Jewellery, Silver, Works of Art & Coins
Tuesday 28th March 2017 at 10:00

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1.      A 9ct gold fob medallion, of Portsmouth Secondary Girls School interest, with inscription, approx. 6.2g, together with a pinchbeck fob pencil (2) £80-120
2.      A 19th century ivory patch box, the oblong hinged box with mirror to inner lid, AF, together with two tooth and ear picks (3) £60-100
3.      A George III period cut glass and silver sifter, hallmarked to the cap with pierced upper and urn finial £80-120 (plus 18
4.      An Edwardian 9ct gold vesta case, of Southsea Bowling Club interest, with inscription and emblem, hallmarked, approx. 32g £300-400 (plus 1
5.      A George V silver six piece dressing table set, comprising trinket box, hand mirror, pair of clothes brushes, comb and hairbrush, together with a silver thimble (7) £70-100 (plus 18
6.      A collection of Victorian and later silver and other items, including a small enamelled capstan inkwell, a cut glass scent bottle, a letter opener, a purse and more (parcel) £120-180 (plus 1
7.      A collection of works of art, including a silver and mop quill pen, a porcelain inkwell and pen stand with duck, a pair of lorgnettes, a Steiff bird and more (parcel) £120-180 (plus 1
8.      Two antique silver converted belts, one having circular pierced medallions with chain links, now with watch snap clasp, possibly Birmingham 1865, the other having shaped panels with figures and exotic birds joined by chain links, both now suitable as necklaces (2) £80-120 (plus 18
9.      A pair of late 19th century German silver and ivory servers, presented in a fitted box marked J. Knewitz Juwellier Mainz, having rococo style handles marked 800, with carved ivory spoon and fork (3) £60-100 (plus 18
10.     A harlequin set of six George III and later silver dinner forks and dessert forks and tablespoons, each with thread pattern, the tablespoons and dinner forks bearing family crests, approx. 40ozt. (18) £700-900 (plus 1
11.     A fine George VI silver Art Deco style compact by D.S & S, the square form case with engraved lines and having gold clasp and sprung loaded hinged cover with mirror to interior, 9cm, in fitting leather pouch (2) £80-120 (plus 18
12.     Three pairs of Georgian and later tablespoons, all thread pattern, two pairs by Richard Crossley, one with family crest and one with engraved initials, and one pair of Victorian examples by SH DC with family crest, approx. 12.5ozt. (6) £220-280 (plus 1
13.     An Edwardian Art Nouveau style silver nurses belt buckle by William Comyns, the ornate pierced panels centred with floral designs, dated London 1904 (2) £60-100 (plus 18
14.     A group of 20th century silver cruet items, including a pair of modern peppers from Gorham, a three piece cruet set, and two further peppers (7) £150-200 (plus 1
15.     A George V silver salver by James Dixon & Sons, with bead and flower head border on three ball and claw supports, dated Sheffield 1921, approx. 17.9ozt. £150-250 (plus 1
16.     A Victorian silver belt by HM, the oval pierced buckle with pierced and shaped panels joined by shaped links £80-120 (plus 18
17.     A George V silver presentation teapot, of oval form with fluted lower, bearing inscription to upper, marks worn, c.1920, approx. 17.65ozt. £150-250 (plus 1
18.     A set of twelve Edward VII silver dessert forks by A&D, old English pattern with initial L to each, Sheffield 1908, in original card boxes, approx. 19ozt. (14) £150-250 (plus 1
19.     A silver plated harlequin King's pattern canteen of cutlery, from makers such as Walker & Hall, Butler and Jones & Biggins, approx. 90 pieces (parcel) £50-80 (plus 18%
20.     A good quality Edward VII silver bon bon dish by J.R, possibly John Round & Sons, the shaped dish with pierced sides and swing handle, marked to the underside for J.B Inglis & Sons York, Sheffield 1904, approx. 12.75ozt. £150-200 (plus 1
21.     A modern silver novelty chip fork B & Co, together with a modern silver mounted desk clock from Carr (2) £40-60 (plus 18%
22.     A collection of Georgian and later silver spoons and flatware, including teaspoons, a fork, five silver handled butter knives and more, approx. 9ozt. (parcel) £80-120 (plus 18
23.     A George V silver sugar basin and milk jug by H&B, each on acanthus leaf supports, Sheffield 1911, approx. 12.7ozt. (2) £100-150 (plus 1
24.     Four Victorian and later items of silver, including a silver mustard with blue glass liner, chipped, by William Hutton & Sons, a pierced trumpet vase, a pierced bon bon dish and a dwarf silver filled candle holder, approx. 8.3ozt. (4) £70-100 (plus 18
25.     A set of six George III silver teaspoons by IH, fiddle pattern, London 1817-18, together two pairs of Georgian silver sugar tongs, two George V silver sugar tongs and two silver napkin rings, approx. 8.2ozt. (12) £70-100 (plus 18
26.     A very fine late 19th century Chinese silver jug by LC, the bulbous body on spreading circular foot with well cast branch handle, the body with exquisite relief battle scenes of fighting figures below a palace interior, bearing engraved crest to the front, stamped to base LC, approx. 12.9ozt. and 16.5cm high £250-350 (plus 1
27.     A rare Anglo-Indian rosewood chest, with heavy brass handles and strapped corners, the chest opens to reveal an intricately fitted interior with trays and mirrors, boxes and drawers, and hidden compartments, with the small brass inlaid box within designed as a scale replica of the chest, 75cm wide £1000-1500
28.     An extensive Edwardian silver canteen of cutlery, almost complete twenty four piece service, lacking one teaspoon and dessert fork, all in Old English pattern with bright cut design and initials I.N.S, circa Sheffield 1909 with makers mark for M & S Ltd, presented in a partially fitted canteen box, AF, comprising 23 dessert forks, 24 dessert spoons, 24 dinner forks, two basting spoons, three sauce ladles, soup ladle, 23 teaspoons, sugar tongs and 24 tablespoons, together with an associated teaspoon strainer and silver plated trowel, approx. 197ozt. (parcel) £1600-2000
29.     Two Victorian silver plated cutlery sets, both in mahogany cases, one a twelve piece dessert knife and fork set, the other a fish eating set with ivory handles, AF (2) £60-80 (plus 18%
30.     A George II silver salver by John Robinson II, London 1743, bearing the Phillips crest within a bright cut border and pie crust edge, on four scroll feet 46ozt. £600-800 (plus 1
31.     A mid to late 19th century French school watercolour on ivory portrait, believed to be the protagonist of Alexander Dumas' 1844 novel 'The Three Musketeers', d'Artagnan. With Samuel Coombes framer's label verso 16cm x 12cm, in ebonised frame and glazed £400-600 (plus 1
32.     A Russian silver cigarette case, with cabochon ruby clasp, inscription to the inside dated 1904, and kokoshnik marks for Moscow c.1900 maker unidentified. Some damage to the inside within inscription, over 4ozt. 9cm x 6.5cm, in later leather slip £400-600 (plus 1
33.     A silver three piece tea set by Frank Cobb & Co. Ltd., Sheffield 1933, of canted rectangular form with milled border 30ozt. £250-400 (plus 1
34.     A 19th century gold tipped rhino horn whip, with gold colour crested ferrule 69.5cm L, plus a similar leather example in bull's blood finish 71cm L (2) £150-200 (plus 1
35.     A Merry & Co. of St. James's London silver mounted whip, together with a silver mounted antler handle whip marked TG & Co., and a fine malacca cane from Brigg of London (3) £150-200 (plus 1
36.     A pair of silver clothes brushes, together with a silver mounted cut glass atomiser, a small silver jewellery casket, a set of six Newcastle silver George III teaspoons 1804, a sterling silver sifter spoon by Daniel Low & Co, and a James Dixon & Sons glass hunting flask with silver plated mounts (parcel) £120-180 (plus 1
37.     A silver cigarette case by W.T. Toghill & Co., Birmingham 1959, together with two early to mid-20th century silver matchbook holders, and an Art Deco shagreen cigarette case (4) £100-150 (plus 1
38.     A silver three piece tea set by Louis Symelman, London 1902, with gadrooned borders to the top and bottom, and with commemorative crest, 32.5ozt. £250-350 (plus 1
39.     A Nathaniel Mills silver snuff box, Birmingham c.1840 - indistinctly date marked, plus a Sampson Mordan silver retractable pencil pendant, 6ozt. both inscribed with reference to David Waddington Esq £180-250 (plus 1
40.     A silver chatelaine, with pencil, pin cushion, whistle, knife and button hook, plus two silver and MOP folding fruit knives, a pill box, Georgian sugar nips, and novelty tea spoons (parcel) £150-250 (plus 1
41.     A pair of late 18th century Georgian shoe buckles, decorated with coronets £100-150 (plus 1
42.     A collection of George III and later silver flatware, mainly fiddle pattern and including table spoons, forks, a sauce ladle and more, 40ozt. £400-600 (plus 1
43.     A part set of fiddle pattern silver flatware by Robert Pringle & Sons, London 1914, comprising spoons and forks, 35ozt. £350-500 (plus 1
44.     A Victorian silver salver by Edward John & William Barnard, London 1847, with later chasing and inscription from the Buenos Aires Great Southern & Western Railways dated 1939, of serpentine form with pie crust edge raised on three scroll feet, 25ozt. £220-300 (plus 1
45.     A George III silver milk jug by Samuel & Edward Davenport, London 1806, with brightcut decoration; together with a silver poringer and cover dated 1916, and with later initials dated 1919, possibly of WWI interest, 12ozt. £120-180 (plus 1
46.     A collection of silver items, including two mustard pots, a pair of silver mounted glass salts, cased napkin rings, Georgian teaspoons and more, 18.5ozt. (parcel) £150-250 (plus 1
47.     Three pieces of silver dressing table furniture, with engine turned decoration and monogram, plus a small group of silver plated spoons (8) £80-100 (plus 18
48.     A set of 12 Georgian and later silver tablespoons, the Georgian examples by William Eaton, the later by Elizabeth Eaton, approx. 28.5ozt. £400-600 (plus 1
49.     A collection of early 19th century teaspoons, various makers, plus sauce ladles from a similar period, approx. 5.5ozt. £80-100 (plus 18
50.     A set of Victorian silver berry spoons by Josiah Williams & Co, Exeter 1876, including a sifter spoon, plus a pair of small silver triffid spoons, approx. 9ozt. (7) £120-180 (plus 1
51.     A collection of silver items, including folding fruit knives, nail buff, folding silver mounted curling tongs, button hooks and more (parcel) £100-150 (plus 1
52.     A good Edwardian silver hunting hip flask by J.B, with large slide off beaker engraved with two family crests, with tapered lower and domed shoulder upper with twist hinged cap, London 1904, approx. 18ozt. together with a silver plated Art Deco cocktail shaker (2) £200-300 (plus 1
53.     A good Victorian desk stand by John Newton Mappin, Sheffield 1889, rectangular with pierced gallery sides on four three claw and ball feet, having a pair of cut glass and silver mounted inkwells (3) £100-200 (plus 1
54.     A Taisho period Japanese fruit okimono, carved in the form of an apple with a coil of peeled skin, finished in a pink blush stain 5cm H £300-500 (plus 1
