Cigarette Cards, Post Cards, Ephemera & Sport
12th October 2017 at 10:00

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1.      Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Churchman's sets to include The Houses of Parliament and Their Story, The Inns of Court and Well Known Ties (A & 2nd Series)(all gd)(4) £40-60
2.      Cigarette Cards, Beauty, Will's Scissor Beauty (PC lattice back) complete set (vg) £40-60
3.      Cigarette Cards, Military, Lambert & Butler's Japanese Series (gd, a couple with slight discolouration to back) £40-60
4.      Cigarette Cards, Exporation, Rare, Smiths Famous Explorers, (gen gd, a few with slight discolouration to back) £150-250
5.      Cigarette Cards, Royalty, Gallaher's Royalty Series, (fair/gd, a few with damaged corners and others with heavy foxing to back) £60-80
6.      Cigarette Cards, Overseas Issue. Will's Australia, Royal Mail, mixture of Capstan and Vice Reagal backs (fair/gd, foxing and discolouration to backs) £30-50
7.      Cigarette Cards, Seals, Mithcell's Seals (gd) £20-40
8.      Cigarette Cards, Badges, Ogden's Club Badges (gen gd, a few with discolouration to back) £40-60
9.      Cigarette Cards, Football, Lambert & Butler's Footballers 1930-31, (gd) £40-60
10.     Cigarette Cards, Butterflies, BAT Butterflies (Girls)(no maker's or brand name)(gen gd, a few discoloured to back) £40-60
11.     Cigarette Cards, Birds, Cope's Pigeons, (gd) £40-60
12.     Cigarette Cards, Sport, three sets by Churchman's to include Sports & Games in Many Lands, Rugby Internationals and Boxing Personalities (all gd)(3) £60-80
13.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets by Phillips to include Kings & Queens of England, Empire Industries, This Mechanized Age, In The Public Eye and Stars of the Screen, (gen gd)(5) £30-50
14.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets by Phillips to include Bird Painting, Soldiers of the King, Evolution of the British Navy and M size cards Our Puppies and Ships that have made History (gd)(5) £30-50
15.     Cigarette Cards, Scottish Related, five sets by Mitchell's to include Famous Scots, Scotland's Story, and Clan Tartans (1st & 2nd Series), also includes Duncan's Scottish Gems (Black & White)(all gen gd)(5) £80-100
16.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets by Mitchell's to include A Gallery of 1934, A Model Army (cut out), Famous Crosses, Wonderful Century and Old Sporting Prints (gen gd)(5) £50-80
17.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a variety of sets by Phillips to include Speed Champions, Optical Illusions, The 1924 Cabinet, British Birds and Their Eggs, Coronation of Their Majesties and Annuals (all gen gd)(6) £50-80
18.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of various sets by Morris, to include How to Sketch, How Films Are Made, Treasure Island, Victory Sign Series, Horoscopes, Wax Art, At London Zoo and Aquarium and Whipsnade Zoo (all gen gd)(8) £40-60
19.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of four Ardath sets to include Who Is This (Film Stars)? Famous Footballers, Your Birthday Tells Your Fortune, and Silver Jubilee (all gd)(4) £50-80
20.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of Players sets to include Flags of the League of Nations, Cries of London, Countries Arms and Flags and Characters from Dickens (re-issue 50)(gen gd)(4) £30-50
21.     Cigarette Cards, Taddy Clowns complete set, all marked 'copy' in handwriting to back (gen gd) £30-50
22.     Cigarette Cards, Foreign Cards, American Tobacco part sets and odd cards to include Songs, (25 Cards from various sets,) Beauties (Old Gold Back 30 cards,) Beauties Flower Girls (4 cards), Beauties Flowers inset (2 cards) and Military Uniforms (green back, 3 cards) (gen gd, a few with corner wear) £80-100
23.     Cigarette Cards, Horse Racing, a part set of Will's Scissor Jockeys and Owners Colours (playing card inset) 23 cards (gen gd, a couple discoloured) £30-50
24.     Cigarette Cards, Football, Gallahers part set Association Football Colours, 11 cards to include Leeds City, Sheffield Wednesday, Queens Park, Sunderland, Notts County, Watford, Bristol City, Larne, Brentford, Norwich City and St Mirren (gen gd, a few with corner damage) £20-40
25.     Cigarette Cards, Novelty, Phillips Novelty Series part set of 11 pull cards (all working) £40-60
26.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of rarer cards to include Smith's Battlefields of Great Britian (3), Derby Winners (1), together with Mitchell's Village Models (1), Sinclair's British Sea Dogs (1) Biggs Flags of All Nations (1), Edwards Ringer, Flags of All Nations (2), Duncans Scottish Clans (green back, 3)(fair/gd) £30-50
27.     Cigarette Cards, Salmon & Gluckstein, Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria (3) Shakespearian Series (5 cards, frame to back, 2 have been cut down) also includes 1 card from Raspberry Buds (fair/gd) £60-80
28.     Cigarette Cards, Ancient Countries, Cavanders Ancient Egypt and Ancient Chinese (gd)(2) £20-40
29.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Foreign cards to include Allen & Ginter Flags of the States & Territories (1) Game Birds (1) Flags of All Nations (4) Fifty Prize & Game Chickens (1) Racing Colours of the World (1) and Naval Flags (1) (fair/gd, some with back damage) £40-60
30.     Cigarette Cards, Taddy, a selection to include Honours and Ribbons (1 card, Holland, The Lion) British Medals & Ribbons (3) and Territorial Regiments (5 cards)(fair/gd, corner wear) £40-60
31.     Cigarette Cards, Dukes, a selection of cards to include Fancy Dress (1), Coins of All Nations (1) and Postage Stamps (5) (gen gd, a couple with back damage) £20-40
32.     Cigarette Cards, Birds, Ogdens sets to include British Birds (cut outs), Birds Eggs (cut outs), Foreign Birds, British Birds and British Birds & Their Eggs, (all gen gd)(5) £60-80
33.     Cigarette Cards, Horse Racing, Ogdens sets to include Steeplechase Trainers and Owners Colours and Steeplechase Celebrities (gd)(2) £40-60
34.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of Ogdens sets to include Zoo Studies, Optical Illusions, Picturesque Villages, Colour in Nature, Picturesque People of the Empire and Modern British Pottery (all gen gd)(6) £40-60
35.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets by Carreras to include Flags of All Nations (unissued), Figures of Fiction, Alice In Wonderland, Believe It or Not and Amusing Tricks and How to Do Them (5)(gd/vg) £60-80
36.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets by Carreras to include Notable MP's, British Prime Ministers, Britian's Defences, Famous Airmen & Women, Cinema Stars, Highwaymen and Celebrities of British History (gd/vg)(7) £80-100
37.     Cigarette Cards, Sports, two sets by Copes, Boxing Lessons and Sports & Pastimes (gd)(2) £40-60
38.     Cigarette Cards, Famous People, a selection from various Manufacturers to include Highnetts Prince of Wales Empire Tour (20/25), Major Drapkin Celebrities of the Great War (printed back), Bucktrout Inventors, Domino Filter Figures Historiques and Carreras Famous Naval Men (all gd)(5) £30-50
39.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Carreras Black Cat Sets to include Palmistry, Types of London and Kings & Queens of England (gd)(3) £30-50
40.     Cigarette Cards, Scottish CWS, sets to include Burns (small number), Famous Pictures London Galleries, and Feathered Favourites (adhesive)(gd)(3) £30-50
41.     Cigarette Cards, Birds, a collection of sets from various Manufacturers to include Lea's English Birds (glossy), Cavanders Foreign Birds, Challis Wild Birds At Home (Baldric) and Carreras Birds of the Countryside, (all gd/vg) £40-60
42.     Trade Cards, Fiction, a collection of Typhoo sets to include, A Tale of Two Cities, Aesop's Fables, The Story of David Copperfield, The Swiss Family Robinson and Characters from Shakespeare, also includes part set Lorna Doone (missing5, 7, and 21)(mixed cond, gen gd) £80-100
43.     Trade Cards, Animals, a selection of sets by Typhoo to include, Working on the Farm, Animal Friends of Man, Animal Offence and Defence, Horses, Zoo Series and Common Objects Highly Magnified (all gd) £60-80
44.     Trade Cards, Mixed, various Typhoo sets to include, Whilst We Sleep, Ancient and Annual Customs (x2), Wonder Cities of the World, Homes of Famous Men, Famous Voyages, Historical Buildings, Important Industries of the British Empire, Wild Flowers in their Families, British Empire at Work (29 cards all clipped) (gen gd) £60-80
45.     Cigarette Cards, Overseas Issue by Dukes (USA), rare, Yacht Colors of the World part set (43/50)(poor, discoloured and marked) £80-100
46.     Cigarette Cards, Overseas Issue by Imperial Tobacco India, Nautch Girl Series (P/C inset, Pedro and Railway mixed) together with Peninsular Tobacco's Hindo Gods and China's Famous Warriors, (fair/gd) £80-100
47.     Cigarette Cards, Beauty, Overseas Issues to include, BAT Beauties (Tobacco leaf back P/c inset) and part set Beauties of Old China (23/32), (fair, discolouration, damage to rear of cards) £40-60
48.     Cigarette Cards, Mixed, Overseas Issues to include Dominion Tobacco (New Zealand) People and Places Famous in New Zealand History, BAT Lighthouses (vg), Views of Siam (Eagle), Characters of Charles Dickens and a reprint of Ladies of the White Horse (gen gd) £80-100
49.     Cigarette Cards, Beauty, Overseas Issue, Kinney Bros Famous Gems of the World, (some discolouration and damages to back, fronts gd,) £60-80
50.     Cigarette Cards, Beauty, Overseas Issues to include, BAT Beauties Lantern Girls and part set Water Girls (24/25)(fair/gd, mixed some damages to backs and discolouration) £60-80
51.     Cigarette Cards, Overseas Issue, Sniders & Abrahams Natives of the World, (fair, some damages to front & backs, discoloured) £60-80
52.     Cigarette Cards, Overseas Issue, Allen & Ginter Celebrated American Indian Chiefs, (some discolouration, corner bends and damages to backs) £200-240
53.     Cigarette Cards, Ogdens, complete sets to include Orders of Chivalry, Picturesque Villages, Records of the World, Sights of London, Modern British Pottery, Foreign Birds and Colour in Nature (all gen gd) £120-140
54.     Cigarette Cards, Sport, sets by Ogdens, to name Australian Test Cricketers and Cricket 1926, Champions of 1936 and How to Swim (gen gd) £80-100
55.     Cigarette Cards, Ships & Boats, Ogdens sets to include Yachts & Motor Boats, The Blue Riband of the Atlantic and a reproduction set The Story of the Lifeboat (all gd) £60-80
56.     Cigarette Cards, Boy Scouts, Ogdens sets, A Series, 4th Series and 5th Series (all green back, gen gd) £100-120
57.     Cigarette Cards, Sports, sets by Ogdens to include Steeplechase Trainers and Owners Colours, Derby Entrants 1928, Famous Rugby Players and AFC Nicknames (all gd/vg) £140-160
58.     Cigarette Cards, Mixed, Ogden sets to include British Costumes from 100 BC to 1904 (fair, creasing, damage and discolouration to many), Poultry Alphabet, By the Roadside, Leaders of Men, Zoo Studies and part set of Swiss Views (43/50) (gen gd) £150-180
59.     Cigarette Cards, Boy Scouts, Ogdens sets, A Series (x2), 2nd Series and part 3rd Series (missing 141 and 144) (all blue back, gen gd) £140-160
60.     Cigarette Cards, Mixed, a selection of cards by B Morris & Sons, to include Wireless Series, The Queen's Dolls House, Measurement of Time, How Films are Made, At the London Zoo Aquarium, Animals at the Zoo (grey back) and Whipsnade Zoo (all gen gd/vg) £80-100
61.     Cigarette Cards, Mixed, a collection of sets by Highnett to include, Actors, Natural & Character Studies, Sea Adventure, Historic London, Common Objects of the Sea-Shore, Life in Pond & Stream, Turnpikes and Greetings of the World (gen gd) £100-120
62.     Cigarette Cards, Mixed, a selection of sets by Highnett to include, Cathedrals & Churches, Panama Canal and Prominent Racehorses 1938 (gd/vg) £60-80
63.     Cigarette Cards, Aviation, a collection of sets by various Manufacturers to include BAT Aeroplanes (Gilt border) and Aeroplanes of Today, United Kingdom Tobacco Aircraft and one other entitled British Aeroplanes (part set 49/50) possibly United Tobacco Cos. (all gen gd) £60-80
64.     Cigarette Cards, Carreras, Mixed genre sets to include Highwaymen, Famous Men, Figures of Fiction, British Costumes, Orchids, Wild Flower Art, Do You Know? and Regalia Series, (all gen gd, some foxed) £50-80
65.     Cigarette Cards, Carreras, photographic sets to include Paramount Stars, Film & Stage Beauties (54), Views of London, A Kodak at the Zoo (1st & 2nd Series) together with Notable Ships Past & Present, Malayan Industries and Views of the World (all gen gd, some discoloured to back) £40-60
66.     Cigarette Cards, Phillips, a selection of sets by Phillips, various genres to include Motor Cars at a Glance, Red Indians, The Old Country, British Orders of Chivalry & Valour, First Aid and First Aid Series (all gen gd) £100-120
67.     Cigarette Cards, Mitchells, a variety of sets to include River & Coastal Steamers, Seals, London Ceremonials, Army Ribbons & Buttons, Famous Crosses and Our Empire, (gd) £120-140
68.     Cigarette Cards, Churchmans, a selection of sets to include, Wembley Exhibition, West Suffolk Churches, Treasure Trove, The Houses of Parliament & Their Story, The King's Coronation, In Town Tonight, Curious Dwellings and The Navy at Work (all gd) £60-80
69.     Cigarette Cards, Churchmans, a selection of sets to include, Pipes of the World, Interesting Door Knockers, World Wonders Old & New, Well Known Ties (1st & 2nd Series), Holidays in Britain (part set missing no 2) and Kings of Speed, (all gen gd) £40-60
70.     Cigarette Cards, Churchmans, two sets relating to Sport, Cricketers and Men of the Moment in Sport together with River Broads of Norfolk and Suffolk (gd) £120-140
71.     Cigarette Cards, Churchmans, a selection of part sets from the rarer sets to include Fishes of the World (44/50), Army Badges of Rank (24/25), The Story of Navigation (47/50), (gd) £60-80
72.     Cigarette Cards, Churchmans, Phil May Sketches (Tortoiseshell Smoking Mixture to back)(gd) £80-100
73.     Cigarette Card & Trade Cards, Trade Card set E & S CWS In Victoria's Days together with CWS Cigarette Cards, a collection of sets to name, Sailing Craft, African Types, Famous Buildings, Famous Bridges and British & Foreign Birds, (all gen gd) £40-60
74.     Cigarette Cards, Scottish CWS, sets to include Burns (small number), Triumphs of Engineering (brown border), Feathered Favourites (white border) and Dwellings of all Nations (small number)(gd) £60-80
75.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Teofani Transport Then & Now, Boguslavsky Mythical Gods & Goddesses, Modes of Conveyance (possible Ogdens) and a set of Chinese Bridges (plain back, possibly BAT) also includes a selection of part sets from various Manufacturers, Phillips British Butterflies No 1 Issue (21/30), Churchmans Nature's Architects (20/25) and The Story of London 46/50), also includes 4 Medal related silks (gd) £80-100
76.     Cigarette Cards, Players, England's Naval Heroes, part set 13 narrow cards and 2 wide, together with 3 wide cards from England's Military Heroes (all with text to back, some heavily creased and backs damaged, viewing recommended) £100-120
77.     Liebig Cards, Flora & Fauna, sets to Include F521 Fungi, F616 Breeds of Dogs, F702 The Elephant, F715 Symbolic Flowers, F741 Flora & Fauna of the Alps, F757 Sacred Animals, F791 Plants in Decorative Arts, F1213 Sesitive Plants, F1391 Coral and F1392 Crustacia, (gen gd/vg)(10) £40-60
78.     Liebig Cards, Historic, Military & Medal, sets to include F526 Orders of Honours, F713 Scenes from the History of Civilization, F714 Schools, F716 History of France in the 16th Century, F739 Alpine Troop Manoevers, F742 Monuments of Famous Captains, F814 History of Belgium I, F815 History of Belgium II, F826 Migration of People, F890 Antwerp in the Middle Ages, F832 Medals Given to Females, F872 Ensigns & Standards, F887 Berceaux Dynasties, F890 The History of Belgium, F897 Roman Emperors and F1206 Historic Invasions of Italy, (gd/vg)(16) £50-80
79.     Liebig Cards, Famous People and Architecture, sets to include F535 Famous Sculptors, F550 Children with Kitchen Utensils, F725 Horsemen, F735 Famous Conquers I, F736 Famous Conquerors II, F747 Scenes from the Kife of Liebig, F747 Nomadic People, F748 Clowns, F783 Dwellings, F799 Children's Scenes, F808 Rural Dwellings, F809 Historic Castles, F810 Life in Feudal Castles, F827 Feminine Dress, F839 Famous Sculptors, F870 Famous Writers, F883 Flourishing Towns of the Middle Ages, F884 Flourishing Guilds of the Middle Ages, F1209 Women and Children of the World, F1210 Mohammed, F1217 Schbert and F1390 Famous Italian Knights, (gen gd/vg)(22) £80-100
80.     Liebig Cards, Transport, Voyages and Industry, sets to include F578 Modes of Travel, F701 Spices, F717 Treasure of the Sea, F737 Types of Boats, F753 Drinking Vessels, F778 The Glove, F783 Dwellings, F782 Cereals, F801 Modes of Transport, F817 The Fire in the Artistic Industry, F819 Types of Transport in Japan, F873 Voyages in the Mediterranean, F875 Sources of Water, F894 Markets & Fayres, F951 The Culture of Cotton, F1211 Dangerous Occupations, F1214 Conquest of the North Pole and F1382 Industry in Italy, also includes Caffe Lavazza Torino The Story of Commerce (gen gd/vg)(19) £80-100
