Express Camera, Music & Entertainment Auction
Thursday 6th April 2017 at 10:00

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1.      Cameras, a group of cameras, Voigtländer, Konica and more (2 trays) £40-60
2.      Cameras, a selection amongst which are Kodak Agfa examples and others (2 trays) £40-60
3.      Cameras, a batch of mostly SLR bodies, Nikon, Contax and more (2 trays) £50-70
4.      Folding Cameras, a number of examples from Kershaw, Zeiss and others (1 tray) £30-50
5.      SLR Cameras, a good quantity from Canon, Fujica, Ihage and more (2 trays) £50-70
6.      Accessories, an quantity of varied and interesting items (2 trays) £10-20
7.      Lens Hoods, a great number with a quantity of converters (2 trays) £20-30
8.      Lenses, a variety of lenses including Vivitar, Olympus and others with a quantity of lens cases (3 trays) £40-60
9.      Adams & Co Lenshood, folding style leather and fabric £20-30
10.     Agfa Karator V Projector, slide and roll film carriers in makers case £10-20
11.     Leica Books, a variety of books and Leitz catalogues (2 boxes) £20-30
12.     Exakta Varex Camera, also a 35mm Flektagon lens and other items, some boxed £40-60
13.     Hasselblad Items, an A12 back with an 50th anniversary crystal plate and other items £30-50
14.     MPP Technical Camera, with an Angulon 90mm lens and other accessories £80-120
15.     Ashai Pentax SV Body, black paint finish £40-60
16.     Instruction Manuals, a varied range of manuals and literature most from 1960-80 £30-50
17.     Leica Literature, a substantial number of instruction manuals and literature, some items from 1930's £40-60
18.     Leica Brochures, latercamera catalogues covering mostly 2000 onwards £30-50
19.     Leica O Series Brochures, a quantity of unissued 'O' brochures with a parcel of Rollei literature £30-50
20.     Leicaflex Literature, a selection of official Leitz material £20-30
21.     Leica Literature, a batch of promotional material mostly 'M' related from 1970-90 period £20-30
22.     Leica Literature, a good quantity of publications mostly earlier 'M' period £30-50
23.     Leica Literature, a range of mostly projection and enlarging catalogues £10-20
24.     Leica Brochures, a collection of promotional catalogues substantially relating to thr 'R' series10 £10-20
25.     Leica Cases, a number of outfit and everready cases with a pigskin Robot outfit case £40-60
26.     Leica Cases, R' and 'M' cases with two examples for M3 35mm lenses £50-70
27.     Leica Accessories, a wide selection including filters, flash, bellows and more £100-200
28.     Accessories, a range of items including grips, lenses, filters and others £20-30
29.     Canon Items, AE-1 and Ftb cameras with lenses and more including a rangefinder case with eagle logo £80-120
30.     Cameras, a Fujifilm S2, a brass and mahogany half plate camera and other items £60-80
31.     Camera Cases, a range including Leica, Zeiss, Canon and others £30-50
32.     Leica Copy Stands, BESAL', 'BELUN' ,'BEHOO' and 'BESUM' £40-60
33.     Nikkormat FTn Camera, with an f/2 50mm Nikkor and case £40-60
34.     Nikon Spare Parts, 3 new black 'F' backs with other spares and accessories £80-120
35.     Voigtländer Cameras, a Vitomatic II in makers box, a Vito II a and a selection of hoods, filters and more £30-50
36.     Topcon Accessories, bellows and more in makers boxes, an f/2.8 35mm lens and Tamron mounts £30-50
37.     Leica M Baseplates, an example for a M5 together with a quantity for M2, M3, M4 £50-70
38.     Leica Accessories, a 14260 Rapid Load conversion kit with synchonisers, flash plugs, pins, acrilic blocks and more £40-60
39.     Rollei Accessories, Rolleinars, filters, pins and other items £30-50
40.     Voigtländer Bessamatic Cameras, a Bessamatic in makers box with guarantee and a CS version, both in cases £30-50
41.     Mamiya Accessories, a small assembly of 'C' series items £20-30
42.     Voigtländer Prominent Camera, second type with f/2 50mm Ultron lens £50-70
43.     Iso Duplex Camera, super 120 stereo type £70-100
44.     Camera Cases, an everready case for a Reid with two for Nikon rangefinder £40-60
45.     New York Leicameter, in makers box together with other meters and other items £50-70
46.     Zeiss Ikon Contaflex, Super' variant with two f/4 115mm lenses £40-60
47.     Zeiss Filters, a number of examples some boxed £10-20
48.     Lenses, a quantity of various optics £20-30
49.     Tripods, a Tiltall copy with a large Benbo and others (5) £50-70
50.     Alpa Literature, a quantity of consumer brochures with press photographs and information on specialist application equipment £50-70
51.     Zeiss Folding Cameras, 6x9 format Nettar's and an Ikonta (5) £40-60
52.     Zeiss Folding Cameras, variations of 6x6 Nettar's and others (6) £40-60
53.     Zeiss Folding Cameras, an Art Deco styled Nettar with others (5) £40-60
54.     Photographic Art Books, Y Akutagawa '1000ft' in slip case with a dedication from the author to Robert White also other large format volumes £20-30
55.     Photographic Books, a variety including 'Collecting and Using Classic Cameras' and others including signed editions (2 boxes) £30-50
56.     1930's Dealer Catalogue, including details of Exakta, Plaubel cameras accessories and film (cover seperated) £10-20
57.     Contax III Camera, with an aluminium mount f/4 85mm Triotar lens £40-60
58.     New Rolleiflex Standard, with Jena Tessar lens, ex Christies £40-60
59.     Canon 24-35 FD 'L' Lens, zoom ring immovable £30-50
60.     Mamiya C220 Camera, with a pair of f/3.7 80mm lenses £50-70
61.     Robot Vollautomat Camera, Star II second type, both body and lens engraved 0553/220442 possibly British Military origins together with another Robot (2) £80-120
62.     Kragosnorsk FT-2 Panoramic Camera, in makers case and box, an f/2 85mm Jupiter lens and other items £60-80
63.     Welta Perfecta Camera, in makers case with a Richard Verascope camera (2) £60-80
64.     Exakta A Type 4-1 Camera, with a Zeiss folding camera and a TLR model £50-70
65.     Lenses, a diverse group including an f/2.8 55mm Micro Nikkor, Voigtländer Zoomar, a Novoflex f/9 640mm lens head and lots more £100-150
66.     FOREWORD The Camera Collection of Mr George K Thompson, MBE - Lot 66 to Lot 189 Cameras, a range of assorted cameras including Yashica, Konica and Agfa and others (2 trays) £60-80
67.     Lomo Cameras, a group of 35mm and TLR Russian cameras each with makers case £60-80
68.     Compact Cameras, 50+ various cameras mostly 35mm (2 trays) £60-80
69.     Cameras, a selection of cameras including Zeiss, Yashica and Rollei examples and more (2 trays) £60-80
70.     Russian Cameras, Lomo, Agat 18K, and other types, some boxed £60-80
71.     Voigtländer Cameras, a variety of Voigtländer's including a Vitrona with variations of Vito and Bessa £60-80
72.     Box Cameras, a batch of Brownies and others (2 trays) £50-70
73.     35mm Cameras, a range mostly from the 60's including Yashica, Minolta and many others, (2 trays) £60-80
74.     Cameras, a large number of compact cameras including Minolta and Olympus (2 trays) £60-80
75.     Lenses, a mixture of lenses including Canon and Minolta optics £50-70
76.     35mm Cameras, a tranch of compact cameras including Minolta and Olympus (2 trays) £50-70
77.     Russian Rangefinder Cameras, a quantity of Zorki and Kiev models £60-80
78.     A Contessa Nettel Strut Camera, half plate format with an 180mm Jena Tessar lens together with a quantity of metal and wood film holders £40-60
79.     Light Meters, Sekonic and Gossen meters and others together with rangefinders and more £40-60
80.     Kodak 35 Cameras, a small group including Bantam and other variants £40-60
81.     Bolta Photovit Camera, with a Xenar lens also an Adox nickel finish camera (2) £60-80
82.     Compact Cameras, Pentax and Ricoh examples with many others (2 trays) £50-70
83.     Kodak Cameras, a selection including Retina, Reflex and others some not often seen (2 trays) £60-80
84.     Boxed Cameras, a quantity in makers boxes, Yashica, Olympus and others (2 trays) £50-70
85.     Cameras, a variety including Canon, Rollei and more (2 trays) £50-70
86.     Bakelite Cameras, various styles including folding, TLR and viewfinder types (2 trays) £40-60
87.     SLR Cameras, Contax, Petri models and others £50-70
88.     Cameras, a good number of campact cameras (2 trays) £40-60
89.     Praktica Cameras, a parade of Prakitca SLR cameras, £40-60
90.     British Folding Cameras, Ensign Autorange, Commando and Selfix examples with others £60-80
91.     Yashica TLR Cameras, a selection of different models including a 124G (5) £50-70
92.     Cine Cameras, a wide selection of 8mm Canon, Eumig and Sankyo cine cameras and many others (4 trays) £40-60
93.     Box and TLR Cameras, a range of examples from Ansco, Brownie,Coronet, 'D' Model, and others (2 trays) £40-60
94.     Compact Cameras, a good quantity including Olympus, Fuji, Pentax and others £40-60
95.     Lenses, a quantity including Olympus, Tamron and many others (2 trays) £60-80
96.     Cameras, a group including Zeiss, Pentax and others (2 trays) £40-60
97.     Olympus Mju Cameras, II and zoom types with other similar cameras £40-60