55.     A pair of George II silver cauldron salts, London 1760, with later chasing; together with a selection of silver including an Albert Ernest Jenkins hand raised silver twin handled bowl, a continental silver sweetmeat basket, ashtrays, and more 18ozt. £220-280 (plus 1
56.     An Art Deco silver fountain pen and pencil set by Everedi, presented in a case, with instruction leaflets, fountain pen damaged (5) £60-100 (plus 18
57.     A rare suite of Baccarat 1936-1950 Art Deco style glasses, including a liquor decanter and twelve glasses, a port decanter and twelve glasses, a water jug and twelve glasses, twelve cocktail glasses, and eleven wine glasses (61) £3000-5000
58.     After Pier Jacopo Alari-Bonacolsi (c.1460-1528), called L'Antico, bronze figure Spinario 19.5cm, together with a bronze casting of Donatello's David 23.5cm (2) £250-400 (plus 1
59.     A 15th/16th century Tibetan bronze figure on lotus leaf base, modelled as the Green Tara, inlaid with turquoise and coral 13.5cm, on later wooden lotus leaf carved pedestal, 19cm overall £800-1200
60.     A late Edo period ivory netsuke, modelled as a hare and leveret, the hare with amber eyes, signed to the foot 4.5cm approx. £120-180 (plus 1
61.     A Chinese porcelain Qing dynasty pale blue glaze zun, Kangxi mark and period, the celadon coloured water pot with applied qilin decoration, character marks to the base 11.5cm diameter, on later stand (2) £500-800 (plus 1
62.     A collection of silver items, including a boxed pair of Duncan & Scobie triffid spoons, Sheffield 1931, a cream jug and sugar bowl from Charles Boynton & Son Ltd, London 1910, plus butter knives, sauce ladle, eight Georgian teaspoons, and more (parcel) £180-250 (plus 1
63.     A group of good quality silver plated wares, including a sugar caster, comport, toast rack, a selection of flatware, and more (parcel) £40-60 (plus 18%
64.     A George III silver caddy spoon by Matthew Linwood, Birmingham 1808, in the shape of a grain scoop £80-100 (plus 18
65.     A George V silver teapot by James Dixon & Sons, squat form on bun feet, Sheffield 1933, approx. 20.5ozt. £150-250 (plus 1
66.     A modern silver hip flask from Links of London, in Links of London box (2) £80-120 (plus 18
67.     A fine late 19th century carved shell cameo portrait, presented in a card case, the oval panel with the bust of a young man, 5cm £80-120 (plus 18
68.     A fine late 19th century Chinese silver bowl, the fluted sides with engraved and raised floral and greek key designs, bearing character marks to base, 12.5cm diameter and approx. 5.2ozt. £150-250 (plus 1
69.     A Victorian silver teapot by Thomas Ash, London 1873, circular with scalloped rim and raised and engraved floral designs, approx. 18ozt. £150-200 (plus 1
70.     A fine pair of Edwardian or later silver handled lobster cracks and picks by WJH, presented in a fitted case, with scroll and shaped handles with steel blades and hinged crackers, Birmingham c.1900 (5) £150-200 (plus 1
71.     A cased modern Argentian silver drinking set from Ricciardi, having an ornate ovoid mate drinking vessel on tripod base heightened in gilt and with matching Bombilla (drinking straw) in fitted blue box, bearing strike marks (3) £100-200 (plus 1
72.     A Georgian silver pap boat, the invalid feeding vessel of typical slipper form, bearing engraved family crest, dented, marks worn £70-100 (plus 18
73.     A Georgian silver milk jug, with sweet engraved inscription to a pastor, dated 1834, some denting £70-100 (plus 18
74.     A collection of silver and antique reference books, including Paul Storr by Penzer, The Colman Collection of Silver Mustard Pots, Scottish Provincial Silversmiths, English Silver Spoons by Snodin, 18th century Sugar Tongs by Dr Shlosberg, and three other on silver, together with a book on Galle, Lalique, Watches & Clocks and more (18) £70-100 (plus 18
75.     A good quality Victorian silver plated salver, having ornate pierced rim, the well with Greek key and engraved designs centred by a family crest £100-150 (plus 1
76.     A cased vintage Parker 51 set, together with two miniature silver peppers, a Victorian carved ivory fruit knife in the form of an arm and a silver plated and leather roundel crest (7) £120-180 (plus 1
77.     An early Victorian silver mustard pot by Elizabeth Eaton, of octagonal form with engraved floral designs, with blue glass liner, London 1844, together with a George IV silver mustard spoon (3) £100-200 (plus 1
78.     Three Victorian and later interesting cruet items, including an unusual blue ceramic Presto mustard pot with silver cap, a silver plated and cut glass Cayenne pepper stand and holder, and a blue glass and silver mounted bottle (4) £80-120 (plus 18
79.     A pair of fine Victorian silver gilt serving spoons by James Dixon & Sons, in the style of Pugin with turquoise beads and cabochon garnet to roundel terminal with cross design, bearing registration kite marks and marked London 1882. The registration number being 382820 with facsimile of entry (3) £200-300 (plus 1
80.     A pair of Victorian silver dessert forks by George Adams, together with a group of four Victorian silver teaspoons also by George Adams (6) £70-100 (plus 18
81.     A fine pair of George III silver table spoons by Paul Storr, in kings or hourglass and shell pattern, London 1817 (2) £70-100 (plus 18
82.     A pair of George III silver servers, Old English pattern bearing engraved crest, Sheffield 1802 by TL, possibly Thomas Law, together with four George III and later silver table spoons, two with family crests (6) £100-150 (plus 1
83.     A collection of George II and later teaspoons, dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, various designs and makers (14) £70-100 (plus 18
84.     Two modern silver commemorative spoons, for Elizabeth II, one a silver jubilee example with crown terminal by Clare Rose Brooke Harte, the other a trefid spoon from 1952, together with a set of six white metal ornate teaspoons with leaf wells and branch handles (8) £70-100 (plus 18
85.     A group of eight interesting Georgian and later spoons, including two Irish silver rat tail tablespoons, another Irish example, an Exeter Queen Victoria Coronation ladle by William Rawling Sobey, a Victorian tablespoon with broad arrow and three Scottish silver spoons (8) £120-180 (plus 1
86.     A collection of George II and later teaspoons, dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, various designs and makers (17) £100-150 (plus 1
87.     A group of four Georgian and later silver dessert spoons, together with a set of four George III silver mustard spoons, a mustard spoon with bright cut handle and shell shaped bowl and a small silver spoon (10) £70-100 (plus 18
88.     A good William IV mahogany and inlaid decanter box in the form of a roll top bureau, square base with curved hinged cover with flat top, having marquetry designs opening to reveal velvet lining, stained, and six compartments, containing four of the original glass and gilt decanters and two similar replacements £700-900 (plus 1
89.     A fine continental school enamel painting, the oval panel with scene of cattle, sheep and goats crossing a brook with herdsman and donkey, having rolling hills and ruin to background, 27cm wide and 18.5cm high, in a gilt frame £800-1200
90.     A George VI silver tankard by R&D, with engraving To John from Reg 1947, approx. 9.9ozt. £100-150 (plus 1
91.     A late Meiji period Japanese bronze vase, the tapering form with engraved landscape heightened in gold and silver, two character marks to reverse, 18.5cm £150-250 (plus 1
92.     A 1970s silver trophy bowl from Mappin & Webb, dated Birmingham 1977, on wooden base, marked Rankotel Magazine Golf Trophy Sardinia 1978 (2) £100-150 (plus 1
93.     A 19th century black lacquered and brass inlaid decanter and glass box, AF, with hinged top and flap sides opening to reveal lift out gilt metal and wooden tray with fitted glass and decanter areas, containing two of the original decanters and sixteen liquor glasses, but one is damaged and lacks foot, other with some gilt loss and chips £200-300 (plus 1
94.     A small continental silver pill dispenser box, triangular in form, together with a modern silver filled candlestick and miniature picture frame (3) £50-80 (plus 18%
95.     A pair of modern Royal Worcester hand painted fish cabinet plates, both signed by E.R. Booth, one with a pair of trout, the other a pair of perch, 20cm (2) £100-150 (plus 1
96.     A collection of silver and silver plated items, including a set of six silver teaspoons and tongs in case, an oriental silver plated opium pipe, three silver teaspoons, a plated and glass cruet set in stand and more (parcel) £60-100 (plus 18
97.     A pair of late Victorian porcelain owl spill vases, one with a couple of owls on perch titled Match Making, the other with a single owl titled Reveries Of A Bachelor (2) £80-120 (plus 18
98.     A pair of George V silver and glass vases, having silver guilloche circular bases with pink and black enamel below trumpet shaped cut glass uppers, 23cm (2) £120-180 (plus 1
99.     A Victorian carved ivory letter opener or page flip, the finely worked Dieppe style terminal with roses and leaves, approx. 16.5cm £70-100 (plus 18
100.    A group of three Victorian glass scent bottles, each a double ended example, one in flashed blue, one in Bristol blue with hinged centre, and one clear glass, AF (3) £150-250 (plus 1
101.    A nice late 19th century tortoiseshell and silver inkwell stand, supporting a cut glass inkwell and stopper, AF £80-120 (plus 18
102.    A pair of 19th century bronze urn vases, on a grey marble square base, having scrolling grape vine to body and a pair of goat head handles, 24cm (2) £200-300 (plus 1
103.    A vintage Chinese hardwood brush pot, decorated with figures amongst a landscape, 19cm high £200-300 (plus 1
104.    A vintage bronzed desk stand, rectangular base stepped at rear with inkwells to each side and surmounted by a roaring tiger, 37cm wide £100-150 (plus 1
105.    A vintage wooden ashtray by Mouseman, together with a 19th century pressed papier mache snuff or tobacco pot (2) £60-100 (plus 18
106.    A late 19th or early 20th century bronze figure of Admiral Lord Nelson, stood holding walking cane, loose from square stepped marble base, sword loose (3) £100-200 (plus 1
107.    A Taisho period Japanese Satsuma style vase, globular form decorated with ladies amongst blossoming trees and heightened in gilt, bearing two character signature to base, 23cm high £200-300 (plus 1
108.    A large late Meiji period Tokyo School carved ivory okimono, modelled as an elderly scholar on tree trunk base supporting a column with two children, signed to base, 31cm £200-300 (plus 1
109.    A late Meiji period Tokyo School carved ivory figure okimono, modelled as an elder holding sceptre with child and deer, 21cm £200-300 (plus 1
110.    A late Meiji period Tokyo School carved ivory figure of a lady okimono, holding pruning shears and a basket of plums with two playful monkeys, two character mark to base, 16.5cm £150-200 (plus 1
111.    A pair of late Meiji period Tokyo School carved ivory netsukes, modelled as buddhist temple dogs or Fo Dogs, each with two character marks (2) £100-150 (plus 1