81.     Liebig Cards, Arts, sets to include F718 Life of Verdi, F744 La Muette de Portica, F779 The Goosegirl, F786 The Story of Mother Holle, F789 Parsifal, F795 Italian Renaissance, F830 The Marriage of Figaro, F838 Opera Scenes, Leading Ladies, F842 La Trouvere, F1199 Perseus, (all gd/vg)(10) £80-100
82.     Liebig Cards, The World, sets to include F556 Rivers of Europe, F618 German Colonies, F732 Rivers in France, F734 Gulfs and Bays, F717 Scenes in Spain I, F818 In Japan, F834 In Panama, F837 In Romania, F895 In Finland, F899 Malta, F1085 Costumes of Servia, 1086 Costumes and Views of Austria, and F1089 In Palestine, (gd/vg)(13) £140-160
83.     Liebig Cards, Celebrations, sets to include F700 Entertainment and Festivals in the Middle Ages, F720 Culinary Art, F730 Flower Festivals, F764 Different Foods, F766 Processions and Fetes, F767 Ancient German Customs, F769 Dances Throughout the Ages, F774 Popular Fetes, F811 Popular Custons of India, F813 Emotions, F829 Wedding Processions, F820 Days of the Week, F833 Timepieces, F882 The Carnival in Different Ages and F893 Popular Japanses Fetes (all gd/vg)(15) £40-60
84.     Cigarette Cards, Film, rarer sets by various Manufacturers to include A & M Wix Film Favourites 3rd Series, United Kingdom Tobacco Cinema Stars, Hill's Scenes from the Films, Abdulla Screen Stars, Sinclairs Film Stars (55-108), Richard Lloyd Cinema Stars, (28-54) Carreras Turf Personality Film Stars and BAT Celebrities of Film & Stage (all gd/vg), £100-120
85.     Cigarette Cards, Postcards, United Kingdom Tobacco's Grey Cigarettes, Beautiful Britian 2nd Series (P48)(gen gd, some backs discoloured/marked) together with Phillips/De Rezke Garden Studies(P30), Film Stars (Series of cards, postcard, P24) and Beauty Spots of the Homeland (P30)(all gen gd) £20-40
86.     Cigarette Cards, Dogs, from various Manufacturers to include Ardath Dog Studies and Champion Dogs, Sinclair's Champion Dogs (LF), Senior Service Dogs, Lea Dogs (1-25) and Players Famous Irish Greyhounds (part set (39/50) (all gd) £40-60
87.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets to include Carreras Regalia Series and Famous Escapes (P size), Famous Soldiers, Picture Puzzle Series and The Handy Black Cat English French Dictionary (part set (4/5, no 5 missing), together with Churchman's sets, Legends of Britain and Interesting Experiments, also included Allmans Coronation Series, Chings Do You Know? and Highnetts Turnpikes (all gd/vg)(10) £60-80
88.     Cigarette Cards, Wills, a collection of sets to include Irish Holiday Resorts, Irish Beauty Spots, Between Two Fires, Mother & Son, The Toast, The Boyhood of Raleigh, Flower Culture in Pots, Homeland Events and Shannon Electric Power Scheme (part set 47/50), also included Famous Castles (New Zealand Issue P size)(all gd/vg) £60-80
89.     Liebig Cards, Mixture, three framed and glazed sets, each measuring approx 30 x 30cms, F632 Edible Fungi, F981 Life in Siam and F1050 The History of Lace, (all vg) £10-20
90.     Cigarette Cards, Nature, sets by Wills' to include Animals and Birds (fair, staining and cut corners to many), Pond & Aquarium 1st & 2nd Series, Life in the Hedgerow and Garden Life (gd) £40-60
91.     Cigarette Cards, Foreign sets, to name United Tobacco Race Horses of South Africa, African Fish and Wild Animals of the World, BAT Indian Moguls (part set 16), Famous Bridges (no name), Siamese Horoscopes (Eagle), Siamese Alphabet (Eagle)and Imperial Tobacco Canadian History(all gd/vg) £80-100
92.     Cigarette Cards, Military, a modern album containing a variety of Military (pre 1918) related part sets all Players, to include Napoleon, Army Life, Colonial & Indian Army Badges, Arms & Armour, Badges & Flags of British regiments, Allied Cavalry, Life on Board a Man O War, Ships Figureheads, Regimental Uniforms, Regimental Colours and Cap Badges (mixed conditions, some duplicated)(qty) £40-60
93.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a modern album containing a variety of part sets, all Players, to include British Livestock, Celebrated Gateways, Ceremonial and Court dress, Characters from Dickens, Butterflies & Moths, Miniatures, Country Seats & Arms, Cries of London, Fishes of the World, Gems of British Scenery, Egyptian Kings & Queens and Classical Deities, Products of the World, Wonders of the Deep, Shakespearean Series and more (mixed conditions)(qty) £40-60
94.     Trade Cards, Football, A & B C Gum Footballers Did You Know Scottish (purple 1 - 73)(gd) £50-80
95.     Trade Cards, Football, A & B C Gum Footballers part set (Without Planet 45/46 - no 8 missing)(gen gd, some writing on reverse and some top of cards cut) £40-60
96.     Trade Cards, Football, A & B C Gum Footballers, orange back 85-169 (2nd Series)(gd/vg) £50-80
97.     Trade Cards, Football, a collection, two complete sets, Bassett Football 1983/4 and Mirror Mirrorcards Star Soccer Sides together with a large collection of Proset Footballers and Fixture Lists (100's)(all gd/vg) £40-60
98.     Trade Cards, Football, a large collection of Sun Soccercards, majority in clear sleeves, some in original sealed packs, also included Soccercard Albums 2 and 4 (x2) partially filled (vg)(1000's) £40-60
99.     Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, completed albums to include The Sea Our Other World, Inventors & Inventions, History of Aviation, Prehistoric Animals and Adventurers and Explorers together with paritally filled Wild Flowers Series 2, Wonders of Wildlife and Play Better Soccer and unused albums Features of the World and Queen Elizabeth I - Queen Elizabeth II, also included completed loose sets Police File, Vanishing Wildlife, Woodland Wildlife (x2) and Olympic Greats together with a large collection of loose cards (100's)(all vg/ex) £40-60
100.    Cigarette Silks, Mixture, a quantity of silks, various Manufacturers and genres to include Kensita British Empire Flags and National Flags, Phillips BDV Old masters, League Colours, Butterflies, Flags (various Sizes and sets), Arms of Countries and Territories, Great War Leaders and many more (gen gd)(qty) £40-60
101.    Stereoscopic Cards and Viewer, Cavanders Stereoscopic viewer together with a quantity of cards by Cavanders to included Peeps into Many Lands (two sizes) and Coloured Stereoscopic (gd)(qty) £30-50
102.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of partially filled original albums together with a large quantity of loose cards, various sets and manufacturers, unchecked for sets, mainly Players and Wills, includes many transfers, (unchecked for sets, gen gd)(qty) £60-80
103.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a variety of sets in their original albums to include Wills The Reign of King George V, Dogs (x2), Air Raid Precautions, Household Hints, Garden Hints, Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas, Wild Flowers (1st & 2nd Series (x2), Safety First, Railway Engines, Radio Celebrities, Our King & Queen (x2) also included Players sets The Kings & Queens of England, Motor Cars (1st & 2nd Series), National Flags and Arms, RAF Badges, British Fresh Water Fishes, (x2) and Film Stars (x2)(mixed conditions, gen gd)(24) £40-60
104.    Cigarette Cards, Carreras Turf, a small selection of loose cards to include Horses & Hounds (1), Regalia Series (26), Famous Escapes L size (2), Famous Escapes (17) and Races Historic & Modern (16), also included a leaflet presented by Heron Books 'The World of Cigarette Card' and a book Antiques and Their Values Cigarette Cards (all gd/vg) £20-40
105.    Cigarette Cards, Players, a selection of sets to include Military Head-Dress, Fire Fighting Appliances, Butterflies, Poultry, Dogs, Derby & Grand National Winners, also included Carreras sets, Actresses & Their Pets and Alice in Wonderland (mixed conditions, gen gd)(8) £30-50
106.    Cigarette Cards, Wills, a variety of sets to include Cinema Stars (1st series), British Butterflies, Animalloys, Ships Badges, Speed, Cricketers 1934, Wonders of the Past, The Sea-Shore, Household Hints and Garden Flowers (mixed conditions, gen gd)(10) £40-60
107.    Cigarette Cards, Wills, a collection of sets to include Strange Craft (this set has two variations of card no 4 included), Life in the Tree Tops, Garden Flowers (2 different), Roses, Household Hints, Cinema Stars (3rd Series), Homeland Events, Engineering Wonders and Art Photogravures, (mixed, gen gd)(10) £60-80
108.    Trade Cards, Mixture, a selection of cards to note include Lyons Maid Famous Locomotives (16), Kelloggs Locomotive, Church & Dwight Useful Birds of America 8th Series (complete), Amalgamated Press Triumph Great War Deeds (7), Thrilling Scenes of the Great War (29) and Heroic Deeds of the Great War (complete plus 1 duplicate)(gen gd) £60-80
109.    Cigarette Packets and Match Box Labels, Mixture, a small collection of packets to include Players Weights, Navy Cut , Wills Three Castles, Woodbine, Goldflake and Star (all gd)(16) together with a collection of Match box labels, (mixed) £20-40
110.    Boxes and Tins, Mixture, a good collection of boxes to include Justus Van Maurik Invincibles Cigars (wooden), Justus Van Maurik Appointment to the House of Lords (wooden with seal), Marcellas with Cigarette Tins Ardath, Rhodesian Cigarettes, Lucano 66 (x4), Rothmans Sampling Cabinet by Special Appointment to HM The King of Spain, and Manufacturing Frys Chocolate Cream, Cremola Nougar and one other (generally very good, a few fair, viewing recommended) £30-50
111.    Cigarette Cards, Animals, a selection of sets to include Players Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Dogs (Scenic background), Sea Fishes, Natural History and Animals of the Countryside (all gd/vg)(5) £30-50
112.    Cigarette Silks, Flags, Wix Kensita National Flags (vg) £20-40
113.    Cigarette Cards, Military, a collection of sets to include Players War Decorations & Medals, Uniforms of the Territorial Army, Modern Naval Craft and Army, Corps & Divisional Signs 1914-1918, together with Wills Ships Badges and Air Raid Precautions (all gd)(6) £40-60
114.    Cigarette Cards, Floral, variety of sets to include Wills Roses, Wild Flowers 1st & 2nd Series, Garden Hints, Roses (different), Flower Culture in Pots, Flowering Trees & Shrubs, Garden Flowers and Garden Flowers New Varieties, also included Players Struggle for Existence (all gd)(10) £60-80
115.    Cigarette Cards, Industry, Wills Industries of Britain, P12 complete with original packaging, (vg) £40-60
116.    Cigarette and Trade Cards, Mixture, a collection of part sets by various Manufacturers to include, cards to note Players Association Footballers, Fire Fighting Appliances, Lambert & Butler Motor Cycles, Lucana Famous Racehorses, Ringer Celebrated Bridges, Wills Cricketers, Phillips Bird Paintings and many more (qty - 100's)(gen gd) £60-80
117.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of complete sets to include Wills Flowering Trees & Shrubs, Garden Hints, Wild Flowers, Do You Know, Railway Engines, Lucky Charms, and Household Hints, also included Players Miniatures, Cries of London, Modern Naval Craft, Natural History, Struggle for Existence and From Plantation to Smoker (mixed conditions)(13) £60-80
118.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a large collection of loose cards by various Manufactures, mixed genres, vintage and modern cards, cards to note Moorgate The New Elizabethan Age, Ogdens Modern Railways, Racehorses and British Birds, Wills Boxers, Edwards Ringer Life on Board a Man of War and Dogs (Exmoor Hunt back) (gen gd, some backs are damaged, unchecked for sets)(100's) £40-60
119.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a collection of 18 original albums, mostly complete (fair/gd), together with five unused albums (vg) and 17 complete loose sets (gd)(qty) £30-50
120.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a large collection of cards from various sets (unchecked for sets,)(gd/vg)(1000's) £30-50
121.    Trade Cards, Mixture, a collection of loose cards various Manufacturers to include Horminans, Lyons, Tonibell, Kelloggs, Priory Tea and many more subjects include Jurassic Park, Famous Britons, Football, Transport etc, cards to note, Primrose Popeye 2nd Series, Weetabix British Bird Cards, and Fleetway Star Footballers of 1963 and Avon Leading Riders of 1963 (gen gd/vg)(100's) £40-60
122.    Trade Cards, Mixture, complete sets, Lyons Maid Train Spotters, Shell Great Britons in original album (cards not stuck in), Primrose Confectionary Dad's Army, Lyons Wings Across the World, Welsh Rugby Union Great Welsh Rugby Players, Northern Cooperative Passenger Liners and Bassett Pop Stars, (all gen gd)(6) £30-50
123.    Trade Cards, Barratt, a collection of loose cards, sets to note TV's Sea Hunt, Huckleberry Hound, Thunderbirds, Sailing into Space, History of the Air, Famous Film Stars, Cars of the World, Famous Footballers together with Footballers (Trebor Bassett), (gen gd) £30-50
124.    Trade Cards, Football, a selection of part sets to include Chix Famous Footballers (39 cards), Daily Sketch World Cup Mexico 70 (cards sellotaped in, many loose), Clevedon Confectionery Famous Football Clubs, Thompson Football Tips and Tricks, Football Stars 1959 and Football Stars (all gd) £30-50
125.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets to include Churchmans Treasure Trove, Wills Do You Know, Life in the Royal Navy, Overseas Dominions Canada and Australia, Flower Culture in Posts, Roses, Ships Badges, Household Hints, and Beautiful New Zealand, also includes Senior Service Dogs and Players Radio Celebrities, From Plantation to Smoker and Dogs (all gd)(14) £40-60
126.    Cigarette Cards, Ogdens, three part sets to name Fowls Pigeons & Dogs (29 cards), British Costumes (10 cards) and Owners Racing Colours & Jockeys (blue back 26 cards)(gen gd) £40-60
127.    Cigarette Cards, Modern, set in original albums/folders to include Doncella History of the V.C., Napoleonic Uniforms (x2), The Golden Age of Steam, The Golden Age of Motoring and The Golden Age of Flying, Grandee British Birds and Top Dogs, Castella Motoring, Tom Thumb Myths & Legends and Embassy World of Firearms (all cards inserted by photographic corners, all vg/ex), £30-50
128.    Cigarette Cards, Modern, sets loose with original albums/folders to include Embassy World of Speed, Castella British Aviation, Doncella Britain's Wild Flowers and Tom Thumb British Railways, together with unused albums Doncella Country Houses & Castles, The Donnington Collection and Waterloo, also includes additional loose sets, Grandee Famous MG Marques, Castella In Search of Steam, Tom Thumb Wonder of the Modern World, Black Cat Military Uniforms and Doncella Napoleonic Uniforms, Golden Age of Flying (x2) and Golden Age of Sail (all vg/ex) £40-60
129.    Cigarette, Trade Cards, Postcards & Beer Mats, Mixture, Cigarette cards to include Players Modern Naval Craft (x2), Uniforms of the Territorial Army, Military Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas, History of Naval Dress, Life in the Royal Navy, together with Trade Cards, Brooke Bond Butterflies of the World, Wildlife in Danger, British Butterflies and several part sets, also included a selection of postcards and modern beer mats (all gd/vg) £30-50
130.    Cigarette & Trade Cards, Mixture, a selection of partially filled albums to include Shell's World Wildlife Collection, Hornimans Pets, Dogs and On Safari, Lyons Wings of Speed, Brooke Bond Prehistoric Animals and Race into Space together with completed albums Lyons Tea Australia (x2) and Wings of Speed also included three loose sets to name Lyons Wings Across the World (x2) and HMS 1902-1962 and a quantity of loose cards by Hornimans, John West, Brooke Bond, Lyons and Kelloggs, Players Coronation of HM King George VI and HM Queen Elizabeth (x2), Military Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas, Players Aeroplanes (Civil), RAF Badges, Wills Speed (x2) and Garden Flowers, also includes a partially filled Players RAF Badges, abd Kensita National Flags,a loose complete set of Players International Airliners and an unused Kensita National Flag album together with a quantity of loose cards (viewing recommended, gd) £40-60
131.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a small collection of reproduction sets in original wrappers from the Victoria Gallery, sets to name Players Game Birds and Wild Fowl, Englands Naval Heroes, Aviary and Cage Birds, Film Stars 3rd Series and Wills Rigs of Ships, also includes Imperial Publishing Issues to name Players Aircraft of the Royal Airforce, Motor Cars (x2, 1 blue back, 1 green back), Fire Fighting Appliances, Lamert & Butler World Locomotives, and a Nostalgia Reprint of Players Military Series (all vg) also includes a collection of loose cigarette cards to name £30-50
132.    Trade Cards, Military, in original paper sleeved container, the first entitled The King's Air Force containing 31 cards from Amalgamated Press Aeroplanes and Carriers (no 32 missing replaced with Phillips Hawker Osprey Card) and Presented with 'The Pilot' Britain's Defenders, a pictorial record, 12 postcard sized cards in original wrapper (gd/vg)(2) £40-60
