Day One Jewellery, Silver, Watches, Coins & Stamps
19th September 2017 (lots 1-632)
Day Two Militaria, Field Sports & Transport
20th September 2017 (lots 633-1370)

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1.      An early 20th century Indian white metal tea set, rectangular tray with teapot, sugar basin and milk jug, with lids, all with scrolling foliage and elephants (7) £100-200
2.      A vintage Indian white metal dish, ornate raised foliate designs, 18cm £50-100
3.      A pair of Georgian silver plated wine bottle coasters, pierced scrolling foliage sides and hardwood bases, AF (2) £50-100
4.      A Victorian silver presentation trowel by Henry Wilkinson & Co, lacks handle, engraved for Wesleyan Chapel Manningham 1858 £60-100
5.      An Art Nouveau period German silver bowl, having pierced leaf and berry design, marked 800, damaged £60-100
6.      Seven Georgian silver teaspoons, three with raised design to bowls, and four fiddle pattern (7) £60-100
7.      A Victorian silver vinaigrette by DP, shaped with engraved bands, Birmingham c1852 £80-100
8.      Three Victorian and later silver vesta cases, one plain with initials and two with engraved designs (3) £60-100
9.      Four Victorian and later silver vesta cases, varying sizes, each with engraved designs (4) £60-100
10.     Three Victorian and later silver vesta cases, oval form, two larger, each with engraved designs (3) £60-100
11.     Four Victorian and later silver vesta cases, one with sunburst design, three others with engraved foliage (4) £60-100
12.     Three Victorian and later silver vesta cases, graduating in sizes, two plain and one with initials (3) £60-100
13.     A collection of Victorian and later silver and silver plate, including two small modern silver pill boxes, a small circular photograph frame, a matchbox holder and plated items (parcel) £60-100
14.     Five Victorian and later items of ladies silver, including an envelope shaped calling card case, a purse, a comb, a nurses bel buckle and a compact (6) £100-200
15.     A large collection of silver plated items, including a twin handled tray, two other trays, two tea sets and much more, two boxes (parcel) £80-120
16.     A pair of George V silver filled candleholders from Mappin & Webb, octagonal bases and knops to stem, marked Sheffield 1935 (2) £60-100
17.     A pair of Victorian silver cauldron salts and spoons, together with a pair of modern silver filled dwarf candle holders, a pill box, six silver spoons, a plated strainer spoon and a pair of mop handled serving items (16) £60-100
18.     A four piece George V silver tea set, possibly by FC, Sheffield 1929, in the Art Deco style with teapot, hot water, sugar basin and milk jug, 51 ozt (5) £450-550
19.     A vintage four piece silver plated tea set by Viners, together with a Sheffield plate muffin dish and another, a silver teaspoon and a pair of Arthur Price plated grape shears (parcel) £50-100
20.     A fine late Victorian silver Christening tankard from Boody & Dunthorne, in fitted tankard shaped case, together with a similar period oval hipflask (3) £100-150
21.     A large collection of silver plated items, in two boxes, including various table and flat ware, along with a pair of brass fire dogs and more (parcel) £80-120
22.     A George V silver twin handled trophy, with engraved presentation inscription, together with a George V silver bon bon dish, 15 ozt (2) £150-200
23.     A George III silver Christening tankard, together with a George V silver twin handled trophy cup, a silver egg cup and a vintage white metal Indian milk jug with cobra handle and deities (4) £80-120
24.     A group of 19th century and later silver flatware, including a pair of George IV tablespoons, a tablespoon and two sauce ladles, a dessert spoon, two mustard spoons and two teaspoons, 12 ozt (10) £120-150
25.     A collection of Silver and other items, including a nurses belt buckle, a cigarette and a vesta case, modern crowns, other coins and more (parcel) £80-120
26.     A George V silver teapot and hot water jug by RWB, retailed through Harrods, plain bulbous bodies with domed hinged lids, London 1934, 43.5 ozt £400-500
27.     An Art Deco period silver toast rack, together with a set of silver Apostle teaspoons and matching tongs, a silver napkin ring, a Victorian silver mustard spoon by Elizabeth Eaton, along with some silver plated flatware (parcel) £60-100
28.     A George VI silver salver by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths, plain well and rim, London 1948, 42 ozt £400-600
29.     A fine 1970s silver box by Gerald Benney, the rectangular casket with textured outer and heightened partially in gilt, London 1972 and stamped Gerald Benney £150-250
30.     A 1970s silver beaker by Gerald Benney, having textured outer with engraved Elizabeth II Silver Wedding inscription, gilt interior, London 1971 £100-150
31.     A pair of Edwardian silver novelty sugar tongs by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths, modelled as a harlequin holding two serpent rings, London 1904 £60-80
32.     An Art Deco period silver cigarette box, together with a modern silver and commemorative coin pin tray (2) £80-100
33.     A 1930s silver porringer and cover by C.P & Co, engraved Peter to twin handled cup (2) £60-80
34.     A modern taste du vin by HOL, having holly leaf, berry and ring handle, together with a modern commemorative silver and glass liquor glass (2) £60-80
35.     Two vintage silver hipflasks, one plain example, c1920s, and a larger engine turned example from the 1940s, together with two sets of silver plated beakers in leather cases (4) £120-180
36.     A 1960s silver commemorative goblet, celebrating the Prince of Wales Caernarvon 1969, 10.9 ozt £100-150
37.     A modern silver commemorative goblet, celebrating the wedding of Charles & Diana in 1981, 6.5 ozt £60-100
38.     A William IV silver snuff box by Thomas Shaw, together with a Georgian period silver cased blood letting set with three tortoiseshell handled blades (5) £120-180
39.     A group of five George I and George II silver spoons, each with rat tail, four Old English pattern, and one triffid, c1700 to 1720s (5) £150-200
40.     An Edwardian silver tea caddy, together with a George III silver basting spoon, a George V silver cigarette box and a plated teaspoon (4) £120-180
41.     A collection of silver and silver plated items, including a plated watch chain with a silver vesta case, a silver pocket watch, a silver decanter label and three others, two copper coin dishes, a cocktail shaker, tankard and more (parcel) £100-150
42.     A late Victorian or Edwardian silver plated epergne £40-60
43.     A pair of late Georgian silver asparagus servers by William Eley & William Fearn, together with a pair of George V silver ashtrays, a silver topped glass pin jar, a magnifying glass and a lobster pick (7) £120-180
44.     A modern silver plated wine bucket, with leather handle, together with a pair of hand painted wine bottle coasters (3) £50-100
45.     A George VI silver mounted and ebonised conductor's baton by FB, together with a silver plated small toddy ladle, three coin spoons, two souvenir spoons and three serving items (10) £50-100
46.     An Edwardian silver plated ice bucket by Hukin & Heath, together with a collection of silver plated items (parcel) £50-100
47.     A white metal milk jug, bearing George III hallmarks, possibly later embossed and modified, 11.3 ozt £100-150
48.     An Art Deco period silver and enamel lady's cigarette case by Adie Bros, having floral design to front, together with a small George V silver trinket box from Mappin & Webb (2) £100-150
49.     A set of four George III silver teaspoons by Richard Richardson IV £50-100
50.     Three Victorian and later cut glass and silver capped scent bottles £50-100
51.     An Art Deco silver sugar sifter by Walker & Hall, together with a George V silver sugar basin and a pair of modern silver napkin rings, 12 ozt (4) £120-150
52.     A modern silver filled two branch candelabra, together with a pair of Georgian bright cut sugar tongs and a collection of silver plated items including trophies and table ware (parcel) £80-120
53.     A group of three Victorian and later silver and mother of pearl pocket fruit knives, together with an ornate pierced silver nurses belt buckle (5) £60-100
54.     A modern slimline biro pen by S.T. DuPont, in box with instruction booklet (3) £50-80
55.     A collection of silver and plated flatware, including six silver teaspoons, a silver fork, feeding push and mustard spoon, 6.2 ozt, together with a part mop and plated dessert set, a part set of fish eaters and four plated forks (parcel) £50-80
56.     An Edwardian silver photograph frame from Mappin & Webb, lacks stand, together with a George V silver pill box and cigarette case and a silver brooch (4) £100-150
57.     A set of six George III silver teaspoons, together with a silver teapot, flatware and more (parcel) £40-60
58.     A set of Art Deco period Indian white metal miniature tankards, possibly for liquors, presented in a fitted box, marked Sterling to bases (7) £60-100
59.     A 1940s silver and 9ct gold inlaid compact, Birmingham 1949, together with a Stratton compact and a glass and silver mounted inkwell, needs pin (3) £60-100
60.     A vintage Middle Eastern or Arabic white metal teapot, typical form and bearing impressed mark to side, with note suggesting purchased in Oman in 1973 £50-100
61.     A collection of Peruvian silver and silver plated items, including a pair of coin ashtrays, a larger dish on three supports, a pair of small dishes, a pepper, two small dishes with glass bowls, a flower head dish and three spoons (14) £150-250
62.     A collection of Peruvian silver and white metal flatware, including three large ornate spoons with spike terminals, a part canteen of cutlery, six teaspoons and six gold plated coffee spoons (parcel) £150-250
63.     A collection of silver and silver plated items, including an Art Deco period silver compact, a Victorian silver cauldron salt, various items of flatware and more (parcel) £120-180
64.     A collection of Victorian and later silver and silver plate, including two silver mounted photograph frames, a silver vesta case and thimble, a plated evening purse, a three piece Viners tea set and more (parcel) £80-100
65.     A 19th century continental white metal and plated chatelaine, the pierced upper supporting multiple chain with miniature utensils such as a knife, scissors, smelling salt spoon and others £60-80
66.     A collection of 20th century silver and silver plate, including two cased sets of six teaspoons, a pair of Viners candlesticks, an Edwardian Sheffield plated oval tray, a four piece tea set and more (parcel) £60-80
67.     A fine George III silver trophy cup and cover by William Holmes, the twin loop ear shaped handles on tapered bowl with swags on circular spreading foot with festoons, similar design to lid with pineapple style finial, London 1797, 34 ozt, this trophy is almost identical to the horseracing Chester Cup and Doncaster Cup (2) £800-1200
68.     A modern white metal sculpture, modelled as a male ballet dancer supporting a female, marked 925, on black painted wooden circular base, 28cm £70-100
69.     A collection of Victorian and later silver plated items, including a four piece tea set, candelabra, entrée dish and more (parcel) £50-100
70.     Two Art Deco period silver capstan inkwells £60-100
71.     An Art Deco period silver cigarette box £60-100
72.     A George III silver milk jug, helmet shaped, London 1807, base repaired £80-100
73.     Four Victorian and later silver cruet items, including a pair of trench salts with blue glass liners, a pepper pot and a mustard with blue glass liner and with spoon (7) £60-100
74.     A small group of Victorian and later sliver items, including a milk jug with embossed designs, a small pin dish, two pill boxes and a set of six Art Deco coffee bean spoons (10) £60-100
75.     A George V silver twin handled presentation trophy, dated Chester c1930s, with inscription for the Newton Cup for RASC shooting from 1934, 23.5 ozt £220-280
76.     A collection of silver plated RASC related trophies and presentation cups, including a large twin handled tankard marked the Elephant Cup, a rose bowl, AF, two large twin handled trophies and others (parcel) £60-100
77.     A large collection of silver plated goblets, each with engraved officers name, 13cm high, approx 94 (parcel) £80-120
78.     A group of five George V and later trophy goblets, all RASC presentation related, including one pair, a large with applied Army crest, and two smaller, 23 ozt (5) £220-280
79.     A large collection of presentation and other pewter tankards, some with glass bases, various styles and conditions, approx 40 (parcel) £50-100
80.     A pair of George V large silver wine bottle coasters, Birmingham 1935, with presentation engraving, turned wooden bases (2) £100-150
81.     Twenty one silver plated tankards, some by Walker & Hall with British Army insignias, some other with inscriptions (21) £60-100
82.     Two silver presentation twin handled trophies, one dating from the 1920s called the Challenge Cup, the other from the early 1950s called the Team Musketry Cup, 27 ozt (2) £250-350
83.     Twenty five silver plated tankards, most by Walker & Hall, some others, each with British Army insignia (25) £60-100
84.     Three George V and later silver presentation twin handled trophy cups, one octagonal on twin stepped base called the Southdown Cup, one with loop handles for Drill Competition and another called Eastern Command R.C.T Badminton Team Trophy, approx 24 ozt (3) £250-350
85.     An extensive silver plated canteen of cutlery by Walker & Hall, each with engraved RASC initials, St James' style pattern, including knives, dessert spoons (over 70) and forks, dinner knives, soup spoons, fish knives and forks, teaspoons, and tablespoons, in 9 boxes (parcel) £300-500
86.     A set of three George V silver twin handled trophies, with later engraving, London 1935, 7 ozt (3) £70-100
87.     A group of George V and later silver plated salvers and trays, including a good Walker & Hall pair with British Army insignia, a Sheffield plate circular example with gallery, a large circular with floral design rim and others (11) £80-120
88.     A pair of George VI silver presentation table lighters from Mappin & Webb, the Roman style oil lamps with serpent handles, engraved inscription and British Army insignia, 13 ozt, lacking lids, one with inserted burner (3) £150-250
89.     A collection of British Army silver plated flatware, including a set of 60 Kings pattern dinner forks engraved XIX, other Kings pattern and old English pattern cutlery and more (parcel) £100-150
90.     A George VI silver presentation cigarette box, together with a damaged silver trophy goblet on black plastic base (3) £120-180
91.     A pair of 1970s novelty silver plated wine bottle coaster trolleys, with engraved presentation inscription to bases, both gun carriage style chassis with a pair of wine bottle coasters, one loose, together with a fine pair of silver plated pierced wine bottle coasters (4) £100-200
92.     A large collection of silver plated goblets, mostly from the 1970s with officers names, some in need of replating, 19cm high, approx 50 (parcel) £60-100
93.     A George V silver Roman style oil table lamp lighter, together with a small spherical table lighter, dented, 11.3 ozt (2) £120-180
94.     A harlequin set of four Sheffield plated two branch candelabra £80-120
95.     A collection of silver plated items, including a coffee pot, a pair of sugar sifters, a pair of butter dishes, another butter dish, a pair of large sauce boats, and more table ware items, two boxes (parcel) £80-120
96.     A group of silver and silver plated items, including a modern silver and wooden wine bottle stand and a plated example, a set of six modern silver shell menu holders, and more (parcel) £60-100
97.     Four 20th century silver plated twin handled trays, various styles, with presentation inscriptions, AF (4) £80-120
98.     A set of four silver plated wine bottle coasters, together with two silver plated wire wine bottle baskets and a plated wine bottle stand (7) £50-80
99.     A harlequin set of 37 George V silver napkin rings, 33 smaller examples with applied British Army insignia and engraving, most numbered, together with four larger examples, 45 ozt (37) £500-800
100.    A large collection of British Army silver plated serving dishes, including tureens and covers, entrée dishes and covers, a pair of teapots and more, two boxes (parcel) £150-250
101.    A collection of RASC and other silver plated cruet items, including a set of several matching trench salts and mustards, along with other items and several glass decanter stoppers (parcel) £80-120
102.    A set of 18 1970s silver plated wine goblets, along with one broken example, together with a pair of silver plated wine goblets and a set of 11 silver plated wine goblets (32) £50-80
103.    A large collection of Sheffield and silver plated candelabra and candle holders, including one square based column examples, others of traditional form, some pairs and lots of spare branches and scones along with damaged examples, two boxes (parcel) £150-250
104.    A collection of Victorian and later silver and silver plate, including some silver spoons, pair of tongs and a silver bottle opener, together with other plated flatware and tableware (parcel) £60-100

Four modern silver photograph frames, varying styles and sizes, largest 15.5cm high, another small double frame example, an 1830 dated King's pattern teaspoon, together with two silver and one plated teaspoon (9) £60-100
106.    A nice Art Deco silver canteen of cutlery by RWR, dated London 1937, comprising eight dinner and dessert forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons, and four tablespoons, a pair of sauce ladles and sadly only seven teaspoons, 72 ozt £700-1000
107.    A collection of Victorian and later silver plated items, including trays, table ware, flat ware and utensils, two boxes (parcel) £80-120
108.    A late Victorian silver and mother of pearl handled dessert set for six, AF, together with a set of six silver handled butter knives, another set with mop handles, five mop handled cake forks, and a pair of 19th century wine bottle coasters and candleholders (parcel) £80-120
109.    A collection of Victorian and later silver items, including an Art Deco cigarette box, three napkin rings, three photograph frames, a pair of filled candlesticks, various spoons and more (parcel) £120-180
110.    A collection of Victorian and later dressing table items, including a cased manicure set, two nail buffers, various cut glass and silver scent bottles and jars and more (parcel) £200-300
111.    Three interesting silver and white metal objets d'art, including a leopards head dog whistle marked 925, a dog walking cane top, marked Tom, similar to a poodle, and a Far Eastern pig (3) £100-150
112.    A pair of modern silver decanter labels, one for Sherry and one for Whisky, together with a silver Gin decanter label and another for Scotch marked Sterling and JS (4) £50-100
113.    A pair of late 19th century silver and hobnail cut glass perfume bottles, together with a spherical example, an atomiser base, a pair of 800 marked small bowls with plastic liners and a pepper (11) £50-100
114.    A pair of Edwardian silver trench salts, together with a three piece silver cruet set of salt, mustard and pepper, along with another pepper (8) £150-200
115.    A collection of silver plated items, including a set of three wine bottle coasters, sauce boat, sifter and more (parcel) £50-100
116.    A group of three small silver trophies, including a tyg or three handled example, a goblet and a twin handled trophy, each on back stand, together with a small presentation silver filled candlestick with a back base (5) £100-150
117.    An Edwardian and later copper covered urn, converted from a samovar and now with hole soldered, together with a silver plated column candlestick, sweetmeat dish, trophy and a bell (6) £60-100
118.    An Edward VII silver card tray by George Jackson & David Fullerton, rococo themed rim with engraved well bearing initial M, London 1907, 14 ozt, 21.5cm wide £120-180
119.    A William IV Scottish silver sifter or draining spoon by Patrick Robertson, Edinburgh 1833, Old English Pattern, initials LJ to terminal £60-100
120.    A vintage Indian white metal dish, having raised scrolling foliage designs, pierced rim, 4.85 ozt £30-50
121.    LOT WITHDRAWN £70-90
122.    A Victorian silver swing handled bon bon dish, oval with raised designs and pierced rim on four supports, 4.3 ozt £50-80
123.    A nice Victorian or later silver plated tureen, oval, on four supports (2) £80-120
124.    A Georgian period pair of Scottish silver cauldron salts, marks worn, 4.6 ozt (2) £50-80
125.    A George III period silver sauce boat by John Langlands I & John Robertson I, marked Newcastle, 3.1 ozt £60-80
126.    An Edwardian silver bon bon tazza, with pierced gallery and foot, 3.33 ozt £40-60
127.    An Edwardian silver handled magnifying glass, together with a small modern silver heart shaped box (2) £50-80
128.    A late Victorian silver three piece tea set by HA, large form teapot, sugar basin and milk jug with embossed scroll and leaf designs, 46.5 ozt (3) £400-600
129.    A George III period Irish silver sugar basin, boat shaped with twin handled and engraved designs, bearing family crest, marks worn, 7.6 ozt £80-120
130.    A George V silver dish from Mappin & Webb, nice quality with pierced sides and on four supports, London 1907, 10 ozt £100-150
131.    An Edwardian and later silver Christening tankard, together with a three piece silver cruet set, a pair of silver tongs, two salt spoons and a letter opener in a box (11) £70-90
132.    A Victorian period Middle Eastern tray, with silver and copper embellishments, together with a vintage brass tea canister (3) £40-60
133.    A late Victorian silver footed bowl by William Hutton & Sons, with embossed designs, 6.2 ozt £60-100
134.    A George V silver footed dish by HA, flower head style upper on circular spreading foot, 13 ozt £150-200
135.    A pair of Edwardian silver bon bon dishes, Birmingham 1909, 9.8 ozt (2) £100-150
136.    A late Victorian silver card tray by Daniel & John Wellby, with engraved floral designs to well, London 1899, 10 ozt £100-150
137.    A fine George III silver bread basket by IT, having pierced sides and swing handle, London 1809, 32.5 ozt £800-1200
138.    An Edwardian cut glass bowl, with silver rim marked James Deakin & Sons £40-60
139.    A George V silver dish, on three supports with pierced gallery rim, 11 ozt £100-150
140.    A set of six George III silver dessert spoons, by S.A, London 1803, Old English pattern with initial L, together with a pair of Victorian silver tablespoons, 10.5 ozt (8) £100-150
141.    A collection of silver plated flatware, including a set of six silver teaspoons, 2.5 ozt, a cased Mappin & Webb old English pattern part canteen, other loose flatware (parcel) £60-100
142.    A collection of Georgian and later silver items, including a tablespoon, several spoons, two cut glass scent bottles with silver caps, three smaller scent bottles, and more, AF (parcel) £100-150
143.    A collection of silver and silver plate, including a Russian circular small tray, an 800 marked pair of small plates and an embossed dish, 5.6 ozt, along with two boxes of plated table ware and items (parcel) £80-120
144.    A pair of Russian silver and enamel forks and other works of art, including a silver pocket knife, a hardstone desk seal, a plated marrow scoop, a 9ct gold ring, 2.1g, two pairs of cufflinks, and one nice gilt damaged pair of cufflinks and more (parcel) £100-150
145.    A harlequin set of six George III and later silver dinner forks and dessert forks and tablespoons, each with thread pattern, the tablespoons and dinner forks bearing family crests, 40ozt (18) £500-700
146.    Three pairs of Georgian and later tablespoons, all thread pattern, two pairs by Richard Crossley, one with family crest and one with engraved initials, and one pair of Victorian examples by SH DC with family crest, 12.5ozt (6) £150-250
147.    A group of 20th century silver cruet items, including a pair of modern peppers by Gorham, a three piece cruet set, and two further peppers (7) £100-150
148.    A pair of Victorian silver decanter labels by George Unite, both nice quality shaped, pierced and engraved, one with Hock, the other Sherry (2) £30-50
149.    An Edwardian silver footed bowl by William & Charles Sissons, having embossed designs, London 1903, 18.7 ozt, with wooden circular base (2) £180-220
150.    A pair of Edwardian silver filled candlesticks by William & Charles Sissons, neo-classical style, London 1907, one with tear, both with small dents (2) £120-180
151.    Six Georgian and later silver items, including a caddy spoon by Joseph Willmore, a Victorian teaspoon, a Danish silver Christening spoon and sauce ladle, a Victorian silver fish knife, AF, and a Chinese teaspoon (6) £50-100
152.    A pair of cased Victorian silver plated grape shears, together with a four piece plated tea set, tray, cake knife and four spoons (12) £80-100
153.    A pair of Victorian or later silver sugar tongs, in the Georgian taste, marked GWL £70-90
154.    A late Victorian silver sugar sifter by HM, together with a modern silver and blue glass trench salt with spoon (5) £60-100
155.    A set of six vintage Scandinavian silver gilt and enamelled teaspoons £50-80
156.    A pair of 1970s silver filled candlesticks, in the Georgian taste, one bent £80-120
157.    A pair of 1960s silver wine bottle coasters, pierced sides with turned wooden bases (2) £60-100
158.    An Edwardian four piece silver tea set by Walker & Hall, fluted lower sections and having ornate flared rim, dated 1905 and 1906, 64 ozt, in very good condition (4) £600-800
159.    A Victorian silver plated circular tray, together with two modern silver handled cake knives, two oval trays, two cruet sets and more (parcel) £60-100
160.    Four items of Georgian silver, including a sifter by George Gray dated 1784, a mustard pot and spoon, with blue glass liner, and a cauldron salt by Robert & David Hennell (5) £150-250
161.    A George VI silver cream jug, together with a nice late Victorian silver and hardstone napkin ring, two other silver napkin rings a silver and glass scent bottle and a three piece silver plated tea set (9) £60-100
162.    A George V silver twin handled golf trophy by HA, 3.5 ozt, on a black painted base, together with a George V silver filled trumpet vase (3) £80-120
163.    A modern silver presentation salver, marked to Mr & Mrs Calvert from the staff of The African Trading Co. 1965, 17.5 ozt £180-220
164.    An interesting Victorian silver plated kettle on stand, the large teapot with swing handle having ivory handle, one of the pins now snapped off but present, on an ornate stand, with a photocopy mentioning that the kettle apparently once belonged to Henry and Fanny Dickens and Henry was the grandson of Charles Dickens, lacks burner (3) £100-200
165.    A pair of cased George II silver tablespoons, the Victorian fitted case marked Date 1743, housing a pair of once gilt spoons marked London 1743 and possibly EB (3) £80-120
166.    A collection of Victorian and later silver plated items, including a fine pair of fish servers in a case, a three piece tea set, a Martini stirring and serving spoon, and more (parcel) £80-120
167.    A Victorian silver calling card tray JA GA, together with a Victorian silver jam basket from Mappin & Webb and a silver and glass double inkwell (5) £150-250
168.    A 1950s sterling marked hipflask and tea canister, the flask with engine turned bands, and the canister engraved to cover from the Hungjao Golf Club, 14.8 ozt (3) £150-250
169.    A pair of cased Edwardian silver tablespoons by HA, together with a large George V silver sugar caster from CS Harris, 15 ozt (4) £150-250
170.    A collection of Victorian and later silver, including two cased sets of six cocktail sticks with enamel cockerel finials, a pair of toast racks, a mustard pot, two pierced dishes, two decanter labels and several spoons (parcel) £150-250
171.    A group of Art Deco Chinese silver items, including a swing handled dish with glass liner, a glass pot with cover, three pin trays, a pepper pot, a mustard spoon and a pencil (10) £150-250
172.    A fine pair of Art Deco silver footed dishes from Goldsmiths & Silversmiths, having ornately pierced rims, 30 ozt (2) £300-500
173.    An Edwardian silver plated oval twin handled tray, together with a nice silver plated dessert service in mahogany box and a silver plated serving dish and cover (5) £50-80
174.    An Art Deco silver comport, together with a silver filled candlestick (2) £70-100
175.    A collection of silver plated flatware and other items, including a set of boxed silver handled butter knives, a silver napkin ring, several cased sets of cake forks and spoons, along with various Old English pattern forks and spoons and more (parcel) £60-100
176.    A George III period silver tablespoon and other spoons, including another tablespoon, four dessert spoons and a teaspoon, 8 ozt (7) £80-120
177.    An Edwardian silver hipflask by William Hutton & Sons, oval in form with removable lower section and hinged cap, London 1904, 6.7 ozt, some dents to sides £120-180
178.    An early 20th century continental white metal circular box, marked 900, with embossed scrolling foliage and gilt inner, 14.8 ozt, 15cm diameter, together with three Edwardian silver dressing table items (5) £150-250
179.    A pair of modern silver wine bottle coasters, dated London 1960, together with a pair of modern cut glass and silver mounted decanters with stoppers, one with a silver Sherry decanter label (9) £200-300
180.    A collection of silver and silver plated items, including a silver candle snuffer with turned wooden handle, a good set of antler handled steak knives and forks in a box, three silver napkin rings and more (parcel) £60-100
181.    A group of five Victorian and later silver milk and cream jugs, in varying styles, in good condition, 15 ozt (5) £150-250
182.    A George V silver small tankard by R.C, plain bulbous body, London 1927, together with a similar period silver porringer, 12.4 ozt (2) £120-180
183.    A collection of Georgian and later silver and silver plated items, including a pair of George IV silver tongs, a George V period silver toast rack, a white metal Port label, a plated teapot, flatware and more (parcel) £60-100
184.    A pair of late Georgian silver asparagus servers, bearing hallmarks c1820s, marked HI or IH, with engraved family crest, 4.9 ozt £60-100
185.    A Victorian silver and glass inkwell from F.B Ltd, circular with shaped and embossed rim and removable cut glass inkwell with silver cap, together with a George V silver capstan inkwell (4) £100-150
186.    A small Edwardian silver pieced swing handle bon bon dish, together with four glass dressing table items, one with shagreen cover, another with silver and tortoiseshell style cover and two smaller with silver caps (9) £50-100
187.    A late Victorian silver shell shaped butter dish and knife by HA, together with a silver and glass scent bottle, a silver bangle, a plated ashtray, two bead necklaces, and four military cap badges (11) £60-100
188.    Two pairs of 19th century silver plated candlesticks, one with engraved family crest, together with a pair of 19th century Sheffield plate wine coasters and two large oval trays, worn plate (8) £50-80
189.    A set of Georgian silver and ivory handled dessert knives and forks, with carved leaf to handles (24) £100-150
190.    An interesting Victorian wood and silver plate inkwell, the rough piece of timber believed to be from the last tree chopped down by Gladstone at Hawarden Castle in 1887, with plated inkwell and on four supports, and a handwritten piece of paper (2) £80-120
191.    A collection of Georgian and later silver plated items, including two salvers, a cream jug, a chaffing dish, a pair of mop handled grape shears, another pair, and more (parcel) £60-80
192.    A 19th century continental white metal chamber stick, shaped and pieced base bearing strike mark and possibly markers mark, with an associated bell snuffer (2) £60-100
193.    A George V silver sugar sifter by B.B.S & Ltd, filled, together with a stylish George VI silver sauceboat, Sheffield 1947, 8.8 ozt (3) £80-120
194.    A Victorian silver shell shaped butter dish and knife, together with a silver sugar basin, a silver mustard pot with plated salt spoon, a silver dish and a silver butter knife, 11 ozt (8) £120-180
