Jewellery, Siver, Coins, Watches & Stamps
Tuesday 18th July 2017 at 10:00

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1.      A continental white metal sauce boat, marked 925, makers name worn, with shaped edge and heavy embossed floral design, 12 ozt £120-180
2.      A late Victorian silver hot water pot by SWS, oval spreading foot with fluted lower, London 1892, 19.8 ozt £180-220
3.      A pair of Victorian silver fish servers, in fitted case (3) £60-100
4.      A Victorian cut glass and silver mounted perfume bottle, together with an Edwardian hob nail cut glass example (2) £80-120
5.      A George V silver handled dish by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths, having square base with pierced sides on scroll supports with shaped handle, London 1911, 15.5 ozt £150-200
6.      A George IV silver cream or milk jug by RP GB, squat form with embossed floral design, London 1828, 7.4 ozt £80-120
7.      A pair of late Victorian silver novelty peppers, the shakers modelled as café au lait or chocolate pots, marked Birmingham 1897 and G.L.W. Ltd (2) £40-60
8.      A George III silver card tray by Robert Innes, with engraved monogram to well, London 1778, 6.2 ozt £100-150
9.      A Victorian period or earlier silver plated toddy ladle, having carved and worked bone handle, AF £50-80
10.     A pair of vintage silver filled candelabra by Duchin, having screw off three candle holder uppers, marked to underside, together with a George V silver three piece cruet set with spoon (6) £100-150
11.     A vintage Haig Dimple bottle with overlaid silver design, with a silver mounted stopper, overall good condition, together with a Haig Dimple whisky bottle, cracked (2) £60-100
12.     A collection of Victorian and later silver and silver plated items, including an Art Deco silver sugar sifter, a modern silver Christening tankard, a three piece silver plated presentation tea set, a cased pair of shell salts and more (parcel) £100-150
13.     A Victorian cased set of six silver teaspoons with sugar tongs, together with a set of six silver teaspoons in case, a pair of Georgian bright cut Sheffield plate sugar tongs, another later pair and more (parcel) £60-80
14.     A Victorian silver teapot by Edward & John Barnard, with flower finial, engraved floral design and bearing family crest, 23.9 ozt £220-280
15.     A pair of Victorian Sheffield plated candlesticks, together with a silver plated mustard, a pewter example and other silver and plated items, in pine box (parcel) £60-80
16.     A Victorian silver plated and mother of pearl handled set of twelve fish eaters, presented in a walnut fitted box, together with a pair of Victorian silver plated candlesticks (3) £100-150
17.     A late Victorian silver calling card case, together with three various silver vesta and a silver cheroot case (5) £70-100
18.     An Art Deco period silver plated canteen of cutlery from Mappin & Webb, fiddle pattern with 12 dinner forks, dessert spoons and forks, along with 12 John McClory ivorine handled knives (48) £40-60
19.     A pair of American novelty sterling silver money clips by Hayward, both with 10k inlaid to horseshoe forms (2) £60-100
20.     An Art Deco period Chinese silver part dressing table set, comprising covered pot, hand mirror, clothes brush, button hook and handle, AF (6) £80-120
21.     A large collection of silver and silver plated flatware, including a cased set of six teaspoons with tongs, several Georgian and later silver teaspoons, a silver dessert spoon, and much more (parcel) £80-120
22.     A group of five Victorian and later cut glass and silver dressing table items, including three various scent bottles, AF, a pin pot and a powder pot (5) £80-120
23.     A collection of silver and other items, including four various sized photograph frames, a silver pierced nurses belt buckle, a miniature silver stamp holder and coal scuttle, a cut glass and silver smelling salts bottle, another bottle and a silver pepper pot, three pencils, three thimbles, and more (parcel) £80-120
24.     A pair of cased George V silver toast racks, together with sterling marked taste du vin by Lunt (4) £70-100
25.     A very fine Victorian mother of pearl and silver mounted box, presented in a fitted N. Coulander Ltd case, the circular box and cover hallmarked to rim and with engraved inscription from 1845 (3) £300-500
26.     A harlequin canteen of George III to Victorian silver flatware, all Old English pattern with engraved initial B, comprising eight dinner forks, eight dessert forks but one lacking a prong, eight dessert spoons, eight teaspoons, six tablespoons and two sauce ladles, 62.5 ozt, together with a group of Georgian and later dinner and side knives (parcel) £600-800
27.     A collection of Georgian and later silver and other items, including a pair of cased Victorian serving spoons, a cased set of silver teaspoons, a pair of Georgian silver teaspoons, an 1887 crown F-VF, and more (parcel) £100-150
28.     A collection of 1930s silver cycling medals, together with other silver and base metal sporting medals, a silver cigarette case and two lighters (parcel) £80-120
29.     A modern silver wine bottle coaster, together with a modern silver money clip (2) £80-100
30.     A set of six vintage Finnish silver teaspoons, in damaged box, together with an 1889 crown, F-VF, other coins and silver plated items (parcel) £60-100
31.     A Victorian glass scent bottle vinaigrette by Mordan & Co, the red circular body now unfortunately cracked and chipped to lower having vinaigrette compartment to front and glazed vacant compartment to reverse, marked under the domed hinged cap Mordan & Co, AF £150-250
32.     A George III silver teapot stand by WT, oval with pierced sides, bearing engraved family crest, possibly restored and some damages, c1775 London £80-120
33.     An Edward VII silver soup ladle by Daniel & John Welby, dated London 1905, old English pattern, family crest of dragon to underside, 9.2 ozt £150-250
34.     A fine George IV silver teapot, melon shaped on neo-classical supports with four claw feet, the upper with floral and shell rim and finial, London 1823, marked I.W possibly, 26.2 ozt £400-600
35.     A pair of Edwardian or later silver novelty sugar nips, modelled as a doll with enamelled head, unfortunately chipped to mount, marked C & C or similar £70-100
36.     An Edwardian silver mounted photograph frame by W.H.H, the shaped wooden back having applied scrolling foliage front, with registration mark 419351, Birmingham 1904 £60-100
37.     A continental silver and enamelled grouse desk seal, together with a small white metal pig menu holder, a silver feeding spoon, a silver plated egg cup and George V silver jubilee spoon, two Middlesex regiment cap badges, two pairs of miniature boots, button hook, a ring and a money box (12) £60-100
38.     A Georgian period silver toddy ladle, oval bowl with feathered rim, initials to underside, repaired, with possibly later turned wooden handle £60-100
39.     A late 17th century pewter charger, the circular dish stamped to lower and believed to be Edward Leapidge, c1699, also with initials EH EY, 38.5cm £60-100
40.     An Art Deco Chinese silver three piece tea set, marked SW, plain with raised dragon and bamboo handles and finials (3) £500-700
41.     An Edwardian silver mounted seed pod vesta case, together with a similar period silver vesta case and a silver scent bottle holder, AF (3) £80-120
42.     A George V Wedgwood Jasperware and silver mounted four piece tea set, together with a three piece silver plated tea set and a silver plated hot water pot (8) £80-120
43.     A set of six vintage Indian white metal wine goblets, having raised scene of a man and elephant in a landscape, engraved Philips Software Centre - India (6) £100-150
44.     A modern Mexican silver drinking cauldron, the plain bowl with swing handle, marked to base, Tane ME-32 Mexico 925 £70-100
45.     A collection of silver and silver plated items, including a 1940s silver trophy goblet, three Art Deco silver backed dressing table items, a set of silver teaspoons and other plated items and flatware (parcel) £80-120
46.     Three small modern Zimbabwean silver and hardwood animal figures by Patrick Mavros, the hardwood bases with inset initials PM and supporting an armadillo, warthog and ostrich, 5.5cm wide (3) £100-200
47.     A late Victorian silver shell shaped butter dish, together with several small items of silver and white metal including a trumpet vase, bookmark and more (11) £60-100
48.     A modern set of silver RSPB spoons, in presentation box with 12 spoons (13) £80-120
49.     A small group of Victorian and 20th century silver items, including a mustard and spoon, pair of dwarf candleholders, pair of miniature trumpet vases, jam spoon and two button hooks (9) £100-150
50.     A small collection of silver and silver plate, including a pierced scoop, two small continental pierced shovels, other flatware, cruet items and more (parcel) £60-100
51.     A collection of silver and silver plate, including a silver cigarette box, a set of six golf silver teaspoons, a silver fork, a four piece silver plated tea set and more (parcel) £100-150
52.     A late 19th century Austrian silver and glass hipflask, stamped J.C. Klinkosch and G.A.S, having engraved coat of arms below coronet to hinged cap and cup, dented £200-300
53.     A collection of Victorian and later silver and silver plated items, including five silver dressing table items, two plated egg waiters, a damaged silver filled candlestick, a kettle on stand and more (parcel) £100-150
54.     A Georgian rams horn snuff mull, typical form having silver plated mounts to rim and hinge, AF £60-100
55.     A good collection of Victorian and later silver and silver plated items, including a silver mounted book of Common Prayer, a photograph frame, two cut glass and silver dressing table items with family crests, a pair of dwarf candlesticks, an interesting coin mounted salt, a pepper and much more (parcel) £150-250
56.     Two George V period silver sauce boats, one narrow example, and one Georgian style, together with a silver toast rack, a small silver mustard pot holder, a silver preserve jar and cover and three salt spoons (8) £120-180
57.     An Edwardian period silver cream jug by Hukin & Heath, together with a pair of similar period silver peppers (3) £80-100
58.     A set of six William IV period silver dessert spoons by DP, fiddle pattern with engraved B to terminal, 8.3 ozt (6) £80-120
