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A collection of silver items, including folding fruit knives, nail buff, folding silver mounted curling tongs, button hooks and more (parcel)
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A good Edwardian silver hunting hip flask by J.B, with large slide off beaker engraved with two family crests, with tapered lower and domed shoulder upper with twist hinged cap, London 1904, approx. 18ozt. together with a silver plated Art Deco cocktail shaker (2)
Estimate: 200-300 (plus 1


A good Victorian desk stand by John Newton Mappin, Sheffield 1889, rectangular with pierced gallery sides on four three claw and ball feet, having a pair of cut glass and silver mounted inkwells (3)
Estimate: 100-200 (plus 1


A Taisho period Japanese fruit okimono, carved in the form of an apple with a coil of peeled skin, finished in a pink blush stain 5cm H
Estimate: 300-500 (plus 1


A pair of George II silver cauldron salts, London 1760, with later chasing; together with a selection of silver including an Albert Ernest Jenkins hand raised silver twin handled bowl, a continental silver sweetmeat basket, ashtrays, and more 18ozt.
Estimate: 220-280 (plus 1


An Art Deco silver fountain pen and pencil set by Everedi, presented in a case, with instruction leaflets, fountain pen damaged (5)
Estimate: 60-100 (plus 18


A rare suite of Baccarat 1936-1950 Art Deco style glasses, including a liquor decanter and twelve glasses, a port decanter and twelve glasses, a water jug and twelve glasses, twelve cocktail glasses, and eleven wine glasses (61)
Estimate: 3000-5000


After Pier Jacopo Alari-Bonacolsi (c.1460-1528), called L'Antico, bronze figure Spinario 19.5cm, together with a bronze casting of Donatello's David 23.5cm (2)
Estimate: 250-400 (plus 1


A 15th/16th century Tibetan bronze figure on lotus leaf base, modelled as the Green Tara, inlaid with turquoise and coral 13.5cm, on later wooden lotus leaf carved pedestal, 19cm overall
Estimate: 800-1200


A late Edo period ivory netsuke, modelled as a hare and leveret, the hare with amber eyes, signed to the foot 4.5cm approx.
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1


A Chinese porcelain Qing dynasty pale blue glaze zun, Kangxi mark and period, the celadon coloured water pot with applied qilin decoration, character marks to the base 11.5cm diameter, on later stand (2)
Estimate: 500-800 (plus 1


A collection of silver items, including a boxed pair of Duncan & Scobie triffid spoons, Sheffield 1931, a cream jug and sugar bowl from Charles Boynton & Son Ltd, London 1910, plus butter knives, sauce ladle, eight Georgian teaspoons, and more (parcel)
Estimate: 180-250 (plus 1


A group of good quality silver plated wares, including a sugar caster, comport, toast rack, a selection of flatware, and more (parcel)
Estimate: 40-60 (plus 18%


A George III silver caddy spoon by Matthew Linwood, Birmingham 1808, in the shape of a grain scoop
Estimate: 80-100 (plus 18


A George V silver teapot by James Dixon & Sons, squat form on bun feet, Sheffield 1933, approx. 20.5ozt.
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


A modern silver hip flask from Links of London, in Links of London box (2)
Estimate: 80-120 (plus 18


A fine late 19th century carved shell cameo portrait, presented in a card case, the oval panel with the bust of a young man, 5cm
Estimate: 80-120 (plus 18


A fine late 19th century Chinese silver bowl, the fluted sides with engraved and raised floral and greek key designs, bearing character marks to base, 12.5cm diameter and approx. 5.2ozt.
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


A Victorian silver teapot by Thomas Ash, London 1873, circular with scalloped rim and raised and engraved floral designs, approx. 18ozt.
Estimate: 150-200 (plus 1


A fine pair of Edwardian or later silver handled lobster cracks and picks by WJH, presented in a fitted case, with scroll and shaped handles with steel blades and hinged crackers, Birmingham c.1900 (5)
Estimate: 150-200 (plus 1


A cased modern Argentian silver drinking set from Ricciardi, having an ornate ovoid mate drinking vessel on tripod base heightened in gilt and with matching Bombilla (drinking straw) in fitted blue box, bearing strike marks (3)
Estimate: 100-200 (plus 1


A Georgian silver pap boat, the invalid feeding vessel of typical slipper form, bearing engraved family crest, dented, marks worn
Estimate: 70-100 (plus 18


A Georgian silver milk jug, with sweet engraved inscription to a pastor, dated 1834, some denting
Estimate: 70-100 (plus 18


A collection of silver and antique reference books, including Paul Storr by Penzer, The Colman Collection of Silver Mustard Pots, Scottish Provincial Silversmiths, English Silver Spoons by Snodin, 18th century Sugar Tongs by Dr Shlosberg, and three other on silver, together with a book on Galle, Lalique, Watches & Clocks and more (18)
Estimate: 70-100 (plus 18