195.    A collection of Georgian and later silver, including a silver and mop handled knife, a sauce ladle, a strainer spoon, four napkin rings, a set of six cased spoons, AF, a silver cigarette box from Mappin & Webb and more (parcel) £100-150
196.    A collection of modern stamps and first day covers, three folders of 1970s onwards FDCs along with several modern presentation packs, postcards, loose FDCs and a Royal Mail Special Stamp set (parcel) £60-100
197.    A modern thematic collection of stamps, including a folder containing pages and stamps, not inserted for Queen Elizabeth II's 60th birthday, another folder for her Silver Jubilee, complete, many other Royal related for Charles and Diana stamps and sets in coruflute packs with their vacant albums (parcel) £100-200
198.    A large collection of First Day Covers and presentation packs, presented in seven ring binders, dating from the 1970s onwards, including many modern stamp sets and various covers (7) £150-250
199.    A modern The Commonwealth Collection album, from 1983, with certificate and appears complete (3) £40-60
200.    A 1970s gold and silver stamp ingot set, commemorating the Royal Silver Wedding Anniversary in 1972, in case with certificate, with a 22ct gold stamp ingot, 26.6g, and a silver stamp ingot, also 26.6g (4) £700-900
201.    Three sheets of Issues of Great British Penny Stamps, including a penny black, and seven penny reds on one sheet, another sheet with 21 stamps from 1878 to 1937, and the last sheet with 16 examples from 1941 to 1979 (3) £80-120
202.    A collection of World stamps, presented in two stockbooks, both very well laid out with no duplication, approx 6500 stamps, Germany, Holland, Greece, Poland, Canada, Mexico, and other countries (2) £70-100
203.    A comprehensive America stamp collection, neatly presented in a stockbook, dating from the early 20th century onwards, some good examples £50-100
204.    A good collection of Royal Mail Special Stamp sets, comprising 27 chronological folders dating from 1984 to 2010 (27) £200-300
205.    A collection of New Zealand Post Office stamp sets, dating from 1984 through to 2005, each in presentation book (22) £150-250
206.    A comprehensive collection of GB stamp booklets, some pre-decimal, but the majority with over 400 GBP face value, presented in three folders (3) £200-300
207.    Eight albums of Royal Mail GB First Day Covers, dating from the 1960s through to 2010, six maroon albums and two others, approx 1966 onwards (8) £80-120
208.    Eight albums of Royal Mail postcards, the First Day issue postcards neatly presented in light brown folders, along with two small boxes of loose postcards (parcel) £40-60
209.    A collection of modern Royal Mail presentation packs, the six folders neatly presenting Mint Stamp, Definitive and High Value Definitive stamp sets, dating from the late 1970s through to 2010 (6) £150-250
210.    A collection of 20th century British and World stamps, nicely presented in eight stockbooks and a ring binder, one stockbook containing New Zealand examples, another with Australian stamps, the remainder predominantly England, Wales and Scotland, along with a Stanley Gibbons New Zealand book and loose NZ stamps (parcel) £80-120
211.    A small collection of GB modern stamps, including several Collectors Pack mint stamp sets from the 1970s and 1980s, along with two framed and glazed GB stamp sets, and four 1980s Guernsey stamp sets (parcel) £50-70
212.    A large collection of stamps and accessories, including a miscellaneous selection from around the world, mostly loose, but organised in country files, along with a box of miscellaneous stamps, and other stamp folders, packets, magnifying items and leaflets, in three boxes (parcel) £80-120
213.    A set of seven modern Royal Mail folders, containing First Day Covers and various First Day Coin and Crown covers, nicely presented and clean (7) £100-150
214.    A fine 19th century and later French stamp collection album, well annotated and carefully put together dating from 1849 to 1949, with some good early Empire examples, all used, some examples on envelopes, various conditions £100-200
215.    Two good French 19th century and later stamp collection albums, the senator and other green album with unused, neatly laid and pencil marked, dating from 1863 to 1952 and the other 1953 to 1969 (2) £150-250
216.    A group of three 20th century French stamp albums, with used and unused examples dating from the 1950s up to 2008, various conditions (3) £80-120
217.    A group of four Africa and related stamp collection albums, predominantly from the 20th century and French Colonial, used and unused (4) £100-200
218.    A good French Colonial 1970s stamp collection album, the unused and well presented accumulation in green Stanley Gibbons album £60-100
219.    A miscellaneous collection of stamps, including a World album and another similar stockbook, along with various loose stamps and envelopes (parcel) £60-100
220.    A collection of British and World stamps, including several stockbooks, some filled and part filled and one vacant, along with an album and a collection of 1960s onwards First Day Covers and several presentation packs (parcel) £60-100
221.    Four vintage British and World stamp collection albums, including a Stanley Gibbons red ring binder with some Edwardian and George V example, and predominantly 1940s onwards and three others (4) £60-100
222.    A collection of Victorian to Elizabeth II stamps, nicely presented in a Great Britain stock book with 13 pages occupied, ranging from penny reds and other into Edward VII and George V examples £60-100
223.    A collection of First Day Covers and Presentation Packs, in ten ring binder albums, FDC's date from the 1960s to the 2000s, with one album half full of Royal Mail Mint sets and other stamps (10) £100-200
224.    A miscellaneous collection of stamps, including several albums and stockbooks with predominantly 20th century stamps, a 2001 Royal Mail Special Set, loose stamps and more (parcel) £60-100
225.    A collection of signed First Day Covers, and others, and stamps, and ephemera, with 25 signed FDCs including examples from Jeremy Beadle, George Cole, and more, along with several other entertainment signatures on pages and in programmes, a miscellaneous collection of Victorian and later stamps from Britain, Canada and other worldwide countries, some Beatles and Elvis related, and more (parcel) £100-200
226.    A collection of First Day Covers and stamps, approx 400 FDCs, some in folders, at least two signed, along with several Royal Mail Presentation pack sets and a quantity of loose stamps (parcel) £60-100
227.    A school boy collection of British and World stamps, in three albums and on loose sheets, some Victorian, but predominantly 20th century, mixed conditions (parcel) £50-100
228.    19th century and later collection of stamps, including five various albums, some with good Victorian and later examples, along with a quantity of loose stamps, and more, and 13 modern Royal Mail presentation packs (parcel) £60-100
229.    An interesting 19th & 20th century definitives stockbook, the first page with a penny black and many penny reds, followed by a further page with Victorian stamps, several good Edward VII examples, then leading into single and blocks of various 1950s to 1990s stamps, some of high face value, several pages vacant but a good album £200-300
230.    A collection of 20th century British stamps, some loose in cigar boxes and other boxes, including some mint face value and presentation packs, along with four vacant stamp albums, and related items (parcel) £50-80
231.    A collection of 19th and 20th century Swiss stamps, in two stockbooks, marked Vol. 1 Federal and Vol.2 Pro Juventule, Air Mail, and Pro Patria, a good, neat and well presented collection (2) £100-200
232.    A group of five 20th century British stamp stockbooks, marked as Special Issues, two with blocks, and three with singles, dating from c1935 to the early 1990s (5) £80-120
233.    A collection of British and European stamps, in five stockbooks, and other albums and folders, including one marked Definitives, another marked Victory and Peace 1945-46, a complete Coronation Album from George VI and more (10) £80-120
234.    A good and comprehensive collection of First Day Covers, presented in six albums and dating from the 1930s to the 1970s and later, some good examples, and also other interesting items of postal history, well worth a look (6) £200-300
235.    A collection of stamps and coins, including a good schoolboy Quickchange album with two penny reds some Victorian and later from Britain, Holland, and more, together with another lesser schoolboy stamp collection in an album, several coins including a William III 1697 six pence, an 1854 Upper Canada copper penny token, and others, along with several banknotes and two cigarette card albums (parcel) £80-120
236.    An interesting pre-stamp cover possibly relating to William Pitt the Younger, the envelope fragment marked London August Ninth 1804, with black stamp marked Free Aug 9 1804, possibly addressed to Thomas Barberson Tunbridge Wells and signed W Pitt, applied to a stamp album page with notes £100-200
237.    A set of nine 1966 World Cup signed Commemorative First Day Covers, each with a certificate, the World Cup Winners series, celebrating 40 years after the World Cup victory in 2006 and a booklet (19) £60-100
238.    A group of six TV & Film signed First Day Covers, including a Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett example, a Ronnie Barker, and other by Judi Dench, Tom Felton, Katie Leung and Stephen Fry (6) £50-80
239.    A collection of signed First Day Covers and others with stamps, including examples signed by Terry Waite, Earl Haig, Michael Winner, Kate Humble, Bill Oddie, David Shepherd, Ken Livingston and others, along with other FDCs, presentation packs and a vacant First Day Cover folder and sleeve (parcel) £60-100
240.    A collection of stamps and other items, including a Quickchange album with a good page of penny reds and other 19th and 20th century stamps, two further schoolboy albums and some loose stamps and envelopes, along an Edwardian photograph album completed with various portraits, and three satirical prints (parcel) £60-100
241.    A large collection of First Day Covers, approx 700, dating from 1966 through to 2008 (parcel) £100-200
242.    Three modern stamp collection albums, one titled Silver Jubilee Stamps of Queen Elizabeth II, another The Commonwealth Collection, and one the Royal Mail Millennium Collection, all appear complete (3) £50-80
243.    The Royal Wedding stamp collection, presented in six folders marked The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, appear to be complete, together with 21 related FDCs (parcel) £100-200
244.    A collection of coins and stamps, including a 1950s onwards school boy stamp album, another example and some loose stamps, along with a large quantity of pennies and other British and world coins (parcel) £60-100
245.    A collection of world coins and bank notes, together with a modern 9ct gold opal and diamond ring, 1.3g, including a Gill ten pound note and more notes, various coins, a silver topped box, a Millennium five pound coin and more (parcel) £100-150
246.    A Royal Mail 2001 Silver Proof Britannia Collection four coin set, in green fitted box, with certificate (6) £80-120
247.    A Royal Mail The Golden Age of Steam part Silver Proof set, the wooden fitted case with two lift out trays housing 17 railway related crowns, lacking one, with certificated £200-300
248.    A Royal Mint Bank of England Ten Shillings and Five Pound gold bank note set in frame, with certificate 508 of 1000 (2) £50-80
249.    A collection of eight modern gold proof coins, titled the World's Finest Gold Miniatures Collection, in a case, with certificates, approx 1.2g each coin £200-300
250.    A Royal Mail 2011 Silver Proof Britannia Collection four coin set, in black fitted box, with certificate (6) £80-120
251.    Two modern gold proof coins, one a double thickness Special Edition 25th Anniversary of the Pure Gold Angel, 6.2g, the other a gold one pound commemorating Diana, 1.2g, both boxed with certificates (6) £180-220
252.    A Royal Mail The Victorian Stamp Ingot Collection, in box with six folders £50-80
253.    A collection of Eight Royal Mint silver proof coins, including three Britannia one ounce two pounds, a Henry VIII and Mary Rose pair, cased, and three other cased five pound coins for the 50th Anniversary of the Mini, Restoration of the Monarchy and the Duke of Edinburgh, with outer sleeves (parcel) £100-200
254.    A collection of modern Royal Mint and others proof coin and coin and stamp sets, mostly opened, including 50p, one pound, two pounds, crowns, five pounds and more (parcel) £60-100
255.    Seven Royal Mail proof coin sets, from the 1990s onwards, together with a Royal Mint five pound desk paperweight, a boxed crown collection, a Super Crown, and a part set of Coronation Anniversary 5 crowns (parcel) £60-100
256.    A collection of coins, including several UK and Commonwealth Islands proof sets, lots of crowns, a Royal Mint silver proof Falkland Island Mount Pleasant Airport coin, another silver proof coin, various 19th century and later coins in an album and more (parcel) £100-200
257.    A collection of United Kingdom proof coin sets, from the 1970s and 1980s, some mildew (parcel) £80-120
258.    A collection of coins and other items, including several modern silver coins and medals such as a First Man on the Moon example, a Masonic jewel, along with an 1884 Morgan Head dollar, another 1921 in key chain, loose coins and modern crowns, along with several FDCs, one signed by Lord Hunt (parcel) £120-180
259.    A collection of Maria Theresa thalers, various vintages and conditions, 33.2 ozt (37) £200-300
260.    A collection of coins and tokens, including an 1889 crown, F-VF, two Indian one rupee for 1919 and 1944, other British and Arabic coins, along with three East India Company 1835 tokens and three VOC copper tokens and a cased silver Becket Medal (parcel) £80-120
261.    A collection of Victorian and later British and World coins, including a four piece 1900 Maundy set, an 1890 crown, F, an 1887 double florin, EF, along with a 1935 crown, a Charles I style coin, a 1922 US dollar, and more (parcel) £80-120
262.    An interesting collection of British and World bank notes, one framed marked as The State of Georgia One Hundred Dollars April 6th 1864, the others in a folder to include a white Beale five pound note, five uncirculated sequential Gill five pound notes, other one pound and ten shilling notes and several examples from around the globe £80-120
263.    A collection of British and World coins, along with a Schoolboy stamp album and several first day covers and stamps (parcel) £60-100
264.    A Victorian full sovereign, dated 1892 with Jubilee Head, F-VF £180-220
265.    A Victorian half sovereign, dated 1898 with Old Head, F-VF £80-120
266.    Two George V full sovereigns, dated 1911 and 1911, both VF (2) £360-420
267.    A George V half sovereign, dated 1911, VF £80-120
268.    A George V full sovereign, dated 1928, with SA mint mark, VF-EF £180-220
269.    A George III spade guinea and two small gold coins, the guinea very worn, with applied pendant loop, together with a US 1850 one dollar and an Arabic coin, both with drill holes, 11.8g (3) £250-350
270.    A group of ten interesting Tudor and other medieval coins, including an Elizabeth I 1562 milled coin, and three other coins from her reign, and six other hammered silver coins (10) £100-200
271.    A 1960s set of four 18ct gold commemorative medallions, in fitted Metal Imports case, celebrating the life of Sir Winston Churchill, 57.5g (5) £1000-1500
272.    A collection of twelve antique coins, including crowns from the reign of Charles II, George II, William III, George III and IV and Victorian, along with a Victorian double florin and two continental coins (12) £150-250
273.    A collection of crowns and coins, including a cased silver proof 1980 crown, a 1970 proof set, various crowns and more (parcel) £40-60
274.    An interesting collection of Ancient to 20th century coins, presented in a Victorian five drawer mahogany cabinet with lift out trays containing an good array of Roman, Celtic, Medieval and other coins, well worth a good look through £200-300
275.    A collection of coins and watches, including a 9ct gold lady's wristwatch, a Services gents watch, a gold plated double Albert watch chain and others, along with three boxed silver proof coins, various crowns and other coins (parcel) £60-100
276.    A collection of British coins, including some dug up examples such as a badly damaged Victorian sovereign, 5.3g, an Elizabeth I groat, along with other copper and silver coinage (parcel) £150-250
277.    A George V half sovereign, dated 1913, together with a collection of British and other coins (parcel) £120-180
278.    A fine Victorian Gothic crown, dated 1847, UNDECIMO edge, some small scratches, one notable rim dent, EF £800-1200
279.    A George V full sovereign, dated 1912, VF £180-220
280.    A collection of coins and medals, including a set of four silver gilt Sir Winston Churchill medallions, another larger example, both boxed, together with three proof sets, modern crowns and more (parcel) £60-100
281.    See Condition Report!
A collection of bank notes and stamps, including six O'Brien five pound notes, ten sequential Mahon ten shilling notes and one other, eight Belgium notes, others and several Commonwealth 1940s and 1950s stamps (parcel) £50-100
282.    A collection of British and World coins and bank notes, including two 1940 Dutch 2 and half gulden notes, one AF, a 1970s Dutch 100 Gulden note, a Falkland Islands one pound, 1984, 53 US dollars, and other notes, along with Victorian and later coinage, some George V silver and more (parcel) £40-60
283.    A collection of twenty British bank notes and other world bank notes, including 12 Somerset one pounds, a Gill and a Kentfield ten pound, a Gill, a Kentfield and a Butler five pound note and three others, most appear uncirculated, along with 6 other notes and a book (27) £50-100
284.    A collection of coins and other ephemera, including several proof coins, modern crowns, Victorian and later loose coinage, other world coins, a collection of British and other phone cards, a collection of Bells Whisky gold bell labels in book and loose, a small collection of stamps and stamp collecting books, and more (parcel) £60-100
285.    An Edward VII gold five pound coin, dated 1902, VF-EF, some minor denting and scratching, 40g £1200-1800
286.    A George V half sovereign, dated 1911, VF £100-150
287.    A modern full sovereign proof coin, in Royal Mint case, dated 1980, Unc (2) £200-300
288.    An Edward VII four coin Maundy money set, dated for 1902, VF-EF (4) £60-100
289.    A Royal Mint 1951 Festival of Britain ten coin proof set, together with a 1951 crown, both in maroon boxes (2) £70-90
290.    A collection of thirteen modern Royal Mint piedfort silver proof coins, all in boxes with certificates (13) £150-250
291.    A collection of eighteen Royal Mint silver proof one pound coins, from the 1980s and predominantly 1990s, all boxed, most with certificates (18) £120-180
292.    A collection of fourteen Royal Mint silver proof two pound coins, all boxed, two pairs, mainly 1990s, most with certificates (12) £120-180
293.    A collection of thirteen Royal Mint silver proof piedfort one pound coins, all boxed with certificates, from the late 1980s up to 2002 (13) £120-180
294.    A collection of nine Royal Mint silver proof fifty pence coins, one pair, other singles, from the 1990s mostly, with boxes and certificates (9) £80-120
295.    A collection of thirteen Royal Mint silver proof coins, including a Queen Mother centenary piedfort crown, a 1990 piedfort 5p, a 1992 piedfort 10p, a pair of one pounds from 1999 and 2000, lacks certificates, two 1990 two coin 5p sets and two 1992 two coin 10p sets, all boxed, most with certificates (8) £80-120
296.    A Victorian full sovereign, dated 1887, with Jubilee head, F-VF £200-300
297.    A Royal Mint The First World War Sovereign Collection set, wooden case with rectangular capsule containing five full sovereigns dated from 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917 (Perth mint), and 1918 (India mint), with certificate no. 2 and outer sleeve £1000-1500
298.    Three Royal Mint proof The Last "Round Pound" packs, together with two silver proof twenty pound coins for the Queen's 90th Birthday (5) £30-50
299.    A pair of Royal Mint silver proof commemorative five pound coins, celebrating the Queen's Sapphire Jubilee, marked Shine Through the Ages (2) £60-100
300.    Two Royal Mint Elizabeth II 90th birthday silver proof coins, both boxed with certificates, one being a piedfort example (2) £60-100
301.    A modern Royal Mint Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday silver proof one kilo 500 pound coin, no. 129, in fitted presentation case and box £500-800
302.    A modern Royal Mint Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday silver proof five ounce coin, no. 509, in fitted case and with sleeve £200-300
303.    A modern Royal Mint Queen Elizabeth II 90th birthday five pound gold proof coin, no. 823, in fitted case with box and certificate, approx 40g £1200-1800
304.    ANNOUNCE CHANGE OF DESCRIPTION: A George V full sovereign, dated 1917, VF-EF
A Royal Mint 2017 full sovereign, with Perth Mint mark, Unc £200-300
305.    ANNOUNCE CHANGE OF DESCRIPTION: A George V full sovereign, dated 1917, VF-EF
A Royal Mint 2017 full sovereign, with Melbourne Mint mark, Unc £200-300
306.    ANNOUNCE CHANGE OF DESCRIPTION: A George V full sovereign, dated 1917, VF-EF
A Royal Mint 2017 full sovereign, with Sydney Mint mark, Unc £200-300
307.    A Royal Mint 2017 gold one pound coin, with certificate marked Nations of the Crown 2017 UK one pound, no. 1494, in fitted case with box £400-600
308.    A modern Royal Mint Sapphire Jubilee gold proof sovereign, struck on 6 February 2017, in case with certificate no 334, unc £250-350
309.    A modern Royal Mint The Longest Reigning Monarch 2015 UK five pound gold proof coin, in fitted case, with certificate no. 0414, unc £1200-1800
310.    A Royal Mint set of three The Queen Victoria Portrait Sovereign Collection, in presentation case, with certificate no. 102, containing Young Head, Jubilee Head and Old Head coins, VF-EF £600-800
311.    A modern Royal Mint The Five Sovereign Piece 2016 brilliant uncirculated gold coin, in fitted box with certificate no. 220, Unc £1200-1800
312.    A modern Royal Mint 2016 UK Premium Proof Coin Set, the seventeen uncirculated coins in capsules within a fitted case £100-200
313.    A modern Royal Mint 2017 UK silver proof coin set, in fitted box containing thirteen uncirculated coins in capsules, with certificate no. 0199 £300-500
314.    A modern Royal Mint 2016 UK silver proof coin set, the seventeen uncirculated coins in capsules within a fitted case with certificate no. 0141 £300-500
315.    A small collection of British coins and stamps, including a vacant Victory and Peace album, three packets with 1960s commonwealth stamps, an two 1880s stamps a envelope fragments, along with a George V 1927 Australian one florin, EF, several three pences, modern crowns and more (parcel) £50-100
316.    A collection of 22 Royal Mint silver proof commemorative coins, each boxed, most with certificates, including two 1977 silver jubilee, three 1980 Queen Mother's 80th birthday, three 1981 marriage of the Prince of Wales, and others (22) £200-300
317.    Two modern Royal Mint Britannia four coin silver proof sets, from 1997 and 1998, in green boxes with certificates (2) £150-200
318.    A large collection of modern Royal Mint silver and proof coins, including several UK proof sets, several crowns in boxes, several two pound coin in packs and more (parcel) £200-300
319.    Two modern Royal Mint silver proof coin sets, including the UK Millennium silver collection with nine coins and four coin Maundy set, in large blue box with certificate, and a 1996 UK silver anniversary collection seven coin set, unopened (2) £200-300

A collection of British coins, also a small yellow metal US style coin on key chain and several modern US coins and British crowns, the majority sorted into plastic bags by years, some pre-1946 silver (parcel) £60-100
321.    An Edward VII part Maundy money coin set, with 4p, 3p and 2p, dated 1905, together with a 1p from 1906 and envelope (5) £50-80
322.    An album of 20th century British coins, some pre-1946 half crowns, florins, shillings, 6 pence and 3 pences, together with several modern crowns £40-60
323.    A George V full sovereign, dated 1915, EF £200-250
324.    An Edward VII full sovereign in a 9ct gold mount, the 1910 dated gold coin, F-VF, in circular mount with applied scrolls and loop bale, 9.4g £200-250
325.    An Elizabeth II full proof sovereign, dated 1980, Unc, in green Royal Mint case and with leaflet (3) £220-280
326.    A large collection of modern pennies, dated 1967, from two sealed bags now split though, along some various loose coins (parcel) £50-80
327.    A large collection of British bank notes, from the O'Brien period, some uncirculated, and some well used, approx 77 (parcel) £60-100
328.    A collection of British bank notes, including 37 Beale one pounds, nine Page ten pounds, several Page one pounds and more (parcel) £150-250
329.    A vintage Eiget Superior stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch, with subsidiary, appears to run, on leather strap £50-100
330.    A George V period 9ct gold Waltham full hunter pocket watch, plain case, hallmarked to covers and dust cover, appears to run £350-450
331.    An Edwardian period 9ct gold double Albert watch chain, long and double links with T bar and grotesque head charm, hallmarked, 41g £350-450
332.    A 1970s Seiko Sport 5 stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch, green dial with day and date aperture, 6139-7060, appears to run and function £50-80
333.    A group of seven modern watches, including a gold plated Seiko Kinetic, boxed, a Citizen Eco-Drive, boxed, a Citizen, boxed, and others (parcel) £100-150
334.    A group of five modern watches, including a Seiko 5 automatic, with instructions and guarantee, a Seiko quartz, a Sekonda pocket watch with train back, a Lorus and a lady's Art Deco style watch (6) £100-150
335.    A Victorian and later 15ct gold watch chain, graduated curb links, hallmarked, with 9ct gold snap clasp and T bar, 21g £250-350
336.    An early 20th century 9ct gold Buren ladies wristwatch, having pearl bezel, on a 9ct gold expanding strap, 21.8g £120-180
337.    Two late 19th and early 20th century continental 18ct gold ladies pocket watches, both marked 18k to rear and dust covers, AF, together with a Victorian silver open faced pocket watch (3) £300-500
338.    Two late Victorian silver ladies open faced pocket watches, together with two silver watch chains, a compass, a sovereign case and a spinning seal fob (7) £60-100
339.    A 1950s Omega Automatic Seamaster stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch, baton numerals with date aperture, appears to run, on later expanding strap £150-250
340.    An Edwardian period silver open faced pocket watch by J.W. Bensons, in fitted case, AF, together with two Victorian silver open faced pocket watches, a ladies example, a plated Art Deco pocket watch, two plated watch chains and a dashboard clock (9) £100-150
341.    A vintage Zenith Porto stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch, part numbered and baton dial with subsidiary, appears to run, on later expanding strap £80-120
342.    A collection of vintage and modern watches, including a Rotary and a Horsham, a gold ladies Tissot with box, and more (parcel) £80-120
343.    A Victorian silver open faced pocket watch, marked The Express English Lever J.G. Graved Sheffield, AF, together with two vintage jewellery boxes, a Georgian pewter pepper pot and a Japanese metal trinket box (5) £50-100
344.    A group of four pocket watches, including two Victorian examples, one with plated chain, a Rosskopf & Co and a Fortis (4) £60-100
345.    A 1960s 18ct gold Bulova lady's cocktail wristwatch, the circular case with flattened mesh link bracelet, 21.5g £300-500
346.    A 1940s Rolex Oyster Perpetual stainless steel mid-size or boys wristwatch, having even numbers and batons to dial, lacks back and in need of restoration, appears to run, on a later Clewco stainless steel rivet strap, see condition report £150-250
347.    A 1960s Omega Automatic Seamaster Calendar stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch, having black dial with batons and date aperture, replaced crown, engraved faintly D.M.D Prophet to rear cover, appears to run, on later black leather strap £250-350
348.    A 1950s Tudor Oyster Royal stainless steel mid-sized or boys wristwatch, Arabic numerals to cream dial, appears to run, ref. 7903, and no. 81233, on later expanding strap £100-200
349.    A 1940s Moeris mid sized or boys wristwatch, gold plated front on stainless steel, appears to run, no. 3176750, together with a vintage Ingersoll wristwatch (2) £50-100
350.    A Victorian 18ct gold chronograph open faced pocket watch, enamel dial with Roman numerals, possibly stopwatch facility as button slide to side, hallmarked to dust and rear covers, glass chipped, 141g £600-800
351.    Two vintage brass carriage timepieces, of typical form, the larger marked R & Co (2) £100-200
352.    A 1970s 18ct gold Longines lady's cocktail dress watch, the square case having brilliant cut diamond bezel, textured dial with baton numerals, with integrated textured bracelet, hallmarked, 40.5g £600-800
353.    An early 20th century continental gold lady's open faced pocket watch, having engraved dial, marked 14 k to rear cover £400-600
354.    A 1960s 14ct gold cased Lord Elgin gentleman's mid sized wristwatch, this good example with black dial, marked to movement and case, appears to run and very clean, in Lord Elgin box with guarantee and booklet (4) £120-180
355.    A group of three 9ct gold watches, including an Accurist gents watch, and two Art Deco period ladies examples on gold plated straps (3) £150-250
356.    A collection of watches and other items, including a silver half hunter, overwound, a silver open faced and two ladies pocket watches, three stopwatches, a gold plated Waltham, a Seiko, a Junghams, a silver medal, a Victorian silver horseshoe with later lighter inserted, two button hooks and more (parcel) £150-250
357.    An Art Deco chromed desk clock, in fitted hinged door case, with engraved inscription (2) £50-100
358.    A modern Omega De Ville quartz gentleman's wristwatch, Roman numerals and date aperture to satin finish dial, gilt bezel, appears to run, on a bi-metal bracelet £80-120
359.    A modern Swatch Irony wristwatch £30-50
360.    A vintage Services stainless steel wristwatch, manual wind, appears to run, on expanding strap £30-50
361.    A 1970s 18ct gold Audemars Piguet gentleman's evening dress watch, the squared case with black dial, hallmarked, on original black leather strap £700-1000
362.    A vintage continental gold half hunter pocket watch and chain, with black enamel Roman numerals to outer, marked 585 to covers and dust cover, appears to run, 95.5g, together with a single Albert chain marked 333, 19.4g (2) £700-900
363.    Three 9ct gold ladies wristwatches, of similar designs, two by Rotary and one by Gradus, 36g (3) £280-320
364.    An interesting 1970s Sandoz Alarm stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch, 1763 Z-98-2, appears to function, on black leather strap, with original Sandoz box (2) £100-200
365.    A continental 14k marked open faced pocket watch, AF, together with a 9ct gold cased lady's watch, a gold plated full hunter, a 9ct gold cross and charm case, six silver jewellery items and more (parcel) £150-200
366.    Three Casio digital watches, including a 3198, a G Shock 2548 and a 3202, two with damaged straps £30-50
367.    A 19th century continental gold cased lady's open faced pocket watch, engraved dial with Roman numerals, engraved case, marked K18 £150-250
368.    A group of 14 modern watches, including a boxed Thomas Jenson, glass cracked, a boxed Alexandra Bellezza, a Swatch divers style, a Jorg Gray fashion chronograph, a large Steeltime, four Casio digitals and others (12) £60-100
369.    An Edwardian 15ct gold cased ladies wristwatch, damaged, on later strap, together with a 9ct gold cased example, on plated strap, and an early 20th century silver cased wristwatch, damaged (3) £60-80