59.     A set of four George IV silver forks by William Eaton, fiddle pattern with family crest to terminal, together with four George III silver dessert spoons, 13.8 ozt (8) £120-180
60.     A group of six Victorian and later silver dishes, including a pair of pierced examples by Goldsmiths and Silversmiths, another pierced pair, a sugar basin and a modern pin dish, approx 14 ozt (6) £120-180
61.     A pair of William IV silver asparagus servers by Mary Chawner, with pierced blades, London 1836, 6.7 ozt £100-150
62.     A collection of 16 Georgian and later silver spoons and flatware, including five fiddle pattern teaspoons and a butter knife, and more, 9 ozt (16) £100-150
63.     A harlequin set of seven George III silver tablespoons, bearing family crest to terminals, makers are Solomon Hougham and TO, 14.3 ozt (7) £200-300
64.     An Edward VII silver three piece tea set from William Hutton & Sons, London 1909, 17.3 ozt (3) £180-220
65.     A Victorian silver sugar sifter, possibly J.V or similar, London 1891, approx 5 ozt £50-80
66.     A pair of Victorian silver cauldron salts by WKR, with blue glass liners (4) £50-80
67.     A fine Georgian silver plated and tortoiseshell gentleman's folding pocket knife, together with a modern silver book mark (2) £100-150
68.     Two pairs of George III silver cauldron salts, extremely similar in design with three pad feet and engraved foliage, one pair by CH (4) £100-150
69.     Five Victorian and later silver items, including a match strike with green glass lower, a vesta, a pepper, a bon bon dish and an 1844 crown, worn (5) £100-150
70.     A pair of Victorian silver cauldron salts DH CH, with two salt spoons, together with a modern silver sugar sifter and meat skewer, a napkin ring and a clothes brush (8) £100-150
71.     A set of eight vintage Thai silver menu holders, circular bases with figures or boats, marked Siam Sterling (8) £120-180
72.     Five vintage Middle Eastern white metal and silver plated items, including a circular covered box, a bowl, two animals and a circular box and cover (5) £200-300
73.     A good collection of Victorian and later silver plated items, including three covered serving dishes, a four piece tea set, a sauce boat on stand, a hot water jug by Walker & Hall, and more (parcel) £50-100
74.     An Art Deco silver and enamel boxed manicure set, retailed by Mappin & Webb, Birmingham 1924, AF £50-100
75.     A Victorian cased set of three silver and ivory handle serving items by Henry Wilkinson, together with three Victorian silhouette miniatures and a miniature Hymn book with silver front, AF (9) £80-120
76.     An Irish Provincial silver tablespoon by Carden Terry, worn to bowl, marked Sterling and CT £100-150
77.     An early 20th century Continental white metal cup, with ear shaped handle and engraved monogram, marked 12 LANGGLUK 95 £70-100
78.     A collection of silver plated items, including a glass cruet set on stand, AF, a candelabra, candlestick and more (parcel) £50-80
79.     A fine 19th century continental silver and pinchbeck chatelaine, with a naval theme, the diamond shaped pieced belt hook having gilt anchor and acanthus leaves, supporting four chains, one lacking its utensil, the other three each with an anchor also comprising thimble holder, notebook and scissor sheaf £60-100
80.     A George IV silver viniagrette by Francis Clark, rectangular form with chevron engraved design and marked Jane Rogers, Birmingham 1827 £80-120
81.     A Victorian silver sovereign case by CS FS, circular with engraved floral decoration, having horseshoe above sprung compartment, Birmingham 1894 £60-100
82.     Three Victorian and later vesta cases, one oval with monogram, another with engraved design and family crest and a smaller example with applied gargoyle (3) £60-100
83.     Two early 20th century silver vesta cases, one oval flattened with slide out tray by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths, the other a rectangular Edwardian example (2) £60-100
84.     Six Victorian and later matchbox holders, in various designs (6) £60-100
85.     Four Victorian and later silver vesta cases, one heart shaped, two circular with engraved designs, and one plain circular vesta case (4) £60-100
86.     Four Victorian and later silver vesta cases, each with engraved designs, three with fob bales (4) £60-100
87.     A collection of ten Georgian and later silver teaspoons, various designs, together with a Victorian silver jam spoon by Mappin & Webb (11) £60-100
88.     A collection of seven Georgian and later provincial silver teaspoons, six fiddle pattern and one old English, Assays from Newcastle, Dublin, Exeter, Glasgow and Edinburgh (7) £70-90
89.     An Edwardian silver presentation jug, engraved 1st prize Dolly Polo Pony 1907, dented, 10.5 ozt £100-150
90.     A fine George V silver Christening cup by L & S, London 1911, with scene from Peter Pan to upper £100-150
91.     Two Art Deco silver cigarette boxes, one by Walker & Hall with stepped lid (2) £100-150
92.     An Art Deco silver sugar sifter, plain body with wide waist, 4.6 ozt £50-80
93.     A collection of Georgian and later silver plated items, including two sauce boats, an ivory handled fork, an egg waiter and more (parcel) £50-100
94.     A cased Victorian silver spoon and fork Christening set, together with another cased silver spoon and napkin ring, a cased Apostle silver spoon and a cased spoon and fork (4) £100-150
95.     A collection of silver items, including a 1970s Irish silver presentation dish, four kings pattern teaspoons, an Arts & Crafts teaspoon, a mustard and pepper pot and more (parcel) £100-150
96.     A collection of silver plated items, including a Walker & Hall christening cup, a novelty bicycle brandy warmer, four Elkington fish knives and more (parcel) £50-100
97.     A 1970s silver dish by SJR, having textured rim, London 1971, 5.6 ozt £80-120
98.     A collection of 19th & 20th century silver and silver plated items, including a small Chinese white metal jug, a silver napkin ring, a silver handled toasting fork, a plated capstan inkwell, a three piece plated tea set and more (parcel) £50-100
99.     A Victorian miniature silver plated fob telescope, together with a miniature razor kit (2) £50-100
100.    A set of six modern silver Sovereign Queen spoons, in case, together with a silver cased feeding set and several cased plated sets and loose flatware (parcel) £60-100
101.    A collection of silver and white metal objects, including a Victorian fiddle pattern caddy spoon by William Eaton, a silver nurses belt buckle and another in white metal, a photograph frame, a silver pen in box, a silver letter opener and more (parcel) £120-180
102.    A 1950s Venezuelan gold coin, celebrating the Chiefs of WWII, with portrait of Churchill, marked 900 part gold, 6g, together with a US silver proof one ounce coin in box, a Maria Theresa thaler, two modern crowns, a brooch, a Lewis Carroll small booklet and The Wonderful Postage Stamp Case (8) £150-250
103.    A George III gold full sovereign, dated 1820, worn and with applied loop, 7.9g, together with a George III silver teaspoon and a later silver vesta case (3) £150-250
104.    A collection of British coins, some in red card tubes, including three pences, half pennies, along with crowns and more, four bank notes and several first day covers (parcel) £60-80
105.    An Edward VII full sovereign and half sovereign, dated 1907 and 1909, F-VF (2) £300-400
106.    A George V full sovereign, dated 1913, possibly a restrike, VF £200-300
107.    Two George V half sovereigns, dated 1913 and 1914, F-VF (2) £200-300
108.    A George V half sovereign pendant, dated 1911, with soldered scroll mounts, 4.6g £100-150
109.    An Edward VII full sovereign, dated 1910, VF £200-300
110.    A George V full sovereign and a half sovereign, dated 1911 and 1914, both VF (2) £300-400
111.    A collection of George V half crowns, mostly 1920s and 1930s, with a couple of Edward VII examples, various conditions (parcel) £150-250
112.    A good collection of 20th century British crowns and World coins, including a US 1885 Liberty Head dollar and a 1922 example, a trade dollar marked 1897, a 1928 Cyprus 45 Piastres, a New Zealand 1949 and 1953 and an Australian 1937 crown, six South African crowns and more (parcel) £120-180
113.    Fourteen 17th to 19th century coins, including five half crowns dated 1677, 1685, 1689, 1709 and 1746, all worn to F, two 1817 half crowns, one VF, one worn, an 1821 crown and half crown, worn and VF, an 1836 half crown, worn, an 1845 and 1847 crown, both F, and an 1846 and 1885 half crown, worn (14) £120-180
114.    A collection of late Victorian coins, presented in year dated cigar tins starting from 1887 to 1901, most tins with crown, half crown, florian and shilling, some with additional, in varying conditions, ideally to be viewed (parcel) £120-180
115.    A collection of 20th century British coins, presented in approx 41 year dated cigar tins starting from 1937 to 2010, most tins with half crown, florian and shilling, some with additional such as 1937 with crown, in varying conditions, ideally to be viewed (parcel) £100-150
116.    A large collection of 20th century British coins, comprising crowns, modern two pounds, some examples from the 1930s onwards in paper envelopes, together with a tin of mixed European and other tourist coinage (parcel) £100-200
117.    A collection of 35 modern five pound coins, six Queen Mother 90th Birthday in card packets, other loose (35) £70-100
118.    A highly desirable Victorian coin and medal montage, gilt frame with blue baize, mounted with four gold coins, an 1887 five pound, an 1887 two pound, an 1894 sovereign and an 1892 shield back half sovereign, along with an 1893 four coin Maundy set, a group of eight silver coins ranging from 1891 crown down to 1843 1 1/2 pence, a group of nine copper coins from early penny and later to 1839 quarter farthing, a Burma and Boer War Queens Medal, two Masonic commemorative medals and two further commemorative medals, and a group of ten Victorian stamps below a modern postcard £2000-3000
119.    An early 20th century Russian 10 Rouble gold coin, dated 1913, 8.7g, VF £200-300
120.    A George V full sovereign in pendant, the 9ct gold circular pierced mount supporting a 1912 gold coin, VF, 10g, on a gold plated chain £200-300
121.    A George V style gold coin, the sovereign style 1922 Perth Mint coin possibly a restrike, VF, 8g £180-220
