later British and world stamps. £70-100
53.     A Silver Topped powder glass, with engine turned decoration, hob nail cut glass bowl ( slight chips to base) £30-50
54.     A collection of Jewellery and watches, including, 9ct gold rings, two 9ct gold cased watches, opal bracelet, Silver and agate anchor brooch, costume jewellery and more £200-300
55.     A group of three silver & mother of pearl fruit knives, hallmarked of various sizes and designs together with an ornate two piece nurses buckle hallmarked London 1973. £70-100
56.     A group of four silver sugar tongs, hallmarked together with a knife and fork pair and an ornate spoon 6.11ozt. (7) £70-100
57.     A collection of modern gents and ladies wristwatches, various designs and makers, approx 50, AF £50-80
58.     A pair of George III Sheffield plate wine bottle coasters, together with a single example and an oval fluted sweetmeat dish. (4) £60-100
59.     A Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Napkin ring, by George W Shiebler, New York, 1876-1910, of a folded leaf construction held circular with a pierced pin and a mounted fly decoration, marked Sterling with the company logo "S" within a pair of wings #254. £60-100
60.     A Diamond Fly stick pin, with gold body and pin, and stone mounted thorax and wings, in presentation box. £60-80
61.     A group of Silver Christening items, hallmarked silver including, two cups, cased spoon and cased napkin ring 8.85ozt, (4) £80-120
62.     A large group of modern wristwatches, including gents and ladies examples, comprising Lorus, Timberland, Sekonda and many others, some digital, approx 50, AF £50-80
63.     A large silver plated serving tray, together with silver and plated items including a set of 6 cased hallmarked silver apostle spoons, silver wine bottle coaster, plated cocktail shaker, plated tricorn topped jug, selection of later crown coins and more Parcel. £60-100
64.     A Silver Hallmarked cigarette case, together with a hallmarked napkin ring, pepper shaker, set of six cocktail spoons, boxed Parker fountain pen with 14k knib, desk compass and more Parcel. £60-80
65.     A silver & paste monkey brooch, together with a yellow metal belcher chain marked 9ct, silver enamelled locket and another.(4) £80-120
66.     A collection of Silver and silver plated items, including hallmarked silver I.O.W Musical Competition Festival Medal, two hallmarked silver Bon Bon dishes, pair of hallmarked silver fluted trumpet vases, hallmarked silver desk barometer, hallmarked silver fob whistle and more Parcel. £100-200
67.     A large group of ladies wristwatches, including Pulsar, Next etc, together with a small selection of gents wristwatches, approx 50, AF £50-80
68.     A 9ct gold lady's Rotary wrist watch, hallmarked, with matching bracelet and spare links in original box. £100-150
69.     A 18ct gold diamond and sapphire daisy cluster ring, the central sapphire surrounded by diamond "petals" and shoulders 3.7g £150-200
70.     A 9ct gold cameo ring, multi-link bracelet, with heart shaped clasp and Italian 9kt flat linked bracelet approx 13.1g (3) £120-180
71.     A 18ct gold diamond chip five stone ring, together with a 9ct gold three stone diamond ring approx 3.9g (2). £100-150
72.     A 22ct gold wedding band, hallmarked, 2.0g £50-80
73.     A 15ct gold pearl set pendant, of twin circle design with cross over links and seven pearl inserts with chain, together with a 15ct gold seed pearl horse shoe brooch.6.7g £80-120
74.     A mixed lot of wristwatches, including gents and ladies examples, various ages, approx 50, AF £50-80
75.     A Pair cased pocket watch, with London hallmark 1838, Horatio & George Bartlett with chain and winder. £50-80
76.     A 9ct gold and seven stone diamond ring, together with a 9ct solitaire ring, silver rope chain, silver locket, two animal charms brooch and chain. Parcel £150-200
77.     A Russian silver cigarette case, with cabochon ruby clasp, inscription to the inside dated 1904, and kokoshnik marks for Moscow c.1900 maker unidentified. Some damage to the inside within inscription, over 4 ozt, 9cm x 6.5cm, in later leather slip £250-350
78.     A pair of late 18th Century Georgian shoe buckles, decorated with coronets £60-100
79.     A good Garrard & Co. brass cased carriage clock, with black on white enamel Roman dial flanked by reeded columns on ogee plinth 15 cm H, presented in original box, and with service receipts and original guarantee £200-300
80.     A selection of modern wristwatches, including ladies and gents examples, approx 50, AF £50-80
81.     A good selection of plated ware, including miniature wine coolers, sauce boats, marmalade jar, candlesticks, bottle labels etc, many in original boxes. £50-80
82.     A collection of pewter items, mostly tankards with a pair of candlesticks and two boxed hip flasks with golf themed designs. £40-60
83.     A single scull rowing trophy, hallmarked silver topped scull, mounted on wooden plinth 20cm long. £50-80
84.     A hallmarked silver fronted goliath pocket watch case, with embossed decorative panel (AF) together with a Cyma pocket watch, two ladies compacts and ambrotype frame mounted photograph and ivory fruit knife. Parcel £50-80
85.     A good selection of plated ware, including wine cooler, sugar duster, coffee pot, cruets and more. Parcel. £50-80
86.     A group of approx 17 ladies and gentlemen's wristwatches, including boxed ladies examples by Rotary, gentleman's boxed by Viceroy and Timex and more. £50-80
87.     Two cased canteens of cutlery, by Newbridge , each six place settings in Kings pattern. (2) £50-80
88.     A group of approx 50 gents and ladies modern wristwatches, including Lorus, Accurist, Casio and many other examples, AF £50-80
89.     A collection of plated ware, including toast rack/butter dish, trumpet vases, candelabra, rose bowl, dishes and more. £50-80
90.     A Ice bucket/wine cooler on stand, by Guy Degrenne, on tripartite wrought iron stand. £40-60
91.     A 9ct gold Garnet ring, 2.4g with 7 stones together with a silver garnet cluster ring of 9 stones (2) £50-80
92.     A 9ct gold peridot and seed pearl pendant, with central mounted stone and radiating arms each with three pearls AF ( one pearl missing) £40-60
93.     A Yellow metal chain spinner, with sardonyx & bloodstone stones, on a half hoop mount. £40-60
94.     A open faced fob/stop watch, with two subsidiary dials, foreign silver marked 935. £60-100
95.     An assortment of fashion wristwatches, including gents and ladies examples, comprising Timex, Sekonda, Lorus, Avia etc, approx 50, AF £50-80
96.     A silver Open faced pocket watch, marked on dial, Skarratt & Co. Worcester, together with another example AF and a silver corner mounted note wallet. £60-100
97.     A collection of plated ware, including, wine cooler, two serving trays, Viking long boat on stand, Teapot, hot water and cream and sugar, wine bottle basket and more, Parcel. £50-80
98.     A 9ct gold cased lady's wristwatch, together with white metal art deco examples by Cyma and Cortebert AF (3) £50-80
99.     A three piece plated tea set, together with an art deco Thermos tea set, candlestick, and assorted flatware £50-80
100.    A 9ct gold gatelink bracelet, united by heart shaped padlock clasp, 20g £180-220
101.    A 9ct gold and gem set ring, having four blue stones and three clear stones to rectangular tablet, 2.1g and size M £40-60
102.    A collection of vintage costume jewellery and watches, including a black glass bead necklace, a rosary, gold plated necklaces, and more (parcel) £60-80
103.    A large collection of 20th Century pennies and half pennies, approx 5kg (parcel) £50-80
104.    A George III silver tankard, plain bulbous body with ear shaped handle, London 1770, possibly by W & J Priest, some denting to base and body, 9.6 ozt £200-300
105.    A late 19th Century continental gold lady's pocket watch, with engraved dial and back cover £120-180
106.    A Georgian pocket watch movement wall clock, the ornate movement by Gordon of London, in circular cork back surround with white enamel dial, cork damaged, AF £80-120
107.    An Art Deco period silver plated and blue enamel cigarette case £50-80
108.    A vintage brass carriage timepiece, together with a glass and chromed 1960s bedside clock (2) £100-150
109.    A small collection of gold and gilt metal jewellery, including three 9ct gold brooches, a pair of gold plated cufflinks, two lockets and more (parcel) £60-100
110.    A George V silver cigarette case, together with two silver brooches in a vintage jewellery box and a plated and glass pin box (6) £50-80
111.    A collection of jewellery and watches, including two 9ct gold cased ladies watches, a 9ct gold and CZ solitaire ring, a silver thimble and more, along with an 1888 crown, F (parcel) £80-120
112.    An Art Deco period silver and marcasite necklace, together with another similar example, in blue box (3) £50-80
113.    A Victorian 9ct gold bracelet, the large hollow curb link chain having some with engraved designs, united by heart shaped padlock clasp, 23g £200-300
114.    A vintage 22ct gold wedding band, with engraved design to outer, hallmarked, 5.6g and size O £100-150
115.    A modern 9ct gold and five stone amethyst dress ring, together with a 9ct gold wedding band and a 9ct gold rope twist necklace, lacking clasp, 10.3g (2) £100-150
116.    A Victorian 9ct gold and diamond brooch, having circular panel set with an old cut on bar brooch mount marked 9ct, 4.7g, together with a small white metal and steel kangaroo button hook (2) £50-80
117.    A modern 18ct white gold necklace, with smooth links, 2.2g £50-80
118.    A collection of jewellery, watches and coins, including several 9ct gold rings, a necklace and three bracelets, two silver thimbles, Victorian and later pennies and other coins and two ladies watches (parcel) £180-220
119.    An interesting silver mounted desk clock, having enamel dial with transfer print of a bank, cracking to dial, in circular case on ball feet marked Birmingham 1924 £60-100
120.    A collection of silver and silver plated items, including a pair of silver filled trumpet vases, a plated three piece tea set, an Art Nouveau serving dish by Gallia, An Art Nouveau plated and glass beaker holder, a silver plated stirrup pipe rack, and more (parcel) £60-100
121.    A fine Victorian carved ivory flower head pendant, together with an Italian cross medal in box, another cross medal dated 1916, a bronze medallion in case, a wooden cigarette box, an inlaid Middle Eastern cigarette box, a silver and carnelian miniature trowel book mark and a mother of pearl letter opener (11) £60-100
