Jewellery, Silver, Antiques & Fine Art Auction
Tuesday 16th May 2017 at 10:00

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1.      A collection of Georgian and later sewing items, including a steel netting clamp, a box wood clamp with ribbon crimper, an ivory cotton dispenser, an ebony and ivory cylindrical box marked Coker, five nice lace bobbins, and more, along with a Victorian ebony and ivory pepper mill (parcel) £200-300
2.      A set of three Edwardian period Japanese lacquered dressing table brushes, comprising hair brush with five or six character signature, and a pair of clothes brushes, each with ornate designs (3) £60-100
3.      An Art Deco silver cased lighter by Everest, with blue enamel lines, together with an Art Deco silver lipstick holder, four silver medallions, a Portsmouth FC enamel badge and four further enamel badges, in a retailers box (12) £100-150
4.      An Art Deco glass Coquille pattern bowl by R Lalique, with four shells in opalescent, 21cm, engraved No 3201, and marked R Lalique France £200-300
5.      A French Art Deco period glass dish by Arrers, circular with raised cobnut or hazelnut and leaf design in opalescent, 24cm, marked Arrers Made in France £80-120
6.      A Copeland Majolica Grecian Maidens table centre, with a large basket dish supported by kneeling maidens , their backs to further baskets, on a rococo base 32.5 cm H x 42.5 cm W £600-800
A good Chinese hardstone disc, the light green jade style roundel with pierced centre and having carved design of two bats to front and small circles to reverse, with a wooden stand, lacking two supports (2) £100-200
8.      A group of Chinese works of art, including three bronze reproduction relics, a near pair of porcelain vases, and a pair of hardstone horses, some with stands ( £100-200
9.      A good Jaeger Le Coultre Atmos Celestial mantle clock, with fitted Jaeger Le Coultre hinged door box, label to underside numbered 872002, the clock with brass surround and printed gilt celestial maps to front, top and sides, appears to function, brass fatigued (2) £300-500
10.     A William Moorcroft 'Claremont Toadstool' pattern pottery baluster vase, signed in blue and with impressed marks to the base (7 inches) 18 cm H £500-800
11.     A William Moorcroft 'Moonlit Blue' pattern pottery baluster vase, signed in green and with impressed marks to the base (7¼ inches) 18.5 cm H £500-800
12.     A William Moorcroft 'Hazeldene' pattern pottery vase, of shouldered baluster design c.1906, signed in green and with printed 'Made for Liberty & Co. Rd. No. 397964' beneath (6 inches) 15.5 cm H £600-800
13.     A William Moorcroft 'Eventide' pattern pottery vase, of long necked design c.1930, signed in blue and with impressed marks beneath (8 inches) 20.5 cm H £500-800
14.     A William Moorcroft for James MacIntyre & Co. Florian pattern pottery vase, in hues of blue, and with W.M.Des. and stamped MacIntyre marks beneath (5¼ inches) 13.5 cm H £400-600
15.     An early Moorcroft pottery Flamminian ware pink powder glazed pottery vase signed to the base W. Moorcroft 10-1913 in green, the impressed design in the form of three stylized leaf and berry roundels, later produced for Liberty & Co. (4? inches) 11 cm H £200-300
16.     Two Moorcroft miniature baluster pottery vases, one in the 'Pomegranate' pattern, the other in the 'Pansy' pattern, each (3¼ inches) 8.5 cm H (2) £150-200
17.     A William Moorcroft for Liberty Hazledene pattern obovoid vase, decorated with Hazledene landscape design in blended shades of blue, yellow and green; Made For Liberty & Co. Rd No 397964 and with green painted 'W. Moorcroft des' to base 13.5 cm H £600-800
18.     An Arts & Crafts period pewter plate, similar to that of works by Oliver Baker for Liberty, having five scroll lozenges with inset abalone pieces, stamped Tudric and 0180, 24.5cm diameter, some bending and denting £60-100
19.     A Victorian mahogany and satinwood mantle clock, damaged lower beading, together with a similar period and style tea caddy and a set of six silhouette portraits in frames (8) £100-150
20.     A George III mahogany cheese trolley, square base with four miniature brass casters, roundels to curving ends, cracked £150-250
21.     Three late 19th century Black Forest carved bears, one larger example, 19cm, in seated position, and two smaller, one a standing cub, the other a walking adult, all with chips (3) £100-150
22.     An ancient Indian carved stone panel, in a later wooden frame, the relief carving of a rampant lion, 17cm high £100-200
23.     A Chinese blue and white porcelain vase, short baluster form having symbolic decorations, drilled to base, with four character Kangxi mark, 22.5cm £200-300
24.     A Chinese blue and white porcelain vase, hexagonal form with bird and butterflies amongst foliage, four character Kangxi mark to base, 17.5cm £100-200
25.     A North American marine ivory miniature totem pole 13.5 cm H, and a marine ivory and bone box decorated with a marine scene with walrus, and with walrus knop 9 cm H (2) £120-180
26.     A late 19th century Chinese silver on copper snuff bottle, with carved ivory panels, embellished with turquoise cabochons 10.5 cm H £80-100
27.     Two modern silver biro pens from Tiffany & Co, one engraved diamond pattern, the other plain with T to clip, each with Tiffany pouch (4) £60-100
28.     A modern slimline biro pen by S.T. DuPont, in box with instruction booklet (3) £60-100
29.     A collection of vintage smoking related and other items, including a damaged pottery tobacco box, several lighters by Ronson and others, tin, penknife, and a Royal Doulton stoneware jug with silver rim (parcel) £80-120
30.     A Victorian period elephants foot tobacco jar, the small foot, possibly a calf with wooden liner and cover (2) £100-200
31.     A pair of fine 18th century carved oak plate racks, possibly from a sideboard, each with exquisitely carved branch lower and three round supports with oak leaf and acorn central spray, some cracking, 73cm by 55cm (2) £600-1000
32.     An Meiji period Tokyo school figural carving of street performers, featuring a monkey trainer and assistant, with robed monkey climbing a staff, plus a similar figure group, and a Taisho period snuff box with carved tiger decoration 5.5 cm H and smaller (3) £100-150
33.     A Victorian ivory pepper mill, with silver mounts marked for London 1886 AF, together with a late 19th century Chinese puzzle ball stand, and a bone pagoda c.1930, 23 cm H and smaller (3) £100-150
34.     A 19th century Chinese ivory carved card case, intricately carved with figural landscapes, together with an 19th century ivory container, and two Chinese carved bone needle cases 15 cm H and smaller (4) £100-150
35.     Three Japanese late Meiji period carved ivory okimonos, as elephants, together with a late 19th century elephants parade carved ivory tusk 37 cm L (4) £100-150
36.     A late 19th century Chinese Canton ivory carving, with figures paying chess beneath a pine tree, indistinctly signed verso 6 cm H £80-120
37.     A Qing dynasty jade pendant, in celadon and black, modelled as a fox and cub 5 cm, on cord with jade and coral beads £500-700
38.     A pair of 19th century Ottoman wooden Hammam sandals, or Kabkabs, with mother of pearl inlay, used for pre-nuptial bathing and decorated to the top of each with a stylised fish 24 cm L £80-100
39.     A pair of 19th century carved bone candlesticks, decorated with the Shichifukujin, on ebonised bases, in four detachable sections £100-150
40.     A pair of 19th century ivory figures, plus a selection of bone animals and accessories including a folding tool, glove stretchers, and more (parcel) £80-100
41.     A late 20th century copy of the famous Song dynasty 'Along the River During the Qingming Festival' scroll, this version in silk cover and with original purchase receipt from 1995 £100-150
42.     A 19th century Chinese porcelain baluster vase, spurious Kang Xi four character mark to the base, decorated with dragons and foliage 13 cm H, together with a Chinese porcelain cylindrical brush pot decorated with dragons and clouds 12 cm H (2) £150-250
43.     Two Chinese porcelain scent bottles, one with four character mark, the other with seal mark to the base, plus a Chinoiserie European example (3) £80-100
44.     Strutt (Joseph) A Complete View of the Dress and Habits of the People of England, 2vols engraved front pieces, dated to front piece 1796, with plates maked to 143 in Roman numerals, both is full red and gilt Moroccan binding with Book plate for Sit Joseph Radcliffe (2) £200-300