122.    A collection of ten vintage Manillas, probably silver plated on bronze from the 1940s, good condition (10) £80-120
123.    An Edward VII full sovereign, dated 1910, VF £180-220
124.    Two 1930s Life Saving medals and coins, one silver example on ribbon, the other bronze in case, three medallions, along with a 1951 crown in case, eight further crowns, three two pound coins and a 1976 US dollar, in jewellery box (parcel) £50-80
125.    A Victorian full sovereign, dated 1892, Jubilee Head, VF £180-220
126.    A Victorian full sovereign, dated 1893, Old Head, VF £180-220
127.    A Victorian half sovereign, dated 1899, Old Head, VF £80-120
128.    An Edward VII half sovereign, dated 1909, VF £80-120
129.    A George V half sovereign, dated 1912, VF £80-120
130.    A Victorian full sovereign, dated 1901, Old Head, VF £200-300
131.    Three Edward VII half sovereigns, dated 1907, 1909 and 1910, VF (3) £300-500
132.    A Victorian full sovereign, dated 1894, with Old Head and Melbourne Mint mark, VF-EF £200-300
133.    A United States 1879 Morgan Head one dollar, VF, together with another from 1890, F, an 1889 crown, a Maria Theresa thaler, F, a gilt metal sovereign case and a pair of miniature stanhope binoculars (6) £60-100
134.    Two 19th century United States Confederate bank notes, one a one hundred dollar example dated for Nov' 24 1862, torn and lacking bottom right corner, stamped twice to reverse, the other a twenty dollar from February 17th 1864, tears and damage to right edge, both AF (2) £150-250
135.    A collection of British and World bank notes, in Collectors Folder, including several Scottish examples, two Somerset five pound notes, a Gill ten and five pound, other one pounds and ten shillings, along with other bank notes from Portugal, Nigeria, Ghana, Australia and more £80-120
136.    A Victorian full sovereign, with Jubilee Head, dated 1892, F-VF £200-300
137.    An Edward VII half sovereign, dated 1910, VF £100-150
138.    A Royal Mint 500th anniversary of the First Gold Sovereign full proof sovereign, in case with certificate, celebrating the 500 years 1489 to 1989, Unc (3) £200-300
139.    A Royal Mint 1987 United Kingdom Gold Proof Set, the three coin set in fitted box with certificate, comprising two pounds, full and half sovereign, Unc (5) £700-900
140.    A collection of modern crowns, including a green boxed 1951 Festival of Britain, two 1972 boxed examples, several Churchill and other crowns, along with five two pound coins and several Victorian and later three pences (parcel) £60-100
141.    A collection of Edward VII coins, presented in cigar tins with years dates, including 1902 crown, VF, and others, then 1903 to 1910 with half crowns and smaller, mixed conditions (parcel) £60-100
142.    A diverse collection of British and World coins, presented in tins and small cardboard boxes, including some Georgian copper examples, but predominantly 20th century, along with similar period Australian, USA, Hong Kong, other Commonwealth and counrties around the globe, worth a good look through (parcel) £80-120
143.    A collection of George V reign coins, presented in cigar tins with years dates from 1911 through to 1935, mixed conditions, the 1933 with Australian penny (parcel) £100-200
144.    A collection of Georgian and later coins and medals, including a cartwheel two penny, other George III, IV and Victorian copper coins, some worn silver coins, five London County Council attendance medals and a 1937 coronation medal (parcel) £60-100
145.    A George V 1928 Wreath crown, EF-Unc, there are very tiny marks below crown and below bust £100-200
146.    A group of four certified coins, each in plastic case, including an 1853 (NGC) and an 1854 half penny (CGS UK), an 1871 one shilling (ANACS) and a 1918 halfcrown (CGS UK) (4) £150-250
147.    A group of ten 1960s O'Brien One Pound notes, most Unc and in good condition, together with a Ferrocarril Mineral de Chihuahua 100 dollar bond / share certificate, dated Oct 1 1900 (11) £50-80
148.    Three good Victorian coins, including 1889 double florin, EF-Unc, an 1873 Gothic florin, EF, die no. 131, and an 1897 six pence, EF (3) £60-100
149.    A group of five good Victorian shillings, dates 1873, 1874, 1884, 1887 and 1897, all EF and better (5) £60-100
150.    A collection of Georgian, Victorian and later coins, including a Charles I marked clipped coin, George III, Victorian and later coins, several US and other World coins, along with a silver 1973 Venezuela 10 Bolivares and more (parcel) £80-120
151.    A collection of British coins, including a Victorian crown, six George VI proof 1945 coins in case, and more, along with some World coins and a set of three coronation medallions (parcel) £50-80
152.    A collection of coins and silver, including an Art Deco silver cigarette case, 6.5 ozt, a plated example, two silver spoons, along with a 1951 crown in box, a good 1889 Jubilee Head shilling, along with other British, French and World coins (parcel) £100-200
153.    A collection of seventeen George V shillings, most EF to Unc, dates from 1911, 1915, two 1916, three 1917, 1919 and others (17) £80-120
154.    A good collection of sixteen George V half crowns, with 15 being EF to Unc, dates from 1914, five from 1915, 1918, two 1923, and others, along with a 1925, F (16) £100-150
155.    A group of nine interesting British and US copper coins, including a 1799 half penny, EF, an 1853, 1875 and 1886 penny, EF, good lustre, an 1822 farthing, EF, an 1844 and 1845 half farthing, EF, along with an 1839 and an 1848 US one cent, VF (9) £100-200
156.    Four interesting coins, including a Charles II quarter dollar, F, a George IV 1826 shilling, EF, a William IV 1836 groat, EF, and a Victorian 1838 groat, EF (4) £60-100
157.    A good collection of early 20th century coins, mostly EF condition with examples from the reign of Edward VII and George V, including half crowns, florins, shillings and six pences (parcel) £80-120
158.    A good collection of George VI coins, with half crowns, florins, shillings and six pences, most EF and better, together with four cased medallions (parcel) £60-100
159.    A collection of British and European coins, including an 1853 Gothic florin, VF, but portrait worn, an 1837 copper Bank Token, a 2012 Jersey poppy five pound coin, other 19th century and later coins from Britain, France, Holland and Italy, and some bank notes, along with a coin album including a 1935 Canadian dollar, and other 20th century coinage (parcel) £80-120
160.    A collection of proof and commemorative coins, with some silver examples, predominantly from Britain and the Commonwealth countries, some sets, and singles, also five 1977 French 50 Francs, and a pair of silver cufflinks (parcel) £80-120
161.    Two Bahamas proof coin sets and more, both nine coin sets in cases, one from 1969, the other 1970, together with a 1994 Royal Mint silver proof two pound coin, four 1966 Bahama and Barbados coins, modern crowns, a worn Victorian florin and more (parcel) £60-100
162.    A group of fourteen Royal Mint UK proof coin sets, dating from 1983 through to 1997, lacks 1995, each in card sleeve (14) £100-150
163.    A collection of eleven Royal Mail Deluxe UK proof coin sets, running chronologically from 1998 through to 2008, each boxed (11) £100-150
164.    An Edward VII half sovereign, dated 1902, VF, together with a gilt reproduction coin possibly a games counter (2) £100-150
A Victorian Jubilee and later Specimen Set, presented in a fitted case, all eleven coins dated 1887 and VF-EF, comprising gold five pound, two pound, both five and two pounds are probably Arabic restrikes, along with a full and half sovereign, then crown to three pence (12) £2000-3000
166.    A collection of 19th & 20th century British and World stamps, including a good assortment of Commonwealth examples, two RAF related FDCs folders with four signed by the Dambuster crew, along with some loose FDCs and some in folder (parcel) £100-200
167.    A collection of World stamps, a comprehensive accumulation in six red Grafton albums and one stock book, with stamps from Britain and Europe, Commonwealth countries, USA and others, mostly 20th century (7) £80-120
168.    A collection of British & World stamps, presented in seven folders and albums and several loose pages, having a good assortment of predominantly 20th century stamps from around the globe, see condition report (parcel) £80-120
169.    An album of 1930s and later French stamps, in So'ton green album, from 1930 through to 1951, presented in good condition and used for the most part, some notable examples £150-250
170.    Ten items of postal history, to include pre-stamp entries, embossed covers and postal cards £30-50
171.    A collection of German and other stamps, a collection of all periods in a stockbook and a printed KABE album, together with world material in a further 8 volumes together with a selection of loose items and cards mostly relating to Germany (parcel) £60-100

A large collection of air related stamps, these include thematic stamps arranged by country in alphabetical order and cover the world, stamps are found unmounted, mounted and used condition and feature aviators, planes, helicopters, airships and balloons, in five ring binders (5) £60-100
173.    A mixed collection of stamps, including an album of GB covers to 1979 with some unillustrated covers from the reign of George VI, another album of predominantly pre 1960 Commonwealth and some French values, a bundle of envelopes including approx 50 first day covers from around the Commonwealth marking the 1937 Coronation (parcel) £50-80
174.    A collection of stamps and covers, two loose leaf albums, covers, and a quantity of on and off paper of world material (parcel) £40-60
175.    A large collection of presentation packs and other stamps, approx 200 small type presentation packs in two shoe boxes from the 1960s through to the 1980s, together with a mixed box of British year packs, souvenir books, Benham silk postcards and a box of PHQ cards (parcel) £80-120
176.    A collection of twelve Airship and Zeppelin related first day covers, from the 1970s and 1980s, including a North Pole Balloon with five signatures, another signed by Joe Philip, two others also signed, in blue folder £60-100
177.    A good collection of Zeppelin and Airship related stamps, this thematic collection from around the globe presented in two green folders in sleeves running in alphabetic country order, including some good Russian 1930s examples thorough to early 2000s (2) £200-300