370.    A George V period silver open faced pocket watch by Chaples Shapland, appears to run, in tooled zip case (2) £50-80
371.    A 1960s 9ct gold Smiths lady's wristwatch, oval case with integrated rectangular link bracelet, 21g £150-250
372.    A 1980s James Bond digital wristwatch and related 007 items, the stainless steel For Your Eyes Only watch with box, together with another James Bond digital watch, a pair of 007 cufflinks in box, a Philips keyfinder and two Bond rings (9) £80-120
373.    Seven various watches, including a Victorian silver open faced pocket, AF, together with a silver watch chain and a silver Vesta case by George Unite, a Deco pocket watch and five wristwatches (9) £80-100
374.    A vintage Tell mid sized chromed wristwatch, appears to run, on expanding strap, together with a gilt Accurist quartz gents dress watch (2) £50-80
375.    A 1980s Omega Seamaster quartz lady's wristwatch, bi-metal case and bracelet, appears to run, with spare link section and Omega service case (3) £80-120
376.    A group of three gold cased wristwatches, including an Art Deco 9ct rectangular gents example, a circular 9ct ladies, and an 18ct marked Allaine lady's watch on expanding strap, all AF (3) £200-300
377.    A group of eight antique and vintage watches, including a pretty French silver and enamelled lady's watch with damaged dial on 9ct marked expanding strap, a 9ct gold Cyma lady's on 9ct gold strap, a Victorian silver open faced pocket, a mid-sized Art Deco 9ct gold example, a silver lady's fob, a base metal pocket, a Felca, along with a Strikalite lighter and an old jewellery box (10) £200-300
378.    A vintage 9ct gold Longines gentleman's wristwatch, circular dial with baton and Roman numerals and subsidiary, appears to run well, movement no. 7363164, on a later strap £400-600
379.    A 1960s 9ct gold Tissot gentleman's wristwatch, baton numerals to satin finish circular dial, appears to run, on black strap £150-200
380.    A fine modern 18ct gold necklace by Chiampesan, the twist link chain having textured beads to lower, repeated further up and a matching clasp, marked to clasp, 55g £1500-2500
381.    A pair of modern 9ct gold and amethyst earrings, the cluster style mounts with central purple stone surrounded by half cut pearls with clip backs, 9g (2) £100-200
382.    A vintage Chinese gold signet ring, heavy with square tablet with initial M, marks to inner, misshapen, 12.9g £120-180
383.    A fine 1970s Chinese gentleman's suite, all three pieces marked 14k and set with carnelian and pearl, comprising a pair of cufflinks and a tie clip, 36.8g (3) £350-450
384.    A collection of costume jewellery, including a green velvet box with Saltburn By Sea postcard lid, a carved jet brooch, a Victorian gilt bead muff chain, a pair of yellow metal and opal earrings, a gilt clip brooch, bead necklaces and more (parcel) £80-120
385.    A vintage diamond dress ring, the white metal mount marked 18K having a tablet set with four old and round cut stones, 6.3g and size M £120-180
386.    A fine Edwardian period diamond star brooch, the gold starburst mount set with old cushion cut stones, pin replaced, 8.8g and 4.4cm, in a vintage retailers box (2) £2500-3500
387.    A collection of costume jewellery and other items, including bead necklaces, brooches, and more, a set of four Art Deco Bakelite animal napkin rings, a bead work evening bag, a part mesh evening bag, a small glass casket with dress studs and cufflinks, and more (parcel) £60-100
388.    A pair of 18ct gold cufflinks and other cufflinks and dress studs, the oval panels joined by chains, 9.8g, with an Art Deco pair of cufflinks, a silver pair and more, also a silver napkin ring (parcel) £300-500
389.    A 9ct gold swizzle stick, 5g, together with a yellow metal ring lacking a stone, two pairs of cufflinks and a Victorian pinchbeck retractable pencil (7) £80-120
390.    An Edwardian period five stone diamond engagement ring, the graduating old cuts in white metal claw settings on an 18ct gold band, 3.7g and size O £150-250
391.    An Art Deco period 9ct gold cased ladies wristwatch, on gold plated bracelet, in box, together with a gold plated ring, two pairs of earrings and a pendant with loose stones (13) £60-100
392.    Three modern 9ct gold and gem set rings, one white gold with orange stone, the other yellow gold with three stones, 5.7g (3) £120-180
393.    A modern 22ct gold wedding band, 4.4g, together with a 9ct gold and cameo ring and earrings, boxed (5) £100-150
394.    A pretty Art Deco period three stone crossover ring, having an old cut diamond, sapphire and ruby and heightened by four old cuts to each side, 3g and size O £250-350
395.    A modern silver and enamel lily brooch, together with a silver locket pendant, bangle and Mexican silver wreath brooch (4) £50-100
396.    A modern Danish silver plated bracelet by Jacob Hull, with wishbone links, marked B&D £50-100
397.    A collection of jewellery, including four 9ct gold and yellow metal rings, 4.4g, lots of necklaces, earrings, bangles and more, some organised in tool box trays, along with six fashion watches (parcel) £100-150
398.    An Edwardian period gold nugget stick pin, the piece of gold ore attached by wire to a gold pin, 7.3g £100-150
399.    A Victorian carved shell cameo brooch and another, both in pinchbeck mounts (2) £70-100
400.    A group of six Victorian and later 9ct gold and yellow metal jewellery items, including a bangle, wedding band, a locket pendant, two chain necklaces, 24g, together with a possibly gold curb link identity bracelet, 15.7g (6) £350-450
401.    A collection of costume jewellery, including a Scottish Celtic brooch, lacking pin, a silver brooch, AF, a pair of Pierre Lang earrings, bead necklaces and more (parcel) £50-100
402.    A Victorian sweetheart or posy brooch, the gold surround, damaged at pin, set with turquoise beads, one missing, having opaque hardstone and centred with a plaited hair panel, together with a pinchbeck and agate brooch (2) £150-250
403.    A Victorian 15ct gold cross pendant, 4.7g, together with a heart shaped 15ct gold and turquoise brooch, 3.2g and a small box (3) £100-150
404.    A collection of 19th century and later gold and yellow metal jewellery, including two 9ct gold dress studs, in box, two brooches, a locket, a brooch and a bangle, AF (8) £200-300
405.    A modern 9ct opal and diamond brooch, crescent shaped with graduated opals, two chipped, and a row of small eight cuts, 5.8g £100-200
406.    A Victorian 18ct gold and opal three stone ring, also set with four rose cut diamonds, 3.1g, with ring sizers £80-120
407.    Nine items of jewellery, including a 9ct gold and opal brooch, a silver and agate brooch, a modern silver gilt and gem set ring, a silver gilt rose brooch and more (9) £50-100
408.    A modern tanzanite and diamond cluster cocktail dress ring, the Rhapsody platinum mount having a large central blue stone of 4.25ct, surrounded by brilliant cuts, 8.2g, size O, with certificate (2) £1000-1500
409.    A fine Art Deco period dress stud and cufflink set, the octagonal platinum and mother of pearl fronts set with a brilliant cut diamond and having 18ct gold back, comprising cufflinks and six suds in fitted box (9) £300-400
410.    Six items of vintage North African tribal jewellery, including a short white metal and amber bead necklace, two slave style white metal bangles, a ring, a long chain and a cylindrical pendant with bells (6) £100-200
411.    A pair of vintage African white metal slave style bangles, believed to be from Zanzibar, the large and heavy forms with ornate engraved designs and pin release (2) £100-200
412.    Of Great Western Railway Interest, a 9ct gold Fifteenth Year First Aid Efficiency medal, awarded to Samuel J. Reeves 1921, 8.3g, in Alfred Grose of Swindon box (2) £100-150
A pair of Edwardian 9ct gold and jade cufflinks, cabochon green hardstones in oval mounts united by chains, 8.8g (2) £120-180
414.    A vintage silver charm bracelet, together with a fox mask and riding crop silver brooch, lacks pin and a silver name brooch with Vera (3) £50-80
415.    An Art Deco period opal and diamond cluster dress ring, cushion shaped stone surrounded by eight cuts in platinum tablet, on an 18ct gold band, 2.9g and size P £100-200
416.    A 1970s 18ct gold and diamond cluster cocktail dress ring, platinum claws set with brilliant cuts, hallmarked, 4.5g and size O £150-250
417.    A vintage 9ct gold and opal pendant and earring suite, the drop earrings with three round opals on chain with hooks, the pendant as a cluster with single drop, 9g (3) £150-250
418.    An Edwardian period ruby and diamond cluster ring, round cut central red stone, surrounded by old cuts, on gold band, 4.2g and size L £120-180
419.    A modern 9ct gold and pearl line bracelet, diamond shaped links set with half cut white pearls, hallmarked, 17g £150-250
420.    An Art Deco period diamond dress ring, octagonal tablet set with brilliant cuts, possibly platinum, 2g and size L, in Parsons of Bristol ring box (2) £250-350
421.    An Edwardian gold and diamond brooch, the scroll mount set with three old cuts and several rose cut stones, 6g, with vintage retailers box (2) £200-300
422.    A group of five gold rings and other jewellery, including a 22ct gold band, 2g, an 18ct gold and garnet ring, 4g, two 9ct gold and gem set rings and a wedding band, 6.4g, along with a 9ct locket on gilt chain and more (parcel) £200-300
423.    A George V 9ct gold and enamel OVFC medal by Sattorini, 3.5g, together with two silver medals (3) £50-80
424.    A fine modern 18ct gold and diamond solitaire engagement ring by Dyke Van den Burgh, the brilliant cut of approx 0.9ct in torsion style setting in heavy gold mount with flattened back, approx SI2 and colour F, 8.9g, size P 1/2, with Dyke Vandenburgh white ring box (2) £800-1200
425.    A collection of jewellery, including two freshwater pearl necklaces and earrings, a silver horse brooch, a lapis lazuli necklace, a green gem stone necklace, and a turquoise and hardstone necklace, all with boxes (parcel) £80-120
426.    A large modern Italian silver and citrine cocktail dress ring by Pianegonda, size O, hallmarked and marked, in retailers box (2) £50-80
427.    A modern silver and emerald pendant and earrings suite, with oval green stones heightened by small diamonds, with silver chain (3) £120-180
428.    A fine modern platinum and three stone diamond engagement ring, having good quality brilliant cuts totalling approx 1.5ct, in hallmarked mount, 5.6g and size Q £1500-2500
429.    A modern 9ct white gold and tanzanite line bracelet, the light blue oval stones in tennis style mount, 10.4g £100-150
430.    A 1970s 18ct gold and gem set cluster cocktail dress ring, centred with a CZ and surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds to the flower head and star tablet, hallmarked, 5.3g and size S £250-350
431.    A modern 18ct gold and diamond heart shaped pendant, with hinged back, hallmarked, 5.4g £100-150
432.    A modern 18ct gold and three stone diamond engagement ring, brilliant cuts totalling approx 0.45ct, 2.4g and size M £200-300
433.    Four Edwardian and later items of 9ct gold jewellery, including a solitaire ring and three brooches, 10.8g, together with a 9ct gold mounted cameo brooch and a silver filigree bracelet (6) £120-180
434.    An Edwardian 15ct gold stick pin in case, together with a silver lady's fob watch and several cufflinks and tiepins (parcel) £60-80
435.    A modern 9ct gold sapphire and diamond ring, half hoop eternity style, hallmarked, 3.4g and size N £100-150
436.    A collection of Victorian and later jewellery, including a 9ct gold and blue gem set African spear and shield brooch, a bar brooch, a silver mourning brooch, a gilt and glass Chinese bracelet and more along with two ladies watches (parcel) £80-120
437.    An Edwardian citrine and seed pearl pendant cum brooch, marked 9ct, with large central stone and drop £100-150
438.    A Victorian yellow metal and diamond circular brooch, the gypsy set rough cut stones, within a raised central beaded centre, having a box back, 8g £100-200
439.    A modern suite of pearl and coral jewellery, comprising necklace and bracelet with 9ct gold clasps which can be worn as one, and a pair of cluster ear studs (4) £80-120
440.    An impressive modern 18ct gold and diamond cluster cocktail dress ring, the circular tablet centred with seven brilliant cuts in a baguette cut surround and a further row of small brilliant cuts to the rim, marked 750 to white gold mount, 8.8g and size O £1200-1800
441.    An 18ct gold aqua marine and topaz fringe pendant necklace, the fine gold chain alternately set with oval faceted pairs of aqua and topaz tear drops and polished and faceted similar beads, with a pair of matching drop earrings (3) £1000-1500
442.    A modern 18ct white gold and diamond engagement ring, having brilliant cut in four claw mount with diamond encrusted shoulders, 4.4g and size M £250-350
443.    A modern pearl necklace, the pink tinged white uniform pearls united by a white metal clasp £100-150
444.    A modern 18ct white gold and diamond spinning ring, marked Piaget, having hexagonal spinning central band, no. A78376 52, dated 1997, 17.5g and approx size M £1000-1500
445.    A 19th century hair and gilt metal watch chain, the gilt mounts modelled as clasped hands, also a silver charm bracelet, a pair of Asian Nut carved earrings decorated with a crab and fish, a pair of mother of pearl clips and a pair of scarab white metal cufflinks and a white metal bracelet with spare link converted to a brooch (10) £80-120
446.    A 1970s 18ct gold and diamond solitaire engagement ring, the high claw set brilliant cut in mount marked 18ct, 2.7g and size S £150-250
447.    A modern 18ct white gold and black pearl pendant, heightened with diamonds to the scroll bale, supported on a silver chain necklace £150-250
448.    A modern Chinese hardstone and diamond dress ring, in yellow metal mount marked 18k, large green jade style stone with brilliant cut surround, 9.5g and size L £300-500
449.    A vintage coral bead necklace, together with a red bead necklace with four cherry amber beads (2) £80-120
450.    A modern 9ct gold and gem set cocktail dress ring, the thick band with tablet set with clear, red, blue and green stones, 4.8g and size S £60-100
451.    A modern 9ct gold pendant, circular with Lord's Prayer to reverse, 2g £40-60
452.    A 9ct gold charm bracelet, the double loop chain supporting various charms such as shell, ships wheel and others, 29.7g £300-500
453.    An Edwardian 18ct gold sapphire and diamond ring, three gypsy set blue stones and four old cuts, hallmarked, 5g and size O £100-150
454.    Two yellow metal chain necklaces, both marked 375, one with double links, the other thinner with flattened links, 15.4g (2) £150-250
455.    Three 9ct gold and garnet rings, two three stone examples and one a child's ring with a single stone, 7.2g (3) £70-100
456.    A 9ct gold chain necklace, small belcher links, 16g £160-200
457.    Four 9ct gold and amethyst rings, a three stone and three solitaires, some with clear stones, 10.4g (4) £100-150
458.    A large pair of 9ct gold earrings, the hoops with twist effect having a pierced sphere set with clear stones, possibly CZs, 14g (2) £150-250
459.    Three gold and gem set rings, all AF, one 9ct gold cluster, another 9ct with opals and amethysts, 5.9g, and an 18ct gold opal and diamond example, 2.7g, each lacking one stone (3) £100-150
460.    A 1970s yellow metal and gem set bangle, marked 375, having pierced scroll set with a cabochon sapphire and four brilliant cuts, with hinge and finger press clasp, 13g £180-220
461.    A modern 18ct white gold aqua marine and diamond dress ring, the tear drop shaped blue stone in three claw setting having three princess cut channel set diamonds to the shoulders, needs re-plating, 5.7g and size L 1/2 £250-350
462.    Two vintage 18ct gold and gem set rings, one an Art Deco flower head, the other with red stones and a clear stone, 5.8g (2) £120-150
463.    A modern emerald and diamond dress ring, octagonal light green stone in four claw setting having diamond encrusted shoulders, marked 750, needs re-plating, 6.5g and size O £250-250
464.    A group of five 9ct gold and gem set rings, one with Greek key design, an emerald example, a sapphire three stone, a wishbone ring and one other, 11.3g (5) £120-180
465.    Five 9ct gold rings, including a child's signet ring, a MUM ring, a sapphire example, a wishbone shaped ring and a toe ring, 13.5g (5) £120-180
466.    Five items of 9ct gold jewellery, including a pair of bulldog pendants, a cross and a St Christopher pendant, a chain necklace, 13.7g, together with a gold plated perfume bottle pendant, a pair of lorgnettes and silver and Baltic amber bracelet, damaged to one link (9) £150-250
467.    A Georgian and later diamond dress ring, the good size pear shaped old cut stone in diamond set surround and tied bow upper, having faint engraved inscription to inner, some signs of repairs and restorations, 3.4g and size O £1000-1500
468.    A pair of Victorian 15ct gold cufflinks, with plain oval panels and single link, 8g, together with three 18ct marked dress studs, 2.4g and a larger 9ct marked example, 1.3g (6) £150-250
469.    An Edwardian gold amethyst and seed pearl pendant on chain, together with another similar example with fine chain necklace, lacks drop, 8.7g (2) £100-150
470.    A Victorian three stone opal ring, set with rose cut diamonds and in gold mount, not marked, 4.2g and size M £80-120
471.    A vintage silver and hardstone bracelet, panels of agate also with four charms, together with a branch coral necklace, and a 19th century yellow metal and plaited hair mourning brooch (3) £100-150
472.    An Art Deco period three stone diamond engagement ring, three brilliant cuts in platinum set, on an 18ct gold band, 2.7g and size O £600-800
473.    An 18ct gold wedding band, ten sided outer, hallmarked, 2g and size O £40-60
474.    An Edwardian and later associated suite of amethyst jewellery, each with a single purple stone, including a 9ct gold ring, a yellow metal brooch, and a gilt on a 9ct gold chain (3) £100-150
475.    A fine modern diamond cluster cocktail dress ring, the central fancy coloured brilliant cut approx. 0.72ct, surrounded by two rows of pink tinge brilliant cuts in a rose gold mount, approx. 6g and size O £2500-3500
476.    An Art Deco period 18ct gold diamond and sapphire ring, the crossover style tablet with central blue stone and a pair of old cuts with smaller examples to the shoulders, hallmarked Chester, 2.7g and size L £150-250
477.    A fine and rare 19th century gold and hardstone brooch, with two sardonyx panels with gold back and glazed compartments united by a seed pearl u shaped stretcher and supporting a tassel drop, approx. 30.5g £2800-3200
478.    Two vintage diamond rings, comprising an Art Deco platinum set dress ring, on 18ct gold shank, and a three stone diamond ring, ring size Art Deco Q, three stone J (2) £100-200
479.    An Art Deco style sapphire and diamond dress ring, the shaped white 18ct gold mount set with a large oval blue stone and surrounded by old cuts to front and sides of the tablet, approx. 5.4g and size K £1800-2200
480.    A modernist Scottish silver and carnelian pendant, together with a collection of cufflinks, two stick pins, three dress studs and a miniature penknife (parcel) £50-100
481.    A pretty topaz and diamond pendant, the large blue oval cut stone with applied flower and branch frame and bale, lacking eight stones, set with eight cuts, supported on a light green material neck lace £800-1200
482.    A platinum and topaz solitaire dress ring, the large circular cut blue stone in crown and claw setting, approx. 7.3g and size M £400-600
483.    A modern 18ct white gold and aqua marine bracelet, having square and rectangular varying sized light blue stones in claw mounts joined by links, approx. 19.7g and 19cm long £500-800
484.    An impressive modern diamond cocktail dress ring, the 18ct white gold mount having three rows of old cut stones, two outer rows being uniform sized, the middle row with graduated examples, approx. 9.6g and size O £2000-3000
485.    A 19th century pair of diamond set earrings, the ornate pierced silver and gold mounts with hook fittings set with old cuts and two later stones, approx. 11.2g (2) £400-600
486.    A pretty diamond set pendant, the circular 18ct gold mount with blue enamel and centred with four wedge cut stones, on a fine 18ct gold chain, approx. 6.5g £350-450
487.    A group of four gold and gem set rings, including an 18ct gold solitaire, 1.9g, and three 9ct gold examples, 6.6g (4) £120-180
488.    A group of silver and other jewellery, presented in a Victorian cut glass dish, including a large filigree butterfly, a pair of Berlin style shoe buckles, several rings and more (parcel) £60-100
489.    A 9ct gold wedding band, 2.2g, together with a 10k marked tiepin, 2.2g (2) £50-80
490.    A collection of costume jewellery, including a pretty vintage paste set necklace, a paste set brooch, and more (parcel) £60-100
491.    A 1980s Middle Eastern 18ct gold and ruby ring, having three red stones to the pierced and shaped tablet and heightened by eight small brilliant cut diamonds, 3g and size P £120-180
492.    An Edwardian 9ct gold watch chain, the single Albert curb link bearing hallmarks and supporting a 9ct gold Masonic medallion, 32.4g £300-500
493.    An Art Deco and later diamond dress ring, the large white metal tablet set of with approx 3ct of brilliant and baguette cuts, having wide tapering yellow metal band, AF, 14.6g and size N £700-900
494.    A South American yellow metal pendant cum brooch, the oval mount marked 18k, with pierced and chased ancient Inca style design to front, 17.6g £300-500
495.    A modern 18ct white gold sapphire and diamond ring, oval blue stone and four brilliant cuts on channel rubbed over setting, 6.6g and size M £180-220
496.    A vintage Egyptian silver and enamel bracelet, four square panels with orange glass and other panels with scene of pyramids, scarab beetle and other Egyptian themes £60-100
497.    A 1970s Chinese hardstone and diamond dress ring, the oval jade style green stone having applied row of small brilliant cuts to each side, marked 18k, 7.9g and size N 1/2 £300-500
498.    A vintage Middle Eastern or South American yellow metal bracelet, marked 18k, supporting five charms, some marked for gold, 41.3 £600-800
499.    A modern 18ct gold and diamond cluster dress ring, three baguette cuts to centre and surrounded by 12 brilliant cuts, 4.1g and size L £200-300
500.    A 1970s Middle Eastern yellow metal tie slide, marked 18k, with safety chain, 4.7g, together with two gold and single stone bar brooches, 5.9 (3) £120-180
501.    A modern 9ct gold and five stone ring, five purple garnets in channel setting, 4g and size R 1/2 £50-80
502.    A 1970s Middle Eastern or South American yellow metal and citrine pendant, marked 750, presented on a rope twist necklace, together with a pair of gold and orange citrine earrings, 13.5g (3) £150-250
503.    An 18ct gold and diamond solitaire ring, having an 0.4ct brilliant cut, 3.6g and size R £150-250
504.    Six items of gold and yellow metal jewellery, including a 9ct gold and enamel bowls medal, 6.5g, a 9ct gold and seed pearl pendant, 2.3g, a rope twist necklace, 7.2g, a three stone and pearl ring, lacks four pearls, 3g, a portrait brooch, and a pair of stud earrings (7) £280-320
505.    Two 18ct gold and diamond solitaire rings, each with a brilliant cut, 3.7g, sizes L and N (2) £300-500
506.    A group of eight Peruvian silver and white metal jewellery items, including two pairs of cufflinks, three necklaces, two bracelets and a brooch (10) £100-150
507.    A vintage silver belcher link necklace, together with a Victorian silver watch chain, a long white metal chain necklace, a metal bangle and a silver cigarette case (5) £40-60
508.    A 1980s Middle Eastern yellow metal and gem set group of jewellery, including a fringe necklace and three pairs of earrings, all set with synthetic rubies and clear stones, 42g (7) £400-600
509.    A collection of costume jewellery, including a Victorian gilt metal locket on chain, along with various fashion jewels of brooches, necklaces and more (parcel) £100-150
510.    A Victorian 18ct gold sapphire and diamond ring, round cut blue stone surrounded by old cuts and having a further round cut blue stone to each side, Chester c1893, with a 9ct gold ring spacer, 3.1g £80-120
511.    A Victorian yellow metal gatelink bracelet, marked 9c to heart shaped clasp, 15.5g, in a W. Mansell of Lincoln box, together with a gold plated Waltham pocket watch (3) £150-250
512.    An Edwardian three stone diamond engagement ring, the crossover mount set with old cuts, 2.8g and size L £150-250
513.    Two yellow metal and opal dress rings, both with Australian opals, the larger example with retro mount, 7.8g (2) £100-150
514.    Four items of 9ct gold jewellery, including a single pearl pendant on box link chain, a chain necklace and an amethyst and seed pearl brooch, 12.8g, a vintage box, and a 9ct gold mounted cameo brooch (5) £150-250
515.    A Victorian five stone diamond engagement ring, the graduating old cuts in an 18ct marked ring, 3.2g and size N £150-250
516.    A collection of silver and costume jewellery, including an ingot on chain, an Egyptian pendant, various rings, paste set jewels and more (parcel) £60-100
517.    A group of three 9ct gold and gem set rings, including a sapphire and diamond three stone, an emerald half hoop and another with sapphires, 5.5g (3) £100-150
518.    An Edwardian 9ct gold garnet and seed pearl pendant on chain, 3g, together with a 9ct gold emerald and diamond ring, 2.4g and size O £120-180
519.    A collection of jewellery and other items, including a 9ct gold and haematite signet ring, 4.7g, a modern silver and CZ ring, and more, along with two Manchester Regiment badges (parcel) £80-120
520.    A continental gold and sapphire necklace, having single and double oval links, 17 set with a blue and a white sapphire, 46.6g and 45cm open, marked 585 £500-800
521.    A continental gold and sapphire dress ring, sweeping tablet set with a navette shaped blue stone and several smaller clear stones, 3.1g and size S £80-120
522.    A pretty continental gold fringe necklace, small bead chain with five swags and set with four blue stone beads, 5.3g, marked 585 £80-120
523.    A modern 18ct gold ruby and diamond ring, diamond shaped tablet set with four red stones and a central brilliant cut and having flared shoulders set with several brilliant cuts, 5.2g and size Q £250-350
524.    A small group of good fashion and costume jewellery, including a Swarovski necklace and a heart shaped brooch, both boxed, two Harrods boxes with Duchess of Windsor earrings and necklace, and four necklaces and a brooch (parcel) £70-90
525.    An Edwardian period 9ct gold watch chain, the single Albert curb link chain bearing hallmarks with T bar, approx 25g, with replaced snap clasp £280-320
526.    An Edwardian period 9ct gold gatelink bracelet, having heart shaped padlock clasp, 15g £150-250
527.    Four items of gold jewellery, including a pair of 18ct dress studs, 2g, a small 22ct wedding band, 1.2g, a brooch, 0.8g and a small square box (5) £50-100
528.    A small group of silver and jewellery, including an Edwardian silver hair pin with damaged turquoise coloured bead, three watch chains, two bracelets, and more, and a Festival of Britain crown (parcel) £50-100
529.    A vintage yellow metal bracelet, possibly 9ct gold, having hollow curb link chain with heart shaped clasp, 10g, in a shaped box (2) £100-150
530.    An Egyptian yellow metal and lapis lazuli bracelet £80-120
531.    A modern gold sapphire and diamond three stone ring, the oval collet set blue stone having a tapered baguette cut to each shoulder, marked 750, 4.5g and size P £150-250
532.    Two Victorian and later gold and diamond stick pins, together with a 9ct gold Celtic cross on flattened link chain and a 9ct gold spinning I Love You pendant, 12.8g (4) £120-180
533.    An Art Deco period 18ct gold and two stone diamond ring, together with a Middle Eastern gold and diamond solitaire ring, 5g (2) £120-180
534.    A large collection of costume jewellery, with lots of bangles, earrings and necklaces, one fruit box full (parcel) £50-100
535.    A 1970s 9ct gold Parker fountain pen and pencil, both fine barley in red Parker boxes with guarantees and with white card outer boxes marked Presidential Single (10) £250-350
536.    A 1970s 9ct gold Parker biro and pencil, both fine barley, 45g (2) £200-300
A 1970s 9ct gold Parker pencil, fine barley in red Parker box with guarantee (3) £100-150
538.    A collection of jewellery and other items, including a 9ct gold single cufflink, a pair of earrings, and two odd earrings, a wedding band and a cameo ring, 16g, along with a gold tooth, three silver thimbles, other silver and items of jewellery such as cufflinks, and four watches (parcel) £200-300
539.    A collection of jewellery and silver plated items, including a gilt necklace, a jewellery box with contents such as a Chinese cinnabar brooch and silver brooch, along with two glass pots with silver caps and several items of silver plate (parcel) £60-100
540.    A modern 9ct gold sapphire and diamond ring, oval blue stone with brilliant cuts surround, 2.2g and size N, together with a small silver Christening bangle (2) £100-150
541.    A useful collection of jewellery making and repairing equipment and other items, including a doming block, files, dental tools and more, several packets of beads some 9ct gold and silver, five perspex busts and more (parcel) £50-100
542.    Three pairs of modern earrings, including one pair of 9ct gold knot examples, a pair of 9ct gold and Baltic amber studs, and a pair of moss agate and gold earrings (6) £100-150
543.    A modern white metal and amethyst bead necklace, with silver coloured spacers and spherical purple beads £50-100
544.    An Art Deco diamond cluster ring, the flower head tablet centred with a brilliant cut flanked by a baguette cut and further brilliant cuts, marked 18ct gold, A & Co, 3.6g and size K £200-300
545.    A modern 9ct gold bracelet, possibly from Deakin & Francis as stamped D&F, with triple twist links, 33g £320-380
546.    A pretty antique emerald and diamond ring, the square cut green stone with old cut cluster surround having further old cuts to the shoulders, possibly repaired, unmarked, 3g and size K £250-350
547.    A Victorian garnet and diamond brooch, the cabochon red stone with star to top set with a large old cut and smaller examples, on gilt mount with pin £100-150
548.    A modern 18ct gold sapphire and diamond ring and earrings set, having a cabochon blue stone and diamond flower head cluster, 3.7g (3) £150-250
549.    A 9ct gold locket, having a rose cut diamond to front, supported on a yellow metal chain, 7.2g £100-150
550.    A pair of 9ct gold emerald and diamond cluster stud earrings £80-120
551.    An Edwardian period or earlier five stone diamond ring, graduating brilliant cuts in scroll sided tablet, AF, 2g and size L 1/2 £150-250
552.    An 18ct gold dress stud, 0.9g, together with a yellow metal chain necklace, 7.2g (2) £100-150
553.    A vintage silver charm bracelet, curb link chain with multiple charms such as an ice skate, sewing machine and others £40-60
554.    Two Victorian and later gold brooches, one with green enamel and seed pearl leaf, the other set with turquoise beads and seed pearls with replaced steel pin, 6.9g (2) £80-120
555.    An Edwardian period yellow and white metal lady's watch chain, the fancy links marked 18c with single snap watch clasp, 13g £200-300
556.    A single strand cultured white pearl necklace £50-100
557.    A modern heavy silver necklace by Quinn, flattened link chain with gilt oval and supports to lower, 121.5g, together with a similar bracelet, 55g (2) £60-100
558.    An Edward VII sovereign ring, the 1907 full sovereign in X shaped support with a Fidelity 22ct gold wedding band attached, 12.8g £250-350
559.    A late Victorian 9ct gold watch chain bracelet, the graduating hallmarked curb links now converted to a double strand necklace, with T bar, 38.7g £380-420
560.    A Victorian gold and amethyst three stone ring, rubbed over set purple stones, marked 15ct, 2.5g and size L £60-100
561.    A 9ct gold St Christopher pendant on chain, 9.3g, together with a pinchbeck and purple paste fob seal (2) £100-150
562.    A yellow metal bangle, marked 18c, 10.5g £200-300
563.    Three Victorian and later 18ct gold rings, including two wedding bands and a family crest signet ring, 13.5g (3) £250-350