133.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, German Aviation, German card album entitled Taschenbuch Der Luftwaffe, with embossed faux leather gold eagle to front cover, all cards present, (vg) £50-80
134.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Nazi Military, Kampf um's Dritte Reich (Early Days of the Nazi Movement) an embossed album published by Cigarette Bilderdienst in Germany, containing replicated images from the studio of Heinrich Hoffman (Adolf Hitler's personal photographer), (vg) complete with card box cover (fair/gd) £80-100
135.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, German Airships, Zeppelin-Weltfahrten, an original book issued by Bilderstelle Lohse in 1933, containing 265 photographic cigarette cards also includes a few additional cards and negatives, (vg) in card box (fair) £80-100
136.    Cigarette & Trade Cards, Mixture, a selection of original trade and cigarette albums, full sets to include, Wills Speed and Radio Celebrities, Players Birds & Their Young, The Kings & Queens of England, Modern Naval Craft, and National Flags & Arms, Brooke Bond Tropical Birds, British Butterflies, Typhoo Do You Know? also includes partially filled albums, empty cigarette packets and a few loose sets together with numerous loose cards (mixed conditions)(qty) £60-80
137.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, rarer cards to include Hills War Series (3), Ogdens Poultry (23, Ogdens to front fair/gd) and Poultry Rearing & Management (5) £30-50
138.    Cigarette Cards & Silks Flags, Silks to include BDV Allies Flag and Kensita British Empire Flags, Card sets to include International Tobacco Internation Code of Signals and Wills Flags of the Empire, (all gd/vg)(4) £20-40
139.    Cigarette Cards, Horses & Riders, a selection by various Manufacturers to include, Ogdens Prominent Racehorses 1933, Trainers & Owners Colours 1st & 2nd Series, Players Old Hunting Prints, and Phillips Derby Winners & Jockeys, (all vg)(5) £80-100
140.    Cigarette Cards, Sport, a variety of Sports to include Ogdens Trick Billiards, Wills Rugby Internationals, Churchmans Boxing Personalities, Players Wrestling & Ju Jitsu and Cycling (all gd/vg)(5) £80-100
141.    Cigarette Cards, Wix, Henry L size (75 cards)(all vg) £20-40
142.    Trade Cards, Cricket, Thompson (mauve back, 72 cards) The World's Best Cricketers (vg) £40-60
143.    Trade Cards, Football, three sets to include Soccer Bubblegum's Soccer Teams No 1 Series, Presented with The Victor Star Teams of 1961 (P22) and a further set (unknown) Famous Teams in Football History (P12)(all vg) £60-80
144.    Cigarette Cards, Horses & Riders, four sets to include Anstie Racing Series (1 - 25 and 26 - 50) and Gallahers Famous Jockeys (blue back) and Players Types of Horses (all gd/vg)(4) £60-80
145.    Cigarette Cards, Floral, a variety of sets to include Wills Flowering Tress & Shrubs, Roses (1912 and 1926) and Old English Garden Flowers, (all gd/vg)(4) £30-50
146.    Cigarette Cards, Animals & Nature, various sets to include Players Nature Series, Dogs, Poultry and British Livestock (brown back)(all vg)(4) £30-50
147.    Cigarette Cards, Cricket, three sets by Wills to include English Cricketers, Cricketers and Cricketers 1928 (all gd/vg)(3) £30-50
148.    Cigarette Cards, Military, two sets to name Gallahers The Great War Victoria Cross Heroes (7th & 8th Series) and Players Military Head-Dress, (vg)(2) £40-60
149.    Cigarette Cards, Uniforms, a selection of sets, various Manufacturers to include Players Regimental Uniforms 1st & 2nd Series, Military Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas, Uniforms of the Territorial Army and Carreras History of Army Uniforms (all gd/vg)(5) £30-50
150.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets by Wills, to name Historical Events, English Period Costumes, Time & Money in Different Countries, Famous Inventions and New Zealand Issue Lighthouses, (all gd/vg)(5) £60-80
151.    Cigarette Cards, Horses & Riders, 2 sets by Players, Riders of the World and Derby & Grand National Winners, (both gd/vg)(2) £20-40
152.    Cigarette Cards, Carreras, a collection of sets to include Birds of the Countryside, Celebrities of British History, Dogs and Friend, Do You Know?, The Nose Game, Famous Airmen and Airwomen and Believe It or Not (all gd/vg)(7) £60-80
153.    Cigarette Cards, Hill's, a selection of sets to include Famous Ships (varnished) and five Series of Views of Interest (all gd/vg)(6) £40-60
154.    Cigarette Cards, Players Modern, a variety of sets to name Doncella Golden Age of Motoring, Golden Age of Flying, Golden Age of Sail, Golden Age of Steam, Napoleon Uniforms, History of the Victoria Cross, Country Houses & Castles, together with Grandee Famous MG Marques, British Birds Collection and British Mammals, also included Tom Thumb Exploration of Space and Embassy World of Speed (gd/vg)(12) £20-40
155.    Cigarette Cards, Photographic, a selection by Pattreiouex Britain from the Air, British Railways, Coastwise, Dogs, Flying, Holiday Haunts by the Sea, Our Countryside, The Bridges of Britain and Winter Scenes together with Millhoff Real Photographs 2nd Series (gd/vg)(10) £60-80
156.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of L sized sets to include Copes Dickens Character Series and Toys and Models - A Country Fair, Churchman Famous Railways (2nd Series,) Wills Butterflies & Moths and Garden Flowers (1st & 2nd Series) and Players Old Naval Prints and British Naval Craft (all gd/vg)(8) £40-60
157.    Cigarette Cards, Players, a collection of sets to include Butterflies, Animals of the Countryside, Wild Birds, Army Life, Egyptian Kings & Queens Classical Dieties, Wonders of the World, Ceremonial Court Dress, Poultry, Military Uniforms of the British Empire and Struggle for Existence (gd/vg)(10) £40-60
158.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, various Manufacturers to include Murrays Bathing Belles, Rothmans Cinema Stars, Carreras Glamour Girls of Stage and Film (36 cards), Copes Castles and The Game of Poker and Cavanders The Nations Treasures, also included Ardath Stamps Rare & Interesting, International Tobacco International Code of Signals, Mitchells Clan Tartans (2nd Series), Sporting Prints and Wonderful Century (all gd/vg)(11) £80-100
159.    Cigarette Cards, Players, a variety of sets, various genres, to include Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Wild Animals (Heads), Avairy & Cage Birds, History of Naval Dress, Curious Beaks, Country Seats & Arms 1st Series, From Plantation to Smoker, Bygone Beauties and Napoloeon (gd/vg)(9) £80-100
160.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets, various Manufacturers to include Amalgamated Tobacco Famous Ships (1st & 2nd Series,) Morris At the London Zoo Aquarium, Duncans Evolution of the Steamship (47 cards), Mitchells Our Empire and Kensitas Builders of Our Empire (all gd/vg)(6) £20-40
161.    Cigarette Cards, Phillips, a collection of sets to include Our Dogs, Our Puppies, Animal Studies, Flower Studies, Ships That Have Made History, Famous Love Scenes, Coronation of Their Majesties, British Birds & Their Eggs, Aircraft, also included Carrols Birds (all gd/vg)(10) £60-80
162.    Cigarette Cards, Players, a mixture of sets to include Shakespearean Series, Derby & Grand National Winners, Hints on Association Football, Cycling, Army Corps & Divisional Signs (1-150) also included Chinese Football Hints on Association Football (all gd/vg)(7) £80-100
163.    Trade Cards, Mixture, Various Manufacturers, Brooke Bond sets to include Butterflies of the World, Prehistoric Animals, Wild Flowers, History of Aviation, The Sea Our Other World, Miranda sets 150 Years of Locomotives, Lyons Wings of Speed, Kelloggs Ships of the British Navy and The Story of the Locomotive (1st & 2nd Series), Hornimans Wild Animals, Hitchmans Buses & Trams, The Sunday Times Figures of Speech and Phobias, Caramac London & Brighton Railway, and Jacobs Club Famous Picture Cards from History Set 1 and 2 (gd/vg)(17) £30-50
164.    Cigarette Cards, Wills, a variety of sets to include Fish & Bait, Flowering Trees & Shrubs, Wonders of the Past, School Arms, Roses (1926), The Seashore, Wild Flowers, Flower Culture in Pots, Mining, Garden Flowers and Engineering Wonders (gd)(10) £40-60
165.    Cigarette Cards, Gallaher, a variety of sets to include, The Navy, My Favourite Part, Famous Jockeys, Racing Scenes, Dogs (x2 different issues), Garden Flowers, Wild Flowers, Stars of Screen & Stage, Trains of the World, Film Episodes, Portraits of Famous Stars and Film Partners (gd)(13) £40-60
166.    Cigarette Cards, Wills, a mixture of sets to include Wild Flowers, Household Hints, Gardening Hints, Garden Hints, Romance of the Heavens, Garden Life, Lighthouses, Air Raid Precautions, Overseas Dominions Canada, Our King & Queen, Dogs and Do You Know Series 1, 2, 3 and 4 (gen gd)(15) £40-60
167.    Trade Cards, Mixture, complete sets, a variety from various Manufacturers to include Barrett History of the Air and Butterflies of Moths, Neilsons Interesting Animals, Millers Animals & Reptiles, Crystal Palace Souvenir Cards, Hornimans Dogs, Brooke Bond Turtles, Collectors Miniatures Railway Locomotives and Brooks Motors Railway Locomotives, also included an original album presented with the Victor Star cars of 1971 (all gd) £30-50
168.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, complete sets in a modern album, to include Inventors & Inventions, Adventurers and Explorers, Incredible Creatures, Flags & Emblems of the World, History of the Motor Car, Tropical Birds, Creatures of Legend with Kevin Tipps, Going Wild, The Secret Diary of Kevin Tipps and The Dinosaur Trail (all vg)(10) £30-50
169.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, complete sets in a modern album, to include Wonders of Wildlife, Asian Wildlife, British Butteflies, Olympic Challenge 1992, Trees in Britain, Wildlife in Danger, Freshwater Fish, History of Aviation, British Costume, Queen Elizabeth I - Queen Elizabeth II, Olympic Greats and Transport Through the Ages (vg)(12) £30-50
170.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, complete sets in a modern album, to include Wild Flowers 1st & 2nd Issue, African Wildlife, Butterflies of the World, Wild Birds in Britain, Incredible Creatures, The Sea - Our Other World, Vanishing Wildlife, Discovering Our Coast, The Dinosuar Trail with Kevin Tipps, Small Wonders and Unexplained Mysteries, (vg)(12) £30-50
171.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, complete sets in a modern album, to include The Magical World of Disney, Play Better Soccer, The Language of Tea, Queen Elizabeth I - Queen Elizabeth II, Features of the World, Police File, Prehistoric Animals, Woodland Wildlife, The Race Into Space, A Journey Dowstream, and The Saga of Ships, (vg)(11) £30-50
172.    Trade Cards, Various Tea Card, complete sets in a modern album, a selection by various Maunafacturers to include Ceylon Tea Centre, The Island of Ceylon, Sunblest Tea Inventions and Discoveries, Typhoo Tea Great Achievements, William Shakespeare, Wonders of the World and Interesting Events in British History, LyonsTea Wings of Speed, Glengettie Tea Rare British Birds (x2) together with Brooke Bond Turtles and Foreign Issues The Artic and Exploring the Ocean (vg)(12) £30-50
173.    Trade Cards, Mixture, complete sets in a modern album, to include Radio Fun British Sports Stars, Cadet Sweets Stingray, Golden Wonder All Stars, Sharps Hey Presto, Texaco Trophy Cricket Cards (x2), Kelloggs Nickelodian (3D), Sweetehams Butterflies & Moths, The British Army Soldier, EH Booths Badges and Uniforms of Famous British Regimental Corps, Golden Era Classic Mini, Golden Wonder Disney, also include a set of five The Simpson Fridge Magnets and more (vg)(qty) £30-50
174.    Trade Cards, Football, a quantity of loose cards, various Manufacturers to include A & BC Gum, Thomson, Cadet, and more, also includes Master Vending Football Tips (16), a Tottenham Hotspur 1928 image (presented with Boys Magazine), a complete set of Esso Squelchers in original plastic sleeve together with many duplicate booklets, and My Favourite Soccer Stars booklet (free with Tiger) and many Merlin Stickers, (qty)(gen gd) £30-50
175.    Cigarette Cards, Wills, a modern album containing a selection of sets to include The Reign of King George V, Radio Celebrities, First Aid, Cinema Stars 1st Series, Merchant Ships of the World, Do You Know 2nd Series, Flowering Trees & Shrubs, The Sea Shore, Merchant Ships of the World and Wonders of the Past (gen gd)(10) £40-60
176.    Cigarette Cards, Players, a modern album containing a variety of sets to include Boy Scout & Girl Guide, Dog's Heads, Town & County Arms second series (75-100), Football Caricatures by RIP, Motor Cars, Uniforms of the Territorial Army, Regimental Standards & Cap Badges (x2), Poultry, and Wild Animal Heads (gen gd)(10) £40-60
177.    Cigarette Cards, Churchmans, a modern album containing a collection of sets to include In Town Tonight, The King's Coronation, Howlers, Treasure Trove (x2), Wonderful Railway Travel (x2), The Story of Navigation, (gd)(7) £30-50
178.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a modern album containing a selection of sets to include Phillips Aircraft, Carreras Paramount Stars and Do You Know?, Senior Service The Navy, Domino Les Produits Du Monde, Mills Naval Battles Gallaher Sporting Personalities, Famous Film Scenes, Dogs, (Park Drive), Champions of Stage & Screen and Dexters Borough Arms (allgd/vg)(11) £40-60
179.    Cigarette Cards, Modern, a modern album containing Carreras Black Cat Kings & Queens, Vintage Cars and Military Uniforms, Castella The Tank Story and In Search of Steam, Grandee British Mammals, African Wildlife, British Birds Collection, Country Houses and Castles and Wonders of Nature, Doncella Golden Age of Steam and Napoleonic Uniforms, (all vg)(12) £40-60
180.    Cigarette Cards, Players, a modern album containing a variety of sets to include Military Uniforms of the British Empire, International Air Liners, Struggle for Existence, Curious beaks, Coronation Series, Colonial & Indian Army Badges, together with two reproduction sets (Regimental Standards)(all gd/vg) £30-50
181.    Cigarette Cards, Wills, a modern album containing a selection of sets to include Household Hints, Old Furniture, Celebrated Ships, Cinema Stars, Garden Flowers, Wonders of the Past, The Sea-Shore, Wild Flowers 1st & 2nd series and Physical Culture, (gd/vg)(10) £40-60
182.    Trade Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets, various Maufacturers to include Pro set Bill & Ted, Topps The Simpsons, Players International Ringlords, Comic Images Portraits of America, Angling Times Fishing, Barbers Tea Dogs, Lyons HMS 1902-1962, Wings Across the World and Hornimans Dogs, also included a foreign set (all vg) £30-50
183.    Trade Cards, Mixture, a collection of part sets to include Anglo Confectionery Walt Disney Characters (46 cards) and Space (33 cards), A & BC Gum Battle of Britain (48 cards), Cricket (13 cards) and Man from Uncle (28 cards), also included a quantity of Bazooka Joe Bubblegum Wrappers (gd) £60-80
184.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of part sets to include BAT Butterflies & Moths (plain back, 27 cards), BAT Railway India Nautch Girls (5 cards), Ardath Famous Footballers (27 cards), Gallaher British Birds by G Rankin (39 cards), Footballers in Action (12 cards) and Plants of Commercial Value (71 cards) also included Wills Scissor Army Life (17 cards) and International Tobacco Famous Buildings & Monuments (71, dome duplication)(gd) £60-80
185.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture of rare cards to include, Ogdens Alphabet of Sport (15 cards), British Costumes (1), United Kingdom Tobacco Officers Full Dress (3), Phillips Railway Engines (8), Churchman Boxing (3), Gallaher The Great War Series 2nd series (5), Adkin Soldiers of the Queen (2), and many more (viewing recommended)(mixed conditions) £60-80
186.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a modern album containing a selection of sets to include Black Cat British Birds (x2), Players Aircraft of the Royal Airforce and Boy Scout Girl Guide, and Wills sets Naval Dress & Badges, Safety First, Garden Flowers, Merchant Ships of the World, Garden Hints and Gardening Hints (gd/vg)(10) £40-60
187.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a modern album containing a variety of sets to include Ogdens Sea Adventure, CWS Western Stars, Gallaher Aeroplanes, British Birds, Carreras The Nose Game and Do You Know? (x2), Churchmans Howelrs and Mills Wild Animals and Interesting Hobbies (gd/vg)(10) £40-60
188.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets to include Players Boy Scout & Girl Guide, Fables of Aesop and Sea Fishes, Wills Garden Flowers New Varieties, Physical Culture, University Hoods & Gowns, The King's Art Treasures and a re print of Cricketers, also included Phillips Our Puppies, Sarony British Museum, Churchman The Navy at Work, Gallaher Brish Birds, Players Snap and a Liebig set (gd/vg) £40-60
