Cigarette Cards, Postcards, Ephemera, Transport, Field Sport & Sport
Thursday 12th January 2017 at 10:00

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1.      Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Charlesworth & Austin's, Cricketers Series, type card, no 15, Briggs, Lancashire (vg) (1) £180-220
2.      Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Charlesworth & Austin's, Cricketers Series, type card, no 18, Mr S.M.J. Woods, Somerset (vg) (1) £180-220
3.      Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Anon, Cricketers Series, type card, Tom Hayward, Surrey (vg)(1) £120-150
4.      Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Phillip's, Cricketers (brown back) (191/192, missing no 171, plus three duplicate cards). Card no 150 also has original player signature, Bowley, Sussex) (gd/vg) (194) £700-800
5.      Trade Cards Cricket, Packer's Chocolate, Footballers/Cricketers, 'K' size, five type cards, Douglas, Essex, Nourse S. Africa, McCartney Australia, Field Warwickshire & Sharp Everton (poor/fair) (5) £80-100
6.      Cigarette Cards Cricket, Australia, G.G. Goode, Prominent Cricketers, two type cards, A.P. Chapman Kent (sl crease) & J. Hearne, Middlesex (gd) (2) £60-70
7.      Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Australia, G.G. Goode, Prominent Cricketers, two type cards, H. Howell Warwickshire & Sandham Surrey (gd) (2) £60-70
8.      Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Australia, G.G. Goode, Prominent Cricketers, two type cards, Sutcliffe Yorkshire & Whysall Notts (gd) (2) £60-70
9.      Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Australia, G.G. Goode, Prominent Cricketers, two type cards, M. Tate Sussex & R. Tyldesley Lancashire (gen gd) (2) £60-70
10.     Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Australia, G.G. Goode, Prominent Cricketers, two type cards, Strudwick Surrey (fair) & Woolley Kent (gd) (2) £50-70
11.     Trade Cards, Cricket, Canada, Willard's Chocolates, Sports Series, two type cards, both cricket, no 44 Muriel Maxted, Champion Girl Cricketer of England & Collins English Cricketer (both vg) (2) £30-50
12.     Trade Cards, Football & Cricket, 10 cards, Bunsen's Famous Figure Series, no 619 Fanny Walden (Spurs), Pals Vic Richardson Capt. Sturt FC, Champion of Australia & Thomson, Cricketers 1923, 'K' size (set, 8 cards) (gd/vg) £30-40
13.     Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Gallaher, Famous Cricketers (set, 100 cards) (gd) £80-100
14.     Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Cohen Weenen, Cricketers (set, 25 cards) (gd/vg) £100-120
15.     Trade Cards, Australia, Allen's, Cricketers (brown front) 7 cards, Macaulay, J.M. Gregory, J.B. Hobbs, H.L. Hendry, Geary, Syd Smith Manager & J.M. Taylor (fair/gd) (7) £50-60
16.     Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Will's Cricketers 1928 (set, 50 cards plus one plain backed proof card) (gd/vg) £20-40
17.     Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Pattreiouex, Cricketers Series (set, 75 cards) (vg) £300-500
18.     Trade Cards, Cricket, Australian Licorice Co, English Cricketers (blue back) (set, 24 cards) (5 fair, rest gd) £100-150
19.     Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Major Drapkin, Australian & English Cricketers (set, 40 cards) (ex) £30-50
20.     Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Churchman's, Famous Cricket Colours (set, 25 cards) (vg) £25-40
21.     Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Ogden's, Australian Test Cricketers (set, 36 cards plus one plain backed proof card) (vg) (37) £40-60
22.     Cigarette Cards, Nature, two sets by Players, Useful Plants & Fruits and Wonders of the Deep (50, with duplicates)(gd)(2) £40-60
23.     Cigarette Cards, Literature, a collection of Player's sets to include Shakespearean Series, Gilbert & Sullivan A & 2nd Series, Characters from Dickens (50) and Characters from Thackeray, (gd)(5) £50-80
24.     Cigarette Cards, Player's Ever Day Phrases (by Tom Browne)(poor) together with Famous Authors & Poets (narrow) (poor) £60-80
25.     Cigarette Cards, Naval, Player's sets to include Life on Board a Man of War, Old Naval Prints, History of Naval Dress and Ships Figureheads (gd)(4) £40-60
26.     Cigarette Cards, Royalty, Wills' Coronation Series (near complete, no 9 missing, duplicates 7, 50, 51 and 55)(gen gd) £80-100
27.     Cigarette Cards, Architecture, Wills' sets to include Gems of French Architecture, Gems of Russian Architecture, Gems of Belgian Architecture and Gems of Italian Architecture (reproductions)(gd)(4) £30-50
28.     Cigarette Cards, Military, Wills' sets to include Allied Army Leaders, Recruiting Posters and New Zealand Issue V.C's (all gd)(3) £60-80
29.     Cigarette Cards, Costume, Will's sets, Australian Issue Merrie England Studies, together with, English period Costume (2 sets, both sizes)(all gd/vg)(3) £80-100
30.     Cigarette Cards, Arms, a good collection by Wills, sets to include Arms of Foreign Cities, School Arms, School Arms, Arms of Bishopric, Arms of Companies, Borough Arms second edition (51-100), Borough Arms second series(51-100), Borough Arms (101-150, mixture of second edition and third series), Borough Arms fourth series (all gd)(8) £40-60
31.     Cigarette Cards, British Empire, a collection of sets by Wills to include Flags of the Empire 1st & 2nd series, Overseas Dominions Canada, Overseas Dominions Australia, Arms of the British Empire, together with Overseas Issue House of Parliament and New Zealand Issue Picturesque People of the Empire (all gd), also include Builders of the Empire part set (46/50, nos 2, 30, 41 and 47 missing, fair/gd) £80-100
32.     Cigarette Cards, Flowers, a modern album containing a large collection of sets by Wills to name Old English Garden Flowers (fair), Alpine Flowers (fair), Roses A Series (gd), Different (fair) and Second Series (fair) together with Gardening Hints, Garden Hints, and Trees (L size)(all gd) £80-100
33.     Cigarette Cards, Naval, Wills' sets to include Signalling Series, The World's Dreadnoughts, Ships Badges, New Zealand Issue Warships together with a reproduction set of Waterloo, (all gen gd)(5) £60-80
34.     Cigarette Cards, Nature, sets by Wills' to include Animals and Birds (fair, staining and cut corners to many), Pond & Aquarium 1st & 2nd Series, Life in the Hedgerow and Garden Life (gd) £100-150
35.     Cigarette Cards, Architecture & Furniture, a further collection of sets by Wills' to include Australian Issue Interesting Buildings, British Castles (L size) and Old Furniture 1st & 2nd Series (L size)(all gd)(4) £60-80
36.     Foreign Cigarette Cards, New Zealand Wills' Issues to include New Zealand Birds, Past & Present, Motor Cars (F50) and Motor Cars (48), A Sporting Holiday in New Zealand (F50) and Homeland Events (F50), (all gd)(7) £100-120
37.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a modern album containing various sets to name, Coudens Holiday Resorts in East Anglia, Drapkin Celebrities of the Great War, Oliver German Uniforms,Cavanders Ancient Egypt and Ancient Chinese, Carreras Gran-Pop, Ardath Stamps Rare & Interesting, Twinning's Rare Stamps and a Pattreiouex Photographic Set together with a selection of cards from various Manufacturers with Flags (all gd) £80-100
38.     Cigarette Albums, a collection of 12 modern Cigarette ring binder albums £10-20
39.     Liebig Cards, Italian Themed, sets to include Italian masques I (F147), Italian masques II (F243), Italian Plays (F319), Venetian Carnivals (F336) Provinces in Italy (F568), Neapolitan Festivals (F628), The Italian Lakes II (F784) and Famous Italian Town Halls (F856), (gen gd)(8) £60-80
40.     Liebig Cards, Food Themed, sets to include Preparation of Food (F174), Food and Meals Menus (F324), The Manufacture of Sugar (F653), The Restaurant (F666), Bread (F709), Butter (F761), Wedding Feasts in Different Countries (F993), The Truffle (F1031), Chocolate (F1223) and Cheese Industry in Different Lands (F1227), (gen gd)(10) £60-80
41.     Liebig Cards, Costume and Dance Themed, sets to include Harlequin Costumes in the Quarter Moon (F144), Children in National Costume (F237), National Dances I (F239), Alphabet, Female National Costumes (F579), National Dances V (F621), Marriage Costumes (F665), popular Russian Costume (F847), History of Male Costume (F886), Old Costumes in France (F980), Carnival Scenes (F985) and Dances of Different Countries VI (F1019), (gen gd)(11) £100-120
42.     Liebig Cards, Gnomes and Floral Themed, part set The Gnome King's Birthday Celebration (2/6)(F177), together with sets Cultivation of Plants in Warm Countries (F565), Gnomes (F592), Maine Fauna (F597), Unusual Trees (F689), Useful Plants (F710), Scenes with Gnomes (740), Useful Tress (F822), Gardens (F850), Festival of Flowers II (F926), Flowers of the Night (F928) and Strange trees of the World, (F1304), (gen gd)(11) £60-80
43.     Liebig Cards, Military and Naval Themed, German Army Uniforms (F190), Bismarck (F582), Orders of Chivalry (F598),Monuments of Naval Heroes (F638), Special Armies (F690), Naval Manoeuvres (F708), Canons Through The Ages (F724), The War of the Roses (F821), Episodes of the Thirty Years War (F995), Celebrated Italian Military Leaders (F1016), Combat Formations (F1228) and Medieval Armour (F1804) (gen gd)(12) £40-60
44.     Liebig Cards, Famous People, Christopher Columbus I (F195), The Illness of Pierrot (F326), Celebrated Poets (F566), Famous Inventors (F596), William Tell (F635), Life of Mozart (854), Life of Rembrandt (F860) and Life of Shakespeare (F864), (gen gd)(8) £40-60
45.     Liebig Cards, Liebig Themed, The Negro and the Theft of Liebig (F220), Liebig in Africa (part set 5/6 F330), Various Scenes, The Uses of Liebig (F729) and Production of the Liebig Card (F849), (gen gd)(4) £30-50
46.     Liebig Cards, Proverbs and Story Themed, Proverbs II (F325), Father, Son and Donkey (F339), The Naughty Dog (F583), The poor Fisherman 1001 Nights (F640), Sinbad The Sailor (F645), The Sparrow with Split Tongue (part set 5/6 F677), The Twelve Labours of Hercules (F1204), The Legend of Till Uilenspeigel (F1302) (gd/vg)(8) £80-100
47.     Liebig Cards, Hunting and Fishing, Hunting Deer (F191), Hunting in Different Countries (F233), Fish and Fishing II (F600) and Sea Fishing (F745), (gen gd)(4) £20-40
48.     Liebig Cards, Discoveries and Inventions, Discoveries & Inventions (Part set 4/6 F272), Postage Stamps II (F591), Inventors (F636), Gold (F639) and Gold Mines of Mont-Rose (F1102), (gd)(5) £40-60
49.     Liebig Cards, Production and Cultivation Themed, National Resources II (F354), The Glass Industry (F651), The Cultivation of Tobacco (part set 4/6 F695), Uses of Stone (F746), Factories of Hanseatic Towns (F816), Materials for Artistic Industries II (F853), Road Surfaces (F964), The History of Weaving (F976), Rubber Cultivation (F986), Evolution of Commerce & Industry (F992), History of Porcelain (F1002) and History of Glass (F1034), (gen gd)(12) £50-80
50.     Liebig Cards, Architecture and The Arts, The Story of Writing (part set 3/6 F366), National Musical Instruments (F560), The Books (F561), Monuments of Ancient Rome (F563), Styles of Architecture II (F574), Art Forms (F602) and World Exhibition Paris 1900 (F626), (gen gd)(7) £50-80
51.     Liebig Cards, Children, Happy Children (F557), Children's Natural History (F576), Children's Army (F611), Country Children (F613) and Children's Occupations (F955), (gen gd)(5) £40-60
52.     Liebig Cards, European Country Themed, Provinces in Spain (F567), Views of European Cities (F586), Story of France (F648), Course of the Rhine (F681), The Rhine in History (part set 5/6 F682), Old Holland (F855), Straits of Europe (F867), In Sweden (F868), French Colonies (F950), The Coast of France (F952) and In Bulgaria (F984), (gd)(11) £40-60
53.     Liebig Cards, Animals & Birds, The Tit Family (part set 4/6 F599), Chasing the Butterfly (F726), Animals in Art (F756), Useful Birds (F802), Birds Who Cannot Fly (F945), Alpine Animals (F957), Performing Monkeys (F1105), Curious Animals (F1035), Sacred Animals (F1036), Toothless Mammals (F1101), The Migration of Birds (F1121) and Animals and Their Furs (F1126) (gen gd)(12) £60-80
54.     Liebig Cards, Opera, Hamlet (F609), Fidelio (part set 1/6 F669), Le Trouvere (F842), Samson & Delilah (F863), The Magic Flute (F959), Robert the Devil (F970), La Traviata (F977), Le Cid (F1017) and The Damnation of the Faust (F1018), (gd)(8) £40-60
55.     Liebig Cards, Fiction, Richard III by Shakespeare (F603), Famous Words by Schiller & Goethe (F623), The Winter's Tale by Shakespeare (F1106) and El Cid by Cornielle (F1326) (gen gd)(4) £20-40
56.     Liebig Cards, Hobbies, Games and Pastimes, Doll Making (F612), The Adventures of a Kite (part set 2/6 F654), Bicycle Games (F656), Sport (part set 5/6 F752), The History of Needlework (F754), Hobbies (F965), Summer Pastimes (F990) and Exotic Dolls & Games (F1012), (gen gd)(8) £50-80
57.     Liebig Cards, Music, Popular Songs (F617), Composers (F685), Heroines of Wagner's Operas (F728), Heroes of Wagner's Operas (F848) and The Nine Muses (F1001), (gen gd)(5) £30-50
58.     Liebig Cards, Religion and Festivals, Bible Story VI (F646), Festivals in Ancient Times (part set 4/6 F668), Types and People of Hindustan (F688), Whitsun Customs (F699), Biblical Scenes VII (F751), Famous Cloisters (F949), The Delivery of Jerusalem (F996) and Famous Old Churches (F1010), (gen gd)(7) £40-60
59.     Liebig Cards, Misc., Painters Caricatured (F249), Puzzle Pictures XIII (F594), Duelling (F625), Dreams (F647), Commerce (part set 5/6 F695), King Drosselbart (f707), The Simplon Tunnel (F869), Light & Illumination (F961), Towers (F1032), The Art of Cooking in Different Ages (F1038), The Glove as a Symbol (F1141) and National Prisons and Celebrated Historical Prisoners (F1739) (gd/vg)(12) £50-80
60.     Cigarette and Trade Cards, Mixture, a collection of six framed and glazed (back and front) sets and part sets to include Players (part set) Wildfowl (15/25, 37x60cms), Aviary & Cage Birds (complete 47x52cms), Churchman's Pioneers (report 29/45, 29 x 45cms), Lambert & Butler London Characters (complete 30x47cms) and Victoria Gallery Deep Sea Divers (25) 30x47cms and Birds of Prey (6) 31x37) (all gd) £40-60
61.     Cigarette Cards, Military, Wills's Governor General of India, complete set framed and glazed to from and back (gen gd) £40-60
62.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in original albums complete sets to name Player's Motor Cars 1st and 2nd Series, Tennis, National Flags & Arms, Aeroplanes (Civil), International Air Liners, Kings & Queens of England, Hints on Association Football, Birds and Their Young, Sea Fishes and Coronation of King George V1, together with Will's sets, Safety First, Railway Engines, Wild Flowers 1st and 2nd Series, and Reign of King George V (all gen gd)(16) £100-120
63.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in a bespoke slot in hardback album, sets to include Gallaher's Army Badges, Sporting personalities, Racing Scenes, Garden Flowers, British Birds, Butterflies & Moths, together with Will's Dogs, Churchman's Howlers, Player's RAF Badges and Phillips Mechanized Age, (album and cards all ex) £40-60
64.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in a bespoke slot in hardback album, sets to include Player's Cricketers 1938 and Aircraft of the RAF.Chruchman's Association Footballers and In Town Tonight, Gallaher's Butterflies and Moths, and Will's Garden Hints and Speed (album and cards ex) £40-60
65.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in a bespoke slot in hardback album, sets to include Gallaher's Famous Jockeys, Ardath British Defenders, Churchman's Story of Navigation, Phillip's mechanized Age, Players RAF Badges and Will's Our King and Queen (album and cards all ex) £30-50
66.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in a bespoke slot in Cigarette Picture hardback album, Churchman's Wonderful Railway Travel, Gallaher's Trains of the World and The Navy (Park Drive) together with Will's Household Hints, also included a bespoke Views of Interest metal spiral bound slot in album containing Hill's Views of Interest 1st, 2nd and 3rd Series, (albums and cards ex) £40-60
67.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in a bespoke slot in Cigarette Picture hardback album, sets to include Player's Derby & Grand National Winners, Aviary and Cage Birds, Freshwater Fishes, Film Stars and Will's Garden Flowers (album and cards all ex) £60-80
68.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in three bespoke slot in hardback albums, Lambert & Butler Motor Cars, Player's Cricketers 1934, Hints on Association Football, Uniforms of the Territorial Army, Gallaher's Aeroplanes, and Army Badges together with Will's Life in the Royal Navy and Air Raid Precautions (albums and cards all ex) £80-100
69.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in a bespoke slot in Cigarette Picture hardback album, sets to include UK Tobacco (Greys) Soldiers of the King, Players Military Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas, Churchman's Treasure Trove and Howlers, Gallaher's Garden Flowers and Racing Scenes, and Will's Dogs and Garden Hints (album and cards all ex) £40-60
70.     Cigarette & Trade Cards, Mixture, in a hardback slot in album, complete sets Fry's Confectionary, With Captain Scott at the South Pole, Days of Wellington and Ansties Scout Series, also included Fry's part Set Nursery Rhymes (46/50) and other odd cards (vg/ex) £200-250
71.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of loose cards various manufacturers and genres, cards to note, Ansties Scout Series, (46/50), silks from the BDV Ceramic Art set (15) and Heraldic set (24), several De Reszke photographic cards, also included complete sets, Will's Cinema Stars 1st & 2nd series, Garden Flowers, Wonders of the Sea and Famous British Liners (all gen gd) £40-60
72.     Trade Cards, Football, A & BC Gum part sets to include Footballers Football Quiz 1-48 (32 cards) and Footballers (Rub Coin)(86 cards) £60-80
73.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in original albums, Player's sets to include Film Stars, Film Stars Second Series, Kings & Queens of England, British Fresh Water Fishes, Sea Fishes (x2), Aeroplanes (Civil), International Air Liners, Motor Cars, and Hints on Association Football, also includes Will's set Wild Flowers (cards gd, albums are foxed)(11) £60-80
74.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in original albums a collection of part sets, Kensita's National Flags, Will's Railway Engines, Our King & Queen, Association Footballers, Safety First, Radio Celebrities, Radio Celebrities second series, Reign of King George V, also includes Player's Tennis, Motor Cars and Transfer Booklets for Wild Birds, Aviary & Cage Birds and Boy Scout and Girl Guide Patrol Signs & Emblems, (cards good, albums mixed conditions, some foxed others gd)(13) also included 7 empty albums £40-60
75.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in a vintage hardback slot in album (spine damaged) a collection of cards from various sets, cards to note Gallaher's Boy Scout Series (Green London & Belfast)(38 cards), Gallaher's Royalty Series (42 cards), Ardath Britain's Defenders (20 cards) and many others from various manufacturers (mixed, fair/vg) £60-80
76.     Trade Cards, Radio Stars, in original album Radio Review's Broadcasting Stars (L36)(vg) £30-50
77.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a small collection of loose cards (various conditions gen fair), mostly Will's and Players, cards to note, Ogden's Poultry, Phillip's Derby Winners & Jockeys, Turf Radio Celebrities and Sports and Churchman's Boxing Personalities £20-40
78.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of loose cards, (gen gd/vg) cards to note Mitchell's A Gallery of 1934, Carrera's Kings & Queens of England, Player's Aviary & Cage Birds (L size), Will's Association Footballers and partially completed Kensita National Flag album and Carrera's Film Star Album (qty) £30-50
79.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets, three original albums, Players Film Stars (L25) and Film Stars 2nd Series together with Will's Radio Celebrities, loose Player's sets to include Wild Birds, Cricketers 1934, Hints on Association Football and Boy Scout & Girl Guide, (all gen gd, a few with foxing and damage), £50-80