564.    A Middle Eastern yellow metal and three stone crossover ring, marked 18ct, 3.5g, together with a Russian style puzzle triple wedding ring, marked 14k, 10g (2) £150-250
565.    A vintage warthog tusk pendant, having white metal mounts, on damaged silver chain, together with a jadeite necklace, three bead necklaces and three malachite items (8) £50-100
566.    A collection of jewellery and other items, including a silver gilt serpent ring, a pair of silver napkin rings in a box, an onyx cigarette box, AF, a simulated tortoiseshell box, an Accurist fashion watch, and more (parcel) £60-100
567.    Four vintage Masonic jewels, two silver and two gilt metal, along with three further jewel ribbon supports, relating to Sir Roger Thomas and King Hiram Lodges, and four boxes (11) £60-100
568.    An early 19th century seed pearl and paste brooch, in the form of an eye with gold backing, 2.5cm wide £50-80
569.    Two modern 9ct gold and diamond set rings and two gold teeth, one a half hoop style, the other a cluster, 3.6g, together with two gold crowns (4) £100-150
570.    A modern 9ct gold chain with pendant, box link chain with loop and t bar clasp, supporting a CZ pendant, 15.8g £120-180
571.    Two 1970s 9ct gold dress rings, one with a large smoky quartz, the other with sapphire and diamond spray, 11.4g (2) £120-180
572.    A George V full sovereign in 9ct gold pendant mount, dated 1911, presented on a long yellow metal chain necklace, 18.2g £300-400
573.    Two gold wedding bands, one a smaller 22ct example, 3.5g, the other 18ct gold, 4.7g (2) £150-250
574.    Four Victorian and later gold and yellow metal chains, one a bracelet with heart shaped clasp marked 9c, a belcher link chain, and two watch chain curb link chains, 49g £450-550
575.    A small group of jewellery and other items, including an amethyst brooch, a resin cameo brooch, a bead collar, four enamel boxes, a snuff box, a necklace and two brooches (11) £40-60
576.    A collection of eleven 9ct gold charms, including a penguin, a matchbox, a bank note, a dice and others, 17.4g (11) £150-200
577.    A vintage diamond cluster dress ring, the platinum flower head tablet set with seven brilliant cuts, on an 18ct gold band, 5.7g and size N £500-700
578.    A Chinese hardstone bangle, circular in spinach jade, 7.9cm outer diameter and 6.1cm inner diameter £40-60
579.    A 9ct gold wedding band, 2.1g, together with a 9ct gold three stone ring lacking one stone, 2.2g (2) £40-60
580.    A Victorian pair of gilt lorgnettes, together with a Victorian mourning stick pin, a locket pendant and gold plated muff chain (4) £120-180
581.    A collection of 17 silver and white metal rings, including a Baltic amber example, others with hardstones, together with a silver bangle, a Mexican cuff bangle and a filigree butterfly brooch (20) £100-150
582.    A modern 18ct gold and solitaire diamond pendant, the old cut stone approx 0.3ct in two colour mount £150-250
583.    A 9ct gold locket pendant on chain, together with a flattened link 9ct gold chain necklace, 14.3g (2) £150-200
584.    A collection of jewellery and coins, along with four gilt watches, including a nice Chinese cloisonné bead necklace along with several other necklaces and Victorian and later coins (parcel) £40-60
585.    A George III guinea in 9ct gold pendant, the late 18th century gold coin in hallmarked surround with glazed front and back, 13.6g £200-300
586.    Two 9ct gold modern gatelink bracelets, 11.6g, together with three pairs of stud earrings and a single hoop earring, 2.1g (9) £120-180
587.    Two modern pairs of garnet stud earrings, together with two garnet pendants on chains, marked 9ct gold, with three boxes (9) £80-120
588.    An Arts & Crafts silver and enamelled bracelet by Murrle Bennett & Co, rectangular pierced links with two blue enamel panels, marked silver and MB & Co, 19cm long £120-180
589.    Three modern 9ct gold and garnet pendants on chains, together with a gilt pendant and matching earrings, tangled (6) £80-120
590.    An associated modern suite of lapis lazuli jewellery, including a cuff bracelet, a brooch, a brooch cum pendant, a pair of drop earrings and a bead necklace (6) £50-100
591.    Three modern 9ct gold garnet pendants on chains, together with a modern 9ct gold and three stone garnet ring (4) £150-250
592.    Two modern pairs of lapis lazuli cufflinks, one with cylinders of blue hardstone with silver mounts and chains, the others oval on bronzed mounts (4) £40-60
593.    A modern 9ct gold blue topaz and diamond pendant, with certificate, together with a 10k marked opal ring, a bar brooch and an 18ct gold and three stone diamond ring and box (6) £120-180
594.    Two vintage brooches and a collection of loose gem and hard stones, including a Scottish circular hardstone brooch and a garnet set example, together with a damaged moonstone necklace and brooch, and many loose cut stones and more (parcel) £60-100
595.    Two antique silver converted belts, one having circular pierced medallions with chain links, now with watch snap clasp, possibly Birmingham 1865, the other having shaped panels with figures and exotic birds joined by chain links, both now suitable as necklaces (2) £60-100
596.    A collection of jewellery, including a pretty Art Deco silver and paste brooch, a Victorian stickpin and heart shaped locket, other brooches, necklaces and more, along with a vintage jewellery box, a 14k fountain pen nib and a 1914 Christmas tin (parcel) £50-80
597.    A modern 9ct white gold and diamond engagement ring, having a central princess cut stone and channel set small brilliant cuts to shoulders, 1.5g and size K £60-80
598.    Seven silver and white metal items of jewellery, including a US Paratrooper / Marine style brooch and ring, an RAF brooch, a Harley Davidson ring, a football theme ring and a lapis ring (7) £60-100
599.    A pair of Victorian 18ct gold cufflinks and four dress studs, plain oval panels on chains, hallmarked, 20.5g (6) £400-500
600.    An Art Deco sapphire and diamond ring, the platinum mount having three central blue stones in a shaped tablet with eight cuts, 4.8g and size S £250-350
601.    A collection of silver and costume jewellery, including a flattened link chain bracelet, a log and axe brooch, a silver open faced pocket watch and more on a vintage red leather box (parcel) £80-120
602.    A 9ct gold chain necklace, having long twist links, 35.5g £350-400
603.    A vintage gilt metal and scarab beetle necklace and brooch, the ornate fringe necklace and square supports with glass beetles, together with a single matching earring with loose beetle (4) £80-120
604.    A vintage platinum wedding band, 3.4g and size N, together with a 9ct gold hollow link part watch chain and loose T bar, 7g, a 9ct gold and bloodstone signet ring, 5.4g and a 9ct gold and three stone amethyst brooch (4) £180-220
605.    A Victorian 18ct gold signet ring, with monogram tablet, 7.5g and size R £150-200
606.    A collection of 42 loose gem stones, including three trays of twelve stones, each tray with two certified emeralds and other coloured stones, along with six packets each with a certified tanzanite £150-250
607.    A collection of good fashion jewellery, in boxes marked Jewellery By Cornelius, including rings, bracelets, sets and more, 23 boxes (23) £60-100
608.    Three modern 9ct gold and gem set rings, including a wishbone shaped sapphire and diamond example, a pearl and clear stone cluster and a crossover band, 6.9g (3) £80-120
609.    A collection of modern fashion and costume jewellery, including necklaces, bangles, rings and more, two punnets (parcel) £60-100
610.    A modern 9ct gold and diamond cluster cocktail dress ring, the oval tablet set with brilliant and baguette cuts, 3.5g and size N, unused, with a box (2) £150-250
611.    A large collection of modern hardstone bead necklace and bracelets, some still in Ethnic Jewellery retail packets, two boxes (parcel) £60-100
612.    A 1980s continental yellow metal and diamond dress ring, having three rows of white metal claw set brilliant cuts, in thick tapering band, marked 14k, 7g and Q 1/2 £120-180
613.    A 1970s Chinese hardstone cocktail dress ring, the yellow metal mount with a large green jadeite cabochon stone, now glued into mount, together with a clear stone and plated five stone ring and a vintage ring box (3) £70-100
614.    A vintage 22ct gold wedding band from Mappin & Webb, 5.4g and size P £120-180
615.    Three 9ct gold and gem set dress rings, all half hoop in style, 5.5g (3) £60-100
616.    An Art Deco period diamond engagement ring, having a central brilliant cut of approx 0.4ct with three eight cuts to each shoulder, 3g and size Q £150-250
617.    A collection of jewellery, including a yellow metal safety pin style brooch, 2.8g, an amber bead necklace, and various costume jewels (parcel) £50-100
618.    A group of three 18ct gold and gem set rings, including an Art Deco solitaire, a three stone example and a half hoop style ring, 6g (3) £150-250
619.    A collection of silver and other items, including a silver cigarette case, an aesthetic silver bangle, two ladies pocket watches, various chains, a set of sovereign scales, a letter balance and more (parcel) £100-150
620.    An Edwardian 9ct gold locket, on a yellow metal fancy link chain, together with two 9ct gold bar brooches, two cameo brooches, a porcelain plaque brooch, a pair of gilt spectacles and a Co-op box (7) £70-100
621.    A Victorian 9ct gold gatelink bracelet, with partial textured links and a heart shaped padlock clasp, 8.5g £80-120
622.    A Victorian 22ct gold ring, set with four clear stones and one setting vacant, 2.9g, together with an Art Deco crossover three stone ring, 3g, and a 9ct gold signet ring with initial J, 1.8g (3) £100-150
623.    A Victorian 9ct gold single Albert watch chain, graduating heavy curb link chain with T bar and single snap clasp, 35.5g £350-450
624.    A collection of jewellery and other items, including a pair of George IV period silver sugar tongs, a silver and enamel ROAB medal, a silver badge with SWC or SVIC, a pair of antique spectacles, a pair of Swarovski earrings in a box and more (parcel) £60-80
625.    A heavy vintage silver single Albert watch chain, thick graduating curb links, 102.5g £100-150
626.    A Georgian gold and enamel sweetheart or mourning pendant, the shaped and pierced mount with ribbon style Latin motto and central panel of hair, 4.4g and 3.1cm £700-900
627.    A 19th century carnelian seal signet ring, having an intaglio bust of a lady in possibly gold oval mount, 6g and size i £300-500
628.    A modern 14ct gold German locket on chain, the flattened link chain supporting an oval pendant with floral design to front, 14.4g £200-300
629.    Two antique pairs of gold cufflinks, one pair 15ct with floral engraved oval panels and single figure of eight stretcher, 5.3g, the other slightly larger pair in 9ct, dented, 3.7g (4) £100-150
630.    A small group of gold and other jewellery, including a 1970s 9ct gold swirl brooch, 4.5g, another similar, 4.1g, a 9ct gold and amethyst pendant on chain, 5g, a 9ct gold and cameo brooch, two gold brooches with base metal pins, a silver charm, and four brooches (11) £120-180
631.    Seven various gold rings, including a Victorian 15ct gold and diamond example, lacks a stone, 2.2g, a Victorian 18ct gold sapphire and pearl ring, 2.2g, and five 9ct gold signet rings, 7.2g (7) £150-250
632.    A Victorian period yellow metal bracelet, curb link chain united by a heart shaped padlock clasp, one link marked 9c, 14.6g £120-180
633.    A large illustrated booklet of Persistent criminals and associates 1961, compiled by the Criminal Intelligence Section and issued by the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, the folder containing approx 700 police black and white mug shots of criminals in the Metropolitan area 1961, Criminal Records Office numbers, descriptions of the criminals and their crimes, including the infamous Ronald and Reginald Kray, AF £200-300
634.    A extensive collection of police records, including statements for Tina Smart, maps etc, together with a WWII military war diary, and other related items (parcel) £150-250
635.    A collection of National Fire Service and Civil Defence buttons and badge, including a silver ARP badge, plus another example, NFS, ARP and CD buttons, plus a selection of cloth badges including AFS, Scientific and Reconnaissance and various Boroughs, together with two J Hudson of Birmingham whistles, dated 1916 and 1935 (parcel) £50-80
636.    A Victorian ARP truncheon, the turned wooden truncheon painted black with VR and crown decorated, with ARP and number 256 under, with another baton (2) £70-100
637.    A Thames Valley police helmet, as worn in the 2000s, with makers labels to inside, along with ink written PC's name and shoulder number, together with a 1980s Cheshire Fire Brigade helmet £40-60
638.    Myra Hindley (1942-2002), a handwritten letter on William Morris Cray pattern card dated 15.2.99 from H.M.P. Highpoint and addressed to 'Mark' discussing Christmas at Holloway Prison £50-100
639.    An early 20th Century French brass Adrian fireman's helmet, of the Sapeurs Pompiers de Carhaix, having low comb, with grenade finial, with leather chin strap £60-80
640.    A 19th Century French fire helmet, having tall comb, with grenade and cross axe finial to the front, complete with leather liner, AF £60-80
641.    A John Morris & Sons Ltd metal fire bucket and lid, with swing handle and painted red with the makers name to front, complete with lid £50-100
642.    A small selection of Masonic items, to include sashes, round the neck sashes, jewels, gloves etc, various lodges (parcel) £30-50
643.    An assortment of Masonic items, mainly for a Suffolk Lodge, including aprons, sashes, jewels, rule books, music sheets, cuffs etc, all on a leather case (parcel) £80-120
644.    A small collection of Masonic jewellery, including a 9ct gold ring, a pair of 9ct gold cufflinks, approx 8.5g, other cufflinks, buttons etc, together with a WWII Naval Officer's cap badge, two open faced pocket watches, an early 20th century wrist watch, a Coronation medal and other items (parcel) £100-150
645.    A Duke of Connaught 1917 medal, together with a small selection of silver and silver gilt jewels, one for the Lord Rosebery Lodge, plus a selection of related documents (parcel) £50-80
646.    A collection of ROAB items, including six silver jewels, a selection of turquoise cuffs, garland etc, plus related paperwork (parcel) £100-150
647.    A group of four Masonic jewels, comprising 1897 Queen Victorian Jubilee, Thynne Chapter No.1478 (Founder), Lodge of Union 1812 and one other, three are silver, all with cases (4) £50-100
648.    A group of eleven Masonic jewels, comprising Roll of Honor, National Convalescent Fund, Manchester Unity, Grand Lodge of England and more, 1920s onwards, mainly 1940s (11) £50-80
649.    A pair of cast iron and wooden replica signalling cannons, having cast iron cannon and axle, with wooden body and wheels (2) £100-150
650.    A Boer War white metal sandwich tin, with engraved initials, J.F.B.D, also marked C.M.D and dated 1901, together with a later silver plated example, plus two telescopic drinking beakers in leather cases (4) £80-100
651.    A WWII Air Ministry Surveyors' tape measure, the 100ft measure by Chestermans, dated 1940 £30-40
652.    A complete set of 18 Hitler's Mein Kampf magazines, various conditions £30-50
653.    A Prisoner of War carved walking stick, having carved crocodile design, with engraved place names, comprising Wales, Scotland, Scapa Flow and England, also engraved POW CAMP 190 £150-200
654.    A WWI trench periscope, having slender body with wooden handle, marled and dated, Periscope MKIX 1918 R & J BECK Ltd, No.29081 £60-100
655.    Three small pieces of R100 Airship Fabric, one piece marked to the reverse 'MD86580 D-R100(R) 55AL R.H £40-60
656.    A Military S.Smith & Sons altimeter, together with a Type E2A compass and another, plus a small brass and wooden telescope (4) £40-60
657.    A George VI brass ships bell, having a George VI cipher to top of the bell, on stand £80-120
658.    A pair of WWI engraved trench art shells, one dated 1917 and the other 1918, together with three later example, two having Royal Army Ordnance Corps badges, together with a grenade and a cloth badge (7) £80-100
659.    A Winkworth bell, having electrical movement, together with a Henry Browne & Son Ltd hand held compass, No.24126/B (2) £80-100
660.    A late 19th century/early 20th century large British Red Ensign flag, all hand stitched, marked 19x4.6, and Relyans & Lanhams Makers, approx 349cm by 180cm £100-150
661.    A small hand built mahogany and brass signalling cannon, the heavy brass cannon rests on mahogany frame that moves forward and back on rollers, that is then resting on frame that pivots in a circular movement £100-150
662.    A WWI W.Ottway & Co Ltd telescope, Patt.373B, dated 1914, the brass body with leather casing, also marked 6543 and broad arrow £60-100
663.    A pair of Barr & Stroud 7X CF41 WWII military issue field binoculars, serial 38123, with night slides, in leather case, together with a pair of similar WWII field binoculars and case (4) £60-80
664.    An assortment of military items, including two WWI cap, dated 1916 to inside of each, two small lamps, a large collection of medal ribbons etc (parcel) £50-80
665.    A large silk Union flag, approx 260cm by 130cm, together with an early nylon smaller example, approx 90cm by 45cm (2) £40-60
666.    A group of six Naval cap tallys, including HMS Belfast, HMS President, HMTS Alert, two with HMS and a German example 'Schlachtschiff Scharnhorst' (6) £60-80
667.    A selection of trench art shells, together with a selection of military related brass items (parcel) £60-100
668.    An early 19th century Creed 7E teleprinter, number 94309, having later replacement motor, 1966, with various markings throughout £50-80
669.    An early 20th century Union flag, marked 5x8F to reverse, with label 'Defiance Reg U.S Pat Off Two-Ply-Moth Proof, approx 232cm by 128cm £60-80
670.    A collection of miscellaneous items, including an Order of St John breast badge, a set of Prisoner of War dominoes, a copper powder flask, a small telescope and a selection of various medallions (parcel) £50-80
671.    Edwin Galae print, entitled 'Showing the Flag', depicting HMS Hood and HMS Barham leaving the Grand Harbour in 1938, signed by artist in pencil, with a black and white photograph of one of the Officers aboard either ship to lower left corner £60-100
672.    A WWII Italian Director's 6.5X105 sight, marked San Giorgio Sestri Pontente to front, with serial 1876 to base £20-30
673.    An Atlantic Marine Vessel Emergency Reporting System pennant, the blue and white pennant with black AMVER lettering signifying 1 year, unmarked, approx 127cm by 69cm £30-50
674.    A pair of WWII Telephone Set ''F'' MKII TMC field telephones, both in original green painted wooden carry case, numbers 204930 and 220743 £40-60
675.    Francis George Coleridge (1840-1925), a watercolour of lancers charging, possibly Boer War, signed and dated to lower right, F.G Coleridge, 1869 £150-250
676.    An Air Ministry RAF signalling mirror, 1932 pattern, stores Ref. 6E/271, having black Bakelite frame, with adjustable hand strap £30-50
677.    A WWII German 'Farewell' letter and Diary of the 'Fall of Berlin 1945', these scarce documents are in German, handwritten in blue ink, with FB printed to the top right corner of the page, with writing to each side, with later printed translation (parcel) £100-200
678.    A vintage British Red Ensign flag, marked 3 to reverse, approx 270cm by 130cm, AF £80-120
679.    A group of 12 fine Naval uniform watercolours, depicting various uniforms, including Surgeon Commander Mess Dress 1930, Frock Coat & Epaulettes, 1930, Midshipman 1930 and more, all framed and glazed (12) £60-100
680.    A vintage Ranger 55 enbeeco telescope, together with another example, plus a Nepalese kukri style knife (3) £70-100
681.    A WWII period gas mask, together with a trench made knife, converted from a t-back bayonet, plus a selection of black and white collectors cards of various military aircraft (parcel) £40-60
682.    Three early 20th century Union flags, one large, two smaller, all unmarked, AF (3) £40-60
683.    A George III military helmet/hat box, by Hawkes & Co Piccadilly, London, with brass plaque for Captain G Broadrick, The Border Regt £60-80
684.    A WWII Third Reich armband, with applied swastika, together with a Third Reich SA Wehrmannschaft armband, possibly reproduction (2) £60-100
685.    A WWI Christmas tin, complete with contents, including a card from the Princess, tobacco, cigarettes and a pencil in the form of a bullet £40-60
686.    A 19th century 'Order of the Garter' leather fire bucket, painted red with Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense insignia, missing handle £50-100
687.    A British WWI Field Telephone Set L MkI, complete with wind-up handle, together with a trench art page turner/letter knife (2) £20-30
688.    A vintage Military Police wooden truncheon, marked with Crown and MP, together with a pair of Hiatts non-adjustable metal restraints (2) £40-60
689.    A Victorian shotgun carry case, the leather carry case with applied brass plaque to front with name 'Jonkheer F J van Haeften', with applied brass corners, numerous travel labels, with lock and leather straps £40-60
690.    A pair of French T-Back converted bayonets, the two bayonets have been converted to a fire poker and set of coal tongs, together with a brass fire poker, all in a military shell stand (4) £40-60
691.    A collection of various items, comprising a kukri knife, a two small trench art shells, a two copper and brass horns, a horn beaker, a piece of shrapnel with plaque 'Dover Sea Raid April 20th 1917 etc (parcel) £60-100
692.    A collection of British and Third Reich related paper ephemera, including a results of War Crimes Trial for the period Nov 1946 - May 1947, a black and white photograph of Hitler in his Mercedes, travel permits, a bank note, magazines, pencils etc (parcel) £60-100
693.    An assortment of military and sporting press photos and postcards, most of the black and white photos having copyright stamps and description of where and when they were taken, mainly taken by the German photographer Max Schirner (1891-1952) (parcel) £60-100
694.    A black and white press photograph of Hitler, taken by Max Schirner, dated 1 May 1939, the image of Hitler with other high ranking Third Reich military personnel, this mage was taken after Hitler had spoken at the Youth Meeting at the Olumpia-Stadion, Lustgarten, Berlin, with labels and stamp to reverse, 18cm x 13cm £60-100
695.    A small album containing a collection of German and other Countries stamps, circa 1930s, approx 200 £50-80
696.    Lieutenant David S Neave (1903-1936) watercolours, six framed and glazed watercolours showing various scenes, all titled in artists handwriting, dated 1917, approx 12cm x 19cm (6) £200-300
697.    An early 19th century handwritten diary, by C. Whitman, Royal Horse Artillery, in Peninsular War 1811-1814, giving a diarised timeline of the movements of himself and his Regiment, dated April 1811 - July 1914 £200-300
698.    A 1960s/70s sight periscope Armoured vehicle no.59 MK.1, £20-30
699.    A collection of wooden military plaques, including Daedalus, 2 x Fort Austin, Tidespring, Brambleleaf, Grey Rover, Olna, RNMC, 2 x Tartar, St Brides Bay, Olympus, Sir Bedivere, Field Gun Crew Fleet Air Arm, and another (15) £80-100
700.    A pair of 20th Century wind up telephones by MFG. Co. London, both MK XV A.P 13231 (2) £40-60
701.    A WWII Air Ministry Astro Compass MkII, no.6A/1174, in original wooden grey stencilled fitted box, together with a C.F Casella & Co Aero Bearing Plate MkI with Ground Speed Sight, also in fitted case (2) £50-80
702.    A WWII Type P8 gimbal compass, possibly from the cockpit of a Spitfire, No.92513 H £50-80
703.    A WWII Type P10 gimbal compass, possibly from a Lancaster Bomber, No.30095 B £50-80
704.    A WWII babies gas mask, marked V.R.C. 6-42 Lot 254, together with three small boxed gas masks, of the same period (4) £30-50
705.    Five pairs of aviation/motoring goggles, three pairs are very similar, one pair with tinted orange glass and another (5) £30-40
706.    Two mid/late 20th century gas masks, one in carry case, together with an earlier gas mask in green, marked 24-55-0299, plus another (4) £40-60
707.    A WWII British issue No.4 Mk III gas mask, by J.B 12/39, together with another with a khaki cover, plus an overseas example, and another (4) £50-80
708.    A mid/late 20th century Paratrooper's parachute, with harness, possibly with reserve chute, possibly complete, unchecked £60-100
709.    A collection of Naval HMS tallys, comprising Victory, Raleigh, Brinton, Gavinton, Pembroke, Columbine, Salopian, Vernon, Kirkliston, Minerva and HM Submarines, together with a selection of various arm bands including M.P, R.A.F.P etc (parcel) £60-80
710.    A vintage British Red Ensign flag, approx 61cm x 108cm, with wear £40-60
711.    A white metal top swagger stick, for The East Lancashire Regiment, Volunteer Battalion, together with another white metal top swagger stick with emblem 'AUT VINCERE AUT MORI', plus two other walking sticks/canes (4) £80-120
712.    An interesting WWI watercolour, entitled 'Seaplane v Submarine', showing ariel bombing of an enemy U-Boat, indistinctively signed by artist to lower right, dated 18', this painting previously owned by the famous War Photographer Ernest Philipps, 53cm x 38cm, writing to back of canvas, with frame and information on previous owner (parcel) £100-200
713.    A WWII E.A.C MkIII field compass, no. 131966, with broad arrow, dated 1943, in 1938, pouch and belt, together with an East Surrey Regiment pin badge, a white metal 'For Loyal Service' button, and a group of wooden wall plaques (parcel) £30-50
714.    A WWII No.4 Mk III gas mask and bag, together with an earlier gas mask, two hand torches, a pair of No.2 Mk III binoculars, a signalling light, plus other items (parcel) £50-80
715.    A Para's backpack, complete with turtle helmet, No.9 Mk1 bayonet and scabbard, eating utensils, blankets, canteen, etc (parcel) £60-100
716.    A large collection of military belts, including saddle belts, many different materials, including leather, together with a selection of satchels, and side bags (parcel) £60-100
717.    Three gas mask canisters, one containing a gas mask, the other two are just canisters (4) £40-60
718.    A military hot water urn, together with a large selection of water and food canteens (parcel) £40-60
719.    A large collection of 20th century equipment, including rucksacks, satchels etc, containing boots, canteens and other items (parcel) £60-100
720.    An extensive assortment of military camping items, including camp beds, one wooden framed the others metal, a tent, shovels, and more (parcel) £100-200
721.    A 1965 military back pack with metal frame, together with two modern military back packs, full of various items including drinking bottles, uniforms, canteens etc (parcel) £60-100
722.    A collection of military Red Cross items, including arm bands, circa WWII, a complete med kit bag, with bandages etc, plus another med kit bag (parcel) £40-60
723.    A selection of miscellaneous items, to include a Venom or Sea Venom Alignment sight instruments, pocket knifes, a pocket pistol, AF, razors etc (parcel) £40-60
724.    A 1914 75 DEC shell casing, together with 1942 37MM M16 shell casing and a 1943 shell casing (3) £30-50
725.    Two boxes containing various military bags and equipment,, including side bags, drinks containers, webbing uniforms etc, all various ages (parcel) £40-60
726.    A pair of sword handle and hand guard candlestick holders, together with a WWI handkerchief, shrapnel, a small tribal spear, trench art, paper ephemera and more (parcel) £100-150
727.    A Queen's Royal white metal topped swagger stick, together with a selection of trench art, ammunition cases and magazines, a brass and leather powder flash, gun cleaning kit, plus other items (parcel) £60-80
728.    A WWII period Third Reich leather gun holster, with impressed eagle and swastika impressed mark, also marked WaAO20, together with a British leather gun holster with magazine (3) £50-80
729.    A large collection of British and US equipment, including sacks, water flasks, a folding shovel, belts and more (qty) £50-80
730.    A selection of naval items, including a King's Crown leather dress belt, two letter openers made from the teak of H.M.S Terrible and H.M.S Ajax, plus three naval cloth badges (6) £50-80
731.    A WWI tank driver's splatter mask, the 'medieval' style face mask with leather body and iron slatted eye guards, with chain mail that draped over the face, with original ties, this was used to protect the driver from any flying shrapnel £800-1000
732.    A mid 20th century rail cover/tent canvas, together with a selection of 1980s protective kits, satchels, etc (parcel) £50-80
733.    A Shimwell Alexander & Co brass signal torch, together with a WWII bicycle lamp, a pair of vehicle blackout light covers and a commercial truck badge (parcel) £40-60
734.    A collection of ammunition and shell carriers, including older metal examples and newer plastic dual examples, plus other items (parcel) £60-80
735.    Books, thirteen albums of The Great War, The Standard History of the All-Europe Conflict, Edited by H.W.Wilson (13) £40-60
736.    A WWI Officer's ammunition belt, dated 1906, holding nine pouches, all by T.C.Galley, and marked with broad arrows and K.C.Y .109 £60-100
737.    A WWII babies gas mask, by L&B.R Co, dated 1939, together with the original instructions, plus a WWII civilian's gas mask £50-80
738.    A WWII Engineer's coil saw, marked with a broad arrow and makers marks, makers marks are hard to read due to dirt and partial rust, with teeth straightener in original leather pouch marked D.W. Orr & Co, dated 1915 £40-60
739.    Four copper half-tone lithographic plates, one possibly depicting Hans-Ullrich Rudel, the other three of the planes that he would have flown, together with a Third Reich leather wallet with Swastika, and a German dress jacket with eagle and swastika badge (3) £60-80
740.    A section of a WWII Canadian Supplies dropping parachute, by Switlik, dated Jun 1944 £50-80
741.    An assortment of British military items, including a pair of WWI wire cutters, a shovel, a selection of belts, including saddle belts, two 1950s folding knives, a collection of forks, helmet camo netting, a canvas cover water bottle, shell dressing kit, a soldier's canvas sack and more (parcel) £60-100
742.    An Official WWII British black and white photograph of Infantry trooper carrying bicycle ashore from a landing craft, together with a selection of paper ephemera, including an Indian Railway Carriage Air Raid notice, Indian Propaganda leaflets, a Trench magazine/newspaper, Law and Discipline notes, other black and white photographs and more (parcel) £40-60
743.    An interesting WWII hand drawn Halleath Camp map, dated Sept 1942, Halleaths Camp, also known as Dryfeholm Camp or Base Camp 617, was originally a training camp for the Canadians at the beginning of WWII, late in WWII it was secretly turned into a German Prisoner of War camp, the camp was just outside Lockerbie, Scotland, together with a Secret Exercise Limpet map, covering the area of Ipswich, of the same period, unknown date (2) £60-80
744.    An original Doomsday Secret Document, given to the 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron Captain D.Allsop, later Major, for the Operation Doomsday in Stravanger, Norway, to protect the airfield at Sola, and to be used as a military unit to police the area, containing the various phases that the squadron was needed to go through, the admin order, the roll call, including who was in jeeps, on motorcycles and on foot, and what platoons they would be in £100-150
745.    An assortment of books and supplements, including WWII period London Gazette, South Africa Field Force Casualty List 1899-1902 etc (parcel) £40-60
746.    A WWII sales day book for Machine Products Ltd, the ledger dated 1938-45 showing transactions for munitions, detailing the type of munitions, being rickets, bombs etc, the amount and who ordered them, War Office or Air Ministry (1) £60-100
747.    A WWII document holder, containing various documents, including a map, training documents, together with a selection of WWII and later military webbing (parcel) £50-80
748.    An assortment of military related paperwork and ephemera, including letters from various Aircraft companies, dated 1948, Ministry Of Food certificate for the Newbury Borough, handbooks, cigarette cards, photographic postcards etc (parcel) £40-60