122.    A collection of watches and jewellery, including two 9ct gold cased ladies watches, a yellow metal wedding band, along with bead necklaces, wristwatches and more (parcel) £60-80
123.    An interesting collection of vintage African Tribal beadwork jewels and other items, including sashes, necklaces and other adornments each with white and coloured bead designs (14) £100-200
124.    A George V silver desk set, in fitted presentation case opening to reveal a pair of filled dwarf candlesticks, capstan inkwell and a sterling silver marked pen (5) £120-180
125.    A collection of silver and silver plated items, including a dressing table set, one brush damaged, in a box, a Victorian silver spoon and plated items (parcel) £60-100
126.    A 1950s KIGU Flying Saucer musical compact, in gilt and blue enamel, lacks key but functions £100-150
127.    A small collection of jewellery and other items, including a 9ct gold and red stone pendant on chain, a 9ct gold cross pendant, a 9ct gold solitaire ring, along with other jewels, a WWII Pacific Star medal, a cufflink set and more, in a jewellery box (parcel) £50-80
128.    A group of seven watches, including a his and hers Cities bi metal pair of wristwatches, a John H. Reid pocket watch with train engraved to reverse and others, with a spare strap (8) £60-100
129.    A pair of black and white plastic fashion bangles £30-50
130.    A yellow metal bar brooch, with engine turned rectangular panel on pin back, 5g £50-80
131.    A 1970s Singapore 10th anniversary 100 dollar gold coin, 6g, in presentation case £150-200
132.    A collection of Victorian and later silver thimbles and other sewing items £50-80
133.    An Art Deco period 14ct gold Hamilton lady's cocktail wristwatch, in a Hamilton box with paperwork (4) £100-150
134.    A group of 19th century and later ivory and bone items, including an interesting folding pick modelled as a lady, a pocket knife, a cheroot holder, three brooches and three other items (10) £50-80
135.    A late 19th century continental gold lady's pocket watch, marked 14k to the outer cover, sold with a simulated tortoiseshell and leather wristwatch holder (2) £100-150
136.    A Victorian cut glass and silver scent bottle, AF, together with two glass and silver lidded pots, a similar inkwell, button hooks, a shoe horn, and a cut glass vase with Sterling marked mount (15) £50-80
137.    A WWII period white metal cigarette case, marked Iraq 1941 to inner, with niello style British Army emblem to front and Royal Fusiliers emblem to reverse, together with an Art Deco pocket watch and another, and several Victorian and later coins (parcel) £70-100
138.    A good 20th Century collection of Commonwealth stamps, presented in a green folder, with examples from the reign of George V to Elizabeth II, countries to include Jamaica, St Vincent, St Lucia, St Kitts, Montserrat, Grenada, Dominica, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Barbados and Antigua £60-100
139.    A 1970s 9ct gold and smoky quartz pendant on chain, together with a 9ct pussy cat pendant, with matching earrings and another pair of cat stud earrings, 4.6g, along with a silver ring, a Celtic silver pendant on chain, a pair of white metal earrings, a silver and cz pendant on chain and a pair of silver plated photograph frames (parcel) £70-100
140.    A collection of Georgian, Victorian and later silver and other items, including a pair of tablespoons, two pairs of napkin rings, two further napkin rings, a silver mustard spoon and teaspoon, small mustard pot and more (parcel) £150-200
141.    An Edwardian silver plated three piece tea set, together with a silver plated egg waiter and a stand (5) £30-50
142.    A set of six Victorian silver and ivory handled dessert knives, Birmingham 1872, together with a set of five matching forks, and a set of ten silver plated fiddle pattern forks (21) £60-100
143.    A vintage silver charm bracelet, with over 30 charms, together with a loose aeroplane charm, a Middle Eastern white metal compact and a silver bangle (4) £100-150
144.    A 9ct gold Rotary lady's wristwatch, on a 9ct gold bracelet, together with an Art Deco period 9ct gold cased lady's wristwatch on an expanding 9ct gold strap, 28.8g, and six further watches and a strap (9) £150-250
145.    A pair of George III silver table spoons by George Esterbrook, together with a set of three George III silver dessert spoons and a Georgian sugar scoop, approx 10 ozt (6) £100-150
146.    A collection of costume jewellery and other items, including a modern King Arthur's Cross silver gilt pendant, with box, a damaged Victorian mourning bracelet, lots of earrings and costume jewels, along with a 1950s evening bag and more (parcel) £60-100
147.    A group of Georgian and later spoons, including a set of six teaspoons by Joseph & Albert Savory, four teaspoons by John Blake and six others, 12.8 ozt (16) £120-180
148.    A collection of Georgian and later silver plated flatware, including a nice pair of Victorian ivory handled carvers and similar set of fish eaters, other cutlery and serving items (parcel) £50-80
149.    A collection of jewellery and other items, including 19th century and later jewels, such as a nice silver and paste star brooch, a smelling salts bottle in case, along an inlaid box with a collection of two shillings and ten pences, and various tins and boxes (parcel) £100-150
150.    An Art Deco silver and tortoiseshell pocket watch stand by Deakin & Francis, dated Birmingham 1923, with shaped front and scrolling initials on crocodile skin back with folding stand £100-150
151.    A vintage canteen of silver plated cutlery, in ornate scroll pattern, with place setting for twelve, in two layer blue box £50-80
152.    A collection of costume jewellery, six bags including bangles, brooches, necklaces' rings and more. £50-80
153.    A collection of world coins, presented in loose leaf album including, Canada, Africa, USA, India, some Victorian examples and £ 5 coins. Parcel £60-100
154.    A collection of mixed coins, mostly copper, George III to Elizabeth II, some commemorative crowns and half crowns, florins and sixpences Parcel (20 £60-80
155.    A Victorian pinchbeck gatelink bracelet, united by gold plated heart shaped padlock, together with a gold plated bar brooch and belcher link chain (3) £60-100
156.    A George V full sovereign, dated 1913, VF £200-250
157.    A small collection of World coins, including a 1973 Canadian silver proof one dollar in case, a Maria Theresa Thaler with brooch pin, other coinage and a silver Leo pendant on chain (parcel) £40-60
158.    A collection of jewellery, including some silver and other earrings, a lapis lazuli bead necklace, an amethyst boulder on chain, rings and more, in black jewel box (parcel) £60-100
159.    A collection of costume jewellery, six bags including bangles, brooches, necklaces' rings and more. £50-80
160.    A 1970s Omega Constellation Automatic stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch, the black squared dial having baton numerals and date aperture, appears to run, some scratching to case and bracelet £400-600
161.    A collection of jewellery, including two Baltic amber pendants, and a bead necklace, a glass bead necklace, a white metal scent bottle and more (parcel) £60-100
162.    A Victorian silver open faced pocket watch, London 1878, marked 52702 to dial and movement, crack to dial, together with a gilt metal watch chain (2) £100-150
163.    A late 19th Century continental silver lady's fob watch, with ornate dial, presented on a chatelaine style white metal watch chain £70-100
164.    A 1940s stainless steel mid sized wristwatch, having broad arrow and numbered ATP 46297 to rear £100-150
165.    A collection of costume jewellery, six bags including bangles, brooches, necklaces' rings and more. £50-80
166.    An 1896 Athen Olympics bronze participation medal, 5cm diameter, some denting £100-200
167.    Three 1930s silver GWR interest medallions, awarded to Fricker for Arts & Crafts, together with a silver medallion in case, a silver tug of war medal, and two British Railway medallions (8) £60-100
168.    A collection of 19th and 20th Century medallions, including an 1878 French exhibition bronze medallion, an 1891 Life Saving medal and another from 1945, a bronze Bideford Grammar School medallion, a silver gilt bronze example from Exeter College Boat Club 1868, and many others (parcel) £100-150
169.    A Georgian silver case and pocket knife, the bright cut flattened case containing an ear scoop, together with a silver and mother of pearl pocket knife, a silver pocket knife, a nail buffer, two button hooks, a silver pencil holder, a salt spoon and a silver handled folding pair of hair curling tongs (12) £60-100
170.    A Georgian period silver toddy ladle, possibly repaired, with turned wooden handle £50-80
171.    An Art Deco silver four piece dressing table set by Walker & Hall, in case, comb AF £70-100
172.    A collection of silver and white metal jewellery, including a pair of cufflinks, earrings, brooches, pendants and more (parcel) £60-100
173.    An Art Deco three piece silver cruet set, in case, with two spoons £60-100
174.    A 9ct gold signet ring, squared tablet, hallmarked, 4.7g £45-55
175.    A collection of dress studs and other gentlemen's jewellery, including a pair of 9ct gold cufflinks, a 9ct gold stud, four more 9ct studs in a case, 5.5g, along with bachelors buttons and dress studs, and two dress stud sets (parcel) £80-100
176.    A George V silver presentation goblet, bearing inscription to circular foot, 7 ozt £70-100
177.    A set of six Edwardian mother of pearl dress studs, in fitted case, in the form of finishing post totems £80-120
178.    A Victorian silver Christening tankard from Mappin & Webb, together with a Victorian silver plated Christening set in case (6) £60-100
179.    A set of six Victorian bullseye agate dress studs, in fitted Edward Tessier case, together with a set of three similar smaller examples in a case (11) £100-200
180.    A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks, together with a 9ct gold wishbone ring, 6.7g, and three silver rings, another ring, a flattened links silver necklace, three others and several 3 pences (parcel) £80-100
181.    Nine modern mens and ladies wristwatches, including a fashionable Diesel example, a large faced Sekonda, a Seiko with mother mother of pearl dial and others (9) £50-80
182.    A pair of Edwardian cut glass scent bottles, globular with silver collars and screw stoppers, one wonky (4) £100-150