45.     Edwards (Sydenham) The New Botanic Garden, 2vols dated 1812, both with full colour plates, illustrated with one hundred and thirty-three plants, engraved by Sansom, in full brown and gilt Morocan leather, book plate for J.P Brown Westhead (2) £200-300
46.     Suffragette Movement Interest: A Royal Doulton stoneware figural inkwell, early 20th century, the figure of a lady with her arms folded and apron inscribed 'Votes For Women' and with hinged lid, impressed model no.7235 and Royal Doulton mark 8.5cm H £200-300
47.     A Royal Doulton stoneware inkwell in the form of a baby, with flared lace collar and bib, model number 9620/327 and Rg No 537199 and with impressed Royal Doulton mark 8.5 cm H £150-250
48.     An Art Deco Satsuma style pottery pot-pourri on stand, in original wooden case and with reciept dated 1926, the vase is decorated with the seven immluck gods or 'Shichifukujin' 17 cm H plus stand £100-200
49.     A hexagonal Satsuma bowl, decorated with polychrome peonies and chrysanthemum, picked out in gilt, signed to the base 15 cm dia., together with a carved wooden Chinese box 25 cm W (2) £60-100
50.     Of Royal Interest: A telegram O.H.M.S., dated May 1910 following the death of King Edward VII and sent from Buckingham Palace 'To R Weller Esq. 631 Lisburn Road Belfast - Queen Alexandra desires me to assk you to accept and convey to the members Laud Stewards Benevolent society {sic} her heartfelt thanks for your most kind telegram of sympathy Howe Lord Chamberlain to Queen Alexandra', bears office stamp for the Balmoral district of Belfast 14 cm x 22 cm, in period frame and glazed £60-80
51.     David Reekie (b. 1947), Gazebo - cast and lost wax lead glass of sculptural form with green glass, created in the Butt Lane workshop Stoke-on-Trent 1986, in the form of a square based pyramid on four column truncated pyramid base 26.5 cm H
52.     Jonathan Clarke (b. 1961), Bottle & Brick - Cast alloy sculpture of a pomegranate shaped bottle and a corresponding half mould, both marked JC 8242 to the base 10.5 cm H
53.     Tony Almen (b. 1963) and Peter Gest (b. 1963), powder coated red aluminium sculpture by AlmenGest Design c.1993, Stockholm Sweden 90.5 cm H £100-150
54.     Dick Onians (b. 1940), Zeugma I - English walnut carved abstract sculpture, artist's label to the base displays title and artist 71.5 cm H
55.     G. le Pecoraro (19th century) Italian marble sculpture in the Pre Raphaelite style of a male head and torso with drape, dated 1873 and with incised signature to one side 59 cm H £300-500
56.     A mid-19th century Anglo-Indian watercolour on ivory portrait, of Anna Clifton (née Clifton) whose names feature in a memorial inscription in the Roman Catholic Cathedral, Calcutta which is where Anna married on 31 May 1826 to William CLIFTON, Capt.of the India merchant ship (East India Company) Red Rover, pictures here with Anna Frances (b.1831) 13 cm x 10 cm, in ebonised frame £500-700
57.     Edward Wesson R.I. R.B.A. R.S.M.A (1910-1983), watercolour agrarian landscape 'The End of the Field', signed lower right and titled to 1983 The Mall Galleries exhibition label verso 30 cm x 45.5 cm, framed and glazed
58.     Herman Osterlund (Swedish 1873-1964), oil on canvas of a pine forest in the half light, signed and dated 1925 lower right 91.5 cm x 117 cm, in gilt frame £500-800
59.     Aage Lund (Danish 1892-1972), oil on canvas bucolic scene with meadow stream, signed and dated 1946 lower right 77.5 cm x 97 cm £200-300
60.     Aage Gjodsen (Danish 1863-1939), oil on canvas of an empty summer house lane with chickens, signed and dated 1919 lower right 66 cm x 102 cm, in gilt frame £200-300
61.     Wilhelm Feldmann (German 1859-1932), oil on canvas heathland pool with trees, unsigned 59 cm x 79.5 cm, in gilt frame £100-150
62.     H J Wall (19th century), pair of marine oil on canvas paintings, one featuring a raging sea with boats landing their catch by a wooden jetty ahead of an oncoming storm, the other with boats moored in the evening calm, each signed lower left 66 cm x 46 cm, in gilt frames (2) £350-500
63.     Arthur Victor Coverley-Price (1901-1988), oil on board 'A Family Outing' of swans near a tethered boat on a river, signed lower right and titled verso 30.5 cm x 45.5 cm, in grey and gilt frame £150-200
64.     Maud Howells (fl. c.1910), oil on canvas of the 'Cutty Sark' returning with tea from the orient, signed lower left 51 cm x 76.5 cm, in gilt frame £300-500
65.     Follower of Gabriele Münter (1877-1962), oil on board 'Die Woodsmen' of a woodland scene in the fauvist style, with brambles and figure in red to the fore, then red undergrowth leads to the rear of the picture with figures making charcoal, signed and dated lower right and titled to a label verso 57 cm x 78.5 cm, in gilt frame £300-500
66.     Ray Barry (b.1931), oil or acrylic on board abstract industrial scene landscape, signed lower right 40.5 cm x 50.5 cm, in wooden frame £100-150
67.     Gerry Blood F.R.S.A. (b.1932), oil on canvas 'Tour de France', of cyclists on the Mount Ventoux mountain section led by the yellow jersey winner Jacques Anquetil, signed lower right 50.5 cm x 60 cm, in gilt frame £200-300
68.     Ron Moseley (b.1931), oil on canvas 'Grange, Borrowdale' with a young family paddling in the Derwent with a mountainous back-drop, signed lower left and titled verso 51 cm x 61 cm, in gilt frame £200-300
69.     Ron Moseley (b.1931), oil on canvas 'Grasmere Lake and Island' in the early autumn evening sun, signed lower left and titled verso 46 cm x 61.5 cm, in gilt frame £200-300
70.     Gerry Blood F.R.S.A. (b.1932), watercolour 'Oakham, Rutland' of Oakham Buttercross and All-Saints church, signed lower left and titled verso 24 cm x 33.5 cm, framed and glazed £50-80
71.     Gerry Blood F.R.S.A. (b.1932), watercolour 'Quintet' of musicians practicing a recital, signed lower left 25 cm x 30 cm, framed and glazed £50-80
72.     Joel Kirk (b.1948), pastel on paper 'Tiger' showing the upturned face above a drinking pool, signed lower left 55 cm x 37 cm, framed and glazed
73.     After Lawrence Alma-Tadema O.M. R.A. (1836-1912), print of ladies bathing in Roman baths, one with a strigil, beneath a Sphinx fountain, signed in pencil to the border and with blind stamp for the publishers Berlin Photographic Company 27 cm x 7.5 cm, mounted, framed, and glazed; together with an etching of the artist by P. Rajon 30.5 cm x 24 cm, framed and glazed (2) £120-180
74.     Chris Orr M.B.E. R.A. (b.1943), limited edition print 14/40 'They gave me a present of Mornington Crescent…one brick at a time' depicting a comic amateur stage show, signed in pencil and dated 1996 lower right 50 cm x 62 cm, framed and glazed £120-180
75.     Charles John de Lacy (1856-1929), pair of watercolour maritime scenes off the coast of Portsmouth, each signed 26.5 cm x 75 cm, framed and glazed (2) £200-300
76.     Robert Elwes (1819-1878), one of the preparatory sketches for the famous publication of 1854 'A Sketcher's Tour Round the World' showing figures boating through a gorge, possibly in Aden, signed in pencil and dated 1844 lower left 21 cm x 33 cm, framed and glazed £60-100
77.     Avigdor Arikha (1929-2010), gouache on paper Abstract Composition in black, signed Arikha and in Hebrew with date '60 lower right, with further gift dedication in pencil dated '63 October 77 cm x 57.5 cm, framed and glazed
78.     Frederick T.W. Cook R.W.A. (1907-1982), watercolour and bodycolour 'Polperro Harbour Entrance - Low Tide', signed lower right and titled to the slip mount 25 cm x 35.5 cm, framed and glazed
79.     Sir Muirhead Bone (1876-1953), pencil on paper landscape 'Chiossi, Italy 1914', signed in pencil lower centre and titled lower right 11.5 cm x 17.5 cm, framed and glazed
80.     Robert Austin R.A. P.R.E. P.R.W.S. (1895-1973), sanguine on paper 'Feeding the Calves' of an old farm hand, hand feeding from two pails, signed Austin lower middle, and titled to the slip mount 19 cm x 25.5 cm, framed and glazed
81.     Agostino Aglio (1777-1857), pen and ink sketch 'Thornbury Castle and Church', signed and dated beneath the mount 19 cm x 29.5 cm , framed and glazed; together with a pencil and ink seated woman AF, attributed to Sir Hubert Von Herkomer R.A. (1849-1914) 13.5 cm x 8.5 cm, framed and glazed (2)
82.     Sir Henry Rushbury (British 1889-1968), watercolour figural street scene 'The Builders, Shere, Surrey' c.1931, signed in pencil lower right 24 cm x 35.5 cm, framed and glazed
83.     Roy Perry (1935-1993), watercolour landscape 'Windmill at Rye', exhibition labels verso dating to 1968 from the Berkshire Open Art Exhibition, and Federation of British Artists Gallery 33 cm x 46 cm, framed and glazed £80-120