80.     Cigarette Cards, Scotland Related, 3 sets by Mitchell to include Famous Scots (gd), Scotland Story (gd) and Scottish Footballers (fair/gd)(3) £80-100
81.     Cigarette Cards, Churchman, 5 sets, namely Boxing Personalities, Association Footballers, The Story of London and Well Known Ties A and 2nd Series (all gd/vg) £60-80
82.     Cigarette Cards, Players L Size Sets, 3 sets namely Country Sports, Dandies and The Nation's Shrines (all gd/vg) £40-60
83.     Cigarette Cards, Players, a mixture of sets to include Characters from Dickens (A series 1-50), Gilbert & Sullivan (a & 2nd Series), Natural History, Polar Exploration, Film Stars 3rd Series, Those Pearls From Heaven, From Plantation to Smoker, Hidden Products of the World, beauties, Struggle fro Existence, and Miniatures, (all gen gd, some with corner damage)(12) £60-80
84.     Cigarette Cards, Military, Player's sets to include Arms & Armour (some dirty), RAF Badges, Napoleon, Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Army Corps & Divisional Signs (1-50) and 2nd (51-150), Aircraft of the Royal Airforce and Flags of the League of Nations (all gen gd)(8) £80-100
85.     Cigarette Cards, Players, a selection of sets to include Aviary & Cage Birds, Cycling, Birds & Their Young, Derby & Grand national Winners, Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Cries of London, Players, Motor Cars 2nd Series, Dogs (scenic background) and Natural History, (gen gd)(10) £100-120
86.     Trade Cards, Mixture, sets by various Manufacturers to include Kellogg's Story of the Bicycle, Hornimans Tea Dogs, Seymour & Mead The Island of Ceylon (x2), Brooke Bond Going Wild, Lyons Tea Wings of Speed (x4), Whitbread Maritime Inn Signs, Aston Cards Speedway Inaugural Programme Covers, Cadet Sweets What Do You Know? (x7) and Hampshire CC Sunday League Era (Reproductions by Brindley)(all gd) £40-60
87.     Cigarette Cards, Churchman, 5 sets, namely Boxing personalities, Wonderful World of Railway travel, Association Footballers, Kings of Speed and In Town Tonight, (all gd/vg) £50-80
88.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection by various manufacturers to include Anstie's Scout Series, Sarony Around The Mediterranean (L size), Philips. This Mechanized Age and Animal Studies, Churchman's Association Footballers, Carreras Believe It Or Not and Happy Families and Senior Service, Dogs, (all gen gd)(8) £50-80
89.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection from Players to include Characters from Dickens, Cycling, Cricketers 1934, Modern naval craft, Players Past & Present, Struggle for Existence and Miniatures, also includes sets by Will's namely, Speed, Railway Equipment, Garden Hints, Butterflies & Moths (L size) and New Zealand Issue of Lighthouses (all gd/vg) £80-120
90.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, two large trays of loose cards, sorted into titles, various genres, one tray of Wills, one of Players (gen gd, unchecked for sets)(vast qty) £150-180
91.     Cigarette Albums, Mixture, a collection of albums, ring binder, hardback slot in and original card, (mixed conditions)(qty in 1 box) £20-40
92.     Cigarette Boxes, Mixture, a large collection of empty cigarette boxes, various manufacturers to include De Reszke, Player's Navy Cut, Three Castles, Aston, Capstan, Amsties Gold Flake, Kensits and more (various conditions, some heavily marked)(qty) £20-40
93.     Cigarette Cards, Gallaher's, a large quantity of loose cards, various sets (mixed conditions, unchecked for sets)(qty) £60-80
94.     Cigarette Cards, Churchman's, a large quantity of loose cards, various sets (mixed conditions, unchecked for sets)(qty) £60-80
95.     Cigarette Cards, Cavanders and Carreras, a quantity of loose cards, various sets (mixed conditions, unchecked for sets)(qty) £40-60
96.     Cigarette Cards, Pattreiouex, a quantity of part sets and loose cards to include Senior Service Winter Scenes, British Railways, Beautiful Scotland, Sights of Britain, The Bridges of Britain, Flying, Dogs, (gen gd)(qty) £20-40
97.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of loose cards various manufacturers and genres, manufacturers to note, Ardath, Labert & Butler, Phillips, Sarony, De Reszke, United Tobacco Co, Westminster Tobacco and more, also includes part sets with duplicates, HighnettsThe Prince of Wales Empire Tour, De Reszke Art Treasures and UK Tobacco Officers in Full Dress (qty)(gen gd) £30-50
98.     Trade Cards, Mixture, a vast quantity of cards from various Manufacturers to include Brooke Bond, Kellogg's, Lyons Tea, Kane products, Glengettie Tea, Walter's Toffee and many more (overall gd/vg, a few poor, not checked for sets)(qty) £40-60
99.     Cigarette Cards, Taddy, a selection of cards to include South African Cricket Team 1907 (GC White and JJ Kotze), Prominent Footballers (J Fryer and H Hutchison), Victoria Cross Heroes (Chitral Campaign and Soudan War), Famous Actresses (Marie Tempest), Royalty Series (Prince of Wales) and two Taddy Clown (repros)(mixed conditions, viewing recommended) £80-100
100.    Foreign Cigarette & Trade Cards, Mixture, a selection of part sets to include Domino Corsaire et Boucaniers, and Fleurs de Culture, Demaret Caramels Oiseaux Chanteurs, Max The Power & Wonder, Tobler Countries, BAT Chinese Footballers and more (gen gd)(qty £40-60
101.    Cigarette Cards, Carreras Turf, a selection of loose cards to include Famous Dog Breeds (1), Famous Cricketers (1), British Aircraft (8), (all fair/gd) together with British Fish (31, gd, with side panel attached) and Zoo Animals (60, mixture of 2 printings, gd) £20-40
102.    Cigarette & Trade Cards, Mixture, a collection of Brooke Bond albums and loose cards, various sets together with a few cards by other Manufacturers (gd/vg, not checked for sets) £20-40
103.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in a vintage tin (image of young Prince Phillip to front) a collection of sets, some in original Player's Cigarette packets (assorted), sets to note, Carrera's Tools, Phillip's Ships That Have Made History and many more (all unchecked), also includes several original albums and a red hardback slot in album containing various cards including three Smith's Football Club Records (mixed conditions, gen gd) £40-60
104.    Cigarette Cards, Football, Pattreiouex, Senior Service Footballers in Action part set F51/78, (fair/gd, foxing) £30-50
105.    Trade Cards, Football, Thomson Famous Footballer (25, Wizard), Famous Footballers (different, 24, Wizard), Football Stars (part set 44/48 missing 4, 18, 23 and 36, Adventure and Hotspur Backs) also included World Cup Footballers (10 cards and 3 half cards (poor backs) (overall gen gd) £60-80
106.    Trade Cards, Cricket, Thomson The World's Best Cricketers, 64/72, (Hotspur 18/18, Rover 15/18 missing 5, 14 and 17, Adventure 16/18 missing 1 & 2 and Wizard 15/18 missing 1, 7 and 11) also included 4 duplicates (mixed conditions) £40-60
107.    Cigarette Cards, Gallaher, a modern album containing various sets and part sets (gd/vg, viewing recommended) £40-60
108.    Cigarette Cards, Players, Three modern albums containing numerous sets and part sets, arranged alphabetically, cards to note Butterflies, Cricketers 1930, Cricketers 1934, Cricketer 1938, Derby & grand National Winners, Footballers 1928, Motor Cars (various series), Poultry, Tennis and many more (gd/vg)(3) £100-120
109.    Cigarette Cards, Wills, Two modern albums containing numerous sets and part sets arranged alphabetically, cards to note Association Footballers, Cricketers 1928, Engineering Wonders, English Period Costumes, Famous British Liners 2nd Series, and many more (gen gd/vg) £100-120
110.    Trade Cards, Mixture, a selection of cards by Brooke Bond (various genres) Priory Tea and Anglo American Chewing Gum (all vg)(qty) £30-50
111.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of cards by various Manufacturers to include Ansties, Ardath, Carreras (including Famous Footballers and Popular Footballers), Cavendars, Phillips, (including Sporting Champions), Wix Kensitas (Including Flag silks)(all gen gd) £40-60
112.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection by various manufacturers to include lambert & Butler, Murrays, Gallaher's Park Drive, Senior Service, Churchman's (including Association Footballers and Boxing Personalities), and Wills Scissor (Britain's Defenders)(gen gd) £40-60
113.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Germans Yosma WWII Figures from the Third Reich, Ecktstein Die Deutsche Wehrmacht, Immalin Werke Der Weltkrieg and others all German, (gd)(qty) £40-60
114.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in original albums, Players Uniforms of the Territorial Army, Modern Naval Craft, Kings & Queens of England, Cycling and Cricketers 1934, Wills Flowers, also included parts sets in original albums Wills Safety First (3 cards missing), Players Motor Cars (1 missing), Motor Cars 2nd Series (1 missing) and Animals of the Countryside (1 missing)(albums poor, cards gen gd) £30-50
115.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a variety of sets to include Carreras Tools and How to Use Them, Wills' Roses, Player's Ships Figureheads, Polar Exploration, and Cries of London A and 2nd Series (all gen gd)(6) £30-50
116.    Cigarette Cards, Birds, sets by a variety of manufacturers to include Players Poultry, Curious Beaks and Aviary & Cage Birds, Ogden's British Birds and Foreign Birds, also includes The British Automatic Co British Birds (gen gd)(6) £40-60
117.    Cigarette Cards, Sport Stars, from a variety of Sports, sets include Phillips Sportsmen Spot the Winner (Inverted Back), Gallaher Sporting Personalities and Carreras Turf Sports Series together with Players Cricketer 1934 and Football Caricatures by MAC, also included Wills' Association Footballers and Churchman's Association Footballers, (gd)(7) £80-100
118.    Cigarette Cards, Horseracing, Jockeys, three further sets by Ogden's, Jockeys 1930, Steeplechase Celebrities and Jockeys and Owners Colours, (all gd/vg)(3) £60-80
119.    Cigarette Cards, Warriors, Cope's British Warriors from 55BC to AD1855 (black print)(gd, slight discolouration around some edges) £50-80
120.    Cigarette Cards, Flowers, a selection of Will's sets to include Roses A Series, 2nd Series and Different, together with Wild Flowers A Series and another A Series and 2nd Series (both adhesive) and Old English Garden Flowers A and 2nd Series also includes L Size sets Flowering Shrubs and Garden Flowers New Varieties A & 2nd Series (all gd/vg)(12) £30-50
121.    Cigarette Cards, Historic, Wills Builders of the Empire, (gen gd, corner wear and discolouration to some) £40-60
122.    Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Taddy, South African Cricket Team part set (10 cards, namely Faulkner, Hathorn, Kotze, Nourse, Schwarz, Sherwell, Smith, Snooke, Vogler and White)(vg) £150-180
123.    Cigarette Cards, Military, a small collection by Wills to include Transvaal Series (white border, also includes a few duplicates), Reproduction Recruiting Posters, and Military Motor (gd/vg)(3) £40-60
124.    Cigarette Cards, Music & Radio Celebrities, four Wills sets to include Musical Celebrities A & 2nd Series, together with Radio Celebrities A & 2nd Series (all vg)(4) £80-100
125.    Cigarette Cards, Naval & Shipping, a collection of sets by Wills to include Naval Dress & Badges, Nelson Series, Signalling Series, The World's Dreadnoughts, Life in the Royal Navy and Ships Badges (all gd/vg)(6) £100-120
126.    Cigarette Cards, Football, Gallaher sets, Footballers (1-50) and Footballers in Action (vg)(2) £60-80
127.    Cigarette Cards, Football, Ogden's sets to include AFC Nicknames, Football Club Captains and Football Caricatures (all vg)(3) £100-120
128.    Cigarette Cards, Transports, various Ogden's sets to include Ocean Greyhounds, Motor Races 1931, Modern Railways and Construction of Railway Trains (vg)(4) £60-80
129.    Cigarette Cards, Birds, a selection of sets by Ogden's to include British Birds and Their Eggs, , Foreign Birds, British Birds (cut out) and Bird's Eggs (cut out)(gd/vg)(4) £40-60
130.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of various Manufacturers and genres to include Churchman's Treasure Trove (gd), Mitchell's First Aid (vg)Franklyn Davey Children of all Nations (vg), Wills Association Footballers (no frame, vg), Household Hints (x2, vg), Garden Hints (vg) and Old Inns 2nd Series (vg)(8) £40-60
131.    Cigarette Cards, Transport, a collection from various Manufacturers of part sets/duplicate cards relating to Aircraft and Shipping, all sorted gen gd/vg, cards to note Ardath Fighting & Civil Aircraft, Phillip's Aircraft Series 1 matt, Murray Types of Aeroplanes, Pattreioux Flying, and Lambert & Butler's Aeroplane Markings, History of Aviation (green and brown front), and Empire Air Routes, Will's Rigs of Ships and Famous British Liners, Churchman's Life in a Liner and The Queen Mary, Duncan's Evolution of the Steamship, Dominion Tobacco Old Ships 1st & 2nd Series, and Mitchel River and Coastal Steamers (viewing recommended) £100-120
132.    Cigarette Cards, Animals & Birds, complete sets to include Carreras Birds of the Countryside (vg), Players Poultry and Wild Birds (both gd), Dogs, sets by various Manufacturers to include Gallaher's Dogs 2nd Series, Morris' Racing Greyhounds, Pattreioux Senior Service Dogs (MF), Player's Dogs (by Arthur Wardle, full length)(all vg)(7) £50-80
133.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, complete sets of Military and Boxing related to include, Lambert's Interesting Customs & Traditions of the Navy, Army and RAF (vg) Carreras Britain's Defences (vg), Churchman's The RAF at Work (vg), Player's Military Head-Dress and Modern Naval Craft (both gd) and Churchman's Boxing Personalities (vg)(6) £40-60
134.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection from various Manufacturers to include Carreras Views of London (F27), Hills Views of Interest 3rd Series (LF48), Pattreioux Beautiful Scotland (F28) and Coastwise (Senior Service MF48), Carreras (Black Cat) Flowers All Year Round, Phillip's Annuals, and Will's Garden Flowers (Sudell), Garden Flowers and Garden Hints, together with Highnetts Ocean Greyhounds, Hill's Famous Ships (varnished) and Churchman's The Story of Navigation (all vg)(12) £60-80
135.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a collection of 15 original complete albums to include British Butterflies. Bird Portraits, British Wildlife and Wild Flowers A Series (fair/gd), also included Warnes Observers' Picture Cards III British Wild Animals, (vg) £20-40
136.    Cigarette Cards, Naval and Transport sets to include Player's Life on Board a Man O War and Ships Figureheads (L) and Gallaher's The Navy (Park Drive) together with Wills' Merchant Ships of the World, Ardath Speed Land Sea & Air (State Express, with additional variation card no 46), and X set, Ogden's Modes of Conveyance and Wills' Castella Britain's Motoring History (allgd/vg)(8) £40-60
137.    Cigarette & Trade Cards, Birds, a selection of rarer sets to include Church & Dwight (Baking Soda) Beautiful Birds (M size, fair/gd), Imperial Tobacco Canada Game Bird Series (fair/gd, with many duplicates), Ogden's Fowls Pigeons and Dogs, Player's Poultry, Abdulla's Feathered Friends, and Carroll's Birds (gen gd)(6) £100-120
138.    Cigarette Cards, Military, a collection of sets to include Will's Medals, Allied Army Leaders, Players Uniforms of the Territorial Army and Army Life, Players Regimental Uniforms 1st (brown back) & 2nd Series, Military Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas (including additional variant card 48), Uniforms of the Territorial Army and Military Headdress (all gd/vg)(9) £80-100
139.    Cigarette Cards, Horse Racing & Jockeys, sets to include Ogden's Jockey & Owners' Colours, Players Derby & Grand National Winners 1933 (card & transfer) and Gallaher's Famous Jockeys (blue printing)(all gd)(4) £50-80
140.    Cigarette Cards, Flora and Fauna, various sets to include Gallaher's The Zoo Aquarium, Animals & Birds of Commercial Value, Champion Animals and Birds of 1923, Wild Animals and Butterflies & Moths together with African Tobacco, Animals together with Players Wild Animals (L size Heads) 1st & 2nd Series and Gallaher's Butterflies & Moths (all gen gd/vg)(9) £50-80
141.    Cigarette Cards, Military, a selection from various Manufacturers to include Ardath's Empire Flying Boat (sectional, heavy marking to backs) and Britain's Defenders, together with Highness's Company Drill, also included an original album containing Military Uniforms of the British Empire, Gallaher's Army Badges, Rothmans Landmarks in Empire History and two BAT part sets Modern Warfare (35/50) and War Weapons from Eagle (20)(gd)(8) £40-60
142.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, sets to include De Reszke Real Photograph Series 1 and 2, Will's New Zealand Issue Beautiful New Zealand (Three Castle) and Senior Service Beautiful Scotland together with Morris's Marvels of the Universe, Wills (NZ Issue) Birds Beasts & Fishes, Ogden's Colour in Nature, Wills Life in the Hedgerow and Garden Flowers, Players Struggle for Existence, (all gd)(10) £40-60
143.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a variety of sets to include Cope's Household Hint, Ardath's Stamps Rare & Interesting, Wills Heraldic Signs & Their Origins and Romance of the Heavens, Players Film Stars (L size), Uniforms of the Territorial Army and Struggle for Existence (all gen gd)(7) £40-60
144.    Cigarette Cards, Stage and Film, Phillips' sets to include Stage & Cinema Beauties A, Stage & Cinema Beauties B (different), and Stage & Cinema Beauties (different), also includes part sets Stars of British Films (Australian Issue, no brand, 31/50), Cinema Stars (printed in France F49/52) and Film Stars (Australian Issue 34/50)(all gen gd)(6) £60-80
145.    Cigarette Cards, Musical Celebrities, Wills's 1st and 2nd Series (gd/vg)(2) £60-80
146.    Cigarette Cards, Film & Radio, Carreras Turf Issues to name Film Stars, Famous Film Stars, Radio Celebrities together with part sets Film Favourites (no's 11, 21, 25 and 31 missing) and Radio Celebrities (double cards 22 cards)(all gen gd)( £60-80
147.    Cigarette Cards, Film, Carreras sets to include Christie Comedy Girls, Film Stars by Desmond, Film Favourites and Film Stars part set (59/72 oval, real photographs), (gd/vg)(4) £60-80
148.    Cigarette Cards, Film, Carreras sets to include Famous Film Stars (full set plus 6 varieties), Paramount Stars, Film Stars (oval, half tone photographs) and Australian Issue Personality Series Film Stars (all gd)(4) £60-80
149.    Cigarette Cards, Dogs, a selection of sets by various Manufacturers to include Moustafa Ltd Leo Chambers Dogs Heads, Sinclair's Champion Dogs A series (LF and F Size), Pattreiouex Senior Service Dogs (MF), Wills's Dogs, Phillips's Our Puppies and Our Dogs (both M size), (gd)(7) £60-80
150.    Cigarette Cards, Dogs, a variety of sets by Players, to include Dogs by Wardle (Heads and Full Length), Dogs (Scenic Background), Dog's Heads (unissued) and Grandee Top Dogs, also includes part sets Dog's Heads (25/50) numbers on back overprinting text) and Dogs (P11/12 Scenic Background), (gd/vg)(7) £60-80
151.    Cigarette Cards, Dogs, a further selection of sets by various Manufacturers to include Ogden's Dogs, Drapkin's Dogs & Their Treatment, Edwards Ringer Dog Series (Klondyke back) together with Gallaher's Dogs (L24) and Dogs 1st and 2nd Series (gd/vg)(6) £80-100
152.    Cigarette Cards, Film & Radio, a selection of sets to name A & M Wix Film Favourites 3rd Series, and sets by Ardath to include Who Is This? Film Stars, Film, Stage & Radio Stars, Famous Film Stars and Film, Stage & Radio Stars (different X25)(all gd/vg)(5) £80-100
153.    Cigarette Cards, Film, a variety of sets by Hill's to include Famous Cinema Celebrities ( Series C, no Brand), Who's Who In British Films, Famous Film Stars, Scenes From The Films (40) and Cinema Celebrities (Spinet House), also included several part sets to name Scenes From The Films ((27/50) and Film Stars & Celebrity Dancers (36/48) (gd/vg) £80-100