112.    Three late 19th century Chinese and Japanese carved ivory items, including a Chinese small card case cross and vase, a figure of a man, possibly a larger group as damaged to rear, and a napkin ring (3) £80-100 (plus 18
113.    A 1960s presentation silver tray by FC, square form with shell corners, having engraved design and inscription to well along with facsimile signatures from Lord Chandos and others, approx. 56ozt. Sheffield 1960 £550-650 (plus 1
114.    A group of three Georgian silver milk jugs, one helmet shaped on square base, another bulbous example on three supports, and another with embossed designs (3) £120-180 (plus 1
115.    A late Victorian silver bon-bon dish, octagonal with pierced sides on four supports £60-100 (plus 18
116.    A small Edwardian silver jug from Liberty & Co, together with a set of three early 20th century silver cruets also from Liberty & Co, mustard hinge broken (4) £60-100 (plus 18
117.    A group of silver items, including a cased Christening set, another Christening set, a small Armada dish, a 19th century continental spoon and a toast rack (8) £80-120 (plus 18
118.    An antique Greek icon, the hardwood panel, possibly oak, having painted scene of St Constantine and St Helena, with some script, some damages, 24cm by 17.5cm £250-400 (plus 1
119.    A pair of African painted ostrich eggs, each with a Masai beadwork circular stand, one with warrior, shield and sword, the other with deer, arrows and bow (4) £100-150 (plus 1
120.    A large late Victorian silver trophy by Elkington & Co, Birmingham 1896, with associated lid by Mappin & Webb, London 1898, with statuette, approx. 45ozt. (3) £300-500 (plus 1
121.    A Victorian silver novelty vinaigrette by Sampson Mordan, London 1874, with Victorian kite marks dating production to 23rd June 1870, the mouthpiece end unscrews to reveal scent bottle 2 ¼ozt. approx. 11cm L £500-800 (plus 1
122.    A Moorcroft Pomegranate pattern egg waiter, the frame and spoons in A1 plate by Walker & Hall, with four egg cups £120-180 (plus 1
123.    A framed set of thirty five sporting silver ingots, released to commemorate the British Horse Society 28ozt. approx. £250-350 (plus 1
124.    A small group of five ROAB medals, relating to the Kingston Lodge, one in 9ct, approx. 21 g, another 9ct, approx. 6g, and two silver medals and one silver gilt pendant on ribbon, some with boxes (8) £250-350 (plus 1
125.    A modern silver filled capstan inkwell £50-80 (plus 18%
126.    A group of eight antique reproduction silver spoons, including a pair of Apostle examples by EJH NH and London 1912, a Triffid spoon by S & Co London 1911, a gilt spoon and two Britannia silver teaspoons (8) £100-150 (plus 1
127.    A pair of modern silver decanter labels, together with a modern silver photograph frame, scratched, four silver napkin rings and two silver propelling pencils (9) £80-120 (plus 18
128.    A vintage South American lapis lazuli inlaid box, the crude white metal hinged rectangular form with sections of blue hardstone and heart shaped design, approx. 16.5cm wide £60-100 (plus 18
129.    A well designed 1970s silver beaker from Haseler & Restall, in the form of a section of bamboo with gilt interior, dated London 1971, approx. 6.5ozt. £100-150 (plus 1
130.    A mid 20th century Russian silver serving dish, possibly for sweetmeats, in the form of a shell on ball supports with leaf handle, bearing Moscow and other strike marks, possibly TC, RC or LC, approx. 16ozt. £150-250 (plus 1
131.    An Art Deco style Chinese white metal dish, with shaped rim having scroll pierced sections, circular well on three scroll supports, bearing strike marks to underside, approx. 17.5ozt. £150-250 (plus 1
132.    A modern silver Jewish netilat yadayim or washing cup by Hazorfim, the twin handled vessel with gilt interior and embossed scroll and floral design, marked 925 and Hazorfim, approx. 9.75ozt. £100-150 (plus 1
133.    A Chinese plain bronze small censor, with angular handles, and with impressed seal mark to the base 15cm W £300-500 (plus 1
134.    An eastern bronze bodhisattva, believed to be an early 18th century Nepalese Vajrapani seated on lotus base with rat approx. 11cm H £300-500 (plus 1
135.    A Chinese celadon jade luck pendant, with incised carving of Jin Chan the golden toad, and an immortal with staff, seal mark verso 5.5cm H £180-250 (plus 1
136.    A Chinese porcelain stem bowl with copper red goldfish decoration, Xuande six character mark to the top, but probably 18th century 15.5cm dia x 10.2cm H £800-1200
137.    A Chinese celadon octagonal planter, believed to be 19th century, four character mark to the base 18cm dia. x 10.2cm H £300-500 (plus 1
138.    A Chinese unglazed pottery vase, with relief moulded dragons to a scrolling cloud ground, seal mark impressed to the base 14cm H £150-250 (plus 1
139.    A Baccarat lead crystal wine cooler, with silver plated mounts and insert, marked to the base 24.5cm H £300-500 (plus 1
140.    A Baccarat lead crystal ice bucket, with silver plated swing handle, marked to the base 15.5cm H £100-150 (plus 1
141.    A St Louis glass comport, with gilt banding to the foot and rim, and with encaptured teardrop bubble to the stem 19.5cm H approx. £250-350 (plus 1
142.    A Brussel's lace capback, believed to be c.1735-45 21cm L £150-200 (plus 1
143.    A collection of Brussel's, Mechlin, and Binch lace samples and lengths (parcel) £300-400 (plus 1
144.    A collection of 19th century Brussel's lace, and point de gaze, in lengths and samples (parcel) £150-200 (plus 1
145.    A collection of 18th century and later mainly British lace, including Buck's point, needle lace, and more, including some half finished examples (parcel) £60-100 (plus 18
146.    Two 19th century Brussel's lace handkerchiefs, in point de gaze, each 33cm W (2) £100-150 (plus 1
147.    A collection of 17th century and later, Venetian needlepoint lace, plus some crochet (parcel) £100-150 (plus 1
148.    Three late 19th century Chinese silk embroidered sleeves, one brown ground example decorated with bats, and birds of paradise, within a floral muliti-border; the others to a cream ground, one of which with embroidered medallions showing scenes of domesticity, and zodiac animals surrounded with insects, and flowers picked out in gold thread, the other with carp and chrysanthemum (3) £120-180 (plus 1
149.    A collection of needlepoint tapestry, Berlin woolwork, patchwork, silk embroidery and more (parcel) £150-200 (plus 1
150.    A collection of mainly 19th century lace bobbins, including Church Window examples, Mother & Child, trolley bobbins, some with female and male names, others with scrolling legends (29) £500-800 (plus 1
151.    A collection of 19th century and later crochet bonnets, plus christening gowns, dresses, and assorted tatting (parcel) £200-300 (plus 1
152.    A collection of 19th century and later Christening gowns, veils, bonnets, and more (parcel) £120-180 (plus 1
153.    ANNOUNCE Gujarati dish - An Indo-Portuguese mother-of-pearl dish Gujarat India, possibly 17th century, , together with a similar footed bowl, mounted in gilt metal.
A Middle Eastern late 19th century mother of pearl and gilt bowl and dish, the bowl with gold plated circular foot and curved mop sections to well, damaged, the dish with gold plated rim and base rim, also some damages (2) £100-200 (plus 1
154.    A collection of vintage Indian plaster figures, one lady with an umbrella, the other thirteen as men, some military, two musicians and others, some damages (14) £100-200 (plus 1
155.    A Mont Blanc fountain pen and other pens and items, with Mont Blanc box and black leather pocket pouch, along with a Waterman fountain pen and ball point, a Ronson ball point, a silver cigar cutter, a steel cigar cutter, a cigar cheroot and a shotgun cartridge coin holder (10) £150-200 (plus 1
156.    A set of vintage Avery balance scales, with rise and fall pedal, folding away into the mahogany box mount £60-100 (plus 18
157.    A vintage Zenith silver half hunter pocket watch on chain, appears to run, marked 925 to the case, on a heavy graduated curb link Albert chain (2) £80-120 (plus 18
158.    A vintage Cartier watch or bracelet box, in typical red and gilt, marked Cartier Made in France to base £100-150 (plus 1
159.    A 1980s Tag Heuer 1000 Professional diver's wristwatch, the stainless steel case with black bezel and luminous dial having date aperture, on a stainless steel strap, appears to run, with box paperwork and additional links (parcel) £200-300 (plus 1
160.    An Omega Dynamic automatic wristwatch, c.1970, with textured bezel, and gold coloured batons, comes with replacement green strap £200-300
161.    A 1970s Tissot automatic Seastar gentleman's wristwatch, gilt case and dial with date aperture, appears to run, on expanding strap, in a Tissot box (2) £60-100 (plus 18
162.    A late 1990s Omega Speedmaster Professional 'Man on the Moon' gentleman's stainless steel chronograph wristwatch, ref. 035705000, circa 1998/99, the black dial with tachymetre bezel, luminous baton hands and numerals, and three subsidiary dials for running seconds, 30 minute and 12 hour recording, the 17 jewel Omega manual wind movement no. 48348290, marked to reverse, on a block link strap, in black Omega box and outer card, with two spare links and warranty card £1000-1200
163.    A 1940s 14ct gold Bulova gentleman's evening wristwatch, the Art Deco style case with gilt dial, marked to reverse, on brown later strap £300-500 (plus 1
164.    A 1960s Omega automatic Seamaster De Ville gentleman's wristwatch, gilt circular case with batons and date aperture to brushed dial, appears to run, on a later gilt strap £80-120 (plus 18
165.    A 1960s 9ct gold Longines gentleman's wristwatch, circular dial with batons, numerals and subsidiary dial, appears to run, on later brown strap £150-250 (plus 1
166.    A group of six watches, including a 1980s Omega quartz dress watch, a Waltham gold plated full hunter, a Junghans in box, and three others (7) £80-120 (plus 18
167.    A 1960s Omega Seamaster 600 gentleman's wristwatch, gold plated circular case and dial with batons and date aperture, stainless steel back, on later gilt strap, with Omega guarantee quoting movement no. 23300699 (2) £150-250 (plus 1
168.    Limted Edition Book: Rolex - Timeless Elegance, by George Gordon in 1988, with certificate to front no. 03160, with outer green card sleeve, good condition, case scuffed, together with a small Rolex Oyster booklet (3) £70-100 (plus 18
169.    A fine George III silver pair case repeater pocket watch by Benjamin Taylor of London, the outer case with well chased and pierced decoration, dated London 1789, the inner case also with well chased and engraved designs including a grotesque mask and vignette, the movement cover marked Benj Taylor London No. 2086 and to movement, having diamond set to balance cock, typical wear and denting, enamel chipped to centre of dial £800-1200
170.    A good Victorian silver open faced pocket watch by Samuel & Robert Atkins of London, the plain case marked London 1851, having white metal movement cover marked No. 1834, the ornate movement with finely pierced balance cock and centred by a rose cut diamond, together with a nice bead work wall pocket (2) £250-350 (plus 1