749.    A WWII German stick grenade ammo case, dated 1939, with painted lettering to the inside, '15 Stielhgr.24.' and 'Zum Gebrauch beipacken 15 Spr. Kapseln', the outer of the case painted black £30-50
750.    A WWII Military open faced pocket watch, marked 4312 to the face, with broad arrow 6E/50 A3597 impressed to the back of the case, together with an Air Ministry stop watch, marked A.M. 6B/221 5708/41 to back plus a pocket compass (3) £50-80
751.    A 1942 shell, together with a 1943 bullet shell, a missile fuse, another example and a boxed gas mask (5) £30-50
752.    An early 20th Century German swagger stick, having white metal top with multiple plaques, including 143 Strassburg, to reverse 'Res. Hat Ruh', plus one to each side 'Ruft uns das Vaterland einst wieder ob Reservist ob Land-wehrmann' and 'So legen wir die Arbeit nieder und folgen unsern Fahnen dann.' the stick having white metal and string wrapped around in and yellow metal collar with 143 to centre, two red, white and black ribbons also tied around the stick both having inscriptions 'Wer Frankreichs Grenzehat bewacht', and 'hat als Soldat wasmitgemacht!' £200-250
753.    A WWII Engineer's coil saw, by Tyzack Sons & Turner, bearing broad arrow mark, in fitted leather case £40-60
754.    A pair of Carl Zeiss Jena Feldstcher 8 Fach field glasses, together with another pair with 'The National Defence Binocular' inscribed on them possibly WWI Canadian, plus another pair and a brass telescope (4) £80-120
755.    An assortment of militaria items, including a pair of small trench art shells, a large example, a water bottle, a canvas holster and belt, a gas mask, an array of bullet casings etc (parcel) £60-100
756.    A WWII P4A planes gimbal compass, together with a planes steering wheel, complete with missile and weapon buttons, plus a signal torch (parcel) £60-80
757.    A vintage telescope by E & E Emanuel Portsmouth, having leather case with Royal Yacht Squadron Signal etching to front, together with a WWII Turtle helmet, in green, with liner (2) £60-100
758.    A WWI silver plated cigarette case, having stamped initials and date 'B.E.F. 1915-1916', with engraved signatures to front, including Norman Gutteridge, Clement Hopkins etc, together with a black and white photograph of Officers, possibly Fusiliers, a small selection of buttons, a miniature book and bible etc (parcel) £100-150

A WWII German Luftwaffe cockpit clock by Junghans, the cockpit clock in later wooden mount, opens to reveal mechanism marked 'Eigentum der Luftwaffe Fl.25591', and dated 1938 £120-180
760.    A assortment of paper ephemera, including a black and white photograph of an Officer, other black and white photographs, pencil and ink sketches, a map showing the fleets position at Spithead 1897, a King's Jubilee Speeches booklet 1935 etc (parcel) £50-100
761.    A Captain's pine trunk, having his name to the lid, 'Captain G Mostyn Field', who served in the Royal Navy £50-100
762.    A 9ct gold RAF Sweetheart brooch, together with a 9ct gold H.M.S Emperor of Indian badge, missing enamel, approx 7.7g £80-120
763.    A 1918 photograph album for 'The Surrender of the German Fleet to the British Grand Fleet in the Firth of Forth', the black and white photographs taken by Constance W Madden, dated November 21st 1918, including images of H.M.S Castor, S.M.S Kaiser, S.M.S Hindenburg etc, together with a WWI extract from the 'Log Book' of H.M.T.B.D ''Broke'', dated 1917, signed by Captain Lord Mount Evans of the Terra Nova, plus a selection of other black and white photographs and paper ephemera (parcel) £100-150
764.    An assortment of paperwork and other items pertaining to Sir George Lenthal Cheatle, including a red leather King Edward VIIs Hospital for Officers document holder, various medal, and letters signed from Kitchener and Lord Lister (parcel) £100-150
765.    A black and white photograph of a WWII RAF Flying boat, possibly RAF Catalina, together with a selection of RAF related prints (6) £40-60
766.    An album containing original black and white photographs, the photographs taken by an RAF pilot of his trips around the world, including Africa, African Wildlife, various planes, plane crashes, etc, together with an RAF note book for Workshop & Laboratory Record, various related paper ephemera, a water bottle etc (parcel) £50-80
767.    A pair of WWII Kershaw No.2 Mk.II military binoculars, dated 1943, Serial No.164073, marked with broad arrow, complete with leather case, also marked with broad arrows (2) £40-60
768.    A group of military related publications and booklets, to include a signed copy of Stalingrad by Antony Beevor, Military Anecdotes by Geoffrey Regan, Regulation Pamphlets, and more (parcel) £50-80
769.    A vintage Leg O Mutton gun case, in brown leather with original strap £40-60
770.    A vintage video reel of 1946 London Victory Parade, the film on 16mm cine-film, showing the parade and celebrations that took place in London after WWII, together with a large reel showing soldier driving round the countryside of South England (Southampton Area) looking for his car that he had during the war, in colour (2) £120-180
771.    A WWI Verner's pattern compass, marked VIII, dated 1917, together with leather carry case, together with a pair of Field glasses, also with leather carry case £50-100
772.    A WWII T.G.Co Ltd Mk III compass, dated 1941, No.B88216, in carry case, together with a Trident Submarine tie pin, a brass bag handle, a penknife and a Swastika pendant (parcel) £30-40
773.    A WWII gun clinometer, Tel Aux No.2 MkIA, by P.T.I Co Ltd, No.118, dated 1941 £40-60
774.    Of Douglas Bader Interest (1910-1982), a large collection of Douglas Bader related paperwork and photographs, to include a copy of his Birth Certificate, his marriage certificate, the Birth and Death Certificate of his wife, his Federation Aeronautique Inernationale Competitors Licence No.798, four address books with various numbers including The Ministry of Defence, four black and white photographs of Bader with the Queen Mother, including one of his dancing with her, one with Richard Branson, plus photographs of Bader in uniform with his squadron and other high ranking officers, letters from Lt Col Sir Martin Gilliat, signed First Day covers, a silver plated presentation jug for the opening of The Ron Short Centre of the Disabled 1977 and much more (parcel) £300-500
775.    A signed Farewell Luncheon menu for the Rt. Hon Sir Thomas White K.B.E, D.F.C High Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Australia, signed by many that attended, including Douglas Bader, Sir Percy Lister, Sir Ronald Howe, Lord milner of Leeds, Mr F.P Buckley and more (1) £80-120
776.    Hold Up Your End! War Fund Week, One Hundred Million Dollars, by W.B King, depicting a Red Cross nurse holding up one end of a stretcher with the other end extended towards the viewer, c1917, published by For N.Y 18 Second War Fund, approx 52x70cm £120-180
777.    Feed a Fighter, Eat only what you need - waste nothing - that he and his family may have enough, c1917, this United States Food Administration poster designed by Wallace Morgan (1875-1948) depicts a sketch of three soldiers in a trench having their rations, marked No.15 to lower left, approx 53cm by 74cm £100-150
778.    Cardinal Mercer, has appealed to the Food Administration for more food for starving millions, eat less wheat-meat-fats and sugar, Ship more to the war-stricken people of France-Belgium-Italy, above this an image of Cardinal Mercier designed and drawn by George Illion (1894-1932) as part of the United States Food Administration Campaign, c1917, Latham Litho & PTG Co. Brooklyn. N, marked No.10 to lower left, approx 52x71cm £50-80
779.    USA Bonds Third Liberty Loan Campaign Boy Scouts of America, this 1917 poster designed by artist Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874-1951), portraying Liberty and a Boy Scout holding a swords inscribed 'Be Prepared', with Weapons of Liberty to bottom, published by American Lithographic Co. NY, approx 51x76cm £200-300
780.    Share in the Victory, Save for your Country, Save for Yourself, Buy War Saving Stamps, artwork by William Haskell Coffin (1878-1941), showing an allegorical female figure holding a sword and a palm branch, published by Mural Advertising, marked WS-A2 to lower left, approx 51x76cm £180-220
781.    The Time Has Come To Conquer Or Submit', For Us There Is But One Choice. We Have Made It' - Woodrow Wilson, Buy a Bond of the 2nd Liberty Loan and Help Win the War, this poster showing a portrait of Woodrow Wilson, flanked to either side by banners bearing Stars and Stripes, published by The American Lithographic Co, approx 51x76cm £80-120
782.    War Rages In France, this poster design by Harry Everett Townsend (1879-1941) depicts refugees in a ruined street, c1917,with extended title, ' We Must Feed Tehm, they cannot fight & raise food at the same time, denying ourselves only a little means life to them', United States Food Administration, marked No.19 to lower left, approx 51x76cm £120-180
783.    Missing!, WWI British Red Cross poster, artwork by David Wilson & W.F.B, depicting a Red Cross shining above a calm sea, with inscription 'To The Sisters of the Red Cross who have perished in hospital ships sunk by German Submarines', by J.S.A, marked W.T 29325/118A, 15,500. 10/18 H.G.B ltd (E,3428), approx 51x76cm £60-100
784.    Defeat the Kaiser and His U-Boats, Victory depends on which fails first, food or frightfulness, Eat Less Wheat, this poster for the United States Food Administration, by Steele, depicting a dark figure of a Kaiser and U-Bats with a sinking vessel, marked OC to lower left, approx 35.5x55cm, laid on card £120-180
785.    I Summon You To The Comradeship, Answer the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call for Universal Membership, artwork by Leo Mielzner (1869-1935), showing a sketched portrait of Woodrow Wilson, published by The U.S Prtg & Lith. Co. NY, 1918, approx 51x68cm £180-220
786.    They Give Their Lives - Do You Lend Your Savings?, War Stamp Saving poster issued by the United States Government, published by Sackett & Wilhelms Corp, NY, showing graves marked with crosses on a hill, much like the views of Calvary, artwork by H. Devitt Welsh (1888-1942), linen backed, approx 50x75cm £60-100
787.    Don't Let Up, Keep on Saving Food, c1917, United States Food Administration, artwork by Francis Luis Mora 1874-1940, depicting a military man standing over a fallen German soldier, printed by Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford Co, with artist signature to top right and marked No.29 to lower left, approx 35.5 x 53cm £60-100
788.    What You Can Do To Save, Bank your saving with Uncle Sam, Use a Vacation Thrift Bank, War Saving Stamps, c1917, this two tone poster by Stacy H Wood, 1887-1942, giving advice to children on how to make money through vacation times, also showing children at work, marked W.S.20A to lower left, approx 36 x 55cm £80-120
789.    Hun or Home? Buy Morn Liberty Bonds, showing a women clutching an infant as a German soldier approaches with bloody hand, artwork by Henry Raleigh (1880-1945), with artist signature to lower left, published by Edwards & Deutsch Litho Co, Chicago, approx 48x73cm £60-100
790.    Do Your Duty Join The US Marines, Help them defend on land and sea, apply at 429 Custom House Building, Baltimore, MD., artwork by Philip Williams, cWWII, the green poster portraying Naval Seamen loading a large gun to fire at enemy war ships, approx 44.5x67cm £150-200
791.    Americans All!, Victory Liberty Loan, c1919, the artwork by Howard Chandler Christy (1873-1952), depicting an Allegorical female figure of America, standing in front of an American flag, holding a wreath over an 'Honor Roll' consisting of surnames from different ethnic groups, published by Forbes, Boston, marked 4-C to lower left, approx 68x101cm £100-200
792.    We Need You, American Red Cross poster, c1917, the artwork by Albert Steiner (1877-1965), depicting a lead nurse consoling a young lady and pointing to a crouched nurse who is helping a wounded soldier, published by American Lithographic Co. N.Y, approx 68x101cm £70-100
793.    His Home Over There, this YMCA/YWCA poster, showing a group of soldiers approaching a warmly lit YMCA facility through snow at night, was designed by Albert Herter (1871-1950), with additional text 'more than 2000 such homes for our boys, United War Work Campaign, November 11th-18th, published by Committee on Public Information Division of Pictorial Publicity, marked 4104 to lower left, approx 71x105cm £100-150
794.    Another Notch Chateau Thierry, U.S Marines, artwork by Adolph Treidler (1886-1981), depicting a marine carving a notch into the stock of his rifle, approx 76x102cm £40-60
795.    Must Children Die and Mothers Plead in Vain?, Buy More Liberty Bonds, c1918, the artwork by Walter H Everitt, showing a mother clutching children as she reaches out for help, published by Sackett & Wilhelms Corporation N.Y, approx 76x102cm £60-100
796.    This Device on hat or helmet means U.S. Marines, this poster designed by Charles Buckles Falls (1874-1960) shows the U.S Marine insignia, this poster without the images of the hat and helmet to the top corners, approx 71x108cm £200-250
797.    He's a Fighting Fool', Give Him the best you've got, More Production!, this WWII poster was used to be pinned up in warehouses for the works to be mindful of the work that they were doing, the image of a uniformed soldier with his M1 and bayonet, image by Norma, c1942, published by War Production Board, Washington D.C, approx 72x103cm £60-100
798.    For Home Or Country, Victory Liberty Loan, showing a soldier holding his son and embracing his wife, designed by Alfred Everitt Orr, b.1866, published by American Lithographic Co, N.Y, c1918, marked 2-CC to bottom left, approx 76x102cm £60-100
799.    Put The Pennant Beside The Flag, Both Spell Victory, United States Shipping Board - Emergency Fleet Corporation, this poster issued by The Publications Section, Philadelphia, PA, published by Carey Print Litho, NY, the poster showing the United States Flag and the Pennant of the U.S Shipping Board was designed by Charles Buckles Falls (1874-1960), c1917, approx 142x102cm, linen backed £70-100
800.    Crush The Prussian, Buy A Bond, Third Liberty Loan, showing troops frantically try to escape their trenches as a tank is firing upon them, plus an explosion, unknown artist and publisher, approx 70x104cm, framed and glazed £300-500
801.    Is He Killing Time... Or Killing Nazis, Spares May Decide, a British WWII propaganda poster showing a pilot looking up into the sky, having 29 signatures, including Barnes Wallis (1887-1979) Scientist, Engineer and Inventor, famously known for inventing the bouncing bomb, Frank Whittle (1907-1996) Air Commodore and Inventor of the jet engine, Wayne W Parrish (1912-1979) Aviation Journalist & Publisher, plus more £300-500
802.    An original poster sold at the closing of Greenham Common American Airbase in 1991, signed by all of the Management Command Structure for the base including, Sgt Raymond Moss, SSgt Rush L Gross, Col Bob Riddick, and many more, this very interesting poster was originally bought at the Charity auction held at the closing of the base £200-300
803.    Three 1930s newspaper bills, two for the Daily Mail, one saying ' Black-Out: Premier's Pledge', dated September 14 1939, the other 'G. Ward Pice off to the Western Front' dated October 9, 1939, plus one from the Leeds Mercury, The All Yorkshire paper, 'Stalin's Decision: Official' all laid on board (3) £70-100
804.    A 18th century leather brodie style helmet, the thick one piece leather helmet, in the shape of a modern style brodie helmet, having hole to back, AF £200-300
805.    A Royal Air Force Flying Helmet Type G, marked with broad arrow, 22C/1732, size 4, complete with mask £50-80
806.    A WWII Third Reich 'Handschar' Fez, possibly the W/SS Mountain Division, the badge to the front in white metal, possibly reproduction £50-80
807.    A Third Reich Prussian belt and buckle, having 'Gott Mit Uns' with crown and wreath, together with a Third Reich Weimar Republic belt and buckle having eagle to centre, plus another with no belt (3) £100-150
808.    An RAF issue Tropical cloth flying helmet, marked with broad arrow, 22C/1301767, size 3 £40-60
809.    A 1940s German Police Tschako helmet, marked Berolina to inside, with liner £50-80
810.    Three WWII British Naval peak caps, all with bullion cap badges, two hats possibly later (3) £60-100
811.    A British 1949 pattern dress jacket and trousers, having pen written name to inside 'CPL EDMUNDS 398 SQDN ATC EGHAM E.W.BAKER' (2) £20-30
812.    A WWII USAAF Type A-9 Summer Flight helmet, medium size, with label to inside, together with a Khaki mesh flying helmet (2) £50-80
813.    A Victorian County Deputy Lieutenant's civilian coatee by Hobson & Sons, possibly Scottish, the red coatee with thistle design to the collar and cuffs, with silver plated King's Crown buttons, together with matching hat, AF (2) £150-250
814.    A German Army M35 single decal helmet, having single faded shield to one side, with leather liner and chin strap, possibly reproduction £80-150
815.    A Royal Artillery No.1 dress uniform, the jacket blue O.R, size 25 by Lotry & Co, dated 1956, the trousers blue O.R, size 16, by Prices Tailors Ltd, dated 1952, both with broad arrow, plus peak cap (3) £50-80
816.    A WWII Aviators Helmet by D.Lewis, the dark brown leather helmet with D.Lewis Ltd label to inside, complete with No.5 MkII ZA19605 Mic & Recorder H/Gear £60-80
817.    A 1940 pattern Dismounted Greatcoat, by L. Siberston & Sons, dated 1944, size 6 £50-80
818.    A British WWII RAF peak cap, with bullion Crown, crest and eagle badge, together with an early RAF beret in pale blue, also with bullion badge, plus a mid/late 20th century RAF peak cap (3) £60-100
819.    A 1939 pattern olive Greatcoat, by G Glanfield & Son Ltd, dated 1940, size No.5, with sergeant patch to arm £40-60
820.    A WWII period brown leather flying helmet, unmarked, together with a pair of tinted flying goggles and a pair of DH Type earphones (3) £40-60
821.    Two 1951 pattern Dismounted Greatcoats, one by Lotery & Co, 1952, size 6, the other by Tower Clothiers, 1953, size 3 (2) £40-60
822.    A collection of British caps and hats, various ages, comprising RAF, Naval and Army, including peak caps, berets and side caps (parcel) £80-120
823.    A vintage Scully Bros Air Mail leather flying helmet, with makers label to inside, with stamp to inside partially readable '56 Officers', together with a pair of 'L'Express' Brevet goggles, AF (2) £40-60
824.    A 1949 pattern Battledress by A Polikoff W Ltd, dated 1960, having multiple badges to the sleeves, including Corporal chevrons, TA Troops badge, Intelligence Corp etc, with trousers, together with another battledress, possibly No.2, dated 1963, also with multiple badges and trousers (4) £50-80
825.    A German Army M35 single decal helmet, the grey painted helmet with the National Colour decal to one side, with original leather liner and chin strap, possibly reproduction £80-150
826.    A 1940 pattern Battledress blouse, by Clifford Williams & Sons Ltd, in olive green (1) £50-80
827.    A Royal Artillery Dress tunic, having crowns to the epaulettes, complete with leather belt and over shoulder strap, plus two pairs of trousers (4) £30-50
828.    A WWII British RAF Type C leather flying helmet, the brown leather helmet with chamois lining, AF £40-60
829.    Two 1949 pattern Battledress blouses, one having Wiltshire Regiment and Sgt arm badges, plus others, the second having Royal Army Service Corp badges (2) £30-50
830.    A No.2 Battledress, having over shoulder leather strap, with numerous buttons and badges to epaulettes and breast, including ACF, plus two pairs of trousers together with a 1970s Royal Signals 2/Lt Battledress with Parachute badge to arm (4) £50-80
831.    A United States Air Force Type A-11 leather flying helmet, by The Selby Shoe Co, size medium, marked with a stamp to the side of a winged star and Army Air Forces, with P/O H-3/APR-3 CTE earphones £60-100
832.    An olive green men's round neck jersey jump, having Sergeant and Paratrooper cloth badges to sleeve, together with two other Jersey jumpers (3) £30-40
833.    A German Army Double Decal M35 helmet, the green painted helmet with Heer decal to one side and National Colours to the other, marked ET64 to inside with liner and chin strap, possibly reproduction £100-200
834.    A British No.1 Dress jacket, in blue, by Hobson & Son, having crown cloth badge to arm, together with a Royal Army Service Corps jacket, also in blue (2) £40-60
835.    A British Type D khaki flying helmet, marked 22C/971, No.3 £40-60
836.    A 1949 pattern Battledress blouse by H. Edgard & Sons Ltd, dated 1950, size 10, together with another dated 1951 by Thorneloe & Clarkson Ltd, size 10, together with 1949 pattern trousers by L. Silberston & Sons Ltd (3) £50-80
837.    A WWI French Adrian helmet, having brass veteran's visor plate, with inscription 'Solidat de la Grande Guerre 1914-1918', painted black, with leather liner and strap £100-150
838.    A WWII Charles Markson Ltd leather flying helmet, with wool lining, with peak, chin guard and ear protectors, makers label to inside, together with another black leather aviation/automotive helmet (2) £40-60
839.    A British olive green battledress, having Crowned RLR button and tank cloth badge to the sleeve, together with modern Man's Uniform jacket, by H Edgard & Sons Ltd (2) £30-50
840.    A collection of German and Rest of the World hats, including berets, side caps, peak caps, Boy Scots hat, various ages and countries of origin, Army, Navy and Air Force (parcel) £50-80
841.    A WWII German M16 helmet, having faded camouflage paint, possibly original, together with a German M35 helmet in green with later liner and chin strap, a fibre glass German helmet in silver, a German Safari Pith helmet made in India and a German style cream plastic helmet (5) £80-120
842.    A Royal Artillery Dress tunic, comprising jacket, waistcoat and trousers, together with another red dress jacket and trousers (5) £60-80
843.    A collection of eight British and overseas peak caps, including two Military Police, one in green, the other in red, a Royal Hussars example, a Russian example, an American example plus others (8) £50-80
844.    A USAAF Greatcoat in blue, having US Air force buttons, together with a USAAF Staff Sergeant jacket (2) £30-40
845.    A 20th Century Sea Scouts cap and ribbon, together with a Royal Naval Pith helmet, by Gleves Ltd, and a Bates polo helmet (3) £50-80
846.    A Lieutenant Commander Naval jacket and trousers, having numerous medal ribbons, one with oak leaf, together with a Sub-Lieutenant Naval jacket, also with multiple ribbons (3) £40-60
847.    A collection of WWII period and later British Turtle helmets, including one marked SGT S/2 to the front, possibly Mk5 with later liner, another blue later painted green, one red later painted green, plus two others (5) £60-100
848.    A WWII Warden's brodie helmet, marked with W's to front and rear, with a partial crest above one of the W's, by Rubery Owen & Co Ltd 1939, together with a WWII Ambulance brodie helmet by Harrison Bros & Howson, 1938 (2) £60-100
849.    A WWII Civil Defence Men's blouse, by H Edgard & Sons Ltd, dated 1941, size 12, together with a Women's example, by B Bloom Ltd, also dated 1941 (2) £40-60
850.    A selection of overseas military helmets, including a Dutch M34 helmet, having coat of arms to the front, an Italian Pith helmet, with cap badge to front, unknown regiment, a Vietnam Era M1 helmet, a WWII Belgian helmet, and another, possibly Yugoslavian (5) £70-100
851.    An RAF No.1 Battledress blouse and trousers, by J Compton, Son & Webb Ltd, with Sergeant chevrons, Loadsmaster half wing and medal ribbons, together with a Burton Tailored RAF jacket and trousers with VRT collar pins, and G Full wing badge (4) £50-80
852.    A WWII WD internal tank padded cloth helmet, marked with broad arrow and dated 1942, together with WD peaked cap with lined ear warmers, dated 1941, a 1941 side cap, and a 1943 military fir hat (4) £60-100
853.    A mid 20th century RAF Greatcoat, with eagle and Senior Aircraftsman badges to sleeves, together with a Men's RAF Blouse B.D, size 7, by James Smith & Co, also with RAF eagle and Senior Aircraftsman badges (2) £40-60
854.    A group of five assorted helmets, including a 1973 example, with camouflage cover, a modern brodie style helmet, a British Kevlar helmet and camo cover, plus two others (5) £60-100
855.    A group of four RAF jackets, including two No.1 Battledress blouses, one having Corporal chevrons and Wireless Operators badge, the other with Senior Aircraftsman badges, together with two 1972 pattern blue grey jackets (4) £60-80
856.    A 20th Century SAS beret, in pale blue, together with an RAF example (2) £40-60
857.    A Motorcycle dispatch rider helmet, possibly 1940s/50s, having leather liner with ear protectors, unmarked £30-50
858.    A WWII NFS Brodie helmet, with Area 15 (Taplow) insignia, together with a WWII period blue painted Police helmet, another Police brodie helmet, a WWII British Air Raid Warden brodie helmet and a Zuckerman helmet, possibly Civil Defence (5) £80-120
859.    A Third Reich Prussian belt and buckle, having Gott Mit Uns inscription and wreath surrounding a crown, on leather belt £30-40
860.    A WWII Waffen SS Side cap, having eagle and Swastika badge and also skull badge, possibly reproduction £60-100
861.    A Third Reich single decal helmet, black painted with eagle and swastika painted shield to one side, having 393 and 062 impressed to inside, missing liner £150-250
862.    A WWII period brown leather flying helmet, having markers stamp to inside, but has worn over time, with Air Ministry 10A/12401 ear phones, together with a pair of flying goggles, AF (2) £180-220
863.    A group of five assorted modern helmets, comprising a British GS Mk6 combat helmet, 1986, a US helmet with camo cover, a modern British example with UN cover, a Combat Vehicle Crewman's helmet with camo cover, plus another modern example (5) £60-100
864.    A WWII Police brodie helmet, with impress mark G13 BMP to underside, together with a WWII SC Police brodie helmet, impress G19 BMP to underside (2) £60-100
865.    A WWII black painted brodie helmet with 'R' painted to either side, with impress mark BMB 1943 T721, together with two green painted brodie helmets, both dated 1941 (3) £70-100
866.    Three WWII Brodie helmets, in green, black and khaki, together with a painted liner of an M1 helmet (4) £40-60
867.    A WWII British turtle helmet, in black, with 1940 liner, together with an AA Airborne helmet, possibly a liner, a WWII turtle helmet with camouflage netting, and a Zuckermann style helmet (4) £60-100
868.    An assortment of mid/late 20th century German berets, including Bundeswehr Panzer Grenadier Troops, Bundeswehr Cavalry, Medical Treatment Troops etc, possibly reproduction (10) £60-80
869.    A WWII Third Reich helmet, covered in wire, was found but a relative if the seller in Nazi Germany £60-100
870.    A WWII Brodie helmet, with camo net cover, dated 1939, together with an M47 dated 1941, plus another brodie helmet and a Zuckerman example (4) £60-100
871.    A WWII Third Reich Afrika Korps Pith helmet, in olive green, with German Army metal decal to one side and Eagle and Swastika to the other, having leather sweat band marked 'RF 1942 58' and chin strap, AF £100-120
872.    A WWII Third Reich M16 helmet, in black, with impress 'G62' to underside, missing liner £80-120
873.    A WWII M34 Double Decal Feuerschutz Polizei helmet, with makers mark to inside Vorschriftsmäßig, with leather liner, missing cone to top, with Swastika shield and eagle shield to either side £150-250
874.    A large collection of uniform tops and trousers, various ages, including Army, Navy and RAF, British and Overseas (parcel) £100-200
875.    A British Fusilier's Red Dress Tunic, the buttons possibly reproduction £30-40
876.    A British WWII Type C brown leather flying cap, complete with 10A/13466 earphones, together with an Air Ministry oxygen mask, possibly Type G (2) £150-250
877.    A large collection of various uniforms, including green smock combat 1968, smock combat camo, C/W coat woodland camo, dress jacket, German smock, liner parka, trousers etc, plus a US kit bag (parcel) £100-200
878.    Three sets of WWII period RAF Uniforms, comprising blue blouse, blue jacket and one in khaki, all with trousers, all from the same pilot, all with full RAF wing badge and VR pins, plus peak cap (parcel) £60-100
879.    A WWI German M16 helmet, marked ET64 to inside, black painted, with liner £80-120
880.    An early 20th century brown leather Aviation/Motorcycling helmet, having leather peak to front with chin strap, unnamed, AF £30-50
881.    A WWII German M35 helmet, having fusilier style badge to one side, grey painted with partial white paint to one side, possibly a shield, with liner £40-60
882.    Two 1960s RAF Mk 7A Lightweight Flying Suits, both in green, dated 1965 (size 5) and 1966 (size 6), both having writing pad to one of the knees and pocket to the other (2) £60-100
883.    A US military helmet, having British liner, together with a modern GS Mk6 helmet with camo cover (2) £30-50
884.    An RAF Greatcoat by Crombie of Aberdeen, in blue, with Flight Lieutenants epaulettes, having four RAF buttons to either breast, together with a blue RAF overcoat being full length (2) £40-60
885.    An RAF Flight Lieutenant's Mess Dress uniform, comprising jacket with wire RAF Full Wing badge, waistcoat and trousers, by S.W. Silver & Co (3) £30-40
886.    A Flight Lieutenant's dress blouse and trousers, with RAF Full Wing cloth badge to the breast, together with a similar khaki set (4) £40-60
887.    An RAF Flight Lieutenant's jacket and trousers, together with a Dress Blouse and trousers, both having RAF Full Wing cloth badges to the breast, different patterns and ages (4) £40-60
888.    A collection of military formal wear and vintage clothing, including a greatcoat, a green waterproof over coat, trousers, waistcoats etc (parcel) £40-60
889.    A Royal Engineers Officer's Mess Dress uniform, short pattern scarlet tunic with navy facing and bullion 'Ubique' badges, having epaulettes for Colonel, with ERII buttons, comprising jacket, waistcoat, trousers, beret and side cap, together with a black Mess Dress with red collar, jacket, trousers and peak cap, plus a green battle dress, comprising jacket, trousers and beret, all Royal Engineers (parcel) £80-120
890.    A Victorian 1881 pattern British Royal Artillery Militia Lieutenant Colonel Mess Dress jacket and waistcoat, the black jacket having brass beading to the front, with decorative red and gold work to the cuffs, with crown and pip to the epaulettes, with the letter M, together with red waistcoat, both worn by a Field Officer, AF (2) £200-300
891.    An 1881 pattern Victorian Royal Artillery Dress Jacket, having decorative cuff lace decoration, large Royal Artillery buttons, with epaulettes for a Lieutenant Colonel, gold laced collar with bullion bomb badges, together with trousers and an Aiguillette (3) £300-500
892.    A Victorian Royal Artillery Officer's Full Dress pouch, general pattern c.1874, having silver lace design with the lion, unicorn and crest, with no 'Ubique' to underside of crest, the leather pouch with two elongated metal loops for a belt £100-150
893.    A Victorian Royal Artillery Officer's Undress waist belt, this pattern was worn 1882-1901, when the crown was changed on Victoria's Death, the gilt buckle having crest and wreath design, on white leather belt with hook and other attachments (1) £120-180
894.    A Victorian Royal Artillery Officer's leather shoulder ammunition pouch and belt, the black hard leather pouch with fold over leather top with large brass Royal Artillery field gun having brass wreath mounts to the sides supporting the leather belt with gilt lace decoration £100-150
895.    A Victorian Royal Artillery Officer's Full Dress pouch and belt, worn from 1855-1902 when the crown was changed, having lion, unicorn and crest surrounded a wreath, in bullion, with script 'Quo Fas Et Gloria Ducunt, with golden lace surround, the leather belt also with gold lace £120-180