178.    An interesting New Zealand collection of stamps, presented in a green Leuchtturn folder, with examples dating from the Victorian period through to the 1960s £200-300
179.    A comprehensive New Zealand stamp collection, in three green Leuchtturn folders, appears complete from the 1970s through to the 2000s (3) £200-300
180.    A large collection of modern Post Office PHQ postcards and other postcards, from the 1970s onwards, neatly presented in folders, some loose packet sets, in two boxes (parcel) £60-100
181.    A collection of thirteen albums of modern presentation stamp sets, from Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man, including definitives, FDCs, together with an Isle of Man TT sheet and a folder of Guernsey postcards (15) £150-250
182.    A run of six folders with Royal Mail presentation pack stamp sets, neatly organised in year ring binders, dating from the 1980s and 1990s (6) £100-150
183.    A group of three folders with Royal Mail presentation pack stamp sets, from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, some definitive sets included (3) £50-80
184.    A collection of Royal Mail presentation pack and other stamp sets, from the 1990s through into the 2000s, including five folders with definitives, mini sheets and packs, along with a good selection of loose examples, some early examples also, approx 50 (parcel) £80-120
185.    A collection of First Day Covers and modern stamps, at least four of the FDCs are signed, presented neatly in folders, from the 1980s onwards, together with Royal themed stamps in folders and loose (parcel) £60-100
186.    WITHDRAWN LOT £40-60
187.    A collection of Isle of Man and Guernsey presentation pack stamp sets, approx 40, together with a collection of stamps, first day covers, postcards, empty folders and stamp holders and more (parcel) £60-100
188.    A collection of British & World stamps, in seven various albums, one a schoolboy example from the 1950s onwards, the other stockbooks, along with loose stamps, some in matchboxes, together with a collection of stamp books, coins, banknotes and more (parcel) £80-120
189.    A collection of stamps and first day covers, including a box of 1960s and later covers and envelopes, an album with pre-1960s stamps and some loose examples, a Dunlop box with South African stamps, along with other loose stamps (parcel) £60-100
190.    A collection of world stamps, in four albums, two black Barclay Classics with alphabetical stamps from around the globe from the 1920s onwards, along with a comprehensive school boy collection in a Wanderer album, and a modern Korean Royal Events by Stanley Gibbons (4) £60-100
191.    A collection of five albums of European stamps, with an album each with examples from France, Switzerland, Germany (East & West), Austria and Spain, dates range from the second quarter of the 19th century through to the late 20th century, most mounted, some uncirculated (5) £100-200
192.    A collection of six stamp albums from countries in the Commonwealth, this good collection ranges from Australia, New Zealand and others, the stamps date from the early 20th century right up 1999, some used and some uncirculated, well worth a good look through (6) £150-250
193.    A group of four Commonwealth island stamp albums, one dedicated to Antigua from the 1950s to the 1990s with some modern high denomination examples, another similar with Grenada and Grenadines of St Vincent but with some 1930s to the end of the 20th century, another with examples from St Lucia and Samoa, and one other from St Helena and Pitcairn Islands, some good early and some unused in all (4) £100-150
194.    A collection of five albums from Commonwealth countries, with some good material in all from the 1930s up to the 1990s, worth a good look through (5) £100-150
195.    A collection of stamps, with a good selection of older world stamps, including a Strand album, two others, some loose pages and some envelopes (parcel) £40-60
196.    A British and World stamp album, in red ring binder, somewhat better than a school boy collection, having one page with thirteen penny reds, and some pages more complete than others, together with a Diana stamp set and a loose Edward VII coin postcard (3) £60-100
197.    A group of three World stamp albums and more, the three ring binders with alphabetically inserted pages with some examples from the 19th century and other good examples dating from the early 20th century through to the 1970s, together with several other more basic school boy albums (parcel) £80-120
198.    A large collection of loose World stamps, in one fruit box, separated into smaller boxes and including a very diverse array from around the globe, mostly 1950s onwards (parcel) £50-80
199.    Three albums of World stamps, the Triumph album with some nice examples from Egypt and Malta, otherwise relatively sparse, together with an Everyland and a Worldwide partially complete albums (3) £120-180
200.    A group of vintage and modern stamps, including several Victoria penny reds, one on envelope, along with a good selection of early 20th century in 2 albums and some loose (parcel) £100-200
201.    A collection of modern stamp albums, including four The World Cup Masterfiles with cover and stamps, a Disney folder, a Royal Events folder, a Chinese folder, a Cricket folder and a good Worldwide Wildlife Fund (WWF) example (9) £80-120
202.    A collection of stamps and coins, including an album of cricket, lots of loose First Day Covers, several posters relating to FDCs, along with a small collection of British and World coins (parcel) £70-100
203.    A collection of European stamps, including an interesting stock book with German states and reichs from the 1860s to 1930s, another similar but with examples from Holland, Belgium, Hungary and Scandinavia, along with four further stockbooks and a box file of loose stamps (parcel) £80-120
204.    A collection of Swiss stamps, presented in green ring binder, the pages containing some very good examples from Switzerland dating from the 1850s through to the 1960s £100-150
Please note the change in description should be "A good collection of mid 19th century and later German stamps, including: A good collection of WWII German Third Reich stamps, in a red folder with many pages of used and unused examples, some early Eagles" £150-250
206.    Book, Book Of Goblins, 1934, by Heath Robinson, fair condition £60-80
207.    A good collection of British & World stamps, presented in alphabetical country order in five Merton black stamp albums, dating from the Victorian period through to the mid 20th century, with some nice Australian examples, some Russian 1920s examples, Straits Settlements, and much more, well worth viewing (5) £250-350
208.    Two World stamp albums, one black and one blue Merton, containing some late 19th century to the 1960s/70s, together with two stockbooks, loose stamps and some first day covers (parcel) £60-100
209.    A collection of World stamps, the mixed material housed in a number of small albums and stock book together with a quantity of covers and loose stamps (parcel) £50-80
210.    Three stamp albums and pre-paid postcards, including a green album containing pre 1940 material predominantly used, note there are some replica items within this collection including Victorian official featuring Prince Albert, together with a Scott International Album for 1840 through to 1936, and a small modern album and 36 British postcards from 1896 to 1920 (39) £80-120
211.    Of Exploration interest, a collection of commemorative covers, postcards, cigarette cards, and trading cards relating to mountain and Antarctic explorations (parcel) £40-60
212.    A collection of World stamps, a mixed collection with substantial portions of British, Commonwealth and German examples, presented in 7 stockbooks (7) £50-80
213.    A collection of United States stamps, all periods from the USA to include covers, postal stationary and stamps in unused and used condition, presented in five albums, together with two souvenir packs for George Washington and Victories at Sea respectively and a bundle of unsorted covers (parcel) £60-100
214.    An Austrian stamp album and four vacant albums, including a good 1950s to late 1960s Austrian album, mostly complete, together with two KABE Norfold Islands albums and two Schaubek Czech examples (5) £50-80

A good collection of modern Royal Mail presentation packs, approx 180 dating from 1999 to 2014, along with other items such as several Smiler sheets, a D-Day Crown cover, a plate and more (parcel) £150-250
216.    A good collection of Victorian to present day British stamps, in a black Merton album including an example of a penny black, two red and one blue from 1841, 20 penny reds, along with good examples from the reign of Victoria, Edward VII and George V, through to some unused present day examples £100-200
217.    A well annotated collection of Victorian to present day British Commonwealth and World stamps, presented in five albums, including a blue Merton, with good Straits Settlements examples along with Malaya, Hong Kong and Singapore and others, a Barclays album with predominantly India examples, a black Merton Album with some good Australian, Canadian and more, and two further albums, definitely worth looking through (5) £200-300
218.    A box of modern stamp booklets and presentation packs, approx 100 small booklets, along with several packs and larger booklets, a good face value lot (parcel) £60-100
219.    A diverse collection of British and Commonwealth stamps, presented in albums, stockbooks, and some loose, a good assortment (parcel) £60-100
220.    Two vintage stamp albums, one a red Windsor containing a good selection of Victorian penny reds and more, along with other British stamps up to the 1960s, together with a red Simplex album with various world, European and commonwealth stamps from the late 19th / early 20th century to the 1960s (2) £120-180
221.    A collection of vintage First Day Covers and stamps, including an album with several FDCs and Victorian postcards with penny reds, a small album with various covers including a 1936 Berlin Olympic envelope, and three other albums and a jumbo postcard addressed to Churchill (6) £60-100