183.    A small collection of silver and silver plated items, including a pair of trench salts with spoons, six cased spoons, a continental circular box, two silver napkin rings, plated cruets and spoons (parcel) £60-100
184.    An Art Deco three piece hardstone desk set, in black onyx and comprising inkwell and stand, letter rack and blotter (3) £60-100
185.    A vintage Far Eastern bronze figure of Ganesh, heightened in gilt, 11cm, together with a bronze figure of a female dancer, 13.5cm (2) £60-100
186.    A small vintage Chinese bronze censor, having six character mark to base and twin handles, 7.5cm wide, together with a bronze censor on three supports, a hexagonal dish and a Far Eastern blade coin (4) £60-100
187.    A pair of Edwardian period Japanese porcelain vases, having painted lake scenes with swans and gilt handles, 29cm (2) £60-100
188.    A group of four Japanese carved boxwood netsuke and okimono £50-80
189.    A Victorian carved ivory page flip or letter opener, the ornate handle with grape and vine design, 25.5cm, cracking to end £60-100
190.    An ancient Roman bronze figure Mercury, believed to have been a metal detecting find in the 1970s, the 12cm high figure lacking his feet but holding staff and with winged helmet £400-600
191.    A 19th century Chinese finely carved parasol handle, AF, together with a carved bone handle with stanhope of Jerusalem, a bone bobbin and three other lace bobbins, a carved bone needle case, crochet hook and spike (9) £60-100
192.    A late Meiji period Japanese Satsuma style pottery hat pin, on steel pin £50-80
193.    An antique mother of pearl eye glass, with white metal mounts, in a small red tooled box (2) £50-80
194.    A collection of eight Halcyon Day enamel boxes, all boxed, five Christmas examples, two Easter eggs and one wishing Good Health (16) £80-120
195.    Books, the two volumes of History of The Wars by C.H. Gifford, 1817, somewhat tatty and covers with Sellotape (2) £100-150
196.    Six various fans, one mother of pearl example with lacework to leaf, a bone example lacking leaf and four others (6) £50-80
197.    A collection of vintage and modern pens, including a Conway Stewart three biro set in box, several Parker fountain and biro pens, two Hero sets, more and two rulers (parcel) £60-80
198.    A late 19th century porcelain plaque, painted with a cherub with arms folded, 8.5cm high £60-80
199.    A 19th Century Indian brass pot, squat form with raised and engraved decoration of deity's in cartouches, 12.5cm high £80-120
200.    A Rosenthal fine bone china tea and coffee set, the straight sided cups with moulded lined exterior, on black matt saucers, setting for six tea and four coffee cans £50-80
201.    A pair of Fontana Arte glass table light bases, by Max Ingrand, the white opaque bulbous bodies, supporting two lights within the body and a fitting for shade and bulb, on white painted bases 36cm high (2) £200-300
202.    A Chad Valley R.M.S 'Queen Mary', in twelve sections in card box £40-60
203.    A Henri Dropsy bronze plaque and stand, the circular plaque centred with a profile of a Jester, signed to bottom right on rectangular plinth base 5.7cm high £100-150
204.    A 19th century carved sailors nut Scrimshaw, the carved nut with mythical beasts face, the exterior with figures, 7cm £60-80
205.    A Poole Pottery 'Springtime' pattern dinner services, setting for six with matching tea cups and saucers and a cruet £50-80
206.    A pair of Thomas Ladell watercolours, landscapes with trees 28cm x 38cm (2) £80-120
207.    A Royal Doulton 'Forest Glade' dinner service, including tureens and covers, gravy boat and saucer, oval platters and various plates setting for over eight £60-80
208.    A pair of Shirley Morris Oil on boards, roof top scenes in gilt frames 39cm by 37cm (2) £100-150
209.    A collection of glass, comprising a mauve bowl, a set of eleven Edwardian ice plates with star cut flange rims, four cut oval glass champagne bowls and other glassware £70-90
210.    A John Stops oil on board, Cornish Hamlet' framed, image size 29cm by 44cm £150-200
211.    Two limited edition signed Dawn Sidoli RWA prints, both framed and glazed, 'Walberwick' dated 86 24cm by 35cm and 'Animones' dated 85 18cm by 13cm (2) £70-100
212.    A Chinese Art Deco embroided silk panel, depicting a five claw dragon chasing the flaming pearl above a rough sea, 60cm by 27cm £40-60
213.    A late 19th early 20th Century embroided bed spread, centred with a floral design surrounded by floral sprays 242cm by 191cm £80-120
214.    A small collection of Portmeirion Botanic Garden, including three vases, two heart shaped boxes, an Old Tupton Ware vase and matching photo frame £60-80
215.    A John Shapand 1865-1929 watercolour, Near Kynance, Cornwall 28cm by 45cm £100-150
216.    Four Wedgwood glass and Jasper cameo goblets, for the Silver Jubilee 1977, a Coalport bowl and bell both cased for the Jubilee and a collection of commemorative plates etc £80-100
217.    A large Poole Pottery two tone egg-shell turquoise and grey dinner services, setting for six with butter dish, cruet, coffee and tea service and more etc £100-200
218.    An Il Sellaio polo bag, the brown leather bag with brass locking system to top, together with a horn handled riding crop (2) £80-100
219.    A pair of blue and white Minton barrel seats, in the canton style, with floral decoration, one AF (2) £280-350
220.    A large ceramic Majolica log bin, based on the stump of a tree with floral decoration, having twin branch style handles, AF £60-80
221.    A pair of Sarreguemines ceramic jugs, having village scene with villagers, together with a florally decorated pewter lidded water jug, and a lidded nut dish (4) £50-80
222.    A pair of Majolica elephant figures, together with a ceramic egg figure plus a Majolica 'Welsh Gentleman' figure (4) £80-150
223.    A resin copper electro plated Art Nouveu bust by Destlane Petite Nounou, of the form of a mother holding her baby, artist signature to front, approx 36cm H £70-90
224.    G.Stubbs the younger, watercolour, depicting Boats on the Rhine at Leibenstein, approx 16cm by 25cm, framed and glazed £50-80
225.    A vintage oak mantle clock, together with a walnut example, both having Arabic numerals to circular face (2) £40-60
226.    An extensive Wedgwood Ulander pattern dinner service, comprising 16 dinner plates, 16 side plates, 6 soup plates, sauce boat and saucer, 18 coffee cups and saucers, sugar bowl, cream jug etc (qty) £80-120
227.    A group of four wooden lamp bases, together with two brass candlesticks of dragon form (6) £60-100
228.    A Lladro figure entitled 'Calling a Friend Girl with phone', together with another Lladro figure of a pensive boy sitting on a tree stump (2) £40-60
229.    A papier mache Russian box, having man playing a musical instrument with two horses to lid, together with a Russian glass painted egg with floral decoration, plus another (3) £120-180
230.    A large Russian icon, with applied brass decoration, showing figure in front of a river and buildings, together with a smaller example (2) £100-150
231.    A 19th Century cranberry glass oil lamp, with brass column style base, possibly been converted into an electrical lamp £60-80
232.    An Anglo-Indian writing slope, having bird amongst foliage decoration, surrounded by inlaid design £40-60
233.    A small selection of copper and brass items, including an Art Nouveu style planter, engraved dishes and a trinket chest (parcel) £40-60
234.    Two Chinese porcelain ginger jars and covers, one decorated with warriors on horse back and the other with towns folk, one with character marks to base (4) £50-80
235.    A pair of Sitzendorf porcelain figures, one of a gentleman with flower basket, the other of a lady with flowers, together with another Sitzendorf porcelain figure, a Goebel figure and a Dresden floral basket, AF (5) £80-120
236.    A pair of Japanese Meiji block prints, one depicting a female figure, the other of birds flying above flowers, approx 36cm by 24cm, framed and glazed (2) £200-300
237.    A 19th century lead glass urn and cover, having narrow base tampering out to a bulbous shape, with cover £60-80
238.    A Denby Green Wheat part dinner service, comprising teapots, tureens and covers, butter dish, dishes, etc (parcel) £60-80
239.    An antler handled carving set by Harrison Bros & Hewson Culter to His Majesty, together with silver plated spoon and knife (parcel) £50-80
240.    Three Continental oils, circa 1960s, all by the same artist, one of a juggling clown and two of figures walking down a street/boulevard towards grand buildings, all approx 59cm by 19, framed (3) £100-120
241.    An early 19th century French book, entitled Scripturae Linguaegue Phoeniciae, showing various different script types, in cardboard sleeve £40-60
242.    A.E Thompson, watercolour, depicting a large sailing ship at sea, dated 26/2/28, approx 38cm by 55cm, framed and glazed £60-80
243.    Five 1st Edition books, three entitled, The World of William Clissold by H.G Well, having various covers, including books I,II,II and IV, plus two others, various conditions (5) £50-80
244.    An assortment of continental watercolours, showing various scenes, including village, rural, a parade and a portrait, framed (5) £50-80
245.    A collection of 19th Century prints, including writers, ladies in elegant dresses from the Petit Courier des Dames, The Burgthor, Lubeck, and another, all framed and glazed (7) £40-60
246.    Book: Culpeper's English Physician and complete Herbal, together with William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories and Tragedies by Methuen, and 1843 Days at the Factories (3) £70-100
247.    A small selection of silver plated items, including a coffee and tea pot, milk jug and sucre, plus some cased items (parcel) £40-60
248.    A Royal Worcester Hyde Park pattern dinner and coffee set, comprising gravy jug, many plates, cups and saucers, milk jug, sucre etc (parcel) £60-80
249.    An assortment of various ceramics, including Poole Pottery, Wedgwood, Crown Devon etc (parcel) £50-80
250.    Of Smoking interest, a selection of various pipes and lighters etc, together with a Derringer Starting pistol (parcel) £70-90
251.    A brass bulk head clock, English made, with black Roman numerals and second subsidiary dial £40-60
252.    A Royal Copenhagen ceramic Partridge figure, marked to base 2261 £60-100
253.    A group of Danish ceramics, including bird figures, a figure of a young girl and a plate (9) £60-100