896.    A Victorian and Later Tailored Court Outfit by W.A Stimson & Sons of Saville Row & Eton Tailors, probably for the Macmillon & Faber Family, worn to court in the Late 19th Century and first part of the 20th Century, comprising Jones, Chalk & Dawson Dress sword, with steel and faceted steel grip and guard, in scabbard and outer casing, AF, with cocked hat and set of buckles in case, probably from Edward Stillwall & Son, as accompanied by original catalogue, along with a pair of Hanan shoes, three white silk waistcoats, two black velvet coats and a pair of breeches (parcel) £600-1000
897.    A WWII Third Reich Fire helmet, the black helmet with black leather neck protector, original leather insert and strap, possibly later painted £60-80
898.    An RAF Royal Observer Corps No.2 Dress N.P uniform, dated 1964, comprising jacket (size 10) and trousers (size 7), the jacket has multiple cloth badges to the sleeves, including rank insignia, also three medal ribbons to the breast one having metal rose £350-450
899.    A 1940 pattern battle dress by J.S.Thomson, dated 1944, complete with WD and broad arrow stamp to inner, comprising jacket and trouser, the size 12 jacket having Royal Army Service Corps cloth badges to the arms, together with a British Battledress 1937-61 book by Brian Jewell £300-400
900.    A WWII Leather flying waistcoat, marked C.Lm dated 1941, together with a pair of brown leather flying boots, with wool interior, AF (3) £80-120
901.    A pair of later 19th century epaulettes, each having Royal Army Veterinary Corps button, crown and pip, together with a WWI bayonet (3) £40-60
902.    A small collection of buttons and medallions, including three by J.R Gaunt, one for the Territorial Army, a pair of chain mail shoulder protectors, each having three pips attached etc, together with a Royal Artillery cap and a Luton Knitting Company blue beret, marked with broad arrow and dated 1953 (parcel) £40-60
903.    A small group of buttons and cap badges, to include The Royal Scots, Egypt East Lancashire, R. Engineers, Royal Army Ordnance Corps etc, together with EAC MKIII WWI compass, dated 1944 (parcel) £40-60
904.    A small assortment of military buttons and badges, comprising RAF, ARP, London Scottish etc, together with a WWI Wr medal awarded to A.J.WHITE. B.R.C & ST.J.J (parcel) £30-50
905.    A Victorian period New Zealand Regular Forces cap badge, later mounted on leather, together with a Royal Artillery cap badge, an Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders badge, plus another silver badge (4) £40-60
906.    A large collection of Royal Artillery badges and cap badges, together with an assortment of various regimental badges, including The Duke of Wellington's, HAC, Royal Sussex, NZE etc (parcel) £100-200
907.    A vintage military cloth badge with eagle on crown and portcullis, together with a selection of various cloth badges, including Royal Fusiliers, Royal Observers Corps etc (8) £60-100
908.    A Port of London Authority Police helmet badge, having black coat of arms, with three lug fitting £50-80
909.    A collection of Welsh Guards buttons, comprising eight large and ten smaller, together with a WWII miniature medal group, consisting of the Defence, the War, the Italy Star and the 1939-45 Star (parcel) £30-50
910.    A small collection of military badges, including The Queens Royal Regiment, Naval examples and more, plus two 2Pr No1 MkII shells and a small collection of coins (parcel) £50-80
911.    An assortment of Third Reich medals and badges, comprising Olympic medal 1936, Naval League Fleet, 1939 War Merit Cross, Hindenburg Honour Cross, War Merit and the 6th NSDAP Labour/May Day badge, 1938, plus a Third Reich cigarette lighter (parcel) £80-120
912.    A small selection of metal and cloth badges and button, together with Home Guard and LDV armbands, a pair of dog tags, a signalling mirror, a small military box and other items (parcel) £60-100
913.    An assortment of buttons, including RAYC Blazer, Somerset Light Infantry, Royal Rmy Veterinary Corps, Civil Defence, RAF, Royal Artillery, Pips and Crowns, together with a C.B.Mily medal box (parcel) £40-60
914.    A WWII period Kings Crown Royal Air Force Officer's cloth cap badge, together with six RAF cloth wing badges, various ages (7) £50-80
915.    A small selection of cap badges and buttons, including Royal Artillery, one with spinning wheel, Royal Engineers, Royal Fusiliers, Notts and Derby, a silver ARP badge etc, together with two medal miniatures and third ribbon with oak leaf (parcel) £50-80
916.    Three Third Reich War Merit Cross with sword badges, believe to all be First Class, possible reproduction (3) £80-120
917.    A 1957 pattern Iron Cross First Class, together with two SA Defence badges and three Wound badges, possibly reproduction (6) £60-100
918.    A Third Reich close combat badge, marked FEC.W.E PEEKHAUS BERLIN, to reverse, with later pin, possibly reproduction £60-100
919.    A large collection of Third Reich badges, including the Narvik 1940 shield, 1914/42 Crimea shield, cap badges, three belt buckle, dog tags, Hitler signed postcard dated 1937 etc (parcel) £150-250
920.    A selection of Third Reich medals and medallions, including the West Wall medal, Old Fighters medal, various others, together with examples from other countries (parcel) £80-120
921.    Two Third Reich Anti-Partisan Guerrilla Warfare badges, one flat back, the other not, possibly reproduction (2) £80-120
922.    A Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery badge, together with an Auxiliary Cruiser badge, a Tank Battle badge, number 50, and an Infantry Assault badge, possibly reproduction (4) £80-120
923.    A Third Reich High Seas Fleet badge, marked FO to reverse, possibly reproduction £120-180
924.    A WWII Luftwaffe Flak badge, together with a Pilots badge, an Air Force Gunners badge plus one other, possibly reproduction (4) £80-120
925.    A large collection of buttons and badges, including Queens Own Rifles of Canada, Royal Artillery, Royal Canadian Engineers, ST John Ambulance Brigade etc £50-80
926.    A Victorian brass shoulder belt plate, for the 18th Foot Royal Irish Regiment £60-100
927.    An assortment of cap badges, including The Kings Liverpool Regiment, RAF Paratroopers, AAC, Tyneside Scottish, Scottish Horse South Africa, Commando SS etc, approx 60 £60-100
928.    A selection of British cap badge, to include the Cameron Highlanders, 20th Hussars, Royal Fusiliers, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, Kings Royal Rifle Corps etc, together with a WWII Third Reich War Merit Cross with swords (parcel) £70-100
929.    A collection of nine RAF half wing cloth badges, including Air Electronics Operator, Observer, Air Bomber, Signaller, Air Loadmaster, 2 x Navigator, Parachute jumping instructor and Air Quartermaster, mainly all padded (9) £40-60
930.    A large collection of buttons and badges, comprising Royal Engineers, Marabout, The Queens Lancers, RAF, Naval etc (parcel) £50-80
931.    A collection of cap badges, to include 19th P.W.O Hussars, Royal Engineers, The Prince of Consorts Own, Intelligence Corps, Military Police, Tank Corps etc, approx 70 £60-100
932.    An assortment of cloth badges, to include Artificer, Royal Horse Artillery, 1st Artillery Brigade, Royal Tank Corps, War Office Controlled Troops, etc (parcel) £50-80
933.    A small group of Royal Armoured Corps buttons and cap badge, together with a selection of Homeguard cloth badges, a group of arm bands, including Civil Defence Corps Welfare and Rescue, a selection of German armbands, plus a collection of naval hat ribbons (parcel) £40-60
934.    A large assortment of cap badges, comprising Mine Clearance Service, Tank Corps, The Border Regiment, Connaught Rangers, Scottish Lowland Regiment, 10th Royal Hussars etc, approx 70 £60-100
935.    A group of nine RAF full wing cloth badges, including 3 x Royal Flying Corps, RAF, Royal Rhodesian Air Force, 2 x Royal Australian Air Force, Royal New Zealand Air Force, and Royal Canadian Air Force, together with an RAF Regiment cloth badge, most padded (10) £40-60
936.    A WWII RAF full wing cloth badge, together with two other RAF cloth badges, a Dessert Rat cloth badge, a pocket Heliograph, a Civil Defence cloth badge and three CD arm bands, s election of various buttons, a King's Liverpool Scottish brass dish, shrapnel and other items (parcel) £50-80
937.    A large collection of buttons and badges, to include Royal Army Ordnance Corps, RFC, Australian Commonwealth Military Forces, Army Apprentices School etc (parcel) £40-60
938.    A Third Reich submarine pin badge, the badge in the form of a German U-Boat, with the inscription 'Gegen Engelland!' to the front, missing the pin £20-30
939.    A assortment of WWII German Third Reich cloth badges, including an Allegemine badge, many with eagles a swastikas, one with skull and cross bones, plus hat ribbon ' Grenztruppen Der DDR' (15) £40-60
940.    A large group of cap badges, including Scottish Kins Borders Own, Reconnaissance Corps, London Rifle Brigade, Artists Rifles etc, approx 90+ £60-100
941.    A group of RAF related cloth badges, comprising RAF full wings, Special Air Service (SAS), Canadian Parachute, Air Dispatch group, rank chevrons, Senior Aircraftman Rank badge, Wireless Operators etc (parcel) £40-60
942.    A collection of various military badges and buttons, comprising Army, Naval and RAF, including Royal Artillery, Marksman Air Training Corps, Combined Operations Army badge, Independent Infantry Brigade etc (parcel) £50-80
943.    A large collection of buttons and badges, including The Canadian Scottish Deas Cath, St John Ambulance, Royal Engineers, Russian examples, Royal Antediluvian etc (parcel) £50-80
944.    A group of 13 badges, to include Edward VII South Africa Constabulary, War Munitions Volunteer, Gordon Highlanders 'Bydand', Edinburgh University Training Corps (TA) etc (13) £80-120
945.    An assortment of military wire badges, comprising Bandmaster, Royal Engineers, Royal Corps of Transport, Naval Bullion Crest, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, etc (parcel) £80-120
946.    A WWII Third Reich Iron Cross, together with The Metropolitan Patent whistle by J.Hudson & Co, a pocket lighter, an RAF Cap badge, plus a selection of cloth badges and buttons (parcel) £50-100
947.    An extensive collection of British and Overseas cloth badges and epaulettes, comprising Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, Senate Armed Services Committee, Airborne Troop Carrier, Royal Engineers, Rank Chevrons, Special Air Service (Artists) etc, approx 250+, various ages £150-250

A collection of military and other badges, including RASC, Air Training Corps, Army Educational Corps, two Golly Badges, a British Medical Association car badge and more (parcel) £40-60
949.    A large collection of buttons and badges, comprising Royal Army Medical Corps, Merchant Navy Comforts Service, RAF, Blood and Fire, Middlesex, Canadian examples etc (parcel) £50-80
950.    A collection of cloth and bullion Warrant Officer badges, including Women's Royal Army Corps, Royal Irish, and more, various ages, 90+ £80-120
951.    An assortment of collar badges, comprising Yorkshire Volunteers, Army Junior School of Music, Tanks Corps, Light Infantry, Kings Own Scottish Borders, Paratroopers, Death or Glory, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Waterloo and more (parcel) £100-120
952.    An extensive assortment of British and Overseas cloth badges and epaulettes, including Royal Army Service Corps, Merchant Navy, Royal Air Force Police, 20th Air Base Group, Intelligence & Operations etc, approx 300+, various ages (parcel) £150-250
953.    A group of title and rank badges, to include a collection of pips, Fire Officer, Rank Chevron, Warrant Officer, Army Cadet, RAMC, RAOC, Royal Corps of Transport, South Africa Airforce and more (parcel) £80-120
954.    Two folders containing a collection of military rank chevrons, comprising Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant and Warrant Officer Class 2, 5 Bar Chevrons, all from various regiments (parcel) £80-120
955.    An interested collection of AOC and RAOC badges and epaulettes, all from four generations of the Moore family within the army, two of which had MBE's, including badges from 1896-1918, 1918-46, 1952-1994 and more, plus a RAOC Warrant Officer Conductors bullion badge (parcel) £120-180
956.    An assortment of cloth badges, including Armoured Infantry AFV Rarden Gunner, Army Air Compressed Diver, Electronic Surveillance Operator, Pioneer Guards, Observer AAC Half Wing, Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal, Piper Green for Highland Regt and more (parcel) £100-150
957.    A collection of trade and qualification badges, including A and B Class Tradesman, Mortarman, Queen's Own Highlanders Sporran, Marksman, Physical Training Instructor, Carpenter, Joiner and Wheelright, Royal Netherlands Army Chasse Regt and more (parcel) £80-120
958.    An array of various badges, including Disbanded Regiments, comprising The Royal Hussars, Tank Corps, 4th-7th Royal Dragoon Guards, Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, 16th Queens Lancers, 15th -19th Kings Royal Hussars and more (parcel) £100-150
959.    A group of 100+ Bullion and cloth badges, including County of London Sharpshooters, Light Machinegun Marksman, Anti-Tank Gunner, Drummers, Medic, Ghurkha Transport, Royal Logistics Corps and more (parcel) £100-150
960.    A collection of cloth badges, comprising East Midland Dist, Air Formation Sigs, Scottish Command, Northern Command Officers, Western Command, Far East Land Forces and more (parcel) £80-120
961.    An Africa General Service medal, having single Kenya clasp, awarded to 22936421 FUS.R.CURRIE R.IR.F, complete with ribbon £80-120
962.    A WWI trio group, comprising Victory and War medal, both awarded to 48393 SJT H J JEFREYS R.A, the Victory medal with oak leaf, awarded to the same gentleman of different rank, a WWI Mon-Star medal, awarded to 48393 BMBR H J JEFFERYS RFA, this having a 5th Aug - 22nd Nov 1914 clasp (5) £100-150
963.    A Special Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct medal, having profile of King Edward VII in Field Marshall's Uniform, on ribbon, awarded to 7661 PTE H.SMITH 3/SUFFOLK REGT £300-400
964.    An Egypt 1882-89 medal, with Suakin 1886 clasp, undated, awarded to 17651 SAPR C.T SCOTT 3/SEC.T BT R.E £100-150
965.    A WWI Mercantile Marine War medal, awarded to CHARLES G. ALEXANDER, with ribbon £40-60
966.    A 20th century Korea medal, awarded to 21188053 RFN.J.JACKSON. R.U.R, together with a United Nations Korea medal, both with ribbons (2) £120-180
967.    An India General Service medal, having North West Frontier 1908 clasp, with Edward VII old head, awarded to 2859 SEPOY PURKU 25th PUNJABI, on ribbon £30-50
968.    A George V Territorial Force War medal, awarded to 1742 GNR.C.BAYLEY. R.A, on ribbon £120-180
969.    A Waterloo 1815 medal, awarded to NATHANIEL WATTS 2ND BATT. 69TH REG. FOOT, on crimson edged in blue ribbon £1000-1200
970.    A pre-war Army Meritorious Service medal, with Queen Victoria young head, on first type ribbon, awarded to SERGT R.BROWN LATE 2/HAMPS RGT £180-250
971.    A Turkish Crimea medal, 1855, awarded to J.SPENCE 12TH LANCRS, on ribbon £50-80
972.    A Military Cross medal, the unnamed medal on white and purple striped ribbon £100-150
973.    A Police Jubilee medal 1887, for the Metropolitan, awarded to PC, E NURSEY, N.DIVN, together with another dated 1897, awarded to PC R.DAVIDSON X DIVN (2) £40-60
974.    An Army Meritorious Service medal, with George VI coinage profile with FID:DEF, 1949-52, on third type ribbon, awarded to 1028624.W.O.CL.2 H.J.JEFFREYS. R.A £150-200
975.    A Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct 2nd type medal, with Edward VII bear headed bust in Admiral uniform, awarded to 169433 H.W STANLEY, ACTG CH.YEO OF SIGS, HMS VICTORY £60-80
976.    A George V Military medal, with uncrown King to one side and 'For Bravery in the Field' to the other, awarded to 77704 GNR T.M.HAYES 56/HOWZ.BY 34/A.F.A BDE R.F.A £150-250
977.    An India General Service medal, with Waziristan 1912-24 clasp, awarded to 737393 GNR. T. C. S. JOYCE R.A, on ribbon £30-50
978.    An Indian Army Meritorious Service medal 1888, with George VI crowned profile, on third type ribbon, awarded to 10153 HAV JAHAN KHAN, 1-7 RAJPUT R £80-120
979.    A Metropolitan Police Jubilee medal 1887, with 1897 clasp, awarded to INSPR C.HUBBARD P.DIVN, together with a Metropolitan Police Coronation medal 1902, unnamed, plus an Imperial Service medal with crown George VI, awarded to EDMUND EASTMAN LOTT, all on ribbons (3) £50-80
980.    An Elizabeth II Naval General Service medal 1915-62, with Near East clasp, awarded to D/SSX.908881 A.C SIMPSON. A.B R.N £50-80
981.    An Edward VII Territorial Force Efficiency medal, awarded to 84 PTE J.WHITE 10/ MANCH.REGT, on original ribbon £100-150
982.    A extensive WWII medal group, comprising War and Defence medal, the 1939-45 Star with Battle of Britain clasp, the Africa Star with 1st Army and North Africa 1942-45 clasps, the Burma Star with Pacific clasp, the Pacific Star with Burma clasp, the France and Germany star with Air Crew Europe clasp, the Atlantic Star with France and Germany clasp, the Air Crew Europe Star with Atlantic clasp, and the Italy Star (10) £120-180
983.    A George VI General Service medal 1918-62, with Malaya clasp, awarded to 22460445 PTE.T.A CREAMER.R.W.K., together with an Elizabeth II example, awarded to 22890812 PTE.E.SMITH, QUEENS (2) £80-120
984.    A Militia Long Service and Good Conduct medal, with King Edward VII in Field Marshall's Uniform, on ribbon, awarded to 714 GNR J.STANTON. NORTHL'DR.G.A.MIL. £300-400
985.    Two Metropolitan Police Coronation medals 1911, awarded to PC W.HILLIER and PS S.PYLE, together with a Special Constabulary Long Service medal, George V, awarded to SERGT JAMES BERTRAM, all on ribbons (3) £50-80
986.    A George V Naval General Service medal 1915-62, with Persian Gulf 1909-1914 clasp, awarded to 238970 F.W.CLEMENCE A.B H.M.S PROSERPINE, on ribbon £120-180
987.    A George V Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct 2nd type medal, awarded to 6881 F.C BUTCHER C.P.O.WR. HMS VICTORY (1) £50-80
988.    A Victorian Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct medal, 1875-77, with narrow suspender, on later ribbon, awarded to W.S DARTON P.O 2ND CL HMS VIVID £120-180
989.    An India General Service medal, with North West Frontier 1935 clasp, awarded to 65446 COOK FAQIR MOHD. 7 A.T COY, together with an India General Service medal 1936-39, with North West Frontier 1936-37 clasp, also awarded to TC-65446 COOK FAQIR MOHD R.I.A.S.C (A.TPT) (2) £60-80
990.    A Kabul to Kandahar Star, with engraved name to reverse, awarded to SEPOY PHOOLA SINGH 3RD SIKH INFY, on ribbon £100-150
991.    A George V Army Meritorious Service medal, on third type ribbon, awarded to 9668 C SJT S.S.MJR -B.COOPE 2/E.YORK.R £60-100
992.    A Khedive's Sudan medal 1896-1908, with Khartoum clasp, awarded to 3470 CPL W.APPLEBY 5TH FUSERS, on ribbon £150-200
993.    A Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct medal, with George V coinage profile, awarded to M15000 J.MAHONEY. E.R.A.1 HMS MEDWAY (1) £50-80
994.    A Queen's Sudan medal, silver, awarded to 3291 PTE R.ELLISON CAMERON HIGHERS, on ribbon £150-200
995.    A County & Borough Police Coronation medal 1911, unnamed, together with a Special Constabulary Long Service medal, awarded to ARTHUR WILSON, plus an Elizabeth II Imperial Service medal, awarded to PERCY GEORGE MORRISON, all on ribbons (3) £70-100
996.    An India medal, with Relief of Chitral 1895 clasp, awarded to 3167 PTE D TAIT 2ND BN K C SCO BORD, with ribbon £150-200
997.    An Edward VII Army Long Service and Good Conduct medal, awarded to 55230 GNR.E.EAGLE. R.G.A, together with another example with the Hanoverian Arm, awarded to 292 SERGT W.HICKS, A.S.CORPS, second possibly reproduction (2) £100-150
998.    A Queen's South Africa medal, with seven clasps, comprising South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902, Orange Free State, Transvaal, Relief of Ladysmith, Tugela Heights and Cape Colony, on ribbon, awarded to 2226 PTE C BAYLEY R.WELSH FUS £300-400
999.    A George VI Royal Naval Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct medal, awarded to 3149 U. T.F.HOWIE.STO. R.N.R, together with a George V Royal Fleet Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct medal, awarded to K.20680 (DE V. B. 13334) J.J KING. STO.1 R.F.R (2) £60-100
1000.   A Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire medal, (MBE), the silver marked breast badge on purple ribbon with thin red stripe to middle £60-100
1001.   A General Service medal 1962-2007, with South Arabia clasp and oak leaf, awarded to 24094713 GNR.I.T.BAILEY RHA £50-80
1002.   A George V Distinguished Conduct medal, awarded to 17063 PTE H.BULL 2/G GDS £300-500
1003.   A George V Volunteer Long Service medal, awarded to C.O.M.S B.C.FAIR. 2 BN. G.I.P RY. R.(A.F.I) £50-80
1004.   A Volunteer Officer's Decoration, with Victoria VR Royal cipher, on dark green ribbon with oak bar brooch £80-120
1005.   A George VI Royal Long Service and Good Conduct medal, with coinage profile 1937-48, awarded to K.66292 E.BASSETT L.STO. HMS ECHO £60-80
1006.   An Edward VII Territorial Decoration, with plain dark green with yellow stripe ribbon on oak leaf bar, awarded to CAPT F.WG.GORE IMPL YEO £80-120
1007.   A Territorial Force Efficiency medal, with bareheaded bust in Field Marshall's Uniform, awarded to 1186 PTE G.COOKSON. 8/MANCH.REGT, on ribbon £40-60
1008.   A Victorian China War medal 1840-42, awarded to GEORGE F LUKE MILNER HMS APOLLO, on crimson and deep yellow ribbon £150-200
1009.   A Metropolitan Police Jubilee medal 1897, awarded to PC S PYLE T DIVN, together with a Metropolitan Police Coronation medal 1902 also awarded to PC S PYLE T DIVN (2) £40-60
1010.   A Victorian South Africa medal, unnamed, dated 1853 with crouching lion to one side and crown young head Queen to the other, on gold and bold and narrow blue striped ribbon £80-120
1011.   A George V General Service medal, wit N.W.Persia clasp, awarded to 4736494 PTE C.H. COULTISH Y & L.R £40-60
1012.   A Crimea War medal, having Sebastopol clasp, with crown young head Queen Victoria to one side, unnamed, on pale blue and yellow edged ribbon £80-120
1013.   An Edward VII Royal Naval Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct medal, with bear headed bust in Admiral uniform, awarded to V.207 W.REID. STO, R.N.R, on plain green ribbon (1) £30-50
1014.   A Victorian Baltic Medal, unnamed, on yellow with light blue edged ribbon £60-100
1015.   A copy of a Victoria Cross, on purple ribbon £30-50
1016.   An Indian Mutiny medal, awarded to ACTG CORPORAL W M JAMESON 1ST C 2D BN BENGAL ARLY £150-250
1017.   A George V Efficiency medal with Territorial bar, awarded to 6393687 CPL.A.F.WOODCOCK. 5-R SUSS.R. £50-80
1018.   A Victorian New Zealand medal, dated 1860-65, awarded to 66 ALEXDR.McMULLEN, 65TH REGT, on blue ribbon with central orange stripe £200-400
1019.   An Elizabeth II Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct medal, having coinage bust, awarded to MX.794535 R.FOSTER LDG CK (O), HMS COLLINGWOOD £50-80
1020.   A Victorian South Africa medal, undated, instead there is shield and crossed spears motif, awarded to 2776 PTE T.KENEALY 2/24TH FOOT £100-200
1021.   A George V Indian Army Meritorious Service medal, with a crowned George V in Delhi Durbar robes, awarded to 1173 NAICK SARFARAZ 54TH SIKHS £60-100
1022.   An Afghanistan medal, with crown old head Queen Victoria, awarded to 2787, GUNR E.WARREN I/A BDE R.H.A, on ribbon £100-150
1023.   A George V Army Long Service and Good Conduct medal, with Bareheaded bust in Field Marshalls uniform, awarded to 1028624 W.O/CL. 2.H.J JEFFEREYS R.A, on later ribbon £40-60
1024.   An Egypt 1882-89 medal, no clasp, awarded to J.KING F.B.NILE, on blue and white striped ribbon £60-100
1025.   A George VI Naval General Service medal 1915-62, with Palestine 1936-39 clasp, awarded to JX. 127740 L.A.G FAULKNER. A/P.O. R.N £70-100
1026.   An Indian General Service 1854-95 medal, with Burma 1885-7 clasp, awarded to 1075 DR G.C GREEN 2ND BN HAMPSHIRE REGT, on ribbon £120-180
1027.   An Elizabeth II Efficiency medal with Territorial bar, awarded to 1447394 SGT.J.L.SYMINGTON.R.A, on original ribbon £50-80
1028.   An East and West Africa medal, marked MWELE 1895-6, to the edge of the medal, on yellow with black striped ribbon £100-150
1029.   An Elizabeth II Army Long Service and Good Conduct medal, with Regular Army bar, awarded to 24013111 L/CPL.C.GREEN. PARA, on later ribbon £40-60
1030.   A Queen's South Africa medal, with three clasps, Transvaal, Orange Free State and Natal, together with a King's South Africa medal, with two clasps, both awarded to 3668 PTE S.PYLE 5/LCRS, on ribbon (2) £100-150
1031.   A Turkish Crimea medal, marked LA CRIMEA 1855, awarded to BOMR ABM BISHOP R.A £50-80
1032.   An African General Service medal, having single Jubaland clasp, unnamed, together with a King's South Africa medal, with two clasps, South Africa 1901 and 1902, awarded to 2519 CORPL A.BRACEY SUFFOLF REGT (2) £150-200
1033.   A George VI Efficiency medal with Militia bar, awarded to 1986173 SPR.W.LENNOX R.E £50-80
1034.   A WWI trio Naval medal group, comprising the Victory medal, War medal and 1914-15 Star, awarded to M.4401 W.J.EVERETT L.CK.MTE R.N, all on ribbons (3) £40-60
1035.   A George V Long Service and Good Conduct medal with Regular Army bar, awarded to 1417761 GNR. W.BARNETT R.A, together with an un-named George VI example, both on later ribbon (2) £60-80
1036.   An interesting group of six WWII medal, comprising The Defence medal, the India Service medal, the Australia Service medal, the New Zealand Service medal, the Africa Service medal and the Canadian Volunteer Service medal (6) £60-100
1037.   A Volunteer Long Service medal, with Victoria Regina profile, awarded to No.3584 CR SERGT A.W.DANIELL 1ST LONDON R.V 14 FEBY 95 £50-80
1038.   A China War medal 1900, with Young Head profile, unnamed £60-80
1039.   A George VI Indian Army Meritorious Service medal, with having crowned profile with INDIAE IMP, awarded to 10153 NAIK JAHAN KHAN 10-7 RAJPUT R £60-100
1040.   A George VI Efficiency medal with Territorial bar, awarded to 867704 BMBR.J.W.MATTHEWS.R.A, on original ribbon £50-80
1041.   An Edward VII Volunteer Long Service medal, with Field Marshall uniform profile, awarded to 3327 2/CPL W.H.CUTHBERT. 1/LONDON. R.E.V £50-80
1042.   A Victorian China War medal 1900, with Jubilee Head, together with a bronze specimen of the same medal, with Relief of Pekin clasp (2) £60-80
1043.   A WWI bronze War medal, awarded to 136 S.BORG. MALTESE L.G, together with a WWI Victory medal, awarded to A/CPL V.J WADE. S.A.H.A, plus a WWII 1914-15 Star awarded to R.M.A 450-S- DR. J.A. CARTER (3) £100-150
1044.   A Khedive's Star medal, dated 1882, unnamed £40-60
1045.   An Ashanti Star medal, marked 'From The Queen' to reverse, unnamed (1) £50-80
1046.   A WWI medal trio, awarded to 96411 SPR.H.P.SHEPHERD R.E, together with the original box they were issued in, a Royal Engineers cap badge, three button and cloth badge, plus a selection of letters from the recipient of the medals to his son (parcel) £60-80
1047.   A WWI Royal Marine Light Infantry medal trio, awarded to PO.4-S- PTE W.P.PARAMOR. R.M.L.I £40-60
1048.   A WWI Pip and Squeak medal duo, awarded to 23466 PTE H.ODELL. BEDR R, together with a WWI War medal, awarded to 491099 A.SJT T.SILLS. 33-CAN.INF (3) £40-60
1049.   A Group of four WWII medal, including The Defence, The War, The 1939-45 Star and The Burma Star, together with a selection of metal and cloth badges, mainly Royal Artillery (parcel) £40-60
1050.   A WWI medal duo, awarded to 024067 PTE.S.R.MERRETT. A.O.C, together with a small selection of coins and medallions, plus two black and white photographs and a book of Flowers from the Holy Land (parcel) £60-80
1051.   The WWI Victory and War medal, awarded to 616491 DVR G EARLE R.A, complete with dog tags, together with a selection of medallions and coinage in a 1914 Christmas tin, plus a WWII French T-Back bayonet (parcel) £100-150
1052.   A WWI Mutt and Jeff pair, awarded to 226085 PNR. F.W.JORDAN. R.E, together with a Royal Engineers badge, a Gloucester Egypt badge and a King George V silver For King and Empire Rendered badge, marked B345030 to reverse (5) £80-100
1053.   An unnamed Baltic Medal, later turned into a brooch £50-80
1054.   A WWI Canadian medal trio, the War and Victory medal awarded to 303071 BMBR J.KEEGAN C.G.A, and the Military medal for Bravery to 303071 GNRJ.KEEGAN CAN.G.A, together with a letter from a Major in the O.C 3rd Canadian Siege Battery of Keenan's bravery, plus copies of other paperwork (parcel) £400-500
1055.   A trio of WWI medals, comprising Pip, Squeak and Wilfred, awarded to 3555 PTE W.J BENDLE ESSEX R (3) £60-100
1056.   A British Empire Civil Medal, awarded to SOPHIA ALICE MRS LONG, together with a selection of related paperwork and Parker pens that were also awarded to her (parcel) £150-250
1057.   A large collection of various medals and medallions, including a WWII US Victory medal, Masonic medals, awards etc (parcel) £60-100
1058.   An Order of St John of Jerusalem shoulder badge, together with a type 4 enamel breast badge, plus two St John medals with numerous date clasps (parcel) £60-80
1059.   A WWI Victory medal, awarded to 402619 2.CPL.W.FAIRWEATHER. R.E, plus a WWI War medal awarded to 11127 PTE.W.E.ROBINS WILTS.R, together with a WWII Defence medal and Burma Star, and a selection of ribbons (parcel) £60-100
1060.   A WWI Territorial Force War medal, awarded to 612 CPL.L.J.S.NORRIS. WILTS.R £100-150
1061.   Two WWI Victory medals, award to J.31904 H.G.CHAPMAN A.B. R.N and 276698 W.EVANS. S.P.O R.N, together with a Death Plaque for Roland Wilks Young and a WWII Defence medal (4) £60-100
1062.   A General Service medal 1918-62, with Palestine 1945-48 clasp, awarded to T/14025157 DVR.J.A.HEMMING. R.A.S.C, together with his WWII War medal, plus a small selection of military related pins and badges (parcel) £70-100
1063.   A WWI Death Plaque, given to the family of Harry Bowyer, mounted in a square wooden frame £40-60
1064.   A Royal Fleet Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct medal, awarded to SS.122311 (PO.B.14253) J.G GOLDWELL. STO.1.R.F.R, together with a WWII pair awarded to J. 39738 C.J.P.MOORE A.B R.N, a WWII Defence medal and 1939-45 Star, a selection of various badges, plus 14 Naval cap ribbons, including HMS Peregrine, HMS Goldcrest, HMS Bulwark, HMS Ark Royal etc (parcel) £100-200
1065.   A WWI trio group, awarded to T.G. WYATT. STD. M.F.A, the victory medal possibly a later re-issue, together with a 1896 Birmingham marked silver card case, with engraved name 'Henri Nicholas Hienzinger', by T H Hazelwood & Co (4) £60-100
1066.   A WWII Royal Naval Reserves Decoration, engraved 1948 to reverse, together with four WWII medals, comprising two Defence medals, a War medal and a 1939-45 Star, plus a selection of various badges, including a Long Service Metropolitan Police 1914, two others etc (parcel) £80-100
1067.   A Victorian South Africa medal, with 1879 clasp, awarded to 2233 PTE J.TAYLOR 91ST FOOT, without ribbon £300-500
1068.   A trio of WWI medals, comprising the Victory, War and 1914-15 Star, awarded to 53075 GNR A BURGAR R.A, together with his bronze death plaque, letter to his family from the King, a dog tag, buttons, Christmas tin and related paperwork, including his discharge parchment (parcel) £150-250
1069.   A pair of Boer War medal, comprising the King's and Queen's South Africa medals, awarded to 4538 TPTR J.H. BURGAR. 8TH HUSSARS, the King's medal with two clasps 'South Africa 1901 & 1902, the Queen's with four clasps, 'Diamond Hill, Johannesburg, Orange Free State and Cape Colony', together with his Hussars cloth badge and Discharge parchments (parcel) £150-250
1070.   A WWI Royal Artillery duo, awarded to 152322 DVR.C.BROWNLESS R.A, comprising the Victory and the War medal (2) £60-80
1071.   An interesting trio of WWI medals and related ephemera, comprising the Victory and War medal, awarded to 2 LIEUT H.E.MARTIN, and the 1914-15 Star later awarded to 13092 CPL H.E MARTIN NORTH'D FUSE, when he had been promoted, together with a large British Roll of Honour book and Roll of Honour book from the Camerians (Scottish Rifles) 1914-18, of which he is in, plus a letter and scroll from the King to his family after his death, a telegram to his wife reporting her of his death, his marriage certificate, a letter that accompanied his 1914-15 Star if he had lived to receive it, a small published document about MARTIN, plus an Order of Service, letter and photograph of the Memorial Tablet that he appears, which is in the Glasgow Cathedral (parcel) £200-300