84.     A cased Victorian portrait miniature, the red leather case with double hinged doors and stand, 20cm, scuffed and worn, housing an arched gilt mount and an ivory portrait of a young gentleman, similar to the young Lord Byron, 13cm £300-500
85.     James H. C. Millar (British act.1884-1903), oil on canvas coastal seascape thought to be off the coast of Perranporth, though the artist is misattributed to the slip mount along with title, signed lower right 67 cm x 98 cm, in heavy gilt frame and glazed £600-1000
86.     Harald Julius Niels Pryn (Danish 1891-1968), oil on canvas landscape of an autumnal glade, signed lower right and with paper label verso 68 cm x 86 cm, in gilt frame
87.     Attributed to William Turner of Oxford (1789-1862), pair of watercolour landscapes thought to be Canterbury Cathedral and York Minster Cathedral, unsigned with framing date 19th April 1989 and J.M.W. Turner speculative labels verso 32 cm x 46 cm, framed and glazed (2) £400-600
88.     McNeil MacLeay A.R.S.A (1802-1880), oil on canvas laid down of a mountainous landscape with waterfalls, possibly the falls of Leny in Kilmahog, signed and dated 1853 Stirling lower left 82.5 cm x 122 cm, in later frame £300-500
89.     English School late 19th early 20th century, miniature on ivory, 'women in a forrest putting on her shoe' 5cm X 6.2cm £150-200
90.     Anders Marius Hansen Skov (Danish 1885-1964), oil on scrim or hessian verdant landscape with rutted trail, signed lower right 49.5 cm x 69.5 cm, in gilt frame £100-150
91.     Peter Mørch Christian Zacho (Danish 1843-1913), oil on canvas woodland trail with mountains, signed and dated '95 lower right, Bruun Rasmussen label verso 39.5 cm x 55.5 cm, in later frame £100-150
92.     Scandinavian oil on canvas landscape, of a brook by the pines, initialled KJ lower left, possibly for Karl Jensen (1851-1933) 51.5 cm x 61 cm, in gilt frame £100-150
93.     Karl Heffner (1849-1925), oil on canvas moorland landscape beneath overcast skies, signed lower left 90 cm x 130 cm, framed and glazed £1000-1500
94.     An early 20th century Irish silver rose bowl, crimped rim with bulbous body having raised floral designs, on socle base, marked Dublin 1911, 15 ozt £150-200
95.     A George V silver mustard pot by George Nathan & Ridley Hayes, lacks liner, with pierced basket and hinged cover, Chester 1912 £60-100
96.     A late Victorian silver teapot by John Hukin & John Middleton, fluted lower with gadrooned rim, Birmingham 1897, 19.7 ozt £180-220
97.     A George III period Irish silver milk jug by RB, helmet shaped having engraved bright cut designs and family crests, old repair to side, dented, 4.5 ozt £70-100
98.     A late Victorian silver hot water pot by H.E & Co, fluted lower with gadrooned rim and applied hardwood handle and finial, London 1897, 24 ozt £220-280
99.     An early 20th century silver candle doubter by Sampson Mordan, marked Chester 1912, some minor dents, 30cm £60-100
100.    A collection of Victorian and 20th century silver and silver plate, including a pair of plated candlesticks, a small modern silver dish, three silver dressing table items, two napkin rings, a plated serving dish, a plated oblong tray and a silver plated sugar dome with FA cup inscription (12) £120-180
101.    A late 19th century continental white metal sifter spoon, probably French, bearing strike marked and engraved flaming heart, with hardwood handle, together with a silver photograph frame, Sherry decanter label and silver napkin ring (4) £70-100
102.    A William IV silver milk jug by Robert Garrard, squat form with fluted lower, dated London 1837, together with a Victorian similar silver sugar basin by Mappin & Webb, 12.2 ozt (2) £150-200
103.    A Victorian mother of pearl and silver card case, AF, having diamond shaped mop panels and silver panel to front, pieces to side missing and some other damages £60-100
104.    A George III silver cream or milk jug, with scalloped rim on three pad feet, together with a similar a similar later sugar basin, 4.5 ozt (2) £60-100
105.    A George VI silver presentation salver, having scroll and shell rim, engraved to centre, Sheffield 1945, 8.9 ozt £80-120
106.    Two Art Deco and later silver cigarette cases and a cigarette box, each engine turned, gross 24.3 ozt (3) £150-250
107.    A set of six George V silver coffee spoons, together with a set of six white metal coffee spoons, in later case, two sets of three enamelled coffee spoons from Norway, five bright cut silver spoons and more (parcel) £50-80
108.    A good quality George V silver three piece tea set by James Dixon & Sons, in the Georgian taste, marked Reproduction 1780 to bases, Sheffield 1933, 34 ozt (3) £350-400
109.    A 1950s Art Deco Style silver handled Acorn pattern cheese knife from Georg Jensen, together with a silver handled bottle opener also from Georg Jensen (2) £70-100
110.    A fine early 20th century Middle Eastern white metal cigarette case, rectangular with ornately engraved lid having two seated figures, the underside with Persian style carpet design, 13.2cm and 7.4 ozt £80-120
111.    A George III silver card tray by R.I, London 1818, on three supports with engraved initials, 6.8 ozt £100-150
112.    Three silver sugar sifters, two being an interesting associated pair, one bearing marks for George III period 1807, the other identical but dated Sheffield 1908 by Walker & Hall, the third a larger George V example, 9.7 ozt (3) £120-180
113.    A group of three George V period silver cigarette cases, 16.4 ozt (3) £150-200
114.    A vintage Middle Eastern white metal beaker, with lion chasing two deer amongst ornate scrolling foliage, vacant initial shield, 7.8cm and 3.2 ozt £60-100
115.    A late Victorian silver tankard by Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1899, with initial JDM, 10.75 ozt £100-150
116.    A George V silver sauce boat from Mappin & Webb, with feathered rim a C scroll handle, Birmingham 1911, 6 ozt £70-100
117.    A pair of Victorian silver filled trumpet vases, together with a pair of George V silver filled dwarf candlesticks, a silver filled bud vase and a modern silver Christening tankard (6) £70-100
118.    Two Art Deco period silver sauce boats by Adie Bros, one with scalloped rim, the other with plain band rim, 8.35 (2) £80-120
119.    A collection of Victorian and 20th century silver and silver plate, including a set of six coffee spoons with tongs and another set of six coffee spoons from Mappin & Webb, a set of six Norwegian silver gilt and enamel coffee spoons, a silver tea strainer, other silver tea and coffee spoons, four napkin rings and more (parcel) £100-200
120.    A George V period silver three piece cruet set, in presentation box (4) £50-80
121.    A pair of George V Art Deco silver tazza and a footed dish by Elkington & Co, each with plain wells and ornate rims, the tazzas having raised design to knop, Birmingham 1928, approx 40 ozt (3) £500-800
122.    An Edward VII silver twin handled trophy cup, on black circular socle base, engraved for the Hertfordshire Hunt Puppy Show June 29th 1910, 19 ozt, London 1909 (2) £200-300
123.    A George V silver four piece tea set from Elkington & Co, squat form with banded waist, Birmingham 1923, 46 ozt (4) £500-700
124.    A collection of silver motoring interest trophies and medals, most awarded to E. Hopwood for trials at Reading & District, including seven trophies with stands, one with South Midland Centre enamel badge, along with 15 silver medals and 4 base metal examples, and two pewter tankards (32) £150-250
125.    A collection of silver and silver plate, including a Georgian silver berry spoon, a three silver cruet set, a fine 19th century Chinese white metal napkin ring or scroll holder, a pair of silver plated Georgian candle snuffers and more (parcel) £80-120
126.    A George V silver tea pot by Fenton Bros. Ltd., Sheffield 1925, on four scroll legs 23 ozt. £200-300
127.    A Victorian silver mounted amphora oil/vinegar bottle on stand by John Thomas Heath & John Hartshorne Middleton, London 1897, plus a silver egg waiter stand by Atkin Bros., Sheffield 1905 (2) £120-180
128.    An Edwardian silver travelling desk set by Henry Clifford Davis, Birmingham 1910, comprising of a capstan ink well, a pair of dwarf candlesticks, a picture frame, a letter knife, and a silver pen, all fitted in a purple case £180-250
129.    A George V Elkington & Co. silver salver, Birmingham 1928, with rocaille serpentine edge and on scroll feet 40 ozt. approx. £400-600
130.    A set of six George IV Kings pattern forks, Edinburgh 1822, with eagle head crest 13.5 ozt. £120-180