222.    A large collection of Victorian to date British and world stamps, including a good British album mostly complete from 1953 onwards, two small interesting stockbooks, five folders and a diverse amount of loose postage material, including some Victorian to present day (parcel) £120-180
223.    A large collection of modern Royal Mail presentation packs, approx 200, some high value denomination, other definitive examples, from the 1990s onwards (parcel) £100-200
224.    Two modern stockbooks of British stamps, relatively high face value due to some packs and sets, one of the red folders full, the other just under half full (2) £50-80
225.    A good British and World stamp collection, well annotated in alphabetical order and presented in five green New Age Stamp Albums, predominantly from the 1950s onwards, some nice examples such as the Falkland Islands, mostly part filled but some vacant or complete (5) £100-200
226.    A collection of modern first day covers and presentation packs, most of which being coin covers with crowns, two and one pounds and 50 pences, approx 50 (parcel) £50-80
227.    A collection of 1960s onwards First Day Covers, in seven large ring binders and two small Stuart folders, dating from the mid 60s through to the late 1990s, there are at least nine coin covers, and several signed of a nautical theme (9) £100-200
228.    A large collection of stamps and related items, in two boxes, including several albums and stockbooks, predominantly early 20th century British and Commonwealth, but some good European examples, also a vacant Senator album, some loose pages with stamps and spare presentation items (parcel) £80-120
229.    A large collection of Coin and First Day Covers, in two boxes, some examples dating from the 1960s onwards, but predominantly duplicates from the 1990s to 2000s (parcel) £80-120
230.    A collection of modern Royal Mint stamps and sets, with a good face value, mostly 1990s onwards and duplicated, well worth a look (parcel) £80-120
231.    A good schoolboy stamp album, containing a penny black, penny reds and other Victorian British examples, some other good stamps from around the globe £100-150
232.    A collection of stamps and ephemera, including an interesting collection of vintage chocolate wrappers, along with two mint sheets of 1960s stamps, lots of GPO stamps, along with postcards, coins and more (parcel) £60-100
233.    A good collection of British Commonwealth stamps, nicely presented in four stock books, all periods up to 2015, well worth a look (4) £100-200
234.    A vintage Longines Jamboree stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch, with light blue enamel dial, appears to run but crown stuck £100-200
235.    A vintage Waltham rolled gold full hunter pocket watch, together with a Victorian pinchbeck fob seal with citrine intaglio seal and a gilt modern watch chain (3) £60-100
236.    A vintage Leonidas chronograph stopwatch gentleman's wristwatch, having two subsidiary dials and outer tachymeter, appears to run, stop watch functions but does not reset £70-100
237.    A group of five Victorian and later pocket watches and four watch chains, including a continental silver full hunter, a silver open face, a gold plated Art Deco example, a ladies fob in gun metal and a chromed example, together with two silver and two white metal chains (9) £100-200
238.    A vintage 18ct gold half hunter pocket watch by J.W. Benson, rubbed blue enamel Roman numerals, marked to outer covers, gilt metal dust cover, appears to run, 93.5g £600-800
239.    A late Victorian 9ct gold double Albert watch chain, with a 9ct gold Masonic fob and another horseshoe example, also with a silver vesta case £150-250
240.    A vintage silver half hunter pocket watch by J.W. Benson, loose glass, appears to run £60-100
241.    A 1960s gold Omega Automatic Seamaster gentleman's wristwatch, baton numerals and date aperture, appears to run, original crown and back cover, on a later 9ct gold bracelet, 60.7g £600-800
242.    An Art Deco period 9ct gold cased Thomas Russell trench style gentleman's wristwatch, on later expanding strap, together with a Smith Lady's watch (2) £60-100
243.    A 1970s Seiko 5 automatic stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch, black dial with day and date apeture, appears to run, together with another similar, not running, a lady's Tissot, AF, and a gilt pendant watch on chain (4) £50-80
244.    A retro Omega Automatic Seamaster stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch, c1960s, the tonneau case with luminous batons and date aperture, appears to run, on later black leather strap, movement marked Omega Watch Co 1002, numbered 32079889, dust cover numbered 166.087 £300-500
245.    A Victorian 18ct gold lady's fob watch, together with a later silver smaller example, both with vintage boxes (4) £80-120
246.    A late 19th century continental silver open faced pocket watch, together with a later similar Revue example, AF (2) £60-100
247.    A group of eleven vintage watches, including a Victorian silver Waltham, AF, an Art Deco Oxford pocket watch, a HMT Janata, a Kienzle, two silver trench styles and others (11) £100-150
248.    A fine late 19th century continental gold lady's fob watch, having seed pearl and blue enamel bezel, white enamel and engine turned dial, marked Mugnier to movement, appears to run, with a fine gold watch chain, two keys and a Jays watch box (3) £300-500
249.    A 1960s Omega gentleman's wristwatch, gold plated, movement no. 26178802, with date aperture, not functioning, marked 132.011 Seamaster stainless steel cover, on later strap, with Omega red retail plastic wallet containing guarantee and instructions (2) £100-150
250.    A modern Tissot gentleman's wristwatch, in box, together with a ladies watch, a silver plated ladies watch and a Kenwell gold plated gents example (5) £80-120
251.    A 1940s 9ct gold Longines gentleman's wristwatch, circular case, dial somewhat pitted, movement no. 7363164, appears to run, on a 9ct gold bracelet, 60.5g £500-700
252.    An Art Deco period 18ct gold cased lady's wristwatch, possibly retailed through Elkington & Co, on black cotton strap £80-100
253.    A vintage Omega silver open faced pocket watch, with decorative back cover, enamel damaged to dial, appears to run, together with a Victorian silver open faced pocket watch by L. Shanfield, with ornate silvered and gilt dial (2) £80-120
254.    A good Victorian silver open faced pocket watch by Robert Webster, case dated 1885, silvered dial with Roman numerals, marked Rt Webster Cornhill London and 5484 to movement, appears to run, over all good condition £80-120
255.    A 1960s 9ct gold Hamilton lady's wristwatch, circular case on fine mesh 9ct gold bracelet, 12g, with Hamilton box, passport and service leaflet (4) £100-150
256.    A group of eight gentlemens wristwatches, including a Seiko quartz 5Y39-7240, a 1950s Buren, appears to run, a Tissot Seastar, appears to run, a Citizen, a Rotary, two Accurist and one other (8) £80-120
257.    A group of five gentlemens wristwatches, including a bi-metal Seiko EL-370, a Sekonda in a box, a Citizen and two others (6) £60-100
258.    A group of seven ladies watches, including a silver open faced fob, a modern Tissot PR 100 and others, along with a vacant Rotary box (8) £60-100
259.    An Art Deco period 9ct gold open faced pocket watch, hallmarked to outer cover, base metal dust cover, movement no. 88419, appears to run £100-150
260.    A Victorian silver open faced pocket watch by Henry Wolfe & Co, not running, together with a similar unmarked example, a 9ct gold Incarna lady's watch and a modern Rotary gents watch in box (5) £80-100
261.    A 1970s 9ct gold Rolex gentleman's wristwatch, satin gilt dial with batons, appears to run, some scratching to interior near stem, no. 5149, the hallmarked cover with serial no. 434493, engraved to cover, with black leather strap having gold plated Rolex clasp £600-800
262.    A Victorian 18ct gold repeater open faced pocket watch with chain, dated c1858, unfortunately balance wheel spring damaged, enamel dial, crack and chip, with subsiduary, together with a herring bone chain with two beads, once enamelled, and supporting a fob watch winder (2) £1000-1500
263.    A WWI United States Army compass, marked Eng. Dept. USA 1918, together with a Victorian silver pocket watch, a nickel pocket watch and a stopwatch (4) £60-100
264.    A retro 18ct gold Hoga lady's wristwatch, circular case on a triangular and semi-circular style link bracelet, 30g £400-600
265.    A 1970s 9ct gold Andre Rochat lady's wristwatch, oval case with textured mesh bracelet, with guarantee (2) £200-300
266.    A 1920s silver Omega open faced pocket watch, marked Parsons Bristol and Omega to dial, movement no. 5824003, appears to run but needs attention £80-120
267.    A 1960s 9ct gold cased Tissot gentleman's wristwatch, satin dial with batons, appears to run, hands loose, on black leather strap £100-150
268.    A modern Aigner horseracing themed wristwatch, the gold plated horseshoe shaped case, marked to reverse, on leather strap, with box and tags £100-150
269.    A collection of vintage and modern wrist and pocket watches, including two Ingersoll, a Combat and a Rego pocket watch, each with watch chain, one silver, a gold plated 1960s Oris, appears to run, a Seiko Kinetic 5M42-0B80, appears to run, and a group of ladies and gents fashion watches (parcel) £100-150
270.    A 1960s 9ct gold Smiths Everest gentleman's wristwatch, circular with Arabic numerals and subsiduary, presentation engraving to back, on later gold plated strap £60-100
271.    A collection of vintage and modern watches, including many fashion gents and ladies examples such as an Art Deco ladies watch, an Alessi unisex watch, and more (parcel) £80-120
272.    A WWII German officer's pocket watch and Wehrpass booklet, the Helios open faced pocket watch having black dial and numbered D 37469 H, the Wehrpass for Josef Franz Pajer and the watch is mentioned on page 26, AF (2) £100-200
273.    Two WWII German pocket watches, one Silvana with no. D 360798 H, the other a Helvetia and having engraved eagle and swastika and no. 325, together with an unmarked wristwatch engraved to reverse and a Soldbuch (or German Army Pay Book), AF (4) £100-200
274.    A modern brass carriage timepiece from Garrard & Co, the white enamel dial marked Garrard & Co Ltd , with reeded columns, 15cm, in Garrard & Co box with guarantee £100-200
275.    Four vintage and modern wristwatches, including a mid sized Technos, a Bulova automatic, a Rotary in box and a silver trench style watch (5) £60-100