1072.   A Military Service medal 1793-1814, having eight clasps, Toulose Orthes, Vittoria, Salamanca, Badajoz, Ciudad Rodrigo, Busaco and Albuhera, awarded to D.BOTTOMLY, GUNNER, R.ARTY, in original cardboard box, together with a pinchbeck framed swivel miniature of D.Bottomly, on one side a portrait of him when he was younger, the other as an older gentleman wearing the Military Service medal, plus a Duke of Wellington medallion and related research (parcel) £5000-6000
1073.   A Royal Engineer's group of four medals, comprising Queen's South Africa medal with two clasps, South Africa 1902 and Cape Colony, AF, 1914 Monstar, War and Victory medal, awarded to 6972 SAPR A.E. JEFFREY R.E, together with 1914 Christmas tin, Launching of Ships Order of Service booklet, a military map of Bideford and Bude dated 1940 and a Souvenir silk handkerchief (parcel) £180-250
1074.   An interesting pair of WWI medal, Victory and War, awarded to 2434 PTE L TAYLOR RAMC, who served in the Home guard Medical Corps, 51st Surrey (Malden) Battalion, East Surrey Regiment, with a folder containing ephemera relating to TAYLOR, including a letter of application to the army when he was 18 and being rejected, his cap badge, whistle, shaving mirror, regiment cloth badges, rank cloth badges from Lance Corporal - Sergeant, identity certificate, black and white photograph of his regiment, dog tags, various lists of things he needed with him etc, all in a folder (parcel) £250-350
1075.   A family group of four medals, comprising the Queen's and King South Africa medals, awarded to 3321 PTE T.SPANSWICK, 2: RL BERKS REGT, the Queen's having three clasps, Transvaal, Orange Free State and Cape Colony, the King's two, South Africa 1901 and 1902 clasps, together with two WWII medals, War and Defence (4) £150-250
1076.   A framed and glazed OBE medal and certificate, the certificate from Queen Elizabeth to Joan Florence West, who was the Secretary to Deputy Chairman of the British Aerospace PLC, together with letter from Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood, St James's Palace, plus a British Empire Brooch and photograph of Joan with the medal (parcel) £180-250
1077.   A Service medal of the Order of St John, with five year clasp (second type), awarded to 47566 CPL L WOOD DURHAM S.J.A.B 1951, together with a British Red Cross Society War Service medal 1914-1918, an Imperial Service medal awarded to WILLIAM HENRY EVANS, two United Nations medals, a Kuwait Liberation medal, a Defence medal and a Republique Francaise 1870 Valeur et Discipline medal (parcel) £80-120
1078.   A Three English Kings of 1936 medallion set, the three medallions having profiles of George V and Mary, Edward VIII and George VI and Elizabeth, all in a fitted case £80-120
1079.   A pair of WWI medals, Victory and War, awarded to 651992 DVR F.C JEFFCOTT R.A, together with a selection of WWII medals, comprising two Defence, a War, two France and Germany Stars, one having an Atlantic clasp, a 1939-45 Star and an Africa Star with 8th Army clasp (parcel) £80-120
1080.   A WWI War medal, awarded to 22384 PTE J.COLBY R LANC.R, together with two WWII medals, The Air Crew Europe Star and the Burma Star (3) £30-50
1081.   A collection of WWII medals, comprising two Defence medals, a 1939-45 Star, plus a miniature Croix De Guerre with letter, and a King George V and Queen Elizabeth Crowned May 12th 1937 medallion £50-100
1082.   A WWI medal trio, comprising Victory, War and 1914 Mon-Star, awarded to 47975 DVR E.H.AUSTIN R.A, Mon-Star marked R.F.A, together with another WWI Victory medal, awarded to 5060 PTE G.NOAKES. RIF. BRIG (4) £100-150
1083.   A WWI Royal Engineers medal duo, War and Victory medal, awarded to 154719 SPR.H.BROCK. R.E, together with his dog tags and related paperwork, plus another WWI Victory medal awarded to 3307 SPR A.G KNAPP R.E, a WWII Christmas tin, Royal Engineers cap badge, and a scroll for the Metropolitan Police Orphanage £100-150
1084.   A collection of WWII medals, awarded to 136213 F/L S.R SHACKLETON, comprising Defence and War medal, 1939-1945 Star, Atlantic Star and Burma Star, together with a chrome RAF wings on propeller badge (parcel) £40-60
1085.   A WWI Royal Artillery duo, awarded to 905848 Dvr F.A. Lewis, together with a 1924 silver ROAB medal in a box (4) £60-100
1086.   A WWII trio, comprising the War medal, the 1939-45 Star and the Atlantic Star with France and Germany clasp, together with a boxed Lumix table lighter in the form of a camera on tripod, a One Penny lighter and a brass handle in the shape of a crescent moon (parcel) £50-100
1087.   Two WWI trio medal groups, both comprising the Victory, War and 1914-15 Star, one set awarded to 78559 DVR T.SHEPHERD R.F.A, the other 18688 PTE R.W. POCOCK R.BERKS.R, together with a collection of early 20th century Attendance medals, various military and service buttons and a 1889 Crown (parcel) £120-180
1088.   A Egypt 1882-89 medal, awarded to 41/518, PTE H.POCOCK 1/BERKS.R, sold without ribbon £80-120
1089.   An Afghanistan medal, 1878-1880, awarded to B/518 PTE H.POCOCK 66TH FOOT, later converted into a brooch, having white metal surround with swivel hinge £1200-1800
1090.   A WWI & WWII medal group, the WWI Victory and War medal awarded to G-24359 PTE C.T.KEWELL R.SUSS.R, together with the WWII War and Defence medal plus the Army Long Service and Good Conduct medal, awarded to 1423194 GNR C.T KEWELL R.A (5) £80-120
1091.   A WWI Mercantile Marine War medal, with British War medal, awarded to CHARLES A DEAKIN, together with another WWII British War medal awarded to 259373 SPR F.W NICHOLLS R.E, plus a Red Cross Society medal awarded to 23787 D.DANN (4) £70-100
1092.   An impressive group of Boer War and later medals and ephemera, including the Distinguished Flying Cross, 1939-45 Star, Air Crew Europe Star with France and Germany clasp, Defence medal and War medal with oak leaf, plus the miniatures, these were awarded to F/LT H.C.CLARK, 161799, dated 1944, also sold with the Queen's South Africa medal with three clasps (South Africa 1901 & 1902 and Cape Colony), this was awarded to his father 5119 PTE C.W.CLARK 12th RL LANCERS, as well as the Metropolitan Police Coronation 1911 medal, there also being his Masonic and other medals including the Europaisches Frontkapfer Ehrenzeichen Deutsches Sektion CEAC medal, given to Clark after he befriended and German soldier, the lot also including various ephemera relating to F/Lt H.C.Clark, including a letter signed by Barnes Wallace, a Parliamentary letter signed WC, Royal Canadian Airforce Pilot's Flying log, dated 1942-1952 of all of the flights that Clark took in various planes, including a Lancaster bomber, black and white photographs of Clarks Lancaster 'Lonesome Lola', reconnaissance photographs, images of his Squadron, bomb manufacturing and more, the 6th Squadron bullion cap badge, various other letters signed by A.E.L Mash, J.J Llewellin and J.B Wilson, ID Cards, Medical records, Aviators Certificate and much more (parcel) £7000-10000
1093.   A late 19th century/early 20th century wooden Shillelagh, together with a Hiatt & Co truncheon and another (3) £40-60
1094.   ANNOUNCEMENT - Firing pin has been taken during viewing. A mid 20th century British made pineapple hand grenade, marked Walsall to bottom cap, No.36M £30-50
1095.   A Japanese Kutani sword, with wrapped shagreen handle, unmarked to blade, blade approx 35cm long, together with a smaller example, both in wooden scabbards (4) £200-300
1096.   Two late 19th/early 20th century Malayan Kris knives, both having intricately carved wooden handles, with wooden and white metal, possibly silver, mounted scabbard with similar swag design, AF (4) £200-300
1097.   An early 20th century sword swagger stick, possibly stained beech, with twist locking, blade approx 33cm £60-80
1098.   A WWII bomb, looks to have been dug up, then painted black, unsure of model £40-60
1099.   A fine and rare Japanese Wakasashi Temple sword, carved in the form of a sea dragon, the signed blade fitted into a carved wooden sheath, blade approx 37cm long £200-300
1100.   A three piece Scottish Dirk, the leather sheath with three white metal bands, on having applied thistle decoration, set with a knife and fork set, both with gem set design to top, same with the larger dirk (4) £50-80
1101.   A Kukri knife, with engraved blade, in leather sheath, two smaller blades not present, blade approx 34cm L £40-60
Two tribal spears, both having long double sided blades to the top, with long spears to base, together with a tribal dagger with animal teeth decoration, and an arrow carrier (4) £70-90
1103.   A small Kukri dagger, having engraved blade, marked I.C.E, with brass finial, together with another example with white metal finial, plus a tribal knife, all with sheaths £40-60
1104.   An interesting antler handled short sword, together with a an African tribal axe, a Japanese travelling eating set, plus another blade (4) £40-60
1105.   A group of four tribal spears, all with similar blades, probably all used for hunting or close combat (4) £30-50
1106.   A British pineapple hand grenade, marked W to the side, Motor Equipment Birmingham marked to the base plug with number 23, all chrome colour £40-60
1107.   A early 20th century round hand grenade, possibly American, unmarked £30-50
1108.   A WWI Turkish hand grenade, similar to the pineapple grenade, with Turkish script to one side, deactivated £60-80
1109.   A 1970s riot police rubber bullet, marked 1.5in baton L2A2, stamped 11.72 to base, together with an L5A3 plastic baton round, stamps 8/73 to base (2) £50-80
1110.   An 1899 Karlsruhe shell, marked to base C/97. 98, together with a HZ14 shell fuse head, and a type C smoke canister case (3) £40-60
1111.   A WWI British rifle grenade No.20 Mk1, dated 1917, the grenade on a display board in its individual pieces, the main body in mustard colour, with green and red painted rings £40-60
1112.   Lot Withdrawn £50-100
1113.   A tribal crossbow, the wooden body having wooden limb with rope connecting to two ends, together with a leather bound wooden quiver, containing various arrows (parcel) £50-100
1114.   A pair of double edged tribal spear heads, both long blades with tapering shape, together with another pair of tribal spear heads, both with long thin spike design (4) £50-100
1115.   A small double sided dagger, with copper hand guard, with mixed medium handles, together with a small Indian Kukri knife (2) £50-80
1116.   A WWII German Bayonet, marked Waffenfabr, Mauser AG, Oberndorf, to the 36.5cm blade, with metal scabbard £100-150
1117.   A British Enfield short rifle sword bayonet, possibly Victorian, having yataghan style blade, with criss cross hand grip £40-60
1118.   A Victorian Army Officer's Dress sword, having crown pommel, with thin hand guard, wire twist handle, leading to VR cipher, with thin blade, marked S.Isaac to scabbard £80-120
1119.   An American Civil War period sabre by Sheble & Fisher, possible 1840 model, marked PH.LA to the blade, having three strand hand guard, with steel scabbard (2) £100-200
1120.   A WWII Third Reich army dagger, the blade by Puma, Solingen, with coloured ivorine handle with original sheath, blade approx 26cm L £300-500
1121.   A mid 19th century cavalry sabre, English made, possibly for Indian Cavalry, with basket style hand guard, leading to single edged curved blade, marked 1854 and proof mark, with metal scabbard, hand guard and scabbard both marked 137 (2) £100-150
1122.   A George IV cavalry Officer's sword, with pierced design to hand guard with Royal Cipher, shagreen handle, leading to decoratively engraved blade, together with white metal scabbard £120-180
1123.   A WWII No.7 MkI bayonet, marked No.7 MkI/L to one side of the blade and M/7B to the other, in metal scabbard (2) £60-100
1124.   Three WWII British bayonets, comprising one MkI and two MkII, all marked with GRI under crown and RFI, all with leather and metal scabbards (6) £60-80
1125.   A WWII German Seitengeweher butcher M1898/05 sword bayonet, by F.Herder & Son, Solingen, marked 'AMBERG' under crown to opposite side of the blade, the blade tapering to the end, with leather and metal scabbard (2) £70-100
1126.   An Italian M1938 Mannilicher-Carcano folding knife bayonet, circa WWII, marked L21589 £50-80
1127.   A group of five British bayonets, comprising an LIA3 bayonet and scabbard, a WWII 1907 pattern sword bayonet, plus three No.4 MkII spike bayonets for Lee Enfield, one with scabbard and frog, another with scabbard (5) £70-100
1128.   A US M1917 sword bayonet by Remington, with scabbard, together with three other bayonets, possibly with replacement parts, all with scabbards (4) £60-100
1129.   A WWII British 1888 pattern MkI bayonet, by W.W.Greener Birmingham, having later X marked over the name, with leather and metal scabbard (2) £40-60
1130.   A WWII Third Reich SA dagger, by RZM, with engraved blade, marked M7/42, with scabbard, possibly reproduction £80-120
1131.   Three American combat bayonets, comprising the US M4 Imperial hard rubber grip bayonet knife, the US M5A1 Imperial knife bayonet and the US M6, all in M8A1 sheaths with frogs (6) £80-120
1132.   A WWII Third Reich Hitler Youth dagger, by RZM, marked M7/40, having enamel swastika in red ad white diamond shaped enamel design, on criss cross hand grip, with metal sheath £70-100
1133.   Three British military bayonets, including an Enfield 1853 Socket bayonet, a 1907 pattern bayonet by Wilkinson and a No.5 Mk1 knife bayonet by Wilkinson, marked WSC, all with scabbards (6) £100-150
1134.   Two French Lebel bayonets, one with original metal scabbard, same serial numbers, together with a WWII French sword bayonet (4) £60-100
1135.   A WWII German saw back bayonet, marked 'WAFFENFABRIK MAUSER A.G OBERNDORE a N, to the blade, with metal scabbard and leather frog (2) £100-150
1136.   A group of four WWII bayonets, comprising an Austrian short carbine bayonet, marked WG to blade, a Turkish shorten German Ersatz Carter EB9 Ottobre #2302 bayonet, with steel handle, a US Union Fork and Hoe M1 knife bayonet, a Swedish M1896 knife bayonet marked EJ AB with crown to blade, plus a 1952 S&J Kitchin Ltd machete, all with scabbards and sheaths (10) £100-150
1137.   A WWII Third Reich Hitler Youth Short Dress Parade bayonet, marked with double knights, together with a German WWII M1884 bayonet, marked W.K.C, both with scabbards, plus another Third Reich dagger, possibly reproduction (5) £70-100
1138.   A WWII Third Reich TeNo Enlisted Man's Hewer, marked to blade with eagle and swastika, 'GES. GESCH. ORIGINAL, by Eickhorn, Solingen, with serial number to opposite side, 1085, with matching scabbard and frog, possibly reproduction £200-300
1139.   A vintage Fernando Esser machete, marked to the blade with a rearing horse, no.450, in leather scabbard, together with a small kukri knife, having engraving to one side, complete with two smaller knives in leather scabbard, plus a copper and brass bugle, and a 1912 brass shell (4) £40-60
1140.   A Victorian Officer's Cavalry sword, by Gillott & Hasell, having engraved blade to both sides, with Royal Cipher, leading to a hand guard with pierced design and Royal Cipher, shagreen hand grip with wire twist design, in metal scabbard, blade approx 81cm L £120-180
1141.   A WWII Nazi Germany Third Reich Hewer dagger, having 26.5cm long blade, the saw back blade marked GES GESCHUTZT, the cross guard with swastika, eagle and medical cross, the opposite side blank, with cross hatch hand grip, plus scabbard £250-350
1142.   A 1907 pattern sword bayonet, used for the Lee Enfield No.1 MkIII short rifle, marked with crown, dated and proof marks, with leather scabbard and frog, AF £40-60
1143.   A French Yataghan sword bayonet, used with the M1866 Chassepot Needle-Fire rifle, unmarked to spine, marked to blade P.D.L, with French proof marks and number U7993 to cross guard, AF £40-60
1144.   A French Infantry Briquet Sabre, circa 1830s, marked I.C.S and no. 154 to the blade, with brass hand grip and guard, AF £40-60
1145.   A British 1885 pattern cavalry troopers sabre, blade by Solingen, with other names, unreadable, also marked WD with broad arrow, many other proof marks, with scabbard, AF £50-100
1146.   A WWII Chassepot M1866 Yataghan sword bayonet, by W.R. Kirschbaum, marked to the blade, having grass handle with metal scabbard, unmarked to the scabbard or hand guard £30-50
1147.   A 1907 pattern British Sword bayonet, by Sanderson, issued in 1917, also marked with various test markings, with wooden handle and metal and leather scabbard, the scabbard marked RE (2) £60-80
1148.   A German M1898/05 Mauser sword bayonet, by Alex Coppel, Solingen, having a tapering blade, with proof marks to the spine, with wooden handle and diagonal cut grip, with metal scabbard (2) £70-100
1149.   A British 1853 pattern socket bayonet, no makers marks to the triangular shaped blade, the serial numbers on the bayonet and the scabbard match, 1086, bayonet also marked 37 above a B, with brass and leather scabbard (2) £40-60
1150.   A German M1884/98 second pattern bayonet, the blade marked F.Herder A Sn, Solingen, with crossed keys, to the other side of the blade it is marked Walter & Co Muhlhausen in Thn, with metal scabbard £40-60
1151.   A Third Reich Wehrmacht dress bayonet, having criss cross hand grip, leading to an unnamed blade, with metal scabbard and leather frog, the black painted metal scabbard with very faded Nazi red and white diamond swastika symbol £50-80
1152.   A Fairbairn Sykes dagger, having the metal ribbed handle and 17cm long double edged blade, marked with a broad arrow above a number 12 to the handle, together with a leather and metal scabbard £100-200
1153.   Two British WWII jungle/survival knives, both similar in design, one with a slightly wider and longer blade, both blades unnamed, both in leather scabbards (4) £40-60
1154.   A Third Reich SA dagger, having etched blade 'Alles fur Deutfchland', to one side and marked RZM M7/10 1938 with two figures above to the other, with brown handle with Third Reich eagle and swastika, possibly reproduction £200-250
1155.   An ebonised sword stick, with carved ivory collar, brass lion head terminal, having twist locking, opens to reveal a 62.5cm long blade £60-100
1156.   A British 1908 pattern cavalry sword, marked P 08 to the spine of the blade with broad arrow and EFD to the side of the blade, with other proof markings, with double looped steel scabbard £150-250
1157.   A decorative sword, possibly Spanish, having string handle, with decorative enamel brass hand guard with coat of arms design, the blade also with engraved design and enamel decoration, with decorated brass and leather scabbard £40-60
1158.   A pair of WWII period Middle Eastern knife bayonets, having marks to blade, together with a Kukri and another knife, AF (4) £40-60
1159.   A WWII British 1888 pattern MkI bayonet, marked EFD with broad arrow to the blade, together with metal and leather scabbard with frog £40-60
1160.   A British WWII Fairbairn Sykes fighting dagger, having wooden handle, blade and cross guard unnamed, with leather sheath £60-100
1161.   A WWII French sword bayonet, having yataghan blade, with inscription to the spine 'Mme d'armes de St Etienne Juillet 1874', both bayonet and metal scabbard having the same serial number A1491, together with a French Lebel sword bayonet, possibly M1886, with cruciform blade (4) £50-80
1162.   A Spanish WWI M1913 Mauser sword bayonet, by Artilleria FCA Nacional, Toledo, serial 80150, together with a WWII French T-Back sword bayonet, with inscription to spine 'Mme d'armes de St Etienne 1879, AF (3) £60-80
1163.   An 1842 pattern socket bayonet, by G Salter & Co, marked with a crown over B2, together with three No.4 MkII spike bayonets and scabbards (7) £60-80
1164.   A reproduction Edward VII cavalry sword, by Whites London, having wooden hand grip with criss cross metal back, leading to decorative hand guard with pierced decoration and monarch cipher £60-100
1165.   A tribal sword, having long double edged tapering blade, leading to a wrapped handle, with 67cm long blade, in red leather sheath £40-60
1166.   A British 1913 pattern sword bayonet by Remington, marked with broad arrow above crown and 7A, with wooden having with two parallel cut grooves £40-60
1167.   A Japanese Type 30 Mid-War bayonet, having the Kokura Arsenal marking to the blade, together with metal scabbard (2) £60-80
1168.   A WWII German M1884/98 III sword bayonet by Carl Eickhorn, dated 1938, with matching metal scabbard, serial 2369S, together with a similar bayonet and scabbard, unmarked (4) £100-150
1169.   A WWII German M1898/05 'butcher' sword bayonet, marked to one side of the blade 'GEBR. HARTKOPT SOLINGEN', and the other 'H.MUNDLOS & CO MADGEBURG', proof marks to spine of the blade, with wooden handle £60-100
A Third Reich SA/SS dagger, the brown handle with eagle and swastika motif, missing SA/SS badge, with engraved blade, marked to reverse RZM M7/85, with blade scabbard (2) £180-220
1171.   A Nazi Hitler Youth dagger, having criss cross hand grip, with enamel plaque with swastika design, leading to an engraved blade 'Blut Und Ehre!', meaning Blood and Honor', with metal scabbard (2) £120-180
1172.   An Iron Age Antenna dagger, the iron blade and hilt forged out of a single piece of metal, with antenna shaped pommel, blade approx 28.5cm long, AF £500-700
1173.   A late Bronze Age Morigen type sword, circa 9th Century B.C., the bronze sword forged out of a single piece of bronze, with small hilt, hand guard and T shaped pommel, blade approx 40cm long £1200-1800
1174.   A Bronze Age Rapier, possibly Middle Eastern, the dagger forged from a single piece of bronze, having spiral design to the hilt, leading to a tapering double edged blade, the blade approx 28cm long £600-800
1175.   A British 1907 pattern bayonet by Sanderson, marked to both sides of the blade, together with a French T-Back sword bayonet, dated 1877 with script to the back of the blade, plus a No.4 MkII spike bayonet (3) £60-100
1176.   Two WWI Siamese Type 45 bayonets, possibly 1903 pattern, marked to the blade and the hilt, both with white metal scabbards, together with a small kukri and an Indian pistol dagger, with carved wooden decoration (4) £60-100
1177.   A short sword, possibly Japanese, having leather and wire hand grip, with brass mount decorated with a sun, blade approx 30cm long, unmarked, in white metal scabbard (2) £50-80
1178.   A Continental military sabre, possibly Napoleonic, with pierced design to the hand guard, leading to engraved blade, in white metal and leather scabbard, AF (2) £60-100
1179.   A WWI Imperial German Raisermesser Fabrik fighting knife, marked ERN Wald Rheinl, having wooden handle, metal scabbard with leather frog £50-100
1180.   A German Hunting dagger, with decoratively engraved Solingen blade, having antler handle with white metal cross guard with acorn terminals, in leather scabbard, together with a Souvenir paper knife (2) £50-100
1181.   An East German STASI Officer's dagger, circa 1989,with serial 82173, in original green cardboard box, with hanger and inspection card, plus a small selection of buttons £150-250
1182.   A Third Reich Heer dress dagger, having eagle and Swastika to the hand guard, with unnamed blade, in white metal scabbard £300-500
1183.   A French T-Back sword bayonet, marked Mre d'Armes de St Etienne 1879, with marriaged metal scabbard (2) £30-50

A 19th century Mariette revolvers, marked to the side of the barrel, with EIG and M under crown proof house marks, serial number 502 to body and cylinder, with wooden handle grip £250-350
1185.   A De-activated muzzle Loading rifle, sold with a de-activation certificate, together with three reproduction guns and two powder flasks (6) £120-180
1186.   A 19th century Sharpe & Keene flintlock rifle, with makers name to lock plate, the long single barrel marked London, plus Proof marks, with applied brass decoration to end of butt, with engraved design £400-600
1187.   A vintage Knutley of London flintlock pistol, the steel body with Knutley marked to one side and London to the other, having house proof marks to underside of barrel, with screw on barrel £150-200
1188.   A mid 19th century Continental percussion cap pistol, the steel body having engraved floral decoration to both sides, leading to wooden handle with inlaid white metal decoration, having octagonal screw on barrel £120-180
1189.   A Rimers of London Brass and steel percussion cap pistol, decoratively engraved to either side of the brass body, with steel barrel end, the wooden handle with inlaid with metal design, leading to a brass cap on the end of a handle with head design £150-250
1190.   A pair of 19th century Hollis percussion cap pistols, having engraved brass body, with steel barrels, having house proof marks to underside, with mahogany handles (2) £300-500
1191.   A 19th century L.A. Blake Co. Of London percussion cap pistol, having impressed makers mark to wooden handle, proof marks to barrel and handle, having steel barrel, lock plate and hammer, with applied brass to body £250-350
1192.   A cased J.R Cooper Pepper pot pistol, the six shot pistol, with revolving barrels, the white metal body with heavily engraved swag decoration and criss cross hand grip, the case is equipped with powder flask, and other equipment relating to the pistol £1500-2500
1193.   A cased pair of Wesley Richards percussion cap pistols, possibly duelling or target pistols, both marked to the top of the octagonal barrels, leading to engraved lock plate and hammer, the wooden body with criss cross etched hand grip, the case complete with maintenance and cleaning equipment, plus items to make the ammunition £4000-6000
1194.   A Webley & Scott Mk1 air pistol, serial number 42810, Patent 1925, No. 219872 £40-60
1195.   A Crosman Medallist II model 1300 air pistol, with scoped sight, together with a Diana SP50, two other cap/air pistols, a second scope sight and a holster (parcel) £60-100

A deactivated WWII Lee Enfield Mk III bolt action rifle by BSA, dated 1911, serial 36453, with small magazine, with deactivation certificate from Birmingham Gun Barrel Proof House, dated 1.3.1996 (Spec 'A') (2) £200-300

A 19th century air rifle, having metal body with squirrel decoration, dated 1897, with later barrel, AF £60-80
1198.   A 19th century Newton percussion cap pistol, having decorative applied brass fittings, marked to the lock plate and the barrel, complete with ram rod £180-220
1199.   A 19th century Patrick muzzle loading double barrelled shotgun, with percussion cap action, marked 'Patrick' to the lock plate, with cross hatched engraved grip, leading to a pair of Damascus barrel, marked 3299, with proof marks, in original oak fitted case, together with a brass and a leather powder flask, plus other instruments £1000-1200
1200.   A Spanish Master 12 bore double barrel shotgun, break loading, having mahogany stock and body with diamond engraved design, serial 109275, sold with cleaning equipment, Section 2 Shotgun License Required for this lot £60-100
1201.   An AYA Aguirre & Aranzabal side by side 12 bore shotgun, model Yeomen, serial number 395626, Section 2 Shotgun License Required for this lot £100-150
1202.   A Remington pump action 12 bore shotgun, with semi-automatic loading, marked Remington 11-87 Premier, serial number PC102158, Section 2 Shotgun License Required for this lot £100-150
1203.   A Sharp Innova II air rifle, Japanese made, the .177 calibre air rifle with Webley 4x15 sight, AF £80-120
1204.   A 1980s BSA Airsporter Stutzen Carbine, with nicely engraved wooden stock, with mounted Sniper 4x40 sight £100-150
1205.   An early 20th Century German air rifle, marked Militia Registered, with break barrel action £50-80
1206.   An Air Arms XM-100 air rifle, with Air Arms 2.5x32 scope £120-180
1207.   A late 19th Century Breach Block rifle, unnamed, possibly Martini Henry, having proof marks to the barrel, serial 273847, with decoratively engraved sides with swag design £250-300
1208.   A 19th century Mauser Service bolt action rifle, model 71/84, dated 1888 in Spandau, serial number 29532, the three band rifle with various proof marks, including a Crown above KW £300-350
1209.   A 19th Century Italian bolt action rifle, marked Torino, possibly Vatelli, dated 1882, with extended magazine, serial A2249, having two bands, with eyes for shoulder strap £280-320
1210.   A 19th Century Spandau Mauser Service rifle, model 71/84, dated 188 in Spandau, serial number 4827, the three band rifle with various proof marks, including a Crown above FW £300-350
1211.   A late 19th Century percussion cap rifle by E M Reilly & Co of London, the three band rifle with criss cross design to the stock, named to the white metal lock plate, marked Snider Patent, also with various proof marks to the barrel, including ram rod £250-300
1212.   A 19th century Remington rolling block rifle, the single shot rifle with three band design, serial 278847, with ram rod, dated 1868 £300-350
1213.   A 19th Century rifle, unnamed, possibly a Springfield, having numerous markings, including JP53, serial number 2348, dated 1868, with ram rod £250-300
1214.   A mid 19th Century TOWER percussion cap rifle, dated 1859, with crown and VR cipher on the lock plate, also marked to the barrel and the butt, complete with BSA Diopter, ram rod and leather shoulder strap £250-300
1215.   A Spanish A.S.I Commando air rifle, in BSA cardboard case £30-50
1216.   A large calibre 19th century percussion cap rifle, no marked to the rifle, with veneered stock £100-150
1217.   A 19th Century Flint Lock musket, with criss cross engraving to the butt, floral engraving to the hammer, proof marks to the barrel £200-300
1218.   Angling Equipment, a Greys, Streamlite trout fly reel, and spare spool complete with bag/pouch, and original boxes, loaded with wet/dry lines £50-70
1219.   Angling Equipment, a group of five reels including, Intrepid "Elite" fixed spool reel, Multipliers, Garcia Mitchell, 602,624, Penn160 and Gilfin 500 (5) £40-60
1220.   Angling Equipment, a Hardy, Richard Walker Farnborough No3, 10' carbon/graphite 2pce fly rod, # 7/8, IEA 76109, in original rod bag and with "Showbee" travel tube. £40-60
1221.   Angling Equipment, a vintage Hexagonal cane Fly rod, 2 pce, 9' 6", with green whipping. Good overall condition no makers name present, with rod bag in plastic tube. £30-50
1222.   Angling Equipment, a Leeda, gearfly trout fly reel, boxed with pouch together with a ABU Delta 3 fly reel & pouch, Vintage Allcock Aerialite -Bakelite fly reel and other trout fly reel example. (4) £30-50
1223.   Shooting, a vintage "Lincoln" air pistol. English make, No 1198, missing trigger guard/plunger , spring and end cap, together with a small collection of ARP/NFS buttons. £20-40
1224.   Camping, a vintage "Anchor" storm lamp No 909 together with a camping Gaz stove and burner and pressure cooker. (3) £40-60
1225.   Angling Equipment, a Hardy Jet, Salmon Fly rod, 3pce, 12 1/2', 380cm ,# 9 in blue Hardy rod bag. £40-60
1226.   Angling Equipment, a vintage ABU Atlantic 443 Zoom spinning rod, 9' -275cm, 2 pce, Fishing 3: 30-60g 1- 2oz, with original bag together with an ABU Suecia 352 spinning rod, Langd: 7' Zoom , 10-40g with original bag (2) £40-60
1227.   Angling Equipment, a D.A.M. SLS5 fixed spool sea reel and pouch together with a D.A.M 4000 fixed spool reel and pouch and a Heddon 212 fixed spool reel and pouch. (3) £30-50
1228.   Angling Equipment, a Greys, Greyflex spinning rod, 9' , 3pce 15-35g with Greys rod bag and in Showbee XS-P travel tube. £40-60
1229.   Taxidermy, Pike, a well presented specimen in a bow fronted wood and glass case with river bed decoration 95cm L x 18.5cm D x 44.5cm H. £60-100
1230.   Angling Equipment, a ABU Cardinal 57 fixed spool reel together with a Intrepid Elite, fixed spool reel in original plastic box and spare spool, two Garcia Mitchell model 306 fixed spool reels and one spare spool. Parcel. £30-50
1231.   Angling Equipment, a pair of vintage fishing rods and odd sections together with a pair cane walking sticks with silver ferrules and handle tips. £30-50
1232.   Angling Equipment, a Hardy, Fibalite Spinning rod, 2 pce, 8' 6", 260cm, 7/8 Lbs, with Hardy rod bag and in plastic tube. £40-60
1233.   Taxidermy, Silver Pheasant, a male specimen mounted in a flat fronted wood and glass case, grass decoration, 86cm L x 21.5cm D x 50.5cm H. £60-100
1234.   Angling Equipment, a vintage J.S.Sharpe, hexagonal cane , 9' 3", 2pce, spinning rod, Scottie, Impregnated, with original Sharpe rod bag and in plastic tube. £30-50
1235.   Angling Equipment, a vintage ABU Ambassadeur 5000C multiplier reel in leather pouch with spare spool and accessories together with a Penn Silver Beach No 99 sea multiplier and pouch, ABU Ambassadeur 7000 sea multiplier in pouch, and Penn spare spool. Parcel. £30-50