A good quality Victorian silver plated salver, having ornate pierced rim, the well with Greek key and engraved designs centred by a family crest
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A cased vintage Parker 51 set, together with two miniature silver peppers, a Victorian carved ivory fruit knife in the form of an arm and a silver plated and leather roundel crest (7)
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1


An early Victorian silver mustard pot by Elizabeth Eaton, of octagonal form with engraved floral designs, with blue glass liner, London 1844, together with a George IV silver mustard spoon (3)
Estimate: 100-200 (plus 1


Three Victorian and later interesting cruet items, including an unusual blue ceramic Presto mustard pot with silver cap, a silver plated and cut glass Cayenne pepper stand and holder, and a blue glass and silver mounted bottle (4)
Estimate: 80-120 (plus 18


A pair of fine Victorian silver gilt serving spoons by James Dixon & Sons, in the style of Pugin with turquoise beads and cabochon garnet to roundel terminal with cross design, bearing registration kite marks and marked London 1882. The registration number being 382820 with facsimile of entry (3)
Estimate: 200-300 (plus 1


A pair of Victorian silver dessert forks by George Adams, together with a group of four Victorian silver teaspoons also by George Adams (6)
Estimate: 70-100 (plus 18


A fine pair of George III silver table spoons by Paul Storr, in kings or hourglass and shell pattern, London 1817 (2)
Estimate: 70-100 (plus 18


A pair of George III silver servers, Old English pattern bearing engraved crest, Sheffield 1802 by TL, possibly Thomas Law, together with four George III and later silver table spoons, two with family crests (6)
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A collection of George II and later teaspoons, dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, various designs and makers (14)
Estimate: 70-100 (plus 18


Two modern silver commemorative spoons, for Elizabeth II, one a silver jubilee example with crown terminal by Clare Rose Brooke Harte, the other a trefid spoon from 1952, together with a set of six white metal ornate teaspoons with leaf wells and branch handles (8)
Estimate: 70-100 (plus 18


A group of eight interesting Georgian and later spoons, including two Irish silver rat tail tablespoons, another Irish example, an Exeter Queen Victoria Coronation ladle by William Rawling Sobey, a Victorian tablespoon with broad arrow and three Scottish silver spoons (8)
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1


A collection of George II and later teaspoons, dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, various designs and makers (17)
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A group of four Georgian and later silver dessert spoons, together with a set of four George III silver mustard spoons, a mustard spoon with bright cut handle and shell shaped bowl and a small silver spoon (10)
Estimate: 70-100 (plus 18


A good William IV mahogany and inlaid decanter box in the form of a roll top bureau, square base with curved hinged cover with flat top, having marquetry designs opening to reveal velvet lining, stained, and six compartments, containing four of the original glass and gilt decanters and two similar replacements
Estimate: 700-900 (plus 1


A fine continental school enamel painting, the oval panel with scene of cattle, sheep and goats crossing a brook with herdsman and donkey, having rolling hills and ruin to background, 27cm wide and 18.5cm high, in a gilt frame
Estimate: 800-1200


A George VI silver tankard by R&D, with engraving To John from Reg 1947, approx. 9.9ozt.
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A late Meiji period Japanese bronze vase, the tapering form with engraved landscape heightened in gold and silver, two character marks to reverse, 18.5cm
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


A 1970s silver trophy bowl from Mappin & Webb, dated Birmingham 1977, on wooden base, marked Rankotel Magazine Golf Trophy Sardinia 1978 (2)
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A 19th century black lacquered and brass inlaid decanter and glass box, AF, with hinged top and flap sides opening to reveal lift out gilt metal and wooden tray with fitted glass and decanter areas, containing two of the original decanters and sixteen liquor glasses, but one is damaged and lacks foot, other with some gilt loss and chips
Estimate: 200-300 (plus 1


A small continental silver pill dispenser box, triangular in form, together with a modern silver filled candlestick and miniature picture frame (3)
Estimate: 50-80 (plus 18%


A pair of modern Royal Worcester hand painted fish cabinet plates, both signed by E.R. Booth, one with a pair of trout, the other a pair of perch, 20cm (2)
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A collection of silver and silver plated items, including a set of six silver teaspoons and tongs in case, an oriental silver plated opium pipe, three silver teaspoons, a plated and glass cruet set in stand and more (parcel)
Estimate: 60-100 (plus 18


A pair of late Victorian porcelain owl spill vases, one with a couple of owls on perch titled Match Making, the other with a single owl titled Reveries Of A Bachelor (2)
Estimate: 80-120 (plus 18


A pair of George V silver and glass vases, having silver guilloche circular bases with pink and black enamel below trumpet shaped cut glass uppers, 23cm (2)
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1


A Victorian carved ivory letter opener or page flip, the finely worked Dieppe style terminal with roses and leaves, approx. 16.5cm
Estimate: 70-100 (plus 18


A group of three Victorian glass scent bottles, each a double ended example, one in flashed blue, one in Bristol blue with hinged centre, and one clear glass, AF (3)
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1

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