98.     Folding Cameras, a substantial number of folding cameras from Agfa, Agiflex and many others (2 trays) £50-70
99.     Pentax Cameras, a group of Pentax screw mount cameras £50-70
100.    Exakta Cameras, a group of Exa and Exakta cameras £50-70
101.    Praktica Cameras, a group of various SLRs £50-70
102.    Coloured and Novelty Cameras, an array of traditional and can styled cameras £30-50
103.    Cine Cameras, an assortment of movie cameras including Canon and Bolex and many others (3 trays) £40-60
104.    Cameras, a huge collection of Instamatic cameras covering many variants (3 trays) £40-60
105.    Art Deco Folding Cameras, a group of Kodak cameras £20-30
106.    Cameras, an extensive variety of amateur cameras (2 trays) £20-30
107.    Zenith Cameras, a range of Russian reflex cameras including a 'Prinzflex 500', variant £40-60
108.    Compact Cameras, a vast selection of items including Ricoh, Minolta and many others (2 trays) £50-70
109.    35mm Viewfinder Cameras, a range including Fuji, Nikon and others(2 trays) £50-70
110.    SLR Cameras, Edixa, Olympus, Contaflex models and others (2 trays) £50-70
111.    SLR Cameras, Pentax, Konica and Miranda versions and others (2 trays) £50-70
112.    Cameras, Minolta, Petri models and many others (2 trays) £40-60
113.    Folding Cameras, a large assortment from Zeiss, Houghton and Kodak and others (2 trays) £50-70
114.    Cameras, an Olympus 35 RC together with Konica, Yashica and many other cameras £40-60
115.    Cameras, a large mixture of brands including Ricoh, Minolta and others (2 trays) £50-70
116.    Folding Cameras, a collection of folding cameras of large rollfilm format £20-30
117.    Folding Cameras, a parcel of mostly 120/620 types from Ensign, Zeiss and others £20-30
118.    Brownie 127 Cameras, a batch of Brownies and others £10-20
119.    Box Cameras, a medley of box cameras from various makers (2 trays) £30-50
120.    Twin Lens Cameras, a range including Aires, Meopta and many other name variants (2 trays) £60-80
121.    Cameras, a group of assorted cameras (2 trays) £30-50
122.    SLR Cameras, a group of Yashica variants with Nikon examples £50-70
123.    Novelty Cameras, a colourful gathering of assorted type including can style examples £20-30
124.    Box Cameras, a parcel of various examples including a green Coronet £20-30
125.    Falling Plate Cameras, three different examples £20-30
126.    Early Reflex Cameras, two different format Ensign models with a Graflex £30-50
127.    Mahogany Cameras, an Underwood tailboard model with a Contessa and a Lancaster (lacking bellows) £50-70
128.    Folding Cameras, four different items, Goertz, Premo, Cameo and Contessa £30-50
129.    Tailboard Cameras, two unidentifed examples, one with a TP shutter £40-60
130.    Cameras, a group of Agfa cameras including folding, reflex and others £40-60
131.    Cameras, a group of Agfa cameras, various Silette models and lenses and others £40-60
132.    Cameras, a group of Balda models of various formats £30-50
133.    Cameras, a group of Canons, an A1 SLR, rangefinder style versions and others £80-120
134.    Plaubel Makina, an example of model III with an f/4.2 100mm Anticomar lens £60-80
135.    Kodak Cartridge Camera, model 4 £50-70
136.    Kodak Cartridge Camera, model 3 for 104 size rollfilm in makers sachel case £80-100
137.    Iscorama Lens, f/2.8 anamorphic lens, auto M42 fit in makers box £50-70
138.    Leningrad Camera, with f/2 50mm lens, also a Narcissus 16mm SLR £60-80
139.    Foca Cameras, a 1946 1*model with a Focaflex, both in makers case £80-120
140.    Zeiss Contax Cameras, a II version with a III, both with f/2 50mm Jena Sonnar lens and makers case £60-80
141.    Canon F1 Original, second version with an f/1.8 50mm FD lens also an f/1.8 85mm FD lens £60-80
142.    Zeiss Ikonta, a late type 522/24 for 35mm film, Xenar lens and makers case £20-30
143.    Leica Camera, a chrome IIIa with an f/2 50mm Summar lens and case, also another Summar lens £80-120
144.    Voigtländer Prominent Camera, with an f/2 50mm Ultron lens, an f/4.5 150mm Super-Dynaron, Turnit finder etc £100-150
145.    Braun Equipment, a group of Paxette rangefinder cameras including an AMC variant together with additional lenses £50-70
146.    Rollei 35 Cameras, a range of compact Rollei's with some cases and accessories £30-50
147.    Cameras, Welmy, Crystar, Monte Carlo and Proud Million folding cameras with an Olympus 35-1 £30-50
148.    Olympus Pen D Cameras, original, type2 and type3 styles £30-50
149.    Sub-Miniature Cameras, a group of micro cameras including Hit, Pentax, Ensign and others £50-70
150.    Fed Cameras, a pair of Leica style cameras £40-60
151.    Olympus Trip 35 Cameras, a tray of Trip cameras £60-80
152.    Zeiss Ikonta Cameras, a clutch of various format cameras £40-60
153.    Half-Frame Cameras, an assortment of Fujica, Canon and Olympus types and more £40-60
154.    Beau Brownie Cameras, Art Deco enamel front plates with a blue Rainbow Hawkeye £50-70
155.    Stereo Cameras, Kodak, Wray and Coronet examples with a Kodak viewer £30-50
156.    Brownie Stereo Camera, No 2 model with red bellows £80-120
157.    Periflex Equipment, a 2 body, 3 and 3a cameras with 28mm and 95mm lenses £60-80
158.    Zeiss Super Ikonta, type 531/16 in makers case and box £40-60
159.    Linhof 220 Camera, black version in case with a Mamiya 23 £120-180
160.    Rolleicord 1 Camera, art deco version with makers case £50-70
161.    Rolleiflex Cameras, two examples of Old Standard type 3 with makers case £60-80
162.    Rolleicord Camera, with an f/3.5 75mm Xenar lens also a 4x4 model £60-80
163.    35mm Cameras, Robot, Finetta, Condor, Arco and Krauss items £40-60
164.    MPP TLR Cameras, a Microflex and a Microcord with branded accessories £50-70
165.    Small Folding Cameras, Ica, Nagel and Zeiss examples £40-60
166.    Minolta TLR Cameras, a Minoltacord with Autocord and Autocord Cds versions £70-100
167.    Photographic Plates, a quantity, some unopened packs, some exposed £20-30
168.    Film, a wide variety of sizes, emulsions and empty spools £10-20
169.    Zeiss Super Nettel Camera, with an f/3.5 50mm Triotar lens £50-70
170.    Kodak Boy Scout Brownie Camera, English market version with original makers embossed case £50-70
171.    Kemper Kombi Camera, in makers box together with other meters and other items £50-70
172.    Mamiya Cameras, a group of Mamiya's including a model 'C' in makers box £20-30
173.    Newman & Guardia Folding Reflex Camera, with an f/3.5 Ross Xpres lens and makers fitted box case £50-70
174.    Lizars Challenge Camera, quarter plate, Ross lens, makers fitted case and tripod £100-200
175.    Folding Cameras, a parcel of assorted items some large roll type £30-50
176.    Cameras, a mixed group including a few Franka's and a Chinese TLR and others £30-50
177.    Minolta SLR Cameras, a group of various models including 'X' series £40-60
178.    Early Horizontal Enlarger, with lens, original gas illumination system also an oil fired darkroom lamp £60-80
179.    Instant Picture Cameras, Fuji, Polaroid, Cambo and Kodak examples (2 boxes) £50-70
180.    Accessories, cases, rangefinders, accessories and photographica (2 boxes) £20-30
181.    Accessories, more camera related ancilaries and parts (3 boxes) £20-30
182.    Instant Picture Cameras a good quantity of Polaroid and Kodak items (2 boxes) £40-60
183.    Instant Picture Cameras Fuji and Polaroid Cameras and more (2 boxes) £40-60
184.    Instamatic Cameras, a huge and diverse quantity from Kodak and many others (2 boxes) £40-60
185.    Tripods, a quantity with some monopods (1 box) £30-50
186.    Cameras, an 8mm Bolex with Durst and other items also an Aldis Filmstrip projector (2) £30-50
187.    Photographic Light Bulbs, a variety of projection, lighting and flash bulbs £10-20
188.    Cardiographs, a pair of vintage units in mahogany boxes with a Zeiss microscope body (3) £20-30
189.    Flash Equipment, Nikon, Metz, Rollei and other makers units £20-30
190.    Corfield 66 Camera, in makers outfit together with a good quantity of original Corfield literature £40-60
191.    Dallmeyer Dalmac Lens, a 3 inch f/3.5 with matching extension tubes £50-70
192.    N&G Dective Camera, moving front panel and magazine insert £50-70
193.    R B Graflex series B, with roll film back and Kodak f/4.5 5½" lens £60-80
194.    R B Graflex series B, 4x5 version with an f/4.5 7¼"Ross Xpress lens £30-50
195.    Kodak Premo 9 Camera, in makers case with original film holders £30-50
196.    Kodak Bulls Eye Camera, No 2 model dated 1896 £20-30
197.    Gaumont Spido Camera, Jumelle style with Decaux shutter £40-60
198.    C P Goertz Instrument, unknown purpose, probably a rangefinder attachment £10-20
199.    Ernst Leitz Microscope, with objectives and substage condensor, serial No 194470 indicates 1917 production £70-100
200.    Baker of London Microscope, Victorian, with single 1½ inch objective £40-60
201.    Rolling Parallel Map Ruler, 18" long brass and lacquer, marked 'P Orr & Sons, 1942, ?, MK II' £30-50
202.    Leica Viewfinder, SBOOI, with a boxed ELDIA £20-30
203.    Lenses, a collection of various lenses including Cooke, Dallmeyer and others £40-60