154.    Cigarette Cards, Film & Cinema, a collection of sets by Gallaher's to include Cinema Stars, My Favourite Part, Stars of Stage & Screen (green back), Portraits of Famous Stars, Film Partners and Shots From Famous Films (all £60-80
155.    Cigarette Cards, Film & Cinema, a further collection of sets by Gallaher to include Signed Portraits of Famous Film Stars, Stars of Stage & Screen (brown back), Champions of Screen and Stage (blue back Gallaher's Cigarettes, and red back Park Drive), Famous Film Scenes and Film Episodes (gd/vg)(6) £60-80
156.    Cigarette Cards, Film & Cinema, five sets by Rothmans, to include Beauties of the Cinema (circular, varnished), Cinema Stars, Beauties of the Cinema (40), Prominent Screen Favourites and Cinema Stars (L25)(gd/vg)(5) £60-80
157.    Cigarette Cards, Cinema Stars, three part sets by Society JOB, Cinema Stars, different sizes (135 cards in total, hand cut)(gen gd) £40-60
158.    Cigarette Cards, Film and Cinema Stars, sets to include Ardath (State Express) British Born Film Stars (mixed conditions), Players Film Stars (L size), and Film Stars Series 1, 2 and 3 and Players Past & Present also includes Cavanders Cinema Stars (hand coloured), together with part sets Wills's Three Castles Famous Film Stars (17/100) (gen gd) £80-100
159.    Trade Cards, Film & Cinema, a collection of sets to include Facchino's Cinema Stars (with additional variety cards), Victoria Gallery's Legends of Hollywood and Partners (Cinema), Cecil Court's Famous Film Directors and part sets Radio Review Broadcasting Stars (L size, part set 35/36, missing no 36), (gd/vg) £40-60
160.    Cigarette Cards, Beauty, fours sets to name, Hill's Modern Beauties, Phillips's British Beauties set 55-108 Matt (only 51 cards), Carreras Famous Women and possible BAT Beauties (plain back, part set 46/48)(all gd) £40-60
161.    Cigarette Silks, Flags, Wix kensita National Flags, a collection of over 500 silks in original wrappings (unchecked for sets)(vg) £100-120
162.    Cigarette Silks, Flags, Wix British Empire Flags a collection of approx 400 silks (in original wrappings, a mixture of plain and Printed in USA)(vg) £60-80
163.    Cigarette Cards, Ogdens, a collection of approx 350 loose cards to include Pugilsits & Wrestlers 1st Series (12), Leaders of Men (14), Children of All Nations (47) Fowls, Pigeons & Dogs (12), Prominent Race Horses of 1933 (6), British Birds 1st, and and Cut Outs, British Birds & Their Egss, and Birds Eggs A series and Cut Outs (mixed conditions, gen gd) £60-80
164.    Cigarette Cards, Carreras Black Cat, a selection of complete original sealed boxed sets to include Vintage Cars (2), Sport Fish (2), British Birds (1), Kings & Queens of England (3) and Flowers All Year Round (6),plus a collection of approx 1000 loose cards from British Birds, Flowers All Year Round, Kings & Queens, Vintage Cars, (gen gd/vg) £60-80
165.    Cigarette Cards, Flora & Fauna, a collection of loose Will's cards, to include Roses A, 2nd and Different, Wild Flowers, Old English Garden Flowers, Flowering Trees & Shrubs, British Butterflies, Garden Hints, Flower Culture in Pots, Garden Flowers, The Sea Shore, Wild Flowers, Garden Life, Fish & Bait and others, includes several Australian Issues (qty)(gd/vg, unchecked for sets) £60-80
166.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of loose Player's cards covering numerous genres, Film & Radio, Military, Flags, Royalty and Sport, rarer cards to include Railway Working, British Empire Series, Highland Clans, Irish Place Names, (gd/vg, not checked for sets)(qty) £60-80
167.    Cigarette Cards, Transport, a collection of loose cards by Players all relating to transport, to include International Air Liners, Aeroplanes (Civil), Motor Cars (various sets), Cycling, Fire Fighting appliances and Speedway Riders (gd/vg, not checked for sets)(qty) £60-80
168.    Cigarette Cards, Ardath, complete set of Famous Footballers together with a collection of loose cards from Figures of Speech, Famous Film Stars, Your Birthday Tells a Fortune, Life in the Services, also includes X size sets Film Stage and Radio Stars, From Screen & Stage, Real Photographs Film Stars, Speed Land Sea & Air, Real Photographs Modern Aircraft and Fighting Civil Aircraft, (all gd/vg, not checked for sets)(qty) £60-80
169.    Cigarette Cards, Phillips. A collection of loose cards from Phillip's sets to include Annuals, Bird Painting, Speed Champions, Feathered Friends, Spot the Winner, British Birds and numerous Beauty and Film sets, (gd/vg, not checked for sets)(qty) £60-80
170.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of loose Will's cards covering numerous genres, Sport, Transport, Royalty, Military, Architecture and more, cards to note Cinema Stars 3rd Series, The World's Dreadnoughts, Railway Engines, Cricketers 1928, Association Footballers, War Incidents and Aviation (gen gd/vg, not checked for sets)(qty) £80-100
171.    Cigarette Cards, Flora & Fauna, a collection of loose Players cards from various sets to include Aviary & Cage Birds (cards and transfers), Wild Birds, Butterflies, curious beaks, Dogs, Animals of the Countryside, Birds & Their Young, Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Fresh Water Fishes, Sea Fishes, Butterflies & Moths and more (gd, not checked for sets)(qty) £60-80
172.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a large quantity of loose cards, various Manufacturers and genres including foreign, includes some variants, (all gen gd, some rarer, viewing recommended)(qty) £60-80
173.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of loose Player's cards covering numerous genres, Military, Sport, Film, Flags, and Royalty rarer cards to include Wonders of the Deep, British Empire Series, Highland Clans, Irish Place Names and Victoria Cross (gd/vg, viewing recommended, not checked for sets)(qty) £60-80
174.    Cigarette & Trade Cards, Fish, a selection of sets to include Wills's Fish & Bait, Player's Fishes of the World, Sea Fishes (including 2 addition varieties of no 7), Freshwater Fishes (pink back and white back) together with Angling Times Collect a Card Fish, Species and Sea Fish (gd/vg)(8) £80-100
175.    Cigarette Cards, Film & Cinema, a selection of sets from various Manufacturers to include Carreras Film Favourites, Ardath Famous Film Stars and Gallaher's Stars of Stage & Screen (brown back)(gd/vg)(3) £40-60
176.    Cigarette Cards, Aeroplanes, a selection to include Player's Overseas Issue Aeroplane Series, Ardath Fighting & Civil Aircraft and Real Photographs of Modern Aircraft (both size X), United Kingdom Tobacco Aircraft and Murray's Types of Aeroplanes (gd, some with slight foxing)(5) £80-100
177.    Cigarette Cards, Architecture, a collection to include Millhoff's England Historic & Picturesque 1st & 2nd Series and Picturesque Old England, together with Cope's Cathedrals, Pattreieoux Sights of Britain and United Kingson Chinese Scenes (all gd/vg)(6) £20-40
178.    Cigarette Cards, Paintings & Prints, various sets to include Player's Old Sporting Prints and Old Hunting Prints, Millhoff's Gallery Pictures, Reproductions of Celebrated Oil Paintings (x2) and Art Treasures (gd/vg)(6) £60-80
179.    Cigarette Card Sleeves, Mixture, a large collection of new and used plastic sleeves for modern albums, various sized cards (qty)(gen gd) £30-50
180.    Cigarette Cards, Railways, sets to include Carreras Turf British Railway Locomotives (gd, slight discolouration), together with Churchman sets, Famous Railway Trains (gd), Railway Working A and 2nd Series (x2), Ogden's Modern Railways (gd) Hill's The Railway Centenary (vg) together with Will's Railway Equipment (vg)(8) £60-80
181.    Cigarette Cards, Architecture, a collection of 4 Sets to include Will's Beautiful Homes (L size, gd, a few marks), Player's Architectural Beauties (L size gen gd, slight discolouration) and Picturesque London (L size, vg) together with Lloyds Old English Inns (vg)(4) £40-60
182.    Cigarette Cards, a large collection of loose cards, various genres, mainly Wills and Players, some others, many duplicates (gd/vg, 1000's) £80-100
183.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a collection of various complete sets, mixed genres, some duplication, sets to note Asian Wildlife, Tropical Birds, Wild Flowers and Olympic Greats, (gd/vg)(34) £30-50
184.    Cigarette Cards, Player's Grandee sets to include British Mammals (4), Britain's Nocturnal Wildlife (1), Top Dogs (1), Britain's Wild Flowers (4), African Wildlife (2), Britain's Endangered Wildlife (4), Famous MG Margques (3), Disappearing Rainforest (2), British Butterflies (2), Britain's Wayside Wildlife (2) and The Living Ocean (3)(all gd/vg) £60-80
185.    Trade Cards, Typhoo, complete sets to include Important Industries of the British Empire, Interesting Events in British History, Trees of the Countryside, Wild Flowers in their Families and Wild Flowers in their Families (x2), also included part sets Characters from Shakespeare (23/25, missing 6 and 14), Interesting Events in British History (23/25, missing 4 and 17), Trees of the Countryside (24/25, no 14 missing) together with hundreds of loose cards, many from British Birds & Their Eggs (qty)(gen gd/vg) £40-60
186.    Cigarette Cards, Gallaher's complete sets, Art Treasures of the World (L Size), Wild Flowers (x2), Garden Flowers, Army Badges, Sporting Personalities, Champions (park Drive no caption to front), and Aeroplanes (gen gd)(8) £40-60
187.    Cigarette Cards, Football, Gallaher's Famous Footballers, two part sets, green back (36 cards) and brown back (66 cards, some duplication)(gen gd) £40-60
188.    Cigarette Cards, Animals, Player's British Livestock (X size, brown back) and Types of Horses (L size)(both gd/vg) £40-60
189.    Cigarette Cards, Birds, Player's 4 complete sets to include Games Birds & Wild Fowl, Poultry, Birds & Their Young and Curious Beaks, (gen gd)(4) £40-60
190.    Cigarette Cards, Animals, Player's complete sets, Butterflies, Butterflies Transfers, Animals of the Countryside, Natural History, Nature Series and Wild Animal Heads (gen gd)(6) £40-60
191.    Cigarette Cards, Football, 3 Player's sets to include Footballers 1928, Footballers Caricatures by RIP and Hints on Association Football (allgd) £40-60
192.    Cigarette Cards, Cricket, 2 Player's sets Cricketers 1930 and Cricketers 1934 (both gd) £30-50
193.    Cigarette cards, Military, Players sets to include Artillery in Action (X12), War Medals & Decorations (90), Victoria Cross, Aircraft of the Royal Airforce, Regimental Standards & Cap Badges and Regimental Colours & Cap badges (blue back,)(all gd)(6) £60-80
194.    Cigarette Cards, Player's a variety of complete sets in a modern album to name Counties & Their Industries (un-numbered), Country Seats & Arms, Boy Scout & Girl Guide, Fire Fighting Appliances, Polar Exploration, Miniatures, Cycling, Film Stars, Product of the World, Egyptian Kings & Queens and Cries of London, (fair/gd)(11) £80-100
195.    Cigarette Cards, Ardath, a selection of loose cards (approx 80) from various sets Including State Express to include Famous Footballers, Boxing, Football, Beauty and more (gd) £20-40
196.    Cigarette Cards, Gallaher's complete sets, Army Badges, Famous Jockeys (blue print), Shots from Famous Films, My Favourite Part, Film Partners, Film Episodes, Wild Flowers and Garden Flowers (gen gd)(8) £40-60
197.    Cigarette Cards, Film, Gallaher's a collection loose cards from various sets to include Signed Portraits of Famous Film Stars, Film Partners, Film Episodes, Champions of Stage & Screen, Shots From Famous Films, My Favourite Part, Portraits of Famous Stars, Famous Film Scenes (100's, gen gd) £60-80
198.    Cigarette cards, Pattreiouex Senior Service, complete photographic sets to include British Railways, Beautiful Scotland (x 3, one is a Senior Service Slot in album) Winter Scenes, Our Countryside and Sights of Britain Series 2 (all MF, gd) £20-40
199.    Trade Cards, Football, Chix Famous Footballers, part sets Series 1 (19 cards,) Series 2 (28 cards) and Series 3 (28 cards)(gen gd, some duplication) £100-120
200.    Trade Cards, Football, a selection of part sets to include Anglo Confectionery's Football Quiz (42 cards), Nabisco Foods Footballers (38), Fleetway 'Tiger' Star Footballers of 1963, Thomson Football Team Cards (7) also included a large collection of Pro set and Liverpool base cards, (gd, some duplication) £60-80
201.    Trade Cards, Football, Barrett part sets to include Football (1990/91 Bassett Division 45/50), Famous Footballers various Series A13 (2), A4 (20), A1 (5), A2 (9), A3 (14) and New (10)(various conditions) £60-80
202.    Trade Cards, Barrett/Bassett Barrett, a mixture of part sets to include Living Creatures of Our World, Popular Dogs, Nursery Rhymes, Motor Cars, British Butterflies, Thunderbirds, Disney Land True Life and many more (gen gd, some duplication) £20-40
203.    Cigarette Cards, Millhoff's De Reszke, various loose cards from sets to include England Historic & Picturesque (12), Antique Pottery (33) Gallery Pictures (17) Art Treasures (32)Famous Test Cricketers (1) and Real Photographs A Series (35)(gen gd, some duplication) £20-40
204.    Cigarette Cards, BAT (no makers name) a selection of cards from Grace & Beauty and Modern Beauties (6th, 7th & 8th Series)(all gen gd, approx 70 cards) £20-40
205.    Cigarette Cards, Pattreiouex Senior Service, a collection of loose photographic cards to include British Railways, Flying, Coastwise, Beautiful Scotland, Sights of Britain various sets, Britain from the Air, Sights of London, Dogs, Sporting Events and Stars, and many more, also included some Junior Member Cards Scenes (JCN1-50D)( 100's of cards, all MF, gd) £40-60
206.    Cigarette Cards, Flora and Fauna, Gallaher's a collection of loose cards from various sets to include Birds and Their Nests, British Birds, Wild Animals, Butterflies & Moths, Dogs (A & 2nd Series), Garden Flowers and Wild Flowers (100's, gen overall gd) £60-80
207.    Cigarette Cards, Gallaher's loose cards from various sets to include Trains of the World, Aeroplanes, Army Badges, Sporting Personalities, Famous Jockeys, Racing Scenes and Champions A & 2nd Series (100's, gd) £60-80
208.    Cigarette Cards, Phillip's complete sets to include Model Railways, Aircraft (54), Empire Industries and Coronation of Their Majesties, also includes parts sets of Derby Winners & Jockeys (21 cards), Public Eye (52 cards), School Badges (24 cards) and Soldiers of the King (26 cards) together with some Package Sports (mixed conditions, gen gd) £60-80
209.    Cigarette Cards, Player's, a mixture of topics, complete sets to include Kings & Queens of England, Cries of London A and 2nd Series, Those Pearls of Heaven, Bygone Beauties, From Plantation to Smoker, Gems of British Scenery, Wonders of the World (blue back), Miniatures, Player's Past & Present, Struggle for Existence and Natural History, (mixed conditions. gen gd)(12) £60-80
210.    Cigarette Cards, Military, Players sets to include Aircraft of the Royal Airforce, Army Corps & Divisional Signs, Military Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas, Colonial & Indian Army Badges, RAF Badges, Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Flags of the League of Nations and National Flags & Arms, Modern Naval Craft and Uniforms of the Territorial Army (gen gd, some fair)(10) £40-60
211.    Cigarette Cards, Nature, Player's sets to include Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Wild Birds, Animals of the Countryside, Natural History, Struggle for Existence, Birds & Their Young, and Hidden Beauties, (gen gd)(7) £20-40
212.    Cigarette Cards, Player's, a variety of topics, complete sets to include Celebrated Gateways, Gems of British Scenery, From Plantation to Smoker, Those Pearls of Heaven, Cries of London, Kings & Queens of England, Boy Scout & Girl Guide, Animals of the Countryside, Aeroplanes (Civil), Coronation Series Ceremonial Dress, Wonders of the World and Products of the World (50)(gen gd)(12) £60-80
213.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in original albums Wills's Roses and Senior Service Britain from the Air, German Album Die Welt in Bildern Album 3 containing various sets, a small quantity of plastic selves, also included a Poct card album containing a mixture of cards,(gen gd) £30-50
214.    Cigarette Cards, Three modern albums containing a variety of set by various Manufacturers including Photographic, Sports, Flowers, Transport, Animals and more (gd/vg) £60-80
215.    Cigarette Cards, Naval, Sinclair's Sea Dogs part set, (42/50, nos 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 19, and 21 missing)(gen vg, a few discoloured) £40-60
216.    Cigarette Silks, Flowers, Kensita Flower Silks Series 1, silks only frame mounted by colour (album fair, silks gen gd) £20-40
217.    Cigarette Cards, Advertising, Will's Advertisement Cards, Showcard, namely Capstan Navy Cut (discolouration) £60-80
218.    Cigarette Cards, Advertising, Will's Advertisement Cards, Showcard, (7 Brands) 'Father says It MUST be Wills' (discolouration and corner damage) £60-80
219.    Cigarette Cards, Fishing, Faulkner's Angling (fair/gd, a few with discoloration or creasing) together with Will's Fish & Bait (gd)(2) £40-60
220.    Cigarette Albums, A collection of 20 empty modern albums, 18 smaller and two larger, various colours (gd) £20-40
221.    Cigarette Silks, Birds, Morris & Sons English and Foreign Birds, complete set of silks (25, gd/vg) £30-50
222.    Cigarette Cards, Football, Players complete sets to include Footballers 1928, Footballer's Caricatures by RIP, Hints on Association Footballers, Association Cup Winners and Football Caricatures by MAC (all gen gd/vg, a few fair, marked)(5) £80-100
223.    Cigarette Cards, Animals, Players sets to include Overseas Issue Bonzo Dogs by Studdy (gen gd, a few with discoloured backs), British Livestock, Animals of the Countryside, Natural History, Freshwater Fishes (pink back) and Dogs (heads by Wardle) and(full length)(gen gd)(7) £80-100
224.    Cigarette Cards, Speed, Peter Jackson's Speed Through the Ages, complete set of two sized cards, (vg) £20-40
225.    Cigarette Cards, Military, Players, two sets Regimental Uniforms A Series (Blue back) and 2nd Series (brown back) £60-80
226.    Cigarette Cards, Royalty, Players Kings & Queen of England, two sets, one of each size (vg) £40-60
227.    Cigarette Cards, Film, Wix A & M, Film Favourites series 100 cards (vg) £60-80
228.    Cigarette Cards, Birds, Cope's Song Birds (gd) £40-60
229.    Cigarette Cards, Horse Racing, Anstie's Racing Series (1-25) and (26-50) (gen gd, some discolouration) £40-60
230.    Cigarette Cards, Naval, Players Life on Board a Man of War, Ships Flags and Cap Badges Overseas Issue (some discolouration to backs), Ships Figure-Heads (L size), Modern Naval Craft and History of Naval Dress (5)(all gen gd) £60-80
231.    Cigarette Cards, Sport, Players sets, consisting of Tennis, Cycling and Wrestling & Ju Jitsu (blue back) (all gd/vg)(3) £30-50
232.    Cigarette Cards, Film, Carreras photographic sets to include Paramount Stars, Film & Stage Beauties and Film Stars 2nd Series (gd)(3) £20-40
233.    Cigarette Cards, Sectional, a collection of complete Wills sets to include The Toast, Animalloys, Mother & Son, The Boyhood of Raleigh, Between Two Fires, and The Laughing Cavalier (gd/vg)(5) £20-40
234.    Cigarette Cards, Naval, Wills sets to include Celebrated Ships, Ship's Badges, Merchant Ships of the World, and Life in the Royal Navy, also included Nelson Series (gen gd, a few discoloured with corner bends)(5) £80-100
235.    Cigarette Cards, Flora & Fauna, a selection of sets by Wills to include British Butterflies, Wonders of the Sea, Garden Life, Garden Hints, Flower Culture in Pots and Gardening Hints, (all gen gd)(6) £20-40
236.    Cigarette Cards, Birds, Players sets to include Wild Fowl (L size), Poultry, Wild Birds, Birds & Their Young, Curious Beaks, Game Birds & Wild Fowl and Aviary & Cage Birds (allgd/vg) £80-100
237.    Cigarette Cards, Horse Racing, two sets by Wills, Racehorses and Jockeys 1938 (L size) and Derby Day Series (Scissor, sectional) (gen gd) £60-80
238.    Cigarette Cards, Historic, Wills sets to include Historic Events, Homeland Events, English Period Costumes (2 sets, one L size)(gen gd, a few with slight damages)(4) £40-60
