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Lot Description and Estimate Images Sold For

A nice late 19th century tortoiseshell and silver inkwell stand, supporting a cut glass inkwell and stopper, AF
Estimate: 80-120 (plus 18


A pair of 19th century bronze urn vases, on a grey marble square base, having scrolling grape vine to body and a pair of goat head handles, 24cm (2)
Estimate: 200-300 (plus 1


A vintage Chinese hardwood brush pot, decorated with figures amongst a landscape, 19cm high
Estimate: 200-300 (plus 1


A vintage bronzed desk stand, rectangular base stepped at rear with inkwells to each side and surmounted by a roaring tiger, 37cm wide
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A vintage wooden ashtray by Mouseman, together with a 19th century pressed papier mache snuff or tobacco pot (2)
Estimate: 60-100 (plus 18


A late 19th or early 20th century bronze figure of Admiral Lord Nelson, stood holding walking cane, loose from square stepped marble base, sword loose (3)
Estimate: 100-200 (plus 1


A Taisho period Japanese Satsuma style vase, globular form decorated with ladies amongst blossoming trees and heightened in gilt, bearing two character signature to base, 23cm high
Estimate: 200-300 (plus 1


A large late Meiji period Tokyo School carved ivory okimono, modelled as an elderly scholar on tree trunk base supporting a column with two children, signed to base, 31cm
Estimate: 200-300 (plus 1


A late Meiji period Tokyo School carved ivory figure okimono, modelled as an elder holding sceptre with child and deer, 21cm
Estimate: 200-300 (plus 1


A late Meiji period Tokyo School carved ivory figure of a lady okimono, holding pruning shears and a basket of plums with two playful monkeys, two character mark to base, 16.5cm
Estimate: 150-200 (plus 1


A pair of late Meiji period Tokyo School carved ivory netsukes, modelled as buddhist temple dogs or Fo Dogs, each with two character marks (2)
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


Three late 19th century Chinese and Japanese carved ivory items, including a Chinese small card case cross and vase, a figure of a man, possibly a larger group as damaged to rear, and a napkin ring (3)
Estimate: 80-100 (plus 18


A 1960s presentation silver tray by FC, square form with shell corners, having engraved design and inscription to well along with facsimile signatures from Lord Chandos and others, approx. 56ozt. Sheffield 1960
Estimate: 550-650 (plus 1


A group of three Georgian silver milk jugs, one helmet shaped on square base, another bulbous example on three supports, and another with embossed designs (3)
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1


A late Victorian silver bon-bon dish, octagonal with pierced sides on four supports
Estimate: 60-100 (plus 18


A small Edwardian silver jug from Liberty & Co, together with a set of three early 20th century silver cruets also from Liberty & Co, mustard hinge broken (4)
Estimate: 60-100 (plus 18


A group of silver items, including a cased Christening set, another Christening set, a small Armada dish, a 19th century continental spoon and a toast rack (8)
Estimate: 80-120 (plus 18


An antique Greek icon, the hardwood panel, possibly oak, having painted scene of St Constantine and St Helena, with some script, some damages, 24cm by 17.5cm
Estimate: 250-400 (plus 1


A pair of African painted ostrich eggs, each with a Masai beadwork circular stand, one with warrior, shield and sword, the other with deer, arrows and bow (4)
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A large late Victorian silver trophy by Elkington & Co, Birmingham 1896, with associated lid by Mappin & Webb, London 1898, with statuette, approx. 45ozt. (3)
Estimate: 300-500 (plus 1


A Victorian silver novelty vinaigrette by Sampson Mordan, London 1874, with Victorian kite marks dating production to 23rd June 1870, the mouthpiece end unscrews to reveal scent bottle 2 žozt. approx. 11cm L
Estimate: 500-800 (plus 1


A Moorcroft Pomegranate pattern egg waiter, the frame and spoons in A1 plate by Walker & Hall, with four egg cups
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1


A framed set of thirty five sporting silver ingots, released to commemorate the British Horse Society 28ozt. approx.
Estimate: 250-350 (plus 1


A small group of five ROAB medals, relating to the Kingston Lodge, one in 9ct, approx. 21 g, another 9ct, approx. 6g, and two silver medals and one silver gilt pendant on ribbon, some with boxes (8)
Estimate: 250-350 (plus 1