204.    Stereoscope, Brewster pattern in burr walnut finish £50-70
205.    Accessory Film Backs, two unidentified examples, one for bulk 35mm the other for 127 format, both made to a very high standard £20-30
206.    Mixed Lot, an Olympus OM1, a pair of Nikon 8x20 binoculars and other items £30-50
207.    Leitz Microscope Accessories, a number of Ultropak items and literature £30-50
208.    Lantern Slides, a good quantity featuring well photographed Italian subjects, snow scenes and more with two boxes of exposed glass plates £40-60
209.    Lantern Slides, a parcel of B+W slides featuring European subjects, children playing and much more (2 boxes) £40-60
210.    Glass Stereo Slides, a quantity of individual slides featuring North Yorkshire circa 1920, some colour in a three drawer cabinet with other items £40-60
211.    Hasselblad 500CM Camera, black finish with a 150 Sonnar lens and other items £200-300
212.    Acrylic Prisms, a fitted case of various prisms £20-30
213.    Thornton Pickard Camera, an Imperial Perfecta model with the componants of the original box! £80-120
214.    SLR Cameras, a group including a Pentax ES with an f/1.4 55mm Super-Takumar, Olympus, Canon and others £80-120
215.    Cameras, a Voigtländer Vito Automatic, Minolta and others £40-60
216.    Polaroid Cameras, a selection together with an X-Rite colour analyser and other items £20-30
217.    Richomatic 225 Camera, in makers case and box withaccessories, guarantee and inspection tag £30-40
218.    A Large Collection of Various Glass Slides, including bamboo viewer, stereo slides and more (a lot) £30-50
219.    A Selection of Photographs & Glass Negatives, including stereo glass negatives and more (a lot) £20-30
220.    A Collection of Various Items Including, HMV / Embassy gramophone needles, stamps, badges and more (a lot) £30-50
221.    A Selection of Various Cameras & Accessories, including flash units, underwater housing, light meters and more (a lot) £40-60
222.    An A.G.I Dial Camera, in maker's box £20-30
223.    An Electric Magic Lantern, with Newton & Co. lens, in maker's case £20-30
224.    A Selection of Auction Catalogues, including Christie's Paris, Photographies, Collection d'um Amateur / Photographies, 16th November 2002, Trains Galore and more (a lot) £20-30
225.    A Selection of Literature & Auction Catalogues, including Christie's photographic auction catalogues, 'Antique Trader, Cameras and Photographica Price Guide' and more (a lot) £20-30
226.    A Nikon D3300 Digital SLR Body, fault to card reader circuit board, AF £20-30
227.    A Leitz Elmarit-M f/2.8 135mm Lens, with goggles, separation to elements, in maker's box £40-60
228.    ANNOUNCEMENT: This an M2 not an M3, serial No 1144642
A Leica M3 Rangefinder Camera, with Leitz Summicron f/2 50mm lens, shutter not working and marks to front element of lens, in maker's case £200-300
229.    A Leica R4s SLR Body, with Motor Winder R £40-60
230.    A Smal Selection of Leica Accessories, including Elmar f/4 90mm, Meter MR, black, SBOOI and more (a lot) £100-200
231.    Two Miniature Olympus SLR Camera Key Changes, together with a Canon EOS 1Ds model (3) £20-30
232.    Three Leica Cases, including 14544 in maker's box (3) £20-30
233.    A Selection of Various Cameras & Accessories, including Bolex, Mycro IIIA, Leica literature and more (a lot) £30-50
234.    A Good Selection of 9.5mm Pathe Films, for Pathe Baby £40-60
235.    A Mamiya RB67 Pro S Camera, with Sekor f/3.8 90mm and f/3.8 127mm lenses, complete with additional back, strap, hoods and instructions (a lot) £200-300
236.    A Leica CL Rangefinder Camera, with Leitz Summicron-C f/2 40mm lens and Elmar-C f/4 90mm lens £200-300
237.    Two Elinchrom 500 Compact Heads, together with a 250 compact head, with various cables and accessories, in maker's fitted case (a lot) £100-200
238.    A Group of Four Limited Edition Prints, by Patrick Litchfield (4) £40-60
239.    A Selection of Photographs & Prints, two mounted and the rest framed (7) £30-50
240.    A Praktica B100 SLR Camera, together with various other items including binoculars and some military literature (a lot) £20-30
241.    A Large Early Billingham Camera Bag, tan £70-100
242.    A Peli 1520 Case, yellow with inserts £30-50
243.    A Peli 1600 Case, black with inserts £40-60
244.    A Peli 1600 Case, grey with some foam £30-50
245.    A Nikon Aluminium Case, yellow £20-30
246.    A Wollensak Cine Velostigmat f/1.5 2" Lens, haze and coating issues, C mount £70-100
247.    A Bolex H16 Cine Camera, with Hugo Meyer and Wollensak lenses, in maker's case £80-120
248.    A Konica Auto Reflex Cut-Away SLR Camera, not factory made £30-50
249.    A Nikon AF Nikkor ED D f/4-5.6 70-300mm Lens, dropped and damage to mount, AF £20-30
250.    A Selection of 120 Roll Film, including Kodak Portra 400 NC, Fujicolor 400 HG and more (a lot) £50-70
251.    A Ricoh 16 Subminiature Camera, with Riken f/2.8 25mm lens, in maker's case £30-50
252.    Quantum Radio Slave II Unit, untested £20-30
253.    A Hasselblad 500C Camera, with Carl Zeiss Planar T* f/3.5 100mm lens £200-300
254.    A Hasselblad 503CX Body, with acute-matt focusing screen, complete with waist level finder and back £200-300
255.    A Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* f/4 150mm lens, together with a Sonnar T* f/5.6 250mm lens (2) £100-200
256.    A Selection of Hasselblad 500 Series Camera Backs, one black, seven chrome (8) £200-300
257.    A Quantity of Various Hasselblad Accessories, including caps, filters, hoods and more (a lot) £200-300
258.    A Hasselblad Leather Eveready Case, black £20-30
259.    A Quantity of Various Hasselblad Accessories, including focusing screens, finders, flash adapters and more (a lot) £200-300
260.    A Nikon D100 Digital SLR Camera, complete with AF f/3.5-4.5 28-85mm lens, flash and more (a lot) £100-200
261.    A Nikon AF Nikkor f/2.8 24mm Lens, focusing jammed, together with a AF nikkor G f/4-5.6 70-300mm and AF TC-16A 1.6x converter (4) £100-200
262.    A Nikon FM2n SLR Camera, with AF Micro-Nikkor f/2.8 55mm lens, with MD-12 and eveready case £100-200
263.    A Selection of Nikon Accessories, including Speedlight SB-80DX, MB-D100 battery pack and more, some boxes photographed are empty (2 boxes) £100-200
264.    A Quantity of Various Accessories, including lens hoods, cables and more (a lot) £20-30
265.    A Quantity of Various Flash Equipment, from Metz and Quantum, including cables, batteries and more (a lot) £50-70
266.    A Selection of Various Lenses & Accessories, including Sigma AF f/5.6 400mm, Tamron SP f/8 500mm, and more (a lot) £70-100
267.    A Selection of Various Accessories, including cases, adapters and more (a lot) £20-30
268.    A Leica Iic Rangefinder Camera, with Leitz Elmar f/3.5 50mm lens, with FIKUS hood in maker's case £100-200
269.    A Large Manfrotto Ball Head, with quick release plate £20-30
270.    A Selection of Various Cameras, including Walzflex, Pentax SV, Olympus XA1 and more (a lot) £70-100
271.    A Selection of Various Cameras, including Nimslo 3D, Casio EX-Z75 and more (a lot) £30-50
272.    A Polaroid 220 Camera, together with others and accessories (a lot) £30-50
273.    A Sony HDR-TG3E Digital Camcorder, with accessories in maker's box £20-30
274.    A Selection of Various Cameras, including Nikon F80, Pentax SP500 and more (a lot) £30-50
275.    A Selection of Early Mobile Phones, including Nokia Talkman 62 and more (a lot) £20-30
276.    A Selection of Cameras, including Yashica FX-3, Mamiya ZE-2 and more (a lot) £20-30
277.    A Selection of Cameras, including Olympus 35RC , Olympus 35 ECR and more (a lot) £40-60
278.    A Selection of Cameras, including CMF Rolex, Hunter 35 and more (a lot) £20-30
279.    A Selection of Cameras, including Minolta X-300, Minolta XG-1 and more (a lot) £50-70
280.    A Selection of Cameras, including Cosina CT-1, Miranda MS-3 and more (a lot) £30-50
281.    A Selection of Cameras, including Braun Paxina 29, Lubitel 2 and more (a lot) £30-50
282.    A Selection of Cameras, including Vivitar V2000, V4000 and more (a lot) £20-30
283.    A Selection of Cameras, including Regular Picca C, Regulette and more (a lot) £20-30
284.    A Selection of Cameras, including FED 4, Kodak Retinette and more (a lot) £50-70
285.    A Selection of Cameras, including Ilfoflex, Kingston and more (a lot) £20-30
286.    A Selection of Various Box Cameras, including Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, Brownie No.0 and more (a lot) £30-50
287.    A Selection of Cameras, including Olympus Trip 35, Miranda 35SF and more (a lot) £20-30
288.    A Selection of Cameras, including Rollei Rolleimat F, Olympus 35RC and more (a lot) £40-60
289.    A Selection of Cameras, including Yashica M, Yashica J and more (a lot) £20-30
290.    A Selection of Cameras, including Fujica Flash II, Fujica 35-EE and more (a lot) £20-30
291.    A Selection of Cameras, including Kowa SE, LOMO Cosmic Symbol, lots of Ilford Sportman's and more (a lot) £40-60
292.    A Selection of Cameras, including 1980's compact and bridge cameras (a lot) £10-20
293.    A Selection of Cameras, including Agfa Optima I, Optima II, Silette and more (a lot) £20-30