189.    Trade Cards, Film and TV, a selection of complete sets to include Inkworks Godzilla, Jurassic Park, Topps Jurassic Park and Neighbours (sets 1 and 2) Paramount Saturday Night Fever, and three smaller Jurassic Park (gd/vg) £30-50
190.    Trade Cards, Film and TV, a collection of complete sets to include Tri-Star Pictures Hook, Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Skybox Cinderella, ITC Entertainment Captain Scarlett/Thunderbirds/Stingray, together with two Batman sets and an presentation card box (gd/vg) £30-50
191.    Trade Discs, Football, Texaco The Official England Squad 2006, seven Official completed folders together with a vast quantity of the plastic square discs with centre circle player (some separated), ideal to make up sets (unchecked, hundreds of discs)(vg) £40-60
192.    Trade Card Albums, Modern, a small selection of albums, some complete others partially filled to include Walkers Warner Bros.Tazos, Walkers Star War Triology Tazos, Topps Flinstones and Panini Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, (gen gd) £20-40
193.    Trade Cards, Film and Television, various sets in two modern ring binders to include 20th Century Fox Star Wars, Carlton International The Saint, Sports International Baywatch, Paramount Pictures The Addams Family, Topps Jurassic Park, Nelson Films Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Topps Batman Returns and Batman Series 2, Synethis Entertainment Lost In Space, The Laughing Cow Jumanji, and Carlton Captain Scarlett (all vg) £40-60
194.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Rulers, W Duke (USA) Rulers, Coat of Arms and Flags (folders)(part set 19/51) together with Rulers, Flags and Coat of Arms (X1 card) and State Governors Arms and Maps (folders)(part set 4/48)(gd) £80-100
195.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Coins, W Duke (USA), Coins of All Nations (part set 22/50)(gen gd, discoloration) £80-100
196.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Beauty, W Duke (USA), French Novelties (part set X9/25) together with Tinted Photos (Diecut 2/50) and Gems of Beauty (brown Border, Honest to back, 6/25)(vg) £120-140
197.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Stamps, W Duke (USA), Postage Stamps (part set 42/50)(gd, some discolouration) £180-200
198.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Children, W Duke (USA), Terrors of America and Their Doings (part set 17/50, plus one duplicate)(gen gd, some discolouration) £60-80
199.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Yacht Colours, W Duke (USA) Yacht Colours of the World (part set 43/50 plus one duplicate)(gd) £180-200
200.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Actors & Actresses, W Duke (USA) Portraits of Actors and Actresses, a mixture of Series 1 and 2, (22 Series 1 and 40 Series 2)(all gd, some slight discolouration) £220-250
201.    Foreign Cigarette Card Album Children, W Duke (USA), Terrors of America and Their Doings (vg) £30-50
202.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection from W Duke (all X size) to include Gems of Beauty (5), Fairest Flowers in the World (3), Stars of the Stage (8), Stars of the Stage 2nd Series (3), Stars of the Stage Third Series (1), Stars of the Stage 4th Series (diecut 4), also included Tinted Photos (4)(all gd/vg) £200-220
203.    Trade Cards, Television and Film, A & BC Gum, Land of the Giants (X55) (vg) £40-60
204.    Trade Cards, Comic, A & BC Gum, Batman (pink back (X55)(vg) £40-60
205.    Trade Cards, Elvis, A & BC Gum, Elvis Series (X66)(vg) £200-220
206.    Trade Cards, Magic, A & BC Gum, Magic (X36)(vg) £30-50
207.    Trade Cards, Football, A & BC Gum, Footballers (Orange back) 3 sets (1-85, 86-170 and 171-255)(vg/ex) £180-200
208.    Trade Cards, Football, Topps Chewing Gum, Footballers (blue back)(X330)(vg) £100-120
209.    Trade Cards, Football, Topps Chewing Gum, Footballers (orange back)(X396)(vg) £40-60
210.    Trade Cards, Football, The Sun, Football Soccercards complete run 1 - 1000, (vg/ex) £200-250
211.    Trade Cards, Football, Chix Confectionery, Famous Footballers Series 1 and Series 2 (vg) £120-150
212.    Cigarette Cards, Cricket, and Horse Racing, Ogden's Steeplechase Celebrities and reproduction set Jockey 1930 together with two Players sets, namely Cricketers 1934 and Cricketers 1938, also included Will's Cricketers 1928 (gd/vg) £60-80
213.    Cigarette Cards, Transport, a selection of sets by Will's to include Aviation, Celebrated Ships, Strange Craft, Merchant Ships of the World and Railway Engines (all vg) £60-80
214.    Cigarette Cards, Flowers, a collection of sets to include CWS Wayside Flowers (green back), Will's Alpine Flowers, Old English Garden Flowers 1st and 2nd Series (all gd/vg) £20-40
215.    Cigarette Cards, Sport, two sets, Churchman's Sports & Games in Many Lands and Lambert & Butler Winter Sports (vg) £40-60
216.    Cigarette Cards, Military, Will's Soldiers of the World (Ltd to back)(100 cards vg) £200-220
217.    Cigarette Cards, Military, Issued in India Will's Scissors Types of the British Army (vg) £40-60
218.    Cigarette Cards, Football, three sets to include Gallaher Famous Footballers (green back), Will's Association Footballers (no frame to back) and Carreras Footballers, (all vg) £40-60
219.    Cigarette Cards, People, three sets, namely, Cope's The World's Police, Ogden's Leaders of Men and Picturesque People of the Empire (gd/vg) £50-80
220.    Cigarette Cards, Flag Girls, Will's Scissor sets, Flag Girls of All Nations (numbered)(gd), Dancing Girls (27) and Beauties (32, Picture Hats)(vg) £100-120
221.    Cigarette Cards, Military and Naval, a collection of sets, namely, Will's Allied Army Leaders, Military Motors, Naval Dress & Badges and Players History of Naval Dress (gd/vg) £60-80
222.    Cigarette Cards, Football, a selection of sets to include Mitchell's Scottish Footballers, Carrera's Footballers, Churchman's Association Footballers & 2nd Series, and Ardath Famous Footballers (gd/vg) £100-120
223.    Trade Cards, Football, A & BC Gum, Footballers Red Back Coin Rub, complete set 132 cards (vg) £60-80
224.    Trade Cards, Football, A & BC Gum, Footballers (blue back) Set 1 (1-131)(vg) £150-180
225.    Cigarette Cards, Football, a selection of sets by Sinclair to include Well Known Footballers North Eastern Counties, Well Known Footballers Scottish and English, Scottish Football Stars and Scottish and English Football Stars (all vg/ex)(4) £60-80
226.    Cigarette Cards, Players, a selection of sets to include Highland Clans, Polar Exploration A & 2nd Series and Motor Cars A & 2nd Series (all gd/vg)(5) £60-80
227.    Cigarette Cards, Military, a collection of sets by Player's to include Arms and Armour, Military Uniforms of the British Empire, Uniforms of the Territorial Army and Regimental Uniforms A Series (blue back) and 2nd Series (brown back)(all vg)(5) £60-80
228.    Cigarette Cards, Football, sets by Player's to include Association Cup Winners, Football Caricatures by RIP, Football Caricatures by MAC, Footballers 1928 and Footballers 1928-29, (all gd/vg)(5) £60-80
229.    Cigarette Cards, Motor Cars, three sets by Lambert & Butler, Motor Cars A Series, 2nd Series and 3rd Series (all gd/vg)(3) £60-80
230.    Cigarette Cards, Beauties, a collection of sets to include Murray's Bathing Belles, Phillip's Beauties of the World, Stage and Cinema Beauties and Beauties of Today (F50), also included Lambert & Butler overseas Types of Modern Beauty and Drapkins National Types of Beauty (all gd/vg)(6) £60-80
231.    Cigarette Cards, Carreras, a selection of sets to include History of Army Uniforms, History of Naval Uniforms, Glamour Girls of Stage and Films, Film Stars A & 2nd Series (F54) and Film & Stage Beauties (6)(vg/ex) £40-60
232.    Cigarette Cards, Football, Carreras Turf, Famous Footballers (gen gd, some have discolouration) £20-40
233.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Beauties, from American Tobacco, part sets, to include State Girl Series (8 cards, 6 Fatima back, 2 Richmond), Songs, 17 cards various sets) and a selection of 20 other cards all Beauty related (gen gd) £60-80
Foreign Cigarette Cards, Actors & Actresses, W Duke Thomas H Hall Actors & Actresses, 28 cards, various designs (backs also different designs, come discolouration) (gen gd/vg to front) £60-80
235.    Trade Cards, Football, Topps Chewing Gum, Footballers Blue Back (X396)(vg) £150-180
236.    Cigarette and Trade Cards, Mixture, part set Frys Nursery Rhymes (48/50) together with a collection of sets to name Players Struggle for Existence, Army Corps & Divisional Signs, Miniatures, Cries of London and Characters from Dickens and Wills Do You Know 2nd Series, Flowering Trees & Shrubs and Gardening Hints also includes an empty vintage Cigarette Picture Album and a few loose part sets (qty)(gen gd) £60-80
237.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond and PG Tips, in excellent condition unused albums PG Tips Olympic Challenge, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, A Journey Downstream, Features of the World, The Magical World of Disney, Unexplained Mysteries, and Discovering Our Coast, together with three Brooke Bond Picture Card order Forms and twenty seven loose sets (all vg), also includes two completed albums, History of Aviation and Adventurers and Explorers together with a partially completed PG Tips The Language of Tea Wall Chart (qty)(gd/vg) £40-60
238.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Modern sets to include Black Cat Vintage Cars, Tom Thumb Wonders of the Ancient World and Grandee Famous MG Marques (x3), Top Dogs (x3), British Mammals, British Birds Collection (x 2) and Britian's Endangered Wildlife, also includes unused album Players Aircraft of the Royal Airforce, seven partially and completed albums (qty) £40-60
239.    Cigarette Cards and Tins, Mixture, a collection of tins to include ten Ogden's St Julien Tobacco and five Ogden's St Bruno Flake (two types), also includes two Players No6 and Players Special (50) Kingsize packets together with a quantity of loose cigarette cards (qty) £30-50
240.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, completed albums to include Players Uniforms of the Territorial Army, The Coronation of H M King George VI, Sea Fishes, Film Stars (first and second series), Avairy and Cage Birds, Tennis, Animals of the Countryside, Kings & Queens of England, Hints on Association Football, Motor Cars, and Aeroplanes (Civil), together with Wills Our King & Queen and Wild Flowers, also includes a partailly complete Players British Fresh Water Fishes and hardback slot in album containing several sets and a few loose cards (gen gd) £40-60
241.    Cigarette Cards, Aviation, Wills set Aviation, also includes Players sets to name, Aeroplanes (Civil), International Air Liners and Aircraft of the Royal Airforce, (all gd/vg) £40-60
242.    Cigarette Cards, Industry, Will's sets, Mining, Engineering Wonders and New Zealand Issue Lighthouses, (gd/vg)(3) £40-60
243.    Cigarette Cards, Film & Radio, a selection of sets, Players Film Stars A, 2nd and 3rd Series, together with Wills Radio Celebrities A & 2nd Series and Cinema Stars 2nd Series (all gd/vg)(6) £60-80
244.    Cigarette Cards, Animals, Wills sets, a collection to include New Zealand Butterflies, Moths & Beetles, Dogs, Life in the Treetops, together with two L size sets, namely Butterflies & Moths and Animals and Their Furs (gd)(5) £40-60
245.    Cigarette Cards, Ships, a variety of sets by various Manufacturers to include, Ogdens Oceans Greyhounds and Sea Adventures, Sarony Ships of All Ages, Churchmans The Story of Navigation, Players Ships Figure Heads, Murrays The Story of Ships, Ching Ships & Their Workings and ATC Famous British Ships Series 1 and 2, (gd/vg)(9) £60-80
246.    Cigarette Cards, Architecture & Art, Players sets to include Celebrated Gateways, Miniatures and Wonders of the World (blue back), together with Wills Old Inns 2nd Series, The King's Art Treasures and Public Schools (both L size)(gd/vg)(6) £60-80
247.    Cigarette Cards, Aviation, a collection by various Manufacturers to include Osbourne Tobacco Modern Aircraft (brown front), Sarony A Day at the Airway (L size), BAT (no name) Aeroplanes of Today, AMT Aircraft of the World and Gallahers Aeroplanes (vg)(5) £40-60
248.    Cigarette Cards, Scenic, a variety of sets to include Hills Views of Interest 2nd Series, Players Gems of British Scenery, Ching Around & About in Jersey 1st & 2nd Series and Jersey Past & Present 1st & 3rd Series and Pattreiuex Coastwise (vg)(7) £40-60
249.    Cigarette Cards, Dogs, Players sets, to name Dogs (full length, Wardle), Dogs (scenic background), Dogs Heads (Wardle), together with L size Dogs Head (Wardle) and Dogs (full length, Wardle)(gd/vg)(5) £50-80
250.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a variety of sets to include Players Egyptian Kings, Queens & Dieties, Dandies, Churchmans Howlers, Modern Wonders and Treasure Trove, Carreras British Costume (L size), Figures of Fiction and Do You Know? Also includes Rothmans Football International Stars, (vg)(9) £50-80
251.    Cigarette Cards, Animals, Players sets, to include Butterflies, Sea Fishes, Natural History, Wild Animal Heads, Animals of the Countryside together with a selection of Wild Animal of the World part sets, (narrow, no Ltd 5 cards), (wide, with Ltd 4 cards) and (wide, with Ltd) (gen gd) £60-80
252.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets by various Manufacturers to include Carreras School Emblems and Flags of All Nations, Churchmans Interesting Door Knockers, Players Boy Scouts & Girl Guides, British Empire Series, BAT Flags of the Empire Series A and Ardath Our Empire (vg)(7) £60-100
253.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Players Modern issues to include Tom Thumb Issues to name, Myths & Legends, Wonders of the Ancient World, Wonders of the Modern World, History of Racing (Imperial Group plc), History of Britain's Railways, History of British Aviation and Britains Maritime History together with Doncella Golden Age of Motoring, Age of Steam, Golden Age of Flying, Golden Age of Sail, Napoleonic Uniforms, History of the VC, Country Houses & Castles, (vg)(14) £40-60
254.    Cigarette Cards, Reprints, a small selection of reprint and reproduction card sets to include Lambert & Butlers World Locomotives, Motor Cars A & 3rd Series, Players Cricketers 1930, Old England Defenders and Military Series, Allen & Ginter Celebrated American Indian Chiefs, Churchmans Landmarks in Railway Progress, (vg)(8) £40-60
255.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets to include Ardath (State Express) Speed Land, Sea & Air, Wills Houshold Hints, and Speed (2 different sets)(gd) £40-60
256.    Cigarette Albums, Fourteen modern ring binder albums complete with outer covers (vg) £40-60
257.    Cigarette Cards, Naval & Shipping, Wills sets, Nelson Series, Merchant Ships of the World, Ships Badges, Strange Craft and Celebrated Ships (gd)(5) £60-80
258.    Cigarette Cards, Flowers, Wills sets, Garden Flowers, Alpine Flowers and Wild Flowers (3 sets, including A and 2nd Series), also includes L Size Garden Flowers New Varieties A and 2nds Series (gd)(7) £30-50
259.    Cigarette Cards, Uniforms, Players sets, Regimental Uniforms (blue back), Military Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas, Uniforms of the Territorial Army, Military Head Dress and Regimental Uniforms 2nd Series (brown back) (gen vg)(5) £30-50
260.    Cigarette Cards, Overseas Related, Wills sets, Overseas Dominions (Canada), Overseas Dominions (Australia), Gems of Belgian Architecture, Gems of Russian Architecture, Wonders of the Past and New Zealand Issue Wonders of the World, (gd)(6) £40-60
261.    Cigarette Cards, Sport, Players sets, to name Derby & Grand National Winners, Cricketers 1934 and 1938, Footballers Caricatures by RIP, Speedway Riders and Cycling (all vg)(6) £40-60
262.    Cigarette Cards, Railways, Wills sets, Railway Engines, Railway Locomotives, Railway Equipment and Railway Engines (adhesive)(gd)(4) £40-60
263.    Cigarette Cards, Architecture, Churchman sets to include Wings over the Empire (M size), World Wonders Old & New, The Houses of Parliament & Their Story and Cathedrals & Churches, (gd, some discolouration)(4) £20-40
264.    Cigarette Cards, Royalty, by various Manufacturers, sets to include Ardath Silver Jubilee, Allman Coronation Series, AMT's Kings of England. Churchmans The King's Coronation, Wix Coronation (Kensitas) and Phillips Coronation of Their Majesties, (vg)(6) £30-50
265.    Cigarette Cards, Industry, various sets to include Lambert & Butler Interesting Sidelights on the Workings of the GPO, Ogdens Whaling, Phillips This Mechanized Age 1st & 2nd Series, Woods Romance of the Royal Mail and Players Product of the World, Products of the World (diff) and Countries & Their Industries (gen gd/vg)(8) £40-60
266.    Trade Cards, Cricket, Thomsons The World's Best Cricketers (4 sets, 1 - 18 presented with The Rover, The Wizard, The Hotspur and Adventure)(72 cards total)(vg) £60-80
267.    Trade Cards, Football, Thomson World Cup Footballers, (vg)(64 cards) £50-80
268.    Cigarette Cards, Shipping, complete sets to include Murrays The Story of Ships, Sarony Ships of All Ages, Phillips Ships That Have Made History and Churchmans The Story of Navigation, also included Players British Naval Craft (all gd/vg)(5) £40-60
