Cigarette Cards, Postcards, Ephemera & Sport
4th January 2018 at 10:00

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1.      Cigarette & trade Cards, Mixture, a large collection of sorted loose and a few sets, various Manufacturers and genres all in Fry Chocolate Selection box (mixed conditions)(qty) 50-80
2.      Trade Cards, Brooke Bond and Typhoo, a collection of original completed albums to include Typhoo Do You Know? and Wild Flowers, Brooke Bond Bird Portraits, Butterflies of the World, Wild Flowers, African Wildlife and many more (mixed condition albums, cards gen gd)(20) 30-50
3.      Viewers and Cards, Two viewers to include a View Master and a metal foldable one, also included a quantity of Weetabix 3D cards from Working Dogs, British Cars, Animals, Cars and Our Pets, (gd) 20-40
4.      Trade Cards & Ephemera, Mixture, a large collection of loose trade cards, various Manufacturers and genres together with a Tazo Star Wars Trilogy folder and loose tazos, also includes cards games and fact files, 60-80
5.      Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a selection of 20 part filled Brooke Bond albums (some duplicates, gen gd) together with a vast quantity of loose Brooke Bond Cards (1000's, unchecked for sets) 30-50
6.      Cigarette Silks, Mixture, in photographic albums, a selection from various sets to include BDV, Kensita, various genres (gd) 30-50
7.      Cigarette Cards Reference Books and Albums A small collection of reference/price catalogues together with original empty albums and a number of folders and numerous plastic sleeves and divider paper also included eight original completed albums by Players and Wills (gd)(2) 40-60
8.      Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a collection of sets to include British Birds (Frances Pitt Series), Wild Flowers, Wonders of Wildlife, The Race Into Space, Police File, Play Better Soccer, Trees in Britain, The History of the Motor Car (x2), A Journey Downstream and Famous People, Adventurers and Explorers, History of Aviation, Inventors and Inventions, Chipmunks (x2), Unexplained Mysteries and The Language of Tea (with wall chart) (all gen gd, a few with discolouration)(18) 30-40
9.      Modern Cigarette Cards, Mixture, two unused albums Grandee Brtiain's Wild Flowers and Britian's Nocturnal Wildlife together with a large collection of complete sets by Grandee and Doncella (47 sets in total, many duplicates)(gd/vg) 30-50
10.     Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a completed album, Police File together 18 unused albums and a large collection of sets, mixed genres ( 80 sets in total)(gd/vg) 30-50
11.     Trade Cards Albums, Mixture, Bibby & Son, the complete set of issued Trex slot in albums, to name Don't You Believe it, Good Dogs, How What and Why, Isn't It Strange, They Gave it a Name and This Wonderful World (all gd/vg)(6) 30-50
12.     Trade Cards, Football, a collection of loose cards and part sets relating to Football, cards to name Typhoo Famous Football Clubs (Manchester United), other Manufacturers include Nabisco, Barrett (various sets), Cadet Sweets, Dickson Orde, Valiant, CS Ltd, A & BC Gum, Panini and Merlin and a large collection by Topps (orange back) also includes a few Sport related cards (viewing recommended, gen gd/vg)(100's) 30-50
13.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a vast collection of loose cards and part sets, various genres and Manufacturers to include Ogdens, Churchman, Ardath, Carreras, Turf, Anstie, United Tobacco, Players, Wills and many more including a few trade cards, (unchecked for sets, viewing highly recommended)(fair/gd)(1000's) 50-80
14.     Cigarette Ringbinders, Collection of 19 ringbinders, mixed colours, (gen gd) 20-40
15.     Trade Cards, Trains and Trams, a collection of sets to include Miranda 150 Years of Locomotives, Pendon Museum (x2), Paramount Railways of the World, GP Tea British Railways, Marks Tramway Scenes (x2), Brooks Motors Traction Engines, Ringtons Trains of the World, Browne's Teas History of Railways 1st and 2nd Series, Collectors Miniatures Railway Locomotives, Sharman Newspapers Golden Age of Steam and Kelloggs The Story of the Locomotive (all gd/vg)(14) 40-60
16.     Trade Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets to include Church & Dwight Birds of Prey, Wright's Mischief Goes to Mars (Wright to side), Lamberts Cactii (x2), Seymour Read The Island of Ceylon, Twinnings Rare Stamps (Red overprint), Dryfood Ltd Zoo Animals, Sunlight Soap Birds & Their Nests, Brindley Cricketers, Lamberts Histroy of East Anglia, Regent Do You Know?, A1 Dollisdale Tea Do You Know about Shipping and Trees, Trucard World War I, World War II, Flowers and The Battle of Britain, Horniman's Teas Flowers, Sharps Hey Presto and three other Military related sets (all gd/vg)(20) 40-60
17.     Trade Cards, Transport, a collection of sets to include Fizzy Fruit Buses and Trams, Mobil Vintage Cars, Maxilin Marketing Motor Cars, Halpins Willow Tea Aircraft of the World, Ewbanks Transport Through the World, Trucards History of Aircraft, Kelloggs Veteran Motor Cars and Ships of the British Navy, Miranda 100 Years of Motoring (x2), Mr Softee Steam Power and Bassett UFO (all gd/vg)(12) 40-60
18.     Trade Cards, Inn Signs, Whitbread, in original fold out booklets The History of Whitbread Inn Signs Martime Series and Inn Signs London, also included and addtional Maritime complete set and a small quantity of loose cards including 3 metal (all gd) 40-60
19.     Trade Cards, Mixture, a collection of various genre sets to include Kelloggs The Story of the Bicycle, Goodies Indian tribes, Bassetts Nursery Rhymes, Fun Cards from Frys, Angling Times Collect a card series 1, 2 3 and 4, Walt Disney Return to Oz, Weetabix Conquest of Space, Granose Tippytail The Grizzly Bear, Regent Do You Know and one other (gd/vg)(13) 50-80
20.     Cigarette Cards, Flowers, a large collection of sets to include Australian Issue Australian Wild Flowers (Specialities) and Wills Roses A Series (2 different) and 2nd series, Wild Flowers (2 sets, 1 adhesive), Alpine Flowers, Garden Flowers New Varieties, Old English Garden Flowers 1st and 2nd Series, Garden Flowers and Flower Culture in Pots, also includes Black Car Flowers and Gallaher Garden Flowers and Wild Flowers (all gd)(15) 80-100
21.     Cigarette Cards, Transport, a variety of sets for various Manufacturers to include Players Cycling and Ships Figureheads, Mills Famous British Ships, Carreras Turf British Aircraft, Ching Ships and Their Workings, Black Cat Vintage Cars, Grandee Famous MG Marques and Transport Now & Then, also included a Taddy Reproduction set (all gd/vg)(9) 60-80
22.     Cigarette Cards, Animals, Birds and Fish, a large collection of sets to include Players Game Birds and Wild Fowl, Cats, A Natures Calendar, Curious beaks, Wild Birds, Birds & Their Young and a reproduction set of Cats, also included Gallahers Dogs, Black Cat Sport Fish, Mills Dogs, Nature and Butterflies and Moths, together with Turf Zoo Animals, Senior Service Dogs and De Reszke Real Photographs Series 1 - 6, (all gd/vg)(20) 80-100
23.     Cigarette Cards, Players, a selection of mixed genre sets to include Kings & Queens of England, Riders of the World, Egyptian Kings Queens and Classical Dieties, Counties & Their Industries, From Plantation to Smoker, Cries of London 1st Series, Coronation Series, Cries of London Series 2 (x2), Miniatures and Players Past & Present (gen gd, some vg)(11) 60-80
24.     Cigarette Cards, Wills, a variety of sets to include Do You Know Series 1, 2, 3 & 4, Household Hints (2 different), Garden Hints, The Kings Art Treasures and a nostalgia reprint of Cricketers ( 30-50
25.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, from a variety of Manufacturers sets to include Copes Toy Store , Mills Holiday Resorts, Merveilles Modernes, Ports of the World and Famous British Ships, Phillips Coronation of Ther Majesties, Gallahers Army Badges, Black Cat Kings & Queens of England (x2), Military Uniforms (x2) and three other sets (gd/vg)(14), 30-50
26.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, various sets to include Senior Service Sights of Britain, The Bridges of Britian, Beautiful Scotland (x2), Our Countryside, Britain from The Air together with Carreras The Nose Game (2 sets different sizes, Frisky, Greyhound Racing Game and Do You Know?, also included Churchmans Howlers (all vg)(13) 40-60
27.     Cigarette & Trade Cards, Mixed genres, a collection of seven original cigarette albums to name Players Coronation of HM George VI. Kings & Queens of England, National Flags & Arms, Birds & Their Young and Motor Cars 2nd Series, Wills Household Hints, Dogs and Wild Flowers 2nd Series, together with 15 Brooke Bond albums (some duplicated) and Hornimans Dogs, also include a selection of loose cards (gen gd) 30-50
28.     Cigarette Cards, Churchmans, a selection of sets in original slot in albums to include The History & Development of the British Empire, Holidays in Britain (2 sets, one views and maps, one views), Air Raid Precautions, Modern Wonders, RAF at Work, The Navy at Work, The Kings Coronation (part 48/50), Well Known Ties A & 2nd Series, Legends of Britain, The Houses of Parliament and Their Story and Interesting Experiments, also included album Wills Radio Celebrities and a 1992 Card Catalogue (gd/vg) 50-80
29.     Cigarette Cards, Churchmans, rarer sets to include The Story of London, Warriors of All Nations, The Queen Mary, The Inns of Court and Landmarks of Railway Progress (all vg)(5) 80-100
30.     Cigarette Cards, Sport, Churchman sets to include Rugby Internationals, Prominent Golfers and 3 Jovial Golfers (vg)(3) 80-100
31.     Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, an assortment of sets to include in original albums Out Into Space and History of Aviation, together with loose sets, Famous People, History of the Motor Car x2 , Flags & Emblems of the World, Inventors & Invention, The Sea - Our Other World, Adventurers & Explorers History of Aviation, Police File, The Race Into Space and Out into Space and Transport Through the Ages (all gd/vg)(14) 30-50
32.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, an assortment of part sets, various Manufacturers and genres to include Mechanization, Astronomy, Mining, Sports, etc (gen gd, viewing recommended)(1000's of cards) 30-50
33.     Cigarette & Trade Cards, Transport, a collection of loose parts sets covering Ships, Trains, Cars, Planes and Motor Cycles , Manufacturers to include Lambert & Butler, Phillips, Wills, Players, Black Cats, A & BC Gum, Miranda, and more (gen gd, viewing recommended)(1000's) 60-80
34.     Cigarette Cards, Military, a vast collection of loose sets all Military related, Manufacturers to include Wills, Players, Carreras, Kensitas and more (gd, viewing recommended)(1000's) 80-100
35.     Cigarette Silks, Flags, a vast quantity of Kensita Flags from the British Empire and National Flags sets, majority in original wrappers (vg, unchecked for sets 100's) 60-80
36.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection by various Manufacturers to include Phillips Red Indians, School Badges, Churchmans Kings of Speed, Wills Do You Know, Players Products of the World, Mills Coins of the World and Gallahers Racing Scenes (gd/vg)(7) 60-80
37.     Cigarette Cards, Military, a selection of sets to include Wills Scissor Victoria Cross Heroes, Players Military Head Dress, Military Uniforms of the British Empire, Army Corps & Divisional Signs (x2), Army Corps & Divisional Signs 2nd Series, Wills Air Raid Precautions and Morris Victory Signs (all gd/vg)(8) 80-100
38.     Cigarette Cards, Cars, sets to include Players Motor Cars A & 2nd Series, Grandee Famous MG Marques, Golden Era British Lorries, Mobil Vintage Cars and Trucards Veteran and Vintage Cars (gd)(6) 40-60
39.     Cigarette Cards & Trade Cards, Transport, various sets to include Turf British Railway Locomotives, Wills Railway Equipment, Gallaher Trains of the World, Brooke Bond The Saga of Ships, Players International Air Liners, Aircraft of the Royal Air Force, Aeroplanes (Civil) and Gallaher Aeroplanes (all gd)(8) 60-80
40.     Cigarette Ring Binders, Collection of 10 binders all blue, one containing a vast quantity of loose plastic sleeves, also included Murrays Cigarette Values 2007 (gd) 20-40
41.     Cigarette & Trade Cards, Shipping and Naval, a collection of sets to include Wills Life in the Royal Navy, Churchman The Navy at Work, Park Drive The Navy, Carreras Our Navy, Glengettie Naval Battles, Brooke Bond The Saga of Ships and one other Famous Ship Set (all gd)(7) 40-60
42.     Cigarette & Trade Cards, Mixture, mainly transport related a collection of part sets, to note Lambert & Butler Aviation, Mills History of Aviation, Ardath Flying and Meccano Aviation Covers (qty) 30-50
43.     Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a modern ringbinder album containing in loose plastic sleeves, Police File, Wonders of Wildlife, Play Better Soccer, Vanishing Wildlife, Olympic Greats, Woodland Wildlife, Small Wonders, Queen Elizabeth 1st - Queen Elizabeth II, Features of the World, Incredible Creatures, Unexplained Mysteries, The Language of Tea, Discovering Our Coast, The Magical World of Disney, A Journey Downstream and Teenage Turtles (all vg)(17) 20-40
44.     Trade Cards, Football, Soccer Bubble Gum Soccer Teams No 1 Series part set (44 cards, nos 15, 16, 29, and 33 missing) together with 23 duplicate cards, also included a small selection of other Football related cards (mixed conditions) 30-50
45.     Trade Cards, Football, Chix Famous Footballers Series 2 complete sets, together with Series 1 part set (27 cards) and Series 3 part set (33 cards)(mixed conditions, overall gd) 100-120
46.     Trade Cards, Football, Topical Times, Miniature Panel Portraits in Album (part set 17/24) together with Footballer Panel Portraits (e size) 8 cards, also included 7 Ardath Photocards, football related (gd) 30-50
47.     Trade Cards, Football, a collection of cards from various Manufacturers to include Barrett Football Candysticks, Trucards, Hotspur, Panini, Texaco, Mirrorcards and many more, (gd, viewing recommended)(qty) 30-50
48.     Trade Cards, Cricket, Thomsons County Cricketers part set, a collection of 75 cards various Hotspur, Wizard, Adventure and Rover, together with 7 Master Vending Master Card Cricketer Cards (gd) 30-50
49.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, complete sets Churchmans Contact Bridge, Wills Billiards, Players Cycling, Carreras Glamour Girls, also included a collection of part sets to include United Services Bathing Belles (28), Phillips Beauties of Today (34), Carreras Glamour Girls (M6), Churchmans Association Footballers (15) and a reproduction Players Golf set (gen gd/vg) 40-60
50.     Cigarette & Trade Cards, Film and Radio, a selection of sets to include Lambert & Butler Overseas Issue Popular Films (title in two lines), BAT Cinema Stars, Metro Goldwyn Meyer Cinema Artistes and a few odd cards, 40-60
51.     Framed Cigarette Cards, Sport, two frames each containing half of Churchman's Boxing Personalities together with two frames each containing half of Players Cricketers (frames have board backs)(cards appear vg)(4) 50-80
52.     Framed Cigarette Cards, Football, two frames each containing half of Churchmans Association Footballers together with one larger frame containing Wills Association Footballers (all frames are removable glass backed, (vg)(3) 50-80
53.     Framed Cigarette & Trade Cards, Golf, framed Trade Card set The Ryder Cup Kiawah Island (board backed) together with two frames each containing half a set of Players Golf (one glass backed, one board, one missing front glass so cards are loose (vg)(3) 50-80
54.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of various genre sets and part sets contained in bespoke hardback albums, thousands of cards in eight albums, (gen gd) 40-60
55.     Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a vast collection of completed albums, many genres, 35 original albums (mixed conditions) 30-50
56.     Cigarette Cards, Modern, in bespoke folders, Doncella History of the V.C., Collection of Napoleonic Uniforms, The Golden Age of Steam, Golden Age of Sail, Country Houses and Castles (x3), also included Grandee Famous MG Marques, British Birds and Britains Endangered Wildlife, Embassy World of Firearms, Tom Thumb Exploration of Space and Black Cat Vintage Cars (all gd/vg)(13) 40-60
57.     Trade Cards, A & BC Gum, Flags of the World, complete set (vg) 30-50
58.     Cigarette Albums, Collection of 20 plus hardback original Cigarette Albums, many slot or slide in, all empty, various Manufacturers and designs (mixed conditions) 30-50
59.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in original albums, various Manufacturers to include Senior Service, Wills and Players, mixed genres to include Royalty, Transport, Film, Photographic, Military, etc, 44 albums in total, mostly with cards stuck, a few slot in (mixed conditions) 40-60
60.     Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a vast collection of loose cards, various part sets, 1000's of cards, (unchecked for sets) in a carry case (gd/vg) 30-50
61.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, mounted sets to include Players Uniforms of the Territorial Army, Kings & Queens of England, Regimental Standards & Cap Badges (x3), Motor Cars and Drum Banners & Cap Badges together with Wills Railway Engines, (cards gen gd) 30-50