276.    Six vintage wristwatches, including an Art Deco silver cased Waltham trench style example, a ladies Tissot, an oversized trench style watch, a Skymaster automatic from T.E. Russell, a mid sized Rotary and Kelton (6) £80-120
277.    A 1960s 9ct gold Longines lady's wristwatch, cushion shaped dial, with integrated textured finish bracelet, 30.8g £200-300
278.    A late 19th century continental gold open faced pocket watch and an Edwardian 15ct gold half hunter, both AF, one marked The Standard Lever to engraved dial, stamped 14k, the other a smaller example with applied lugs (2) £150-250
279.    A late Victorian silver pocket watch stand, together with a good gun metal chronograph pocket watch, another gun metal pocket watch, and a small silver continental lady's fob watch, AF (4) £100-150
280.    An Edwardian brass carriage timepiece, in travel case, in need of attention, enamel dial cracked, together with a small Art Deco German chinoiserie mantle clock (3) £60-100
281.    A late 19th century continental silver and enamelled lady's fob watch, the green velvet case housing a silver gilt and green enamel box supporting a green enamel and seed pearl bezel watch, with fleur de lys to reverse in green guilloche, some damage to enamel (2) £200-300
282.    Two Art Deco gold cased wristwatches, one 18ct and one 9ct, together with a silver and a gun metal trench style watches, a Parker Lady's fountain pen and more (parcel) £100-150
283.    A group of eight damaged pocket watches, various makers to include a military style Albert example, all in need of attention, together with a silver plated vesta case and watch chain (parcel) £50-80
284.    A 9ct gold cased Rotary gentleman's wristwatch, together with an interesting 1960s Russian gold plated wristwatch marked Pakema with 18 jewel movement, and a Seiko quartz example (3) £80-120
285.    A Victorian 9ct gold open faced pocket watch, hallmarked to stem, rear and dust cover, London 1884, 86g, appears to run £300-500
286.    Three vintage watches, including a Marvin Revue Automatic wristwatch with day and date aperture, a Pilot Automatic example and a Waltham gold plated full hunter pocket watch (3) £70-90
287.    A WWII period German Torpedo stopwatch by A. Schuchmann, the oversized chromed case with top winder, lacks glass, appears to function £50-100
288.    A vintage Omega automatic stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch, with bumper style movement, appears to run, on later black leather strap £150-250
289.    A group of five Edwardian and later trench style wristwatches, three in silver cases, one from the West End Watch co, and one other, AF (5) £100-150
290.    A vintage Baume automatic stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch, silvered dial with date aperture, on later strap, appears to run £100-150
291.    Three vintage 9ct gold gentleman's wristwatches, each manual wind, including a J.W. Benson, a Galoy and a Universal, on leather straps (3) £150-250
292.    Two vintage Favre Leuba gold plated gentlemens wristwatches, one a Sea Chief, both appear to run, on leather straps £80-120
293.    Three 1970s and later Seiko gentlemens wristwatches, one a manual wind on black leather strap, 66-9990, a stainless steel quartz and a gold plated quartz (3) £60-100
294.    A group of six vintage stainless steel gentlemens wristwatches, including a Marconi, a Timex automatic, a Cyma, a Gruen and two Records (6) £100-200
295.    Ten vintage and modern wristwatches, including a gold plated Baume, two by MuDu, a Corvette and others (10) £80-120
296.    Three vintage and modern carriage clock timepieces, each of typical form, one marked Perse Chatham, two modern examples marked Bernard Freres Bicester and St James London (3) £100-200
297.    An Art Deco period 9ct gold Avia gentleman's wristwatch, together with two 9ct gold cased ladies wristwatches and a silver example (4) £150-250
298.    An Art Deco period silver trench style wristwatch, together with a Smiths Empire pocket watch (2) £50-100
299.    An interesting 1950s Rolex stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch, in need of restoration and not running, having part numeral and baton dials, inside of case marked 4371, the outer engraved Ministry of Works 1947-53 B.P.B and 289217 £100-200
300.    A pretty early 20th century French 18ct gold and enamel lady's fob watch, having seed pearl bezel and reverse in blue guilloche centred with a nice old cut diamond, appears to run, together with a silver gilt bow brooch support (2) £250-350
301.    A Victorian silver open faced pocket watch, together with another continental similar example, both AF (2) £40-60
302.    A 1970s Seiko automatic gentleman's wristwatch, 5606-7210, together with an Invicta automatic and a Lorus chronograph (3) £40-60
303.    Five vintage gentleman's wristwatches, including a Hudson, Rotary, an Avia, a Paico and a UKB example (5) £40-60
304.    Five vintage gentleman's wristwatches, including a Kienzle, an Avia, a Bentima, an Avalon and a Komos (5) £40-60
305.    A 9ct gold cased Eterna lady's wristwatch, quartz movement, on brown leather strap £60-100
306.    A modern yellow metal and gem set necklace, marked 750 to clasp, having oval colette set gems such as amethyst, garnets and citrines with X shaped links set with a clear stone, 27.9g £400-600
307.    A collection of Victorian and later jewellery, including a 15ct gold seed pearl and turquoise brooch, 3.3g, a modern heavy silver charm bracelet, 82g, two charms, a pearl necklace, a simulated pearl necklace, a Siam brooch, a gold plated locket on chain, a Japanese inlaid suite of jewels and a Calibri atomiser in box (parcel) £100-150
308.    Three vintage 9ct gold dress studs, in Moss Bros case, together with a pair of silver retro cufflinks, a pair of continental silver cufflinks, gold plated cufflinks, five mop dress studs and a Ronson lighter in box (17) £50-80
309.    A fine 9ct gold bracelet from Garrard & Co, having seven horseshoes joined by links, 20g and 19.5cm, presented in a red fitted Garrard & Co box (2) £300-500
310.    A set of four Art Deco period dress studs, the 9ct white gold mounts with mother of pearl and seed pearl fronts, in fitted box £60-100
311.    An Edwardian period diamond and pearl brooch cum pendant, circular pierced gold and silver mount set with varying sized old cuts and four pearls, with a diamond and pearl drop, 9.3g, with removable brooch pin and folding bale, 2.6 cm plus drop £500-800
312.    A modern five stone diamond engagement ring, the 18ct white gold mount set with brilliant cuts totalling 2ct, approx. 3.7g and size N £1200-1500
313.    A Victorian Essex crystal intaglio stick pin, having reverse engraved and painted panel of a fox head in an 18ct gold circular mount on a 9ct gold pin £100-150
314.    A United States gold twenty dollar style coin in pendant, with impressed Arabic mark, probably a restrike, dated 1907, presented in a yellow metal ornate rim circular mount also with Arabic strike mark, 49g £800-1200
315.    Three Victorian and later gold and opal items of jewellery, including a modern six stone ring, a 15ct marked bar brooch and a solitaire ring, with vintage box (4) £80-120
316.    A collection of gold, silver and other jewellery, including a 15ct gold seed pearl and enamel locket pendant, a modern 9ct gold pendant, a gold ring with loose pink stone, an initial ring, a silver and mop pocket knife, a silver swizel stick, a Scottish silver brooch and much more (parcel) £100-200
317.    An Egyptian gold and synthetic colour changing Alexandrite solitaire dress ring £60-100
318.    Two Chinese hardstone necklaces, one with green cord having double gourd and six beads, the other with several carved animals and creatures on red cord (2) £50-80
319.    A modern 9ct gold and CZ gentleman's signet ring, 3.9g and size V £50-80
320.    Four gold ladies rings, including a 22ct gold wedding band, 2.4g, a 9ct gold three stone ruby, an eternity and an amethyst example, 4.4g (4) £100-150
321.    A Victorian and later Essex intaglio brooch, unfortunately damaged to lower and right side, mounted in a gold button back frame on safety pin style brooch, the domed circular glass having reverse carved and painted small dogs head £60-100
322.    A white metal and paste set cocktail dress ring, having large oval facet cut stone in unmarked mount, approx 4g and size N £50-80
323.    A fine late Victorian diamond pendant cum brooch, the silver and gold frame having central harp motif surrounded by flowers and garlands set with old cuts and rose cuts of approx 6ct total, with diamond set bale and pin to reverse, 19g £2000-3000
324.    A certified natural and cultured pearl two strand necklace, having one strand of 107 natural saltwater pearls, the other strand being 79 pearls only one of which a natural example, united by a pretty diamond and white metal clasp, with certificate from the Gem & Pearl laboratory (2) £800-1200
325.    A pretty Edwardian period three stone ring, centred with a blue sapphire and flanked by a pair of old cuts, in platinum on an 18ct gold band, 2.3g and size O £80-120
326.    A modern 9ct gold ingot, hallmarked, on a yellow metal rope twist necklace, 42g £400-500
327.    A modern 9ct gold arm bangle, hallmarked, having engine turned and slot pierced sides, 27.5g £250-350
328.    A collection of gold rings and other jewellery, including four gold rings, a silver bangle, a cameo brooches, and other items (parcel) £150-250
329.    A fine modern 9ct gold necklace and bracelet from Furr & Co, the necklace with white and yellow gold cable and wire links with gold collars, and the bracelet with white gold plait and gold collars, 83.5g (2) £1000-1500
330.    An Arts & Crafts 9ct gold and turquoise pendant, together with a pair of similar period silver and turquoise earrings, a silver gilt heart locket, a silver medallion, a pair of knot stud earrings, a ring, and a pair of silver and citrine earrings (10) £70-100
331.    Two gold gentlemens signet rings, one in 18ct gold with clear stone, 7.2g, the other a 9ct gold example, 6g (2) £180-220
332.    A group of three gentlemen's hardstone signet rings, one a 9ct gold example with moss agate, another with tigers eye, and a yellow metal ring with onyx panel, 12.8g (3) £120-180
333.    A modern 9ct gold amethyst and pearl brooch and pearl necklace, the traditional pierced brooch lacking a pearl, 9g, with a single strand necklace, both with boxes (4) £80-120