171.    A 1950s/60s 9ct gold cased Omega gentleman's wristwatch, silver circular dial with batons and numerals, subsidiary to lower, manual wind, appears to run, on later brown leather strap £250-350 (plus 1
172.    A vintage Omega wristwatch box and 9ct gold buckle, the red leatherette box with gilt Omega logo to top, together with a hallmarked 9ct gold Omega strap buckle (2) £120-180 (plus 1
173.    A rare WWII Omega Swedish Army wristwatch, chrome case with black dial and copper coloured numerals, appears to run, on later black strap, together with a certificate supplied by Omega Musee stating case and movement number and date for 1943 (2) £250-350 (plus 1
174.    A retro Omega Automatic Seamaster stainless steel gentlemans wristwatch, the tonneau case with luminous batons and date aperture, appears to run, on later brown leather strap £500-800 (plus 1
175.    A 1950s/60s Jaeger Le Coultre gentleman's wristwatch, the stainless steel circular case with Art Deco style dial having part number and batons, with bumper style movement, appears to run, numbered 602669 to reverse, on black leather strap £300-500 (plus 1
176.    A modern 18ct gold case Jaeger Le Coultre gentleman's dress watch, with white dial having Roman numerals, quartz movement, on black leather strap £180-250 (plus 1
177.    A Victorian silver open faced pocket by Simpson of Hadleigh, in Chesster hallmarked case, c.1880s, with key (2) £60-100 (plus 18
178.    An Art Deco 18ct gold cased gentleman's Land & Water wristwatch by Birch & Gaydon Ltd., of Fenchurch Street London, with subsidiary seconds dial; plus an earlier 15ct lady's wristwatch on plated metal strap (2) £180-250 (plus 1
179.    A 9ct gold Dennison cased 1930s Rotary tank wristwatch, on crocodile skin strap, and a Rotary 9ct gold cased gentleman's wristwatch (2) £100-150 (plus 1
180.    A Thomas Russell & Son lady's 9ct gold wristwatch, on 9ct gold baton link strap, plus a ladies Longines 9ct gold wristwatch on double strand 9ct gold strap (2) £200-300 (plus 1
181.    A vintage chrome and leather Le Coultre table clock, on burr walnut foot, together with a vintage red leather Le Coultre mantel clock with chrome batons AF 16cm H, and smaller (2) £250-400 (plus 1
182.    A good Garrard & Co. brass cased carriage clock, with black on white enamel Roman dial flanked by reeded columns on ogee plinth 15cm H, presented in original box, and with service receipts and original guarantee £300-500 (plus 1
183.    A WWII period German aircraft cockpit clock, probably from a Messerschmidt dashboard, appears to run, marked to inner 87388 and J30 BZ £150-250 (plus 1
184.    Three WWI and later military related open faced pocket watches, all with black dials including a Silvana and Helios, and a Helvetia with engraved eagle carrying swastika (3) £80-120 (plus 18
185.    Three WWI and later military related open faced pocket watches, each with broad arrow and numbers to reverse, one by Jaeger Le Coultre, one from Leonidas, the other not marked (3) £80-120 (plus 18
186.    Anounce Amendment from Pocket to Driver's Watch:
An interesting Art Deco "Driver's" wristwatch from William Drummond of Melbourne, the circular gilt case and dial with mop inlay and subsidiary, glazed rear cover, on brown leather strap £60-100 (plus 18
187.    Three WWI & WWII pocket watches and a stopwatch, one example marked Doxa and another unmarked, but both with broad arrows and numbers to rear, together with a Junghans open faced pocket watch and stopwatch (4) £80-120 (plus 18
188.    Two vintage Favre Leuba wristwatches, one a Duomatic with black dial, the other a Seaking with blue dial (2) £60-100 (plus 18
189.    A group of five WWI and later wristwatches, including an Enicar with broad arrow and numbered to reverse, a Universal, a Services Naval, a Baume, each with brown leather straps, and a Waltham lacking strap (5) £120-180 (plus 1
190.    A vintage Cyma oversized wristwatch, in white metal case having black dial and subsidiary, on modern black leather strap £50-80 (plus 18%
191.    Four modern reproduction aircraft pilot watches, two Russian examples, one marked Arsa, and one marked Carley & Clemens, each on black leather straps (4) £80-120 (plus 18
192.    Three WWI and later military related open faced pocket watches, including an Elgin and Waltham example, and another marked Zenith, each with broad arrows and numbers to reverse, AF, together with a Services pocket watch box (4) £80-120 (plus 18
193.    A WWII period oversized wristwatch from Henry Moser & Co, the white enamel dial with Arabic numerals and subsidiary, cracked and repair, in chromed case, marked to reverse, on a later black leather strap £80-120 (plus 18
194.    A mid 20th century Omega wristwatch, the boys or mid-sized in chromed case with gold coloured dial, appears to run, 15 jewel movement, on a military style stainless steel strap, crown replaced £100-150 (plus 1
195.    A vintage Junghans oversized half hunter wristwatch, the pilot style watch with hinged pierced cover opening to reveal dial with printed numbers, in gun metal case, on later black strap £100-150 (plus 1
196.    A rare WWII period Jaeger Le Coultre military wristwatch, marked Jaeger Le Coultre to dial, movement and rear cover, having black dial with subsidiary, appears to run, rear cover marked 294032 with broad arrow and www and F 13355, the movement marked 320402, on later black leather strap £500-800
197.    A WWII style pilots wristwatch, possibly with reprinted dial, the movement and rear cover marked Billodes, on later black strap £80-120 (plus 18
198.    A vintage military style wristwatch from Titus, the black dial with subsidiary marked Titus Genf, in chromed case, rear marked RLM, appears to run, on later black strap £80-120 (plus 18
199.    A vintage military style wristwatch from Helios, black painted dial with subsidiary, in chromed case, marked D 17915 H to rear cover, with inner protective cover, and marked A.S 1130 t the 15 jewel movement, appears to run, on later brown strap £80-120 (plus 18
200.    A Post WWII period military chronograph wristwatch, yellow tinge to glass, having black and silver dial with telemetre and two subsidiary dials and stop watch facility, marked 8137 to rear cover, appears to run and function, lacks strap £80-120 (plus 18
201.    An Art Deco period presentation wristwatch, rectangular dial and case, with German inscription to reverse £50-70 (plus 18%
202.    Three pilot style wristwatches, each of the oversized watches on later straps, with black dials and a subsidiary, one marked Buren to dial, another with glass back (3) £150-250 (plus 1
203.    A vintage military style wristwatch, marked Omega to the black dial, with luminous Arabic numerals, plain stainless steel rear cover, marked Omega to jewelled movement, appears to run, on black leather strap £50-500 (plus 18
204.    A vintage military style wristwatch, marked Omega to the black dial, having glazed rear cover, marked Omega to jewelled movement, not running, on black leather strap £50-500 (plus 18
205.    Two military style wristwatches, both with black dials and chromed cases on canvas straps, one marked Elgin, the other Hamilton USN Buships (2) £50-500 (plus 18
206.    A vintage military style wristwatch, having complicated movement with stopwatch facility, the black dial marked Heuer, on a modern strap £50-150 (plus 18
207.    A vintage pilot style wristwatch, marked Doxa SA to jewelled movement and inner of rear case cover, serial no. 5223886, on later black strap £50-150 (plus 18
208.    A vintage military style wristwatch, marked Longines to dial and jewelled movement, black dial with printed white Arabic numerals and Longines above broad arrow, with red seconds hand, reverse with broad arrow and engraved numbers, on later black strap £50-150 (plus 18
209.    A vintage military style wristwatch, marked Eterna to black painted dial with printed numerals and subsidiary dials, having stopwatch facility, appears to run, marked to reverse, on later black strap £50-150 (plus 18
Two WWII German military documents, one a German Army Pay Book, the other a German Military Wehrpass (ID book), AF (2) £20-30 (plus 18%
211.    An Art Deco military style wristwatch, marked Zentra to printed black dial and movement, on later black strap, together with a Seiko digital watch and three spare straps (5) £50-80 (plus 18%
212.    A WWII period German military wristwatch, from Helios, marked to rear cover, on canvas strap £50-150 (plus 18
213.    Two WWII German military wristwatches, one from Helvetia, the other from Silvana, both numbered to rear covers, on later black straps (2) £100-200 (plus 1
214.    A WWII period German military wristwatch, from Helios, marked to rear cover, on later black strap £50-150 (plus 18
215.    Two WWII German military wristwatches, one from Civitas, the other from Kienzle, on later black straps (2) £80-120 (plus 18
216.    A modern Mexican 50 Pesos gold coin, celebrating the liberty of Mexico with dates for 1821 to 1946, marked 37.5g Oro Puro, approx. 41.5g, VF-EF but some scratching £700-900 (plus 1
217.    A collection of Georgian, Victorian and later coins, including a Charles I marked clipped coin, George III, Victorian and later coins, several US and other World coins, along with a silver 1973 Venezula 10 Bolivares and more (parcel) £60-100 (plus 18
218.    A modern H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Silver Coin Collection, comprising 24 coins from the 1990s from various issuing countries, in a wooden box with explanatory certificates in a folder, together with another, a silver and a cupro-nickel commemorative coins (2) £200-300 (plus 1
219.    A collection of four 22ct gold Winston Churchill Commemorative medallions, each with bust of Churchill and the motto We Shall Never Surrender and the reverse with Dunkirk 1940, comprising a Slade, Hampton & Son Ltd box with one large medallion of approx. 106g and a smaller example of approx. 17.8g, along with two individually boxed examples, each approx. 17.8g from the same company (7) £3500-4500
220.    A 1970s silver gilt commemorative stamp set, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, issued by Hallmark Replicas Ltd, the fitted case housing seven stamp ingots, with Crowning Glory leaflet (9) £80-120 (plus 18
221.    A 1970s limited edition 22ct gold The Locomotive Postage Stamp ingot, issued in 1975 by Hallmark Replicas Ltd, with box and certificate no.2561 of 3000, the hallmarked stamp shaped ingot with Stephenson's Locomotive, approx. 26.8g £600-800 (plus 1
222.    A 1970s John Pinches silver ingot commemorative set, presented in a fitted case, titled: Elizabeth Our Queen, comprising 25 silver ingots along with one additional ingot in card and plastic sleeve, with an accompanying folder and paperwork (2) £200-300 (plus 1
223.    A Franklin Mint British Virgin Islands one hundred dollar gold proof coin, in card and plastic sleeve and box, with certificate stating the 1980 coin to be 900 parts gold and approx. 7.1g £180-220 (plus 1
224.    Three Franklin Mint proof sets, including a 1978 Coinage of the Cook Islands with silver five dollar, a 1979 Coinage of the British Virgin Islands and another from 1977, all cased (3) £120-180 (plus 1
225.    A Franklin Mint British Virgin Islands fifty dollar Christmas gold proof coin, boxed with certificate stating 1980 coin to be 2.68g and 0.500 gold, together with a Dutch replica 1819 coin from F. Van Lanschot in a box, approx. 2.4g (2) £80-120 (plus 18