62.     Trade Cards, Mixture, in original sealed packets numberous sets to include Fleer 1995 Real Monsters and Casper, Topps X Files, Beavis & Butthead, Pocahontas, and many more - (viewing recommended) (98 packets in total), also includes a collection of Goosebumps action Cards (vg) 50-80
63.     Trade Cards Mixture, a selection of loose cards (unchecked for sets) various Manufacturers to include Walls, Weetabix, Cadet Sweets, Hornimans, A & BC, Lyons, Brooke Bond, Beulahs, ABC Minors, Barrett and many more (gen gd)(1000's) 50-80
64.     Trade Cards, Mixture, a small selection of unused albums to include Shell Cars of the World, (fair/gd) and Brooke Bond Queen Elizabeth I - Queen Elizabeth II, Wild Birds in Britain, Vanishing Wildlife, Bird Portraits, The Saga of Ships, The Race Into Space, Wild Flowers Series 2, also includes Brooke Bond Canada Oiseaux Chanteurs, Explorons L'Ocean, and L'artique together with HMS 1902-1962 and Wings of Speed (all vg), also included partially filled albums (gen gd) 30-50
65.     Cigarette & Trade Cards, Mixture, a collection of trade card folders and albums to name, The Sun Soccer Sticker Collection 90-91 Season (a few missing), Sainsbury's Makers of the Millennium Medal Collection (complete), PG Tips Folders Incredible Creatures On The Land, Under the Ground, In The Sea, In The Air, Texaco Trophy 1984 (1 missing) and Brooke Bond Albums Adventurers & Explorers, British Butterflies, British Costume (x2), Famous People, Flags & Emblems of the World, History of Aviation, Wildlife in Danger, also includes GB tea Vintage Cars and Trex This beautiful World and How, What & Why, also included a collection of filled and partially filled Cigarette albums (qty)(fair/gd) 50-80
66.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a vast quantity of loose cards, various manufacturers and genres, including many transfers, unchecked for sets (gen gd)(100's) 30-50
67.     Foreign Cigarette Cards, Military, two part sets Waldorf-Astoria Munchen Uniformen der Alten Armee (75 cards) and Haus Neurburg Der Bunte Rock (94 cards)(gen gd) 30-50
68.     Cigarette Cards, Film and Beauty, Carreras sets to include Film and Stage Beauties (LF54 x 2), Glamour Girls (LF54), Glamour Girls (LF36), also included a collection of loose cards from various sets, various sizes (gd) 40-60
69.     Trade Cards, Mixture, a variety of sets in albums to include Nestle Picture Album Vol 2 Wonders of the World, Hornimans On Safari, Dogs and Pets, Typhoo Do You Know? and Wild Flowers, also includes loose card sets Barrett Pirates & Buccaneers, Cadet Sweets Arms & Armour, GB Tea Veteran Racing Cars, Northern Co Op Society Weapons of World War II, Junior Service Modern Transport and Carters Dominoes (in orginal packets, poor) (all gen gd) 60-80
70.     Liebig Cards, Mixture, eleven sets, to include King Albert of Belgium (S1342), Processions and Pilgrimages in Belgium (S1341), Journey of a Rich Roman (S1466), Road Surfaces (S967), Rubber Cultivation (987), Legend of Roland (S1338), Giants (S1416), The Four Sons of Aymon (S1452), Faust II (S1261), The Gods of Egypt (S1374) and Samson & Delilah (S858), (all gd)(11) 40-60
71.     Liebig Cards, Mixture, eleven sets, to include Robinson Crusoe (S1078), Aerial Navigation (S1025), The Panama Canal (S1086), Fans of Different Countries (S1081), Dances of Different Countries (S1018), The Delivery of Jerusalem (S997), The History of the Post (S1419), In Mexico (S940), Death & Burial of Tutankhamen (S1173), Different Sleeping Places (S1166) and Samarkand City of Tamerlane (S1013) (all gd)(11) 50-80
72.     Liebig Cards, Mixture, eleven sets, to include Camoflague with Insects (S1065), Ants (S1263), Faming Silkworms (S1370), Evolution of the Earth (S1233), Exotic Aquarium Fish (S1339), The Vatican City (S1310), The Isle of Capri (S1287), Views of Submarine Life (S1345), Water Sports (S1436), Marvellous Grottoes of Belgium (S1361) and Museums and Houses (S1409)(all gd) 40-60
73.     Ogdens, General Interest Tab Type Issues Series D, part set 182/200(all gen gd) 50-80
74.     Cigarette Cards, Dogs, a collection of sets to include Players Dogs (scenic background), Dogs (Heads from paintings by Wardle), Dogs (full length by Wardle), Gallahers Dogs 1st & 2nd Series and Wills Dogs, (all gd)(6) 40-60
75.     Cigarette Cards, Do You Know? Wills sets, A, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Series (gen gd)(4) 20-40
76.     Cigarette Cards Film, a selection of sets by Gallaher to include Film Episodes, Famous Film Scenes, Shots from Famous Films, Portraits of Famous Stars, Champions of Screen & Stage (one red back set and one blue back Gallahers Cigarettes), also included Phillips Film Favourites (all gd)(7) 50-80
77.     Cigarette Albums, Ring binder albums, for cigarette and trade cards, various colours some with covers, 13 in total (gen gd, some have sticky labels to spine) 30-50
78.     Trade Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets to include Victory Gallery Wild West Series, CBT Kane Roy Rogers Colour Series, Wrights Biscuits Mischief Goes to Mars and Marvels of the World, Miranda 150 years of Locomotives, Typhoo Wild Flowers in Their Families and Characters from Shakespeare, Brooke Bond Canadian Issue Song Birds of North America (Red Rose/Blue Ribbon)(all gd)(8), 40-60
79.     Trade Cards, Sport, Thomsons Famous Footballers (25) and The World's Best Cricketers (15 double cards), Barrett Famous Footballers (mixed Series 16), Boys Magazine Famous Footballers series (11/12) together with Australian Potter Moors Famous Cricketers (36/40)(all gen gd) 60-80
80.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a large collection of parts sets (1000's of cards), various Manufacturers and genres, including Westminster Tobacco, Cavanders, Churchman, Players, Gallahers, Wix, Phillips, Wills, all sorted into plastic sleeves (gd/vg)(qty) 100-120
81.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of part sets to include Phillips Soccer Stars (40/50), Ogdens Infantry Training (19/50), Children of All Nations (44/50), Trainers & Owners Colours (14/25), British Birds (25/50) and Zoo Studies (34/50), also included Players Badges & Flags of British Regiments (29/50) and Cricketer Caricatures by RIP (43/50)(gen fair/gd) 60-80
82.     Cigarette Cards, Aircraft and RAF, a collection of various sets to include Players Aircraft of the Royal Airforce, International Air Liners, Aeroplanes (Civil), RAF Badges (with Motto), Gallahers Aeroplanes, Phillips Aircraft, Mills Histoire de L'Aviation (French), Doncella Golden Flying, Wills Aviation, Carreras Famous Airmen and Airwomen and Osborne Tobacco Modern Aircraft (blue front) (all gd/vg)(11) 100-120
83.     Cigarette Cards, Natural History, a collection of sets to include Players Natural History, Animals of the Countryside, Wild Animal Heads, Butterflies, Gallahers Wild Animals and Butterflies & Moths, and Wills Animalloys, also includes Grandee Britains Endangered Wildlife and British Mammals (gen gd/vg)(9) 40-60
84.     Cigarette Cards, Birds, Ogdens sets to name British Birds, Birds Eggs, Foreign Birds, together with two cut out sets Birds Eggs and British Birds, (gen gd)(5) 40-60
85.     Cigarette Cards, Flowers, a selection of sets by various Manufacturers to include Gallahers Garden Flowers and Wild Flowers, Wills Garden Flowers, Garden Flowers (Sudell), Wild Flowers Series 2, Gardening Hints, Roses (different) and Roses A and 2nd Series, (all gen gd)(9) 60-80
86.     Cigarette Cards, Cars & Cycling, various sets to include Players Motor Cars A & 2nd Series and Cycling, Lambert & Butler Motor Cars 1st & 2nd Series and Wills Safety First (all gd)(6) 60-80
87.     Cigarette Cards, Cricket, three Players sets Cricketers 1930, Cricketers 1934 and Cricketers 1938 (all gd)(3) 30-50
88.     Cigarette Cards, Dogs, a variety of sets to include Players Dogs Heads by Wardle Irish Issue A & 2nd Series, Gallahers Dogs 1st & 2nd Series, Senior Services Dogs and Morris Forecasta Racing Greyhounds (all gd/vg)(6) 40-60
89.     Cigarette Cards, Film & Cinema, a selection of sets to include Players Film Stars 1st, 2nd and 3rd Series, Phillips Film Favourites, Wills Cinema Stars 1st, 2nd & 3rd Series and Gallahers My Favourite Part, Film Partners, Portraits of Famous Stars and Shots from Famous Films (all gd/vg)(11) 50-80
90.     Cigarette Cards, Military, a collection of sets by Players to include RAF Badges (with motto), Military Head-Dress, Army Corps & Divisional Signs 1914-1918, Regimental Standards & Cap Badges (blue back), Regimental Colours & Cap Badges (Territorial), Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Colonial & Indian Army Badges and Napoleon (all gd/vg)(8) 80-100
91.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of Players sets to include Ceremonial and Court Dress, Straight Line Caricatures, Celebrated Gateways, Cries of London 1st & 2nd Series, Fire Fighting Appliances, Your Initials (transfers), Those Pearls from Heaven and Polar Exploration (all gd/vg)(9) 40-60
92.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of Wills sets to include Household Hints (2 different), Lucky Charms, Romance of the Heavens, Do You Know 2nd and 3rd Series, Speed and Time & Money in Different Countries (gd)(8) 30-50
93.     Cigarette Cards, Naval & Shipping, variety of set to include Ogdens Sea Adventure, Players Modern Naval Craft and British Naval Craft together with Gallahers Park Drive The Navy and Wills Merchant Ships of the World and Strange Craft (gd)(6) 30-50
94.     Cigarette Cards, Royalty, a group of sets to name, Wills Portraits of European Royalty (1-100) and our King & Queen, Players Coronation Series and Kings & Queens of England and Churchmans The King's Coronation, (all gd/vg)(5) 60-80
95.     Cigarette Cards, Sports, a selection of sports represented by sets, Ogdens How to Swim, Wills Physical Cutlure and Association Footballers, Churchmans Association Footballers, Players Cricketers 1938 and 1934, also includes Gallahers Famous Jockeys and Racing Scenes (gd/vg)(8) 50-80
96.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a large collection of loose cards, various Manufacturers to include Wills, Players, many modern, unchecked for sets (gen gd, a few fair) 30-50
97.     Cigarette Cards, Modern, a large collection of sets, mainly Grandee, including British Butterflies, African Wildlife, Famous MG Marques and Top Dogs, also includes Doncella History of the VC (gd/vg)(38 sets) 40-60
98.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection by various Manufacturers to include in bespoke albums, Wills Wild Flowers and Flower Culture in Pots together with Players Aircraft of the Royal Air Force, also including loose sets to name Players Butterflies, Miniatures (x2), Napoleon, Cries of London Series 2, Wild Birds, Struggle for Existence, Cricketers 1934 and Wills Wild Flowers and Do You Know A series, also includes Mill Butterflies & Moths (English), Gallaher Racing Scenes and Sarony Links with the Past (in booklet)(all gen gd)(16) 60-80
99.     Trade Cards, Mixture, a vast quantity of loose cards, mixed genres, the majority Brooke Bond, but also included Lyons Tea, Lyons Maid, Primrose, Como Confectionery, Sweetyule, Clevedon and many more including a few A & BC Gum (gen gd/vg, some fair)(1000's) 40-60
100.    Trade Cards, Thunderbirds, Somportex Thunderbirds X size, black & white part set 45/72 together with 54 duplicates (all gd/vg) 40-60
101.    Trade Cards, A & BC Gum, part sets to include Batman (pink back 54/55 no 1 missing), Batman A Numbers (40/44, no 21, 35, 39 & 40 missing) , Batman Bat Laffs (numbers to front, 50/55, no 3, 6, 17. 39 and 45 missing) and Batman (black back 36/38 no 11 & 23 missing)(all vg)(qty) 100-120
102.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a collection of 26 loose sets, various genres, a few duplicates (gd/vg)(26) 30-50
103.    Trade Cards, Mixture, loose cards to include PCGC War Bulletin (31 cards) and A & BC Gum Monkies (61 cards, some duplicates) also included a part set game Grandfather's Whiskers (all gen gd)(qty) 30-50
104.    Trade Cards, A & BC Gum, two complete sets, Thunderbirds (black & White) and Batman A Series (both gd)(2) 50-80
105.    Trade Cards, Mixture, a variety of sets, various Manufacturers to include PCGC War Bulletin, Brooke Bond Wonders of Wildlife, Sunlight British Birds & Their Nests, RSPA Veteran Cars, Lyons Maid Train Spotters and Famous People, also includes Monkees Playing Cards and Andrews Liver Salt Happy Families (qty) 40-60
106.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a collection of 26 loose sets, various genres, a few duplicates (gd/vg)(26) 30-50
107.    Trade Cards, Football, A & BC Gum, Footballers (orignal in pairs 1-110) now separated, 64 individual cards (each with one side showing tear marks)(gen gd) 30-50
108.    Announce there are approx 300 cards, not 400
Trade Cards, A & BC Gum, a vast collection of Batman cards, various sets to include Batman Black Back, Batman (number to front), Batman A Series and Batman Pink Back, (unchecked for sets)(approx 400 cards)(all gd/vg) 80-100
109.    Cigarette Cards, Advertising a collection of 5 Wills advertising cards, fake cards, plain backs (discolouration and corner wear) 30-50
110.    Cigarette Cards, Football, two sets Carreras Footballers (large title set of 75) together with Sinclair English and Scottish Football Stars (50)(gd/vg)(2) 50-80
111.    Cigarette Cards, Horse Racing, three sets to include Boguslavsky Winners on the Turf, Carreras Turf Races Historic & Modern and Muratti Australian Race Horses, (all gd)(3) 30-50
112.    Cigarette Cards, Places, a selection of sets to include Benson's Old Bristol Series, Cavanders Beauty Spots of Great Britain, Hill's Historic Places from Dickens Classics (L), Churchmans World Wonders Old and New and Westminster's Australia (gd)(5) 20-40
113.    Cigarette Cards, Sports, a selection of Sporting sets by Wills to include Billiards, Rugby Internationals, Cricketers 1928 and British Sporting Personalities (L size) also includes Players sets, Tennis, Cycling and Wrestling & Ju Jitsu (blue back) (all gd/vg)(8) 40-60
114.    Cigarette Cards, Animals, Players sets to include Overseas Issue Bonzo Dogs by Studdy (gen gd, a few with discoloured backs), British Livestock, Animals of the Countryside, Natural History, Freshwater Fishes (pink back) and Dogs (heads by Wardle)(full length)(gen gd)(7) 40-60
115.    Cigarette Cards, Military, Players sets, Regimental Uniforms A Series (Blue back) and 2nd Series (brown back) together Decorations & Medals and War Decorations and Medals (all gd/vg)(4) 40-60
116.    Cigarette Cards, Historic, Wills sets to include Historic Events, Homeland Events, English Period Costumes (2 sets, one L size)(gen gd, a few with slight damages) together with Players County Seats & Arms collection of all three series (gd/vg)(7) 20-40
117.    Cigarette Cards, Re-prints, two reprinted sets, Copes Golfers and Will's Cricketers (gd/vg)(2) 20-40
118.    Cigarette Cards, Football, Ogden's Football Club Colours (complete 51 cards)(gen gd, some discolouration), also includes Ogden's ABC of Sport (gen gd) 30-50
119.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of Ogden sets to include Leaders of Men, Records of the World, Smugglers & Smuggling, Modes of Conveyance, Children of All Nations and Whaling (all gen gd)(6) 40-60
120.    Cigarette Silks, Birds and Flags, B Morris English and Foreign Birds, 10 silks, complete with printed backs, 5 marked Specimen to front, (gd) together with Phillips BDV Old Masters (16 silks) together with Wix British Empire Flags in original sleeves (printed in USA 60, some duplicates, and not printed 38) also includes a small selection with no covers, Kensitas British Empire Flags (Printed in USA 15, and no print 14) together with National Flags (1) and BDV League Colours (loose, gen gd) 40-60
121.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Wills L size sets to include Celebrated Pictures, Garden Flowers (New Varieties, 2nd Series), Famous British Authors, Roses and Trees (all gd/vg)(5) 20-40
122.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of Wills sets to include First Aid (with album clause), Flags of the Empire (2nd Series), Overseas Dominions Australia and Canada, Time and Money (Different Countries) and Speed (all gd/vg)(6), 30-50
123.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Players sets to include Bygone Beauties, Treasures of Ireland, Film Stars (3rd Series), Dandies, Miniatures and Treasures of Britain (L size)(gen gd/vg) 20-40
124.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Players sets to include Egyptian Kings & Queens and Classical Deities, Picturesque Cottages, Gems of British Scenery, Motor Cars, Fire Fighting Appliances, Derby & Grand National Winners and Highland Clans (all gen gd) 40-60
125.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, six sets by Wills to include Aviation, Arms of Companies, Life in the Hedgerow, Pond & Aquarium, British Birds and Household Hints (all gen gd)(6) 40-60
126.    Cigarette Cards, Football, Highnett's AFC Nicknames part set (no 46 missing (vg) 30-50
127.    Cigarette Cards, Foreign Cards, German, Bilder Deutscher Geschicht, German Pictorial History, mounted in album together with Saba Schiffsbilder Boats and Submarines (both near complete)(gd) 20-40
128.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets by various Manufacturers to include Churchman's Holidays In Britain, 2 sets, one views only, one views and maps, Carreras Palmistry, Phillips Animal Studies, Special Jubilee Years, Characters Come to Life and Famous Love Scenes also includes Doncella Country Houses & Castles, Golden Age of Steam, History of the V.C (x2) together with Stereo and Photo Cards, Cavanders Peeps into Many Lands and Glorious Britain, together with Ardath Photocards, a selection of 35 cards (Group Z) all Cricket related (vg, some duplicates), Pattreiouex The Navy (MF48), Beautiful Scotland and Will's Round Europe (all gd/vg) 20-40