269.    Cigarette Cards, Football, a collection of sets to include, Churchmans Association Footballers 1st and 2nd Series, Wills Association Footballers (2 sets A series, one without frame) and Players Hints on Association Football (all gd)(5) £50-80
270.    Cigarette Cards, Film, a variety of sets, to name Ogdens Actors Natural & Character Studies, Players Film Stars 1st, 2nd and 3rd Series, together with Gallahers Portraits of Famous Stars and Film Partners (gen gd, some vg)(6) £50-80
271.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets to include Players National Flags & Arms, Cricketers 1934 (backs poor), Dandies and History of Naval Dress, Black Cat Military Uniforms, and Wills Air Raid Precautions and Wonders of the Past (all gd/vg)(7) £40-60
272.    Cigarette Cards, Animals, a collection of sets to include Players Dogs (paintings by Arthur Wardle), Gallaher Dogs (L24 caption in block), Dogs (48) and Aesops Fables together with Players Animals of the Countryside (gd/vg)(5) £30-50
273.    Cigarette Cards, Cricket, four sets to name Major Drapkin Australian and English Test Cricketers, together with Players Cricketers 1930, 1934 and 1938 (all gd/vg)(4) £50-80
274.    Cigarette Cards, Transport, a variety of sets to name, Murrays Types of Aeroplanes, Wills Railway Engines, Players Motor Cars A (backs poor) and 2nd Series, British Naval Craft and Churchmans Kings of Speed (x2)(gen gd)(7) £40-60
275.    Cigarette Cards, Radio, Opera & Film, five sets to include Wills Radio Celebrities 1st & 2nd Series together with Players Gilbert & Sullivan 1st & 2nd Series and Film Stars (poor backs)(gen gd)(5) £40-60
276.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets to include Ardath State Express Sports Champions, Carreras Celebrities of British History, Players Kings & Queens of England and Phillips In The Public Eye (all gd/vg)(4) £40-60
277.    Cigarette Cards, Cricket, two sets, Churchmans Cricketers and Carreras Cricketers (both vg)(2) £50-80
278.    Cigarette Cards, Mitchells, three sets to name, A Gallery of 1935, Our Empire and Empire Exhibition Scotland 1938 (all gd/vg)(3) £40-60
279.    Cigarette Albums, Eight modern ring binder albums with sleeves (all navy blue), two containing plastic slot in sleeves (vg) £30-50
280.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a vast quantity of loose cards, various genres and Manufacturers to include Churchmans, Pattreiouex, Lambert & Butler, Phillips, Players, Wills, Edwards & Ringer, Gallahers and many more also includes a few trade cards (viewing recommended, unchecked for sets)(1000's)(mixed, gen gd) £60-80
281.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a quantity of M and L size cards, various Manufacturers to include Players, Wills, Carreras (viewing recommended, unchecked for sets (gen gd/vg)(100's) £30-50
282.    Cigarette Cards, Ogdens, a small selection of loose cards from sets to include Cricket 1928, Leaders of Men, Prominent Cricketers of 1938, British Birds & Their Eggs, Steeple Chase Trainers & Owners Colours, Jockeys 1930s, and many more including Guinea Golds, (Mixed conditions)(qty) £30-50
283.    Cigarette Cards, Scouting, Ogdens, a selection of part sets (all green back) to name A Series (8), 2nd Series (18), 3rd Series (3), 4th series (9), 5th Series (5), also included from the blue back A Series (15)(mixed conditions, gen fair/gd) £40-60
284.    Cigarette Cards, Horse Racing, Anstie Racing Series (26-50) part set, 24 cards, missing no 28 (gen gd) £30-50
285.    Cigarette Cards, Prehistoric Animals, Edwards Ringer and Bigg part set 24/25, no 23 missing (gen gd) £30-50
286.    Cigarette Cards, Rarer Cards, a selection of cards to name Smiths Cinema Stars (18 cards (fair/gd) and Famous Explorers (1), Ogdens Soldiers of the King (grey caption 7), Gallahers Association Footballers (Liverpool, poor) Clarks Army Life (1) and Illingworth Comicartoons of Sport (1) (gen gd) £40-60
287.    Cigarette Cards, Scouting, Ansties Scout Series (part set 46/50) missing 7, 22, 41 and 50 (gd) £30-50
288.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a modern ringbinder album containing in loose plastic sleeves Wild Flowers, Bird Portraits (with address), British Wild Life (Brooke Bond Tead Ltd) , Wild Flowers Series 2 (Issued By), Freshwater Fish, African Wildlife, Tropical Birds, Asian Wildlife, British Butterflies, Wildlife in Danger, Wild Flowers Series 3, Butterflies of the World and Wild Birds in Britian (all gd/vg)(13) £60-80
289.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a modern ringbinder album containing in loose plastic sleeves, Police File, Wonders of Wildlife, Play Better Soccer, Vanishing Wildlife, Olympic Greats, Woodland Wildlife, Small Wonders, Queen Elizabeth 1st - Queen Elizabeth II, Features of the World, Incredible Creatures, Unexplained Mysteries, The Language of Tea, Discovering Our Coast, The Magical World of Disney, A Journey Downstream and Teenage Turtles (all vg)(17) £30-50
290.    Trade Cards, Mixture, a collection of loose cards by various Manufacturers including Barrett, Lipton, Walls, Kelloggs, Cadburys, Brooke Bond, mixed genres including a quantity of sport related , vintage and modern cards, also includes two completed Brooke Bond Albums History of the Motor Car and Transport Through the Ages (gen gd/vg)(qty) £40-60
291.    Cigarette Cards, Carreras Turf Issues, a quantity of loose cards from various sets to include Famous Footballers, Celebrities of Brtish History, Radio Celebrities, British Railway Locomotives, Famous Dog Breeds, Film Stars and Zoo Animals, (mixed conditions, unchecked for sets,)(approx 300 cards) £50-80
292.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a large collection of loose cards by various Manufacturers to include Ogdens, Wills, Players, Cavanders, Carreras, De Reszke, Churchmans, Gallahers and many more, mixed genres, unchecked for sets (gd/vg)(1000's) £60-80
293.    Cigarette Albums, a collection of 12 modern ring binder albums together with number loose plastic sleeves, various card sizes and some card cases (qty) £20-40
294.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, complete sets to name, Wills Wild Flowers, Garden Hints, Wonders of the World and Lucky Charms, together with Players Struggle for Existence, Coronation Series and Churchmans Treasure Trove, and Howlers (vg) £40-60
295.    Cigarette Cards, Ogdens, parts sets to name, Sights of London (23/25), Trainers and Owners Colours (15), Birds Eggs (cut outs)(12) and British Birds (cut outs)(16)(mixed conditions) £20-40
296.    Cigarette Cards, Gallahers part sets, Robinson Crusoe, 48/100 (gd/vg) together with Tricks and Puzzles 25/100 (gen vg and few fair) £30-50
297.    Cigarette and Trade Cards, Film and Beauty, a selection from various Manufacturers, cards to note, A & M Wix Cinema Cavalcade, Phillips Beauties of Today and Stage Cinema and Dancing Celebrities, Sarony National Tpyes of Neauty, Every Girls Newspaper Film Stars and more (parcel) £40-60
298.    Cigarette Cards, Silks and Matchbox Covers, Mixture, a selection to include British Empire Silks, rarer Cigarette Cards and Matchbox covers (viewing recommended) £30-40
299.    Cigarette Cards, Animals & Fish, a selection of eleven sets to include by Players Natural History (x12, 1st Series), Aquarium Studies (L), Wild Animals (Heads, A & 2nd Series), together with Wills sets Life in the Tree Tops, Wonders of the Sea, Life in the Hedgrow, The Sea Shore (Home & Irish Issues), and Pond & Aquarium 1st & 2nd Series (all vg/ex)(11) £60-80
300.    Cigarette Cards, Military & RAF, a selection of sets to include Players Colonial & Indian Army Badges, Victoria Cross, Aircraft of the Royal Air Force (variety to no 45, 46) and three RAF Badges (all adhesive, one has motto on back, one without and a CI Issue, all gd/vg) together with Wills Australian Issue War Incidents (Specialities), (fair/gd) and Churchmans The RAF at Work, (vg)(8) £80-100
301.    Cigarette Cards, Mixed, Wills, a collection of 10 sets to include Famous Inventions, Gems of Belgian Architecture, Russian Architecture, and French Architecture, School Arms, Overseas Dominions Australia and Canada, Historic Events, Mining and Physical Culture (all vg/ex)(10) £80-100
302.    Cigarette Cards, Birds & Butterflies, to include Players L size Wildfowl and Wild Birds, together with Wills British Buttlerflies (incl error card no 28 numbered 23), British Birds, New Zealand Issue Moths & Beetles (Including reversed no 47) and Butterflies & Moths (L size)(all vg/ex)(6) £80-100
303.    Cigarette Cards, Floral, a large collection of sets by Wills to include Flower Culture in Pots, Flowering Trees & Shrubs,Garden Flowers, Garden Flowers by Sudell, Garden Hints (3 sets, one with album clause, one without and Irish Issue), Garden Life, Wild Flowers A & 2nd Series adhesive, Wild Flowers (2 printings, one with dots inside panels, one without) and Wild Flowers 2nd Series, also included L size Flowering Shrubs and Garden Flowers A & 2nd Series, (all gd/vg)(17) £80-100
304.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of various sets to include Wills sets Cinema Stars 1st, 2nd & 3rd Series, Wonders of the Past, Lucky Charms, Our King & Queen, The Reign of King George V, Animalloys and a reprint of Gems of Italian Architecture, also included Player's Polar Exploration A & 2nd Series (all gd/vg)(12) £80-100
305.    Cigarette Cards, Aviation, (A.T.C.) Mills, History of Aviation (A Series of 50, 1952) A numbers 1-16, 18-25 & 27 (no F & M white borders missing no2)(with F & M bottom right, matt borders) B Numbers 17, 26, 28-50)(all vg (74/75) together with Histoire de Laviation 1st & 2nd Series (vg) £20-40
306.    Cigarette Cards, Floral, various sets by Wills to include Roses A, 2nd and Different Series, and Old English Garden Flowers A and 2nd Series together with Roses L size (all gen gd/vg, some with foxing to edges) £60-80
307.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, two sets, Wild Flowers Series 2 (w/o Issued by, fronts vg, backs gd) and British Birds (Frances Pitt (vg)(2) £30-50
308.    Trade Cards, Film & Radio, two sets, C & T Bridgewater Radio Stars 1st Series and Film Stars 4th Series (both vg/ex) £30-50
309.    Cigarette Cards, Aviation, Wills set Aviation, complete set (gd/vg) £30-50
310.    Cigarette Cards, Comedy Girls, Carreras Chrisite Comedy Girls complete set (vg) £20-40
311.    Cigarette Cards, Actresses, two sets, both Will's Scissor Overseas Issue, Actresses (mauve surround set of 30) and Cinema Stars (red surround, set 25)(both vg) £30-50
312.    Cigarette Cards, Beauty, by various Manufacturers, four sets to name, Phillips Beauties of Today, Carreras Glamour Girls of Stage and Films, Murrays Bathing Belles and and Marcovitch Beauties (Anon)(all vg) £60-80
313.    Cigarette Cards, Actresses, Wills Overseas Issue Four Colour Surrounds (mixture of matt and glossy), all part sets, 206 different cards together with 2 error cards (all vg), also included 17 mixed Actress cards to includes Ogdens Guinea Gold Lilly Langtree, Mable Love and Maxine Elliott (gd) £80-100
314.    Cigarette Cards, Boy Scouts, Ogdens Boy Scouts (vg) together with one card from CWS Boy Scout Series (no 5 Blacksmith Badge)(vg) £40-60
315.    Cigarette Silks, Flowers, Wix Kensita Flowers Series 1, mixed backs, complete set contained in original album, silks colours to note mauve/pink Crocus, red Dahlias, gold Geum and pink Michaelmas Daisy, silk to note is the rarer Sunflower Silk also included original envelope posted from Wix (vg) £60-80
316.    Cigarette Silks, Flowers, Wix Kensita Flowers Series 2, part set of 29 silks contained in original album,also included original envelope posted from Wix (vg) £30-50
317.    Cigarette Silks, Flowers, Wix Kensita Flowers, loose a collection of approx 90 small and 9 larger in card folders (all vg) together with a few odd cigarette cards (vg) £30-50
318.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a collection of cards in original albums to include, complete sets, Canadian Issue Tropical Birds and Birds of North America together with Freshwater Fish, Asian Wildlife, Wildlife in Danger, Tropical Birds, Transport Through The Ages, African Wildlife, The History of the Motor Car (x2, one mounted with photographic corners), Butterflies of the World, Flags & Emblems of the World, and British Costume, also included with a couple of partially filled books and some loose cards (gen gd, a few with writing to covers) £40-60
319.    Cigarette Cards, Aviation, a collection of sets by various Manufacturers to include Murrays Types of Aeroplanes, Stratmore British Aircraft, Players International Air Liners, Aeroplanes (Civil), Tom Thumb British Aviation, Gallahers Aeroplanes and Phillips Aircraft Series 1, (all gd/vg)(7) £50-80
320.    Cigarette Cards, Trains, a selection by various Manufacturers to include Wills Railway Engines (x2, one adhesive), Gallaher Trains of The World, Phillips Railway Engines, (gd/vg)(4) £30-50
321.    Trade Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets to include Kelloggs Ships of the British Navy, Ringtons Historical Scenes, and Barrett Trains, also includes a selection of loose cards, namely Lyons Wings of Speed, Kelloggs Veteran Cars and Locomotive, Barrett Trains of the World, Anglo Confectionery Railway trains & Crests and others (all gen gd)(qty) £20-40
322.    Cigarette Cards, Transport, a variety of sets to name Wills Railway Locomotives, Doncella Golden Age of Flying, Players International Air Liners, Modern Naval Craft, Aeroplanes (Civil) and Aircraft of the Royal Airforce, Churchmans The RAF at Work, Embassy World of Speed and Wills Merchant Ships of the World and Speed and Phillips Ships That Have Made History, (all gd/vg) £50-80
323.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of various genre sets to include Wills British Butterflies, Military Motors, British Birds, Speed and Engineering Wonders together with Players RAF Badges, Woods Romance of the Roayl Mail and Embassy World Firearms (gd/vg) £50-80
324.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in original albums Gallahers Park Drive The Navy, Wills Life in the Royal Navy and Players International Air Liners and Aeroplanes (Civil), other loose sets included are Wills Railway Locomotives (2 sets, one reporduction), Churchman Wings over the Empire, Doncella History of the VC, Tom Thumb Wonders of the Ancient World, and Ogdens British Birds (Cutouts)(all gen gd) £40-60
325.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, two framed Wills Railway sets, together with a Murrays 2006 Value Catalogue and numberous loose cards, cards to note include Wills Allied Army Leaders, Ogdens British Birds and Modern Railways, Turf British Aircraft, Lambert & Butler Aeroplane Markings, Players Napoleon and many more (qty) £50-80
326.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a collection of sets to include British Birds (Frances Pitt Series), Wild Flowers, Wonders of Wildlife, The Race Into Space, Police File, Play Better Soccer, Trees in Britain, The History of the Motor Car (x2), A Journey Downstream and Famous People, Adventurers and Explorers, History of Aviation, Inventors and Inventions, Chipmunks (x2), Unexplained Mysteries and The Language of Tea (with wall chart) (all gen gd, a few with discolouration)(18) £40-60
327.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond and Typhoo, a collection of original completed albums to include Typhoo Do You Know? and Wild Flowers, Brooke Bond Bird Portraits, Butterflies of the World, Wild Flowers, African Wildlife and many more (mixed condition albums, cards gen gd)(20) £30-50
328.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a selection of 20 part filled Brokke Bond albums (some duplicates, gen gd) together with a vast quantity of loose Brooke Bond Cards (1000's, unchecked for sets) £30-50
329.    Trade Cards, A & B C Gum a collection of loose cards from various sets to include Elvis Presley Series, Winston Churchill, Civil War News, Huck Finn, Champions, Superman in the Jungle, Tales of Wells Fargo, Flags of the World, You'll Die Laughing, Space Cards, Film & TV Stars and Top Stars, (all gen gd/vg)(approx 80 cards) , £60-80
330.    Trade Cards, TV, Film and Music, a collection of loose cards relating to include, MJJ Productions Michael Jackson, 20th Century Fox Star Wars, DC Comics Superman, Anglo Confectionery Tarzan, Panini Buck Rogers and Roger Rabbit, Universal Studios Battlestar Galactica, Weetabix Flash Gordon and many more (gen gd/vg, viewing recommended)(100's) £40-60
331.    Trade Cards, Mixture, a collection by various Manufacturers, to include Rington, Morning Foods, Mr Softee, Lyons Maid, Neilsons, Kelloggs, Glengettie, Kane Products, Phillips, United Dairies, Badshah tea, Granose, Weetabix, and many more, mixed genres, (unchecked for sets)(gd/vg)(100's) £60-80
332.    Trade Cards, Mixture, a small collection of rarer cards to include A & BC Gum Beatles (Black & White)(32 cards), Weetabix Conquest of Space (mixture of A & B Series)(14), Kane Disc Stars (4), Record Mirror/Mr Softee's Top Ten (15), J patterson Balloons (39) and Chix Famous Last Words (6) (gd/vg) £50-80