294.    A Selection of Various Box Cameras, with models including Goldy, Jubile and more (2 boxes) £40-60
295.    A Selection of Cameras, including Rollei Tele Pocketline 300, Sakura Pak 300 and more (a lot) £10-20
296.    A Selection of Polaroid Cameras, including Supercolor 635, OneStep 600 and more (a lot) £40-60
297.    A Selection of Various Projector Lenses, including Ross 95mm lens, serial no. 1017, together with various other items (a lot) £50-70
298.    A Selection of Cameras, including Baby Brownie Special, Spartus Ful-Vue and more (a lot) £20-30
299.    A Selection of Cameras, including Canon L-1, Kodak Advantix T700 and more (a lot) £20-30
300.    A Selection of Cameras, including Polaroid 1200FF, Polaroid 355 and more (a lot) £30-50
301.    A Selection of Cine Cameras, including Quartz 5, Kodak BB and more (a lot) £20-30
302.    A Selection of Cameras, from maker's including Pentax, Agfa and more (3 Boxes) £20-30
303.    A Selection of Cameras, including Chinon FX, Chionon CS and more (a lot) £30-50
304.    A Selection of Cameras, including Agfa Optima 335, Agfa Isoly 100 and more (a lot) £20-30
305.    A Smal Selection of Underwater Cameras, including Sea & Sea MX05 II (a lot) £20-30
306.     A Selection of Various Lenses, including Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar f/2 50mm, Jupiter-9 f/2 85mm, Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon f/2 50mm and more (a lot) £50-70
307.    A Selection of Various Lenses, including Schneider Symmar f/5.6 150mm Rodenstock Retina-Helicon C f/4 35mm and others (a lot) £50-70
308.    A Quantity of Various Accessories, from maker's including Leica, Wray, Voigtlander, Zeiss Ikon and others (a lot) £80-120
309.    A Nikon Nikkormat EL SLR Camera, with Nikkor-S f/1.4 50mm lens, together with Nikkormat FT3. with Nikkor AI f/2 50mm lens (2) £100-200
310.    A Nikon F2 SB SLR Body, toether with a Nikon F3, with Nikon Series E f/1.8 50mm lens (2) £100-200
311.    A Nikon Nikkormat FT2 SLR Camera, with Nikkor AI f/1.4 50mm lens, together with Nikon F2 A, with Vivitar zoom lens (2) £100-200
312.    Three Kodak Retina Cameras, including 119, II and IIa (3) £30-50
313.    A Kodak Retina IIC Rangefinder Camera, together with a IIIc (2) £30-50
314.    A Leica IIIF Rangefinder Camera, with Leitz Summitar f/2 50mm lens £80-120
315.    A Wray Lustrar f/4 90mm Lens, together with a Lustrar f/4 135mm lens, with Wrayflex tripod foot (3) £70-100
316.    A Selection of Various Cameras, including Ica Icarette, Zeca Goldi, Zeiss Ikon Icarette 500/12 and two others (6) £50-70
317.    Four Zeiss Ikon Baby Ikonta Cameras, with various lenses (4) £20-30
318.    Two Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 533/16 Rangefinder Cameras, with a Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 531 (3) £100-200
319.    Two Canon EOS 5 SLR Cameras, one with EF f/3.5-4.5 20-35mm, and an EOS 850 (3) £80-120
320.    Three Canon SLR Cameras, including A-1, FX and TX (3) £80-120
321.    A Canon F-1 SLR Camea, with FD f/1.4 50mm lens £70-100
322.    A Selection of Canon SLR Cameras, including AE-1, T50, T70 and more (a lot) £70-100
323.    A Canon F-1n SLR Body, black, in case £70-100
324.    Three Canon SLR Cameras, including Pellix, EF and AL-1 (3) £50-70
325.    A Selection of Compact Cameras, including Rollei 35S, Rollei 35, Petri Micro Compact and more (6) £80-120
326.    Three Folding Cameras, including Ernemann Bob V, ICA Icarette and one other (3) £30-50
327.    A Seletion of Various Folding Cameras, from maker's including Voigtlander, Zeiss Ikon and more (a lot) £100-200
328.    A Selection of Canon FD Mount Lenses, including FD f/2 35mm, FD f/2.8 24mm and more (a lot) £100-200
329.    A Canon FL f/1.2 58mm Lens, with Canon slim filter £70-100
330.    An Exakta Varex VX SLR Camera, with Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar f/2 58mm lens, Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon f/2.8 35mm lens and a few accessories (a lot) £40-60
331.    A Kowa SIX MM Camera, with three lenses including f/2.8 85mm, f/3.5 55mm and f/3.5 150mm (a lot) £100-200
332.    A Leica MDa Camera, with Visoflex I and Leitz Telyt f/4 200mm lens £200-300
333.    A Mamiya M645 1000S Camera, with three lenses including f/2.8 55mm, f/2.8 80mm and f/3.5 150mm, with various accessories (a lot) £150-250
334.    A Mamiya C330 Professional F TLR Camera, with four lenses including f/4.5 55mm, f/2.8 80mm, f/3.5 105mm and f/4.5 180mm £200-300
335.    Three Mamiya TLR Cameras, including two C220's and a C330 (3) £200-300
336.    A Graflex Speed Graphic Camera, with Rodenstock-Ysarex f/4.5 105mm lens £50-70
337.    A Mamiya Super 23 Camera, with f/3.5 100mm lens £70-100
338.    A Kodak Retina IIIS Camera, with Retina-Xenon f/1.9 50mm and Retina-Tele-Xenar f/4 135mm lenses £30-50
339.    A Zeiss-Opton Biogon T f/2.8 35mm Lens, with maker's caps, Contax mount £100-200
340.    A Zeiss-Opton Sonnar T f/2 85mm Lens, together with a Zeiss-Opton Sonnar T f/4 135mm lens, Contax mount (2) £80-120
341.    A Small Selection of Various Zeiss Ikon Accessories, including finders, filters and cassettes (a lot) £50-70
342.    A Zeiss Ikon Contax III Rangefinder Camera, with Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar f/2 50mm lens, in case £70-100
343.    A Zeiss Ikon Contax II Rangefinder Camera, with Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar T f/3.5 50mm lens, in maker's case £80-120
344.    A Zeiss Ikon Contax IIIa Rangefinder Camera, with Carl Zeiss Sonnar f/1.5 50mm lens, in maker's case £100-200
345.    An Olympus OM-1n SLR Camera, with various lenses including G.Zuiko f/1.4 50mm, F.Zuiko f/1.8 50mm, Zuiko f/2.8 24mm and S.Zuiko f/4 28-48mm lenses (a lot) £100-200
346.    A Selection of Various Accessories, from maker's including Rollei, Nikon Zeiss Ikon and more (a lot) £50-70
347.    An Agfa Ambiflex, with various lenses including f/2.8 50mm, f/3.4 35mm, f/3.4 90mm and f/4 135mm (a lot) £70-100
348.    A Voigtlander Bessamatic CS Camera, with various lenses including Septon f/2 50mm, Skoparex f/3.4 35mm, Color-Skopar X f/2.8 50mm, Dynarex f/3.4 90mm and Super-Dynarex f/4 135mm, together with various accessories in fitted maker's case £100-200
349.    A Voigtlander Bessamatic Camera, with lenses including Skoparex f/3.4 35mm, Color-Skopar X f/2.8 50mm and Super-Dynarex f/4 135mm (a lot) £50-70
350.    A Voigtlander Bessamatic Camera, with Skoparex f/3.4 35mm lens, in maker's box £30-50
351.    A Voss Diax IIa Rangefinder Camera, with lenses including Xenon f/2 50mm, Westron f/3.5 35mm, Tele-Xenar f/3.5 90mm and Tele-Xenar f/4 135mm (a lot) £80-120
352.    A Kodak Retina Reflex III Camera, with Retina-Xenon f/1.9 50mm and Retina-Curtagon f/4 28mm lenses £50-70
353.    A Kodak Retina IIIS Rangefinder Camera, with Retina-Xenar f/2.8 50mm, Retina-Curtagon f/2.8 35mm and Retina-Tele-Xenar f/4 135mm lenses, together with various accessories (a lot) £50-70
354.    A Yashica 44 TLR Camera, together with a Yashica 44 LM TLR Camera (2) £40-60
355.    A Pignons Alpa Mod. 5 SLR Camera, with Schneider Alpa-Xenon f/1.9 50mm lens, in maker's case £200-300
356.    A Voigtlander Bessamatic Camera, with Septon f/2 50mm lens £30-50
357.    Two Voigtlander Bessa T Bodies, one black and one chrome (2) £70-100
358.    A Voigtlander Prominenet Rangefinder Camera, with Nokton f/1.5 50mm, in maker's case £100-200
359.    A Voigtlander Vito III Rangefinder Camera, with Ultron f/2 50mm lens, together with a Vitessa, with a Ultron f/2 50mm lens, both in maker's cases (2) £100-200
360.    A Zeiss Ikon Contax IIIa Rangefinder Camera, together with a Zeiss Ikon Contax III rangefinder camera (2) £80-120
361.    A Takamine Sisley 2A Rangefinder Camera, with C.Deep-C f/3.5 75mm lens, in maker's case £30-50
362.    A Krasnogorsk Iskra Rangefinder Camera, with Industar-58 f/3.5 75mm lens, in maker's case £30-50
363.    A Zeiss Ikon Super Nettel 536/24 Rangefinder Camera, with Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar f/3.5 50mm lens, together with Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 531 (2) £100-200
364.    Three Zeiss Ikon Rangefinder Cameras, including two Super Ikonta 532/16 and a Super Ikonta 531/2 (3) £100-200
365.    A Selection of Kodak Retina Cameras, most in maker's cases (a lot) £80-120
366.    A Selection of Various Cameras, from maker's including Voigtlander, Zeiss Ikon, Kodak and more (a lot) £80-120
367.    A Selection of Voigtlander Cameras, including Ultramatic CS, Vitessa T and more (a lot) £100-200
368.    A Selection of Various Cameras, from maker's including Kodak, Agfa and more (a lot) £70-100
369.    Agfa Cameras, a bunch of Karats, in makers cases (4) £40-60
370.    Russian M39 Cameras, a Zorki with a Fed both in cases with f/2.8 35mm and f/4 135mm lenses £40-60
371.    Kiev Cameras, a packet of examples, 3 metered, 1 plain (4) £40-60
372.    Voigtländer Bessa Cameras, model 1 examples each with different (3) £80-120
373.    Ansco Memo Camera, 1927 version with original case £60-80
374.    Zeiss Ikonta Cameras, 530/18 Baby models with Novar and Tessar lenses (2) £20-30
375.    Welta Weltur Camera, 6x6 format with f/2.8 75mm Tessar lens £50-70
376.    Zeiss Deckrullo Camera, Nettle version in leather box case with dark slides and roll back £40-60