334.    A 19th century pinchbeck muff chain, the rounded links with star design, united by a hand shaped clasp £300-500
335.    A small collection of jewellery, including a 9ct gold and amethyst ring, a cameo brooch, wine bucket earrings, marked 9ct, four brooches, together with a Sandoz lady's gold plated watch and a cloisonne circular box and cover (11) £100-200
336.    A collection of cufflinks, some in boxes, together with a Rolls Royce tie pin in box, a key ring marked Cartier in a box, a silver plated Links of London travel clock in Links bag (parcel) £80-100
337.    A collection of jewellery, including a yellow rope twist bracelet, a three strand lapis lazuli necklace with pearl clasp and similar earrings, a lapis brooch, an amber and white metal bracelet and pendant on chain and more (parcel) £120-180
338.    Two pairs of 1970s Far Eastern earrings, one pair set with opal and red stones, lacking a stone in each, and another pair with oval green hardstone panels, both marked 14k (4) £120-180
339.    A collection of jewellery and watches and other items, including a dress stud set in case, some 9ct gold items, a silver lady's full hunter, AF, a Venner stopwatch, opera glasses, 925 marked shell perfume bottle in Tiffany box, a silver lady's watch, two silver watch cases and more (parcel) £200-300
340.    A vintage yellow metal gentleman's bracelet, the heavy flattened link chain with gold plated safety chain, 44.6g £400-600
341.    A modern gentleman's yellow metal and diamond wedding band, in rose gold and set with six small brilliant cuts, possibly 18ct, 8.7g and size W £200-300
342.    Two modern yellow metal and diamond rings, both in rose gold, one having raised flower head tablet and diamond encrusted shoulders and gallery, the half hoop eternity in matching design, both marked 750, 9.8g and size K 1/2 (2) £500-800
343.    An interesting continental yellow metal and diamond stick pin, converted from an earring, the long pendant set with rough cut stones, 9.5g £200-300
344.    A modern silver gilt gate link bracelet £50-80
345.    A pretty Victorian silver gilt and paste set bangle, luckily set with 13 clear glass stones, in fitted box (2) £60-100
346.    A yellow metal gentleman's wedding band, unmarked, possibly 18ct, 9g, together with two ladies wristwatches and a small collection of costume jewellery (parcel) £200-300
347.    A collection of jewellery and a 9ct gold lady's wristwatch, the Garrard watch with textured bracelet, 14.5g, together with two gold plated watches, various costume jewels, a silver leaf brooch, and more (parcel) £150-250
348.    A pair of retro Egyptian gold and diamond earrings, flower head mounts centred with rose cut stones, marked to clip backs, 11.6g (2) £200-300
349.    A vintage Chinese hardstone signet ring, the jade style oval panel in gilt metal mount £80-120
350.    A 9ct gold gatelink bracelet, with damaged heart shaped padlock clasp, along with three 9ct gold chains, 14.3g, and a J.W. Benson 9ct gold lady's wristwatch, 14.5g in original box (7) £250-350
351.    Five gold rings, including a 22ct gold wedding band, 3.2g, an 18ct gold illusion set solitaire, 4.7g, and three 9ct gold and gem set examples, 7.5g (5) £200-300
352.    A collection of 9ct gold earrings and other jewellery, several pairs various style earrings, some loose, some boxed, along with other earrings, necklaces, brooches and more (parcel) £100-200
353.    A good collection of silver and costume jewellery, including a heavy turquoise boulder bracelet marked Alexandar Jewels, a 925 and Tiffany marked pen, various silver and white metal chains, rings, bracelets along with bead necklaces, and more (parcel) £150-250
354.    A modern 9ct gold and pearl solitaire ring, 2g, together with a silver and glass scent bottle and filler in box (4) £50-80
355.    A fine and rare archeological revival carnelian bead and gold brooch by Castellani, as appeared on the BBC Antiques Roadshow in 2004, the carved orange hardstone bead with an oval mount bearing intertwined Cs to reverse, 2cm £400-600
356.    A collection of jewellery and other items, including an Art Deco 18ct gold and three stone crossover diamond ring, an antique gold ring lacking its stones, a papier mache pin tray, a Black Forest watch stand and more (parcel) £100-150
357.    A small group of modern jewellery, including a pair of globe cufflinks, a pair of lapis lazuli cufflinks, and a lapis suite of jewels, a jadeite bangle and earrings, some boxed (14) £80-120
358.    A small group of silver and white metal jewellery and other items, including six rings, a money clip, a riding crop tie pin, two chains and a pendant (11) £50-80
359.    A late Victorian gold and amethyst signet ring, with later date to inner, having a cushion cut purple stone in split shoulder mount, approx. 3.5g and size P £100-150
360.    A modern Baltic amber bead necklace and earrings, having yellow, orange and dark amber pieces, the earrings with hook fittings (3) £60-80
361.    A collection of jewellery, presented in a walnut box and two jewellery boxes, including bead necklaces, brooches, hat pins, dress studs, an agate pendant on chain, a Middlesex Regiment cap badge and more (parcel) £50-100
362.    A fine Victorian choker necklace and diamond set locket, c1870s, the oval yellow metal locket, possibly 15ct gold, having a row of rose cut diamonds and a star also with rose cuts and centred by a larger old cushion cut stone, supported on a pendant chain which matches the choker of oval pierced and semi-circular links, approx 97g £2000-3000
363.    A Norwegian silver and enamel double leaf brooch by David Andersen, together with another similar single leaf, in a vintage box (3) £60-80
364.    An Edwardian 15ct gold and emamel sweetheart badge, in white and yellow gold, with British Army Service Corps emblem, 5.8g £100-150
365.    A 19th century gold and garnet pendant, foil backed red stones, together with a small gold, amethyst and pearl posy ring (2) £60-80
366.    A Victorian 15ct gold and diamond bar brooch, together with a Middle Eastern yellow metal and turquoise bead ring, a pair of branch coral earrings and a pair of Baltic amber earrings (6) £80-120
367.    A vintage silver and white metal charm bracelet, together with a pair of Mexican silver and turquoise earrings, a pair of 925 marked earrings and matching pendant, and a silver and mop pocket knife (7) £60-80
368.    An Edwardian micro mosaic fringe necklace, the gold plated links inlaid with floral design glass beads £100-150
369.    A Victorian 9ct gold bracelet, anchor chain links with heart shaped padlock clasp, together with a 9ct gold ring and modern padlock clasp, 25.5g (3) £250-350
370.    A modern 22ct gold wedding band, hallmarked, 5g, size P £100-150
371.    A collection of jewellery, including two gold mounted cameo brooches, silver brooch in a case, a pearl necklace, white metal filigree brooches, lockets, necklaces, brooches, earrings, a silver cigarette case and more (parcel) £120-180
372.    Five items of gold jewellery, including a 9ct gold and carnelian signet ring, wedding band, fob and solitaire ring, 6.7g and an 18ct gold ring, 1.3g (5) £80-120
373.    Five modern silver ingot pendants, together with a silver and white metal charm bracelet, silver jewellery, a glass bead necklace and more (parcel) £100-150
374.    A modern 9ct gold butterfly brooch, 5g, set with pearls, turquoise beads and having red stone eyes, together with a modern silver bangle (2) £80-120
375.    A collection of jewellery and other items, including a small bullseye agate and enamelled necklace, a retro abstract crucifix on chain, a charm bracelet, a modern bee tie pin, a pearl and lapis necklace, silver items, two beadwork items, four silver plated small baskets and two pin dishes (parcel) £80-120
376.    A modern 9ct gold gatelink bracelet, 19.7g, multiple bar chain with tapering ends, heart shaped padlock clasp and safety chain £200-300
377.    A modern half sovereign in 9ct gold pendant mount, the 2000 dated coin in heart shaped mount, on a small belcher link chain, 12.4g £180-220
378.    A modern 9ct gold rope twist necklace, 17.5g £180-220
379.    A 9ct gold mounted carved shell cameo brooch £50-80
380.    A useful collection of loose gem stones and hardstones, including four pieces of amber, an amber style cigar cheroot holder, various faceted and polished stones such as tigers eye, malachite, agates, several amber beads, pearls, smaller coloured stones and more, well worth a good look through (parcel) £200-300
381.    A large collection of jewellery, including a paste and silver necklace, a pique ware brooch, a box with earrings, a jewellery box with silver and costume jewellery, a silver and mop pendant in Tiffany & Co box, a silver watch chain and fob, and much more (parcel) £150-250
382.    A Victorian 15ct gold and seed pearl circular pierced pendant, on a 15ct gold rope twist necklace, 11.7g £180-220
383.    An Art Deco period amber bead necklace, the toffee and caramel oval beads from 1.8cm to 1cm in size on knotted string, 29.5g £150-250
384.    A good Victorian carved shell cameo brooch, the large oval panel, 5.5cm, with scene of shepherdess and lamb, in a pinchbeck mount, together with a cameo brooch and ring (3) £80-120
385.    Six Victorian and later items of jewellery, including a gold and crysoberyl signet ring in vintage ring box, a small garnet ring, two stick pins and two silver brooches (7) £100-150
386.    A 19th century gold and amethyst signet ring, unmarked, 5.5g and size O, together with a moonstone ring, with one half of the shank in 22ct gold, the other in 9ct gold, with an old brooch box (3) £80-120
387.    A Victorian coral bead and seed pearl necklace, with gold clasp, with a small circular grey and gilt box (2) £80-120
388.    A small group of jewellery and other items, including a hardstone bead necklace, AF, a white metal shield brooch, a rosary, a white metal necklace, and more with two jewellery boxes and a watch box (parcel) £60-100
389.    An Art Deco period diamond solitaire engagement ring, having an approx 0.25ct old cut stone in 18ct gold mount, 3g and size M £80-120
390.    Five items of 9ct gold mounted jewellery, including a cameo ring and brooch, a seed pearl cluster ring, an eternity ring and another with light blue stone, AF, 17g (5) £150-200
