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Thursday 19th January 2017 at 10:00
Wednesday 18th January 2017 10:00-16:00
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Lot Description and Estimate Images Sold For

Singles, ninety plus various years, genre and conditions including Neil Young, Eagles and REO Speedwagon
Estimate: 40-60


Albums, fifty plus from mainly the 1970s, various genre and conditions including Atom Heart Mother and artists Jefferson Starship, Allman Brothers and The Marshall Tucker Band
Estimate: 80-100


Albums, fifty plus including three box sets, mainly compilations of pop from the 1960/70s and approximately twenty Pat Boone, various conditions
Estimate: 20-30


Albums, approximately one hundred and twenty of various genre, years and conditions including Billy Fury, Shakin Stevens, Buddy Holly box set and Elvis
Estimate: 40-60


Albums, over one hundred and fifty albums, eight box sets and twenty George Feyer albums (eleven 10") including fifty plus Gilbert & Sullivan, military and 2nd World War related plus operatic and classical various years and conditions
Estimate: 50-80


Albums/12"Singles, approximately one hundred and seventy of various genre, conditions and years including Paul Young, Thompson Twins and Hot Chocolate
Estimate: 40-60


Female Artists, fifty plus albums with a few 12" singles of various years and conditions including Carole King, Joan Armatrading and Joan Baez together with a concert programme for Tina
Estimate: 40-60


Male Artists, approximately eighty albums of various genre, years and conditions including Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Robert Plant and Ian Hunter
Estimate: 80-100


Singles/EPs, thirty mainly from the 1960s, various genre and conditions including Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and The Fentones
Estimate: 30-50


Shadows, twenty two singles and Eps, various years and conditions including Wonderful Land and Geronimo
Estimate: 40-60


Singles, seventy plus mainly of the 1960s various genre and conditions including Manfred Mann, Johnny Kidd and the Pirates and The Who
Estimate: 40-60


Country Music, thirty plus and four box sets various years and conditions including many compilations and Elvis
Estimate: 20-30


Country Music, one hundred and thirty plus of various years and conditions including Eddy Arnold and Lynn Anderson with over seventy of female artists
Estimate: 60-80


Albums/78s, one hundred plus vinyl of various genre, years and conditions including eighteen James Bond related and six 10" plus approximately eighty 10" 78s a few 12" 78s
Estimate: 30-40


Elvis, approximately forty five albums of varous years and conditions including GI Blues and Kissin Cousins
Estimate: 30-50


Dance/House, approximately sixty albums and 12" singles various years and conditions including Unkle and Metal Spark
Estimate: 30-50


Record player/radio, Pye Cambridge portable brief case that plays 33, 45, 78 speeds plus tuner, mains or battery powered, untested
Estimate: 30-50


James Bond Posters, twenty two promotional posters of various sizes mainly in good condition, Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connory
Estimate: 20-40


Star Wars Posters, six laminated promotional posters together with seven copies of film posters starring Spencer Tracy
Estimate: 20-30


Electirc Guitar, A Yamaha Pacifica strt copy with natural finish and in very good ocndition
Estimate: 40-60


Electirc Guitar, A vintage Sakai bass with natural finish, in good condition control knobs not matching
Estimate: 40-60


Electro Acoustic Guitar, A Fender DG - 5CE finised in black, serial number CS06012308 made in china, in good condition
Estimate: 40-60


Record Player, A Perdio Delux portable, black and cream finish, sold untested
Estimate: 30-50


Record Player, A Kolster Brandes Westmoreland Stereophonic portable made in England, in very good condition sold untested
Estimate: 40-60


Reel To Reel Player, A Dyntron - Studio with Aocs microphone, sold with a Pye valve portable radio, both sold untested
Estimate: 40-60


Amplifier, A Laney BC 50 top handle missing, sold untested
Estimate: 40-60


Amplifier, A Bang and Olufsen Beomaster 8000 sold with a Beocord 8500 tape deck
Estimate: 200-300


Flute, 19th century unbranded and in original case
Estimate: 60-80


Trumpet/Bugle, two instruments, bugle class A Boosey & Co in reasonable condition, trumpet supplied by Phil Parker Ltd, has a number of dents
Estimate: 20-40


Clarinet, Bundy Resonite cased in reasonable condition, small chip to one section
Estimate: 30-50


Classical Albums, one hundred plus albums, seventeen box sets and six 10" LPs, various years and conditions
Estimate: 40-60


Albums, one hundred and forty plus mainly from the 1970s, various genre and conditions including The Beatles, Stones and Cat Stevens
Estimate: 60-80


Bay City Rollers, ten books and magazines including Annual 1976, Yearbook 1975, In America, Rollerscopes and others
Estimate: 20-30


Albums/Eps/Singles, one hundred plus albums, seven 10" albums, twenty Eps and ten singles, various genre, years and conditions including classical, pop and easy listening
Estimate: 30-50


10" 78s, eighty plus of various genre, years and conditions
Estimate: 20-40


Classic Rock Magazines, Issues 1--228 with all free CDs, DVDs, booklets and gifts, good and mint condition
Estimate: 100-150


Rock Magazines, six Classic Rock limited edition collector's packs as new, Classic Rock Decades 70s.80s,90s plus twenty copies of Rock World
Estimate: 20-40


CDs, one hundred and sixty plus in storage cases, various genre, years and mainly excellent condition including soul, motown, jazz and others
Estimate: 60-80


LPs & Concert Programmes, approximately twenty albums including Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jam, Camel, Roxy Music and others, various years and conditions plus twelve programmes Rolling Stones, Genesis, Eric Clapton and Dire Straits and others
Estimate: 40-60


History of Rock, complete set of forty double albums and a full set of magazines with folders in excellent condition
Estimate: 100-120


Brass Instruments, six including cornet, bugle and trumpet plus two copper horns (post) many have some damage A/F
Estimate: 40-60


Brass Instruments, two trombones and one French horn all have been well used and have some damage A/F
Estimate: 40-60


Instruments, euphonium and two horns with one case all have some damage A/F
Estimate: 40-60


Instruments, two euphoniums and one tuba all have some damage A/F
Estimate: 40-60


Cornet, brass stamped Hors Concours Paris in reasonable condition, with incorrect case
Estimate: 30-50


Denim Jacket, sleeveless jacket medium covered with heavy metal cloth badges, mainly Metallica
Estimate: 20-40


Violin, full size with bow, no obvious cracks or repairs with some scratches, needs some attention
Estimate: 30-50


Albums, approximately sixty of mixed genre, various years and conditions including Foreigner, Eurythmics and Diana Ross
Estimate: 40-60


Beatles, collection of Beatles and related books, sheet music, magazines, sealed calendars and more, twenty four items in total
Estimate: 30-50


Sound Tracks, approximately eighty albums of various years and conditions including Superman II, Funny Girl and Lisztomania
Estimate: 20-40

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