377.    Glunz Camera, folding 6.5 x 9 plate format in leather box case £30-50
378.    Olympus 35 RC Cameras, two examples £20-30
379.    Voigtländer Prominent Outfit, with f/2 Ultron lens, also 35mm and 100mm lenses and accessories £100-200
380.    Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex Cameras, four different examples each in makers case £60-80
381.    TLR Cameras, a Voigtländer Superb with a Brilliant, also a Minolta Autocord (3) £100-120
382.    MPP Microflex Cameras, with branded accessories and cases £50-70
383.    Rolleiflex Automat Camera, f/3.5 Opton Tessar lens and makers case £60-80
384.    Rollieflex T Camera, grey edition with built in meter, makers case £40-60
385.    Rolleiflex 3.5 F Camera, metered type with Planar lens and case £100-200
386.    Rolleiflex 3.5 F Camera, metered type with Planar lens and case £150-250
387.    Plaubel Makina Camera, model III with an f/2.9 100 Anticomar lens £100-200
388.    Zeiss Folding Cameras, a group of various examples with an Ihagee folder (5) £50-70
389.    Zeiss Super Ikonta Cameras, a variety of versions and formats (6) £80-120
390.    German Cameras, items from Rollop, Certo, Diax and Kodak (4) £40-60
391.    Canon Equipment, a Canonet GIII f/1.7, an f/1.2 58mm FL Lens and more (a lot) £60-80
392.    Cameras, a KNEB with an additional 35mm lens, Praktina FX, Exakta's and more (a lot) £60-80
393.    35mm Cameras, various Olympus SLR's and others (5) £50-70
394.    Leica IIIG Camera, serial No. 829446 with an f/2 50mm Summicron lens and makers case £200-300
395.    Nikon F2 Camera, chrome with standard Prism and an f/2 50mm Nikkor in case £100-200
396.    Nikon F2 Photomic Camera, with makers case and f/2 50mm Nikkor lens £120-240
397.    Zeiss Ikon Kolibri Camera, with Compur shutter and Tessar lens £80-120
398.    Zeiss Ikon Jcarette Camera, 6x9 format in makers box case £30-50
399.    Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta Cameras, a 6x4.5 format 530 in makers box with a 531/2 (2) £40-60
400.    Foca Two Star Camera, with an f/1.9 50mm Oplarex lens £80-120
401.    Leica IIIF Camera, upgraded from a sharkskin IIIC, Summitar lens and case £100-150
402.    Leica IIF Camera, red scale version with an f/3.5 50mm red scale Elmar and case £100-150
403.    Leica Elmar Lens, f/2.8 50mm 'M' lens with a Reid ERC and other goods £100-200
404.    Canon VT Body, chrome version with makers case £40-60
405.    Canon IID 1 Camera, with an f/1.8 50mm Serenar lens £60-80
406.    Canon IVSB 2 Body, chrome finish £30-50
407.    Canon IIF 2 Cameras, with a f/1.8 50mm Canon Lens £50-70
408.    Canon L1 Camera, in makers case with an f/2.8 50mm Canon Lens £50-70
409.    Canon P Camera, with coupled meter, f/1.8 lens and case £60-80
410.    Canon 100mm Lens, f/3.5 aperture in makers case with eagle logo, Canon 100mm viewfinder, also camera cases £30-50
411.    Contax Fit Lenses, an f/2.8 35mm Carl Zeiss Biogon, an f/3.5 50mm Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar and an f/1.4 50mm Nikkor SC £100-200
412.    Voigtländer Lenses, a pair of f/3.5 35mm Skoparon lenses for Prominent £30-50
413.    Cameras and More, a Canon FTb camera, a Tamron 500mm mirror lens and much more (a lot) £40-60
414.    Hitachi Camera, a late 20th centuary mobile VHS recording aparatus assembly £5-10
415.    Mamiyaflex C330 Outfit, a body with 55/65/105/135 and 180 lenses also an additional 'blue dot' 135 lens (a lot) £100-200
416.    Praktica Cameras, an L2, a BX20 together with lenses and a Canon outfit and more £40-60
417.    Zeiss Super Ikonta Camera, a 533/16 model with a Voigtländer Brilliant and a Foth Derby (3) £40-60
418.    Rolleiflex 3.5 F Camera, Planar lens, metered version with case £200-300
419.    Zeiss Ikon Contax II Outfit, with an f/8 28mm Tessar, f/2 50mm Sonnar and a f/4 135mm Sonnar £100-200
420.    Zeiss Ikon Contax IIIa Outfit, camera body with Opton series f/2.8 35mm Biogon, f/1.5 50mm Sonnar and an f/2 85mm Sonnar lenses (3) £100-200
421.    Joumelle Style Camera, unmarked, with repeating plate back £30-50
422.    Leica R4 Body, chrome version with other items (a lot) £70-100
423.    Leica M Lenses, an f/4 135mm Elmar lens in makers box with a collapsible 90mm Elmar and a 280mm Telyt (3) £80-120
424.    Leica Screw Lenses, Elmar and Hektor 135mm lenses together with a 90mm Elmar (4) £50-70
425.    Leica Visoflex III, with prism and bellows in makers boxes and microscope items (a lot) £40-60
426.    Leica Micro Visoflex, with matching finder and two different 'FULDY' stages with a batch of Leitz instruction manuals (a lot) £70-100
427.    Leica Accessories, a group of items including a WINKO, a WINTU a MR4 Meter and more £100-200
428.    Seagull TLR Camera, with a Yashicamat camera, both in makers cases (2) £40-60
429.    Pentax LX Cameras, two examples with standard lenses (2) £40-60
430.    Ensign Selfix 820 Camera, with a Ross Xpress lens and two other folding cameras £40-60
431.    Konica Hexar Camera, with a fixed f/2 35mm Hexar lens £50-70
432.    Leica R3 Bodies, two black examples with a chrome version (3) £80-120
433.    Leica Accessories, two 90mm Elmar lenses with an f/4 135mm Canon Serinar, an f/3.5 135mm Lite lens with finder and more £80-120
434.    Alpa 10D Body, chrome finish with makers body cap £50-70
435.    Konica Reflex Outfit, FC-1, FT-1 and TC-X bodies with a quantity of additional lenses £70-100
436.    Lenses, an f 5.6 150mm Symmar with an f/6.3 65mm Mamiya Press lens (2) £40-60
437.    Canon Bodies, an EOS-RT with an EF and a FT-QL £50-70
438.    Yashica 35 Cameras, a model 35, a Lynx 1.4 with an Electro 35 GT (3) £70-100
439.    Cameras, a group of various cameras including a Leica AF-C1, Periflex 3A and others (a lot) £60-80
440.    A Selection of Russian Cameras, including a Zorki 4, Jupiter-9 f/2 85mm and others, photosniper missing body (a lot) £40-60
441.    An Unusual Russian Contax RF to Screw Adapter, quite rudimentary construction £20-30
442.    A Ross Zeiss Convertible Anastigmat f/10 7¾ Brass Lens, serial no. 3730 £20-30
443.    A Mamiya C3 TLR Camera, with Sekor f/2.8 80mm lens £20-30
444.    Five Canon Rangefinder Cameras, including Canonet QL19, A35 Datalux and more (a lot) £40-60
445.    Micro Compact 35mm Cameras, a group of Minox 35 variants with an Olympus XA (5) £30-50
446.    Olympus 35 RC Cameras, two examples, one recovered together with an Olympus Pen D (3) £40-60
447.    A Group of Canon Dial Cameras, including two Dial 35-2's, three in cases (7) £50-70
448.    Three Canon Demi Cameras, including blue Demi, Red Demi EE28 and Black Demi, red and blue examples in coloured cases (3) £50-70
449.    Canon Demi Cameras, two Demi EE 1.7 cameras and original Demi versions (6) £60-80
450.    Two Canon Demi Rapid Cameras, together with two Canon Demi C cameras, in maker's cases, one with additional lens (4) £40-60
451.    Optex Anamorphic Lens, with a boxed Sony DSR-PD150 camcorder £100-200
452.    Kodak Carousel Projectors, a pair with magazines, zoom and 150mm lenses £10-20
453.    Kiev Camera, with standard lens and case £20-30
454.    Canon IIB Camera, serial No. 21522 , (production Started with 21050) camera and case marked 'made in occupied Japan' £100-200
455.    Fujica GA645Z1 Camera, champagne finish £100-200
456.    Cameras, a diverse group including a Leica R4, an Olympus RD and more (a lot) £80-120
457.    Nikon D1x Bodies, 4 examples with chargers £50-70
458.    L&G Cross Channel Binoculars, 40x(!)70 with case £10-20
459.    Russian Mirror Lens, f/8 500mm with makers case £30-50
460.    Plaubel Peco Monorail Outfit, with an f/4.5 150mm Xenar, an f/5.6 240mm Convertible Symmar and roll film backs £100-200
461.    Yashica A Camera, in makers box with inspection tag and instructions £40-60
462.    Mamiya C Metering Head, for C330 series cameras in makers case with instructions £20-30
463.    Pentax Bodies, a ZX-50, a P30n, a MZ30 with a Minolta 7000 (4) £30-50
464.    Canon SLR Cameras, a TX, an EX Auto and others (5) £40-60
465.    Nikon SLR Cameras, F65, F401, F601, F 801 with more (6) £50-70
466.    Cameras, a mixed group including an Edinex, a Gilbert, an Olympic Zenith and others (8) £40-60
467.    35mm Cameras, including a Yashica 35, a Ricoh 800 and others (8) £40-60
468.    Leicina Cameras, an 8S with additional lens, an 8SV, both on makers cases with instructions £30-50
469.    Ilford Advocate Camera, Dallmeyer lens and case £60-80
470.    Zeiss Contaflex Camera, Prima model with Pantar lens and case £20-30
Olympus Items, an original OM motordrive with grip and additional lead, a 35RC camera and other items £30-40
472.    Dallmeyer Pentac Lens, 8? f/2.9 version £50-70
473.    Butchers Popular Pressman Camera, Aldis-Butcher lens, makers case and film holders £70-100
474.    Voigtländer Stereo Camera, a leather covered Stereophotoskop with rising front, in makers case £100-200
475.    Wray Stereo Camera, for 35mm film, with case £50-70
476.    SLR Cameras, a Canon A1 with f/1.4 50mm lens with others (5) £40-60
477.    Pentax Binoculars, 10x50 rubber coated with another pair (2) £20-30

Lenses, a variety of zoom and others (a lot) £30-50
479.    Lumix G10 Camera, with an f/3.5-5.6 14-42mm lens £30-50
