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A 9ct gold fob medallion, of Portsmouth Secondary Girls School interest, with inscription, approx. 6.2g, together with a pinchbeck fob pencil (2)
Estimate: 80-120


A 19th century ivory patch box, the oblong hinged box with mirror to inner lid, AF, together with two tooth and ear picks (3)
Estimate: 60-100


A George III period cut glass and silver sifter, hallmarked to the cap with pierced upper and urn finial
Estimate: 80-120 (plus 18


An Edwardian 9ct gold vesta case, of Southsea Bowling Club interest, with inscription and emblem, hallmarked, approx. 32g
Estimate: 300-400 (plus 1


A George V silver six piece dressing table set, comprising trinket box, hand mirror, pair of clothes brushes, comb and hairbrush, together with a silver thimble (7)
Estimate: 70-100 (plus 18


A collection of Victorian and later silver and other items, including a small enamelled capstan inkwell, a cut glass scent bottle, a letter opener, a purse and more (parcel)
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1


A collection of works of art, including a silver and mop quill pen, a porcelain inkwell and pen stand with duck, a pair of lorgnettes, a Steiff bird and more (parcel)
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1


Two antique silver converted belts, one having circular pierced medallions with chain links, now with watch snap clasp, possibly Birmingham 1865, the other having shaped panels with figures and exotic birds joined by chain links, both now suitable as necklaces (2)
Estimate: 80-120 (plus 18


A pair of late 19th century German silver and ivory servers, presented in a fitted box marked J. Knewitz Juwellier Mainz, having rococo style handles marked 800, with carved ivory spoon and fork (3)
Estimate: 60-100 (plus 18


A harlequin set of six George III and later silver dinner forks and dessert forks and tablespoons, each with thread pattern, the tablespoons and dinner forks bearing family crests, approx. 40ozt. (18)
Estimate: 700-900 (plus 1


A fine George VI silver Art Deco style compact by D.S & S, the square form case with engraved lines and having gold clasp and sprung loaded hinged cover with mirror to interior, 9cm, in fitting leather pouch (2)
Estimate: 80-120 (plus 18


Three pairs of Georgian and later tablespoons, all thread pattern, two pairs by Richard Crossley, one with family crest and one with engraved initials, and one pair of Victorian examples by SH DC with family crest, approx. 12.5ozt. (6)
Estimate: 220-280 (plus 1


An Edwardian Art Nouveau style silver nurses belt buckle by William Comyns, the ornate pierced panels centred with floral designs, dated London 1904 (2)
Estimate: 60-100 (plus 18


A group of 20th century silver cruet items, including a pair of modern peppers from Gorham, a three piece cruet set, and two further peppers (7)
Estimate: 150-200 (plus 1


A George V silver salver by James Dixon & Sons, with bead and flower head border on three ball and claw supports, dated Sheffield 1921, approx. 17.9ozt.
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


A Victorian silver belt by HM, the oval pierced buckle with pierced and shaped panels joined by shaped links
Estimate: 80-120 (plus 18


A George V silver presentation teapot, of oval form with fluted lower, bearing inscription to upper, marks worn, c.1920, approx. 17.65ozt.
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


A set of twelve Edward VII silver dessert forks by A&D, old English pattern with initial L to each, Sheffield 1908, in original card boxes, approx. 19ozt. (14)
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


A silver plated harlequin King's pattern canteen of cutlery, from makers such as Walker & Hall, Butler and Jones & Biggins, approx. 90 pieces (parcel)
Estimate: 50-80 (plus 18%


A good quality Edward VII silver bon bon dish by J.R, possibly John Round & Sons, the shaped dish with pierced sides and swing handle, marked to the underside for J.B Inglis & Sons York, Sheffield 1904, approx. 12.75ozt.
Estimate: 150-200 (plus 1


A modern silver novelty chip fork B & Co, together with a modern silver mounted desk clock from Carr (2)
Estimate: 40-60 (plus 18%


A collection of Georgian and later silver spoons and flatware, including teaspoons, a fork, five silver handled butter knives and more, approx. 9ozt. (parcel)
Estimate: 80-120 (plus 18


A George V silver sugar basin and milk jug by H&B, each on acanthus leaf supports, Sheffield 1911, approx. 12.7ozt. (2)
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


Four Victorian and later items of silver, including a silver mustard with blue glass liner, chipped, by William Hutton & Sons, a pierced trumpet vase, a pierced bon bon dish and a dwarf silver filled candle holder, approx. 8.3ozt. (4)
Estimate: 70-100 (plus 18


A set of six George III silver teaspoons by IH, fiddle pattern, London 1817-18, together two pairs of Georgian silver sugar tongs, two George V silver sugar tongs and two silver napkin rings, approx. 8.2ozt. (12)
Estimate: 70-100 (plus 18


A very fine late 19th century Chinese silver jug by LC, the bulbous body on spreading circular foot with well cast branch handle, the body with exquisite relief battle scenes of fighting figures below a palace interior, bearing engraved crest to the front, stamped to base LC, approx. 12.9ozt. and 16.5cm high
Estimate: 250-350 (plus 1


A rare Anglo-Indian rosewood chest, with heavy brass handles and strapped corners, the chest opens to reveal an intricately fitted interior with trays and mirrors, boxes and drawers, and hidden compartments, with the small brass inlaid box within designed as a scale replica of the chest, 75cm wide
Estimate: 1000-1500