239.    Cigarette Cards, Film, Lloyds Cinema Stars (vg) £40-60
240.    Cigarette Cards, Military Medals, Players, to sets comprising of Decorations & Medals and War Decorations & Medals £30-50
241.    Cigarette Cards, Royalty, a selection of Wills sets to include Portraits of European Royalty (sets 1-50 and 51-100), The Coronation Series, The Reign of HM King George V and Our King & Queen (all gd)(5) £40-60
242.    Cigarette Cards, Architecture, three sets by Wills to include Public Schools, Beautiful Homes and Cathedrals (all L size, gd) £40-60
243.    Cigarette Cards, Horse Racing, Players sets, to include Racehorses, Derby & Grand National Winners and Racing Caricatures (all gen gd) £40-60
244.    Cigarette Cards, Architecture, Faulkner's Celebrated Bridges (gd) £20-40
245.    Cigarette Cards, Tennis, Wills Lawn Tennis (L size)(vg) £50-80
246.    Cigarette Cards, Film and Radio, a selection of 6 sets by Wills to include Musical Celebrities (1st & 2nd series) together with Cinema Stars (1st, 2nd and 3rd series) and Radio Celebrities (2nd series)(all gd)(6) £120-150
247.    Cigarette Cards, Military, Players sets to include RAF Badges, Regimental Standards & Cap Badges and a nostalgia reprint of the Military Series (3) (all gd) £40-60
248.    Cigarette Cards, Pattreiouex Builders of the British Empire, (gen gd, a few discoloured) £30-50
249.    Cigarette Cards, Military, various sets by wills to include Arms & Armour (United Service), Allied Army Leaders and Medals (all gd)(3) £60-80
250.    Cigarette Cards, Military, Players sets, to include Ceremonial & Court Dress, Napoleon, British Empire Series and Badges and Flags of British Regiments (green back)(gen gd, a few discoloured)(4) £40-60
251.    Cigarette Cards, Beauty, German Issue Garbaty Moderne Schonheitsgalerie, 235 cards (excellent, viewing recommended) £60-80
252.    Cigarette Cards, Military, sets by Wills to include Heroic Deeds (Scissor), Arms of the British Empire, Recruiting Posters and Heraldic Signs and Their Origins (L size)(gd) £60-80
253.    Cigarette Cards, Architecture, Wills sets to include Overseas Issue Interesting Buildings, Gems of Belgian Architecture, Gems of Russian Architecture and Gems of French Architecture, also include photographic Around Europe and photographic reproductions of Gems of Italian Architecture(all gd)(6) £50-80
254.    Cigarette Cards, Fiction, Players sets, Players Past & Present, Shakespearean Series, and Gilbert & Sullivan (2 sets, one L size)(all gen gd)(4) £40-60
255.    Cigarette Cards, Sports, a selection of Sporting sets by Wills to include Billiards, Rugby Internationals, Cricketers 1928 and British Sporting Personalities (L size)(gd) £80-100
256.    Trade Cards, Boxing, D Cummings Famous Fighters Swop Cards (complete set 64 cards)(ex) £60-80
257.    Cigarette Cards, Edwards Ringer & Bigg, two sets, Musical Instruments and Dogs (Klondyke)(both gd) £40-60
258.    Cigarette Cards, Transport, a selection of Lambert & Butler sets to include World's Locomotives (set 50 plus additional), History of Aviation and Motor Cars, together with Gallaher's Motor Cars (all vg) £120-150
259.    Cigarette Cards, Players County Seats & Arms collection of all three series (gd/vg) £40-60
260.    Cigarette Cards, Film, complete sets to include Sinclair's Film Stars (54 Real Photos), Walkers (Tatleys) Film Stars, (31/32), and Lea Famous Film Stars, (allgd/vg) £60-80
261.    Cigarette Cards, Aviation, Wills' Aviation (gd/vg) together with (A.T.C.) Mills, History of Aviation ( A Series of 50, 1952) A numbers 1-16, 18-25 & 27 (no F & M white borders missing no2)(with F & M bottom right, matt borders) B Numbers 17, 26, 28-50)(all vg (74/75) together with Histoire de Laviation 1st & 2nd Series (vg) £60-80
262.    Cigarette Cards, Royalty, Players Kings & Queens of England (L size, vg) together with Will's Portraits of European Royalty (1-100) (vg) £50-80
263.    Cigarette Cards, Military, Players sets, Regimental Colours & Cap Badges Regular Regiments, together with to Regimental Colours & Cap Badges Territorial Regiments (one blue back, one brown back)(all gen gd/vg) £50-80
264.    Cigarette Cards, Dogs, a selection of sets to include Will's sets, Dogs A and 2nd Series (L Size), New Zealand Issue Dogs with Scenic Backgrounds, Players Dogs (Heads) A and 2nd Series (L Size), Dogs Pairs & Groups (L Size) and Grandee Top Dogs Collection (all vg/ex) £60-80
265.    Cigarette Cards, Cricket, a collection to include Will's Cricketers 1928, Cricketers 2nd Series, and New Zealand Issue English Cricketers, (all gd/vg) also included two Nostalgia reprints Cricketers 1901 and Cricketers 1896 (both mint) £60-80
266.    Cigarette Cards, Floral, various sets by Will's to include Roses A, 2nd and Different Series, and Old English Garden Flowers A and 2nd Series (all gen gd/vg, some with foxing to edges) £60-80
267.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of complete sets to include United Kingdom Tobacco British Orders of Chivalry and Valour, Churchman's Boxing Personalities, Phillips Famous Crowns, Gallaher's Army Badges, Wills Arms of Foreign Cities and Borough Arms, Player's Arms & Armour, Highland Clans, Derby & Grand National Winners, and Coronation Series, also include Taddy (Re-registered Motor Cars (Myrtle) and Railway Locomotives (Clown) (various conditions gd/vg (12) £80-100
268.    Cigarette Silks, Mixture a collection of loose silks, various sets to include Arms, Military Badges, Flags, Art and Football, (gen gd)(approx 90) also included a Russian banknote £20-40
269.    Cigarette Mirror Wills Wild Woodbone Mirror with image of ship, taken from cigarette machine (slight rusting and damages to back) (31cms high x 36cms wide (approx) £20-40
270.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a large case of albums, loose sets and part sets, all sorted, (gd) £30-50
271.    Trade Cards, Mixture, a selection of loose cards, part sets by Lyons, Bassett, Hornimans and Kellogg's (to name a few), also included a selection of A& BC Battle of Britain cards (26) and The Legend of Custer (917) together with Comic Book Foldees (32, many duplicates) £20-40
272.    Cigarette Cards, Reproduction sets, a modern album containing reproduction sets to include Taddy Clowns, Adkin Character Sketches, Alan & Ginter American Indian Chiefs, Allen & Ginter Prize & Game Chickens, Will's Waterloo, Players Aviary & Cage Birds, Military Series and Cats, Copes Golfers and British Warriors, Faulkner's Cricket Terms and many more (all gd/vg)(qty) £40-60
273.    Foreign Cigarette Silks, Flowers, 2 sets, BAT, Australian Wild Flowers (L50), (gen gd, a few discoloured, complete with backing paper) and Imperial Tobacco Co Canada Garden Flowers (L55), (black numerals, gen gd/vg) £80-100
274.    Cigarette Silks, Military, Major Drapkin, Regimental Colours and Badges of the Indian Army, lot consists of 6 silks with vertical pillars to back (fronts vg, backs poor/fair) together with a complete set (M40), (gd) £80-100
275.    Foreign Cigarette Silks, Flag Girls, Imperial Tobacco Company Canada, Premium Silks, Flag Girls complete set (G6), plus and additional Canada (variation) (gd/vg)(7) £60-80
276.    Foreign Cigarette Silks, Yachting, Imperial Tobacco Company, Canada, complete set of Yacht Pennants & Views (X49) (vg), together with Premium Silk Yachts (G1) (fair/gd, some creasing) £80-100
277.    Cigarette Silks, Pottery, R J Lea, two different sized sets, Old Pottery (54) and Old Pottery Different (72)(fronts gd/vg, some backs foxed) £30-50
278.    Cigarette Silks, Military, R J Lea, Regimental Crests & Badges, ()M100) together with an additional 17 colour variations, (gd, a few with foxing to backs) £40-60
279.    Foreign Cigarette Silks, USA Colleges, ATC (Contentnea) College Pennants, 6 Pennants with Company Name Erwin Nadal and 11 Pennants without, (some slightly discoloured and frayed) £80-100
280.    Trade Silks, Mixture, Anonymous, Review Titles Travestied (m10), (gen gd, slight fraying) together with Red Letter (Periodical) Luck Bringers (M4)(gd) £40-60
281.    Trade Silks, Actresses and Beauties, two sets, Girl Friend Periodical Actresses (M6), (slight foxing to front & back) and My Weekly Periodical Floral Beauties (m12), (gd) £30-50
282.    Foreign Cigarette Silks, Military & Standards, Turkish-Maceonian Tobacco (Holland), Decorations & Medals (M20), (ex) together with part set Flags Arms & Standards (M83) plus 4 colour variations, all from Arms section, (vg/ex) £60-80
283.    Foreign Cigarette Silks, Universities, Wills Australia, Crests & Colours of Australian Universities Colleges and Schools (M50), (gd, a few discoloured) together with Crests & Colours of Australian Schools (M1)(gd) £40-60
284.    Foreign Cigarette Silks, Flags, Wills Australia, Flags of the Allies, mixture of Capital and Small Letter sets, (32 silks) £30-50
285.    Cigarette Silks, Flags, Wix, National Flags, complete set (L60), also included 25 design, colour and fold variations and 2 packs of 5 flags (as originally sold)(all gen gd/vg) £60-80
286.    Foreign Cigarette Silks, Royalty, Will's Australian Kings & Queens of England (slight foxing and fraying, otherwise gd) £30-50
287.    Foreign Cigarette Silks, Flowers, Will's Australian Popular Flowers, complete set of Large Packets (M50), together with 8 silks from the 1/- Packets, (gd) £60-80
288.    Foreign Cigarette Silks, Military, Imperial Tobacco Company, Canada, Regimental Uniforms of Canada (L55, vg) £50-80
289.    Foreign Cigarette Silks, Military, La Favourita (Canary Isles) Flags & Soldiers part set (M35) £20-40
290.    Cigarette Canvas, Masterpieces, Muratti Canvas Masterpieces, Series P (P16)(vg) £50-80
291.    Cigarette Rugs, Westminster Miniature Rugs, complete set plus 1 colour variation (vg/ex)(25) £120-150
292.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a quantity of loose cards, various Manufacturers and genres, to include Mitchells, Carreras, Players, Senior Service, Lambert & Butler, Cavendars, Wills, Phillips, Churchman's, (qty, gen gd) £40-60
293.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a vast quantity of loose cards, unchecked for sets, cards to note Rhodesian Issue Asian Wildlife, and African Birds, and Wild Flowers A Series(gen gd/vg)(qty) £60-80
294.    Trade Cards, Football, a selection of part sets to include Bassett's cards, Football 1978-79 (7), 1981-92 (23) and cards from 2 sets of Football (a set of 50), The Sun Football Swap Cards (21), also included Mobil Football Club Badges (silks, 34, duplicates) (viewing recommended, gd/vg) £80-100
295.    Trade Cards, Mixture, a quantity of cards, manufacturers to include Quaker, Kellogg's, Barrett, Primrose Confectionary, Hornimans, Beulah's, Nabisco, Typhoo, other part sets to note Walls Dr Who Adventure (10) and Incredible Hulk records (50, duplicates not full set), Golden Wonder Soccer All Stars, Sporting All Stars and World Cup Stars, Thompson The World's best Cricketers (20), Bassett Super Heroes, World Record Breakers together with various Lyons Maid cards and more (qtyGen gd/vg) £50-80
296.    Trade Cards, Football, part Barrett Famous Footballer sets to include A7 (3), A8 (14), A9 (9), A10 (11), A11 (5), A12 (3), and A13 (8), (gd) £40-60
297.    Trade Cards, Mixture, a small collection of sets to include Brooke Bond History of the Motor Car (In original album,), Prehistoric Animals, Police File (x2), Famous People, Inventors & Inventions (x2), together with Lyons Maid Famous people and Regent Do You Know/ (x2)(loose cards all gd) £20-40
298.    Cigarette Silks, Mixture, a small collection of silks to include Kensita Flowers, National Flags and more, also included several Japanese silks from the 1940's including a large Japanese Flag with silk painting and another similar with roll out handle (vg) £30-50
299.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in original albums, Will's sets Our King & Queen, Safety First, The reign of King George Railway Engines, and Dogs, together with Players Motor Cars 1st and 2nd Series and Military Uniforms, also included loose card sets Players Sea Fishes and Types of Horses, (gen gd/vg) £30-50
300.    Cigarette Cards, Will's sets to include Speed, Garden Hints, Household Hints, Wonders of the Sea, Romance of the Heaven, Garden Flowers and Railway Equipment (all gd)(7) £30-50
301.    Cigarette Cards, Player's sets to include Napoleon, RAF Badges, Uniforms of the Territorial Army, Natural History, Aviary & Cage Birds, Poultry, History of Naval Dress, Birds & Their Young and Dogs, (all gd/vg)(9) £60-80
302.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets to include Lambert & Butler Pirates & Highwaymen, Churchman's Treasure Trove, Gallaher's Racing Scenes and Butterflies & Moths, Carreras Do You Know?, Phillips Soldiers of the King and Our Puppies and Senior Service Beautiful Scotland, also included a small selection of Turf cards (various sets) £40-60
303.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, sets in original albums to include by Players, National Flags & Arms, International Air Liners, Animals of the Countryside, Motor Cars 1st & 2nd Series, British Freshwater Fishes, Aircraft of the Royal Airforce, Modern Naval Craft and Aeroplanes Civil, also included Wills's Railway Engines and a selection of approx 250 loose cards, various sets (fair/gd) £30-50
304.    Cigarette & Trade Cards, A small collection of cards various Manufacturers including Brooke Bond, Wills's, Players, Senior Services & De Reszke, also includes numerous Kensita silk Flags and Silk Flowers (various sizes)(gen gd) £20-40
305.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a collection of 29 albums various genres to include Prehistoric Animals, Wild Flowers, Wild Birds, Butterflies, Freshwater Fishes and more, mostly complete, some duplicates, (gd) £30-50
306.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a vast quantity of loose cards, unchecked for sets, (gd/vg)(qty) £30-50
307.    Trade Cards, Rare albums, in bespoke albums, Wall & Sons Dr Who's Space Adventure Book (2 cards missing, inner back page coloured in) and Daily Sketch Mexico World Cup Souvenir Album (vg) also included a Corgi Toys Catalogue 1963-64 (gd, items ticked)(3) £40-60
308.    Trade Cards, Mixture, in bespoke albums, complete sets Lyons Tea, Australia The Commonwealth Series (some cover damage), Wings of Speed (x2, gd), and Wings Across the World, together with, Horniman's On Safari, Pets Album and Dogs Album (partially complete), also included an unused Lyons Tea Album Wings Across the World, and numerous loose cards (unchecked for sets)(all gd) £30-50
309.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of various genres to include in original albums Players' Coronation of King George VI (x2) and Military Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas (x2), also included in original cigarette packets, Will's Our King and Queen, Safety First, Do You Know 4th Series, Air Raid Precautions, Animalloys and Player's Animals of the Countryside, Modern Naval Craft and Aircraft of the Royal Airforce (all gd/vg) £30-50
310.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a large collection of loose cards (unchecked for sets), various genres and manufacturers, also includes 7 Film Star Month calendars from 1945 (gen gd)(qty) £30-50
311.    Cigarette Cards, Players, in original albums, Military Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas, Uniforms of the Territorial Army, The Coronation of King George VI, Motors Cars, Motor Cars Second Series (x2), Cycling, Animals of the Countryside, Aeroplanes Civil, Modern naval craft, Kings & Queens of England (x2), Film Stars (x2), Film Stars Second Series and Film Stars Third Series, also includes empty albums for Film Stars, Aeroplanes Civic and The Coronation of King George VI (x2)(mixed fair/vg) £40-60
312.    Cigarette Cards, Wills's, in original albums, Our King & Queen, Wild Flowers First & Second Series together with slot in albums containing The Seashore, Speed, Life in the Royal Navy, Household Hints, Railway Equipment, and Association Footballers (albums poor, cards gd), also included two Park Drive albums containing Gallaher's Aeroplanes and Army Badges (gen gd) £30-50
313.    Cigarette Tins and Packets, Mixture, a collection of tins to include Players Navy Cut, Park Drive Cigarettes, Kesitas, Manikin Cigars, and Oxo Cubes, also included a selection of empty cigarette packets to include Players Navy Cut and Wight's, Wills's Woodbine, Piccadilly and more (mixed conditions some damaged or written on)(parcel) £20-40
314.    Cigarette Silks, Mixture, Kensita, an empty original album for National Flags, together with a selection of silks from National Flags, British Empire Flags (both silks and printed in USA), also included a small quantity of Kensita Flowers (mixed printed and plain back cards)(gen gd) £30-50
315.    Cigarette Silks, Flowers, Imperial Tobacco of Canada, Garden Flowers, approx 70 silks depicting single flowers and mixed bouquets (mixed conditions, by gen gd/vg) £30-50
316.    Cigarette Silks, National Costume and Flags, three postcard sized silks depicting England, Scotland and Ireland, (vg) £20-40
317.    Cigarette Silks, A collection of silks to include The Moon, The Sun, Summer, Rowing, Hockey, Lacrosse, December, McGill college and University, Upper Canada College, England Jamaica (x2 different) British Columbia and University of Saskatchewan (all gd) £40-60
318.    Trade Cards, A & BC Gum, complete set Batman (1A - 44A) (gen gd/vg) £30-50
319.    Trade Cards, A & BC Gum, complete set Footballers (Orange Back, 1 - 85)(vg) £40-60
320.    Trade Cards, A & BC Gum, complete set Footballers (Fid You Know Scottish 1 - 73)(vg) £40-60
321.    Trade Cards, A & BC Gum, complete set, Footballers including unmarked checklist (Yellow Back 1- 54)(vg) £60-80
322.    Trade Cards, Chix Famous Footballers, complete Second Series (vg) £60-80
323.    Trade Cards, Chix Famous Footballers, complete Third Series (vg) £60-80
324.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in original slot in albums, Churchman's Kings of Speed, Treasure Trove and Association Footballers, Ogden's Air Raid Precautions, Wills's Speed, Railway Engines and Wild Flowers, and Player's Animal Heads, Cricketers 1934, Poultry and Film Stars, (cards & albums gd)also included a Special Agent Stamp album with stamps (small collection) £40-60
325.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, two modern albums containing sets by Wills, to include Alpine Flowers, Air Raid Precautions, Railway Equipment, Garden Flowers by Sudell, Do You Know 1st. 2nd, 3rd and 4th Series, Wonders of the Past, Engineering Wonders, Romance of the Heavens, Dogs, Garden Hints, Railway Engines, Famous Inventions, Mining, The Coronation Series, British Birds and Historic Events, (gd/vg) £180-200
326.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a modern album containing various sets by Players to include British Empire Series, British Live Stock, These Pearls of Heaven, Wonders of the World, Shakespearean Series, Aviary & Cage Birds, Dogs by Wardle, Animals of the Countryside, Hidden Beauties, Film Stars 3rd Series and Aircraft of the Royal Airforce (allgd/vg) £120-140
327.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, complete sets to include Ogdens, Whaling. The Story of Sand and Sea Adventure together with Gallaher's British Birds and Wild Animals (5)(gd) £40-60
328.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Richard Lloyd's Old Inns, together with a selection of Churchman sets to include The Story of Navigation, Wonderful Railway Travel (x2), Treasure Trove and Interesting Experiments (all gd)(6) £40-60
329.    Cigarette Silks, Mixture, a selection of silks to include BDV British Naval Crests (22), Regimental Colours & Crests (33), GP Territorial Badges (9), Old Masters (14), Flags 10th Series (19) and Flags 25 Series (5), (all gd, viewing recommended) £40-60
330.    Cigarette and Trade Cards, Mixture, a collection of 17 original albums, some complete, others partially filled (Players and Wills) and some loose cards, also included a selection of Brooke Bond Sets, (12), Trebor Famous pets, (all gd) £40-60
331.    Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Millhoff, Famous Test Cricketers, 'M' size (set, 27 cards) (gd/vg) £50-60