254.    A replica signalling cannon model, together with a military bicycle lamp and a small shell (3) £40-60
255.    A vintage brass chatelaine, having embossed floral decoration, together with a smoking pipe (2) £40-60
256.    A group of 19th Century glass floats, various sizes and colours, including green, red and blue (6) £40-60
257.    A rosewood twin compartment tea caddy, the standard caddy with hinged lid, opens to reveal two compartments with central compartment with cut glass bowl £50-80
258.    A Meissen blue and white ink well, floral decoration, heightened in gilt to the rim, marked to base £80-100
259.    Three 19th Century Staffordshire 'Imari' pattern dishes, together with a Blue and white 19th Century cushion sloped dish, an Imari bowl, plus a Coalport jug and muffin dish (parcel) £40-60
260.    A mid 20th Century table lamp, cylindrical in shape, the wooden base with inlaid brass design, approx 72cm H £30-50
261.    A bronze pestle and mortar, unnamed, good condition £50-80
262.    An early to mid 20th Century carved tiger chieftains stool, the seat with curved up edges, above a carved figure of a tiger, approx 53cm W £80-100
A large Philip Simmonds stoneware garden sculptural vase, in the 'Tresco' shape, in sea green, 93cm high £800-1000
264.    Of Royal Interest, a Royal cypher marked christening gown, given to vendors grandmother by Princess Alice of Athlone when she visited the vendors house in Westgate-on-Sea, cotton gown with lace collar, and red cypher mark to reverse, with three postcards, HSH Princess May of Teck, HSH Prince Rupert of Teck and one of the house they visited, also in the lot a childs silk jacket with mother of pearl buttons £150-250
265.    A 20th Century oil on canvas, Chinese vases and artefacts on a hardwood table, signed to lower right L.Q.F, 53cm by 62cm £100-150
266.    A silver plated novelty spoon warmer, modelled as a shoe, by Thomas Latham & Ernst Morten circa 1880, 17cm long £60-80
267.    A late 19th Century oval hair miniature picture, the oval framed ivory panel depicting a landscape in hair, on an ebonised and brass mounted mount, 7cm by 8.5cm £60-80
268.    A black forest carved figure of a St Bernard dog, modelled standing above an edelweiss and rocky oval plinth base 22cm long, 17.5cm high £180-220
269.    An Ife style bronze figure, modelled as a seated man on a circular plinth base with ornate head piece 23.5cm high £50-80
270.    A Polynesian box wood carved figure, of a seated man with his hand under his chin, having a metal plinth base, 11.5cm high £80-100
271.    A single malt English Whisky, to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, in cardboard cylindrical sleeve, together with two Bell's whisky decanters with contents (3) £50-80
272.    John William Wilkinson 'Wilk', a pen and ink watercolour of a comical hunting scene, framed and glazed, 19cm by 12.5cm £100-150
Estmin Smith mid 20th Century, oil on board, harbour scene with fishing boats, signed and dated lower left 1958 58cm by 77cm £120-180
274.    John Ogilby 1600-1676 'The Road from London to Bristol', London to Ramesbury and Chilton section, hand coloured, 37cm by 49cm £60-100
275.    Of Austrialian interest, Peter Hammond Lindsay (1908-1998), oil on board, 'Glow of Dawn' signed lower right, 11cm by 22cm £100-150
276.    Alastair Cuthbert, 20th Century, oil on canvas, elephants in the shallows, signed and dated lower left 77, 62cm by 125cm £50-80
277.    British, 20th Century, oil on board, 'Mevagissey harbour' signed to lower left 35.5cm by 55cm £50-80
278.    British, early 20th century, oil on board, HMY Victoria & Albert, 11.5cm by 19cm £80-120
279.    A 1970's Lord of the Rings poster, by Pauline Baynes based on the cartography of J.R.R and C.J.R Tolkien 82cm by 58cm £40-60
280.    A 19th Century Chinese blue and white porcelain vase, painted all over floral design, with four character mark to underside, 29cm high £100-150
281.    A 19th Century Chinese porcelain baluster vase, blue and white all over painted design depicting fish amongst a rough sea, with six character mark to underside and label for 'Galleria Sarno Roma V.Babuino 130' 46cm high £80-120
282.    A 19th Century Chinese temple panel, the gilded wooden panel with carved figures within a garden 62cm by 15cm £50-80
283.    An early 20th Century Chinese lantern, the wooden hexagonal frame inset with painted panels of landscapes 36cm by 44cm £50-80
284.    A Japanese Satsuma figure, depicting a scholar seated with a gilt scroll, also a pair of Satsuma figures of scroll holders, another one of a seated warrior on a temple dog and a figural lid (af) £60-100
285.    A Japanese Satsuma figure of the god Hotei, modelled standing laughing, with his ornate robes framing his large tummy and staff in one hand 44cm high £60-80
286.    A large Japanese Satsuma circular vase and cover, the figural vase decorated with Samurai and scroll readers, heightened in gilt, flanked by two figural handles and a domed lid with a cymbal player, 36cm high £60-100
287.    A Japanese porcelain dinner service, in the Satsuma style, by William, Chrysanthemum pattern, comprising twelve plates, twelve smaller plates, tureen, butter dish and meat plate £100-150
288.    A Limoges porcelain coffee set, setting for six, and two extra saucers, with transfer printed floral design heightened in gilt (12) £40-60
289.    A black lace panel, a collection of kid leather gloves including a pair of gentleman's Bryans kid leather driving gloves and a Chinese silk embroided floral panel (a parcel) £70-100
290.    America, 20th Century, oil on canvas, 'Dance' 153cm by 102cm indistinctly signed to lower left £150-200
291.    Brigitte D'Annibale, 20th Century, limited edition print 'Hula Dancer' 122cm by 92cm £200-250
292.    M Rubio, Spanish 20th Century, oil on canvas, 'Daisies' signed to lower right £100-120
293.    Angela Law, 20th century, oil on canvas, still life, 100cm by 120cm £50-80
294.    Ellesberg, Danish 20th Century, oil on canvas, farmyard 68cm by 99cm £80-100
295.    John Doubleday (b.1947), oil on canvas 'Celtic Bride' of a nude couple within an open landscape, each with painted third eye to forehead, signed and titled with date '70 lower right, Alwin Gallery label verso 101.5cm by 76cm £200-300
296.    William Redgrave British (1903-1986), watercolour and body colour, woman in white hat, lilac blouse and blue skirt, signed upper right 65.5cm by 40.5cm framed and glazed £50-80
297.    John Doubleday (b.1947), a pair of watercolours, landscapes with trees, signed upper right and lower left, in gilt frames 44.5cm by 29cm (2) £80-120
298.    John Doubleday (b.1947), watercolour and crayon, 'Landscape with Forage' dated 1987, 58cm by 40cm £50-80
299.    John Doubleday (b.1947), watercolour, crayon and graphite, landscape with female figure, 82.5cm by 57.5cm, together with a smaller female nude same artist and media 45.5cm sq (2) £80-120
300.    A group of four Studio/Art glass items, including a trumpet vase, possibly Guernsey, plus two other vases and a dish (4) £60-100
301.    A group of five Japanese wood cut prints, depicting various scenes, including possibly a temple, a family of geese, a harbour scene with a mountain in the background, and two farming scenes, approx 20cm by 10cm, all framed and glazed (5) £40-60
302.    An early 19th Century Spode hand painted comport, with central hand painted scene of Arthurs Seat near Edinburgh, the comport having a beige ground with white border heightened with darker outlining, marked to the base, approx 14cm H and 36cm W £200-300
303.    An interesting 19th Century Bengal troop board print, the long linen backed roll showing multiple images of various scenes of the Bengal Troops, all of the sketches originally drawn by an Officer in that Army, later printed, approx 8.5m long, AF £40-60
304.    A Lalique glass bowl, with bird amongst foliate moulded decoration, together with a vaseline glase vase with twist design, on silver base, marked Birmingham, by DRH (2) £80-120
305.    A Spode 'Service of the Passover' plate, with blue and white design, depicting showing the order of the service, having gilt decorated edge, approx 27cm diameter £40-60
306.    A blue Globe Trotter case, having key locks and leather handle, together with a brown leather case (2) £50-80
307.    An assortment of Mason's items, comprising meat plates, serving dishes, tureen and cover, sauce boat and more, all with similar floral decoration (2 boxes) £60-100
308.    A Staffordshire porcelain part tea set, comprising eleven plates, two round comports and an oval example, all marked 2837 to base, having brightly coloured floral design (parcel) £60-100
309.    A Victorian oil lamp, the copper base of column design, with florally decorated frosted glass bowl, and later glass flume £50-80
310.    A collection of vintage lace, including napkins, table cloths etc (parcel) £60-80
311.    An late 19th/early 20th Century Atlas, by Keith Johnston, together with three Eastern metal and enamel trays, plus two goblets and a dagger, AF (parcel) £40-60
312.    A table top mineral globe, the globe showing the areas of the globe where you would find various minerals, the globe is gimbal mounted on a tri'legged base, with built in compass £60-100
313.    A mid 20th Century street scene print, depicting people, cyclists, motor vehicles all on a congested street, artist name to lower left, Jean Chieze, approx 20cm by 17cm, framed and glazed £50-80
314.    A pastel still life study of fruit, in bright abstract colours, signed and dated 'Kerrie R 77' to lower right, approx 48cm by 31cm, together with a painting on porcelain of flowers also framed and glazed (2) £50-80
315.    Two Russian oil paintings, both depicting an elderly bearded gentleman, one dated 18.7.42, together with an Italian watercolour of a river scene with a grand building in the background, all framed and of different sizes (3) £70-100
316.    An assortment of British First Day Covers, mainly with Forces postmarks, commemorating various events, approx 100+ (parcel) £50-80
317.    A selection of Channel Island First Day Covers, mainly early Jersey examples, most complete with original envelope, some in a green folder (parcel) £50-80
318.    A collection of 30+ Post Office posters, 1980s onwards, various designs and sizes, advertising various stamp subjects, including Royalty, National Trust, Garden Flowers etc (parcel) £40-60
319.    A group of GB First Day Covers, covering a range of subjects, including 150th Anniversary of The Metropolitan Police, Royal Wedding, British Composers etc, approx 100+ (parcel) £50-80
