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Lot Description and Estimate Images Sold For

A Victorian gold and moss agate brooch, the ornate pierced mount set with a cushion shaped panel of hardstone, unmarked
Estimate: 60-80 (plus 18%


A group of five gold rings, including an 18ct gold wedding band, approx. 2.5g, two 9ct gold and garnet set rings, a 9ct gold wedding band and a 9ct gold signet ring, approx. 13.8g (5)
Estimate: 150-200 (plus 1


A collection of Georgian and later jewellery, presented in a green jewellery box, including a yellow metal mourning ring, two stick pins, a German Art Nouveau period silver pendant on chain and more (parcel)
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A Victorian gold and turquoise child's ring, set with three blue beads and having chased flowers to the shoulders, approx. 1g and size J, with a vintage ring box (2)
Estimate: 50-80 (plus 18%


A Victorian garnet set bangle, the pinchbeck hinged mount with two rows of faceted red stones, AF
Estimate: 60-80 (plus 18%


A late 19th century gold and hardstone spinning fob seal, having two oval panels in frame with knot upper, approx. 4.5g
Estimate: 60-80 (plus 18%


A group of six Victorian and later stick pins, each probably on gold pins, including a cabochon star ruby example, a diamond horseshoe, a pearl example and three others, approx. 14.2g (6)
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


Three Victorian and Edwardian 15ct gold bar brooches, one rectangular, one oblong and another shaped and set with two seed pearls and a rose cut diamond, approx. 10.8g (3)
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1


A modern white metal and diamond brooch, the swirl mount marked 585 set with three eight cut stones, approx. 4.4g
Estimate: 50-80 (plus 18%


An Edwardian period silver bangle, one half of the hinged thick band with engraved designs and applied buckle
Estimate: 60-80 (plus 18%


Two 1970s yellow metal cocktail dress rings, one marked 585 with a smoky quartz, the other marked 333 with a pink stone, approx. 9.8g (2)
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1


Two Victorian and Edwardian 15ct gold and seed pearl bar brooches, both with double bars, one with buckle also set with two red stones, the other with central S shape, both hallmarked, approx. 6g (2)
Estimate: 80-120 (plus 18


Two modern Middle Eastern necklaces, both box chains marked 750, with Arabic script pendants, approx. 8.2g (2)
Estimate: 150-200 (plus 1


A late 19th or early 20th century silver bangle, one half of the hinged band with three engraved panels in gold frame, one with gold butterfly, one with a bird and one with an owl, marked STLG SILVER
Estimate: 60-100 (plus 18


An Art Deco period bar brooch, the probably platinum pierced bars set with several old cut stones, having gold pin, presented in a fitted Heming & Co box (2)
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


A late Victorian Scottish silver and malachite brooch, modelled as a belt and garter set with green hardstone
Estimate: 60-100 (plus 18


A continental white metal and diamond necklace, the flattened link chain supporting pierced tear drop pendant set with a small eight cut, marked 333, together with a gold and jadeite pendant and a gold charm, approx. 10.8g (3)
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A 19th century amethyst brooch, the gold coloured twist ribbon upper supporting a pendant drop, having all over chased designs and set with oval purple stones
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


A 1970s retro yellow metal and smoky quartz cocktail dress ring, the cushion shaped rubbed over mount supporting a faceted stone, marked 585, approx. 6.2g
Estimate: 80-120 (plus 18


A 19th century citrine brooch, the ornate gold coloured upper set with four oval light yellow stones and supporting a drop pendant on chain
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1


A collection of silver and costume jewellery and lady's watches, including a Raymond Weil watch, a silver watch, several silver necklaces and pendants, a torsion bangle, a hardstone bead necklace, brooches and more (parcel)
Estimate: 100-200 (plus 1


A 19th century Scottish amethyst and citrine brooch, the circular gold coloured mount centred with a large purple stone and surrounded by six circular orange stones
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


A vintage emerald and diamond dress ring, the yellow metal mount marked 750, set with four old cuts and a larger central oval green stone, approx. 7g and size N, emerald is slightly loose
Estimate: 250-350 (plus 1


A 19th century gold mourning padlock clasp, the chased front set with three green stones, central stone chipped, the reverse with glazed compartment of plaited hair
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


An associated suite of carved cameo jewellery, comprising a necklace with pendant marked 750, an oval yellow metal brooch and a dress ring, approx. 27g (3)
Estimate: 250-350 (plus 1


A Victorian garnet mourning brooch, the quatrefoil domed mount centred with a cabochon red stone with star and seed pearl, supporting an oval pendant drop on chains with tassels
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