An extensive Edwardian silver canteen of cutlery, almost complete twenty four piece service, lacking one teaspoon and dessert fork, all in Old English pattern with bright cut design and initials I.N.S, circa Sheffield 1909 with makers mark for M & S Ltd, presented in a partially fitted canteen box, AF, comprising 23 dessert forks, 24 dessert spoons, 24 dinner forks, two basting spoons, three sauce ladles, soup ladle, 23 teaspoons, sugar tongs and 24 tablespoons, together with an associated teaspoon strainer and silver plated trowel, approx. 197ozt. (parcel)
Estimate: 1600-2000


Two Victorian silver plated cutlery sets, both in mahogany cases, one a twelve piece dessert knife and fork set, the other a fish eating set with ivory handles, AF (2)
Estimate: 60-80 (plus 18%


A George II silver salver by John Robinson II, London 1743, bearing the Phillips crest within a bright cut border and pie crust edge, on four scroll feet 46ozt.
Estimate: 600-800 (plus 1


A mid to late 19th century French school watercolour on ivory portrait, believed to be the protagonist of Alexander Dumas' 1844 novel 'The Three Musketeers', d'Artagnan. With Samuel Coombes framer's label verso 16cm x 12cm, in ebonised frame and glazed
Estimate: 400-600 (plus 1


A Russian silver cigarette case, with cabochon ruby clasp, inscription to the inside dated 1904, and kokoshnik marks for Moscow c.1900 maker unidentified. Some damage to the inside within inscription, over 4ozt. 9cm x 6.5cm, in later leather slip
Estimate: 400-600 (plus 1


A silver three piece tea set by Frank Cobb & Co. Ltd., Sheffield 1933, of canted rectangular form with milled border 30ozt.
Estimate: 250-400 (plus 1


A 19th century gold tipped rhino horn whip, with gold colour crested ferrule 69.5cm L, plus a similar leather example in bull's blood finish 71cm L (2)
Estimate: 150-200 (plus 1


A Merry & Co. of St. James's London silver mounted whip, together with a silver mounted antler handle whip marked TG & Co., and a fine malacca cane from Brigg of London (3)
Estimate: 150-200 (plus 1


A pair of silver clothes brushes, together with a silver mounted cut glass atomiser, a small silver jewellery casket, a set of six Newcastle silver George III teaspoons 1804, a sterling silver sifter spoon by Daniel Low & Co, and a James Dixon & Sons glass hunting flask with silver plated mounts (parcel)
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1


A silver cigarette case by W.T. Toghill & Co., Birmingham 1959, together with two early to mid-20th century silver matchbook holders, and an Art Deco shagreen cigarette case (4)
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A silver three piece tea set by Louis Symelman, London 1902, with gadrooned borders to the top and bottom, and with commemorative crest, 32.5ozt.
Estimate: 250-350 (plus 1


A Nathaniel Mills silver snuff box, Birmingham c.1840 - indistinctly date marked, plus a Sampson Mordan silver retractable pencil pendant, 6ozt. both inscribed with reference to David Waddington Esq
Estimate: 180-250 (plus 1


A silver chatelaine, with pencil, pin cushion, whistle, knife and button hook, plus two silver and MOP folding fruit knives, a pill box, Georgian sugar nips, and novelty tea spoons (parcel)
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


A pair of late 18th century Georgian shoe buckles, decorated with coronets
Estimate: 100-150 (plus 1


A collection of George III and later silver flatware, mainly fiddle pattern and including table spoons, forks, a sauce ladle and more, 40ozt.
Estimate: 400-600 (plus 1


A part set of fiddle pattern silver flatware by Robert Pringle & Sons, London 1914, comprising spoons and forks, 35ozt.
Estimate: 350-500 (plus 1


A Victorian silver salver by Edward John & William Barnard, London 1847, with later chasing and inscription from the Buenos Aires Great Southern & Western Railways dated 1939, of serpentine form with pie crust edge raised on three scroll feet, 25ozt.
Estimate: 220-300 (plus 1


A George III silver milk jug by Samuel & Edward Davenport, London 1806, with brightcut decoration; together with a silver poringer and cover dated 1916, and with later initials dated 1919, possibly of WWI interest, 12ozt.
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1


A collection of silver items, including two mustard pots, a pair of silver mounted glass salts, cased napkin rings, Georgian teaspoons and more, 18.5ozt. (parcel)
Estimate: 150-250 (plus 1


Three pieces of silver dressing table furniture, with engine turned decoration and monogram, plus a small group of silver plated spoons (8)
Estimate: 80-100 (plus 18


A set of 12 Georgian and later silver tablespoons, the Georgian examples by William Eaton, the later by Elizabeth Eaton, approx. 28.5ozt.
Estimate: 400-600 (plus 1


A collection of early 19th century teaspoons, various makers, plus sauce ladles from a similar period, approx. 5.5ozt.
Estimate: 80-100 (plus 18


A set of Victorian silver berry spoons by Josiah Williams & Co, Exeter 1876, including a sifter spoon, plus a pair of small silver triffid spoons, approx. 9ozt. (7)
Estimate: 120-180 (plus 1

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