226.    A 1970s cased silver set of The Stamps of Royalty, issued by Hallmark Replicas Ltd, comprising 25 silver ingot stamps in a wooden fitted box, with paperwork £200-300 (plus 1
227.    A collection of 1970s Royal Silver Wedding Anniversary Commemorative gold and silver stamp ingots issued by Hallmark Replicas Ltd, comprising a 22ct gold 20p stamp ingot, approx. 26.4g, together with a silver 3p example in a fitted box with certificate no. 575 of 2000 (4) £600-800 (plus 1
228.    A pair of 1960s 18ct gold stamp ingots, commemorating Sir Winston Churchill, issued by Metalimport Ltd, presented in a fitted box with certificates, approx. 20g each (5) £700-900 (plus 1
229.    A group of six 1970's coin and stamp first day covers, including Day of the Concorde, 200th Derby, 25th Anniversary of the First Ascent of Mount Everest, 1977 twenty five dollar silver coin of the Cook Islands, 100 years of Test Cricket and a Cook Island Wildlife Conservation Day example (6) £60-80 (plus 18%
230.    A group of seven silver proof coins and medallions, including a large Royal Mint College of Arms in a box and a National Trust medallion also boxed, a boxed Royal Wedding Eyewitness Medal, and a set of four 1976 Montreal Olympic coins in a black Perspex case (11) £100-150 (plus 1
231.    A modern Austrian commemorative gold coin, the 1976 1000 shilling celebrating an event in 1976, approx. 13.4g, with Austrian mint box (2) £250-350 (plus 1
232.    Two Austrian one ducat gold coins, marked Franc IOS and each dated 1915, one in a yellow metal brooch mount marked 585, 5.8g and 3.4g (2) £150-250 (plus 1
233.    An Austro Hungarian coin and four thalers, the 1900 five Korona Ferencz Jozsef coin in an ornate white metal pendant mount, together with two Maria Theresa coins in Austrian mint boxes, and another with applied pendant bale, and one further on key ring chain (7) £70-100 (plus 18
234.    A collection of 20th century Austrian silver proof coins and other coins, some presented in an album, mostly commemorative 500 shillings from the Austrian mint, together with other Austrian, German and British coins and a £1 note (parcel) £150-250 (plus 1
235.    A Victorian Jubilee Specimen Set, presented in a fitted case, all eleven coins dated 1887 and VF-EF, comprising gold five pound, two pound, full and half sovereign, along with crown to three pence (12) £2500-3500
236.    An Edward VII half sovereign, dated 1910, F-VF £100-150 (plus 1
237.    Five Victorian coins, including two crowns, double florin, half crown and florin, mixed condition (5) £60-100 (plus 18
238.    A small collection of 20th century coins and medallions, including a set of three fine silver Man's First Landing on the Moon set, a 1953 proof set and more (parcel) £60-100 (plus 18
239.    An Edward VII full sovereign, dated 1910, with Melbourne mint mark, VF but pitted £200-300 (plus 1
240.    A George V full sovereign, dated 1913, VF £200-300 (plus 1
241.    A George V full sovereign, dated 1915, VF £200-300 (plus 1
242.    An Elizabeth II full proof sovereign, dated 1980, in capsule, with certificate and Royal Mint box (3) £200-300 (plus 1
243.    Two Birmingham Mint 1970s silver commemorative medallion sets, one in blue box for the 1975 European Market Referendum, with six rectangular panels, a circular medallion and a spare rectangular panel, the other in wooden box celebrating the Royal Palaces, approx. 20ozt. (2) £150-250 (plus 1
244.    A collection of silver and other proof coins and medallions, including a pair of Birmingham Mint silver jubilee medals in boxes, three Royal Mint silver jubilee crowns, two further silver crowns for Charles & Diana's wedding, a silver proof £1 and 20p in cases, four proof sets and more (parcel) £120-180 (plus 1
245.    An Austrian gold coin, the replica of the Franc IOS 1915 coin in presentation case, approx. 3.4g £80-100 (plus 18
246.    A collection of proof and other coins, including a 1984, 1985 and a 1992 silver pound coin, a 1992 silver ten pence two coin set, a 1977 silver jubilee crown, a silver proof two pound peace coin, various Royal Mint proof sets, other sets and proof coins and more (parcel) £100-200 (plus 1
247.    A collection of British and World coins, including a Windsor mint eight coin set including a Victorian crown, 1935 crown and other continental coins, an Edward VIII six coin set in box, a 1935 and a 1951 crown, a school boy album of coins, various loose coins including two 19th century US one cents, along with several bank notes (parcel) £100-200 (plus 1
248.    A collection of British and World coins, including a Charles I six pence style coin, an 1804 Franc II Russian example, along with Georgian, 19th and 20th century coinage (parcel) £100-200 (plus 1
249.    An Elizabeth II full sovereign, dated 1968, EF-Unc £200-300 (plus 1
250.    A 1970s John Pinches album of silver medallions, titled The Kings and Queens of England, in red folder containing 43 sterling silver proof style coins, with booklet £400-600 (plus 1
251.    A Royal Mint 2001 UK Gold Proof Two Pound coin, no.1122, in case and capsule, approx. 16g, celebrating the Wireless Bridges the Atlantic Marconi 1901 (3) £350-450 (plus 1
252.    A Royal Mint St George & The Dragon silver box set, fitted case housing three circular boxes with designs to lids, with certificates (5) £200-300 (plus 1
253.    A Royal Mint 2002 UK Gold Proof Four Coin Sovereign collection set, in fitted box with certificate no. 1411, comprising five pound, two pound, full sovereign and half sovereign, approx. 68g (6) £1500-2500
254.    A Royal Mint UK Millenium Silver Collection set, in blue fitted box with certificate no. 10365, with nine silver proof coins and maundy four coin set (12) £150-250 (plus 1
255.    A Royal Mint 2000 Alderney Silver Proof Ten Pounds, boxed with certificate no. 0170 (3) £60-100 (plus 18
256.    A Royal Mint 1996 Gold Proof Full Sovereign, in case with certificate no. 6471 (3) £200-300 (plus 1
257.    A Royal Mint History of the Monarchy Silver Proof Crown collection set, in wooden box with lift fitted tray supporting twelve silver gilt medallions of kings and queens, no. 0565, with certificates £150-250 (plus 1
258.    A Royal Mint Queen Mother Centenary Gold Proof Crown, in fitted box with certificate no. 2805, approx. 40g (3) £800-1200
259.    A Royal Mint British Military Leaders Collection, the twelve piedfort gold plated cupro nickel proof coins in fitted box with certificate and miniature Waterloo medal (15) £80-120 (plus 18
260.    A Royal Mint St George & The Dragon fine silver medal Masterpiece, in fitted box with certificate no. 156 of 500, approx. 250g (3) £200-300 (plus 1
261.    A Royal Mint 2001 UK Gold Proof Two Pound coin, no.0934, in case and capsule, approx. 16g, celebrating the Wireless Bridges the Atlantic Marconi 1901 (3) £350-450 (plus 1
262.    A Royal Mint four 1 piedfort silver proof coin set, in fitted box with certificates (6) £80-120 (plus 18
263.    A London Mint 2009 platinum coin, with St George & The Dragon coin in fitted box with plaque numbered 92 of 499, with certificate, approx. 3.1g (3) £80-120 (plus 18
264.    A Royal Mint Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee silver proof coin collection, having twenty four Commonwealth issued coins in capsules, with two lift out fitted trays, along with a Jersey Jubilee 3 stamp £300-500 (plus 1
265.    A Royal Mint Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Guernsey Gold Proof £25 coin, approx. 8g, in box with certificate (3) £200-300 (plus 1
266.    A Royal Mint History of Powered Flight Silver Proof Collection set, the thirteen coins in fitted case with certificates £150-250 (plus 1
267.    A London Mint Gold Proof coin, in box with certificate stating limited to 499, approx. 3.73g, with St George & The Dragon (3) £80-120 (plus 18
268.    A Royal Mint Bermuda Shipwrecks Silver Proof Collection set, the twelve tri-sided coins in fitted box with certificates £150-250 (plus 1
269.    A Royal Mint Battle of Trafalgar UK 2005 Gold Proof Commemorative Crown, in fitted box with certificate no. 0702, approx. 40g (3) £800-1200
270.    A Royal Mint UK 2008 One Pound Coin 25th Anniversary Silver Proof Collection, the fourteen coins in fitted box with paperwork £150-250 (plus 1
271.    A Perth Mint Gold & Silver Golden Jubilee Twenty Dollar proof coin, in wooden box with certificate, the bi-metal coin approx. 18g £300-500 (plus 1
272.    A Royal Mint 2006 Britannia Golden Silhouette Silver Proof collection set, the fitted case housing five silver and gold plated coins with certificate no. 433 £80-120 (plus 18
273.    A Royal Mint Ancient Silk Road Coin Collection, the 20 ancient coins in capsules in fitted box with certificate £80-120 (plus 18
274.    A Royal Mint 2008 UK Coinage Emblems of Britain and Royal Shield of Arms Silver Proof Collection sets, each plastic rectangular capsule supporting seven coins, in a fitted box, with certificates (5) £80-120 (plus 18
275.    A Royal Mint Classics silver commemorative Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Dish, the circular bowl with inset silver five pound coin, produced in 2002, with box and certificate no. 116 (3) £50-80 (plus 18%
276.    A Royal Mint Classics 9ct gold and gem set Divine Ruby Cross pendant on chain, the cross set with rubies and a diamond on 9ct gold chain, with box and certificate, approx. 5g (3) £70-100 (plus 18
277.    A group of six silver proof coins, including a French Monnaie De Paris issued pair in case, a Royal Mint Golden Guinea £2, a Kew Gardens 50p, a Diana £5 and a 2012 Britannia £2 silver bullion coin £80-120 (plus 18
278.    Two Edward VII gold half sovereign coins, one 1905, the other 1908, F (2) £160-200 (plus 1
279.    An Edward VII full gold sovereign coin, dated 1907 F-VF £180-220 (plus 1
280.    A George V full gold sovereign, dated 1911 F-VF £180-220 (plus 1
281.    A collection of Victorian and later coins, and notes, including three Festival of Britain crowns, a Victorian silver crown, two ten shilling notes, a white 1952 £5 note, plus various commemorative crowns (parcel) £100-150 (plus 1
282.    A Victorian full sovereign, with Jubilee Head and Sydney mint mark, dated 1893, VF £200-300 (plus 1
283.    Two Edward VII gold half sovereign coins, dated 1907 and 1909, F-VF (2) £200-300 (plus 1
284.    A 1980 UK Gold Proof Full and Half Sovereign coin, both in Royal Mint boxes, Unc (4) £300-400 (plus 1
285.    A 1981 UK Gold Proof sovereign coin, in Royal Mint case, Unc (2) £200-300 (plus 1
286.    A 1983 UK Gold Proof sovereign coin, in Royal Mint case, Unc (2) £200-300 (plus 1
287.    A 1988 UK Gold Proof Full and Half Sovereign coin, both in Royal Mint boxes and in unopened packets, Unc (2) £300-400 (plus 1
288.    A 1989 UK Gold Proof Full and Half Sovereign coin, both in Royal Mint boxes with certificates and celebrating 500th Anniversary of the First Gold Sovereign, in unopened packets, Unc (2) £300-400 (plus 1
289.    A 1990 UK Gold Proof Full and Half Sovereign coin, both in Royal Mint boxes and in unopened packets, Unc (2) £300-400 (plus 1
290.    A 1991 UK Gold Proof Full and Half Sovereign coin, both in Royal Mint boxes and in unopened packets, Unc (2) £300-400 (plus 1