131.    A set of six George III husk pattern starter forks by William Fern & William Eley, London 1816, with crowned S verso 10 ozt. approx. £100-150
132.    Two pairs of Victorian Old English pattern spoons, plus a later set of six silver soup spoons, and two silver napkin rings 18 ozt. approx. £180-250
133.    A set of six George III silver fiddle pattern dessert spoons by John Wittingham, Exeter 1792, and bearing a gothic D 8 ozt. £100-150
134.    A collection of seven assorted silver forks, 19th century or later 12 ozt. £100-150
135.    A George III silver vinaigrette by WE, possibly William Eaton, dated London 1806 £80-120
136.    A Victorian silver carpenters pencil ruler, flat and seven inches long, together with a gilt pencil, a silver pencil and a plated Eversharp pencil (4) £100-150
137.    A George III period silver teapot, marks worn, dented, with fluted lower and acanthus leaf to handle, later engraving for 1884, 18.5 ozt £180-220
138.    A collection of Georgian and later silver plated items, including a pair of Sheffield plate candlesticks, pair of pheasants, wine bottle coaster and more (parcel) £60-100
139.    A Victorian silver mounted presentation deers foot, with engraved inscription for 1892 £80-120
140.    A George V period twin handled trophy cup, on wooden stand, with inscription for Craven Hunt Point to Point 1931 (2) £300-400
141.    A group of Georgian and later silver items, including a belt buckle, a pair of trench salts, two trophy cups, a Christening tankard, egg cup, small photograph frame and three napkin rings, 13 ozt (11) £120-180
142.    A collection of Georgian and later silver plated items, including a Sheffield plate card tray, pair of candlesticks, a set of six silver handled butter knives in case, and more (parcel) £60-100
143.    A late Victorian silver three piece bachelors tea set, boat shaped with fluted lowers, lid damaged to teapot, together with a later silver Christening tankard, approx 14 ozt (4) £120-180
144.    A large Victorian silver plated twin handled tray, together with a four piece Victorian horn handled boxed carved set and a pair of plated wine bottle coasters (4) £60-100
145.    A set of four George III silver tablespoons by Simon Hougham and other silver, old English pattern, London 1812, together with several napkin rings, an egg cup, a cut glass sifter, and more, and a silver plated candle snuffer (parcel) £120-180
146.    A George III period Irish silver bowl, on three supports with raised floral decoration and bearing engraved family crest £80-120
147.    A set of four 1980s Sheffield plate trays, each with engraved family crest of knights arm and broken arrow, together with a white metal bowl, coins and silver plated items (parcel) £60-100
148.    A Victorian silver and frosted glass biscuit barrel by Mackay & Chisholm, Edinburgh 1898, with rocaille wirework sides and gadrooned edges, inscribed to the lid, 19.5 ozt. plus the glass insert £300-500
149.    A pair of Elkington & Co figural candlesticks, the silver plated cherubs supported cornucopia filled sconces, also a Mexican silver cup, a collection of silver and silver plated spoons and other items £80-100
150.    An Edward VIII silver caddy spoon, by R.E Stone, the circular bowl, with blue enamel handle dated 1937, in a fitted Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company Ltd case, together with a silver plated owl pepper with yellow and black glass eyes, a silver and mother of pearl fruit knife, and a Victorian paper knife modelled as a sword dated 1882 £100-150
151.    A late Victorian photograph frame, embossed scroll design, also a Asian white metal Silver marked cigarette box, and two embossed silver panels, (4) £80-120
152.    A Victorian shell silver butter dish, a quantity of silver napkin rings, a silver and mother of pearl handled butter knife, a similar handled fruit knife and other items (a parcel) £100-120
153.    An Art Nouveau button hook and shoe horn, with elongated tapered handles embossed with female profiles sinuous hair and flowers, also a continental inlaid horn handled carving set (4) £60-100
154.    A Keswick School of Industrial design silver plated caddy spoon, the hammer beaten bowl with spot marked handle, together with a Norge pewter pin tray decorated with a galleon and a silver plated Art Nuveau floral decorated pin tray (3) £50-80
155.    An Edward VII silver pin tray, the shaped outline with clover leaf design, supporting a silver ring with ten hooks, together with an Edward VII silver spill vase, with iris embossed design (2) £100-120
156.    An Edward VII silver match box holder, in the aesthetic taste with floral design, and central open cartouche, together with an Edward VII silver leaf and scroll embossed napkin ring, another napkin ring and a pair of Georgian sugar tongs 4ozt (4) £40-60
157.    A matched George V silver Art Nouveau cruet set, by A.E.Jones, the three handled pieces with hammer beaten design, also an George V silver three handled planished egg cup Chester 1911, by George Nathan and Ridley Hayes (5) £100-150
158.    A collection of British and Continental silver and a silver plated souvenir spoons, including an interesting American dated 1892 Masonic Silver Triennial Conclave Denver, a Bay City spoon with embossed with female form, a pair of Georgian mustard spoons and others 11ozt £100-150
159.    Of Masonic interest, a set of six Edward VII coffee spoons, the Old English shell pattern spoons having Masonic emblem to reverse of bowl, Sheffield 1903 £50-80
160.    A Sterling marked enamel spoon, the gilt spoon with pansy decorated terminal and twisted stem, marked sterling to underside, also three other American spoons, an Isle of Mann silver gilt example a George Jensen spoon and others (a parcel) £60-80
161.    A collection of twenty five British and Continental silver and enamel souvenir spoons, including an ornate example for 'Seal of the State of Pennsylvania' and others relating to Manchester, Bournemouth, Torino and an example of an ocean liner (25) £120-180
162.    A George III silver purse, the chain purse with hung top, marked Samuel Pemberton 1817 £60-80
163.    An Art Deco silver and enamel compact, of cushion shape, with blue sunburst guilloche front, Birmingham 1941, also an Edward VII silver gilt coronation spoon, cased (3) £60-80
164.    A large George V silver twin handled presentation tray, oval form with fluted sides, bearing inscription to Major Parkes in 1926, London 1925, approx 111 ozt £1000-1500
165.    A set of six vintage American silver spoons, with rococo motifs, together with two silver fibs, a 9ct gold and enamel BOAC tie pin and three BOAC badges, and some silver plated flatware (parcel) £60-100
166.    A George V silver feeding set in case, together with a damaged silver bon bon dish, a pair of good pewter candlesticks by TW & Co, a Tudric pewter footed dish and a pair of silver plated café au lait pots (9) £60-80
167.    A George V silver trophy goblet, fluted lower and engraved for Burton Amateur Regatta 1914 Anglesey Plate, 9.4 ozt £100-150
168.    Four pairs of George V and later silver mounted clothes brushes £50-80
169.    A late George II silver tankard, the bulbous body with engraved initials and floral design and having C scroll and leaf handle, London 1759, 12.4 ozt £250-350
170.    A George V silver trophy cup, goblet shaped with twin handles, with inscription relating to Taunton Vale Hunt, 16 ozt, with black circular base (2) £150-250
171.    A George VI silver salver, Sheffield 1950, 13.6 ozt, having inscription to underside of octagonal form on four supports £150-200
172.    An Edwardian silver trophy cup by Henry Wilkinson & Co, twin handled with inscription for Taunton Horse Show 1910, dated London 1906, 17 ozt, on black circular base (2) £180-220
173.    A small collection of mourning jewels, including an oval linked chain 49cm long, an enamel and seed pearl crescent brooch, a French jet example, an enamel and seed pearl bar brooch and a small collection of loose faceted jet beads £60-80
174.    A late 19th early 20th century turquoise dress ring, the yellow metal with scroll design set with three rows of beads, together with a 9ct rock crystal round cut pendant on a fine chain and an interesting white metal Art Deco ring with green stone marked 18ct to inner shank, ring sizes K1/2 (3) £120-180
175.    A pair of modern 9ct gold and amethyst earrings, the large faceted purple stones in oval clip frames (2) £100-150
176.    A collection of jewellery, including a good carved shell cameo brooch with the three graces, along with a ruby bead necklace, a Miracle brooch and more (parcel) £60-100