129.    Cigarette & Trade Cards, Sport, a selection of part sets to include Thomson Country Cricketers (63/64 plus 2 duplicates) and Thomson Football Stars (24/48) together with other sporting and miscellaneous cards in a modern ring binder album and two partially completed Tea Card albums (all gd/vg)(qty) 40-60
130.    Cigarette & Trade Cards, Mixture, a small selection of sets to name Lambert & Butler Pirates & Highwaymen and Morris Captain Blood together with Sweetyule Treasure Island, Cadet Sweets Bucaneers, and some loose cards from Brooke Bond & Carreras, (all vg) 20-40
131.    Trade Cards, A & BC Gum, Civil War News, 64 cards (some duplicates) and 19 Confederate Bills (cards vg, notes fair) 30-40
132.    Cigarette Cards, RARE, Scenic, A Kuit Principal Streets of British Cities, part set, nos 10, 13, and 19 (gd/vg) 80-100
133.    Cigarette Cards, RARE, Scenic, A Kuit Principal Streets of British Cities, part set, nos 9, 15, and 21 (gd/vg) 80-100
134.    Cigarette Cards, RARE, Scenic, A Kuit Principal Streets of British Cities, part set, nos 11, 14, and 20 (gd/vg) 80-100
135.    Cigarette Cards, Reprints, a collection of sets to include Nostalgia Reprint of Copes Golfers, Palyers Military Series, Wills Cricketers 1896 and Wills Cricketers 1901, also includes reprints of Taddy Motor Cars and Railway Locomotives (vg)(6) 40-60
136.    Cigarette Cards, Players, a selection of sets to include Army Corps & Divisional Signs 1914-1916 A and 2nd Series, Aircraft of the Royal Air Force, Aeroplanes Civil, Aviary & Cage Birds, Animals of the Countryside, Boy Scout & Girl Guide, Characters from Dickens and Birds & Their Young (all vg)(9) 60-80
137.    Cigarette Cards, Players, complete set Boxing together with an Advertisment Card (vg)(2) 40-60
138.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, African Tobacco, three sets, to name British Aircraft, Postage Stamps (rarest varieties) and Famous & Beautiful Women (vg)(3) 120-150
139.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Highnetts (New Zealand Chess Cigarettes) Beauties, Ogdens Guinea Gold Famous Railway Trains, Players (Overseas) Issues of Whaling and Picturesque People of the Empire, Lambert & Butler Overseas Types of Modern Beauty and Westminster Tobacco Overseas South African Succulents (all vg)(6) 60-80
140.    Cigarette Cards, Sports, Illingworths Comicartoons of Sport (vg) 40-60
141.    Cigarette Cards, Lloyds, three sets to name Tricks & Puzzles, Old Inns and Atlantic Records, also includes MarcoVitch Beauties (all vg)(4) 50-80
142.    Cigarette Cards, Hills, a selection of sets to include Our Empire, Nautical Songs, Dickens Classics, Famous Ships, Crystal Palace, and Celebrities of Sports (vg)(6) 60-80
143.    Trade Cards, Military, from a variety of Manufacturers to include, Barrett Soldiers of the World, WIKO Sodaten Der Welt, Badshah Tea Regimental Uniforms of the Past, Kraft Historic Military Uniforms (one long strip), Booths Badges and Uniforms of Famous British Regiments and Corps, Glengettie The British Army 1815, Tony Oliver German Uniforms, Properts British Uniforms, Wilcock & Wilcocks British Cavalry Uniforms, Cadet Sweets Arms & Armour, and Tea Time Soldiers (all vg)(11) 30-50
144.    Cigarette Cards, Carreras, a selection of sets, various genres to include Do You Know?, Celebrities of British History, Britains Defences, Birds of the Countryside, Belive it or Not, Famous Escapes, Figures of Fiction and Famous Men (all gd/vg)(8) 50-80
145.    Cigarette Cards, Churchmans, a collection of sets to include Curious Signs, Eastern Proverbs A & 2nd Series, The Houses of Parliament and Their Story, Howlers, The Story of Navigation, Treasure Trove, World Wonders Old & New, Warrior of All Nations and Well Known Ties A & 2nd Series (all gd/vg)(11) 80-100
146.    Cigarette Cards, Lambert & Butler, a selection of sets to include Representing Birds & Eggs, British Trees & Their Uses, Wonders of Nature, Garden Life, Common Fallacies and London Characters (vg)(6) 60-80
147.    Cigarette Cards, Railway, three sets by Churchmans, to name Empire Railways, Wonderful Railway Travel and Famous Railway Trains (all gd/vg)(3) 40-60
148.    Cigarette Cards, Sport, Carreras The Science of Boxing together with Lambert & Butler Horsemanship, Winter Sports and Keep Fit (vg)(4) 80-100
149.    Cigarette Cards, Churchmans Frisky (vg) 40-60
150.    Cigarette Cards, Aviation, a selection of sets by Lambert & Butler to include Aviation, The History of Aviation, Famous British Airmen and Airwomen, Aeroplane Markings and Empire Air Routes, (vg)(5) 100-120
151.    Cigarette Cards, Lambert & Butler, four sets to include Pirates & Highwaymen, Interesting Musical Intruments, Interesting Customs & Traditions of the Navy, Army & Air Force, and Interesting Sidelights on the Work of the GPO, Rhodesian Series, Fauna of Rhodesia, and Third Rhodesian Series (vg)(7) 60-80
152.    Cigarette Cards, Sport, a variety of Sporting sets by Churchmans to include Sporting Trophies, Sports Games in Many Lands, Association Footballers A & 2nd Series and Famous Cricket Colours (all gd/vg)(5) 80-100
153.    Cigarette Cards, Churchmans, a selection of sets to include History & Development of the British Empire, Cathedrals & Churches, Curious Dwellings, and The Story of London (gd/vg)(4) 60-80
154.    Cigarette Cards, Motoring, five sets by Lambert & Butler to include Motor Cars A, 2nd and 3rd Series, Motor Cars A Series (different) and How Motor Cars Work (vg)(5) 100-120
155.    Cigarette Cards, Sport, two sets by Churchmans Sporting Celebrities and 3 Jovial Golfers (vg)(2) 60-80
156.    Cigarette Cards, Transport, three sets by Lambert & Butler to name Motorcycles, Motor Index Marks, and Hints & Tips For Motorists (vg)(3) 100-120
157.    Cigarette Cards, Railways, Lambert & Butler sets to name Worlds Locomotives and Worlds Locomotives Additional Series (vg)(2) 80-100
158.    Cigarette Albums, Ten modern ring binder albums, longer length, various colours (gd) 20-40
159.    Trade Cards, Football, A & BC Gum, Footballers (blue back) Set 2 (132-263)(missing 262)(vg) 100-120
160.    Trade Cards, Football, A & BC Gum, Footballers (yellow back) Set 1 & 2 (1 - 101)(vg) 80-100
161.    Trade Cards, Military, A & BC Gum, Civil War News (gen gd) 40-60
162.    Trade Cards, Football, Barrett and Bassett, a collection of 140 cards all related to Football, various sets all Manchester United Player based (vg) 60-80
163.    Trade Cards, Football, Futera Platinum, three Limited Edition complete sets in bespoke leather bound albums, Manchester United European Champions 1999 UK816, Players Edition 089/100 and The Treble 1999 UK775 (all mint)(3) 60-80
164.    Trade Cards, Football, Futera Collector Card Series, in albums, three sets, Manchester United Fans Selection 1997-1998, 1997 and 1998 (all mint) 40-60
165.    Trade Cards, Football, A & BC Gum, Footballers (Orange back) 3 sets (1-85, 86-170 and 171-255)(vg/ex) 150-180
166.    Trade Cards, Football, Topps Chewing Gum, Footballers (blue back)(X330)(vg) 80-100
167.    Trade Cards, Football, Topps Chewing Gum, Footballers Blue Back (X396)(vg) 100-120
168.    Trade Cards, Football, The Sun, Football Soccercards complete run 1 - 1000, (vg/ex) 120-150
169.    Trade Cards, Football, Chix Confectionery, Famous Footballers Series 1 and Series 2 (vg) 100-120
170.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets to include Ogden's Steeplechase Celebrities and reproduction set Jockey 1930 together Players Cricketers 1934 and Cricketers 1938, also included Will's Cricketers 1928, Aviation, Celebrated Ships, Strange Craft, Merchant Ships of the World and Railway Engines (all vg) 60-80
171.    Cigarette Cards, Football, a selection of sets to include Mitchell's Scottish Footballers, Carrera's Footballers, Churchman's Association Footballers & 2nd Series, and Ardath Famous Footballers, Players Association Cup Winners, Football Caricatures by RIP, Football Caricatures by MAC, Footballers 1928 and Footballers 1928-29, (all vg) together with Football, Carreras Turf, Famous Footballers (gen gd, some have discolouration)(11) 100-120
172.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets by Players to include Cities of the World (poor/fair), Wonders of the World, Gems of British Scenery, Napoleon, and Overseas Issue Whaling (backs stained), (fair/gd)(5) 60-80
173.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets by Players to include Riders of the World, Polar Exploration, Miniatures, From Plantation to Smoker and Counties and Their Industries (numbered)(gen gd)(5) 40-60
174.    Cigarette Cards, Royalty, Wills's Kings & Queens (grey back, short) and The Coronation Series (both gd) 80-100
175.    Cigarette Cards, Military, Wills's sets, Australian Issue War Incidents (48 Specialities/2 Havelock) and War Incidents 2nd Series (Specialities)(mixed conditions)(2) 50-80
176.    Cigarette Cards, Butterflies, Wills's Overseas Issues Australian Butterflies (silks)(48/50, plus 1 dup) together with New Zealand Butterflies Moths & Beetles, also included British Butterflies, (gen gd)(3) 40-60
177.    Cigarette Cards, Vanity Fair, Wills' Vanity Fair 1st and 2nd Series (both fair, discolouration and damage to some) 100-150
178.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Wills sets to include, First Aid, Household Hints 1st & 2nd Series, Do You Know? Wills's Do You Know, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Series (gd)(7) 40-60
179.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, BAT, three sets from the Siamese Series with Blue Flag backs, Siamese Dancers, Siamese Life and Saimese Proverbs, (all gd)(3) 40-60
180.    Cigarette Cards, Ships, a selection of sets by Wills to include New Zealand Issue U.S.S. Co's Steamers (gd), Ships (no Wills to front , fair) and Ships (Three Castles to back, part set 13/25, fair) 100-150
181.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Wills sets to include, Pirate Issue Chinese Ancient Warriors (50), Ruby Queen Issue Birds of the East and Anonymous Overseas Merveilles Du Monde (all gd) 60-80
182.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Anonymous Overseas Issues Russo-Japanses Series (black front)(90/100) and Royalty, Nobilities & Events 1900-2 (all gd) 80-100
183.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Girls, Anonymous Issue Girls of all Nations/National Costumes (50 cards)(gd) 30-50
184.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets by Wills to include Medals, Musical Celebrities, Pirates & Highwaymen, Speed (white title) and Lucky Charms, also includes a few cards from Speed (diff)(all gd) 80-100
185.    Cigarette Cards, Ansties, two complete sets, Scouting Series and People of Africa (both vg), also includes The World's Wonders part set (49/50) 80-100
186.    Cigarette Cards, Ruddell, complete set Grand Opera Series, together with part sets Songs That Will Live Forever (49/50, missing no 9) and Rod & Gun (22/25 missing 2, 13 and 20)(gd) 80-100
187.    Cigarette Cards, Railways, Pattreiouex Set, Railway Posters (vg) 80-100
188.    Cigarette Cards, Hill's, part sets to include Frangments from France (19/20 coloured, poor), Inventors & Inventions (1-40 different coloured backs, missing 24 & 26), and Medals & Decorations (repro) 80-100
189.    Cigarette Cards, Ships, a selection of sets to include Sarony Ships of All Ages, Phillips Evolution of the British Navy and Ships and their Flags, also included a plain back set of ships (all gd) 40-60
190.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets to include Lambert & Butler Coronation Robes (fair/gd), Adkin A Royal Favourite, Salmon & Gluckstein British Queens (6 of Victoria (v.poor), Edwards Ringer Portraits of His Majesty the King (9, poor) and United Services Ancient Warriors (vg), 60-80
191.    Cigarette Cards, Beauties, Bakers Beauties of All Nations (A. Baker) (fair/gd) together with BAT Buttlerflies (Girls with Butterfly Wings)(gd) 80-100
192.    Cigarette Cards, Nature, a selection of sets to include Goodbody Questions & Answers in Natural History, Sniders & Abrahams Peter Pan Butterflies, Adkin Butterflies & Moths and Wild Animals of the World (all gd/vg)(4) 60-80
193.    Liebig Cards, Around The World and It's Inhabitants (F649), Scenes of China I (F658), Scenes from China II (F659), Famous Street Scenes from Around the World (F686), In Korea (F765), In Servia (F800), In Abysinia (F843), In India (F851), Scenes of Africa (F863), Republic of Argentina (F969) and Picturesque Algeria (F1011) (gen gd)(11) 40-60
194.    Liebig Cards, Architecture, Architectural Art (F691), Spa Towns (F692), Famous City Ruins (F693), Inns (F755), Celebrated Colosseums (F846), Wells & Fountains (F859), Law Courts in Different Countries (F963) and Flour Mills II (F1143), (gen gd)(8) 30-50
195.    Liebig Cards, Historic, The Bull (F333), Weapons of War Through the Ages (F655), Famous Leaders (F705), The Theatre Old and New (F841), Pompeii Now and Then (F858), History of Rome (F861), Episodes of Russian History (F956), Episodes in the History of Famous Towns (F956), Servicing the Table in Historic Times (F972), Ancient Roman Leaders (F1022), The Age of Pericles (F1027), Episodes in the History of the Middle Eastern Empire (F1137) and Episodes in the History of Famous Historians (gen gd)(13) 40-60
196.    Liebig Cards, Flora & Fauna, Famous Animals from History II (F758), Medicinal Flowers (F966), Useful Exotic Plants (967), Scented Flowers (F1020), In the Kingdom of Flowers (F1021), Sacred Plants (F1028), Useful Plants and their Producers (F1105), Deep Sea Animals and Their Plants (F1132), Sacred Animals (F1133), Bees and Their Keepers (1134), and Birds in the Life of Man (F1748), (gen gd)(11) 40-60
197.    Liebig Cards, Worldwide, The Danube (F587), Views of Capital Cities (F807), Views of Morocco (F852), Madagascar (F936), Sources of Important Rivers (F944), Colonies of European (F988), History of France VII (F1006), Iceland (F1023), The French Riviera (F1029), In Hungary (F1033), Ancient Norwegian Customs (F1037), In Brittany (F1039) and The Republic of San Marino (F1107), (gen gd)(13) 40-60
198.    Liebig Cards, Beauties, National Beauties II (F343), Colours II (F619), Asiatic Women (F624), Colours of the Rainbow (F661), Dutch Headdress (F844), Nymphs (F865) and Famous Women (F1136) (gen gd)(7) 40-60
199.    Liebig Cards, Transport, One Hundred Years of Travelling (F803), Automobiles (F880), Coaches and Carriages of the Ages (F979), Aerial Navigation (F1026), Sailing Ships Through the Ages (F1202), Luxurious Ships of Bygone Days (F1319)(gen gd)(5) 30-50
200.    Liebig Cards, Mixture, Astronomers (F845), Money of Different Periods (F920), Styles of Furniture (F975), Garibaldi and His Exhibition 1860 (F994), Evolution of Musical Instruments (F1007), Forges Through The Ages (F1103), Uses of Fire (F1139), Military Music (F1144), Humerous Sports (F1218) and Popular Games (F1399) (gen gd)(10) 40-60
201.    Liebig Cards, Worldwide, Living in the Extreme North (F960), Mountain People (F1024), Scenes from Ural Mountains (F1108), Travelling in Corsica (F1110), In Canada I (F1115), The Pass of St Gothard (F1119), Lakes in the Mountains (F1142), People of Asia Minor (F1149), New Zealand Views (F1220), The Inhabitants of Tierra del Fuuego (F1221), Scenes from Canada (1222) and The Life of the People of Congo (F1303), (gen gd)(12) 60-80
202.    Liebig Cards, Mixture, Uses of Bells (F1013), The Dardanelles (F1030), Amateur Dramatics (F1114), Items of Yesterday and Today (F1125), Famous Scenes from the Napoleonic Era (F1201), Dangerous Occupations (F1211), Thesus (f1219), The Vatican City (F1308), Characteristic House of the Pacific Islands (F1384) and the History of Czecholsovakia (F1761), also included part sets The Ages of Man (3/6, F176) and Paul & Virgina (2/6, F222) (all gen gd) 30-50
203.    Liebig Cards, Mixture, parts set Floran Ornaments and Children Skating (2/6, F223), together with sets The Cricket and The Ant Fable (F213), Puzzle Pictures XXII (F559), Scenes of Spain II (F798), The Hunter of Furs (F917), Famous Dwarves ((1025), The Six Altitudinal Zones (F1111), Curious Experiments in Physics (F1116), The Story of Gas (F117), Roman Construction (f1135), Wooden Churches (F1348), and Cats (F1662) (all gd) 40-60
204.    Liebig Cards, Mixture, Famous Waterfalls (F584), Constellations (F727), Ice (F733), Monuments of Famous Scientists (F743), Monarchs Among Their People (F974), Monuments of the Renaissance (F1000), The Good Old Times (F1008), Weight & Measures (F1104), Ancient Commercial Centres (F1112), Rain (F1200), (gd)(10) 40-60
205.    Liebig Cards, Mixture, part sets Der Freischutz (Opera)( 2/6 F670) and The Course of Human Life II (2/6 F663) together with The Founders of the Large Empires (F1138), The Origin of Different Colonies (F1145), Diogens (F1203), The Working of Copper & Bronze (F1207), Uses of Feathers (1212), Conquests of the North Pole (F1214), Unusual Outdoor Occupations (F1215), Dante Divine Comedy I (F1224), Dante Divine Comedy II (F1225), Samarkland (F1301), Construction of Spider's Webs (F1306), Evolution of Cacti (F1313), Landscaped Gardens (F1331) and The Story of Jade (F1806) (all gd) 40-60
206.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, mainly Players & Wills a large collection of loose cards (unchecked for sets), topics including sport, flags, animals and more, also includes a partially filled album of Players Hints on Association Football, and some Trade Cards, (mixed conditions)(1000's) 40-60