A modern silver filled capstan inkwell
Estimate: 50-80 (plus 18%


A group of eight antique reproduction silver spoons, including a pair of Apostle examples by EJH NH and London 1912, a Triffid spoon by S & Co London 1911, a gilt spoon and two Britannia silver teaspoons (8)
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A pair of modern silver decanter labels, together with a modern silver photograph frame, scratched, four silver napkin rings and two silver propelling pencils (9)
Estimate: 80-120 (plus 18


A vintage South American lapis lazuli inlaid box, the crude white metal hinged rectangular form with sections of blue hardstone and heart shaped design, approx. 16.5cm wide
Estimate: 60-100 (plus 18


A well designed 1970s silver beaker from Haseler & Restall, in the form of a section of bamboo with gilt interior, dated London 1971, approx. 6.5ozt.
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A mid 20th century Russian silver serving dish, possibly for sweetmeats, in the form of a shell on ball supports with leaf handle, bearing Moscow and other strike marks, possibly TC, RC or LC, approx. 16ozt.
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


An Art Deco style Chinese white metal dish, with shaped rim having scroll pierced sections, circular well on three scroll supports, bearing strike marks to underside, approx. 17.5ozt.
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


A modern silver Jewish netilat yadayim or washing cup by Hazorfim, the twin handled vessel with gilt interior and embossed scroll and floral design, marked 925 and Hazorfim, approx. 9.75ozt.
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A Chinese plain bronze small censor, with angular handles, and with impressed seal mark to the base 15cm W
Estimate: 300-500 (plus 1


An eastern bronze bodhisattva, believed to be an early 18th century Nepalese Vajrapani seated on lotus base with rat approx. 11cm H
Estimate: 300-500 (plus 1


A Chinese celadon jade luck pendant, with incised carving of Jin Chan the golden toad, and an immortal with staff, seal mark verso 5.5cm H
Estimate: 180-250 (plus 1


A Chinese porcelain stem bowl with copper red goldfish decoration, Xuande six character mark to the top, but probably 18th century 15.5cm dia x 10.2cm H
Estimate: 800-1200


A Chinese celadon octagonal planter, believed to be 19th century, four character mark to the base 18cm dia. x 10.2cm H
Estimate: 300-500 (plus 1


A Chinese unglazed pottery vase, with relief moulded dragons to a scrolling cloud ground, seal mark impressed to the base 14cm H
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


A Baccarat lead crystal wine cooler, with silver plated mounts and insert, marked to the base 24.5cm H
Estimate: 300-500 (plus 1


A Baccarat lead crystal ice bucket, with silver plated swing handle, marked to the base 15.5cm H
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A St Louis glass comport, with gilt banding to the foot and rim, and with encaptured teardrop bubble to the stem 19.5cm H approx.
Estimate: 250-350 (plus 1


A Brussel's lace capback, believed to be c.1735-45 21cm L
Estimate: 150-200 (plus 1


A collection of Brussel's, Mechlin, and Binch lace samples and lengths (parcel)
Estimate: 300-400 (plus 1


A collection of 19th century Brussel's lace, and point de gaze, in lengths and samples (parcel)
Estimate: 150-200 (plus 1


A collection of 18th century and later mainly British lace, including Buck's point, needle lace, and more, including some half finished examples (parcel)
Estimate: 60-100 (plus 18


Two 19th century Brussel's lace handkerchiefs, in point de gaze, each 33cm W (2)
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A collection of 17th century and later, Venetian needlepoint lace, plus some crochet (parcel)
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


Three late 19th century Chinese silk embroidered sleeves, one brown ground example decorated with bats, and birds of paradise, within a floral muliti-border; the others to a cream ground, one of which with embroidered medallions showing scenes of domesticity, and zodiac animals surrounded with insects, and flowers picked out in gold thread, the other with carp and chrysanthemum (3)
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1


A collection of needlepoint tapestry, Berlin woolwork, patchwork, silk embroidery and more (parcel)
Estimate: 150-200 (plus 1


A collection of mainly 19th century lace bobbins, including Church Window examples, Mother & Child, trolley bobbins, some with female and male names, others with scrolling legends (29)
Estimate: 500-800 (plus 1

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