177.    A circular silver embossed brooch, with interesting scene depicting 'The Good Samaritan' within a palm tree surround, together with a late 19th century oval locket with enamel design (2) £60-100
178.    A Victorian yellow metal and diamond circular brooch, the gypsy set rough cut stones, within a raised central beaded centre, having a box back, 8g £150-200
179.    An Iranian Pahlavi gold mounted coin, circa 1945, 5.5g £100-150
180.    A silver curb linked watch chain, together with an Iona silver circular brooch of Celtic design by John Hart centred with citrine stone, two base metal and enamel badges with Canadian maple leaf design, a silver medal, a maple leaf badge and a leather wallet with silver corners by Maple & Co and a small purse (8) £80-120
181.    A 15ct gold bar brooch, the double bar with rope and swallow design, in fitted box 3.2g £60-80
182.    A 9ct gold heart shaped pendant, in the Art Nouveau style, a yellow metal Victorian brooch set with three oval paste stones and a mauve velvet locket box (3) £60-80
183.    A 9ct gold and yellow metal bracelet, the ring and baton links with a rolled gold padlock and 9ct gold example £100-120
184.    A late 18th or early 19th century belcher linked guard chain, with textured links and gloved hand ring mounted finger and leaf box clasp, 29g £400-600
185.    A collection of modern silver and costume jewellery, including a group of gem set dress rings, several silver and other necklaces, a group of bangles and more (parcel) £80-120
186.    Two 22ct gold wedding bands, both hallmarked, 5.9g (2) £120-180
187.    Three modern white gold and gem set rings, one 18ct seven stone, 2.8g, and two 9ct three stones, 4g (3) £80-120
188.    A George III gold sovereign pendant, the 1820 coin with applied mount and section of chain, 9.8g, together with a Georgian mourning brooch, AF, and three small pendants (5) £200-300
189.    Five gold and gem set rings, two 18ct gold sapphire and diamond examples, two 18ct gold half hoop eternity style rings, 9.8g, and a 14ct marked green stone solitaire, 2g (5) £200-300
190.    A 9ct gold tri-colour bangle set, 6.5g, together with a Chinese gilt and enamel bangle, two 9ct gold cased ladies wristwatches, a pair of kiwi bird silver and abalone cufflinks and a silver Boy Scout badge in case (8) £120-180
191.    An opera length belcher linked chain, the faceted circular links in eight sections united together by engraved beads, together with a gilt metal locket with opaque glass, chain marked 9c, 32g £300-500
192.    A pair of oval 9ct white and yellow gold cufflinks, with engine turned centres, 8g £80-120
193.    A pair of Victorian drop earrings, of oval shape with polished central drop, and oval tassels to underside, together with a gilt metal chain and a 22ct wedding band (4) £150-200
194.    A pair of large Victorian drop gold earrings, oval shape with centre drops decorated with a graduated bead design, and hoop backs (2) £200-300
195.    A collection of jewellery and watches, including a vintage gents Tissot in box, a tray with ten modern bracelets, a jewellery box with costume jewels, a carved jadeite pendant with earrings and another pendant, other watches and more (parcel) £100-150
196.    Four 9ct gold wedding band style rings, of varying designs, 7.2g (4) £70-100
197.    A collection of jewellery and watches, including a 9ct gold Art Deco lady's watch and seven watches, a Victorian agate brooch, Art Deco blue paste necklace and other necklaces, along with brooches, three thimbles and a few Victorian and later coins (parcel) £60-100
198.    Three 18ct gold and diamond rings, one a childs signet ring, one a three stone, the other a five stone, 8.3g (3) £150-200
199.    An Art Deco period 18ct gold cased Movado lady's wristwatch, on a 9ct gold expandable strap, 16g £150-200
200.    A group of seven modern 9ct gold and gem set rings, four retailed through QVC, all of varying designs, 15.4g (7) £150-250
201.    A vintage 9ct gold Longines lady's wristwatch, circular dial and case with Longines crown, on 9ct gold textured bracelet, 20.9g £150-250
202.    A group of six 9ct gold and gem set rings, including a five stone, a cluster and others, one lacking a stone, 10.9g (6) £120-80
203.    A Victorian full sovereign in 9ct gold mount, the pierced heart circular mount supporting a Jubilee Head 1887 gold coin, 11.8g £240-300
204.    A group of five modern 9ct gold and gem set rings, of varying styles, together with a 9ct gold pendant on chain, 9.9g, and a gilt metal chain with gold coloured beads (7) £100-150
205.    A vintage 9ct gold Nivada lady's wristwatch, shaped case on a fine mesh 9ct gold bracelet, 15g, together with an Art Deco period 9ct gold cased lady's watch with damaged gilt strap (2) £120-180
206.    An 18ct gold half hoop eternity ring, having ten small brilliant cuts, hallmarked, 3.9g, AF £80-100
207.    A collection of jewellery, including two 9ct gold pendants on chains, 5g, a silver bangle, other silver and white metal items and more (parcel) £60-100
208.    An Art Deco period 18ct gold diamond and sapphire ring, the crossover style tablet with central blue stone and a pair of old cuts with smaller examples to the shoulders, hallmarked Chester, 2.7g and size L £150-250
209.    An Art Deco period 9ct gold cased lady's wristwatch, on a later 9ct gold strap, 14g, together with a Rotary lady's watch on a 9ct gold strap and a 9ct gold chain necklace with gold plated locket and a vintage watch box (4) £150-250
210.    A vintage 22ct gold and diamond wedding band, the heavy plain ring having a gypsy set small old cut, 12.2g and size M £200-300
211.    Three 9ct gold bracelets, including a hinged bangle, a gatelink style bracelet with heart shaped clasp and another of Greek key design, 37.7g (3) £350-450
212.    A group of five 9ct gold rings, including a childs signet ring, another signet ring, a buckle example and two others, 12.6g (5) £120-180
213.    Two gold and gem set pendant and earrings suites, one garnet set example, the other with dark sapphires (2) £70-90
214.    An 18ct gold and diamond engagement style ring, in white and yellow gold with a brilliant cut, 3.7g, together with a 9ct gold and seven stone ring, 3.1g (2) £120-180
215.    A 9ct gold and amethyst heart pendant on box link chain, together with a double heart 9ct gold pendant, a 9ct gold chain, 7g, and four pairs of earrings and a bracelet (12) £100-150
216.    A modern 18ct gold and diamond solitaire pendant, the 0.4ct brilliant cut in claw setting on a smooth link 18ct gold chain, with a certificate from The Jewellery Council of South Africa (2) £300-500
217.    Three 9ct gold pendants on chains, including a cross, a locket and an Art Nouveau design example, together with another 9ct gold chain necklace, 16g (4) £150-200
218.    A fine modern tanzanite and diamond cluster cocktail dress ring, the Rhapsody platinum mount set with a large central royal blue stone of 4.25ct surrounded by brilliant cuts, 8.2g and size O, sold with a certificate (2) £1000-1500
219.    A pretty gold and white sapphire necklace, the smooth link chain supporting tassel drops with eight colette set brilliant cuts, marked 916 and hallmarked, 7.8g £150-250
220.    An Art Deco period platinum and diamond solitaire engagement ring, having a transitional brilliant cut in claw setting, 2.1g and size M £200-300
221.    A group of four hardstone bangles, one spinach jadeite with gilt hinged mounts, together with a lapis lazuli bead necklace, a green quartz heart shaped pendant and a long bar brooch with red stones (7) £80-120
222.    A pretty 1970s 18ct gold and diamond cluster cocktail dress ring, the large tablet set with several brilliant cuts and centred with a larger example of approx 0.7ct, marked 18ct, needs replating, 6g and size K 1/2 £600-800
223.    A late Victorian 9ct gold muff chain, the opera length of faceted belcher links with snap clasp, 33.6g £300-500
224.    A mid 20th Century three stone diamond ring, the uniform brilliant cuts probably in platinum setting on an 18ct gold shank, 4.2g and size Q £400-600
225.    A large vintage silver locket pendant, together with two silver medals and a brass medal, and a garnet set horseshoe bar brooch (5) £80-120
226.    A modern platinum and diamond solitaire engagement ring, the brilliant cut in claw torsion setting, hallmarked, 5.2g and size N £100-150
227.    An 18ct gold and diamond ring, 2.5g, together with a 9ct gold wedding band, 4.4g, a silver ring lacking central stone and a nice suite of agate jewellery with earrings, necklace and bracelet in Petra boxes £100-150