333.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a number of original albums, namely Players Military Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas, and Wild Flowers A and 2nd Series, together with Players Kings & Queens of England, Animals of the Countryside, Aeroplane Civil, Motor Cars and Birds & Their Young (fair/gd)(8) £30-50
334.    Cigarette Silks, Mixture, in photographic albums, a selection from various sets to include BDV, Kensita, various genres (gd) £30-50
335.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Complete sets to name Borg, Burgen aus Deutfchen Landen, Liebig Venomous Snakes, Domino Les Produit de Monde and Figures Historiques, together with a selection of approx 100 other loose cards, various genres (viewing recommended, gd/vg) £30-50
336.    Cigarette Cards Reference Books and Albums A small collection of reference/price catalogues together with original empy albums and a number of folders and numberous plastic sleeves and divider paper (gd)(2) £40-60
337.    Viewers and Cards, Two viewers to include a gaf View Master and a metal foldable one, also included a quantity of Weetabix 3D cards from Working Dogs, British Cars, Animals, Cars and Our Pets, (gd) £30-50
338.    Tazos, Tazo Collectors Star Wars Triolgy Edition in original folder together with a qauntity of loose tazos, (vg) also includes two Dr Who Marvel Adventure Comics £20-40
339.    Ephemera, Mixture, a varied collection of card games to include Ace Fact Files Dogs and Cats, Jacques original Happy Families, Winnie the Pooh Snap, Animal Dominoes, Wild Flower Sevens Card Game, Cathedrals and Minsters Cards, Fortune Telling Playing Cards, Ace Horses cards, French Happy Families, Speedway cards Game and Goal, also includes Disney Dominoes, Batchelors Soups Adventure Cards, Soccer Dice, Supoerking SuperCars, and numerous other items ephemera (viewing recommended)(all gd) £40-60
340.    Framed Cigarette Cards and Phone Cards, Three framed sets, to name Players Dogs (Fill length Wardle), Players Character from Dickens and Phone CardsBritish Telecome Payphones Past & Present (all gd, glazed to from and back) £40-60
341.    Postcards, Edwardian album containing approx 400 cards, including water dams, Bridport, Seaside, London, Herring Fishing, Yarmouth, RP's Carnt Castle, Grave of Mr Alfred Baldwin MP, Empire Day Parade, Stourport Bridge, Cornwall, Dartmouth with river craft, Steamer Duchess of Argyle, RP, R.M.S Columba, holiday seaside towns and beaches/harbours, country views etc. G V/G £80-120
342.    Postcards, a collection of approx 500 cards from the early 1900's and later including, French examples, Scotland - many Helenburgh, RP's Military camps, City scenes, a framed group of Canadian postcards in segmented pine frame together with a group of older photographs portraits and Ambrotypes, greeting cards etc, Fair/G Parcel. £60-80
343.    Postcards, a collection of approx 550 cards in five modern albums including Holiday destinations, Animals, Birds, History, Aviation, Shipping, Trains, Berkshire, some early cards particularly the birds to later 1950/60's examples, Good V/G, together with a group of eight vintage magazines, mostly Picture Post, from the 1950's(Parcel). £40-60
344.    Postcards, Composers/Music, a collection of approx 170 cards in three modern albums including, Beethoven, Handel, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Mozart and more G V/G. £30-50
345.    Postcards, a group of approx 160 loose cards and small album from the early 1900's including, RP's Donkey ride on beach, Wanborough Unionist Fete Procession 1913, Soldier portraits ( one at camp), Alpine, Windsor Bridge, Horse cart on sands, Comical, Seaside saucy, Greetings etc. G-V/G £40-60
346.    Postcards, a group of approx 120 loose cards from the early 1900's including, Japan RP's ( hand tinted) Bermuda donkey cart, Ceylon beauty, RP Zeppelin raid Sept 8th 1915, Indian dancing girl, YMCA Hut fund - First Aid post Somme, Military parades, River scirmish, Natives etc G-V/G £60-80
347.    Postcards, local interest approx 70 cards including, some RP's, Long Parish, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Woolhampton, Tadley, Aldermaston, Wasing, St Mary Bourne, Whitchurch, Highclere, Woolton Hill, East Woodhay, Ecchinswell, Kingsclere, Sydmonton, Horris hill, Burghclere, Newtown etc. £30-50
348.    Postcards, a collection of approx 200 cards and art pictures including, Willy Schermel childrens cards cats/Teddies, Marten Toonder arctic and Tom Poes Kaart series, H. Rotgans/39 series, M.B.Cooper childrens cards, Later vintage cars, Dutch scenes and topics, Brussels, Flowers etc. £50-80
349.    Postcards, a collection of approx 450 cards from the 1920's to later, loose and in albums ( albums water damaged) including, Military camp, Thai boxing, Viet Nam, Native costume, Aviation, Egypt, Thaipusam religious festival, Tucks comical series, RP women working in fields, Elephants working in jungle, Thai dancers, RP Soldier, Netherton,Cricket matches, Poor -Good. £30-50
350.    Postcards, a large collection of approx 1,500 cards from the early 1900's to modern inc, IOW, Dorset, Cornwall, The Thames, Wiltshire, Sussex, Windsor, Oxfordshire, Reading etc, RP of Vectis bus in Floods ( IOW), Movie Stars, American Propaganda cards, Military posed Officers, Cavalry, Arm balloon etc, Shipping inc Liners ( Titanic) and Naval vessels, New Forrest Snake catcher, Southampton FC 1923/24, RP vintage car and more. G, V/G £70-90
351.    Postcards, a modern album with a selection of 30 cards from the early 1900's inc RP's Ham, Ham common, Hampton Court Palace, Needles IOW, together with another example with 50 cards inc, RP Victoria Institute Worcester, museum bomb collection, RP century plant Kew gardens 1912, WW1 silk, loose cards, and children's Sunday school stamp albums. Parcel. G/Vg £50-80
352.    Postcards, Football, a collection of approx 450 cards mostly modern of players, teams and stadiums/grounds, together with a small quantity of reproduction vintage cards of a comical and player type. V/G £30-50
353.    Postcards, Albums, two vintage matching Edwardian albums with approx 600 cards from the early 1900's and later, including, Norwegian, London, Brussels, Germany, RP street scene, Floral, USA historic buildings, Ethnic, WW1 Battlefields, Alpine, Steam Loco's and more. G V/G £30-50
354.    Postcards, Mixed loose , approx 600 cards from the 1950's - later including World & UK holiday destinations, famous locations, Meeki children's cards, Stately Homes and wildlife, Skiing cartoons and more. £20-40
355.    Postcards, a collection of approx 480 cards loose and in albums from the early 1900's to modern. Vintage WW1 selection including RP's family groups, Soldiers in uniform, 2 x female Ammunition workers, Tank, Red Cross, Comic, Tank at dockside, Silks, USA group, WW1 Autograph album and small selection of stamps. £30-50
356.    Postcards, a collection of approx 190 cards from the early 1900's in vintage album inc, many naval types, RP Submarine C8, Torpedo Boats off Harwich, HMS Orion, HMS Monarch testing the floating dock, Boys at Divisions Shotley Barracks, Band 11th Hussars, "Mick" Drum Horse, Portsmouth Harbour Submarine Depot, Barking Scouts Camp, HMS Excellent, The Ladysmith Gun, Oxted Sanitary Laundry, Two early car crash RP's, HMS Crescent, Steam Loco LSW, Ships stokers, some holiday/seaside scenes, country houses and more.G. V/G (Album AF). £80-100
357.    Postcards, a mixed collection including a modern album of approx 342 Dutch, children's Christmas and New Year postcards from the 1950/60's mostly scenic and caricatures together with a smaller modern album of approx 80 cards mostly funny/saucy seaside types of various ages, Edwardian to modern, a set of Twinings "Rare Stamps" tea cards etc. £40-60
358.    Postcards, a small collection of approx 100 French WW1 and later cards in period album including bomb damaged buildings , Historic buildings, City scenes,etc G V/G £50-100
359.    Postcards, a large collection of approx 800 English and French cards from the early 1900's, WW1 and later including, Social History, bomb damage, Troop movements, glamourous portraits, "Tommy", Air balloon, Wagon and troops, Soldiers, Trams, Victorian seaside etc. Fair V/G £60-100
360.    Postcards, a good collection of approx 100 cards, including an interesting set of 6 hand drawn cards by J G Koberts " only 2 days after leaving the seminary" showing the fall of a priest to a lady of ill repute!, 4 hand drawn menu fronts, Topographical Far East Japan, Early 20th century French, Topographical B&W England, France and Canada and Austrian Rulers (pre 1914). £50-100
361.    Postcards, a vintage album containing approx 170 cards and another example containing approx 200 cards including, RP Metropolitan electric tram car (Remembrance), Rickshaws, 1950's comic/saucy, seaside/holiday, embroidered Spanish, reproduction cards, etc G V/G. (2) £30-50
362.    Postcards, a modern album of approx 300 mostly Edwardian and a few later cards, many London landmarks and street scenes, RP Cenotaph some foreign , together with a small collection of 10 advertising tins inc a Victorian South Africa 1900, New Year Chocolate tin. Parcel. £30-50
363.    Postcards, a good set of 24 cards from the Old English Pottery & Porcelain set by Chairman cigarette cards, together with approx 50 Edwardian cards mostly of holiday and famous places, together with a large box of stamps on paper etc Parcel. £30-50
364.    Postcards, a collection of approx 180 cards in two modern albums, Mostly Dogs, some comic, portrait, Bonzo section, RP's etc , good selection of cards from the 1930/40's and later. G V/G (2) £60-80
365.    Postcards, a vast accumulation of over 1,000 cards, from the Edwardian period and later, mostly Italy, Greece, France etc, topics include, Historic buildings, Sculptures, Churches and more. G V/G. £30-50
366.    Postcards, a collection of approx 1,000 cards Edwardian and later, from the British Isles, inc, Churches, Ancient Monuments, Holiday Locations, Country Scenes, Olympic games, Annimals and birds, Tucks, Royal Mail- silk and stamp, WWI, RP's Skipton, together with a selection of 19 century and later stamps Fair V/G. Parcel. £40-60
367.    Victorian/Edwardian photograph album, containing approx 80 photographs including, family groups , infants, Women in traditional Welsh costume, twins, lad in boy scout uniform, etc £80-120
368.    Jean Straker Nude photographs, a series of 18 original erotic/nude B&W photographs from this famous Soho photographer, each embossed with his name and stamped on the back as being a "personal copy", 10cm x 12cm some creasing to corners Fair - G (18) £40-60
369.    Badges, a small collection of approx 100, mostly button badges from the 1980/90's on green felt scroll. Various types examples from Wimpy, Heinz, Police, NSPCC etc (Parcel) £30-50
370.    Bonzo, a group of three Bonzo the dog comical paintings, of mixed media, hightened in white and overpainted with varnish, one 33.5cm x 21.5cm framed, two 29cm x 20cm framed and glazed AF (3). £40-60
371.    Ephemera, a collection of approx 300 vintage letter head Monograms, Coats of Arms and Seals, many different types including, Personal, Military, Naval, Ecclesiastical, Gentry, Colleges, Royalty, Countries etc. £40-60
372.    Shipping, a vintage scrap book from the 1920/30's comprising of world cruises literature including, P&O, SS Ranchi, Norwegian Fjords Season 1928, Cunard, RMS Ausonia, London/Newcastle to Norwegian Fjords 1932, items included, postcards, Sightseeing Arrangements, programme of events, posting arrangements, menus photographs etc. £30-50
373.    Ephemera, a large collection of several hundred B&W photographs from the 1950's and later, loose and in albums including, Thailand, dancing girls, native costume, Police, Jungle, Military, Tai Boxing, wildlife, Temples, topless, Family holiday snaps, Edwardian school room etc.(Parcel) £40-60
374.    Ephemera, Autograph albums, 10 vintage albums from the 1930's to 50's with signatures, paintings, photographs and pencil drawings.(10) £40-60
375.    Ephemera, Photographs, a vintage leather bound photograph album with brass clasps, containing 47 Victorian photographs, mostly adult portraits, some infants (AF) together with a wood bound souvenir album from the early 1900's (AF) containing 24 tinted photographs of Japanese scenes including, Temples, Geisha , Rickshaw, river craft etc. (2) £40-60
376.    Ephemera, a mixed lot including, 1902 & 1937 Coronation books, Pathescope film catalogue, Soldiers papers, pencil drawings, service book and release papers, Anatomical pencil drawings, vintage greetings cards, 1959-60 News Chronical football annual, etc (Parcel) £30-50
377.    Comics, Mixture, including Ms Marvel, Power Man-Iron Fist, Fantastic Four (15) 1970'80's, Marvel- Team-Up (24) 1980, DC -The Super Heroes (13) 1980, Savage Action (6) 1980, The Mighty World of Marvel (18) 1978/79, Blockbuster, X-Men, etc (14) 1981 (Parcel). £40-60
378.    Comics, Mixture, including, Marvel Super Adventure (12) 1981, Captain America (18) 1981, Hulk Comic No1-63 (63)1979/80, Marvel Comic (23) 1979, Spiderman and Hulk Weekly (90) 1980, (Parcel) £40-60
379.    Ephemera, a collection of vintage Posters and Prints, inc examples by Pears from the Annuals early 1900's, Queen Victoria, vintage Haslam dresscutting booklets, 1902 Pears Annual etc, Fair/Good, Parcel. £40-60
380.    Ephemera, War Illustrated , a collection of approx 260 issues of this magazine from the 1940's, storage wear and staple rusting (Poor). £30-50
381.    Ephemera, playing cards, 20 packs, some new and sealed, mostly smoking and tobacco manufacturers inc, Panama, Marlboro, Castella, Players Super Kings, JPS, Vanguard etc, together with "The Lincoln" stamp album containing a selection of stamps from the 1930's to 1960's and approx 20 FDC's. Parcel. £30-50
382.    Comics, a collection of DC Comics, Super Hero Collection 2009, magazines with hand painted figures cast in lead, No1 - 39 . £40-60
383.    Comics, a collection of Judge Dredd comics, including, Judge Dredd - The Megazine , Judge Dredd - Megazine 1990-later (320 + Issues) £40-60
384.    Comics, a good selection of mixed comics from various publishers including, X, XO Man of War inc 0 foil cover, Rune, Thor, Turok inc #1 with foil card front, Swamp Thing, Spawn and more, V/G all individual bagged and boarded. approx( 64) £40-60
Ephemera, a selection vintage posters and charts, some hand drawn, including, First Aid Dislocation chart, The Respiratory System, Muscles, Done Structures, Bandages, WW1 Hospital Casualty and Medical availability chart, Burns and more. Parcel. £40-60
386.    Comics, a collection of 2000 AD issues together with Judge Dredd Lawman of the Future , Classic Judge Dredd, 1980's and later and three Judge Dredd annuals (310) £40-60
387.    Ephemera, a mixed lot including a group of Battle Prints, 1-16 (complete set) given with Chevron petrol 1960's, Paddle Wheels magazine, various Paddle steamer booklets and magazines, Local interest, Lambourn Valley railway scrapbook, Newbury town booklets, Newbury Town FC programmes, Newbury show programme 1987 and much more. Parcel. £30-50
388.    Ephemera, The Movie, orbis publishing volumes 1 to 12 complete and partial 13 in original black binders, 1979/83 together with Picture show annuals 1958/59, Film show annual Hollywood album and more. £30-50
389.    Comics, a good selection of mixed comics from various publishers including, Robocop V Terminator, Rook, DC New Frontier, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Astro City, Aquaman, Ash, Green Lantern , V/G all individual bagged and boarded. Approx (59 ) £40-60
390.    Comics, a mixed collection of issues including, Overkill (50), Meltdown (5), Havoc (10), Strip (17), Wildcat (12), DC Action (6), The Complete Spiderman ( 10) Strontium Bitch (14) Rogue Trooper (4) Star Blazer (9) plus a selection of first copy comics Primortals, Batman, Superman, Captain Scarlet, Stingray, Duck Tales and more.(20) £30-50
391.    Comics, Buffy The Vampire Slayer ,a collection of assiciated memorabilia including, magazines numbers 1-14, 16-40, 42, 43, 45-63, Official year book, 2000 calendar, Season 1 scripts book Vol 1-2, various paperback books, mug, mouse mat and more, parcel. £30-50
392.    Ephemera, a mixed lot including, Golden Beatles book 2, Austin diary 1966, album of vintage photographs, Radio and Television diary, Soviet Union magazine and Aluminium Bungalow AF. £30-50
393.    Ephemera, a collection (57) issues of Peoples of all Nations magazine from the 1930's together with (50) issues of Look and Learn magazine from the 1970's, plus (10) assorted children's comics and facsimile newspapers. £30-50
394.    Ephemera, Scrapbook, an interesting collection of pages in a modern folder from a Victorian scrapbook including, hand painted and tinted pictures, etchings, scraps and pecil drawings. AF £30-50
395.    Comics, X Files, No #1 to 26 together with Special Collectors Item issue, Annuals No #1 and 2 plus Special Ashcan Edition, All individually wrapped in comic bags on board, together with Wizard 52 Dec 1995, X Files magazine, Topps Comic Digests no # 1,2,3 . V/G approx (35) £30-50