207.    Cigarette Cards. Boy Scouts, Ogdens sets, A Series (Blue back), 2nd Series (Blue back), 3rd Series (Blue back), 4th Series (Green back) and 5th Series part set 24/25 (no 20 missing)(mixed conditions)(5) 120-150
208.    Cigarette Cards Mixture, a small collection of sets to include Wills Railway Equipment and Players Aviary & Cage Birds, together with in original albums Players The Kings & Queens of England and National Flags and Arms, also included odd loose cards, Smiths Cricketers (5 cards, poor/fair), Kensita National Flag Silks (37), Copes Noted Footballers (8) and a large selection of Phillips A Selection of BDC Gifts (various sets, some duplicates, gen gd) 30-50
209.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a collection of 18 original albums, mostly complete (fair/gd), together with five unused albums (vg) and 17 complete loose sets (gd)(qty) 30-50
210.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a modern album containing a variety of part sets, all Players, to include British Livestock, Celebrated Gateways, Ceremonial and Court dress, Characters from Dickens, Butterflies & Moths, Miniatures, Country Seats & Arms, Cries of London, Fishes of the World, Gems of British Scenery, Egyptian Kings & Queens and Classical Deities, Products of the World, Wonders of the Deep, Shakespearean Series and more (mixed conditions)(qty) 30-50
211.    Trade Cards, Football, A & B C Gum Footballers Did You Know Scottish (purple 1 - 73)(gd) 40-60
212.    Trade Cards, Football, A & B C Gum Footballers, orange back 85-169 (2nd Series)(gd/vg) 40-60
213.    Trade Cards, Football, a collection, two complete sets, Bassett Football 1983/4 and Mirror Mirrorcards Star Soccer Sides together with a large collection of Proset Footballers and Fixture Lists (100's)(all gd/vg) 30-50
214.    Cigarette Cards, Players, a mixture of sets to include Shakespearean Series, Derby & Grand National Winners, Hints on Association Football, Cycling, Army Corps & Divisional Signs (1-150) also included Chinese Football Hints on Association Football (all gd/vg)(7) 40-60
215.    Cigarette Cards, Phillips, a collection of sets to include Our Dogs, Our Puppies, Animal Studies, Flower Studies, Ships That Have Made History, Famous Love Scenes, Coronation of Their Majesties, British Birds & Their Eggs, Aircraft, also included Carrolls Birds (all gd/vg)(10) 30-50
216.    Cigarette Cards, Photographic, a selection by Pattreiouex Britain from the Air, British Railways, Coastwise, Dogs, Flying, Holiday Haunts by the Sea, Our Countryside, The Bridges of Britain and Winter Scenes together with Millhoff Real Photographs 2nd Series (gd/vg)(10) 30-50
217.    Cigarette Cards, Hill's, a selection of sets to include Famous Ships (varnished) and five Series of Views of Interest (all gd/vg)(6) 20-40
218.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, complete 55 sets in a four modern albums (vg)(4) 60-80
219.    Trade Cards, Modern Trade, a selection of complete sets to include Inkworks Godzilla, Jurassic Park, Topps Jurassic Park and Neighbours (sets 1 and 2) Paramount Saturday Night Fever, and three smaller Jurassic Park (gd/vg) also includes Texaco The Official England Squad 2006, seven Official completed folders together with a vast quantity of the plastic square discs with centre circle player (some separated), ideal to make up sets (unchecked, hundreds of discs)(vg) and a small selection of albums, some complete others partially filled to include Walkers Warner Bros.Tazos, Walkers Star War Triology Tazos, Topps Flinstones and Panini Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, (gen gd) 60-80
220.    Cigarette Cards, Aviation, Wills set Aviation, also includes Players sets to name, Aeroplanes (Civil), International Air Liners and Aircraft of the Royal Airforce, (all gd/vg) 20-40
221.    Cigarette Cards, Hills, Views of Interest, presented in a bespoke album (metal front, card back) Cars 1 - 240 (A series to 5th Series), Sunripe & Spinet Ovals Backs (cards vg, slight fold to album back) 20-40
222.    Cigarette Cards, A & M Wix (London Johannesberg) Max Cigarettes, Cinema Cavalcade - the story in words and pictures presented in original blue hardback book, complete series of 250 cards (50 colour) and several colour panes (no rips or tears, spine intact, gd/vg) 80-100
223.    Cigarette Cards, A & M Wix (London Johannesberg) Max Cigarettes, Cinema Cavalcade - the story in words and pictures presented in original red hardback book, second series of 250 cards (50 colour) and several colour panes, card error on page 112 (spine intact, slight staining and bubling to front cover, cards gd/vg) 80-100
224.    Cigarette Cards, Peter Jackson, No 3 Cigarettes, Gentlemen! The King! Presented in bespoke hardback book, the cards and pane prints entered into a pictorial biography in Commemoration of the Silver Jubilee of the Reign of King George V, (foxing to some pages, sone pages cellotaped in, cards good) 20-40
225.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, United Tobacco Cos. (South), in softback book Famous Works of Art (cards vg, back cover to album has fold, corners bent and discoloured) together with a similar Springbok album containing South African Butterflies (gd)(2) 30-50
226.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, United Tobacco Cos. (South), in hardback books, Our Lord (paper jacket torn) 100 drawings by Chas Peers, together with Our South Africa Past & present (some pages foxed, slight damage to front cover)(overall gd cards)(2) 30-50
227.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, United Tobacco Cos. (South), three hardback books to name Our South African Flora, Our South African Birds and Our South African National Parks (books gd, cards vg)(3) 60-80
228.    Cigarette Cards, A & M Wix, (Max Cigarettes) in hardback book, Speed Throught the Ages (gd) 30-50
229.    Cigarette Cards, A & M Wix, (Max Cigarettes) in hardback ringbinder, This Age of Power and Wonder, embossed in gold print to front cover, printed 'Copy for Mr Wix' and signed March 1938 with Author's regards to inner cover (cover dirty, cards gd) 60-80
230.    Trade Cards, Typhoo, L Size cards, complete sets to include Animal Offence and Defence, British Birds & Their Eggs, Characters from Shakespeare, Famous Voyages, Historical Buildings, Homes of Famous Men, Horses, Important Industries of the British Isles, Interesting Events in British History and Scenes from John Halifax Gentleman (gd/vg)(10) 40-60
231.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, BAT, all with printed backs and no makers name, Pictures of the East, British Trees & Their Uses, Prehistoric Animals, Round the World in Pictures, Ships & Shipping and Types of the World (all gd/vg)(6) 40-60
232.    Trade Cards, Mixture, a variety of sets include Bournville Cocoa Transport, J Edmondson British Ships and Throwing Shadows on the Wall, J Goddards London Views, Old Silver, Use & Cleaning of Silverware, Present Day Silverware and Ports of the World, MacFisheries Gallery Pictures, Poster Pointers and Sporting Prints, Pascalls Devon Ferns, Devon Flowers (without red overprint), Devon Worthies and Dogs, Thomson (Wizard) Speed and The Wireless Telephone, Walters Some Cap Badges of Territorial Regiments, and Typhoo Common Objects Highly Magnified and Ancient and Annual Customs (20)(gd/vg) 120-150
233.    Cigarette Cards, Ogdens, a selection of sets to include Boy Scouts (A Series, green back), Poultry Rearing & Management, Bird's Eggs (cut outs), Children of All Nations (cut outs), Foreign Birds and Leaders of Men (gd/vg)(6) 80-100
234.    Trade Cards, Sea Shells, Cerebos set (brown back) (vg) 50-80
235.    Cigarette Cards, Nicholas Sarony, a collection of L size sets to include Celebrities and Their Autographs, Ships of All Ages, A Day on the Airway, Saronicks, Museum Series and Links With The Past (agg gd/vg)(6) 40-60
236.    Cigarette Cards, Military and Naval, a selection of Player sets to include Victoria Cross, Regimental Uniforms (blue back), Regimental Uniforms 2nd Series (brown back), Life on Board a Man of War, Napoleon and Army Life (all gd/vg)(6) 60-80
237.    Cigarette Cards, Players, a collection of sets to include British Empire Series, Celebrated Gateways, Counties & Their Industries (unnumbered), Gilbert & Sullivan A & 2nd Series, Highland Clans, Nature Series, Polar Exploration A & 2nd Series, and Riders of the World (gd)(10) 120-150
238.    Cigarette Cards, Vanity Fair, Wills, 1st Series (numbered) part set 48/50 (missing no 6 & 7) together with 2nd Series (some edge wear and discolouration in line with age, otherwise gen gd)(2) 100-120
239.    Cigarette Cards, Sport, Wills Sports of All Nations (slight discoluration/foxing to backs, fronts overall gd) 80-100
240.    Cigarette Cards, Transport, Wills sets to include Aviation, Merchant Ships of the World, Railway Engines (2 different sets, one with a number of duplicates) (gen gd) 50-80
241.    Cigarette Cards, Wills, three sets to name Kings & Queens (short card grey back), Mining and Musical Celebrities (all gen gd)(3) 80-100
242.    Cigarette Cards, Military, Wills sets to include Allied Army Leaders, Britains Part in the War, Military Motors, Recruiting Posters and Australian Issue Arms & Armour (Capstan), (all gen gd)(5) 60-80
243.    Cigarette Card Catalogues, British Cigarette Card Issues 1888-1919 Part 1 1978 and 1981 Editions, British Cigarette Card Issues 1920-1940 Part II, 1977/78 and 1981 Editions, together with Cigarette Cards News and Trade Card Chronicle May 1978, London Cigarette Card Company Standard Catalogue 1945 Edition, The Popular Pocket Catalogue Second Edition Published by AW St Clare, also included a RW Houston Cigarette Card Specialist Bargain List no 7 (1946) (all in general good condtion, a piece of history) 20-40
244.    Cigarette Cards, Cavenders, a collection of sets to include Ancient Chinese, Ancient Egypt, Animal Studies, Beauty Spots of Great Britain, Camera Studies, Foreign Birds, Peeps into Many Lands A, 2nd and 3rd, Peeps into Prehistoric Times 4th Series, The Homeland Series (black back), The Homeland Series Hand Coloured River Valleys and School Badges (dark blue back)(sets sealed and unchecked)(14) 60-80
245.    Cigarette Cards, Pattreiouex, a selection of sets to include British Empire Exhibition Series, together with M size Senior Service sets Flying, Coastwise, British Railways and Britain from the Air (all gd/vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(5) 20-40
246.    Cigarette Cards, Phillips, a variety of sets to include sports, Kings & Queens of England, Coronation of Their Majesties, British Birds & Their Eggs, Stage & Cinema Beauties (A), British Butterflies, How To Make Your Own Wireless Set, Empire Industries, Personalities of Today, Annuals and This Mechanized Age 1st Series, (gd/vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(11) 60-80
247.    Cigarette Cards, Mitchells and Rothmans, four Mitchell sets to name River & Coastal Steamers, London Ceremonials, Scotlands Story and Our Empire together with Rothmans Cinema Stars (L size) and Punch Jokes (gd/vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(6) 80-100
248.    Cigarette Cards, Ardath, a collection of sets to include Empire Flying Boat, Trooping The Colour, Famous Film Stars, Film Stage and Radio Stars and Gainsborough Series part set (27/30), also includes a large selection of Real Photograph and Photocard sets (viewing recommended)(gd/vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(qty) 80-100
249.    Cigarette Cards, Photographic, a selection by various Manufacturers to include Westminster Australia 1st & 2nd Series, Canada 1st & 2nd Series, Indian Empire 1st & 2nd Series, New Zealand 1st & 2nd Series, and South Africa 1st & 2nd Series, together with Pattreiouex British Railways and Millhoffs De Reszke Real Photographs 7 different Series (all gd/vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(18) 40-60
250.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets by various Manufacturers to include United Services Ancient Warrioirs (50), Leas Butterflies & Moths (silks), CWS African Types, Imperial Tobacco Canada Flower Culture in Pots, Children of All Nations and Gardening Hints, Ansties Wiltshire Downs and Wells Cathedral (both sectional), Pattreiouex British Railways, Murrays Bathing Belles and Kensita National Flags (silks)(gd/vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(11) 40-60
251.    Cigarette Cards, Film and Fiction, a variety of sets to include Wills Musical Celebrities and Radio Celebrities A & 2nd Series together with Players Gilbert & Sullivan A & 2nd Series, Dandies, Players Past & Present, Film Stars 2nd & 3rd Series, Staight Line Caricatures, and Characters from Dickens (50) (all gd)(sets sealed and unchecked)(11) 40-60
252.    Cigarette Cards, Transport, a selection of sets to include Wills Famous British Liners, Railway Equipment, Railway Engines and Speed (2 different) together with Players International Air Liners, Motor Cars 1st & 2nd Series, Modern Naval Craft and Aeroplane (Civil) (all gd/vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(10) 40-60
253.    Cigarette Cards, Floral, a collection of sets by Wills to name Garden Flowers (New Varieties) A & 2nd Series, Old English Flowers A & 2nd Series, Garden Flowers (2 different), Roses A & 2nd Series, Garden Hints, Wild Flowers A & 2nd Series, Garden Life, Flower Culture in Pots, Gardening Hints and Flowering Trees & Shrubs (all gd/vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(15) 60-80
254.    Cigarette Cards, Military & Naval, a collection of sets to include Wills sets Signalling Series, Modern Naval Craft and Air Raid Precautions, also included Player sets Life in the Royal Navy, Aircraft of the Royal Air Force, RAF badges, Military Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas, Uniforms of the Territorial Army, History of Naval Dress and Army Crops and Divisional Signs (1-150) (all gd/vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(12) 60-80
255.    Cigarette Cards, Flora & Fauna, a variety of sets to name Players British Pedigree Stock, British Livestock, Struggle for Existence, Hidden Beauties, Natural History, Birds & Their Young, Wild Birds, Wild Animal Heads, Curious beaks, Aviary & Cage Birds, Dogs, Sea Fishes and Animals of the Countryside, together with Wills British Birds, The Sea-Shore, Life in the Tree Tops, Animalloys, Dogs and Pond & Aquarium (gen gd)(sets sealed and unchecked)(19) 80-100
256.    Cigarette Cards, Wills, a collection of sets to include Borough Arms (4 different sets), Romance of the Heavens, Household Hints (2 different sets), Do You Know A & 2nd Series, Our King & Queen, Mining, Safety First, Old Pottery & Porcelain, Old Furniture (1st & 2nd Series), Old Inns, Railway Equipment, Air raid Precautions, Life in the Royal navy, The Coronation Series and sectional sets The Toast, Mother & Son, The Laughing Cavalier, The Boyhood of Raleigh, (all gd)(sets sealed and unchecked)(24) 80-100
257.    Cigarette Cards, Cavenders, a collection of sets to include, Ancient Egypt, Animal Studies, Camera Studies, Foreign Birds, Peeps into Many Lands A, 2nd and 3rd, Peeps into Prehistoric Times 4th Series, The Homeland Series, The Colonial Series, Glorious Britain and Coloured Stereoscopic Cards (all gen gd)(sets sealed and unchecked)(12) 40-60
258.    Cigarette Cards, Carreras, a selection of sets, various genres to include L size, Glamour Girls of Stage & Screen (series of 36 and series of 54), Film & Stage Beauties, Famous Naval Men, Malayan Scenes, Famous Escapes, Regalia Series, Horses & Hounds, The Black Cat Greyhound Game and Fortune Telling (card Insert), also includes Gran Pop, Famous Escapes (P size) and Round The World Scenic Models (all gd, some slightly curved)(sets sealed and unchecked)(13) 50-80
259.    Cigarette Cards, Gallaher, a collection of sets to include Birds Nests & Eggs, Dogs Series 1 & 2, The Navy (Park Drive), Garden Flowers, Film Partners, Wild Flowers, Army Badges, Wild Animals, My Favourite Part, Stars of Screen & Stage (green back), Racing Scenes, Champions of Screen & Stage (Park Drive), Film Episodes, British Birds and Aeroplanes (gd/vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(16) 80-100
260.    Cigarette Cards, Churchman, a collection of M & L size sets to include Holidays in Britain (views only), Air Raid Precautions, Wings Over The Empire, Modern Wonders, The Navy At Work, Howlers, Landmarks in Railway Progress, Well Known Ties 2nd Series, Natures Architects, and Wonderful Railway Travel, also includes smaller card sets Howlers, Wonderful Railway Travel, Eastern Proverbs, Treasure Trove, In Town Tonight, The King's Coronation, Association Footballers A & 2nd Series and Kings of Speed (all gd/vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(19) 60-80
261.    Cigarette Cards, Churchman, a selection of sets to include Sports Games in Many Lands, Frisky, Warriors of All Nations, In Town Tonight, Association Footballers A & 2nd Series, Treasure Trove, Howlers, Sporting Trophies, The Story of Navigation, The King's Coronation and Wonderful Railway Travel (all gd/vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(12) 120-150