228.    A modern platinum and diamond half hoop eternity ring, with 14 small channel set brilliant cuts, 2.9g £60-100
229.    A fine and retro style amethyst pendant, the large cabochon purple stone with faceted underside in yellow metal mount with diamond and pearl surround, two pearls replaced and glued, supported on an 18ct gold link chain, 42g, in a Harrods box (2) £600-1000
230.    A fine Edwardian period diamond star brooch, the gold starburst mount set with old cushion cut stones, pin replaced, 8.8g and 4.4cm, in a vintage retailers box (2) £3000-4000
231.    A fine modern 18ct gold necklace by Chiampesan, the twist link chain having textured beads to lower, repeated further up and a matching clasp, marked to clasp, 55g £1800-2200
232.    A pair of good diamond metamorphic earrings, the flower head clusters on posts with removable tassels, in white metal, not marked, 12g (2) £600-800
233.    A 1970s Chinese 18ct gold dragon pendant, the circular gold frame supporting tortoiseshell style panel set with a coiled dragon with enamel eyes and tongue, 21g and 5cm diameter £300-500
234.    A pair of modern 9ct gold and amethyst earrings, the cluster style mounts with central purple stone surrounded by half cut pearls with clip backs, 9g (2) £200-300
235.    A pretty pair of 18ct gold and mabe pearl earrings, the circular clip mounts having central pearl dome in a brilliant cut diamond surround, 10.5g (2) £400-600
236.    A 9ct gold Avia lady's wristwatch, circular dial and case on 9ct gold textured bracelet, 15g £120-180
237.    A 9ct gold and amethyst brooch, together with a pair of 9ct gold and amethyst ear studs, along with an amethyst pendant and earrings, a pair of Arts & Crafts style silver and turquoise earrings, a necklace and a brooch (10) £60-80
238.    An Art Deco period platinum and diamond lady's cocktail wristwatch, rectangular case with shaped lugs set with diamonds, one replaced with a fancy coloured stone, on black leather strap £250-350
239.    A 9ct gold and turquoise ring and pendant on chain, together with a 9ct gold and cameo ring and earrings and a gilt and turquoise brooch (6) £150-250
240.    A 1960s yellow metal and pearl brooch and earrings suite, each marked 18k, modelled as a rose head centred with a small white pearl, 10.5g (3) £200-300
241.    A 22ct gold wedding band, hallmarked, 3g, squashed, together with two damaged 18ct gold rings, 4g (3) £120-180
242.    A group of five 9ct gold items of jewellery, including a pair of Victorian pendant earrings, two box link chain necklaces, a brooch and a gatelink bracelet, 30g (6) £300-400
243.    A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks, with engine turned panels united by chains, 6g (2) £60-80
244.    A group of four 9ct gold rings, including a large citrine cocktail dress ring, a three stone garnet and two wedding bands, 16.5g £140-180
245.    A set of three 19th century mourning dress studs, together with two 9ct gold dress studs, a pinchbeck watch key on split ring and a yellow metal watch chain with watch key (7) £200-300
246.    A miscellaneous collection of silver and other items, including a silver gilt and smoky quartz ring, a silver comb holder, a pair of bachelor buttons, a pair of large filigree buttons on a ring, a large belt buckle, a coin holder and more (parcel) £60-100
247.    An Edward VII half sovereign, dated 1902, VF, together with a reproduction gilt coin (2) £100-150
248.    An Art Deco period 18ct gold and diamond ring, having nine 8 cut diamonds, 1.5g, together with a gold and diamond stick pin, 2.8g (2) £80-120
249.    A Victorian 9ct gold part watch chain, having faceted belcher links and snap clasp, with short additional section, 14g £120-180
250.    A 9ct gold bangle, with ribbed texture, hinged, marked 9k, 22g £200-300
251.    A 22ct gold wedding band, the thick band hallmarked to inner, possibly engraved to outer originally, 6.5g and size M £150-200
252.    Two 9ct gold curb link chain bracelets, converted from watch chains, one with T bar, the other with heart shaped clasp, 15g (2) £150-200
253.    An 18ct gold signet ring, lacks stone and cut, 5.7g, together with a 9ct gold childs signet ring and a 9ct gold turquoise bead and pearl ring, 5.4g (3) £140-180
254.    Two 9ct gold expandable watch straps, 12.4g, together with a 9ct gold roundel with initial D, 0.5g, and an 18ct gold part ring shank 1g (4) £120-180
255.    A 9ct gold gatelink bracelet, united by a heart shaped padlock clasp, 13g £120-180
256.    A 9ct gold heart shaped locket pendant, 2.7g, together with a 9ct gold glazed circular locket, a bar brooch and a swallow pendant on chain (4) £60-100
257.    A 9ct gold sporting medal, presented by the Gas Light & Coke Co in 1926, together with a 9ct gold watch chain fob, 16.4g (2) £150-200
258.    A Victorian gold Archaeological Revival brooch, the circular mount having pendant to centre with glazed compartment, 7.2g £70-100
259.    A group of silver and white metal jewellery items, including an Art Deco bracelet, a filigree bracelet, butterfly and earrings, four silver medals, a locket, a bracelet and a brooch (12) £60-100
260.    A collection of silver and other jewellery, including two moonstone fringe necklace and a pair of drop earrings, a necklace by Lorenzo Quinn, a large locket on chain and more (parcel) £80-120
261.    A restrung Art Deco period cherry amber bead necklace, with short cylindrical beads, together with a restrung bracelet and an amber faceted bead necklace (3) £150-250
262.    A fine vintage tooled leather jewellery box, the small maroon octagonal hinged box with fleur de lys design to top and sides, 5.5cm £40-60
263.    A fine 1970s Chinese gentleman's suite, all three pieces marked 14k and set with carnelian and pearl, comprising a pair of cufflinks and a tie clip, 36.8g (3) £500-700
264.    Two 9ct gold wedding bands, one plain the other with engraved leaf design, 7.2g (2) £70-100
265.    A vintage Chinese gold signet ring, heavy with square tablet with initial M, marks to inner, misshapen, 12.9g £200-300
266.    A collection of costume jewellery, presented in a green velvet box with Saltburn By Sea postcard lid, including a carved jet brooch, a Victorian gilt bead muff chain and more (parcel) £60-100
267.    A group of five Victorian and later watch chains, one pinchbeck example with four fob seals and watch keys, two silver examples and two silver plated watch chains (5) £100-150
268.    A vintage diamond dress ring, the rather crude white metal mount marked 18K having a tablet set with four old and round cut stones, 6.3g and size M £200-300
269.    A collection of 19th Century and later gold and other jewels, including a 9ct gold cross on chain, 5g, a bar brooch with diamond roundel, lacking a stone, two stick pins, and more (parcel) £200-300
270.    A pair of German Art Deco period lorgnettes, presented on an opera length silver muff chain, together with four hat pins, a fine silver, paste and tortoiseshell sword pin, a coin brooch and more (parcel) £150-250
271.    A collection of costume jewellery, including a pair of yellow metal and opal earrings, a gilt clip brooch, bead necklaces and more (parcel) £60-100
272.    Four Victorian and later gold rings, each with damages and lacking stones, together with a gold coloured locket, a section of damaged bar brooch and a small silver and paste insect clip (7) £120-180
273.    A Charles Horner silver Art Nouveau brooch, with paste set stones, Chester 1909, together with a gilt seal with simulated bloodstone bearing motto (2) £60-80
274.    A Chinese jadeite pendant, oval with pierced and carved design, on a chain marked 9ct, together with a jadeite bead and gilt bracelet (2) £80-120
275.    A modern Middle Eastern yellow metal and freshwater pearl necklace, together with a silver and amethyst brooch, a turquoise bead necklace, a garnet bead necklace and pair of stud earrings, a silver cocktail dress watch and a coral bead necklace (8) £80-120
276.    A collection of dress studs and other items, including several pairs of cufflinks, enamel badges, stick pins, buttons, and a 9ct gold mounted cheroot in case (parcel) £80-120
277.    A collection of jewellery and other items, including some silver brooches and stick pins, a paste set brooch, a Victorian bone bead necklace, a carved nut bead necklace, two rosary and more (parcel) £80-120
278.    An 1970s sapphire and diamond ring, having a central oval blue stone and six brilliant cuts in nice pierced scroll gallery, probably 14ct white gold, 3.9g and size M £300-500