291.    A 1992 UK Gold Proof Full and Half Sovereign coin, both in Royal Mint boxes and in unopened packets, Unc (2) £300-400 (plus 1
292.    A 1993 UK Gold Proof Full and Half Sovereign coin, both in Royal Mint boxes and in unopened packets, Unc (2) £300-400 (plus 1
293.    A 1994 UK Gold Proof Full and Half Sovereign coin, both in Royal Mint boxes and in unopened packets, Unc (2) £300-400 (plus 1
294.    A 1995 UK Gold Proof Full and Half Sovereign coin, both in Royal Mint boxes and in unopened packets, Unc (2) £300-400 (plus 1
295.    A 1996 UK Gold Proof Full and Half Sovereign coin, both in Royal Mint boxes and in unopened packets, Unc (2) £300-400 (plus 1
296.    A 1997 UK Gold Proof Full and Half Sovereign coin, both in Royal Mint boxes and in unopened packets, Unc (2) £300-400 (plus 1
297.    A 1998 UK Gold Proof Full and Half Sovereign coin, both in Royal Mint boxes and in unopened packets, Unc (2) £300-400 (plus 1
298.    A 1999 UK Gold Proof Full and Half Sovereign coin, both in Royal Mint boxes and in unopened packets, Unc (2) £300-400 (plus 1
299.    A 2000 UK Gold Proof Full and Half Sovereign coin, both in Royal Mint boxes and in unopened packets, Unc (2) £300-400 (plus 1
300.    A Royal Mint UK 1951 Festival of Britain ten coin proof set, in square blue box, EF-Unc, boxed scuffed £70-100 (plus 18
301.    An album of 18th and 19th century coins, with copper examples from George II, III and Victoria, along with silver coins ranging from three pences to crowns with some nice examples including an 1845 crown, F-VF, along with some 20th century coins and crowns £250-350 (plus 1
302.    A collection of twenty four UK proof sets, dating from the early 1990s all in white card sleeves (24) £150-250 (plus 1
303.    A collection of eighteen UK proof sets, dating from the late 1990s all in white card sleeves (18) £120-180 (plus 1
304.    A collection of crowns and proof sets, including a silver proof Charles & Diana crown and a Queen Mother example, two 1951 Festival of Britain boxed crowns, a cardboard box full of Silver Jubilee crowns in tubes, several UK proof sets and more (parcel) £100-150 (plus 1
305.    A pair of Austrian gold one ducat coins, marked Franc IOS and each dated 1915, both in cases, approx. each 3.4g (4) £150-200 (plus 1
306.    A group of three Austrian one ducat gold coins, all marked Franc IOS and each dated 1915, VF, each approx. 3.4g (3) £220-280 (plus 1
307.    A pair of Austrian gold one ducat coins, marked Franc IOS and each dated 1915, VF, approx. 3.4g (2) £150-200 (plus 1
308.    A highly desirable Victorian coin and medal montage, gilt frame with blue baize, mounted with four gold coins, an 1887 five pound, an 1887 two pound, an 1894 sovereign and an 1892 shield back half sovereign, along with an 1893 four coin Maundy set, a group of eight silver coins ranging from 1891 crown down to 1843 1 1/2 pence, a group of nine copper coins from early penny and later to 1839 quarter farthing, a Burma and Boer War Queens Medal, two Masonic commemorative medals and two further commemorative medals, and a group of ten Victorian stamps below a modern postcard £3000-5000
309.    A George V style full sovereign in pendant mount, the 1913 dated gold coin, possibly a restrike, soldered into a yellow metal pierced circular mount, supported on a 9ct gold rope twist chain, approx. 20.5g £250-350 (plus 1
310.    A United States gold twenty dollar coin, the 1906 Liberty Head coin with S mint mark to reverse, overall VF, approx. 33.3g £700-900 (plus 1
311.    A United States gold twenty dollar style coin, dated 1907 with impressed Arabic mark, possibly a restrike, presented in a yellow metal ornate rim circular mount also with Arabic strike mark, approx. 49g £1200-1500
312.    A Mexican fifty pesos style gold coin in pendant mount, the oro puro 50 pesos gold coin with date for 1947, VF, in a yellow metal circular mount with rope twist surround and supported on a rope twist yellow metal chain, approx. 72.5g £1500-2000
313.    A Mexican fifty pesos style gold coin, dated for 1821 to 1946, marked 50 Pesos oro puro, with Arabic strike mark, approx. 41.2g £1000-1200
314.    A Mexican fifty pesos style gold coin in pendant mount, dated for 1821 to 1923, marked 50 Pesos oro puro, VF, presented in yellow metal circular textured and pierced mount supported on a chevron box link chain marked 750, approx. 65.4g £1200-1800
315.    A Greek 5000 Drachmaes gold proof coin, celebrating the XIII European Athletics Championships, dated 1982, Unc, in plastic capsule and case, with certificate stating 900/1000 gold and 12.5g £300-500 (plus 1
316.    A Greek 2500 Drachmaes gold proof coin, celebrating the XIII European Athletics Championships, dated 1982, Unc, in plastic capsule and case, with certificate stating 900/1000 gold and 6.45g £150-200 (plus 1
317.    A Greek 5000 Drachmaes gold proof coin, celebrating the XIII European Athletics Championships, dated 1982, Unc, in plastic capsule and case, with certificate stating 900/1000 gold and 12.5g £300-500 (plus 1
318.    A Greek 2500 Drachmaes gold proof coin, celebrating the XIII European Athletics Championships, dated 1982, Unc, in plastic capsule and case, with certificate stating 900/1000 gold and 6.45g £150-200 (plus 1
319.    A Victorian full sovereign, the gold coin dated 1873 with Young Head, F-VF £200-250 (plus 1
320.    A George V full sovereign, dated 1926, with South African Mint mark, VF £200-250 (plus 1
321.    A George V full sovereign, dated 1926, with South African Mint mark, VF £200-250 (plus 1
322.    A yellow metal Hungarian coin ring, having a Liszt Great Musicians coins bent around within a ring mount marked 585, approx. 9.8g £200-300 (plus 1
323.    A group of six antique and later items of jewellery, including a mourning brooch, a crescent brooch, a glass mosaic brooch, a pinchbeck locket, a jet brooch and a French jet pendant, AF (6) £80-120 (plus 18
324.    Two 9ct gold gatelink bracelets, both with multiple bar links united by heart shaped padlock clasps, approx. 33g (2) £350-450 (plus 1
325.    Two 9ct gold chain necklaces, one with flattened links, the other a belcher link example, approx. 27.3g (2) £250-350 (plus 1
326.    Two yellow metal pendants, both marked 9ct, with larger triangle supporting a smaller example, approx. 7.8g (2) £80-120 (plus 18
327.    A collection of costume jewellery, including many necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings, three watches, bracelets and more (parcel) £80-120 (plus 18
328.    A small group of silver and white metal jewellery and other items, including six rings, a money clip, a riding crop tie pin, two chains and a pendant (11) £40-60 (plus 18%
329.    A 9ct gold cocktail dress ring, having large bombe leaf design tablet, hallmarked, approx. 7.7g £70-100 (plus 18
330.    A modern 9ct gold sapphire and diamond pendant and earrings, the crossover cluster style set approx. 4.8g (3) £50-80 (plus 18%
331.    A group of five gold and yellow metal Jewish pendants, including three with Star of David, a filigree example and one other, approx. 6.6g (5) £60-80 (plus 18%
332.    A modern 9ct gold cross pendant, the large cross with scroll edge, hallmarked, with plain bale, approx. 22.2g £220-280 (plus 1
333.    An Edwardian 15ct gold ship's wheel brooch, the bar brooch supporting a spinning wheel set with rubies and seed pearls and centred with a rose cut, in Dudley & Cox fitted box, approx. 2.7g (2) £80-120 (plus 18
334.    A pair of novelty 9ct gold and enamel earrings, modelled as ships lanterns, one being port, the other starboard, in a Grieves box (3) £80-120 (plus 18
335.    A Chinese silver gilt and enamel bracelet, having seven cloisonne and hardstone domed panels on filigree backs £60-80 (plus 18%
336.    A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks and a signet ring, oval panels with engraved backet of flowers, joined by links, together with a 9ct gold signet ring, approx. 10.5g, with a vintage ring box (4) £80-120 (plus 18
337.    A modern Baltic amber bead necklace and earrings, with yellow, orange and dark pieces of amber, and earrings with hook fittings (3) £60-80 (plus 18%
338.    A collection of gold, silver and other jewellery, including a charm bracelet, a Scottish Celtic kilt pin, a 9ct gold pin, stick pin, bar brooch, along with a large smoky quartz dress ring and pendant, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more (parcel) £100-150 (plus 1
339.    A fine 9ct gold mounted carved shell cameo brooch, oval and having scene of a cathedral, very similar to Lincoln Cathedral, in mount with wirework to edging, 6.5cm wide £250-350 (plus 1
340.    A group of Middle Eastern and Indian white metal jewels, including an ankle bracelet with bells, a bangle, a pair of bracelets and more (parcel) £60-80 (plus 18%
341.    A good carved shell cameo brooch, oval having scene of night and day, cracked, in a gold plated twist mount, pin loose (2) £80-120 (plus 18
342.    A pair of modern 18ct gold and opal stud earrings, with oval white stones in rubbed over setting, marked 750, approx. 4.8g (2) £200-300 (plus 1
343.    Three pairs of modern gold and gem set earrings, including one hook shaped pair set with a column of small brilliant cuts, a sapphire and diamond cluster pair and a smiliar pair with ruby and diamonds, approx. 6.8g (6) £150-250 (plus 1
344.    Five pairs of modern gold earrings, two 18ct gold tri-colour examples, approx. 4g, together with a pair of 9ct gold hoops, a 9ct gold and pearl pair and another 9ct gold pair with green stones, approx. 8g (10) £120-180 (plus 1
345.    An Edwardian gold and seed pearl brooch, presented in a vintage box, having central flower head on double bar with pointed ends, approx. 9g (2) £120-150 (plus 1
346.    A 9ct gold charm bracelet, the circular link bracelet supporting multiple charms such as a Toby jug, pineapple, fireside companion set, French horn, two bank notes in cases and others, approx. 36.5g £300-400 (plus 1
347.    An Art Deco style moonstone and turquoise fringe necklace, on a silver chain with modern magnet clasp, together with an Art Deco style paste set necklace (2) £60-100 (plus 18
348.    A vintage Scottish silver and hardstone brooch, the circular mount set with panels of coloured hardstones, unmarked £60-80 (plus 18%
349.    A George V full sovereign in a 9ct gold pendant mount, dated for 1912, F, presented on a yellow metal flattened link chain, approx. 26.5g £300-400 (plus 1
350.    A collection of jewellery and other items, including some silver jewellery and two rings, a freshwater pearl necklace and bracelet, a Miracle brooch, and more, together with a collection of coins including a 1922 US dollar and several watches (parcel) £60-100 (plus 18
351.    A Victorian gold and moss agate brooch, the ornate pierced mount set with a cushion shaped panel of hardstone, unmarked £60-80 (plus 18%
352.    A group of five gold rings, including an 18ct gold wedding band, approx. 2.5g, two 9ct gold and garnet set rings, a 9ct gold wedding band and a 9ct gold signet ring, approx. 13.8g (5) £150-200 (plus 1
353.    A collection of Georgian and later jewellery, presented in a green jewellery box, including a yellow metal mourning ring, two stick pins, a German Art Nouveau period silver pendant on chain and more (parcel) £100-150 (plus 1