332.    Cigarette Cards, Millhoff, Famous Test Cricketers (standard size) (set, 27 cards plus 5 variety cards) (vg) (32) £70-80
333.    Trade card Cricket, Q'LD (Queensland) Manufacturers Ltd, English Cricket Team 1928-9, type card, 'X' size, no 10 W.R. Hammond (Gloucestershire) (gd) (1) £50-80
334.    Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Ogden's, Tabs, General Interest, 'C' Series, 37 cricket subject cards (a few with minor faults, gen gd) (47) £60-80
335.    Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Will's, Vanity Fair, 1st Series, 5 Cricket subjects from both the numbered & unnumbered Series, plus 2nd Series 5 cricket subjects from the numbered Series & 1 from the unnumbered series (gd) (14) £30-50
336.    Cigarette Cards, Smith's, Champions of Sport (blue back), 3 cricket subjects, Lord Hawke (slight mark to face), Hirst (edge knocks) & W.P. Howell (gd) (3) £60-80
337.    Cigarette Cards, Smith's, Champions of Sport (blue back), 3 cricket subjects, Clement Hill (slight edge knock, gen gd), J. Kelly (one corner knock o/w gd) & G.L. Jessop (slight mark to face) (3) £60-80
338.    Cigarette Cards, Smith's, Champions of Sport (blue back), 3 cricket subjects, W.W. Armstrong (back very slightly marked), Joe Darling (back slightly grubby) & E. Jones (just good) (3) £60-80
339.    Cigarette Cards, Smith's, Champions of Sport (blue back), 2 cricket subjects, M.A. Noble (vg) & L.C.H. Palairet (gd) (2) £70-90
340.    Cigarette Cards, Smith's, Champions of Sport (blue back), 2 cricket subjects, K.S. Ranjitsinhi (vg) & Rhodes (gd) (2) £70-90
341.    Cigarette Cards, Smith's, Champions of Sport (blue back), 2 cricket subjects, J.V. Saunders & Hugh Trumble (both vg) (2) £70-90
342.    Cigarette Cards, Smith's, Champions of Sport (blue back), 2 cricket subjects, Victor Trumper & Tunnicliffe (both vg) (2) £70-90
343.    Cigarette Cards, Smith's, Champions of Sport (blue back), 2 cricket subjects, Lilley (gd) & Tyldesley (vg) (2) £70-90
344.    Cigarette Cards, Smith's, Champions of Sport (blue back), 2 cricket subjects, Lockwood & A.C. McLaren (both vg) (2) £70-90
345.    Cigarette Cards, Smith's, Champions of Sport (red back), 2 cricket subjects, A.C. McLaren & K.S. Ranjitsinhi (both gd) (2) £50-80
346.    Cigarette Cards, Ogden's, Tabs, cricket subjects from various Series, General Interest, 'D' Series (5), 'E' Series (15), 'F' Series (1-320) (25) & 'F' Series (321-420) (11) (mostly good) (56) £70-90
347.    Trade Cards, Trade card, Cricket, Rowntree's, Celebrities, cricket subject, 'Hirst' (gen gd) (1) £30-40
348.    Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Will's (Australia), Australian Club Cricketers (no State) (40/46, mixed backs, 13 green, rest blue, plus 3 duplicates with green backs) (mostly good, a few vg) (43) £350-400
349.    Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Will's (Australia), Australian Club Cricketers (with State) (35/40, plus 3 printing variety cards), all blue backs, (mostly good, a few vg) (38) £300-350
350.    Cigarette Cards, Cricket, Will's (Australia), Australian Club Cricketers, blue back, brown frameline (29/40) (mostly good) (29) £250-300
351.    Cigarette Cards, Australia, Sniders & Abrahams, Jokes, all cricket subjects, 8 cards, 2 different backs (fair/gd) (8) £25-40
352.    Trade Cards, Australia, Hoadley's Chocolates, Jokes, 2 cricket subject cards, plus one Anon card, plain backed sticker showing P.F. Warner, Middlesex (gd) (3) £35-40
353.    Cigarette Cards, Will's (Australia), Australian & English Cricketers, blue border, mixed backs (24/25) (a few slight foxing, mostly gd/vg) (24) £150-200
354.    Cigarette Cards, Will's (Australia), Australian & South African Cricketers, light background, red border (59/60, missing Matthews, plus one colour variation card) (gen gd) (60) £400-500
355.    Cigarette Cards, Will's (Australia), Australian & South African Cricketers, dark background, red border, mixed backs (set, 24 cards) (gd/vg) (24) £120-150
356.    Postcards Mixed, approx 900 cards loose and in vintage album from the early 1900 and later. including, RP's of R.M.S. Melita, Abinsi, Wroxhall village, loaded charabanc, Places of interest, Highland vistas, Cats Dog, Animals, Birds, Children's themes Comic and more. poor V/G £30-50
357.    Postcards Album, approx 140 cards in modern album inc, two Coups de vent Leonnee Series 13, RP's o Bedfordshire churches, The Boathouse, Thorpeness, interesting RP of leisure craft and passengers, Alpine and French panoramic vistas, and selection of modern car cards, mostly vintage vehicles. £30-50
358.    Postcards Mixed, a collection of approx 800 cards dated from the early 1900's to 1980's. Mainly holiday destinations in the UK and Europe but some USA, later advertising trains and cars, small selection of RP's mostly of portraits . £20-40
359.    Postcards Military, a good collection of approx 250 cards in modern album including, History and traditions, Battle Honours, Regiments, Kings Army, How he won the Victoria Cross, The growth of our Empire beyond the seas, Boy Army and more £80-100
360.    Postcards Military, a collection of approx 450 cards from the early 1900 to modern, in two modern albums, including Guards regiments, mounted, some RP's, Drummers, regimental dress and more. (2) £60-80
361.    Postcards albums, a collection of approx 200 cards in vintage album and some loose, including RP's, vintage car, Kings Heath Railway Station, early 1900's holiday destinations, Yorkshire seaside locations, towns and places of note, Nelson and more. £60-80
362.    Postcards Music, a collection of approx 90 cards all with links to music including, Composers, song titles opera houses, A Fantasy card, RP's of Brass Bands, Geisha with semse, Festival of Empire, WW1 and more. £50-80
363.    Postcards , a interesting card addressed to King George V , sent in the 1920's possibly from a officer serving on HMS Iron Duke, whilst engaged in the Siberian Intervention, together with a small collection of approx 40 cards with links to volcanoes, mostly Italy but also Chile and Japan. £60-80
364.    Postcards local interest, approx 140 cards including, Wallingford, Abingdon, Goring, Streatley, Pangbourne and Whitchurch, early 1900's to later, many river scenes,locks, boat houses,RP's Englefield and places of note, £60-80
365.    Postcards Local, approx 150 cards including, Newbury, Sonning, Reading and Caversham, early 1900's to later, some RP's, river, Stately homes, town and village scenes and more £60-80
366.    Postcards Local, approx 150 cards including, Maidenhead, Wokingham, Henley and Marlow, early 1900's to later, some RP's, river, stately homes, places of note, General election 1910, Boulters Lock and more. £60-80
367.    Postcards Local, approx 160 cards including, Windsor, Eton, Ascot, Richmond, Hampton Court, Watlington, Clifton Hampden, Nuneham, Oxford City, town scenes, Cathederal, City of London landmarks,Windsor Castle, Ascot station RP's, and more. £60-80
368.    Postcard album, a interesting collection of approx 350 cards, 1900 to modern in vintage album, including, seaside destinations, some RP's, comical, sweetheart, London, History, Local villages, Blenheim Palace and more together with a Heavy horse framed show photograph, 1919/20, 51st Battalion Royal Warwickshire regiment booklet. £30-50
369.    Postcards, a small collection of approx 100 cards, including a 1928 Niagara Falls Sky View card with ticket, Farnborough Aircraft base, nice RP of a Horse cart at Farnham and many Aircraft/ car cards, mostly modern reprints and advertising £30-50
370.    Postcards, a collection of approx 300 loose cards and album including RP of steam train, reck of SS Patroclus, Beatles promo card, Scotland, Ireland, Swiss, holiday destinations, modern advertising and propaganda reprints poor/good £30-50
371.    Postcards Album, a collection of approx 200 cards with a Military theme, some early 1900 and later to modern, RP of trenches and bombing, US and US Marine corps, regimental gatherings and battles. £40-60
372.    Postcards loose, in plastic sleeves, approx 200 cards , including many RP's Camel Corps, Camps, Regimental Goats, Sporting, Portraits, Bands, South Wales Borderers, Welsh Guards, together with a selection of photographs , Regimental dinner programmes and more. £80-100
373.    Postcards Album, a good collection of approx 250 cards in modern album including Harry Payne, early 1900's, Scottish regiments, Tucks, Regiments and more. £120-160
374.    Postcards Album, a collection of approx 300 saucy postcards some early examples many reproduction examples and American cards in folder, together with 50 loose cards, empty album and Helsingborg sepia photograph album. £30-50
375.    Postcards albums, a collection of approx 500 cards in two vintage albums from the early 1900's, including Seaside, floral greetings, Christmas greetings, Scotland, buildings and scenic, Wales and Ireland, boating lakes, Edwardian actresses, French WW1 bomb damage and more, poor to V/G £60-80
376.    Postcards albums, a collection of approx 400 cards in five vintage albums ( some empty) from the early 1900's including, shipping, greetings cards, birthday, Christmas, Song titles, Edwardian ladies, small children portraits, escape artist in London, major town/cities and more. Good V/G £40-60
377.    Postcards albums, a collection of approx 500 cards from the early 1900's in four vintage albums including comic seaside type, American comic/romance, Bathing belles, greetings, birthday/Christmas, French greeting cards, Actors, botanical, ancient monuments and historic buildings, one album containing a quantity of modern reprints of trains fair V/G. £60-80
378.    Postcards albums, a collection of approx 550 cards mostly from the early 1900's in two vintage albums and one modern album and a facsimile album including, Shipping, Lighthouses, American landmarks/people, RP " high street" with donkeys,RP's country scenes, Wales, Edwardian ladies, WW1 American soldiers, Edwardian London landmarks, greetings cards with children, embossed, Easter, Farnborough Royal army Aircraft factory with Airship, Romance, historic buildings and more. fair V/G £60-80
379.    Postcards albums, a collection of approx 500 cards mostly from the early 1900's in four vintage and one modern album including Isabel Hudson cartoon, RP's of house with school boy, Shire horse and Edwardian lady on horse back plus children on Donkey, WW1 battle fields and bombing including France and Germany, I.O.W, Naval including RP's, Army portraits, cavalry soldier with horse, army camp with tin huts, Large guns, Songs and rhymes, botanical, animals and birds E.Maydell comic and more. £80-100
380.    Postcards Japan, an interesting collection of approx 60 early Japanese cards taken from watercolour paintings of landmarks and customs and social gatherings £30-50
381.    Postcards loose, a selection of approx 400 cards from the early 1900's to modern including, Italy, UK holiday destinations, Oxford, modern stamp type, Alpine, local Berkshire villages, Sonning and around Reading, Modern planes, Ireland, Windmills and lighthouses, animals and more. poor V/G £30-50
382.    Postcards loose, a collection of approx 100 cards including Mabel Lucie Atwell, RP's village life, envelope, comic and more. £30-50
383.    Postcards mixed, a collection of approx 800 cards mostly 1960's and later but some earlier too inc, Russian, WW1 greetings, die cut, advertising, Comic, Silk, Aviation, America, UK Seaside towns and more, good v/g £40-60
384.    Postcards Aviation, a modern album of 200 cards from 1960's to modern together with an album of British Airways memorabilia including stickers, photos, press cuttings, and more. £30-50
385.    Postcards loose, an interesting collection of approx 100 cards from the early 1900's to modern inc, sports and pastimes, Comic, advertising, opera, songs and more together with Victorian playing cards and collectable cards. £30-50
386.    Postcards loose, a collection of approx 50 cards, mostly given with Feathered World of Poultry and Pigeons, nice coloured cards illustrating the different breeds. £30-50
387.    Postcards Signed, a interesting and rare collection of signed photographic postcards of famous Actors inc ,Dame Ellen Terry ( with valuation receipt from Stanley Gibbons ), Sir Henry Irving, Vesta Tilley, Gertie Millar, Huntley Wright, Kennerley Rumford, Marie Tempest, Olive May, Martin Harvey and more. (18) £150-250
388.    Ephemera, Autographs, a larger book with signatures, phrases and illustrations from the early 1900's to 1980's together with two smaller books from the 1930/40's AF £30-50
389.    Ephemera, Picture Post, 36 issues from 1938/39 together with specials "The battle of the river Plate" and "The army at war Tunisia", good overall condition some corner creasing and minor tears. G £30-50
390.    Ephemera, The Aeroplane, approx 80 issues from 1946/47, good overall condition some minor creases , tears and rusting to staples. G £30-50
391.    Ephemera, Photographic Trade Cards, issued by " The Makers of the Wayfarer Raincoat" 14 cards depicting Historical events and people including, Gracey Fields (Singer), Sabu Dastagir, the Elephant boy (Movie star), Dick Merill (Aviator), Harold Whitlock ( 1936 Olympian), Carson Building (Fire), Ships and more. Some creasing and pin holes to corners Fair/G £20-40
392.    Comics, Detective Weekly, approx 140 magazines from 1933/34/35, featuring Sexton Blake, rust to staples and some edge damage Fair/G £60-80
393.    Comics, Giles Annuals, inc, Series, 2,3,4,6,8, 10, 11,12,13,14,15, Good V/G some writing to inner covers, together with two Gambols books No 2 and 3 and 3 quartz watches £30-50
394.    Comics, Vintage "Dot & Carrie" Horrabin cartoon booklets from the Daily Star No,s 1/2/3/4 ( Poor/Fair) together with Tom Websters Annual 1926 (Poor) ,and Strubes Annual cartoon books from the Daily Express No's 3/5 1929/31 & 1947 Poor/Fair. £50-80
395.    Ephemera, a interesting accumulation of 1950's items including personal letters, Canadian Pacific Airlines flight information folder, USA/Canada ,period holiday destination leaflets, magazines, newspapers and more. £30-50
396.    Comics, The Thriller, mystery stories, approx 100 magazines from 1934/36, rusting to staples some minor tears Fair/G £60-80
397.    Mixed, a interesting lot of mixed ephemera including two stamp albums, cigarette cards and postcards approx 200 of varying dates from the early 1900 to modern in later albums mostly holiday destinations but some WW1 sweet heart and trenches, Mabel Lucie Atwell, and modern aviation. Parcel £30-50
398.    Military Prints, a good collection of approx 60 Military prints and illustrations, some removed from books some hand tinted. Many different regiments from the 1800's including Dragoons, Lancers, foreign regimental dress and more, including etchings and card mounted examples an interesting lot for framing and display. Parcel. £60-80
399.    Ephemera, Scraps, two good albums of mixed late 19 century scraps including, Regimental, Military, Christmas, Animal, Circus, Ethnic, Nursery Rhymes and more. (some damage to album covers. (2) £150-200
400.    Ephemera, a mixed lot of magazines and comics many from the 1960's and 1970's, including, Country life (5), Private eye (20), The Wizard (12)and more, parcel. £20-30
401.    Commemorative , a Burslem commemorative beaker " A gentleman in khaki" together with a Victoria tankard commemorating S.Africa 1899 - 1900 by Hammersley and a 1902 Coronation plate for King Edward VII. £30-50
402.    Ephemera, a collection of legal documents including a tenancy document from 1724 with large seal attached, two Conveyance documents from 1860's , together with a quantity of documents pertaining to The Carmarthen and Cardigan railway Company, some from the late 1800's including statement of accounts. £40-60
403.    Ephemera, Punch, approx 40 magazines from the year 1954. £40-60
404.    Breweriana, a large collection of approx 80 pump labels from various breweries including Theakston, Wells, Mitchells, Youngs and more, together with optics,books and approx 50 advertising glasses of various types. (9) £60-80
405.    Advertising, a collection of tins mostly confectionary and some money boxes together with a brass Victorian, Isler, Artesian well name plate , Chance Brothers Lighthouse Engineers plate and two Private name plates, parcel. £30-50
406.    Comics, Topper, a large collection of approx 200 issues from 1972/3/4/5 generally good. £40-60
407.    Comics Mixed, a collection of over 80 including Beezer (12) 1978, Dandy (10) 1972, Buster (27) 1970's, Beano (13) 1971and more. £40-60
408.    Comics, " Whoopee", 61 issues from 1974/75 including issue No1, together with a mixed lot of 15 annuals including, Teddy Bear, Topper, Dandy, Tom & Jerry, Basil Brush and Blue Peter. £40-60
409.    Ephemera, an interesting collection of mostly vintage childrens books with a military theme, including A.B.C of the Army 1911, Aldershot Tatoo souvenir 1934/36 with plates by Harry Payne, Our Volunteers, The Boys book of British Battles and much more. £60-80
410.    Cigarette Cards, an interesting accumulation of Cigarette cards , scraps, postcards and cut out pictures and cards all with a military theme, presented in two modern albums , some by Harry Payne, Christmas, reproduction and old Regimental badges and colours and more. £40-60
411.    Breweriana, a vast collection of several hundred beer mats, some duplicates, many different breweries and soft drink suppliers, parcel £30-50
412.    Ephemera, a collection of Matchbox labels and match books, many hundreds loose and mounted in books, spent and unused, together with a small collection of approx 30 postcards , mostly comic seaside, a album of family B&W photographs from the 1930's and 3 vintage 1950's car badges ( 2 x AA - 1 X RAC) £60-80
413.    Comics, a large collection of approx 300 Eagle comics, mostly 1950/51/52/53/54/55, condition ranges from poor to V/G £40-60
414.    Phone Cards, a small collection of approx 100, mostly Mercury but some lesser known suppliers, including presentation packs/sets for Christmas, Floriade, Etisalat and 1992 Commemorative £10 issue. £30-50
415.    Antarctica, a good collection of approx 120, modern and vintage books relating to Antarctica and Polar Exploration, including Shackleton, Portrait of Antarctica by HRH Prince of Wales, Ecology and more. Parcel.(6) £120-180
416.    Bank notes, a collection of 36 world bank notes in modern album together with a collection of 150 world commemorative collectable spoons. £30-50
417.    Phone Cards, a vast collection of approx 750 cards in modern albums including, Asia, Australia, UK, Japan, Poland, Disney, Sport, Music, Culture and more. £60-80
418.    Comics, a collection of approx 140 Dandy comics from 1972/3 /4/5/6, together with The Beano Books, 1974/5/6/8 parcel G. £40-60
419.    Comics, a collection of approx 220 Beano comics from 1972/3/4/5/6 parcel G. £40-60
420.    Comics, a mixed lot of comics and annuals (7) including, Topper (32), Beezers (17), Dandy (45), Beano (53), together with a small quantity of DC comics, poor/g £30-50
421.    Breweriana, a large collection of several hundred vintage beer mats. Many different breweries including soft drinks and spirits. (A few have residue to back where previously mounted) (2) £80-100
422.    Comics DC mix, a selection of mostly DC type comics including Toxic, X-Force, X-Factor, Marshal Law, Deathlok, Spawn, Ghost Rider and more approx. 100 issues g v/g. £20-30
423.    Comics DC, a collection of approx. 140 issues including, Suicide Squad, Power Pack, Power Girl, Tail gunner Jo, Manhunter, Mars and more £30-50
424.    Comics Batman & Superman, Batman Pocket books, No's, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (2), 10.From 1980, . Together with Superman Pocket books, No's 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, Marvel Classics, 10, 11, 12, Marvel Digests Fantastic Four 20, 21, 22, 23, The Titans Pocket Books, 5, 6. Spiderman Digest Series, 8,12 and Fat Freddy's Cat No's 1,3,4 +1. Poor V/G £60-80