262.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets, various Manufacturers and genres, to include Carreras Raemaekers War Cartoons (Black Cat), Happy Families and the Greyhound Racing Game, and The Nose Game (both with instruction leaflets), Cavanders Peeps into Many Land 3rd Series, Wills Australian Scenic Series, Garden Flowers, Railway Equipment, Wild Flowers, and Household Hints, Churchman The Navy at Work and Air Raid Precautions (M size), Mitchells Wonderful Century, Gallahers Garden Flowers and Portraits of Famous Stars, Westminster Indian Empire 1st Series, Sinclair Champion Dogs and Well Known Footballers Scottish and North Eastern Counties, also included Hills Views of Interest 1st to 5th Series and British Empire Series Canada (1-48)(all gd/vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(26 plus instructions) 150-180
263.    Cigarette & Trade Cards, Mixture, a large quantity of loose cards, (unchecked for sets), various Manufactures and genres to include Players, Cavanders, Hills, Wills, Phillips, Lambert & Butler, Ogdens and more (gd/vg)(qty 1000's) 80-100
264.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets in original albums to include Players National Flags and Arms, Kings & Queens of England (x2), Sea Fishes, British Fresh-Water Fishes, Modern Naval Craft (x2), Cycling, Tennis, Birds & Their Young (x3), International Air Liners, Motor Cars, Aircraft of the Royal Air Force, RAF Badges, Aeroplanes (Civil), Film Stars 1st & 2nd Series, and Cricketers 1938, also includes Wills sets Life in the Royal Navy, Safety First, Dogs, The Reign of King George, Radio Celebrities 1st & 2nd Series, Air Raid Precautions, Our King & Queen, The Sea Shore and Wild Flowers (x2)(mixed conditions poor/vg, gen gd)(31) 60-80
265.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets in bespoke albums to include Mitchell's Empire Exhibition Scotland 1938, Hills Spinet House Gems of Thames Valley Scenery, Carreras Popular Personalities (oval), Leas Film Stars Real Photos A & 2nd Series, Players Uniforms of the Territorial Army, The Coronation of King George VI and Military Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas, CWS British & Foreign Birds and Famous Bridges of the World together with Nicolas Sarony Around the Mediterranean and A Day on the Airway, (gd/vg)(12) 60-80
266.    Cigarette Cards, Modern, a collection of sets to include Embassy World of Speed, World of Firearms and Wonders of the World, Doncella Golden Age of Motoring, Golden Age of Steam, Golden Age of Sail, Country Houses & Castles, History of the VC, Napoleonic Uniforms, and Golden Age of Flying, Tom Thumb, Britain's Railways, Exploration of Space, Wonders of the Ancient World, Britain's Maritime History, History of Motor Racing, History of British Aviation, Myths & Legends, and Wonders of the Modern World, together with Grandee The Living Ocean, Famous MG Marques (x2), Britains Endangered Wildlife, British Butterflies, British Birds Collection, Britains Wayside Wildlife, Top Dogs, Britains Nocturnal Wildlife, Britains Wild Flowers and British Mammals, also includes a selection of 9 reprint/reproduction sets (all vg)(sets seales and unchecked)(38) 60-80
267.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, by various Manufacturers, foreign sets to include United Tobacco Our South African Flora (x2), Pictures of South African War Effort and South African Defence, Phillips P Size Our Glorious Empire, Beauty Spots of the Homeland and Garden Studies, transfer cards to include Phillips British Butterflies, Players Dogs, Wild Birds and Butterflies, Ching's Jersey Past & Present 1st, 2nd and 3rd Series, Mills Cacti, Butterflies & Moths and Famous Ships (x2)(all gd/vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(18) 40-60
268.    Cigarette Cards, Selection of part sets to include Imperial Tobacco Infantry Training (29), Adkins War Trophies (26), Murrays War Series L (19), Phillips Ships and Their Flags (13), First Aid (44), First Aid Series (BDV, 20), Ogdens Orders of Chivalry (21), Jockeys Owners & Colours (68), Construction of Railway Trains (28), Yachts and Motor Buses (22), Modern War Weapons (20), Infantry Training (21), Trainers and Owners Colours 1st Series (23), Fowls Pigeons & Dogs (35), Carreras Turf Footballers (16), Cohen Nations (non-descriptive 1), Wills Overseas House of Parliament (18), Transvaal Series (non descriptive 5), Mitchell Seals (10) and Money (10), Highnett Company Drill (29), Panama Canal (6), Military Portraits (8) and Life in Pond & Stream (17), Lambert & Butler Worlds Locomotives ( series of 25, 18), Winter Sports (14), Wireless Telegraphy (24) and Naval Portraits (both sets, 25)(mixed conditions, more gen gd)(qty) 200-250
269.    Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a selection of sets, various genres including Overseas Issue Indians of Canada and The Artic (all vg, sets sealed and unchecked)(51) 30-50
270.    Trade Cards, Tea Manufacturing, a collection of sets by various Manufactures to name Amaran Tea, Glengettie Tea, Hornimans, Liptons Tea, Lamberts, Harden Bros, Halpins, Musgrave Bros, A1, Lyons, GB Tea, Fine Fare, Swettenham, Coopers Teas, Paynes, Phillips, Badshah, Brownes, Reddings, BT Ltd., Barbers, Golden Grain, Lyons, Home Counties, Priory Tea, Ringtons, Sunblest, Bishops, Typhoo and a few others (all vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(approx 110 sets) 120-150
271.    Trade Cards, Food & Sweet Manufacturing, a selection of sets by various Manufacturers to include, Kelloggs, Neilsons, Beano Gum, Lyons Maid, Gaycon, Dryfood, Miranda, Rossis, Clover Dairies, Sodastream, Burtons, Tonibell, Morning Foods, Sweetule, Hitchmans, Mitcham Foods, and many more (all vg)(sets sealed and unchecked)(approx 90 sets) 80-100
272.    Cigarette and Trade Cards, Mixture, loose cards, partially filled albums including silks and various ephemera, also includes playing cards and stamps, (gen gd)(qty) 30-50
273.    Cigarette Cards, Players, a collection of 50 sets in 5 modern albums, covering set titles beginning A to H, (gd/vg)(viewing highly recommended for set names)(5) 300-400
274.    Cigarette Cards, Players, a collection of 40 sets in 4 modern albums, covering set titles beginning H to Z, (gd/vg)(viewing highly recommended for set names)(5) 250-300
275.    Cigarette Cards, Wills, a collection of 45 sets in 5 modern albums, covering sets set titles beginning A - K (gd/vg)(5) 250-300
276.    Cigarette Cards, Wills, a collection of 40 sets in 5 modern albums, covering sets set titles beginning L - Z (gd/vg)(5) 250-300
277.    Cigarette Cards, Hills, a collection of 18 sets in 2 modern albums, (mixed conditions, dicolouration and foxing to some, viewing recommended for set names)(2) 120-150
278.    Cigarette Cards, Pattreiouex, a collection of 17 photographic sets (mixed sizes) in 2 modern albums, (mixed conditions, dicolouration to some, viewing recommended for set names)(2) 40-60
279.    Cigarette Cards, Lea, a collection of 8 sets (mixed sizes) in a modern albums, includes Flowers to Grow - The Best Perennials (gen gd, viewing recommended for set names)(1) 60-80
280.    Cigarette Cards, Morris & Murray, sets by two Manufacturers to include 4 Murray sets and 15 Morris sets, all in a modern album (gd/vg, viewing recoomended for set titles)(19) 100-120
281.    Cigarette Cards, Phillips, a selection of 47 sets, (various sizes) in 3 modern albums (gen gd, recommend veiwing for set titles)(3) 250-300
282.    Cigarette Cards, Gallaher, a selection of 36 sets in 4 modern albums (gd/vg)(viewing recommended for set titles)(4) 180-220
283.    Cigarette Cards, Millhoff, a selection of 11 sets, various sizes and genres in a modern album, viewing recommended for set titles (gd) 40-60
284.    Cigarette & Trade Cards, C.W.S. a collection of 10 cigarette cards sets and 3 trade card sets in a modern album (viewing recommended for set titles)(gd/vg)(14) 40-60
285.    Cigarette Cards, Mitchell, a variety of 11 sets in a modern album, (viewing recommended for set titles)(gd/vg) 60-80
286.    Cigarette Cards, Churchman, a collection of 35 sets in 5 modern albums (viewing recommended for set titles (vg)(5) 200-250
287.    Cigarette Cards, Cavanders, a selection of 12 sets in a modern album (viewing recommended for set titles)(gen gd, some discolouration and staining to a few sets)(1) 50-80
288.    Cigarette Cards, Ardath, 2 modern albums containing 16 sets, various genres, (viewing recommended for set titles)(gd/vg) 100-120
289.    Cigarette Cards, Carreras, a collection of 34 sets in 3 modern albums (gd)(viewing recommended for set titles)(3) 180-200
290.    Cigarette Cards, Lambert & Butler, a selection of 20 sets in 2 modern albums, (viewing recommended for set titles)(gd/vg) 120-150
291.    Cigarette Cards, Ogdens, a collection of 35 sets in 4 modern albums, (gd/vg)(viewing recommended for set titles)(4) 320-350
292.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a modern album containing a variety of sets by Abdulla, Adcock, Allman, Anstie, Bocnal and Boguslavsky, 19 sets in total, mixed genres (viewing recommended for set titles) (gd) 120-150
293.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a modern album containing a variety of sets by Bucktrout, Carroll, Cope and Dominion Tobacco, 15 sets in total, mixed genres (viewing recommended for set titles) (gd) 60-80
294.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a modern album containing a variety of sets by Duncan, Edwards Ringer & Bigg, Faulkner, Franklyn Davey and Louis Gerard, 11 sets in total, mixed genres (viewing recommended for set titles) (gd) 80-100
295.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a modern album containing a variety of sets by Highnetts, International Tobacco and Lloyd, 13 sets in total, mixed genres (viewing recommended for set titles)(gd) 100-120
296.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a modern album containing a variety of sets by Moustafa, Rothmans, Scottish CWS and Sinclair 12 sets in total, mixed genres (viewing recommended for set titles) (gd) 100-120
297.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a modern album containing a variety of sets by Teofani, United Kingson Tobacco, Westminster, Wix and Woods 11 sets in total, mixed genres (viewing recommended for set titles) (gd) 40-60
298.    Cigarette Albums, Five blue longer length ring binders with cardboard sleeves (empty)(vg) 20-40
299.    Trade Cards, Football, Topical Times, Star Footballer Panel Portraits, three bespoke slot in albums and loose cards, all black and white, 111 cards in total, various sets ( some duplication, cards gen good, a few have pencil marking to front, albums poor, torn and have drawings to front)(qty) 80-100
300.    Trade Cards, Football, Topical Times, Footballer Panel Portraits, one bespoke album and loose cards, all coloured, some duplication, 34 cards in total, (album poor, cards gen gd) together with 14 Footballer Triple Portraits, (mixed conditions) and a small album containing a few sport related trade and cigarette cards (mixed) 60-80
301.    Cigarette and Trade Cards, Mixture, mainly sport related, to include Topical Times Footballer Panes, Ardath Football Teams and more Cigarette cards from Gallahers, Players, Churchman etc, Trade cards from Lyons, also includes Brooke Bond Albums, all complete, Flags & Emblems of the World, British Costume, Trees in Britain and Famous People (gd)(viewing recommended) 80-100
302.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of part sets to name Ardath National Fitness (39) and Film & Radio Stars, (42), Player Tom Thumb British Aviation (45), Maritime History (41), Modern Railways (27), and Britains Railways (34), Phillips Special Jubilee Year (18), Coronation of Their Majesties (14) and Ships That Have Made History (47) Cavanders Foreign Birds (21), Ancient Egypt (20), and Ancient China (14) also included Part sets from 23 Player sets, various genres, some part sets with duplication, (gen gd/vg)(qty) 80-100
303.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, Wills complete sets to name Scissor Issue Dancing Girls (28), Railway Equipment, The Reign of George V, Household Hints, The Sea Shore and Garden Flowers (Sudell) also includes Sarony Museum Series, Rothmans Cinema Stars and Amalgamated Tobacco Famous British Ships 2nd Series (gen gd)(9) 50-80
304.    Cigarette Cards, Horse Racing, two rarer sets Ansties Downland Jockeys and Owners Colours, and Wills Scissor Issue Derby Day (both gd) 100-120
305.    Cigarette Cards, BAT, two part sets to name Butterfly Girls (38 cards) and Army Life (19), also included Wills War Incidents 2nd Series (11) (gen gd/vg) 80-100
306.    Cigarette Silks, Mixture, a collection of over 150 silks, various Manufacturers to include BDV and Wix, topics to include Flowers, Military, Flags, Arms, Portraits, Sport and Art (vg)(qty) 60-80
307.    Trade Cards and Silks, Football, Typhoo International Football Stars together with silk issue Mobil Football Club Badges (vg/ex) 40-60
308.    Cigarette and Trade Cards, Modern, a collection of sets to include in bespoke Albums Tom Thim British Aviation (x2) and loose sets Britains Railways (x2), Motor Racing, Britains Maritime (x2) and British Aviation (x2), together with Grandee Britains Nocturnal Wildlife, also included Typhoo Trees of the Countryside (x8) (all gd/vg) 40-60
309.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of vintage slot in albums containing various sets and part sets, to include Wills Ships Badges, Portraits of European Royalty, Musical Celebrities, Cricketers, Fish and Bait, Aviation and many more (albums are signed 1905 or later)(albums poor, cards vg) 40-60
310.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a vast collection of loose cards various genres and Manufacturers, (unchecked for sets, viewing recommended)(mixed conditions mainly gd)(1000's) 60-80
311.    Cigarette Cards, Taddy, part set for Russo Japanese War (both sets) (11 cards)(fair/gd, some with heavy discolouration) 60-80
312.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Fables (possibly BAT, Chinese writing to back) part set (26) 40-60
313.    Cigarette Cards, Taddy, part set Orders of Chivalry (24/25, no 21 missing, buyer must satisfy themselves as to authentication)(vg) 80-100
314.    Cigarette and Trade Cards, Mixture, a collection of 51 albums, 30 of which are complete, some unused, mixture of genres, Cigarette and Trade (viewing recommended (qty) 30-50
315.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, in a bespoke album Famous Buildings and Monuments of Britain (vg, not stuck in) together with two hardback slot in albums containing Players Dandies (49/50), Poultry (49/50) and Wild Birds (complete), and Wills Part sets to include Aviation, Worlds Dreadnoughts, Fish for Australasia, Horses of Today British Empire Series and Australian Wild Flowers, also included a paperback booklet Collecting Cigarette Cards by Dorothy Bagall (gen gd) 40-60
316.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a large collection of part sets various genres and Manufacturers to include Abdulla, Ardath, Benson, Bucktrout, Carreras, Cavenders, Franklyn Davey, Gallaher, Hill, Lambert & Butler, Lloyds, Ogdens, Players, Sarony, Walkers, Westminster, Wills etc, viewing recommended (gen gd/vg)(1000's all in sleeves) 60-80
317.    Trade Cards, Mixture, a selection of part sets by various Manufacturers to include Facchinos, Anglo Confectionery, Lyons Maid, Thomson, Kane, United Dairies, Barratt, Typhoo and many more, (viewing recommended, some rarer cards included)(100's) 40-60
318.    Cigarette Cards, Ogdens Guinea Gold (plain back), a vast collection of cards in plastic sleeves, over 600 cards, various bases and sets (mixed, some clean some with pencil markings to back)(viewing recommended) 80-100
319.    Cigarette Cards, Ogdens Tab, a collection of part sets to include General de Wet, General Interest (6), General Intersest Series A (10), Series B (6), Series C (9), Series D (57), Series E (4), Series F (7), Imperial Interest (2), International Interest (4), Members of Parliament (1), Leading Favourites of the Turf (1), Leading Artists of the Day (non-descriptive, printed back)(14), Imperial or International Interest (32), Prominent British Officers (10) and Leading Generals of War (two types)(26)(mixed conditions)(qty) 40-60
320.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Tucketts, a selection of part sets to name Beauties (T & B back, 10) and Beauties (Tucketts Special back, 12), Canadian Scenes (plain back, 8), British Views (plain back, 31), British Views Tuckets Special back, 14) and British Views ( T & B back, 3)(gd) 40-60
321.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Actresses and Beauties, a collection of sepia cards by various Manufacturers to name Sweet Caporal Actresses (24), Lone Jack Cigarette Co, Photographic Cards (2), Kimball Photographic Cards (12), Dukes Actresses (54), Allen & Ginter Photographic Cards (10), Imperial Tobacco of Canada, Actresses (framed border, plain back)(22), Scerris Talkie Stars (7) and 7 other unknown (gen gd, a few with writing to back)(qty) 100-120
322.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, BAT, a selection from various sets to include Indian Chiefs (1) and Beauties (1)(both poor) together with Actors & Actresses (WALP (plain back)(9), Siamese Horoscopes (Eagle Bird)(8), Siamese Uniforms (Eagle Bird)(1) and Chinese Beauties (Peacock)(8), Types of British Army (Siamese)(poor 6), Beauties (hand coloured M size 27) and Actresses (unicoloured, plain back, gd)(17) 50-80
323.    Trade Cards, Celebrities, Lever Brothers part set F size 63 cards (gen gd, a few marked to back) 40-60
324.    Trade Cards, Film and Radio, Kane Film Stars, Issue 72 cards, plain back (vg) together with Bridgewater Radio Stars 2nd Series (coloured) 40-60
325.    Cigarette Cards, Military, a small collection to include Illingworths Cavalry, Ogdens Orders of Chivalry, Wills Nelson Series, Drapkin Celebrities of the Great War and Players Arms & Armour and Regimental Uniforms (blue back), (gen gd)(6) 100-120