396.    Annuals, Rupert, a collection of 37 annuals including, 1969/72/73/74/75/76/81/82/83/84/85/86/87/88/89/90/91/92/93/94/95/96/98/99/2000/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/11 A Bears Life-Rupert and Rupert-The Rupert Bear Dossier. £30-50
397.    Comics, Watchmen, ZENDA 1987 LIMITED EDITION French, Signed plate by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, John Higgins, 1585/2000, with 12 cover plates in folder (some storage wear to folder) together with Watchmen, No # 1 /2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12, 1986/87 individually wrapped on card boards. Together with David Anthony Krafts, Comic Interview #65 and Watchcats (Harrier) #1 (14) V/G. £40-60
398.    Ephemera/Royal, a 1953 Coronation flag with central medallion print of Queen Elizabeth II , Lion and Unicorn to sides and date ribbon below.57cm x 88cm, together with a Commemorative Coronation sweet tin and a Meadow Butter "New Zealands best", Coronation puzzle issued by the Meadow dairy Co Ltd. £40-60
399.    Ephemera, a 19th Century Scrap album, a interesting selection of various scraps and media in a leather embossed album, including watercolour painted decorations, hand coloured prints, pencil drawings, cartoon type prints, historical prints, verse and rhyme , piscatorial prints, birds and animals etc. (AF) £50-100
400.    Ephemera, a Victorian scrap book from 1866 with various scraps including embossed, cutaway, etchings, prints, greetings cards, drawings and watercolours, a selection of "The Hundred Best Pictures" magazines, bound in an album, Bassirilievi Della Chiesa Dei SS. Gio:E.Paolo in Venezia photograph album, Temples of Southern India photograph book with selection of vintage photographs of India, album of vintage photographs of construction work in America possibly Rio Colorado, 1907 Autograph album with verse, drawings, photographs and more ,Parcel. £60-80
401.    Comics, Spiderman, The Amazing Spiderman, Spiderman Redemption, The Astonishing Spiderman, including, Collectors Editions, Spectacular Spiderman, #229 acetate cover, #125 & 225 with 3D holo disk cover, Lost Years #1 red foil cover, Secret War Commemorative gold foil cover, Maximum Clonage holo foil cover, Hobgoblin Lives # 1/2/3/4. Scarlet Spider, all bagged and boarded, together with, Merlin sticker album ( some stickers missing), Wizard Mini Comic 3, Film Special Poster, Marvel Previews, Acetate sheets. together with the Green Goblin, No # 1 Collectors edition to # 12,V/G approx ( 68) £60-80
402.    Ephemera, Cloth bound Book," To The East and Home Again", A travellers impressions by Jo Spier, presented with the compliments of the management of the Nederland Line-Royal Dutch Mail, Amsterdam. An interesting collection of pencil drawings and coloured illustrations of all lands visited. £30-50
403.    Ephemera, a Salmons Tea, enamel sign, side mounting, double sided, white ground black writing and red border, some edge chips and rusting, 24cm x 36cm £50-100
404.    Comics, X Men, inc Alpha and omega foil covers (6), Essential X Men (11), Wolverine /Gambit inc Codename Wolverine Top Secret- weapon X file cover (8) and Stan Lee presents "The X Men" illustrated book, ,together with The Avengers (5)Marvels (4) Incredible Hulk inc Special Anniversary issue with foil cover (2) Dark Horses Next Men No # 0 to ( #1 alternate covers) to 22 plus odds. individual bagged and carded/G approx (66) £40-60
405.    Ephemera, two Colmans DSF Mustard, shelf edging signs, 3.5cm x 44.5cm, together with a selection of vintage wood working tools including block plane, spoke shaves chisel etc and a quantity of smoking materials inc pipe bowl cleaners cigarette packets, ash trays etc. Parcel £50-100
406.    Comics, Eclipse comics Archive Ltd Edition Miracleman 3D #1 uncirculated with John Totleben Gold foil cover 086/199 together with Miracleman #4 Ltd Edition Gold Foil cover 058/199 and Miracleman #17 Ltd Edition 187/199 (3). £40-60
407.    Ephemera, a small collection of eight Victorian Valentine cards, together with a photographic glass pendant with portrait of a lady to one side and a curled lock of hair to the other , with yellow metal side band and suspension hoop. £40-60
408.    Comics, Boys Own paper, approx 50 issues from 1944 to 1949, together with a selection of shire collectors reference books, vintage childrens books etc. £30-50
409.    Comics, Bonzo, a group of four mini books " Holiday", "Comes to Town", "The Good deeds of" and "Bad Boy Bonzo" together with a Swains Studdy Series ceramic dog and a Dennis Wheatley New Era, planned Crime fiction folder " Murder off Miami" (6). £30-50
410.    Annuals, a selection of Dandy Annuals including, 1971/72/73/74/75/76/77/78/79/80/81/82/83/84/85/86/87/88/89/90/91/92/93/94/95/96/97/98/2000/2002, Dennis the Menace 1978/85/88/92/95/97/98/99/2000/02, 50 years Beano and the Dandy, 60 years Beano and the Dandy, Dennis the Menace 1951-2001 poor to VG. Parcel. £40-60
411.    Breweriana, a collection of approx 250 vintage Beer mats, some duplication. Various breweries Fair V/G £30-50
412.    Advertising/Breweriana, a collection of associated items including, Sef Pavars Straume mechanical figure (AF), ceramic ashtrays, JPS cigarette tube cartons, Black cat window advertising stickers, optic, various tins, small badge collection etc Parcel. £40-60
413.    Ephemera, a mixed lot of movie/theatre items including, Film review magazine1961, Bumper film Book (1950's), Giles annual 1973/79, Souvenir brochures for Macbeth, Pirates of Penzance, Oliver, Time, Joseph and the amazing technicolour dream coat, Les Miserables and more, parcel. £30-50
414.    Ephemera, a selection of sheet music, mainly the classics, some interesting covers, mostly for Violin and Piano. £30-50
415.    Comics, a selection of Beano Annuals including, 1971/72/73/74/75/76/77/78/79/80/81/82/83/84/85/86/87/88/89/90/91/92/93/94/95/96/97/98/99/2000/02, Bash Street Kids, 1984/89/92/93/96/97/99/2000, Neighbours annual 1990, Jason Donovan Annual 1990, Kylie Minogue Annual 1990 fair to V/G , Parcel. £40-60
Ephemera, a Mixed lot, including, small collection of stamps, Brooke Bond Tea cards, loose and in albums, Cigarette cards, Coins including 1951 Crown (2) 1999 £5 piece, half crowns and crowns etc , framed print "The Grey Hound", Grand Prix Silverstone 1977 programme, F1 Silverstone Grand Prix 1990, various Musical and Theatre programmes etc Parcel. £40-60
417.    Books, a collection of Mabel Lucie Atwell items inc, Tinies book of prayers, Pop-up book, Nursery Rhymes pop-up book, Little ones book of prayers, Book of Verse, Happy Times pop - up book, Lucie Attwells Annual, The Giants Boot, together with approx 90 childrens postcards, 50 being Mabel Lucie Atwel types plus examples by Rene Cooke, Margaret Tempest and Margaret W. Tarrant.Parcel. £40-60
Comics, a good collection of War Picture Library and Commando comics, approx 250 issues mostly dated from the 1970's. Good V/G. £200-300
419.    Books, a collection of King Penguin small pocket books, approx 70 books inc, Popular Art in the United states, English Book Illustration, Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer, Wood Engravings by Thomas Bewick, Early British Railways, The Bayevx Tapestry, Egyptian Paintings, Magic Books from Mexico, Some British moths, etc, some water staining. Poor/ Good £30-50
420.    Books, a collection of approx 26 vintage books including, Military Misreadings of Shakespere, Preview 1953, Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, W.Russell Flint, poetical works of Burns, Who's Who 1942, John Leech's Pictures of Life & Character from the collection of "Mr Punch", Spruneri Atlas Antiquus XXVII Tab, etc. Poor / Fair. parcel £30-50
421.    Titanic, a framed montage, "In Memoriam", wool work embroidery and inset postcards, central design of weeping woman with USA and Union flags at her feet Titanic life buoy at her side, "Be British" with wreath and "Women and children first" above. Postcards (AF) of sinking ship and religious symbol above and woman in foreground, the other card "In Memoriam" ( Heroes all) with photograph of Capt. E.J. Smith RNR & Mr John George Phillips "wireless operator" either side of Photograph of the titanic with date of sinking April 14, 1912. Has been re-framed within a double glass frame making back and front visible. AF. £100-150
422.    Advertising/Tobacco a Wills "Gold Flake" Cigarette , enamel sign. Bright yellow ground with red black and gold lettering and star to either side. Overall enamel V/G with minor edge damage and small rust area approx 8cm square to one corner, 183cm x 38cm £60-80
423.    Golf, box of eight limited edition (59/600) caricatures from Vanity Fair plus two caricatures of Tom Watson and Nick Faldo 12" X 16" and three framed photographs, Padraig Harrington, Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods 11" X 14" £20-40
424.    Golf, four framed photographs each autographs, no certification, Jim Furyk, Justin Leonard, Tom Lehman and Bernhard Langer 12" X 16" £20-40
425.    Golf, two framed glazed photographs, Tony Jacklin with a signature 15" X 19", Tom Watson with a signature 14" X 18" together with three caricatures, Tony Jacklin, Sandy Lyle and Lee Trevino £30-50
426.    Golf, Golf Illustrated Vol 2 Oct 13th - Dec 29th 1899, Golf Illustrated Vol 3 Jan 5th - March 30th 1900, some damage to spine together with a b/w print of two golfers, 1915, some discolouration 22" X 18" and coloured print ' Society of Golfers at Blackheath' 1790 17" x 22" £40-60
427.    Golf, Westward Ho! Golf Club, three prints - The First Tee, FP Hopkins 31" X 43", pair of prints, ' Ladies Golf 1880 and 'Golfers' both from original FP Hopkin's prints 23" X 17" £30-50
428.    Golf, four in total, print Woman's Amateur Championship USA Golf Association, The Ardsley Club Oct 1898 29" X 23", The Golfers, A Grand Match at St Andrew's 40" X 28", two water coloured golfers 23" X 17" and a print of Yorkshiremen playing Knurr & Spell 21" X 17" £40-60
429.    Cricket, an early form of cricket depicted in a framed oil painting 31" X 27" £20-40
430.    Skiing, a large plaster model of a girl on skies with bird behind approx 26" l x 6" D x 12" H £60-80
431.    Horse Racing, four colour caricature prints, Greville Starkey, Wille Shoemaker, Joe mercer and the Queen £20-30
432.     22" thirteen framed and glazed, 8 photographs and 5 caricatures, all have some form of signature including Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry and Ronnie O'Sullivan, some 13" X 15" and 14" X 16" £50-80
433.    Snooker, sixteen photographs card framed and wrapped, 11" X 14" and 12" X 16" all have signatures including Neil Robertson, John Parrott and Peter Ebdon £30-50
434.    Formula One, Bradford Exchange F1 moto plates 'Il Mito Ferrari' plates depicting different venues with certificate of authenticity. £20-30
435.    Baseball/Ice Hockey, two baseballs both mounted and one in perspex cube, Rawlings - maker and supplier of major league and second Bluejays stamped together with a Toronto Maple Leaf ice hockey puck £30-40
436.    Olympics, The official report of 'The Organising Committee' for the XIV Olympiad - London 1948 presented by The British Olympic Association to Group Captain A.H. Owen together with' The Olympic Winter Games, Oslo 1952, with dedication £80-100
437.    Prints, a collection of prints all similar sizes 14" X 18" approx, three cricket, one tennis, a complete set of British Sports by Henry Alkene together with fifteen Ronald Searle 'Clos Du Val' £40-60
438.    Muhammed Ali, an autographed photograph of Ali holding a championship belt, the photograph was signed in the presence of the vendor when Ali visited India in 1990 £150-200
439.    Football, approximately forty programmes and other publications dating from 1977 to 2004, Newcastle, Spurs and Saints with a QPR V Leeds programme for April 29 1978 and three complete tickets for that match together with seventeen cup, European and final programmes and two small framed and glazed sets of Liverpool autographs that include Paisley, Grobbelaar and Lee £40-60
440.    Man Utd/Spurs, 1958/59 United autographs including Bobby Charlton, Wilf McGuinness and Alex Dawson (15+) with Spurs autographs Danny Blanchflower, Bobby Smith and Cliff Jones together with the 1996 Arsenal team £30-50
441.    Manchester Utd, a framed and glazed 'The Dream, The Hope, The Reality, The Treble 28" X 22" together with a photo collage of Legends Aston, Foulkes, Dunne , Sadler anf Stepney £30-50
442.    Muhammed Ali, a pair of boxing gloves both with signatures, that have been verified by an expert, well presented in a display case £1000-1200
443.    Liverpool FC, eight limited edition plates Treble winners 2001 with certificates ( Dunbury Mint) plus a Champions League semi-final V Chelsea framed and glazed 27-04-05 13" X 9" together with a T shirt with Shankly saying 'Football matter of life and death…' £40-60
444.    Liverpool FC, a club clock, 'The road to the final plate 2004', small of quantity of programmes mainly 70/80s including Leeds V Liverpool final May 1965 and Fifa World cup 2007 England V Germany Oct 2000 together with three signed books, Gazza, Ferguson and Dalglish £50-80
445.    Tottenham Hotspur, framed and glazed photograph of Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon with signatures and plaque stating signed by the players. £30-40
446.    Muhammed Ali, an autographed photograph (slightly faded signature) of Ali playing African drums, the photograph was signed in the presence of the vendor who wrote the included newspaper article about Ali's visit to India in 1990 £150-200
447.    Scottish Football, one hundred plus programmes mainly modern together with a Celtic photograph self-made presentation of the Lisbon Lions with some cut out autographs £30-50
448.    Greaves/Wilkins, Goodbye Greaves presentation Spurs V Feyenoord Oct 1972, photograph, stamp and ticket 22" X 30" together with a Ray Wilkins signed magazine cover plus photograph 22" X 18" both framed and glazed £30-50
449.    Football Books, thirty plus including annuals, Tribute to a Legend, Eagle and Charles Buchan £30-50
450.    Football Books, approximately fifty including biographies, autobiographies and reference books £30-50
451.    Football Books, seven autobiographies all with signatures including Jimmy Greaves, Alan Hudson and Gordon Banks £30-50
452.    Football Magazines/Books, five Charles Buchan soccer gift books, ninety plus Charles Buchan Football Monthly Magazines mainly 1960s together with a complete set of Sainsbury medals 1998 £30-50
453.    Football photographs, sixteen card framed all have signatures including Jimmy Greaves, Tom Finney, Dave Mackay and Bob Moncur £30-50
454.    Prints, two coloured comical prints, golf - Stuck in the bunker together with rugby - Ladies playing £20-40
455.    World Cup 1966, 1966 World Cup programme, good condition £50-70
456.    Manchester Utd, four different club ties together with The Topical Times Football Book 1986 £20-30
457.    Programmes, Manchester Utd programmes and reviews 100+ manly from 1980s together with programmes mainly from 1970s Arsenal (30) Everton (30) Spurs (50) Man City (20) Chelsea(20) £30-50
458.    Programmes, approximately four hundred and fifty mainly from the 1970s mixed from various leagues £30-50
459.    Programmes, approximately two hundred mainly from the 1960s from various leagues plus over fifty international programmes including European Cup 2010 Madrid final press kit. £30-50
460.    Dagenham Programmes, approximately one hundred and twenty dating from 1949 to 1968 with the majority from the 1950s including Metropolitan League, Essex Senior Cup, friendlies ( QPR), Corinthian League, FA Amateur Cup, Delphian League and Athenian League, some single sheets. £100-150
461.    Football badges, `seven plastic Chelsea blue stars with photographs and names of 1960/70s players including Ron Harris and Terry Venables plus three West Ham claret badges from 1950s, Brian Rhodes, Malcolm Musgrove and Joe Kirkup together with eleven 1970 Esso World Cup coins and FA Cup Centenary Medal 1872 - 1972 £50-80
462.    Arsenal, programmes 1960s forty five from the 1960s, V Newcastle 1953 and two from 1970s generally good condition £30-50
463.    Blackpool V Chelsea, official programme Saturday October 23rd 1954, no writing very good condition with a horizontal crease £80-100
464.    England programmes, twenty seven between 1961 - 1967, one young England 1964 and one from 1978. £40-60
465.    World Cup 1966, A plastic folder with the 1966 logo that contains: two World Cup Championship Programmes official souvenir. A writing board with the World Cup logo with printed statement 'your portable desk with the compliments of W.D. & H. O Wills. The Official Handbook (5¼" x 8". 133 pages) which includes the programme of matches, World Cup Diary, details of medical services and facilities, press information and other details in a number of languages. London Weekly Diary of Social Events (4¼" x 6¾". 64 pages) which includes details of local theatres, cinemas, restaurants, art galleries, etc. The Complete Guide to Every Centre (7¼" x 8". 72 pages, published by This is London) which includes information about each centre; Sunderland, Sheffield, Birmingham, Middlesbrough, Liverpool, Manchester and London. Coach Wise in Britain pamphlet (3.9" x 8.8" when folded) The British Postal & Telegraph Services World Cup 1966 pamphlet (3.9" x 9"). Introduction reads: "This leaflet is designed to help you with the postal, telephone and telegraph services in this country. The World Cup omnibus stamp issue leaflet. Directory of Telephone and Telex Numbers. Telephone deposit account card. Western Union paper information sheets (five) plus three Cablegram sheets. This Press pack is accompanied with two newspapers with DVDs celebrating the fifty anniversary of the 1966 win. All in very good condition. £500-800