320.    An album of Railway related First Day Covers, dated 1969 to mid 1980s, showing various different locomotives, approx 80 £40-60
321.    A large collection of PHQs, most having pictorial First Day post marks, mainly 1980s, approx 100+, with duplicates (parcel) £50-80
322.    An album of Spanish stamps, mainly 1950s and 60s, all under small sleeves and not stuck down (parcel) £70-100
323.    Two albums containing Aviation First Day Covers, some being signed by the pilots, including Sqd Ldr Lewis Brandon, Fl Lt J.K Roberts, Wing Commander R.F.T Doe and many others (2 albums) £60-100
324.    A collection of World First Day Covers, various ages, including a collection of Churchill First Day covers (parcel) £60-100
325.    A group of 18 empty Stamp collectors' albums, with presentation sleeves, various colours (18) £50-80
326.    A Dresden porcelain figure of a Drummer of the 3rd Guards Regiment, marked to base, 'foot Guard, Scots Guards circa 1792, Grenadier Company', with impressed number 11270C, approx 29cm H £60-100
327.    An assortment of ceramics, including a Royal Doulton 'Historic England in Shakespeare' plate, a Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern plate, a Doulton Lambeth small tankard, a Coalport cabinet cup and saucer etc (parcel) £60-100
328.    Two pairs of Oriental Satsuma cups and covers, the smaller pair having applied floral decoration, heightened in gilt, the larger having oriental symbol decoration, approx 12cm H and smaller, AF £40-60
329.    Attributed to Thomas Tudor, a watercolour landscape at sunrise, approx 24cm by 15cm, framed and glazed £50-80
330.    A large collection of stamps and First Day Covers, mainly GB, including some from around the World, loose and in folders (parcel) £100-150
331.    An assortment of stamps, to include a complete 1988 German Yearbook, two folders containing mainly GB, plus a large selection of loose stamps (parcel) £50-80
332.    A silver handled tortoiseshell page flip, marked Birmingham, AF, together with a white metal dish with Shanghai Scottish insignia to middle, plus a white metal Dhow and a miniature fighting knife (4) £60-100
333.    A Bilston miniature enamel box, with Thank You to the lid, together with a Queen Elizabeth II miniature portrait, plus an early 20th Century porcelain cow creamer jug (3) £50-80
334.    A German porcelain dish, having floral decoration and pierced galleried sides, together with a pair of porcelain figures of a young girl and boy, AF (3) £40-60
335.    A vintage stereoviewer, with various viewing cards, including Paris, together with a large seed (parcel) £40-60
336.    A small Doulton Lambeth pepper pot, having white metal top, leading to dark coloured decorated body, marked to base, 1879, approx 10cm H £40-60
337.    An assortment of mid 20th Century ceramics, to include a Poole pottery dolphin, a large Coalport cup and saucer set, Carltonware jug and dish etc (parcel) £50-80
338.    A Moorcroft pomegranate pattern preserve pot, having white metal lid and handle, together with a Moorcroft bowl of the same pattern (3) £180-250
339.    A large Barnstaple pottery owl vase, in blue glaze, approx 50cm H, together with a large terracotta crock, diameter approx 55cm (2) £100-150
340.    Three onyx table lamps, all of different design and size, with green shades, together with an onyx vase and table lighter (parcel) £60-100
341.    An extensive Royal Doulton Vanborough pattern dinner and coffee service, marked 4992, comprising tureens and covers, plates, gravy jug, soup bowls, bowls, coffee pot, coffee cups and saucers etc, approx 58 pieces (2 boxes) £80-100
342.    A collection of wallpaper drawings, by Joan Mary Gornwall, various designs of bright colours, all rolled £50-80
343.    A large German stoneware wine/beer flagon, having grey ground with applied blue glaze, with pewter lid, together with a similar slender jug (2) £60-100
344.    A group of five framed bird prints, comprising Superb Starlings, after Fena Fennessey, Woodcock by J.C Harrison, plus three others (5) £50-80
345.    A small selection of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern dinner ware items, including plates, cups, serving bowls, plus other items (parcel) £50-80
346.    A pearl ware sportsman figure, of a huntsman with musket and dog, together with a pair of square based Staffordshire figures of huntsmen, plus two others and a reproduction example, AF (6) £70-100
347.    A Meissen porcelain box and cover, circular in shape, with red floral decoration, together with a selection of Copeland soup bowls and plates etc (parcel) £50-80
348.    A pair of glass decanters and stoppers, together with a pair of Thomas Goode & Co twin handled glass vases, plus a Spode 1977 Commemorative jug (parcel) £40-60
349.    A selection of Concorde related ephemera, to include, stamps, first day covers, commemorative coins etc (parcel) £40-60
350.    An assortment of dry point etchings, together with a Frank Brangwyn woodcut print, plus a pair of woodland watercolours by Charles Binning Monro (parcel) £50-80
351.    A fossilized fish in glass case, with label for Chinese Sturgeon £100-150
352.    A Victorian ivory handled walking cane, having silver collar, with presentation inscription to a Police Officer 1898, together with similar riding crop (2) £100-150
353.    A group of seven Clarecroft pottery wizard figures, various sizes, colours and designs (7) £50-80
354.    An assortment of ceramic boots/shoes, various styles, including wellington boot, ladies boot etc (8) £50-80
355.    A selection of Art pottery, including a red ground bowl by Van Vlaenderen, Italian lamp base in patterned blue and a smaller example in red, an umbrella dish in orange and brown by Mallauris, an orange ground pitcher lamp base and a wall plate (6) £40-60
356.    A collection of glass animal paperweights, including Murano, Wedgwood etc, mainly fish and birds, various sizes and designs (18) £50-80
357.    A group of 20 glass paperweights, to include Isle of Wight glass, Moeslund, etc, together with a glass vase and a perfume bottle (22) £60-80
358.    A Whitefriars Millefiori glass paperweight, designed by Geoffrey Baxter, having 1977 Christmas Nativity scene, number 80 engraved to base £60-80
359.    A collection of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern oven and table ware, including oval serving dishes, a small sauce boat, a bowl, a quiche dish etc (2 boxes) £60-80
360.    A collection of ceramic shoes/boots, including a walking boot, a high heeled boot etc (7) £50-80
361.    Three reference books, including, English Copper, Tin and Bronze coins by Peck, Ancient & Romano-British Brooches by Hattatt and Medieval Pilgrim & Secular Badges by Mitchiner. (3) £60-80
362.    A Collection of Crested China, approx 100 pieces including examples by Goss, Arcadian and Grafton, mostly UK but some World. Interesting examples with Felix, Leppelin & 1924 Wembley Exhibition, together with a collection of porcelain thimbles. (2) £60-100
363.    A Collection of 1950's glass, including cut and etched examples, various glasses, cocktail, brandy, wine and tumblers together with a vintage Harrods " Tizlite" suitcase with aluminium edging and destination labels (2) £50-80
364.    Two boxed Bells bell shaped decanters, both celebrating the marriage of HRH Prince Andrew and Miss Sarah Ferguson together with one similar unboxed example and three smaller bottles and a Glenfiddich miniature in a tube. (7) £40-60
365.    A Collection of Vintage Toby jugs, approx 20 including, Dick Turpin, The Sleuth, Veteran motorist and teapot, various makers including Royal Doulton. (2) £40-60
366.    A Collectors lot, including a pair of Cavalry spurs and single examples, Geometry set, vintage pocket calculator, Art Deco cigarette case and more. £30-50
367.    A Vienna wall clock, in walnut with carved centre panel, side inspection windows, ivory coloured dial with black roman numerals twin gong strike on 8 day movement by D.R.G.M, pendulum and key present missing eagle and some damage to pediment AF £200-300
368.    A Oak desk compendium , with twin opening doors, drawer below and compartmented interior including a pair of brass topped inkwells . £40-60
369.    A group of minerals, including two milky quartz examples with gold trace matrix(3) £40-60
370.    A brushed silk top hat, by Dunn & Co, possible 7. 5/8" in original box together with two waistcoats. £60-100
371.    A set of four Far Eastern silk embroidered panels, depicting bird amongst foliage, all in frames, 124cm x 25cm (4) £40-60
372.    A pair of Victorian address embossers, together with a set of vintage kitchen scales with weights, a small "butt" plane by Record , Victorian bronze tankard, gas iron and framed Chinese government bond. Parcel. £40-60
373.    A oak smoking cabinet, with embossed arts and crafts style panel door, internal drawer and pipe cut out rest and briar pipe, together with a Russian style cigarette case and two lighters Parcel. £40-60
374.    A Sorrento ware style writing slope/sewing box, with inlaid mixed wood oxen sled panel, compartmented galleried back with fold-over slope, fitted pine interior with triangular lidded compartments and two drawers. £40-60
375.    A famille rose cup and saucer, together with a Copeland blue/grey tobacco jar and matching jug, Lagonda Club 1963 rally ash tray, Bavarian ware and more AF. £40-60
376.    A set of metal chess pieces, in Saxon form and red stained, carved, wooden "Tudor rose" chess board together with a inlaid writing slope. AF £30-50
377.    An appliqué pierced white lace/net table cover, with central floral type medallion, approx 216cm x 117cm plus m frill. £100-150
378.    A 19th Century spice tin, together with two chestnut roasters, a graduated set of copper lidded sauce pans, pair of pewter candlesticks and more. £40-60
379.    A smokers lot, including, Silver hallmarked vesta case, pipe rack and three pipes, olive wood cigarette dispenser, four table lighters and Hadson Zippo type lighter in original box Parcel. £40-60
380.    A large collection of lead crystal , by Royal Crystal Rock, with etched edelweiss pattern, boxed, including Decanter, Jug, 12 x Champagne flutes, 6 x Tumblers, 12 x Wines, 6 x Sherries, 6 x Highball tumblers,(9) £60-100
381.    Three Artemide Italian designer lamps, Tolomeo, adjustable aluminium, with cantilever wire construction (3) £80-100
382.    A vintage leather suitcase, with tooled decorative panels, reinforced corners and twin securing straps, canvas lined with central divider. AF £30-50