1236.   Angling Equipment, a telescopic rod by Johnson, VK 10', 7 sections together with a similar 9', 6 section example and a DAM Black princess 6' 5", 1.95m, 5-25g and DAM Smaragd fibreglass 2 pce 1.80m , 6' rod and Compac Olympic fibreglass rod, 5' ,2pce ( 5 rods) £30-50
1237.   Angling Equipment, a Hardy Gaff, 58" telescopic with makers name to guard, together with a Hardy, telescopic folding trout landing net, both with belt clips. (2) £30-50
1238.   Shooting/Angling, a Compound Plastic Carry Case suitable for fishing equipment or short barrelled gun, with fitted conical foam insert for protection 80cm L x 23cm H x 11cm D, together with a pr of Wychwood thigh/hip Waders size 9 (43) pr of waxed over trousers (L) and pr of Cherokee trousers size 44R £30-50
1239.   Angling Equipment, a Greys, Stream Flex fly rod, 9', 4pce , #5, in original bag and protective carry tube. £40-60
1240.   Angling Equipment, a large circular extending Landing net, 60cm hoop, together with a Gold Crown, folding trout net, a extendable Y shaped landing net and small gaff. (4) £30-50
1241.   Angling Equipment, a plastic cantilever tackle box with a large assortment of spinning lures including examples by ABU and Mepps, together with a similar example containing quantity of larger lures and plugs. (2) £50-70
1242.   Angling Equipment, a good quality vintage Milwards" Troutrover" hexagonal cane trout fly rod, 8' 10" with bag, together with a B James & Son hexagonal cane course rod, 11' 6" and bag (2) £30-50
1243.   Angling Equipment, a large selection of fishing Flies, in various boxes and cases including, Salmon, Sea Trout and Trout examples, Dry, Wet and Tube types plus specialist sets by Turrall in bamboo boxes ( Summer Hatch Match & Spring hatch Match) (12) £50-70
1244.   Angling Equipment, a Martin James, "Coaster" sea rod, solid fibreglass, 2pce 10' with bag, together with a AGM solid fibreglass boat rod, 5' 3", 2pce with bag and a similar example in hollow fibreglass 6' 6", 2pce in bag (3) £20-30
1245.   Angling Equipment, a metal cantilever tackle box with a good quantity of minnow lures, various types and sizes together with another cantilever tackle box containing hooks, swivels, tools and various other pieces of spinning equipment. (2) £30-50
1246.   Angling Books, a selection of fly fishing titles including, "A fly Fisherman's Life" Charles Ritz, "Nymph fishing in Practice" Oliver Kite, "The Complete Fisherman's Fly" Max Fielding, "Hampshire Avon Salmon" S.H.Crow, "C complete Book of Fly Fishing" Tom McNally, and more. £30-50
1247.   Angling Equipment, a vintage Milbro "Tourist" solid fibreglass 7' 4pce rod in bag together with a Shakespeare 7' , 2pce hollow fibreglass spinning rod, a vintage cane & greenheart, 11' 3", 4pce rod in bag and 6' 10" 2pce hollow Glass spinning rod in bag (4) £30-50
1248.   Angling Equipment, a Raaco mini drawer cabinet containing a qty of hooks, swivels, sea rigs, traces etc, together with Wychwood fishing bag, padded bag a cantilever tackle box containing Pr Hardy rod clamps, Pr Hardy wader hangers, gaff priest etc, parcel. £30-50
1249.   Angling Equipment, a selection of fishing lines, leaders, casts, hooks, weights etc. Parcel £30-50
1250.   Angling Equipment, a large Plano, double cantilever style tackle box containing approx 80 mixed lures, plugs, wobblers etc. £40-60
1251.   Angling Equipment, a vintage Hardy greenheart 4pce combination rod, raised bridge eyes with ceramic rings, green whipping and rubber butt, some damage to bag. £40-60
1252.   Angling Equipment, a vintage Hardy Palakona hexagonal cane Trout fly rod, 2pce, 7' 10" together with Montague hexagonal cane fly rod,3pce, 8' 6" and a 2pce Fly rod (some butt damage)AF, Parcel. £30-50
1253.   Taxidermy, a vintage French/Red Legged partridge mounted in a glass fronted case with rock and fern base, 35.5cm x 37cm x 15.5cm. £50-100
1254.   Shooting, a vintage Webley Junior air pistol. Barrel lever with missing grips, will not cock (AF). £30-50
1255.   Shooting, a vintage Webley & Scott Excel .22 air rifle, break barrel with beech stock £60-90
1256.   Angling Equipment, a vintage Vortex combination hollow fibreglass Sea rod by E.T.Barlow, making a 10' beach and a 7' boat rod together with a solid fibreglass combination Sea rod making a 9' beach and a 6' boat rod , a Olympic 200 fixed spool sea reel and a Garcia Mitchell 386 fixed spool reel (4) £30-50
1257.   Shooting, a Gammo Viperskeet .22 Air rifle, break barrel spring model with composite plastic butt and fitted Nikko Stirling mountmaster 4x32 telescopic sight £80-120
1258.   Angling Equipment, a "Matchbox" fishing seat/tackle box, with fitted trays, drawers and padded seat, adjustable with foot rest and carry sling together with a Carp Kinetics "Native" Jacket in Mossey Oak, breakup pattern, ( size unknown) and a matching XL multi pocket waistcoat. Parcel. £40-60
1259.   Angling Equipment, a pair of green Doctor Spin 12ft Dragon Pike Deadbait/Powerspin 3pce rods with anti-friction guide systems together with a Fladen Vantage boat 7ft, 2pce, 20/30lbs rod. (3) £40-60
1260.   Angling Equipment, a Doctor spin Dragon Pike BC 100 multiplier reel and case together with a Fladen Vantage 300 multiplier reel . (2) £30-50
1261.   Angling Equipment, a Howling Hog "Spindrift" 8ft, 2pce, spinning rod, together with a Howling Hog "Carbon Plugshooter" 7ft , 2pce, spinning rod both in a Dragon Pike, Doctor Spin, padded two section carry bag. (3) £40-60
1262.   Angling Equipment, a Kingfisher 1000X fixed spool reel and case together with a Shimano XT-7Jero GT 3010 fixed spool reel and spare spool + case and Daiwa, Harrier, Auto Match, spare spool and case. (3) £30-50
1263.   Angling Equipment, a pair of Dragon Pike, Doctor Spin 5000 fixed spool reels with spare spools together with a Avanti, Gold Medal, 3000 fixed spool reel ,spare spool and bag (3) £30-50
1264.   Angling Equipment, a ABU Garcia "Enticer" 1065193 Carp rod, 12Ft, 366cm, 2. 1/2 Lb TC casts up to 70g F22 , 2pce with bag together with a Stillwater, "Carp Wand" Pro, 8Ft, 2.40m, 2pce , bag and tube.(2) £40-60
1265.   Angling Equipment, a Shimano "Aero Match" model 390, 13Ft , 3pce rod, bag and tube, together with a Shimano "Stradic Feeder" Medium Heavy, 12Ft, 3pce rod, bag and tube (2) £40-60
1266.   Angling Equipment, a Shimano Match III fixed spool reel and two spare spools and bag, Mitchell 300A fixed spool reel and three spare spools together with a Okuma Impact IM65 large fixed spool reel (3) £30-50
1267.   Angling Equipment, a MTDI Carbon Technology, Carp-Animal Tamer pole, 9.5m ,800g, Articold 20-910, two tops, 14-16 and 18-22, 24 Strong with bag and tube together with a Kingfisher Carp, FR3375-360,12Ft, 3.60m, 2pce rod and bag. (2) £40-60
1268.   Angling Equipment, a mixed lot of smaller items including, Forceps, bait Catapults, Floats, Plugs &Lures, Swivels, Boxes, Bait punches, Weights, etc. £30-50
1269.   Angling Equipment, a Garbolino Shadow, Viper Process, pole, 12.20m, 10 sections, Carbon fibre in bag together with a Pantera powerpole, margin pole5.0m and Shakespeare Supertelescopic/take apart whip, 8 sections 6.00m and bag. (3) £30-50
1270.   Angling Equipment, a mixed lot of smaller items including pole line rigs, hooks, traces, floats, weights, feeders and more. £30-50
1271.   Angling Equipment, a Maver 2 compartment keep net bag together with specimen net and three large keep nets .(2) £30-50
1272.   Angling Equipment, a selection of various poles and spares, approx 5 poles including Rock 'Ard, Bully Boy, Silstar Power Wind and Strong Arm, spare tips, bags, and tubes in a large carry bag. Parcel. £40-60
1273.   Angling Equipment, a two wheel brake/down bank trolley together with a Green PVC Adjustable fisherman's umbrella,+ spike and a Cypry green bank lounger/chair. (3) £30-50
1274.   Angling Equipment, a good selection of bank equipment including, Landing nets, Bank sticks, Handles, Rod rests, Bait Boxes, Bait trays, PVA Mesh, Bait Press, Swim Feeders, Rod rigs and more.(5) £40-60
1275.   Angling Equipment, a pair of vintage Shimano 3000 Aero Bait runner fixed spool reels, together with a vintage wood and brass reel, keep net, four in one sea bomb casting mould and National Federation of Anglers "Team England" jacket patch, etc Parcel. £30-50
1276.   Angling Equipment, a pair of vintage Silstar "Dia Flex" Carp 360 Kevlar rods,12Ft, 2pce, 3.60m, Nr 3558 360, with bags. (2) £40-60
1277.   Angling Equipment, a Scott graphite Fly rod, 2 pce,9' 6" #7 line, A2957,4.2oz, in dark grey with black whipping and silver brushed aluminium reel seat. £120-160
1278.   Angling Equipment, a Hardy Marquis #7, 3"1/2 fly reel and spare spool, both spools having fly lines fitted. £30-50
1279.   Angling Equipment, a Orvis C&F compartment type fly box complete with reservoir fly's together with two Richard Wheatley aluminium fly boxes each containing approx 50 flies. (3) £30-50
1280.   Angling Equipment, a pair of Hardy Marquis 3" 1/2 fly reel, spare spools, complete with line. £30-50
1281.   Angling Equipment, a group of four "Fox Box" plastic fly boxes, containing a total of approx 550 assorted flies including nymphs, wet flies, reservoir lures etc. £30-50
1282.   Angling Equipment, a Orvis double rod bag with reinforced sleeves for rod protection and reel pouch end ( enabling rods that are assembled to be stored with line complete for fast recovery) , together with a "Crane" multi compartment tackle bag , antler priest, line etc (2). £30-50
1283.   Angling Equipment, a vintage Greenheart, 7' ,2pce, Spinning rod by E.Eggington & Son, Merton, together with a Greenheart sea boat rod, by Allcocks of Redditch, 8', 2pce with ceramic lined bridge eyes, boxed Zebco QC 150 fixed spool reel, and spare spool , Shimano XT-7 Aero Match, fixed spool reel and two vintage cane rods. parcel £30-50
1284.   Angling Equipment, a group of four plastic fly boxes including two "Fox Boxes" & two" Sue Burgess" types, containing approx 400 flies including nymphs, lures etc. (4) £30-50
1285.   Angling Equipment, a Hardy Marquis #7, 3"1/2 fly reel and spare spool, both spools having fly lines fitted. £30-50
1286.   Angling Equipment, a Scott graphite Fly Rod, 2pce, 9'6" #7 line, SAS 957 , 4.2oz, dark grey with black whipping and black anodised reel seat. £120-160
1287.   Angling Equipment, a pair of Hardy Marquis 3" 1/2 fly reel, spare spools, complete with line. £30-50
1288.   Angling Equipment, a large cantilever tackle box containing a vast assortment of spinners, minnows and plugs including examples by Heddon, ABU and Snapdragon many vintage examples together with weights, vintage hooks and traces, Farlows tube fly box, Hardy's 75 catalogue and 1968 price guide, two gaff heads etc. £60-80
Angling Equipment, a vintage Allcocks Aerial centre pin, 3 3/4",reel with spring balanced clutch, brown anodised finish and chrome wedges, together with a fitted leather reel case.(2) £30-50
1290.   Angling Equipment, a Farlows 150th Anniversary priest # 2/150, with cork handle, hexagonal cane shaft and turned brass head, 1840-1990 inscription to aluminium base plate together with fitted Farlows bag . (2) £20-40
1291.   Angling Equipment, a vintage Swedish Holmberg fold away knife with burr grip by E Skilstuna together with a vintage Shaw's Fly - Fishing Knife , with white metal name and hook size engraved grip cheeks and multi blades, Franklin Mint fisherman's presentation knife with Salmon and fly decorated grips, Rick Fields, Sportsman Year decorated belt buckle. (4) £30-50
1292.   Angling Equipment, a group of three vintage reels including a A&N ( Army & Navy) stores fly reel, wood and brass star back type with working check and a large 6" composite sided centre pin reel ( possibly kite) (3) £30-50
1293.   Angling Equipment, a vintage brass telescopic gaff by Carter and Co together with a similar aluminium telescopic example and a Salters tube spring balance. (3) £30-50
1294.   Angling Equipment, a vintage Army & Navy ( London),9', quality hexagonal cane fly rod, 5pce ( 4pce connected) with two top sections in original cane tube with brass screw fittings and arrow tip bank stake and cloth rod bag. £30-50
1295.   Angling Equipment, a vintage Hardy Longstone Dural reel, with solid drum face nickel silver on/off trigger, rectangular line guide twin black handles and a ribbed Dural foot, in original Hardy box. £80-120
1296.   Angling Equipment, a vintage Hardy (reel) box marked to top "Corona Highest Quality Fly Lines" in stout cardboard with metal crimped corner strengtheners11cm x 11cm x 8cm. £30-50
1297.   Angling Equipment, a pair of "Sangan" FI500 spinning reels in boxes together with a Intrepid 3.1/2" Rimfly fly reel, and a selection of five vintage cane and greenheart rods including fly and spinning and rod sections, Parcel. £40-60
1298.   Angling Equipment, a vintage J.W.Young "Ambidex" No2 cardboard reel box together with vintage Ambidex casting reel, spare spool and instruction booklet. £40-60
1299.   Angling Equipment, a "Penn, International II, 30T sea multiplier reel", for deep sea/game fishing, with gold finish. £60-80
1300.   Angling Equipment, a " Penn Senator 9/0" sea multiplier reel, for deep sea/big game fishing. £60-80
1301.   Angling Equipment, a "Daiwa Sealine 400H sea multiplier reel", together with a Pioneer 398 fixed spool sea reel and a Pioneer combination solid fibreglass sea rod, 9' Beach /6' boat rod Parcel. £30-50
1302.   Motoring Badges, a collection of vehicle badges, mostly commercial, including, Foden and AEC, various sizes and types including Radiator and wheel hub mounting.(12) £60-80
1303.   Motoring Mascot, a Desmo branded, Poodle , bonnet mascot with single threaded attachment on plinth base, good chrome finish, approx 6.5cm long x 6.5cm high. £50-80
1304.   Motoring Badges London Transport, a RT bus radiator badge together with a enamelled route plate (163) and a GTM lapel badge (3) £40-60
1305.   Motoring, lamps, a large H&B projector lamp in brass , Acetylene type approx 17.5cm bezel together with a side mounting brass paraffin motor lamp, complete , some damage to bezel and a brass steering wheel boss ( circa 1907) of cross form with central twin drift mount and single countersunk holes on each spoke end for top mounting to wheel ( approx 35cm diameter) (3) £80-100
1306.   Motoring Badges, a Civil Service Motoring Association, badge bar badge ( Kings Crown) together with a 1950's AA badge. (2) £30-50
1307.   Cycling, a Lucas acetylene cycle lamp together with a similar example AF (2). £30-50
1308.   Cycling, a Lucas "Acetyphote" No 317 flat flame burner cycle lamp. Good overall condition with original box ( box AF) £40-60
1309.   Motoring Badges, a group of car manufacturers name badges including Fiesta, Carlton, Morris, Anglia, Mini-Minor etc together with a Dunkirk Veterans Association and 3Divisional Signals bar and grill badges ( some paint loss) (Parcel). £30-50
1310.   Motoring Ceramics, three Royal Doulton plates from the Motoring Series, including "Room for one!", "A nerve tonic" and a untitled example. (3) £60-100
1311.   Motoring Badges, a brass Royal Automobile Club Associate bar badge No B20603 by D.G.Collins Ltd London with enamelled Union centre, together with an early Jaguar bonnet badge, eight day dash board clock, keys and two pairs of 1952 "Bullseye" ceramic and crown centered horse brasses( Parcel). £60-80
1312.   Motoring Equipment, a large vintage Notek Fog Master lamp with steel shell and ribbed lens, 20.5cm inner bezel together with a Lucas "King of the Road" lamp with chrome shell, 5cm inner bezel with split bulb cover and mounting bracket (2). £40-60
1313.   Aviation Concorde, a collection of Concorde memorabilia including, two boxed Links of London- hallmarked silver key rings, two books, two glass paperweights and two x 2003 Alpha Foxtrot fund ceramic mugs ( Parce). £40-60
1314.   Shipping, a group of related items including postcard of Union-Castle line Mail steamer "Saxon" 1906,RP Mauretania launch, Titanic -Valentine's series, RMS Teutonic, Books " Life with the Castles", Shackletons Boat Journey, Naval book "Records" by Fisher, Union Castle and the War 1914-1919, The Great Liners, Union Castle Line Centenary Voyage booking pack etc (Parcel) £30-50
1315.   Motoring, mixed collectables, including a 1950's AA badge, candle lamp with fluted top, glue pot, two x blowlamp ,hand bell and "North Pole" freezer ice cream maker. (Parcel) £40-60
1316.   Motoring, a pair of "Limehouse Lamp Co" brass carriage lamps complete with original hanging brackets. £80-100
1317.   Motoring/Aviation, a collection of books including Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War II, Spitfire, Aircraft Carriers, German Military Aircraft, The Boer War, The Classic Mercedes, The Classic Porsche, Railway-Owned Commercial Vehicles, Thornycroft, Classic Sports Cars, Cars of the 30's -40' etc ( 30) £30-50
1318.   Aviation, a Kollsman , pilot tube, air speed indicator, Type D-1 24 volt DC £30-50
1319.   Motoring, a chromed car mascot in the form of an Owl, with wings out stretched, together with a radiator cap base, 1950's AA badge and two keys and leather covered cigarette case, Parcel. £60-100
1320.   Aviation Concorde, a large collection of related memorabilia including, Links of London-hallmarked silver key ring ( boxed), four metal napkin rings ( flight used),model Metal hailer (boxed), Air France Concorde playing cards, two x Wedgwood oval ceramic photo frames ( boxed), four mini-dictionaries to English with leather binders German, French, Spanish and Italian ( boxed), Cosmetic bag (boxed), Wentworth wooden jigsaw ( sealed in box), dice set (boxed), greeting cards ( boxed), Pocket food book (boxed), Concorde "End of an era" ceramic plate by Louise Wilde, Flight pack and associated paperwork, Diary (boxed), small framed side view, Framed FDC signed by Cpt Mike Bannister, Leather luggage tag, two x 2008 Calendars sealed, 3 x various Concorde small models ( some storage wear to packaging) ( Parcel) £100-150
1321.   Cycling, a vintage Lucas cycle lamp together with a 1lb tin of Carbide of Calcium and a boxed Macaura's blood circulator machine (3). £50-100
1322.   Shipping, a collection of Cunard ephemera inc, Passenger list RMS "Queen Elizabeth" 1957, Passenger list SS "United States" 1960, Menu's 1957/1960, New "Caronia" leaflet. Parcel £30-50
1323.   Motoring, a vintage wooden Exide battery box. In varnished hardwood with combed joints, brass name plate to top, "Exide Battery", type 60Z6, Volts 12, AH 60, lift off lid with two brass catches, approx 35cm x 24.5cm x 22cm high. £60-100
1324.   Aviation - Painting, Colin Billingham, (artist and technical illustrator for Bachman Model Railways),Special airbrushed painting on board," High on Coka-Cola" anticipating man's flights of fancy in a balloon. 51cm x 76cm, signed and dated bottom left, framed ( glass cracked). £60-80
1325.   Motoring, Pirelli Calendars, most boxed, 1986/87/88/89/91/92/93/94 (8) ( 1988 foxing to cover page) together with " With Flying Colours" The Pirelli Album of Motorsport 1987, "The Pirelli Calendar Album" 1988.Parcel. £80-120
1326.   Motoring, A vintage EverReady space beacon torch together with two oak cased "bulls eye" hand torches, a collection of 18 reproduction WWII propaganda posters etc Parcel. £30-50
1327.   Motoring, a collection of Motor-Sport magazines in original binders, 27 years covering 1972-1993 and 1995-1999, year 1994 missing ( unchecked). £40-60
1328.   Shipping, a set of Time Life books,The Seafarers, published late 1970's early 1980's, 22 hard back volumes in faux leather covers, many colour illustrations, titles include, the frigates, The armada, The Pirates, The great Liners, The vikings, The Whalers etc, together with History of Ships, part work complete in 4 volumes (1970's) and History of Ships folder containing some covers and end piece pictures. Parcel. £30-50
1329.   Shipping, a collection of Shipping Today and Yesterday, magazines, from issue 1 (March 1990 to edition 85 (March 1997) together with Yesterday Transport magazine, issues 1,2,4,6,8,10,11 and 14 £30-50
1330.   Aviation, Croydon Airport,a selection of Aviation memorabilia including a framed certificate, Society Journal & book, together with Books on Amy John signed by author David Luff, Mollison " The flying Scotsman" signed by author David Luff, Reach for the sky, 1934 Swiss Aviation Club identification card,and more.Parcel. £30-50
1331.   Aviation, Farnborough,a group of Air Show programmes including 1959/60/61/62/64/66/70/80/84/92 together with Open day June 1961, Farnborough Aerodrome-NonTechnicalSummary 1999, together with plans and booklet for "Building and Towinga Trailer" and Sloop "Petrel". Parcel. £30-50
1332.   Motoring - Painting Brian Chapman, ( artist and technical illustrator for Bachman Model Railways) an original Acrylic on canvas , Morgan three wheel car with Jap engine, signed bottom left "Brian", 45cm x 55cm framed. £60-80
1333.   Shipping, a collection of associated books including, Jane's Fighting Ships 1950-51 & 1955-56 (AF), Jane's Freight Containers 1973-74 & Merchant ships 1982, British warship losses, Last of the Cockleshell Heroes, destroyers and more. £30-50
1334.   Aviation/Shipping, a selection of books and memorabilia including, P&O, SS Orianda, Blue Funnel and Glen Lines Bulletin, SS France, Canadian Pacific, 2x BEA booklets, Dan-Air booklet, AAA Guide to light Railways, QEII and more. £30-50
1335.   Aviation, a scale desk model of Concorde, on a 3 point metal stand, 64cm long x 27cm wing tip to wing tip ( possibly of a type available to pilots), . £100-200
1336.   Aviation, a Concorde 9ct Gold charm, marked .375, together with a "fact" pack containing, photographs, booklet, cardboard model kit, poster etc and two scrap books containing postcards of Aircraft, mostly civil airliners and a small desk model of a Boeing 727, Parcel. £100-200
1337.   Motoring, a collection of related books and magazines including, Jaguar Series 3 "E" Type maintenance and service handbook, Jaguar "S" models service handbook, Landrover petrol model export service pack, Mk 1 Escort dealer brochure, Ventora dealers brochure, Anglia owners handbook, Morris Minor drivers handbook, Rover 3ltr owners manual, Rover 1950 Model instruction manual, Lagonda 12 cylinder running instructions booklet, vintage magazines etc. Parcel £50-100
1338.   Motoring, a selection of approx 25 books with a transport/motoring theme including, Haynes manuals Fiesta & Escort, OS Street Atlas, West Kent, Surrey, East Kent, East Sussex, Greater London street atlas, Buses in Britain, The Golden Years of British Trams, Memories of Steam, 1970's Buses in Britain, etc £30-50
1339.   Motoring/Aviation, a technical drawing of overhead, side and front elevations of a Bianchi Autobus, framed and glazed 33cm x 51cm together with a selection of Aviation ephemera, vintage photograph of a PS1 Turismo, 1939 Financial Times "Italy" supplement and prints of ranks within the French Army, Parcel. £80-120
1340.   Aviation, Rare 1930s Schneider Trophy miniature, surmounted with a sculpture of silver plated bronze depicting a Zephyr skimming the waves and a nude winged figure kissing Zephyr recumbent on a breaking wave flanked by two other Zephyrs and of Neptune. The symbolism representing speed conquering the elements of sea and air. The ebonised wooden base mounted with seven plated plaques to the sides detailing names of the winning teams 'High-Speed Flight - Royal Air Force 1927, 1929, 1931' and 'International Schneider Trophy won outright by Vickers Super Marine Rolls-Royce S.6B 1931'. The trophy 14cm wide x 11cm deep x 12cm high. The Schneider Trophy was first awarded annually and then bi-annually to the winner of a race for seaplanes and flying boats. It was held twelve times between 1913 and 1931 to encourage technical advances in aviation. The Rolls-Royce engined S.6B broke the world speed record twice and won the trophy outright, being the first aircraft to break the 400mph barrier . This example was presented to Charles BRIGSTOKE CB, Director of Contracts, The Air Ministry. Some damage to R/h wing and wear to edges of wooden plinth, makers button " Skinner & Co Silversmiths 34 Old Bond St", present on securing bolt hole in base . £800-1200
1341.   Cycling, A Raleigh Popular, Light Roadster Gents Bicycle. C 1925, in Black with green pin striping original decals, rod brakes, 24 1/4" frame, 33" to top of crossbar, 24" wheels, original bell front light and rear reflector, leather seat and rear parcel carrier. £150-200
1342.   Cycling, a Edwardian ladies bicycle, 24" frame 26" wheels, black with red pinstriping,rod brakes, skirt strings to rear mudguard, original front light, bell, Hercules leather seat, £80-120
1343.   Cycling, a Claude Butler Gents racing bicycle, 1950's ( possible Courier Model) 23. 1/2" frame, 32" to top of crossbar, single speed, possible later mudguards and Weinmann brakes, Black with CB stick on decals,25" alloy wheels, Brooks saddle. £80-120
1344.   Cycling, a Moulton (Bradford on Avon ) "Stowaway" folding bicycle. 19.3/4" frame with 14" wheels, metallic blue with Moulton decals, front brake, single speed, Key and tool bag, rear parcel carrier frame,Middlemore saddle. £80-120
1345.   Aviation, a good collection of approx 1000, 35mm,Aircraft,monochrome (black and white) negatives of propeller planes, each individually archived and marked with the aircraft identity number, location code and month and year in a paper packet. Mostly taken in the 1970's,various locations including Airfields and Museums. £30-50
1346.   Aviation, a series of Concorde , British Airways, aircrew uniform monochrome photographs. 12 photographs depicting Pilots and stewards uniforms male and female by DIOR, taken in the 1960's various locations some with French wording below the photograph. £40-60
1347.   Motoring, a Jaguar "E" type, Operating, Maintenance and service Handbook. Publication No E/122/6 Nuffield Press publication, grey cover, overall V/G to Excellent condition some rusting to staples. £120-189
1348.   Motoring, a large collection of approx 150 Ordnance Survey Maps, including Landranger series, books, vintage maps, a vintage leather carry case with "Bacon's" large print road maps, Older Bartholomew's maps of various scales mostly England and Wales a boxed "National Atlas of Wales" in burgundy bound box with overlays loose leaf format and series maps including Physical Environment, Political Development, Culture, Economic History, Land use and Agriculture, Industry, Services and Communications, Population and Settlement, Regional Policy and Planning, published by the University of Wales. (3) £100-150
1349.   Motoring, a "Nigeria Police" badge bar badge with blue, green and yellow stripe enamel back plate with cap badge centre Queens crown top and laurel leaf surround by R Gaunt, London, together with Seven "Lodge" single spark plug tin boxes, some with plugs mostly used. £60-80
1350.   Aviation, a interesting collection of approx 88 original and reprint photographs of early French Aviators including Doret ( Aerobatic pilot), Balloonists, Female Aviators, Military Aviators, Uniforms and flight ware, Roold helmet sign/display, Orly Aeroport illuminated sign, Hangers, WWII Pilots, Early Airliners with passengers, Lincoln Ellsworth, Aerial explorer being presented with special gold medal by President Roosevelt 1937, Native American Indians in dress costume posing in front of a balloon bell and more. £100-150
1351.   Aviation, a Trimotore "Caproni 58" Airliner HP200,photograph, 1918 with passengers looking out of the windows framed and glazed 25cm x 36cm together with a photograph of the Paris Exhibition with the Caproni stand and triplane to the fore, framed and glazed 22cm x 28cm (2). £100-150
1352.   Aviation, a signed "Caproni" aircraft photograph with crew to front dated 1916, ace of spades insignia and Musho Aeronautico Capron, museum stamp, bottom right, framed and glazed 16cm x 22cm £80-120
1353.   Aviation, a photograph of a crashed "Caproni" biplane I-EXLA, with car and surrounding crowd of onlookers framed and glazed 18cmx 33cm together with a photograph of the "Caproni" production line -up of four planes, ranging from single winged to triplane, framed and glazed 22cm x 32cm (2). £100-150
1354.   Aviation/Motoring, a pencil drawing of a Lancaster bomber on a night raid, framed and glazed 24cm x 31.5cm signed bottom right J.R.Drever 1944, together with books, Lancaster, a bombing legend by Nick Randell & Mike Vines, Lancaster by M.Garbett & B.Goulding, RAF Bomber Command, Aircraft 1941 to 1945, A History of Sports cars by G.N.Georgano, Allard by Tom Rush, Maserati Birdcage by Joel.E.Finn, Healey100/6 3000 workshop manual and Jowett Javelin/Jupiter workshop manual Parcel. £30-50
1355.   Woodworking, a Stanley model 45 Combination plane together with a set of boxed cutters in original boxes. £30-40
1356.   Motoring, a small collection of vehicle badges including, MG, MGB, Midget, British Leyland, Riley, Austin Healey 300MkII, Liege Rome Liege 1960 Winners badge, under dash revolving ashtray and a MG Mk 3 J.K. & S.L. 1952 oil container with drop brush. Parcel. £40-60
1357.   Trains/Cycle, a Shand Mason and Co Railway lamp (missing wick) together with two Lucas Cycle carbide lamps, two brass blow lamps, paraffin storm lamp etc. Parcel £30-50
1358.   Motoring, a Jensen Owners Club, circular grill badge with blue enamel centre, red under flash, laurel leaf surround and mounting bolts (AF) together with a stylised chrome plated Dolphin car mascot 10cm long by 9.5cm high (2) £30-50
1359.   Shipping/Aviation, a vintage 1960's Cunard shoulder bag, souvenir R.M.S.Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary ( Robert Mitchum passenger) voyage booklets, miniature RMS Ivernia life buoy, cloth "Franconia" doll dressed as a sailor, ships postcards together with a Handbook of the "Bristol" Mercury aircooled radial engine, Types VII, VIII and IX (1937) £40-60
1360.   Aviation, Concorde, a selection of approx 20 first day covers and sheets all relating to this iconic plane, some dating to the 1970's to later, inc signed editions, coin and stamp commemoratives, some French editions Parcel. £60-80
1361.   Aviation, Concorde, a group of six signed photographs by Mike Bannister, chief Pilot , Adrian Meredith, photographer, inc Concorde landing, flying over Tower Bridge and the Thames, 1976/2003 plane livery colours, with certificates, Mike Bannister, Chief Pilot and Adrian Meredith photographer, signed photograph, New York Sky- line Mike Bannister Chief Pilot view of Concorde, Red Arrows flying past HMS QEII, Mike Bannister Chief Pilot, three signed and with certificates, livery ,colour side elevations of Concorde by Nicholas Knapp, Parcel. £60-100
1362.   Cycling, a Lucas "Planet" No33 spirit type lamp. £30-50
1363.   *Motoring, a collection of mixed items including, miniature car emblems/mascots mounted on plinths, Packard, Chrysler, Packard radiator, Ford Radiator, Buick, Cadillac, Goodrich tyre ash tray, presentation pocket knifes , pocket watches, metal die cast planes etc. Parcel.
1364.   Aviation/Shipping, a resin cast ships crest plaque "Concorde" AF together with four Concorde framed photographs, "over Buckingham Palace with Red arrows", "flying in formation with Red arrows", "Firing engines" and "Static" (5) £40-60
1365.   Shipping, a group of 25 table Menu/document holders in faux red leather with golden printed "Oriana" logo to front and metal reinforced base corners. £30-50
1366.   Motoring, a collection of Automobilia including, various boxed vintage Lucas bulbs, voltage regulators, jacks, spider, grease gun, door handles, brake shoes, assorted manuals including Haynes for Rover, Volvo, Morris Minor, Ford etc. Parcel. (4) £30-50
1367.   Motoring, a good collection of car dealer brochures from the 1980's and later including, 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider, Jaguar XJ'S XJ'SC 3.6 V12, Panther Kallista, Jaguar range, 1985 Lotus Esprit Turbo, Marcus Mantula, BMW 730i 735i 735il, Aston Martin Lagonda range, Bentley Continental, Bentley Turbo R, Mercedes-Benz 300SL, 420SL, 500SL, Marcos 3 Litre Ford, Morgan, Rolls- Royce Silver Spirit, Opel Manta, Ascona, Colt,etc Parcel £30-50
1368.   Motoring, a Brass circular side mount car "Bull Horn" with # 14 rubber bulb together with a penknife type feeler gauge with white metal handle engraved F.Horsell & Co, 3 leather cased Rabone Chesterman tape measures and a vintage 1950's "Batten Bound" motor luggage case with hounds tooth pattern covering, Parcel. £40-60
1369.   Motoring, a 1940's vintage "Sirram" folding fitted table, in dark blue/black faux leather with original Adams cups and plates, some Sirram marked cutlery and sandwich boxes and later flasks. AF £60-80
1370.   Motoring, a vintage chrome Armstrong Siddley, vehicle mascot ,in the shape of a sphinx head with side wings with pods below, 12.5cm x 8.5cm, mounted on wooden plinth. £100-120