425.    Comics Vintage Sci Fi, a good collection of Class A Series comics including, Astounding Stories, 141,144,146, Uncanny Tales, 135, 138, 141,148, Sinister Tales, 168, 170, 173, 176, 181, Secrets of the Unknown ,182, 191, 194, 195, 197, 201, Creepy Worlds, 185, 187, 189, 195, 199, Amazing stories of Suspense, 174, 176, 178, 181, 182, Out of this world, 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, Good V/G. £60-80
426.    Comics Batman, Batman Beyond, No's 1x2 together with 1/6, 2/6, 3/6 , 4/6, 5/6, 6/6, The Untold Legend, Robin 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 5/5 and Dark Knight returns Tenth edition. (15)V/G £30-50
427.    Comics Marvel, a good collection of approx. 30 Marvel comics, incl , Fantastic four, 238, Jonah Hex, 56, Weird War, 107, Wonder Woman, 269, Justice Leaguen of America, 173,178, Arak, 5, Batman, Spiderman and more. Poor V/G £30-50
428.    Books Annuals, a selection of soft cover books including, Star Trek, Death of Superman, Mad - Star Trek, Fogus the Bogeyman, The Perishers, The Incredible Hulk, Hidden Camera ( Erotica), and Viz annual, The Turtles Head. G V/G £30-50
429.    Ephemera cards, a set of 98 Victorian playing cards, with Green and Orange backs, ( some damage and repairs) incl, Happy families, (poor) £50-100
430.    Ephemera stamps, a collection of first day covers and loose stamps, mostly on a cricket theme UK but some Australia. £30-50
431.    Ephemera advertising, a colour advertisement for the Excelsior Lawn mower, together with a silk Toros en S.Sebastian bull fight advertising poster. £20-40
432.    Ephemera music, a large quantity of Victorian sheet music covers, many from the early 1870's- 1900's , with interesting illustrations to the front covers, of comical, sport,hunting, ethnic and topical subjects related to the music. £50-100
433.    Ephemera Scraps, a good collection of Victorian scraps, mostly sports ,including, cricket, rugby, football, horse racing and a large lawn tennis example. £30-50
434.    Ephemera photographs, a small collection of vintage photographs in album including, Graf Zeppelin, early prop aircraft, river vessels, Victorian pier, Crystal Place, and more together with a series of ten w/c paintings of Ocean Liners,by G.S.Shears, 17cm x 25cm.(AF) £30-50
435.    Badges, a massive collection of pin button badges, from the 1980's to present day, Advertising, places of interest and TV clubs and shows.(2) £50-70
436.    Enamel Badges, a collection of enamel metal badges , inc, Train, Sport and advertising together with coins and small collectables.(3) £30-50
437.    Motoring Mixed a Michelin "tin" wall road map of the UK 87cm x 72.5cm together with a collection of 1950's magazines including Practical Motorist, Car mechanic, Autocar and Old Motor (approx 25) together with four Brook Bond tea card albums and WWII paperback books on German forces.(2) £20-30
438.    Motoring Picnic Case, a vintage 1930/40's Sirram folding fitted table picnic case, in brown, with metal fold out legs and ivory coloured fitted interior, metal and wood fitted cutlery box and glass and hard plastic storage containers. £30-50
439.    Motoring Magazines. a collection of approx 50 Motor Sport magazines from the late 1950's together with approx 40 Autocar magazines from the 1960's, some loose pages and foxing, Fair/Good (2) £30-50
440.    Motoring Roy Nockolds, 1911 to 1979,oil on canvas, 30.5cm x 40.5cm, signed bottom left, of a red Mini Cooper on a woodland rally circuit being pursued by a grey Sunbeam Rapier , unframed. £100-150
441.    Motoring Picnic case, a vintage Sirram 1930/40's picnic case in dark brown, with four place setting including knifes, forks, spoons, ceramic cups saucers and plates, hard plastic beakers, glass and metal storage containers, sandwich boxes and kettle. £30-50
442.    Motoring Parts/Accessories, a mixed lot of car parts and accessories including a matched pair of bar mounted Lucas Ranger Lamps, vintage inspection lamp, brass blow lamp, pair of NOS boomerang short arm wing mirrors, gauges and more. £30-50
443.    Motoring Riley, a mixed lot of associated items including, Large pair of Headlamp shells 20cm, NOS Hepolite piston +40, 4 Riley 87965 & ring set, Riley wheel spinners, fuel cap and pipe.AF. £30-50
444.    Motoring Badges, a pair of Triumph tank badges together with two 1950's AA badges , modern RAC Jaguar badge ( N i B ) and a pair of penknives. £30-50
445.    Motoring Roy Nockolds, 1911-1979, oil on board, 22cm x 29cm, Jim Clark's Brabham No 5 on race circuit, signed bottom right. £80-100
446.    Motorcycle, a quantity of motorcycle related magazines including, Classic Motorcycling Legends (12) Classic Racer 1980's (26) Classic Mechanics, 1980's starting at issue 1 (36) £20-40
447.    Shipping, History of Ships, magazine, parts 1 to 96, full colour , F V/G £20-40
448.    Motoring Tools, a Clarke Engine stand. £30-50
449.    Motoring Prints, a set of 5 MG prints, inc Magnette, MG A two seater, M type Midget,T B Tickord, Old Number One. £20-30
450.    Motoring Roy Nockolds, 1911-1979,oil on board, 30cm x 40cm,signed bottom right, of a chauffer driven Rolls Royce parked outside a town house with Edwardian couple walking past, framed. £100-150
451.    Motoring New Car Brochures , a selection of dealer hand-outs including, Ford Trucks, Chevette,Opel range, Allegro, Triumph range 1972,Wolseley 1100, Hornet MkIII, Hillman Avenger, Maxi, MG BGT & V8, Midget, MGB and more, together with associated books and manuals. £30-50
452.    Motoring Magazines, a collection of approx 100 Autosport Magazines from 1956/57/58/61, in 4 binders and loose. £60-80
453.    Aviation, History of Aviation, magazine, parts 1 to 72, full colour F V/G. £20-40
454.    Motoring Goggles, a pair of Luxor Goggles by opticians EB Meyrowitz of Old Bond Street fitted with prescription lenses in original box together with a Smiths car dashboard clock and a Stadium example. £100-150
455.    Aviation, a Concorde presentation pack inc, void tickets, labels, stationery, Menu, Inflight entertainment list, postcards magazines and folder, together with a similar example and "Day of the Concorde" stamp and coin presentation pack in frame. £30-50
456.    Motoring Magazines, a collection of motoring related magazines, including, The Automobile 1980's (15), Classic and Sports Car 1980's (5), Old Motor 1970/80's (34) Old Glory 1980/90's (18) £20-40
457.    Motoring Books, a collection of motoring related books inc, RAC/AA manuals 1933/4 1959/60 Road book, Round the world in a baby Austin and Bartholomews maps. £20-30
458.    Motoring, An AAOC large ribbed Kero can, together with a 2 Gallon Shell petrol can, Esso Blue can ,selection of road maps and more. £30-50
459.    Motoring Globe a vintage "Shell" pump globe in the iconic sea shell shape. 43cm high, red shell "painted" writing on one side on raised background,the other side has raised background but the red writing has been "scratched" off leaving surface marks. No manufacturers details present, slight chipping to base of neck. £200-300
460.    Motor Cycle, a large collection of approx 300 copies of " Classic Bike" magazine, including years 1978/9, 1980,1990,2000, G V/G (3) £30-50
461.    Motoring-Globe, a "BP" rectangular type with extended panels. In black and "orange" livery , paint fading and loss,also please note, some of the painting has been touched in with new paint, height approx. 44.5cm, " Webbs Crystal Glass Co Ltd, London" applied to underside also RegP No 793233, "Property of Shell Mex & BP Ltd, Returnable on demand " applied to inside of neck rime. Light chipping to neck base, with original rubber ring present. £200-300
462.    Aviation, a Concorde BAC print 37cm x 50cm together with 4 airliner prints, Hawker Siddeley Trident 3B, VC10, Vickers Super VC10, Viscount 701 and de Havilland Comet 4C. All framed and glazed 50cm x 54cm (5) £30-50
463.    Motoring, a 1988 Club De L'Auto F.F.A.E. Monte Carlo Rally type plate together with a wooden Vilac classic car model in burgundy and black (2) £20-40
464.    Motor Cycle, a large collection of approx 260 copies of "The Classic Motor Cycle" magazine, from the years 1984,1990, 1995,2000, G V/G (2) £30-50
465.    Motor racing, a large and extensive collection of several thousand colour photographs in 26 albums, loose photographs and slides from the 1980/90's of vintage Aircraft, Classic cars and Race cars of various types, including drivers and action circuit photographs ( sold with copyright) together with a large accumulation of Race/F1 type magazines, press cuttings, Grand Prix magazines and race day specials, mostly of Silverstone and Goodwood tracks.(8) £200-300
466.    Motoring Globe, Jet 93 red logo across front and back, flat circular globe with pink ground colour,93 printed on sides in red, looks to have had the 3 in 93 defaced by rubbing part of it out with an abrasive the same having been done on all sides and the "Jet" logo ( please be aware of this damage), "Hailware British made" etched to base, height approx. 40cm Some paint loss. £150-250
467.    Aviation, Silver gelatin aviation prints, taken by J W F Tranmer, probably working for studio of H L Kettle, 3 West Street, Scarborough - 'M. Salmet flying over the Spa with a venturesome passenger….', 'Salmet's wrecked machine' and balloon, 6in x 8in, 'Blackpool Aviation - Farman on the 9th lap of the flight in which he won the £2000 prize' and aeroplane in hangar, half-plate, and others (15), F-G (20) £50-80
468.    Shipping, Ernest Philipps (1894-1974), quarter-plate negative of Swedish sailing vessel Herzogin Cecilie on the rocks off Bolt Head, Salcombe, taken in a gale from the seaward side in a Tiger Moth, level with the main spar, April 1936, G, with modern sample prints £30-40
469.    Motoring Globe, Jet 97 green logo across front, flat circular globe with 97 in green on sides, height approx. 40cm ,(Please note)some paint loss, part of the green "Jet" logo has been removed from the front and back with abrasive, visible scratch marks present were this has been done. £150-250
470.    Aviation, a vintage plane propeller centre boss, having the blades cut away. In laminated mahogany. Stamped WD ( War Dept) with broad arrow and the number 15292? With a square with ALD532 in it.The fixing bolt holes being filled with dowels, possible clock case?. £30-50
471.    Motoring Clothing, a large collection of approx 150 Bus/Coach Company ties together with a coin bag, three albums of photographs of coaches and buses, books and two model aircrafts. (2) £30-50
472.    Maserati Desk piece display mascot, A good representation of a single-seater racing car in the style of a Maserati of the 1930s, chrome-plated metal, mounted upon a polished marble plinth, 15cm length. £180-220
473.    Cycling Map, a vintage Wallis revolving lap map in wooden display case together with a complete set of 5 UK maps and leather carry case £30-50
474.    Motoring, a collection of approx 35 magazines, inc Autocar, and The Motor, mostly late 1950's /1960's including 1964 London show report, some water damage and foxing. Fair/G £20-40
475.    European Motor Sport, A group of original photographs c1928-1938, comprising mostly pre-war German Rallies & Trials events including Deutsche Alpenfahrt 1938 & Ostpreussenfahrt 1939, high-quality press-photographs by Presse Hoffmann (Berlin) & Weltbild Agency, variously captioned & with wetstamps verso, some over-stamped ex-Peter Roberts Collection, together with a group of British early post-war trials events including VSCC Ilkley & District MC Trial Nidderdale etc (Peter Birch photo). (37) £180-220
476.    Motoring, a selection of BRM racing car leaflets including two postcard photographs of prototype Mk II Type 15 BRM, Jaguar XK120 shell booklet, Transmission booklets, loose magazine articles and advertisements, RAC Motor sport year book, Maps, BMC 1800 and Wolseley 1500 workshop manuals and more. G V/G £30-50
477.    Motoring, a good selection of vintage dealer brochures including, Fiat, Berkeley, Zephyr Six, Consul, Anglia Prefect, Popular, Studebaker, Austin Healey 100, Jowett Javelin, Lea-Francis, Sunbeam Alpine and more.G V/G. £50-70
478.    The Doghouse Club - Women Racing Drivers Association, member's car badge by Gladman & Norman c1960s, Black and green enamel on chromed brass, stamped no. 63 verso (unused condition), together with a Model HV2 Ferrari on wooden plinth ( some damage, missing one wheel AF) £80-120
479.    Motoring, vintage dealer brochures, good selection including, Vauxhall Velox, Victor, Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire, Wolseley Six Ninety & 1500, Renault Dauphine,Fuego, 16, Twingo, Austin 95 Westminster countryman, VW Commercial and more. G V/G £50-70
480.    Motoring ephemera, an interesting collection of Driving Instruction ephemera inc, Licence to instruct, various test related leaflets, Highway code, Learner driver leaflets, forms and more together with Apprenticeship booklets for Austin Vehicles, Rootes Group, Ford and Bristol Aircraft industry. G V/G £30-50
481.    Aviation De Havilland Desk model c1930s, An unusual model of a low-wing monoplane believed prototype design for a DH light passenger plane with radial-engine, together with another low-wing monoplane desk model in nickel-plated bronze with radial engine rotating propeller detail. (2) £100-150
482.    Motoring, a good collection of Citroen dealer brochures, mostly in French, inc, ID, DS19, DS, Dyane, 2CV, Visa GT, and more. G V/G £30-50
483.    Motoring, a interesting collection of vintage Commercial vehicle dealer brochures inc, Austin Mini van and pickup, Mini Moke, Thames Range, Thames 5/7 cwt van, AEC lorry, Commer, Austin FF, Austin FG, Mercedes-Benz, Thames Trader, and more. G V/G. £50-80
484.    Aviation Miles Aircraft, an elegant desk top static model of an unidentified aircraft, the composite airframe painted overall silver, with braced mainplanes, Townsend main undercarriage and tail skid, with typical Miles fin and rudder, with rotating two-blade propeller and Gipsy Major pattern engine cowl, 32cm w/span, together with a composition grey-black painted model of a standing pilot, with parachute pack, opn wood plinth base with plaque inscribed, Presented to Group Captain Roger Seatman Station Commander RAF Fylingdales September 1983, thank you for your hospitality James V Aartinger USAF, 34 cm high (AF) (2) £70-100
485.    Motoring Mascot, a Rover, Viking head radiator cap , in chromium plated metal, single bolt fixing, with bearded warrior wearing a winged helmet.12cm high £100-200
486.    Motoring, a 1960's Brexton picnic set. In red mottled case, 4 place setting with rose pattern plates and cups, cutlery, 2 x flasks and 2 x sandwich boxes. £30-50
487.    Motoring, a vintage 1960, Airborne Forces, car badge. In maroon and blue enamel with a chrome central mounted Pegasus with warrior holding a spear. Made by J.R.Gaunt, on standard Queens crown chrome backing plate with twin bolt central boss fixing and two side fixing holes for grill mounting. £50-80
488.    Motoring, a Lancia Motor Club, circular badge bar badge in chrome and blue enamel together with a Lancia enamel and leather key fob. £40-60
489.    Motoring, a superb collection of vintage B&W photographs. Many different racing circuits and vehicles, cars and motorbikes including GT40's Braham's, Roy Winkelmann racing, Ferrari, Jack Brabham, Graham Hill, David Hepworth, Mosa, Jody Schekter, Ronnie Peterson,JPS, Bill Boddice, Jackie Stewart, and many more. together with a small collection of moto racing books, car brochures sales catalogues and Castrol achievements booklets. £60-80
490.    Motoring, a vintage 1960, Army Medical Corps, car badge. In red, yellow and blue enamel with a chrome central mounted corps badge. Made by J.R.Gaunt, on standard Queens crown chrome backing plate with twin bolt central boss fixing and two side fixing holes for grill mounting. £50-80
491.    Motoring, a vintage Red Devil, car mascot, with horned, long tailed devil mounted on cross member by his hoofed feet with hands raised "cocking a hoot" to other vehicles made of metal possibly brass with aged painted red finish. £150-200
492.    Motoring, a large collection of over 100 vehicle make and model badges. Mostly from the 1970's/80's with some later, including Ford, Austin, Morris, Opel, Land Rover, Rover, Triumph, Vauxhall, Wolseley, Fiat and much more, various conditions some have been drilled for display mounting. Would make a very impressive display on the enthusiast garage wall.Parcel £60-80
493.    Motoring, a vintage BMA ( British Medical Association) grill badge ( repainted) together with a H.K.C.M.A (Hong Kong issue) grill badge £40-60
494.    Motoring, a vintage Ford V8 Pilot bonnet badge together with a Bentley Chassis plate, Morris 8 bonnet badge ( some pitting) and a Rover "Viking" badge. (4) £40-60
495.    Motoring, a vintage Scottish Thistle grill badge, by J.R.Gaunt, with chrome thistle mounted on red enamel boss in standard coronet back plate together with a Meum Oppidum ( my town) bar badge circular with blue border and laurel leaves with central wheel boss in yellow and Aberdeen coat of arms. £50-80
496.    Motoring, a good collection of car owners manuals including, BMW 5 series, Jaguar XJS, XJ6, , Audi Quattro, Volvo 242,244,245, Vauxhall Cavalier, Omega,, Ford Granada Cortina, Consul, Orion,Sierra,Fiesta,Capri,Escort, Jensen FF, Opel Senator, Rover 3500SE, 3500, and more parcel. £30-50
497.    Motoring, a vintage 1970's Hong Kong, AA grill badge, and matching Key fob together with two 1950's AA badges, one being for a motorcycle the other for a car. £30-50
498.    Motorcycle, a small collection of owners manuals including BMW K100,R65, R60/6, Triumph 650 twin,Lambretta 150Li, BSA 250, BSA 1938 models, Moto Guzzi 850, together with a "Daily Mirror" Motor racing drivers past and present book and Goodwood Revival 2001 book. £30-50
499.    Motoring, a collection of four vintage car badges including, Swiss, Caravan Club, British institute of Management together with an assortment of badge bar fixing brackets, some by Desmo, pair of wing mirror extenders and screws. £30-50
500.    Aviation, Concorde, a 1995 diary together with two 1994 welcome packs containing, wine list, stationery, travel itinery, menu, light certificate and more. £20-40
501.    Motoring, a collection of AA and RAC badges, including three 1950/60,s AA and a square 1970 badge three versions of RAC badges including a Hale convex enamel centre version and a Birmingham Medal and badge Co, bar mounted example together with a St Christopher badge, a NSDA and IAM . (10) £40-60
502.    Motoring Maps, a good collection of approx 80 road and Ordnance Survey maps, covering most of the UK, many vintage including Bartholomew's ,Tourists and Cyclists maps and modern Shell Road maps. £30-50
503.    Motor Racing, a F1 print "True Brit" by Alan Fearnley of Nigel Mansell winning the 1986 British Grand Prix at Brans Hatch in 1986, Lt Edt number 451/850 signed along the bottom in pencil by Nigel Mansell and Alan Fearnley 42cm x 60cm framed and glazed, together with a selection of Grand Prix magazines and race programmes and F1 books(2) £60-80
504.    Motoring, a Vintage B.A.R.C. ( British Automobile Racing Club) bar badge. Enamel generally good with some minor chips and retouching to base, some chrome wear, registered number B21 manufactured by Butler, Birmingham. £30-50
505.    Aviation Concorde, a large collection of Concorde presentation items including, pen set (2), stationery, Diary's , Sterling silver Key fob,flight stationery packs , Entertainment packs , Links Concorde travel clock in leather case,and more. £100-200
506.    Motoring, a Vintage Royal Automobile Club Associate badge, manufactured by Fry's with Civil Service enamel centre boss together with a CSMA Sports Member, badge bar example made by Collins with enamel centre star No 56.(2) £40-60
507.    Motoring, a vintage Shell Economy pump globe, in white with red lettering, approx 43cm high, very minor paint loss and fogging, glass excellent condition with only tiny chips to neck, stamp to inside of neck " Property of Shell - Mex & B.P. Ltd, Returnable on demand" Hailware British Made, to outside of neck. £200-300
508.    Motor Cycle, a vintage "Power Pak" cycle motorising set with registration no JOR 767 with engine, fuel tank, controls and cables together with a pair of WWII headphones and native dagger. £40-60