383.    A small collection of onyx/cream alabaster, including large table lamp, 2 x pair of table lamps, single table lamp and 25cm diameter bowl, vases, ashtrays, small bowls and more. (3) £60-100
384.    A collection of Kitchenalia, including butter pats, salt bin, cutters, spring balance, treen barrel, vintage football rattle and more Parcel. £60-100
385.    An art deco ceramic racing car teapot, in yellow with silver detail together with a Shelly green two tier cake stand and a Shelly blue tall jug (3) £30-50
386.    A vintage Strand stamp album, with a good selection of older world stamps together with two more albums some loose pages and a series of envelopes with loose world stamps. Parcel. £100-200
387.    A Royal Copenhagen Polar bear figural group, large figure with seated bear with two cubs. Stamped to base #087, boxed. £100-120
388.    A B&G Copenhagen seated polar bear figure, #1629 together with an example sniffing the wind #1692 and smaller walking 2218 (3) £60-80
389.    A Lladro figural group , of two polar bears with a cub , boxed #01443 together with a similar example #05434, Polar bear plate, three small Nao figures and more, parcel. £60-80
390.    A Royal Dux Polar Bear figure, with large bear, stood with head extended, pink triangle stamp to underside. £100-120
391.    A charcoal on paper rear nude study, Signed A Donguie, 150cm x 67cm framed and glazed. £250-350
392.    A Royal Copenhagen Polar bear figural group, of two cubs play fighting #1107 together with a figure of a cub lying on its back playing #537 (2) £100-120
393.    A Large vintage ship's compass, by Henry Browne and son, also marked Sestrel to the dial, in black painted gimbal housing diameter 20cm AF, together with a 930's ship in a bottle, the Haig's dimple bottle containing a clipper, 21cm, and a wooden half hull model of a boat 57cm. (2) £70-100
394.    A large Royal Copenhagen bear figure, #237 stamped to foot together with a walking figure of a polar bear #320 both marked Denmark. (2) £100-120
395.    A group of four Royal Copenhagen polar bear figures, including seated #323, seated #235, rolling on its back #22747 and on it's back, clutching a paw # 1124.(4) £100-120
396.    A Terence Nutt of Worcester fruit painted plate, with central floral decoration, surrounded by fruit and berries, with artist signature to top, diameter 22.5cm. £50-80
397.    A large B&G Copenhagen polar bear figure, of a walking bear #1785 together with four smaller examples.(5) £60-80
398.    A White & Gold edged dinner service, by Bohemia "Czechoslovakia" {sic}, comprising of, 11 x 23cm soup plates, 40 x 19cm plates, 32 x 23cm plates, 12 x 17cm plates, 9 x two handled cups and saucers, 3 x oval dishes 25.5cm, 1 x 54cm oval fish plate, 1 x 30cm lidded tureen, 2 x oval serving plates, 2 x large bowls, 1 x salt, 1 x sauce boat, 3 x comports, 2 x 26cm oval lidded tureens, 2 x large serving plates. (5) £80-100
399.    A Belle Epoque piano stool, of tripartite construction in turned beech with rotating seat and glass ball castors. £40-60
400.    A pair of large and impressive late 19th century German Majolica ewers, by Gerbing & Stephan, with Art Nouveau maiden handles, and decorated with classical, grotesque, and heraldic devices to a bleu de roi ground, one AF 54 cm H (2) £150-200
401.    Ashton Cannell (1927-1994), watercolour landscape 'A Break in the Clouds' of a view up Coniston Water, signed lower right and titled to The Cumberland Gallery label verso 31.5 cm x 49 cm, framed and glazed £60-100
402.    Sir David Young Cameron (1865-1945), Holyrood in 1745' etched for the Art of Union Scotland as their presentation plate for the year 1896, 33 cm x 47 cm framed and glazed; together with a Herdrik de Laat engraving of the Peperbus tower in Zwolle 45 cm x 24.5 cm, framed and glazed £50-80
403.    Walter J Morby (1860-1911), a late 19th Century watercolour drawing of cattle beside a river in a wooded landscape, signed and dated '84 lower right with hand written inscription to a label verso 'A Bit of Eden and Edenbridge' 36 cm x 25 cm, framed in broad gilt mount and glazed £100-150
404.    A Regency period coloured engraving of the 'Suspension Chain Pier Brighton', with later brass plaque for the 'Brighton Marine Palace & Pier Co.' c.1890 framed and glazed, overall 67 cm x 56.5 cm; together with another print of 'The Chain Pier at Brighton During the Late Tempest' dated November 23rd 1824, and dedicated to it's designer Capt. Samuel Brown RN 28 cm x 39.5 cm, framed and glazed £200-300
405.    A pair of late 18th Century oil on canvas marine scapes, possibly of Hastings from the sea, and believed to have formerly been one picture, laid down and presented in rosewood frames, each 31 cm x 26 cm overall £100-150
406.    The Historical Antiques of Hertfordshire, by Sir Henry Chauncy K.T., published 1826, and in two volumes AF (2) £40-60
407.    A mahogany cased collection of geometry apparatus, one marked Thornton, together with a Bate scale rule, and an ivory handled folding fruit knife (3) £60-80
408.    A Chinese black soapstone Guanyin, carrying a vessel and bouquet of flowers 22 cm H £50-100
409.    A Japanese miniature bamboo house, in kit form and in vintage Harvey Nichols & Co. Ltd. box AF £40-60
410.    A collection of clear studio glass posy vases, glass animals, and a frosted glass scent bottle with flower and hummingbird stopper (10) £100-150
411.    A selection of coloured studio glass , including animals, jack-in-the-pulpit vase, paperweights, and more (20) £100-150
412.    A pair of bisque figures, possibly Italian, of a noble man and woman, each stood by an elevated wash bowl, together with another of a young lady with a King Charles spaniel (3) £80-150
413.    An EPNS tea pot with the 'Order of Bath' crest, together with an Imari palette biscuit barrel (2) £40-60
414.    A collection of three similar cranberry glass bells, each with shaped clear glass handles 31 cm H and smaller £70-90
415.    Stuart Luke Gatherer (b.1972), oil on canvas portrait from the Stranger series of eight, this being number one entitled 'The Lawyer', gallery label verso with artist and title 18 cm x 13 cm, framed and glazed with Perspex. This lot may be subject to Artist Resale Royalties £100-150
416.    A Pul-Syn-Etic Impulse clock, probably originally a station or post office clock 39.5 cm dia., plus a Magneta electric clock with mahogany bezel 41 cm dia., and two slave dials (4) £50-80
417.    A collection of Royal Albert 'Old Country Rose' pattern dinner and tea wares, including meat plate, tea pot, and coffee pot (88) £300-500
418.    An Art Deco pink marble clock, and garniture (3) £80-120
419.    Three modern Art Nouveau style lamps, one modelled as a butterfly (3) £60-100
420.    Two colour mezzotints, one after Sir Thomas Lawrence R.A., the other after John Hopner R.A., both by E.M. Hester and signed in pencil to the mount 12.5 cm x 10 cm, framed and glazed £40-60
421.    A pair of spelter figures on eagles, Industry and Commerce, plus another set of five including the miner, the blacksmith, industry, commerce, and day (7) £60-100
422.    A Portmeirion Totem pattern coffee set, in brown glaze (15) £50-80
423.    A punch bowl and glasses AF, together with a selection of small conical liqueur glasses, and others (2 boxes) £50-80
424.    A Dresden porcelain balloon clock, with applied flowers and cherubs 23 cm H, together with a small gilt metal and tapestry pendant clock (2) £60-100
425.    A part set of Art Deco style glasses, in a smokey finish, plus a later set of clear cocktail glasses (45) £60-100
426.    Two lead crystal decanters, together with two pairs of glasses, glass bowls, dishes, and more (parcel) £50-80
427.    A bird in a cage automaton, with sun faded plumage AF 27.5 cm H £60-100
428.    A good collection of pottery and porcelain, including 1965 Winnie the Pooh mugs, a Royal Dux basket, a Limoges porcelain box, plus several other items AF (parcel) £60-100
429.    A Siemens Brothers & Co. Ltd. telephone, in ivory finish and rotary dial £40-60
430.    A jasperware style cameo by Raymond Gayrard (1807-1855), possibly of Joseph Marie Jacquard, together with two shell cameos, an early 20th Century miniature watercolour on ivory portrait, and a pair of ebonised circular frames containing prints (6) £80-100
431.    A Chinese porcelain baluster vase, decorated with a figural landscape of mountains and a lake, red seal mark printed to the base 17 cm H; together with a hardstone bonsai peach tree 23 cm H £80-100
432.    A collection of table linen, and throws, including some crochet, embroidered examples, and more (parcel) £80-100
433.    An assortment of dinner and tea ware, including a yellow Royal Winton tea set, Czechoslovakian part dinner service, and more (2 boxes) £50-80
434.    A collection of Chinnoiserie pattern Mason's Ironstone, including a chamber pot, soap dish, plate, egg waiter and large bowl, plus a pair of similar dishes (9) £50-80
435.    A selection of Mason's ironstone, including tea caddies, drainers, dishes, and plates (parcel) £40-60
436.    A large collection of Royal Doulton Carlyle, and Vanborough ceramics (2 boxes) £40-60
437.    A mid-20th Century brown leather vintage suitcase, with maroon corduroy lining, and San Kong Mark label inside 71 cm W, plus a small ivory coloured faux leather Antler suitcase 46 cm W (2) £50-80
438.    Barbedienne style bronze clock and garniture, of ornate design with urn finial, cream chapter ring with Roman numerals and gilt central boss, 8 day barrel movement striking on a bell, with a pair of five branch candelabra AF (3) £150-250
439.    A pair of glazed late 19th Century gilt framed fête gallant oils, in heavy porthole mounts, depicting scenes of Wigmore, Suffolk 30 cm x 27 cm overall £80-100
440.    A pair of 19th Century Sevres style porcelain goblets, in gilt metal mounts, the reserves decorated to one side with putti, and to the other with floral bouquets within raised gilt cartouche to a bleu du roi ground AF 11.5 cm H £80-100
441.    A Victorian ivory figure group of a seated faerie, cradling a butterfly, after a design by Moreau 10.5 cm H; together with a 19th Century north European ivory fan AF (2) £80-100
442.    A Mary Gregory style green glass bottle, together with an Edwardian green glass jug with raised gilt design, and a Webb crystal two handled coronation cup 1953 (3) £60-100
443.    A 19th Century walnut twin compartment tea caddy, with kingwood banding to the inside 25 cm W, together with a Victorian mahogany sarcophagus shaped tea caddy with lion mask handles (2) £80-100