480.    Rolleiflex Camera, early version with Rollei accessories £40-60
481.    Leica Cases, three ever ready type cases £30-50
482.    A Selection of Various Lenses & Accessories, including Canon EF IS f/4-5.6 70-300mm, Canon EF USM f/3.5-5.6 28-200mm and more (a lot) £100-200
483.    A Selection of Various Cameras, including Canon EOS 400D, Pentax ME Super, Canon AL-1 QF and more (a lot) £100-200
484.    A Selection of Various Accessories, including literature, filters and more (a lot) £40-60
485.    A Selection of Various Cameras, including Yashica Electro GTN, Kiev, Olympus Trip 35 and more (a lot) £60-80
486.    A Quantity of Various Lenses, including Pentax-M f/3.5 28mm, Carl Zeiss Jena f/3.5 135mm and more (a lot) £40-60
487.    A Quantity of Various Lenses, including Yashica ML f/2 50mm, Pentax-A f/1.7 50mm, Vivitar f/2.8 135mm and more (a lot) £50-70
488.    A Nikon F3 SLR Camera, together with a Nikon FE body (2) £40-60
489.    Three Polaroid Cameras, including One 600 (3) £10-20
490.    A Small Selection of Accessories, from Hasselblad, Olympus and others (a lot) £40-60
491.    A Rittreck II-A Camera, serial no. 7044, with Luminant f/3.5 105mm lens, together with two additional boxed backs £100-200
492.    A C.P. Goerz Doppel-Anastigmat Series III f/6.8 180mm Lens, incomplete £10-20
493.    A Selection of Microscope Advertising Brochures, by Carl Zeiss Jena (a lot) £20-30
494.    A Rodenstock Klimsch APO-Ronar L f/16 1000mm Lens, one element in middle group fractured (AF) £20-30
495.    A Leotax Rangefinder Camera, with Tokyo Kogaku Topcor f/3.5 50mm lens £80-120
496.    A Pair of E. Leitz Fernglas Binoculars, stamped 'K' and 'III 1.7' £70-100
497.    An Ihagee Exa Rheinmetall SLR Camera, with Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar T f/2.8 50mm lens £30-50
498.    Three Ihagee Exa SLR Cameras, one with Carl Zeiss Pancolar f/2 50mm lens (3) £40-60
499.    Three Ihagee Exa SLR Cameras, all with Carl Zeiss Jena lenses (3) £40-60
500.    Two Ihagee Exa SLR Cameras, including a Balda (4) £30-50
501.    A Selection of Various Ihagee Accessories, including three lenses and more (a lot) £50-70
502.    A Small Quantity of Ihagee Exakta Literature, including brochures and manuals (a lot) £20-30
503.    A Selection of Various Cameras & Accessories, including Dallmeyer Dalmac f/3.5 2" lens (a lot) £20-30
504.    A Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 533/16 Rangefinder Camera, with Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar f/2.8 80mm lens £20-30
505.    A Praktica LTL 3 SLR Camera, with Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar f/1.8 50mm, Flektogon f/2.8 35mm and f/3.5 135mm lenses, also including other cameras (a lot) £50-70
506.    A Selection of Various Cameras & Accessories, incluing Kodak Retina IIIS, Kowa and more (a lot) £30-50
507.    An Unmarked Pocket Microscope, in maker's box £30-50
508.    A Leica IIIC Rangefinder Body, serial no. 224133 £50-70
509.    A Leica IIC Rangefinder Body, serial no. 446753 £50-70
510.    A Leitz Elmar f/4 135mm Lens, serial no. 1733845, M mount £50-70
511.    A Leitz Elmar f/4 135mm Lens, serial no. 1907112, screw mount £40-60
512.    A Leitz Telyt f/5.6 560mm Lens Head, with Leica case £50-70
513.    Two Nikon Underwater Cameras, together with a Canon Ixus III and Ixus IX240 gold (4) £40-60
514.    A Large Collection of Literature, on glamour and nudes, with books by photographers and pratical books (2 boxes) £70-100
515.    A Selection of Film, incluiding some filters and lenses (a lot) £30-50
516.    An Olympus OM-2 SLR Camera, with f/1.4 50mm lens, in maker's box, together with additional telephoto lens £50-70
517.    A Zeiss Ikon Contarex Bullseye SLR Camera, with Carl Zeiss Planar f/2 50mm lens, in maker's case £100-200
518.    A Selection of Various Cameras, including Voigtlander Vito II, Minolta Hi-Matic E and more (a lot) £30-50
519.    An Unmarked 16mm Projector, with Hugo Meyer Kinon III 35mm lens, untested £30-50
520.    A Large Collection of Literature, covering physics, nuclear technology and more (a lot) £20-30
521.    A Large Collection of Literature, covering phsyics, nuclear technology and more (a lot) £20-30
522.    A Small Selection of Scientific Instruments, including a Planimeter, micrometer and more (a lot) £20-30
523.    A Neon Voltage Stabiliser Tube, unmarked £20-30
524.    A Late Bakelite Fuller's Calculator, in mahogany box £40-60
525.    A Selection of Various Flash Equipment, with maker's including Cobra, Centon and more (a lot) £20-30
526.    A Selection of Various Accessories, including brackers, tripod heads, Leica case and more (a lot) £30-50
527.    A Quantity of Various Filters, mostly in boxes (a lot) £20-30
528.    A Quantity of Various Filters, some from maker's including Nikon and Canon (a lot) £30-50
529.    A Quantity of Manual Cable Releases, also to include a self timer (a lot) £20-30
530.    A Selection of Adapter Rings, also including an Ensign Kinecam body (a lot) £20-30
531.    A Quantity of Various Filters, from Hoya, Cokin and others (a lot) £20-30
532.    A Selection of Film Plates, also to include some mahogany DDS (a lot) £20-30
533.    A Zeiss Ikon Projector, together with a cine camera and Leitz Pardovit (3) £10-20
534.    A Boyer Paris APO-Saphir f/10 600mm Process Lens, with maker's lens cap £100-200
535.    A Selection of Vaious Equipment, including Magellan GPS, CCTV cameras and more (a lot) £20-30
536.    Projection Equipment, a diversity of still and cine items including Kodak Carousel and others *cannot be posted* £30-50
537.    Projection Equipment, a substantial quantity of slide and movie items, some in maker's boxes *cannot be posted* £30-50
538.    Processing Equipment, Durst and Gamer enlargers, an Agfa Rondinax 60 tank with a profusion of other related equipment * cannot be posted* £30-50
539.    A Sony PMW-EX3 Digital Video Camera, with batteries and chargers, in KATA case £400-600
540.    A Canon EOS 60D Digital SLR Body, with magnified screen shade £150-250
541.    A Canon EF L II USM f/2.8 16-35mm Lens, with lens hood and pouch, big ding to filter thread £200-300
542.    A Canon EF L USM f/2.8 24-70mm Lens, with lens hood £200-300
543.    A Sigma APO EX DC f/2.8 50-150mm Lens, Canon mount, in case and box £100-200
544.    A Selection of Support Accessories & Brackets, from maker's including Manfrotto (a lot) £40-60
545.    A Selection of Various Tiffen Filters, in cases (a lot) £40-60
546.    A Giotto MH1300 Ball Head, together with a Manfrotto 241 pump cup support (2) £40-60
547.    A Large Colllection of Various Cables, mostly for audio visual use, all in a Peli 1650 case (a lot) £50-70
548.    Two Cases of Various Accessories, including brackets and random assortments (2 cases) £20-30
549.    A DataVideo TLM-700 Portable Display, in pouch £50-70
550.    Two Unbranded Monitors, complete with various cables and accessories (a lot) £50-70
551.    A Chorsziel Matte Box, AF £40-60
552.    A Selection of Microphone Equipment, including Sennheiser SK100, EK100, EW500 (2), SKP100 and shotgun microphone (a lot) £100-200
553.    A Canon J15ax8B2 IRS SX12 Lens, with lens hood, untested £40-60
554.    Two Dedolight DHL4 Lights, together with one DLH2, with dimmable transformers and Special 85mm f2.8 attachment, untested (a lot) £200-300
555.    A Dedolight 400D Light, with DEB400D transformer and cables, untested (a lot) £500-700
556.    An Arri 650 Plus Tungsten Fresnel Light, with cable on bracket, untested £100-200
557.    Two Arri Arrilight 800 Heads, one has serious damage to caseing, sold strickly for parts (a lot) £10-20
558.    A Datavision DV-LED 900HS Light Panel, together with a Lowel Tota light, untested (2) £40-60
559.    A PAG AR124PLD Charger, together with a PAG MC124 charger and various batteries, untested (a lot) £50-70
560.    A Think Tank HardDrive Backpack, with pull out tripod holder £20-30
561.    A Sachtler Video Speed Lock CF Carbon Fiber Tripod, with Video 18 SB fluid head, in maker's case £600-800
562.    A Laing Video Slider Rail, with Manfrotto MVH502AH head £40-60
563.    A Hauge Cam-Slide Rail, AF £30-50
564.    A Collection of Tripods & Supports, including Manfrotto 190, Hague Dolly D4 and more (a lot) £70-100
565.    A Sony DVW-790WSP Digital Betacam, lacking lens, in Porta Brace case, untested £100-200
566.    A Sony DSR-1PP Digital DVCAM, lacking lens, in Porta Brace case, untested £100-200
567.    A Vinten Carbon Fiber Video Tripod, with Vision 10LF head £200-300
568.    A Cage of Various Video Production Accessories, including supports, reflectors and more (a lot) £100-200
569.    A Box of Various Accessories, including Sekonic Studio Deluxe II, Kata brace and more (a lot) £100-200
570.    A Canon J9ax5.2B4 IRS SX12 Video Lens, with Chrosziel matte box (a lot) £100-200
571.    Classical albums, two hundred and fifty albums plus and approximately fifty singles/Eps including box sets various years and conditions £40-60
572.    Rock, prog, plus eighteen 12" albums plus one 10" including Jack Bruce and Procal Harum various years and conditions £40-60
573.    Rock & roll/ rockabilly, nineteen albums including Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent various years and conditions £40-60