326.    Cigarette Cards, Transfers, a selection of sets to include Players Wild Animal Heads, Butterflies, Derby & Grand National Winners, Aviary & Cage Birds, Wild Birds, Dogs and Poultry (gd)(7) 20-40
327.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Amercian Tobacco, a collection of cards to include Old Ships (5), Military Uniforms (C, green back, 4), Beauties Palette Girls (plain border, 4), Beauties Playing Card Inset (type set back, 2), Flower Girls (yellow back, 2), Flower Girls (green back, 2), Actresses (blue back, 9), Beauties Marine (1), Boer War Series (mixed fronts, 7), Beauties International Code of Signals (yellow back, 35), Flags of All Nations (1), and 7 others (mixed conditions)(qty) 80-100
328.    Cigarette Silks, Flowers, Wix Kensita Silk Flowers, 1st Series (printed backs) in bespoke album (vg) 40-60
329.    Cigarette Silks, Flowers, Wix Kensita Silk Flowers, 2nd Series (printed backs) in bespoke album (vg) 60-80
330.    Cigarette Silks, Flowers, Wix Kensita Silk Flowers, L Series (printed backs) in bespoke album (vg) 50-80
331.    Cigarette Silks, Flags, Wix Kensita National Flags (in bespoke album) together with Phillips BDV Flags (post cards size, 23)(mixed conditions) 30-50
332.    Cigarette Silks, Flags, Wix Kensita Flags, a mixture of National and British Empire Flags, English and USA, some in original wrappers, over 900 silks (gen gd/vg) 80-100
333.    Cigarette Silks, Military, a collection to include Leas Chairman Regimental Crest & Badges, Sinclairs Regimental Badges (5) and others (see images)(gen gd) 40-60
334.    Cigarette Silks, Mixture, a collection of various sized silks, various Manufacturers and genres (see images) 60-80
335.    Cigarette Silks, Flags, a selection of British and Foreign silks by various Manufacturers, various sizes, including country, university, signalling (see images)(gd) 40-60
336.    Foreign Cigarette Silks, College and Country, a small selection by American Tobacco to include Siam, Columbian Rep., Mich Agri., City of Detroit, W. Australia, and Chicago Yacht Club (gd/vg)(7) 30-50
337.    Cigarette Canvas, Hills Canvas Masterpieces Series 1 (Badminton)(56) and Spinnet (1), Series 2 (7) and Britians Stately Homes (5), also included Muratti Canvas Masterpieces Series M (14) and Series P (2)(gd) 20-40
338.    Cigarette Silks, Flora and Fauna, a selection to include Phillips Birds of the Tropics (13), Birds (6), Butterflies & Moths (4), together with Leas Butterflies (3), American Tobacco Flowers (various sizes)(37) and Kensita Flowers (various sizes including 2 P size)(47)(gd)(qty) 60-80
339.    Trade Silks, Military, a small collection of My Weekly Military and Floral Silks complete with backing cards (13)(vgd) 20-40
340.    Cigarette Silks, Old Masters, a large collection of over 400 silks from various Phillips sets, some duplicates, not checked for sets (gen gd, some vg)(qty) 100-120
341.    Cigarette Silks, Art, Phillips BDV Ceramic Art, 195 silks various sizes, unchecked for sets (gen gd) 30-50
342.    Cigarette Silks, Heraldic and Arms, Phillips BDV Heraldic Series (146 silks) together with City and Town Arms (43), unchecked for sets, (gd/vg) 60-80
343.    Cigarette Cards, Early Photographic, part sets to name National Cigarette Company Photographic Issue (16), Allen & Ginter Photographic Cards (3), Kimball (Vanity Fair) (2), Ellis Photographic (3), Kinneys Photographic (3) and Hall & Piecer (4) (gen gd) 60-80
344.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of part sets to include Gallahers Beauties (card insert)(12), Beauties (No card insert)(2), Wills Scissor various cards (27), American Tobacco Flags of all Nations (various backs)(22), Dukes Fancy Dress Ball Costumes (7), Postage Stamps (6), Coins of All Nations (1) and Floral Beauties (2), also included a selection from American Tobacco sets (24)(viewing recommended)(gen gd, a few poor) 60-80
345.    Cigarette Cards, Beauty, Wills Overseas Issue Beauties (LAWHA)(red tinted), United Service Issue Flag Girls of All Nations, Scissor Issue Beauties (Picture Hats),Actresses (brown surround) and part sets Beauties (green surround)(29/30) and Beauties (playing card inset)(15)(gen gd/vg, a few poor) 100-120
346.    Cigarette Cards, Flags, Edwards Ringer & Bigg, Flags of All Nations, various Exmoor Hunt versions to back, (gd) 60-80
347.    Cigarette Cards, Military, Gallahers Regimental Colours & Standards, together with American Tobacco Boer War Series A (numbered) and United Services Ancient Warriors (gd) 100-120
348.    Cigarette Cards, Taddy, Autographs (buyers please ensure you are happy with the authenticity)(gd) 80-100
349.    Cigarette Cards, Ogdens, Guinea Gold, a selection of 50 plain back cards (some with pencil writing) and numbered cards 267 (some duplication with different portraits and some with/without dates of birth)(gen gd)(qty) 60-80
350.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets to name Wills Musical Celebrities 1st & 2nd Series, Alexander Boguslavsky Conon Doyle Characters (black back), Players Highland Clans and Gallahers The Allies Flags (all vg)(5) 100-120
351.    Cigarette Cards, Taddy, complete set Territorial Regiments (buyers please ensure you are happy with the authenticity)(vg) 100-120
352.    Cigarette Cards, Ogdens, a part set Army Crests & Mottoes, 54 cards (gen gd, some foxing) 60-80
353.    Cigarette Cards, Taddy, complete set Heraldry (buyers please ensure you are happy with the authenticity)(vg) 100-120
354.    Cigarette Cards, Ogdens, a selection of complete sets to name British Costumes from 100BC to 1904, British Birds, Modern British Pottery, By the Roadside, Birds Eggs (cut outs), Foreign Birds, Orders of Chivalry, and Flags & Funnels of Leading Steamship Lines (all vg)(8) 120-150
355.    Postcards Mixed, a collection of approx 300 cards from the early 1900's and later including, an interesting Japanese card of men digging trenches and two photographs of men in uniform, 1964-1965 New York Worlds Fair Picture card set, Mountains, woodland, sea and villages, Wales, Devon, Cornwall and more. Fair V/G. 30-50
356.    Postcards, a huge accumulation of several thousand modern cards, various subjects including Cars, Trains, Advertising, Animals, Flowers, Posters, Nostalgia, etc. G.V/G(3) 40-60
357.    Postcards, a collection of approx 50 RP's, mostly of Naval Recruits/Officers in uniform including, working with field guns, Class photos, Single person portraits, Loading guns on deck, Parade, Gun practice in hangars, Marching, Band, Small boats, Sports day, HMS Revenge, HMS Resolution, Rifle practice, Etc all by the photographer J.C.Lawrence, Gosport.G V/G 40-60
358.    Postcards, a good selection of approx 550 Edwardian cards in three vintage albums including, RP's Charabanc, passengers aboard ship, "Westward Ho" Bristol, Pony and Trap, Boy with large Bicycle, Family beside old Morris car, Park Avonmounth, Pier Head Avonmounth, Family portraits, Couple on horseback, Girl on Donkey, Couple in boat on lake, Ashton Keynes Flower Show, Mitcham, Horses, Rye Lane Peckham, Army Manoeuvres Shrivenham, Minety School, Town Hall Watlington, Comedy, WW1 Children, Christmas Wishes, St Sampsons Church Cricklade, Donkey Cart Henley on Thames, Newbury Racecourse, Paddle Steamer Ipswich, together with Cassells History of the War in Soudan, Abbots Dorsetshire, small collection of cigarette cards in album. Fair/Good Parcel 50-100
359.    Postcards a collection of approx 450, Edwardian and later cards inc, RP's Meadowfield, St Johns Church Sheriffhill, Clachan Bridge, Lake scene, Scaur Bank Stocksfield, and Pipe band, Mountains, Forth bridge, 1950's American, Flood disaster Greenwich etc, G.Parcel. 30-50
360.    Postcards, a collection of approx 200 cards and art pictures including, Willy Schermel children's cards cats/Teddies, Marten Toonder arctic and Tom Poes Kaart series, H. Rotgans/39 series, M.B.Cooper children's cards, Later vintage cars, Dutch scenes and topics, Brussels, Flowers etc.G.Parcel 40-60
361.    Postcards, a collection of approx 450, cards from the 1930's-1950's including, RP's Mountain glen, Vintage cars, plus Capt R.Phillips DFC Cornwall Aviation his Bi plane, Hayling Island, Bristol Gorge, River Avon and Portway, Many souvenir sets, etc. G. V/G. Parcel 30-50
362.    Postcards, a collection of approx 260 cards mostly Edwardian/ WWII Comic type and later, including, Donald McGill, French, Seaside, Saucy etc together with associated books , protector sleeves and manuals Parcel. Fair/VG. 120-180
363.    Postcards, a group of four modern albums containing approx 380 cards , mostly Edwardian, with later inc, WW1, Silks, Comic, Swanage Steamer, Dorset seaside holiday ( some photographic), IOW, River vessels, London, HMS Forward/Invincible, French, Courting couples, Tints, WW1 sweethearts, Bathing beauties, Comic, WW1 hospital ward, Devon, G, V/G 100-150
364.    Postcards, loose, a large collection of approx 1000 cards, Edwardian and later inc, Royalty( some embossed), Ancient trees, House boat,RP, Strand on Green harbour, Mousal dale, 1950's American, Souvenir packs, IOW repro, Comic, Infants, floral embossed, Birthday wishes, Bournemouth, Cornwall etc. Parcel 70-90
365.    Postcards, Albums, three vintage albums ( albums AF) containing approx 950 cards inc, Edwardian, Wiltshire, Brighton, RP's Cosden Bridge, Railway Accidents 1905/6, Shambles boat, RP, Horse and Coach, Piers, Trolley/Tram, RP's "Suevic" White Star Liner wreck (3), RP, Hunt, C.B.Llewellyn cricketer, Dogs, Suffragette card with cat, Southampton, Liners, New Forrest, RP's Submarine wreck, HMS Neptune, Gravesend Musketry Camp 1909, School classes, Cats, Christmas, Making swords,G V/G (3) 100-150
366.    Postcards, Albums, four vintage albums ( albums AF) containing approx 650 mostly Edwardian cards inc, Country painted scenes, Bulford camp, Wiltshire, New Forrest, Winchester, Alresford, IOW, Stonehenge, Early Canadian group, Early Gruss, Early Guernsey, RP Milford on Sea, Sands Swanage, McGill Cricket, G V/G (4) 100-150
367.    Postcards, Albums, four albums containing approx 400 cards Edwardian and later inc, Beauties, Classical beauties, Cats, early Cat caricatures, Comical sport, Early French, WW1 sweetheart, Cologne, Floral, Egypt, Birthday greetings, G V/G (4) 60-80
368.    Postcards, Albums, an assortment of vintage Edwardian and later reprint cards, approx, 550 ,in five albums inc, Army camps, Southampton, RP's Southampton, Edwardian America/French/Canada, Bournemouth, Bristol, Yarmouth Steamer, Animal RP's (4), RP's Buckhorn Weston, Worcester Electric Tramway Siege 1903,Piers, etc G V/G (5) 60-80
369.    Postcards/Ephemera, a mixture including, an Album of mostly Edwardian Actresses, 360 cards , four empty albums, Daily Express film book 1935, a group of approx 80 greetings cards from the 1950's inc Birthdays, Good luck etc in decoupage box. Parcel. 40-60
370.    Postcards, a large interesting collection of approx 1200 loose early cards inc, Sudan, Italy, Belgium, Australia, UK, many social history, Rickshaws,Trolly buses, Trams, Kaffir Band, Midland Railway Station Leicester, Many RP's Towns, Crystal Palace, Early American, Military RP's Officers, Parades, Family Groups, River craft, Vintage cars, Tribal, Railway Stations, Seaside, Bathing, Sweet heart, Greetings, Birthday, Ox cart,etc, Poor-VG. Parcel 120-180
371.    Postcards, Albums, four vintage examples ( albums AF) containing approx 800 cards inc, WW1, Trenches and Troops, Observation balloon, large cannons, RP Charabanc, Royals UK and foreign, Tucks, RP Glen Usk boat with passengers, Dog Cart, RP Liphook school, Blackpool, Pier, Seaside Amusements, RP Band, Embossed, Infants, Fair,G Parcel. 60-80
372.    Postcards, loose, a selection of approx 450 cards from Edwardian and later inc, Liners, Loading Elephant onboard ship, Street scenes, Early American, RP's Cape Town, River Vessels, Glass bottom boat, Cleopatra Catalina island, WW1, Comic, Actors, Russian, Famous Paintings, Booklets, Place sets, Etc, Poor-G 30-50
373.    Postcards, a selection of loose cards mainly from the 1970/80's, approx 1400, inc, Historic Buildings castles etc, Seaside resorts, Places of interest, Foreign holiday destinations, Ships, Planes and Cars, some packs and groups. G.Parcel 30-50
374.    Postcards, a good selection of Military type cards by Gale & Polden Ltd, mostly from the Battle Honours series ( 80) together with a quantity of cards from the early 1900/50's including, American packs, Royal Mint, RP Newenden Village with veteran vehicle, Bishops lighthouse Scilly Isles, Photo, trooper on Horseback, Castle Mountains, early engraving cards, Royal engineers silk etc (100) total Fair / G (180) 60-80
375.    Postcards, a collection of approx 400 cards, Mostly Transport related with trains and trams in abundance, early 1900 and some later inc, RP's New Zealand city scenes, Newquay harbour, Manchester tram, Station with locos, I.O.M. many with trams and trains of various types, Blackpool, many with trams, beach huts, city transport scenes, Southwold comic series, etc, Fair/VG 40-60
376.    Postcards, a mixed collection of approx 400 Edwardian cards in three vintage albums ( albums AF) including, RP's Canadian Loco crash, RP Kings coach, Set of four Canadian photographic comic cards, Edwardian Newbury, WW1 Sweetheart sets, Seaside, RP Bulford Army Camp, India, etc, together with a album of vintage photographs inc a series from Egypt 1916/17 /18, showing soldiers and places of interest, Turkish prisoners, Cavalry, Palestine and newspaper and magazine cuttings mostly Actors and famous people. Parcel. 40-60
377.    Postcards, a good mixed collection of approx 500 Edwardian cards in modern albums inc, Welsh costumes, Glamour, Greetings, large selection of Pier related cards inc RP's, London, Seaside, People, RP North Hayling Church, Places of Interest, Scenic, Spanish Royaltiy, Sweethearts etc. G V/G (8) 120-160
378.    Postcards, a good collection of approx 700 Edwardian cards in modern albums, inc, Lady Golfers, Greetings, RP Main Entrance Shoeburyness Barracks, South Coast, Old Reading, Comic, Sweetheart, RP Football team, Gruss, Belgium, River craft, Glamour, Seaside, Ancient Buildings, etc G V/G Parcel 120-160
379.    Postcards, a collection of approx 350 Edwardian cards in modern albums mostly Piers and Seaside, with some mixed, Guildford, Towns, early Egypt, Scenic etc. G V/G (6) 40-60
380.    Postcards, a collection of approx 600 Edwardian cards in four modern albums including WW1 French, WW1 sweetheart, WW1 comic, WW1 propaganda, Seaside, Greetings, Comic, Scenic vistas, War bonds Tank, RP Northbrook St Newbury, Easter, English towns, Children, etc Fair V/G (some stamps removed) fair V/G (4) 120-160
381.    Postcards, a good collection of approx 700 Edwardian cards in five albums inc, Castles ( many early cards), Liverpool Docks, Fairbourne Tramway, RP Lady Cyclist, Actress, England town scenes, Town RP's, Comic, Sweetheart, River craft, RP Rickshaw boy Durban, RP African village, Dog cart, G V/G (5) 120-160
382.    Postcards, a modern album containing approx 140 Photographic cards (many RP's) inc, Seaside, Family portraits, Army Camp Bulford 1912 troops, Lord Kitchener reviewing troops 1915, RP's Hampshire towns, S.Y.Doris, Dress parade, Mapledurham lock, Cattistock hounds Dorchester, Funeral parade, Horse and trap, Man with squirrel, RP's Haslemere fire engine 1907, Daimler crash 1905 " Ghosts corner" with hand written account. Fair V/G (1) 80-120
383.    Postcards, a collection of approx 650 Edwardian cards in eight modern albums inc, Lighthouses (50), RP's Margate & Eastbourne, Rivers/Craft, Famous hoses & places, Seaside, Beauties, Yacht Ramsgate, Steam engine, Generator Shotley, RP Army portraits & Family portraits, Hampshire, etc Fair V/G (8) 120-160
384.    Postcards, a varied collection of approx 900 Edwardian cards in seven modern albums inc, Ancient monuments, Harbours-Boats-River craft, Ichen Ferry Regatta 1904, Solent Queen, RP Solent Queen 1926, Greetings, RP Thaxted Guildhall with vintage car, Sweetheart, Seascapes, Historic buildings, Famous people in history, Churches, Fair V/G. (7) 140-180
385.    Postcards, a good selection of approx 500 Edwardian cards in four modern albums inc, Christmas, Boating/River craft, Historic buildings, Sweetheart, Beauties, New Year, London, Tram, RP Star Wheel HMS Victory, Famous Places, Seaside, Yes and No Series, My Queen & Romance Series, together with an album of 100 modern cards. Fair V/G (5) 80-120
386.    Postcards, two modern albums of approx 350 Edwardian cards inc, Actress Alphabet cards, Sweetheart/courting couples, Language of flowers, RP Whitchurch post office, Bournemouth, RP two soldiers posing on a covered plane/deflated air balloon ?, Tarrant Silhouette cards, Ruins Basingstoke, RP's Fawley Village, Man eating shark, Lepe 1909, German prisoners of war Frimley, Heraldic, Military Dress, Roses, Wild Animals, English Towns, Fair V/g (2) 60-80
387.    Postcards, two modern albums of approx 800 Edwardian cards inc, Castles, Churches/Historic Buildings, many I.O.W, Floating Bridge Cowes, IOW Beaches/places of interest, Actress, RP Post office Lockhamstead, Double Bullock cart Colombo, RP's School Fetes, Flowers, RP Swallowfield, Egypt, Roses, etc G V/G (2) 80-100
388.    Postcards, a collection of approx 375 cards in three modern albums inc, Winchester - Town and Places of interest, Camp tents, RP City road Winchester, Early Reading & Surrounding , Thames, Pangbourne, RP Loddon Bridge, S.Midland Brigade Church Parade Salisbury Plain 1910, Castles, Ancient Buildings etc G V/G (3) 60-80