279.    A modern 18ct gold and diamond brooch from Garrard, the leaf shaped brooch set with several brilliant cuts, 5g, in Garrard box and outer card box (3) £250-350
280.    A pair of vintage Far Eastern yellow metal earrings, each modelled as a peacock with pendants of splayed feathers, marked to buttons (2) £150-250
281.    A modern 9ct gold bracelet, having coiled rope and double links with snap clasp, 31.6g £300-500
282.    A modern suite of pearl and coral jewellery, comprising necklace and bracelet with 9ct gold clasps which can be worn as one and a pair of cluster ear studs (4) £150-250
283.    A modern 18ct gold sapphire and diamond three stone ring, hallmarked, 3.5g and size N £100-150
284.    A 9ct gold charm bracelet, having multiple charms such as an ice skate, mantle clock, pussy cat and others on a circular link chain, approx 39.8g £350-450
285.    A modern sapphire and diamond dress ring, having a heart cut shaped blue stone in an 18ct white gold mount encrusted with diamonds to surround and shoulders, 4.3g and size N £1000-1500
286.    A heavy vintage 9ct gold charm bracelet, large curb link chain with charms such as a five pound note in case, a Ronson lighter, an eagles foot holding carnelian ball, and others, 63g £600-800
287.    A collection of jewellery and other items, including a Tunbridge Ware sewing box, a 9ct gold and seed pearl brooch in box, a yellow metal chain with silver and hardstone pendant, silver and other thimbles, a silver napkin ring, and more (parcel) £80-120
288.    A fine pair of Georgian style diamond earrings, the gold backed and silver pendant mounts in the form of leaves and set with rose cut stones of varying sizes (2) £2000-3000
289.    A Victorian 9ct gold spinning fob seal, on a fine gold plated chain, together with a 9ct gold fob medallion on 9ct gold chain (2) £250-350
290.    Two vintage 9ct gold chain necklaces, one rope twist supporting a CZ pendant, the other belcher link with a gold plated locket pendant (2) £200-300
291.    A modern 14ct gold and smoky quartz dress ring, the six square cut light brown stones in channel setting with small brilliant cuts to the upper and lower, marked 585, 14.7g and size R £300-500
292.    An Edward VII half sovereign in 9ct gold pendant mount, the 1905 gold coin, F-VF, in 1970s pieced surround, approx 8.7g, on a fine gilt chain necklace £150-250
293.    A 1980s 9ct gold gatelink style bracelet, with heart shaped padlock clasp, 15.5g £150-200
294.    A modern sapphire and diamond cluster dress ring, octagonal blue cut stone with brilliant cuts to surround, in yellow gold mount, possibly 18ct, 4.5g and size K £600-800
295.    Two retro 9ct gold and amethyst dress rings, one a large cluster, the other with abstract tablet, 11g (2) £100-150
296.    An Edwardian period three stone diamond engagement ring, the three old cuts in platinum tablet raised above an 18ct gold band, 2.4g and size M 1/2, in heart shaped vintage ring box (2) £80-120
297.    A small collection of gold and other jewels, including a 15ct gold ruby and diamond brooch, a leaf shaped 9ct gold and aqua marine pendant on chain, a 9ct gold cross, an Art Nouveau 9ct gold and garnet pendant and more (13) £150-250
298.    A modern 18ct gold dress ring, having a profile butterfly with mop and diamond set wings in abstract heart surround, marked 750, 6.3g and size K £200-300
299.    A vintage 18ct gold and white sapphire full eternity ring, the white gold band with round clear stone, marked 18, 3.1g and size M £70-100
300.    A group of five 9ct gold rings, including a red navette shaped hardstone example, a full eternity, a cameo, a turquoise and seed pearl and tied knot ring, 13.5g (5) £150-250
301.    A modern pretty aqua marine and diamond dress ring, the tear drop shaped light blue stones in the form of a butterfly centred with three brilliant cuts on an 18ct white gold band, 3.2g and size I £200-300
302.    A late Victorian 18ct gold and gem set ring, having three light blue sapphires and four small old cuts, 2.6g and size O £80-120
303.    A pair of Edwardian 9ct gold cufflinks, 4g, together with a 9ct gold cased Art Deco watch, two other watches, a cased set of six mop dress studs, cufflinks and coins (parcel) £100-150
304.    A modern suite of sapphire and diamond jewels, each an 18ct white and yellow gold rectangular mount centred by a blue stone with small brilliant cuts surround, comprising ring, stud earrings and pendant, 12g, ring size L (3) £600-800
305.    A group of four antique and later brooches, one silver with turquoise, white enamel and pearls, a silver example and two others along with a small oval pique panel (5) £80-120
306.    Two Victorian fob seals, one larger possibly silver gilt, the other gilt metal with glass panel (2) £60-80
307.    A modern and attractive pearl and gem set pendant, the white gold reticulated pendant set with six baguette cuts to the column and supporting a large white pearl with sapphire and diamond encrusted tapered collar, marked 750, 6.7g and 6cm long £1000-1500
308.    A mid 19th century amethyst fringe necklace, the seed pearl string supporting several facet cut purple stones £120-180
309.    A late Georgian gold and diamond mourning ring, having an old rose cut in claw setting with black enamel tablet, not marked, 3.5g and size P £150-250
310.    A vintage Chinese jadeite pendant, the pierced disc on black cotton with orange glass bead, together with a filigree hair pin, two small Chinese figures, a jadeite pendant, a small 19th century ivory box containing a phallis and a small leather box (7) £60-80
311.    A vintage Chinese hardstone bead necklace, possibly jade, the green knotted cotton with graduated spheres, clasp damaged £120-180
312.    A vintage emerald pendant, in white metal mount, 1.7g £100-150
313.    A short string of Baroque pearls, 40cm open, with replaced clasp £80-100
314.    A modern 18ct white gold sapphire and diamond line bracelet, the central section with collet set oval blue stones and clusters of four brilliant cuts, on a plain and satin reticulated band, marked 18k to clasp, 21g £1200-1800
315.    A Georgian period 18ct gold and hardstone seal signet ring, having intaglio green panel, 13mm high, with Roman head, possibly chalcedony, 6.8g and size Q £200-300
316.    A Victorian bird brooch, the silver oval mount with possibly ivory panel under glass, 2.7cm £60-80
317.    A Georgian gold and gem set posy ring, the tablet set with four pearls, emeralds and rubies, having circular glazed panel to reverse with plaited hair, 2.8g and size N £200-300
318.    A modern 9ct gold citrine and seed pearl brooch, together with a small 9ct gold keepers style ring, 8.5g (2) £80-120
319.    A Victorian gilt metal brooch, the ornate mount, possibly silver, with green glass stones, together with a damaged Georgian mourning ring (2) £80-120
320.    A good quality 18ct gold horse brooch, having a pair of horses with red stone eyes, marked to pin, 12.5g £250-350
321.    A 1970s Middle Eastern yellow metal bracelet, having two strands of textured links, marked 750 to the clasp, 13.7g £250-350
322.    An ancient coin in gold pendant, the circular rope twist mount marked 750 and housing a Roman or Celtic bronze coin, on a fine chain, possibly 9ct gold £150-250
323.    A vintage Middle Eastern silver gilt bracelet, stamped ET to the long engraved clasp with pin catch and having five double strands of oval and roundel links £100-150
324.    Four pairs of antique and later earrings, one Victorian garnet cluster pair, one Middle Eastern filigree silver gilt pendant examples, together with two gold plated chain necklaces (10) £150-250
325.    A collection of costume Jewellery, including a pair of gold fronted Art Deco cufflinks, a similar in silver, a gilt metal and micro mosaic circular box and cover, a paste set heart pendant and chain, a string of black pearls, a string of Ventian beads and other items £100-150
326.    A white metal and enamel Scottish Celtic pin brooch, sometimes referred to as a cloak pin, the oval engraved frame with thistle like enamel terminal to the pin, together with a pearl and gold stick pin, a 19th century mourning brooch with central panel of plaited hair (pin damaged) a silver belt buckle another in enamel and a Japanese damascene inlaid stick pin (7) £80-120
327.    A sapphire and diamond crescent brooch, the brilliant cuts and sapphires set in white metal on a yellow metal mount £500-700
328.    A heavy 9ct gold curb linked padlock clasp bracelet, the padlock with engraved design, 40g £400-600
329.    A 9ct gold medal, for the O.V.F.C date 1913-14, together with a silver and enamel example and a silver and gold medal (3) £100-120