354.    A Victorian gold and turquoise child's ring, set with three blue beads and having chased flowers to the shoulders, approx. 1g and size J, with a vintage ring box (2) £50-80 (plus 18%
355.    A Victorian garnet set bangle, the pinchbeck hinged mount with two rows of faceted red stones, AF £60-80 (plus 18%
356.    A late 19th century gold and hardstone spinning fob seal, having two oval panels in frame with knot upper, approx. 4.5g £60-80 (plus 18%
357.    A group of six Victorian and later stick pins, each probably on gold pins, including a cabochon star ruby example, a diamond horseshoe, a pearl example and three others, approx. 14.2g (6) £150-250 (plus 1
358.    Three Victorian and Edwardian 15ct gold bar brooches, one rectangular, one oblong and another shaped and set with two seed pearls and a rose cut diamond, approx. 10.8g (3) £120-180 (plus 1
359.    A modern white metal and diamond brooch, the swirl mount marked 585 set with three eight cut stones, approx. 4.4g £50-80 (plus 18%
360.    An Edwardian period silver bangle, one half of the hinged thick band with engraved designs and applied buckle £60-80 (plus 18%
361.    Two 1970s yellow metal cocktail dress rings, one marked 585 with a smoky quartz, the other marked 333 with a pink stone, approx. 9.8g (2) £120-180 (plus 1
362.    Two Victorian and Edwardian 15ct gold and seed pearl bar brooches, both with double bars, one with buckle also set with two red stones, the other with central S shape, both hallmarked, approx. 6g (2) £80-120 (plus 18
363.    Two modern Middle Eastern necklaces, both box chains marked 750, with Arabic script pendants, approx. 8.2g (2) £150-200 (plus 1
364.    A late 19th or early 20th century silver bangle, one half of the hinged band with three engraved panels in gold frame, one with gold butterfly, one with a bird and one with an owl, marked STLG SILVER £60-100 (plus 18
365.    An Art Deco period bar brooch, the probably platinum pierced bars set with several old cut stones, having gold pin, presented in a fitted Heming & Co box (2) £150-250 (plus 1
366.    A late Victorian Scottish silver and malachite brooch, modelled as a belt and garter set with green hardstone £60-100 (plus 18
367.    A continental white metal and diamond necklace, the flattened link chain supporting pierced tear drop pendant set with a small eight cut, marked 333, together with a gold and jadeite pendant and a gold charm, approx. 10.8g (3) £100-150 (plus 1
368.    A 19th century amethyst brooch, the gold coloured twist ribbon upper supporting a pendant drop, having all over chased designs and set with oval purple stones £150-250 (plus 1
369.    A 1970s retro yellow metal and smoky quartz cocktail dress ring, the cushion shaped rubbed over mount supporting a faceted stone, marked 585, approx. 6.2g £80-120 (plus 18
370.    A 19th century citrine brooch, the ornate gold coloured upper set with four oval light yellow stones and supporting a drop pendant on chain £120-180 (plus 1
371.    A collection of silver and costume jewellery and lady's watches, including a Raymond Weil watch, a silver watch, several silver necklaces and pendants, a torsion bangle, a hardstone bead necklace, brooches and more (parcel) £100-200 (plus 1
372.    A 19th century Scottish amethyst and citrine brooch, the circular gold coloured mount centred with a large purple stone and surrounded by six circular orange stones £150-250 (plus 1
373.    A vintage emerald and diamond dress ring, the yellow metal mount marked 750, set with four old cuts and a larger central oval green stone, approx. 7g and size N, emerald is slightly loose £250-350 (plus 1
374.    A 19th century gold mourning padlock clasp, the chased front set with three green stones, central stone chipped, the reverse with glazed compartment of plaited hair £100-150 (plus 1
375.    An associated suite of carved cameo jewellery, comprising a necklace with pendant marked 750, an oval yellow metal brooch and a dress ring, approx. 27g (3) £250-350 (plus 1
376.    A Victorian garnet mourning brooch, the quatrefoil domed mount centred with a cabochon red stone with star and seed pearl, supporting an oval pendant drop on chains with tassels £150-250 (plus 1
377.    A Victorian yellow metal bracelet, the hand and ring clasp with two red cut stones and serpents head to underside, having three hexagonal engraved sections joined by multiple links, not tested, approx. 19.5g £200-400 (plus 1
378.    A small Victorian brooch, the gold coloured elliptical mount centred by a seed pearl £60-80 (plus 18%
379.    Three modern 9ct gold and gem set rings, including two cluster examples and another with a pierced tablet, approx. 6.5g (3) £60-80 (plus 18%
380.    Three Victorian and Edwardian silver brooches, one with name of Mary, another with Good Luck and the other with scene of watermill at Laxey on the Isle of Man (3) £50-80 (plus 18%
381.    A collection of silver and costume jewellery, including several silver and white metal rings, a gold plated wedding band, paste set and other jewels (parcel) £60-100 (plus 18
382.    A group of four vintage paste set buckles, including one oval example marked Sterling Silver, two rectangular and another shaped example (4) £60-100 (plus 18
383.    An Art Deco period three stone diamond engagement ring, in white metal, possibly platinum mount, with transitional brilliant cuts, approx. 3.5g and size P £250-350 (plus 1
384.    A 19th century garnet brooch, the heart shaped gilt mount with flat red stones £60-100 (plus 18
385.    A fine modern diamond cluster cocktail dress ring, the central fancy coloured brilliant cut approx. 0.72ct, surrounded by two rows of pink tinge brilliant cuts in a rose gold mount, approx. 6g and size O £3000-4000
386.    A large collection of Victorian jet and jet style jewellery and beads, mostly damaged pieces of jewellery, including a watch chain, a large cross pendant, brooches, earrings, necklace and more (parcel) £150-250 (plus 1
387.    An Edwardian diamond posy ring, with flower head tablet set with old cuts on an 18ct gold band, approx. 2.7g and size O £150-200 (plus 1
388.    A collection of Victorian and later gem stones, mostly from unstrung necklaces, including a damaged moonstone brooch and necklace and other loose moonstones, a damaged garnet necklace and other gems and hardstones (parcel) £150-250 (plus 1
389.    A late 19th century Italian carved shell cameo panel, of oval form depicting an angel visiting a water nymph, together with a circular cameo brooch with flowers and a green retailers box (3) £40-60 (plus 18%
390.    A fine 9ct gold and enamel fishing interest tie pin, having fly fishing rod and reel with applied enamelled trout, in a fitted box (2) £100-200 (plus 1
391.    A fine and rare 19th century gold and hardstone brooch, with two sardonyx panels with gold back and glazed compartments united by a seed pearl u shaped stretcher and supporting a tassel drop, approx. 30.5g £3000-4000
392.    An Edwardian period carved shell cameo brooch, the oval panel with finely carved mythological scene, in a pinchbeck mount £100-200 (plus 1
393.    A partially strung Art Deco period cherry amber bead necklace, the largest bead approx. 3.5cm and graduating down in size to 1cm, approx. 200g (parcel) £300-500 (plus 1
394.    A vintage pretty paste set choker necklace and earring set, set with blue and clear stones, with drop pendant and cluster style clip earrings (3) £60-100 (plus 18
395.    A continental gold lady's open faced pocket watch and jewellery, including a gold plated heart locket, a part strung pearl necklace, a silver and enamel Siam brooch and other items (parcel) £120-180 (plus 1
396.    A continental 18ct gold hardstone and gem set floral brooch, with gold branch supporting carved jade leaves, with rock crystal petals, one damaged and one chipped, centred with a ruby and diamonds, with a German retailers box (2) £100-200 (plus 1
397.    An Art Deco style sapphire and diamond dress ring, the shaped white 18ct gold mount set with a large oval blue stone and surrounded by old cuts to front and sides of the tablet, approx. 5.4g and size K £2000-3000
398.    An Art Deco period diamond and ruby brooch, the white metal tapering pierced bar set with old cuts and having central roundel centred with a larger old cut and smaller example with square cut red stones, in retailers box (2) £180-220 (plus 1
399.    A fine and pretty topaz and diamond pendant, the large blue oval cut stone with applied flower and branch frame and bale, lacking eight stones, set with eight cuts, supported on a light green material neck lace £1000-1500
400.    An early 20th century ruby and diamond brooch, in retailers box, with gold bar brooch having applied crescent centred by a seed pearl (2) £120-180 (plus 1
401.    An impressive modern diamond cocktail dress ring, the 18ct white gold mount having three rows of old cut stones, two outer rows being uniform sized, the middle row with graduated examples, approx. 9.6g and size O £2200-2800
402.    A pair of modern 18ct gold ruby and diamond earrings, the upper oval section set with a princess cut and having post fitting, supporting an oval section with a deep red stone, approx. 7g (2) £500-700 (plus 1
403.    A pretty diamond set pendant, the circular 18ct gold mount with blue enamel and centred with four wedge cut stones, on a fine 18ct gold chain, approx. 6.5g £350-450 (plus 1
404.    A modern 18ct white gold and aqua marine bracelet, having square and rectangular varying sized light blue stones in claw mounts joined by links, approx. 19.7g and 19cm long £700-900 (plus 1
405.    A platinum and topaz solitaire dress ring, the large circular cut blue stone in crown and claw setting, approx. 7.3g and size M £500-700 (plus 1
406.    A 19th century pair of diamond set earrings, the ornate pierced silver and gold mounts with hook fittings set with old cuts and two later stones, approx. 11.2g (2) £500-700 (plus 1
407.    A fine diamond and coral fringe necklace, the fine platinum chain with lower section of ten collet set old cuts and supporting a further old cut above a tear drop shaped coral pendant, approx. 6.5g and 26cm £800-1200
408.    A modern 18ct gold and diamond cluster ring, having flower head tablet set with seven brilliant cuts, approx. 2.7g and size P £200-300 (plus 1
409.    A modern opal and ruby bracelet, the white metal links with heart shaped white opals and cabochon synthetic rubies, approx. 21g £200-300
410.    A 1970/80s 9ct gold bracelet, the textured band with slide and catch clasp, hallmarked, approx. 20g £180-220 (plus 1
411.    A group of gold and other jewellery, including an 18ct white gold wedding band, approx. 3.3g, three damaged 9ct gold signet rings, a 9ct gold wedding band, a 9ct gold and glass urn charm and more (parcel) £220-280 (plus 1
412.    A collection of vintage and modern jewellery boxes, including examples from rings, brooches, earrings and one for a medallion (parcel) £60-100 (plus 18
413.    A Victorian pinchbeck and paste set brooch and earrings set, with leaf and berry theme on scroll mount with similar earrings, AF (3) £100-200 (plus 1
414.    An Art Deco two stone crossover diamond ring, together with a silver Jerusalem compact, two brooches and a vintage pocket watch case (5) £70-100 (plus 18
415.    A diamond encrusted dog brooch, the white metal set with rose cut diamonds with yellow metal pin £1000-1500