389.    Postcards, four modern albums containing a collection of approx 500 cards mostly Edwardian inc, Seaside towns and Scenic Vistas, Early examples, River craft, Negro Topless, World Locations some early, Hand painted comic, Floral , Comic, Ancient Buildings, Beauties, Dutch Children comic, Parkinson, Spurgin, Romance, Chloe Preston, Agnes Richardson, RP's ship Glenroy, Fair V/G (4) 80-120
390.    Postcards, a selection of 500 mixed Edwardian cards in five albums inc, RP Green End Whitchurch, Ancient Buildings, Romance, Seaside, Panoramic Vistas, Paintings, Art, Beauties, River Vessels, Famous Places, Channel Islands, Early French, Town Traffic, Windmill, Greetings, Berkshire Towns, Panel Cards, Fair V/G (5) 80-120
391.    Postcards, a good selection of approx 700 Edwardian cards in six modern albums inc, RP Lulworth Army Camp, Beauties, Charing Cross Glasgow, RP Hanworth Park- Village, Forest Row- Twickenham Road Hanworth + more, Old Yokohama, Sunday School, Greetings, World Cards, Liverpool Docks, Actors, Oxen Team, Christmas Greetings, Castles, Churches, Early World, Gruss, etc, Fair V/G (6) 120-160
392.    Postcards, a collection of approx 800 Edwardian cards in six modern albums inc, Ancient buildings, RP of naval couple on ship below guns, Castles, Wishing Well Upney, Art Cards, Tram, Early Cars, London, Weymouth decorative lights, Seaside, Beaches, Traction Engine Fareham Creek, IOW, Stonehenge, Royal Rumanian Band North Pier, Sweetheart, RP's Soham, Bathing, Sailboats, Baptist Choir, Franco British Exhibition, Loco, Bathing Huts, Beauties, Actors ( some signed), Fair V/G(6) 160-180
393.    Postcards, a selection of approx 600 Edwardian cards in five modern albums inc, Lakes and Rivers, Mountains, Berkshire towns including RP's, Sailboats, WW1 French, WW1 Trenches, Troops, Guns, Wounded, Art, Early Russian, Paintings, World Locations, Children, Beauties, Comic, Ancient buildings, and more. Fair V/G (5) 120-160
394.    Postcards, a modern album of mixed cards, approx 100, mostly Edwardian inc, RP Titanic, S.C.P.S. Koh-J-Moor, P.S. Royal Sovereign, St Patrick, Various ships and river craft, Margate Promenade, Lands End, Seaside towns/beaches, Brook War Hospital, RP Rathcoole, Battleships at Margate, Art cards, RP Central Hall Plumstead, Historic Buildings, French bathing Belles Minatogawa Shrine Kobe, Streatley Swan Hotel, Donkey rides, Fair V/G (1) 60-80
395.    Postcards, a group of seven modern albums containing approx 700 Edwardian cards inc, Children, Cats, Children Greetings, Dutch Children's, Towns and holiday places, Margate, Christmas greetings, Photographic Lulworth cove Steamer, Art pictures, Bridge Wallingford, RP Horseback football, Pittville lake boating, RP High St Faringham, Actresses, Revolving tower Southend on Sea, Scenic, Rivers & Lakes,RP Chertsey Bridge& Weir and Lock, Barons Pond Epson, Steamer River dart, Fair V/G (7) 120-160
396.    Postcards, a collection of approx 1000 Edwardian cards in eleven modern albums inc, Loco "Charles Dickens", Ancient Buildings- some RP's, Greetings cards, Selection of ships and boats including Sail and Steam Titanic, RP's, Tall ships, Submarine, HMS Canopus, HMS King Edward, HMS Victorious, (100), Art cards, Towns, Hampshire County Council Education committee attendance cards, RP collapsed Suspension bridge - Town Hall Wokingham, Art History, Sweetheart, French , Beauties, Advertising/company cards, Launch S.S. Suevie, RP Western Super Mare, Japan, RP Boulter locketc Fair V/G (11) 180-220
397.    Postcards, a series of approx 450 Edwardian cards in two modern albums inc, military, RP Main St Brockenhurst, Children's group, Military Band Parades, RP Quay Hill Lymington, High St Totton, RP's Southampton areas, RP Country Scene with pony & trap - Gipsy New Forest, Donkey cart, Town RP's, Comic, Easter, Greetings, Holiday, Beaches, Seaside etc, Fair V/G (2) 80-120
398.    Postcards, two modern albums containing approx 500 Edwardian cards inc, Country RP's, RP Duchess of Fife-Portsmouth, Cherry pickers, Greetings, HMS Victory, River craft, Town scenes, Historic Buildings, Places of Interest, RP Main St Bulwell, RP Outer Harbour SA, Beauties, Children comic, RP HMS Earnest, RP Stow Hill Newport with Tram, RP's Cookham, etc, G V/G (2) 80-120
399.    Postcards, a selection of approx 450 Edwardian cards in three modern albums inc, Bournemouth, Seaside/Bathing, Rufus Stone New Forrest, RP Military Band, RP High St Hythe, Anniversary Cards, Greetings, Russian, RP Army Nurse- Russian Officer, Old Foreign, etc Fair V/G (3) 80-120
400.    Postcards, a collection of approx 700 Edwardian cards in four modern albums inc, Embossed, Art, Comic, Seaside, River craft, Children/comic, Floral, RP Bull-Well, Cats, Mabel Lucie Atwell, Mountains, Scenic views, Steam ferry boat Windermere, Art Beauties, Nelson, Franco British Exhibition, Scottish Clans, Letter Cards, Flags, Maps etc, Fair V/G (4) 120-160
401.    Postcards, a group of four modern albums containing approx 650 Edwardian cards inc, Basingstoke, Thames valley, Country RP's, Naval Barracks Portsmouth RP, River craft, RP Wote St Basingstoke, Beaches, Seaside IOW RP, Pinkney's Green RP, Hackwood Park Basingstoke RP, Art, Greetings, Ramsgate, Gruss, Early Foreign, Heraldic/Coat of Arms, Royalty, Names, Newbury Station, RP Station, Stations and Engines, Bath Historical Pageant 1909, Flowers, Scottish Clans, RP's ship wrecks, Silks, Scottish Tartans, Art Beauties, Fair V/G (4) 120-160
402.    Postcards, a collection of 18 ( mostly mini) modern albums containing approx 500 Edwardian and later cards inc, Winchester, Religious, Actor/Actresses, Comic, Sweetheart, Seaside, Child Comic, Greetings, Christmas, Basing/Basingstoke including RP's, Early Postal cards 1890's, Advertising cards, Movie stars, Prices/Cadbury Reward cards, London, Brass rubbings, History, etc G V/G (18) 80-120
403.    Postcards, a collection of 14 ( mostly mini) modern albums containing approx 600 Edwardian and later cards inc, Panoramicard, Belgian Royalty, London/Wood-Milne shoe shine, Actresses, Famous Places, Religious art, French, French WW1, Postal cards 1890's, Seaside holiday places, RP River Soham, Shell giveaways, Dainty Novels series, Churches, Canals & Rivers, River Craft, UK Royalty, Early Foreign, etc Fair V/G (14) 120-160
404.    Postcards. a group of six modern albums containing approx 600 Edwardian cards inc, WW1 Comic, Children Comic, Mabel Lucy Atwell, Children, Seaside, Art, Historic Buildings, RP Chichester views, RP Military Review Fransham Surrey 1905 attended by Edward VII, Sweetheart/Romance, Promenade, Piers, RP Fishers Road Totton, Hampshire, Berkshire, Actresses, RP Demolition, RP's Houses/Churches, Basingstoke, Rivercraft, Christmas, Fair V/G (6) 120-160
405.    Postcards, a collection of five modern albums containing approx 650 Edwardian and later cards inc, Historic Buildings, Views of Bath, South Coast, Tall ships river Tamar, Churches, Rome, Castles, Donkey Rides, Valentine, Piers, Christmas, Greetings, Beauties, Dogs/Cats, Movie Stars, French, People in History, Bathing Huts, Egypt, Ship Wreck, Early World, Street Scenes/vintage cars, 120-160
406.    Postcards, a selection of eight modern albums containing approx 550 Edwardian cards inc, Actresses, UK historical landmarks, Egypt, RP vessel Trojan Prince, Rivercraft, Seaside, Scenic views, Miniature sweetheart cards presented by My Weekly/Peoples Friend & The Happy Home, Panel Cards, Paris street scenes with vintage vehicles, Paris, Venice, Rome, Beauties, Easter, South Coast, Comic, RP Nine Mile Ride Wokingham/ Cookham Bridge, Village RP's, RP Steam Train, Piers, Fair V/G (8) 100-150
407.    Postcards, a group of eight modern albums containing approx 500 Edwardian cards inc, Sweetheart, Beauties, RP's Wiltshire, Ships, Famous places UK, Painting Ship, Street scenes, Newbury Racecourse, RP Rortrait, Art , Paintings, Bisley ( Firing for the Kings prize), RP Rough Seas Hastings, Actors/Actresses, Greetings, Children, Great Wheel Earls court, Beauties, Comic, Children Comic, Mabel Lucy Atwell, Seaside, Piers, Umbrella makers Burma, Fair V/G (8) 100-150
408.    Postcards, three large modern albums containing approx 700 Edwardian cards inc, RP Christchurch priory and ruins from across the river, RP Market square Botley, RP Peace Day Basingstoke, RP Swing Bridge Old Basing, RP's, RP sawmill, RP Liss, RP Churches, RP Hampshire Marathon 1908, RP's Clatford, Winchester ( some RP's), Beauties letters, Lighthouses, Comic, Novelty, Animals, Romsey Pageant, Heraldic/Arms, Sweetheart, Coronation 1911, Moonlight Fair Good (3) 120-160
409.    Postcards, a group of six modern albums containing approx 750 Edwardian cards inc, Winchester, King Alfred Statue, Seaside, Historic Buildings, Churches, RP Butterstone, Rivercraft, Steam boat, Village RP's, Art Historic, Lock Katrine, Scotland, Berkshire/Reading & Thames Valley, Seaside towns, RP Windmill Wimbledon Common, Christmas, Beauties, RP's Shirley, Southampton, RP Itchen regatta 1904, Southampton, Portsmouth, Trams/vintage cars, Fair V/G (6) 120-160
410.    Postcards, a selection of eight modern albums containing approx 650 Edwardian cards inc, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Scenic places of interest, Cliff Railway Lynton, London, Christmas, Religious quotes, Christmas, Actresses/Royalty Embossed, RP Redruth, Seaside, Beaches, South Coast, RP Football game with huge ball, Rivercraft, Art cards, Football Players, Comic ,WW1 sweethearts, RP Somerton Ladies Hockey team, RP Bracknell station/Wokingham Rd, RP Troops/Marching/Relax/ Camp, Fair V/G (8) 120-160
411.    Postcards, loose, an accumulation of approx 800 Edwardian cards inc, World, Mountains, Seaside, Boating, Trams, Asia, Floating bridge, Paris, Bathing/huts, Gruss, Pre-1900, Russia, Trams,RP Worthing Pier, Military, Banana trees, Historic buildings, Natives, Greetings, Rivercraft, Town and City scenes, Native villages, Japan etc. Fair V/G 100-150
412.    Postcards, loose, an accumulation of approx 800 Edwardian cards inc, Historic buildings/churches, PR's, RP Clifton Suspension Bridge, World Places of interest, Piers and Seaside locations, South Coast,World Rivercraft, IOW, Native Dress, etc G V/G 100-150
413.    Postcards, loose, an accumulation of approx 1000 Edwardian & Later cards inc, Scotland, RP Watermouth Castle & Sailboats, Monmouth, Alpine/Mountains, Ireland, World Locations, Churches some RP's, Historic Buildings, Beaches, RP Esher, RP Beached Sail Boat, , Tree trunks on cart, RP Woman with horse and cart, Parade eastney Barracks, RP's villages, RP's Cobham, Seaside, Holiday destinations, Floral, Greetings, Egypt,etc Fair V/G 120-160
414.    Postcards, loose an accumulation of approx 1000, Edwardian and later cards inc, Historic Buildings & Churches some RP's, World Destinations/Famous places, Steam and River Craft, Sweetheart, Comic, Paris Early French/German, Sidcup & Foots Cray Fire Brigade 1909, Thames Valley Villages RP's, Bracknell RP's & Station, WW1 Souvenirs, Naval, India, Greetings, Floral, RP Portraits, Social History, Native Dress, Scotland, Fair V/G 120-160
415.    Postcards, loose, an accumulation of approx 800 Edwardian and later cards inc, Historic Buildings and Castles, Sweetheart, WW1 Comic/Service, Bomb damage, Portrait, Parks, Military Bugle parade, Greetings, RP's Churches, Religious, London, Street Scenes, Greeting Cards, Historic building interiors, 100-150
416.    Postcards, loose, an accumulation of approx 800 Edwardian and later cards inc, Egypt, Historic Buildings, Seaside/Beaches, City Views, Cathedrals/Churches, River Vessels, Mountains/Alpine, Thames Villages, Church RP's, France, Berkshire villages, London, Windsor, Church carvings, Beauties, Bomb Damage, Embroidered, Easter, Children, City scenes etc Fair V/G 100-150
417.    Postcards, loose, an accumulation of approx 1000 Edwardian and later cards inc, Churches, Cathedrals, Ancient art, French, Seaside/Beach, Holland, River Vessels, Cable car, Historic building interiors, Wiltshire, Children undergoing open air Hospital Treatment Leasowcastle, Royalty, Actors, RP's Bampton Fair, Children, Greetings, RP's Houses/Portraits, Art, etc, Poor ( splitting - Good). 120-160
418.    Postcard, a interesting photographic postcard of "Easton Glebe", Dunmow, Essex, the one time house of the author H.G.Wells. With small message to back and signed, " yours H.G.Wells" 8.5cm x 11cm , some discolouration and edge marks. 100-150
419.    Postcards, a collection of approx 100 cards including a collection of erotic nude B&W photographs (8) possibly from the 1960's together with a selection of reproduction Edwardian erotic nude photographs ( 38) Edwardian greetings cards and modern cards G V/G Parcel. 50-80
420.    Ephemera Match books a collection of 1950's and later match books, approx 140 examples, many airline inc, BOAC, Pan America, TCA, Qantas, Air France, Alitalia, Ghana Airways, Eastern Airlines, BEA, Butlins, P&O, Cunard,Pentagon, Top Rank, United States Lines etc ( Note all match books have been opened out and remnants of matches removed) together with a small collection of mixed Tea and cigarette cards Parcel 30-50
421.    Ephemera, a collection of "Film Weekly" magazines, various dates from the 1930's , approx 100 magazines in fair to good condition. 30-50
422.    Ephemera Mixed, a selection of vintage photographs including, WWII Homeguard in uniform (possably Andover?)Horses, Shepherd and flock,Man with cattle, Social History, many postcard sized Military photographs all services/locations, North Africa/Desert, Mounted , two x Early Victorian Officers posed ( Rawalpindi )Parcel. 60-80
423.    Annuals, Rupert, a collection of 37 annuals including, 1969/72/73/74/75/76/81/82/83/84/85/86/87/88/89/90/91/92/93/94/95/96/98/99/2000/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/11 A Bears Life-Rupert and Rupert-The Rupert Bear Dossier. 30-50
424.    Ephemera, Giles, a early ( 1950's) large original Cartoon drawing in ink entitled " I want to go home" featuring the cartoon cast admiring the New York waterfront ( possably) with the boy making the comment, name( Giles)bottom left, approx 21cm x 48cm together with a group of twelve " Stackup" cartoons on card by Kipling. Parcel 400-600
425.    Ephemera Mixed, two empty Standard Fireworks boxes, size 40 with inner plastic, selection of associated flyers and catalogues together with, large quantity of Desperate Dan button badges, P&O brass name plate badges ( unused), stoneware hot water bottle, and framed Red Arrow print etc. Parcel. 30-50
426.    Ephemera, a vintage scrapbook from the 1912 which may have been following a holiday/honeymoon, featuring Paris, Venise, Italy, England and Ireland, inc, postcards, programmes of shows, tickets, hotel reciepts, telegraphs and memorabillia from the trip. Together with "The Prisoners Progress", a illustrated diary of the march into captivity of the last of the British Army in France - June 1940 by Leslie.C. Hunt, 2nd Lieutenant, The East Surrey Regiment No 1351, of Oflag VII C, Germany. (2) 40-60
427.    Ephemera, a mixed lot including, photographic book, Round the World from London Bridge to Charing cross via Yokohama and Chicago, photographic book, Round The Coast, photographs of the chief sea-side places of interest in Great Britain and Ireland, together with a series of scenic photographic prints, Wallace monument souvenir booklet, glass print plates etc. Parcel 30-50
428.    Ephemera Mixed, a selection of items including, small Masonic leather case, boxed set of Anchor blocks, vintage Cigarette card album and assorted cigarette cards , vintage album of albuem prints etc Parcel. 30-50
429.    Ephemera, playing cards, 20 packs, some new and sealed, mostly smoking and tobacco manufacturers inc, Panama, Marlboro, Castella, Players Super Kings, JPS, Vanguard etc, together with "The Lincoln" stamp album containing a selection of stamps from the 1930's to 1960's and approx 20 FDC's. Parcel. 30-50
430.    Ephemera, a group of programmes including, Royal Ballet, New Theatre Oxford, ABC Regal Gloucester, Empire Pool Wembley ( Harlem Globetrotters), Royal Opera House Covent Garden, Coliseum, London Palladium, Sadlers Wells Etc, mostly from the 1970's. (14) 30-50
431.    Breweriana, a collection of associated items including, sef Pavars Straume mechanical figure (AF) ceramic ashtrays, JPS cigarette tube cartons, Black cat window advertising stickers, optic, various tins, small badge collection together with approx 250 vintage beer mats, some duplication, various breweries. fair /VG. (2) 30-50
432.    Ephemera, a mixed lot including, a selection of approx 40 vintage B & W Military photographs , from US International News Photographs and British Official photographs ,inc, Commando Sniper, DD Commando, Field Marshal Montgomery, Gen Gale 6th Airborne Div, various troops, Admiral Denfield, Gen Bradley, Gen MacArthur, Gen Arnold, Gen Marshall, Gen Eisenhower, together with various military magazines and pamphlets wartime newspapers, concerts and more. (2) 40-60
433.    Ephemera, Cloth bound Book," To The East and Home Again", A travellers impressions by Jo Spier, presented with the compliments of the management of the Nederland Line-Royal Dutch Mail, Amsterdam. An interesting collection of pencil drawings and coloured illustrations of all lands visited. 30-50
434.    Ephemera, Bookmarks, a vast accumulation of several thousand ranging from early embroidered , Cross stitch, Leather, Silk, Advertising, Card to modern advertising and location marks. Parcel (3) 40-60
435.    Ephemera, Bookmarks, a collection of modern albums containing various types including, Vintage, Cross stitch, leather, Silk, advertising and more.(17) 40-60