330.    A pair of 9ct gold amethyst hoop earrings, a seed pearl bar brooch and a garnet stick pin 5.9g (4) £60-100
331.    Two gentlemans rings, one set with a CZ the other with two colour panel, together with four 9ct gold gentleman's rings total weight 30g £300-500
332.    A three stone diamond ring, the rose cuts with engraved gallery on a yellow metal shank, ring size O1/2 £350-450
333.    An Egyptian pendant, on a fine gold chain, also a gold cruxfix pendant and a turquoise and stone set 14ct pendant on a 9ct gold chain, 8g £100-150
334.    A pair of impressive Indian diamond and ruby chandiler ear clips, the ornate design with white metal set stones supporting pebble polished rubies and seed pearl drops (2) £1500-2000
335.    Two diamond rings, comprising an Art Deco platinum set dress ring, on 18ct gold shank, and a three stone diamond ring, ring size Art Deco Q, three stone J (2) £100-150
336.    A sapphire and diamond 18ct gold ring, the three oval sapphires flanked by pairs of old cut diamonds, marked Birmingham 1930, 5g ring size O1/2 £100-150
337.    A diamond heart shaped tie pin, the heart terminal set with brilliant cuts, with fine white metal pin and safety chain £400-600
338.    A three stone diamond ring, the three old cuts set in gypsy settings, 4g, size O £150-200
339.    A 18ct gold crossover diamond half hoop eternity ring, the channel set stones in 18ct yellow gold mount and shank, 4.4g, ring size P £100-120
340.    A rubellite and diamond dress ring, the oval pink stone, in four claw setting , surrounded by diamonds, brilliant and step cut, on a white metal shank marked pt 900 & 585, ring size J £1000-1500
341.    A 19th century yellow metal seal, having a carnelian seal to base, also a Victorian pearl and enamel converted earring pendant and a turquoise and seed pearl pendant (3) £120-180
342.    A single stone diamond ring, the claw set modern brilliant cut, set on a shank with graduating diamond set shoulders, in white metal marked 750, diamond weight .70cts ring size N £1000-1500
343.    Four 9ct gold gem set dress rings, including am amethyst example, a garnet and seed pearl and two others (4) £120-180
344.    Three gem set cluster rings, including a 14ct gold pink quartz example, a smoky quartz and seed pearl ring and a 9ct gold example, 10g (3) £100-120
345.    An 18ct gold pearl dress ring, together with a collection of four other single stone set rings, including an amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz and an illusion set diamond, 15.8g £160-180
346.    A mystic quartz silver set bracelet, the rectangular links in stepped settings, also a silver bangle set with semi precious stones (2) £60-80
347.    A Victorian oval and fancy linked padlock silver bracelet, with engraved floral oval links, together with another Victorian bracelet with engraved floral design (2) £100-120
348.    An Arts and Crafts pin brooch, the white metal elongated navette shape mount set with amber and semi precious stones inbetween wire work design, together with an Art Deco and red paste 800 marked fringe necklace (2) £100-120
349.    A Norwegian silver and enamel brooch, depicting a Viking galleon in a blue and green sea, marked to reverse with impressed anchor, NM 925S N within a square 6cm £50-80
350.    A 19th century hair and gilt metal watch chain, the gilt mounts modelled as clasped hands, also a silver charm bracelet, a pair of Asian Nut carved earrings decorated with a crab and fish, a pair of mother of pearl clips and a pair of scarab white metal cufflinks and a white metal bracelet with spare link converted to a brooch (10) £120-180
351.    An Art Nouveau converted belt buckle, now a brooch, floral design with pink cabochon stone, also a white metal and marcasite eagle brooch supporting a simulated enamel bead, an Arts and Crafts moonstone bar brooch with floral design, and Art Deco onyx oval clip, two other brooches (6) £80-120
352.    An Edward VII silver belt buckle, oval shape with butterfly design, having applied alblone shell wings, also a moonstone mounted later Art Nouveau buckle, a white metal and Ruskin style brooch, and two other enamel items, buckle dated Birmingham 1910 (5) £100-120
353.    An Edward VII Art Nouveau belt buckle, of Celtic design, London 1907 marked SJ, together with a Victorian example, with scroll and feather design London 1898 by William Hutton and Sons, a German example and a pewter buckle with grape and vine decoration (4) £100-150
354.    An Arts and Crafts white metal and coral fringe necklace, the coral breads within a crimped collet settings, with wire twisted links, together with a matched brooch (2) £80-120
355.    A turquoise and 9ct gold pendant necklace, the turquoise matrix drops within a scroll mount, supported on a gold chain marked 9ct and a pair of drops (3) £100-120
356.    A 19th century Austro Hungarian silver and enamel pendant, modelled as a white donkey with an ornate saddle, possible representing Christs donkey, having a seed pearl and silver chain support and a green enamel oval bale £70-100
357.    A group of continental enamel jewels, comprising an Canadian white metal and enamel brooch with maple leaf design, an enamel butterfly, a scarf toggle, a floral enamel purple, orange and red buckle, a collection of base metal enamel pins and an oval paste mounted 900 marked buckle (19) £80-120
358.    A Citrine faceted bead necklace, knotted strung, together with an amethyst string of beads, an green quartz square knotted strung necklace, a horn and glass and gilt metal example a green glass knotted strung necklace and an early plastic orange serpent arm bangle (6) £70-100
359.    A quantity of costume jewels, including a silver and citrine modern pendant, an abstract pendant, a mother of pearl belt buckle, a jet bracelet, a collection of paste jewels and other items (a quantity) £60-80
360.    A string of graduated 'cherry amber' necklace, the large oval beads alternately set with faceted Bakelite back beads, also a knotted strung faceted bead necklace 200g (2) £100-120
361.    A knotted string of 'cherry amber' beads, oval shape, largest 3.2cm smallest 1.5cm, total weight 118g £100-150
362.    A quantity of costume jewels, including a pinchbeck acorn brooch, a mother of pearl brooch, an Agate and gilt metal mounted pendant, a gun metal open faced fob watch, a pair of tortoiseshell letter R cufflinks and other items (a parcel) £80-120
363.    A ladies 14ct gold and diamond set full hunter, with white enamel face and Arabic numerals, also a gun metal and enamel example with art nouveau design and a marcasite ladies brooch fob watch by Relux (3) £120-180
364.    A sphalerite oval brooch, of floral design, also a similar oval set bracelet, and a opaque glass example (3) £70-100
365.    A mother of pearl and white metal necklace, with carved pig terminal, also a gilt metal bracelet, a mauve paste set stone, and interesting Persian gilt metal pendant, a pair of cufflinks and a mother of pearl drop (7) £40-60
366.    A 19th century emerald and diamond ring, the square cut centre emeral in a crimped setting surrounded by old cut diamonds with in a yellow metal surround, having scroll shoulders and a plan shank, ring size N £1500-2000
367.    A Carlo Giuliano star sapphire and gem set spider brooch, the gold web, supporting a silver and gold gem set spider, having a ruby eye, gemset head and pale blue star sapphire abodemen in a fitted velvet case marked to lid G.Giuliano 115 Picadilly London (2) £600-800
368.    An 18ct gold aqua marine and topaz fringe pendant necklace, the fine gold chain alternatley set with oval faceted pairs of aqua and topaz tear drops and polished and facetd similar beads, with a pair of matching drop earrings (3) £1500-2500
369.    A 9ct gold converted watch chain, now a charm braclet, two 9ct gold necklaces, a rolled gold bangle, a perspex circular brooch and other items of costume jewellery 16g £150-250
370.    A silver knotted bangle, another crimped example, a hinged tork bangle, a flower and dolphin silver bracelet, a garnet bracelet and two others (7) £80-120
371.    A modern silver tork necklace, a silver Celtic brooch, similar earrings, silver rings, a glass and gilt metal seal and other items including a cranberry and silver double scent bottle (a parcel) £80-120
372.    An Art Deco 9ct gold cigarette case by Asprey, the rectangular case with Asprey's patent hinge and engine turned exterior 131.9g £1200-1800
373.    An Art Deco silver and enamel case mirror, guilloche enamel with engine turned decoration and black border, also a pair of matching cufflinks (3) £80-120