574.    Jazz & Blues, twelve albums various years and conditions including Johnny Smith, Muddy Waters and Dizzy Gillespie £30-50
575.    Various Genre, approximately two hundred and fifty albums of various years and conditions including country, folk, easy listening and pop. £40-60
576.    Rock, prog, folk, eighty plus albums including Doobie Brothers, Tom Paxton and Blue Oyster Cult various years and conditions. £60-80
577.    Swing era, fifteen box sets including records and books plus twenty plus further albums of different genre various years and conditions £20-30
578.    Singles, three hundred and fifty plus of various genre, years and conditions including The Shadows, Rita Coolidge and Kim Wilde £40-60
579.    Posters/Singles, Deacon Blue poster framed and glazed 21" X 31" for greatest hits tour at Plymouth, a Knebworth silver clef award presented to Ian Brightmore together with eighty plus singles various genre, years and conditions £20-40
580.    Singles, approximately sixty singles together with eleven 78s various genre, years and conditions £40-60
581.    Albums/12" singles, approximately sixty including soul, jazz and others plus nine singles including St Germain Tourist, a signed Marlena Shaw Anthology and A Night at Studio 54, various years and conditions £60-80
582.    Singles, approximately one hundred and fifty, many without sleeves including The Zombies and The Cars £40-60
583.    Albums, ninety plus of various genre, years and conditions including Rod Stewart, Cat Stevens and Thin Lizzy £60-80
584.    Mandolin, Tanglewood Union series TML-BK good condition with soft case £30-50
585.    Violin, 13" Stentor Student in good condition with bow in travel case £30-50
586.    Albums, approximately one hundred and sixty of different genre including musicals, pop, classical and a collection of Barbra Streisand various years and conditions £40-60
587.    Albums, approximately seventy five mainly rock and pop including The Beatles, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Alan Parson's Project and Yes various years and conditions £60-80
588.    Albums, thirty eight mainly rock and pop, various years and conditions including The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doors and Genesis £60-80
589.    Albums, seventy five plus of various genre, years and conditions including The Beatles complete White Album, Ian Matthews, David Bowie and James Taylor £50-80
590.    Roy Orbison, seventeen albums of various years and conditions including Crying and Mystery Girl £20-40
591.    CDs, approximately ninety mainly from the 1980s including Steve Winwood, Style Council and Jack Bruce £50-80
592.    Accordion, EL Bozzinni, generally good condition in hard case £40-60
593.    Hand Drums, a pair of African drums made from fibre glass in good condition £40-60
594.    Guitars, a pair of Herald guitars, model MG104N plus a child's guitar model MG02N both in good condition £20-30
595.    Poster, replica poster of 1970 Bath Blues Festival in good condition £20-30
596.    Books, a small group of books of various genre including 'Thunderbirds are Go' and James Bond £20-30
597.    Posters, a group of eighteen, nine of music related including The Who at Charlton FC which has damaged edges, ELP and Keith Emerson with a further nine unrelated posters including 'Plaza De Toros De Espana' (damaged) and a quantity of newspaper cuttings mainly about The Who £20-40
598.    Singles, approximately four hundred and fifty of various genre, years and conditions including Steve Miller, Rod Stewart and Chris Rea. £60-80
599.    Singles, approximately sixty of various genre, years and conditions including some demos, Motown and Atlantic. £30-50
600.    Singles, eighty plus singles and flexi-discs, various genre, years and conditions including six Happy Time records, The Beatles and Eric Clapton £30-50
601.    Barbra Streisand, approximately sixty singles of various years and conditions including some demos and duplicates £20-30
602.    James Bond, four limited edition plates by Dick Baswick, two packs of postcards, one unopened, five different b/w photographs of different Bonds, Thunderball cards no 10,23,27,30,32,33,39 two magazines and other items together with a triple Star Wars limited edition VHS videos. £40-60
603.    James Bond, album of trade cards, Goldeneye, Ladies Gallery Thunderball, The Connery prtfolio, The Lazenby Files,The Moore Dossier, Heroes & Villains, Enemies and Allies, 35 years of gadgets and many others. £40-60
604.    The Who, six Track/Polydor Japanese issue CD albums, Who are you, Odds and Sods, Tommy, Quadrophenia, Live at Leeds and The Who by Numbers, all in excellent condition £50-70
605.    Madonna, collection of related material including calendars, magazines with Madonna front covers and centre page posters, The Making of Evita and others £20-30
606.    Rolling Stones, fifteen 7" picture discs, five copies of Saint of Me and nine copies of I go Wild £20-30
607.    12" Singles/Albums, two signed Marillion singles, four Erasure singles, three copies of picture disc 'Halfway to Heaven' Europe, The Jam's single, Enuff Zhuff single, five sealed copies of Blue Angel and a 7" limited edition East 17 picture disc with plinth £30-50
608.    Meatloaf five copies of 'Runnin for the red Light' 12" picture discs sold with thirteen albums and picture discs £30-50
609.    Singles, approximately one hundred of various genre, years and conditions including Ricky Valance, Bobby Vee and Elvis £40-60
610.    Singles, thirty plus of soul including George McCrae, The Drifters and Erma Franklin various years and conditions £20-40
611.    Punk singles, twenty plus including The Stranglers, Cramps and The Jam various years and conditions £20-40
612.    Classical albums, fifteen in good condition including Mozart 'Le Nozze Di Figaro', Romeo & Juliet, Brahms and Beethoven various years £20-30
613.    Children's albums, approximately seventy of various years and conditions including a number of Disney related £20-30
614.    Star Trek, two framed and glazed photographs, both signed with certificates of authenticity £20-40
615.    Charlie Chaplin, a large wooden seated figure, 32" high, in good condition (cracked cane) together with four Royston Knipe prints of Coco, Popov, Grock and Charlie clowns £50-80
616.    Various 78s", approximately thirty five of various genre, years and conditions including Peggy Lee, Elvis and Little Richard £20-40
617.    Albums, fifty plus from the 1950/60s of various genre and conditions including Little Richard, Connie Francis, Duane Eddy and Cliff Richard. £30-50
618.    Classical/speech/opera, eleven box sets and twenty four albums various years and conditions including Gilbert & Sullivan, speeches Lenin and Gandi plus 50 years of Great Operatic Singing £30-50
619.    Classical/Opera, forty box sets including Beethoven, Verdi and Rossini various years and conditions £20-40
620.    Classical/Opera, forty box sets including Straus, Bellini and Mozart various years and conditions £20-40
621.    Classical, Deutsche Grammophon label fifty plus albums and five box sets including Herbert Von Karajan 'Der Ring Des Nibelungen' various years and conditions £40-60
622.    Classical, approximately three hundred albums of various years and conditions including £40-40
623.    Posters, four signed posters by the artists Roy Wood, Joan Baez, Roger Chapman, Dave Edmunds and a Brinsley Schwarz signed poster together with over twenty other entertainment and music posters, some on card various years and conditions £40-60
624.    Film posters, six 'Blue Lagoon', two different quad size and a set of four 20" X 30" and two' The English Patient' Uk quads £30-50
625.    Bollywood Film posters, ten including Love Story and Main Sundar Hoon, some damage to edges £60-80
626.    Bollywood Film posters, twenty two 20" X 30" in reasonable condition £60-80
627.    Film posters, eight of various sizes two quad 'Sleeping Dogs' and one quad 'Star Wars' plus others of various years and conditions. £30-50
628.    Poster, Friars, Aylesbury 40th Anniversary, Monday June 1st The Pretty Things, Edgar Broughton, The Groundhogs on board. £20-40
629.    The Rolling Stones, framed and glazed poster 19" X 26" Tea Lautrec Litho SF, CA 1969 Stone Promotions £40-60
630.    The Rolling Stones, Bridges to Babylon' poster in good condition with four signatures £40-60
631.    David Bowie, framed and glazed poster 21" X 31" in good condition £30-50
632.    Cinema Posters, original French 'The Hustler' 1961, 47" X 81" slight fold line wear and French 1975 re-release 'Rebel without a Cause' 22" X 32" together with others £20-40
633.    Cinema Poster, French linen backed 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' 1962 starring Gregory Peck 47" X 63" £50-70
634.    Music/Entertainment Posters, approximately forty of a variety of sizes and conditions including Lionel Richie, Cliff Richard and Genesis. £30-50
635.    The Rolling Stones, Voodoo Lounge Tour jacket large, black with writing to front left £30-50
636.    Singles/7" picture discs, approximately sixty of various years and conditions including Belinda Carlisle, Freddie Mercury and Garbage, a number of duplicates. £20-40