436.    Southampton FC, approximately seventy programmes 80/90s, one 1959 V Norwich, a variety of publications including press cuttings of cup win, a Kevin Keegan autograph, three books one signed by Lawrie McMenemy plus other memorabilia 40-60
437.    Tony Adams, limited edition print 211/500 74cm X 58cm arms out after scoring fourth goal v Everton when clinching title in 1998 COA 40-60
438.    Tottenham Hotspur, a replica England shirt (large red) signed by Sol Campbell together with a multi-signed Spur's shirt ( Thomson sponsor) early 2000s (both with COA) plus two programmes 1965 V Sheffield away and Arsenal 1968 home 60-80
439.    1927 Cup Final, one 'part retained' ticket for Wembley final west standing enclosure, Saturday April 23rd 1927 Cardiff beat Arsenal 1-0 100-150
440.    Brentford FC, 100 Years of Brentford book with fourteen signatures inside front cover together with two centenary gala dinner brochures and menus 50-80
441.    Sir Alf Ramsey, Christmas card signed Alf celebrating 100 years of FA sent Christmas 1963 30-40
442.    1966 World Cup, framed & glazed presentation 78cm X 48cm COA includes photograph of Bobby Charlton signed and caricatures of Nobby Stiles and DVD cover with five further signatures, J Charlton, Stiles, Banks, Wilson and Peters, on the back signatures of Stan Boardman and Kenny lynch 40-60
443.    World Cup 1966, signed photograph of George Cohen with Sir Alf Ramsey COA framed with plaque 50-70
444.    England/Arsenal, Wayne Rooney England, Denis Bergkamp Arsenal separate framed and glazed 35cm X 45cm both have signatures on separate card COA 50-70
445.    Chelsea FC, approximately thirty programmes mainly recent cup finals, three press photographs winning league, finals, Munich 2012 programme and complete ticket, Moscow 2008 all travel documents, FA cup final 1997 programme and ticket stub, approximately a dozen ticket stubs for recent cup games, pennant commemorating last FA cup final at old Wembley plus other items 40-60
446.    Queens Park Rangers, approximately one hundred programmes home and away with examples from each year 1946 - 1970 good condition and a pennant 1966/67 50-70
447.    Queens Park Rangers, one hundred programmes approx. one hundred home and away from 1970 - 1990 with examples from each season good condition 40-60
448.    Queens Park Rangers, approximately eighty programmes from 1990-2000 home and away good condition 30-50
449.    Queens Park Rangers, over two hundred and fifty programmes from each year 2004 - 2017 good condition 30-50
450.    Speedway, Swindon programmes twenty plus from 1969 onwards good condition 20-30
451.    Andrew Murray, framed and glazed photograph 39cm X 68cm with signature with DVD cover of winning US Open 2012 COA plus two DVDs 40-60
452.    Davis Cup, Wimbledon - two programmes 1935 Monday July 29th GB (holders) V USA and 1936 Monday July 27th programme GB (holders) V Australia some discolouration to cover, from the family of CRD Tuckey - player 100-150
453.    Davis Cup, Wimbledon - two programmes 1935 Monday July 29th GB (holders) V USA and 1936 Monday July 27th programme GB (holders) V Australia some discolouration to cover, from the family of CRD Tuckey - player 100-150
454.    Davis Cup, two programmes 1936 GB V Australia Monday July 27th and 1937 GB V USA Monday July 26th played at Wimbledon some discolouration to cover, from the family of CRD Tuckey - player 60-80
455.    Wimbledon, programme for Wednesday July 1st 1908, three card section now detached some pencil writing to top front cover plus Wightman cup programme 16/17 June 1950 with Tuckey written to top right of front and some pencil writing on the back and The Queen's Club 42nd Annual Tournament programme for Saturday June 22nd 1935, some pen writing of results 50-70
456.    Tennis Medal 1937, hard court runners-up silver medal for men's doubles. CFD Tuckey & CP Hughes engraved on medal, in original case together with two Players' cigarette cards of Tuckey and Hughes (they won in 1936) 60-80
457.    Tennis 1920/30s, two scrap books, Junior level to Wimbledon and Davis Cup success about CRD Tuckey and players of the time - information about the only mother and son mixed doubles pairing 40-60
458.    Golf, Master's Flag signed by two times winner Ben Crenshaw 1984 & 1995 excellent condition, vendor was a USA PGA & European caddie 150-175
459.    Ben Crenshaw, Master's cap 2016 (orange)signed by Ben Crenshaw with the inscription of winner 1984 &1995 together with a signed Titleist Master's golf ball in display case, vendor was a USA PGA & European caddie 100-125
460.    Lee Westwood, signed Dunlop Collection polo shirt (x Large) with signature on left side front and sponsor badge on right side, 2009 badge signifying European Number one 2009 together with a signed photograph and a Titleist glove, vendor was a USA PGA & European caddie 150-200
461.    Ryder Cup, Oak Hill Flag No 18 signed by Bernard Gallagher Europe Captain 100-125
462.    Ben Crenshaw, Master's cap 2016 signed by Ben Crenshaw with the inscription of winner 1984 &1995 together with a signed Titleist Master's golf ball in display case, vendor was a USA PGA & European caddie 100-125
463.    Golf, two blazer badges - Prestonfield and Scots Craig plus a Royal and Ancient souvenir wallet celebrating 250 year anniversary - contains course guide for five local courses, vendor was a USA PGA & European caddie 30-50
464.    Ben Crenshaw, seven golf bag tags, including USA Golf Association 79th US Open 1979, Open 1979 Royal Lytham & St Anne's and Isuzu Kapalua International Hawaii 1987 plus a World Match Play Championship (Piccadilly) 1974, vendor was a USA PGA & European caddie 100-120
465.    Golf Books, Memoirs of Mort Olman, signed by the author, The Grandfather of Collecting Memorabilia together with a R & A souvenir wallet celebrating 250 years anniversary only given to R & A members, vendor was a USA PGA & European caddie 80-100
466.    Golf/Concorde, two limited edition posters Papersculpture by Jonathon Milne to commemorate the 1984 British Open and the first Concorde flight taking golfers to St Andrews plus a Concorde luggage tag 50-70
467.    Golf/Rugby prints, two comical coloured - golf ' Stuck in the Bunker' and lady ballet dancers playing rugby 20-40
468.    Horse Racing, Ruff's Guide to Turf 1958 - 1995 (38 copies) good condition 80-120
469.    Horse Racing, Sporting Chronicles - thirteen copies, 1933,1936,1941 x 2, 1943, 1945, 1946, 1948 x 2, 1949 1951 (flat) 1951 (flat 7 National Hunt) reasonable condition with some damage to a couple of spines. 40-60
470.    Rugby/Cricket, various programmes 21 rugby Bristol & England mainly 2000s a further 7 cricket, tennis and golf and fourteen unrelated 20-30
471.    Muhammed Ali, a pair of boxing gloves both with signatures, that have been verified by an expert, well presented in a display case 300-500
472.    Boxing Autographs, twenty one from the 1940s mainly on paper stuck into an autograph book including Rinty Monaghan, Gus Lenevich, Freddie Mills, Gene Tunney and what is believed to be Joe Louis 300-400
473.    Sports Equipment, three wooden shafted golf clubs, one j Bremner putter, one Bert Stanley wood and another iron together with a set of cricket stumps, cricket bat and tennis racket 40-60
474.    Speedway, mirrored image tribute Tommy Jansson 24cm X 35cm plus rosette and scarf and other cuttings about his death together with three programmes for the last meet of Wimbledon June 5th 1991, 20 photographs, some signed including Larry Ross and Rudy Matts, enamel badge 'The Eagles and five cloth badges 40-60
475.    Speedway, large b/w photographs 46cm X 56cm on card Graham Stapleton, Ronnie Moore (signed) Bert Harkins, Trevor Hedge and Reg Luckhurst 40-60
476.    Speedway, large b/w photographs 46cm X 56cm on card Tommy Jansson, Neil Cameron and Rob Jones 40-60
477.    Speedway, autographs from the early 1970s - one book containing approximately 80 including Tommy Jansson, Johnie Hoskins, (the man who is believed to have brought speedway to England) and Jansson's parents, the second book contains approximately 20 including Les Collins and Mal Simmons, many dedicated to Sue 60-80
478.    Cricket, Bowling Legend by David Stallard limited edition 126/400 print framed and glazed 76cm X 59cm West Indies V India four bowlers Curtly Ambrose, Malcolm Marshall, Lance Gibbs and Courtney Walsh 40-60
479.    Colin Cowdrey, A print entitled 'Conversation Piece' signed by Colin Cowdrey 18" X 16" approx. limited edition 14/850 30-50
480.    Cricket, a signed score card from the third test match, Trent Bridge 1977 nine autographs including Tony Greig, Alan Knott and Mike Hendrick, an England team signed sheet from the fourth test V South Africa 1998, one day international score sheet England v West Indies April 3rd with 9 autographs, Allan Lamb and Robin Smith together with a signed 'Primary Club' set of statistics, framed and glazed 30-50
481.    Cricket, four miniature bats, three mounted in display case with printed autographs, Australia tour side 1956 & 1953 plus England 5th test Oval 1953 together 18 signatures on a miniature bat from MCC 1995 squad 40-60
482.    Cricket/Football, twenty four score cards - 1950s mainly Kent and England V west Indies June 1950 - some completed plus a programme Badminton CC, the team in the testimonial match included Tom Graveney and WR Hammond, 4 books 1948 guide to Test Match, How's That 1948, Cricket Stars - 1948, Finders' Cricket Annual 1949 and 4 amateur cup final programmes April 26th 1952 Leyton v Walthamstow Avenue 40-60
483.    Print, small print 222cm X 13cm appears to be original page from book - Grand cricket match played at Lord's possibly between Earl of Winchester & Durnley for 1,000g 20-30
484.    Cricket, eight D. Dean prints 1994/95 three signed Colin Cowdrey, John Edrich and Denis Compton with five unsigned John Hobbs, C.Mead, L Ames, G Tyldesley, A Sandham and E Hendren 8" X 11.5" 30-40
485.    Cricket, ten D. Dean prints 1994/96 four signed, Dennis Amiss, Tom Graveney, Graeme Hick and Geoff Boycott plus six unsigned H Sutcliffe, Leonard Hutton, F Woolley, T Hayward, WG Grace and W Hammond. 8" X 11.5" 40-60
486.    Cricket, fifteen photographs 20cm X 15cm New Zealand early pictures at The Oval meeting officials/Royalty possibly first Test in England together with a scrap book of football cutting from the 1930s 30-50
487.    Cricket, autographs from the Ashes winning team August 1953, including Alec Bedser and Trevor Bailey, framed and glazed approx. 10" X 8" together with a signed b/w photograph Godfrey Evans 40-60
488.    Rugby, limited edition print 118/450 (78cm X 64cm) Investec Challenge 2002 by Doug Harker Try scoring England V South Africa states hand signed by Richard Hill, Lawrence Dallaglio, Will Greenwood and Neil Back COA excellent condition 80-120
489.    Rugby, limited edition print 232/495 (78cm X 64cm) Investec Challenge 2002 by Doug Harker England V Australia print of Dawson running with ball COA states hand signed by Jason Leonard, Matt Dawson and Jonny Wilkinson excellent condition 80-120
490.    Rugby, British Lions versus New Zealand programme 27th August 1966 in good condition with forty eight autographs on the middle pages including Colin Meads, Willie-John McBride, Mike Gibson and the two captains Cambell-Lamerton and Lochare plus a small Lion's badge 150-200
491.    Rugby, limited edition print 148/495 Investec Challenge by Doug Harker print of Cohen running with ball COA states hand signed by Martin Johnson, Lewis Moody and Ben Cohen, excellent condition 80-120

Olympics, The official report of 'The Organising Committee' for the XIV Olympiad - London 1948 presented by The British Olympic Association to Group Captain A.H. Owen together with' The Olympic Winter Games, Oslo 1952, with dedication 40-60
493.    Carpet Bowls, small sized set- complete in original box and packing good condition 20-30
494.    Skiing, a large plaster model of a girl on skies with bird behind approx. 26" l x 6" D x 12" H 30-50
495.    Football, Jimmy Johnstone Celtic & Scotland signed print 13.5" X 19" limited edition 119/495 55-75
496.    Collection of Stickers, ten albums Panini Football 1984/85/86/87/88, Mexico 86, Soccer 82 England 2008, Germany 2006 - generally partially completed together with 8 non-football related albums and large box of mixed stickers 40-60
497.    Various Programmes, over two hundred with the majority Speedway (100+) plus motor racing, golf, cricket, rugby, American Football and more, some duplicates 30-50
498.    Football Programmes, approximately one hundred and forty including English Schools, Charity Shield, FA cup ,Play-offs, FA Trophy, Champions League and others 30-40
499.    England Internationals, forty plus programmes from 1956-1986, eighty plus from the 2000s together with Fanzines and Free Lions 40-60
500.    Swindon Town/related, eight programmes, one V Ipswich 12-11-88, four signatures on Programme 18-09-90 and a signature on 1987 programme, a Glen Hoddle autograph on an international programme, game played at Swindon and 2 further autographs of Neil Kinnock and Robert Carlisle. 40-60
501.    Swindon Town FC, a massive collection of over two hundred programmes 1986-2000s plus 2 scarves, 4 hats, bobble hat, rosette, press cuttings and teams sheets 40-60
502.    QPR, sixty programmes - one 1957 V Brentford and one 1969 V Spurs, Rodney Marsh picture, DVD and two Subbuteo QPR team colours 30-50
503.    Non-league, approximately twenty including Weston-s-Mare, Clevedon, Almondsbury and Kidderminster 20-40
504.    Cup Finals/Play-offs, forty plus in total, 15 finals or play-offs including first play-off, Centenary Cup Final 1972, limited edition Coventry V QPR August 20th 2005, Milk Cup Final 1986, Arsenal V Swindon final 1969 and a Rothmans handbook 1987/88 30-50
505.    Soccer Magazines, Soccer Star sixty plus mainly 1968/69, thirty Goal and twenty Jimmy Hill's Football Weekly 1968/69 30-50
506.    Reading FC, two hundred and fifty plus programmes 1967-2008 good condition 30-50
507.    Swindon Town, over seven hundred programmes dating from 1993-2001 30-50
508.    Arsenal/Chelsea, nearly three hundred Arsenal programmes and nearly two hundred Chelsea programmes 1968 -2000, mainly modern good condition 30-50
509.    Football Programmes, Swindon 1976 onwards 80+, Reading 1970-1995 100+, Portsmouth 1992 onwards approx. 100, Oxford United 140+ and Southampton 1981-91 approx. 80 good condition 30-50
510.    Non-league, approximately one hundred programmes including Southport, Hungerford, Woking Morecombe and Stevenage 20-40
511.    Rothmans Books, Year books between 1978 - 2003 (18 in total) some duplicates, Sky Sports x2 plus Rugby league 1988 and two The World of Professional Golf 40-60
512.    Football Programmes, Spurs 1973 - 2000 approx. 60, West Ham approx. 100, Leicester 30+, Swansea, Everton, Man Utd, Palace, Stoke and Villa duplicates total approx. 250 good condition 20-40
513.    Football Programmes, approximately three hundred from a variety of clubs including Cambridge, Leeds, Wrexham and Macclesfield plus some League Reviews 20-40
514.    Football Programmes, approximately two hundred from a variety of clubs including Bristol City, Luton- 30, QPR - 30 , Macclesfield -50 and many others 20-40
515.    England Football, a variety of memorabilia including scarf, stickers, flag, European Championship 2000 chart, World Cup 90, Guide 2002, 2005 calendar plus 18 publications including England v Wales 1960 and a 1966 DVD 40-60
516.    Autographs, from a 1956 fixture between Fulham (10 identified from 13) including Bobby Robson, Johnny Haynes and Robin Lawler and Port Vale (11 identified) including Reg Potts and Eddie Bailey 30-40
517.    Croquet, modern set, Jaques, London in box four players Hard wood ash mallets, relatively unused 60-80
518.    Golf Shoes, a pair of brown golf shoes size 8 together with a Nick Faldo autograph on a golf tag 20-40
519.    1966 World Cup, programme for the final Saturday July 30th in good condition and no writing 60-80
520.    Football Programmes, approximately seventy programmes including FA Cup finals, 66,67,71 & 76, Amateur Finals 64 & 67, 8 Spurs 1965 onwards, 8 Everton 65 onwards plus some press cuttings and rugby programmes 50-60
521.    Fulham FC, two hundred plus programmes from the 2000s home and away in good condition with a few other Fulham publications 30-50
522.    Fulham FC, three hundred and seventy five approximately programmes home and away and other publications from the 2000s 40-60
523.    Fulham FC, approximately two hundred and fifty programmes from the 1990s, home and away and a few other publications generally in good condition 40-60
524.    Fulham FC, approximately two hundred programmes, home and away and a few team sheets generally from the 1980s 40-60
525.    Fulham FC, two hundred plus programmes from the 1970s, home and away, generally in good condition together with three ticket stubs including FA Cup Final, May 3rd 1975 60-80
526.    Fulham FC, one hundred and seventy five programmes approx. home and away, mainly from the 1950s & 1960s and generally in good condition 80-100
527.    Football Memorabilia, Soccer Star publications 1966/67 approximately 25 copies, Jimmy Hill's Football Weekly and Charles Buchan Football Monthly all from the 1966 era approx. 20 plus press cuttings, Playfairs, cup final and mixed programmes generally from the 1980s 40-60
528.    Non-league, approximately one hundred programmes from a variety of years ranging from Maidstone to Bugle in Cornwall 30-50
529.    Rugby, approximately two hundred mixed rugby programmes ranging from Maidstone to England Internationals 20-30