444.    A good early 20th Century holly driving whip, with silver mounts 150 cm L, together with a copper and brass coaching horn (2) £100-150
445.    A Japanese Imari bowl of fluted form, together with an Imari lobed dish, and a Kutani pottery dish 24.5 cm dia. and smaller (3) £80-100
446.    A French gilt mantle clock, with Sevres style dial, and painted panels to the alabaster base 43 cm W £120-180
447.    Rev. William H Urwick (1856-1939), watercolour river landscape 'Distant Prospect of Reading from Sonning', signed lower right and titled to the slip mount 24 cm x 33.5 cm, framed and glazed; together with two William Byrne etchings of Thames river scenes at Wallingford and Abingdon £80-100
448.    A.B. Hellier (20th Century), impasto oil on board interior scene 'Abandoned', signed lower right and titled verso 40.5 cm x 51 cm, in painted wooden frame £60-100
449.    Degn (20th Century), a small collection of 1970s realism graphite on paper sketches, each signed and dated '72 or '73 (4) £50-80
450.    Charlotte Audrey Fawley (b.1934), mixed media study of the atrium of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, signed in pencil and dated 2000 by Windsor & Newton blind stamp lower right 57 cm x 38 cm £50-80
451.    Two pen and ink caricatures, and one watercolour of political figures, the watercolour entitled 'The Suitors, Election 2001' of Blair, Hague, and Kennedy; plus a set of caricature prints including Healy, Heath, Callaghan, Thatcher, and Powell 45 cm x 32 cm and smaller, all framed and glazed (9) £80-100
452.    A modern Chinese carved hardstone figure of Guanyin, in green jadeite, 15cm £40-60
453.    An ancient Burmese carved alabaster figure of Buddha, approx. 26cm, believed to be 1st or 2nd century AD £150-250
454.    An ancient Pakistan carved stone relief panel, depicting the birth of Buddha, believed to be from the frieze at the Mohenjo Daro Temple in Pakistan, it was gifted to the vendor's father by the late Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfigkr Ali Bhutto in the 1970s, 24cm wide £200-300
455.    An antique Greek icon, the hardwood panel, possibly oak, having painted scene of St Constantine and St Helena, with some script, some damages, 24cm by 17.5cm £150-200
456.    A pair of African painted ostrich eggs, each with a Masai beadwork circular stand, one with warrior, shield and sword, the other with deer, arrows and bow (4) £60-100
457.    A collection of needlepoint tapestry, Berlin woolwork, patchwork, silk embroidery and more (parcel) £60-100
458.    A collection of vintage Indian plaster figures, one lady with an umbrella, the other thirteen as men, some military, two musicians and others, some damages (14) £50-80
459.    A rare Mason's Ironstone flask, together with a tureen and stand, and other Ironstone in various patterns, some AF (parcel) £50-80
460.    A mid to late 19th Century French school watercolour on ivory portrait, believed to be the protagonist of Alexander Dumas' 1844 novel 'The Three Musketeers', d'Artagnan. With Samuel Coombes framer's label verso 16 cm x 12 cm, in ebonised frame and glazed £250-350
461.    A Merry & Co. of St. James's London silver mounted whip, together with a silver mounted antler handle whip marked TG & Co., and a fine Malacca cane from Brigg of London (3) £80-150
462.    A Qing dynasty pale blue glaze zun, Kangxi mark and period, the waterpot with applied qilin decoration, character marks to the base 11.5cm diameter, on later stand £300-500
463.    A Lladro 'flying nuns' figure group in white, together with Portmeirion Porcelain vases, Royal Doulton 'Sympathy' figure, a Lladro figure of a child with lump hammer, and a similar figure (6) £80-100
464.    A set of 12 Suzie Cooper coffee cans and saucers, decorated with musical regalia (24) £40-60
465.    A collection of tin glazed earthenware, and stoneware, including Cinq Ports Pottery, Buchan, and others (parcel) £50-80
466.    A collection of lead crystal decanters, plus three boxed sets of glasses from Thomas Webb, Doulton, and Rockingham (4) £60-100
467.    Of Advertising Interest: A Bulmer's cider crate, a club soda crate, and two stoneware flagons; one marked Bowden & Co. Bournemouth, the other A. Matthews Reading (4) £50-80
468.    A pair of vintage Meteor-Siegen daylight lamps, complete with stands, plus a pair of vintage Kodalite lamps and tripod stands from the Eastman Kodak Co. NY, and two associated lamps (10) £60-100
469.    A pen and ink view of the High Street, Henley, looking up toward the town hall, plus an oil of 'The Angel Hotel' signed Hopes 1971, and a vintage photograph of a boating party on regatta day (3) £60-100
470.    A Lladro golfer porcelain figure, modelled taking a shot 28.5 cm H, in original box £50-80
471.    A collection of vintage bottles, including Cartwright Pharmacist Henley-on-Thames, Condy's Fluid, Camp Coffee, and more (parcel) £40-60
472.    A group of pottery and stoneware, including an asparagus dish, German stoneware jug, Dartford gargling fish jug, and more (7) £40-60
473.    A black lacquer effect tea caddy, together with a 19th Century ivory handled Malacca cane, and a metal hat box (3) £60-100
474.    A set of 12 lead crystal hock glasses with knopped stem, 14 port glasses, 12 wine glasses, 12 sundae dishes, and four highball tumblers (54) £60-100
475.    A collection of Bohemia lead crystal glasses, including 12 Champagne flutes, six brandy balloons, six tumblers, ice bucket, and more (parcel) £50-80
476.    A collection of jugs and advertising ceramics, including Haig, Wade Regency jug, Brakespear's Jug, a Black & White whisky advertising model, and a Peggy Gibbons cup and saucer (41) £50-80
477.    A Franklin Mint mallard in flight, by A.J. Rudisill, on wooden stand, and an associated large glass dome 48.5 cm H £60-100
478.    A large collection of lead crystal whisky tumblers, wine glasses, and liqueur glasses (59) £50-80
479.    A group of lead crystal bowls, some examples boxed (13) £50-80
480.    A 19th Century boxwood and paper fan, with printed scene of musicians and cavaliers, the reverse with open cartouche depicting landscape together with a boxwood stamp box, a stainless steel drawing set and various other items £60-80
481.    A quantity of lead crystal, including Dartington glasses, a pewter mounted decanter, and more (parcel) £40-60
482.    An oil on board quarter length portrait of a Chelsea Pensioner, decorated with South Africa medals, Taylors Art Salon label initialled JA in pencil attached verso 61 cm x 52 cm, in canvas and giltwood frame AF £60-80
483.    A Ming Village Chinese porcelain replica Qianlong vase 19.5 cm H, with five trumpets, decorated in polychrome enamels, plus a replica Yongzheng famille rose quail pattern plate 20 cm dia. (2) £60-80
484.    A set of six game shooting aquatints, after Turner published 1841, describing scenes of huntsmen shooting woodcock, snipe, duck, partridge, pheasant, and grouse; each plate 45.5 cm x 56 cm, framed and glazed (6) £60-100
485.    A collection of lead crystal brandy balloons, and whisky tumblers (parcel) £50-80
486.    Matthew Dubourg 'Four in Hand' coloured etching, originally published 1825, and print of 'The Peace Coach Conveying the News of the Victory of Waterloo', both in birds eye maple frames, together with an aquatint 'A View in Hyde Park' 56 cm x 63.5 cm, and smaller (3) £60-80
487.    A silver mounted Malacca cane, with horn handle Birmingham 1899, plus a cane handled parasol with carved donkey head handle (2) £100-150
488.    An oak cobbler's clamp, plus a selection of wooden stocking airers (8) £80-100
489.    Two Ancient Order of Foresters decorative wooden axes, together with a large wooden club inscribed 'Princess Alice Court No. 2257', thought to be from the same Order (3) £100-150
490.    A pair of gilt brass curtain holdbacks, as laurel wreaths marked RL & S, approx. dia. 23 cm (2) £30-50
491.    Two Art Deco style figural lamp bases, and one Art Nouveau style figural lamp base, all late 20th/early 19th Century (3) £60-80
492.    A mixed lot, including a copper and brass hunting horn, a wrought iron candle sconce, and three vintage telephones including an A.E.P example (6) £80-100
493.    A large collection of ex-shop stock Bohemia lead crystal, still in original packaging, including glasses, vases, decanters, and more (parcel) £80-100
494.    A group of boxed lead crystal items, including a claret jug, an ice bucket with presentation inscription, plus various boxed sets of RCR glasses (parcel) £60-100
495.    A collection of star flower pattern lead crystal, Champagne flutes, decanter, bowls and more; plus a small quantity of other boxed lead crystal glasses (parcel) £50-80
496.    Three boxes of lead crystal wine glasses, whisky tumblers, and short glasses (parcel) £50-80
497.    A lead crystal punch bowl golf trophy, together with assorted glasses, rose bowls, vases, and more (parcel) £50-80
498.    A collection of lead crystal highball tumblers, together with Champagne flutes, wine, and liqueur glasses (parcel) £50-80
499.    Lenda Vandal-Pedersen (Danish 20th Century), oil on board 'Optagelse Nr. 2', signed lower right, and with artists notation, title and date '90 verso 145 cm x 122 cm, on wooden frame £80-100
500.    A mid-19th Century mahogany club armchair, by Stahan of Dublin, finished in green leather and stamped 13275 STAHAN verso £200-300
501.    A William IV mahogany pole screen, with slip mounted silk embroidery panel, supported on a lappet carved tripod base 158.5 cm H £50-100
502.    A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table, with single frieze drawer, and on reeded legs to brass castors 91.5 cm W £50-100
503.    Three Victorian and later child's chairs, one a Windsor style commode seat, one country kitchen chair, and one a shaker style rattan seat ladder back, each approx. 59 cm H (3) £100-150
504.    A pair of Edwardian period mahogany and inlaid dining chairs, having red upholstered stuff over seats (2) £40-60
505.    An Edwardian period chest of drawers, three graduated drawers on cabriole supports, white paint to rear £60-100
506.    A 1950s reproduction mahogany chest on chest style chest of drawers, AF £60-100
507.    A Victorian mahogany wall mirror, some damages £40-60
508.    A vintage mahogany and glazed display counter cabinet, rectangular form having double sliding doors to reverse on cabriole supports, scratched glass, 178cm wide £60-100
509.    A vintage shop counter by Johnson Baker, the wooden case with glazed upper section and having two flap doors and drawers to reverse, 122cm wide, scratched and damages £80-120