466.    World Cup 1966, framed and glazed photograph of Geoff Hurst scoring in the final with a signed card underneath £40-60
467.    World Cup 1966, Final programme Saturday July 30th in very good condition, no writing £60-80
468.    Chelsea, one hundred and forty programmes approximately mainly from the 1960s with a few from the 1950s and 1970s including FA cup 3rd round replay 1963/64 Chelsea V Spurs and two European games and friendlies. £40-60
469.    Tottenham Hotspur, twenty five programmes, ten large format 1050/60s, fourteen A5 size from the 1960s and one unofficial souvenir programme Tottenham V Manchester tux £40-60
470.    Hampden Park, five Scotland V England programmes 1958 - 1966 (one duplicated) one V Ireland 1954 and Coronation Cup first round 1953 £30-50
471.    1927 Cup Final, one 'part retained' ticket for Wembley final west standing enclosure, Saturday April 23rd 1927 Cardiff beat Arsenal 1-0 £200-300
472.    FA Cup, nine final programmes 1954-1965 with two duplicated plus seven semi-final programmes ((1961-1966) with two duplicated £50-70
473.    Non-league programmes, approximately eighty mainly from the 1950/60s including Hornchurch & Upminster, Brentwood & Warley, Raynham Town, Clapton with programmes from London Senior Cup played at Arsenal between Briggs Sports and Corinthian Casuals £50-70
474.    Cricket, a signed score card from the third test match, Trent Bridge 1977 nine autographs including Tony Greig, Alan Knott and Mike Hendrick together with a England team signed sheet from the fourth test V South Africa 1998. £30-50
475.    Cricket, eight D. Dean prints 1994/95 three signed Colin Cowdrey, John Edrich and Denis Compton with five unsigned John Hobbs, C.Mead, L Ames, G Tyldesley, A Sandham and E Hendren 8" X 11.5" £40-60
476.    Cricket, ten D. Dean prints 1994/96 four signed, Dennis Amiss, Tom Graveney, Graeme Hick and Geoff Boycott plus six unsigned H Sutcliffe, Leonard Hutton, F Woolley, T Hayward, WG Grace and W Hammond. 8" X 11.5" £40-60
477.    Cricket, a one day international score sheet England V West Indies April 3rd 1990 with nine autographs including Robin Smith, Allan Lamb and Gladstone Small together with a signed 'Primary Club' set of statistics about Derek Underwood, both framed and glazed £30-50
478.    Cricket, two D. Dean prints one signed Sir Donald Bradman and an unsigned Shane Warne 8" X 11.5" £60-80
479.    Cricket, three D. Dean prints, Viv Richards and Glen Turner signed and an unsigned Garfield Sobers 8" X 11.5" £30-50
480.    Cricket, six D. Dean prints, Wasim Akram, Zaheer Abbas and Waqar Younis all signed plus Imran Khan, Mutttiah Muralitharan and The Nawab of Pataudi (on paper) all others on card 8" X 11.5" £40-60
481.    Cricket, A print entitled 'The Cricket Match' between Sussex and Kent at Brighton by GH Phillips 44" X 35" £20-30
482.    Kites, three stunt kites in Prism carrying case, Fizz Sports Benson, Illusion and Alien, good condition £100-120
483.    Manchester United, approximately one hundred and fifty league and cup competitions mainly from 1960s with 20 sheets with tokens cut off which are programmes for United reserves from the mid sixties. £30-50
484.    FA Cup Final 1950, two tickets (retained portion) from the final together with a programme and the song sheet for community singing £80-100
485.    Wolverhampton Wanderers, seven home and away programmes 1961-1963 many with press cuttings, FA Youth cup semi-final 1962 versus Chelsea card programme together with two further publications, Cullis and a programme for special match to celebrate the completion of the Molineux and a 1961-62 FA handbook. £30-50
486.    ANNOUNCE SHOULD READ 40+ PROGRAMMES FROM THE 1980'S/ 90'S NOT FROM 1960'SLiverpool FC, seven programmes 1952 - 1960 forty plus programmes from the 1960s plus five from the 1970s, three magazines with signatures and two signed programmes, the Roma one has a certificate of authenticity together with a bottle of red wine that has a Kevin Keegan signature £30-50
487.    Scottish Football, eighty plus programmes from many clubs from the 1950s - 1980s including Kilmarnock, Rangers, Hibernian, Queen of the South and Stirling Albion £30-50
488.    Irish Football, eighteen programmes 1957- 1962 from Distillery, Shamrock Rovers, Shelbourne V Sporting Club Portugal 1962 and international including Wales v Ireland 1952 £40-60
489.    Scottish Football, twenty two programmes from cup competitions, eight finals and fourteen semi-finals 1957-1972 including Hearts V Partick 1958 and Rangers V Clyde £40-60
490.    Programmes, approximately one hundred programmes including a number of QPR, Fulham and Leyton Orient, some from the 1960s £30-50
491.    Autographs/Press cuttings, Fulham autographs (approx 22) Alan Mullery and Johnny Haynes from late 1950s together with seven books of football press cuttings from the same era and seven Chelsea programmes mainly from the 1960s £30-50
492.    West Ham, twelve with eight from 1958, league and cup, two from 1949 V Preston and Spurs plus two V Sparta 1957, and £30-50
493.    West Ham, one hundred and fifty from 1958-64 in good condition £30-50
494.    European Cup Programmes, four, cup final Eintracht V Real Madrid 1960, Benfica V Milan 1963, Rangers V Sparta 1/4 final 1959/60 and West Ham V Real Zaragoza semi-final 1965 £30-50
495.    Youth & Reserve programmes, 16th International Youth Tournament 1863-1963, England v Young England 1966, Football league V Scottish League 1959/60, Youth England V Luxemburg, London Boys V West Germany 1955 ( Includes Jimmy Greaves) Amateur England V Germany 1957, Chelsea v GB Olympic 1964, Combination League Chelsea V Charlton 1964 and Chelsea v Spurs South East league 1966 £40-60
496.    Rugby programmes, thirty mainly Scottish club and International programmes including Scotland army V navy 1958, Scotland V England 1958, Glasgow V Australia 1957 plus others £30-50
497.    Tennis Posts, a pair of metal posts with brass fittings in good condition £50-100
498.    Football, fifty plus photographs some signed ranging from 1966 World Cup and Gary Lineker to Michael Owen and non-league football, Ray Clemence and Peter Shilton both framed and glazed £50-70
499.    George Best, autograph on the back of a cheque with letter asking for cheque to be returned together with five Chelsea programmes including cup final 1970 and various other items. £40-60
500.    Henry Cooper/Bobby Moore, autographs on a menu card from A Sportsman's Aid Society, Sunday May 26th 1968 £60-80
501.    Football, Jimmy Johnstone Celtic & Scotland signed print 13.5" X 19" limited edition 119/495 £60-80
502.    Football, two autographed sporting legend 12" X 15" prints 1966 European cup winners cup Billy McNeil and Ron Yeats and Gilbert Merrick 1956. £20-30
503.    Football, BOAC menu with fifteen England autographs including Alf Ramsey, Colin Bell, Emlyn Hughes and Peter Osgood £80-120
504.    Football, Christmas card signed Alf celebrating 100 years of FA sent Christmas 1963 £40-60
505.    Football, Caricature print 12" X 16" approx of Nat Lofthouse and John Charles with autographs £30-50
506.    Football, coloured print of Terry Conroy 9.5" X 15", Stoke & Eire signed £20-30
507.    Football, autographs approximately fifty mainly West Ham players from the 1970s including Ron Greenwood, Billy Bonds, Frank Lampard and Mervyn Day together with some jockeys, cricketers and TV personalities. £30-50
508.    Brentford FC, 100 Years of Brentford book with fourteen signatures inside front cover together with two centenary gala dinner brochures and menus £50-80
509.    Football, sixteen books including 'Big book of football champions 1954 FA cup winner coins, scarf, press cuttings, two silver football medals and more £30-50
510.    Sheffield Wednesday FC, Ten photographs from the 1930s with some of Mark Hooper, a relation of the vendor, together with eight player profiles from 1934-35 and photocopies of various related items including Mark Hooper meeting royalty at Wembley in 1935 £30-50
511.    Sheffield Wednesday FC, Personal letters and invitations to Mark Hooper for dinners, tours and representative matches plus itineraries and a Stockholm medal £30-50
512.    Sheffield Wednesday FC, Invitations for Mark Hooper in celebration of the club's fifth appearance in the FA cup final 1966, photographs from his playing days, rosettes and more £40-60
513.    Sheffield Wednesday FC, Five club contracts for Mark Hooper signed for the years 1927 (2), 1928, 1929 & 1933 £40-60
514.    Sheffield Wednesday FC, large quantity of memorabilia specific to Mark Hooper's football career including itinerary for FA cup final weekend 1935, official handbook 1933-34, complimentary tickets for matches in 1932, many press cuttings including Topical Times 1934 £40-60
515.    Manchester Utd, The Treble 1999 celebrated as a print 30" X 23" framed and glazed together with a Premier Play Solskjaer and G. Neville doll unopened £40-60
516.    1966 World Cup players' books, seven hardback books all autographed, Jimmy Greaves, Gordon Banks, Charlton Brothers, Bobby Charlton, Alan Ball, Nobby Stiles and Jack Charlton £30-50
517.    1966 World Cup, First Day issue with autographs of the starting team excluding Bobby Moore obtained by the vendor £80-100
518.    1966 Print, Sportsfolio limited edition 1886/1966 31" x24" images of the 1966 England Team with facsimile autographs of Alf Ramsey & Bobby Moore. £30-50
519.    Football Autographed Books, Nine hardback football books by Phil Neal, Emlyn Hughes, Sammy McIlroy, Liam Brady, Harry RedKnapp, Alan Hudson, David Ginola, Trevor Brooking and Kenny Dalglish £30-50
520.    Football Autographed Books, Three books about Tom Finney, 'The Complete Centre Forward' Tommy Lawton has a signed photograph, Traumann's Journey plus two books by Bobby Robson £30-50
521.    Football signed memorabilia, Tom Finney's testimonial programme, Johnny Haynes Remembers plus ten further signatures on magazine cuttings and photographs including Bobby Robson and John Charles £30-50
522.    Football signed memorabilia, four large press cut outs, Alan Shearer, Teddy Sheringham, Steve McManaman and James Beattie plus a further twenty photographs and magazines cut outs £30-50
523.    Reading FC, a signed football with players from the mid 1990s including Stuart Lovell, Michael Gilkes, Scott Taylor and James Lambert £20-40
524.    Autographed Books, seven hardback books including Matthew Pinscent, Tim Henman, Damon Hill (2), Nigel Mansell and Chris Evans (2), £30-50
525.    Boxing Autographs, twenty one from the 1940s mainly on paper stuck into an autograph book including Rinty Monaghan, Gus Lenevich, Freddie Mills, Gene Tunney and what is believed to be Joe Louis £400-450
526.    Rugby, British Lions versus New Zealand programme 27th August 1966 in good condition with forty eight autographs on the middle pages including Colin Meads, Willie-John McBride, Mike Gibson and the two captains Cambell-Lamerton and Lochare plus a small Lion's badge £250-300
527.    Golf, Nick Faldo signed book 'A swing for Life' plus a double video, Augusta Masters 1990 and Victory at St Andrews £40-60
528.    Golf Clubs, ten clubs that includes seven wooden (hickory) irons, one with a square grip and three woods, two wooden and one metal £30-50
529.    Golf Banner, large double sided Seve Ballesteros 40" X 80" banner used at the last Benson & Hedges tournament, The Belfry, image is life size of Seve with the winning year 1994 £200-300
530.    Autographed Book, Europe at the Masters, containing autographs of Steve Rider (commentator) Nick Faldo, Ian Woosnan Sandy Lyle, Bernhard Langer and Jose Olazabal £80-100
531.    Golf, Seve Ballesteros large signed press photograph, signed Garcia press photograph of second professional win, John Daly autographed book, Henry Cotton autograph with COA from Fraser's and a signed photograph of Jack Nicklaus with COA £80-100
532.    Golf, Golf Characters Book, caricatures by John Ireland, text by Chris Plumridge containing 28 autographs obtained by the vendor that includes Sandy Lyle, Tony Jacklin, Greg Norman, Seve Ballesteros Peter Allis and Arnold Palmer £500-600
533.    Golf, five autographs with COA or obtained by the vendor, Paul Lawrie on Carnoustie Commemorative cover, Gary Player with two press photographs, Byron Nelson on B/W photogaph, Nick Faldo on promo photograph and two photographs of Seve Ballesteros, one signed £60-80
534.    Bobby Jones, a framed and glazed photograph and a child's letter requesting his autograph which he signed and returned, with Fraser's Autograph proof of purchase £500-600
535.    Autographed Book, The Open 1960-1990' autographed by thirty players, obtained by the vendor, nine past winners including Nick Faldo (3) Gary Player and Seve Ballesteros £500-600
536.    Autographed Masters Flag, six autographs of European winners on flag obtained by vendor, Bernhard Langer, Ian Woosnan, Nick Faldo, Sandy Lyle, Jose Olazabal and Seve Ballesteros £500-600
537.    Cricket, autographs from the Ashes winning team August 1953, including Alec Bedser and Trevor Bailey, framed and glazed approx 10" X 8" together with a signed b/w photograph Godfrey Evans £80-100
538.    Cricket, two 'The Times' posters 33" x 23" approx, one of Ian Botham leaving the field after his innings at Headingley 1981 and Shane Warne in the same test, both signed, two signed post cards by Gary Sobers with purchase letter, a signed photograph of Geoff Boycott having completed his 100th century with COA and an Alan Lamb signed magazine picture £80-100
539.    Cricket, photograph, press cutting and card image, all signed by Don Bradman, Len Hutton and Denis Compton, a menu with three signatures, one being Harold Larwood and a ticket stub from test match England V Australia February 1971, a signed letter from Godfrey Evans and a signed picture of Jack Hobbs both with COAs £80-100
540.    W.G. Grace, a presentation of a print of W.G. and a page from his book signed 13" x 11" with COA £80-100
541.    Colin Cowdrey, A print entitled 'Conversation Piece' signed by Colin Cowdrey 18" X 16" approx limited edition 14/850 £40-60
542.    The Lord's Pavilion, a coloured print of the pavilion with pencil autographs around the edge including Alec Bedser and Roland Butcher £30-50
543.    2012 Olympics, twenty nine first day covers one signed up by Chris Hoy plus four more signed by Greg Rutherford, Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah (2) £40-60
544.    2012 Olympics, ten promotional envelopes, six gold medal first day covers, twenty nine gold medal stamps, four sheet promo stamps, five flags, Back the Bid stickers and five promo posters £30-50
545.    Athletics, three signed magazine pictures, Kris Akabusi, Liz McColgan, Geoff Capes, 1992 3 first day covers, 1996 first day cover, 29 gold medal winners stamps, coach pass Linford Christie, athletics pass Birmingham 2006, 2 signed promo posters Kelly Holmes plus 3 signed gold winners stamps, Rutherford, Farah and Ennis ( 3 of each) £40-60
546.    Jesse Owens, a signed framed and glazed photograph with signature with Ohio State on card 14" X 18" with receipt of purchase from Fraser's £100-150
547.    Athletics, a Jessica Ennis signed programme, Aviva trials 2012, a signed Paul Radcliffe book, 29 gold medal stamps 2012 Olympics (2 of each & left side) plus a Mary Rand signature £40-60
548.    Athletics, a Kelly Holmes signed book, 2004 gold relay team signed first day cover and four signed envelopes, Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah, Greg Rutherford and Ben Ainslie £40-60
549.    Athletics, a signed Kris Aabusi book, 29 gold medal winners stamps, three signed envelopes, 1. Tanni Grey Thompson, Colin Jackson, Jonathon Edwards, Ewan Thomas & Katherine Merry, 2. Redgrave & Pincent, 3.Macey, Cram, Moorcroft & Davies £40-60
550.    Roger Bannister, eight signed items, a photograph with COA, two 'First Four Minutes, same book old and new, postcard, personal letter, magazine cutting and two signed cards £40-60
551.    Ayrton Senna, a programme from British Grand Prix 1993, containing autographs of Ayrton Senna, Murray Walker, Damon Hill and others £300-350
552.    Motor sport, a complete set of unused stickers for all 1975 Grand Prix venues plus a Mosport, Canada 3-10-76 £80-100
553.    Motor sport, seven magazine pictures all signed including Mansell, Moss and Spencer, a signed Guy Martin poster, 2 Norton posters, Cameron Donald and result sheet from TT races 2014 £40-60
554.    Football, a b/w photograph of the Charlton Athletic team winning the cup in 1947 18" X 16" £30-50
555.    Superstars, a bag signed by many competitors taking part, plus a cap signed by possible racing driver uand a letter signed by Margaret Thatcher £20-30