509.    Motoring, a vintage Jaguar bonnet badge, mounted on a wooden base, together with a selection of car and commercial vehicle badges including Vauxhall, Austin Morris, Triumph, Lancia, Fiat, two AA badges and more. £40-60
510.    Aviation, a collection of Concorde related manuals including Automatic flight control systems, Wiring diagrams, training notes, Standard operating procedures and more.(2) £30-50
511.    Aviation, a place setting from Concorde, including Cup ( Wegwood), saucer, side plate and larger and smaller plate (Royal Doulton), tea spoon and cloth serviette and napkin,( all with British Airways script, together with a British Airways ceramic "letter" vase and Concorde cutlery 4 x Knife, 4 x desert spoon, 4 x fork and a tea spoon. parcel. £80-120
512.    Aviation, a signed photograph of Concorde flying above New York with river and buildings below ( inc twin Towers) signed by Chief Pilot Capt. Mike Bannister and Adrian Meredith, in silver sharpie pen, 30cm x 25cm framed and glazed with "Concorde Tribute 1976 2003" on blue and silver seal below photo on card frame. £40-60
513.    Aviation, a large desk model of Concorde, on chrome stand, 61cm x 26cm made in resin or similar in original box and packaging. £50-80
514.    Aviation, two official Concorde small desk display models together with a British Airways 4 plane Special edition die-cast model set by corgi, two Concorde British Airways twin pack die-cast plane sets by corgi, and two British Airways two speed action Premier Portfolio Concorde toy planes and a British Airways die-cast Airport set. £40-60
515.    Aviation, a Concorde memorabilia lot including, four drinking mugs, three boxed pen sets, three leather diary organisers, boxed aluminium rule, oval key ring, two boxes of notelets / envelopes and five spring loaded key rings. £80-120
516.    Aviation, a Hallmarked silver photograph frame by Carrs 12cm x 12cm with a 5cm x 5cm centre together with a hallmarked silver Links Concorde key ring and Carrs Hallmarked silver money clip. £80-120
517.    Aviation, a pair of Hallmarked silver boxed, Links, Concorde cuff links together with a boxed Carrs, Concorde ,hallmarked silver money clip £60-80
518.    Aviation, a hallmarked silver boxed , Links, key ring together with a Hallmarked silver boxed, Carrs, book mark. (2) £60-80
519.    Aviation, a hallmarked silver boxed, Carrs , money clip together with a hallmarked silver boxed Concorde key ring £60-80
520.    Aviation, a Concorde memorabilia lot including, Concorde 1/200 desk model, Concorde blue lettersets and envelopes by Smythson with embossed Concorde logo, 1976-2003 leather diary, pair of Sennheiser headphones, leather luggage label, four key rings, encapsulated hiduminium paper weight,1976 -2003 commemorative travel clock in leather case and a small Links travel clock in leather case. £80-120
521.    Aviation, a hallmarked silver, Links, charm bracelet together with a Carrs,pair of hallmarked silver, Concorde, cuff links. £60-80
522.    Aviation, a Concorde ceramic blue picture frame by Wedwood together with two ceramic Wedgwood pin trays, a Concorde tie pin, three Concorde desk calendars, two pen sets in metal cases, Concorde 1976-2003 leather diary, four card packs with envelopes and two courtesy toilet bags and contents parcel. £50-80
523.    Aviation, a Hallmarked silver photograph frame by Carrs 12cm x 12cm with a 5cm x 5cm centre together with a Carrs hallmarked silver money clip (2) £80-120
524.    Aviation, a Hallmarked silver photograph frame by Carrs 12cm x 12cm with a 5cm x 5cm centre together with a Carrs, hallmarked silver book mark (2) £80-120
525.    Aviation, a Hallmarked silver photograph frame by Carrs 12cm x 12cm with a 5cm x 5cm centre together with a Carrs hallmarked silver money clip (2) £80-120
526.    Aviation, a collection of Concorde memorabilia including, 2004 Calendar, framed 40th Anniversary stamp sheet ( Ltd ed), newspaper cuttings, small posters, photos, cards, boxed notelets , boxed card holder and more. £40-60
527.    Motoring, a car badge of London, of heraldic design in standard wreath and crown chrome pattern by JR Gaunt in original box, together with a large vintage London Transport, Central Bus Routes map ( folded). £50-80
528.    Shipping, 23 issues of "The Blue Peter" ( The magazine of sea travel) from the early 1920's together with 12 issues of "Shipping Wonders of the World" from the 1930's and a small selection of vintage road maps. £30-50
529.    Motoring, a collection of 1950/60's car brochures and leaflets including, sales booklet VW411, Mercedes Benz 180, Morris series, Singer Gazelle, Morris Mini traveller, Wolseley1660, Morris Mini Minor, Standard Ensign, Vauxhall Victor, Triumph Courier, Austin A60, Firestone tyres, road maps and more. £40-60
530.    Aviation, a vintage propeller in laminated mahogany , 150cm with six hole hub, marked LP 1809 7/39 on sides DRG NO LA579/2 PRAGA B R H T D 5 2 P3 132. £100-200
Motoring, a art deco car mascot " Goddess of Sport" (AF) together with a pair of vintage number plates "88 RAF" with registration document and mot certificate ( not registered) £100-150
532.    Motor Racing, a series of card mounted prints and photographs inc B&W photo of 1955 British Grand Prix Aintree with Fagio, 1950 Dutch Grand Prix with Farina Ascari and Villloresi, LeMans 1991 Porsche,1997 Villeneuve, prints of Brabham, McLaren, Tyrrell, Renault, Eagle, Alfa Romeo, Cooper, Surtees, Penske, Arrows, Williams, Toleman, Wolf,(22) £30-50
533.    Motor Racing, a pair of frame mounted canvas colour prints of Jason Plato and Mat Jackson, 41cm x 30cm.(2) £30-50
534.    Motor Racing, Nicholas Watts " The Red Line" artist original signed print c1985, depicting the newly launched turbo Ferrari F1 cars to be featured at the British Grand prix 1985, signed by both team drivers Michele Alboretto & Rene Arnoux, 40cm x 54cm framed and glazed. £80-100
535.    Motor Racing, a series of three prints inc, 1996 Australian Grand Prix, Damon Hill, Williams FW17 by Robert Egan signed Lt Ed print 226/500 and a Stuart Mintyre "Tribute to McLaren" 1998 montage print. (3) £40-60
536.    Motor Racing, a pair of Damon Hill limited edition signed prints, Williams W18 , 1996 ,F1 World Champion, 33cm x 47 cm signed framed and glazed. £30-50
537.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy's Perfection Fly rod, 2 pcs, 8ft hexagonal cane, with red whipping and original eyes and furrels.No, E11682, complete with bank stake/spear tip to butt. Good overall condition and patina, possible re-varnish with original Hardy rod bag. £30-40
538.    Taxidermy, a vintage mounted Fox head, by Spicer and Sons Taxidermists Leamington, on Oak shield. £30-50
539.    Taxidermy, a vintage mounted Red Squirrel , on tree branch for wall hanging. £30-50
540.    Angling Equipment, a "Venus" Fly rod, 3 pcs, 9ft hexagonal cane, with green whipping and bridged eyes, brass furrels with stoppers in canvas bag and Edgar Sealey " Carpmaster" fibreglass 2 pcs rod with bridged eyes and brass furrels in canvas bag together with, vintage reels , Gilfin multiplier model 500 and pack of floats.(3) £40-60
541.    Taxidermy, a mounted specimen Rainbow Trout in glass bow fronted display case, with gold lettering to glass, " 15Lbs 12ozs Rainbow Trout caught by Peter Overton Chalk Springs Sussex September 1990" together with a glazed photograph of the angler holding the fish (2) £100-150
542.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy's Teviot Fly rod, 3 pcs, 9ft Palakona hexagonal cane, with green whipping and original eyes and furrels.No, E48651, missing butt end rubber. Good overall condition and patina, with original Hardy rod bag. The blacked reel seat, ring and butt are in good condition with extra Prince of Wales feathers logo as well as the Hardy's original design with "by appointment". £40-60
543.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy's "The Gold Medal" Palakona hexagonal cane rod, 10ft, 4pcs including spare top section ( missing top eye), red whipping and bridged eyes lacquered brass reel seat some wear to cork grip, together with a vintage Hardy's 7ft , 2pc Fly rod in hexagonal cane with " Palace Court Regal No 246936" hand written on rod above the handle . £30-50
544.    Angling Equipment, a collection of 4 Fly rods , including a Hardys Aydon ( Greenheart and Hickory) J.Warner & Sons ( Greenheart ) and 2 hexagonal cane rods, together with a vintage brass Gaff. £30-50
545.    Angling Equipment, a "Tarquin" Fly rod by Allcocks of Redditch 9ft, 2pcs hexagonal cane, together with a " Challenger Brand" 9ft, 2pcs hexagonal cane example ( re-whipped top eye ) from Midland Works, Ashbourne, Derbyshire ( Gold Medal London 1904) both with canvas rod bags. £40-60
546.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy " The Hi Regan" 4 pcs ( two tops) Palakona cane 16'.6" rod, together with a Hardy " Spinning rod" 2pcs cane, No 17157, 11ft, a large vintage Farlows 4pcs greenheart rod and two small fly rods. Quality rods in need of restoration. £30-50
547.    Hunting Prints a set of 4 Harry B Neilson reversal prints with various aspects of the hunt but shown as the Fox being the hunter instead of the quarry, including, Fox's astride beagles jumping hedges, Crossing a stream, The gathering and The morning of the hunt together with a Scottish Gamekeepers Association Ltd edt Christmas print 11/250 by Loon.(5). £20-40
548.    Hunting, a pair of carved Rams horn walking sticks in the shape of a Cock Pheasants head and a grouse together with a vintage twin handled shooting stick and a African rough barked walking stick (4) £30-50
549.    Angling Equipment, a collection of 4 vintage fishing rods together with a keep net and a Ambidex fixed spool reel. (6) £20-40
550.    Angling Equipment, a pair of vintage fishing rods and odd sections together with a pair cane walking sticks with silver ferrels and handle tips. £30-50
551.    Angling Equipment, a good selection of approx 10 Rods and slips, mostly for carp fishing including examples by, TT power carp, Leeda Concept match carp, ABU Garcia Renegade & Enticer, Fushion Carbon Carp, Dragon carp Dynamo and more £60-100
552.    Taxidermy, a vintage mounted Barn Owl, Circa 1930, in cream painted wooden case ( broken glass) with "field" type base and cork bark perch AF. £80-100
553.    Angling Equipment, A J.J.S Walker Bampton & Co Alnwick split cane trout rod, 10 foot with two tops, marked 5295, in canvas bag £70-90
554.    Angling Equipment, Two Hardy 'The Perfection' Palakona spilt cane trout rods,with lockfast joints, 9 ft cork handles and another Hardy rod painted shaft, all in canvas bags (3) £150-200
Taxidermy, a pair of vintage mounted Harvest mice, on branch in black painted pine glazed case. £40-60
556.    Angling Equipment, a good selection of approx 10 rods, with individual bags, mostly match, including examples by, ABU Garcia Equalizer Power, Fladen Maxximus, ABU Garcia Enticer/ Ultra Cast Power Match, DAM Aftershock and more. £60-100
557.    Angling Equipment, A large Hardy Bros Ltd teak rod case, rectangular shape with metal fittings, bearing label to interior, Hardy makers to the King George V, and King of Italy, Spain also a tailer and a short Hardy rod end £150-200
558.    Angling Equipment, a 9'. 4" hexagonal split can fly rod, rod manufacturer FT Williams name above cork handle, screw reel seat, reinforced furrels, looks to have been revarnished and some whipping renewed ( possibly shortened), in canvas bag, together with a Swaine & Adeney ( London) vintage shooting stick, inscribed " T.A.Arthur, Montgomerie, Tarbold, Ayshire" some damage to leather seat AF (2) £30-50
559.    Shooting, a vintage Bowman clay pigeon trap, on sled stand together with a good quality canvas shotgun case with fitted interior and leather fastening straps. £40-60
560.    Angling Equipment, a Sealey Black arrow 2, 10' float rod in canvas bag together with a Intrepid Prince Regent fixed spool reel and tackle box inc floats etc. £40-60
561.    Shooting, a leather cartridge bag with fold over top and segmented cartridge loop together with a leather "sporran" type belt bag and a Rolls Royce chauffer's peaked cap by Gieves & Hawkes, Saville Row London. £40-60
562.    Angling Equipment, a good selection of mixed vintage tackle inc, two boxes with hooks floats, weights, keep net, landing net, rod rests, and 8 assorted rods in cane, and fibreglass. £30-50
563.    Angling Equipment, a vintage pair of Hardy Bakelite fly boxes with tied fly contents together with a selection of aluminium and plastic boxes containing a vast assortment of dry and wet flies in canvas bag. £50-80
564.    Shooting, a Gamo CFX .22 ( 5.5) Air rifle, rifled steel barrel with a grooved receiver for mounting a scope, fiber optic sights, a synthetic stock and two-stage trigger, together with a Gamo "Vampir" VE 4x32 WR scope with BSA Varmint Hunter Laser / Torch set already mounted on top ( and box). £150-250
565.    Angling Equipment, a small collection of 8 vintage fishing reels, including Shakespear 2660, ABU 505, boxed DAM Match winner II, Super - Matic, boxed Olympic 440 Triumph fly reel, older cast Aluminium centre pin reel, and more. £30-50
566.    Angling Books, A masters guide to building a bamboo fly rod By Hoagy & Carmichael, together with Bamboo Rod Restoration, Encyclopaedia of Fishing, Rods and Rod building and more, 12 books. £20-40
567.    Shooting, a Benjamin Sheridan E9A Series -5.0mm (20 Cal) CO2 pistol together with original box manual and CO2 cylinders. £70-100
568.    Angling Equipment, a large quantity of rod making equipment including, rods for refurbishment, complete rods in cane, greenheart and fibreglass together with a selection of spare butt sections, reel rings, butts and more. £30-50
569.    Angling Equipment, a vintage Tideflo strike right centre pin reel together with a Modernite " Pixie" Bakelite centre pin reel and three Black seal, fly reels ( 5) £30-50
570.    Angling Books, The Complete Angler by Walton and Cotton ( Quarter Centenary edition), River Angling or Salmon & Trout by Younger, Fly Fishers Entomology by Ronalds, Fly Fishing by J R Hartley, Mr Crabtree ( In all water - Fishing with the experts- Gone Fishing), and more 14 books. £20-40
571.    Angling Equipment, a large vintage Pflueger PAKRON sea reel together with a large Alvey Bakelite and steel reel, Dam "Ever Ready" trotting reel and two small brass reels.(5) £30-50
572.    Angling Equipment, a Octoplus tackle box/seat together with a large collection of equipment including, reels, hooks, weights, floats and much more. £30-50
573.    Angling Equipment, a vintage Haynes of Cork, 15' , 4 pce, greenheart salmon rod ( two tips), together with "The ramslye" Tunbridge Wells 3 pce course rod in bamboo 13'6" , a Hex cane 9', 2 pce trout fly rod , Elasticane "Slapton", 8', 2pce light sea rod, two vintage gaffs and a tribal fishing spear. £30-50
574.    Angling Equipment, a vintage Penn No 85 Bakelite multiplying reel together with another model No 77 and a model 160 and a small vintage Japanese example.(4) £30-50
575.    Angling Equipment, a Silstar Power Wind Deluxe 3087 110 Roach pole, together with Shakespear MG400 Pole kit, two telescopic rods, Fibreglass spinning rod, DAM Magic carbon spinning rod, Profish 13' Carbon Match rod and 8' fibreglass Trout fly rod, (8) £40-60
576.    Angling Equipment, a fisherman's Creel together with a Hardy " The JJH Triumph " Palakona hex can 8'9" trout fly rod - 2pce, Hardy "The Phantom Hollokone" hex cane 9' trout fly rod with spare tip, Intrepid 3 1/2" fly reel and Intrepid gear fly reel. £40-60
577.    Angling Equipment, a vintage Penn No 85 Bakelite multiplying reel together with a similar example, a Cyrex Bakelite centre pin reel and a Modernite Bakelite centre pin and another (5) £30-50
578.    Angling Equipment, a vintage Weiss hex cane, 9', 3 pce, trout fly rod in canvas bag together with a cane example. £20-30
579.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy Angel 15' , #10, 4pce Salmon Fly rod, including inner and outer cloth rod bag and Hardy gold screw top aluminium rod tube. £400-500
580.    Angling Equipment, a vast quantity of wet and dry flies in wooden and plastic partitioned boxes for mainly for trout including rives and reservoir types. £80-120
581.    Angling Equipment, a good selection of accessories including, Keep net, Landing nets, Rod holdall, Umbrella, Rod tubes, Camo net, vintage shooting stick, float box and floats and more. £30-50
582.    Angling Equipment, three Hardy Marquis 3. 1/2", spare spools, together with line and three hardy zip bags. £30-50
583.    Angling Equipment, a Orvis C.F.O VI Salmon fly reel spare spool and suede reel zip bag. £40-60
584.    Angling Equipment, a good selection of modern reels including a boxed Penn Jigmaster Model 500 multiplier, Daiwa Apollocast AG170, Vigor Storm 1000, Shakespear omni x 050, Daiwa DS7000 and Alphi Graphite 600 ( (6) £30-50
585.    Angling Equipment, a Orvis graphite 10ft Hampshire trout rod, 3.1/2oz # 7 line, together with rod bag and aluminium tube. £40-60
586.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy Sunbeam 3.1/2" spare spool and zip bag and line together with a Hardy Prince (?) 3" spare spool and zip bag and line. £30-50
587.    Angling Equipment, a Orvis graphite fly rod, 13'6" , 9.1/4oz #10, together with rod bag and aluminium tube. £40-60
588.    Angling Equipment, a Orvis CFO IIII (?) 3" trout fly reel and bag together with two Orvis Battenkill MkIII 3.1/4" fly reels and zip bags and line. £40-60
589.    Angling Equipment, a Orvis graphite, Ultrafine trout rod, 7'9", 1.1/2oz , #2 together with rod bag and aluminium tube. £40-60
590.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy Marquis 3.1/2" trout fly reel spare spool together with two similar 3.1/4" examples zip bags and line £30-50
591.    Angling Equipment, a Orvis graphite 10ft Hampshire trout rod, 3.1/2oz # 7 line, together with rod bag and aluminium tube. £40-60
592.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy Viscount 130 Mk II trout fly reel , 3.1/4" together with two spare spools, line and zip bags. £40-60
593.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy Fred Buller graphite drifter rod, 11' ,335cm, # 5 ,together with rod bag and aluminium tube. £40-60
594.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy Marquis Salmon No2 fly reel, three spare spools line and Hardy zip bags £80-120
595.    Angling Equipment, a Orvis HLS graphite trout fly rod, 9' , 3.7/8oz, #7 line, together with rod bag and aluminium tube. £40-60
596.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy Viscount Mk II trout fly reel 3.1/2" together with two spare spools, line and cloth bags. £30-50
597.    Angling Equipment, a Orvis graphite Salmon rod 13' 6", 9.1/4oz, #10 together with rod bag and aluminium tube. £40-60
598.    Angling Equipment, a Intrepid Rimfly trout fly reel 3.1/2", together with four spare spools, four zip bags and line. £30-50
599.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy graphite deluxe 9' 275cm, CT57701 trout fly rod, together with rod bag and aluminium tube £40-60
600.    Angling Equipment, a Bruce Walker river trout rod, 8'6", # 3-6 together with rod bag and plastic tube. £30-50
601.    Angling Equipment, a Dermot Wilson ,Wallop Salmon fly rod 14', #10-11 together with a rod bag and plastic rod tube. £30-50
602.    Angling Equipment, a Dermot Wilson, Boy Wallop fly rod together with another example and a Fuji FPS - 16 rod, with rod bags in plastic tubes (3) £30-50
603.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy Salmon tailer, folding trout landing net, rigid extendable landing net and weighted bank stick together with fishing lures and plugs, lines, casts, and more. £30-50
604.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy 10 graphite Salmon fly deluxe 15' 4" 467cm, EG44478 together with rod bag and plastic tube. £40-60
605.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy 5 Fred Buller graphite drifter 11', 335cm, KV8504 #5,together with blue rod bag. £40-60
606.    Angling Equipment, a Bruce Walker, hexagraph 14' salmon fly 10-12 line with rod bag ( some damage to cork) together with a similar example for 9-11 line and a 15' 10-11-12 example (3) £40-60