510.    A large vintage shop counter display cabinet by Johnson Baker, the rectangular wooden case having glazed front and top with three doors and drawers to reverse, 182cm wide, scratched glass and damages £80-120
511.    A small 1960s teak and glazed display cabinet, 165cm high, with two glazed sections on four supports, AF £60-100
512.    A 19th Century continental pier mirror, of two part construction, and with camel hump arched top, in grey with gilt acanthus 145 cm H £60-100
513.    A vintage Middle Eastern carpet, the Caucasian long red ground rug with browns, oranges, some wear and repair, 333cm by 163cm £60-100
514.    A 19th Century satin birch pot cupboard, with a marble top surmounting a single cupboard door, on reeded legs to brass castors united by a shelf stretcher 76.5 cm H £80-12
515.    A George III mahogany bow front dresser, with three drawers over six turned legs 130.5 cm W £60-100
516.    A small French Empire walnut open bookcase, with gilt metal chutes and on bun feet 103 cm H £100-150
517.    A Queen Anne style walnut writing table, with herringbone inlay, cascade front, and shell carved cabriole legs 122 cm W £120-180
518.    An early 20th Century yew wood pembroke table, with frieze drawer to one end and a blind drawer to the other, on chamfered legs 75 cm W £150-200
519.    A 20th Century walnut coffee table, on square tapering legs 118 cm x 75 cm £80-150
520.    A George III mahogany tambour front desk, with fitted interior and writing slide, two long and two short frieze drawers, on turned tapering legs 107 cm W £180-250
521.    A mahogany chair with bobbin turned back supports, together with an oak cascade magazine rack with drop front, a set of filing shelves, and a set of small drawers (4) £60-100
522.    A George III chinoiserie corner cabinet, the bow front drawers decorated with raised gilt gesso figures and landscapes, to a tortoiseshell effect scumble ground 93 cm H, with associated heavy oak bracket carved with acanthus leaves 59 cm H (2) £100-150
523.    A George III mahogany chest on chest, tall boy with blind fretwork frieze, and of two over three, over three drawer configuration, on square bracket feet 189.5 cm H £250-400
524.    A pair of Victorian mahogany shelf brackets, each with a pair of dust pressed tiles (2) £60-100
525.    A fine Victorian inlaid coal scuttle, in the style of Gillows £100-150
526.    A George V period cast iron post box £200-300
527.    A Victorian brass towel rail and other items £50-80
528.    A group of three vintage wood cutting saws £30-50
529.    A pair of Victorian rosewood fret work shelf brackets, one damaged, together with another similar period mahogany example (3) £60-100
530.    An Edwardian period mahogany two tier dumb waiter £100-150
531.    A Victorian copper milk churn, engraved LSC to cover £40-60
532.    A group of three Victorian and later mahogany plant stands, one circular with inlaid designs, another torchere and one with tripod base and carved and pierced upper (3) £80-100
533.    A large vintage copper circular pan, with cast iron wall hanging bracket, together with a Victorian copper and wooden handled bed warming pan (3) £100-150
534.    An Arts & Crafts period copper and pottery standard lamp base, in the Ruskin style £100-150
535.    A Georgian decorative shelf and wall bracket, painted white and with colours, having exotic bird and shell to recess, AF £150-250
536.    A modern Chinese hardwood ocassional table, squared top with single drawer £100-200
537.    A modern Chinese lacquered wedding or rice carrier £80-120
538.    A modern Chinese lacquered oval box £60-100
539.    A modern oriental softwood trough £60-100
540.    A modern Indian silk bed cover or wall hanging £60-100
541.    A 1970s dining table and four chairs by Ercol, drop leaf table, chairs with seat pads (5) £100-150
542.    A modern Italian glass ocassional table £80-120
543.    A reproduction mahogany Canterbury £60-100
544.    A vintage wooden and canvas travel trunk £50-80
545.    A Victorian mahogany pole screen with tapestry panel £60-100
546.    A vintage carved hall chair, together with a brass umbrella stand and a damaged Victorian mahogany toilet mirror (3) £50-80
547.    A vintage oak veneered pedastal desk, AF £50-80
548.    A pair of modern cast iron fire dogs £120-180
549.    A 19th Century and later French mirror, carved to upper, damaged £40-60
550.    An Art Nouveau period oak and inlaid Sutherland table £80-100

An interesting Queen Anne style mirror stand, the lower section with drawers possibly once part of a desk or bureau interior, and having mirror on supports £150-250
552.    A fine modern walnut wake or hunt drop leaf dining table by Stewart Linford, the long top with heavy semi-oval folding leaves on double swing pad feet supports, originally retailed through Harrods in c1995 £200-300
553.    A good modern walnut bookcase from Stewart Linford, having two doors to lower and elevated bookcase with three shelves £150-200
554.    A George III mahogany chest, of two over three drawers, with two hidden frieze drawers, on splay bracket feet 117 cm H £100-150
555.    Phillipe Hurel 'Datcha' designer dining table, in natural oak with six pillar base united by a saltire stretchered support, with plank feet 219.5 cm L £300-500
556.    A Victorian mahogany elevated bookcase cabinet, with glazed upper section, over cupboard doors £50-80
557.    A Victorian walnut mirrored breakfront chiffonier, with marble top, and associated mirror back on turned supports £100-150
558.    A large 20th Century Indonesian style carved low bookcase, with twin banks of drawers flanking an open central shelf section 185 cm W £100-150
559.    A cast iron fire basket with a pair of decorative fire dogs, also a curved cast iron fender £50-80
560.    An 18th Century oak side table, the single frieze drawer with ring handles £50-80
561.    A vintage cast iron water pump, with hand crank, factory mark B, and finished in green 132 cm H £60-80
562.    A vintage prison door, with reinforced steel back, food hatch, and spy hole, ideal for a nursery or granny flat 192 cm x 70.5 cm £40-60
563.    A Wycombe wheel back carver chair, the elm seat supported on turned beech legs, united by a bull's horn stretcher £50-80
564.    A 19th Century rush seat armchair, with quaker style ladder back, and turned legs to pad feet 101 cm H, plus small soft stool (2) £40-60
565.    A set of four Victorian mahogany balloon back chairs, together with a pair of Edwardian rush seat bedroom chairs (6) £60-80
566.    An 18th Century oak panel chest, formerly with wire hinges, replacement plank top 137.5 cm W £120-180
567.    A pair of faux stone console tables, together with a matching oval coffee table, 130 cm x 70 cm and smaller £100-150
568.    A modern oak and chromed side table, the rectangular top, supported on two chromed supports with tapered bases and pad feet, 122cm £40-60
569.    A David Landau designed occasional table, the square dark oak veneered top, on a chromed support, 93cm square £40-60
570.    Cattelan Italia burr maple veneer free form occasional tables, of curved design, supported on block and cylindrical supports, both different heights, marked to underside with label, 136cm & 66cm wide, 41.5cm & 38cm high (2) £100-150
571.    A pair of Barcelona chairs with matching stools designed by Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, the chromed X framed supports, with leather strapping and cushions, leather in need of attention (4) £1000-1500
572.    A David Landau large square occasional table, all in black with central plinth base, 99cm squared £40-60
573.    A large V'soske woollen hall rug, in an all over shag pile, label to underside, heavy wear to edge, 360cm by 150cm £50-80
574.    A large V'soske woollen rug, of stripped banded design, label to underside, 350cm by 275cm £100-200
575.    A 19th Century Anglo-Indian rosewood and brass bound heavy campagin chest, the rectangular chest with mirror backed hinged lid opens to reveal an intricately fitted interior, with compartments, mirrors and trays, this in turn lifts out to reveal a brass bound casket designed as a scale replica of the larger piece itself, all on a seperate stand, 75cm long, 61cm high and 46cm deep £500-700
576.    An Edwardian mahogany inlaid piano stool, the front piece decorated with central basket of fruit and leaf design, inset with bone and satinwood, together with another mahogany piano stool and a Georgian mahogany stool with an embroided wool floral top (3) £100-150
577.    A George III mahogany side table, the rectangular top, with single frieze drawer with brass handle and a 19th Century tripod wine table with rectangualr top (2) £80-120
578.    An Arts and Crafts mahogany inlaid bedroom chair, with fine spindle back, and stuff-over seat and back, together with another similar mahogany chair (2) £60-80
579.    Three 19th Century mahogany chairs, the country style with curved backs and slip in padded seats (3) £30-50
580.    A modern gilt mirror, rectangular, with bevelled glass 86cm by 55cm £40-50
581.    Two 19th Century cast iron stick stands, one in the Aesthetic style with sunflower design painted in gilt, 70cm and 52cm (2) £50-80
582.    A selection of pottery garden planters, various shapes and sized, plus a composite bird bath (14) £80-100
583.    A coopered wooden planter, 70 cm H £40-60
584.    A large walnut veneered reception desk, with electricity points 260 cm W £40-60
585.    A large woollen Tabriz carpet, with central medallion to a red ground, and dark blue ground edging and multi-border 383 cm x 305 cm £200-300
586.    A retro 1970s chrome and glass extendable dining table, the rectangular top on four supports with two sliding glass panels and a lift up central glazed section, AF £40-60
587.    A late Victorian walnut prie dieu chair, with reeded legs 90 cm H £50-80
588.    A tropical hardwood Moroccan style étagère, with three shelves banded in iron, on turned legs 130 cm H £50-80
589.    An Indian square inlaid occasional table, decorated with a dancing lady within a landscape surrounded by a decorative frieze on cabriole supports, 41cm square by 39cm high £40-60
590.    A William IV Thomas Tomkinson mahogany square piano, stamped with makers name and number 9497, having lifting hinged top to ivory keys with makers plaque over flanked by fret carved rectangles and inlaid satinwood scroll and floral detail, supported on four tapered, reeded legs culminating in brass castors, having two labels to interior from A Rhodes and dated 1839, 180 cm wide x 71 cm deep x 88 cm high £200-300