A Victorian yellow metal bracelet, the hand and ring clasp with two red cut stones and serpents head to underside, having three hexagonal engraved sections joined by multiple links, not tested, approx. 19.5g
Estimate: 200-400 (plus 1


A small Victorian brooch, the gold coloured elliptical mount centred by a seed pearl
Estimate: 60-80 (plus 18%


Three modern 9ct gold and gem set rings, including two cluster examples and another with a pierced tablet, approx. 6.5g (3)
Estimate: 60-80 (plus 18%


Three Victorian and Edwardian silver brooches, one with name of Mary, another with Good Luck and the other with scene of watermill at Laxey on the Isle of Man (3)
Estimate: 50-80 (plus 18%


A collection of silver and costume jewellery, including several silver and white metal rings, a gold plated wedding band, paste set and other jewels (parcel)
Estimate: 60-100 (plus 18


A group of four vintage paste set buckles, including one oval example marked Sterling Silver, two rectangular and another shaped example (4)
Estimate: 60-100 (plus 18


An Art Deco period three stone diamond engagement ring, in white metal, possibly platinum mount, with transitional brilliant cuts, approx. 3.5g and size P
Estimate: 250-350 (plus 1


A 19th century garnet brooch, the heart shaped gilt mount with flat red stones
Estimate: 60-100 (plus 18


A fine modern diamond cluster cocktail dress ring, the central fancy coloured brilliant cut approx. 0.72ct, surrounded by two rows of pink tinge brilliant cuts in a rose gold mount, approx. 6g and size O
Estimate: 3000-4000


A large collection of Victorian jet and jet style jewellery and beads, mostly damaged pieces of jewellery, including a watch chain, a large cross pendant, brooches, earrings, necklace and more (parcel)
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


An Edwardian diamond posy ring, with flower head tablet set with old cuts on an 18ct gold band, approx. 2.7g and size O
Estimate: 150-200 (plus 1


A collection of Victorian and later gem stones, mostly from unstrung necklaces, including a damaged moonstone brooch and necklace and other loose moonstones, a damaged garnet necklace and other gems and hardstones (parcel)
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


A late 19th century Italian carved shell cameo panel, of oval form depicting an angel visiting a water nymph, together with a circular cameo brooch with flowers and a green retailers box (3)
Estimate: 40-60 (plus 18%


A fine 9ct gold and enamel fishing interest tie pin, having fly fishing rod and reel with applied enamelled trout, in a fitted box (2)
Estimate: 100-200 (plus 1


A fine and rare 19th century gold and hardstone brooch, with two sardonyx panels with gold back and glazed compartments united by a seed pearl u shaped stretcher and supporting a tassel drop, approx. 30.5g
Estimate: 3000-4000


An Edwardian period carved shell cameo brooch, the oval panel with finely carved mythological scene, in a pinchbeck mount
Estimate: 100-200 (plus 1


A partially strung Art Deco period cherry amber bead necklace, the largest bead approx. 3.5cm and graduating down in size to 1cm, approx. 200g (parcel)
Estimate: 300-500 (plus 1


A vintage pretty paste set choker necklace and earring set, set with blue and clear stones, with drop pendant and cluster style clip earrings (3)
Estimate: 60-100 (plus 18


A continental gold lady's open faced pocket watch and jewellery, including a gold plated heart locket, a part strung pearl necklace, a silver and enamel Siam brooch and other items (parcel)
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1


A continental 18ct gold hardstone and gem set floral brooch, with gold branch supporting carved jade leaves, with rock crystal petals, one damaged and one chipped, centred with a ruby and diamonds, with a German retailers box (2)
Estimate: 100-200 (plus 1


An Art Deco style sapphire and diamond dress ring, the shaped white 18ct gold mount set with a large oval blue stone and surrounded by old cuts to front and sides of the tablet, approx. 5.4g and size K
Estimate: 2000-3000


An Art Deco period diamond and ruby brooch, the white metal tapering pierced bar set with old cuts and having central roundel centred with a larger old cut and smaller example with square cut red stones, in retailers box (2)
Estimate: 180-220 (plus 1


A fine and pretty topaz and diamond pendant, the large blue oval cut stone with applied flower and branch frame and bale, lacking eight stones, set with eight cuts, supported on a light green material neck lace
Estimate: 1000-1500


An early 20th century ruby and diamond brooch, in retailers box, with gold bar brooch having applied crescent centred by a seed pearl (2)
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1

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