607.    Angling Equipment, a Hardy graphite favourite ,Jackie, spinning rod 1 3/4oz, 305cm ,10',IKA80181 together with a similar example IGJ97169, in rod bags and together plastic tube. £30-50
608.    Angling Equipment, a Sealey hexagonal cane course rod together with a telescopic rod, two landing nets, pair of chest high waders ( medium) Intrepid rimfly fly reel, fly box, five fixed spool reels, fly line,fishing bag, fly tying equipment and more. £40-60
609.    Angling Equipment, a collection of vintage fishing items including,Berlin reel and two brass examples,wooden hook tubes,Salmon flies,spinners, traces, folding knife and line. £80-120
610.    Angling Equipment, a Keenets " Windbreaka" Brolly shelter, Bank Umbrella, Leeda EXL folding seat, Terry Hearn Specialist folding seat and more. £40-60
611.    Angling Equipment, a boxed Daiwa Phontom 7iMA 2553 boxed fixed spool reel together with a Shakespeare Lincoln, Penn Delamr and Spider Tarantula multiplier reels (4) £30-50
612.    Angling Equipment, a Zebco keep net bag and two Keep nets, Brollnets bag and Specimen landing net, Landing nets, bank sticks, rod rests and more. £40-60
613.    Angling Equipment, a ABU Cardinal fixed spool reel together with a Cardinal AS5R, Cardinal 357, Regal 4000BRi, Rogue Freespin 60 and Browning Syntec it 330. (6) £30-50
614.    Shooting, a vintage Diana SP50 Air Pistol .177 caliber in original box £40-60
615.    Angling Equipment, a ABU 503FR fixed spool reel together with a ABU Cardinal 103A, Shakespeare Hurricane GT, AT 130RD and AT 20 plus (3) spare spools and twin handle (5) £30-50
616.    Angling Equipment, a large Sixth Sense padded holdall together with Red Wolf, Summit and ESP examples ,two wide wheeled bank trolleys and small bag. £30-50
617.    Angling Equipment, a John Wilson Masterline Baitmaster JWB 3000 fixed spool reel together with a ABU Cardinal 95, ABU Cardinal 303R, Daiwa Regal 4000BRi, Barbarian Carp Feeder 40and a reerunner Warbird 411-50 plus 8 spare spools. £40-60
618.    Angling Equipment, a Fladen Chieftan free spool 40 fixed spool reel, Elk Techno 3000, ABU Freeliner 4000ST, Targa, Daiwa OPUS 5000 and (4) spare spools. £30-50
619.    Angling Equipment, a good selection of Specialist and Sea rods, approx 12, some with slips, including Roach Poles, Shimano Technium XT Competition 1250, Mentor, The Works Pellet Waggler, Potenza leger, Shakespeare MG1000 Beachcaster, Rangemaster 11, Colmic Diamond, ABU Garcia Submission and more. £60-120
620.    Angling Equipment, a vast accumulation of smaller equipment including , spools of line, floats, bite indicators, weights, scales, DVD set,rigs, hooks and more. £30-50
621.    Angling Equipment, a Vintage bamboo Polish Roach pole together with a vintage Allcocks hexagonal 2 pce split cane rod, vintage Sealy "Aquarius" 3pce hollow fiberglass float rod, vintage Edgar Sealy "Black Arrow" hollow fibreglass float rod with quiver tip wooden star back reel Mitchell 320 fixed spool reel and two others. (2) £30-50
622.    Football shirts, nine- Glenavon (Broomhill) X 2, Monchengladbach, Linfield (Premier League Champs2000), Cork City (Nissan), FDF ( Gottinger) plus 3 others, Four boys/youths £40-60
623.    Wales' shirts, Wales away shirt (green/white) signed by Chris Coleman, dedicated to Mark, Wales shirt signed by Craig Bellamy and a Wales 1990 shirt with shorts signed by seventeen players including Dean Saunders, Ryan Giggs, Ian Rush, Neville Southall, Mark Hughes and John Hartson £50-80
624.    Football shirts, ten with logos, grey (Sharp) L, white ( Panasonic) XL, blue/white stripes (Lakeside) XL, light/dark blue (Pepsi) L, yellow (F1Fab) XL, yellow (Adidas) XL, grey Football League (Barclays) XL, MFC (Motorola) XL, white/blue (Panasonic) XL gold XL £20-40
625.    Signed shirts, red/white short sleeved signed by Lou Macari and an Australian rugby shirt signed by Michael Lynah £40-60
626.    Reading FC shirts, ten with logos, yellow (Westcoast) 42/44, white (Westcoast) L, dark blue (Kyocera) L, light blue (Westcoast) XXl, dark blue (cotton) XL, red (Auto Trader) XL, dark blue (Westcoast) L, black (Westcoast) L blue/white hoops S, black L £50-80
627.    Wigan FC shirts, four, one with twenty autographs on white/blue/green (JJB) plus white/green (JJB) L, blue/white (JJB) XL, white/dark blue (JJB) XL £30-50
628.    Liverpool, three shirts, red/white quarters, S, green /white patterned L, Shankley sweatshirt XL together with two pairs of shorts, red S, white/green S £20-40
629.    Football shirts, five, Sheffield Wed League Champions 1991, L, Stockport County (Robinsons) L, Stockport County (red/black stripes L, SWFC, (Sanderson) XL, Port Vale (Tunstall) L £20-40
630.    Charlton shirts, seven, signed away shirt by Jason Ewell L with certificate, signed away shirt by Scott Parker L, with certificate, signed away by Paolo Diganic XL, white (Sainsburys) L, red (Redbus) XL, yellow mesh S plus large shirt £40-60
631.    Portsmouth shirts, four, blue (Bishops Printers) XXL, yellow L, Orange (Bishops Printers) L, blue patterned S £30-50
632.    Cricket, signed bat with signatures from Hampshire 1973 champions and Gloucester Gillette cup winners, signatures include Peter Sainsbury, Richard Gilliat, Bob Herman, D R Shepherd, RDV Knight and more, approximately 22 signatures £20-40
633.    Southampton FC, autographs, three framed and glazed pennants containing multiple signatures including Matt Le Tissier and Dave Beasant plus framed and glazed photograph of stadium and framed and glazed Wembley shirt with multiple signatures together with a collection of books £40-60
634.    Medals, an assortment of 1930-1950s Southampton and minor league silver and mixed metal medals (8) £30-50
635.    Olympics, The official report of 'The Organising Committee' for the XIV Olympiad - London 1948 presented by The British Olympic Association to Group Captain A.H. Owen together with' The Olympic Winter Games, Oslo 1952, with dedication £300-400
636.    Football & Boxing, football programmes 1958/59 season, Wolves home games against virtually all Division one teams plus eleven away games and a European cup game against Schalke plus a small quantity of other programmes together with twelve Boxing promotion sheets for The Stadium, Midland Street, Barnsley 1932/33 £20-40
637.    Various items, small cricket helmet with BBC sport printed on it, eighteen signatures from Surrey CC on cricket bat plus two cricket balls and old Hurricane bat, wooden Donnay tennis racket in press and a hockey stick - challenge £20-40
638.    Henry Cooper, signed Heavyweight Championship of Europe programme 18th September 1968, together with a signed Henry Cooper press photograph and a programme for the 1984 National Walkabout bearing autographs of Henry Cooper, Joanne Lumley and one other £20-40
639.    Muhammad Ali, an autographed photograph of Ali meeting Queen Elizabeth in Washington. The photograph was signed in the presence of the vendor when Ali visited India in 1990 and the vendor wrote the included newspaper article about the visit. £350-400
640.    Liverpool FC, limited edition picture by Patrick Loan, 610/850 showing year 2000/01 when Liverpool won three cups, framed and glazed together with mounted programme, photographs and signatures of goal scorers £20-30
641.    Tottenham Hotspur, 1961 double winning team remembered with mounted cuttings and photographs in frame 27" X 40" together with approximately three hundred and forty programmes 1960s (75) 1970s (128) 1980s (63) 1990s (77) generally in good condition £50-80
642.    Middlesbrough FC, You are my Boro signed photograph 24" X 17", Ayresome Angels book cover presented with signatures and photographs of Stuart Downing, framed and glazed together with two signed posters and a half Middlesbrough/Brazil flag signed by Juninho £30-60
643.    Juninho/Middlebrough, Juninho jacket, Middlesbrough retro collection medium zipped tracksuit top printed with Juninho and number 10 and signed together with football with Juninho signature plus a book 'Return of George Camsell's boots. £50-80
644.    Freddie Trueman, autographed Grasshopper cricket ball £20-40
645.    Water Skis, two pairs of old wooden skis with rubber footholds, 48" stickered Nash & Riviera. 66" labelled Cascade £40-60
646.    Manchester Utd, signed football in biro 1991 European Cup Winners Cup Final team including Robson, Ince, Hughes and Bruce plus a 1991 FA cup programme Notts Forest V Spurs. £40-60
647.    1966 World Cup, genuine Final programme plus three Manchester Utd pennants 1967-68 and other items £80-100
648.    Manchester Utd, post Munich 1958 autographs in book including Matt Busby, Bobby Charlton, Bill Foulkes, Harry Gregg, Dennis Viollet plus ten others £100-150
649.    Man Utd/Spurs, 1958/59 United autographs including Bobby Charlton, Wilf McGuinness and Alex Dawson (15+) with Spurs autographs Danny Blanchflower, Bobby Smith and Cliff Jones together with the 1996 Arsenal team £80-100
650.    Norwich City FC, signed shirt 'Ariva' on back, limited edition toy lorry 'Champions 2009/10', three copies of The Canary 2011-12, Salute to the Champions, seven programmes, match day team sheet 27/12/11 and On the ball city cards. £80-100
651.    Norwich City FC, eight short sleeved shirts, two shorts plus small kit bag, shirts yellow/green errea XL no logo, green errea XL no logo, yellow, green edged Aviva x 3, green, white collar XL, purple L, yellow M unopened £80-120
652.    Norwich City FC, eight short sleeved shirts, two shorts plus two signed posters by Grant Holt, shirts yellow X 2 Aviva sponsor, On the ball on collar L,XL, Yellow X 2 canary logo on collar Aviva L X 2, yellow, green trim X 2 XL, L, green, yellow/white trim L, purple, yellow trim XL plus two shorts gren XL, white XL. £80-120
653.    Norwich City FC, signed Champions poster plus autographed black short sleeved shirt green trim, yellow flash Aviva logo £50-80
654.    Norwich City FC, two signed Championship winner's posters plus signed shirt yellow/green flashes short sleeved L, Aviva logo £50-80
655.    Norwich City FC, Signed by Senna with No 1 on back printed with Senna, yellow, green trim M £80-100
656.    Norwich City FC, a Nigel Mansell signed and printed shirt together with two signed Championship winners' posters 2009/10 £80-100
657.    Norwich City FC, signed yellow with green trim shirt (18 autographs) Railway Children logo plus Norwich shirt transfers and a framed and glazed Champions poster 16" X 14" £50-80
658.    Football, two signed shirts, one Bolton Wanderers white/black trim Reebok 188 BET Logo XXl (16 autographs), one Parma FC white black trim plus cross on front, navigare logo L £60-80
659.    Middlesbrough FC, nine shirts, one green short M plus signed kit promo poster, six short sleeved, red white trim S logo, white + purple L Garmin, blue/black stripes XL Garmin (small seam tear)light blue/white trim S Garmin, dark blue.white trim L Free Bets logo, long sleeved shirts red/white trim XL, black/blue stripes L No 10 back, green L £80-120
660.    Middlesbrough FC, six shirts, signed Pallister red/white XL, blue/black stripe XXXl Tungay 17 back, blue/black stripes L Downing 19 back Garmin, red/white trim M & L, Gambull long sleeved Garmin short sleeved, red/white hoops M collared, plus signed kit prol poster 2010/11 , two team sheets V Barrow January 3rd 2009 andtwo Red Square magazines. £80-120
661.    Middlesbrough FC, signed Gareth Southgate shirt L, red/white trim, dial-a -plus logo, together with another printed Southgate shirt M, white/purple band L Garmin and black T shirt signed £80-120
662.    Middlesbrough FC, signed Gary Pallister no 6 shirt (red/white), light blue/white trim Remembrance shirt signed by sixteen members of team plus book signed biography Pally, signed kit promo poster and cloth club badges £80-100
663.    Middlesbrough FC, signed Stuart Downing No 19 shirt red/white trim Garmin L, light blue shirt and shorts signed by team M, red/white old style shirt 3 signatures and a club tie. £80-100
664.    Tottenham Hotspur, light blue V necked jumper with logo, 40", white T shirt 1991 FA Cup Final M, Spurs image T shirt and a Shirt with Wembley 1961 £40-60
665.    Tottenham Hotspur, newspaper cuttings 1960/70s, FA cup final poster Forest 18th May 1991, calendar 1992, Ardilles poster Sunday People, books The Glory Glory Days, Spurs 86 and two official handbooks 74 & 67, two mugs plus away programmes and one EUFA cup Sevill 12th April 2007 £40-60
666.    Muhammed Ali, a signed Ringmaster training glove with supporting photographs of the signing. The pair of gloves were acquired by Josephine Gilham whilst visiting his property. Josephine was an air stewardess invited for supper. The current owner has had them since they were brought back from the States. £800-1200
667.    Wembley, an original wooden seat back from the old Wembley stadium with certificate of authenticity 1074/2000 plus photograph of 1966 World Cup winning team £60-80
668.    Cricket, Harold Macmillan autograph on programme for cricket match Politicians V The Stage, East Grinstead Court, Sunday September 11th 1955 £30-50
669.    Muhammad Ali, a pair of Everlast boxing gloves both with clear signatures that have been scrutinised by a professional and have been authenticated, well presented in a display case £2500-3000
670.    England Rugby, Scrumpy Jack brown/cream halved shirt signed by an England team that includes Jeremy Guscott, Mike Catt, Tony Underwood and Paul Grayson £50-70
671.    Muhammad Ali, an autographed photograph of Ali holding a championship belt. The photograph was signed in the presence of the vendor who wrote the included newspaper article about Ali's visit to India in 1990. £350-400
672.    Cricket/Football, autographs cricketers card includes Ken Barrington, John Hampshire, Micky Stewart and Geoff Arnold plus 13 others together with Leeds Utd Café Royal Cup Final dinner menu card Saturday May 5th 1973 that contains 18 autographs including Billy Bremner, Gordon McQueen, Joe Jordan, Terry Cooper and Norman Hunter £40-60
673.    Football autograph, a huge number of autographs from the 1944-1945 era obtained by Bert Brown who played, most teams from Division one are included such as Chelsea, Arsenal and Newcastle. The autograph album also includes England teams against Scotland, Wales, France and Switzerland and the 1945 games cup final and RAF V Army. Joe Mercer, Matt Busby and Tommy Lawton are just three examples of this enormous collection. £150-200
674.    Pele, framed and glazed Brazil shirt 23" X 25" signed together with a signed Pele print 23" X 27" both with a certificate of authenticity Sportsrabilia £80-120
675.    World Cup win 1966, large wooden framed presentation of photographs 40" X 33", programmes and ticket with signatures Alf Ramsey and Bobby Moore ( broken glass) £200-300
676.    Tottenham Hotspur, a framed and glazed celebration of the 1967 FA cup final win that includes programme, pennant, nine photographs and ticket 35" X 27" £40-60
677.    Tottenham Hotspur, two framed and glazed photographs, colour photograph of FA cup win 1967 with four signatures, Jimmy Greaves, Allan Gilzean, Mike England and Alan Mullary plus a photograph of Dave Mackay holding the trophy with three signatures Jimmy Greaves, Dave Mackay and Pat Jennings 19" X 24" £60-80
678.    Tottenham Hotspur, a signed Paul Gascoigne shirt framed and glazed 17" X 25" plus a Mansion logo shirt with 17 signatures XL £40-60
679.    Tottenham Hotspur, a Holsten shirt framed and glazed showing signatures of Glen Hoddle, Darren Anderton and Ledley King £40-60
680.    Tottenham Hotspur, a large wooden framed and glazed presentation of league and cup winners 1960-61 that includes tickets, photographs and programmes semi-final and final with signatures of Bill Nicholson, Cliff Jones and Terry Dyson 44" X 34" £80-100
681.    Olympics, two framed and glazed limited edition official sporting memorabilia, Sebastion Coe 2/100 photograph signed 23" X 18, Kelly Holmes 251/500 photograph signed 23" X 18" £40-60
682.    Olympics, two framed and glazed limited edition official sporting memorabilia, Bradley Wiggins signed photographs 64/212 24" X 19" plus Steven Redgrave signed photograph 81/500 23" X 18" £40-60
683.    Trophies, eight Newbury athletic trophies that includes a two handled silver cup made by Elkington assay mark Birmingham 1886 which has a lid mounted with a figure made by Mappin & Webb assay mark London 1898, other trophies include the Peel trophy, Bright trophy and the most outstanding U17 boy £300-400
684.    FA Cup, a leather brief case with 'The FA Cup sponsored by EON' imprinted on the front, unused in original box togethr with four Chelsea polo shirts all large and a football £20-40
685.    Tottenham Hotspur, a photograph of 1999 winning team edged by signatures and a card frame, metal White Hart Lane sign, numerous photographs some signed, Dave Mackay and Alan Mullary, 1991 cup final programme with ticket stub, small packet of various ticket stubs plus various programmes including Bill Nicholson testimonial x 2 and ten others. £40-60
686.    Autographs, approximately one hundred and thirty individually signed postcards mainly of footballers including Jamie Rednapp, Robbie Keene and Glen Hoddle £40-60
687.    World Cup, two photgraphs from the 1966 final, Geoff Hurst scoring and holding the trophy plus a further photograph and signed first day covers £30-50
688.    Muhammed Ali, an autographed photograph (slightly faded autograph) of Ali playing Afican drums. The photograph was signed in the presence of the vendor who wrote the included newspaper article about Ali's visit to India in 1990. £350-400
689.    Manchester Utd, replica Holland shirt signed by Ruud Van Nistelrooy with certificate plus Steve Coppell book 'Touch & Go' signed programme of his testimonial match V Real Sociedad, Beckham poster together with UEFA round 1 programmes Aberystwyth V Dinaburg, a pair of socks and six small plastic football figures £30-50
690.    Football shirts, five Sheffield Wed Sanderson orange M, Charlton 1999 Masters Tournament worn and signed by Alan Pardew XL, Rangers blue/white trim ntl logo L, Bournemouth red/black/white stripes Frizzell M, Colchester blue/white stripes Goldstar L, plus two shorts and a football signed by Jeff Winter. £40-60
691.    Football shirts, replica retro shirt orange/white with a Stanley Matthews signature, with a certificate of authenticity £40-60
692.    Wales Rugby, RBS 6 Nations 2013 shirt with approximately thirty signatures to front, Admiral logo XL together with a signed England football shirt L £40-60
693.    Football Painting, Ledley King 26 signed on a painting of two footballers in blue/white on hessian frame 24" X 24" by Richard Swarbrick £40-60
694.    Promotional Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear 4' tall with moveable arms and legs. It was the promotional mascot for the Olympic Games 7" single by the band Montreal Ted and his Athletes released by EMI Records. It was used to promote the record and appeared on Blue Peter. He is wearing a T shirt with Union Jack, shorts and has two pin badges, his picture and Montreal. £300-400
695.    Football shirts, nine brand new unbranded, five blue L, three red, S and one red M £10-20
696.    Surrey CC, signed team photograph 1950 which includes the Bedsers and book The History Of Surrey CC by David Lemmon £20-40
697.    Football, a variety of memorabilia including a signed Viv Anderson poster, four Chelsea team sheets V Internazional 16th March 2010, six Chelsea Programmes, Internazionale, X 3, Tottenham, Liverpool & West Brom, twenty five West Ham programmes mainly from the 70s, a 1966 West Ham V Spurs programme, The Times March 17th 2010 complete, numerous other programmes some USA football and the book Shit Ground No Fans £40-60
698.    Reading FC, memorabilia that includes programmes V Man utd 1992, Steve Hetzke testimonial, Simod Cup final, 1957 V Plymouth, a signed football ( possibly Simod Cup team), scarf, red T shirt and fifteen copies of teams 1938-47 £30-50
699.    Cricket, a large collection of prints, some framed with card, others framed and glazed, seventy five plus of prints 'Game of cricket played at The Artillary Ground', thirty plus pin badges made for cricket events and teams, ten Australian cloth badges, a folder of Punch pages from the 1920/30s and a copy of a Graham Clarke print 'Quite Cricket' £40-60