416.    An Edwardian and later diamond flower head cluster ring, the platinum daisy shaped tablet centred with an old cut and surrounded by further old cuts, two replaced, one a transitional and one modern brilliant cut, approx. 2.8g and O 1/2, on an 18ct white gold band £500-800 (plus 1
417.    An Art Deco diamond and enamel bow brooch, having central diamond flanked by tapering pierced panels decorated with stylised flowers and pierced borders £800-1200
418.    A modern 18ct gold ruby and diamond cluster ring, the large oval red stone surrounded by brilliant cuts in platinum claws on an 18ct gold band, approx. 5g and size L £300-500 (plus 1
419.    An Art Deco diamond, jade and onyx pendant, with brilliant cut set bale, floral panel, onyx roundel with diamond centre £400-600 (plus 1
420.    A modern 9ct gold ruby and diamond cluster ring, centred with a brilliant cut and surrounded by round cut red stones, approx. 2.3g and size N 1/2 £150-250 (plus 1
421.    Of horse racing interest: a diamond set jockey and rider, the enamel rider with grey tunic and green sash on a stone encrusted horse with gold bridle £1400-1600
422.    A good modern five stone diamond engagement ring, the 18ct white gold mount set with brilliant cuts totalling 2ct, approx. 3.7g and size N £1500-2500
423.    An Edwardian style aqua and diamond drop pendant, the central step cut supporting two diamond batons and pear cut aquas on a fine white metal chain £800-1200
424.    A collection of jewellery and other items, including a malachite bead necklace and earrings, a branch coral necklace, a 9ct gold and citrine solitaire ring, a cameo pendant and earrings, a jadeite pendant on chain, a Mexican silver bracelet, two cameo brooches, a group of enamel badges including Butlins and a Golly and more (parcel) £80-120 (plus 18
425.    A pair of 14ct gold feather clip earrings, marked to reverse 14K £350-450 (plus 1
426.    A vintage French gold bird brooch, the ornately chased exotic bird on branch perch, with ruby eye, approx. 10.5g £200-300 (plus 1
427.    An 18ct gold Victorian diamond and enamel mourning ring, the three old cut diamonds within a black enamel border, inner shank engraved E J Hughes, Oct 25th 1878, ring size L £250-350 (plus 1
428.    A 9ct gold and diamond pendant, cluster style on a fine 9ct gold chain, approx. 2.6g £50-80 (plus 18%
429.    A 19th century gemset posy ring, in the Elizabethan style, ruby and pearl cluster, emerald shoulders and pierced and engraved shank, ring size M £300-400 (plus 1
430.    A modern yellow metal necklace, double link chain, marked to clasp 750, approx. 5.8g £100-150 (plus 1
431.    An Art Deco sapphire and diamond dress ring, the rectangular cut and shaped sapphire within a diamond setting with pierced gallery on white metal shank, ring size M £1800-2200
432.    A modern silver and enamelled necklace by Norman Grant, the coloured v shape section with applied butterfly and flower head on fine silver chain £60-100 (plus 18
433.    A certified ruby and diamond cluster ring, the cushion cut ruby surrounded by old cut diamonds in yellow metal claw setting on a pierced gold shank, ruby approx. 0.9cts, ring size Q £2800-3200
434.    A French gold and diamond bar brooch or tie pin, having four 8 cut diamonds to one end, bearing strike marks, approx. 12.5g £150-250 (plus 1
435.    An Edwardian period amethyst and seed pearl pendant, the gold mount with collet set purple stone to each end and two pearls to bar, on a fine gold chain £100-150 (plus 1
436.    A pair of 18ct gold Cartier cufflinks, the diamond set roundels chain linked with central baton engraved Cartier 638480, with Cartier box £2500-3000
437.    An 18ct gold vacant signet ring, together with a sapphire and diamond cluster ring with snapped shank, approx. 8.2g (2) £150-200 (plus 1
438.    A pair of garnet foil backed floral earrings, with posts and backs £250-300 (plus 1
439.    A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks, in fitted box, approx. 4.2g, together with a 9ct gold and bloodstone signet ring, approx. 5.4g, and a small silver cross (5) £100-150 (plus 1
440.    A continental gold and diamond bulldog brooch, modelled as the face with diamond set eyes, marked to reverse 14 £800-1200
441.    A Middle Eastern yellow metal and turquoise ring, the pierced band having two clusters to front, not marked, approx. 4g £80-120 (plus 18
442.    A pair of continental 18ct gold diamond clip earrings, the encrusted scroll design with post and hinged clip bearing strike marks and marked 750 £1000-1500
443.    Two pairs of 9ct gold and gem set earrings and a ring, one pair of clusters, the other pendants, and a cluster ring, approx. 6g (5) £60-100 (plus 18
444.    A pearl and diamond drop pendant, the necklace centred with central pearl flanked by diamonds, with diamond drop supporting a button pearl, chain marked 9ct £500-700 (plus 1
445.    Two vintage amber pendants, together with three vintage amber bead necklaces, all damaged (5) £80-120 (plus 18
446.    A 19th century topaz and diamond pendant cum brooch, with engraved mourning inscription dated 1840, the central cushion cut topaz surrounded by old cut diamonds in white metal on yellow metal setting, topaz approx. 4cts £3000-4000
447.    A collection of vintage jewellery and other items, including a glass mosaic brooch, a triangular pendant on chain, several bracelets, earrings and brooches, a pair of gilt metal earrings, along with several 1950s England tour hockey cloth badges (parcel) £60-100 (plus 18
448.    A 14ct gold and carnelian gentlemans signet ring, possibly Swiss, the oval panel engraved with knights helmet, central plumage flanked by swans necks supporting a shield engraved with a bear on an engraved shank marked 585, ring size Q £800-1200
449.    An Art Deco two stone diamond crossover engagement ring, the platinum mount set with two old cuts, approx. 3.5g and size N 1/2 £150-250 (plus 1
450.    A collection of jewellery and other items, including several silver and Scottish themed pieces, a yellow metal and cameo style ring, along with a silver napkin ring and decanter label and more (parcel) £80-120 (plus 18
451.    A late Victorian gold and amethyst signet ring, with later date to inner, having a cushion cut purple stone in split shoulder mount, approx. 3.5g and size P £100-150 (plus 1
452.    A certified and tested 2nd-4th century AD gold and carnelian signet ring, the oval intaglio depicting Achilles and Patroclus in classical scene on a fine filigree and feathered setting and shank, with Oxford Labs analysis, ring size P £6000-7000
453.    An Edwardian five stone diamond ring, the old cuts in collet style platinum settings on an 18ct gold band, approx. 2g and size O £100-150 (plus 1
454.    A fine 9ct gold bracelet from Garrard & Co, having seven horseshoes joined by links, approx. 20g and 19.5cm, presented in a red fitted Garrard & Co box (2) £400-600 (plus 1
455.    A pair of 18ct gold and pearl retro ear clips, the textured gold panels with applied central pearl, marked 750 to reverse £350-400 (plus 1
456.    A fine 18ct gold and gem set stick pin from Garrard & Co, having fox head mask in 18ct white gold set with eight cut diamonds and ruby eyes, approx. 2.5g, in a Garrard & Co box (2) £120-180
457.    A late Victorian diamond and pearl stick pin, having two old cuts above a white pearl on gold pin, in box (2) £100-150 (plus 1
458.    A certified ruby and diamond dress ring, the cushion cut four claw set ruby with diamond set shoulders on a white metal 18K marked shank, ring size M £2000-3000
459.    A gold and amethyst necklace, the fine chain supporting an oblong purple stone in collet mount above a tear drop shaped example £150-250 (plus 1
460.    A set of four Art Deco period dress studs, the 9ct white gold mounts with mother of pearl and seed pearl fronts, in fitted box £100-150 (plus 1
461.    A pair of Georgian diamond ear drops, the hoop backs with cruciform diamond set top supporting a tear cut diamond and small old cut drop, all set in white metal on yellow metal back, total diamond weight approx. 3.8cts £3500-4000
462.    A group of four Victorian and later gold brooches, one a 15ct gold example with large purple stone, another 9ct gold with a garnet, one with three seed pearl set horseshoes and one bar brooch with flower head and coral bead, approx. 20g (4) £200-300 (plus 1
463.    A group of six gold rings, including an 18ct gold and diamond example, 4.5g, a Middle Eastern ring marked 916, 2.2g, a 9ct gold garnet cluster, a childs ring, a coin style example and an amethyst ring, 7.3g (6) £200-300 (plus 1
464.    An 18ct gold Continental intaglio set bangle, in the classic taste centred red jasper stone engraved with female figure on a satin finish mount, marked to pull out clasp 750, 92g £2500-3000
465.    A group of seven modern pendants, including one 9ct white gold with 0.25ct diamond on chain, a 9ct white gold and CZ example and five others, four on chains (7) £150-250 (plus 1
466.    A certified sapphire and diamond dress ring in the Art Deco style, the central Ceylon cushion cut stone in claw setting flanked by baguette cut diamonds, all in white metal marked PT 950, sapphire 5.46cts, ring size M £7500-8000
467.    A late Victorian opal boulder pendant, presented in a fitted case, the natural piece of lustred rock in a silver claw mount (2) £150-250 (plus 1
468.    A French gold and coral dress ring by Tamara, the large oval tablet with moon scape styled design encrusted with coral and gold beads on a textured shank with French strike marks, size M £1000-1500
469.    A Victorian Essex crystal intaglio stick pin, having reverse engraved and painted panel of a fox head in an 18ct gold circular mount on a 9ct gold pin £150-250 (plus 1
470.    A diamond solitaire ring, the old cut stone in collet setting, pierced gallery, diamond 2.41cts, ring size O 1/2 £7000-9000
471.    A Victorian Essex crystal intaglio ring, having circular panel of a Mallard duck in flight, marked 18 to reverse, on a later yellow metal band, with a vintage ring box (2) £150-250 (plus 1
472.    A certified Ceylon sapphire and diamond drop pendant, the oval sapphire in collet setting supported from a diamond drop on a fine white metal chain marked PT 950, Sapphire 6.4cts £3500-4000
473.    A George V period 9ct gold cigarette case, the rectangular hinged box with engine turned exterior, engraved to inner A.N. OLDROYD SELBY, hallmarked Birmingham c.1934, approx. 167.5g £1500-2000
474.    A Berlin iron work bracelet, the oval clasp centred with classical profile having pierced roundel chain line bracelet £600-800 (plus 1
475.    A sapphire and diamond tablet ring, the cushion cut sapphire surrounded by old cut diamonds, set in white metal on a yellow metal shank, ring size O £2000-3000
476.    A yellow sapphire and diamond cluster ring, the claw set cushion cut sapphire surrounded by a ring of brilliant cut diamonds on a yellow metal shank marked 18ct, ring size R £2000-3000
477.    A retro 14ct gold bracelet, the organic style links with box clasp marked 585 and makers mark RHS, 36g £1000-1500
478.    A large continental gold and enamel panel brooch, the central panel hand painted with snow capped mountainous alpine river scene and meadows within an ornate engraved and blue enamel scroll border, panel 3.4cm x 5.8cm £800-1000