637.    Coloured /Picture discs, thirteen albums, 12" singles and 7" & 12" various years and conditions including The Rolling Stones and Jethro Tull £20-40
638.    Chess Musical, seven albums/12" singles, fifteen programmes/literature, T shirt, eight CDs (some unopened) six 7" discs, tapes and DVDs £20-40
639.    Singles, over one hundred and ten of various genre, years and conditions including Nina Simone, Adam Faith and Thunderclap Newman £30-50
640.    The Rolling Stones, a large variety of press cuttings, leaflets, promotional booklets and magazines £20-40
641.    Beatles' Posters, 1964 panel poster sold with George Harrison 1971 by Pace group personality by Wizard & Genius and Ringo Starr £30-50
642.    T Rex, a large collection of press cuttings from various years £20-30
643.    Record cases, three albums cases and six singles cases, generally good condition £30-50
644.    Record sleeves, approximately one hundred and fifty original single sleeves, forty original albums sleeves plus one hundred plus plastic album and fifty plus plastic single sleeves. £30-50
645.    Classsical Test Pressings, approximately sixty 12" and seven 10" mainly on the Columbia and HMV label sold in card and paper sleeves. £40-60
646.    The Who, Quadrophenenia live in London deluxe edition CD plus DVD box set in excellent condition £40-60
647.    Autographs, Male artists, John Schlesinger, Pete Beson, Matthew Broderick, Tony Randell, Robert Redford and others (19) £20-40
648.    Autograph, Ingrid Bergman, part of a vintage envelope signed in blue pen together with a paper sheet stating 'Skadespelare Ingrid Berman 1959 plus a postcard £30-50
649.    Cliff Richard/Shadows, thirty plus albums generally good condition, various years including Moonlight and Private Collection £30-50
650.    Singles/Eps, approximately two hundred and twenty of various genre, years and conditions including The Shadows, T Rex and Paul Young £40-60
651.    Albums/Singles/Eps, seventeen albums including 'The Radio Caroline Story' and The Turtles plus nine singles and EPs including The Beatles and Kinks various years and conditions £30-50
652.    Beatles, seven albums, Beatles for Sale, Please Please Me, Sgt Peppers, Hard Day's Night, Revolver, Rubber Soul and Help reasonable condition £50-70
653.    Singles, mainly from the 1960s, various genre and conditions in original sleeves including The Tornadoes, Yardbirds and 'Go Now' by The Moody Blues autographed by Mike Pinder and Clint Warwick £30-50
654.    Albums, seventy plus of various genre and conditions mainly if the 60/70s including Genesis, ELO Beach Boys and The Zombies £40-60
655.    Classical/Opera, eighteen stereo albums various years and conditions including A Schubert Recital and Chopin Sonatas £20-40
656.    Classical/Opera, eighteen albums various years and conditions on HMV red semi-circle label including a Vaughan Williams box set and two Elgar, one stereo one mono £20-40
657.    Classical/Opera, thirty three box sets of various years and conditions including 'The Tales of Hoffmann' Offenbach £30-50
658.    Magda Olivero, thirty two albums including three box sets vatious years and conditions £30-50
Classical/Opera, approximately two hundred and fifty albums of various years and conditions including sample pressings, white labels and some 78s and 12" £40-60
660.    Spoken Word Albums, approximately one hundred and thirty albums, mainly of recitals and plays, plus six 78s and five singles which includes one sided Decca 'Introduction to Winston Churchill various years and conditions £40-60
661.    Programmes, two souvenir, both from Her Majesty's Theatre, Ulysses 1902 and Nero 1906 plus two play books Hamlet and The Merchant of Venice. £50-70
662.    Guitar, electric guitar, Jaxville good condition with soft case, untested £30-50
663.    Classical, one hundred plus that includes twenty five box sets, mainly classical various years and conditions £40-60
664.    Albums/Singles, fifty plus albums, two box sets, eight 10" and twenty eight singles, various years and conditions mainly classical albums but includes two early Rolling Stones albums without sleeves, sigles from the early 70s. £20-40
665.    Albums, approximately two hundred of various genre, conditions and years including jazz and spoken word £30-50
666.    Singles, approximately sixty of various genre, years and conditions. £20-40
667.    Albums/12" Singles, ninety plus of various genre, years and conditions including a number of Bob Marley and New Order. £50-70
668.    JFK Vinyl, nineteen albums including a box set of speeches and commentary about JFK, various conditions. £30-50
669.    Singles/Eps, sixty plus mainly from the 1960/70s various genre and conditions including some David Bowie and Roger Daltrey £30-50
670.    Acoustic guitar, unbranded six string with some scuffs but no obvious cracks or repairs £30-40
671.    T shirts, four branded, Beach Boys Golden Greats with picture, Group Pop Repertoire Division, EMI Records and Tapes (all small) and Blue Note logo on large shirt plus leaflets £20-30
672.    Record Player, The Fabulous Wondergram, 'The World's smallest record player' in original box, battery powered £30-40
673.    Guitar, Hohner Countryman acoustic in good condition together with soft case £40-60
674.    Guitar, acoustic white Marlin in good condition £40-60
675.    Guitar, electric red Crafton Junior Comfort Series together with soft case untested £40-60
676.    Albums, forty mixed genre, various years and conditions £10-30
677.    Toshiba turntable/tuner, FET solid state FM-MPX Stereo/SM-500 together with a pair of Celestion Ditton 110 No 2229748 untested £40-60
678.    Guitar/ amplifier, Jaxville electric black/red plus Trucker amp Model TR4 5L Serial No 13359 untested £40-60
679.    Record player, Dynatron Garrard portable untested £30-50
680.    Record player, Bush Type RP 60 Better Sound Reproduction BSR on deck untested £40-60
681.    Amplifier, Awia Solid State 6300 Stereo cassette deck - model AD untested £40-60
682.    Amplifier, Carlsbro Scorpion Lead untested £20-40
683.    Record Deck, Dual 1257 automatic belt drive untested £40-60
684.    Record Deck, Rotel DC servo belt drive RP-1500 untested £40-60
685.    Speakers, a pair of Mission 727 serial no 2201687, wooden case scratched no front covers untested £40-60
686.    Speakers, a pair of black Mission 770 serial 010310 some scratches untested £40-60
687.    Speakers, Monitor Studio Ltd of Cambridge Model M194 serial 3231 wooden case scratched/stained front cover warped £30-50
688.    Speakers, Mordaunt - Short 25L Serial 665332 black reasonable case - connection panel detached onback of speakers £40-60
689.    Stereo system, pair of JPW speakers on small metal stands, a Rotel amplifier RA-810-A, Denon CD player DCD-660 and a Pro-Ject Audio systems deck with cracked lid untested £50-80
690.    Amplifier, Rogers Ravensbrook, wooden case with some marking untested £40-60
691.    A & R Cambridge, Integrated amplifier A60 together with Stereo FM tuner T21, untested £60-80
692.    Bang & Olufsen, Beocenter 1600 cassette tape and tuner inreasonable condition untested £30-50
693.    A & R Cambridge, ARCAM Alpha II stereo tuner together with ARCAM Alpha stereo amplifier untested £60-80
694.    Amplifier/Tuners, Armstrong 626 amp/tuner, Cambridge Audio amplifier A300 and a Harman/Kardon tuner TU615 untested £40-60
695.    Record player & radio, Fidelity portable record player together with a Panasonic portable radio untested £40-60
696.    Bang & Olufsen, Beocenter 2200 serial 3458705 untested £40-60
697.    Reel to Reel, Philips 4404 stereo tape recorder in good condition untested £50-70
698.    Reel to Reel, Philips EL3534 stereo tape recorder in good condition untested £20-40
699.    Tape recorder, Stellaphone ST470 portable transistor recorder in original carry bag with a quantity of tapes untested £30-50
700.    Music System, Aiwa AF-5080A with 33/45 deck, tuner and radio cassette player plus a pair of Celestion Ditton 15 speakers with small stands untested £50-80
701.    Electronic Valves, approximately fifty valves including makes Marconi and Pinnacle untested £70-100
702.    Amplifier/Compressor, Yamaha amplifier P2250 together with Yamaha compressor/limiter GC2020B, both rack mounted and untested. £50-80
703.    Recorder, Akai 8 track model CR-81D untested plus fourteen tapes £40-60
704.    Reel to Reel, Sony Stereo Recorder TC-252 serial 21289 portable with detachable speakers untested £60-80
705.    Reel to Reel, Akai 4000D Serial No 1-61107 02206 untested £30-50
706.    PA System, Hohner Stereo 50 integrated amplifier and two speakers serial K012580, untested £40-60
707.    Microphone Mixer. Sony Stereo MX-510 Untested £50-70
708.    Mixing Desk, Mackie Micro Series 1402-VLZ 14-channel mic/line mixer untested £40-60
709.    Stereo Disc Amp/Compressor Limiter, Amplifier 2 made by Surrey Electronics together with Phonic PCL 3200 RMSpeak Dual Channel Compressor Limiter with gate, untested £40-60
710.    Amplifier/Tuner, Creek audio systems CAS4140 and CAS3140 untested £50-80
711.    Record player/Reel to reel, Fidelity 1950s player together withBSR Spinney reel to reel untested £40-60