391.    A 9ct gold cased Verity lady's wristwatch and other watches and jewellery, including two silver ingot pendants, other silver items of jewellery, and more (parcel) £120-180
392.    A 1950s 22ct gold gentleman's wedding band, hallmarked, 4.5g and size V £100-150
393.    A 1970s 18ct white gold diamond and sapphire cocktail dress ring, circular tablet set with round and tear drop shaped stones, 5g and size N £200-300
394.    A collection of jewellery and other items, including an 18ct gold ruby and pearl ring, a two strand pearl necklace, a silver star of David pendant, other jewellery together with an Edward II penny with drill hole and other coins (parcel) £100-150
395.    A collection of Victorian and later jewellery, including a silver and tortoiseshell St George and the dragon brooch, a yellow metal signet ring, an amethyst and seed pearl brooch, a silver and mop pocket knife and more (parcel) £100-150
396.    A collection of costume jewellery and silver, including several bead necklaces and more, along with a silver hand mirror, photograph frame and smaller example, AF (parcel) £100-150
397.    A large collection of silver and white metal charms, presented in six small wall hung display units, well over 100 in total, and in various novelty and traditional forms (parcel) £100-200
398.    A Victorian 9ct gold and diamond brooch, circular panel set with an old cut on pin bar, 4.7g £80-120
399.    A pretty late Victorian silver and enamelled bangle, one half of the hinged oval bangle having floral enamel decoration of roses and leaves with a butterfly, marked S & S Std to clasp £100-150
400.    An Art Deco period Chinese bead necklace, made up with white metal, coral, hardwood and soapstone beads and united by a silver clasp with coral inset and stamped LI China Silver £200-300
401.    A modern 9ct gold and amethyst solitaire dress ring, together with a silver necklace with marcasite leopard head and mop pendant (2) £50-80
402.    A vintage Middle Eastern yellow metal and synthetic colour changing Alexandrite cocktail dress ring, 7.8g, together with an Art Deco 18ct gold two stone crossover ring, 2.4g (2) £100-150
403.    A 9ct gold charm bracelet, the hallmarked curb link chain united by heart shaped padlock clasp, supporting multiple charms such as a one pound and a ten shilling note in glazed case, Concorde, a bottle opener and more, approx 45g £400-600
404.    A vintage Chinese carved nut bead necklace, green knotted string with 18 carved Buddha nuts, a plain nut and a double gourd carved nut £200-300
405.    A 1970s 18ct white gold and diamond cluster ring, the eye shaped tablet set with brilliant cuts and a larger central example, 4.7g and size O £150-250
406.    Four items of gold Victorian and later jewellery, including two 18ct gold sapphire and diamond rings, 4.7g, a 9ct gold rope twist necklace with synthetic ruby pendant, a 333 marked brooch, 4.4g, together with a yellow metal brooch (5) £120-180
407.    An 18ct gold marked line bracelet, with flat links, one damaged, marked 750, 15.2g £250-350
408.    Five items of Victorian and later jewellery, including a silver and hardstone Scottish brooch, a silver and paste mounted grouse foot brooch, a gilt metal and glass micro mosaic fringe necklace, a silver and paste bow brooch and a silver and marcasite leaf brooch (5) £50-100
409.    An Art Deco period five stone diamond engagement ring, graduating transitional brilliant cuts in platinum claws on gold band, probably 18ct, 1.7g and size O, AF £150-250
410.    A collection of silver and costume jewellery, including a millennium silver band ring, an Art Deco amber glass bead necklace, a modern silver and mop ring and bracelet, paste set jewellery and more (parcel) £50-100
411.    A 9ct gold pendant with Victorian full sovereign, the pierced hallmarked mount supporting an 1884 Young Head gold coin with Melbourne mint mark, 14g £250-350
412.    Two 9ct gold and gem set rings, including a late Edwardian garnet and seed pearl example, and a modern ring set with blue and clear stones, 5.4g (2) £50-100
413.    A 1970s 18ct gold portrait pendant, the oval frame with pierced rim, marked 750, supporting porcelain portrait of a lady heightened with a diamond to her necklace and hair, AF £150-250
414.    Two Art Deco diamond ring, both illusion platinum set on 18ct gold bands, 4.6g (2) £80-120
415.    Three vintage pendants on chain, including a continental white gold portrait on silver chain, a 9ct gold cameo on 9ct gold chain, and a silver locket on chain (3) £100-150
416.    A modern 18ct gold and solitaire ring, the clear stone with platinum claws and shoulders, 2g and size N £50-100
417.    Three Victorian and later pinchbeck locket pendants, various designs, AF (3) £50-100
418.    A group of 9ct gold and other rings and earrings, 11.3g (parcel) £80-150
419.    Seven 19th century and later gold and other brooches, one a spider and seed pearl bar brooch, one with horseshoe, and others, together with a stick pin and a stick pin head, 13g (9) £150-250
420.    Seven Art Deco and later rings, including a full eternity, a bloodstone example and others (7) £100-150
421.    Ten silver and other ladies rings, together with a small antique garnet cross pendant, the rings in various styles, mostly silver, one Chinese glass example (11) £50-100
422.    A 1970s pearl necklace, graduating white cultured pearls united by circular silver gilt clasp set with pearls £50-100
423.    A Victorian fob seal and pencil, the pinchbeck mount with bloodstone seal having intaglio crest of rampant lion and motto Honor Et Amor, and a retractable pencil, both AF (2) £80-120
424.    A vintage Middle Eastern yellow metal and coral bead ring, 2g, together with a pair of 9ct gold circular stud earrings, 3g, a single gold and pearl earring heightened with two diamonds, good to convert to pendant, and a pretty silver and enamel locket pendant (5) £70-100
425.    A modern 18ct gold bracelet, round links, unfortunately with damaged clasp and dented, 12.4g £200-300
426.    A vintage pearl necklace, with silver clasp £50-100
427.    A modern gold and diamond bracelet from Links of London, with swirl and straight bar links and typical Links of London clasp, marked, 21 g, with box (2) £500-800
428.    A modern 18ct gold necklace, well made with shaped links and flattened underside, marked 750, Italy, 50.5g £1000-1500
429.    A modern group of lapis lazuli jewellery, including a bead necklace, a bracelet, a pair of earrings and a pair of cufflinks (6) £70-100
430.    A 1970s Krugerrand pendant, the 1 oz fine gold coin dated 1974, presented in a 9ct gold pendant mount, 38g £1000-1500
431.    A Georgian period gold and ivory mourning brooch, converted from a ring, navette shaped painted scene with young lady holding plaque with motto Lami Tie on pedestal, later pin to back £100-200
432.    A pair of modern 9ct gold cufflinks, hallmarked, 11g, engraved John to octagonal panels (2) £100-150
433.    A pair of Regency period and later hardstone specimen bracelets, also to be joined together as a choker necklace, one having black bead spacers and cigar shaped agates with gold clasp set with a stone, possibly restrung, the other restrung and now with modern synthetic pearl spacers (2) £200-300
434.    A Victorian 18ct gold diamond and sapphire ring, together with an Art Deco 18ct gold and diamond ring, 5.6g (2) £120-180
435.    An 18ct gold dress stud, 1.5g, together with a 9ct gold and paste bar brooch, a 9ct gold cufflink and a 375 marked gem set earring, 6.5g (4) £80-120
436.    An Edwardian period white metal and paste muff chain, together with a similar period paste set belt buckle (2) £80-120
437.    A collection of jewellery, including an Art Deco white metal and green, clear and black paste set brooch, a double clip brooch, a silver and marcasite cocktail watch, a gilt metal thick wedding band, a silver ring, two belt buckles, a carnelian bead necklace, a cherry bead bracelet and more (parcel) £120-180
438.    A very large collection of modern costume and fashion jewellery, with bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and much more (parcel) £100-150
439.    A Victorian 9ct gold bracelet, thick curb link chain marked 9c, united by a heart shaped padlock clasp, 21.4g £200-300
440.    A continental white metal charm bracelet, together with a silver and amber cheroot holder in case, a plated policeman rattle, a silver gatelink bracelet, silver book charm, childs bangle and a silver fob (8) £50-100
441.    A large collection of silver and costume jewellery, including a silver bangle with applied gold flowers, silver necklaces, various Art Deco paste set jewels, bead necklaces, earrings and more (parcel) £100-150
442.    A vintage middle eastern gilt bracelet, together with four antique and later brooches and a small pique work oval panel (6) £50-100
443.    Two Art Deco period cherry amber bead necklaces, both with graduating sized beads, 71.8g, together with a Vauxhall style glass bead necklace (3) £200-300
444.    An Edward VII half sovereign in 9ct gold pendant mount, together with an Edwardian 9ct gold watch strap, a turquoise bead and gilt wire pendant, a CZ in gold pendant on fine chain and a gold plated heart shaped pendant (5) £150-250
445.    A pair of late Victorian tortoiseshell and gilt lorgnettes, together with a similar period monocle, a later monocle on chain and a 15ct marked brooch (4) £100-150
446.    A modern silver bangle in the Victorian taste, together with a similar locket pendant on chain, a set of three Art Nouveau silver buttons by T. Bros, a Pendyre souvenir silver brooch and a sterling silver marked fob stamp case (5) £60-100
447.    An early 20th century pearl necklace, having small graduated white pearls united by a white metal clasp with emerald and four small diamonds, in a vintage Mappin & Webb spiral fit box (2) £100-200
448.    A collection of silver jewellery and other items, including a one ounce pendant, a part watch chain bracelet, a fringe necklace, two charm bracelets and more (parcel) £70-100
449.    A collection of jewellery and coins, including a four coin Maundy money brooch and similar bracelet, a group of crowns including an 1890, 1935 and other modern examples, and more (parcel) £80-120
450.    A collection of antique and vintage jewellery cases, including boxes for rings, necklaces, brooches and others (23) £80-120
451.    An Edwardian aqua marine pendant and earring suite from Liberty & Co, the fitted Liberty box housing a drop pendant necklace, and an altered pair of earrings (4) £120-180